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The doctor said that Adam might be going blind. Katherine could not remember the last few months of her life. Clint locked Kevin in a closet, and Kevin reverted back to his abusive childhood. Clint made Kevin rob a bank. Devon saw Neil and Tyra making love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 9, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Inside Sharon's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick heartily embraced his ex, who was scantily clad in a sexy black bra, panties, and an unfastened crimson robe. Nick groped Sharon and kissed her passionately. Sharon suddenly pushed Nick away. Sharon took responsibility for their impromptu foreplay and claimed she had thrown herself at Nick. Sharon warned Nick that he wouldn't want Phyllis to catch him. Before Nick left, he apologized to Sharon. After Nick left, a bewildered Sharon phoned Jack and begged him to come. Jack arrived and massaged Sharon's back. Sharon told Jack that she feared she might be losing her mind. Jack reminded Sharon that she had recently endured horrendous tragedies, so she shouldn't be so hard on herself.

Sharon kissed Jack, but Jack halted Sharon's advances and explained that lovemaking wasn't what she needed. Sharon slipped out of her robe and pleaded with Jack to make love. Jack and Sharon fell on the bed. A shirtless Jack hovered over Sharon as his lips traced a path from her chest to her mouth. Sharon, lost in passion, called out Nick's name. Jack stopped in his tracks and hastily dressed. Sharon repeatedly apologized. After Jack stepped out of Sharon's room, he paused. Jack's face showed the strain of emotional pain.

At home, Nick unleashed his pent-up urges on Phyllis. Nick admitted to Phyllis, who was about to shower, that he had gone to Sharon's room at the club to check on her after Sharon overheard him telling Phyllis that Sharon was "no more." An amorous Nick pushed Phyllis against a wall and kissed her as he held fast to her nude thigh. The couple remained entwined as they disrobed each other and carried their lovemaking into a steamy shower stall. Water sprayed over Nick and Phyllis as they kissed.

In the heat of passion, Nick pressed Phyllis' wet body against the glass shower door. Afterward, an exhausted but glowing Phyllis wrapped herself in a towel. Nick caressed Phyllis' face and said, "I love you." After Nick went to dress himself, Phyllis seemed contemplative.

Nick and Phyllis relaxed in the living room at the tack house. Nick said he was hungry and went upstairs to find a phone number for his favorite pizza place. After Nick walked away, his cell phone rang. Phyllis was stunned to see that Sharon was calling Nick. Phyllis answered the phone and berated Sharon for pestering Nick. Sharon insisted that she had dialed Jack's phone, not Nick's. Phyllis told Sharon that whatever Sharon had said or done had lit a fire under Nick, who, Phyllis bragged, was phenomenal and amazing. Phyllis theorized that the contrast between Sharon's instability and Phyllis' stability had stimulated Nick's libido. Phyllis warned Sharon not to play her "little games" with Nick.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, a worried Daniel and Jana told Michael that Kevin was missing after he left to track down the woman that Kevin believed was Katherine. After Kevin left Amber a message about Katherine, Amber had followed Kevin. Jana expressed concern that no one had heard from Amber or Kevin. Daniel explained that Clint's involvement posed a danger because Gina claimed that Clint was a psychopath. Michael wondered why Amber and Kevin would become involved after DNA tests proved that the woman who purported to be Katherine was not who she had claimed to be. Daniel explained that Amber and Kevin were certain that Katherine Chancellor was alive.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe blasted Billy after she overheard him talking to a potential conquest on the phone. Billy reminded Chloe that he had committed himself only to Delia. Chloe told Billy that she demanded his respect and would not endure Billy's punishment for the loss of his freedom. Jill was surprised to see Chloe, Billy, and the baby out so late. Daniel interrupted and asked Chloe if she had heard from Amber. Chloe said that she had not. Esther phoned Jill and stammered that she been in an explosion. A bawling Esther summoned Jill to the hospital. Billy arranged a sitter for Delia. Billy and Chloe followed Jill to the hospital.

At the Hidden Lakes Motel, soot covered Katherine, Esther, Amber, and Gloria, as they lay amid mangled, fiery debris, but they managed to survive the bomb blast. Esther and Amber stood nearby as paramedics placed an unconscious Katherine into an ambulance. Gloria crawled out from under a pile of smoldering rubble and yelled for help. Gloria loudly announced that she had saved Katherine Chancellor's life.

At the hospital, a paramedic reported that Katherine had sustained a head injury and was unresponsive, as a nurse hurriedly directed Katherine's gurney to an exam room. Gloria phoned a reporter and volunteered to give an exclusive interview about how she had saved Katherine Chancellor's life. Reporters listened and photographers snapped pictures as a sooty-faced, wheelchair-bound Gloria touted that some had mistakenly thought she was a killer. Gloria announced that she had saved Katherine Chancellor's life. Gloria boasted that she and Katherine were best friends. Amber rolled her eyes in revulsion.

Chloe, Billy, and Jill arrived at the hospital. Esther insisted that the woman Jill thought was Marge truly was Katherine. Jill shook her head in disgust. Detective Wallace questioned Esther about Roger. Esther admitted that Roger was a bigamist and a con artist, and that he had planned to take Esther's part of the Chancellor mansion. Esther explained that Clint's plan changed after he realized that Katherine Chancellor was his hostage.

