The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 23, 2009 on Y&R

Michael and Daniel found Clint's dead body. Jana was rushed to the hospital with severe headaches. Lily turned down Cane's proposal. Jill appointed Cane CEO of Jabot. A DNA test proved that Jill was not related to either Katherine or Marge.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 23, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Adam stumbled into the sitting room at the Newman ranch. Victor watched Adam bump into chairs and jostle lamps on tables. After Victor spoke, Adam congratulated his father on the approaching birth of his and Ashley's child. Adam said, "Hopefully, this one will make up for the huge disappoint I've been to you." Victor quizzed Adam about his vision loss. Adam explained that he could make out shapes, but he admitted he couldn't identify Sabrina's likeness in the framed sketch hanging on a wall. Adam became angry and argued that Victor was toying with him.

Victor approached Adam and said, "This is your second chance. I brought you into my family and gave you every opportunity to succeed. You abused my trust." Adam perceived Victor as a blurry image. Adam, bruised and bandaged after a beating from his fellow prison inmates, heeded his father's harsh reprimand. Victor berated Adam for conspiring with Jack Abbott to frame Victor for murder. Victor admonished Adam to "pick himself up and be a man." Adam shot back that Victor just wanted to watch his son fail. As Victor pulled on his jacket to leave, he said, "If you choose to wallow in self-pity, leave me out of out."

After Victor later returned to the ranch, he quietly watched Adam using his finger to trace the shape of Sabrina's face on the drawing. Victor dropped his head in sorrow. Adam turned and addressed Victor. Adam stumbled, and Victor caught him. Adam cried, "I am sorry to be such an inconvenience."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Paul greeted Nikki with a kiss. Paul was saddened to hear that Nikki had doubts about Katherine's identity after another failed DNA test. Nikki admitted that "Marge" left town abruptly with Katherine's emerald ring. Paul asked Nikki to consider what her instincts told her about Katherine. Nikki admitted that she had returned to the club to wait for Katherine to return. After Paul left, Victor stopped by.

Victor asked Nikki why she wasn't wearing Katherine's emerald ring. Nikki explained that she had returned the ring to the woman who claimed to be Katherine, who left town with the ring. Victor accused Nikki of "taking up with anyone who showered her with attention." Victor harshly recalled, "The last time you did that, with David Chow, it cost me the life of my wife and child." Nikki responded, "You are so judgmental and vindictive."

Nikki told Victor that he wasn't a sterling judge of character after he took Adam in and almost lost Nick and Victoria. Victor told Nikki that Adam was losing his eyesight. Before Victor left, he added, "You just remember that your association with that con artist, David Chow, has cost you and us dearly."

After Paul returned, he told Nikki that he visited Joe's Diner and Murphy's mobile home. Paul said he saw Katherine with Murphy, and the two were cozy. Nikki threw up her hands and cried, "So, she's Marge, and Katherine is gone." Just as Paul and Nikki were about to leave, a club concierge approached and gave Nikki an envelope from Marge Catrooke. The man apologized for delaying delivery of the note. Nikki opened the note and found the emerald ring inside. The note read, "Nikki, dear, this belongs with you."

Katherine showed up at Murphy's doorstep. Katherine peered into Murphy's window and remembered Murphy kissing her and telling her that he loved coming home to see her. Katherine greeted a surprised Murphy with a warm embrace. Katherine told Murphy she couldn't remember anything about the diner or spending time with him, but she did remember that Murphy had kissed her. Murphy was shocked to hear that Katherine had left Genoa City after the second DNA test indicated that she wasn't Katherine Chancellor. Murphy comforted Katherine.

Murphy wondered if something went wrong with the DNA test. Katherine explained that a trusted friend had ensured the validity of the second test. Murphy volunteered to help convince Katherine's family that she was Katherine, but she refused his offer. Murphy took Katherine's hand in his. Katherine thanked Murphy for saving her life after the car accident.

Katherine admitted that Amber had filled her in about some of what had happened. Katherine smiled shyly when she recalled that she remembered kissing Murphy. Murphy, hoping to stir more memories, moved close to Katherine and kissed her. As the couple reconnected, Paul quietly watched and listened near the partially opened door.

Murphy promised not to leave Katherine again. Katherine told Murphy that she had seen too much disappointment in the faces of the people she loved. Katherine prepared frozen dinners. Murphy told Katherine that he hoped she would soon regain her memories. Katherine snuggled with Murphy and told him that it felt wonderful to be with him.

At Crimson Lights, Jana, Daniel, and Gloria awaited word from Amber. Amber phoned, and Daniel placed the call on speakerphone. Michael joined in to listen. Amber explained that she was in Minnesota, where Kevin's crime spree had taken place. Jana, desperate, asked Amber if she had found Kevin. Amber insisted she was on Kevin's trail. Michael barely contained his anger, and Daniel warned Amber that the police were searching for Kevin, so she, too, could be in danger.

