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Kevin robbed several banks while disguised as the Silver Chipmunk. Phyllis threatened to tell Jack about Sharon and Billy's affair. Cane filed a lawsuit for full custody of Cordelia. Adam was put under house arrest at Victor's ranch. Billy hired Mary Jane.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, March 16, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Jana, Amber, and Daniel showed Michael the surveillance video of a person wearing the head of a chipmunk costume robbing a check-cashing store at gunpoint. Amber explained that Kevin, wearing a scarf she had made for him, was the robber. Michael was exasperated to learn that thousands of viewers had viewed the video of Kevin committing armed robbery. Jana insisted that Kevin was not a criminal. Jana admitted that she and Kevin broke into Nick and Phyllis' house to recover the remainder of Katherine's $75,000, which Jana foolishly gave away. Jana defended Kevin and insisted that their intentions weren't illicit.

Daniel recalled that it had been Kevin's idea to break into the pawnshop and into Katherine's dentist's office. Amber challenged Daniel and reminded him that he had never believed her when she accused Kevin of murdering Katherine. Amber asked Daniel why, without question, he believed that Kevin was a robber. Daniel responded that the photo of Kevin with a bomb, along with the damning video, convinced him more than Amber's wild tale about murder had. Amber and Daniel argued heatedly until Michael interrupted and calmly declared that they were the ones who knew Kevin best. Michael pondered, "What set Kevin off?"

Daniel studied the hold-up video and researched the area near Stillwater, where the check-cashing store was located. Jana worried that Clint might have been holding a gun to Kevin's head. Daniel noted that Kevin seemed to be acting on his own in the video, but Daniel wondered if Kevin could be suffering the effects of post-traumatic syndrome.

Detective Wallace walked in unexpectedly and asked if any of them had heard from Kevin. Daniel quickly closed his laptop. Michael explained that they hadn't heard a word from Kevin. Jana told Det. Wallace that someone might have kidnapped Kevin. Amber implicated Clint Radisson and added that he was violent. Det. Wallace said he'd consider their allegations and asked if they had a clue about Kevin's whereabouts. Jana, in a hushed whisper, asked Michael if they should tell Det. Wallace what little they knew.

Michael quickly explained to Jana that the police would approach Kevin as if he were a dangerous criminal, which could trigger a disastrous result due to Kevin's impaired mental state. Michael added that Clint might harm Kevin if the police closed in. When Det. Wallace pressed Kevin's family and friends for information, Michael lied that Kevin had spoken about a trip to Mexico. Amber played along and berated Michael for betraying his brother and revealing Kevin's secret getaway destination. Det. Wallace bought the story.

After the detective left, Daniel opened his laptop, and continued his search for clues to Kevin's whereabouts. Daniel announced that the chipmunk bandit had struck again. Daniel read the account of the robbery, which stated that the bandit had headed west. Michael recalled that Kevin had most recently been near Woodrow. Jana panicked and complained of stomach pains. Daniel escorted Jana to the kitchen to eat. Michael said that in order to outsmart Clint, their tactics would have to be methodical and calculated, or else Clint might kill Kevin. Michael busied himself exploring leads. Amber planned to set out and find Kevin before the police did.

On the patio at the coffeehouse, Chloe asked Billy to sit with Delia while Chloe accompanied Esther to the doctor's office. Chloe expressed concern about Esther's chronic headaches that had plagued her since the explosion. Billy claimed he had an urgent meeting, but Chloe explained that Billy should embrace his role as Delia's father. Mitchell Sherman's office sent a message to Billy about conducting repeat DNA tests on Katherine and Jill. Chloe reminded Billy that Esther was already convinced that Katherine was who she claimed to be.

After Chloe left, Billy peered haplessly at Delia in her stroller. Billy dropped Delia off at Jill's and thanked her for "saving his butt." Billy lied that he had pressing business at Jabot, and he admitted that Chloe wasn't aware that he intended to leave Delia with Jill.

