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Cane threatened to take Cordelia away from Chloe. Billy suggested that he and Chloe get married. Sharon shoplifted books, but Eden was arrested for the theft. Esther married Roger. Clint and Roger took Katherine and Esther hostage. Jeffrey chose Jill over Gloria.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 23, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Inside room number 148 at a seedy motel near Genoa City, Katherine tugged at the ropes that held her captive in an armchair. Katherine's deranged but tenderhearted guard, Annie, occupied her time by reading Katherine's memoirs. Annie claimed that she had become acquainted with Katherine Chancellor from reading recollections of the wealthy woman's life, including the time Marge maliciously masqueraded as Katherine. After Katherine complained that the ropes around her wrists were too tight, Annie charged at Katherine and waved a knife near her face. Annie, believing that Katherine was truly Marge, threatened Katherine and reminded her prisoner that the DNA results had proved that she was not Mrs. Chancellor.

Annie sobbed as she read Amber's account of Katherine's supposed death. Katherine reminded Annie that she had referred to Katherine as Mrs. C., just as Amber always had. Annie denied the claim and explained that Mrs. Chancellor's story had saddened her, so she made a mistake. Katherine asked why Clint and Roger had kidnapped her if they didn't believe that she was truly Katherine Chancellor. Annie admitted that she had asked Clint the same question, but Annie refused to elaborate. A distressed Katherine sank into her chair and rolled her eyes after Annie remarked, "It's none of your beeswax," regarding Clint's response.

Katherine finally convinced Annie to untie the ropes. Katherine walked around to stimulate circulation of her blood. Annie brandished the knife and warned Katherine not to try anything. Katherine asked Annie about the memoirs. Annie said she had just read about the time Jill hired Rex to seduce Katherine. Katherine clearly recalled that, just after that event, Clint had kidnapped her. Annie, who had developed a connection to the subject of the memoirs, warned Katherine not to impersonate Mrs. Chancellor. Katherine remembered that she had not included anything about Clint in her memoirs, and she asked Annie if Clint had mentioned that he had served a prison sentence for kidnapping. Annie was astonished. Katherine suggested that Annie ask Clint herself. Clint had arrived undetected and said, "Ask me what?"

Clint warned Annie that Marge was a liar. Katherine reminded Clint that he had failed to steal her fortune once and would likely fail again. Katherine imitated a soothsayer, pointed at Clint, and whispered, "I see prison in your future." Clint seemed startled and demanded that Katherine reveal something about herself that wasn't documented in her book. Katherine admitted that her memory was hazy. Clint ordered Annie to tie Katherine up. Katherine convinced Annie not to tie the ropes too tightly. Annie flashed the knife as a preemptive warning to Katherine not to attempt an escape.

At a bar, Clint told Roger that perhaps "Marge" truly was Katherine. Roger suggested they demand a ransom from Katherine's family, but Clint explained that Katherine's family believed she was dead. Instead, Clint insisted, Roger must marry Esther immediately because she was their surefire meal ticket. After Clint left, Paul walked into the bar and took a seat on a barstool within earshot of Roger. Moments later Roger phoned the county clerk's office and inquired about waiving the five-day waiting period for a marriage license because his fiancée's hospitalized daughter was on her deathbed.

Paul continued to eavesdrop as Roger phoned Esther and told her that he understood why she wanted to postpone their marriage. Roger praised Esther and told her she was a good mother for looking after Chloe. Esther became giddy after Roger announced that he had a surprise for her. After Paul overheard Roger's plans, he went to Jill's office and explained that Roger Wilkes was a bigamist who had used several aliases. Paul explained that Roger had been charged a couple of times, but the women wouldn't testify against him. Jill guessed that Roger chose desperate women. Paul said that Roger married rich women, and then he took them for all they were worth. Jill panicked when Paul explained that Roger had arranged to marry Esther immediately. Jill picked up the phone and tried to reach Esther.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Michael asked J.T. why Colleen would suddenly become interested in her late father's seat on the board of directors. J.T. said he had no idea because Colleen had studied history. Neil suggested that Brad's death had left Colleen reeling, so her decision might be an emotional backlash. Victor ordered J.T. and Neil to convince Colleen that she had no business on Newman's Board of Directors. After Neil and J.T. left, Victor told Michael that someone was prompting Colleen's plan to take Brad's board seat.

J.T. visited with a shaken Colleen in the break room just after Colleen's awkward meeting with Victor. J.T. asked Colleen why she wanted to butt heads with Victor. J.T. theorized that Colleen's impetus might be the threatening phone message Victor had left for Brad before his death. Colleen explained that she had every right to take her father's seat, and that her father would have been pleased and honored. Colleen added, "It's too bad if the great Victor Newman doesn't like it."

J.T. told Victor that he was unable to convince a stubborn Colleen that she should forgo her plan to take Brad's vacant seat on Newman's Board of Directors. Victor told Colleen that Brad had become a member of the Newman board after he married Victoria, and that Brad should have relinquished that seat after he and Victoria divorced. Colleen mentioned that some board directors were not members of Victor's family. Victor countered that those members had deep pockets and financial contacts. Colleen calmly explained that she was enthusiastic and would bring a different point of view.

