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Chloe was treated for septicemia and eventually made a full recovery. Chloe and Billy told Cane that Cordelia was not his child. Billy and Sharon got very drunk and slept together. Clint realized that 'Marge' was really Katherine. Karen saw Neil and Tyra kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 16, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, February 16, 2009

A very pregnant Chloe endured Lily's wrath at the Abbott cabin after Billy admitted that he, not Cane, had fathered Chloe's baby. Billy and Chloe stood silent as Lily berated them for having falsely claimed that Cane had fathered the baby after Billy refused to marry Chloe. Chloe interrupted Lily's barrage and announced that her water had broken. After Chloe explained that rangers had closed the roads due to a blizzard and that her cell phone failed to find a signal near the cabin, Billy hiked to a clearing to call for assistance. Lily timed Chloe's contractions. Chloe, wrapped in a patchwork quilt, kept warm by the fireplace. Lily grilled Chloe and asked how long she had planned to continue lying to everyone. Lily reminded Chloe that she stormed into town and destroyed Lily and Cane's relationship. After Billy returned, he announced that they were stuck at the cabin until the storm passed.

Chloe complained that she did not want to give birth in the cabin, and then she collapsed in pain. Billy supported a hunched-over Chloe and told her that the baby was in charge of what would happen. Lily grabbed her phone and hiked to the clearing to call Olivia. After Lily left, Chloe asked Billy how long he had known that the baby was his. Billy admitted that he had discovered Chloe's secret while she was in the hospital after she fell off a ladder. Chloe was livid that Billy had known about his baby since before Christmas but had never said so.

Billy gave Chloe a cup of snow to munch on in place of ice chips. Chloe scolded Billy for not having accompanied her to Lamaze classes. Billy noted that Chloe's contractions were only five minutes apart, and he reminded Chloe that she had repeatedly lied to him and swore that Cane was the baby's father. Chloe accused Billy of telling Lily the truth so she would sleep with him. Chloe defended her decision to claim Cane as the baby's father. Billy quickly rushed to Chloe's aid after she succumbed to an intense contraction. Chloe screamed in agony, but she still managed to remind Billy that he had never wanted her or the baby.

Neil delivered a box of chocolates to Olivia at the hospital for Valentine's Day. Neil said that Karen and Ana were busy preparing a special meal for him at home. Lily phoned and told her Aunt Olivia that Chloe had gone into labor at a remote cabin. Neil overheard and took Olivia's phone. Neil told Lily that she shouldn't be caught in the middle, and he demanded to know where Cane was. As the cold wind howled, Lily insisted that she needed speak to Olivia immediately.

Using a two-way radio, Billy told Lily that Chloe's contractions were two minutes apart, and that Chloe was about seven-and-a-half months pregnant. Olivia and Neil could hear Chloe screaming in pain, and Lily told Olivia that Chloe was pushing, but the baby was not coming. After Lily told Olivia that Chloe had complained of severe back pain, Olivia explained that the baby might be in a posterior position. Olivia added that Billy would have to reposition the baby in order to prevent possible suffocation. Chloe overheard and yelled, "Tell me what to do!" Lily assured Billy that she would talk him through the procedure.

Lily coached Billy as Olivia described how to manipulate the baby within Chloe's womb. After Billy felt the baby turn, Lily told Billy that Chloe should push the baby out. Billy supported Chloe's knees and demanded that she push hard. Chloe made Billy promise to save the baby if anything went wrong. Billy acknowledged that he had screwed things up, but he promised that he would not let anything happen to Chloe or to their baby. Chloe grimaced in pain and pushed while Billy assisted. Lily panicked when Olivia mentioned that Chloe could hemorrhage after the baby was born.

Cane reached the rangers' station on his way to the cabin, but the ranger advised Cane to wait until the storm passed. While Cane waited, Billy phoned the ranger for help. The ranger nixed Billy's plan to summon a medical helicopter and advised Billy to keep the laboring woman warm and comfortable. Billy insisted that the ranger summon a medically equipped evacuation helicopter and promised to pay for the service.

Billy told the ranger that the cabin's address was 276 Brier Lane in Twin Lakes. As the ranger recorded the address, he told Cane that a woman had gone into labor in a nearby cabin. Cane insisted he would find a way to his friend Lily's cabin, even if he had to hike. While the ranger fielded another phone call, a desperate Cane snatched a flashlight and a map and headed out into the storm. Cane negotiated his way through the blinding snowstorm and reached Lily just as she lost contact with Olivia.

Lily was surprised to see Cane, who said he had hiked through the blizzard. Cane told Lily that he had come to see her and work things out because he did not love Chloe. Before Lily could respond, she and Cane heard the cries of Chloe's wailing baby. Billy announced, "Lily, do you hear? Chloe did it. The baby's here!" Inside the cabin, Billy snuggled the tiny infant. Billy told Chloe, "Oh, she is perfect. You've done good!" Billy admired the baby and exclaimed, "My little girl." Chloe panted breathlessly and rested fitfully. Lily and Cane burst in, and Cane took the baby from Billy. Cane tenderly kissed the baby, and he cooed, "Little girl." Lily stood watching, bewildered and transfixed.

