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Neil and Karen tied the knot. Katherine broke into the Chancellor mansion to help jog her memory, and she was arrested and put in jail with Gloria. Abby returned to Genoa City. Victor teamed up with Jill to get revenge on Jack.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 29, 2008 on Y&R
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Monday, December 29, 2008

At Cane and Chloe's house, Jill and Esther arrived to exchange Christmas gifts. Billy showed up, too, but Cane was not thrilled to see his brother. Chloe winced when Billy waltzed in. Chloe gave members of her family hand-knit scarves as gifts. Cane doted on his pregnant wife. Billy gave Chloe's unborn daughter a silkscreen onesie emblazoned with the slogan "I love New York." A crimson heart substituted for the word "love." Chloe secretly recalled the sunny day on a New York City street when she first met Billy, who acted overly flirtatious as he delivered a cheesy pick-up line. Jill gave both her sons framed photos of them posing with their grandmother. Jill made her sons pledge not to bicker with their mother as she had with hers. As their celebration wound down, Jill prepared to head home. Esther decided to spend the night at Cane and Chloe's house. Before Jill left, she kissed Cane on the cheek and said that her mother had been right to insist that family came first.

Cane hung a personalized stocking from the mantle for "Baby Girl Ashby." Esther shrieked with joy when she felt her granddaughter kicking inside Chloe's womb. Cane teased that he would teach his daughter to play rugby. Cane stepped away, and Esther vowed to spend every Christmas with her granddaughter. Chloe said sarcastically, "Like you did with me?" Esther began to cry and apologized to Chloe. Chloe accepted her mother's heartfelt apology, and they hugged.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Colleen collected money for a charity. Devon and Roxanne arrived. Roxanne quizzed Lily about her mystery man, but Colleen whisked Lily away and insisted that her friend would not divulge any details. Colleen later grilled Lily about her anonymous friend. Devon was surprised, but Colleen smiled after Lily finally announced that Billy Abbott was her secret beau. Rafe walked in and Colleen immediately spotted him and declared that he was a "hottie." Lily greeted Rafe, who took obvious notice of a blushing Colleen. After Rafe stepped away, Lily told Colleen that Rafe was a public defender who was aiding Neil with Ana's custody proceedings. Lily worried that Colleen might not approve of her relationship with Billy, but Colleen gave Lily her blessing. Lily admitted that she and Billy had shared a romantic kiss. Billy arrived on cue immediately after Lily grilled Colleen about rumors that Billy might be a "player."

Colleen told Billy that Lily had exposed their covert relationship. Colleen warned Billy not to hurt her friend. Lily was beyond earshot of the conversation, and she flashed a love-struck grin at Billy from across the room. Lily explained to Billy that she wasn't completely over Cane, but she admitted that her online relationship with "Sonny" had motivated her to move on. Lily introduced Colleen to Rafe, and Devon noted that Rafe had successfully arranged for Ana to spend Christmas with her family.

Sharon phoned Jack and asked him to come to the Abbott mansion to receive his gift. When Jack arrived, Sharon explained that she planned to move out of the mansion, so Jack could move home. Sharon explained that she had booked a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, so she and Noah could move out. Jack was saddened that Sharon had chosen to abandon their marriage. Sharon said that it was time for her to leave the Abbott homestead, so Jack could return where he belonged. Before Sharon left, she embraced Jack, who sadly noted that his gift to her was a shopping spree with a renowned interior designer, so she could complete the redecorating project she had begun at the Abbott mansion.

At Murphy's mobile home, Katherine sipped coffee and continued to remember snippets of her past. Murphy sat down beside Katherine and produced a printed copy of an obituary. Murphy insisted that his friend "Marge" could not be Katherine Chancellor because that person was deceased, although he admitted that his friend remarkably resembled the woman pictured in the obituary. Katherine said that she had experienced numerous memories she couldn't explain. Katherine added that she could not have purchased the expensive ring she had owned with her wages as a waitress, a job that seemed foreign to her. Murphy insisted that a patron at the café had told "Marge" that she greatly resembled Katherine Chancellor, which had confused her, since she had only recently recovered from alcoholism. Katherine realized that Murphy had discovered her on the riverbank about the same time the obituary noted the purported death of Katherine Chancellor.