Colleen managed to contain her nervousness as she explained to Victor that according to his company's bylaws, she had every right to take Brad's seat. Victor raised his eyebrows and asked, "Do you know what you're getting into?" Colleen secretly recalled Jack's advice to her about showdowns with Victor. Jack had advised, "The mustache is a blowhard who likes to pound his chest. He is all overcompensation and hot air and cannot touch you. Remember that!" Victor asked Colleen about her mentor. Colleen maintained that her father had been her mentor, and Colleen insisted that she knew exactly what she was doing. Victor met with J.T. after Colleen left. Victor told J.T. that someone was directing Colleen's actions. Victor ordered J.T. to find out who that person was. Victor reminded J.T. that doing so was critical in order to protect their family.

Tyra and Ana waited nervously at the bus station. Ana borrowed Tyra's cell phone and pretended to play with the phone's game applications. While boarding announcements diverted Tyra's attention, Ana secretly phoned Neil and continued to hold the phone as if she were gaming. After Neil answered, Ana casually questioned Tyra about their bus trip. Neil listened intently as Tyra promised that she would never allow anyone to take Ana away. At the coffeehouse, where Marisol had been supervising Tyra's visit with Ana, Marisol and Karen panicked when they found no trace of Ana or Tyra. Karen insisted that Marisol phone the police and issue an Amber Alert before something happened to Ana.

Just before Tyra and Ana boarded a bus, Neil walked into the bus station. Ana ran into Neil's open arms. Tyra was surprised to see Neil. Tyra defended her actions and explained that the authorities would take Ana away. Neil explained that Marisol had issued an Amber Alert, so they had to return Ana to Marisol immediately. Neil warned Tyra to give up her efforts to run away with Ana. Before Neil could whisk Tyra and Ana from the bus station, Detective Wallace showed up. Detective Wallace told Neil that he would have to take Tyra and Ana to the police station. Neil pleaded with the detective to phone Marisol and request that she meet with Neil, Tyra, and Ana at Neil's apartment. Detective Wallace agreed to phone Marisol and cancel the Amber Alert, but he added that it would be up to Marisol to decide what to do.

Marisol and Detective Wallace met with Neil, Tyra, Ana, Karen, and Lily at Neil's apartment. Marisol announced that she would have to assign Ana to another foster home, but Ana adamantly refused to go. Lily steered Ana into another room to play a game. Neil lied and claimed that he had asked Tyra and Ana to meet him at the bus station because one of his clients was also there. Detective Wallace admitted that Tyra and Ana weren't about to board a bus when he arrived. Neil pleaded with Marisol and took full responsibility for what had happened. Marisol agreed to let the matter go, but she warned Neil that she would place Ana into another foster home if it happened again. Karen assured Marisol that it would not happen again.

At the hospital, Esther volunteered to move in with Chloe to help with baby Delia. Chloe privately recalled confessing to Cane that he was not the baby's father. Chloe asked Esther to sit on her bedside and listen to what Chloe had to say. Before Chloe could continue, Lily walked in. Chloe abruptly announced that Cane wasn't there. Lily explained that she had come to check on Chloe and the baby. Chloe snapped back, "Sure, you did." Esther reminded her daughter "Katie" that Lily had helped saved the lives of Chloe and her baby. Esther walked out suddenly to take a call from Roger. Chloe told Lily that she and the baby were fine. Billy walked in. Chloe told Billy that she thought he would have been on the next plane to Hong Kong. Lily stormed out without saying a word to Billy.

Billy hovered over baby Delia in her bassinette and stroked his baby's downy head. Chloe asked Billy if everyone knew that he was Delia's father. Billy admitted that Jill knew. Chloe said the Esther didn't know. Delia cried, and Chloe instructed Billy to pick the baby up gently. Cane watched through a window in the door as Billy cradled his baby and crawled into Chloe's bed. Cane turned away and phoned Michael to arrange an urgent meeting. After the call, Lily approached Cane and asked to speak to him privately.

At the coffeehouse, Lily apologized to Cane for not having told him that Billy was the father of Chloe's baby. Lily explained that when the baby was born, she was unable to break Cane's heart when she witnessed his loving reaction to the newborn. Lily swore that she would have eventually told Cane the truth even if Billy and Chloe had not. Cane was indifferent to Lily's expression of concern for his feelings. Cane coolly explained that he planned to make decisions about his future without regard to Chloe, Billy, or Lily. Lily asked Cane if it was fair to lump her together with Chloe and Billy. Before Cane walked out, he said, "I think Chloe was right. Go after what you want, and to hell with everything else." Lily seemed stunned by Cane's overt announcement.

Esther retuned to Chloe's room after Billy left. Esther fussed over Chloe and offered water and warm blankets. A nervous Chloe insisted that her mother sit still and listen. Chloe attempted to tell Esther that Billy was the baby's father, but Roger burst in. Roger glanced at Delia and remarked, "She looks like her daddy." Esther swooned when Roger announced that his surprise was an instant wedding he had already arranged. Chloe attempted to stall the ceremony, but Esther wouldn't heed her daughter's protests. Chloe looked bewildered as her mother kissed Roger and said, "Yes, Roger. I will marry you now!"

