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Neil told the judge that Tyra should have custody of Ana. Karen left Neil. Cane dropped his lawsuit for custody of Cordelia. Cane and Lily got engaged. Cane bought a bar. Kevin jumped out of a moving ambulance to escape. Lauren pressed charges against Sharon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 20, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, April 20, 2009

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jack worried about Ashley's morning sickness. Jack enjoyed reading the Restless Style articles about Jill and Katherine's quarrels. Jill arrived and took a seat next to Cane at the bar. Cane told his mother that Katherine had offered him a high-level position at Chancellor, which Cane turned down. Cane insisted, "It was the best decision I have ever made."

Jill soothed her frayed nerves with a highball. Jill told Cane that she had added yet another person to her list of people who had learned not to cross her. Cane invited Jill to accompany him to the custody hearing, but Jill declined for fear that the press might pounce on her.

Jill noticed Jack and Ashley sitting nearby. In Jill's thoughts, she recounted the conversation she had with Victor after he transferred shares of Jabot stock to Jill. The stock transfer had given Jill the power to fire Jack and Ashley. Jill recalled having said that Ashley would be very disappointed if she ever learned the truth. Jill approached Jack and Ashley. Ashley mentioned that Victor had turned down Jill's request for a position at Jabot. Ashley's comment awakened Jill's fury.

Jill took a seat at Ashley and Jack's table. Jack harassed Jill about the article and asked how Cane would survive since he could no longer hide behind his mommy's skirt tails. Jill told Jack that she hadn't read the magazine article. Jack continued antagonizing Jill. Jack said that neither Jill nor Billy had a real mother.

Jill prepared to spew her revelation to Ashley. A sudden wave of nausea hit Ashley. Jack helped Ashley to her feet and escorted her to the door. Before Jack and Ashley walked away, Jack plopped the oversized magazine into Jill's lap.

Near the entrance to the club, Ashley suffered abdominal pains and said she should see her doctor. Jack escorted Ashley to the Newman ranch after a quick trip to the doctor's office. Estella was surprised to see Ashley. Estella eagerly insisted that Ashley drink a cup of ginger tea to ease morning sickness. Ashley brusquely demanded water in lieu of tea. Estella seemed disheartened, but she relented to Ashley's wishes.

After Estella walked away, Jack told Ashley that she should rest. Ashley reminded Jack that the doctor explained that Ashley's spotting was normal. Ashley thanked Jack for his concern and went to her room to rest. Jack noticed a file folder on Victor's desk. Jack opened the file and shuffled through the papers.

Adam heard noises and spoke, thinking that Victor had returned. Jack responded to Adam's greeting. Adam quickly recognized Jack's voice. Jack explained that he had brought Ashley home. Adam told Jack that he should leave. Jack ignored Adam's request. Adam warned Jack that due to Jack's arrogance, he would soon fall.

Jack lashed back at Adam. Jack told Adam that blindness had made him angry and vindictive. Ashley returned and overheard Jack goading Adam. Jack offered spiteful suggestions about what Adam might do with his time. Jack suggested, "Try whittling yourself a walking stick or teaching Zapato to be a seeing-eye dog."

Ashley shushed Jack and told him to leave. Ashley reminded Jack that the ranch was Adam's home. Jack corrected Ashley and claimed that the ranch was Adam's prison. Jack insisted that Adam was a snake, and that Adam resented Victor and Ashley.

Ashley physically pushed Jack out the door and suggested that he check on Billy. After Jack left, Adam told Ashley that he didn't resent his father. Adam noted that Jack was right about one thing. Adam dejectedly noted, "I am not worth much these days."

After Jill's run-in with Jack and Ashley, Jill languished at the bar and perused the Restless Style magazine Jack had left behind. Jill disgustedly slammed the magazine onto the bar and sipped her drink. David Suns, a nosy tabloid reporter with a tape recorder, approached Jill and asked her to share her opinion about the magazine article. Jill screeched, "No comment!"

Mac walked into the club and stood nearby. David asked if Katherine planned to sue Jill for fraud. Jill answered that Katherine was the fraud. Across the room, Mac glared at Jill.

At Crimson Lights, Billy, carrying Delia, halted Chloe's verbal assault on Mac. Mac announced that Chloe would have to get used to having Mac around, because she had decided to stay in Genoa City. After Mac walked away, Billy tried to calm Chloe, but Chloe explained that she was ready to fight. Chloe explained that she might even fight the judge for Delia. Chloe added that Cane would never allow her to see Delia if Cane were awarded custody.

Billy told Chloe that he had asked Lily to convince Cane to drop his custody suit. Chloe stroked Billy's arm to comfort him. Mac looked away after she saw Chloe's demonstration of affection. Chloe thought about Delia's future. Billy assured Chloe that they would raise their daughter together.

