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Noah fell through the ice while skating in the woods, and Brad pulled him out. Brad went missing. Amber and Kevin found out who had bought Katherine's emerald ring. Esther accepted Roger's proposal. Gloria secretly sold her Jabot stock to Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 26, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Outside Pogue's pawnshop, the sounds of a ferocious dog barking and growling almost thwarted Amber, Daniel, Kevin, and Jana's efforts to break in and steal the receipt the broker issued for Katherine's emerald ring. Kevin panicked and wanted to abandon the plan. Amber discovered a package of beef jerky in her purse. Daniel also suggested that they abort the dangerous mission, but Amber reminded him that Katherine, who needed their help, had believed in her and Daniel, and had supported their art. Before Amber entered the shop, Jana reminded Amber to use her cell phone to call for help if needed. Amber clutched her bejeweled cell phone and agreed to summon Jana if she encountered danger.

Kevin reappeared from the rear of the pawnshop and told Jana and Daniel that he had turned off the security system and that Amber had gone inside. Daniel expressed concern, but Jana noted that Amber hadn't made a distress call. Suddenly, the dog stopped barking and Amber opened the front door. Jana, Daniel, and Kevin seemed relieved after Amber displayed an electronic device that had broadcast the sound of a barking dog. Kevin followed Amber inside. Daniel and Jana, bundled in black coats and fur-lined hats, kept watch outside. The sudden flash of headlights shattered Jana and Daniel's moment of relief. From inside, Amber noticed the headlights and pressured Kevin to work faster as he picked the lock on the interior security gate. After Amber and Kevin gained entry behind the security cage, Amber instructed Kevin to search for a receipt for an emerald ring pawned just after Christmas.

The pawnbroker approached his shop, but Jana and Daniel pretended they were a loud-mouthed Cockney couple and waylaid the shop owner. Jana wore a frozen smile as Daniel greeted the ponytailed broker and endeavored to distract him. Daniel said in a pronounced accent, "Hello mate, me and me bird here lost our way and wondered if you could give us directions back to Genoa City?" As the man mapped out a route for the seemingly misplaced foreigners, Daniel and Jana repeatedly interrupted. Jana and Daniel's antics bought Amber and Kevin time to search for proof that Katherine had pawned her valuable ring. Jana spun a ridiculous tale about her "great-grandmum" and Jack the Ripper having walked the same streets in London. Jana and Daniel watched nervously as the broker entered his shop. Moments before, Kevin and Amber had escaped through a back door. Kevin and Amber reunited with their clever partners.

At a bar, Kevin, Jana, Amber, and Daniel toasted their successful mission with mugs of beer, and celebrated their successful recovery of the receipt for Katherine's ring. Back at the pawnshop, the beleaguered owner reported over the phone that someone had breached the security cage and cut the line to the burglar alarm. Atop a counter beneath a sign bearing a dire warning to shoplifters sat Amber's sparkly cell phone.

Phyllis was surprised when Nick showed up at a bar, where she'd met to discuss Sharon with Brad. Brad wasn't surprised at all and revealed that he had allowed Nick to overhear Brad's conversation with Phyllis via his cell phone's speakerphone. Brad sipped brandy as he told Nick that a jealous Phyllis had encouraged Brad to console and seduce a lonely and vulnerable Sharon at the Abbott cabin. A flustered Phyllis pleaded with Nick to go home with her. After Nick demanded to know what was going on, Phyllis pulled out the faxed message Sharon had sent on which she had mentioned that she was fine but "just a little lonely." Phyllis speculated that Sharon added the message as an invitation for Nick to join her at the secluded hideaway.

In a matter-of-fact tone, Brad told Nick that Phyllis wanted to use him as a "blocker between Nick and Sharon." Brad added that Phyllis' feelings had merit because Nick was always running to Sharon's side. Brad claimed he wasn't interested, and he urged Nick to run to Sharon. Brad told Phyllis that she should go home and "wait for her head to explode." Nick demanded that Brad leave. Brad, referring to Phyllis, responded, "Why don't you just cut the conniving bitch loose?" Nick stepped forward and punched the side of Brad's face. Phyllis stifled a shriek. Before Brad slithered away, he calmly said that he would let Nick's assault slide.

