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Billy and Sharon slept together the night before his wedding to Chloe. Mac arrived at the ceremony. Katherine and Jill had a food fight with the wedding cake. Katherine discovered that she had Lyme disease. Kevin was seriously hurt from a gunshot wound.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 30, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, March 30, 2009

In a car parked near a bank, Kevin handed Amber a gun and instructed her to rob the teller. Kevin explained that Amber's participation in the crime would put her on the wrong side of the law, just as he was already. Kevin's plan included escaping to Canada after the robbery and meeting with his "dad." Amber refused to comply and threw the gun back at Kevin. The gun hit Kevin's leg near his bullet wound. Kevin yelled in pain.

Amber pleaded with Kevin to call Michael, but Kevin, suffering fatigue and transient mental illness, adamantly refused. Amber told Kevin that he needed to see a doctor. Amber failed to convince Kevin that the man he thought was his dad was actually a hardened criminal named Clint Radison, who had manipulated Kevin and forced him to commit crimes.

Kevin, with his arm linked through Amber's, hobbled into the bank. Kevin appeared weakened and dizzy. Kevin ordered Amber to approach the teller. Kevin shuffled behind the bank's armed guard and quickly withdrew the guard's weapon. Kevin pointed the guard's gun at customers and yelled, "Nobody move. This is a robbery!"

Startled patrons froze in place. Amber mouthed the word "help" to the teller, and then she repeatedly mouthed "please help" directly at the bank's security camera.

As Amber nervously waited for the teller to fulfill the couple's demands for cash, Kevin fainted and slumped to the floor. The gun skidded about a foot away from Kevin's limp body. Amber quickly grabbed the bag of money from the teller, ran to Kevin, and recovered the gun before the guard could apprehend Kevin. Amber pointed the gun at the guard. After Amber helped Kevin stand up, she and Kevin ran out the door.

Amber hurriedly guided Kevin into the passenger side of their getaway car. Police sirens wailed in the distance. Kevin passed out, and Amber panicked. Amber slapped Kevin's cheek and yelled, "Kevin, don't you die on me!"

Amber roused Kevin, and he asked about the money. Amber explained that she had the money. Kevin, barely lucid, said, "You wanted my dad to be proud of you, too, huh?" Amber cried out in frustration after she realized that their car wouldn't start.

Amber told Kevin they would have to run, but Kevin insisted he couldn't. Amber opened the car door and tried to help Kevin out of the car. Kevin seemed too weak to move. Amber noticed swelling around Kevin's bullet wound. Amber gasped, "That's bad, Kevin. It's really, really bad."

Jeffrey and Amos, a bounty hunter, walked into the bank. Jeffrey addressed the frazzled bank guard and asked, "You catch the perps?" Amos added, "You got their license plate, didn't you?" The guard responded, "Better. We got them on the bank's security camera." Jeffrey noticed blood on the floor.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria was surprised to see Jana back from the hospital, even though her headache had not eased. Daniel returned and announced that he had no news about Kevin. Jana clutched her head in pain, but she refused to return to the hospital. Daniel told Jana about finding a dead Clint in the closet.

Jana was distressed when Daniel described the message Amber had scrawled in lipstick, which hinted about Kevin's crazed crime spree. Jana panicked when Daniel mentioned finding blood at the cabin. Jana refused to believe that Kevin might harm Amber.

Gloria busied herself at the coffeehouse by filling salt shakers. Jeffrey showed up and hovered over Gloria, who expressed concern about Kevin. Jeffrey summoned Amos, the burly bounty hunter seated at a nearby table, to help him find Kevin. Gloria assumed that Jeffrey had something in mind for himself other than just locating Kevin. Jeffrey winked at Gloria and admitted, "There is." Jeffrey told Gloria he wanted her back.

Daniel insisted Jana return to the hospital, but Jana assured Daniel that the pain had totally subsided. Jana suggested that her headaches had begun when Kevin had disappeared, so the ending of her suffering might signify Kevin's return. Gloria told Daniel and Jana that Jeffrey and Amos planned to search for Kevin and Amber. Michael called and reported that Kevin had committed another robbery and that he wasn't alone. Jana moaned and cried, "Oh, my God!"

At Jabot, Katherine walked into Jill's office and explained that the repeated DNA tests performed on Jill, Katherine, and the woman in Katherine's grave proved that Jill wasn't Katherine's daughter. Nikki breezed in. Jill berated Nikki for exacerbating the mayhem. Jill also blasted Nikki for using Katherine's impostor to harass Jill with the absurd claims. Nikki told Jill that she was the only impostor in the room and that Jill wasn't Katherine's daughter.

Jill said that she had difficulty trusting Nikki's judgment after Nikki chose a lover who was a murderer and a sociopath. Katherine quickly jumped to Nikki's defense. Jill claimed that she had proven she was Katherine's daughter years earlier through a DNA test. Katherine said she could not explain why the newest tests proved otherwise.