Jill interrupted and denied Katherine's existence. Esther flew into a rage and screamed that Katherine was alive, and that Katherine wouldn't have been in danger if Jill had paid the ransom Clint demanded. Chloe and Billy comforted Esther and requested a sedative for the sobbing Esther. Jill thanked Amber for loving Katherine so much that Amber would risk her life. Jill added, "My mother, wherever she is, would appreciate that."

Amber phoned Daniel and learned that Kevin was missing. After Daniel, Jana, and Michael arrived at the hospital, Daniel embraced Amber. Michael asked Gloria why she was in a wheelchair. Amber quipped, "Oh, she's fine." Gloria claimed she had followed Amber to the motel. Amber amended Gloria's statement and insisted that Gloria came to the hotel, so she could suck up to Katherine. Jana realized that Kevin, who Amber had followed, was missing. Jana panicked and yelled, "Where is he?" Gloria said, "Kevin's smart. He'll get himself out of this." Jana cried and berated herself for not stopping Kevin from going on his rescue mission.

Back at blast scene at the motel, Michael and Daniel sought clues about Kevin's whereabouts. Michael told Detective Wallace that Kevin was missing, and that they thought he had been at the motel. Detective Wallace assured Michael and Daniel that Kevin hadn't been injured in the bomb blast. An exceedingly worried Michael reported Kevin as a missing person. Detective Wallace remembered a previous encounter with Kevin when the detective intervened during one of Kevin and Amber's heated arguments about whether or not Katherine was alive. Michael and Daniel returned to the hospital and reported to Gloria, Jana, and Amber that there was no news about Kevin. Jana cried that something was seriously wrong. Jana worried that Clint was a maniac. Michael comforted Jana and insisted that Kevin was the ultimate survivor.

Katherine awoke and told Dr. Gannon that she was aware that she was at the hospital. Dr. Gannon was surprised when Katherine identified herself as Katherine Chancellor. Katherine believed that Jill had admitted her for observation due to Katherine's episodes that she described as senior moments. Katherine mentioned her dear friend, Nikki, who had also been worried. Dr. Gannon questioned Katherine about the explosion, but Katherine didn't recall the blast.

Dr. Gannon told an anxious Amber, Esther, Jill, Chloe, and Billy that his patient, who insisted she was Katherine Chancellor, was doing well. Amber and Esther readily agreed that the patient was indeed Katherine. Jill rolled her eyes before she walked away. Amber and Esther were relieved. Chloe stepped away to compose herself. Billy was a bit surprised that Chloe had been so very concerned for her mother, and he mentioned that Chloe had a child who would love her just as much. Chloe vowed to shred Cane to ribbons if he tried to take Delia away. Esther was surprised to learn that Chloe and Billy planned to marry and raise Delia together.

Detective Wallace returned to the hospital and showed a photograph of Kevin holding a bomb to Gloria, Michael, Jana, Amber, Daniel, Esther, Chloe, and Billy. They all stared puzzled as Detective Wallace asked, "What can you tell me about this?"

Jack ran into Jill at the coffeehouse. Jack told Jill that he had heard Gloria's interview on the radio about how she had single-handedly saved Katherine. Jill invited a surprisingly courteous Jack to have coffee, and they both agreed that Gloria was a hideous creature.

Kevin, who behaved like a silly youngster, sucked air through the straw of his drink cup and munched on fast food as he rode between Annie and Roger in the back seat of Clint's car. Annie told Clint that Kevin was reacting to the drugs she had injected. Clint swore his former hostages to damnation after he learned that no one died in the bomb blast. Annie worried that witnesses could identify them, and that they were about to transport one hostage out of the state. Clint argued that Kevin wasn't a hostage. Instead, Clint insisted, Kevin was the mastermind behind the whole plot. Kevin snickered like an unruly child while he and his captors took a break in a wooded area.

Clint viewed news reports on his cell phone. Roger remarked that Kevin was more famous than the Unabomber when they saw that police had released Clint and Roger's staged photo of Kevin with the bomb. Clint and Roger forced Kevin back into the trunk of the car. Kevin resisted and pleaded with his captors not to lock him in the trunk. Annie begged for mercy on Kevin's behalf. Kevin fought, but Clint and Roger managed to cram Kevin back in the trunk.

At Joe's diner, Pearl poured coffee for a distressed Murphy, who expressed concern for Katherine's welfare. Joe emerged from the kitchen with a radio set to a news broadcast. Joe, Murphy, and Pearl listened to a breaking-news report about an extortionist, Marge Catrooke, who the announcer proclaimed was a surviving victim of a bomb blast. Joe said that ambulances had transported the bombing victims to a hospital. Joe, Pearl, and Murphy rushed to Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Gannon told Katherine that she had a minor infection from a cut and had suffered a mild concussion, which could cause confusion. Katherine was surprised to learn that she had no other physical problems. Katherine was eager to see her visitors, so Dr. Gannon allowed them into Katherine's room. Murphy, Pearl, and Joe were elated to see Katherine. Katherine looked into her visitors' faces and asked quizzically, "Do I know you?"

