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Chloe set Esther up on a date with Roger, who was secretly working with Clint. Adam took the D.A.'s deal and agreed to serve 18 months in prison. Jack found out about Phyllis' secret plans with Brad and threatened to ruin her relationship with Nick.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 12, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, January 12, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Lily visited briefly with Cane, who mentioned that Chloe had returned to work at Restless Style. Lily chuckled when Cane announced that he would be modeling for a special magazine issue about men. Lily brought up Cane's televised interview about Katherine's memoir. Cane explained that he defended his grandmother, who surely would not have wished to air her dirty laundry in public. Lily maintained that Billy's argument also had merit, since Katherine would not have written the memoir had she not wanted it published. Cane felt that Billy's self-serving view criticized the Chancellors after Billy noted that the Abbotts had rescued Jabot from "the evil empire." When Lily asked what happened with Billy after the interview, Cane smiled sheepishly and told Lily that he and Billy had fought.

Cane accused Billy of goading him. Lily said she preferred not to discuss the reasons the brothers had fought. Cane apologized for having stated that Billy wanted Lily just to get back at his brother. Cane added that any man with half a brain would want Lily. Lily admitted that she liked Billy. Cane warned Lily not to trust Billy, and said he did not trust his brother. After Cane left, Devon showed up, so Lily could tutor him. Devon acknowledged that he got behind in his classes because he spent time with Ana. As Lily and Devon headed to the patio, Lily received a text message from Billy asking her to meet him later. Lily ignored the message, so, she maintained, she could help Devon.

Tired from a lengthy tutoring session with Devon, Lily rubbed her forehead. Devon suggested that Lily take a break and return Billy's message. Lily was hesitant. Devon asked Lily if Billy had done something wrong. Lily explained that she wasn't herself with Billy, and she admitted that she had taken her relationship with him to the next level. Lily said she also worried about Billy's reputation. Lily acknowledged that she had fun with Billy, but it was too soon to consider how serious the relationship might become. Devon empathized with Lily's misgivings, but he asked her what message she was sending by not responding to Billy. After Devon stepped away, Lily sent Billy a text message.

Billy met up with Lily at the coffeehouse. Lily apologized for avoiding him, and she refused to discuss his fight with Cane. Lily explained that she had never rushed into intimacy so soon in a relationship. Billy told Lily that she was confused and didn't know what she wanted. Lily said she knew exactly what she wanted, and she explained that she had needed a couple of days to sort out her feelings. Lily added that she wasn't interested in casual sex because she regarded relationships seriously. Lily suggested that she and Billy start over and just "hang out and have fun." Billy asked Lily if he could still kiss her. Lily welcomed Billy's affection, and they kissed.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy asked Jack what had happened to the furniture Sharon had chosen. Jack explained that he had the furniture removed after Sharon filed for divorce because he hated it. Jack noticed Billy's shiner. Billy explained that after the televised interview about Katherine's memoir, Cane had "popped him one." Jack told Billy that someone had captured video of the impromptu slugfest and had uploaded it to a video-sharing site on the Internet. Billy rolled his eyes and sarcastically commented, "Great."

Jack discussed Jabot's business, but Billy asked Jack how he felt about his impending divorce. Jack insisted that he would be fine and did not want to mope about it. Jack asked Billy how he felt about Chloe carrying his baby. Billy explained that he and Chloe would not be compatible. Billy insisted that his attraction to Lily had nothing to do with Cane. Jack advised Billy to back away before things worsened. Billy marveled at Jack's ability to turn the conversation around, and he rose to leave. Billy mentioned that he had agreed to model for Restless Style. Jack tagged along, so he could keep an eye on the "red menace."

At Restless Style's headquarters, Jack and Billy arrived for Billy's photo shoot. Billy was surprised to see Chloe, who explained that her doctor had allowed her to return to work. Phyllis noticed Billy's black eye and said it made Billy look sexy. Phyllis asked Chloe if she agreed. Chloe stammered an indistinct response, and Cane breezed in with Chloe's breakfast. Cane was surprised to learn that he and Billy would appear in a photo together. Jack approached Phyllis privately and questioned her plan to pair Billy and Cane. Phyllis told Jack that the shoot was for charity, and she asked Jack about his divorce. Jack referred Phyllis' question to Sharon. Phyllis noted that she would surely hear all the details from Nick after he returned from New York, where he had been with Sharon on business. Jack looked worried when Phyllis added that Sharon had most likely cried her heart out on Nick's shoulder.