Jill angrily accused Nikki of playing the good daughter role in order to cast Jill as the bad daughter. Katherine asked Jill what she had to fear from the test results. Jill didn't respond. Katherine suggested that Jill conduct her own tests.

Jill suggested that Brock submit to a DNA test in order to determine whether his DNA matched Katherine's. Nikki quickly agreed to follow Jill's excellent suggestion. After Katherine walked out, Nikki told Jill that without Katherine's connections, Jill would lose her acceptance and legitimacy. Jill threw Nikki out. After Nikki left, Jill picked up a framed photo of herself with Katherine and gazed at it sadly.

Jill phoned Brock, who admitted he was heading to Genoa City to submit his DNA for testing. Jill recalled the day long before when she and Katherine had first feared that they weren't related.

Cane walked in and disturbed Jill's concentration. Cane grew concerned about Jill's disconcerted behavior. Jill insisted that nothing was wrong. Cane assured Jill that Lily would adjust and embrace her role as Delia's mother figure. Jill broke down and admitted that DNA tests indicated that she was not Katherine's daughter.

Jill also admitted to Cane that she and Katherine were always at odds. Jill seemed convinced that Katherine didn't feel a close connection with Jill, because she had not left Jill any personal belongings, such as the emerald ring. Cane consoled his mother and assured her that Katherine was dead and buried.

At Murphy's mobile home, Katherine admired flowers and congratulatory notes from friends. Nikki pointed out a banner offering Katherine and Murphy congratulations on their engagement. Nikki told Katherine that Brook was on his way.

Katherine worried that Jill would convince Brock that Katherine was a fraud. Katherine also worried about what would happen to Jill. Nikki insisted that Jill would survive. Katherine wasn't convinced that Jill could bounce back from such a setback.

Katherine seemed lost in thought and wished that Murphy were at her side. Nikki said she understood and that she relied on Paul, who was quite uncomplicated when she compared him to someone else. Nikki stopped short of identifying Victor as the complicated comparison. Katherine said, "Just because they are complicated doesn't mean we don't miss them."

Over coffee, Katherine said she wished she could remember the moment she'd realized that she and Jill were mother and daughter. Nikki explained that Katherine had not questioned the relationship until Charlotte Ramsey, the woman named as Jill's mother on Jill's birth certificate, had surfaced with a convincing story. Years later, Nikki recalled, Jill and Katherine had submitted DNA for testing after Katherine had experienced nightmares about the child she had given away. Nikki added that Jill and Katherine had been enemies at one point, but they had eventually made peace and grown close. Katherine cried and expressed unease that a piece of paper could end her role as Jill's mother.

As Nikki prepared to leave, Katherine recalled Jill's reaction after their initial DNA test long before had proven that Katherine and Jill were mother and daughter. Katherine remembered that Jill had been overjoyed and relieved to learn about the blood bond she shared with Katherine, the woman she had grown to love and consider as her mother. Katherine told Nikki she remembered how happy she and Jill had been to learn the truth about their relationship.

At the Newman ranch, Victor was relieved that Jill had fired Ashley because he worried about his pregnant fiancée's health. Ashley reminded Victor that although she was pregnant, she was not ill. Victor said that Jill would soon lose her power, because he was convinced that Katherine had returned.

Victor and Ashley discussed Adam, who overheard the conversation from the next room. Victor claimed that Adam would not realize his full potential until Adam admitted his role in the deception that had resulted in Victor's imprisonment. Ashley insisted that Adam had changed and that he treated her with respect. Olivia arrived.

After Victor left, Ashley and Olivia talked about Ashley's pregnancy. Ashley gushed that Victor insisted she take it easy. Olivia agreed that Ashley should take precautions. Olivia expressed concern that Ashley might suffer another nervous breakdown if something went wrong. Adam seemed shocked when he overheard mention of Ashley's previous nervous breakdown.

Adam continued to listen, unseen, as Ashley insisted she could weather stress without ill effects. Olivia made Ashley promise to phone for help if she began to suffer strain or mental fatigue. Ashley agreed. Lily summoned Olivia via text message, and Olivia left. Victor returned. Victor and Ashley heard a loud thumping noise upstairs, and Victor went to investigate.

Upstairs, Victor found Adam in his room. Adam was out of breath and sweating. Adam lied and said he had run into the corner of his bed. After Victor left, Adam began doing push-ups. Victor went back downstairs and told Ashley that Adam felt under the weather. Victor added that he could quickly summon a doctor for Adam.

Ashley noted that Victor cared about Adam. Back in Adam's room, Adam ignored his lunch in favor of calorie-burning activities. Adam tried to force the ankle monitor off his leg, but the chunky device wouldn't clear his heel. Frustrated, Adam resumed his push-up routine.

At Cane's house, Lily returned Cane's engagement ring, citing her refusal to separate baby Delia from her mother, Chloe. Lily added that Chloe was a great mother. Cane complained that Chloe was too selfish to be a good mother. Lily reminded Cane that Chloe had chosen him to be Delia's father because Chloe had known that Cane would be a stable parent. Cane was angry after Lily admitted that Chloe had pleaded her case to Lily, but Lily added that it was ultimately her choice to turn down Cane's proposal.