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nikki went to Nick and Phyllis' to watch Summer. Nikki mentioned that she had overheard Victor and Ashley's announcement that they were having another child. Nick received a call from Victoria telling them about the explosion involving Esther and the woman who said she was Katherine. Phyllis and Nick suggested staying home; Nikki had been through a lot. Nikki insisted that everything was okay.

Victor stared longingly at the picture of Sabrina on the wall. Ashley came downstairs and wondered why Victor wasn't in bed. Victor said he couldn't sleep after hearing the news that she was pregnant. Ashley felt proud when Victor said their baby was a miracle. Victor told Ashley that her finding him was a miracle, too. Ashley said that after Robert, she had thought she could not have another baby. She told Victor that she was worried they might go through that again. Ashley said that when she had found Victor, she felt a great deal of joy and sadness, and the baby had made her feel the same way. Victor insisted that everything would be okay. Victor asked Ashley to marry him.

The housekeeper, Stella, interrupted Victor and Ashley and asked if they needed anything. When Victor got up to make a phone call, Ashley asked Stella if she had seen a particular work of art that Sabrina and Victor had once purchased together. Stella wondered if Ashley thought she had stolen it, then said she didn't know what had happened to it.

When Stella excused herself, she looked at Sabrina's picture on the wall. Victor said that he wanted to know Ashley's thoughts on his question. Ashley said she wanted to wait before she answered it. All she wanted to do was rest and make sure the baby would be okay.

Nikki sat on the couch and remembered the first time Victor held Nick in his arms. She remembered looking into Victor's eyes with all the love in her heart. Nikki looked down at Zapato and kissed him. Stella stopped by to talk to Nikki. Stella told Nikki that Ashley had accused her of stealing from Victor and said that made it even harder to celebrate the news. Nikki wondered if she meant the baby news. Stella said that Victor had decided to marry Ashley.

As Jill was sitting with Jack at the coffeehouse, she received a call from Cane. Jill explained that Esther was okay. She was thankful when Cane said he would check on her at the hospital. Jack wondered if Cane had said he would check on Esther or Katherine. Jill said that the woman in the hospital was not Katherine. Jill felt she would know it in her heart if it were really Katherine.

Jill became irritated when she heard that reporters would be all over the Katherine story once again. Jack wondered why Jill was so adamant that the woman was not Katherine. Jack said that Jill probably wouldn't be able to live with the guilt if she found out the woman in the hospital was really Katherine.

Jack saw Phyllis at the coffeehouse and said he was surprised that Nick was still with her. He said that he thought Phyllis might have felt guilty when she sent Brad to his icy death to order to stop Nick from seeing Sharon. Nick walked up to them and said hello to Jack. Phyllis said she was just about to tell Jack about Victor and Ashley's news. Phyllis said congratulations; Ashley was pregnant. Jack said sorry to disappoint, but he was happy for Ashley. Phyllis didn't believe him. Jack told Nick to stay away from Sharon.

When Phyllis and Nick returned home, they stopped outside the door. Phyllis wondered if Jack had said something to Nick to make him upset. Nick said he hadn't. Phyllis said she was happy to get home; they could get a good night's rest. Nick wasn't ready to sleep.

At the hospital, Katherine did not recognize Murphy, Pearl, or Joe Jr. Murphy asked if he could be alone with Katherine. He told Katherine that her mind was probably a little cloudy from the concussion, and she should trust that she would remember everything soon. Katherine didn't know why she should trust Murphy, but she did. Murphy said it was because she knew him. Katherine asked Murphy how she ended up in the hospital. Murphy tried to think of ways to jog Katherine's memory. When Murphy mentioned that Katherine had once called him Phillip, she remembered that Phillip was her late husband.

Billy wasn't surprised to hear that Kevin Fisher had planted the bomb in the hotel. Jana said the photo must have been photoshopped. Gloria said it was ridiculous; Kevin was trying to help Katherine. Esther suddenly remembered that Kevin had been outside the hotel room talking to Clint. Billy told Gil that Kevin Fisher was a documented psychopath and that he needed to find Kevin before he blew someone else up. Michael said that Billy should think twice before making a statement like that.

Chloe told Billy that he shouldn't jump to conclusions about Kevin. She also said that if Esther believed Marge to be Katherine, that he should also consider that a possibility. Billy said that he had considered it. When Cane and Lily arrived, Chloe explained that Esther and Amber were talking to Katherine. Cane said her name was Marge. Billy wondered if Cane believed everything that Jill said.

Esther excused herself from talking to the police to go check on Katherine. She was surprised to find a stranger talking to Katherine in her room. Amber said it was only Murphy. Esther decided to give them a moment alone.

When Esther and Amber walked into Katherine's hospital room, Katherine greeted them with open arms. Murphy quickly left the room. Katherine didn't understand why Jill wasn't there. Katherine asked Esther who Murphy was. Esther and Amber explained that a lot of time had passed that Katherine did not remember. Amber said that everyone thought Katherine was dead. Katherine was shocked to hear that Jill didn't believe she was alive.

Billy went to Katherine's hospital room to talk to her. When Katherine saw Billy, she asked him when he got back from Hong Kong. Esther explained that Katherine's short-term memory was gone, but some of her long-term memory had returned. Billy was still uncertain about whether or not to believe she was really Katherine. Katherine said that she was real, and said if he was anything like his father, he would know what to do. Billy hugged her and called her "Grandma."