From her office at Restless Style, Phyllis phoned Nick, who had accompanied Sharon on a trip for Beauty of Nature. While Phyllis waited for Nick to answer, she conducted a mock, two-way conversation and said, "Honey, I need to stay in New York with my ex-wife Sharon. Do you have a problem with that?" Phyllis waved her hand dismissively and said in response, "No, Nick. I don't have a problem with that. Oh, and by the way, did Sharon mention that she was getting a divorce?" Phyllis rolled her eyes as she reacted to Nick's imaginary question. After Nick finally answered, he stalled the conversation briefly so he could place his breakfast order with a waiter at a restaurant. In the background, Phyllis overheard Sharon's voice. Sharon also placed a breakfast order as she took a seat at Nick's table. Phyllis noted that it was a bit late for breakfast, but Nick explained that he had slept late due to a postponed meeting.

Phyllis told Nick that two photography sessions along with numerous pressing tasks overextended her time and left her feeling frazzled since Nikki was away. Nick volunteered to fly home and send Sharon alone to meet with a buyer. After the call, Nick explained Phyllis' situation to Sharon. Sharon said flatly, "You should go." Nick apologized for leaving, but Sharon told Nick it was not his job to hold her hand. Nick pressed Sharon to talk about her decision to file for divorce, and he asked what had pushed her over the edge. Jack phoned, so Sharon stepped away to talk privately. Jack asked Sharon if she had told Nick about his and Adam's involvement with the diary. Sharon explained that she had not said anything because she didn't want to hurt Noah and the family. Sharon warned Jack that the truth would come out, and he would pay for it. Sharon hung up on Jack. Before Nick left, he promised to talk to Sharon after she returned to Genoa City.

During planning for Cane and Billy's separate photo shoots, Phyllis noticed that Cane sported bruised knuckles. After Billy showed up with a black eye, Chloe entertained the idea of photographing the men together as brothers and rivals. Phyllis sent George out to find boxing gloves and equipment. Chloe explained that the photo would mimic iconic posters of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat posing in boxing trunks and gloves. Billy and Cane stood before a drab backdrop as a photographer snapped photos of the men jabbing restrained blows at each other. Chloe cooed that her husband looked terrific.

After the shoot, Jack approached Billy and asked if he had any feeling at all for his baby that Chloe was carrying. Billy avoided the discussion and told Jack not to ruin his modeling debut. Billy acted indifferent and wondered aloud whether Lily might be free. Jack approached Chloe and asked how she felt. Chloe answered that she was unaware that he cared. Jack alleged that he was a sucker for pregnant women. Chloe rolled her eyes. Billy approached Chloe at her desk and praised her clever ideas for the photo shoot. Billy received a text message from Lily. Chloe asked what Lily thought about him and Cane fighting over her. Billy leaned in close to Chloe and explained that he and Cane had fought after Billy expressed unkind remarks about Chloe. Chloe batted her eyes said that Cane had not mentioned it. Billy responded, "I think you are starting to get to him, little Mama." After Billy left, Chloe sighed deeply.

Cane noticed that Chloe seemed tired, and he offered to take her home. Chloe stalled and insisted she needed to wrap up a few things. Chloe asked Cane why he had defended her and fought with Billy. Cane explained that he had done so because she was the mother of his child. After Cane left, Chloe admired a proof of a gallant Billy posed with his balled fist readied for a punch.

Phyllis offered Jack, in writing, a statement declaring that she would not write anything that demeaned Billy or Jabot. Phyllis noted that she had full reign at Restless Style, although she was also a different person since she published the infamous and damaging "letter from the editor." Jack refused to believe that Phyllis had changed, and he smugly added, "I was married to you, sugar." Jack added that Phyllis might have fooled Nick, but she still had the same devious heart. Phyllis said, "At least I have a heart and a husband who loves me." Jack retorted, "Good luck holding onto him." Phyllis invited Jack to pose for a "men we love to hate" campaign for his favorite charity. Phyllis promised to print the photo without negative comments, so Jack agreed. Phyllis arranged for Jack to pose as Frank Sinatra. Jack seemed impressed with his appearance until Phyllis called him the rat in the rat pack. Jack shook his head menacingly at Phyllis.

