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Cane planned to sue for full custody of Cordelia. Sharon grew more unstable and continued to steal random items. Ashley informed Victor that she was pregnant. Amber and Gloria found Katherine and Esther as Clint's bomb went off.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 2, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, March 2, 2009

At a bookstore, Cane asked Lily to marry him. Stunned, Lily stammered before she exuberantly accepted. Bookstore customers gawked as Cane lifted Lily off the ground and swung her around in circles. Lily kissed Cane and ardently professed her love to him. Cane said he didn't care if they were causing a scene.

Cane carried Lily out of the store as surprised customers watched in awe. Cane whisked Lily to his house and plopped her onto his bed. Lily stretched out and said, "Oh, I have missed this bed!" Cane added that he had missed Lily in his bed. Cane and Lily stripped off each other's clothes and made love. Afterward, Cane told Lily that Chloe had never been in his bed. Lily stroked Cane's chest above his heart and added, "And she was never in here."

At Crimson Lights, Amber, Jana, and Kevin displayed black-and-white T-shirts, emblazoned with Katherine's likeness, that entreated observers' help to find Katherine. Amber, Jana, and Kevin admired Daniel's three-dimensional mock-up of his upcoming art show displayed on his laptop computer. Murphy arrived and told Amber, Jana, Kevin, and Daniel that he hadn't heard from Katherine. Murphy added that the longer Katherine was missing, the more he was inclined to believe that Katherine "was in big trouble."

After Amber returned from her visit with Chloe and Delia, she told Kevin, Jana, and Daniel that Billy was the baby's father. Amber gushed that Chloe had mentioned that Amber looked great holding the baby, but Daniel quickly insisted that he and Amber were not ready to become parents. Jill noticed the T-shirts and insisted that Amber "stop the insanity." Jill bought a pile of shirts and threatened to throw them into the dumpster where they belonged. After Jill walked away, Kevin counted the money Jill handed him and noted that he could have many more shirts made.

Murphy pulled one of the "Find Katherine" shirts on over his clothes. Murphy mentioned the strange note Katherine had left behind. Kevin asked to see the note. After Murphy returned with Katherine's note, Kevin attempted to decode the message for hidden meanings. Amber noticed that the first letter of every sentence spelled out the name Clint, but the name didn't ring a bell to any of them. Daniel, sitting at a nearby table with his computer, overheard the conversation. Jana's interest was piqued, as well.

At the motel room, Roger and Clint bound Katherine's, Esther's, and Annie's feet and hands to chairs. Clint berated Roger for allowing Esther to follow him to the motel. Clint threatened Annie with his gun, but she swore that she hadn't tried to help Katherine escape. Esther screamed when Clint carried her in her chair to a desk. Clint ordered Esther to write Chloe a note describing how much Esther was enjoying her honeymoon. Esther shrieked when Clint added that the letter might also become her suicide note. Katherine calmly urged Esther to comply.

Clint read Esther's completed letter and told Esther that her effort might have saved her life. Esther sobbed. Roger, displaying a huge knife, pretended to comfort Esther and told her sarcastically that at least Chloe wouldn't worry. Esther told Katherine that she had a new great-grandchild. Katherine asked about Jill. Esther told Katherine that Jill and everyone else had truly missed her.

Roger occupied his time by peeling an apple with his machete-like knife. Katherine tugged at the rope that tied her hands behind her. Katherine goaded Roger and claimed that Esther was a champion apple peeler. Roger nixed Katherine's subtle suggestion for an apple-peeling competition with Esther. After Katherine pleaded with Roger to loosen the ropes around her wrists, Roger threatened Katherine and barked, "You thought you had me fooled, didn't you?"

As Roger peeled another apple, Katherine freed herself, snuck up behind Roger and whacked him over the head with a bulky copy of her memoirs. Roger fell to the floor. Katherine freed Esther, and Annie slipped out of her ropes. Annie grabbed the knife. Roger stood against a wall on the opposite side of the room. Roger ordered Annie to give him the knife, so Anne hurled the knife across the room. The knife grazed Roger's upper arm and stuck into the wall. Roger recovered the knife and threatened the women, who cowered together on the opposite side of the room.

At Colleen's house, which had been Brad's, Colleen gave Ashley a collection of Abby's childhood belongings. Colleen apologized to Ashley. Colleen added that her angry outburst stemmed from Ashley's insistence that Colleen was getting in over her head by taking over Brad's seat on Newman's Board of Directors. Victor arrived. Colleen told Victor that she regretted not moving home sooner. Victor assured Colleen that her father would have understood, because Brad had wanted his young daughter to be free to "grab whatever life had to offer." Colleen quipped, "And if I had to give up my seat on the board to make that happen?" Victor quickly responded, "Then he wouldn't blame you." Jack suddenly emerged and chimed in, "Well, you can give up on that pipedream right now."

Jack and Victor engaged in a war of words. Victor berated Jack for pushing Colleen to take Brad's vacant seat, which, Victor added, also hurt Ashley since Victor had tapped Ashley for the vacancy. Ashley became enraged. Ashley told Jack and Victor that their only concern was their feud. Ashley warned Jack and Victor that if they continued fighting, she would take Abby and leave.

