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Billy kissed Mac. Nick left Phyllis. In a fit of rage, Phyllis destroyed Sharon's hotel room and reported Sharon to the police, and Sharon was arrested for theft. Nick and Phyllis walked in on Noah and Eden having sex. Kevin was put in a padded cell.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 13, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Katherine and Murphy waited anxiously in the lobby of the courthouse. Katherine's attorney, Mitchell Sherman, approached Katherine. Mitchell told Katherine that he had legally invalidated her death certificate and her will, which would expedite the return of Katherine's monies and properties. Mitchell added that Marge's family and friends could finally mourn the poor woman's death, even though no one might ever know why Marge and Katherine were traveling together when the deadly car crash occurred.

Suddenly, Katherine's memories of Marge returned. Katherine remembered she was driving Marge to an alcohol-abuse treatment center when their car crashed on a rain-slicked road. Katherine told Murphy that they should arrange a memorial service for Marge.

Inside a courtroom, Amber, sporting a jail-issued, orange jumpsuit sat stoically beside Michael at a table. Heather sat at another table, prepared to present the prosecution's case. A bailiff escorted Kevin, shackled and wearing a jumpsuit, into the courtroom. Kevin's uncombed hair and blank stare prompted Jana to sob quietly. Daniel, seated beside Jana, provided comfort.

Kevin jerked away from the bailiff's grasp. Robotically, Kevin took his place at the defendants' table between Amber and Michael. Jana attempted to talk to Kevin, but the bailiff warned Jana not to speak to the prisoner.

Judge Henry Aldridge presided and acknowledged Michael as the attorney for both defendants. Heather stood and announced Kevin's charges, which were conspiracy to commit kidnapping, extortion, armed robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon. Heather claimed that Kevin could also face a murder charge, pending autopsy results on Clint Radison's body. Heather requested that the judge not grant bail for Kevin.

Michael waved a thick file folder in view of the judge. Michael insisted that he had documentation that proved Kevin's behavior stemmed from the effects of deep psychological scars, which caused post-traumatic stress disorder. Heather countered that stress shouldn't cause a man to rob banks or shoot at police. Michael explained that Kevin was tortured and brainwashed by his captors and suffered from Stockholm syndrome. Heather reported that security footage showed Kevin and his girlfriend robbing a bank at gunpoint.

Amber rose from her seat, berated Heather, and advised the prosecutor to get her so-called facts straight. Judge Aldridge sternly warned Michael to control his client.

Michael claimed that Kevin attempted to rescue Katherine Chancellor and Esther Valentine from vicious criminals, and as a result, Kevin became a kidnap victim. Michael added that Kevin's captors recreated the trauma Kevin had suffered at the hands of his father. Michael added that Gloria had recounted Kevin's childhood abuse on television news reports.

Gloria, seated in the gallery, winced uncomfortably. Jeffrey, his eye bruised and blackened, sat beside Gloria. Michael explained that Kevin, under duress, carried out his captors' wishes, but that Kevin's behavior did not make him a threat to anyone but himself. Michael pleaded with the judge to allow immediate treatment for Kevin at a psychiatric facility.

As Katherine and Murphy entered the courtroom, Heather warned that Kevin posed a threat to public safety. Michael reminded Heather and the judge that Kevin was a married business owner. Michael pointed at Katherine, seated nearby, and added that she could offer supportive testimony for Kevin.

Heather mentioned that Kevin might have committed murder. Amber interjected again and argued that Kevin wouldn't murder anyone. Judge Aldridge warned Michael that Amber's outburst was her second strike. Michael calmly pleaded with Amber to remain quiet.

Heather recalled the plea for help Amber scrawled inside the closet to indicate that even Amber feared Kevin. Amber argued with Heather, and Judge Aldridge ordered the bailiff to silence Amber. When the bailiff intervened, Kevin sprang into action and wrestled with the officer. Mayhem ensued and Judge Aldridge pounded his gavel.

Michael briefly restrained Kevin with a bear hug, before two uniformed officers physically escorted Kevin out of the courtroom. Michael begged Judge Aldridge to consider Kevin's unstable behavior as proof of his severe mental illness.

Heather and Michael engaged in an intense argument about Kevin's state of mind, before the judge silenced both attorneys. Judge Aldridge announced that he would make a decision about Kevin's future based on his own assessment. As the judge retreated to his chambers, Gloria and Michael, with blank stares, seemed shocked. Amber sobbed pitifully. During court recess, Michael admonished Amber to keep her mouth shut. Daniel told Amber that the only way she could help Kevin was to sit quietly and allow Michael to do his job.

In a corner of the courtroom, Gloria blamed herself and told Jeffrey, Katherine, and Murphy that she had failed Kevin by not protecting him from abuse when he was a child. Katherine reproached Gloria and suggested she think of someone besides herself. Lauren comforted Michael, who maintained that he could not let Kevin down again.

After Judge Aldridge returned, he told Heather and Michael that although he had considered their statements, he could neither prove nor disprove either attorney's case. Therefore, the judge pronounced that he had arranged for Kevin's transfer to a psychiatric facility pending trial. Heather inquired about Amber.

