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Neil admitted to Karen that he had slept with Tyra. Cane moved forward with his custody battle. Kay promised to hire the Abbotts at Jabot once she regained control of the company. Jack asked Mary Jane to work for him at Jabot. Amber and Kevin turned themselves in to the police.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, April 6, 2009

At the Chancellor mansion, moments after Chloe and Billy were wed, Mackenzie Browning, Brock's daughter, walked in. Jack eagerly welcomed Mackenzie, also known as Mac. Mac explained that she had completed her term of service in Darfur and had returned home after hearing that her grandmother was alive. Billy seemed shocked by the sudden reappearance of the woman he had married several years earlier before annulling the union after the couple had realized they were cousins.

Ashley noted that the color seemed to drain from Billy's face upon seeing Mac. Billy introduced Mac to Chloe, who quickly gloated that she was officially Mrs. William Abbott. Mac remembered that Chloe was Esther's daughter. Colleen stood nearby, speechless.

Mayhem ensued from the Chancellor dining room. Billy, Chloe, Jack, and Ashley entered and witnessed a fierce scuffle between Katherine and Jill. Brock, Nikki, Esther, and Murphy attempted to corral the brawling women, but Katherine and Jill managed to smear fistfuls of wedding cake all over each other. Colleen watched in horror. Mac stayed behind in the nearby sitting room. Katherine, her face smudged with white buttercream, immediately apologized to Chloe for destroying her wedding cake.

Katherine blamed Jill for the brawl and said, "Jill just kept pushing me and pushing me." Jill responded, "I wasn't pushing; I was merely pointing out what a miserable witch you are." Nikki mediated the fray and proposed that Katherine announce "the good news." Katherine explained that Brock was her son. Katherine pointed at Jill, who wiped cake crumbs off her face with a satin napkin, and announced, "This thing is not my daughter." After Katherine's startling announcement, Billy turned and glanced knowingly at Mac, who overheard.

Brock joyfully welcomed Mac home, as did Katherine. Despite being smeared with cake, Katherine embraced her granddaughter. Billy approached Katherine and asked about her relationship to his mother. Jill quickly explained that previous tests had indicated a kinship but that the most recent tests did not. Katherine requested applause to celebrate the union of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Abbott. Friends and family obliged, but Billy seemed disheartened.

Jack pulled Ashley aside for a private conversation. Jack had noted Billy's demeanor when Mac had arrived. Ashley proclaimed Katherine's announcement coupled with Mac's sudden arrival as a bad omen, especially because Chloe and Billy's marriage was a mistake. Jack said that Billy had needed to marry Chloe in order to keep Cane from claiming Delia. Colleen approached Chloe and explained that Mac and Billy had once been romantically involved.

Alone together, Mac told Billy that her timing sucked, but Mac congratulated Billy on his marriage and gushed over baby Delia. Billy smiled when Mac mentioned the baby. On cue, Chloe entered carrying Delia. Chloe rudely suggested that Mac change from casual wear into appropriate attire. Billy attempted to halt Chloe's brusque comments. Grimacing, Billy lifted a glass of whiskey to his lips and drank.

Katherine held baby Delia and recited the baby's full name, which was Cordelia Katherine Valentine Abbott. Katherine mused that the tiny baby girl had a very big name. Esther took Chloe and Delia upstairs. Katherine told Billy that she knew he was the baby's father. Billy acknowledged his paternity to Delia and said, "This family is full of shockeroos."

Cane arrived and hugged Katherine warmly. Billy seemed disgusted. Katherine introduced her fiancÚ, Murphy, to Cane. Katherine noted that she was not related by blood to Billy or Cane. Jill quickly interjected that Cane was Phillip's son, so Cane remained a Chancellor. Katherine, addressing Cane and Billy, continued, "You are my grandsons where it counts, and nothing has changed between us." Jill took her glass of booze and hurriedly scurried from the room.

In the dining room, Jill ran into Mac, who had changed into a royal blue dress. Mac apologized to Jill for having to endure such misfortune. Jill admitted that she had never approved of Mac and Billy's relationship, but Jill also acknowledged that it had been quite difficult to have to break up the couple. Jill asked Mac if she had ever considered what might have been, in light of recent developments. Mac claimed that after she had lost Billy, she had moved on.

Upstairs with Chloe and Delia, Esther was astonished that Mac had shown up immediately after Billy and Chloe had been pronounced man and wife. Chloe wondered why there was so much fuss about Mac. Esther explained that Mac and Billy had learned about their kinship on the first night of their honeymoon. Chloe was stunned and realized that Billy truly loved Mac. Esther insisted that Billy had married Chloe because he had wanted to.

Billy paced nervously on the patio. Jack approached. Billy ranted that minutes after he had married Chloe, he had learned that his mother and grandmother weren't related. Jack agreed that it was a lot for Billy to absorb. Billy added that Mac's return made him wonder what might have been had they stayed married. Jack warned Billy not to dump Chloe for Mac because Billy might lose his daughter.