Lily and Cane arrived just after Billy left. Cane took Delia from Jill's arms. Cane cooed at the baby and said, "Daddy has missed you so much. Daddy has a room for you at home with dancing stars on the ceiling." Lily held the baby. Cane stood beside Lily and proclaimed that he, Lily, and Delia were the perfect picture of a family.

Jill agreed that Cane was a natural father. Jill said that Chloe and Billy were irresponsible. After Nikki called Jill away, Cane and Lily agreed to care for Delia. Lily admitted that Cane acted as if he were Delia's father. Cane explained that he had fallen in love with Delia the moment he saw the ultrasound image of her, and to him, biology was irrelevant. Lily agreed to fight along with Cane for custody of Delia.

Billy phoned Sharon at her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club and asked if he could join her. Sharon seemed surprised that Billy had responded so quickly to her text message. Billy said that he hadn't received a text from Sharon. Sharon checked her sent log and learned that she had inadvertently sent the text message to Nick. At the tack house, Phyllis intercepted Sharon's missent text message, which read, "Come over. Make sure no one sees you."

A disgusted Phyllis quickly erased the message moments before Nick emerged with his packed luggage. Nick told Phyllis that his flight to China would depart later in the day. Phyllis suggested that she accompany Nick, but he explained that his schedule was full. After Nick left, Phyllis donned her coat and headed out.

Sharon phoned Nick and apologized for sending him a text message by mistake. A puzzled Nick said that he hadn't received a message. Phyllis knocked on Sharon's door. When Sharon opened the door, Phyllis said, "Surprise. You were expecting my husband, weren't you?" Sharon explained that she had sent the text message by mistake and had explained her mistake to Nick. Sharon seemed overly anxious and told Phyllis to leave immediately.

As Phyllis exited, she said sarcastically, "When you see Nick, tell him that dinner is at 7:00." Phyllis ducked around the corner. Moments later, Billy knocked on Sharon's door. Sharon opened the door, grabbed Billy, and kissed him before pulling him inside and slamming the door closed.

A stunned Phyllis stood in the hallway outside of Sharon's suite with her hand over her mouth. Phyllis said to herself, "My God." Phyllis summoned a passing bellhop and requested that he immediately deliver a message on Sharon's behalf to Nick Newman. Phyllis instructed the bellhop to tell Nick that Mrs. Abbott needed him to come to her suite right away.

Inside Sharon's suite, Sharon and Billy kissed passionately as they removed each other's clothing. Sharon paused and declared, "This is crazy. This is wrong." Billy responded, "This is just sex with no strings, and we both need it." Sharon said, "Okay," and she and Billy picked up where they left off.

After Esther's appointment with her doctor, Chloe and Esther returned to the coffeehouse. Chloe supposed that Billy had taken Delia with him to the office. A process server approached Chloe and handed her an envelope. Chloe opened the summons and told Esther that Cane was seeking full custody of Delia. Chloe contacted Billy, who was in Sharon's bed.

Billy explained that Jill was sitting with Delia. Chloe told Billy about the lawsuit and ordered Billy, who claimed to be in a meeting, to return to his mother's house with Delia immediately. After Chloe and Esther returned to the Chancellor estate, Chloe asked Cane where Jill had gone. Before Cane could respond, Chloe accused Cane of starting a war with the custody suit.

Cane accused Chloe of abandoning Delia. Billy arrived with his clothing a bit disheveled and claimed that Delia had been with him. Billy demanded to know why Cane was with Delia. Cane warned Billy that Delia wouldn't be Billy's daughter for long. A frustrated Lily rubbed her forehead.

Esther attempted to defray the tension Cane, Billy, and Chloe created over Delia. Jill returned and explained that she had to step out unexpectedly. Chloe berated Jill for leaving Delia with Cane. Cane angrily declared that Delia deserved a mother and a father who would love her. Chloe sarcastically asked Lily if she planned to step in as Delia's mother.

Delia cried. Cane rushed to pick up the baby, but Billy pushed Cane aside. Chloe picked up Delia and Billy stroked his baby's forehead. Cane approached, but Chloe warned Cane to back off and not say another word about her child. Lily seemed distressed but remained silent.