Daniel pleaded with Amber to come home. Gunshots rang out. Amber ducked. Daniel overheard the gunfire and panicked after he lost contact with Amber. Daniel frantically dialed Amber's cell phone.

Michael searched the Internet to find the location of the robbery. Jana nearly crumbled when she realized the gunshots Daniel heard were those of the police shooting at Kevin. Michael stepped out to see if police in Genoa City had placed them under surveillance.

Jana sobbed and caressed her throbbing forehead. Jana told Gloria and Daniel that her head felt as if it were about to explode. Gloria blamed stress, but she insisted they consult a doctor. Jana refused to leave until Kevin came home. Michael returned and proclaimed that the coast was clear, so he and Daniel could search for Kevin.

Michael told Daniel that they could sneak out the back, use the bushes as cover, and leave in Lauren's car to evade the police. Jana insisted she tag along. Gloria persuaded Jana to stay at the coffeehouse. Daniel promised to find Kevin.

As Jana and Gloria waited for news from Michael and Daniel, Jeffrey showed up. Jeffrey told Gloria that she couldn't get rid of him, and he offered her a piece of diamond jewelry. Gloria refused the gift and told Jeffrey that she didn't want anything from him. Jana maintained a keen eye on Internet newscasts and reported that there was no news about Kevin.

Jeffrey persisted and offered to serve Gloria champagne and oysters while they negotiated his alimony at her place. Gloria became livid and ordered Jeffrey to leave. A dumbfounded Jeffrey asked, "Something wrong?" Gloria joined Jana as she searched for clues to Kevin's whereabouts on the Internet.

Michael phoned Gloria for an update on Jana's search. Jana looked horrified when she saw a Web page with a depiction of a blood-splattered chipmunk's head. Gloria and Michael listened as Jana read the message transcribed from a police scanner. "A chipmunk's head was found at the scene, splattered with blood." Jana took the phone from Gloria and added, "It's the 2700 block of MacKenzie Drive and Broadway in Fillmore."

Gloria gasped and screamed, "Oh, my God!" Gloria grabbed the phone and begged Michael to find his brother and bring him home. Jana rubbed her forehead and said pitifully, "I need more aspirin."

Jeffrey approached Gloria and asked about the chipmunk robber. Gloria muttered, "He's gone. He's gone someplace very dark." Jeffrey told Gloria that he cared about her and would stand by her. Gloria responded, "I can't trust you."

Jana interrupted and reported that police had not arrested anyone at the crime scene. Jana sighed in relief and said, "He could be okay." Gloria agreed and prompted Jana to continue monitoring news reports. Gloria returned to Jeffrey and explained that Kevin was a fragile little boy broken into pieces. Jeffrey insisted he could help Gloria put Kevin back together. Gloria rebuffed Jeffrey proposal. Gloria boldly declared, "Only Michael can help bring Kevin back."

As Gloria and Jeffrey hashed out their differences, Jana tuned in to news updates on her laptop. Jana saw mug shots of Kevin and Amber. The caption beneath the photos stated that Kevin and Amber were armed robbers. Jana clutched her forehead and moaned in pain. Gloria chided herself for not realizing that Kevin was still vulnerable and fragile after years of abuse from his father. Jeffrey embraced Gloria and insisted that they would get help for Kevin. Jana collapsed in pain. Gloria rushed to Jana's side.

Amber stood frozen with dread, yards away from the crime scene. Startled people ran past Amber. Amber stopped a young woman and asked if the chipmunk bandit had stuck again. The woman said that the bandit robbed an armored vehicle and starting shooting when the police approached. Amber turned and saw Kevin, wrapped up to his nose with a scarf.

Amber grabbed Kevin and demanded to know what he was doing. Kevin calmly told Amber that she shouldn't be there. Sirens wailed from every direction. Amber panicked when she saw blood dripping near Kevin's shoe. Kevin slumped over. Amber said, "Oh, Kevin. You've been shot."

Amber quickly tied a scarf around Kevin's knee to halt the bleeding. "I think it went clear through," Amber cried, describing the bullet wound. Kevin begged to go home, and he said that he had a home nearby. Amber helped Kevin to his feet. Kevin wrapped his arm around Amber's shoulder, and she told Kevin they could summon help from Kevin's place.

Before Kevin and Amber could get away, a man approached and declared that he had seen everything. Amber hooked her arm around Kevin's neck and poised her lips near his. Addressing the distressed witness, Amber asked, "What are you, some kind of pervert or something?" Amber kissed Kevin and added, "Me and my man are consenting adults. We can do whatever we want."

Amber pulled Kevin down the street and announced that her man wanted to go home. The witness asked, "What are you doing?" Ignoring the man, Amber helped Kevin hobble down the street. The witness ran in the opposite direction.

Michael and Daniel arrived at the crime scene, which was cordoned off with police tape and chalk-outlined splatters of Kevin's blood. Yellow flags with black numerals marked Kevin's bloody trail. Michael and Daniel observed police collecting evidence. Michael asked a police officer about the scene and the blood.