Phyllis phoned Brad and told him that Sharon and Jack were divorcing. Phyllis added that Sharon was in New York. Brad said, "I'll pass," as he recalled Sharon's gentle rejection of his romantic proposition on New Year's Eve. Phyllis reminded Brad of his and Sharon's previous affair in New York, and insisted that Brad meet Sharon at the Viewmont Hotel. Brad hung up on Phyllis, but he remembered professing his love to Sharon.

Brad stirred his coffee and recalled Sharon's vulnerability after Jack hurt her in the past, and he recalled his and Sharon's steamy lovemaking session in New York. Brad abandoned his coffee and hurried away. Phyllis received a text message from Brad informing her that he was on his way to New York. Phyllis seemed relieved. Sharon was surprised to see Brad seated at a restaurant bar. Brad lied that he had come to meet with his broker. Sharon explained that she had just closed a deal for Beauty of Nature. Sharon quizzed Brad about showing up in New York, and said she might blame Phyllis if she didn't know that Phyllis and Brad were sworn enemies. Brad received a call and stepped away for a moment to talk. Nick returned with his briefcase and told Sharon that stormy weather had canceled his flight. Brad finished his call and turned to face Nick and Sharon. Nick asked, "Brad, what are you doing here?" Sharon glared at Brad.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nick confronted Brad for coincidentally ending up in New York at the same hotel as Sharon. Nick said he wasn't okay with Brad being there if it was upsetting Sharon. Sharon said that she could speak for herself, and asked to speak to Brad alone. Nick said that he had to call Phyllis to tell her about the plane delay. Brad told Nick to ask Phyllis the reason he happened to be in New York.

Jack told Phyllis that she'd better not take any cheap shots at him in the magazine. Phyllis said that she would abide by the contract she signed. Phyllis received a call, but was too busy to pick it up. Jack wondered why Phyllis was acting so smug, considering that Nick and Sharon were together in New York. Jack suspected that Phyllis was up to something.

Phyllis' phone rang again and Nick told her that all the flights had been cancelled due to the weather. Nick said that he had run into Brad at the hotel. He said that Brad had told him to ask Phyllis why Brad was there. Phyllis said that she told Brad that Sharon and Jack were getting a divorce. She admitted that she might have mentioned they were in New York. Nick wanted to discuss the matter further, but Phyllis said that she had to go. When Phyllis hung up, Jack was watching her. He thought about how Brad kept turning up every time Sharon was in trouble. Jack realized that it was Phyllis who planned it all, from the credit card statement, to making sure that Nick wasn't around when Sharon needed a shoulder to cry on. He couldn't believe that Phyllis would try to destroy his marriage. Phyllis said that she had warned Jack to take care of his marriage, but he only continued to lie and make things worse. Jack realized that Phyllis used Brad because she was insecure about her own marriage. He stormed out in disgust.

Brad admitted to Sharon that Phyllis had been keeping him updated about where to find her. Brad said that when he heard Sharon was free, he hopped on a plane. Brad told Sharon that it was finally their chance to be together. Sharon said she couldn't trust Brad, especially with Phyllis pulling the strings. Sharon wasn't about to get with someone else who would lie to her. Sharon told Brad to leave, and Brad realized that he'd blown it. Brad told Nick that he felt like an idiot for listening to Phyllis. He said that it had been Phyllis who had pushed him at Sharon ever since the night she broke up Jack and Sharon's marriage. Sharon heard Brad and wondered what he was talking about. Brad said that Phyllis had sent Jack's credit card receipt to Sharon, and had made sure that Nick wasn't around to help Sharon pick up the pieces. Brad said that Phyllis had practically begged him to go to New York to stop Nick and Sharon from being together.

Nick sat down with Sharon and asked how she was doing. Nick said that Phyllis had no right to interfere in Sharon's marriage. Sharon said that she could understand where Phyllis was coming from. Phyllis had felt threatened after seeing them kissing in Paris. Sharon said that it wasn't just the kiss, it was the connection they had between them. Nick said that it didn't make what Phyllis did right. Nick wondered what it said about their marriage to have Phyllis resort to something so vindictive. Sharon told Nick that he should give Phyllis a chance. Nick said that would be hard considering that his wife did not trust him.