Nick and Phyllis sat down at a table inside the bar to talk. Nick insisted that Sharon was not a threat. Phyllis again referred to Sharon's fax. Phyllis admitted that she took the fax and hid it because she was certain that Sharon was plotting to get Nick back. Phyllis explained that she was fighting fire with fire. Phyllis sadly noted that her angst and worry would never end. Phyllis pointed out that Nick had written "with love" before he signed the fax. Phyllis was distraught and explained that the word "love" meant something more.

Nick said that Sharon was the mother of his son. Phyllis countered that she and Danny also had a son, but they didn't exchange expressions of love in written messages. A frustrated Nick announced that he couldn't deal with the issue. Phyllis seemed stunned after Nick said he planned to go home, pack his bags, and leave. Nick retreated to his office at the magazine headquarters. Nick unfolded the fax and read Sharon's message. Nick balled the paper and threw it onto the floor. Phyllis sat alone in her car and listened to a sad song about heartbreak and loneliness.

At the Abbott cabin, Sharon fetched a flashlight after the lights flickered. Sharon seemed relieved when she heard a knock at the front door. When Sharon opened the door, Jack offered his services as a handyman. While Jack checked the electrical junction box, Sharon admitted that she was glad to see a familiar face. Jack told Sharon that he had received the divorce papers. Both Sharon and Jack seemed distressed and saddened.

Jack mentioned that the roads leading to the cabin were icy and treacherous. Jack ensured that the cabin had adequate power and water, and he set up the antique phonograph player he'd given to Sharon. Sharon welcomed a break from the overbearing silence. Jack noted that they were farther apart than ever. Sharon told Jack that she would always care for him. Sharon and Jack hugged tearfully before Jack rushed out the door. After Jack left, Sharon played records on the old phonograph and sobbed. Brad, who had sworn he wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with Sharon, gazed at an overhead image of the Abbott cabin he found on a Web site. Brad sighed said, "All right, Sharon."

At the jail, Victor and Gloria discussed her shares of Jabot stock. Gloria admitted that Victor's offer had not been the first. Victor schmoozed Gloria and bragged about her innate sense of business acumen. Victor made Gloria an offer for her stock, but she flatly refused. Victor reminded Gloria that John had believed in her, and that her late husband had worked hard to build Jabot. Gloria claimed that Victor wanted her stock in order to keep the shares out of Jack's grubby hands. Victor sobered Gloria after he reminded her that she could lose the stock and end up with nothing. Gloria's interest was piqued after Victor explained that she could "walk out of jail with more money than she could have ever hoped for." Gloria seemed shocked by Victor's generous offer and demanded to know the catch. Victor explained that he would transfer Gloria's money to an offshore account if she signed his agreement. Victor told Gloria to think it over before giving her answer.

At the coffeehouse bar, Jill chided Jeffrey after he failed to deliver Gloria's shares of stock in lieu of a position for himself as CEO. Jeffrey claimed that he didn't trust Jill. Jill chased Jeffrey out the door after he revealed his plan to buy the stock for himself. Jill and Jeffrey arrived at the jail and each raced to beg Gloria for her stock. Jeffrey and Jill each sweetened their deals as they vied for Gloria's key shares of Jabot. Gloria declined all offers and announced that she wouldn't sell. Jeffrey and Jill, in their desperation, fought to win Gloria's favor. Jeffrey tried to have Jill ejected after he told a guard that Jill was taunting Gloria. Jill told Gloria that Jeff had "hit on" her romantically. After a raucous argument ensued, a guard escorted Jill away. Gloria acted as if she had fallen under Jeffrey's spell and took a pen he offered. Gloria shredded Jeffrey's contract and threw it in his face. Jeffrey told Gloria that she had "just trashed her best chance." Gloria responded, "Poor me!" After Jeffrey left, Gloria clutched her stock certificates against her breast and said, "What am I going to do?"

At Newman Enterprises, Victor invited Billy into his office and served him a drink. Billy seemed flattered by Victor's attention. Victor explained that Ashley was quite impressed with Billy as a businessman. Victor said that he wanted to know how Billy felt about the upheavals at Jabot. Billy explained that the Chancellors did a decent job with the company, but that his father had wanted the company to be a family-run business, so the Abbotts should be in charge. Billy added that since Victor and Jack were enemies, Victor shouldn't expect Billy to turn against Jack. Billy seemed skeptical when Victor insisted that he wanted Billy for an undertaking that had nothing to do with Jack. Victor offered Billy a position at Newman after he tired of Jabot. Billy asked, "Because of Ashley?" Victor smiled and answered, "Because of Ashley you're welcome at the ranch. Because of what you know, you're welcome at Newman." Billy said he would keep Victor's offer in mind.