Chloe cringed as Roger directed Esther's attention to his hastily arranged, tacky wedding décor. Billy walked in and remarked, "Holy 99-cent store, Batman. What's going on around here, kids?" Chloe explained that Esther and Roger planned to marry. Billy nearly choked on his coffee when Roger asked Billy to be best man. Billy whispered to Chloe that she must not have told Esther that he was the baby's father. After the ceremony began, Esther, wearing a veil attached to a gaudy crown trimmed with pink fur, stopped the ceremony to announce that Roger had brought joy and hope to her life. Delia cried, and Billy picked up the baby. Esther rejoiced that her grandchild was present for the wedding. Acknowledging Esther's remark, the minister said, "Children are the glue that holds a couple together." Billy and Chloe smiled knowingly at each other.

At Jabot, Jill berated a disheveled Billy for arriving late and hung-over. Billy was about to tell his mother that he was Delia's father. Before Billy could speak, Cane burst in and announced that Chloe and Billy had known each other in New York. After Billy left, Jill told Cane that she always believed that Chloe was a gold digger. Cane said that Chloe's lies manipulated their family. Jill was angry that Billy had dishonored his family. After Jill suggested that Cane file for divorce, Cane said he would do the right thing. Cane later met with Michael at the coffeehouse. Cane told Michael that he planned to divorce his wife, but wanted shared custody of their child.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amber asked Kevin if he put a missing persons post for Katherine on the Crimson Lights website. Kevin said that he had. He also posted it on the university bulletin board. Amber suggested they also buy space on the newspaper website. Kevin said they should stick to going grassroots. Amber asked Daniel what he thought about that. Daniel hadn't heard what Amber was talking about. When Amber repeated it, Daniel said he didn't think it really mattered whether she wanted to go grassroots or via the website.

Jana and Daniel were looking at Daniel's artwork online. Jana said that she had a friend who could possibly do a story on him and get his art in a newspaper. Daniel asked Amber if she had heard that, but Amber was too engrossed in her own project to listen. When Jana received a call back from her friend, she was disappointed to have to tell Daniel that they had passed on his piece. Kevin said that Jana had other "hookups"; maybe she would have other ways for Daniel to earn money. Jana said that it wasn't always about the money. Amber suggested that Daniel go back to sketching. She said that people wanted her jackets, so that's what she made more of. Daniel said that the problem with that was his art wasn't shoes.

Jana said that if Daniel wanted to be happy, he had to paint from his soul. Only if it was more about money should he do more sketches. She said if it was about his love, he should continue to do what he loved. Jana hoped she hadn't offended Daniel by being so opinionated. Daniel said on the contrary, she'd made him want to go paint something.

Amber confronted Nikki and said she would prove that Marge was the real Katherine. Victoria told Amber to leave her mother alone. Nikki said that she didn't mind, she felt that Amber's determination had come from helping Katherine write her memoirs. Nikki completely understood if Amber wanted to hold out hope that Katherine was still alive. Amber said that even if Nikki didn't believe that woman was Katherine, Amber would find Katherine and prove it. Nikki would someday have her best friend back.

Nikki told Victoria that she had visited the lake where Brad passed away. She said that she felt regret that she could not be at Brad's funeral. They discussed Colleen and how she had claimed Brad's board seat. When Colleen showed up at the coffeehouse, Nikki asked Colleen if she was ready to take on Victor. Colleen said that she was, but that she was scared to death. Colleen said that Victor had done everything he could to make her cave in, but she wasn't going to let him get her down.

Nikki wondered why Colleen would want to burden herself with it. Colleen said that her father had lived his life with determination and that's what he had taught her. Colleen wanted to make her father proud. Nikki said that if Colleen was looking for validation from Victor, she would not get it. Katherine Chancellor was one of the few people she knew that could get validation from Victor. Colleen thanked Victoria and Nikki for being on her side. Nikki said that Colleen reminded her of how Victoria used to be.

Clint told Katherine that there was no mention of her disappearance in the paper. Roger came by and said that he and Esther had finally gotten married. Katherine knew there was something familiar about the name. She remembered telling Esther that she was worried that the doctor would tell her that she was losing her mind. Katherine told Roger that Esther was a wonderful woman and that he was a piece of scum for tricking her into marrying him. Katherine said that if they wanted her money they should go through her and leave poor Esther alone.

Clint said that she needed to stop trying to act like Katherine and keep her big mouth shut. Clint told Annie to tie Katherine up again until he got back. Katherine told Annie that Clint treated her like a piece of furniture. Katherine suggested that Annie liked reading the memoir because she could relate to that woman. Annie offered Katherine some water. Katherine said that Annie was a smart person. Annie said that she hadn't always been so smart. She was the first Mrs. Roger Wilkes.