At Crimson Lights, Jill announced to Amber, Daniel, Jana, and Kevin that DNA tests proved that the woman claiming to be her mother was not. Amber refused to believe the results and insisted that Katherine was whom she claimed to be. Jill, hurt and angry, responded, "Your loyalty is to a piece of trash." Amber accused Jill of bribing the technician, so she could keep her mother's fortune. Kevin suggested that Jill switched the swabs used to collect the DNA sample. Jill cried in anguish that Marge had given her false hope. Murphy arrived and announced that Katherine was gone, and that she had left a strange note. Jill claimed that Katherine left because "she was busted." Murphy addressed Jill directly and explained that Katherine and Jill were mother and daughter, so he didn't understand how the test could have gone wrong. Jill insisted that the woman was a fake. Murphy theorized that perhaps Jill was a fake. Amber mentioned Katherine's emerald ring. Jill thanked Amber for bringing up the ring, and Jill promptly phoned the police and requested that they issue a warrant against Katherine's imposter for grand theft.

Jana asked Murphy what Katherine wrote in her note. Murphy said that Katherine's note stated that she was leaving because she didn't want to lie anymore. Murphy said it didn't make sense, and he added that his gut instinct told him that someone had snatched Katherine. Murphy announced that he would kill anyone who even touched a hair on Katherine's head. Esther and Roger showed up and learned about the results of the DNA tests. Jill announced that the woman claiming to be Katherine had lied, so the woman ran away. Esther was disappointed. Amber suggested another test. Jill railed and demanded that Amber allow her mother to rest in peace. Amber insisted that something was wrong.

When a police officer arrived, she told Murphy, Amber, Kevin, Daniel, and Jana that authorities had issued an arrest warrant for their missing person. Amber insisted that Katherine was in trouble, but the officer dismissed the issue and returned Katherine's note to Murphy. Jana and Daniel pointed out that Michael would have taken careful precautions with the DNA tests and used a reliable lab. Daniel and Jana seemed to believe that Katherine might be a fraud. Amber, Kevin, and Murphy insisted they would not give up on Katherine. Esther told Roger that Jill had claimed that Katherine was alive in order to stall Esther and Roger's wedding. Roger persuaded Esther to marry him immediately, and Esther agreed.

At the coffeehouse, Ashley told Olivia that she wasn't thrilled that Jill had named Billy CEO of Jabot, but at least Billy was an Abbott and a Chancellor. Ashley added that it was most unsettling not to know who owned controlling interest of Jabot. In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Neil asked Victor if Gloria had divulged to whom she had sold her shares of stock. Victor said that neither Jill nor Gloria had said. Victor added that Ashley was disappointed when Billy replaced her as CEO, but that Ashley had other projects. Victor announced that he intended to offer Brad's vacant seat on the board to Ashley. Neil asked Victor if he was "a spectator or one of the team owners of Jabot." Victor said he did not intend to involve himself with Jabot because his family came first. After Neil left, Victor phoned Ashley and summoned her to his office.

After Ashley arrived at Newman Enterprises, Victor directed her attention to a black desk chair decorated with a crimson bow. Victor offered Brad's vacant board seat to Ashley. Ashley asked if the offer was a consolation for losing her position as CEO of Jabot. Victor insisted that no one deserved the seat more than she did. Ashley thanked Victor for having faith in her and asked if she could think about it. A man delivered a romantic meal complete with lit candles. Ashley told Victor that he was truly romancing her. Victor said he had not foreseen that he, Ashley, and Abby would be together again. As Ashley and Victor danced, Victor mused, "Life is just one miracle after another." Ashley showed Victor a locket she had made for Abby. The locket contained a photo of Brad and one of Victor. Victor said it was a sweet thing to do for Abby, and he kissed Ashley. Nikki walked in and cleared her throat. Ashley and Victor turned to acknowledge Nikki, who said she was looking for Nick.

At a seedy motel room, Roger and Clint wrestled Katherine into a room, deposited her forcefully into a chair, and tied her up. Katherine pleaded with her captors and promised them money if they would allow her to make a phone call. Clint said, "You may have conned a couple of people along the way, but I knew the second I saw you that you were Marge Catrooke, my old, loyal partner." Roger interrupted and asked if they might have "the old, rich lady instead of the waitress." Clint approached Katherine, pointed at her head and said, "She doesn't have enough up here to be Katherine Chancellor." Katherine grabbed Clint's hand and bit him. Clint grasped Katherine's shoulders, shook her, and said, "You behave yourself, or you're not going to last long. You hear me?" Katherine nodded her head affirmatively.

Clint tied a length of fabric across Katherine's mouth and secured it around her head to stifle her screams and calls for help. Katherine pleaded, "Please don't leave me here." Katherine's cries were muffled and barely audible through the gag. Roger returned, talking to Esther on his phone. Roger made kissing sounds as he arranged to meet Esther. Clint rolled his eyes and yelled for Roger to "close the deal and marry the broad." Katherine listened as Clint pressured Roger to marry Esther as soon as possible. Clint walked over to Katherine and told her he needed to buy more bullets. Katherine tried in vain to yell for help.