When Brad called Phyllis she asked him why it had been so hard for Brad to make up a story about the reason he was in New York. Brad said that Phyllis' lousy plan had blown up in his face and he had told Nick everything. He told Phyllis never to call him again. Phyllis called Nick and was shocked when Sharon answered Nick's phone. Phyllis asked why Sharon was answering her husband's phone. Sharon said that Nick had gone to get the car and that they were on their way home.

Heather told Victor that Adam's trial was scheduled for the next day. Heather said that they were prepared to offer Adam a deal. Victor wondered what kind of deal they were willing to make. Ashley showed up and asked how Victor was holding up. Victor said that Adam's trial was the next day. Ashley knew Victor wasn't looking forward to it. Abby came by and thanked Victor for the new horse he'd bought for her. Ashley was impressed. Victor asked that Ashley and Abby wait for him until he took care of things with the DA.

Victor returned and asked to speak to Heather alone. He told Heather that she had wasted her time and money going after him for a crime he didn't commit. It was Heather who was responsible for Victor's son being behind bars. Heather wondered how she could be responsible for Adam's crimes. Victor said that Heather had lived in his home and knew that Adam was an heir to the Newman inheritance. Victor said that if Heather was truly interested in pursing justice, she'd better look to Jack Abbott. Heather said that she had no proof that Jack was involved. Victor told Heather that life would have a way of catching up with her.

Adam told his lawyer that he had nothing to worry about; there would not be a trial. Adam said that Victor Newman wouldn't let his own son go to prison. Adam's lawyer told him that his father had cut off all ties to him. He said that Adam better think logically; Victor was not going to be in Adam's corner. Adam felt that he'd be able to get Jack to admit some of his part in the diary scandal. When he tried to call Jack, there was no answer. Heather said that the state was prepared to offer him a deal. She said that Victor wanted to make sure that any deal they offered would include jail time. Heather told Adam that the best deal she could make him was 18 months and full reimbursement of the money he'd earned from Victor's diary. Heather begged Adam to take the deal. She said that if they went through with the trial, Adam might be in prison for the rest of his life. Adam said that he would take the deal. Heather looked like she was fighting back tears.

Ashley and Abby discussed the horse that Victor had bought for Abby. Abby said that the horse was worth more than a million dollars. She said that Victor was the best bio daddy ever. Abby asked Ashley if she could meet Noah at the coffeehouse to tell him about her horse. Ashley let her go.

Noah and Eden were having coffee when Abby showed up. Noah said that Abby was his aunt, although she was one year younger than he was. Noah was shocked to find out that Victor had purchased Abby a million-dollar horse. Eden was disgusted. She asked Abby if she knew how many people that much money could feed. When Eden went off to get more coffee, Abby wondered how Noah could like Eden. She said that Eden had better be a good kisser. Abby received a call from Ashley and told Noah that she had to go. When Eden returned, she told Noah that it wasn't his fault that Abby was an airhead princess.

Ashley told Victor he was being a little frivolous. Victor said that it was a good business investment. Ashley asked Victor if the DA was going to make Adam an offer. Victor said that Adam would need to return the money and go to jail. Ashley said that she couldn't understand how he could spend a million dollars on a horse for one of his children, while sending the other one to prison. Victor said that Adam had tried to set him up for murder; he wondered how she could expect him to buy Adam a present. They were interrupted by Abby's return. Abby said that she couldn't thank Victor enough. Victor said that since Ashley and Abby were living at the ranch with him, he'd be honored if she called him dad. Ashley said they should have dinner and talk about that later.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cane and Chloe were going through some books in the bookstore when they heard a couple giggling and kissing in the next aisle. They went around the corner and were shocked to see that Lily and Billy were the kissing couple. Chloe dropped a few books on the floor in an effort to get their attention, to no avail.

Billy and Lily came out of their aisle and ran into Cane and Chloe. Chloe told Lily about Billy and Cane's Restless Style photo shoot. Embarrassed, Lily and Billy decided to leave as soon as Lily found the book she was looking for.

Cane gently sat his pregnant wife down at a computer to surf the web, while he waited to meet a new Chancellor employee. Cane admitted to Chloe that it was odd to meet a new hire in a used bookstore, but said that the new hire lived close by. Billy watched, and remembered feeling Chloe's baby kicking.