Chloe approached Cane and mockingly observed that she had known Cane would show up as soon as he heard about Katherine. Cane taunted Chloe and said that she had set out to bag a Chancellor, but as it had ironically turned out, her new hubby wasn't one. Chloe happily claimed that Billy loved her. Cane warned Chloe not to count on that love.

Billy waltzed in and took Chloe by the arm. As the couple announced the commencement of their honeymoon, Chloe presented her bouquet to Katherine, whom Chloe named as the next bride. Chloe cradled Delia as she and Billy walked out the front door. Cane stood nearby with a slice of wedding cake. Cane said, "Happy honeymoon, guys." Billy waved off his half-brother's phony sentiment.

Katherine thanked Ashley and Jack for believing in her and for supporting her when others had refused to believe who she was. Ashley guessed that it felt wonderful to be home. Katherine agreed that it was and said that she couldn't wait to see what the future held. Jack looked toward Jill and said, "Neither can I."

Mac offered to assist Esther while she cleaned up the mess from the toppled wedding cake. Esther told Mac that Katherine should rejoice that an ungrateful and petty Jill wasn't her daughter. Esther suddenly ended the conversation when she noticed Cane entering.

Esther left with a pile of soiled linens. Cane introduced himself to Mac. Mac told Cane that she wasn't sure how long she would be in town. Cane admitted that it was a blessing to have Katherine back in their lives. Mac told Cane that it would nice if he could convince his mother "to see it that way."

Katherine told Jill that she was touched to find that Jill had kept Katherine's bedroom just as it had been so that Jill could feel close to her mother. Jill emphatically declared that her objectives had been a waste because she hadn't gotten her mother back. Jill said that her efforts to build a relationship with Katherine during the past six years had been fruitless. Jill announced that she planned to move out of the "old mausoleum" rather than share the place with Katherine. "You don't mean that," asserted Brock.

Katherine begged Jill to reconsider moving out of the mansion that Jill often professed to idolize, but Jill announced that her bags were packed. After Jill walked away, Katherine seemed distraught. Murphy sighed pitifully.

Nikki consoled Katherine. Nikki advised Katherine to phone her lawyer and arrange to have her death certificate rescinded and to have her will declared null and void. Katherine thanked Nikki for helping her regain her life. Katherine hugged Nikki and said, "Oh, I love you so much!"

Brock noticed that Mac seemed distracted. Brock asked Mac what was bothering her. Mac explained that Jill had already questioned her about Billy. Mac admitted that a part of her couldn't help but wonder what might have been between her and Billy.

With open arms, Murphy welcomed Katherine into her old bedroom at the Chancellor estate. Katherine, elated to be in familiar surroundings, kissed Murphy and said, "Home at last."

Jill sat in the Genoa City Athletic Club dining room with Cane. Cane invited Jill to move in with him and Lily, but Jill said she needed to be alone. Jill said she believed that she and Katherine had been born to be enemies.

In their bedroom at the Abbott pool house, Billy repeatedly twisted the gold wedding band encircling his finger. Chloe said, "So, we did it. It wasn't the wedding I expected, but we'll be the talk of the town." Billy admitted that he hadn't expected to see Mac. Billy took Chloe into his arms and kissed her.

After Billy and Chloe made love, Chloe slumbered atop Billy's shoulder. Billy was awake, lost in thought. When Chloe later awakened, Billy was gone. Outside on the Chancellor patio, Mac was startled to see Billy. Mac asked, "Billy, what are you doing here?"

After the wedding festivities, Jack and Ashley dined at the Athletic Club. Ashley told Jack that she knew he was concerned about Sharon. Ashley said that her main concern was Jack because his marriage was quite troubled. Ashley suggested that Jack end his marriage, but Jack refused and insisted he wasn't ready to let Sharon go.

In Sharon's room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nick found a distressed Sharon crying. Sharon told Nick she that had left before Billy and Chloe's wedding because she hadn't felt well. Nick admitted that he had seen the security guard escort Phyllis from the club after Phyllis had harassed Sharon. Nick tried to comfort Sharon, but she feared Phyllis' reprisal. Sharon opened the door and suggested that Nick leave. Nick said, "I am not going anywhere."

Nick apologized to Sharon for the harsh words he had spoken earlier. Nick asked Sharon why she had been overly emotional and distracted. Sharon complained that she had no home and no job, and she was butting heads with Noah. Nick agreed to look after Noah. Sharon, worried about Phyllis' retribution, sent Nick away.

Just as Nick stepped out of Sharon's room, he encountered Phyllis, who had donned sunglasses and a floppy-brimmed hat as a disguise. Phyllis angrily confronted Nick. Nick refused to allow Phyllis into Sharon's room. The couple scuffled before Nick led Phyllis away.

At the tack house, Nick was frustrated after waiting a while for Phyllis to return from the grocery store. Phyllis admitted that she had turned off her phone, and she asked Nick if he had been worried that she might have returned to Sharon's room "to kick Sharon's butt." Nick angrily admitted that he was worried that Phyllis might attack Sharon. Nick said that he was sick of Phyllis obsessing over his recent interactions with Sharon. Phyllis explained that she had grown weary from worrying about something happening between Nick and Sharon.

