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Katherine hired Neil to be Chancellor's CEO. Sharon had Phyllis arrested for vandalizing her hotel room. Nick moved back in with Phyllis. Sharon's pregnancy test was positive. Michael got Kevin released on bail. Jack and Mary Jane made love.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 27, 2009 on Y&R
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Katherine comes face to face with Marge Cotroke (March 1, 1990)

Katherine comes face to face with Marge Cotroke (March 1, 1990)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Roaming the grounds of the Newman ranch, Ashley repeatedly called out, "Hello," after she heard the cry of an infant. Inside the ranch house, Victor ordered Heather to leave and never return. Heather retorted that she would go there whenever Adam wished to see her because Adam wasn't allowed to leave the ranch. Victor heard Ashley calling out, so he left abruptly.

After Victor left to check on Ashley, Heather made her way to Adam's bedroom. Adam mentioned that he had heard Ashley's calls of distress. Heather explained that Victor had gone to help Ashley.

Victor found Ashley standing near a rocky area in the woods. Ashley was clearly distressed. She waved her arms in the air as she described hearing a baby crying nearby. Ashley animatedly demanded that Victor help her find the crying infant. Victor calmly explained that he hadn't heard anything.

Ashley refused to budge when Victor suggested they return to the ranch house. Victor suggested alerting his guards, so they could search the area. Back inside, Ashley paced and explained that she couldn't relax until the guards rescued the crying baby. Adam walked in to check on Ashley just as Estella returned from walking Zapato. Ashley grilled Estella after Estella insisted she had only heard Ashley's screams. Ashley seemed perturbed that Estella had not heard the baby's cries.

Davis, head of Victor's security team, arrived and explained that after a careful search of the entire grounds, the guards had not found a baby. Davis suggested that Ashley had heard the wind blowing through the trees. Ashley insisted she had heard a baby crying. Estella suggested that the cries had been from an animal. Ashley snapped that she certainly knew the difference between a baby's cries and an animal's. Victor requested private time with Ashley. Before Adam walked away, he expressed concern for Ashley.

After Adam returned to his bedroom, Heather seemed thankful that Ashley was all right. Heather mentioned Victor's promise to supply Adam with a laptop computer outfitted with a Braille keyboard. Adam reminded Heather that he hadn't yet had an opportunity to learn Braille.

Adam stepped closer to Heather, pulled her close and began kissing her. After Adam and Heather made love, Heather told Adam that she had tried but failed to get over her feelings for him. Adam told Heather that she deserved better. Heather insisted that Adam was a good person and added that Adam was making amends for his wrongdoings. Before Heather left through the front door, she promised Adam that she would return.

After Adam stepped back inside the ranch house, Victor warned that he didn't want "that woman" in his home. Adam replied that Heather was important to him. Victor said flatly, "You listen very carefully now." Victor stopped short after he heard Ashley enter. Ashley seemed concerned and asked Victor and Adam if something was wrong. Victor assured Ashley that nothing was wrong. Ashley went upstairs, and Victor warned Adam not to create tension for Ashley. Adam said, "You know that I would never do that."

Alone together in the sitting room, Ashley told Victor that she had truly heard a baby in the woods. Victor summoned Olivia, who asked Ashley to recount her experience, which Ashley did. Victor reported that the guards had found nothing during their search. Ashley insisted that she'd heard a baby. Ashley added that she had not hallucinated. Olivia advised Ashley to get plenty of rest.

After Ashley went to get a cup of tea, Olivia told Victor that perhaps Ashley had heard a baby's cries. Victor reminded Olivia that the guards had found nothing. Olivia recalled what had happened to Ashley after she and Brad had lost their baby. Olivia wondered if perhaps Ashley feared losing her baby. Victor promised to do everything he could to reassure Ashley and keep her calm.

When Olivia left, Victor and Ashley rested on the sofa. Ashley apologized for acting defensive, and she insisted that history wasn't repeating itself. Victor made Ashley promise to talk to him if she felt stressed or overwhelmed.

At the Abbott mansion, Mary Jane suggested that Jack pose for photographs in front of John's portrait in the study. Jack was taken aback and asked Mary Jane how she knew about the portrait because she had never been in the study. Mary Jane explained that she'd seen a photo of the Abbott study in a magazine article that had featured Jack and Ashley standing near John's portrait. Jack bought Mary Jane's story. Jack explained that he had removed his father's portrait while the study underwent renovation.

Jack seemed baffled when Mary Jane insisted on burning the midnight oil in her quest to overhaul Jack's public persona. After dinner, Mary Jane and Jack settled in the sitting room. Jack jokingly mentioned his numerous public-relations problems. Mary Jane laughed as Jack recounted his resignation from the Senate, his feud with Victor Newman, and his five ex-wives. As they sipped wine, Mary Jane suggested that Jack distance himself from Sharon. Jack looked crushed.

Mary Jane noticed that her suggestion about Sharon did not sit well with Jack, so she changed the subject. Mary Jane mentioned that the Abbott mansion was magnificent and that the women who had shared it with Jack had been lucky. Jack observed that he hadn't been lucky in marriage. Mary Jane mentioned that she had married only once. Jack proposed drastically changing his ways if he wished to attract a mate. Mary Jane's eyes sparkled at Jack as she cooed, "Who you are now is not all that bad." Jack seemed mesmerized by Mary Jane's charm until the doorbell rang.