As soon as Billy's promise slipped from his mouth, he glanced at Mac, who glanced back, pensively. After Chloe and Billy left with their baby, Mac thought about the kiss she and Billy had shared at the bookstore. A server offered Mac a refill, but Mac declined and announced that she would visit the gym in hopes of clearing her head.

In a courtroom, just as the judge was about to award custody of Ana to Karen and Neil, Neil asked to speak. Rafe tried to silence Neil, but Neil insisted that the judge hear him out. Neil told the judge that Ana, with her laughter and music, had helped him through a dark chapter in his life. Karen cupped her hand into Neil's as a show of support. Neil averted Karen's gaze and continued.

Neil pleaded with the judge to place Ana with Tyra Hamilton. Karen jerked her hand away from Neil's grasp. Tyra succumbed to tears of joy. Neil seemed drained. Karen told the judge that Neil didn't mean what he had said. The judge asked Neil about his sudden change of heart. Neil alluded to trouble in his marriage, but Karen vehemently denied that trouble existed.

The judge took a recess to evaluate the issue in light of Neil's request. Neil apologized to Karen and insisted that he hadn't planned his speech. Karen said, "I suppose you thought hiring a lawyer for Tyra was enough to destroy our chances." Karen told Neil that she couldn't stand the sight of him.

When the judge returned, she granted sole and permanent guardianship of Ana to Tyra. Tyra, overjoyed, gasped in awe and hugged her attorney. Karen looked deflated.

When Cane arrived at the courthouse, he spoke briefly to Ana and Devon. Devon told Cane that Tyra had also petitioned the court for custody of Ana. Cane listened as Ana described her devotion for her mom, Tyra, and Neil and Karen. Lily arrived and told Ana that the judge hadn't yet made a decision.

Outside the courtroom, Ana paced nervously. Devon told Ana that he would support his sister, no matter the outcome of the hearing. Suddenly, Tyra ran from the courtroom and broke the news to Ana. Ana tightly hugged Tyra as she explained that no one would ever take her daughter away again. Devon spoke to Neil, who admitted that he told the judge that Ana belonged with Tyra. Neil added that Karen wasn't handling the judgment well.

After Lily told Cane about Neil's speech before the judge, Cane asked why Neil chose Tyra over Karen. Lily explained that Ana belonged with her mother. Lily added that Ana should never have faced a court battle. Lily begged Cane to consider Delia's future, so the baby would never have to face the same battles Ana had.

Cane and Lily overheard Ana's distress over her testimony in court. Ana worried that she had upset the parties involved after Neil and Karen left the courthouse without saying goodbye. Cane also overhead Tyra tell Devon that she wouldn't wish what she had gone through on anyone.

After Tyra, Ana, and Devon left the courthouse, Lily told Cane that Michael was on his way. Chloe and Billy arrived with baby Delia. Rafe greeted Chloe and Billy and began preparing them for the hearing. Cane asked to speak to Chloe privately. Rafe objected, but Chloe agreed. Chloe and Cane stepped into the courtroom.

Cane told Chloe that he would drop the lawsuit. Chloe thanked Cane and hugged him. Cane phoned Michael to let him know. Chloe explained that she had been uncertain about her life's direction before she had a baby. Chloe insisted that being Delia's mother was her most important role.

Outside the courtroom, Billy asked Lily to play a role in his daughter's life as an aunt. Lily thanked Billy for getting her through some rough times. After Cane and Chloe emerged from the courtroom, Lily embraced Cane. Billy hugged Chloe.

Neil found Karen at home. Karen had hastily packed her belongings and told Neil that she was going as far away as she could. Karen railed at Neil for ambushing her in the courtroom. Neil seemed stunned. Karen berated Neil for always being the "good guy," even to his mistress.

Neil pleaded with Karen and begged her not to leave. Karen told Neil that he had used her to get over his dead wife. Neil insisted he did what he did for Ana. Karen told Neil that he just wanted out of their relationship. Karen asked Neil why he repeatedly gave her hope only to rip it away.

Karen's anger grew to a boiling point, and she slapped Neil. Neil fervently professed his love to Karen. In tears, Karen beat Neil's chest with her balled fists and screamed repeatedly, "I hate you." Ana, Tyra, and Devon walked in and seemed horrified by what they saw. Ana blamed herself.

Karen composed her emotions somewhat and comforted Ana. Karen explained that she had to leave. Ana hugged Karen. After Karen left, Tyra comforted Ana. Alone, Neil gazed mournfully at Karen's wedding band, which Neil held in the palm of his hand.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daniel asked Amber what she wanted to do for dinner. Amber said she was too worried about Kevin to think about simple things. Daniel said that at least Kevin was safe. Amber said that Kevin wasn't safe; he had gone off the deep end. She felt that she almost helped Kevin until Jeffrey had shown up. Amber said she wanted to go to the judge. Daniel told Amber to stop obsessing about Kevin and think about herself for once.