After Billy left, Gloria phoned Victor and agreed to sell him her stock. Gloria asked for the name of the offshore bank and the number for the account into which Victor would deposit the money she was to receive in exchange for her five-percent of Jabot stock. Victor instructed Gloria not to mention his name during the transaction. Victor explained that he would hold the funds in escrow for six months, and if Gloria followed through and remained silent, the money would be hers. Gloria told Victor that if they never mentioned the transfer of stock then no one would know that Victor had won. Victor advised Gloria to keep her mouth shut, and that someone would come to collect the signed papers. Jeffrey returned and Gloria smugly announced that she had sold her stock, but she didn't reveal to whom. Gloria told Jeffrey that sometimes he won, and sometimes she won. Gloria taunted Jeffrey and added, "You love it when I end up on top." Jeffrey responded, "Congratulations on the worst decision of your life."

After Billy's meeting with Victor, Billy met Jack at Crimson Lights. Jack told Billy that Gloria wouldn't sell him her Jabot stock. Billy noticed that Jack seemed down. Jack mentioned his divorce from Sharon. Billy looked Jack in the eye and said that he had nothing interesting to share. Jack added, "We Abbotts have to stick together because we are all we have." In Victor's office, Jill met with Victor. Victor told Jill that he had acquired Gloria's stock. He said that she should resume control of Jabot and appoint Billy as CEO. Jill explained that Billy wasn't loyal. Victor ordered Jill to appoint Billy as CEO and retain Jack. Jill guessed that Victor planned to humiliate Jack. Jill explained that she feared that Billy and Cane might kill each other. Jill asked what Ashley might think about Victor's coup. Victor explained that Ashley would prefer to work in the lab. Jill didn't agree that Ashley would be pleased. Victor implored Jill to accept his terms. Jill accepted.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nick tried to focus on his work at Restless Style. When Phyllis arrived at work, she wondered if Nick's time alone had given him some perspective. Nick said that he still felt the same way. Phyllis said that Nick was lucky that Summer didn't know he slept on the couch at Restless Style all night. Phyllis felt that her actions were justified. She said that Nick wasn't willing to admit that Sharon was a threat to their marriage. Nick said that he didn't want to talk about it at work.

Chloe told Billy that she was worried her mother was getting intimate with Roger too quickly. Billy said that some women fell fast for people. Chloe said that they both knew how that worked out. Chloe continued writing a Valentine's Day article for Restless Style. She thought about a particular Valentine's Day she had spent with Billy. Nick asked if Billy had ever thought about having children. Billy said that he was too selfish for that. Nick said that having kids was the best thing he'd ever done. Chloe asked Billy to try on some shirts for a photo shoot. When Chloe touched her stomach and said that the baby was kicking, Billy said that he had to go meet Lily.

Chloe was jealous of Phyllis and Nick's passionate relationship. Phyllis was surprised to learn how strong and stable her marriage appeared to an outsider. Phyllis looked over at Nick and began to regret some of her actions. Nick went over to talk to Phyllis and said that he hated what was happening to them. Nick wanted to return home to his family. Phyllis was relieved and they decided to leave together. In the elevator Phyllis told Nick that she had missed him.

Lily told Billy that she was in search of a part-time job. Billy was surprised that Lily didn't have her pick of jobs. Lily said that she wanted something where nobody knew who she was. Billy wondered if Lily would be interested in a job as a waitress. Billy made a phone call and told Lily to go over.

When Chloe invited Esther to lunch, Esther said that she already had plans with Roger. Chloe asked Cane to go with Esther and Roger to spy on them. Cane said that he wouldn't feel comfortable intruding. Chloe admitted that she was worried that her mother was too naοve. Chloe felt that Esther was taking things too quickly. Cane gave in and asked if he could join Esther and Roger for lunch.

Roger told Clint to stop worrying; he had everything covered. Clint said that if Katherine was really who she said she was, their plan would go down the tubes. Roger said that he had Esther wrapped around his finger.