When Cane walked in, Katherine happily called Cane over to her. Cane was in a bit of shock. Billy tried to explain the situation to Cane, but Katherine insisted that if Cane wanted to talk, it should be to her. Cane asked Katherine about the Bible verse she had quoted about him and Billy. Katherine couldn't remember. Then Cane asked who sang at the charity ball the previous year. Amber said that Cane was asking Katherine about things that were too recent.

Katherine said that no one wanted to remember more than she did, but she just couldn't get to it. Cane told Katherine that if it was money she wanted, she needed to name her price and leave them alone forever. He said that when he returned, she should have a number for him. Katherine called out to Cane, but he left, anyway.

Murphy told Pearl and Joe that he didn't feel like Marge belonged in their lives anymore. Pearl begged Murphy to at least return to say goodbye to her. Murphy sat back in his chair and thought about Katherine. He said out loud that he was going to miss her.

Lily talked to Chloe outside of Katherine's hospital room. Chloe quipped that Lily was like a little dog, loving her leftovers. Lily said, "Speaking of dogs, how was Billy?" Lily told Chloe the only reason Billy was with her was because of Cordelia.

Cane told Lily that the woman in the hospital room looked and talked just like Katherine, but he was still unsure. He said that all she knew was his name. Billy came up to Cane and was upset that Cane had treated Katherine that way. Cane said that the woman was a fake. Billy said he had spent his whole life with Katherine, and Cane had only known her two years. He said that if Cane knew his grandma, he would know it was her. Jill asked Cane about Katherine. Cane said that whoever she was, she wasn't Katherine. Jill wanted to know if he was sure. Cane said that he was.

Billy went to tell Jack that Katherine had returned. Jack told him that Jill seemed to think differently. Billy said he knew his grandmother. Jack said that he was also upset finding out that Ashley was carrying Victor's child. Jack told Billy that he should be back at the hospital to be with Chloe. Billy took a shot of alcohol and left.

Amber told Katherine that Cane would come around. Katherine became upset and begged them to leave her alone for a while. Amber said that while she was thinking, she might want to return home. Katherine said that she wasn't going to return. Jill didn't want to see her and she wouldn't force herself on Jill.

Jana wondered if the people who had set the bomb had kidnapped Kevin. She said they had to get to Kevin before the police did. Gloria begged Michael to think of something. Daniel said he had been worried about Kevin for a while.

Gloria kept looking at the picture of Kevin holding the bomb. Jana wondered if Gloria thought Kevin had really bombed the hotel. Gloria said she didn't think so, but if the kidnappers had gotten hold of Kevin he might fall off the deep end. Jana said there was no way that would happen. Suddenly Jana thought that Gloria had set Kevin up.

They all began arguing with each other. Gil, the detective, showed up and handed Jana a search warrant to search the coffeehouse. Gloria wondered why Gil wasn't out looking for her son. Gil said to rest easy- Kevin was their prime suspect, they would do everything they could to find him.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nick and Victor met at the Newman ranch. Victor told Nick that he had been working on a potential partnership with an Asian company. Victor needed Nick to go to Beijing to meet with the executives of the company. Nick said that he thought that Victor would want to meet with the executives himself, but Victor said that he had full confidence in Nick's ability to seal the deal.

Victor and Nick discussed Ashley's pregnancy. Victor said the pregnancy might be difficult, due to Ashley's car accident. While looking at Sabrina's picture, Victor said he wouldn't let Ashley down. Victor said how ironic it was that he went to Paris to feel close to Sabrina after her death, and that trip reunited him and Ashley.

At the prison, Adam tried looking at a magazine, but all he could see was a blur. Heather stopped by to see how Adam's rash was. He said that he was recovering from the rash. When Heather asked Adam how his eyes were, Adam denied having any problems with his vision. Heather told Adam that she had seen him bump into a chair the last time she visited him. Heather tricked Adam by asking him to hand her a pen that was on the table. Adam ran his hands all over the table, looking for the pen. Heather then told him that there was no pen.

Adam admitted that he was having problems seeing. He told Heather that he was keeping his vision problem a secret, as the other inmates might take advantage of him if they sensed his weakness. He told Heather that he appreciated her concern, but asked her to leave him alone.

Heather went to the ranch to tell Victor about Adam's vision problem. Upon seeing Heather, Victor slammed the door in her face. Heather yelled through the window that Adam was going blind. Victor ignored her, and continued to discuss business with Nick.

Heather followed Nick to the Athletic Club. Nick didn't believe that Adam was going blind, and told Heather that she had "zero credibility." Heather wondered how Nick could be so cruel. He walked away, telling Heather to take her sob story somewhere else.

At the prison, Victor entered the rec room, where Adam was sitting with some other inmates. Adam did not realize that Victor was there.

At the Athletic Club, Gina showed Colleen the newspaper, which featured the picture of Kevin with the explosive device on the first page. Gina said that they should have locked Kevin up when he burned down her restaurant years earlier. A television reporter showed up and asked Gina if she would be willing to do an interview about Kevin. Gina said she'd love to talk about the man who burned down her restaurant.