When Cane walked away, Chloe navigated to the website. She browsed the list of members with screen names that contained the word "Sonny." Chloe muttered, "Sonny... Sonny what?" Billy appeared behind her and recited a short poem, "C-R-A-W-F-O-R-D, and you can stop looking sweetheart, 'cause here I be." Chloe tried to cover by saying that she was looking for a date for Esther. A "dorky guy" walked in and Billy suggested that he might be a potential boyfriend for Esther. The "dorky guy" turned out to be the new Chancellor employee who Cane was meeting.

Lily quizzically watched Billy and Chloe chatting at the computer. Out of Lily's earshot, Billy asked Chloe to admit that she was still crazy about him. Chloe said that she would, if he admitted the same to her.

Cane was finishing up his meeting with the new employee, Roger Wilkes, when Billy brought Chloe over. After introductions were made, Chloe asked Roger if he was single, and, while Cane tried to contain the embarrassing situation, if he would be interested in meeting Esther. Cane, Chloe, and Billy were all surprised when Roger said that he was interested, and he got Esther's phone number from Chloe. When Roger was alone, he called someone and said, "You'll never believe what just happened. Trying to get in with the Chancellors just got a whole lot easier."

Lily asked Billy just how well he knew Chloe. Billy minimized the relationship, saying that he had known Chloe as a child, when she went by her birth name, Kate Valentine.

At Murphy's trailer, Michael and Lauren visited with Katherine. Katherine stared at Lauren and, for a moment, thought that she recognized her. The memory flash passed, which upset Katherine. When Katherine and Murphy walked away to get some snacks, Lauren said that the resemblance between "that woman" and Katherine was uncanny.

Michael told Katherine that he was going to try to obtain a warrant for DNA testing. She asked why people didn't believe that she was actually Katherine. Michael told her the story of how a criminal syndicate had kidnapped Katherine, and replaced her with Marge, many years earlier.

Michael asked Katherine if her memory was coming back -- as memories of her life would serve as a good defense against the trespassing charges. Murphy said that Katherine remembered a few things -- where she had lived, as well as the alarm code for the Chancellor mansion. Katherine noticed that the Baldwins hadn't called her by name, and wondered if that meant that they didn't believe her story. Michael said that the DNA test would settle the question of her identity once and for all.

Katherine told the Baldwins her theory -- that Marge had actually died in the car accident, while she, Katherine, had lived. Katherine said that, until she had remembered who she was, she had been living Marge's life. Katherine said that if Michael didn't believe her, then she didn't stand a chance at her trial. Lauren begged to differ, and told Katherine that Michael was very focused and driven. Katherine became agitated, and yelled that she wanted her life back. Michael said that was what he was there for. Katherine told Michael that she liked him.

As the Baldwins left, Katherine thanked Michael for his help. He said that he was helping her because Kevin believed that she was Katherine. After the Baldwins were gone, Murphy told Katherine that Kevin was the anonymous donor who had given him the money to bail her out of jail. Katherine wanted to thank Kevin in person, so she and Murphy left for Crimson Lights.

At Crimson Lights, Jana, back from her symposium, was happy to see Kevin. Kevin told Jana that Katherine was still alive. Jana told Kevin that she believed him, and that she wasn't upset that he had used the $63,000 to bail Katherine out, as well as to pay her legal fees.

On the patio, Amber ran into Detective Wallace. She told him that Kevin had killed Katherine Chancellor, and that he should arrest Kevin. Wallace pointed out that there was a major problem with Amber's hypothesis. Katherine hadn't been murdered -- she had died in a car accident. Daniel showed up and asked Amber what she was doing. He was aghast when she said that she was reporting a crime. Amber, Daniel, and Wallace went into the coffeehouse. Wallace told Kevin that he wanted to question him about Katherine's death.

Wallace questioned Kevin and left. The Fishers and Amber argued. Amber kept screaming that Kevin was a murderer. Jana said that Amber needed help -- Kevin suggested an exorcism. Katherine and Murphy began walking into the coffeehouse from the patio. When Amber saw Katherine, she passed out. Katherine and Murphy quickly walked back to the patio. As they left, Katherine told Murphy that she couldn't "break their hearts all over again."

A revived Amber was sure that the woman she had seen was Katherine. Kevin was pleased that Amber finally believed that Katherine was alive, but was angry at her for trying to have him arrested. When Amber asked Kevin to take her to Katherine, Kevin refused.