Lily commended Cane for fighting for Delia. Lily explained that she could not accept Cane's engagement ring if he expected her to take over as Delia's mother and push Chloe away. Cane refused to take the ring, and he kissed Lily before he left.

After Cane was gone, Lily opened the box and slid Cane's engagement ring onto her finger. When Olivia arrived, she quickly noticed the ring. Olivia offered congratulations on Lily's engagement. Lily sorrowfully explained that she and Cane weren't engaged.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amber told Kevin that they couldn't go on much longer in hiding. Kevin said they had to wait for his father. Amber said that his father wasn't coming. She warned Kevin that if he continued to leave his wound untreated, he could die. Amber begged Kevin to remember that Tom Fisher was dead. Kevin wouldn't listen to her.

Kevin held his moneybag tightly in his arms and fell over in pain. Amber said that she would help Kevin. Kevin said that no one would forgive him because he was bad. Amber said that she was his friend, and she wanted to help him. She begged him to let her go to a pharmacy to get something for his leg. Kevin asked if she would return. Amber said she would.

Kevin saw a man standing in the doorway. It was Terrible Tom. Kevin said that he'd known Tom would return for him. Kevin showed Tom the money he'd gotten for Tom. Tom said Kevin had turned out to be a good man.

Jana also appeared and begged Kevin to return home. Tom told Kevin not to listen to her. Jana said that Terrible Tom did not have power over Kevin anymore. Tom said that Kevin was worthless and kicked him. Tom told Kevin he needed to be across the border with his money. Kevin screamed for Jana to help him.

Michael and Daniel visited a detective and said they were willing to cooperate with him. The detective was watching a tape, and Daniel helped him play it. On the tape, Kevin and Amber were robbing another bank. The detective said they looked completely guilty. Michael said that Kevin suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder. He said that something had to have triggered Kevin.

Daniel said that Amber was terrified of guns. The detective wondered how Daniel would know that. Daniel said because he lived with Amber. The detective said he was sure he'd hear all about it when he presented his case.

The detective received a call and said they needed to expand the search. Michael asked if he and Daniel could help in the search. The detective said he wasn't taking any chances. Kevin was too dangerous.

Michael and the detective began arguing about Kevin. Daniel didn't want to hear it anymore and walked outside. Amber walked by slowly, but Daniel missed her because he ran back inside and found Michael getting handcuffed. Daniel looked out the window and saw Amber. He started to walk out the door, but the detective said Daniel needed to stay.

Jeffrey called Gloria to tell her that the reports were true: Amber was Kevin's partner in crime. Gloria and Jana did not believe it. Jeffrey said the bounty hunter would follow the scent of Kevin's blood. Gloria wondered what Jeffrey meant about blood.

Jana started to panic. She told Gloria that she needed to go to Minnesota to find Kevin. Gloria said they needed to leave it to Michael and Daniel to find him. Jana said she couldn't take it any longer -- she needed to go.

When Jana arrived in Minnesota, she asked Daniel why Michael was handcuffed. Daniel said it was complicated. The detective decided to unlock Michael's handcuffs. Michael said that as soon as they got Kevin into custody, Michael wanted to see him. The detective agreed.

Michael walked over to Jana and Daniel, who were watching the tape. Michael noticed Amber mouthing the words "Help me" on the tape. Daniel and Jana started arguing over whether or not Kevin was pointing a gun at Amber. Michael said they shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Amber returned from the pharmacy to help Kevin with his wound. He was surprised that she had returned. Kevin said that they needed to go to Canada. Amber said that if Kevin wanted to go to Canada, he needed to take the pain medicine she had brought for him. Amber poured alcohol on Kevin's wound and wrapped his leg. Kevin thanked Amber for returning for him.

Suddenly, Kevin and Amber heard sirens. Kevin said there was no way they would take them alive.

Nick gave Sharon a glowing job recommendation. Phyllis overheard and told Nick that he should call the person back and say that Sharon was a thief. Nick didn't want to hear it. Phyllis said that Sharon had been at their house and had stolen something of theirs. Nick said that Phyllis was being ridiculous.

Phyllis wondered why Nick always insisted on defending Sharon. She said that Nick had told her he was committed to their relationship; he needed to start proving it. Nick said that he wasn't defending Sharon. He told Phyllis that she needed to stop obsessing over Sharon. Nick said that he had made his choice, and it was to be with Phyllis. He grabbed Phyllis and started kissing her.

Sharon and Jack argued about who deserved top reign at Jabot. Colleen stopped by to see Jack and asked him if he was ready to go to work. Sharon was surprised that Jack and Colleen were working together. Sharon wondered if Colleen knew that Jill had fired Jack.

Sharon excused herself, and Colleen asked if Sharon was moving back in. Jack said he hoped so. When Sharon returned, she overheard Jack and Colleen discussing manipulating the board. Sharon couldn't believe that Jack was making Colleen do his dirty work. She then remembered sleeping with Billy. Sharon felt that she couldn't judge anyone else, considering the terrible things she had done.