At Crimson Lights, Michael, Gloria, Jana, and Amber watched Gina's interview. Gina said that Kevin wasn't just guilty of burning down her restaurant -- he had also trapped Colleen in the restaurant, attempting to kill her. When the reporter asked Colleen how she felt, Colleen was somewhat hesitant to answer. When she began to insinuate that Kevin had changed since the fire at Gina's, Gina cut Colleen off and said that Kevin was more dangerous than ever -- that he had gone from playing with matches to playing with bombs. Gina said that Michael, Kevin's brother, had managed to keep Kevin out of jail, but she hoped that this time, they would lock Kevin up for good.

Jana became hysterical and told Daniel that his Aunt Gina was trying to destroy Kevin. Michael said that it was good that Clint's picture was all over the media, because when they found Clint, they would probably find Kevin. Detective Wallace arrived and asked Jana how Katherine's purse ended up in the Fishers' apartment. Jana said that Kevin had found the purse the night that Katherine had allegedly died, but Michael told Jana not to reveal the purse's contents.

Detective Wallace had other evidence: the computer forensic experts had found that Kevin had been on the Internet, researching methods to hot-wire the same model car that Katherine had driven. Wallace had also checked Kevin's phone records and found that Kevin had called Katherine at about the time her car had gone off of the road. There was also a record of a call made to the motel just before the bomb explosion. Daniel opined that perhaps Kevin was trying to warn Katherine about the bomb. Wallace said that he had enough evidence to arrest Kevin.

Jana went to the Athletic Club to confront Gina about the television interview. Daniel followed her. Jana was livid with Gina. Gina said that she knew what Jana was going through. Referring to Clint, she said that she had gotten involved with psychopaths like Kevin in the past. Jana said that her "beautiful" Kevin was nothing like Clint.

Colleen and Daniel both tried to convince Gina that Kevin had worked really hard to change. Gina replied that perhaps Kevin had tried to change -- but that he was unable to escape the "problems in his head." Jana got into Gina's face and warned her to stay out of the situation. Daniel refereed and separated Jana from Gina. After saying that this argument wasn't helping anything, Daniel led Jana out of the club.

At Crimson Lights, Michael was not happy to see Gloria giving an interview to the television reporter. Michael accused the television crew of worming their way into Crimson Lights, but he was shocked to learn that Gloria had actually called the television station, requesting the interview. After Michael threw the television crew out, he told Gloria that he had managed to convince the judge to hold off issuing a warrant for Kevin's arrest. Michael asked Gloria if she had told the television reporter that Kevin was totally innocent of the bombing. Gloria replied, "In a manner of speaking. I had to tell people that Kevin was fragile, so that people would understand." Michael realized that Gloria was making excuses for Kevin, and that she believed that Kevin had set the bomb.

Later, Jana, Daniel, Michael, and Gloria watched Gloria's interview on television. Gloria talked about how Kevin had been humiliated as a youngster by his father, "Terrible Tom." Gloria then told the group that others watching the interview would understand Kevin better. Jana said, "No, they won't. They'll think he's a lunatic!" Michael told Gloria that, as usual, she had made matters worse.

At the Chancellor mansion, Billy told Jill that the woman in the hospital was definitely Katherine. Jill reminded Billy that a DNA test had shown that the woman was not related to Jill. Jill said that although she wished that she were wrong, the woman in the hospital was Marge, and not Katherine.

Billy kept pushing Jill to accept that Katherine was still alive. Billy said that he felt that he had known the woman in the hospital room his whole life. He wondered why Jill was so afraid of going to the hospital and seeing for herself. He said that if the woman turned out to be a fake, they could just walk away. Jill decided to placate Billy by going to the hospital with him and seeing the woman for herself.

Amber had spent the night with Katherine in her hospital room. Katherine said that some of her older memories were coming back in bits and pieces, but that until they learned the cause of her memory lapses, she wouldn't be able to get her life back.

Dr. Braun, a psychiatrist, stopped by to examine Katherine. Katherine insisted that she was indeed Katherine Chancellor, but the psychiatrist obviously didn't believe her. The doctor said that a sad, lonely victim like Marge might have any number of reasons to change her identity and say that she was Katherine. Amber told the doctor that they should settle it once and for all by examining Katherine's dental records.

Dr. Braun returned to Katherine's room to report that they were unable to locate Katherine's dental records. Katherine told the doctor that she didn't like the idea of being "held prisoner" while they "poked around in her brain." As Billy and Jill stood outside the door of the room, Katherine said, "There's no reason to keep me here. I'm not crazy and I'm not Katherine Chancellor. I'm Marge Catrooke."

In the hospital lounge, Jill comforted Billy, who said that he was absolutely sure that the woman was Katherine. Inside Katherine's room, a hysterical Esther didn't understand why Katherine would lie and say that she was Marge. Amber explained to Esther that Katherine did it to stay out of the psych ward. Katherine smiled and said, "I simply told the good doctor what she wanted to hear."

Clint, Annie, Roger, and Kevin arrived at a secluded cabin with some groceries. When Clint told Roger to lock Kevin in the closet, Kevin cried, "No, no. I'll die in there."