Murphy refused to believe Katherine's theory and suggested that "Marge" was going off the deep end. Murphy told Katherine that if Marge had had a rich friend like Katherine Chancellor, she would have "shouted it out to the world." Katherine continued gazing at her obituary and insisted that her speculations felt right. Katherine begged Murphy to accompany her to the Chancellor mansion in hopes that she might stir more memories. Katherine added that if she was indeed Katherine Chancellor then she had a family who grieved her loss because they mistakenly believed she was dead. Murphy reluctantly agreed to accompany Katherine.

At the Chancellor estate, Murphy wasn't impressed that Katherine had correctly guessed the security code that opened the gates into the Chancellor grounds, since it was the same as the birth date listed for Katherine in her obituary. Murphy marveled at the vast size of the estate as he rang the doorbell. Murphy attempted to leave when no one answered, but Katherine found a key behind a planter. Murphy worried about being charged with breaking and entering, but Katherine insisted that she was about to enter her own property as they unlocked the door and stepped inside. Katherine gazed at a photo of Jill and recalled harsh words they had exchanged long ago. With tears in her eyes, Katherine insisted that the home was hers and that the woman in the photo was Jill. Murphy refused to believe his friend, but Katherine sobbed as she anticipated a joyous reconciliation with her family.

Katherine invited Murphy to wait with her, but Murphy was uneasy. Katherine begged Murphy to stay, but he insisted that he and Mrs. Chancellor ran in different circles. After Murphy left, Katherine sat on her sofa, drank in her surroundings, and celebrated her miraculous Christmas homecoming. Jill returned and berated an absent Esther's inattentiveness for forgetting to lock the front door. Jill failed to notice Katherine's coat crumpled on a chair as she neared the sitting-room bar to pour herself a drink. Through the reflection of a wall mirror above the bar, Jill suddenly noticed a figure standing behind her. Jill dropped her glass and whirled around in shock. Jill fell against the bar and shrieked, "Mother!" Katherine, dressed in a pale blue sweater, grinned matter-of-factly at her dazed daughter.

At the gaily-decorated tack house, Nikki joined Nick, Phyllis, and Summer for Christmas revelry. Victoria, J.T., Reed, and Noah arrived and joined the family's festivities. Nikki insisted that Victor would show up after Noah expressed concern that their family was not complete without his grandpa. Nikki seemed jovial, and Victoria supposed that living with Paul might be good for her mother. Nikki agreed and added that Paul would spend Christmas with Heather. During a moment alone together, Nick gave Phyllis a diamond-encrusted bracelet. Phyllis proclaimed that her gift was perfect. Nick assured Phyllis that she was perfect. After Nick expressed his desire for their relationship "to be okay again," Phyllis said she had almost forgotten about what happened in Paris. Phyllis gave Nick a satellite-guided navigation device, so he could always "find his way back home from wherever he roamed," she added. The couple shared a passionate kiss.

At the Newman ranch, Victor gazed at a drawing of Sabrina and an ultrasound image of their unborn baby. Victor seemed saddened as he reflected on his losses. Ashley appeared from the kitchen and greeted Victor with mugs of hot chocolate. Victor's somber mood lightened. Victor told Ashley that Sabrina's baby had been due on Christmas Day. Ashley and Victor kissed, but Ashley opted not to accompany Victor to the tack house to visit his children and grandchildren. Before Victor arrived at the tack house, Nikki opted to take a walk around the ranch. Nikki stepped out of the door just as Victor arrived, trailing Zapato along on his leash. Nikki and Victor briefly and awkwardly greeted one another before Nikki hurried along. Victor stepped inside, greeted his family with hugs, and sipped eggnog as they toasted the season and their love for one another.

Victor cooed at baby Reed. Tears welled in Victoria's eyes when she acknowledged that she had been thinking about Sabrina. Victor added that his and Sabrina's baby would have been born on Christmas, and he urged Victoria to cherish each day with her family. Victor thanked Nick and Victoria for looking after the company during his absence. Noah approached Phyllis and told her that he and his mother were moving to the club. While Victor enjoyed spending time with his grandchildren, Nikki visited the barn and offered carrot sticks to her horse. Nikki confided to her horse that she no longer cared if Victor was mad at her. Victor and Zapato walked into the barn. Victor noted that he had not known that Nikki was there. Nikki told Victor she was glad he was out of jail. Victor said only that Ashley was waiting for him in the bedroom at the ranch, and he turned to leave. After Victor led Zapato away, Nikki seemed deeply hurt by Victor's cool rebuff.