Jack found Sharon resting in bed. She said that they had gone back to their old patterns once again. Sharon wondered why Jack was being so nice to her. Jack said he wanted to make his feelings clear. He kissed her, and they made love.

Sharon walked downstairs and saw Billy. She said that she had heard Billy was doing the right thing with Chloe. Sharon decided to go to Jack and do the right thing for Jack. She said that out of respect for him and herself, she needed to move back to the hotel.

Esther was thrilled to hear that Chloe and Billy were getting married. Esther wanted to have a big wedding for Chloe. Billy walked in and was proud of himself for changing Delia's diaper so quickly. He said that would be his new job.

Esther wondered why Billy was no longer working at Jabot. Billy said that Jill had hired Cane, and Billy had quit. Esther said that the wedding was more important than Jabot, anyway. She wondered how Friday sounded for a wedding. Billy said that if he were pushed, there would be no wedding.

Billy saw Colleen at the Abbott house and asked how she was doing. She asked him if he was still with Chloe. Billy said that they were going to make it official. Colleen said that Billy could be Delia's father without marrying Chloe. Billy said that Esther wanted to have the wedding at the Chancellor estate.

Colleen remembered that Billy and Mackenzie had married there. She said that was the way marriage should be, with two people totally in love. Billy hoped she would come, anyway. When Billy saw Jack, he said that he was ready to bolt once again. Jack suggested having the rehearsal dinner at his house. Jack said it was imperative that Billy make Delia an Abbott.

Colleen went to see Chloe to tell her that Billy would never love her. Chloe slammed the door in her face. Chloe told Delia she didn't care where she and Billy got married, as long as they were going to be a family. Billy arrived at home and said he'd decided to have a real wedding.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the abandoned boxcar, Amber awakened to find that Kevin was still drinking. She asked Kevin if the police had been around. Kevin said that he hadn't heard any sirens and that it might be a good time for them to take the money and try to get away. Amber told Kevin that Michael and Daniel were looking for them. Kevin became angry with Amber and accused her of having called Michael and Daniel.

Amber told Kevin that she hadn't called Michael and Daniel -- she explained that Michael and Daniel loved them and would therefore be searching for them. Kevin said that Amber had to be lying, since no one could possibly love him or Amber. Amber insisted that deep down, Kevin was a good person. As Kevin continued drinking, he told Amber that she was wrong.

Amber told Kevin that he was a kind and gentle person, and she reminded him of the good things that he had done recently. She said that she was grateful to have a friend like Kevin and that she loved him. Amber asked him if he believed that she loved him. Kevin nodded yes then put his head down on Amber's lap. Amber promised Kevin that she would take care of him and wouldn't let anyone hurt him.

At the Abbott pool house, Chloe told Billy that she had to leave to interview a potential sitter for Delia, as they had to attend their wedding rehearsal dinner that night. Billy was left with Delia spitting up on his shirt.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe interviewed Eden for the sitter position. Chloe was impressed with Eden's credentials as a "rebel" and hired her to watch Delia. Lily and Cane watched from a nearby table. Cane was annoyed that Chloe was hiring someone with no childcare experience. Cane told Lily that he had to leave to take care of something.

After Eden left, Chloe congratulated Lily for not wearing Cane's engagement ring. Lily noticed that Chloe was still wearing the ring that Cane had given her. Chloe explained that she was keeping the ring because it was a "family treasure." Lily accused Chloe of not caring who she married -- as long as her husband was a Chancellor. She added that she hoped that Delia never found out how Billy really felt about Chloe. Chloe said that Billy showed her how he felt on a regular basis -- and that it was fabulous.

Lily wondered how long Billy could keep faking his feelings about Chloe. Chloe said that Lily and Cane were hoping her relationship with Billy would fall apart so that Chloe would give Delia to Lily and Cane. When Chloe insisted that she loved her child, Lily said that she believed that, but she added that Chloe's love for Delia wouldn't make her marriage to Billy last any longer than her marriage to Cane had.

Back at the pool house, Billy fantasized that Mac was his wife and Delia's mother. Billy told Delia that he wished it had actually turned out that way.

Billy continued to fantasize about Mac, but his fantasy was interrupted when Cane stopped by. Cane asked Billy if the married life was the life that he really wanted. He told Billy that clubbing with a different woman every night was more Billy's style. Billy said that Cane had no idea what he was talking about. Cane wondered why Billy would marry a woman he didn't love just to keep Cane away from Delia.

Billy said that his impending marriage to Chloe had nothing to do with Cane. Cane proposed a solution -- if Billy allowed Cane to raise Delia, he would resign his CEO position at Jabot and make sure that Billy was reappointed. Billy said that Cane couldn't buy his daughter, and he threw Cane out.

After Cane was gone, Billy again fantasized about Mac. His mind quickly returned to reality when Chloe returned to the pool house.