Later, as Kevin was in the closet, Clint, Annie, and Roger watched the news on television. The news showed pictures of Annie and Roger, and asked for anyone who had any information on the Wilkeses to call the Genoa City Police Department. Annie became hysterical, and said that she couldn't go to prison, as her red hair would clash with the prison's orange jumpsuits. When Annie asked what they were going to do, Clint said that Kevin was the one who was going to get them out of the mess.

When Clint left to put gas in his car, Annie reminded Roger that Kevin hadn't eaten since the previous day. Roger made sure that Clint was gone and told Annie that it was okay to make Kevin something to eat.

As Kevin was eating a sandwich, Clint returned and demanded to know why Kevin was out of the closet. Roger and Annie tried to convince Clint to leave Kevin behind and head for Canada. Clint said that he had "big plans" for Kevin.

Clint locked Kevin in the closet and went to take a shower. Annie and Roger debated what to do. Annie wanted to run off and take Kevin with them, but Roger said that he wasn't willing to die for Kevin. Annie and Roger ran off, leaving Kevin screaming, "Please don't leave me here."

Later, Clint watched Gloria's interview on the news and learned that Kevin's father had punished the boy by locking him in a closet. Through the closet door, Clint said, "It's just you and me, kid. And it'll all be fine as long as you do what Daddy tells you."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adam didn't see Victor when he tried to find a chair to sit down. Victor watched him struggle to find his way. When Victor sat down in front of Adam, Adam asked what he was doing there. Victor realized that Adam still wouldn't take the blame for what he'd done. Victor told Adam that he had told Hope he would take care of Adam. Adam said that Victor obviously hadn't done a very good job of that. Victor told Adam that Heather had mentioned he was having trouble with his eyesight. Adam said there was nothing wrong with him. Victor said he was glad there was nothing wrong, and left.

Clint asked Kevin if he was ready to come out of the closet. Kevin begged to be let out. Clint opened the door and told Kevin that he would let him out, but only if he would do what "Daddy" said. Kevin asked where his mother was and started screaming. Kevin remembered hearing his mother return home looking for him while he was locked away in the closet. Clint heard Kevin crying and told him to shut up. When Clint opened the door, Kevin saw his mother trying to save him. Suddenly Kevin was in the dark again.

Clint opened the door again and told Kevin he could come out if he promised not to make any more trouble. He told Kevin that if he was good, he could come out more often. Clint wanted to play a game with Kevin. He said that if Kevin played the part correctly he could have dinner at the table. Clint had Kevin dress up in a costume as a chipmunk and hold up a bank.

Neil asked Karen if she would like to have dinner with him to talk. Karen said that a restaurant was not the answer. Neil said that his kiss with Tyra had made things very uncomfortable between them. Karen didn't know what it was going to take to make things okay again. She said it was hard enough to walk in her home to find her husband kissing another woman, but the thought of what might have happened after was even worse. Neil swore to Karen that nothing else had happened. Karen said that she didn't trust Neil working with Tyra at the club every night. Karen asked Neil to let Tyra go.

Neil didn't want to fire Tyra. He told Karen that Tyra was a good worker and he wouldn't let her go based on his indiscretion. Karen said that Neil was making excuses. Neil felt that Karen was trying to punish Tyra and take Ana away from her. Karen asked Neil what was more important: Tyra's job or their marriage. Neil said that their marriage was more important, but their adopting Ana was a totally different issue. Karen said that Neil made them the same issue when he kissed Tyra. Victor walked in and asked Neil if he had a moment. Neil looked hard at Karen and excused himself.

Tyra walked into Neil's office and asked Karen if she knew where to find Neil. Karen jumped up and angrily said that after everything she and Neil had done for Tyra and Ana, that Tyra thanked them by trying to break up their marriage. Tyra said that she guessed that she showed her gratitude in the wrong way. She admitted that she had crossed the line, but she did not want to steal Neil away from Karen. Karen said she knew what she saw. Karen told Tyra the best thing she could do was to get the hell away from her husband.

Neil apologized to Victor for bringing his family issues into the workplace. Victor said he understood. He wanted Neil to know that he would be occupied over the next eight months. Neil said that as much as he wanted to help Victor, he would also be busy with raising their new adopted daughter. Victor understood and said he would find a way to work it out. When Neil left, Victor wrote a letter to Adam. He said that it broke his heart thinking of Adam in jail. Victor wrote that Adam's experience might make him a stronger person. He said Adam was his son, and he would always be.

Victor went back to the prison to deliver the letter to Adam. Adam wondered why he had the pleasure of seeing Victor twice in one day. When Victor handed over the letter, Adam pretended to read it. Victor said goodbye. As Victor was about to leave, he turned to find Adam trying to read the letter. His heart broke seeing Adam that way. Victor took the letter from him and said he would help him out. Adam wondered what to do. Victor said they would figure it out.

Neil returned to his office to talk to Karen. Neil said that he had been accused of taking on too much. He said that at the end of the day, his first priority was Karen. Neil told Karen that she was right, and he realized that if he continued to see Tyra every day, he knew it would cause friction. Neil decided to let Tyra go. Karen thanked Neil and hugged him.

Neil went to Indigo to talk to Tyra. He said that he had something important to talk about with her.