Amber was furious that Daniel didn't understand that she needed to help Kevin. Daniel told Amber that they used to have a lot of dreams together, but everything was falling apart. Amber said that their dreams were still possible. She looked into his eyes and they started kissing.

Jana visited Kevin in his padded cell. She told Kevin that Michael was doing everything he could to get Kevin out. Kevin stared blankly out in space. Jana begged Kevin to look at her. Kevin heard the chipmunk speaking to him once again. He screamed to be left alone.

Jana apologized to Kevin for trying to push him. She touched Kevin's face and said that she loved him. Kevin had a vision of Jana at the coffeehouse and tried to speak out to her, but the chipmunk started mocking him again. He saw Amber in the window telling him not to listen. When Jana asked Kevin if he'd heard anything she had said, he looked into her eyes and said Amber's name.

A knock at the door interrupted Daniel and Amber from lovemaking. It was Jana. Jana said that she had visited Kevin and tried to get a response out of him. She said that Kevin had asked for Amber. Jana said that Amber might be the only person who could get through to Kevin.

Jana, Daniel, and Amber decided to go see Kevin. Amber asked Daniel if he understood why she had to see Kevin. Daniel said it was okay. When Amber went to the cell to see Kevin, she told him that she had heard he was asking for her. Amber told Kevin not to be afraid. She said anything Kevin told her would not scare her.

Kevin saw the chipmunk dancing with Amber. In Kevin's vision, Amber told Kevin to ignore the chipmunk. Kevin remembered that Amber had helped him. For a second, he snapped out of his daze and realized that Amber was really there. Kevin told Amber that the chipmunk didn't want him to talk to anybody. Amber told Kevin that he needed to face the chipmunk next time he saw him. Kevin said he would try.

While Daniel and Jana waited outside Kevin's cell, Jana sensed that Daniel was irritated. Daniel said that he felt that Kevin was taking over Amber's life. Jana said she wished more than anything that Kevin had asked for her.

Devon went to Neil's to get some things for Ana. Neil looked disappointed when he opened the door. Devon knew Neil was hoping to see Karen. Devon said that although he could never forget what Neil and Tyra had done, he was proud of his father for doing the right thing for Ana.

Devon started gathering Ana's belongings. Neil said he was really going to miss her. Devon said that Neil was welcome to see Ana anytime. He wondered where Neil thought things would end up with Tyra. Neil said he hadn't thought about it. Devon told Neil that he should go to Tyra's for some chocolate crème pie. Neil said some other time.

Cane told Lily that he had resigned from Chancellor. Lily was shocked at the news. Cane said that there had been too much drama lately. Lily was pleased to hear Cane's words. Cane said he wanted to wake up in the morning and look forward to his day.

Lily told Cane that she had been considering modeling again. She said they were both starting over again. Cane said the best thing about that was they were doing it together. Cane remembered that it was a year before when Lily was pregnant. Lily said that she still wanted to have Cane's baby. Cane wondered if that meant the marriage was back on the table. Lily told Cane to ask her to find out.

Cane grabbed the wedding ring and got down on his knees. He joked that it was a wedding proposal, take four. When he asked Lily to marry him, she said yes. He put the ring on her finger and said that it was right where it belonged. Lily said they should cuddle on the couch and watch Casablanca. She said that first she wanted to share the news with her father.

Lily went to see Neil to give him the good news. She talked to Neil about Ana. Neil said that after Drucilla died, Karen was the first person to put a smile on his face again. Neil wondered why Lily had come to see him. Lily didn't want to tell him at first, but Neil insisted. Lily told Neil that she and Cane were getting married. Neil said all he wanted was for her to be happy.

Cane ran into Devon at the coffeehouse and asked about Ana. Devon said that Ana was hanging in there. When Devon learned that Cane had dropped the case, he said that a lot of good things had been happening lately.

Neil sat alone and thought about his marriage to Karen. He looked down at her ring and sighed.

When Cane returned home, he told Lily that he had a date in mind for the wedding.

Nick asked Sharon to tell him what was going on. Sharon said that Noah hated her for letting Eden take the blame for stealing the books. Sharon wanted to go to the District Attorney and tell them that she had stolen everything. Nick told her not to do that. Nick told Sharon that she needed to think about Noah.

Detective Gil talked to Lauren and Phyllis about their stolen items. Phyllis said that they were not the only people that Sharon had ripped off. Lauren said she couldn't see Sharon as a thief. Phyllis looked through some photos of the stolen items and mentioned the expensive egg that Sharon had stolen from Victor's. She also found the picture of the monkey Sharon had stolen from her.