Phyllis blamed Nick for making her obsessive and jealous over Sharon. Phyllis told Nick that his precious Sharon was a slut. Phyllis explained that she had seen a shot glass in Sharon's room, and the glass had led to her to a witness who had seen Sharon pick up a guy. Nick asked Phyllis what difference it made if Sharon picked up men as long as he wasn't one of them. Phyllis answered that Nick could easily become one of Sharon's sleeping partners again.

Nick admitted that he hadn't asked Sharon about Billy. Phyllis frowned when Nick added that he hadn't confronted Sharon about stealing. Phyllis suggested that Nick refused to face the facts because the truth would knock Sharon off the pedestal upon which Nick had placed his ex-wife.

Nick and Phyllis continued to argue about Sharon. Nick pleaded with Phyllis to let the matter go. Phyllis said she would let the matter go as soon as Nick let go of Sharon. Nick reminded Phyllis that he had admitted that he remained loyal to Sharon. Phyllis corrected Nick and told him that his actual admission had been that he still loved Sharon.

Phyllis sighed and insisted that Sharon was a thief, a manipulator, a tramp, and a liar. Nick told Phyllis that she was obsessive and that he wasn't spending the night at the tack house. Phyllis, with her arms crossed, remained defiant as Nick walked out and slammed the door.

After the wedding, Jack stopped by Sharon's room to check on her. Jack told Sharon that Katherine was alive but that Jill wasn't Katherine's daughter. Jack explained that he had realized from Katherine's experience that people could embrace an opportunity to start over again. Sharon attempted to interrupt, but Jack pleaded with Sharon to give their relationship one more chance.

Sharon reached into a drawer and pulled out their divorce papers. Sharon explained that she had signed them, and she suggested that Jack sign them. Tears welled in Jack's eyes. Sharon tearfully told Jack that it was for the best.

At the club bar, Jack pored over his and Sharon's divorce documents before he signed them. Jill walked by. Jack observed that Jill had already moved out of her house. Jack poured fuel on the fire when he added, "I guess Chancellor and Jabot are next, huh?" Jill told Jack that he considered everyone's misfortune as an opportunity. With fire in her eyes, Jill stood firm and told Jack to "shove it."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sharon called Noah to tell him that their rule was he needed to tell her where he was. She left a message asking him to call her back.

Noah and Eden were making out in his car when Eden felt his cell phone vibrating. Noah ignored it. Noah was upset that he and Eden always had to sneak out to see one another. Eden said that when they went to college, they could get an apartment together. She told Noah they could get through it.

When Sharon had not heard from Noah, she called Phyllis. Phyllis was angry with Sharon for waking up Summer. When Sharon asked to speak to Nick, Phyllis said no. Phyllis hung up and wondered where Nick was. Sharon went to Nick and Phyllis' to find Noah.

Phyllis said that Nick had left. Phyllis said that she knew what Sharon was thinking. She asked why Sharon was trying to hurt Nick. Sharon said that she wasn't. Phyllis said that Sharon was trying to take Nick away from her and Summer, which would hurt Nick terribly.

Sharon told Phyllis that she was sorry Nick had left, but she was there to find Noah. Phyllis asked Sharon if she loved Nick. Sharon said that she had nothing to hide from Phyllis. Phyllis said that Sharon was losing it. She said that Nick wanted to fix Sharon, and that was why they were fighting. Sharon said it sounded like Phyllis was blaming her for the problems Phyllis and Nick shared. Phyllis begged Sharon to get help from someone besides Nick.

When Noah returned to Phyllis and Nick's, Sharon argued with him about not calling her. Noah was angry that he wasn't allowed to be with Eden. He told Sharon that she was miserable, and that was why she wanted him to be miserable, too. Noah said that it wasn't about him and Eden; it was about Sharon and Nick. He said that if Sharon could have it all back with his father, he knew she would take it.

At the Athletic Club, Nick took a seat at the bar. Jack saw Nick and sat down next to him. Jack said that he had signed his divorce papers that day and that Sharon loved Nick. Nick wondered why Jack was telling him. Jack said that he thought Nick was a good guy.

Nick said that Jack had also been married to Phyllis and Sharon. He wondered how Jack could not have hard feelings toward him. Jack said that he wasn't focused on that. All he saw was a kid he'd raised going through a personal hell. Jack knew someone was going to get hurt and that Nick would be the cause of it. Jack said that Phyllis needed Nick. He said that Phyllis could fight hard, but she was more vulnerable than anyone knew. Nick said he was only there to drink.

Jack told Nick to stop conning him. He knew that Nick was there to decide whom he loved. Nick said he wasn't doing that and got up to leave. Jack asked where Nick was going. Nick said he had no idea.

Nick returned home and found Sharon standing there. Nick and Sharon sat down to talk about Noah. Phyllis entered and discovered Sharon and Nick talking. Phyllis said that everyone should get some rest and put things into perspective. Sharon said that Noah was safe, so they could talk about it later. When Sharon left, Phyllis told Nick she was surprised he was back.