Clint told Katherine not to worry because he had hired a nurse to look after her. Katherine tugged at the ropes that tied her hands to the chair arms. After Clint and Roger left, a clownish-looking woman with spiky, carrot-colored hair appeared. The woman displayed a knife with a shiny ten-inch blade. "Hey there, sunshine, I'm Annie," the woman announced threateningly as she waved the knife around in the air. Annie seated herself on the sofa and began to knit. Annie said in a sadistic tone, "When you care about your patients as much as I do, it's draining. Knitting relaxes me." Katherine grunted and twitched. Annie approached Katherine and butted the knife's blade against the underside of Katherine's chin. Annie removed the gag. Katherine said she was hungry. Annie said that she could take care of that, and she returned to the sofa and retrieved an item from her tote bag. Annie raised the knife high above the coffee table, and with one decisive chop, she cleanly sliced an apple in half. Peering over the top of her eyeglasses, Annie said, "You've got to keep your sugar up." Katherine nervously agreed by a jerky nod of her head.

After Clint returned with food, Annie announced that Katherine had behaved, and that she and Katherine had shared girl-talk. Clint warned Annie not to get too chummy with Katherine. Roger phoned and told Clint about the DNA tests, and that his marriage to Esther was back on track. After Clint hung up, he told Katherine that everyone knew she was a phony, so no one would be looking for her.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nikki went to the Newman office looking for Nick. Victor said that Nick was with Phyllis celebrating the holiday. It took Nikki a second to realize that Victor meant Valentine's Day. Ashley asked Nikki how Casey was doing. Nikki said that Casey was responding well to the medicine and had told Nikki to return home. Victor asked that Nikki stay for a minute. He told her the full story about what had happened to Noah and Brad. Nikki said that Colleen and Abby must be devastated. Nikki said she couldn't believe Brad was gone, but that she would be forever grateful to Brad for saving Noah. Nikki could tell that Victor and Ashley were celebrating Valentine's Day. She commented that the office chair Victor had given Ashley was a sweet gift. Victor said that since Brad was gone, there was a vacant seat on the Newman board. He had offered the seat to Ashley. Nikki congratulated Ashley and excused herself.

Ashley told Victor that their encounter with Nikki had been uncomfortable. Victor said that he didn't care about Nikki's opinion. Ashley said that she didn't feel right about taking the board seat. She felt that it was impossible to be loyal to both Jabot and Newman. Victor didn't understand. Ashley said that she needed to talk to her family first. Victor wondered if Ashley's "family" meant she needed to speak to Jack.

Paul sat down at a bar and the bartender handed him a drink. Paul said that he hadn't ordered anything. The bartender said that a lady had bought a drink for him. Paul said that he was flattered, but he was already spoken for. Nikki said that was the right answer. Paul was thrilled to see her. Nikki said that Casey was really responding well to the chemotherapy. Paul mentioned that Katherine's DNA did not match Jill's. Nikki thought that would have been something if Marge really were Katherine. Nikki and Paul decided to go up to the hotel room to celebrate her return. Nikki told Paul about Ashley's gift from Victor. She said that she was a little bit upset that Victor had never offered her a seat on the board, but as far as she was concerned, Victor was Ashley's problem now.

Cane held the baby in his arms and told the baby that he was her father. He brought the baby to Chloe. Chloe was worried about the health of the baby. Billy said that everything was fine. Cane asked Chloe what she was doing at the cabin, but Chloe could barely speak. She managed to say that she was cold, so Billy and Cane went to get wood to start a fire. Outside, Cane demanded to know why Chloe was doing at the cabin. Billy asked why Cane had gone to the cabin if he didn't know Chloe would be there. Billy said that he knew that Lily was the reason Cane had arrived. Cane said that he had never stopped loving Lily. He said that Billy wasn't good enough for Lily. Lily cried out for the boys to come inside. Something was wrong with Chloe; she was bleeding and it wouldn't stop.

Lily took Cane and Billy aside and told them that Olivia had warned her about possible hemorrhaging. Billy tried to reach the doctor again, but the lines were still down. When Chloe passed out, they realized they needed to do something quickly. They decided to get Chloe on a stretcher and get her to the car.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor said that Chloe would need to go to surgery immediately. The doctor said that because Cane was the father he would have to sign an agreement. Billy glared at Cane. Cane rushed over to Chloe and told her to hang in there. Cane told Billy and Lily that he couldn't believe this was happening.

Roger informed Esther that everything was ready for their trip to Vegas. Esther said that she had always dreamed of getting married on Valentine's Day. She asked that they make one stop to tell Jill before they left. Roger asked Esther if she was crazy. Esther said that she didn't want to leave town without anyone knowing where she was. She also wanted to rub Jill's nose in the fact that she was getting married. Roger said it was a bad idea. He didn't want Jill spoiling their night. Roger suggested that they get married and then tell Jill. That way there wasn't anything Jill could do to stop them.