After Billy and Chloe left with Delia, Esther chided Jill for leaving Delia with Cane and Lily. Cane apologized for not telling Jill about the custody suit. Jill told Cane that Chloe truly loved Delia. Jill worried that Chloe might take Delia and disappear. Cane pressed Jill to help him. Jill admitted that Chloe and Billy weren't fit to be parents, and agreed to side with Cane. Outside, Chloe noticed a lipstick smear on Billy's face. Chloe wiped the lipstick away and said, "That was some meeting you left our daughter for."

At the headquarters of Newman Enterprises, J.T. ran into a harried Nick, who explained that he would be involved in non-stop negotiations with Chen while he was in China. Nick admitted that Phyllis had wanted to tag along. Nick added that he looked forward to some time alone. J.T. asked Nick if everything was all right between him and Phyllis. Nick said that he just needed a break.

After J.T. left, the bellhop phoned Nick and told him that Sharon Abbott needed to seem him immediately about an emergency. Nick rushed to Sharon's suite. Sharon was at first confused, but she quickly wised up and claimed that she had summoned Nick after she thought she'd caught Noah skipping school. Before Nick left, he told Sharon that he would be in China for a few days. After Nick left, Sharon said, "Nice try, Phyllis."

Nick returned to the tack house and told Phyllis about meeting with Sharon in her suite to discuss Noah. Phyllis tried to entice Nick to stay a bit longer, but Nick insisted he had to leave at once to catch his flight. After Nick left, Phyllis said to herself, "No sign of Billy with Sharon. Sharon is as quick on her feet as she is on her back." Sharon showed up at Phyllis' door and told Phyllis that she knew exactly what Phyllis was doing.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Katherine and Nikki reminisced. Nikki apologized for not having realized who Katherine was. Katherine mentioned that during the course of their evening together, Nikki hadn't mentioned Victor. Nikki explained that Victor was someone else's problem because she was with Paul.

Nikki said her main concern was proving to the world that Katherine was alive. Nikki slid Katherine's emerald ring off and presented it to Katherine. Katherine insisted that Nikki keep the ring. Nikki protested, but Katherine said that she had wanted Nikki to have the ring, so she would always know how much Katherine loved her. Nikki put the ring back in her finger and admired it.

Nikki phoned Mitchell Sherman's office, but Katherine's attorney wasn't available. Nikki explained that she wanted to petition the court for another DNA test. Nikki phoned Michael and explained that Katherine remembered details of her past that had convinced Nikki that Katherine was alive. Michael suggested that Nikki arrange for a private DNA test in order to convince the judge to revisit the issue.

Nikki worried that Jill would never consent to provide a sample for testing. Katherine took a sip of water from a crystal goblet and tapped the glass gently. "There's always another way," suggested Katherine. Noting Katherine's idea, Nikki phoned Jill and asked her to come to club.

After Jill arrived, she refused to order a drink. Katherine, seated nearby with a newspaper covering her face, indicated that Nikki should offer Jill a tissue. Nikki feigned a crying spell, but Jill didn't oblige. Nikki embraced Jill. As Jill pulled away from Nikki, she managed to snag a hair from Jill's head in the prongs of Katherine's emerald ring.

Jill advised Nikki to get help if she needed it. After Jill walked away, Nikki remarked, "You just gave me all the help I need." Katherine gave Nikki a thumbs-up approval. Nikki placed Jill's strand of hair in a zip-top bag. Nikki told Katherine she would have Olivia supervise the DNA test. Katherine and Nikki toasted their triumph with glasses of orange juice. Katherine cheered that she would soon go home.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At the prison Ashley told Victor he was doing the right thing for Adam. When Adam entered the visitation room, Ashley and Victor were shocked to see him beaten so badly. Victor asked Adam who was responsible for the beating. Adam said that it was Victor that was responsible. Adam had been beaten up because the other prisoners knew he was Victor Newman's son. Victor said that Adam had accused him of murder; he did not feel guilty about Adam's condition. Ashley wondered if there was something Victor could do to help Adam. Victor said he would see what he could do.