Back at the trailer, Katherine told Murphy that she had recognized the girl who had passed out -- she was Amber Moore, the woman who wrote the preface to her autobiography. Katherine said that she still planned to fight to prove who she really was. In the meantime, she was planning to stay away from Genoa City, and everyone she used to know.

At Restless Style, Nick confronted Phyllis. Phyllis confessed that she had sent Brad to New York in an effort to divert Sharon's attention away from Nick. She also admitted that she had Jack's motel receipts sent over to the Abbotts' table on New Year's Eve, and that she had arranged for Brad to be there to comfort Sharon. Nick was horrified that Phyllis had been playing with people's lives. He told her that he wasn't letting her off the hook.

Nick was surprised that Phyllis thought their marriage was so fragile that she needed to send Brad to New York. She brought up Nick's having kissed Sharon in Paris to prove that their marriage was fragile. She insisted that she wasn't being paranoid. Nick told Phyllis that he loved her, but chided her for having arranged the stunts with Brad. Phyllis admitted that she was afraid that Nick might return to Sharon.

Phyllis said that Sharon had probably told Nick to "lay down the law" to Phyllis. Nick said that, on the contrary, Sharon had asked him to "go easy" on her. Phyllis was concerned that Nick and Sharon shared so many memories. He again reassured Phyllis that he loved her, but that he couldn't change the past.

Looking defeated, Phyllis said that one of them should go home to tend to Summer. Nick took Phyllis' hand and told her, "We're forever." Phyllis tightly hugged Nick.

After Nick left, Phyllis called Brad. Brad assumed that Nick had kicked her to the curb, but Phyllis said that his plan to ruin her marriage didn't work -- she and Nick were still together. Phyllis sinisterly warned Brad, "That was a big mistake taking me on. A mistake you'll regret."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kevin and Jana tried to lift Gloria's spirits in jail. Kevin said if Michael could get River out of jail, he could get anyone out. Gloria told him not to mention that name. Kevin told Gloria that he was the one who put up the money to free Katherine. Gloria said that if Katherine could prove that she was indeed Katherine Chancellor, Gloria would lose all her stock in Jabot.

Michael walked in on Nikki and Paul kissing. Nikki and Paul told him they were trying to keep their relationship a secret. Michael asked Paul if he found any information that could help Gloria. Paul said he did, but Michael was interrupted by a call from Lauren. Lauren said that she had papers that informed them that authorities had seized the ashram and shut it down. Michael said that he was in the middle of a meeting with Paul, but he would meet up with her shortly. Michael apologized to Paul and Nikki, saying that his father was continuing to give him a huge headache. Nikki told Michael that she couldn't stomach the thought of Gloria getting away with everything without paying for it. Michael said that a year earlier, he would have agreed with her, but his mother never intended on hurting anybody. Nikki said that the reason Gloria was in jail was because of what Gloria had done. Paul said that there was no proof that someone had died due to the face cream. Michael became upset and said that River and Jeffrey had taken advantage of her. He said that he knew he couldn't change Nikki's mind, but he knew the truth.

Nikki spoke to Paul about seeing Katherine. She said that she knew she wasn't really Katherine when "Marge" admitted to reading Katherine's book. Paul told Nikki that Michael was acting as a lawyer on behalf of "Marge" and that he was going to help Michael. Nikki begged Paul to drop the case. Nikki said that she didn't want to have anything to do with Marge. Paul agreed to step away from the case. Paul called Michael and left a message for him about canceling the investigation. Nikki thanked Paul. He told her that the last thing he ever wanted to do was to hurt her.

Eden was upset when Lauren told her that the ashram was gone. Eden said that she would never have a home again. Lauren said that their home was Eden's home, too. When Michael showed up, he told Lauren that when the FBI caught Lowell, he would celebrate. He said that Lowell had brought nothing good into their lives. Eden was listening to Michael and ran off. Michael tried to stop her, but realized that he had to take off to see Gloria. Lauren said she would try to find Eden. Lauren asked Kevin and Jana to help her find Eden. They checked the train station, but Eden wasn't there. Suddenly Eden returned. Jana said that they had been very worried. Eden said that she had nowhere else to go. All she had was Genoa City and a brother who didn't want her. Lauren said that what Michael said didn't have anything to do with her. Kevin said that he and Michael did not always get along, but Michael had saved him so many times they ended up being closer than ever. Eden hugged Lauren. She wondered if she would ever see her father again. Lauren said that with Lowell, he could be anywhere and just about anything.