Mary Jane saw Jack at the bar and said hello. He was surprised to hear that she was leaving. When she received a phone call, she smiled. Jack wondered who had called her. Mary Jane laughed at Jack and ignored him. She said that she needed to leave. Jack said she hadn't finished her drink. Mary Jane told Jack that the next time he was in New York, he should give her a call.

Katherine was having a hard time falling asleep in her own bed. She apologized to Murphy for being inconsiderate. Murphy told her to go ahead and talk if she wanted to. Katherine thanked Murphy for being her rock. Murphy picked up some cards and started playing with Katherine. Katherine told Murphy she couldn't stop thinking about Jill. She felt that she had botched the relationship between herself and Jill. Murphy told Katherine to concentrate on the good things in her life. He said Katherine couldn't fix it all, no matter how hard she tried.

Chloe held Delia in her arms and talked to her about Billy. She told Delia not to worry that Billy wasn't around. Chloe remembered the first time she had heard about Billy. She had read about him in the paper and had gone to his favorite coffee shop to meet him. Chloe had told Billy that she wasn't interested in having anything serious. She remembered Billy mentioning something about Mac but hadn't thought that his story had been real. Chloe decided to look up Mackenzie and Billy's story on the Internet.

Mac asked Billy what he was doing there so late at night. Billy said that he was usually out late, looking at the moon and wondering if it was the same moon that Mac was looking at. Mac said it was the same moon his wife looked at, too. Mac asked Billy again what he was doing there. Billy admitted that he hadn't seen her since the wedding and wanted to talk.

Billy apologized for running away from Mac. Mac said it was okay; she had also run away. Billy told Mac that he felt they had been robbed of their lives the day they had married. Mac said that she had moved on. She told Billy that he had moved on, too -- his wife and daughter were proof of that.

Billy tried to stop Mac from walking away. Mac said that she was only there for her grandmother. Billy wondered how she could enter his life and leave again. Mac said that there would be no "what ifs." She was leaving, and there was nothing Billy could do to stop her.

Chloe appeared with Delia and said that she had known she would find him there. Billy said it was late, and Chloe should go home. Chloe said that it was time for Delia's feeding and that Billy looked wide awake. Billy said that he and Mac were not finished, but Mac excused herself. Billy decided to go back home with Chloe.

Katherine went downstairs and told Mac she was happy she was home, adding that she hoped Mac would stay in Genoa City.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

At Neil's, tension was thick as Karen tidied up for a visit from Ms. Harris, the social worker. Ana asked Neil if Tyra could stop over, and Neil said that he would set up a visit soon. Ana went to her room to do her homework. Neil told Karen that he was concerned about the trouble in their marriage.

Neil wanted to talk about his kiss with Tyra. Karen made it clear that she did not want Tyra visiting their apartment. Neil disagreed, saying that Ana needed to spend time with her mother. Neil admitted that the tension in his and Karen's marriage was his fault, and he apologized. Karen reminded Neil that she had repeatedly asked him before they had wed if he was prepared for marriage, and he had said that he was.

Karen was nervous that their marital problems might somehow prevent them from adopting Ana. She admitted that perhaps she had overreacted to Neil and Tyra's kiss. Neil wondered why Karen was letting him off the hook. Karen said that she wasn't -- she was still very upset that the kiss had occurred. She suggested that they attend marriage counseling. Neil's reaction made it clear that he thought their problems transcended counseling. Karen started weeping as she realized that Neil might not be in love with her.

Ms. Harris knocked at the door. Neil suggested that they lie and tell Ms. Harris that they were having a family emergency. Karen ordered Neil to open the door -- she asked him to be the man she thought she had married for the next ten minutes.

At the Athletic Club, Jack bumped into Gloria. Jack reminded Gloria that Katherine might want her to return the five percent of Jabot stock that Katherine had bequeathed her and that Gloria had subsequently sold. Jack asked Gloria whom she had sold the stock to, but Gloria's lips were sealed. As soon as Jack walked away, Gloria called Victor and left him a message telling him that she wanted to meet with him.

Outside the abandoned boxcar where Amber and Kevin were hiding out, Jeffrey thanked the bounty hunter, Amos, for locating the couple but then told Amos he would enter the boxcar himself and take it from there. After Amos left, Jeffrey called Gloria to tell her that he was risking his life to show her how much he loved her and that he would be returning home with Kevin, who was hiding in an abandoned boxcar north of town, that night.

At a restaurant in Minnesota, a tired-looking Michael, Daniel, and Jana discussed what their next step should be in their attempt to locate Kevin and Amber. Gloria called Michael to ask him a question about the Jabot stock. Michael was flabbergasted that Gloria would call with such a question while Kevin was missing. Gloria informed Michael that Jeffrey and Amos had located Kevin and Amber, and she told Michael where they were. Michael told Jana and Daniel that Kevin and Amber had been found. As the group left the restaurant, a police officer followed them.