When Esther blissfully returned to the Chancellor estate, Jill wondered why she hadn't returned any of Jill's calls. Jill said that Esther would soon regret every moment she spent with that con man. Esther said there was nothing Jill could say that would change her mind about her husband. Jill was shocked that Esther had gone through with the wedding. Jill said that Roger said "I do" for a living-he was a bigamist. Esther couldn't believe that Jill had hired an investigator. Esther said that she was sorry that her love life was such a problem for Jill. She said that it was Jill that was afraid to go after someone she loved.

Michael received a call from Paul. Michael wondered if Paul had discovered any news that would help Gloria's case. Paul said that he had.

Gloria told another inmate that her court date was going to be held the next week. Gloria couldn't believe things had come to that. Jeffrey showed up to see Gloria. Gloria said that she was starting to think she would never see Jeffrey again. Jeffrey said that she wouldn't; he was saying goodbye. Jeffrey said that he'd had it with trying to get Gloria to sign the papers. He had contacted his lawyer and was going to divorce her. Gloria said that she hoped to never see his "beady little face" again.

When Jeffrey left some of the other inmates started to turn on Gloria. As Gloria started to scream, she realized it had all been a dream. When Michael arrived, Gloria was in tears. She told Michael that she was ready to confess. She said that she was the only person to blame. Michael said that he realized she wanted to get it off her chest.

Gloria said that she was worse than his father. She apologized for putting Michael through it again. Michael said that it was time Gloria heard all the facts. He said that Emma's son had died from a food allergy and that Paul had run an investigation to find out if Emma had the same condition. Gloria was not like Lowell, Michael said; she did not take a life. Gloria asked Michael to repeat what he said. Michael said that she didn't kill anybody. Gloria broke down crying.

Jeffrey went to see Jill to offer congratulations for getting Jabot. Jill wondered what he was doing there. Jeffrey said that he was ready to light her firecracker. Jill said that Jeffrey was everything that you wouldn't want in a man and then she kissed him. Jeffrey was surprised at Jill's assertiveness. Jill said that she still had a Christmas present that she hadn't opened yet. She took Jeffrey upstairs.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Victor presented Ashley with a bracelet to replace the original Valentine's Day gift he had given her -- Brad's seat on the Newman Board of Directors. Neither Ashley nor Victor blamed Colleen for wanting her father's seat on the board, but Victor said that Jack had manipulated Colleen into asking for the seat. Ashley was concerned about Victor's attitude toward Jack -- she was afraid that Abby might get caught in the crossfire of a Newman-Abbott feud. Victor said that as long as Jack didn't antagonize him, Ashley had nothing to worry about.

At the prison, Adam thanked Heather for visiting him. Heather mentioned that she had tried to visit him previously, but that he had always rejected her requests. She reminded Adam that there wasn't anything she could do to help him get out of prison. Adam said that he realized that. He told Heather that he was suffering from a rash, and that the prison nurse had been treating it with calamine lotion. He said he wanted to see a dermatologist, and asked if Heather could put in a request. Heather said that she would see what she could do. Later, a guard told Adam that arrangements had been made for him to see a dermatologist.

At Jabot, Cane told Jill that he was filing for divorce from Chloe. Jill agreed with Cane that Billy had behaved appallingly, but she reminded Cane that whether Cane or Billy was Delia's father, she was still the baby's grandmother. She told Cane that she would see to it that all of the baby's needs were taken care of. Jill was shocked when Cane told her that he was planning to sue for joint custody of the baby.

Jill told Cane not to make any important decisions until the situation had settled down. She reminded him that he would be making a lifelong commitment to a child who wasn't biologically his. Cane said that he had felt like Delia's father since he first learned that Chloe was pregnant, and that he wouldn't settle for merely being the baby's uncle.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy told Jack that he was scared of being a father. Jack again reminded his brother that Delia was an Abbott -- and that he shouldn't allow another family to take her away from him. Billy said that when he thought of fatherhood, the image of their father, John, came to mind. Jack agreed that John had been one-in-a-million, but told Billy that John would want Billy to be involved in raising Delia.

Sharon stopped by to pick up some tax papers. When Jack went to get them, Sharon asked Billy not to tell Jack about their romantic tryst. Billy said that he wouldn't tell Jack, and then quickly left.

Jack returned with Sharon's tax papers. Sharon told him that she was doing much better, and apologized for having broken down in front of him. Jack said that with what she had been through, she was entitled to fall apart occasionally. He reminded Sharon that he would always be there for her. He admitted that he had made mistakes, but he swore that he had always been faithful to her. Sharon said that she had been very judgmental, and that she had made mistakes, as well. Jack told Sharon to phone her divorce lawyer and tell him to stop the divorce proceedings. He vowed to spend the rest of his life showing Sharon how much he loved her. Sharon began crying, said, "I don't deserve you, Jack," and ran out.

At Crimson Lights. Billy told Rafe the story of Delia's paternity. Rafe said that, although a DNA test had been performed with Cane, Billy would also have to take a DNA test to establish Delia's paternity. Rafe wondered what it was that Billy wanted. Custody? Shared custody? Parental rights? When Rafe told Billy that he would have to figure all of that out, Billy said that, for the time being, he just wanted to know what his options were.