Nikki returned to the tack house and told Nick that she had seen Victor in the barn. As a gift from her family, Nikki received a triptych-style frame with photos of Noah, Summer, and Reed. Victor returned to the ranch house. Ashley readied champagne and four champagne flutes. Ashley explained that two of the glasses represented him and her. One glass represented Sabrina, who would always remain part of Victor's life. Victor smiled tenderly when Ashley directed his attention to the drawing of Sabrina that Ashley had framed and hung on the wall. After Victor asked about the fourth glass, Ashley summoned Abby, who had grown into a lovely teenage girl with long, silky, blonde hair. Abby greeted Victor, and he marveled that she had grown so much. Ashley mentioned that Abby would sip cider from her glass. Victor embraced Ashley and Abby and joyously exclaimed, "My goodness. My Christmas present is this."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tyra left Neil's when Neil and Karen began discussing their wedding plans. Victoria showed up, and Karen asked her to be the matron of honor. Victoria accepted. Neil told Victoria that he was hoping Victor would be his best man. Victoria made a toast to the future Mr. and Mrs. Neil Winters. When Neil went into another room to take a phone call, Karen told Victoria that she loved Neil, but that she wasn't sure they would be getting married so soon if it weren't for the situation with Ana.

After Victoria left, Neil noticed that Karen looked sullen. When Neil asked what was wrong, Karen told him that she feared he was rushing them to the altar so that Ana could leave her foster home and move in with them. Neil told Karen that she was being ridiculous. He told Karen that the reason he was setting an early wedding date was because he was in love with her.

Later, at Indigo, Tyra began sobbing while hanging a banner that read, "Congratulations Neil and Karen." Olivia showed up -- she thought that Tyra might need a friend. Olivia asked Tyra if she was upset that Neil and Karen were getting married. Tyra insisted, unconvincingly, that she was thrilled for Neil and Karen. Tyra said that Neil was just a friend -- but Olivia thought that Tyra's feelings ran deeper than friendship. Tyra said that even if she did have feelings for Neil, he clearly was in love with Karen. Olivia opined that she had known Neil for a long time -- and that Tyra, not Karen, was his type.

Olivia tried to convince Tyra to tell Neil that she had feelings for him. Tyra resisted. Olivia said that Tyra had to talk to Neil -- before he married Karen.

Daniel and Amber made love at their apartment. Afterward, Daniel gave Amber another Christmas gift -- an autographed picture of Loveline's Dr. Drew and Dr. Stryker. Daniel said that the radio hosts were responsible for Amber and Daniel's reconciliation. Amber had another gift for Daniel -- a plastic jacket that she had designed. Jana called to tell Daniel and Amber that she and Kevin were on their way over. Daniel had forgotten that he had invited the Fishers. He tried to quickly neaten the apartment, while Amber whined that Kevin was responsible for Katherine's death -- and that Katherine had come back in a dream to tell Amber that Kevin had murdered her. An annoyed Daniel told her to stop talking about the dream.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin was reluctant to go over to Daniel and Amber's -- he said that he would rather have his chest waxed. He was furious that Amber was still accusing him of killing Katherine. Jana said that perhaps Amber would lighten up during the holiday season.

The Fishers showed up at Daniel and Amber's apartment just as Amber was remembering the dream in which the ghost of Katherine accused Kevin of murdering her. Amber was immediately irritated when Kevin made a negative comment about Daniel's plastic jacket.

Amber presented Kevin with his Christmas present -- a copy of Katherine's memoirs, and a framed e-mail that Katherine had sent to Kevin, in which Katherine had commented on what a "good guy" Kevin was. Amber stared daggers at Kevin. Daniel left to pick up some beer and Jana went to the restroom, leaving Kevin and Amber alone. The tension in the room was palpable, as Kevin realized that Amber had given him the book and the framed e-mail to remind him that she thought he had killed Katherine. Kevin told Amber that he was sick and tired of Amber's suspicions and accusations. He stormed out of the apartment, telling Amber, "I'm going to put an end to this crap."