Michael explained that Amber was not a criminal conspirator because Kevin wasn't accountable for his actions during the crime spree. Michael pleaded for the judge to release Amber with prejudice. Heather listed the numerous crimes Amber committed. Judge Aldridge refused to dismiss the prosecution's charges and set Amber's bail at one million dollars.

Amber cried as the bailiff escorted her away. Katherine promised to pay Amber's bail. At the jail, Daniel and Katherine accompanied the warden, who freed Amber from her cell. Amber asked about Kevin. Daniel explained that Kevin was getting the help he needed.

Michael and Jana went to visit Kevin at the psychiatric facility. As they approached Kevin's room, Jana noticed the locked door. Michael noted that the room was actually a cell with one narrow window slit. Michael experienced numerous flashbacks of Kevin, behaving oddly, locked inside a padded cell. Kevin's angry pleas brought Michael back to reality.

Michael said, "I know this place. It's a padded cell." Through the locked door, Kevin screamed, "You promised! You said I would be safe. You lied to me, Michael!" Jana cried out to Kevin, but he covered his ears and gently rocked his body.

At the Abbott cabin, Nick told Sharon that Noah and Eden had returned home. Nick mentioned that he and Sharon both seemed to want to hold onto the feelings they shared the last time they were together at the cabin. Sharon referred to their previous lovemaking session as a beautiful moment. Nick said that moments passed, but feeling did not.

Nick agreed with Sharon that they would still be a couple if Cassie hadn't died. Sharon explained that she wasn't "okay." Sharon admitted that she made love to other men, but pretended they were Nick. Sharon worried that she also did things she had no memory of doing, and that she felt completely out of control. Nick embraced Sharon to comfort her.

Sharon broke away from Nick and apologized for dumping her problems on him. Nick apologized for having made love to Sharon the last time they were at the cabin. Sharon said that their closeness had meant more to her than Nick could ever know. Nick pulled Sharon close and kissed her on the lips. Sharon moved closer to Nick and pressed her hips against Nick's body, as their kissing grew more passionate. Sharon unbuttoned Nick's shirt and massaged his abdomen. Nick unfastened Sharon's dress, and the couple reclined on a sofa.

Nick traced the curve of Sharon's nude thigh and hip with his fingers, and he tenderly kissed her knee. Nick wrapped a blanket around Sharon's shoulders and drew her nearly nude body against his. After Nick and Sharon made love, Sharon went to get dressed. Nick nervously rubbed his forehead and muttered, "Oh, Phyllis."

After Nick and Sharon returned to Genoa City, they looked for Noah at the coffeehouse. Nick agreed to talk to Noah after he learned that their son had gone to the tack house. Nick told Sharon that he didn't regret what had happened at the cabin. Sharon said she didn't, either. Nick told Sharon that he didn't know what he would say to Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren waited with Noah and Eden for Nick and Sharon to pick up Noah. Noah and Eden had returned from a clandestine trip to the Abbott cabin, where they postponed plans for their first romantic tryst. Noah agreed to give Eden a ride home, so that Lauren could support Michael and Kevin in the courtroom. After Lauren left, Eden insisted she accompany Noah to his dad's house, so she could be present when Noah told his father about the young couple's burgeoning relationship.

Noah and Eden arrived at the tack house after Phyllis left. Eden picked up a book and recalled the day the owner of Trumble's Bookstore accused her of shoplifting. Noah said that they seemed to attract trouble at graveyards and icy ponds, but that the unfortunate instances had also brought them closer. Eden worried that Noah seemed disappointed about having to wait to consummate their relationship. Noah insisted he wasn't disappointed, and he told Eden he appreciated her honesty.

Eden admitted that, due to her freestyle upbringing at the ashram, her apprehension had surprised and overwhelmed her. Noah said he understood Eden's desire to have her first lovemaking experience be perfect. Eden admitted that she had never gone so far with another guy as she had with Noah at the cabin. As Noah and Eden discussed their fears about lovemaking, they kissed and cuddled.

At the tack house, Phyllis cut her finger on a broken drinking glass while she waited to speak to a park ranger stationed near the Abbott cabin. Phyllis told the ranger that her husband had driven to the Abbott cabin some time ago, and she was concerned. The ranger reported seeing a car head toward the cabin, but added that she had not yet seen anyone leave the area. In desperation, Phyllis whispered, "Oh, Nick. Please don't do this again with Sharon. Please don't."

Phyllis paced nervously and realized that her calls to Nick wouldn't reach him because he hadn't yet left the cabin, which was situated in mountainous terrain. Phyllis blamed Sharon for setting up an opportunity to seduce Nick. Sick with worry, Phyllis pulled on her coat and rushed out.

Upstairs at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Phyllis, wearing a maid's uniform, pushed a cleaning cart down the hall to Sharon's suite. After Phyllis used a maid's key card to enter Sharon's room, Phyllis pulled a pair of scissors out of her pocket.

Phyllis opened a dresser drawer and noted that Sharon had neatly folded and tucked away her undergarments. Through gritted teeth, Phyllis hissed, "All neat and tidy on the outside. Right, Sharon? Want to show everyone what a mess you are?" At a frenzied pace, Phyllis pulled out Sharon's bras and panties and cut each piece repeatedly before strewing the damaged lingerie about the room.