Victor apologized. Jack looked stunned. After Ashley calmed down, she acknowledged that Jack and Victor would never end their war, but she insisted that they stop "sniping" at each other. Jack and Victor agreed to Ashley's "reasonable request." Colleen returned and announced that Billy was on his way. After Jack and Colleen left, Victor again apologized to Ashley for allowing Jack to "goad him into another argument."

Jack and Colleen sipped coffee at Crimson Lights. Jack crooned, "You let me worry about Victor." A worried Colleen explained that she had to confront Victor at board meetings. Jack claimed that he had already stopped Victor in his plan to divide and conquer, and he warned Colleen to be wary of Victor. Colleen stepped away to visit a friend. Jill breezed in, and Jack congratulated her on the new Abbott in her family. Jack boasted that Billy would soon marry Chloe. Jill rained on Jack's parade when she announced that Chloe had turned down Billy's proposal.

After Billy arrived at Colleen's house, Ashley asked Billy why Cane insisted on claiming the baby as his. Billy theorized that Cane was just a "Dudley Do-Right." Billy made an exaggerated motion with his hands as he described that he felt like pulling Cane's teeth out with pliers whenever Billy saw Cane holding Delia. Victor acknowledged that Billy's strong feelings for his child were primal.

Billy worried because Cane had signed the baby's birth certificate. Billy acknowledged that Chloe had turned down his less-than-romantic marriage proposal. Ashley advised Billy to listen to his heart. Billy said he worried that he might fail as a father and cause Delia to hate him. On the other hand, Billy noted, if Cane raised the baby, Cane would likely ensure that Delia grew to dislike Billy, anyway. Billy choked back tears and admitted that he didn't know what he should do.

Billy praised Ashley for doing a great job with Abby. Victor acknowledged that although Abby had two fathers, he and Brad had never fought in front of Abby. After Ashley stepped away to take a phone call, Victor told Billy that John would have been proud of Billy because Billy had owned up to his mistake and done the right thing. Victor seemed saddened when he mentioned that another man had raised his son, Adam. Victor noted that Adam was in prison. Victor warned Billy not to make a rash decision.

At the Chancellor estate, Billy unexpectedly asked Chloe to marry him. Chloe, cradling baby Delia, sobbed with joy, kissed Billy, and said, "We're going to be so happy." Chloe's mind was reeling after she realized that she seemed to have everything she had wanted too easily. Billy confessed that he wasn't like Cane, and that while he intended to become a doting father, he wasn't sure he could be fully committed in a marriage. Chloe asked Billy sarcastically if he intended to bring his bimbos home for group sleepovers. Chloe kicked Billy out, but before Billy left, he said that he would be part of Delia's life, even if he had to fight for it. Before Chloe slammed the front door, she said, "Well that fight just became a hell of a lot harder!"

After Jill returned, Chloe told her that Billy had proposed. Chloe added that she turned Billy down because he only wanted the baby. Jill reminded Chloe that the same arrangement had been fine with Chloe when she married Cane. Jill realized that Chloe was in love with Billy, but Jill admitted that Billy wasn't as reliable as Cane. Jill seemed aggravated when Chloe mentioned that Esther had left with Roger. Chloe cried that her mother had never been supportive.

Amber stopped by the Chancellor estate with a gift-wrapped "Find Katherine" shirt. Chloe told Amber that Billy was Delia's father. Amber said she understood why Chloe had latched onto Cane. Chloe sobbed and explained that she had tried to make the right decision for her baby. Amber hugged Chloe and comforted her. Amber surmised that Chloe loved Billy. Chloe admitted that she did, but fretted that Billy didn't seem to reciprocate the feeling. Amber suggested that Billy might be in love, but hesitant to express his intense feelings. Delia fussed, so Amber held the baby. Amber sadly recalled that she had been pregnant, but her baby died. Amber seemed uncertain when Chloe suggested that Amber and Daniel might have a baby.

Jack stopped by to see baby Delia. Jack claimed the baby's chin looked like John's chin. Jack cooed to the baby that her grandfather would have fussed over Delia because family meant everything to him. Jack welcomed Chloe into the Abbott family. Jack assured Chloe that Billy would do the right thing in the end. Chloe explained that Billy didn't have feelings for her. Jack suggested that she, Billy, and Delia move into the pool house on the Abbott estate. Jack noted that Billy trusted him, and Jack offered to keep Billy in line. Jack added that Chloe should at least try to give Delia the opportunity to grow up with her mother and father.

When Billy returned to the Abbott mansion, Jack explained that he had visited with Chloe and might have convinced her to reconsider Billy's proposal. Billy doubted that Chloe would change her mind, but Chloe phoned Billy and asked him to "restart" his proposal. Chloe advised Billy not to make an ass out of himself again. After Billy hung up, Jack smiled and said, "I told you I was good."

In a paneled room, Victor seemed a bit taken aback by the appearance of a woman swathed in white bandages from the top of her head to her neck. The mystery woman's brown mane, swept up in a ponytail, escaped from a narrow gap in her coiled dressings. Victor said, "My goodness. You know, there's no reason to worry. The bandages will come off soon, and then you'll be ready. I'll take care of everything."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Billy sat at the bar and ordered a Bloody Mary. Jack came up behind him and asked if he had the chance to follow up on Chloe's phone call. Billy didn't know why he should. Chloe had already turned down his proposal. Jack asked Billy what he had to lose. Billy was more afraid at the thought of Chloe said yes. Jack said it was time to do the right thing. Billy needed to convince Chloe to marry him.