Michael asked Phyllis if she wanted to press charges. Phyllis said she did. Lauren said that Fenmore's policy was to prosecute shoplifters. Michael said that he knew Phyllis' reason to see Sharon behind bars was personal. Phyllis said it was very personal. She told Lauren that Nick had slept with Sharon.

Michael told Phyllis that she shouldn't try so hard. Lauren said that Phyllis needed to take Sharon out of the equation. She said that if Phyllis kept talking about Sharon, Phyllis would lose Nick.

When Phyllis left, Michael told Lauren that she was the reason he was keeping things together. Sharon ran into Lauren and Michael and said that she owed them an explanation, but had been advised to keep quiet. Lauren said she would really like to know why Sharon let Eden take the rap for stealing. Lauren was furious at what Sharon had done. Lauren said that Sharon would be sorry; Lauren was pressing charges.

Phyllis went to Newman to see Nick. She said that Victoria had told her he was working. Phyllis said that Nick should return home. She said that "Supergirl" needed him. Nick said that was why he was staying at the ranch.

Phyllis said that they needed to talk. Nick said they couldn't talk without fighting. He told Phyllis he needed some space.

Phyllis told Nick that she wasn't trying to push things. She said that if he didn't return home, she was worried that their marriage would be over. Nick felt that Phyllis was giving him an ultimatum. Phyllis said that she was just scared that everything was over between them. Nick said he wasn't ready to go home.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At Newman Enterprises, Nick spoke with Sharon's lawyer. He told the lawyer that Sharon might admit her guilt to the district attorney, effectively sabotaging her defense. The lawyer informed Nick that Phyllis planned to press charges against Sharon for stealing her ceramic monkey figurine from the tack house.

Later, Nick met with Michael at Crimson Lights. He told Michael that he had been trying to reach Lauren all day, hoping to get her to reconsider pressing charges against Sharon. Michael told Nick that Lauren was out of town, but that she was adamant about seeing Sharon prosecuted. Michael said that he stood behind his wife. Nick told Michael about what Sharon had been going through. Michael said that although he felt bad about Sharon's problems, she didn't have the right to upend people's lives.

Michael was upset that Sharon had framed Eden for the shoplifting incident at the bookstore. Michael said that he had heard that Sharon "eviscerated" Eden when Eden had been accused of stealing, and that Sharon would have to pay the consequences for her actions.

At Restless Style, Heather told a disappointed Phyllis that the district attorney's office wasn't going to prosecute Sharon for stealing Phyllis' monkey figurine, as it was of little monetary value. Phyllis decided to call Victor and try to get him to prosecute Sharon for stealing the Jeff Koons egg that Victor had given to Sabrina. Phyllis subtly pressured Victor to press charges, telling Victor that Sharon would never get well unless she got a "wake-up call." Victor said that he would deal with the situation.

After Victor hung up the phone, Adam knocked over a vase in the Newman living room. Victor turned and saw Adam picking up the pieces, and warned his son to be careful not to cut himself. Adam accused Victor of having suspected him of stealing the Koons egg. Before Victor left the house, he told Adam not to eavesdrop on his phone conversations.

Back at Restless Style, Phyllis realized that Victor probably wouldn't press charges against Sharon, and that Phyllis would wind up looking like "the bad guy." Phyllis rushed out of the office.

Victor showed up at Sharon's hotel suite. After she let him in, Sharon began crying and said that she had meant to call him, but that it had been hard for her to face people. She began telling Victor about the egg, but he said that he already knew about it.

Victor told Sharon that he wasn't concerned about the egg -- he was concerned about her. She opened up to Victor and told him that she was "out of control." When Sharon told Victor that she was responsible for ruining Nick and Phyllis' marriage, Victor realized why Phyllis had called him. Sharon said that she was surprised that Phyllis hadn't sent a SWAT team with Victor. She added that she knew how Phyllis felt -- since Phyllis had stolen Nick from Sharon.

Victor escorted Sharon down into the Athletic Club's lobby. He assured her that he would take care of everything. They ran into Phyllis. Sharon asked Phyllis why she had called Victor about the egg. Phyllis said she had made the call so that Victor could deal with the situation discretely. Victor thanked Phyllis.

After Victor was gone, Phyllis told Sharon that she had selfish reasons for calling Victor -- Phyllis hoped that Sharon would cry on Victor's shoulder, instead of on Nick's. Phyllis lied and said that she had decided not to press charges against Sharon for stealing her monkey figurine. Sharon said, "Are you sure? Because that monkey statue was something you bought for Nick while he was still my husband."