At the Newman ranch, Victor met with Mary Jane. Mary Jane told Victor that her air of mystery intrigued Jack and that he had asked her to stay on, as Jack was confident that he would be reappointed CEO of Jabot. Victor said that Jack would probably use Mary Jane to sell himself to Katherine. He gave Mary Jane a folder that contained a lot of background information about Jack.

Jack met Mary Jane at the Athletic Club bar. When Mary Jane asked Jack how he could be so sure that Katherine would rehire him, Jack replied, "I have a secret weapon -- you."

Victor met Gloria at the club to discuss the fate of the Jabot stock that Gloria had sold to him. Victor was upset that Gloria was discussing their supposedly secret transaction in a public place. Victor thought that Gloria's ineptitude at handling Jack and the confidentiality of the stock sale was enough to void his agreement with Gloria. Gloria begged Victor not to void their agreement. Victor acquiesced and told Gloria that one day, he might ask her to do him a favor and that she should be prepared to grant him that favor. Gloria told Victor that she needed him to do her a favor right away, as her son Kevin was in terrible trouble.

Mitchell Sherman visited Katherine at the Chancellor estate. He told her that voiding her death certificate and reversing her will would be simple matters. Katherine was primarily concerned with regaining control of Chancellor Industries and getting back the five percent of Jabot stock that she had bequeathed to Gloria.

Later, Jack showed up at Katherine's. Katherine knew that Jack was there to ask to be reappointed CEO of Jabot. He told Katherine that the Andrew Gibson lawsuit had proven to be a scam. Katherine was concerned that Jack still had a large public relations problem. Jack said that he had the solution for that problem. He opened the front door and introduced Mary Jane to Katherine.

Katherine was charmed by Mary Jane but wanted to know why it wouldn't be better to start fresh and hire someone else to run Jabot. Mary Jane said that Jack Abbott and Jabot were synonymous. She handed Katherine the file that Victor had given her. As Katherine browsed through the material in the folder, Mary Jane said that in the minds of Jabot's customers, Jack Abbott and Jabot were inextricably linked.

Katherine thought that was a bad thing, but Mary Jane said that was a gift. Mary Jane said that by the time she was finished changing Jack's image, Jabot's customers would be writing letters of apology to Jack. Katherine told Jack that, as soon as she regained majority control of Jabot, she would appoint him CEO. As a condition of that appointment, Katherine insisted that Jack hire Mary Jane.

Celebrating at the Athletic Club bar, Jack asked Mary Jane where she had obtained all the information in the folder that she had given Katherine. Mary Jane said that she couldn't give away her secrets.

Later, Victor visited Katherine to welcome her back from the dead. Victor coyly mentioned that he had seen Jack Abbott leaving the estate, and he wondered if Jack was trying to get his job as Jabot's CEO back. Katherine said that despite Jack's flaws, he was a great businessman. When Victor mentioned the "cloud of scandal" that seemed to plague Jack, Katherine told him that Jack had hired a wonderful public relations consultant to remake his image. Victor left. Outside the front door, he said to himself, "That's well done, Mary Jane. Very well done indeed."

Inside the abandoned boxcar, Amber poured alcohol over the wound on Kevin's leg. Kevin thanked Amber for taking care of him, but he feared that his father would find them there. Amber assured him that his father wouldn't then told Kevin that it was time for them to go home so that he could see Jana.

Jeffrey nonchalantly walked into the boxcar, saying, "Kids, it's time to come home." Kevin thought that Jeffrey was Clint. Jeffrey insisted that Amber and Kevin go with him, but Amber begged Jeffrey to leave. When Jeffrey pulled Amber away from Kevin, Kevin pistol-whipped him. Outside the boxcar, Michael, Daniel, and Jana showed up.

Kevin toyed with the idea of killing Jeffrey, but Amber talked him into tying Jeffrey up instead. Michael entered the boxcar, and Amber, Michael, and Kevin tied Jeffrey to a chair. Michael realized that Kevin thought that Jeffrey was Terrible Tom. Michael told Kevin to beat Jeffrey up. Kevin began beating Jeffrey, and Michael joined in. Michael laughed when Jeffrey threatened to file charges.

Amber ran out of the boxcar into Daniel's waiting arms. The police showed up and arrested Amber for armed robbery. They handcuffed her to a fence.

Inside the boxcar, Michael asked Kevin what they should do with "Terrible Tom." Kevin didn't have any suggestions. Michael said that they shouldn't kill him because then Kevin would end up in jail, which would be like being locked in the closet. Kevin agreed that they shouldn't kill Jeffrey. A policeman yelled through a bullhorn for Kevin to give himself up. Kevin became very frightened, but Michael tried to calm him down. Kevin feared that Michael would leave him, as Michael had done when Kevin had been a child. Michael promised that he would never leave Kevin again.

Outside the boxcar, the Newman helicopter arrived, carrying Gloria. She learned that Kevin and Michael were inside with Jeffrey.

