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Amber and Katherine hatched a plan to prove to everyone that Katherine was not a fraud. Jack, Jill, Jeffrey, and Victor all separately tried to make deals with Gloria to buy her Jabot stock. Brad filed for sole custody of Abby. Tyra kissed Neil.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 19, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, January 19, 2009

At the Chancellor estate, Esther tucked a pink carnation behind her ear and floated down the stairway. Clad in a silky, floral-print robe, Esther waltzed through the sitting room. Jill took sudden notice and asked Esther why she was glowing. Roger emerged yawning and buttoning the cuffs on his wrinkled shirt. Jill's jaw dropped as Roger casually inquired, "What's for breakfast?"

Esther poured coffee from a silver pot into a fine china cup. Roger said, "Beautiful place you have here." In unison, Esther and Jill responded, "Thank you." Esther formally introduced Jill to Roger Wilkes, who identified himself as a newly hired accountant at Chancellor Industries. Jill asked rhetorically, "You're the new accountant Cane hired?" After Roger left, Jill asked Esther if she was out of her mind because the man was a complete stranger. Jill reminded Esther that Esther's former boyfriend, Norman, had murdered Katherine's husband, Rex. Esther claimed that Roger had a good vibe, and that Jill was just jealous.

Roger later phoned and invited Esther out for lunch at a Moroccan restaurant. Esther gushed as she bragged to Jill about her lunch date. Esther kicked off her shoes and contemplated polishing her toenails. Esther said, "You never know when you might play footsie with someone!" Jill shook her head in anguish and said jokingly, "Kill me, now." Roger arrived and suggested that Esther dress comfortably. Esther mentioned that she could slip out of her outfit easily. Roger cleared his throat and explained, "Moroccan, remember; we'll sit on pillows, so it's easier to cuddle." Esther went to get her purse.

After Esther walked away, Roger visually appraised various antique pieces placed throughout the sitting room. Roger hoisted a valuable vase and turned it sideways, so he could discern the potter's mark. Jill appeared in the doorway and announced, "Yes, it is authentic." Roger laughed nervously and remarked, "Beautiful piece." Jill angrily fired Roger from his job just as Esther returned. Esther asked Jill how she could be so cruel and insensitive. Jill said, "Quit being such a ditzy schoolgirl, Esther. Why do you think he is dating you, because you're such a catch?" Roger protested and defended his "lady." Jill laughed heartily and said, "My lady? How seventies! And you're still fired!" Arrogantly, Esther told Roger that he didn't need a job because she was loaded. Esther took Roger by the hand, and they both walked out through the front door. Jill folded her arms and sighed heavily in complete disgust.

In an icy alley, a tall graying man approached Roger and demanded to know why he had not answered his phone. Roger reported that he had spent the night with Esther at the Chancellor mansion, which Roger reported, was "packed with antiques." Roger asked about Marge. The man, Clint, considered a change of plans and said, "Forget about Marge. Esther owns half that big, honking mansion and a wad of dough." Roger offered to "continue working" Esther. Clint demanded that Roger marry Esther. Roger reminded Clint that Marge was supposed to impersonate Katherine Chancellor. Clint feared that Marge would become a liability. Clint insisted that Esther was "their ticket to the Chancellor empire." Clint added that he would do whatever was necessary in order to keep Marge away from Genoa City.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor and Ashley ate breakfast. Ashley told Victor that Abby was visiting Brad. Ashley added that Brad would prefer that Abby lived with him. Victor's phone rang, but he ignored the call after he saw that it was Adam. Ashley asked Victor why he would not speak to Adam. Victor said fiercely, "There is nothing more to say to him." Ashley told Victor that he couldn't abandon Adam, who would soon end up in a dangerous prison. A concerned Ashley urged Victor to call the DA on Adam's behalf. Between sips of coffee, Victor said coolly, "I'll do what needs to be done." After Victor left, Jack joined Ashley. Jack urged Ashley to go public about his association with Jabot in order to solidify his position. Jack added the he should be CEO of Jabot. Jack pointed out that Ashley compromised the company because she lived with Victor. Ashley recalled Jack's many public disgraces, including the rumor about his sex addiction.