In Chloe's hospital room, Dr. Okamura told Chloe and Esther that as soon as Delia's pediatrician finished examining her, Chloe and the baby could go home. After the doctor left to begin the paperwork, Chloe told Esther that she wasn't sure that she had a home to go to. Chloe finally admitted that Cane wasn't Delia's father, and that the real father probably wasn't going to take an active role in raising Delia.

Just as Esther asked who the real father was, a nurse brought in Delia's birth certificate for Chloe to sign. Chloe saw that Cane had already signed it. Esther told Chloe that the two of them could raise Delia at the Chancellor mansion. Chloe didn't think that Jill would be happy with that, and was upset that Delia would grow up without a father.

When Esther left to buy Chloe some clothes at the hospital gift shop, Cane stopped by and told her that he wanted their marriage to end as quickly as possible. Chloe tried to apologize to Cane, telling him that she lied because she felt that Cane was better suited to be Delia's father than Billy was. Cane said, "You got that right." Cane and Chloe admitted that they had never loved each other.

In the hallway outside Chloe's room, Esther was on the phone with Roger when she noticed Billy peeking through the window, watching Cane and Chloe talk. Esther asked Billy to stay, but he quickly left. After Cane left, Esther returned to Chloe and told her that she realized that Billy was Delia's father. Esther told her daughter that Billy came, but he didn't stay. Chloe replied, "He'll never stay, Mom."

As Chloe began sobbing and telling Esther that she loved Billy, Jill barged in and accused Chloe of planning the pregnancy so that the father would be an heir to the Chancellor fortune. Jill accused Chloe of being "the worst kind of trash." Esther threatened to throw Jill out if she continued to berate Chloe.

Later, at the Chancellor mansion, a calmed-down Jill told Chloe that she and Delia could stay in Jill's wing of the mansion. Esther was grateful, as that would allow her and Roger to have some privacy. Jill, suddenly the voice of reason, suggested that they put their animosities aside and do what was best for the baby.

Chloe received a lesson from Jill and Esther on how to properly burp a baby. Billy walked in with a small gift for the baby. Jill greeted him with a kiss. Chloe coyly asked Billy what he was doing there. Cane walked in right behind Billy and asked his brother the same question.

At the Abbott mansion, Colleen continued packing -- she was moving into Brad's house. Jack told Colleen how proud Brad would have been watching Colleen stand up to Victor. Jack said that he would continue mentoring Colleen on how to deal with Victor. Colleen went upstairs to resume packing just as Ashley stopped by. Ashley accused Jack of being behind Colleen's decision to take Brad's board seat, although Jack denied it. When Colleen came downstairs, Ashley asked her how she even knew about the Newman by-law that allowed her to take Brad's board seat. Colleen said that, as the executrix of Brad's estate, her lawyer had supplied her with the information.

Colleen grew angry when Ashley said that Brad wouldn't want Colleen to take on too much. She said that Ashley didn't know, or care, what Brad had wanted. Colleen accused her aunt of standing by and doing nothing while Victor had tried to take both the board seat and Abby away from Brad. Ashley asked if Colleen was trying to get back at Victor. Colleen said that her intention was to honor Brad, but she couldn't forget how Victor had treated Brad. Stomping back upstairs, Colleen said, "I'm claiming what's rightfully mine."

Colleen had her bags all packed. Ashley told her not to let the Newman-Abbott feud poison her life. Colleen pointedly said, "Tell Victor that." After Colleen was gone, Ashley once again accused Jack of being behind Colleen's campaign to take Brad's board seat. Ashley said that Jack's machinations would hurt her, Colleen, and Abby.

Noah and Eden, no longer forbidden to see each other, stopped by Crimson Lights. Victor joined them, and Noah introduced his grandfather and Eden. Victor told a smiling Eden that Noah had told him a lot of good things about her. Eden and Noah had to leave and go to the bookstore to purchase Eden's school texts. After the kids left, Heather approached Victor and told him that Adam wasn't doing well in jail. Victor said that Adam was learning a valuable lesson. Heather accused Victor of being cruel, and indifferent to Adam's suffering. Victor reminded Heather that Adam had accused him of murder. Victor also asked Heather to remember how much pain and suffering Adam had caused her. Saying that they had nothing more to discuss, Victor left.

At the bookstore, Sharon purchased Noah's schoolbooks. After the sale was rung up, Sharon wandered around the bookstore, randomly shoplifting books and tossing them into her shopping bag.

Noah and Eden arrived at the bookstore. She handed the bag of books over to Noah. Noah explained that they were there to purchase Eden's books. Sharon received a phone call from the hospital, informing her that her mother, Doris, had collapsed and had been admitted. Noah and Sharon quickly left to go to the hospital. Seeing that Noah had left the shopping bag with both the purchased and the shoplifted books behind, Eden began running out of the bookstore to try to catch him. As Eden stepped outside the door, a security alarm went off, and the store's security guard grabbed her and brought her back inside.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chloe wondered what Billy was doing at the Chancellor Estate. Cane walked in and asked the same thing. Billy said that he brought a gift for the baby. Cane said the best thing Billy could do was to turn around and walk out forever. Esther was tired of hearing everyone yelling. Esther suggested that Chloe go upstairs. Cane told Billy that he hoped he'd have made things clear: he didn't want to lose the baby.