Phyllis screamed and muttered hysterically as she cut and ripped Sharon's clothing and hurled the damaged items, some stolen, all over the room. Phyllis tossed the pillows off the bed and stripped the sheets off the mattress. Phyllis whirled around crazily, grabbed a bouquet of roses out of a vase, and violently shredded and scattered the petals. Phyllis jerked a phone out of the wall and smashed a table lamp. When Phyllis opened the nightstand drawer, she discovered the trove of treasures Sharon had stolen from the homes of various family members and friends.

After Phyllis wrecked Sharon's room, Phyllis used Sharon's lipstick to scrawl a message on a vanity mirror. The message read, "I hate myself." Phyllis admired her sadistic handiwork and chanted, "I hate you, too. I hate you, too."

Using the room phone on a desk, Phyllis called the police. Phyllis disguised her voice and identified herself as a maid who had discovered a ransacked guest room. "It's just terrible," Phyllis reported, as she requested assistance.

After Sharon returned from her rendezvous with Nick at the cabin, she found the door to her suite at the club ajar. Sharon stepped inside her room and found two police officers collecting evidence in plastic bags. After one officer positively identified Sharon, the officer showed Sharon the bag of stolen trinkets and explained that police were investigating reports of stolen merchandise and personal belongings. Indicating certain items with price tags attached, the officer asked Sharon if the items belonged to her. Sharon seemed bewildered and didn't respond.

Phyllis caught up with Nick outside the tack house. Phyllis asked Nick what she had missed. Nick hedged a moment and said that they needed to talk. When Nick and Phyllis walked inside, Noah and Eden, both nude and red-faced, quickly wrapped themselves in a quilt and sprang off the sofa. Noah said, "You don't understand what happened." Nick wasn't in the mood to hear Noah's explanation and ordered Eden to get dressed at once.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Phyllis told Noah to go upstairs to wait for his father to come talk to him. Noah said that he wasn't five years old. Phyllis said that was obvious after what she and Nick had seen when they walked in. She asked Noah if he had used protection. Noah couldn't believe that Phyllis would ask him that.

Noah worried that when Nick took Eden home and told Lauren and Michael what had happened, she would be embarrassed and all alone. Noah said that he cared about Eden a lot, and what they did together wasn't anybody's business. Phyllis said that actions had consequences. Noah said he was going for a walk. Phyllis tried to stop him, but he insisted on leaving.

Nick arrived at the coffeehouse with Eden. Lauren said she knew that Nick was probably angry about the cabin. Nick said they were way past the cabin. He told Eden to tell Lauren what happened. Eden tried to change the subject by asking where Michael was. Lauren said that Michael and Jana were visiting Kevin. She said that everyone was worried.

Eden told Lauren that she needed to explain what had happened that night. She said that she didn't regret a second of it, no matter how angry Noah's parents were about it. Eden said that she was no longer a virgin.

Lauren was in shock. She told Eden that she couldn't condone Eden sleeping with Noah. Eden insisted that she knew what she was doing. She said that she used protection. Lauren said that she was only protecting Eden from getting hurt. Lauren said that it would have been easier to accept if Eden was older.

Noah met with Victoria to talk to her about Eden. Victoria wondered how serious Noah was. Noah said that his relationship felt right. He didn't want to be treated like a kid any longer. Victoria said that she was glad Noah felt comfortable talking to her, but he should talk to his parents, too. Noah said that was ruined when Nick and Phyllis walked in on Eden and him.

Michael was upset when he heard the doctors had been giving Kevin sedatives. Jana looked in on Kevin and started crying. She begged for Michael to do something. When Michael saw Jana breaking down, he told her that the best thing she could do was take care of herself. She asked Michael if there was anything he could do to fix the situation. Michael promised he would do everything in his power to try.

Michael tried to get some information regarding how Kevin was being cared for. Heather stepped in and told Michael he would be lucky to get that kind of information. Heather felt that Kevin deserved to be locked up under 24-hour surveillance. Michael begged Heather to look at Kevin, but Heather felt that Kevin was only faking sympathy. Michael wished she knew that Kevin's life was at stake.

Gloria thanked Jeffrey for finding Kevin. Jeffrey said he was looking forward to getting thanks from her. He suggested that they sneak out the back of the hotel. Jana arrived and explained Kevin's situation to Gloria and Jeffrey. Gloria knew that Kevin's situation was dire.

Phyllis thought about how she set up Sharon's room to look like Sharon had gone crazy. When Nick returned home, he told her that they needed to talk. Nick asked about Noah, but Phyllis said that he had taken a walk to clear his head. Nick felt it was better that Noah wasn't there.

Phyllis said she was assuming that Nick wanted to talk about why he'd stayed at the cabin for so long. Nick said that they had been having problems, but that didn't necessarily mean they were done. Phyllis told Nick that they were not done; she was not giving up. Nick said that they needed to separate. Phyllis asked if Nick had slept with Sharon again. Nick said yes.

Phyllis was furious that Nick had slept with Sharon again. She said that she'd tried very hard to forgive him the first time. Phyllis wondered if Nick ever really loved her. Nick said he loved her, and Summer, too. Phyllis said that he loved Sharon more. She said most people could get over their first love, but not Nick. Phyllis said she was an idiot for believing Nick. She asked Nick when he knew that he was only using her to get past Cassie's death.