The police officer admitted that the robber was at large. Daniel phoned Amber, which drew everyone's attention to the sidewalk, where Amber had dropped her phone. A police officer picked up Amber's sparkly, rhinestone-encrusted phone and announced, "Looks like our chipmunk has a lady friend," Daniel said to Michael, "Well, I guess Amber found Kevin."

Daniel worried that Kevin had taken Amber hostage. Daniel nervously insisted they find Amber and Kevin soon. Michael explained that he and Daniel needed to sponge information from the police before they could find Kevin and Amber. Michael and Daniel listened as a police officer identified Amber Moore as Kevin's accomplice. Daniel interrupted and suggested that Amber was Kevin's hostage.

The police officer explained that a witness saw Amber kiss Kevin, so she definitely was not his hostage. Daniel grew more fearful for Amber's fate after he overheard the police officer announce that he had issued all-points bulletins for Kevin and Amber.

Kevin led Amber to the apartment that had been Clint's hideaway and declared that it was his home. Amber cleaned Kevin's leg wound, and he screamed out in pain. Amber told Kevin that he didn't mean to commit the robberies, and they could explain the extenuating circumstances to authorities. Kevin pulled the wad of stolen cash from his coat pocket. Amber told Kevin that he could return the stolen money. Kevin refused, and claimed that the money was for Clint.

Kevin counted the money into separate stacks on the coffee table and boasted that it would make Dad happy. Amber reminded Kevin that his dad was dead. Kevin insisted that his dad would return. Amber told Kevin that Clint might have drugged him. Amber slammed her fist on the table and dispersed the stacked bills. Amber's actions enraged Kevin. Amber barraged Kevin with questions about Clint, and Kevin pointed his gun at her. Kevin, speaking robotically, observed, "It's too late."

Amber calmly prodded Kevin to put the gun away. Amber asked, "Is Dad listening?" Kevin responded, "All the time. I am going to have to do what he says." Amber told Kevin she would "get Dad off his back." Kevin became livid. Kevin yelled, "I love my dad. You can't hurt him. That's why you came here. You want to make Dad mad."

Kevin forced Amber into the closet and locked the door. Amber pulled the string on the light fixture and illuminated Clint's lifeless, ashen body. Amber screamed and beat on the locked door.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jack discussed business with Mary Jane Bensen at his home. Jill knocked on the door and asked Jack if he had seen Chloe. Jack said the Billy and Chloe had taken a drive. Jill said that while she was there she wanted to discuss the new hire, Mary Jane Bensen. Mary appeared in the entryway and introduced herself. Jill reluctantly shook her hand.

Jack said that it was Mary's job to make the public like him again. Jill wished that Jack had spoken to her about hiring Mary. Jack said that Jill should speak to Billy; it was Billy's call to hire Mary-just as making Billy CEO was Jill's call.

When Jill left, Mary and Jack returned to their work discussion. Mary told Jack that she was worried that Jill would try to make Mary's job complicated. Jack said that she had nothing to worry about. Jack tried to ask Mary some questions about herself, but Mary was reluctant to discuss anything with him. She said that all he needed to know was that she was the woman who would change his life.

Jill went to Victor's to discuss their deal at Jabot. Jill felt that she wasn't in charge of any aspect of the company. Jill couldn't stand by and watch Billy and Jack run Jabot into the ground. She told Victor that she wanted to buy the shares back. Victor said he would not sell the shares. He suggested that Jill resign.

Mary called Victor to tell him that she had just left Jack's. He told her to call him later to give him the update.

When Nikki saw that Katherine had returned the ring to her, she knew in her heart that the woman was really Katherine. Paul asked Nikki if it was Katherine, why she had run off to Murphy's. Nikki said that she had been the one to tell Katherine that Murphy had been there for her. Nikki had been afraid to trust in her instincts because of David, but she felt that the ring proved she was right. Paul said it wouldn't be so easy making everyone else believe. The only way to prove Katherine's identity would be to prove that the woman they buried was not Katherine. Nikki wondered if that meant digging up the body.

Paul and Nikki went to see Heather to ask her what they could do about proving Katherine's identity. Heather said it would be hard to establish, considering that there was already a DNA test that proved that she wasn't Katherine. Heather said the only way to get around that would be to get approval from next of kin. Nikki knew that Jill would have nothing to do with it. Heather decided to call Jill and tell her that she had some news about Marge.

When Jill arrived, she was disappointed to see Nikki and Paul there. Nikki said that they would be off of Jill's back once and for all if they could get her permission to do a DNA test on the woman they buried. Jill said that if Nikki ever came to her with something as sick as that again, she would get a restraining order.

Murphy was surprised to hear that Katherine didn't want to go home. Katherine said she had tried everything. It was time to accept the things she couldn't change. Murphy said he was sorry about her troubles, but he was happy that they had led her back to him. Katherine wanted to make sure Murphy didn't mind that she had returned. Murphy said he was thrilled to have her back. When Katherine went to the restroom, Murphy grabbed a box and pulled out a ring. Katherine returned and Murphy said he had something for her. He said that he was going to give it to her on Christmas Eve, but it hadn't seemed like the right time.