Michael and Kevin slowly walked out of the boxcar. The police pounced on the terrified Kevin. Kevin shouted for Michael. The police handcuffed Kevin to the fence, next to Amber. Gloria rushed in and found the pummeled Jeffrey. When she asked if Kevin had done that to him, Jeffrey responded, "The maniac had to get it off his chest."

Amber told Kevin that at least they were safe and that no one had gotten hurt. When Kevin didn't respond, Amber asked him if he was mad at her. Michael walked over, and Amber said that something was wrong with Kevin. Michael tried to get some response from Kevin, but Kevin stared out into space, appearing to be in a catatonic state.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cane called his lawyer to say that, although Chloe and Billy were married, he still wanted to try for full custody of Delia. Lily heard the call and couldn't believe that Cane couldn't just let things be. Cane said that he had once believed that Delia had been his daughter. He felt that Billy had married Chloe just to get back at him. Lily didn't believe that Billy wanted revenge.

Cane said that he had offered Billy the position of CEO of Jabot in exchange for custody of Delia. Cane said that Billy had considered it. Lily said that she knew Chloe loved Cordelia. Cane felt that Chloe loved herself more than she loved Delia.

Lily wished that Cane could see that Chloe and Billy were really trying to be good parents to Cordelia. She couldn't understand why Cane could not let go of wishing he could be a father to Cordelia. Cane said that he thought he and Lily would have been married already and had the chance to be parents to Delia. Even though Lily said they were together, Cane felt they were even further apart.

Neil was arguing with Karen when the social worker knocked on the door. Neil said that he didn't want to lie to the social worker. Karen said that if he could lie to his wife, he should have no problems lying to a stranger. Neil agreed to do what Karen wanted.

The social worker was impressed with Neil and Karen. She said that Ana was lucky to have a stable home with two loving parents. When the social worker left, Neil told Karen he wanted to continue their conversation. Karen said that she'd rather Neil just left. She said that she had once accepted that she would never have a child, but Neil had given her hope. She was upset that he was trying to take that hope away from her.

Devon told Tyra that he had seen her and Neil at Indigo. Tyra was shocked. Devon couldn't understand how two people could be so selfish. He felt that Neil and Tyra had not considered how many people they would be hurting. Tyra said that she and Neil had made a mistake. She insisted that their relationship was over. Devon said that he had once looked up to Neil but didn't respect him anymore. He didn't believe that Tyra and Neil were really over for good.

Tyra was surprised when Neil called her. Devon overheard the conversation. Neil told Tyra that he needed to talk to her about Ana and asked her to stay at Indigo so he could meet her there. Devon wasn't surprised to hear that Neil was still talking to Tyra. He left angrily.

Devon went to Neil and Karen's to see Ana. Karen said that Ana would be happy to see him. Devon mentioned that it would be nice if Tyra could see Ana. Karen said that was too complicated. When Karen looked at Devon's expression, she realized that Devon knew what had happened.

Devon said that what had happened had nothing to do with Ana. He said that Tyra had raised Ana for most of her life, and there was a special bond between them. Devon felt that Ana had the right to see Tyra. Karen said that Ana would get over it. Devon told Karen she could not steal Ana away from the mother she had always known.

Tyra called Devon to ask if she could speak to Ana. Devon called out Ana's name and said that Tyra was calling for her. Ana was thrilled to hear Tyra's voice. Ana asked when she could see Tyra again.

Karen was upset that Devon had let Ana speak to Tyra. She said that she was unable to have children and that Ana meant everything to her. Devon said that no matter what happened, he needed to make sure that Tyra was in Ana's life.

Cane saw Neil at the bar and tried to talk to him about Lily. Neil was surprised to hear that Cane still wanted to get custody of Delia. Cane felt that Neil would understand more than anyone else. Neil said that Delia had parents who loved her. Cane said that Tyra loved Ana, but Neil and Karen were trying to take Ana away from her. He wondered why Neil could do that but not him. Neil apologized but said he could not help Cane.

Neil went to Indigo to tell Tyra that the social worker was going to have a court date for him and Karen to adopt Ana. Tyra didn't understand why Neil was trying to take Ana away from her. Neil said he would try to get Raphael to help Tyra get full custody of Ana. Tyra was worried that Neil would destroy his marriage, trying to help her. Neil said he would do whatever he could to do the right thing.

Mac looked at a picture of Billy in Katherine's home. She remembered that Billy had tried to talk to her before Chloe had shown up. Esther saw Mac looking at the picture and said she couldn't wait to see the wedding photos.

Katherine was sad that Brock was leaving so soon. She asked Mac if Mac had decided to stay in Genoa City. Mac told Murphy that he probably understood why she should go back and help with charity work. Murphy didn't think that was the best thing for Mac. Murphy said that the thing with Jill was throwing Katherine for a loop. He felt that Katherine would be thankful if Mac were around. When Brock returned inside to ask if Mac was going with him, she asked him to give her a few minutes.