Billy and Cane began arguing. Cane said that Billy was lucky Cane was taking responsibility for the baby. He said that Billy wouldn't be a good father. Billy said the reason Chloe dumped Cane was because he was the mommy. Cane punched him. Chloe went downstairs and begged them to stop arguing. Billy walked out. Cane asked Jill to take Esther and Cordelia upstairs. He wanted to have a word with Chloe.

Chloe got an ice pack for Cane's hand. Cane didn't want it. He said that he was the father of Cordelia, not Billy, and Chloe would have to accept that. Cane said that Chloe had risked Cordelia's life to go see her boyfriend. Chloe asked if Cane was saying he could do a better job than her. Cane said that Chloe could stay there, but if she tried to keep the baby from him, he would cut Chloe out of the baby's life. Chloe said that she was the baby's mother. Cane said he was the one calling the shots.

Jack was surprised to see Billy's bloody and broken nose. Billy said that he went over to see the baby but that Cane didn't want him there. Jack wondered how things had gotten started. Billy said he still wasn't sure what he wanted to do. Jack asked Billy if he wanted to be Cordelia's dad. Billy said that he did. Jack wondered if Billy wanted the baby just to stick it to Cane. Billy said that he loved Cordelia. Jack said that he would help Billy with whatever he needed.

At the hospital, Sharon told Doris to start taking better care of herself. Since his grandmother was doing okay, Noah asked if he could meet up with Eden to get his books. Sharon reluctantly agreed. Doris could tell something was wrong with Sharon. Sharon admitted that she had been going through a lot. She said that she had been having issues forgetting things. Doris said that Sharon had similar problems in the past. Sharon didn't want to talk about that. Sharon said that she shouldn't have let Brad leave the cabin in the storm. Doris said that Brad's accident was no more Sharon's fault than Doris' car accident. Sharon had to stop blaming herself or she would go crazy. Sharon said that she didn't want to talk about it anymore. She looked into her purse and found a ceramic elephant. She didn't remember where she got it.

Michael and Lauren went to the bookstore to find Eden. They were shocked to hear that Eden was to be arrested for stealing books. Michael said he thought Eden was finished getting into trouble. He said she was a lot like Lowell. Eden said that if Michael believed she stole the books that he should let the cops take her to jail. Lauren said that Eden wasn't going to jail. Eden said that it wasn't her bag. Sharon had purchased books for Noah and had to leave so Eden had gone running after Noah with his bag of books. Michael and Lauren went inside to talk to the bookstore clerk. Lauren went to get the manager. Michael received a call from Gloria and had to leave so he wouldn't be late for her hearing. Lauren tried to talk to the bookstore manager, but he wouldn't budge. He said that he was tired of kids stealing from him and he was going to make Eden an example.

Gloria called Michael and asked where he was. Her trial was to start in about an hour and she was worried that he wasn't there. When Michael showed up, he apologized for being so late. Michael told Gloria not to speak when spoken to; he didn't want a repeat of the last trial. When Heather arrived, Michael asked if she had received the new evidence. Heather said she had.

The judge asked Heather to proceed. Heather said that there was no profound evidence that the face cream was not what caused Emma Gibson's death. The judge said that putting a harmful solvent in a face cream was irresponsible and corrupt. Gloria stood up and asked if she could say something. The judge said that he was talking and she needed to sit down. The judge said if it were up to him, he would send Gloria to jail and throw away the key. Since it was not up to him, based on the fact that there was no evidence linking the face cream to Emma Gibson's death, he had to go with the defendant. The judge said that it rankled him to say it, but Gloria was free to go.

Gloria was relieved and thankful to Michael. She said that she was going to call Jeffrey to have him pick her up. Michael was shocked that Gloria would want to go back to Jeffrey. Gloria said that Jeffrey was the man for her, and she couldn't stand being by herself. Gloria called Jeffrey to tell him that she was free. She said that she was going to forget all those things he said. She asked him to call her when he got the message.

Phyllis asked Noah if he was looking for Eden. Noah said that he was. Noah asked Phyllis how things were going with Nick. Phyllis said she appreciated that Noah cared about their relationship. She said that she and Nick were going through some hard times.

Eden called Noah to tell him that there were stolen books in his bag. Phyllis and Noah went to the bookstore to find out what was going on. Phyllis was about to call Nick, but Noah begged her not to. When Eden and Noah were alone, Eden said that she hadn't stolen any books. Noah wondered what the books were doing in the bag.

Jack told Nick that Sharon was in a bad place and that it was all Nick's fault. Nick said that it wasn't any of Jack's business. Jack said he was worried about Sharon and that Nick needed to stay away from her like he had promised. Jack told Nick that he better be careful with Phyllis, too, or he would end up pushing both of them over the edge. Nick said that he had apologized for his actions, and he would help Sharon if that were what she needed. Phyllis called and asked Nick if everything was okay. Phyllis said that she was at the bookstore and that Eden was about to be arrested. Nick said he would be there soon. Nick told Jack the next time he wanted to blame someone for other people's problems, he should look at himself.