Meanwhile, Lowell visited a parish pretending to be a priest. He said that it was his mission to raise money for children.

Michael went to the prison to discuss Gloria's case. Gloria said that Lowell was the sole reason she was in jail. Michael said that it was too bad, but Lowell would probably never be caught. He was too good at hiding.

Karen helped Ana get ready for a father/daughter dance. Neil took a picture of her. Neil told Ana that he would help her learn how to dance. Karen told Neil that he was the sweetest man. Karen said that she used to pray to God that she would be able to experience the joy of raising a child. She said that Ana and Neil had helped make her life complete.

Neil and Karen brought Ana over to Indigo to see Tyra. Tyra was worried that she would get in trouble for seeing Ana without a supervisor. Neil said that their lawyer, Raphael, had a court order stating that there would be no repercussion if Tyra happened to run into Ana in a public place. Tyra said that they would have to happen to run into each other all the time. Tyra was impressed with the dress Karen had bought for Ana for the father-daughter dance. Tyra thanked Karen.

Tyra told Devon and Lily that she was thinking about letting Neil and Karen raise Ana by themselves. Devon said that Tyra was Ana's mother. Tyra thanked Devon and realized that he was right. Lily wondered why Devon would say that to Tyra. Lily felt that the jury was out for who should be Ana's parents. Lily said that Ana would be better off with two parents. Devon said that Ana belonged with Tyra.

Lily and Devon watched Neil tried to teach Ana how to dance. Karen ran out to get a camera to take a picture of them. Then Neil offered to show Tyra how to dance. Ana said that Tyra was doing a great job. When Karen returned, she wondered what happened to Ana's lessons. Ana said that Neil was teaching her to learn by example. Neil wondered why Karen looked so serious. Karen said she thought they should adopt Ana. Neil said that was a big step. Karen said that she didn't want to rush things, but she wanted to discuss it seriously. Tyra overheard Karen talking about adopting Ana and told them if anyone was going to adopt Ana, it would be her. Karen said that if they adopted Ana, no one could take Ana away again. Neil said that they were advocates for Ana, they were the only way to bring Ana back to Tyra. Karen told Neil that she felt that adoption would be best for Ana. Karen said that she couldn't give Neil a child, but this would be the next best thing. Karen told Tyra that she hoped Tyra could put Ana's needs ahead of her own.

Katherine told Murphy that she'd grown fond of her job at the diner. When Katherine and Murphy decided to stop by the diner, Pearl was delighted to see her. Katherine wondered if she could have her old job back. Pearl had bought her a bowling shirt as a Christmas present. Murphy said that she was the captain of the team. Katherine told Murphy that she felt strange pretending to be Marge. She said that Pearl had a wonderful soul. Murphy said that he knew one day she would go back to her real life, but when she was there with him, he was happy.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Jill was happy that Cane was working with her at Chancellor Industries. She said that Cane was the only person she could trust. Cane joked that Jill might not be so happy when they started butting heads. Jill said that she wished she could have felt as comfortable talking to Katherine as she did with Cane.

Nikki told Gina about Marge's schemes to pretend she was the late Katherine. Nikki was horrified that Marge would intentionally be so cruel. Gina mentioned to Jill that the situation with Marge would have been awful. Jill said she'd prefer to not to talk about it. Cane asked Jill if she'd like to come to dinner for Esther's birthday. Jill said no thanks, but admitted that she had bought Esther a birthday gift. When Cane got up to leave, Gina apologized to Cane for mentioning Marge in front of Jill. She said that she had also been fooled in the past by Katherine's look-alike.

When Nikki returned from the bathroom, Gina told Nikki the only table available was with Jill. Jill told Nikki to go somewhere else. Nikki said the table would be just fine. Nikki told Jill that Marge had come to see her. Nikki admitted that she thought it was Katherine for a moment. Jill said that she'd felt the same thing, as well. Jill told Nikki that sometimes she would feel a moment of peace and actually forget that Katherine was gone. Nikki said finally they had something in common, she just wished it weren't about missing Katherine. Nikki and Jill reminisced about Katherine's high-class taste in food, and even jewelry. Nikki said that she'd wondered what happened to the ring, but didn't think that Jill had taken it away. Jill said that she realized that Katherine loved them both, but she was a little jealous about the bond Nikki and Katherine shared. Nikki said that they should break their old habits and move on.