Billy called Katherine's home but hung up when Esther answered. Chloe returned from shopping and asked Billy what he was doing. Billy said he was planning on visiting his mother. Chloe wondered if he was going to see Mac. Billy tried to change the subject. Chloe asked if Mac was the girl that Billy had once been married to. Billy asked Chloe to drop it. He said that he would probably never see Mac again.

Lily stopped by to congratulate Billy and Chloe for getting married. She mentioned that Mac was in town. Billy said that they were out of formula and left. Chloe asked Lily if she was there to spy on them for Cane. Lily said that she felt Cane was wrong for trying to steal Delia away from them. Chloe said that she and Billy had never had parents, and nothing would stop them being a family.

Lily told Cane that she had gone to Chloe and Billy's to find out what kind of parents they were. Lily said that seeing them had not changed her mind. Cane said that they were not good parents, and he would do everything he could to get Delia back.

Billy decided to stop by the Chancellor Estate to try to stop Mac from leaving. He told Brock that he couldn't let Mac leave without hearing what he had to say. Brock said that wouldn't be a good idea. Billy wrote down his phone number and gave it to Brock. He asked that Brock give it to Mac and let her decide what to do.

Mac was surprised to hear that Billy had stopped by to see her. When Brock asked Mac if she was ready to leave, Mac said that she had decided to stay. Katherine couldn't have been happier. Murphy smiled happily at Katherine.

When Mac said goodbye to Brock, she told him that she hadn't stayed for Billy. Mac said she had stayed because her grandmother needed her.

Chloe called for Esther and was surprised to hear Mac's voice on the line. Chloe said that she had thought Mac was gone. When Mac gave Esther the phone, Chloe said she was worried that Mac was still there. Esther told Chloe not to worry; Mac was leaving that night. Chloe said she would feel better when Mac was on the plane.

Billy returned, and Chloe asked where the formula was. Billy said they had been out. Chloe said that dinner was ready, but Billy said he was tired and went to bed. He returned for a minute to get his cell phone. When Billy saw that no one had called, he started to eat dinner with Chloe.

Mac sat outside and thought about Billy and Chloe. She tore up Billy's phone number. Katherine went outside and asked Mac if she'd like to go inside and play gin rummy with them. Mac said there was nothing else she would rather do. Katherine said that Mac would help her find her way, and she would help Mac find hers.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mary Jane met Jack and Ashley at the Athletic Club. Mary Jane and Jack told Ashley that the Abbotts were about to regain control of Jabot, thanks to Katherine. Ashley disagreed with Jack's decision to drop the civil lawsuit against Gloria. Mary Jane said that it was important that they focus on the positive, and if Gloria's tainting of the face cream made headlines again, it would reflect negatively on Jabot.

Ashley excused herself and left. Jack told Mary Jane that Ashley was pregnant. Mary Jane asked Jack if any of his ex-wives might generate negative publicity about him while she worked on her campaign to improve his image. Jack assured her that all scores between him and his ex-wives had been settled. Mary Jane mentioned that her husband would soon be joining her in Genoa City. Fishing for information, Jack asked if he would get to meet her husband. Mary Jane coyly said that she would think about it.

At the Newman ranch, Adam stumbled through the living room as Victoria and Estella looked on. Victoria said that she was sorry that Adam had lost his eyesight, but Adam doubted her sincerity. Victoria suggested that she and Adam call a truce. She said that she knew that they would never be friends but that they would always be family. Adam told Victoria that he hoped she would be nicer to Ashley and her baby than she had been to Sabrina and Sabrina's unborn child.

When Ashley returned to the ranch, Victoria apologized to her for having been distant, saying that Ashley's pregnancy had thrown her for a loop. Victoria told Ashley how badly she had treated Sabrina after Sabrina had become involved with Victor. Victoria said that she and Sabrina had been longtime friends and that Sabrina had been Victoria's original choice to be Reed's godmother. She told Ashley about the silver rattle that Sabrina had purchased for Reed. Victoria said that she sometimes still felt Sabrina's presence in the house.

Ashley asked Estella where the red egg that Victor had used as a container for Sabrina's engagement ring was. Estella said that she didn't know. When Ashley asked Estella to question the staff, Estella thought that Ashley was insinuating that one of the staff had stolen it. Ashley assured Estella that she didn't think that -- she just wanted the red egg found, as it was important to Victor.

When Estella led Adam up to his room, he asked her if she liked Ashley. Estella replied, "I was closer to the other mistresses of the house." In the living room, Ashley stared at the sketch of Sabrina.

Later, Ashley fell asleep on the couch. She suddenly shouted out, "Sabrina." Estella went into the living room to see if everything was all right. As Ashley stood up, a silver rattle fell on the floor.

Noah and Eden engaged in some hot and heavy petting in Noah's car. Noah suggested that they go to the Abbott cabin. Eden thought that was a good idea.

Noah stopped the car and told Eden that the cabin was just up the hill. Eden decided that she didn't want to go to the cabin, as she wanted her first time to be "perfect." A park ranger shined a flashlight in the car and asked the kids what they were doing there. Noah said that he was Jack Abbott's stepson and that they were going to the Abbott cabin.