A few moments later, Daniel returned and wondered why the door was locked. Amber said that Kevin was going to kill her. Jana was upset that Amber thought Kevin had killed Katherine. She told Jana that Kevin wouldn't hurt a fly. Jana left, telling Amber that she was no longer interested in maintaining their friendship.

Kevin visited Gloria in the prison recreation room. He told her that Amber thought he had killed Katherine. He begged his mother to tell Amber that Gloria had "worked Katherine over" to get Katherine's stock. Gloria said that if that information got out, she would be in more trouble than she already was. Kevin promised that Amber would keep the information confidential, but Gloria said that Amber would break the confidence, as she had a big mouth.

Jill was stunned to see Katherine in the living room of the Chancellor mansion. Mother and daughter shared a hug. When the initial shock wore off, Jill realized that it couldn't be Katherine -- Katherine had been killed in a car accident, and Jill had seen the body. When Katherine announced, "I am Katherine Chancellor," Jill responded, "You look like my mother and you sound like my mother -- but you're not my mother."

Jill accused Katherine of being Marge -- once again impersonating Katherine, as Marge had done so many years earlier. Jill fired off a series of questions -- she asked Katherine her birthday, her social security number, and what wing of the house her bedroom was in. Katherine said that she was confused, but that the mansion was her home, and that she belonged there. Jill said that the only place Katherine belonged was in jail. She picked up the phone to call the police, but Katherine grabbed the phone out of her hand. Jill activated a panic alarm.

When the police arrived, Jill told them that "this woman" was an impostor. Katherine continued to insist that she was really Katherine. Jill argued that the woman was a con artist, and incorrectly theorized that the publication of Katherine's book was the impetus for "Marge" to once again cash in on her resemblance to Katherine. Jill said that she wanted Katherine arrested for trespassing. The police escorted a kicking and screaming Katherine out of the house.

Jill called Cane to tell him that a woman "posing" as Katherine had broken into the mansion. Cane went to the mansion with Esther, who had been at the Ashbys' when Cane received Jill's call. Jill told Cane that a woman named Marge -- a dead-ringer for Katherine -- was involved in the kidnapping of Katherine and Esther years earlier. Esther mentioned that although Marge had started out with bad intentions, in the end she had saved Katherine and Esther. Cane insisted on staying with Jill to make sure the "nut job" didn't return.

Jill called Amber to tell her that the "damned book" was causing crazy people to come out of the woodwork. Jill screamed that Amber was an idiot, and hung up. Cane tried to calm Jill down. Jill said that she wouldn't let "Marge" get away with impersonating her mother.

At the prison, Katherine was placed in a line of people who were about to be arraigned in night court. The police and guards commented on how much the prisoner looked like Katherine Chancellor. A warmhearted prison matron tried to comfort a confused Katherine, telling her that, if she didn't have a lawyer, she would be represented by a public defender.

After her arraignment, the prison matron told Katherine that her bail had been set at $250,000, and that if someone didn't show up with ten percent of her bail, she would be spending the night in jail. Katherine pulled Murphy's phone number out of her pocket. She called Murphy to tell him that she was in jail. She then cried, "She doesn't believe I'm her mother. She thinks I'm trying to cheat her."

Katherine told the matron that she spoke to her friend. Although Murphy had said that he would find a way to bail Katherine out, she didn't think that he had that kind of money. The matron said, "Come along, honey -- you'll have a warm bed and a hot breakfast."

Kevin, who had just finished his visit with Gloria, was shocked when he saw Katherine being led away by the matron.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

At the Abbott mansion, Jack told Billy that Gloria had been arrested for tampering with the GloAgain face cream. Billy wondered if this would affect Jack's "inability" to work at Jabot. Jack said that he was looking into that.

Jack invited Billy to move into the mansion -- he felt very alone in the house since Sharon and Noah had left. Billy said that he was happy where he was currently staying. When Jack suggested that he and Billy spend New Year's Eve together, Billy informed him that he was escorting Lily to Neil and Karen's wedding. Jack warned Billy to steer clear of anything having to do with Cane -- particularly Lily, who had once been engaged to Cane. Billy said that he didn't care how Cane reacted to his relationship with Lily.