At the coffeehouse, Nikki asked Jill how Esther was doing. Jill said that Esther was doing fine. Jill said she was more bothered that Esther had insisted that Marge was really Katherine when Marge had actually admitted that she wasn't. Jill said it was all a hoax to get Katherine's money. Nikki saw a delivery person that she had been waiting for and called him over. When Nikki opened the envelope, the ring was inside. Jill was shocked that Nikki had found Katherine's ring. Nikki explained that Victor had helped her get the ring back. She looked at the ring and remembered how much Katherine had loved it. Jill became upset because Nikki had originally accused her of stealing the ring.

Nikki paid a visit to Victor to thank him for helping her get the ring back. Victor said that Katherine would have wanted her to have it. Victor asked if Nikki wanted anything else. Nikki said that she had heard that Ashley was pregnant and offered Victor congratulations.

Amber handed Katherine the keys to her hotel room. She said she was happy that Katherine was getting her memory back. Katherine said she was determined to get her life back. She was just going to have to find a way to prove it. Amber received a call from Daniel, who was upset with her because she continued to immerse herself with first Katherine, and then Kevin. Katherine said that Amber was putting herself in harm's way. Amber said she would do it all over again if it meant saving Katherine. Katherine told Amber to go see Daniel and make things right.

Jill saw Katherine at the Athletic Club and told her she didn't belong there. Katherine said she was Jill's mother and she had done nothing wrong. Jill said having her there was cruel. Katherine said that it bothered her to see Jill in so much pain from losing her mother, especially since she was right there.

Amber apologized for lying to Daniel about following Clint. She tried to explain her story, but Daniel was still upset. He said that he felt Amber had betrayed him. Amber admitted that she should have listened to Gina. She wondered if Daniel would think she was crazy if she still wanted to try to find Kevin. Daniel said he would help her, but they needed to have more people involved in the search. When Jill walked into the coffeehouse, Amber thought that if she could get Jill and Katherine in the same room together, Jill would know it was really Katherine. Jill said that she had already seen her.

Katherine saw Nikki at the bar and approached her. Nikki jumped when she saw Katherine's face. Katherine apologized and told Nikki that she didn't mean to cause a scene. She asked Nikki for just a few minutes. Katherine begged Nikki to just look at her a little. Nikki wouldn't believe her. Nikki told Katherine to stop playing her sick game. Katherine saw her ring on Nikki's finger. Katherine said she knew it was her ring because she had left it to Nikki in her will, along with the rest of her jewelry. Katherine begged Nikki to let go of her fear and realize who she really was.

Friday, March 13, 2009

At the Athletic Club, Katherine was unable to convince Nikki that she wasn't Marge. When Katherine asked Nikki what she could do to prove that she actually was Katherine, Nikki told her to "stay away from us."

Lunching with Victoria, Nikki told her that seeing "Marge" was like losing Katherine all over again. When Victoria said that it had been a difficult week, Nikki told her daughter that learning about Ashley's pregnancy didn't bother her. Nikki said that it seemed that Victoria was the one who had a problem with the pregnancy. When Victoria made snide remarks about Victor having found his soul mate again, Nikki reminded her that Victor and Ashley did have a history together.

Nikki asked Victoria not to confront Victor about his relationship with Ashley, as she didn't want to see Victoria estranged from Victor again. Nikki said she really didn't care about Ashley's baby, as long as it didn't affect Victor's relationship with Nick and Victoria. She reminded Victoria that Victor had been through a rough year, and perhaps the baby would make him happy. Victoria seemed unconvinced.

At a check-cashing store, the terrified proprietor filled up Kevin's bag with cash. Kevin was wearing an oversized chipmunk head as a disguise. A surveillance camera recorded the robbery. Kevin ran out of the store.

At the secluded cabin, Clint praised a zombie-like Kevin, who had removed his chipmunk head, on the great job he had done. He even promised Kevin that he would get an extra serving of macaroni and cheese that night. Clint told Kevin to stop looking so unhappy, telling him that it was just the beginning for the two of them. Clint held up the cash that Kevin had taken, laughed, and said, "Come to Daddy."

Kevin, his mood suddenly changing, told Clint that he wasn't going to commit any more robberies. When Clint yelled at Kevin, he shoved Clint, clenched his fists, and told Clint that he was going to hurt Clint and make Clint sorry for the way that he had treated Kevin. Clint looked stunned as Kevin grabbed Clint and told him that he didn't like being yelled at. Kevin suddenly became passive again. Clint called Kevin a sniveling little boy. Kevin said, "Sorry, Dad. Please don't be mad at me." Clint told Kevin never to attack him again. Later, Clint and Kevin watched the tape of the robbery on the news. Clint said, "I'm proud of you, son. You pulled it off."

At Crimson Lights, Amber promised Daniel that she wouldn't lie to him again, although she had to help Katherine. Daniel said that he was no longer 100% convinced that the woman was Katherine. They were, however, both convinced that Kevin hadn't planted the bomb in the motel room.

Katherine joined Amber and Daniel at the coffeehouse. Amber was angry that both Jill and Nikki had rejected Katherine, but Katherine said that it was Marge who they were rejecting. Daniel asked Katherine if there was anything she could remember that might give them a lead on where Kevin was. Katherine didn't have any information. Amber told Katherine that she was going to take her on an "excursion," and the ladies left Crimson Lights. As they were exiting, Jana approached Daniel, frantic about Kevin's disappearance. She said she thought it was possible that Clint might have harmed Kevin. Daniel said that his gut instinct told him that Kevin was okay, and was trying to get back to Jana.