Paul talked to Jill about Katherine's DNA test. Paul said that he had almost believed that Marge was really Katherine. Jill said that she had wanted to believe it, too. Paul asked Jill if she was going to go after Marge for a fraud case. Jill didn't feel that a big legal battle would be worth it. She asked Paul if he'd found anything on Roger. Paul said that he had only completed a preliminary investigation but had found nothing so far. Jill said that she knew there was something she couldn't trust about Roger. She tried to call Cane and Chloe to try to have them convince Esther that eloping was a bad idea, but the lines were busy.

Esther went to Jill to tell her that she and Roger were going to Vegas to get married. Jill tried one last time to convince Esther to wait. Roger said that deep down he was a little worried that Esther would change her mind. Esther told Jill she was completely wrong about everything. Jill suggested that Esther and Roger get married at the mansion. She said that Chloe could be her maid of honor. Roger wondered why they couldn't just get married that night and then plan a reception later. They left and Jill received a call about Chloe. She rushed home to stop Esther.

When Jill arrived at the Chancellor Estate she was relieved to find that Esther was still there. She said that Chloe had the baby in a cabin and that she was being rushed to the emergency room. Esther became hysterical and they took off to the hospital.

When Esther and Jill arrived at the hospital, Esther said that she couldn't believe her baby had a baby. Cane said that Chloe had suffered complications and was in surgery. Esther couldn't understand what Chloe was doing at the cabin in the woods. The doctor brought the baby out and told Cane that he could hold his baby.

Chloe lay on the hospital bed and dreamed about her past relationship with Billy. Meanwhile, the doctors fought hard to save Chloe's life. The doctor came out to tell Cane that they had done everything they could; unfortunately it might not have been enough.

Clint told Katherine about her failed DNA test. He told "Marge" that she was getting better and better at acting like Katherine. Kay said that's because she was Katherine. She wondered if someone did not want her to be Katherine. Clint suggested that she was losing her mind. Clint talked to Annie about getting rid of Marge. He said that they had to think of a new plan. When Clint was in the bathroom, Katherine begged Annie to help get her out of there. Clint came out and wondered what Katherine was up to.

Roger called and told Clint that the wedding had been postponed once again because Esther's granddaughter was born. Clint told Roger he needed to marry Esther right away. Annie told Clint that Katherine had tried to bribe her. Clint said that Katherine wasn't too smart to do that. He said that was how he knew she was really Marge. Katherine suddenly remembered something from her past. She remembered that she kneed Clint in the groin shortly before he was sent to jail. She said that only Katherine remembered that deeply satisfying moment.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rafe stopped by Neil and Karen's to tell them that Yolanda's parental rights to Ana had been terminated. Karen wanted Rafe to immediately draw up papers so that she and Neil could adopt Ana, but Neil told her to slow down.

After Rafe left, Karen apologized to Neil for asking Rafe to proceed with the adoption without first talking to Neil. Neil said that they had only been Ana's foster parents for two months, and he didn't see the need to rush into adoption. Karen worried that Child Services could take Ana away from them at any time, for any reason, and that was why she wanted to hurry the adoption. Neil realized that Karen was right, but he told her he wanted to talk to Tyra first before they proceeded.

At Crimson Lights, Tyra and Olivia met for coffee. Tyra remembered kissing Neil, and told Olivia that, as Olivia had suggested, she should have gone after Neil while she had a chance. Olivia said that Tyra would need to find someone else -- that there was no sense wondering what might have been. When Tyra implied that she might still pursue Neil, even though he was married to Karen, Olivia became angry and told Tyra that ship had sailed.

Tyra visited Neil and told him that she had been avoiding him since they kissed -- she felt as though she had betrayed Karen. She promised Neil that nothing like that would ever happen again. Neil told her not to worry about it.

Neil told Tyra that Yolanda's parental rights to Ana had been terminated. Tyra was still concerned that Child Services might uproot Ana and take her away from the Winterses. Neil said he could guarantee a way that Child Services wouldn't interfere again -- if Ana found a permanent home with adoptive parents. Tyra said that she should be allowed to adopt Ana.

Neil said that Child Services would never allow Tyra to adopt Ana. He promised that if he and Karen adopted Ana, Ana would have a great life -- and Tyra would always be close by. Tyra said that she had so many hopes when she came to Genoa City: that she and Ana would put roots down, that they would get to know Devon, and that Neil would fall in love with her. Neil was shocked by her remark. Tyra said that she had been attracted to Neil since the moment she first saw him, and she thought he felt the same way. She said, "Can't you feel the chemistry?" and began kissing him. Although taken aback, Neil responded to the kiss. Unseen by Neil and Tyra, Karen walked into the apartment, saw them kissing, and made a quick exit.