After Billy left, a very lonely-looking Jack called out for his father, but "John" did not appear. He wished John a happy New Year, and then quickly left the mansion.

Nick and Phyllis were celebrating New Year's Eve, and Nick's birthday, at the Athletic Club. Phyllis rolled her eyes when Sharon approached their table and wished Nick a happy birthday. The Newmans learned that Sharon was dining alone -- she didn't have a date for the evening.

The Newmans offered to let Noah stay with them until Sharon found a new place to live. Sharon turned down their offer. Phyllis asked Sharon about her future with Jack -- specifically, whether or not she and Jack were getting a divorce. Sharon didn't respond. A waiter approached Sharon and told her that her table wasn't ready yet. Sharon was irritated when she learned that her table was going to be next to the Newmans, as she had requested a window table. The waiter told her that none were available. Sharon asked the waiter to call her in her room when her table was ready, and left.

Phyllis sent Nick to the bar to get her a drink. While he was away from the table, she called Brad to let him know that Sharon was spending New Year's Eve alone. She suggested that Brad come over to the Athletic Club to spend some time with Sharon.

Sharon was pleasantly surprised when Brad showed up at her hotel suite. She told him that she had cancelled her reservation for the downstairs restaurant, as it was taking too long to get her table ready. Sharon invited Brad in to spend New Year's Eve with her. A distraught-looking Jack saw Sharon ask Brad in, and he walked away.

At midnight, Brad and Sharon began to kiss, but Sharon backed away, and told Brad that she was sorry.

Nick had arranged to have an accordionist serenade Phyllis. As the accordionist played, Phyllis apologized to the other diners, telling them, "My husband likes to do things like this." Phyllis looked pleased when she saw Jack hastily leaving the club.

Jack returned home and watched the clock as it chimed midnight. He silently and slowly climbed the stairs and went to bed.

At Neil's, Olivia was on the phone with Tyra, making sure that Indigo was ready for Neil and Karen's wedding. Tyra assured her that everything was all right. When Olivia told Tyra that it still wasn't too late for her to tell Neil that she had feelings for him, Tyra hung up. Neil, in a tizzy, told Karen that he loved her, and rushed out to Indigo. Karen told Olivia and Victoria that she had dreamed of this day her entire life -- and wanted them to promise her that nothing would ruin it.

At Indigo, Devon told Neil that he missed Drucilla, but he was happy that Neil was marrying Karen. Neil asked Tyra to help him with his tie. After Tyra tied it, Neil kissed her on the cheek and asked, "What would I do without you?"

J.T showed up at Indigo. He was serving as Neil's best man, since Victor said that he was too busy to attend the wedding. Tyra thanked Neil for sacrificing a honeymoon so that Ana could return home.

In the alley behind Indigo, Lily and Billy met up. He told Lily that she looked beautiful, and thanked her for inviting him.

Gil showed up with Ana. When Olivia arrived, she began, once again, to pressure Tyra about talking to Neil. Tyra wondered why Olivia was so eager to see Neil with her, rather than Karen. Olivia said that she knew Neil well, and that he was attracted to "fire," adding that Karen lacked that "fire."

Neil quickly left the room when Karen arrived, saying it would be bad luck for him to see his bride before the wedding. Ana remarked that Karen's wedding dress was beautiful. The group was thrilled when Victor showed up for the wedding.

A minister performed the wedding ceremony, and Neil and Karen exchanged vows. As Neil kissed his bride, everyone in the room cheered. Ana performed a song -- it was her wedding gift to the happy couple.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin found Jana ripping out pages from a book titled, "Path to Enlightenment." Jana said she was through with her new age thinking -- she had already disposed of her candles, dream catchers, and crystals. She wondered why she hadn't seen through Lowell, as Kevin had. She declared that "karma was dead," and that she was going to let her conscience, instead of karma, guide her.

Noah and Eden showed up at Crimson Lights. They had both lied to their families about who they were with, as they knew their families wouldn't have allowed them to spend New Year's Eve together.