Adam felt that Victor owed it to him to get him out of prison. Victor said Adam still hadn't apologized for anything. Victor said Adam's attitude would get him nowhere; he had learned nothing in prison. He said that Hope would be disappointed in what her son had become. Adam was upset that Victor always brought up his mother as if she were a saint.

Adam felt that Victor had ruined all his chances for having a normal life. Ashley said that Victor needed to do something or Adam wouldn't make it. Victor said he knew that humility was never part of Adam's character. For a moment he wanted to help Adam, but he changed his mind. When Victor left, Ashley said that she would talk to Victor. She would try to get Victor to help Adam. Adam said that Ashley must not know Victor at all.

Victor thought about a time when doctors had told Hope about the possibility that her child might have the same blindness in the future. When Ashley returned, Victor said that he didn't know what to do. Victor felt that he had given Adam every opportunity in the world, but that Adam had destroyed that. Ashley asked Victor if Adam was always a bad person. She brought up the time that Adam had done everything on his own, with no help from anyone one else. Ashley said that if Victor didn't help Adam, he might feel guilty about it for the rest of his life. Victor didn't think he was feeling guilty. Victor sat back in his chair and remembered asking Hope about Adam. He remembered how proud Hope had been of Adam.

Ashley went to Adam and told him that she felt Victor would come around. Adam told her that he was once a farm boy who had tried hard in college to make something of himself. Then one day he found out he was Victor Newman's son, and everything was handed to him on a silver platter. Then he didn't have a father, and had brothers and sisters that couldn't care whether he lived or died. Adam said that he didn't know what to do. Victor returned and told Adam that he had decided to try to get Adam out of jail and get him some help with his eyesight. Victor said that Adam would have to stay with him at the ranch. He asked if Adam agreed to his deal. Adam said that was exactly what he wanted.

Phyllis saw Sharon and asked if she ever got tired of chasing after Phyllis' husband. Sharon asked when Phyllis was going to tire of her childish games. Phyllis said that if Sharon was looking for Nick, he went away to China. Sharon said she knew that because Phyllis had sent Nick over to her hotel room. Sharon thought that Phyllis was hoping Nick would walk in on "something." Phyllis wondered if the "something" was Billy. Sharon said that she and Billy were only friends. Phyllis said she saw something entirely different. She wondered how Jack would feel if he knew that Sharon was sleeping with his little brother. Phyllis threatened to call Jack to tell him. Sharon wondered why Phyllis would want to hurt Jack. Phyllis said that Jack and Nick needed to know what kind of person Sharon was. Sharon said that Phyllis had no reason to talk; she had stolen Nick away from Sharon and their son.

Phyllis and Sharon continued to argue, with accusations flying about who was at fault for Brad's death. Finally, Phyllis said that she needed to leave. She said that she needed to make some calls about Sharon and Billy. Sharon started to break down and knocked an antique toy off the table. Phyllis said Sharon's tears would not work on her. Sharon asked Phyllis for a few minutes. She said that she'd been having some problems and couldn't get herself together.

Sharon begged Phyllis to not say anything about her and Billy. Phyllis wasn't listening. Sharon begged her again and asked that Phyllis not say anything to Jack about Brad. Phyllis looked confused and wondered if Sharon meant Billy. When Phyllis received a phone call, Sharon grabbed the antique toy and left. Phyllis walked back to the door and realized Sharon was gone. When she saw the toy was also gone, she wondered if Sharon had taken it.

Jack asked Billy how things were working out with Chloe and Cordelia. Billy said that it would take some time. Chloe interrupted them and told Billy that she had tried to make it work, but Billy obviously had other ideas of what would make a marriage work. She announced that she would be moving back into the Chancellor mansion and that Billy could "stick it where the sun doesn't shine." Jack was disappointed with Billy's behavior. Jack told Chloe that she owed it to the baby to talk to Billy.