In the Jabot boardroom, Ashley told Jack that Victor had offered her a seat on the Newman board of directors. Jack could not believe that Ashley was considering the offer -- he said it was clearly a conflict of interest. When Jack said that Victor was trying to drive a wedge between the Abbotts, Ashley defended Victor. She said that maybe Victor's offer wasn't about the Abbott-Newman rivalry -- maybe it was a chance to rise above it.

In his office, Victor looked through Hope's Braille Bible. He looked at a picture of Adam's christening, and remembered Hope on her deathbed. Hope had made Victor and Adam promise to make peace with each other after she was gone.

Ashley stopped by Victor's office to tell him that there was nothing in the Jabot by-laws that would prevent her from taking a seat on the Newman board. Victor was thrilled when he heard the news. Victor told Ashley that he had been looking at Hope's Bible -- it had been a year since she passed away. Ashley told Victor to go see Adam -- she said that Adam would be suffering, too, and having Victor around would comfort him.

In prison, Adam told a chaplain what a wonderful mother Hope had been. He said that he used to think that the day she had died was the worst day of his life -- but that the days had only gotten worse. Adam told the chaplain that Victor had welcomed him to Genoa City, but that his other children resented him and turned Victor against him. The chaplain said that Adam had suffered a double loss -- first his mother, then his father. Adam said that he no longer felt any grief -- he only felt anger.

Later, Victor visited Adam and put Hope's Bible on the table in front of his son. Reading a newspaper, Adam nonchalantly said, "Didn't expect to see you here." Victor said that Hope would have wanted Victor to visit him on that day. Adam became enraged and said that Victor was the only family he had -- and that he was allowing Adam to rot in prison. Adam said that the only reason Victor had shown up was to assuage his guilt. He told Victor to take the Bible and get out. Victor replied, "Well done. I didn't think you had it in you." Victor congratulated Adam for growing a backbone. He told Adam he was leaving the Bible as a gift from Hope. He then sternly warned Adam never to speak to him that way again.

After Victor left, Adam read a passage from the Bible about "turning the other cheek." Frank Ellis overheard Adam reading and asked him if he had said something. Adam said, "I can't take it in here anymore. I need you to get that stuff we talked about."

Ashley and Abby met at Crimson Lights. Abby told Ashley that she still thought of Brad every day. Ashley empathized, telling Abby that she thought about John every day. When Ashley mentioned Victor, Abby replied, "Victor's not my father." Ashley said that she understood that Victor wasn't her father in the same way that Brad had been -- but that Victor loved her.

In Chloe's hospital room, Cane held the baby and thanked Billy and Lily for helping to deliver her. Jill and Esther looked on. The doctor came in and said that Chloe was still in grave danger. She was on antibiotics for an infection, but if the infection invaded her bloodstream, it could cause her organs to shut down. As the group reacted solemnly, a groggy Chloe was wheeled back into her room.

Esther began weeping, and Jill escorted her out of the room. Chloe told Billy and Lily that she knew she owed her baby's life to them. Chloe held her baby and told her that she had so much to teach her, after she recuperated. When Chloe became tired and Cane lovingly held the baby, Billy, who had been gritting his teeth, left the room. Lily was left alone with Cane, Chloe, and the baby.

Lily found Billy in the hallway. Billy told her that he should have kept his mouth shut and never mentioned that he was really the father of Chloe's baby. Billy said that Cane would make a better father. Lily told Billy that he probably didn't want the responsibility of being a father. She said that if he had "manned up," none of this would have happened. Lily said that she couldn't believe that she was ever attracted to him. She told Billy to tell Cane the truth about the baby's paternity -- or that she would.

When Lily re-entered Chloe's room, Cane thanked her again for helping deliver the baby and saving Chloe's life. Lily asked Cane if he had meant what he had said at the Abbott cabin -- that he loved Lily and that he wanted to be with her. When Cane said that they shouldn't talk about that, Lily took that as a "no." Cane asked Lily why Chloe was at the cabin, but Lily didn't answer. He wondered if there was something going on between Billy and Chloe. Lily said that he would need to ask Billy and Chloe that question.

Later, Jill and Esther returned to Chloe's room. Cane told Jill that he was ready to leave Chloe and return to Lily, but that he had changed his mind since holding the baby. Jill said that when you held your baby for the first time, everything changed. Cane said that he needed to honor his commitment to his daughter -- no matter how he felt about Lily.

Lily rejoined Esther and Jill in Chloe's room. Cane told them that he had decided to name the baby Cordelia Katherine Valentine Ashby.

At Jimmy's Bar, Billy was hammering down tequila shots. He imagined seeing Chloe, but then realized it was a hallucination. Jack stopped by and told Billy that he didn't expect to find Jabot's CEO there in the middle of the day. Billy, slurring his words, told Jack that he had delivered Chloe's baby. Billy said, "It's a big cosmic joke, but I'm not laughing."