Nick grabbed some of his things and got ready to leave. Phyllis asked Nick if he knew when he was building a life with her that he was still in love with Sharon. Nick said that he didn't know. Phyllis said if he could tell her that he'd always loved Sharon that it would be over. She told him to get out.

Phyllis made a phone call and begged for the person on the other end of the line to come over. He apologized but said that he couldn't. Noah returned home and asked Phyllis where his father was. Phyllis said she didn't know.

Nick went to Victoria's and asked if he could stay with her. Victoria said she was sorry for what was happening to him. Victoria made up the spare room and asked Nick if there was anything he needed. Nick said he'd be okay.

Sharon was shocked to see her hotel room in shambles. She told Detective Wallace that she didn't understand why she was being interrogated. She said that she needed to make a call, and was relieved when Jack answered. Sharon asked him to come over right away. When Jack arrived, Sharon told him what had happened.

Detective Wallace said that there were stolen items in the hotel room. He felt that the person who had stolen the items had also trashed the room. Sharon admitted that she was the person who stole the items.

Detective Wallace said that he was going to have to arrest Sharon for the stolen items. Jack tried to object, but Detective Wallace said he was only doing his job. Jack called Michael and begged for him to come help Sharon. Michael apologized, but said he was up to his eyeballs with Kevin.

Gloria went to Michael and asked that he go home to rest. Michael didn't want to at first, but Gloria insisted. Gloria begged the social worker to let her be with Kevin so he would know that he wasn't alone. They allowed Gloria to visit Kevin. Gloria talked to Kevin about the toys she had purchased for him.

Kevin suddenly had a vision that he was in the coffeehouse and someone in the chipmunk was talking to him. The chipmunk had blood all over its face. Kevin started screaming.

Jack watched as Sharon was booked into jail. Michael showed up to help her. Jack explained the situation. When Jack was telling Michael about all the stolen things, Michael was surprised to hear that Sharon had stolen books from a used bookstore. Michael told Jack that he couldn't help. He said Jack needed to call another lawyer.

Jack told Sharon that he had another lawyer who could get her out of the mess she was in. He promised she would be out of jail in no time. Jack asked Sharon if she wanted him to call Nick. Sharon didn't want Nick to be called.

Michael went to Lauren to tell her about Kevin and the situation with Sharon. Lauren told Michael that Eden and Noah had a life-changing experience. When Eden approached them, she realized Michael had learned about what happened between her and Noah.

Michael said that he needed to tell Lauren and Eden something about Sharon. He said that Sharon had been arrested for stealing, and some of the stolen goods were books from a used bookstore. Eden couldn't believe that Sharon was the person who had stolen the books and let Eden take the blame for it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

At Sharon's hotel suite, Sharon thanked Jack for bailing her out the previous evening. Sharon said that she knew she had stolen some of the property found in the suite, but that she didn't vandalize the place, nor did she write "I Hate Myself" with lipstick on the mirror.

At the Hellstroms', J.T. told Nick that Sharon had been arrested for vandalism and grand theft the previous evening. Nick rushed out of the house.

Sharon assured Jack that she didn't need his help. She gave him a hug, and thanked him for all that he had done. Jack opened the door to leave, and Nick was standing in the hallway. Jack left without saying another word.

Sharon admitted to Nick that she had been stealing. She said that she lost bits of time and then would find items in her purse that didn't belong to her. Sharon said that she had shoplifted the books that Eden had been accused of stealing. Nick asked Sharon why she had been stealing. Sharon said that she didn't know -- but she did insist that she didn't vandalize her room or write the message on the mirror. Nick asked Sharon if she thought that Phyllis had done those things.

Sharon said that she thought Phyllis was capable of vandalism and of writing "I Hate Myself" on Sharon's mirror. Nick defended Phyllis, saying that it was possible that Sharon had vandalized the place during a blackout. Sharon said that whoever wrecked her room had done her a favor, because she couldn't go on living her life as she had been.

Nick said that he wanted to help Sharon, but Sharon said that she couldn't use Nick as a lifeline, and urged him to go back to his family. Nick told Sharon that he and Phyllis had separated. Sharon felt responsible for the separation, and asked Nick to leave. Nick silently left the room.

At the tack house, Noah asked Phyllis where Nick was. Phyllis was evasive, and Noah figured out that she and Nick were having marital problems. Noah wondered if he was the cause of the problems, but Phyllis assured him that he wasn't. Noah stormed out as Phyllis tried to call him back inside.

Noah met up with Nick at the Athletic Club, concerned that Nick was going to punish him for having sex with Eden, but Nick brushed that issue aside. When Noah asked Nick what was going on with his marriage, Nick told Noah not to worry -- that things would work themselves out.

Noah was stunned when Nick told him that Sharon had been arrested for stealing. Eden walked over to their table and told Noah that it had been Sharon, and not her, who stole the books from the bookstore. Eden was upset that Sharon had let her "take the hit" for the theft. Noah left to take Eden home. Nick was upset that he and Noah hadn't finished their conversation.

Noah stopped by Sharon's hotel suite, and read her the riot act for allowing Eden to get arrested for a crime that Sharon had committed. Sharon tried to defend herself, but Noah stopped her. He told Sharon that she was messed up, and that he wasn't going to listen to her. He stormed out of her room.