Chloe told Jack that Billy had left Cordelia with Jill, and that Jill had left Cordelia alone with Lily and Cane. Chloe said that she had seen lipstick all over Billy's neck and she knew that Billy had ditched his daughter for a "ho." Chloe told Billy she didn't care if he or the Abbotts ever saw Cordelia again. When Chloe left, Jack said that Billy told him he cared more about family than he did about business. Jack said that Billy didn't seem to care about either.

Jack warned Billy to be careful; he could end up with nothing. Jack asked Billy if he really wanted to walk away from his own daughter. Jack wondered how Billy could desert his daughter over a tramp. Billy asked Jack not to call the woman a tramp. Jack wondered why Billy was so defensive about an afternoon romp.

Sharon called Billy to tell him that Phyllis was threatening to tell Jack about them. She said it was over between them and hung up. Jack said he hoped Billy was through with the woman. Billy got up and stormed out. He went to Chloe's to apologize to her. Billy said that he had broken it off with the other woman. He brought Chloe a bouquet of flowers.

Chloe laughed at him and said she wasn't an idiot. Billy said she wasn't an idiot; he was for not putting Cordelia first. Billy begged Chloe to move back into the pool house. She kicked him and slammed the door in his face. Billy unlocked the door and continued to try to get Chloe to forgive him. Chloe said that she didn't want anything from Billy. Billy didn't believe her-he grabbed her and started to kiss her.

Jack went to Sharon's hotel room to talk to her. Jack asked Sharon if she had been crying. Sharon said that she couldn't keep leaning on men; she needed to be alone. Sharon begged Jack to go, but he only hugged her. Sharon told Jack that he would only be disappointed in trusting her.

Jack said that it didn't matter. He begged Sharon to return home; he wanted to take care of her. Sharon said that she had made too many mistakes. Jack said that he was the one who had made too many mistakes. He said that he had been miserable since she had been gone. Sharon broke down and asked Jack to keep her safe from the rest of the world. Jack promised.

Neil called Karen to tell her he was on his way to see her shortly. Devon stopped Neil and told him that they needed to talk. Devon said that he had seen Neil and Tyra at Indigo. Neil had just married Karen and they were about to adopt Ana. Devon demanded to know why Neil was having an affair with Ana's mom.

Neil wondered what Devon thought he saw. Devon said that he knew what had happened. Neil said that he didn't want it to happen. Devon said that if the police knew, they wouldn't let Neil adopt Ana. Devon asked if Neil was in love with Tyra. Neil didn't know the answer to that question. Devon said that Neil had let him down.

Ana was excited about the adoption and couldn't wait to see Neil and Tyra. The social worker wondered what was taking Neil so long. She said they would have to reschedule. Neil arrived just in time. Karen also wondered what had taken Neil so long. The social worker said it was okay and left them alone with Ana. Karen told Neil they were going to have to tell the social worker that Tyra was not working for them anymore. Neil said that was going to be tough because it wasn't true. He said he didn't fire Tyra.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outside the door to the courtroom, Victor, accompanied by Ashley, waited for the hearing to see whether Adam could be released into Victor's custody. Victor told Ashley that he didn't think that Adam would make it in prison if Adam's eyesight continued failing. After telling Victor that she hoped the judge agreed, Ashley left.

Michael and Heather both arrived for the hearing. Heather was upset to learn that Victor had called the district attorney and the judge to arrange the hearing -- she felt that she should have been called first. Victor told Heather that calling her would have been a total waste of time.

At the hearing, Michael told the judge that doctors had determined that Adam carried the gene for retinitis pigmentosa, the eye disease that had caused Hope to go blind. Heather argued that Adam was still guilty of a crime, and should not be released from prison. Victor said that he was aware that his son had committed a crime, but leaving Adam in prison was tantamount to a death sentence.