Nick called Sharon to tell her about the situation with Eden. When Sharon arrived, Phyllis said that Lauren was trying to talk to the store manager, but was not getting very far with him. Noah couldn't believe what was happening. Phyllis also thought it was all a big mistake. Sharon said that of course Phyllis would say that; she was the person who said Noah could hang out with Eden.

Sharon said that Eden was a liar and a drinker. Noah said that Eden was none of those things. Sharon told Noah that he wasn't a good judge of character. Nick asked if he could talk to Sharon alone. Sharon said that Eden was going to take Noah down with her. She didn't want to give Noah any second chances. Nick wondered if Sharon was feeling okay. He said that if it was about them, he wanted to help her. Sharon said that they were over; he needed to get it out of his head.

When Michael came back to the bookstore, he couldn't believe that Eden was going to be arrested for stealing. Michael explained to Eden what would happen. Michael said not to worry, they would not press charges. Eden said that wasn't what she was worried about. Nick was telling Noah that he couldn't see her anymore.

When Nick told Noah that he couldn't see Eden for a while, Noah was furious. Nick told Phyllis that Sharon was right. Phyllis wondered what else Sharon had to say. She said that she felt Sharon had a lot more on her mind than just Noah.

Sharon went to Brad's house and let herself inside. She looked at a picture of Brad and his family. She took the ceramic elephant out of her purse. She wondered how it got there. Sharon started shivering and dropped the elephant. She started having a panic attack.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Neil and Cane ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Cane told Neil he wanted to talk about Lily. Neil coldly said there wasn't anything to talk about, but then relented and sat down to talk with Cane.

Cane told Neil that Billy was actually Delia's father, and that Chloe and Billy had been concealing the truth. Cane said that he was divorcing Chloe, and that he wasn't going to allow Chloe and Billy to raise Delia. Neil said that he wasn't sure that Billy and Chloe would go along with that. When Cane implied that he wanted to reconcile with Lily, Neil said not to involve his daughter. Cane said that he respected Neil's opinion, but ultimately, the decision was up to Lily.

After Cane left, Karen joined Neil at Crimson Lights. Neil asked her if she was thinking about Ana. Karen said that Tyra had been selfish when she tried to leave town with Ana. Neil defended Tyra, saying that she had panicked. Neil wondered what had caused Tyra to panic, and Karen admitted that she had spoken to Tyra about adopting Ana. Neil became angry with Karen. He reminded her that he had said it wasn't the right time to mention the adoption to Tyra. Karen wondered when the right time would be. She asked Neil if he planned to put an end to their plan to adopt Ana. When Neil didn't respond, Karen accused someone of holding him back. She told Neil that he should have been sure of his feelings before he married her.

Neil said that he wouldn't have married Karen if he didn't love her. Karen asked Neil why he had lied to the police about the reason for Tyra and Ana being at the bus station. Neil said that he had done it for Ana, but Karen accused him of trying to protect Tyra. Karen said that she knew that Tyra had feelings for Neil, but that she never thought that Neil would reciprocate Tyra's feelings. Karen told Neil that she saw him and Tyra kissing. She warned Neil to get it together -- or that their marriage would be over.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill tried to convince Esther that Roger was a gold digger, but Esther defended Roger's love for her. Jill received a flower delivery, along with a card from Jeff, which read, "The bed's too big without you -- see you tonight."

Jill went to Jeff's suite at the Athletic Club and threw the flowers in his face, pointedly reminding him that she wasn't his girlfriend. She told Jeff to get over himself, but Jeff grabbed her, and they began kissing passionately.

At the Baldwins', Gloria told Michael, Lauren, and Eden that she was moving in with Jeff. Lauren and Michael tried to convince Gloria to leave Jeff in her past and begin her post-prison life with a clean slate, but Gloria insisted that she wanted to be with Jeff.

Jeff, wearing a robe, heard a knock on the door of his hotel suite, and opened it to Gloria. Gloria said that she was as "free as a baby bird." She removed her coat, and revealed that she wasn't wearing anything but a black negligee. Gloria opened a bottle of champagne. The cork flew across the suite, and Jill yelled, "Ow!" Jill walked into the main room and asked Gloria what she was doing out of jail.

Gloria told Jill that the charges against her had been dropped. She then accused Jill of being a "filthy tramp," and the ladies began throwing each other around. Jeff watched their wrestling match with a smile on his face. When Gloria asked Jeff to get Jill off of her, Jeff refused. Gloria grabbed her clothes, and, before she stormed out, told Jeff, "You really are a bastard." She told Jill that Jill could have Jeff -- and that he wasn't worth it.

Later, Jill told Jeff that she wouldn't be seeing him again. When Jeff said, "You had a great time," Jill reminded herself that she loved "sticking it to Gloria." She began kissing Jeff once again.

Back at the Baldwins', Michael apologized to Eden for being harsh on her at the bookstore. Eden said that she didn't blame him for not believing her. Michael said that he knew that Eden wasn't a thief. She was happy that Michael had come to believe that she wasn't guilty of shoplifting. She wished that Noah's parents felt the same way that Michael did.