Sharon called her mother to say that she was falling apart. She told Doris that she had been arrested the previous evening.

As Noah went down the stairs into the Athletic Club lobby, he ran into Jack. He told Jack that Nick and Phyllis were separating, and that Sharon was "seriously screwed up." Victor joined them and asked Noah if anything was wrong. Jack told Victor that Noah had been having a rough day. Jack suggested that Noah move back into his old room at the Abbott mansion, but Victor insisted that Noah stay with him at the Newman ranch.

At the Newman ranch, Victor met with Colleen about some Newman board business. He tried to confuse Colleen by throwing around lofty business terms. When Victor asked her if she was confused, Colleen said that she had a lot to learn, but that didn't mean that she wasn't capable of sitting on the board.

Colleen told Victor that she didn't understand why he was helping her "learn the ropes." Victor confessed that he would have preferred a Newman family member to receive Brad's seat on the board, but he reminded her that he was her godfather. Victor also said that he admired Colleen for having stood up to him. He told her that his desire to see Brad off the board was strictly business, and that he would always be grateful to Brad for having saved Noah's life.

As their meeting wrapped up, Colleen took some folders and said that she would study them. As soon as Colleen had left the house, Victor called J.T. and summoned him to the ranch. Outside the front door of the house, Colleen called Jack and they set up a meeting.

Colleen and Jack met at the Athletic Club. Jack asked Colleen if Victor had tried to get her to vote "yea" on whether or not to expand the Newman fragrance line. Colleen said that her meeting with Victor had gone exactly as Jack had predicted it would. She said that Victor wouldn't know that she was voting against the line's expansion until she got the support of the other board members -- with Jack's help.

Colleen was thrilled to learn that the Abbotts would soon be back in control of Jabot. Jack told her that he wanted her to be the Fresh Face of Jabot, and that he had even booked a wardrobe fitting for her that afternoon. Jack and Colleen relished the thought of Victor seeing a picture of a Newman board member on a billboard for Jabot Cosmetics.

J.T. hurried to the ranch. Victor told him that he wanted Colleen off the Newman board as quickly as possible. J.T. reminded Victor that he and Colleen had been friends for years. Victor said to "find something on her" -- but nothing that would publicly humiliate her. J.T. resisted, but Victor reminded him that he worked for Newman Enterprises, and insisted that J.T. find a way to get Colleen off the board. J.T. told a stunned Victor about Sharon's arrest.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen told Lily that she had to go to a wardrobe fitting. Lily remembered how much she used to enjoy the fittings. Lily volunteered to help Colleen with her modeling. After Colleen left, it was clear from the expression on Lily's face that she was jealous of her friend.

After her fitting, Colleen ran into J.T. at Crimson Lights. J.T. gently tried to persuade Colleen to give up her Newman board seat. When Colleen told him that Victor seemed to be warming up to her, J.T. said that Victor would end up discarding her when he no longer had any use for her. Colleen insisted that they change the subject -- she said that she would prefer discussing anything other than Newman Enterprises.

Murphy ran into Jill on the Crimson Lights patio. He tried to convince her that Katherine still loved her as her daughter -- and that no DNA test would ever change that. When Murphy said that Katherine was hurting because of Jill's rejection, Jill said, "Don't talk to me about Katherine's pain."

Murphy and Jill continued their conversation, and he nearly had Jill convinced that she and Katherine could get past the surprising turn of events. However, a waitress walked by with the latest issue of Restless Style, featuring Katherine on the cover. Jill grabbed the magazine and saw that it contained an article titled, "Jill Abbott: Pretender to the Throne."

Jill went ballistic and said that Katherine and Nikki were trying to make her look bad. Jill threw the magazine into the trash, and told Murphy, "You seem like a decent guy. And here's a little advice -- you're swimming with the sharks now, and there's blood in the water."

After Murphy left, Jack ran into Jill on the patio and tormented her, as Katherine was planning to give control of Jabot back to the Abbotts. Jack asked Jill how she had gotten her hands on 5% of Jabot's stock. He guessed that Victor was involved, but Jill remained mum.

Jill found Victor at the Athletic Club and accused him of putting her in an untenable position. She said that Victor had never intended to put her in charge of Jabot. Victor told Jill that she had lost control of Jabot because of her deteriorating relationship with Katherine, which, Victor said, was Jill's doing, and not his.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki showed the latest issue of Restless Style to Lily. Nikki told Lily what a shame it was that Lily had given up her modeling career. Nikki said that if Lily ever decided that she wanted to model again, she should give Nikki a call.

Murphy joined Nikki and Katherine at the Athletic Club. Nikki showed them the two Restless Style covers -- one featuring Katherine as Queen Elizabeth I and the other as Queen Elizabeth II. Katherine worried about Jill's reaction to the magazine. Murphy said that he had been with Jill when she saw the magazine -- and that there was "smoke coming out of her ears." Katherine wanted to speak with Jill, but Nikki advised her to allow Jill to calm down.

Later, Murphy left to run some errands. He told Katherine that Jill was sitting at the bar.

Lily approached Nikki and said that she was interested in modeling again. Nikki was thrilled.