At lunch, Roger and Esther discussed Jill. Roger said that Jill had it out for him the moment he came downstairs. Cane said that he had some connections he could help Roger out with. Roger said that he didn't need the job; he had everything he wanted with Esther. Roger told Esther that he was head over heels in love with her. Roger got down on one knee and asked Esther to marry him. Cane and Billy interrupted and said that they were rushing into things. Esther said that she had to follow her heart, and her heart said yes.

Cane saw Lily walk into the restaurant for her interview. Cane wondered how Lily knew about the place. Lily said that Billy had told her about it. Jimmy interviewed Lily and said that she was willing to take a chance on a friend of Billy's. Lily was surprised to learn that the owner, Jimmy, was a female. Jimmy told Lily that she would need to work as a bartender in addition to waitressing. Jimmy asked that Lily make three of her best drinks. Cane told Lily that he would give her some tips. Lily made some drinks and Cane secretly sipped them.

Billy showed up to find out if Lily got the job. Jimmy told Lily that the drinks were great but that Lily did not get the job. Jimmy said that if Cane ever wanted a bartending job, it was his. Lily felt foolish that she had tried to pull a fast one on Jimmy. When Lily excused herself to use the bathroom, Billy looked over at Esther and Roger. Billy decided to text Chloe to tell her that Esther and Roger were engaged. Cane showed up and told Chloe the news. He said that he had a bad feeling, something was wrong with Roger.

Murphy told Katherine that she wouldn't be able to sleep if she kept drinking coffee. Katherine said that she was too nervous about her blood test. Katherine received a call from Michael, who said that the judge had denied their request for a DNA test. Katherine said that her ring had also turned out to be a dead end. Katherine felt that her only hope would be to somehow get some of her belongings from her home.

Amber asked Kevin if she left her cell phone in his car. When Kevin said no, Amber realized that she might have left her phone at the pawnshop. Amber asked Kevin to make up an excuse to try to get her phone back. Kevin and Amber stopped by to see Katherine. Kevin said they had proof that Katherine's ring had been sold at the pawnshop and they knew who it had been sold to. Katherine wondered how Kevin and Amber had come across this information. Amber admitted that they had broken into the pawnshop. Katherine didn't want Kevin and Amber to get into trouble on her account. Amber said that it was something they had to do. Katherine thanked them for being there for her.

Kevin said that he had something to get off of his chest. He admitted that the money he gave Katherine to get out of jail wasn't his. Amber said that she knew it. Kevin explained how he had come across the money. Amber and Kevin began arguing. Katherine said that she would not tolerate their fighting. Amber and Kevin knew it was Katherine by the way she spoke to them. Katherine said that they were all in it together. After Kevin and Amber left, Katherine told Murphy that he hoped they didn't get in trouble for breaking into the pawnshop. Katherine called Michael to tell him that there was still some hope concerning the ring.

Back at the coffeehouse, a detective told Kevin that a pawnshop had been broken into and the owner had written down Kevin's license plate number. Kevin said that the owner must have written the number down incorrectly. Amber told the detective that Kevin was with her that night. The detective said that Amber's cell phone had also been found at the scene of the crime. Amber said that she had been there a couple of days earlier. The detective said that Amber's cell phone was at the police station. He said that the next time he saw Amber and Kevin, they would be talking downtown.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria told Victor that the only way to remove Brad from the board of directors was to prove that he had engaged in malfeasance. Victoria told her father that, about a year earlier, Brad had hacked into the Newman computer system, but that she and Adam had agreed not to press charges. Victor said that she and Adam may have made that deal, but Victor didn't feel that he had to honor the agreement. Victor called Brad and summoned him to his office.

Brad refused to sign the letter of resignation that Victor had prepared. When Victor told Brad that he knew that Brad had stolen information from the Newman database, Brad reminded Victor that there was an agreement protecting Brad from prosecution. Victor said that Victoria might have agreed to protect Brad, but that he hadn't. Brad said he didn't care about public humiliation – and told Victor that he couldn't replace him either on the board, or as Abby's father. Victor tossed a pen at Brad and left the room. Victoria urged Brad to sign the resignation letter to avoid an ugly conflict. Brad told Victoria that she was becoming more like her father every day.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki saw Ashley give Abby her Fenmore's credit card. Before Abby left, Ashley told Abby to buy something "simple and white." Nikki walked over to Ashley and joked if Abby was buying a wedding gown. Ashley told Nikki that Abby's white outfit was for a "family photograph" of Victor, Ashley, and Abby. Nikki tried to warn Ashley that a family portrait wouldn't make them a family, and that Victor was still mourning Sabrina's death. She added that Victor was still controlling and manipulative. Ashley said that Victor might be that way with Nikki, but not with her.