Jack advised Billy to tell Cane the truth. Billy said that he wanted to go back to being "Liam," as faceless, soulless women were "so much easier." Jack told Billy that he would end up drinking himself to death, and the guilt associated with keeping the baby's paternity a secret would eat him alive. Jack said, "You don't want another man raising your child -- she's an Abbott. Do you want her to grow up thinking that Cane Ashby, Aussie bartender, is her father? She's your daughter -- stake your claim!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sharon came by to see Nick to talk about Noah. When she looked at him, she remembered their first wedding anniversary. Nick said that Noah had cooled down since the last time they spoke. Sharon wondered if Nick had any regrets. Nick said that he didn't. Nick decided that they needed a new game plan regarding Noah. When Noah came downstairs and saw Sharon, he wondered if they were going to lecture him again. Nick said that they had decided forbidding him to see Eden would be the wrong thing to do. If they were going to give Noah more freedom, he had to promise them that he would stop sneaking around and lying. Nick said that they had all made mistakes, and they were going to have a fresh start.

Sharon said that Noah's deal would be to tell them where he was going at all times. Noah happily accepted the deal. When Phyllis returned home, Nick said that Phyllis had been the one to push for giving Noah another chance. When Noah hugged Phyllis, Sharon looked uncomfortable and said that she had dinner plans and had to go. When Sharon left, she grabbed a hackie sack and put it in her purse.

Noah said he was thrilled with his new freedom. Phyllis asked if Noah wanted to go with them to the movies. Noah said he would stay at home and watch Summer. Noah asked if Eden could come over. Nick said it was a school night, but that Eden could come by if she didn't stay over too late. Eden was excited when she found out that she was allowed to see Noah. Eden said that she was glad that Noah had parents that actually cared about him. Noah was embarrassed because he wanted to stay in and not make his parents mad. Eden said that she was just happy to spend time with him. They started kissing and began to get serious. Eden said that they should wait.

Phyllis and Nick enjoyed a night out on the town. Phyllis said that she had missed them spending time together. They hurried to the car so they wouldn't be late to the movies. In the car Nick told her that he wanted to take her to the symphony. Phyllis said that she was a little underdressed for that. Nick said that she was a little overdressed for what he really wanted to do to her. They began to make out, but were uncomfortable in the car. Phyllis said that maybe they should just go to the movies after all.

Victor called Nick and asked if he knew that the board meeting had been moved up. Nick said that he would be there. He wondered what Victor was going to do about the open board seat. Victor said that he had a plan, but that nothing was definite yet.

Jill told Cane and Lily that the doctor said that Chloe was slowly recovering. Jill said that the baby was doing fine. Cane said he was happy that Billy had stepped up regarding his baby. Jill said she had always wanted Cane and Billy to get along as brothers. She felt that this could be the turning point.

Esther sat by Chloe's bedside and worried about her. Esther said that she hoped Chloe knew how much she loved her. She said that when Chloe was born, Esther knew that she would love her daughter more than anything in the world. Cane said that he knew what she meant. He said the first time he saw his daughter, he felt that way. Lily stood back and watched them.

Colleen called Ashley to tell her that she was meeting with Brad's lawyer to discuss his will. Abby said that she wanted to go; it was what her dad would have wanted. Colleen then called Jack and asked him to be there with her at the reading of the will. Jack was at the bar with Billy and said that he had to go. Jack told Billy that he had just spoken to Colleen, a girl who was still reeling from the loss of her father. Jack said there was only one right thing to do about Chloe and the baby. Billy needed to tell Cane. Jack tried to bring Billy with him, but Billy stayed put. Jack told the bartender to get Billy a cab ride home. After Billy downed another beer, he asked the cab driver to take him to Genoa City Memorial.

Jack arrived at Jabot to support Colleen at the reading of Brad's will. Colleen thanked Jack for coming. Colleen was surprised when Ashley and Abby arrived. Jack made a crack to Ashley about Victor not being there. Ashley said that Victor understood that it was a personal matter. When the lawyer arrived, he asked if they were ready to begin. The lawyer said that Colleen and Abby would split Brad's earnings, and that Colleen would be responsible for Abby's share until she was of age. Ashley was surprised that she wasn't responsible for how Abby spent the money.

Brad had also left a note for his daughters. Jack read it aloud. Brad said how much he loved his daughters and how he knew they could do anything they put their minds to. He told them to not forget to enjoy the simple pleasures. He told Abby that even though he was not her biological father, she would always be his daughter. Abby and Colleen hugged, and said they were glad they were sisters. The lawyer also had a letter for Ashley. Brad explained in the letter that he had given Colleen responsibility of the money because of Victor. Jack said that Brad was right. Ashley didn't want to hear it. Jack wanted to know if Ashley had made a decision regarding the seat on the board. Ashley said that she had.

Ashley and Abby returned from Brad's will reading. Ashley told Victor that Brad had left Colleen in charge of the money. Ashley said that she had decided that she did want the empty seat on the Newman Board of Directors. Victor happily hugged her.

Colleen thanked Jack for being with her at the reading. She told Jack that she had been invited to the Newman Board of Directors on behalf of Brad's chair. She wondered if she should cancel. Jack said that she should go.