Jill became upset when Esther told her that Billy and Chloe were going to be married at the Chancellor mansion. Jill claimed that Chloe wasn't in love with Billy -- she was obsessed with him. Jill said that she was going to buy Esther's half of the mansion in order to prevent the wedding from taking place there. Esther reminded Jill that, since Katherine was alive, Esther no longer owned any portion of the mansion. She said that she couldn't wait until Jill realized that Katherine was still alive.

At Nick and Phyllis', Nikki read the beginning of the biographical article that Phyllis was writing about Katherine for Restless Style. Nikki and Phyllis agreed that the next issue, featuring Katherine, should break sales records.

After Nikki left, Phyllis continued writing the article at her laptop, but she stopped writing about Katherine and began writing about Sharon. Phyllis wrote that Sharon was a slut and a thief, and she advised Sharon to hold onto Jack, as Nick had made it abundantly clear how much he loved Phyllis during their lovemaking the previous evening.

Nick brought Noah over to the Abbott mansion. Noah's car was in the shop, and he had plans to meet Sharon for breakfast. Just as Jack was about to tell them that Sharon had moved out, she showed up. Noah asked her what was going on, and she told Nick and Noah that she had moved back to the club. Sharon told Noah that moving back in with Jack had been an impulsive decision. Noah was upset that he couldn't count on Sharon anymore. He stormed out.

After picking up Noah's car, Phyllis took him back to the tack house. He complained to Phyllis that he didn't even know where Sharon lived anymore. Phyllis was shocked to learn that Sharon had moved back to the Athletic Club. Phyllis explained to Noah that Sharon was going through a lot, but Noah pointed out that Sharon wasn't alone. Phyllis reminded Noah that she, Nick, and Sharon all loved him. After Noah went upstairs, Phyllis went to her computer keyboard and typed "BITCH!!" in a very large font.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Sharon asked Jack if she could have a moment alone with Nick. Nick asked her what was going on, and she said that she wasn't "in a good place." Nick accused her of being unstable and said that he regretted having given her a good job recommendation. Sharon became angry and asked Nick when he had become so judgmental. Jack reentered the room and, sensing the tension, asked Sharon to help him in the study. Sharon quickly walked out of the room, telling Nick to show himself out.

Nick returned to the tack house, and Phyllis told him that Noah was a mess. Nick told Phyllis that he was tired of Sharon's flaky behavior. When Nick left the room, Phyllis said to herself, "Hmm...seems like Sharon got read the riot act."

Sharon was about to leave the Abbott mansion when Jack asked her for a favor -- to attend Billy and Chloe's rehearsal dinner that night. At first reluctant, Sharon decided that she would attend.

At Murphy's trailer, Katherine and Murphy discussed their wedding, scheduled for the following day. Katherine said that her aches and pains had disappeared and that she felt great. She and Murphy practiced dancing.

Nikki met Brock at Crimson Lights. He told her that he had already stopped at the lab to give a DNA sample. Brock said he wasn't convinced that Katherine was still alive, but Nikki assured him that she was.

Nikki and Brock approached Murphy's trailer. Katherine opened the door, and Murphy asked who it was. Katherine said, "Brock, my son." Brock, with tears in his eyes, hugged Katherine, and said, "Mother!"

Inside the trailer, Katherine told Brock that she had been suffering from aches and pains as well as from memory loss. She said that the doctors had run numerous tests but couldn't find the cause of her ailments. Katherine mentioned that she had been prescribed antibiotics recently and that she had been feeling better since taking them. Brock suggested that Katherine might have Lyme disease -- which was completely curable with a proper course of antibiotics.

A nurse stopped by the trailer to take a sample of Katherine's blood to be tested for Lyme disease. Brock spoke to Jill on the phone, and he told Katherine, Murphy, and Nikki that Jill wasn't too happy that Brock recognized "that woman" as Katherine. Katherine said that she still loved Jill, as miserable as Jill was.

Katherine received a phone call from the hospital. Brock had been right -- she did have Lyme disease. Katherine, Murphy, and Nikki were overjoyed that Katherine's illness could be cured with antibiotics.

Brock went to see Jill. He told her that they would get the results of his DNA test soon, and they would prove that Katherine was alive. Jill said that the situation was easy for Brock -- he would still be Katherine's son, but she would no longer be Katherine's daughter. Brock assured Jill that she and Katherine would still be daughter and mother, just as Jill and Liz were mother and daughter. Brock said that no test result could change Jill and Katherine's relationship.

Brock tried to take Jill to see Katherine, but Jill refused. Jill said that she couldn't believe "that woman" was Katherine. Brock told her to accept what she knew in her heart to be true. Brock hugged Jill and told her that they would get through it together.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sharon woke up in her hotel room from a nap. When Jack pressed her to go with him to the Billy/Chloe engagement dinner, Sharon tried to pass. She didn't tell Jack she was uncomfortable facing Billy. Finally, Jack's pressure worked, and Sharon agreed to go.

Billy overheard Chloe speaking with friends on the phone, trying to find a maid of honor. He offered to postpone the wedding, but Chloe insisted they had to get married immediately because of Delia.