Chloe wondered what the best thing for her and the baby would be. She didn't know if Billy was serious about his proposal. She told Cordelia that if Billy cheated on her, she would kill him, and then she'd be in jail. Jill came downstairs to check on Cordelia. Jill wondered why Esther hadn't come downstairs. Chloe said that Esther had gone away on her honeymoon. She told Jill that Billy was on his way over. Jill said that she loved her son, but... Chloe finished the sentence for her, "Irresponsible," she said. Jill said that whether or not Chloe ended up with Billy, she would always be welcome at the Chancellor estate.

When Billy arrived at the Chancellor estate, Jill asked if Billy had good intentions. Billy said he did. When Chloe saw Billy, she thought about what Jack said; that she should try. Billy asked if they could talk again. Chloe said she had thought about it, and she knew why he proposed the way he did. She wanted Cordelia to have a father. Chloe asked if Billy was still offering to marry her. Billy said he was.

Chloe told Billy they should commingle their assets and file a joint return. She asked Billy what he thought about moving into the Abbott's pool house. Chloe thought it was a good idea because Cane was always coming by the Chancellor estate. Billy said that she and Cordelia should move there. Chloe was not happy to hear that Billy would not be living with her. Billy said that Chloe wouldn't want him around all the time. He admitted that the baby bonded them together forever, but he couldn't be monogamous with her. Chloe said that she didn't have any illusions.

Chloe was worried that Cane would go after them if he didn't believe their marriage was real. Billy said they were good at putting on a show. Chloe told Billy that if he couldn't commit to her, he at least had to commit to Cordelia. Billy said that he would be a father to his child.

Billy called Jack to tell him he was going to marry Chloe. Jack asked to speak to Chloe, and congratulated her. Chloe told Jack that she had decided to take Jack up on his offer and move in to the pool house. Jack said not to worry about anything; he would make sure Billy would come around.

Jack saw Jill at the coffeehouse and had to gloat that Chloe had decided to marry Billy. Jill said that she would make sure that Chloe and Cordelia had their privacy. Jack said that Billy, Chloe, and Cordelia were moving in with him. "Over my dead body," Jill said.

Billy asked Chloe how long it would take for her to get a divorce. Chloe said that she had decided to try to get an annulment. Billy said he had a friend that was a family lawyer. Chloe asked if he was a good lawyer. Billy said not to worry; they were Cordelia's parents. Cane wouldn't stand a chance.

Noah and Eden were thrilled to see each other again. Victor called Noah to wish him a happy birthday. Victor said he couldn't make it to the dinner, but had a gift for him. Victor asked if Noah could meet him at 3:00 p.m. Noah asked if it could be earlier, but Victor said no one would be home. Noah agreed to meet Victor at three. When Noah hung up the phone, he told Eden that he had a place where they could be alone.

Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, and Victor set up the surprise party for Noah. Abby and Ashley walked in and were excited for the party. Nikki came in and said that she couldn't believe Noah was turning 16. Victor said he'd be surprised to see everyone.

Noah took Eden to the ranch so they could be alone. As they started kissing, they were shocked to see his entire family there. Sharon told Noah that he was not supposed to be with Eden. Noah said that they liked hanging out together. Sharon wondered how they were going to get through to Noah. Noah said that if Eden couldn't stay, he would leave. Sharon was upset when Nick agreed to let Eden stay. When Jack showed up for Noah's party, Victor said it was a family gathering. Ashley said that she invited Jack.

Abby didn't want Eden at Noah's party. She said that it was Eden's fault that her father was dead. Eden told Noah she was going to leave. Victor offered to drive her home.

Jack told Sharon that she had to let herself off the hook regarding Brad. Sharon said that she wasn't even thinking about that. She told Phyllis that she was glad Eden was gone; she didn't know what Noah saw in her. Nick looked out the window and saw a brand new car outside. Noah came running inside and was super excited that Victor had bought him such an extravagant gift. Nick said he wished Victor would have consulted Nick first. Abby said that she was going to get the same car for her 16th birthday. Jack said that it was sad that someone would have to buy something like that to show his love.

Sharon told Victor that Noah was going to have to prove he was responsible before he could have a car. Victor said that as a grandfather, it was his choice to let Noah do what he wanted. Noah begged to take his new car for a ride. Sharon made him promise that he wouldn't go see Eden.

Noah immediately went to the coffeehouse to show Eden his new car. Eden said that she didn't care if his whole family hated her. Noah said they didn't know her, he loved her, and that was all that mattered.

Victor told Sharon that he felt that Noah had a wonderful time. Sharon said that Noah was spoiled. Sharon put a picture in her purse while Nick was talking to Victor. Nikki told Victor that he had been a very generous gift giver lately. She mentioned Abby's new horse, Noah's car, and Ashley's seat on the board. Victor said that he didn't mind if they discussed their family, but he didn't want to discuss his family with her. Nikki said that she had no interest in discussing it with him. Ashley was upstairs listening to their conversation.