When Billy arrived at the hospital, Lily could tell that Billy had been drinking. Lily said that it was not the right time to talk to Cane when he was drunk. When Cane told Billy that he had named the baby, Billy became very angry. Billy said that he was going to see the baby. Cane tried to stop him and they began fighting. Billy said there was no way that was going to stop him from seeing that baby. A doctor told Billy that he needed to calm down. Jill came out and wondered what was going on. Cane asked Billy what his problem was. Billy became irate and the doctor took him away. Cane told Jill that Jill had picked a sloppy drunk over him to run Jabot.

Jill went to Victor to tell him that Billy couldn't be CEO of Jabot. Victor said that the deal had already been made. Jill said that Billy would destroy Jabot. Victor didn't care what happened to Jabot. He said that if Katherine were alive, she would have figured out a solution. Jill suggested that she discuss the problem with Ashley. Victor said if she did, she would be walking out without his support.

Cane told Lily that he was really upset with the way Billy acted. Lily said that everyone had been through a lot. Jill returned with food from Crimson Lights for everyone. Cane asked Jill if he was holding the baby correctly. Jill said that he was fine. Cane said that by the time Chloe woke up, he would be a professional at holding babies. Suddenly, the alarm signal went off. Jill and Esther screamed for the doctor. When the doctor returned, he said that Chloe had a bad reaction to the medication they were giving her. He said that all they could do was hope for the best.

Sharon went to the bar and started drinking. She thought about Nick and all of the precious moments they shared. Billy went back to the bar and noticed Sharon drinking alone. He asked her what she was doing there. Sharon said that she was trying to avoid seeing somebody she knew. Billy suggested they drink together and later pretend that they never saw each other. Sharon told Billy that Nick had forgotten that it was their anniversary. Sharon said that she shouldn't be talking to Billy about her problems because of Jack. Billy said that Jack had nothing to do with it. Billy told Sharon that she was a good mom. Sharon said they should drink to that. Sharon told Billy that she was glad they ran into each other. The bartender said he could get them a couple of cabs. Billy suggested they get just one cab. Sharon said that worked for her. They started to kiss.

Friday, February 20, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Karen continued to try to convince Neil that they should adopt Ana as soon as possible. Neil told her to slow down, and reminded her that he wanted to speak with Tyra before they proceeded any further with the adoption. Karen told Neil that she feared that Child Services would take Ana away from them if they waited too long. She urged Neil to speak to Tyra as soon as possible.

Karen told Neil that Ana's social worker was bringing Ana to visit Tyra at Crimson Lights soon, and that would give Neil an opportunity to talk with Tyra. Neil, growing irritated with Karen, said that he didn't want to talk about the adoption in front of Ana or the social worker. As Neil was leaving, he ran into Tyra. Neil and Tyra greeted each other, and Neil left. Tyra asked for a coffee to be brought to her on the patio.

Karen followed Tyra to the patio. Tyra said that she was excited about her visit with Ana, and was happy that Yolanda's parental rights to Ana had been terminated. Karen lied and told Tyra that Neil wanted the Winterses to start adoption proceedings right away. Tyra was taken aback. Karen told Tyra that Ana needed both a mother and a father, and that made Tyra unfit to adopt Ana.

The social worker arrived with Ana. Tyra and Ana gave each other a big hug. Karen watched uneasily, as the bond between Tyra and Ana was apparent.

With Karen gone, Ana told Tyra about a school science project. Tyra wasn't listening to Ana. She was thinking about the kiss that she had shared with Neil, as well as the conversation that she and Karen just had. Feigning illness, Tyra asked the social worker to go inside and get her a glass of water. When the social worker left the patio, Tyra grabbed Ana and said that they had to go.

In her Athletic Club hotel suite, Sharon, still half-asleep, thought about making love with Billy the previous evening. Nick knocked at the door, and Sharon, still hungover, answered it. He told her that he was concerned that she hadn't returned any of his phone calls. He added that he wanted to tell her that he had remembered that the previous day would have been their wedding anniversary. Sharon suddenly began crying. She told Nick that she wasn't crying because of him. She then noticed an empty champagne bottle, sitting next to two glasses, beside her bed.

Sharon surreptitiously hid the second champagne glass in her nightstand drawer. Nick pressed to find out what was wrong. He said that he knew she was going through a rough time, but he didn't understand her drinking an entire bottle of champagne alone. Nick said that if she ever needed him, he would be there for her. Sharon reminded him that they had agreed not to lean on each other anymore.

Sharon told Nick that he shouldn't have come -- that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself. She asked Nick to leave, insisting that she was okay. Nick was skeptical as he left. After Nick was gone, Sharon began crying hysterically.

Jack was in Billy's office at Jabot when a bleary-eyed, obviously hungover Billy came in. Jack noticed that Billy smelled of expensive perfume, and asked his brother who the girl had been. Billy remembered making love with Sharon, but evaded Jack's question. Jack began to push Billy to tell Cane the truth about Cordelia's paternity. Becoming angry, Billy told Jack to back off. Jack, however, did not back off, and told Billy how many lives would be affected if Billy kept Cordelia's paternity a secret. Billy once again remembered having sex with Sharon. Billy said, "You're right, Jack. I'm a dog. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. And the kid will know it." Billy stormed out of his office.