Ashley looked distressed after Jack insisted that he did not trust Victor. Ashley said she interpreted Jack's misgivings to imply that he didn't trust her, and Ashley instructed Jack to "back the hell off!" Ashley softened her stance after Jack told her that Sharon was divorcing him. Jack admitted he had made many mistakes with Sharon. Jack admitted that Sharon's heart might never have been his. Ashley listened as Jack poured out his feelings. Jack said he regretted going into business with "him" at the magazine. Jack spoke cryptically and added that Sharon might have forgiven Jack, if it weren't for "him." Jack compared his plight to Victor's relationship with Sabrina. Jack continued, "It was difficult to build a life with someone when that person was haunted with someone else."

At Crimson Lights, Abby showed Brad a photo of the million-dollar horse Victor gave her as a gift. Victor phoned Abby, and they spoke briefly. As Abby ended the call, she said, "I love you, too, Dad." Abby asked Brad if she could refer to him and to Victor as Dad. Brad smiled and said, "Of course you can." Ashley arrived. Abby stepped away to visit friends. Brad berated Ashley for subjecting Abby to Victor's "poor excuse for parenting." Ashley defended Victor's decision to buy Abby a horse. Brad said angrily, "This year, he gives her a horse. Next year, he sends it to the glue factory." Ashley reminded Brad that Victor was Abby's father, too. Brad shouted, "Victor is a sperm donor! I am her father." Ashley calmly explained that since Abby was older and living at the ranch, Victor would play a bigger part in Abby's life. Ashley apologized for Brad's distress, but she added that Victor's role in Abby's life was "a good thing."

From a holding cell at the jail, Adam left a message for Victor. Adam nervously explained that he was on his way to the state penitentiary with hardcore criminals. Adam begged, "Call me back or come down here, please, please." Adam reflected on the past and recalled his and Victor's conversations after they were reunited. Victor had said he admired Adam after Adam explained that although he had finished near the top of his class at Harvard's business school, Adam had worked crummy jobs and acquired scholarships and student loans on his own to pay for his education. Adam seemed deeply saddened when he remembered that Victor had readily offered him a lofty position at Newman Enterprises. Adam waited for his dad, but a guard noted that no one had scheduled a visit with Adam. Adam insisted, "He'll come."

Adam tried to phone Victor again, but Victor didn't answer. Adam reflectively recalled the day Victor gave him Victoria's position at Newman Enterprises after she walked out in anger. Adam also remembered that Victor attributed Adam's ruthless traits to his father. Adam clenched his jaw as he recalled the day Victor kicked him out and told Adam that he was dead to him. Adam gave up on Victor and called for the guard just as Victor arrived. Adam was visibly grateful to see Victor. Adam said, "I knew you wouldn't let me rot in prison." Victor responded, "You were perfectly willing to let me rot in prison." Adam explained that he made a huge mistake because he was hurt and angry. Victor pointed his finger at Adam. Victor said he had warned Adam not to cross him, yet Adam had framed Victor for murder. Two guards arrived and forcibly removed Adam from the visitation cell. As the guards escorted Adam away, a desperate and apologetic Adam implored Victor to help him. Adam pleaded, "Dad, please help me. Jack used me."

After Victor left Adam, he went to the club bar and ordered tequila. Victor reflectively recalled Adam as a newborn. He remembered shedding tears of joy when he first cradled baby Adam in his arms. Jack appeared and ordered scotch. Victor looked at Jack at warned, "You better start looking over your shoulder." Later, Ashley joined Victor for a meal. Victor told Ashley that Adam was on his mind. Ashley was relieved to hear that Victor had visited Adam. Victor explained that Adam was still in prison, and it was difficult to see his son in shackles. Ashley reached across the table and held Victor's hand to comfort him.

At the club bar, Jack talked seemingly to himself about his problems. Jack said, "I made a lot of mistakes. I pushed away all the people who cared about me. You are the only person I can talk to anymore. You're a good listener, you know that?" A pretty woman in a low-cut dress responded, "Thanks, honey. I normally charge for my time, but with your good looks, just keep talking." Jack smiled, gulped his scotch and said, "How about that? Someone still likes me."