Kevin overheard Noah and Eden discussing the $68,000 that they had found in Eden's teddy bear. Eden wondered where Lowell had gotten that kind of money, but Noah said that it belonged to Eden.

Kevin ran to Jana and told them that Noah and Eden had found Lowell's cash in Eden's teddy bear. Kevin got on the Internet and got the blueprints for Nick's house, where Noah and Eden had stashed the cash -- then told Jana that he was going to break into Nick's house and get the money. Kevin was surprised when Jana agreed with his plan to burglarize the Newmans' home.

Gloria was stunned when a woman who looked like, and claimed to be, Katherine Chancellor was shown into the prison recreation room. Gloria approached Katherine, and Katherine asked her if the two of them knew each other. Gloria introduced herself, and Katherine said, "My name is Katherine Chancellor."

Murphy showed up to visit Katherine, and Gloria lurked nearby as they talked. Murphy asked Katherine if there was anyone who Katherine could call for the bail money. Katherine couldn't think of anyone. She asked Murphy to put some money in her commissary account so that she could buy sundries. Murphy said that he would sell his bait and tackle shop in order to bail Katherine out. Katherine rejected his kind offer.

After Murphy left, Gloria told Katherine that she must be a fraud -- the real Katherine Chancellor would never have associated with someone who owned a bait and tackle shop. Gloria taunted Katherine -- telling her that she would never get her hands on any of the Chancellor money, since she was obviously trying to pull a scam.

Katherine stared at Gloria and said that she recognized her from somewhere. Katherine remembered something about a missing car -- and a coffeehouse. Gloria screamed, "Katherine! You're alive! What else do you remember?" Katherine asked Gloria if they were "dear friends," and Gloria assured her that they were. Gloria said, "My son is one of your most trusted employees -- and I'm going to fill you in on everything!"

Thursday, January 1, 2008

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Friday, January 2, 2008

At Neil's, Neil and Karen were discussing their amorous first night of marriage when Tyra arrived. She told them that Rafe might be able to get Ana's case heard that day -- possibly allowing Ana to return home that night.

Devon and Rafe arrived and talked with Neil. Tyra pulled Karen aside to thank her for moving up her wedding, thus removing the last impediment to Ana's return. A defensive Karen told Tyra that she and Neil had married because they loved each other, and for no other reason. Tyra was upset when Rafe told her that she shouldn't go to Ana's hearing, since Neil and Karen were the people applying to be Ana's foster parents. Neil agreed with Rafe, and Devon said that he would stay at Neil's with Tyra, awaiting Ana's return.

Neil and Karen brought Ana home, and Tyra and Devon were thrilled. They did have some bad news though -- the judge had ruled that Tyra could only see Ana if there was a social worker present to supervise the visit. Devon protested the judge's decision, but a stoic Tyra told him that she would abide by the rules -- she didn't want to see Ana put in a home with people who she didn't know. Tyra kissed Ana goodbye and left the apartment. Alone in the hallway, she began crying hysterically.

At the prison, Gloria told Katherine that she had been married to John Abbott -- who was Katherine's oldest and dearest friend. Katherine partially remembered John. Katherine wanted to know why Jill would have her arrested. Gloria told Katherine that Jill was a "power-hungry witch," who probably wanted Katherine "out of the way."

Gloria thanked Katherine for having left her five percent of her Jabot stock in her will, as a testament to Gloria's love for John. Murphy showed up, and Katherine told Gloria that he was a true friend -- that he had saved her life.

Murphy told Katherine that he had gone to the bank to try to raise Katherine's bail. Katherine didn't want him to take a loan out against his bait and tackle shop, but Murphy was insistent that he would raise the money somehow. Katherine mentioned that Gloria might have enough money to bail her out. Murphy urged Katherine to be cautious while dealing with Gloria -- after all, why would Katherine have ever been friends with a woman who was in prison? Katherine agreed to keep her distance.

Murphy left, and Gloria tried to show Katherine a magazine containing pictures of Genoa City, hoping that they might jog her memory. Katherine told Gloria that she was exhausted, and that perhaps she would look at the magazine later.