Ashley said goodbye to Victor on her way to the rehearsal dinner. Abby accepted Victor's invitation to go out for a bite to eat while Ashley was with the Abbotts. Rafe, Adam's house arrest officer, approved of the arrangements at the ranch.

Esther was busy with wedding plans when Jill announced that she would not go to the Abbott dinner and was heading off to sleep. Esther declared that Jill would regret not being there for her son, but Jill was offended by the guest list for the party and thought the entire thing was a farce.

Katherine and Murphy were in the trailer, where she was cooking a special "Duchess" dinner in honor of Brock. Kay asked Murphy if he would move to Genoa City and live with her in the mansion. He understood her need to go home and said he would be happy anywhere, as long as he was with her. After dinner, Murphy recalled how great it was that Brock had diagnosed her problem when the doctors had failed. Kay announced that she wanted to write another book to tell the rest of her story.

Noah spoke with Eden on the phone and admitted that he was reluctant about seeing his mother but felt it was necessary to clear the air. Eden told him that she was babysitting Delia Abbott. With his mother, Noah apologized for flipping out about her moving back to the hotel. Sharon was uncomfortable about going to Jack's family dinner, so Noah volunteered to go with her. She was grateful.

At the party, Jack and Ashley had a chilly encounter with Jill. Jill believed that the new DNA test would prove that Marge was a fraud. Billy, Chloe, and Esther arrived, and Jack declared that Billy had found himself the right girl in Chloe.

Jill was disgusted. Chloe "thanked" Jill for firing Billy, and later, when Jill wanted to see Delia, Chloe told her that Esther would be the prime grandmother in the baby's life. Overhearing that comment, Ashley smiled approvingly. Jack privately told Chloe that he liked her zinging Jill.

Colleen feared that Billy was unhappy about getting married. She compared the wedding to his last wedding to Mac. Billy was shocked to see Sharon there and asked her to leave. She explained that she had to be there because of Jack. He hoped that she would not be at the wedding.

Chloe and Jack were speaking when Sharon approached. Chloe pleaded with Sharon to be the matron of honor because she had no bridesmaids. Unable to back out with Jack standing there, Sharon said yes.

During dinner, Jack offered a toast to Chloe and Billy. Jill stood and said she would always be there for them. Billy asked if that included getting his job back. Jill said nothing and took her seat. Sharon asked Colleen why she couldn't be Chloe's matron of honor -- or Ashley. Ashley was out because of her pregnancy and not fitting into the dress. Colleen said she had already been the maid of honor at Billy's real wedding.

Billy told Jack that he was being interviewed for a job in New York. Esther didn't want them to leave for the city. Jill believed Billy was bluffing. A fight broke out over who was a better son, Billy or Cane. Ashley finally told them all to suck it up and deal with each other. Later, Jill left the party, but not before telling Billy she would support him when the marriage failed.

Sharon was looking for Noah, unaware that he had ducked out of the dinner party to visit Eden. The baby started crying just as they started kissing. A short time later, Sharon showed up and busted Noah for only going to the dinner so he could see Eden.

Noah blew up at his mother for treating him like a juvenile delinquent. He declared that Sharon's life was out of control, not his. Back at the house, Sharon said goodbye to Jack, and he was glad she would be in the wedding. When Esther and Chloe said goodbye to Billy, Ashley watched her brother and wondered about his feelings.

Jill showed up at Murphy's trailer to see Katherine. She said she was only there because of Brock's request. Katherine thought Jill was brave to be there. Katherine revealed that she had been diagnosed with Lyme disease; that was why she'd had memory lapses. Jill doubted that it was true because she believed Nikki, Brock, and Murphy were coaching Katherine.

Katherine was offended when Jill attacked Murphy. Murphy urged Jill to look at the blood test results. Jill still believed that Marge was conning her, no matter how many people were in Marge's fan club. Jill threatened to have them thrown in jail for fraud.

Katherine blasted Jill for turning her out. She called her a "paranoid, vindictive bitch," a woman who spread poison everywhere. Katherine reminded Jill that she had pushed Billy away, too. Jill told her not to show up at the wedding, but Katherine insisted she was more welcome there than Jill was. Katherine declared she would be returning to take her life, her home, and her business back. There was nothing Jill could do about it.

Katherine finally told Jill to get out of the trailer before Katherine had her arrested for trespassing. When Jill left, Murphy offered to skip the wedding. Katherine said she was not about to miss it, and she was ready to return to her home.

At the mansion, Esther was excited about the wedding the next day. She went to warm a bottle for Delia. Chloe spoke to Delia about the upcoming wedding. Meanwhile, Sharon was at a bar, drinking away her worries. Billy appeared out of the blue, also looking for booze. He spotted Sharon and smiled seductively. Billy and Sharon left the bar together and were getting into it in a hotel room, about to have hot sex the night before his wedding.

Victor and Abby had a casual dinner, and the subject of Adam came up. She confessed to feeling sorry for Adam and not knowing him very well. Victor said Adam was his problem, and Abby shouldn't worry about him.