Clint said that their situation was getting too complicated. He told Roger that they needed to get Esther's money and split. Esther said that she didn't have as much money as they thought. Katherine suggested that Esther sell her half of the mansion to Jill. Esther was reluctant at first, but Katherine told her the men would never let them go otherwise. Clint told Roger to set up a meeting with Jill, and to take Esther with him. Esther said she wouldn't leave Katherine, but Katherine insisted. Clint said that if Esther cared about Katherine, she would do exactly what he said.

Jill was surprised that Esther and Roger had called her when they were on their honeymoon. She wondered what was so urgent that they needed to see her immediately. Esther said that she and Roger wanted to live somewhere else. Roger asked if Jill wanted to purchase Esther's half of the house. Jill said that she wasn't interested. Esther begged Jill to change her mind. Jill said that Roger was going to take Esther for all of her money.

Katherine thanked Annie for standing behind her. Annie said that thanks to Katherine, she had lost the man of her dreams. Katherine couldn't believe Annie was still in love with the man she impaled with a knife. She said that she could see that Annie and Roger were meant for each other. Annie said that Katherine should tell Esther to lay off if she knew what was good for her. Katherine said that if Roger and Esther returned for them, Roger must be in love with Annie, and Esther must believe she was really Katherine.

Daniel and Amber went to a seedy joint to meet up with the tipster about Katherine. Daniel told Amber not to get her hopes up. Amber said that if the tipster saw Daniel with her, it might scare him off. Daniel sat down at another table. When Clint showed up, he asked Amber if she was the girl asking questions about Katherine Chancellor. Clint told Amber that he saw the woman in the picture at the train station. Amber wondered what Katherine was wearing. Clint said he wasn't paying attention. Amber was curious why Clint would remember seeing a woman on the train. Clint said that the woman had fallen down and when he helped her up, she said, "Dear God in Heaven, thank you for helping me." Amber said that Katherine would say something like that. Clint told Amber he thought that Katherine Chancellor was dead. Amber insisted that she wasn't, Marge was the woman who was dead. Clint didn't think the proof Amber had was very convincing.

Gina showed up at the seedy bar to talk to Daniel. She said that Danny had some money to help Daniel with his art career. When Amber returned, Gina was shocked to see Clint. She told Amber not to trust him; his name was Clint Robinson. Daniel recognized the name. He remembered Gina had been married to Clint. Gina said she had, but she hadn't known that Clint had been in prison. Gina said that Clint had kidnapped Katherine years before. Clint was the one who found Marge at the diner and trained her to act just like Katherine. Amber realized that Clint might have Katherine again, and tried to run after him. Gina insisted they stay away from Clint. Amber said that Clint was the key to finding Katherine.

Annie and Clint were shocked when Roger and Esther returned with nothing. Roger said that there were circumstances beyond his control. Clint told Katherine that she had become a liability. Katherine said that if Clint killed her, the Chancellor family wouldn't stop until he was dead. Clint said that Katherine Chancellor was six feet under, and Marge was about to join her. Esther worried that Clint was going to kill them. Annie said that it would be all right; Roger had returned for her and Esther had returned for Katherine. Annie was sorry she ever doubted that Katherine was Mrs. Chancellor. Katherine told Clint that she was going to prove to him that she was Katherine Chancellor.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dining at the Athletic Club, Nick and Phyllis were still amazed that Noah had just celebrated his 16th birthday. Nick wasn't thrilled that Victor had bought Noah a car as a birthday present. Phyllis said that she thought Sharon seemed a bit off at Noah's party. Phyllis told Nick that Sharon had stared at a silver picture frame, made sure no one was looking, and then put the picture frame in her purse. Nick thought that perhaps Victor had told Sharon that she could have the frame. Nick said they had spent enough time worrying about Sharon, and that he was going to the gym.

At Crimson Lights, while Sharon was going through her purse looking for change to pay for her coffee, she found the silver picture frame, which contained a photo of Noah. She seemed surprised that it was there.

Phyllis went to see Jack, and told him that there was something weird going on with Sharon. Jack initially didn't believe that Phyllis was truly concerned about Sharon -- he thought that Phyllis feared that Sharon might once again turn to Nick. Phyllis convinced Jack that her concern for Sharon was genuine, and told him that Sharon needed someone who loved her. She told Jack how bad it would be for Noah if Sharon "cracked up." When Phyllis asked a concerned Jack if she was wrong, Jack said, "Not so far."

Nick and Sharon ran into each other at the club. She told him that Noah was on his way to Crimson Lights -- hopefully without Eden. Sharon admitted that she was having a hard time dealing with Noah's growing up. After exchanging pleasantries, Nick asked Sharon if she took a silver picture frame from Victor's house.

Sharon admitted that she did take the frame. She lied and said that she wanted to have it engraved and then present it to Victor on his birthday. Believing Sharon, Nick said that Victor would love that. When Sharon asked how Nick knew about the picture frame, he told her that Phyllis had noticed her taking it. He added that Phyllis was concerned about her, which Sharon took with a grain of salt. When Nick mentioned that he was concerned about Sharon, as well, she said that there was nothing to worry about. A lonely Sharon slowly walked up the Athletic Club stairs.