Back at Newman, Brad saw Abby and Ashley greet Victor after Abby's shopping spree. Abby called Victor, "Dad," and gave him a big hug. When Victor and Abby walked off, Brad asked Ashley if they could speak for a moment. He reminded Ashley that he was Abby's father – and that he wouldn't be tossed aside like an old pair of jeans. Brad wondered if the person who bought Abby the most gifts won the coveted title of "Dad." Ashley urged Brad to try to accept the situation, for Abby's sake.

Later, Ashley told Victor that Nikki thought it was premature for Ashley, Victor, and Abby to be taking a family portrait. She added that Nikki thought that Abby and Ashley were just an "escape" for Victor. Victor assured Ashley that wasn't the case.

An angry Victor ran into Nikki at the club and said, "How do I get through to you that I've moved on? What Ashley, Abby, and I do is none of your business – you got that?"

On the Crimson Lights patio, Eden and Noah discussed how much they wanted to go to a skating party that night. Noah was certain that his parents wouldn't let him go out, but Eden said that she had a plan to lie to their families. Eden said that if Noah didn't go, she wouldn't have anyone to keep her warm.

Eden and Noah showed up at the Baldwins' condo, where Michael was very busy working. Eden made up a story about a bowling fundraiser being held for the debate team that night. She told Michael that she and Noah wanted to go. When Eden assured Michael that there would be teachers present, he said that it would be okay for her to go.

At Restless Style, Noah had to get permission from Phyllis to go to the imaginary bowl-a-thon, as Nick and Sharon were both out of town. Phyllis gave the kids the third degree about the event, and asked if there would be adult supervision. Eden and Noah lied and said that there would be. Phyllis called Michael and verified that he had given Eden permission to go bowling. Phyllis said that Noah could go on one condition – that Phyllis drove the kids to the bowling alley.

Eden and Noah sat in the back seat of Phyllis' car while on the way to the bowling alley. They text messaged each other. Eden texted Noah that Phyllis wouldn't go inside – she probably just wanted to see the outside of the facility. Noah texted Eden, asking her if they could hike to the lake from the bowling alley. Eden assured him that it would be a piece of cake. Eden said they would call for Phyllis to come and pick them up when they started the fifth game. They wanted to give Phyllis plenty of time to drive to the alley, since a snowstorm was approaching town.

Kevin and Amber visited Michael and told him that they knew who had Katherine's ring – it was in the hands of Nelson Harkins, a high-end jewelry dealer. Michael was less than pleased when he learned that Amber and Kevin had broken into a pawn shop to obtain that information, and that the police were investigating the break-in.

Amber, Kevin, and Michael went to Murphy's trailer to share Michael's plan with Katherine and Murphy. Michael planned to call Nelson and tell him that he had a client who was in the market for an emerald ring – and then he would have Katherine join the meeting and try the ring on! Amber, Michael, and Kevin did a quick makeover on Katherine so that she would appear more elegant. When the makeover was done, Katherine, dressed and made up to the nines, said that she felt comfortable and natural in her outfit. She just wished she could remember more about her past.

Nelson, with a selection of elegant jewelry, joined Michael at his condo. When Nelson brought out Katherine's ring, Michael said that was exactly the type of piece that his client was looking for. As if on cue, Katherine walked into the room, and Nelson turned white. Nelson put the ring on Katherine's finger.

Michael had an agreement for Nelson to sign – Nelson would loan the ring to Michael for 30 days so that he could prove that Katherine was still alive. Katherine promised Nelson that, at the end of the 30 days, she would pay him a large sum of money. Michael threatened Nelson, saying that if he didn't sign the agreement, he "wouldn't be in for a happy time" when it was shown how he had obtained the ring.