At Indigo, Ana practiced delivering a speech written by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Neil and Tyra praised Ana, and they all noted how proud Dr. King would have been to witness Barack Obama become our nation's president. At a nearby table, Rafe noticed that Ana seemed to have adjusted quite well with Karen and Neil as her foster parents. Karen agreed, but she expressed concern that Yolanda might attempt to take Ana away. Karen asked how she and Neil could adopt Ana. Neil joined Karen and Rafe, and Karen excitedly told Neil about her idea to adopt Ana. Neil hedged and seemed uncertain about Karen's timing. Rafe explained that the first step would entail terminating the birth parents' rights. Rafe added that since Ana's father was unknown and Yolanda's actions qualified as abandonment, termination could be as simple as filing the paperwork. Karen insisted that filing for termination would at least prevent Yolanda from taking Ana. Neil tensely agreed to talk to Tyra.

Tyra and Neil finalized celebration plans for a private party. Ana returned and announced that she would deliver King's famous speech at school. Karen joined the celebration of Ana's accomplishment. Tyra invited Ana to lunch, but Ana explained that Karen had already extended an invitation. Ana and Karen baked cookies at home after lunch. Ana called Karen "Miss Karen." Karen told Ana that she called her stepmother Mama Linda, and Karen suggested that Ana call her Mama Karen. Ana worried about Tyra, and said that she might hurt her mom's feelings.

After Ana and Karen left Indigo, Tyra noted that Ana's grades had improved. Neil discussed the threat Yolanda could pose if she returned and attempted to disrupt Ana's life. Tyra guessed that Neil and Karen's plan to terminate Yolanda's rights would open the door for the couple to adopt Ana. Tyra grew angry and insisted that Karen wanted to adopt Ana. Neil suggested that Tyra adopt Ana. Tyra said the court would never allow her to have Ana. Neil attempted to calm Tyra. Neil took Tyra in his arms and gently explained that they all wanted what was best for Ana. Tyra composed herself and thanked Neil for helping Ana. Caught up in the moment, Tyra began kissing Neil on the lips. Tyra suddenly realized what was happening and backed away. Tyra profusely apologized to Neil. Neil said, "Forget it. It never happened." Tyra panicked and announced that she would leave Genoa City. Neil said, "It was just a kiss!" Neil tried to reason with Tyra, but she pointed out that Neil and Karen provided a wonderful life for Ana. Tyra was adamant about leaving and insisted that she was in the way.

At Joe's diner, Murphy praised Katherine for successfully organizing the kitchen. Amber and Daniel showed up. Amber embraced Katherine warmly. Katherine introduced Murphy to Amber and Daniel. Behind the counter, Pearl inquired about "Marge's" friends. Katherine introduced Amber as an old friend. Pearl sarcastically asked if Amber was a former classmate. Ignoring Pearl's comment, Amber played along and commented that Marge was like a mother to her. Joe called out to Pearl, and Murphy goaded Pearl and suggested she carry on with her job.

Amber wondered aloud why Katherine had not told people who she really was. Katherine explained that it caused problems when she identified herself as Katherine Chancellor, and she apologized for forcing Amber to lie. Amber quickly noted that she had not lied about considering Katherine to be the mother she never had as she pulled Katherine close. Murphy seemed touched, but Daniel seemed worried. Amber giddily announced plans to tell the world that Katherine Chancellor was alive. Amber's plans for a media blitz included T-shirts and phone calls to stockholders. A somber Daniel questioned Amber's certainty that the woman standing before them was actually Katherine Chancellor. Amber remained undaunted and challenged Daniel to "get with the program."

Pearl offered to cover for "Marge" while she chatted with Amber. Murphy joined Katherine as she told Amber and Daniel that she appreciated Amber's enthusiasm, however, Katherine explained, she had Michael Baldwin representing her. Katherine added that Michael's brother, Kevin, believed her to be who she said she was. Murphy explained that Kevin had provided the cash that Murphy used to bail Katherine out of jail. Amber became tense and said, "Kevin Fisher; really?" Amber seemed concerned as she glanced toward Daniel sheepishly.