Katherine approached Jill at the bar. Jill said, "Well, if it isn't the Queen of Genoa City. Congratulations on completely humiliating me." Katherine told Jill that they needed to work out the details of the estate. As Jill prepared to march out, Katherine insisted that Jill was still her daughter -- and that she didn't care what the DNA test said. Jill said, "What if I do?"

At Restless Style, Phyllis told Nikki that she and Nick might be past the point of no return. Nikki told Phyllis that Nick probably just needed a little space. She recalled that the more she had pursued Victor, the more Victor had backed off. Nikki told Phyllis that you couldn't force someone to love you -- you had to give them time to miss you.

Phyllis left a message for Nick that he was needed at work. He showed up a few moments later and treated the staff to a coffee break so that he and Phyllis could talk. Nick told Phyllis that he had seen Noah and told him that Sharon had been arrested. Phyllis said, "Thank goodness. She finally got caught." Nick asked Phyllis if she had set Sharon up.

Phyllis wondered why Nick thought that she had set Sharon up. Phyllis lied and said that it was ridiculous to think that she had called the police. Nick said that he really wanted to believe Phyllis. Phyllis said that if trust was the issue, it was her who shouldn't trust him, since he had slept with Sharon twice. Nick wondered why Phyllis kept "forcing" that issue.

When Phyllis asked Nick if he had wanted to sleep with Sharon, Nick didn't respond. Phyllis asked Nick if he was going back to Sharon. He said that he wasn't, but that he was going to stay at the Hellstroms' for a while. He promised Phyllis that he wasn't going to run back into Sharon's arms. Phyllis quietly said, "I have work to do," and walked to her desk, as Nick stared at her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

At the coffeehouse, Mac and Katherine discussed Jill. Katherine wished there was something she could do to get through to Jill. Mac couldn't understand why Jill was so angry. It wasn't if Katherine had rigged the DNA test to prove she was not Jill's mother.

Mac told Katherine that she was considering working at the coffeehouse so Jana could have more time to spend with Kevin. Katherine asked Mac if Billy had anything to do with her deciding to stay in Genoa City. Mac insisted that Billy had nothing to do with it.

Michael was surprised to see Mac at the coffeehouse. Mac asked if she could see Kevin. She said she had seen Kevin go through some really bad things before, and felt that she could be of help. Michael decided to let Mac visit Kevin.

Mac tried to talk to Kevin in his padded cell. Kevin curled himself up in a tight ball and looked afraid. Mac talked to Kevin about her life and how they used to be such good friends. Kevin heard Mac's voice but couldn't see her. He looked for her, but saw the chipmunk again. Kevin started screaming.

Mac was sad that she couldn't get through to Kevin. She said that she would see him soon. When Mac left Kevin's cell, she looked at Michael in frustration. Mac said that the worst thing they could do would be to give up hope. Michael thanked her.

Kevin sat in his cell and remembered Mac. Michael came in and talked to Kevin about the people who loved him. He said that he wasn't giving up on Kevin. Michael said he would find a way to bring Kevin back. He would do whatever it took. Michael tried to reach out to Kevin, but Kevin backed away.

When Jill arrived for work at Jabot, she was shocked to find that Jennifer had packed her things. When Jennifer tried to explain, Jill said she already knew. Jill called Cane to tell him about how awful Katherine was.

Katherine came by to talk to Jill. Jill told her that she got the message loud and clear. Katherine didn't understand what Jill was talking about. Jill said that, thanks to Katherine, she had been fired. Katherine said that someone had made a dreadful mistake. Jill wouldn't listen to her. Jill said that Katherine had taken away everything Jill cared about. Katherine became frustrated with Jill's accusations. She said she would admit it; she was glad that Jill was not her daughter.

Jill went to Cane in tears. She admitted that she was disappointed that Katherine had said she was glad she wasn't Jill's mother. Jill said she'd always wanted to find her real mother, and when she thought that was Katherine, she had really tried. Cane didn't understand how Katherine could be so cruel to Jill.

Jill packed the rest of her things and thought about her relationship with Katherine. She thought about the first time they worked together as mother and daughter.

Katherine told Murphy she was sad that she had lost her temper with Jill again. She was also upset that Kevin was locked up for trying to save her life. Katherine didn't understand why Jill would cut her off. Murphy said that Katherine might never know the answer. Katherine asked if she could be alone for a while. Murphy took her hand.

Lily saw Karen at the bookstore and said hello. Karen told Lily she didn't have to pretend she didn't know what was going on between Neil and Tyra. Lily asked Karen what she was talking about. She said that her father would never do anything with Tyra. Karen said that Neil admitted that he cheated on her.

Lily asked Karen if the adoption was on hold. Karen said the adoption was still on. Lily was surprised to hear it, and suggested that Neil and Karen hold off until they had things squared away. Karen was furious to hear that Lily thought Tyra should try to adopt Ana. Lily said that children needed to be with their mothers. Karen asked if Lily meant Yolanda. Karen said that when the adoption went through, she would be Ana's mother.

Neil talked to his lawyer, Raphael, about Ana's adoption. Neil said that he was willing to do whatever he could to see Ana back with Tyra. Raphael was shocked that Neil wanted Tyra to adopt Ana over his own wife. He said it was a major conflict of interest.