Murphy told Katherine she didn't know how much it meant to him having her there. He said that ever since he lost his wife he had thought it was his one and only chance at happiness. Murphy said that Katherine had told him he saved her at the river, but the truth was, she had saved him. Murphy said he didn't want to be without her. As he pulled the ring out of his picket, there was a knock at the door.

Nikki and Paul arrived at Murphy's door. Nikki said that she didn't need a test to prove who Katherine was. Katherine was thrilled that Nikki finally believed her. Nikki said that she and Paul had a plan to prove who she was, once and for all.

Nikki went to Victor to ask him to help her prove Katherine's identity. Victor said that if Nikki believed she was Katherine then the woman must be a fraud. Nikki said that they needed to test Marge's DNA. She said that she had gone to Jill, but that Jill wouldn't listen. Victor couldn't believe that Nikki had gone to Jill, especially since her mother had just died. Katherine interrupted and said how dare Victor talk to Nikki that way after all she had done for him.

Daniel and Michael tried to explain to the detective that Amber was not involved in the robbery. Michael explained that he was at the scene of the crime on behalf of his client. The detective asked Michael where his client was. Michael said that a man named Clint Radisson was holding the client against his will. He said that Kevin was probably being forced to commit the crimes. The detective said that if Kevin was innocent he wouldn't be trying to shoot at them. Michael told Daniel that they needed to find Kevin and Amber before the police did.

Kevin told Amber that she needed a time out and locked her in the closet. When Amber turned on the light and saw Clint, she started screaming. Kevin couldn't take it and let Amber out of the closet. He told her to be quiet, because his father was asleep. He said that they were lucky his father didn't wake up because he would be seriously mad. Amber wondered what Clint did to Kevin when he was mad. Kevin said that he hurt him when he was bad. Amber said that the man in the closet was not Kevin's dad; he was Clint.

Kevin told Amber to wait. Amber rushed for the phone but when Kevin returned with a circular saw, she stopped in her tracks. Kevin said that he needed to make a coffin. Amber tried to convince Kevin to go with her. Kevin began hearing voices in his head and locked Amber in the closet again.

Amber tried to talk to Kevin through the door. She told him that Jana loved him and he needed to go home. Kevin was surprised that Jana was real. He felt that he had let her down. Kevin said that it was a joke to think that he had a normal life. Amber said that Kevin had saved Katherine's life. Amber said that she and Kevin were partners.

Kevin decided to let Amber out so she could help him build the coffin. Amber took a look at Kevin's leg again and wrapped her scarf around it. The television came on and Amber freaked out when she heard that the police were after her. Kevin said he wasn't going to jail and threw Amber in the coffin. Amber begged for Kevin to let her out. Kevin grabbed a gun and began fidgeting with the trigger.

Michael and Daniel decided to drive around to nearby hotels looking for Kevin and Amber. Michael explained to Daniel that Clint was the type of person who liked to prey on people's weaknesses. Michael said Daniel would not believe what Terrible Tom had put Kevin through. He said that was why they needed to find Kevin before he hurt himself, or anyone else. Daniel wondered if he meant Amber. Michael said that Kevin would never hurt Amber.

When Michael and Daniel arrived at the Cedar Lodge Hotel, Michael grabbed the sign that said, "Closed for the winter." Michael knew it was the perfect place to be for someone who didn't want to be found. Michael pushed open the door and went inside. Daniel saw the coffin and opened it up. There was no one inside, but Michael found a blonde hair.

Daniel saw Amber's scarf with Kevin's blood all over it. Then, Daniel opened up the closet door and saw Clint's body. Michael checked and saw no blood, but Daniel was afraid. He believed that Kevin had gone on a killing spree.

Kevin held Amber at gunpoint and told her they were driving to Canada. He said that his mother had told him he would be safe there. Amber wondered if Kevin meant Annie, the woman who had held Kevin hostage along with Clint. Kevin acknowledged this, but kept driving.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At Cane's, Cane had some good news for Lily -- his annulment from Chloe had been finalized. Before he kissed her, Cane promised Lily that nothing would ever come between them again.

Cane told Lily that he was still fighting for full custody of Delia. Lily wasn't sure if taking Delia away from her natural mother was a good idea. Cane assured Lily that they would make better parents than Chloe and Billy.

As Cane and Lily finished their Chinese dinner, he handed her a fortune cookie, which contained an engagement ring. Cane said that he, Lily, and Delia would make a great family. Lily said that she wanted to marry Cane, and that she supported his goal of gaining custody of Delia. However, Lily said that she couldn't be Delia's mother.