Nick showed up and told Sharon that he had spoken to Michael, and that Lauren wasn't going to drop the charges against her. Phyllis said that she could have spoken to Michael on Sharon's behalf. Sharon told both Nick and Phyllis not to get involved. When Phyllis left to go back to work, Nick said that he was surprised that he didn't "get through" to Michael. Sharon reminded Nick that that he wasn't her husband anymore, and that he shouldn't act like he was.

After Nick left, Doris joined Sharon in the dining room. Doris told her daughter that she was concerned that Sharon was shutting people out of her life. Sharon said that she was tired of always leaning on someone. She said that she had to learn to stand on her own.

Nick went to the Restless Style office and thanked Phyllis for not pressing charges against Sharon. He looked at the monkey figurine, which had been returned to Phyllis, and noticed that it had been broken and glued back together. Phyllis admitted that she had broken it, and then had repaired it. Phyllis said, "Just because something is broken doesn't mean it can't be fixed."

Nick asked Phyllis if she had lunch plans. Phyllis reminded him that she was going to Summer's nursery school to help set up for the Earth Day celebration, which Nick had clearly forgotten about. Phyllis said that she would videotape the event for him. Nick told a thrilled Phyllis that he would attend the celebration.

Michael sat with Kevin in Kevin's padded cell. Michael told his brother that he would keep him safe. Kevin, hallucinating, saw the chipmunk, who said, "He can't protect you. No one can!" The chipmunk began laughing maniacally.

Before he left the room, Michael unsuccessfully tried to elicit some response from Kevin. As Michael closed the door, Kevin said, "Wait. Don't go."

Michael spoke with the Bardwells, who were outside Kevin's cell. He told them that Kevin's having spoken to Amber was a good sign, but that they needed to find out who or what the chipmunk represented.

After Michael left, Gloria visited with Kevin, but told Jeffrey that she didn't feel that Kevin was making any progress. Gloria told Jeffrey to stay with Kevin, then she left. The orderly opened the door to the cell and admitted Jeffrey, who found Kevin staring into space. Jeffrey tried to speak to Kevin, but Kevin heard the chipmunk saying, "Why have you been so bad?" Kevin yelled out that he had been good. Jeffrey told Kevin that he had to take the chipmunk on, or plan to spend the rest of his life in the cell.

At the diner, Katherine and Mac were preparing a flower arrangement for Marge's memorial service. Nikki showed up and said how nice it was that Marge was finally getting a proper send-off. Amber arrived and told Katherine that Kevin was making some progress. Katherine introduced Mac and Amber.

During the service, each of Marge's friends and colleagues stood up and said a few words about her. Katherine closed the service by thanking Marge for being such a good friend, and for having saved her life.

After the service, Paul showed up to meet Nikki. Katherine and Murphy told Paul, Nikki, Amber, and Mac that they were planning to marry in a little over a week. Mac and Amber were thrilled when Katherine said that they could plan the wedding. Amber said that she would design Katherine's wedding gown. Suddenly, Gloria burst into the diner, and said to Katherine, "Thank God I found you. We're losing Kevin. You've gotta help him."

Michael stopped by the diner after receiving a phone call from Paul, and was shocked to see Gloria there. Paul told Michael that Clint Radison's autopsy report had been released -- and it showed that Clint had died from a massive heart attack. Michael was happy to learn that there was no foul play involved in Clint's death, but Paul reminded him that Kevin had also robbed banks and shot at the police. Michael said that they needed Roger and Annie Wilkes to testify that Clint had tortured Kevin. Amber reminded the group that Annie and Roger had fled to Canada. Paul said, "It's a start."

As Marge's service winded down, Katherine reminded Pearl and Joe Jr. that she considered them good friends and that she looked forward to entertaining them at the Chancellor estate.

Michael visited Kevin in his cell and told Kevin that he hadn't killed Clint. Michael asked Kevin if he understood anything that he was saying. Kevin said, "I'm a good boy." A stunned Michael replied, "You're a good boy -- a very good boy." Kevin asked Michael if they could leave.

At the Newman ranch, the doorbell rang, and Adam answered. When Adam seemed to recognize Heather at the door, she thought that he was regaining his eyesight. Adam told her that he recognized the perfume she was wearing.

Adam asked Heather what she was doing there. She said that she didn't want to love Adam -- but that she did. Heather told Adam that she couldn't bear the thought of him alone in the house every day -- with his world getting darker. Adam said that Heather deserved better than him -- and he asked her to leave. Heather said that she couldn't leave.

Heather asked Adam if he had any plans for his birthday, which was the following day. When Adam said that he had no plans, Heather said that she would speak to Victor. As Heather walked out, she ran into Victor, who was returning from the Athletic Club. Victor coldly asked Heather what she was doing there.