Amber took notes as she questioned Katherine and asked her to recall the car accident. Katherine said she couldn't remember the accident, but she reported being found on the riverbank near the accident site. Murphy added that he had found Katherine, who was wearing a muddy black pantsuit with white trim. Murphy said he immediately recognized "those glittering eyes." Daniel asked Katherine if she had her purse or any identification. Katherine became terribly flustered, so she went to get coffee. Daniel asked Amber if she still believed the woman was Katherine Chancellor. Amber seemed discouraged and answered, "I don't know. So far, we've got zip."

Amber held up family photos printed in Katherine's memoir and asked Katherine to identify them. Katherine couldn't identify the people in the photos, nor could she recall where Phillip went to obtain a divorce. Katherine was shocked when Amber mentioned that Katherine had offered Jill money in exchange for baby Phillip. Katherine became distraught and explained that snippets of her past were familiar but evasive. Murphy reminded Katherine that she had no memories of him or the diner. Katherine gazed at the cover photo on her memoir and noticed that she was wearing her emerald ring. Amber announced that the ring would prove she was Katherine. Katherine nearly cried when she admitted she had pawned the ring. Amber gleefully proclaimed that they would get the ring back. Amber added, "Don't worry about it, Mrs. C. Everything's going to work out. I can feel it." Outside the diner, through the slats of the venetian blind covering the window, Clint watched Katherine.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, today's episode of The Young and the Restless was preempted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change and broadcasting will return to a regular schedule on Wednesday, January 21, picking up where Monday, January 19's episode concluded.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Amber vowed to get Kay's ring back in order to prove Kay's true identity. Amber and Daniel went to the pawnbroker, but he denied ever having the ring. After they left, the broker made a mysterious call to the person that bought the ring.

Meanwhile, Murphy gave Kay a sweet kiss. Clint sulked in the shadows watching Kay and Murphy. Later, Kevin convinced Paul that Kay was the real thing and Paul decided to take on the case again.

As Nick and Phyllis prepared for the Restless Style party, Nikki wondered what was going on between them. Later, Nikki started to put the pieces together when she realized that Sharon was trying to avoid Phyllis.

Lily wondered to Colleen if Billy and Chloe had a secret past. Meanwhile, Billy indirectly revealed to Chloe that he knew the truth about the baby and he needed her help to keep their secret. Later, Lily and Billy make a date in Chicago.

Sharon caught Jack with a hooker. Later, at the party, Jack met Shiva Rose, a friend of Billy's, who knew Billy and Chloe. Shiva went to say hello before Jack could stop her. Chloe managed to get Shiva alone and explained to her that Cane didn't know about Billy.

Meanwhile, Sharon asked Brad to leave her alone. When an issue arose with a photographer, Phyllis decided to go to the magazine offices to take care of it, unaware that she was on a collision course with Sharon. Phyllis and Sharon got into an argument about Phyllis's plot and Sharon's involvement with Nick.

Meanwhile, Victoria explained to Nick that he married Phyllis knowing who and what she was, so he needed to get over whatever she did to anger him. Sharon explained to Phyllis why Nick was still working at Newman Enterprises and the need he had for Victor's approval.

Phyllis returned to the party, and both she and Nick let go of their anger towards the other. Meanwhile, Sharon asked Jack to let her stay at the Abbott cabin for a while so she could work out the things going on in her life. Brad overheard their conversation.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brad went to J.T. because he couldn't access the board's website. Victor entered to inform Brad that he had blocked Brad and wanted him gone from the board. Brad had lunch with Colleen and Abby and tried to stake his claim as their father. Meanwhile, Victor staked his own claim to Abby when he surprised Ashley by showing up at Abby's parent conference. Later, Brad left his girls to go to the meeting when Abby mentioned it. Colleen teased J.T. about Abby's crush on him. Meanwhile, Brad was furious to find Victor at Abby's parent conference. Brad decided to file for full custody of Abby. Victor told J.T. and Victoria to find something to get Brad off the board at Newman Enterprises. J.T. and Victoria wondered if they should inform him about Brad taking Newman information to Jabot.