Later, Amber and Kevin showed up at Michael's and were excited to see that Katherine was wearing her ring. Michael cautioned them that it was too early to celebrate – they still had to prove that the pawnbroker bought the ring from Katherine.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki received a phone call from her sister Casey, who had some bad news. Casey had cancer. Seeing that Nikki was depressed, Brad joined her, and they commiserated about Ashley, Abby, and Victor's family portrait. Nikki broke down and told Brad the bad news about Casey. Nikki said that she was glad that she had Paul to lean on. Brad said that he was happy that Paul was in Nikki's life. Nikki said that when one gets a second chance at love, one should grab on and hold onto it for dear life.

Brad ran into Colleen and Traci at the Athletic Club. They joined Brad. Traci said that he seemed a bit gloomy. Brad stared at Traci and said that she hadn't changed a bit since the day they had met. Brad remembered a conversation he had with Traci, held years earlier, during which he told her to have more confidence in herself, and not to allow the fact that she wasn't the "beauty" of the Abbott family to drag her down.

After Colleen left to do some school work, Brad and Traci reminisced about the night when Colleen was born. Traci asked Brad how his love life was. Brad, referring to Sharon, said that he had taken Traci's advice to see if "the door was still open with that special woman," but that it wasn't. Traci said that if he really cared, he should keep trying. Brad, with tears in his eyes, told Traci how much he loved her – and that perhaps Traci was the girl who got away. Traci told Brad she hoped that he found the happiness he deserved.

At the secluded Abbott cabin, Sharon was having a glass of wine and reading a book when there was a knock at the door. Sharon was surprised to open the door to Brad.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Victor told Nikki that if he wanted to take a picture with Ashley and his family, he would. He wouldn't stand for Nikki upsetting Ashley. Nikki asked Victor if he was finished. Nikki told Victor that he was so enamored with his new family that he was ignoring his first family. As Victor began telling Nikki to stay out of his business, Nikki asked that Victor not get into it with her. She told Victor that her sister was sick with cancer. Victor changed his tune and said he was sorry to hear the news. Victor said if Nikki needed anything to let him know. Nikki thanked him. Victor said that Nikki's sister was in good hands with her, and got up to leave.

Nick mentioned to Phyllis that she had been putting in extra hours at work. Phyllis said that there was a lot of work to be done at Restless Style. She asked Nick how his business trip went in Chicago. Nick said that if he had known Sharon was going to be in Chicago, he would have told her. Phyllis asked that Nick not get so defensive. Nick apologized for jumping to conclusions. He took Phyllis in his arms, but he had a faraway look on his face. Phyllis said that they needed to talk about their insecurities in the relationship. Nikki interrupted them to tell Nick about his Aunt Casey. Nikki said that she was leaving to go take care of her. Nikki visited Paul to tell him that she was leaving for a while to take care of her sister. She wondered if, since they had so little time, he would mind if they skipped dinner. Paul said he wouldn't mind at all.

Eden and Noah were the first people to show up at the party. Noah said that they would have to go to the bowling alley to have Phyllis pick them up so that she didn't suspect anything. Eden couldn't believe that Michael had fallen for their story. Noah said that Eden was good at convincing people. Eden wondered how she would do ice skating for the first time. Noah said that he would protect her. When no one had shown up for the party, Eden realized that they had been had. Eden pulled out a bottle of whiskey that she had snuck out of Michael's liquor cabinet.

Noah hesitated before deciding to drink the whiskey. They both took sips of it and didn't like it, anyway. Eden shared some of her feelings about Michael and Lauren taking care of her. Eden said that it wasn't that she didn't like them, but she didn't know if they really wanted her around. Noah told Eden that his mother and Jack were getting a divorce. He admitted that his true wish would be to have his parents get back together, but he wouldn't want to hurt Phyllis. Eden began to get cold, and Noah pulled her close to him. They began kissing. Eden told Noah that things were not going any further because it was so cold. They decided to go ice-skating, after all. As Noah began to skate around the ice, the ice started cracking. Noah screamed for Eden to stay back. Eden started screaming.

Michael poured himself a bottle of scotch. Lauren asked Michael if it was the good scotch. Michael said that he'd earned it. He told Lauren that he was torn over making his guardianship permanent with Eden. Lauren was surprised that Michael was even hesitating. Michael was worried that Eden would feel that she had no choice but to stay with them.