Later, Nick and Phyllis met at Crimson Lights. He told her that he didn't mind that she had voiced her concerns about Sharon to Jack. Nick told Phyllis that Sharon had taken the frame to have it engraved for Victor's birthday. Nick thought it was "cool" that Phyllis was concerned about Sharon -- but that there no longer was any need to be.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill chided Chloe on her decision to move into the Abbott pool house after she married Billy. Chloe told Jill that Jack was determined to get Chloe, Billy, and Delia under the same roof. Jill told Chloe that Billy would never love her -- and that Billy and Jack simply wanted to make sure that Delia was raised as an Abbott.

Jill was unsuccessful in trying to keep Chloe and Delia from moving out of the Chancellor mansion. Chloe said that Jack might be right -- perhaps she, Billy, and Delia could live as a family some day. Before Jill walked out, she told Chloe that if Chloe really wanted what was best for Delia, she would give her decision to move out some more thought.

At the Abbott mansion, Billy asked Jack how he had persuaded Chloe to marry Billy. Jack admitted that he told Chloe what she wanted to hear -- that Billy had feelings for her. Billy became upset, and said that he didn't want to be pinned down in a loveless marriage. Jack warned Billy that if he didn't give his marriage to Chloe a real chance, he would live a "lifetime of regret," and that Cane might end up raising Delia. Chloe called Billy and told him that she wanted to see him.

Billy showed up at the Chancellor mansion, and Chloe told him that she was having second thoughts about marrying him. Chloe didn't like the idea of her and Delia living at the pool house, while Billy stayed in his penthouse apartment, entertaining women. Billy whined that he would visit often. Chloe said that unless Billy acquiesced to her demand that he, she, and Delia live under the same roof, the marriage was off.

Chloe said she needed more than a piece of paper saying that they were married. When Billy said that he didn't want to be pinned down, Chloe said then he wasn't ready for the responsibilities of fatherhood. Chloe said she didn't expect Billy to love her, but she felt that she and Delia deserved some respect. Billy said that he would move into the pool house, and they would see how it went.

Chloe and Delia showed up at the Abbott mansion, ready to move in. Jack was thrilled that Billy had decided to live with them. Chloe thanked Jack for everything. When she left the room, Jack called Sharon and asked her to stop by. Unbeknownst to Jack, at that moment, Sharon and Billy were in Sharon's hotel suite, kissing passionately and tearing their clothes off.

At Jimmy's, Gina continued to warn Amber about Clint -- she said that Clint would take Amber for whatever he could get. After Gina left, Amber told Daniel that she planned to track Clint down. Amber called Kevin and told him that she had a possible lead on Katherine's whereabouts. Daniel, acting cynically, didn't understand why Amber had to drag Kevin into the situation.

When Kevin arrived at Jimmy's, Amber filled him in on her conversation with Clint. Kevin suggested they go to the police, but Amber said that she wanted to find Clint herself. Kevin said that he was "in." Daniel said that the two of them were ridiculous. Amber told Kevin that she didn't know where Clint had gone after he left Jimmy's, but that he had left a mint wrapper on the bar. Kevin found the wrapper, which had the name of the distributor, "Tasty Host," printed on it. Kevin said he would call Tasty Host Distributors and get the names of all the places where they delivered mints. Daniel said that the plan was stupid -- Kevin said that it was legwork.

Kevin learned what motels Tasty Host Distributors delivered its mints to. Daniel begged Amber to stop the search for Katherine. Amber said that Daniel was right -- and that she would give the search up. As soon as Daniel left for a meeting, Amber told Kevin that they needed to find Katherine.

At the Athletic Club, Gina told Jill that Clint Radison was back in town, and that he had told Amber that he had seen Katherine. Jill said that she knew what Clint was up to -- that he and Marge were working together again.

Inside the motel room, Katherine was still trying to come up with some information proving that she wasn't Marge. Katherine told Clint that Rex Sterling, Clint's former cellmate, had offered Clint money to steer clear of Rex's daughter, Gina, but that Clint had turned down the offer. When Clint asked Katherine how much money Rex had offered him, Katherine couldn't remember. Clint asked Katherine to tell him one thing that Katherine would know that Marge wouldn't. Katherine remembered that Clint gave Gina diamond earrings, which, at the time, Katherine had thought were fake. Realizing that Marge couldn't have known about the earrings, he said, "I'll be damned. It is you!"

Clint ordered Roger to untie Esther. He said that he had a job for Esther to do. Clint wrote a ransom note, and told Esther to give it to Jill. Esther was concerned that she wouldn't be able to convince Jill that Katherine was still alive, but Katherine told her that she had to pull it off. Clint gave Esther the note, and told her where her car was parked. Katherine encouraged the terrified Esther to do her best.

Amber and Kevin were outside the door of the motel room where Katherine was being held hostage. Daniel text messaged Amber and asked her to join him at Crimson Lights, but she ignored it.

Amber knocked on the door, and Annie answered. Amber showed Annie a picture of Katherine, but Annie lied and said that she hadn't seen her, nor had she seen anyone matching Clint's description. Kevin noticed Katherine's coat on the back of a chair. Annie told Amber that she would call if she saw Katherine or Clint. In a closet, holding a gun to her head, Clint said to Katherine, "You better pray Esther comes through -- time's up."