Cane asked Lily why she had changed her mind. Lily said that Delia was Chloe's child. She agreed with Cane that Chloe could be manipulative and dishonest, but Lily felt that Chloe was a good mother, always placing Delia's needs before her own. Lily said that she didn't feel comfortable saying that Chloe was unfit to be Delia's mother. She told Cane that she couldn't marry him if he expected her to be Delia's mother -- she would always feel that it was wrong taking Chloe's child away from her. Lily apologized to Cane, who hoped that she would change her mind.

Jack and Sharon dined at the Athletic Club. Sharon thanked Jack for allowing her to stay at the Abbott mansion while she tried to get her life together. She wondered, however, how long Billy and Chloe would be staying. Jack wondered why Billy and Chloe made her feel uncomfortable. Sharon lied and told Jack that it reminded her of the time when Jeff and Gloria lived in the pool house. She said that she had hoped it would just be her, Noah, and Jack living on the Abbott estate.

Mary Jane walked over to the Abbotts' table, and Jack introduced her to Sharon. Sharon looked extremely uncomfortable. After Mary Jane walked away, Sharon said that she wanted to go home. When Jack broached the subject of Sharon possibly returning to work at Jabot, Sharon said that she needed to get her life together before she could even consider returning to work.

In the Athletic Club lobby, Mary Jane ran into Jill. Jill apologized for having been rude to her when they had been introduced. The two ladies sat at a table, where Jill told Mary Jane some of her ideas to revamp Jabot. Mary Jane thought that some of Jill's ideas were good, but wondered why Jill had approached her directly, rather than going through Billy, the CEO of Jabot. Jill reminded Mary Jane that she was the CEO of Chancellor Industries, and therefore had a vested interest in Jabot.

Mary Jane said that, as a Jabot employee, she needed to follow the Jabot chain of command, and suggested that she, Jill, and Billy all sit down and talk. Jill, who had become irritated with Mary Jane, told her that she would speak with Billy.

At the Abbott pool house, Chloe told Billy that her marriage to Cane had been annulled, and that she, Billy, and Delia could begin their life as a family. Billy looked less than thrilled.

Billy and Chloe laid down some ground rules for their relationship. Billy said that Delia would always come first, and that Chloe shouldn't expect him to follow her around like Cane did. Chloe asked Billy not to shove his "down low" extracurricular activities in her face. Billy asked Chloe why she hadn't returned her wedding ring to Cane. Chloe said that she wanted to keep it, since it was a Chancellor heirloom. She asked Billy if he was jealous that she was wearing it. Billy said that he wasn't, as it saved him the cost of buying one. When Billy left the room, Chloe whispered, "He's so jealous," to Delia.

Jack and Sharon returned to the mansion to find Billy and Chloe on the couch. They explained that Delia slept better when they were out of the pool house. Sharon and Billy were immediately uncomfortable. Sharon went upstairs and Chloe went to the kitchen. Billy told Jack that Jack had to get Sharon out of the house. Jack wondered why Billy wanted Sharon gone. Billy lied and said that he was looking out for Jack -- after all, Sharon had cheated on Jack.

Jack explained that Sharon needed stability and Jack intended to give it to her. Billy complained to Jack that Chloe was trying to push him into marriage, and said that if Chloe had agreed to an open relationship, he would have booked the church already.

Sharon and Chloe ran into each other in the dining room. Chloe told Sharon the story of how she and Billy had met at a newsstand in New York. Sharon grimaced when Chloe said that Billy was "good between the sheets."

Sharon and Jack found themselves alone in the living room. Sharon once again thanked him for allowing her to stay at the mansion. Jack left to make popcorn, and Sharon then found herself alone with Billy. They agreed that they needed to keep their sexual encounters secret from Jack, and vowed never to have sex again. Although they were somewhat concerned that Phyllis suspected that they had slept together, they realized that Phyllis had no proof.

After Billy left, Sharon and Jack engaged in a playful popcorn fight. Sharon kissed Jack, took his hand, and began walking him upstairs.

At the pool house, Chloe was concerned that Billy wasn't coming home. She started talking to Delia, and told her that her father was a "lying son of a bitch." Suddenly, Billy walked in, grabbed Chloe, and began making passionate love to her.

At the Newman ranch, Victor tested Katherine's authenticity by asking her about the last time they spoke. Katherine said that she had gone to see Victor after Sabrina's death, in an unsuccessful effort to console him. Victor was convinced that he was in the presence of the real Katherine Chancellor.

Katherine and Victor caught up, and Victor learned about Murphy, the new love of Katherine's life. Katherine was surprised to learn that Victor was living with Ashley, and that Ashley was pregnant with his child. Nikki and Katherine told Victor that they needed to exhume Marge's body and do a DNA test in order to prove that it wasn't Katherine buried in the ground. Their problem was that Jill refused to allow the body to be disinterred. Victor said that he would see what he could do.