Nick asked Phyllis where Noah was. Phyllis told him that Noah and Eden were at a bowling alley as a school fundraiser. When Nick called and found out that there was no school function going on, he told Phyllis that she had been had. Nick said that Phyllis hadn't bothered to check out the facts. Phyllis said that Noah had never lied to her before and that Michael had also approved. Nick decided to call Michael. Phyllis accused Michael of not checking out the situation first. They began arguing, but decided to come together to find Eden and Noah.

Sharon wondered why Brad had shown up at the cabin. Brad begged Sharon to let him come in to tell her something. Sharon gave in and let Brad inside. Brad said that he'd made a lot of mistakes in his life, but falling in love with Sharon was not one of them. He would not have intruded on her solitude if what he had to say weren't important. Brad apologized for conspiring with Phyllis behind Sharon's back. He said that he was there to ask for her forgiveness. Brad said that his motives were pure; he wanted to be with Sharon. He wondered what he could do to have Sharon give him that chance. Sharon said that she couldn't believe that he stooped to Phyllis' level, but she would accept his apology. Sharon said that she only saw Brad as a friend; she didn't love him the way he loved her. The only person she loved that way was Nick.

Brad asked Sharon if she really thought that Nick would leave Phyllis for her. Sharon said that's not what she was thinking; she just wanted to be completely honest with Brad. Brad said that it sounded like Sharon's future was not going to include him. Sharon said she was sorry. Brad said that he was sorry, too. Brad told Sharon that she was making a terrible mistake. Sharon said that she couldn't help how she felt. Brad said that he would love Sharon until the day he died. When Brad left, Sharon thought about some times that she and Brad had shared. Brad began to drive away and his engine light went on.

Ashley brought Victor some sweet treats to enjoy during his meeting. Victor asked her if she'd set up a photographer for their portrait. Ashley said that Daniel was going to do it. Victor said that he had to discuss something with her concerning Brad Carlton. Victor said that Ashley was not going to like it. Victor said that he had come across the news that Brad had been stealing company secrets. He was going to charge Brad of corporate espionage. Ashley asked if Victor realized what it would do to Abby. Ashley said that if Abby thought Victor was attacking Brad out of spite, there wouldn't be enough Arabian horses in the world to change Abby's feelings. Ashley asked that Victor allow her to talk to Brad before making any moves.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Noah began skating away from the shore of the lake as Eden looked on. Eden became terrified when she heard the sound of cracking ice. Noah, who had fallen in the water, screamed for Eden to get help.

Brad was on his way back to Genoa City from the Abbott cabin when his car stalled. He got out to check the engine, and heard Noah screaming for help. Brad followed the sound of Noah's voice, and assured Noah that he was on the way to help him. Standing on the frozen lake, Brad heard the sound of the ice under him beginning to crack. He slowly lay down prone on the ice, while Noah's screams began weakening.

Michael and Nick drove around looking for Noah and Eden. Nick chided Michael for having allowed Eden to go to a party without completely checking out its authenticity.

At the Baldwins', Phyllis was calling Noah and Eden's friends, hoping to find out where the kids were. Phyllis blamed herself for allowing Noah to go to the party without first thoroughly checking it out, but Lauren told Phyllis that the situation wasn't her fault. Phyllis still hoped that Noah and Eden would call her for a ride home.

Lauren called Michael and told him that she and Phyllis didn't have any new leads on the kids' whereabouts. Michael told Lauren that he and Nick were following up a lead -- a man had told them that he had seen two kids walking into the woods. After they hung up, Lauren became frantic. She worried whether Eden had dressed warmly enough -- she also worried that the kids might be lost in the woods. Phyllis tried to calm Lauren down, telling her that Noah had camping experience, and that he probably could navigate his way through the woods.

Nick and Michael were still driving around when Nick received a phone call. After he hung up, he very seriously said to Michael, "They've found Eden and Noah."

Ashley and Abby joined Colleen at the Athletic Club. Abby and Colleen had planned a daughters' night out with Brad, but Brad hadn't shown up yet. They invited Ashley to sit with them until Brad arrived.

Jack stopped by the Athletic Club and asked Colleen if she was still interested in being the new Fresh Face of Jabot. Colleen said that she was, and Abby thought that it would be "cool" for Colleen to be a model. Phyllis called Abby and asked if she had heard from Noah. Abby said that she hadn't. Jack took the phone from Abby and learned from Phyllis that Eden and Noah were missing. Phyllis promised to keep Jack posted.