Chloe asked Esther if she could give her a makeover for her birthday. Esther wondered why Chloe was being so nice to her. Chloe said she was trying to make her mother feel beautiful. Chloe also bought Esther a sexy top for a date she had set up for her. Esther was skeptical at first, but Chloe assured her that Roger was a great guy. Chloe said that she and Cane would also be there. Esther finally agreed and went upstairs to get dressed.

Roger waited at Indigo for his date with Esther. He sent a text message that he was waiting for his date confirmation. After Chloe called to say the date was on, Roger made a phone call. He said that the plan was a go. When Esther and Chloe showed up, Roger told Esther how beautiful she was. When Cane arrived, Chloe told him that Esther was having a great time. Chloe asked Roger if he'd ever been married. Roger said that he'd never met the right woman. He said that he worked hard and had a lot of hobbies. Roger received a text message asking him for an update. Roger excused himself.

Roger went outside the club and saw Clint, the man who had once been involved in the scheme to impersonate Katherine. Roger asked why he kept texting him. Clint said that he didn't want Roger to screw anything up.

Esther wondered why Roger had gotten up so quickly. She hoped that she hadn't said anything wrong. Roger returned and said that his mother had been texting him all night. He said that he didn't want to be too pushy, but he hoped to come by to her place for a nightcap. Esther said that she would like that.

Amber told Daniel that she wanted to find Kevin so he could show her where Katherine was. Daniel said that Kevin probably didn't want to speak to Amber. Amber said that it was cruel for Kevin to keep Katherine's whereabouts a secret. Daniel said that he would talk to Kevin alone. Daniel went to the coffeehouse and asked Kevin if he would be willing to reveal where Katherine was. Amber came in and begged Kevin to forgive her. She hoped to have the chance to get Katherine back her life. Kevin didn't want to tell Amber at first, but Jana reminded Kevin about how close Amber was with Katherine. Kevin finally wrote down the address. Daniel warned Amber not to get her hopes up. He said that he'd read about Marge in the paper. Daniel said that Amber should be careful. Daniel told Amber that if it weren't really Katherine, it would be the end of her conspiracies.

When Amber and Daniel went to find Katherine, Kevin told Jana that what Daniel said had gotten to him. He thought about the possibility that the woman he saw in jail really wasn't Katherine. Jana said that only Katherine would have known that Kevin had her money. Kevin said that maybe Marge had followed them. Jana told Kevin that he was starting to sound just like Amber. Kevin said that it would be nice to have confirmation that she really was Katherine. He asked Jana to contact her through a sťance. Jana couldn't believe that Kevin was willing to try it. Kevin said he was ready to find out. Jana began the sťance and asked Katherine to give them a sign if she was up there. When there was no answer, Jana said that something should have happened. Kevin said that he was satisfied. He would believe that the woman was really Katherine unless it was proved otherwise.

While Katherine and Murphy ate lunch at the diner, Pearl told them that Joe Jr. was coming. Pearl said that Joe Jr. was upset that Marge hadn't shown up for work in a few days. Murphy assured Katherine that Joe Jr. would get over it. Katherine said that Murphy made her feel that she could do anything. When Joe Jr. showed up, he was furious with Marge for skipping out on work. He told her she was fired. Katherine fought for her job. She apologized for her erratic behavior, but said that she was irreplaceable. Joe finally gave in and told her to get back to work.

Amber and Daniel arrived at the diner looking for Katherine. When they saw her, Daniel said that Amber wasn't kidding that she was a dead ringer for Mrs. C. Katherine walked over and asked for their order. Amber said that there had to be a reason Katherine didn't recognize her. Amber tried to throw out some things to see if Katherine remembered them. But Katherine failed. Amber said that she had to accept that Katherine was really gone. As they got up to leave, Katherine waved goodbye. After Amber left, she realized that her phone was missing. When she returned, she grabbed her phone and Katherine said that wasn't Amber's. She said that Amber's phone had pink sparkles on it. Amber wondered how she would know that. Amber started crying and hugged her.

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