Eden went off to her room to finish her homework, leaving Michael and Lauren drinking some wine and wondering if, with Gloria gone, they could finally lead a sane life. Seconds later, Gloria marched in, saying that she'd rather shoot Jeff than live with him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe thanked Esther for being such a supportive mother. Chloe went upstairs to tend to Delia. Roger stopped by and told Esther that he had been looking at houses. He said that it was a little crowded at the mansion. Roger asked Esther to sell her half of the mansion, so that they would have the cash to buy another house. Esther was taken aback, and told Roger that she didn't want to move. A somewhat exasperated Roger told Esther that they could talk about it more on their honeymoon. When he asked Esther if she was packed, she said that she wasn't.

Esther told Roger that she wanted to stay in Genoa City to help care for Chloe and Delia. Roger, thoroughly irritated, reminded Esther that Chloe and Delia had Jill, as well as a staff of servants, to tend to them. Chloe came downstairs and wondered if Roger and Esther were fighting. Esther said that she wanted to postpone their honeymoon. Realizing that he wasn't going to change Esther's mind, Roger began to walk out. Esther asked him where he was going. He said that he had to run some errands, and that he would call her later. After Roger left, Chloe told Esther not to stay in Genoa City on her account -- that Esther should be with the man of her dreams. Esther changed her mind about the honeymoon and decided to go after Roger.

At the motel room where Katherine was being held, Clint was on the phone with Roger, telling him that Katherine and Annie were driving him crazy. Clint walked out of the room and reminded Roger that he needed to convince Esther that "what's hers is ours."

Katherine asked Annie how she could have ever married Roger. Annie said that Roger could be a real charmer, but that he was going to break Esther's heart.

With Clint gone, Annie told Katherine that Roger had made a career of marrying wealthy women, and then leaving them broke. Annie said she was still friends with Roger because she got "a piece of the action." Katherine correctly surmised that Annie was still in love with Roger. Katherine told Annie that she was a lovely woman, but that Roger didn't appreciate her. Annie's mood suddenly changed, and she said that Roger was a weasel. Katherine said that she and Annie should walk out of the motel room to prove to Roger that Annie had a mind of her own. When Katherine saw that Annie was undecided, she asked her, "What would Katherine Chancellor do?" Katherine said that she would never allow lowlifes like Clint and Roger to control her.

Annie decided that Katherine was right, and that they should leave. She cut the ties around Katherine's arms and legs. Just as they were about to walk out, Roger walked into the room, and said, "What the hell is this?" Annie replied, "It's over -- we're leaving your sorry butt behind." Suddenly Esther, having followed Roger to the motel, entered the room. She was stunned to see Katherine. When Esther asked Katherine if she recognized her, Katherine responded, "Of course I know you. Who could forget those protein shakes and terrible wheat grass salads?" Katherine introduced Annie to Esther, telling Esther that Annie was helping her escape. Realizing that Roger had been holding Katherine prisoner, Esther slapped him across the face.

As the three women were about to try to escape from Roger, Clint arrived, and wondered what was going on. Esther recognized Clint from decades earlier, when he had kidnapped her. Clint said, "Long time, no see." Clint grabbed Katherine and said that everybody was going to suffer.

Lily stopped by the Abbott mansion to see Billy. Seeing the bandage on Billy's nose, she asked if Cane had caused Billy harm. Billy said that Cane was going to have to get over the fact that Billy was Delia's father. Lily wondered if Billy was really ready for fatherhood -- or if he was just trying to stick it to Cane. Billy asked her if she expected him to just walk away and allow Cane to raise Delia. Lily replied that she didn't. Billy said that it seemed that they were on the same page -- that neither of them wanted Cane raising Delia.

Lily told Billy that she and Cane weren't getting back together. Billy predicted that they would. Billy asked Lily to talk to Cane and tell him not to physically attack Billy every time they crossed paths. Billy insisted that he was going to raise his daughter, and that if Cane didn't back off, Billy would make him. Lily wondered if Chloe would think that Billy could be a good father to Delia. Billy said that since he decided to step up, Chloe would understand.

Cane found Lily at the bookstore. He apologized for having blamed her for hiding the truth about Delia's paternity, and then asked her to hear him out. He told Lily that he had been doing some soul-searching, and that he had decided to divorce Chloe and try to get shared custody of Delia. He asked Lily if she would raise Delia with him.

Lily was stunned when Cane proposed to her. He said that he wanted his future to be with Lily -- along with baby Delia. He handed Lily a box containing a beautiful necklace, smiled at her, and said that all she had to do was say, "Yes."

Billy stopped by the Chancellor mansion to visit Chloe and Delia. Both he and Chloe fussed over, and played with, the baby. Billy told Chloe that he forgave her for hiding the baby's paternity from him. He said that originally he didn't think he could handle being a father, but that he had a change of heart. A thrilled Chloe said that she couldn't believe that she was hearing that. Billy said they could get a lawyer and fight to keep Cane out of Delia's life -- or that Chloe could marry him!

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