Victor suggested that Adam be released into Victor's custody and kept under house arrest at the ranch. The judge agreed. As the hearing ended, Heather told Adam that she was glad that he was being released from prison. Adam asked Heather why she had sent him there in the first place, and she replied that, as an officer of the court, it had been her obligation. Adam thanked Victor for getting him released from prison. Victor told Adam he should show his thanks by acting like Victor Newman's son.

An officer escorted Adam to the Newman ranch, where Ashley welcomed Adam. The officer left after putting on Adam's tracking ankle bracelet. Ashley read some of the conditions of Adam's release. Adam thanked Ashley for having convinced Victor to arrange the emergency hearing. They discussed Ashley and Victor's special connection, and Ashley told Adam that she was pregnant with Victor's child. Adam congratulated Ashley, and joked that he hoped he would get along better with her child than he had with Nick and Victoria. Ashley said that Victor was flying in the finest ophthalmologists to examine Adam.

At the Athletic Club, Billy met with Mary Jane Benson, whom he had hired to run Jabot's Public Relations Department. Billy received a text message and told Mary Jane that he had to leave. Jack showed up just as Billy was walking away. Jack was miffed that he hadn't been informed that Billy had hired a new director of public relations.

After Billy left, Jack made it clear to Mary Jane that she wouldn't be needed at Jabot, as it was a family business. Mary Jane disagreed, and said that Jack Abbott was synonymous with Jabot. She said that in order to remake Jabot's image, Jack's image would have to be remade, as his public image was tarnished. She said that the public felt that Jack was a man without scruples. When Jack reminded her that he had been cleared in the tainted face cream scandal, Mary Jane reminded him that there had been other scandals, as well, including his resignation from the state senate in disgrace, as well as having tried to cheat Gloria out of his inheritance. Jack was flattered that Mary Jane thought that he represented the public image of Jabot, and decided to work with her.

Later, Mary Jane met with Victor. When Victor asked her how things had gone, she said that they had gone well, and that she was thrilled that Jack had taken the bait. Victor said that if she followed his directions, there would be more thrills to come.

The text that Billy had received was from Sharon, and he went to her room at the club. As soon as Sharon opened the door, she told him to stay away from her. As Billy tried to kiss her, Sharon yelled at him to stop, and told him that Phyllis knew that the two of them had been sleeping together. Billy said that he didn't care, but Sharon did care -- she was concerned that Jack or Noah might find out.

Sharon checked out of the club, and Jack spotted her. She told Jack that she had decided to move back to the Abbott mansion.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe told Esther and Jill that she was moving out, as she didn't want Cane near Delia. Jill asked Chloe if she thought that moving back in with Billy was a good idea. As Chloe prepared to leave for the Abbott pool house, Esther and Jill said goodbye to Delia. Before leaving the room, Jill warned Chloe to be careful about Billy -- that his intentions were good, but perhaps not good enough. Esther said that Jill was a pessimist. Chloe confided in Esther that Billy had "played" her the other night, but that she wasn't going to give him the opportunity to do it again.

Billy showed up at the Chancellor mansion to take Chloe and Delia back to the Abbott pool house. At first, Chloe lied and said that she wasn't going to move back in with him, but then, after much pleading by Billy, she acted as if she had changed her mind, and said that she and Delia would move back to the pool house.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack helped Sharon in with her bags. She warned Jack not to think that her moving back in meant anything. After Jack said that he didn't, Sharon looked around the living room and said that it was good to be home.

A few moments later, Billy, Chloe, and Delia showed up. Jack was thrilled that they were all going to be living under the Abbott roof. Sharon stared at Billy and looked terrified.

Kevin, having finished robbing a bank, ran outside, stuffed his chipmunk head in a bag, and ran off.

At the deserted cabin where Clint and Kevin were staying, Kevin showed Clint the bag of money. Clint was pleased with the take, and told Kevin that he had earned a couple of days out of the closet. Clint began hyperventilating, and when Kevin said that he was going to call a doctor, Clint forbade him from doing so. Clint's condition continued to deteriorate, and Kevin shouted, "Dad! What do I do?" As Kevin continued to freak out, Clint lost consciousness and collapsed. Kevin screamed, "Dad! Dad! Dad!"