Heather said that she was there to visit Adam. She asked Victor what plans he had for Adam's birthday. Victor told her that was none of her business, and slammed the door, leaving her outside the house. Victor silently walked by Adam.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Billy told Chloe that the doctor was very impressed with Cordelia's behavior during her first checkup. Chloe said that Delia was impressive, like her mother. Chloe asked Billy if he would mind if she took Cordelia with her to work. Billy didn't mind at all. He said that it was strange that both of Cordelia's parents were busy with their careers. Chloe said that Nick and Phyllis were that way, and their marriage was perfect.

Nick felt that going to Earth Day put him and Phyllis behind on their magazine deadline. Phyllis said that Summer was happy to see him. Nick suggested that they do an earth campaign for the next issue. Phyllis disagreed. She felt their theme should be things that made people happy. Her suggestions were showing video games, kids, and puppies. Nick said that everything had a shelf life. They wondered why their ideas were no longer in sync.

Nikki went to Phyllis and Nick with an idea for the next issue. Nikki suggested that they have a wedding issue. Phyllis said it was a wonderful idea, but a bridal issue could take months to pull together. Nikki said that she happened to know an older lady who was getting married. Lily overheard the discussion and said that she was also getting married soon.

Nikki told Lily that photos from Lily's wedding would be great for the magazine, especially if she was getting back into modeling. Chloe was surprised to hear that Lily was modeling again. She joked that she was going to be Lily's stylist again.

Nikki wondered if Phyllis and Nick approved of her idea. They looked at each other and said the idea was great.

Nick told Phyllis that he needed to talk to her about scheduling time to spend with Summer. Phyllis was upset that Nick wanted to talk about their private lives in the workplace. She said that they had been so happy at Earth Day, and she wondered what had changed. Nick said nothing had changed.

Nikki overheard Nick telling his assistant to drop off an article at the ranch. She was surprised to hear that Nick was staying with Victoria. Nick said that he and Phyllis were having problems. Nikki wondered if Sharon was involved.

At the Athletic Club, Katherine said that if Cane ever wanted his job back at Chancellor, he was always welcome. Cane said he was happy with the way things were. Jill interrupted them and told Cane she had already grabbed a table.

Jill was surprised to hear that Cane had dropped the custody case. Cane said he never felt better about a decision before. He happily told Jill that his and Lily's engagement was back on. Cane said that anything was possible.

At the diner, Joe Jr. thanked Katherine for holding a funeral for Marge. Nikki and Mac sat down for lunch with Katherine and discussed wedding plans. Katherine said that Joe Jr. was going to be the caterer for her wedding. Katherine asked Joe Jr. to make her hamburger sliders and milkshakes at the reception.

Jill showed up at the diner to see Katherine. She said that it was important to Cane that they moved on as a family. Katherine said that she wanted everyone she knew and loved to find a way to get along. Jill asked if Katherine had spent time with Mac. Katherine said that Mac would be at the wedding. Jill was furious to hear that Katherine was planning a wedding when Jill's life was in shambles.

Katherine asked Jill if she would come to the wedding. Jill said that Murphy was a loser. Katherine told Jill to never talk about Murphy that way again. Jill got up and stormed off.

Billy went to Jimmy's bar and started taking shots. He said it was the only place in town where no one knew him. Just as he took a shot, Cane walked in. Billy was worried that Cane was going to judge him for drinking. Cane said that he wasn't going to judge Billy anymore. Billy went off to the bathroom and when he returned, he saw Cane shake Jimmy's hand. Billy asked if Jimmy was going to hire Cane.

Cane called Chloe and told her that Billy was going to need a ride home from the bar. Chloe asked Cordelia what they were going to do with her daddy. When Chloe showed up to get Billy, he was furious that Chloe had brought Delia into the bar. Billy was belligerent and Chloe escorted him out of the bar.

Cane went home and told Lily that he had some news. Lily said she also had news. She was going to be modeling again for Restless Style. She also said that she had given the go-ahead to feature their wedding in the magazine.

Lily also had an engagement gift for Cane. She came out of the room with a little puppy. They decided to name the dog Humphrey after Humphrey Bogart. Then Cane told Lily his news. He had purchased Jimmy's bar. Cane said that he felt they should have a simple life and enjoy themselves.

Mac went to Jimmy's looking for a job. Jimmy told Mac to return in the morning and ask for Cane. Mac was surprised to hear that Cane was going to be the owner of the bar.

Jack tried to help Sharon out of her shell, and insisted that she at least join him at the bar for a drink. Sharon was reluctant to go.