Paul explained to Daniel and Kevin that he needed their help to prove the truth about Kay. Meanwhile, Amber insisted that Kay go to the doctor. Paul pretended to be a county surveyor in order to ask Murphy some questions regarding Kay and her accident. Meanwhile, Kay faced the moment of truth when the doctor decided to run tests. Later, Amber offered to pay for Kay's tests when she realized that Kay didn't have medical insurance. Kevin and Daniel decided they needed to track down Kay's ring that she pawned. Amber comforted Kay as they waited to find out what was wrong. Meanwhile, Paul confessed to Nikki that he met with Murphy. Nikki was hurt, but he asked her to go meet Kay with him and she agreed.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nikki went to Newman Enterprises to drop something off for Victoria. She ran into Victor, who acted cold and distant towards her. When Nikki brought up the subject of Adam, Victor said that how he felt about his son was none of her business. She told Victor that he was no longer the center of his universe -- but she was glad that he had reconnected with Victoria and Nick. Before Nikki left, she warned Victor about setting up house with Ashley and Abby.

Paul and Heather met for coffee on the Crimson Lights patio. Paul was happy that his work on the Katherine Chancellor case didn't conflict with any of Heather's cases. Heather told Paul that he was the kind of person who protected the people he cared about, and she realized that her father was looking out for her when he had warned her about Adam. Heather told Paul that the Mexican authorities were not able to determine the cause of Walter Palin's death. She thought it was unfair that Victor had gotten his life back, while Adam was rotting in a jail cell.

Later, Heather visited Victor at Newman. She told him that the Mexican authorities had officially stopped investigating Palin's death. Heather said that she still believed that Victor had killed Walter, and that she would keep looking for proof.

At Murphy's trailer, Murphy told Katherine that a census taker would be stopping by to interview her. Katherine thought that would be pointless, in light of her memory loss. Katherine asked Murphy if he believed that she was really Katherine. He said that he did -- as did Amber, Kevin, and Gloria.

Nikki and Paul arrived at Murphy's. Paul confessed that he wasn't a census taker -- rather, he was a private investigator hired by Michael Baldwin. Murphy invited Paul and Nikki in, and called Katherine out of her room. Katherine apologized to Nikki for having upset her the other day. Paul said that he was there to try to prove whether or not she was Katherine Chancellor.

Nikki said that she needed to hear her Katherine something that wasn't in Katherine's autobiography. Katherine said that she sometimes had memory flashes that didn't make sense, but that she knew she was Katherine Chancellor. She asked Nikki to help her remember. Nikki didn't believe Katherine. Murphy told Nikki that Katherine had pawned the valuable ring that she had been wearing when he found her on the riverbank. Katherine looked for the receipt, but then remembered she had given it to Amber. Nikki told Paul that she wanted to leave -- that she'd had enough of the impostor. After Paul and Nikki left, Katherine told Murphy she wished that she could convince Nikki of the truth. Murphy tried to comfort her, telling her that things would turn out for the best.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told Nikki that he thought the woman they had spoken to was Katherine. Nikki disagreed, saying that the woman was Marge, the con artist. Nikki told Paul that she had developed "acute 'con' radar" after her experience with David. When Paul suggested that Nikki might be wrong, Nikki insisted that she wasn't -- that "Marge" was trying to take advantage of their love for Katherine.

Jack visited Gloria at the jail. He handed her civil suit papers -- and a check for the five percent share of Jabot stock that Katherine had willed to her. Jack said that he would drop the civil suit against Gloria if she sold him the shares. Gloria refused -- she said the stock was not for sale.

Jack ran into Jill and boasted that Gloria would eventually be selling him her stake in Jabot.

Back at the jail, Gloria was terrified when she saw a news report -- Andrew Gibson was starting a petition drive to have the death penalty reinstated in Wisconsin. Jill visited Gloria and told her that she would pay more than Jack had offered for Katherine's stock. Gloria told Jill, "Go to hell," and asked her to leave. In the hallway, Jill ran into Jeff. Jill told Jeff that if he could talk Gloria into selling her Katherine's shares of Jabot, that she would make Jeff CEO.