Rafe read Victor's letter to Adam, the one he had written to his son when Adam had still been behind bars. In the letter, Victor had related to Adam's experience and offered him tough love. Adam was surprised and wondered if there was still hope for them.

Back home, Adam reached out to Abby about their shared experiences. They both had never known that Victor was their dad. Adam offered to be a friend to her, not just brother and sister. He implied that she might be jealous of Ashley's new baby, planting seeds of worry in the teenager.

Alone with Victor, Adam said he would use the opportunity his father had given him to start over. He called Victor "Dad."

Noah and Eden met at the coffee shop, and he suggested they take a break from Genoa City. They started making out, and he said he would find a place for them to get away.

Ashley confided to Jack that she was concerned about Billy rushing into his marriage. Jack thought Chloe would bring stability to his life. Ashley reminded Jack that Billy's first marriage had been a disaster.

Katherine and Jill get into cake fight

Katherine and Jill get into cake fight

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Chancellor mansion was beautifully decorated for Billy and Chloe's wedding. While Esther floated on cloud nine, a cynical Jill said that she would be surprised if the marriage lasted a month.

Upstairs in Katherine's bedroom, a frantic Chloe wondered where Billy was -- she had been trying unsuccessfully to reach him all night. Later, Chloe, with Esther's help, put on her makeup. Jill stopped by to visit Delia, over Chloe's protests. Chloe asked Jill if she had any idea where Billy was. Jill said that it wouldn't surprise her if Billy didn't show up.

Ashley arrived at the Athletic Club for her planned breakfast with Billy, but Billy hadn't shown up. She called Jack to see if he knew where their brother was, but Jack told Ashley that it appeared as if Billy's bed hadn't been slept in.

Billy and Sharon, both hung over, woke up in Sharon's suite. They had spent the night together. Billy quickly dressed. He said he didn't want to be late for the worst day of his life.

At the Athletic Club bar, Phyllis and Nick were going over a proposed Restless Style article. Phyllis saw Billy descend the stairs and join Ashley. Nick headed back to the office, but Phyllis said she needed to stick around the club for a while.

Ashley berated Billy for sleeping with a stranger the night before his wedding. Billy lied and said that he had stayed with a male friend who was visiting from New York. Ashley didn't buy it -- Billy smelled like Beauty of Nature perfume, and he had a long strand of blonde hair stuck on his shirt. Ashley asked her brother why he was marrying Chloe when he clearly didn't want to. Billy said that it was the only way to ensure that he got custody of Delia.

In her suite, Sharon looked at the garment bag that contained her matron of honor dress. Phyllis knocked at the door. Sharon initially refused to let Phyllis in, but she relented when Phyllis started yelling that she had just seen Billy sneaking down from Sharon's room. Phyllis told Sharon that she looked wiped out and said, "I guess you're back to your same trashy self."

Phyllis began going through Sharon's drawers and purse, simultaneously telling Sharon that she was a promiscuous liar. Sharon tried to stop Phyllis from searching through her belongings, but Phyllis accused Sharon of being a thief and having stolen the Newmans' ceramic monkeys. Phyllis found a shot glass from Jimmy's Bar among Sharon's possessions.

Sharon told Phyllis that she was going to call security. Phyllis said that if Sharon did that, she would tell everyone that Sharon had been sleeping with Billy. Phyllis refused to leave, and Sharon called security. Phyllis said, "You made your decision. You've sealed your fate."

A security guard arrived and escorted Phyllis out of Sharon's room. Nick was in the lobby, having returned to retrieve his phone. He saw his wife being led down the stairs and wondered what was going on.

Nick freaked out when he learned that Phyllis had gone to Sharon's room. Phyllis accused Nick of protecting Sharon and accused Sharon of stealing their ceramic monkeys. She told Nick that Sharon had been "whoring around" and that his ex-wife had spent the previous evening sleeping with Billy Abbott.

Nick refused to believe that Sharon was sleeping with Jack's brother. When Phyllis informed Nick that Sharon had admitted it to her, Nick said that it had happened because Sharon was in pain, not because Sharon was a bad person. Phyllis said that it had happened because Sharon was a tramp. Nick became angry with Phyllis and accused her of being obsessed with Sharon and destroying their marriage. Phyllis countered that it was Nick who was destroying the marriage, having slept with Sharon behind Phyllis' back.

Phyllis went to Jimmy's Bar to try to get more information about Sharon's recent activities. Mary Jane was sitting at a nearby barstool and overheard Phyllis asking the bartender about Sharon Abbott. Mary Jane showed a keen interest when she heard Phyllis saying Sharon's name. After Phyllis forked over some cash, the bartender said that Sharon had been there with someone the previous evening. Mary Jane approached Phyllis and began a conversation with her. Phyllis told Mary Jane that Sharon gave new meaning to the word "needy."