Amber took Katherine to the diner. Murphy, Pearl, and Joe Jr. greeted her warmly. Amber explained that Katherine had suffered a concussion in the motel explosion, and thus was having memory problems. Although Katherine didn't remember Murphy, she said that she knew he was a very kind man, having taken her in when he thought that she was the down-and-out Marge. Amber asked Katherine if the diner looked familiar, but Katherine said that it didn't. Katherine said that she was grateful that Murphy had helped her, and that once she took her rightful place as Katherine Chancellor, she would make sure that Murphy was taken care of for the rest of his life. Murphy said that he didn't want money -- he just wanted Katherine's friendship. As Katherine and Amber left, Murphy, with a tear in his eye, said, "Come visit anytime."

Later, Daniel was surfing the Internet. When Jana brought him a cup of coffee, he tried to cheer her up by showing her a clip of a robbery in Stillwater, Minnesota. The video showed someone dressed as the University of St. Paul's silver chipmunk mascot robbing a check-cashing place. Jana gasped and said, "That chipmunk is wearing a scarf that looks just like Kevin's!" Daniel froze the image on the computer screen, and they both admitted that the chipmunk's scarf looked like the one that Amber had given Kevin for Christmas.

When Amber returned to Crimson Lights, Amber looked at the video and told Jana and Daniel that the scarf the chipmunk had been wearing was definitely the one she gave Kevin. The three of them agreed that they were watching Kevin robbing the check-cashing place.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor told Ashley that Adam was having trouble seeing. He thought that it might be a trick on Adam's part, though Ashley doubted that. Victor said he was going to the prison to learn the truth.

At the prison, Victor told Adam that he wouldn't abandon his son if he were going blind. Adam sensed that Victor didn't believe him, and asked his father to leave him alone. Victor said, "Because I'll find out you're lying? Or because you might have to ask me for help." Victor said that he was going to get to the truth, and that he had brought an ophthalmologist to examine Adam's eyes.

The ophthalmologist checked Adam's eyes and reported that there was some atrophy. The doctor said that he couldn't be sure if Adam had retinitis pigmentosa, the disease that had caused Hope's blindness, until he ran further tests. Victor put his arm on Adam's shoulder and said, "I'm very sorry, son."

Adam told Victor that he had always been afraid that he might inherit Hope's blindness. Victor said that perhaps there was a way to stop the degeneration. Adam said that, unlike his mother, he didn't think he would be able to deal with being blind. He said, "Am I gonna survive? What's gonna happen to me?"

Back at Newman, Nikki and Victoria ran into Ashley. Nikki congratulated Ashley on her pregnancy, and gave her a hug. Both Victoria and Ashley were shocked. Ashley and Nikki agreed that neither of them wanted the baby to be a source of contention.

Victor returned to the office and told Ashley that Adam's eyesight was failing. The prison warden called Victor to tell him that Adam was on his way to the prison infirmary, as he had been badly beaten. At the prison, a bloody Adam was being brought to the infirmary. Victor told Ashley that he was worried that something like that might happen.

Victoria ran into Karen in the Newman break room. Victoria asked Karen if she and Neil had been having problems, as both of them had recently seemed out of it. Karen admitted that they were having normal marriage disagreements. Victoria reminded Karen that she had known Neil for a long time, and that Neil was one of "the good guys." Karen said that Neil wasn't a saint -- he was just a man.

At Indigo, Tyra tried to apologize for initiating their kiss, but Neil said that, under the circumstances, it was best that they no longer worked together, and he fired her from her job at Indigo. Relatively calmly, Tyra said that she understood that Neil had to choose between firing her and his marriage to Karen. Tyra agreed that it was best that she leave Indigo, and find another job.

Tyra asked Neil if he and Karen still planned to adopt Ana. Neil said that the adoption would soon be final. Tyra seemed pleased. Neil promised Tyra that he and Karen loved Ana very much. Tyra wondered how they would tell Ana that Tyra was no longer working at Indigo. Neil said that he would figure out something to tell the girl.

Neil told Tyra that he would call around and see if he could find her a new job. Tyra said that he didn't need to do that. Tyra said goodbye, and began walking out. Neil told her not to go. Unbeknownst to Tyra and Neil, Devon had entered Indigo and was watching from behind a pillar. Neil approached Tyra, caressed her, and began kissing her passionately. They started ripping each others' clothes off as a stunned Devon walked out.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki once again ran into Katherine. Katherine implored Nikki to help her -- as she had helped Nikki when Nikki was searching for Victor in Mexico. Katherine said that everyone thought that Victor was dead, and that Nikki had been drunk. Her interest suddenly piqued, Nikki asked Katherine if she remembered their phone conversation. Katherine said that she had been trying to keep Nikki on the phone until Nicholas could find her. She added that Nikki had told her the story of how Victor had applied Nikki's makeup years earlier, when Nikki was on her deathbed. Nikki, realizing that Marge couldn't have known that story, started sobbing, said, "Katherine! It is you," and hugged her friend.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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