Mary Jane sat down next to Jack at the bar. When Jack saw Sharon, he got up quickly. He told Sharon he was proud to be seen with her. Jack offered Sharon his arm and told her that no one was looking at her. When Jill walked by, she gave Sharon a dirty look. Sharon said that all eyes were on her. Jack said that only the person who loved her mattered. Sharon told Jack he was the best friend she had in the world.

When Jack told Sharon about Mary Jane, Sharon suggested that Jack go after her. Jack said that the relationship was strictly business. Jack looked at the check and saw that the date was April 23. He told Sharon that it would have been their second wedding anniversary. Sharon said that it felt like a million years before. They agreed that at least they were friends again. She hugged Jack and said she would see him soon.

When Jack returned to the bar, Mary Jane was fuming. She asked him if he was out of his mind hugging Sharon. Mary Jane said that Jack was screwing up his campaign by canoodling with his ex-wife.

Detective Gil visited Sharon to return her personal belongings. Sharon found the letter that she had written to Nick. She crumpled it up at first, but then started reading it again.

Nick asked Phyllis if he could go to the house and read to Summer. Phyllis asked why Nick was whispering. She said that Nikki already knew. Nikki asked if she could accompany him. Phyllis said she would stay back and finish up her work.

Friday, April 24, 2009

At home, a depressed-looking Cane was packing up the stuffed animals and other toys from the room that had been designated as Delia's nursery. When Lily returned home, Cane suggested that they turn the nursery into a den. He then left a message for Chloe, telling her that he would drop off the toys at the Abbott pool house.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. and Colleen were talking. Victoria joined them and asked Colleen if she had gotten the financials on the expansion of the Newman Enterprises' fragrance line. Colleen said that she had. Victoria offered help in going over the figures, but Colleen said that she preferred to go over the report herself. J.T. told Colleen that Victor was throwing a birthday party for Adam that evening.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Lily showed Colleen her new "baby," the puppy Humphrey. Lily said that she wanted to wait awhile before having a real baby, as she sensed that Cane wasn't particularly eager to become a father. Colleen suggested that Lily talk with Cane and find out how he really felt.

J.T. and Victoria left via the patio, and Colleen commented to Lily on how happy the Hellstroms seemed. Colleen reminisced about the time when she had thought that she was going to end up marrying J.T. Lily tried to encourage Colleen to start dating again. Rafe showed up at the patio, and Lily suggested that Colleen ask him out on a date. Colleen whispered that Rafe was cute.

Rafe joined the girls and told them that he was going to a friend's birthday party that evening. Lily asked him if he had a date, and he replied that he didn't. Lily told Rafe and Colleen that Cane had purchased Jimmy's Bar, and that they should stop by some time. After Lily left, Colleen and Rafe commented that Lily hadn't been particularly subtle in her attempt to play matchmaker with them. Rafe commented, "Obviously, she doesn't know I'm gay."

Lily showed up at Jimmy's and told Cane how "hot" he looked behind the bar. She told him that perhaps they shouldn't convert the nursery. Cane was thrilled that Lily was thinking of having a baby. He said that he thought that a pregnancy might ruin her modeling career. Lily said that she could model before and after her pregnancy. Smiling at each other, the couple left the bar, returned home, and made love.

At the Athletic Club, Michael told Heather that Clint had died from a heart attack -- Kevin had nothing to do with his death. Michael asked Heather to have Kevin transferred from the padded cell to an open ward. Heather said that the district attorney's office still considered Kevin a danger to society, and that she wouldn't change her mind about keeping him under strict confinement.

Lauren and Jana visited Kevin in his cell. Jana had brought Kevin's favorite, bangers and mash, but he was completely unresponsive to the women. Jana was worried that they might lose Kevin, but Lauren said that they would never give up on him. Lauren and Jana told Kevin that he would make it through this, and that Michael was working hard to get him out of the padded cell.

Michael joined Jana, Lauren, and Kevin. He told Jana and Lauren that Heather wanted Kevin kept in the padded cell. Michael told Kevin that he was doing everything he could to get his brother released, and that Paul was in Canada trying to track down Roger and Annie Wilkes. Kevin freaked out when he heard those names. Michael tried to explain to Kevin that Roger and Annie would be able to testify that Clint had psychologically tortured Kevin.

An orderly came into the cell and told the group that it was time for them to go. Kevin began pacing around the cell. Michael, Jana, and Lauren told Kevin that they loved him, then they left. Kevin looked through the small window in his cell and hallucinated that the orderly had become the chipmunk. Kevin became agitated and started to scream, "Get away from me!" The orderly told one of his colleagues to get a straitjacket. After Kevin was restrained in the straitjacket, he began banging his head against the door, screaming, "Let me die."