A hysterical Esther found Jill at the bookstore. She told Jill that Jill had been right about Roger. Jill tried to calm Esther down, to no avail. Esther told Jill that Roger and Clint were holding Katherine hostage. She gave Jill the ransom note, and told her that if Jill didn't pay, Katherine would be killed.

Jill told Esther the whole kidnapping story was a hoax. She said that Gina had told her that Clint was back in town, and that Clint and Roger were probably in cahoots with Marge. Esther continued to insist that Katherine was alive, and that Clint would kill her, but Jill said that Clint wouldn't kill anyone. She told Esther, "Tell these con men to find another patsy. I'm not handing over a cent."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jill invited Cane and Lily into her home. She noticed the necklace Lily was wearing and said that it looked familiar. Cane said it was because it once belonged to Jill. Jill asked if that meant that Cane and Lily were back together. Cane happily said yes. Jill congratulated them. When Cane asked to see Cordelia, Jill didn't want to have to tell him that Chloe had moved into Jack's pool house to be with Billy.

Jill told Jeffrey that things were not going to work out between them. Jill said their relationship was over if Jeffrey really loved Gloria. Jeffrey admitted it was true. Jill said that Jeffrey belonged with Gloria. She had never met two people who were more right for each other.

Gloria walked into the coffeehouse wearing a dark hat and sunglasses. Jana recognized her and said hello. Gloria was disappointed that she was immediately recognizable. When Kevin said hello, Gloria begged him not to blow her cover. Jana asked Kevin what he'd been doing all hours of the night. He explained that he and Amber were searching for Katherine. Kevin was disappointed that they didn't find any leads.

Jana said that Kevin had to realize that woman was not Katherine. Gloria said that she probably even wore polyester. Kevin had a flashback of seeing Katherine wearing a polyester coat. Then he remembered peering into one of the hotel rooms and seeing the same coat hanging on a chair. Kevin told Gloria that she was a genius.

He left to call Amber. He told her to call him as soon as she got the message. Kevin then called the hotel. When Clint answered, Kevin was surprised to hear a man's voice and remembered that Annie said no one was there. Kevin hung up the phone and dashed out. Jana begged him to come back to help her.

A couple of ladies walked into the coffeehouse and recognized Gloria. They knew that she had been released out of prison and had once been charged with murder. Jana said they didn't know anything. She told the ladies to get out. Gloria told Jana that Jeffrey was the reason she could never show her face in Genoa City again. Jana said that she thought that Gloria and Jeffrey wanted to work things out. Gloria said that she found Jeffrey "romping" around with Jill. Jana said that Gloria should ditch Jeffrey once and for all.

Gloria pulled the divorce papers out of her purse and signed them. Gloria sent the papers to Michael to file them. Just as Gloria sent the papers away, Jeffrey showed up and told Gloria he couldn't bear to be without her. He said things were over with Jill. Jana was disgusted with Jeffrey's antics. Gloria asked to be alone with Jeffrey. Jeffrey said that being away from Gloria was incredibly painful. Gloria said that she would show him what pain was, and kicked him in the groin.

Gloria told Jeffrey that she had decided to sign the divorce papers. Jeffrey begged Gloria to talk with him. Jana told Jeffrey to get out of the coffeehouse. Jeffrey said it wasn't over. Jana was proud of Gloria for going through with the divorce. Gloria looked unsure of herself.

Clint freaked out when he heard Kevin's silent phone call. He felt like someone was on to him. Clint told Katherine and Esther that his entire plan was destroyed. He was upset that Amber had shown up with his picture and was giving up his description. Annie said that she had fixed everything. Esther thought Annie was on their side. Annie said that she was on Roger's side.

Esther and Katherine begged Clint to give them a little more time. Clint refused. He was ready to pull the plug. Roger said that sounded good to him. He just had one question: what would they do with Katherine and Esther? Esther begged Clint to give her another chance. Clint said that Esther had blown her chance. Esther began to cry that she would never see Chloe or Cordelia again. Katherine told Esther that she needed to have faith.

Kevin arrived at the hotel room and started snooping around. Clint came up behind him and asked what he was looking for. Kevin said that he knew that the man was Clint, and Clint was harboring a woman named Katherine in his hotel room.

Katherine and Esther were sitting at the table when they heard a noise at the door. Roger looked out the peephole and Clint gave him a sign. Immediately, Roger made everyone get into the bathroom.

Clint told Kevin that the only person in the hotel room with him was his sister. He told Kevin to go in and look for himself. Kevin wondered if he was being tricked. Clint opened the door and told Kevin to look inside. Annie came up behind Kevin and injected him with a needle. Kevin fell to the floor.

Roger wondered what they would do. Clint said he had a plan. He pulled out a bomb. Clint told Roger to get a camera. He said they were going to take some pictures. They put Kevin's hand on the bomb and took some photos. Then they took Kevin outside and threw him in the trunk of their car.

Clint told Katherine and Esther that he had a lovely parting gift for them. He showed them the bomb. He said that would be the end for them.

Chloe apologized to Jack for keeping him up all night with the baby. Jack said that the first thing on the agenda would be getting a baby nurse. Chloe wondered why Billy hadn't shown up all night. Jack promised he would take care of Billy. Chloe said that if he didn't, she would pack her things back up and return to Jill's. Jack told her no to get so hasty.