Tyra asked if Raphael knew any good lawyers. Raphael said that he could make a referral, but if Neil continued to conceal his marital problems, it was likely that the lawyers would choose Neil and Karen as adoptive parents for Ana. Neil said if that were the case, he would try to make his marriage work. Raphael told Neil that, based on his experience, couples who stayed together solely for a child eventually lived to regret it.

Raphael called Neil back to refer Tyra to a good lawyer. Tyra said she was surprised that Neil did not hate her. Lily walked into the coffeehouse and gave her father a dirty look.

Neil excused himself and went to see Lily. He wondered if Devon had told Lily. Lily said that Karen had told her, but said only that things were over between them. Neil said that he and Tyra were not having an affair, but it had become apparent that he and Karen shouldn't be the ones raising Ana together.

Lily understood where Neil was coming from. She said that if he and Karen lost Ana, he would find out if he really belonged with Karen. Neil decided to go to Karen to talk to her. Karen insisted that they were going through with the adoption. Neil said that he understood how much it meant to her. Karen said that Neil needed to walk into the courtroom and convince the judge that he loved her. She said it had been a long day and she was going home.

Billy looked out the window and thought about his last conversation with Mac. He remembered her saying that it was over between them. Chloe interrupted Billy's thoughts and asked what outfit he liked better. When Billy ignored her and picked up the baby, Chloe asked if he still loved her. Billy said of course he still loved Cordelia. Chloe said she was talking about Mac.

Chloe told Billy that if he was going to leave her for Mac, he needed to tell her. Billy admitted that he was once very much in love with Mac, but his place was with Chloe and Cordelia.

Raphael stopped at Chloe and Billy's and told them they should bring Cordelia to the hearing. Raphael said that he couldn't promise them they would get everything they wanted. Chloe freaked out and was worried she would lose Cordelia. She wanted to buy Cordelia's favorite books in case she lost her. Billy assured her that nothing bad would happen. He said he was going to buy the books for her.

When Billy arrived at the bookstore, he ran into Mac. He asked her if she got his message. Mac said that she didn't see any reason to contact him. When Billy asked why, Mac told him to ask his wife. Billy wanted to know the real reason Mac decided to stay in Genoa City.

Chloe went to Esther to talk to her about the hearing. She was shocked when she heard that Mac was still in town. Chloe freaked out and tried to call Billy.

Chloe's phone call interrupted Billy and Mac. Mac said that she had to go. Billy grabbed Mac and asked if she stayed for him. Mac begged him to let her go. Billy took Mac in his arms and started kissing her.

Cane told Michael that when he was in court, he wanted to get Billy for everything he had. Michael said it was hard for him to understand how a brother could go against a brother, when he'd give anything he had to have his brother sitting next to him.

Lily saw Cane at the bar and went up to him. She said that she wanted to be there for him at the hearing, even if she felt that Chloe and Billy should be the parents to Cordelia. Lily said that she wanted Cane to be sure that he knew what he really wanted when he walked into the courtroom.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jill and Cane ran into each other at the Athletic Club. Cane was confident about his chances of winning custody of Delia. He told Jill how sorry he was that she had been fired from Chancellor Industries, adding that, in time, the company would learn what an asset she had been. Jill said that she was ready to move on to bigger and better things.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Katherine told Mac how much she regretted the harsh words she had used with Jill during their meeting the previous evening. Katherine asked Mac if she thought that Billy was trying to get back together with her. Mac remembered Billy kissing her in the bookstore the previous evening.

Katherine told Mac the story of the night when everyone learned that Chloe was actually Kate Valentine. Katherine said that she thought that Chloe was an "operator." Mac said that Delia was lucky to have two parents who loved her. Katherine said that Billy had done the right thing by marrying Chloe, but added that the best thing a man could do for a child was to love the child's mother.

In the Abbott pool house, Billy and Chloe were awakened by Delia's crying. Billy fed Delia, and Chloe wanted to know why Billy hadn't told her about his run-in with Mac at the bookstore. Billy said it was because Chloe was asleep when he arrived home.

A frantic Chloe tried to pick out an appropriate outfit for Delia to wear to the custody hearing. Billy tried to calm Chloe down, but she said that she had to leave, and then ran out of the house.

In a church, Chloe, after admitting that she had done some bad things in her life, prayed that the judge would award custody of Delia to her and Billy.

Chloe ran into Mac at Crimson Lights, and she made it clear to Mac that there was no hope that Mac and Billy would ever reconcile. Chloe told Mac to "mosey along." Billy walked up behind Chloe and asked her, "What the hell are you doing?"

Jill ran into Mac at Crimson Lights. Jill told Mac that Billy was off limits to her. Mac reminded her that it was Jill who had the history of going after married men. Jill left in a huff.

At Newman Enterprises, Jill stopped by to meet with Victor. Jill tried to get Victor to hire her, telling him that she was a tremendous businesswoman, and that they could do fabulous things together. Victor immediately rejected Jill's idea. Jill tried to blackmail Victor. She threatened to tell Ashley that Victor had given Jill the Jabot stock that allowed Jill to fire Jack and Ashley. Victor suggested that Jill take up needlepoint, and asked her to leave his office.