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther was happy to see Billy arrive. Billy knocked at Katherine's bedroom door. Chloe was still angry that Billy hadn't answered his phone the previous evening, but Billy lied and said that he had turned his phone off. He asked Chloe if she still wanted to go through with the wedding. They hesitatingly agreed that it would be best if they married. After Billy left to get dressed, Chloe told Delia that she loved her -- and that she loved Billy, as well.

At Murphy's trailer, Murphy and Katherine prepared to go to the wedding. Nikki said that she would stay at the trailer and wait for the results of Brock's DNA test. Katherine thought that it was going to be a difficult day for Jill, who would be losing her identity as a Chancellor. Katherine wanted to make sure that Jill knew that Katherine would continue loving her.

Jack and Ashley arrived at the Chancellor mansion. They chatted with Brock and Jill. Katherine and Murphy arrived. Jill greeted them and snidely said, "My, my. You decided to come." Ashley was thrilled to see Katherine. When Jill walked off to speak with the caterer, Jack said that he was impressed that Jill hadn't caused a scene. Brock said that he gave Jill a lot of credit, considering what she was going through.

Katherine and Brock discussed Billy and Mac's wedding. They remembered how much Billy and Mac had loved each other, only to learn that they were cousins, which had led to them having their marriage annulled. They talked about how ironic it was that Billy and Mac might not be related, after all.

Esther greeted Katherine and Murphy and told them how happy she was that she would be a servant in the house again. A slightly embarrassed Murphy said that Esther wouldn't have to wait on him -- he was a "do-it-yourself" kind of guy.

Sharon, Chloe's matron of honor, showed up. She told Jack that she didn't feel well but that she would get through it for Chloe. Esther recognized that Sharon and Chloe weren't close and expressed gratitude that Sharon had agreed to stand up for Chloe at her wedding.

Colleen told Billy how good he looked in his tuxedo. She then told him he shouldn't go through with the wedding if he didn't want to. Jill asked for a moment alone with her son. After Colleen left, Jill told Billy that although their relationship had been strained, she loved him and wanted him to be happy. He told Jill that he loved her and assured her that everything was going to work out.

The guests took their seats, and the ceremony began. Sharon walked down the aisle, followed by Esther, who was holding Delia. Chloe walked down the aisle and joined Billy at the front of the room. Just as the minister was about to begin, Sharon told a shocked Chloe that she didn't feel well and had to leave. Sharon ran out of the room, with Jack running after her. Before she left the house, she told Jack that she would be fine and implored him to stay with Billy.

Sharon went back to her hotel suite and began sobbing uncontrollably. Nick knocked at the door, saw how despondent Sharon was, and hugged her.

At the wedding, Billy pressed to get the ceremony over with. Chloe complained that she had no one to stand up for her, and Colleen volunteered to stand in for Sharon. As the ceremony was about to resume, Nikki slipped into the room, caught Katherine's attention, and waved an envelope at her. Katherine, Murphy, Jill, Brock, and Nikki all went to the dining room to learn the results of Brock's DNA test.

The minister continued with the ceremony. Chloe read some remarks she had written about how charming and intelligent Billy was. Billy seemed stunned by Chloe's heartfelt words. Chloe picked up Delia in her arms and smiled at Billy. The minister asked Billy if he had anything to say before he pronounced them husband and wife. Billy said that it was the last place he'd expected to be, but, for Delia's sake, he would do it all again.

After the minister pronounced Billy and Chloe husband and wife, Billy kissed his smiling bride. Billy turned his head and was shocked to see Mac, who had just arrived at the mansion with her bags.

In the dining room, Katherine opened the envelope and read the test results. The DNA test proved conclusively that Katherine was Brock's mother. The group was overjoyed, except for Jill, who was sure that a mistake had been made. Jill and Katherine both became teary-eyed. Katherine asked Jill to let her continue being Jill's mother.

Jill stepped out to the patio and chugged a drink before returning to the room. She refused to accept anyone's pity and accused Katherine of never approving of her. Esther interrupted and was thrilled to learn the results of the DNA test. Jill said that they'd all been better off when they'd thought that Katherine had been dead. When Murphy said that people who were hurting often said things that they didn't mean, Jill said, "You dig worms for a living. How the hell would you know how I feel?"

Katherine became angry with Jill. Jill said that Katherine had hated her ever since Katherine's dead husband Phillip had fallen in love with Jill. Jill spoke about the years of abuse that Katherine had put her through. Jill said, "You called me trailer trash. Now you're marrying it."

Katherine blew up at Jill, telling her that she had tried to reach out to Jill, only to have Jill spit in her face. Katherine said, "You want a war, lady? Then, by God, you've got one." Jill replied, "Bring it on, old woman."

Nikki tried to intervene and defuse the situation. Jill considered it a lucky break for Nikki, who was the daughter Katherine had always wanted. Jill called it a much better match, since both women were "dried-up old lushes." "Forgive me, Chloe," Katherine declared as she grabbed a piece of wedding cake and smashed it in Jill's face. Jill retaliated. Katherine and Jill continued to pummel each other with large chunks of wedding cake as Brock, Nikki, Esther, and Murphy tried to pry them apart.

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