Jack heard someone at the door and thought it was Billy, but it was only Ashley. Ashley was happy to see the baby, but could sense the tension in the air. Ashley told Chloe that she had been in a similar situation before. Chloe said that as soon as she could get an annulment from Cane, things would work out. Ashley said that she had spoken to Billy and, although he adored Cordelia, she had the impression that Billy wasn't ready to settle down. Jack gritted his teeth. Jack told Ashley that Billy was completely committed.

Chloe asked Jack if he could keep an eye on Cordelia while she took a shower. Ashley asked Jack what he was trying to pull. She said that Jack was making promises that Billy would not be able to keep. Ashley said that she also could not believe that Gloria was able to get out of prison. Jack said he felt they should just drop it. Ashley thought Jack was crazy.

Jack said that Emma Gibson did not die from the face cream, so there was no case. Jack wanted Gloria to walk for the good of the company. Ashley said that Gloria needed to pay for what she had done to Jabot. Ashley said that Billy and Traci were also affected. Until they heard what Billy and Traci had to say, the lawsuit would stand.

Jack went to Jill's to talk to her about letting him take over Billy's position at Jabot. When Ashley showed up, too, she wondered what Jack was doing there. Ashley said that she wasn't going to let Gloria get away with tampering their face cream and ruining Jabot's reputation. Jill said that she would take their feelings into consideration, but they needed to leave. Ashley couldn't believe Jack would turn against her so quickly.

Billy walked out of his hotel room and checked his cell phone. He couldn't believe he had so many messages. He became more and more annoyed as he listened to each message from Chloe. When he returned home to his penthouse, the phone rang again. When he looked at who was calling, he rolled his eyes. It was Chloe.

As Billy tried to sleep, someone was pounding on the door. When Billy finally answered, it was Chloe there to help him pack. Billy said that he wasn't up for it, but Chloe told him then the deal was off. Cane and Lily knocked on the door. When Chloe answered, Cane said that he had gone to the Chancellor estate to see his baby, but no one bothered to notify him that Chloe and Cordelia had moved. Chloe said they didn't want any visitors. Cane said that since Chloe decided to take the baby without notifying him, he was going to talk to his lawyer about getting full custody of the baby. Billy said to go ahead and try, he and Chloe were the real parents, and they would be caring for Cordelia.

Cane told Chloe that he was still married to her. Chloe said that Cane had decided he wanted a divorce, and she was going to help him with that. When Cordelia started to cry, Cane went to pick her up. Billy said he would take care of her; she was his baby and it was his place. He told Cane and Lily to get out. Cane asked Chloe how long it would take before Billy got tired of playing house. Cane said that when he came back, he would have the court behind him.

When Cane and Lily left, Billy began packing. He told Chloe that they would work everything out. Chloe still wasn't convinced.

Lily told Cane that it was hard keeping her mouth shut. She said that Billy and Chloe deserved each other. Cane said that it wasn't that Billy wanted to be a father; he just wanted to get back at Cane. Lily said that after seeing Billy and Chloe, she had decided to raise Cordelia with Cane. She said that Cane would be much more of a father to Cordelia than Billy would ever be.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Outside Crimson Lights, Paul accused Heather of still being in love with Adam. Heather insisted that she no longer loved Adam, but that she felt compassion for him. Paul said that Adam didn't deserve compassion, particularly from Heather. Heather said that Adam wouldn't have committed the crimes that landed him in prison if Victor hadn't tried to ruin Adam's life.

In his jail cell, Adam tried to read some Plato, but he was having trouble seeing the print. He threw the book across his cell.

Later, a sleeping Adam was awakened when Heather paid him an unexpected visit. Adam was not particularly happy to see her. Knowing that Adam wasn't pleased with the public defender who had been representing him, Heather gave him another public defender's business card. Adam said that he didn't want Heather's help, and told her to leave. On her way out of the cell, Heather dropped her purse, spilling all the contents. She quickly gathered up her stuff, threw it in her purse, and left.

Later, Heather realized that something from her purse was still on the floor of Adam's cell. She walked back to the cell, and saw Adam on his bunk, although Adam did not see her. Through the cell bars, she retrieved her item. She watched as Adam stood up and bumped into a chair as he tried to find his book. Heather stared at Adam for a moment before she left.

Sharon, Noah, and Doris went to Crimson Lights. Sharon was still concerned that Noah might be seeing Eden, but Noah insisted that he was seeing a different girl -- Mia. He pointed Mia out to Sharon and said that she was a straight-A student who participated in many extracurricular activities. When Noah walked off to talk with Mia, Doris told Sharon that she still looked worried about Noah and Eden.

Doris told Sharon that she thought Sharon was having forgetful episodes. Sharon went to the counter to get more coffee, and Doris watched as Sharon swiped an unattended cell phone from the counter and put it in her purse. Doris went over to Sharon and pulled the phone out of her purse. Sharon swore that she had no idea how the phone got in her purse. Doris urged Sharon to get psychiatric help, but Sharon refused.

Later, Abby ran into Noah at the coffee shop. Noah introduced Abby to Mia. When Mia went off to get a table, Abby accused Noah of using Mia as a "cover" for his relationship with Eden. Noah admitted that Abby was right. He made her swear that she wouldn't tell anyone that he was still seeing Eden. After Abby left, Noah called Eden and said, "So far, so good."