Cane ran into Katherine at the Jabot offices. Katherine told Cane that Mitchell Sherman had fired Jill by mistake. Cane suggested that Katherine tell Jill and get the situation straightened out, but Katherine said that it was best that she and Jill keep their distance from each other. Katherine told Cane that she was appointing him CEO of Chancellor Industries, but Cane rejected the offer. He told Katherine that she would always be family to him, but that he didn't think that Chancellor Industries was the right place for him to be any longer. Katherine was stunned.

J.T. told Victor that Colleen still didn't trust anything that Victor said. Victor reiterated that he wanted Colleen off the Newman board, and ordered J.T. to dig up some dirt on her. J.T. said that Colleen had never done anything wrong in her whole life, but Victor told him to dig deeper. Victoria showed up as J.T. was leaving. Victor told his daughter that the expansion of the Newman fragrance line was a "go." Victoria reminded Victor that the board still needed to approve the expansion, but Victor was sure that it would.

Later, Victoria excitedly told J.T. about the expansion project. She said that it would double the size of Newman's cosmetics division. Victoria mentioned that the board still had to vote, and she hoped that Colleen would go along with the expansion. Victoria said that she hoped Colleen and Victor wouldn't go "High Noon" on her and ruin her presentation.

At Newman, Karen talked to Ana about her and Neil becoming Ana's adoptive parents. Ana asked if Tyra was going to be at the hearing, and Karen said that she should be. Neil remembered his meeting with Rafe and Tyra, when it was decided that Tyra would also petition the court for custody of Ana. Devon stopped by to take Ana to Crimson Lights.

When Neil and Karen were alone, Karen suggested they celebrate after the hearing by going out for Ana's favorite, Chinese food. An introspective Neil answered, "Let's see how it goes." Victoria stopped by and told Neil that Victor wanted to see him. After Neil left, Victoria asked Karen why she seemed so gloomy. Karen lied and said that she was nervous about raising a teenager, but Victoria assured her that Neil would guide her through it.

Neil met with Victor and told him that was distracted due to the upcoming hearing. Victor suggested that Neil take the day off to celebrate. Neil told Victor that things had gotten complicated, and that whatever the court decided, someone was going to get hurt. Victor wondered who was going to get hurt. Neil told Victor that both Karen and Tyra loved Ana, but that only one of them could legally be the child's mother.

Devon and Ana were seated at the Crimson Lights' counter. Lily ran into Tyra, and raked her over the coals for having slept with Neil and going behind Karen's back to hire a lawyer. Tyra said that Neil was the only one who understood how she "ached" for her daughter. Ana walked over with a poem that she had written about what a great mother Tyra was.

Lily was angry with Devon for not telling her that Neil had sex with Tyra. They couldn't believe that Neil cheated on Karen. Watching Tyra and Ana hug, Devon said, "Neil and Karen might be good parents -- but this is how it should be."

At the courthouse, Rafe walked in with Neil and Karen. Karen was horrified when the judge asked where the other petitioner was, just as Tyra walked in with her attorney. Karen asked Neil if he was responsible for Tyra petitioning to be Ana's mother. Before Neil could answer, the judge asked Rafe to speak.

Rafe spoke about the excellent job Neil and Dru had done raising Devon, who had gone from juvenile delinquency to the Genoa City University honor roll. Rafe added that Ana had "thrived" under Neil and Karen's care. The judge was impressed, but both Tyra and Neil looked concerned when the judge said that she was in favor of putting Ana into the permanent care and custody of Neil and Karen.

Tyra's lawyer spoke on her behalf. The lawyer said that Tyra had been 15 when she started taking care of Ana. She said that Tyra had been both mother and father to Tyra, and had supported her both emotionally and financially, and therefore Tyra was the person who should be granted custody of Ana.

Karen flipped out and started yelling that Tyra had tried to leave the country with Ana. Karen and Ana got into a shouting match. When the courtroom calmed down, the judge said that she could see that they were all passionate about Ana, and that she wanted to speak to Ana directly. Neil said that he would call Devon and have him bring Ana over. Karen and Tyra shot daggers at each other.

Ana took the witness stand in the courtroom. The judge said that she wouldn't directly ask Ana whom she wanted to live with. Ana was surprised to learn that Tyra was trying to adopt her, too. Ana talked about how great it was living with Neil and Karen.

When the judge asked Ana to talk about her life with Ms. Hamilton, Ana said, "You mean Mom?" Ana talked about her life in Seattle with Tyra. She said that they moved a lot, but that she always felt safe with Tyra. Ana said that she loved them all, but that Tyra was her mother. The judge asked Ana and Devon to wait in the hallway while she made her decision. On her way out, Ana hugged Tyra.

In the hallway, Ana asked Devon if it was wrong that she had hugged Tyra. Devon said that it was never wrong to do what you felt in your heart.

Inside the courtroom, Karen was scolding Neil for having hired an attorney for Tyra. Neil said that it was the right thing to have done. The judge returned to the courtroom with her ruling. She prefaced it by saying how wonderful it was that Ana had three people in her life who loved her so much. She then ruled that due to Neil and Karen's stability, she was granting custody to Neil and Karen. Tyra began crying hysterically.

Suddenly, Neil stood up and said, "Your honor, I have something to say."

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