The ranger called Jack and told him that two teenagers, one claiming to be his stepson, were going to the Abbott cabin. After Jack realized that the ranger was describing Noah and Eden, he thanked the ranger but told him not to interfere with the kids.

Sharon had dinner with her mother at the Athletic Club. Doris was very concerned about Sharon's well-being and suggested that Sharon move back in with her. Sharon said that she needed to get an apartment for herself and Noah. She told Doris that she was concerned about Noah and "that girl."

Jack approached Sharon and told her about the call from the ranger. Jack offered to drive up to the cabin with Sharon, but Sharon said that she would handle it herself.

At the tack house, Phyllis and Nick were discussing their troubled marriage. Nick suggested they see a marriage counselor, but Phyllis said that seeing a marriage counselor signaled the death knell for a relationship. Daniel knocked at the door and interrupted them. He asked the Newmans if they would post bail for Amber, if necessary. Phyllis and Nick agreed that they would.

After Daniel left, Nick told Phyllis how much their relationship meant to him. Phyllis said that she had trouble believing that, as he was always running off to save Sharon. The phone rang, and it was Sharon. Phyllis remarked, "Right on cue." Sharon told Nick about the situation with Noah and Eden and asked him to accompany her to the Abbott cabin. Phyllis argued with Nick, saying that it was a situation that Sharon should handle on her own. When Phyllis said that she didn't want Nick to go to the cabin with "that slut," Nick grabbed the car keys and took off.

Phyllis called Nick and left him a voicemail, apologizing for her behavior. She began to cry and said that she was very confused. She added that she would wait up for him.

Sharon and Nick arrived at the Abbott cabin, but Noah and Eden weren't there. Nick left to find a place where he could get cell phone reception so that he could call Phyllis and see if Noah had returned home. When Nick left, Sharon reminisced about the recent night that she had spent with him at the cabin.

Lauren, who had learned about Noah and Eden's situation during an earlier phone call from Sharon, found the kids at Crimson Lights. She lectured them about their behavior, for which they apologized. Eden asked if Michael knew that she had taken off with Noah. Lauren told her that Michael was involved with Kevin's arraignment and that she didn't want him to take on any more problems.

Lauren called Phyllis and told her that she had found Noah and Eden at the coffeehouse. Phyllis said that she was confused, as Nick and Sharon had gone to the cabin to look for them. Phyllis told Lauren that Nick and Sharon were probably on their way back.

At the cabin, Nick told Sharon that he had received a phone call from Lauren, informing him that Noah and Eden were safe in Genoa City. Nick stared at Sharon and said, "So, I guess we can go now."

At Crimson Lights, Gloria, Jeffrey, Lauren, and Jana talked about Kevin. Gloria and Jana were upset that they hadn't been allowed to see him. Gloria assured the group that Michael would do everything in his power to get bail set for Kevin.

At the jail, Michael tried to have a conversation with Kevin. Michael tried to remind his brother how he had taken on "Terrible Tom" in the boxcar. Kevin was unresponsive and kept saying, "I'll be a good boy." Michael began weeping. He tried to get Kevin to remember what had happened with Clint, to no avail. As Michael left to go to the courtroom, Kevin began yelling, "Don't leave me alone!"

In the courtroom, Katherine and Amber had a reunion. Amber was wearing prison orange and was there for her bail hearing. Katherine thanked Amber for helping her get her memory and her life back. Katherine said that she was at the hearing to help Amber, but Amber said that she was more concerned about Kevin than herself.

Katherine told Amber about the results of Brock's DNA test, which had proven that Katherine and Jill were not related. Amber was thrilled to find out that Murphy and Katherine had gotten engaged. Katherine said that she would never give up on Amber and Kevin, and she promised Amber that they would be at her and Murphy's wedding.

Outside the courtroom, Gloria, Jeff, Daniel, Lauren, and Jana had gathered. Michael joined them and told them that it was unlikely that Kevin would get bail. Lauren encouraged Michael to give Kevin all that he had, but Michael feared that wouldn't be enough. Heather showed up and announced that the judge was in chambers. The group filed into the courtroom, leaving Heather and Michael behind.

Michael begged Heather to go easy on Kevin, but Heather said that Kevin was a dangerous criminal and that she would object if Michael requested a psychological evaluation.

Michael entered the courtroom, and Katherine said that she would put up the bail for both Amber and Kevin. Michael told her that Amber might be granted bail but that Kevin wouldn't. Katherine offered to talk to the authorities about what had happened, but Michael said that wouldn't be effective, due to Katherine's recent memory loss.

Gloria told Jeffrey that when Kevin had previously been incarcerated, he had set himself on fire. Michael said that he was changing his strategy -- he was going to ask that Kevin be committed to a psychiatric ward for assessment. Jana and Gloria were aghast, but Michael said that Kevin would be safer there than in prison.

Just before Kevin entered the courtroom, Michael admonished the group, and particularly Gloria, not to interfere with the proceedings. Kevin was taken into the courtroom. He looked catatonic and depressed. The group was shocked by his appearance.

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