At the Athletic Club, Victor, Ashley, Nick, Phyllis, Victoria, and J.T. gathered for Victor's birthday party. Nikki walked into the club, but before Victor could see her, Victoria grabbed her and said that she could leave the club and avoid a possible confrontation with Victor. Nikki said that she was at the club to meet Paul for dinner, and that seeing Victor wouldn't be a problem.

The Newman family assembled at a table. Victor was told that Abby was on her way, but that Noah couldn't be there because he was studying for an exam. Victor said that he was happier than he had been in a long while.

Nikki, seated near the Newman family, was trying to get in touch with the executives of an auction house, but was told that they had already left for the day. She saw Victor getting a drink at the bar and asked him to come over for a moment. After she wished him a happy birthday, she held up an auction catalog. On the cover was a picture of Katherine's emerald ring -- the ring that Katherine had willed to Nikki. Nikki said that it was about to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, but that the ring rightfully belonged to her. Victor looked at the catalog, and noticed that Anthony's Auction House was running the auction. He said that he had contacts there and would intervene to try to get the ring for Nikki.

Nick and Phyllis snuck away from the table, and began kissing behind the stairs. Nick told Phyllis that he knew that he had made a mistake by getting involved with Sharon -- and that it wouldn't happen again. When Phyllis went to "fix her face," Sharon entered the club and ran into Nick. Before she headed upstairs, Sharon said, "That's it. Never again."

Later, Victoria stopped by her mother's table. Victoria thought that Nikki might be having a hard time seeing the family celebrate Victor's birthday, but Nikki said that she was doing fine. She also told her daughter that Victor had just done something nice for her.

After Victoria left, Paul showed up and Nikki noticed his somber demeanor. She asked him if his mood had anything to do with Heather. Paul asked that they change the subject, and Nikki told him that Victor was helping her out with something, and that maybe Victor did have a heart.

Paul reminded Nikki that, even though Victor had been kind to her, he might suddenly turn on her and treat her badly. Paul wondered if Heather would end up having a roller coaster relationship with Adam. Nikki said that one day Heather's love for Adam would be a distant memory, and that he would no longer have the power to hurt Heather.

Back at the bar, Victor asked Ashley what she had gotten him for his birthday. She replied that they had made his birthday present together. A stunned Victor realized that Ashley was saying that she was pregnant. Victor wondered how that was possible, but Ashley assured him that she had taken the test 15 times, and she was definitely pregnant. Victor said that was the best present she could ever have given him. She asked Victor not to announce her pregnancy to the family that night.

The family showered Victor with gifts. Nick seemed distracted, and J.T. asked him if he was okay. Nick said that he was, but then asked to be excused for a moment. Victor disobeyed Ashley and announced that she was pregnant. Nikki happened to be walking by the Newman table at the time, and heard the news. Victoria didn't look particularly happy. Finally, Phyllis broke the awkward silence and congratulated Victor and Ashley. Victor made a toast to the baby's health.

Abby, who had joined the gathering, was thrilled to learn that she was going to have a baby brother or sister. Phyllis, wondering where Nick was, left the table to tell him the news. At that moment, Nick was knocking on Sharon's door. Sharon opened the door, and neither Nick nor Sharon said a word. Nick entered the room, closed the door, and they began kissing passionately.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Amber ran into Jana and Gloria. She asked Jana if she knew where Kevin was. Amber dragged Jana inside and told her that she had received a message from Kevin, telling her where Katherine might be. Jana, obviously irritated with the search for Katherine, told Amber to tell Kevin to get back to Crimson Lights. Amber rushed out, and Gloria, who had overheard the conversation between Amber and Jana, followed her.

At the motel, Clint said that everything was falling into place. Kevin, who they were setting up to take the fall for planting the bomb, was locked in Clint's car's trunk. Referring to the tied-up Esther and Katherine, Clint said that the bomb would soon take care of their annoying guests.

Clint, Roger, and Annie left the room. A moment later, Annie came back in and removed their gags -- so that they could at least say goodbye to each other. Katherine and Esther began screaming for help as a light blinked on Clint's homemade bomb.

In the trunk of Clint's car, a terrified, trapped Kevin remembered his childhood -- when "Terrible Tom" had locked him in a closet.

Katherine and Esther managed to maneuver their chairs closer to the door, but Katherine fell on her side. Amber, outside the door, heard Katherine's screaming. The door to the room was locked, so Amber used a maid's cart to break it down. Katherine screamed and pointed out the bomb in the room. Amber asked where Kevin was.

At the side of the road, Clint, Annie, and Roger were in Clint's car. They could hear Kevin screaming from the trunk. Clint told Annie to give Kevin another injection of tranquilizer. When Roger asked Clint what time it was, Clint said, "It's almost boom time."

Back at the motel, Amber finished untying Katherine. Amber and Katherine began untying Esther when Gloria, who had been following Amber, showed up. Katherine and Amber told Gloria that there was a bomb in the room. Suddenly, the blinking light on the bomb turned off, and a timer began counting down from 20. Finally getting Esther free, the women began running out of the room, but Katherine tripped and fell on the floor. The bomb counted down ... three... two... one... and a large explosion was heard.

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