After Katherine and Nikki left, Jill met Victor at the ranch. Victor said that he would give Jill her Jabot stock back, at no cost, on one condition -- Jill had to allow the body buried in Katherine's grave to be exhumed. When Jill accused Victor of having been taken in by the impostor Marge, Victor said that a simple DNA test on the remains would clear everything up. At first Jill resisted, but, when Victor dangled the Jabot stock in front of her, she finally relented and told Victor to have the papers drawn up.

Nikki and Katherine went to Murphy's trailer. Nikki saw a copy of Restless Style on the table, and decided that Katherine's tale would be the cover story for the next issue. Katherine was concerned that Nikki would never be happy without Victor. Nikki said that she had Paul, and Victor had Ashley. Katherine told Nikki that Nikki would never be as happy with Paul as she had been with Victor.

Victor called Nikki and Katherine, and told them that Jill had signed the document of disinterment, allowing the body in Katherine's grave to be exhumed. Nikki said, "Victor came through -- just like the way we knew he would."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Doctors wheeled Marge's coffin to the morgue and walked out. The coffin opened up and Marge came out. She said that everyone was probably wondering who she was. Marge pulled Katherine's memoir out of the coffin and said she would share some juicy tidbits about Katherine. She said that being dead made you see a different side of things.

Marge uncovered another body in the morgue. The body belonged to Clint. Marge said that Clint hadn't made it to heaven. Clint had destroyed many people's lives, one of them being Kevin Fisher.

Kevin was driving Amber to Canada. Amber begged Kevin to let her call Michael. Kevin said Michael would call the police and they would bust Kevin for killing his father. Amber told Kevin again that Clint was not his father. Kevin told Amber to shut up-he was in charge. Amber grabbed the wheel and swerved off the road.

Amber insisted that they call Michael. Kevin wouldn't listen to her. He grabbed his gun and pointed it at her. He told Amber that she had better get used to holding it.

Katherine told Nikki that Katherine would be happy to go back to her home, but she would actually miss living in the trailer. Katherine looked out the window of the trailer and wondered where Murphy was. She looked through some of Murphy's pictures and talked to Nikki about him. Katherine worried that Murphy's simple life would clash with hers.

Katherine wondered what would happen if Marge's DNA came back negative. Nikki thought there might be another explanation. Katherine didn't want to speculate.

Nikki went to Nick and Phyllis' to tell them that she had a person she wanted to feature in the next issue of Restless Style. Katherine walked in and smiled at them. Nikki said that she was sure about Katherine's identity when she returned her ring. Nick said that was good enough for him. He and Phyllis thought having Katherine as a feature in their magazine was a great idea. Katherine felt good finally having people believe her again.

Murphy sat at the diner in deep thought. Pearl asked Murphy what was on his mind. He said he had been making some big decisions.

Jill told Victor that she was sure the woman claiming to be Katherine was a fraud. She said that woman was not her mother. Victor said he wasn't saying she was Jill's mother, he was saying she was Katherine.

At the Athletic Club Jeffrey asked Jack if he had seen Gloria. Jack wondered why Jeffrey cared, especially since Gloria wanted nothing to do with Jeffrey. Jack went to the bar and found Gloria. He said that he was starting to wonder if the woman who was alive was really Katherine. Gloria said that she always knew the woman was Katherine.

Gloria told Jack that he would be sorry if the woman was really Katherine, because he would lose all his shares at Jabot. Katherine came up and Gloria happily greeted her. Gloria said that as soon as the results of the DNA test were in, everyone would believe Katherine. Jack wondered if Katherine remembered him. Katherine said she would know Jack's face anywhere.

Jeffrey found Gloria and told her that she could rest easy about Kevin. He said that he'd hired a bounty hunter to track down Kevin and take him home.

Katherine went to Victor's to have a heart-to-heart talk. Victor asked her if things were serious with Murphy. Katherine wasn't sure. Victor said that love was a precious thing. Katherine agreed. She said when you found your soul mate, you never let them go. Katherine said that Victor and Nikki were soul mates. Victor said he was with Ashley; he didn't want to talk about Nikki.

Sharon wrote a letter to her mother about her guilty feelings. She felt responsible for her mother's accident, as well as turning Brad away. She said that she'd tried to fill her life with men and sex, but it just made things worse. Sharon wondered what was wrong with her. She wondered if it was because her father had abandoned her and her mother. She wrote that she was beginning to think no one could help her and that maybe the world would be better off without her.

Phyllis was surprised to learn from Jack that Sharon was living with him again. Phyllis said that Jack reminded her of Billy sometimes. Jack wondered what she meant by that. Phyllis played it off and said that Jack and Billy seemed to have the same taste in women.

Nick was going up to Sharon's hotel room and was surprised to find out that Sharon had moved out. Sharon ran into him as he was walking back to the door. Sharon walked by and didn't say a word. Nick came and sat down next to Phyllis, Jack, and Sharon. Nick asked Sharon how she was doing living at the club.

Jack said that Sharon had moved back in with him. Phyllis said that Sharon was full of surprises. Phyllis was also surprised to hear that Billy and Chloe were living at the pool house. Nick got up and excused himself. Phyllis said that it was incredible that Billy was living there. Daniel came up to Phyllis and asked to speak to her in private.