Kevin had a sudden mood swing, and pulled Clint into the closet. Kevin sat in front of the closet door and said, "You are a bad, bad father. Now you have to stay in the closet."

Kevin stared at the newspaper headline, "Chancellor Impostor Injured in Explosion." He then watched the television news, which featured his latest robbery. Suddenly smiling, Kevin yelled at the closet, "Still proud of me, Dad? What should I do now?" Clint was unresponsive.

At Crimson Lights, Amber told Daniel and Jana that she was eager to search for Kevin. Detective Wallace showed up and told them that Kevin's fingerprints had turned up at the scene of an armed robbery in Minnesota. Gil wondered what the group was hiding. The threesome denied having any information on Kevin's whereabouts, and, before he left, Detective Wallace warned them to call him if they did learn where Kevin was. Jana looked on the Internet and learned that there had been another bank robbery by the chipmunk-headed bandit in Fillmore, Minnesota. Jana became hysterical and wondered what kind of hold Clint had over Kevin.

Gloria showed up at Crimson Lights to find out if there had been any word about Kevin. Gloria did not believe it when the group told her that Kevin was the chipmunk bandit, but the group convinced her by telling her that Kevin's fingerprints had been found at the robbery scene. Jana said that Clint Radison was behind Kevin's criminal behavior. Amber left to see Katherine at the Athletic Club.

Joined by Michael, Gloria blamed herself for Kevin's behavior, since she had not protected him from "Terrible Tom." Michael suggested that Gloria take Jana home. After Gloria and Jana left, Daniel received a text message from Amber, informing him that she was going to look for Kevin. Daniel told Michael, who was growing exceedingly frustrated with the whole situation.

Nikki and Katherine lunched at the Athletic Club. Nikki reminded Katherine that the results from the second DNA test would be in shortly, and that Olivia had assured her that the results would not be tainted. Nikki, who was still wearing Katherine's ring, returned it to her.

Gloria stopped by their table and acted as if she were Katherine's best friend. Gloria said that she was the first person to believe that she was really Katherine Chancellor. Katherine said that she remembered that Gloria had been married to John, but she didn't remember ever being friends with Gloria. Nikki asked Gloria to leave. Katherine said it was ironic that Gloria, whom she didn't remember, wanted to be her friend, but that her own daughter, Jill, didn't want to have anything to do with her. Nikki said that it was time to do something about that. She called Jill and asked her to come to the club.

Jill arrived at the club, and was unhappy to see Nikki with Katherine. Jill was about to walk out, and she noticed that Katherine, not Nikki, was wearing the emerald ring. Nikki told Jill that they were having another DNA test performed, using some strands of hair that Nikki had plucked from Jill's head. Katherine said that in a few minutes, she would have all the proof that she needed.

Amber joined Katherine, Nikki, and Jill. Nikki called Olivia and learned that there wasn't a DNA match between Jill and Katherine. Although Amber insisted that the woman was Katherine, Jill smugly said, "I told you so." A crying Katherine ran into the lobby, followed by Amber. Amber comforted Katherine, and told her that she needed to leave town for a few days to search for Kevin. Amber gave a grateful Katherine an envelope stuffed with cash.

Inside the club's dining room, Jill told Nikki that she wished the woman had been Katherine. Nikki asked one of the waiters for the room number of Marge Catrooke, the woman who looked like Katherine. The waiter told Jill and Nikki that the woman had just checked out. Jill said, "What did I tell you?" Nikki looked confused. Jill told Nikki that she was a sucker.

Amber showed up at the scene of the chipmunk bandit's latest heist.

A despondent-looking Katherine stood in front of Crimson Lights. To herself, she said, "Maybe this is the way it's supposed to be, Katherine. You cheated death. You don't belong here anymore." Katherine hailed a cab, said "Goodbye, Genoa City," and the cab drove off.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" basketball tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. This scheduling change was anticipated by the network and there will be no "lost" episodes of your favorite shows.

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