At Crimson Lights, Jana, Michael, and Lauren discussed how unfair it was that Kevin was locked up in the padded cell. Michael said that he had spoken to Paul, who had alerted the Canadian media about Roger and Annie. Michael said he knew that finding Roger and Annie was a long shot, but that it was the only chance that Kevin had.

Kevin was in an ambulance. A medic spoke to the hospital by microphone, telling them that Kevin had contusions, possible head trauma, and was in a catatonic state. The medic morphed, in Kevin's mind, into the chipmunk, and told Kevin that he was nuts to smash up his pretty face. The chipmunk told Kevin that he would be treated badly in the hospital. It said that Kevin would be poked with needles, and then placed in an iron lung. The chipmunk told Kevin that he needed to find a way out of the ambulance.

The chipmunk suggested that they jump out of the ambulance and run away together. When Kevin said that the ambulance was moving, the chipmunk reminded Kevin that he had said that he wanted to die. Kevin threw himself out of the back of the ambulance.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren left to tend to Fen, but Michael stayed behind to help a stressed-out Jana close up. Jana thanked Michael for his support, and he reassured Jana that Kevin would be okay. Michael received a call on his cell phone. Looking alarmed, he said, "Oh my God. When?"

At the Newman ranch, Victor was staring at a picture of Hope. Ashley told him that he wasn't letting Hope down. Adam told Ashley and Victor how happy he was that he was celebrating his birthday at the ranch, rather than in prison. When Adam left to get ready, Ashley told Victor that Adam's birthday dinner would be good for all of them.

Victoria and J.T. showed up at the ranch for the birthday dinner, and they wished Adam a happy birthday. The doorbell rang, and Victor opened it to Heather. Victor made it clear that Heather wasn't welcome there, but Ashley intervened and said that they should all try to get along for the evening. Victor begrudgingly agreed. Rafe showed up with Colleen. An irritated Victor asked if there were going to be any other surprise guests.

Adam was thrilled with Victor's gift -- a Braille laptop computer with a printer. When Adam commented that he would have to learn Braille, Ashley told him that her gift to him was Braille lessons. Adam said that with the computer, he would be able to write his life story.

Victoria became upset, and asked Adam if that was supposed to be funny. Heather said that she thought it was a great idea. Adam said that he wasn't going to write about his felony -- instead he would write about growing up on a farm in Kansas, learning late in life who his father was, and his blindness. An angry Victor told Adam that he had a lot of nerve.

Later, Ashley calmed Victor down by telling him that it would be good for Adam to have a project. She said that his book probably wouldn't go anywhere. Victor agreed that, after what happened with his forged diary, no publisher would touch anything that Adam wrote.

Estella entered the living room and told everyone that she was serving birthday cake in the dining room. As the guests walked to the dining room, J.T. asked Colleen what she was doing there. Victor overheard and told Colleen that he had been wondering about that, also. Colleen said that she had run into Rafe, who had invited her. She also reminded Victor that he had claimed to want to get to know her better, and that this was a good opportunity. Victor told Colleen that he was glad she could come, but as soon as she left the room, he told J.T. that he wanted Colleen off the Newman board as quickly as possible.

The party wound down, and Rafe and Colleen prepared to leave. Adam told Colleen to give her Uncle Jack a message -- that "it wasn't over." Ashley invited Victor to join her for a walk in the woods, but he said that he needed to speak to someone. Rafe and Colleen invited J.T. and Victoria to join them at Jimmy's. Victoria told J.T. to go on ahead and join them, and she would catch up with him later after she checked on Reed.

Heather offered to help Adam up to his room, but he said that he could do it himself. He promised Heather that he would call her. Heather prepared to leave when Adam went upstairs, but Victor asked her to stay. He told her that she wasn't welcome in the house, and that he never wanted to see her there again.

Heather reminded Victor that she was Adam's friend, but Victor said that he didn't care. He told Heather that she was completely incompetent, and that he was through with her. Heather told him that Adam needed her, and that she wouldn't abandon Adam. Victor warned her not to return.

Ashley was walking alone around the grounds when she heard a baby crying. She said, "Hello? Who's there?" She looked around as the baby continued to cry.

At Jimmy's, J.T. told Colleen that he thought that Rafe was a "pretty cool dude." He added that it was nice that Colleen was dating again. Colleen told J.T. that it wasn't a date -- that Rafe was gay. Rafe returned to the table, said goodnight, and left.

After Rafe was gone, Colleen told J.T. how happy she was that he had joined them at Jimmy's. J.T. hugged Colleen just as Victoria arrived. Victoria asked where Rafe had gone. Colleen explained that Rafe wasn't her date, then she quickly left. An upset Victoria asked J.T. why he had been hugging Colleen. J.T. said that things had been rough for Colleen, and that people should give her a break. Victoria stared at J.T., clearly not happy with his answer.

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