Jeff, who was prepared with a transfer letter, tried to talk Gloria into selling him the Jabot stock. Gloria refused, saying that Jeff was the reason that she was in prison, and that she didn't trust him.

Later, Jeff met with Jill at Crimson Lights and told him that Gloria wouldn't sell the stock to Jill -- but that she might sell it to him.

At the jail, Gloria looked over Jack's, Jill's, and Jeff's offers. As she was weighing the pros and cons of each offer, Victor stopped by. He told Gloria that he had an offer that she wouldn't be able to refuse.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel, Amber, Kevin, and Jana discussed Kevin's idea to break into the pawnshop and try to track down Katherine's ring. Kevin was reluctant to become involved, saying that although he believed the woman was Katherine, he wasn't going to risk a 15-year jail sentence for anyone.

Amber, Daniel, and Jana brainstormed to try to figure out the best way to break into the pawnshop. Kevin said that every idea they had come up with was bad, and would land them in jail. When Daniel asked Kevin what he would do, Kevin said that he would disable the alarm system. Jana urged Kevin to join her, Daniel, and Amber on their criminal adventure. Kevin gave in and said he would participate -- but they had to do things his way.

In an alley outside the pawnshop, Jana, Amber, and Daniel waited for Kevin to finish disabling the alarm system. Suddenly, they heard the sound of barking. Kevin ran up to them and said that a dog was a contingency that he had not considered.

At Restless Style, Nick and Phyllis were thrilled with the latest sales figures. Nick said that he needed to fax Sharon, who was in an out-of-town cabin, to find out if Noah was allowed to join the ski club. Nick said that he also wanted to make sure that Sharon was okay. When Nick asked Phyllis if she minded, Phyllis lied and said that she didn't.

At the secluded cabin, Sharon remembered Brad telling her that he would always be there for her. She then recalled telling Brad that she didn't love him.

As the lights in the cabin began to flicker, Sharon received Nick's fax about Noah and the ski club. Nick had ended the fax with, "Hope you're okay. Call if you need anything. Love, Nick." Sharon reminisced about the happy times that she and Nick had spent together.

Noah showed up at Restless Style and asked Nick why Sharon had gone to the cabin. Nick told his son that she just needed time to clear her head. While Nick and Noah talked about how strong Sharon was, a fax arrived. Phyllis picked it up -- it was Sharon's reply, scribbled above Nick's note. Sharon had written that it was okay for Noah to join the ski club, and added, "I'm fine -- just a little lonely." An angry Phyllis folded up the fax and stuffed it into her pocket.

Jack arrived at the magazine to pick up Noah. Sharon sent another fax, and this time, Nick grabbed it. It said that there was a problem with the cabin's generator. Phyllis said, "Oh, that's too bad," and headed into the elevator. She unfolded Sharon's reply to Nick's first fax, and aped Nick saying, "Call if you need anything. Love, Nick." Phyllis pulled out her cell phone, called someone, and told them to meet her at Jimmy's Bar.

At Crimson Lights, Jack told Noah that, in spite of what had happened between him and Sharon, he still loved Noah like a son. A process server walked over to their table and served Jack divorce papers.

At Jimmy's, as Phyllis was walking in, Brad dialed Nick's phone number on his cell phone and set it down on the bar so that Phyllis wouldn't be able to see it. Nick answered his phone and overheard the entire conversation between Brad and Phyllis. Phyllis begged Brad to go to the secluded cabin and comfort Sharon, before Sharon made a play for Nick. Brad said that he wasn't going to play any more games with Phyllis -- adding that if he and Sharon got together, it wouldn't be because of Phyllis, but, rather, in spite of Phyllis. Nick was shocked as he heard the conversation.

Brad told Phyllis that he had learned his lesson -- that he couldn't break up Sharon's marriage. Brad then told Phyllis that she was about to learn her lesson. Phyllis turned to leave, and found herself face-to-face with Nick.

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