The Baldwins visited Gloria in prison. Michael told his mother that he was trying to speed up her arraignment. Michael was surprised and confused when Gloria told him to take his time -- and do everything by the book. Michael wondered why Gloria wanted to stay in prison one moment longer than she had to.

At the Athletic Club, Michael enlisted Paul's aid to try to clear Gloria of manslaughter. They reviewed the evidence in Gloria's case. Michael was confident that the tainted jar of face cream would be inadmissible in court, as there had been no clear chain of custody -- anyone could have tampered with it. Also, Emma Gibson had become ill at the Green Street Café, so it was possible that she died from food poisoning.

Dennis, the district attorney, found Heather doing some paperwork at Crimson Lights. As he handed her some files, he told her that he was assigning her the Jabot face cream case, and he wanted her to get up to speed. Heather said that she would make sure that Gloria got what she deserved.

Heather and Paul had lunch at the Athletic Club. When Paul told Heather that he had to go to the Green Street Café, she realized that Paul was working with Michael, trying to clear Gloria of the manslaughter charge. Heather suddenly turned bitter towards her father -- she told Paul that she was going to have to get used to the fact that, while she was trying to put guilty people in jail, he was trying to have them set free.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor, sitting in his chair behind his desk, announced that he was resuming control of the company. Victoria stopped by -- she thought that Victor was just visiting. Nick told his sister that Victor was returning to Newman Enterprises permanently, and that their father's return would give a boost to the company. When Nick said that he would probably go back to work full-time at Restless Style, Victor asked him to stay on at Newman -- he wanted it to be a family-run business again.

After Victor left for lunch, Victoria and Nick agreed that it was great that Victor had returned to run the company -- but both of them had reservations about working for him again. Victoria said that Victor could be warm and loving. Nick responded that he also could be cold and calculating. Victoria wondered which Victor had returned to work.

At Jabot, Ashley was angry when she saw Jack. She told him that he needed to stay away from the Jabot offices, or people might get the idea that he was back at Jabot. Jack informed her that he was back at Jabot. Ashley reminded him that it had taken more than a year for Jabot to recover after the tainted face cream incident -- and, that if Jack returned, it would serve to remind the public about the incident. Jack said that Gloria's arrest had already reminded the public about the incident. Jack felt that Gloria's arrest would make it clear to everyone that Jabot was not responsible for the tainted cream. Ashley said that, until Gloria was convicted, it was too risky for Jack to return -- she feared that Gibson might reopen his lawsuit.

Later, Billy stopped by Jack's office. Jack told him that he was confident that, because of Gloria's arrest, everyone would know that Jack had nothing to do with the contamination of the face cream. Billy was worried that Jack might push him into a low-profile position at Jabot. Before leaving for the Athletic Club, Jack assured Billy that wasn't going to happen.

Ashley and Victor met for lunch at the Athletic Club, where she discussed her concerns about Jack's return to Jabot. Victor told her that Jack's return was probably a good thing, as Ashley would be able to keep an eye on him. Ashley was surprised that Victor thought Jack's return might be beneficial, as Victor had always felt that Jack was "of questionable character." Victor said that one should never allow one's personal feelings to cloud one's business judgment.

As Ashley left, she told Victor that she would rethink her position on Jack's return to Jabot. After she was gone, Victor ran into Jack. Jack needled Victor about his arrest, and Adam's betrayal. Victor told Jack that Adam had been influenced by "despicable people." Jack began bragging about his return to Jabot, saying that the results of his return would "blow people away." As Jack left, Victor laughed and wished him luck. After Jack was gone, Victor called someone and said, "How soon can you get to the club? I have a business proposition for you."

At Jabot with Billy and Ashley, Jack said that the three of them running Jabot would create a great image. Billy said that the siblings should vote as to whether Jack should continue to run Jabot. Billy voted "no," and Jack obviously voted "yes." Billy was shocked when Ashley said that Jack should stay. Jack hugged his sister, and told her that she wouldn't be sorry. When Jack left, Billy told Ashley that he hoped she knew what she was doing. Ashley said, "Me, too."

At the Athletic Club, Jill approached Victor. She asked him about the business proposition that he had mentioned in his phone call to her. Victor said, "How would you like to regain control of Jabot, and, in the process, crush Jack Abbott?" Jill replied, "I'm listening."

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