Daniel told Phyllis what had been going on with Kevin and Amber. He thanked Phyllis for listening to him. Daniel said that Jana had collapsed from worry and he was going to go see her. Phyllis said that Kevin was strong, and he would make it.

Jack asked Sharon if she was okay. Sharon said that she just wanted to go home. She saw Nick talking on the phone and felt even sadder than before. Sharon went up to Phyllis and told her to stop trying to mess things up with her and Jack.

Nikki and Katherine went to the diner looking for Murphy. Pearl said she didn't know where Murphy had gone. Nikki said that Joe Junior was happy to let them use the diner for Katherine's photo shoot. Katherine had a faraway look on her face. When Jill walked in and saw Katherine, she approached her. Jill said that after the third DNA test proved she wasn't Katherine, they would be done with the charade once and for all.

Katherine said it would do no such thing, it would only prove that maybe she wasn't really Jill's mother. Jill said that the woman lying in that coffin was her mother; there would be a match. "Katherine Chancellor is not in a morgue, she is standing right here," said Katherine. Jill said Katherine was delusional. Katherine said that Jill was as spiteful as ever. Jill was surprised to hear Kay's words. Katherine said that when Jill was proven wrong, Katherine would make Jill's life a living hell.

Nikki went to Victor's to thank him for helping out Katherine. Victor said she had already thanked him. Nikki said that she was thanking him again because that was what friends did. Victor was surprised that Nikki thought they were friends.

Marge went back into her coffin and said she was glad that Katherine got her man. She said she was on her way back to heaven where they had "sweets 24/7."

Katherine put her jacket on and Murphy walked into the diner. Murphy told her that he had done a lot of thinking about her. Katherine said she would understand if he wanted to cut his losses. Murphy got down on his knees. Katherine asked what he was doing. Murphy said he was proposing. He asked her if she would do him the great honor of becoming his wife.

Katherine smiled and said yes. Murphy was thrilled. Joe Junior and Pearl happily looked on. The jukebox, which had been broken, played a song. Pearl said that Marge used to play that song all the time. Katherine felt that meant Marge approved. Katherine and Murphy started to dance.

Friday, March 27, 2009

At the Abbott mansion, Billy told Chloe that he had to leave for a meeting with Rafe. Billy promised Chloe that he would marry her, although he wasn't ready to set a date. Chloe teased Billy, telling him that he was nuts about her. As Billy left, he told baby Delia to take care of her "crazy mama." When Billy was gone, Chloe said to the baby, "Yup. Your father is nuts about me."

Meeting with Rafe at the Athletic Club, Billy learned that Cane's custody suit had some validity. Rafe said that Cane had evidence that Billy and Chloe knowingly withheld proof about Delia's paternity, allowing Cane to bond with the unborn child. Rafe also said that Cane's name being on the birth certificate was a problem. Rafe advised Billy to marry Chloe as soon as possible.

At Cane's, Cane told Lily that he was going to the Abbott mansion to visit Delia. When Lily asked if Chloe had called and invited him over, Cane said that he didn't need an invitation to see his own daughter. He told Lily that he understood her reluctance to be a mother to Delia, but assured her that everything would work out.

Cane showed up at the Abbott mansion to see Delia, but Chloe refused to let him in. She reminded Cane that he was not Delia's father. Cane said that Chloe was a "heartless bitch" who had let him fall in love with Delia, but then decided to exclude him from the child's life. Chloe told Cane to leave, or she would call the police and have him arrested. Before leaving, Cane told her that she would be sorry when he received sole custody of Delia.

Chloe visited Lily at Cane's and told her that Cane needed to back off. Lily said that she didn't support the idea of a baby being taken away from its mother, but reminded Chloe that she and Billy weren't exactly ideal parents. Chloe told Lily to refuse to marry Cane if he tried to gain custody of Delia. Lily and Chloe fought, and they each called the other delusional. Chloe stormed out of the house, and Lily slammed the door behind her.

At the Athletic Club, Jack met with Mary Jane. She went over the public relations schedule that she had arranged for him, including some magazine interviews and appearances on television shows. Mary Jane told Jack that she had angered Jill, but Jack told her not to worry about that. Jack pressed Mary Jane for details about her past, but she gave very vague answers. When Jack said that Mary Jane was a woman of mystery, she replied, "You have no idea."

At the Newman ranch, Adam had trouble navigating through the furniture in the living room. When Victor offered him some help, Adam snapped at him. Ashley watched from the stairwell as Victor reminded Adam that he had gotten Adam released from prison and had then invited him to live in Victor's home. Ashley tried to play peacemaker, and asked Victor and Adam to try to get along. The men agreed to do so, for Ashley's sake.