Increasingly concerned about Brad's whereabouts, Colleen left another voicemail for him. Abby said that Brad was mad at her because of her decision to live at the ranch with Victor and Ashley. Colleen and Abby agreed that they both loved Brad, but would rather not live with him. When Colleen and Abby left the table for a moment, Jack told Ashley that he didn't blame Brad for being mad that Abby was staying at the Newman ranch. Ashley said that both Brad and Victor loved Abby, and that everything would work out.

Jack told Ashley that he had offered Gloria a deal -- Jabot wouldn't proceed with any civil action against her if she sold her shares of stock back to the Abbott family. Ashley was irritated that Jack hadn't consulted her about it. She blamed Jack's habit of keeping secrets for breaking up his marriage to Sharon. Jack blamed the breakup on the fact that Sharon's heart had always belonged to Nick.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Nick went into Noah's room. Seeing his son hooked up to the machines and I.V. lines reminded Nick of Cassie's hospitalization. Out in the hallway, a frightened Eden told Michael what had happened at the lake. Eden was unsure of how Noah had managed to get out of the water onto the ice. In Noah's room, Nick gently caressed Noah's hair and said, "Daddy's here," while Phyllis looked on.

The doctor asked the Newmans to leave Noah's room so that he could examine the boy. In the hallway, Lauren told Nick that she had tried to fax Sharon at the grocery store near the Abbott cabin, but the lines were down due to the blizzard. A livid Nick went off on Eden and Michael -- he said that Eden was standing there just fine, while Noah was lying unconscious in a hospital bed. When Eden tried to apologize, Nick said that he didn't want to hear anything until he learned that Noah was going to be fine.

Phyllis phoned Jack at the Athletic Club, and informed him that Noah was being hospitalized due to hypothermia. After telling Ashley, Colleen, and Abby about Noah's condition, Jack ran off to the hospital. On his way out, he realized that Sharon couldn't have been aware of Noah's situation.

Ashley called Victor and left a message for him to call her as soon as possible. She rejoined Colleen and Abby. Abby said that Noah's predicament was undoubtedly Eden's fault -- that Noah was so "into Eden" that he would do anything that she told him.

Jack showed up at the hospital. The doctor told Nick that Noah had regained consciousness. Noah, Phyllis, and Jack went into Noah's room. Eden tried to follow, but Michael held her back.

A groggy Noah told Nick, Phyllis, and Jack that he hadn't pulled himself out of the icy water, as he had passed out. Nick said that he must have, because they had found him on the ice.

Back in the hallway, the doctor announced, to everyone's relief, that Noah would make a full recovery. Eden insisted that she wanted to go in and see Noah, but Jack said that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Jack promised Eden that he would tell Noah that she had spent the evening at the hospital, concerned about his condition.

Inside Noah's room, Phyllis told Nick that she would go home and get him some clothes, as she assumed that Nick would want to spend the night at the hospital. Nick said that wouldn't be necessary. He wanted Phyllis to spend the night at the hospital, while he drove up to the Abbott cabin to tell Sharon what had happened. Noah apologized to Nick for lying. Nick said all that mattered was that he was okay.

Alone at the Abbott cabin, Sharon wrote an emotional letter to Nick. In the letter, she said that she had been reviewing her life, and realized there were some things she couldn't keep to herself anymore. Sharon wrote about the happy memories she and Nick shared -- their high school courtship, Noah's birth, and Cassie's joining their family.

Sharon then wrote about the turning point in their relationship -- Cassie's death. She wrote that she felt him slipping away after their daughter died. Sharon concluded the letter by writing that she was still in love with Nick -- and wondered if there was a chance that they would ever be together again. Sharon suddenly said, "I can't do this." She crumpled up the letter, and threw it in a pile of firewood.

Back at the Athletic Club, Ashley told Colleen and Abby that Noah was going to be okay. Colleen and Abby once again began worrying why they hadn't heard from Brad. The girls left to check Brad's house. Ashley looked concerned.

Out in the woods, Brad's car was becoming buried under the heavily falling snow. The light in Brad's lantern flickered out. Brad was nowhere to be seen.

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