Jack went to visit Sharon at her hotel suite. Jack looked around the disheveled room, saw the champagne set-up, and told Sharon that she must have had a rough night. Jack remarked that, coincidentally, Billy had "tied one on" the previous night, as well. Sharon told Jack that she didn't want to talk. Jack sat down next to her and reminded her that he would like to help her -- no strings attached. Sharon started crying and said that she was "messed up."

Sharon told Jack that she had a headache. When Jack offered to get her some aspirin, she told him that there was some in her nightstand drawer. Jack opened the drawer, and saw the champagne glass that Sharon had hidden there. With a suspicious tone in his voice, Jack said, "You must have had some night of debauchery. You finished a bottle of champagne all by yourself." Jack once again assured Sharon that she could tell him anything -- no matter what. Sharon cried and repeated that she was messed up.

In Chloe's hospital room, Dr. Okamura removed Chloe's breathing tube. Lily looked on as Cane handed her the baby. Cane said that the baby was perfect. Chloe said that she was hungry, and asked Esther to make Snickerdoodles. Esther left. Lily walked out, also, telling the Ashbys that they probably needed some time alone. As soon as Lily was gone, Cane asked Chloe why she drove up to the Abbott cabin during a blizzard.

In the hallway outside of Chloe's room, a tidied-up Billy ran into Lily. Lily told Billy that she had left Cane and Chloe alone so that Chloe could tell Cane that he wasn't really Cordelia's father. She said that she was glad that Billy was there, because she didn't think that Chloe would have the courage to tell Cane alone.

In the hospital room, Chloe told Cane that he wasn't Cordelia's father. A speechless Cane, holding the baby, started walking away from Chloe's bed. Billy entered the room, and Cane told him to leave. Billy said that he wasn't going anywhere. Chloe told Cane that Billy could stay. Cane said that they had a DNA test, which proved that he was Cordelia's father. Chloe reminded Cane that the test only proved that Cane couldn't be ruled out as the father. Cane realized that his brother, who had similar DNA, could also be the father.

As a nurse took the baby out of the room in a bassinet, Cane accused Chloe and Billy of playing a horrible joke on him. Chloe and Billy tried to assure him that they weren't playing a joke -- that they had sex in New York, and Billy didn't even know that Chloe was pregnant until he had returned to Genoa City. Chloe admitted that she and Cane never had sex. Cane accused Chloe of wanting "any Chancellor" to be the father of her baby. Chloe denied that. She said that she knew Cane would be a good father. Cane told Chloe how he had given up Lily, the love of his life, so he could be Chloe's husband and Cordelia's father. Cane then accused Lily of knowing the truth and hiding it from him. Lily said that it wasn't her place to tell him. Cane said, "I am the baby's father. She's my daughter. No one is taking her away."

Later, while Chloe was out of her room undergoing some tests, Cane sat in a chair, holding baby Cordelia. A nurse came in with Cordelia's birth certificate, and asked Cane if he wanted to sign it. Cane signed his name on the "Father's Signature" line just as Chloe was wheeled back into the room.

Lily found Billy drinking at Jimmy's. A despondent Billy told Lily that the only thing that he was sure of were his feelings for Lily. Lily told Billy that he was a coward, a jerk, and not even a fraction of the man that Cane was. She told him to take his feelings and shove them.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was shocked when Victor told her that he was nominating Ashley to take Brad's seat on the board of directors. Victoria accused him of putting his "new family" ahead of his "old family," just as he had done with Sabrina. Victor told Victoria not to mention Sabrina. Victor told his daughter that she could voice her opposition to Ashley at the board meeting. When Victoria said that the board would go along with anyone Victor chose, Victor said that she had better remember that it was his company.

At Jabot, Colleen was modeling the dress she planned to wear to the Newman board meeting for her Uncle Jack. When Jack said that "no one will see this coming," Colleen admitted that she was intimidated by Victor. Jack told her that Victor was just a bag of hot air. He also told Colleen that he had checked the Newman by-laws, and that she was "golden." He said that soon she would have Victor eating out of her hand.

At Newman, Nick and Victoria chatted just before the board meeting was about to begin. Nick didn't think that Ashley was a bad choice for the Newman board. Victoria said she was upset that Victor had never given Nikki an opportunity for a seat on the board. Colleen arrived for the meeting, followed by Ashley, Abby, and Victor.

After the meeting was called to order, Victor made a speech lauding Brad, and, on behalf of the board, presented Colleen and Abby with a plaque in Brad's memory. Victor then announced that it was his desire to fill Brad's vacant board seat with the extremely well-qualified Ashley Abbott. Just as Victor made a move for a vote to appoint Ashley, Colleen interrupted and said that she had something to say.

Colleen said that Brad had cherished his spot on the Newman Board of Directors. She stunned the board by informing them that, in accordance with Newman by-laws, she had decided to take Brad's seat on the Newman board!

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