Later, up in Adam's room, Estella asked him why he hadn't eaten any of his dinner. Ashley overheard and asked Estella to leave so that she could speak privately with Adam. After Estella left, Ashley told Adam that she couldn't forgive what he had done to Victor, but that she believed in second chances. Adam said that she must, since she was giving Victor a second chance. Ashley asked Adam if they were a family. Adam, sounding insincere, said, "Yeah, right."

Rafe showed up at the Newman ranch to visit his Aunt Estella. Adam apologized to Rafe for treating him badly while Rafe was representing him. Victor joined them. Rafe explained that Adam would have weekly meetings with the house arrest officer. When the subject of the two million dollars that Adam had received for the falsified diary came up, Victor informed his son and Rafe that he had confiscated the money -- except for $100,000 that Adam had spent.

Later, in Adam's room, Victor insisted that Adam pay him back the $100,000. Adam whined that he was broke, and didn't even have $100. Victor told Adam that if he let him off the hook for the money, it would weaken Adam. Victor suggested that Adam remind himself of Hope's legacy -- she had courage, dignity, and never asked for a handout. After Victor left, Adam called Heather and left her a voicemail asking her to come to the ranch to talk with him.

When Heather arrived, Adam said that he had merely exchanged one prison for another. Heather said that the Newman ranch could hardly be called a prison. Adam told Heather that if she had ever loved him, she would find some way to have his sentence commuted. Heather reminded Adam that he had committed a serious felony, and there was no way she could get his sentence commuted. He told Heather to leave, and never to come back.

Jill summoned Billy to a meeting at Jabot. When he arrived, Jill informed him that she was replacing him with Cane as Jabot CEO, although Billy could still be in charge of Jabot's international sales division. Jill explained to Billy that he simply lacked the maturity for the CEO position. Billy quit on the spot, and told Jill that she would never see Delia again.

Cane went to see Jill, and she told him that she was reappointing him to the CEO position at Jabot. Cane was thrilled. He noticed that Jill seemed a bit down, and asked her what was wrong. She told her son that she had agreed to have Katherine's body exhumed and her DNA tested, so they all could put an end to this "painful chapter" in their lives.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley brought over some Jabot files for Jack to review. Jack warned Ashley not to overwork herself, in light of her pregnancy. Jack couldn't understand why Ashley would want to be with Victor again, but he was primarily concerned with his sister's happiness. Jill called them and summoned them to a meeting at Jabot.

At the meeting, Jill fired Jack and Ashley. She told the Abbotts that they were living in the past and were unable to embrace new ideas. Jill informed them that Billy had quit, and Cane had been reappointed to the CEO position. Ashley reminded Jill that the Abbotts had brought stability back to the company.

Jack told Ashley not to waste her time trying to talk sense to Jill. He told Jill that there was going to be an all-out war between the Abbotts and the Chancellors for control of Jabot. Jack said that Katherine would never allow Jill to get away with firing the Abbotts. Jill said that Katherine was dead -- and that the Abbotts would have to learn to deal with the situation.

Back at home, Cane told Lily that he was once again the CEO of Jabot. Cane said that he hoped that Lily would change her mind and agree to be mother to Delia. Lily said that she had made her decision, and returned the engagement ring to Cane. She said that she understood why Cane wanted sole custody of Delia, but that she couldn't be part of taking a child away from its mother.

Billy told Chloe that Jill had removed him as Jabot's CEO, and had reappointed Cane to the position. Chloe said that Jill obviously didn't realize how valuable Billy was. Billy took Delia in his arms. As Chloe smiled, Billy said that he wasn't going to lose Delia, and he asked Chloe to marry him.

Jack ran into Mary Jane at the Athletic Club. Mary Jane had just been informed that her services were no longer required at Jabot. Jack told her that Jill had fired him and Ashley, as well. Before he left, Jack said that he would fight Jill. Mary Jane called Victor and told him that she and Jack had been fired. Victor told her that everything would work out, and that she should be patient.

At Murphy's trailer, Katherine told a thrilled Nikki that Murphy had proposed. Katherine said that everything seemed to be working out, except for the situation with Kevin and Amber. She said she would use the Chancellor resources to sort out Kevin and Amber's problems. Katherine told Nikki that the results of the DNA test on Marge's exhumed body were due at any time. Nikki said that when Jill learned that Katherine was alive, she would be thrilled. Katherine wasn't so sure.

Nikki and Katherine went to the diner for Katherine's Restless Style photo shoot. George, the fashion editor, dressed Katherine as several famous women from history, including Queen Isabella of Spain, Queen Elizabeth I of England, and, finally, Cleopatra. Murphy looked on with pride as the shoot took place. After the shoot, Katherine told Nikki that she couldn't wait to take Murphy home so that they could start their new life together.

Later, at the trailer, a messenger delivered an envelope containing the results of the DNA test comparing Jill's DNA to that of the exhumed body.

Jill sat in her office at Jabot. Katherine entered, held out the envelope, and said, "Take a look. You don't match the woman buried in my grave, and you don't match me. Tests don't lie. They're all telling you the same thing. Deny it if you want. You are not my daughter."

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