Jack answered the door. Olivia had stopped by to tell Jack about Ashley. Olivia was startled to see Mary Jane, who quickly pulled a jacket on over her spaghetti-strap dress. Jack introduced Olivia to Mary Jane Benson, who, Jack added, was Jabot's public-relations wizard. Mary Jane sensed Olivia's distress, and she left so Jack could talk with Olivia privately.

Olivia described Ashley's unsettling experience at the ranch. Jack said forlornly, "Oh, no." Jack quickly suggested that there had to be a logical explanation for Ashley's behavior. Olivia admitted that Ashley seemed strong and clearheaded, but Olivia worried that Ashley could be breaking down. Jack blamed Victor. Jack and Olivia recalled the car crash that had taken Ashley's baby years earlier. Jack remembered how Brad had finally broken down and convinced Ashley that the pastel blanket she'd clutched hadn't been Robert, his and Ashley's baby. Olivia told Jack that Victor truly loved Ashley.

From the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, Mary Jane phoned Victor and reported that she would have become more intimate with Jack if Jack's visitor had not interrupted them. Victor advised Mary Jane to leave Jack wanting more. Victor advised Mary Jane to keep him posted.

At Crimson Lights, Jana feared that Kevin's mental state might never improve. Michael agreed that Kevin had snapped after psychiatric nurses had restrained him in a straitjacket. Daniel listened with concern. Amber phoned Katherine. Michael summoned Gloria. Michael also phoned Dennis, the district attorney, and complained that his draconian measures had driven Kevin to the breaking point.

Gloria and Jeffrey arrived. Michael ushered Gloria to the privacy of the patio and told her what had happened to Kevin. The others, gathered inside dining room, watched Gloria collapse into Michael's arms when she heard the distressing news. After Gloria and Michael returned, Jeffrey consoled Gloria and insisted that Kevin wouldn't go down without a fight. Gloria cried that Kevin might no longer have the ability to fight. Daniel offered Jana some aspirin to combat her headache.

Katherine and Murphy arrived, and Amber filled them in about Kevin's plight. Katherine told Michael that she would "knock the heads" of the responsible authorities if he needed her to. Michael expressed concern for Kevin's life and vowed that he would get his brother back.

Michael and Gloria sat on the patio and shared coffee. Michael told Gloria about a dream he'd had on Christmas Eve. Michael recalled that he'd dreamed that he'd found Kevin locked in a padded cell. Gloria assured Michael that he wasn't to blame. Gloria blamed herself and added that it was time she took responsibility for her part in Kevin's predicament.

Gloria walked into the coffeehouse's dining room and explained that she was responsible for Kevin's mental breakdown. Gloria confessed to Katherine that she had manipulated Kevin into hot-wiring Katherine's car. Katherine listened as Gloria also admitted that she'd made Kevin prepare the contract that would have transferred Katherine's shares of Jabot to Gloria had Jill not nixed the plan at the last minute. Jana cradled her aching head in her hands.

Gloria observed, "You're all looking at me like I am scum, and I deserve it." Gloria added that Kevin might not have gone after Katherine's kidnappers if Gloria hadn't involved Kevin in her plans to deceive Katherine.

After Gloria admitted her role in Kevin's circumstances, Katherine calmly insisted that Kevin had demonstrated friendship to her numerous times. Katherine's mood abruptly changed, and she railed at Gloria. Katherine shouted, "What you did is deplorable, and I wash my hands of you forever!" Tears welled in Gloria's eyes. Katherine proclaimed that Gloria had yielded to greed. Murphy and Daniel also commented about Gloria's despicable behavior.

Jana demanded that everyone stop bickering, and she added that they should direct their energy to saving Kevin. Daniel overheard Michael talking on the phone to Lauren. Michael sounded hopeless. Jeffrey comforted a grieving Gloria. Katherine consoled Amber, who sobbed pitifully. Jana rubbed her aching head. Daniel told Amber and Katherine that he had to do something to help Kevin.

In a densely wooded area, Kevin, breathless from running, managed to wriggle free from the straitjacket. Kevin, convinced he had outrun the authorities, sat on a log to rest. The chipmunk, dressed as an orderly in blue scrubs, skipped along with Kevin. Kevin feared that his family would worry. The chipmunk told Kevin that he couldn't call for help because the guy with the butterfly nets would lock him back up.

Kevin asked, "So now what?" The chipmunk, in a high-pitched, squeaky voice, responded, "It's just you and me, and you had better be nice because I am all you've got." Kevin hit the chipmunk over the head with a big stick. Kevin, visibly shaken, cried, "I have nothing. I should have killed myself when I had the chance."

Kevin expressed concern that he might die in the woods all by himself. The chipmunk laughed and reminded Kevin that he had jumped out of a moving ambulance. The chipmunk forcibly knocked Kevin off the log. The sudden blow angered Kevin. The chipmunk's voice grew ominous and deep as he threatened Kevin. The chipmunk warned, "I could crack your skull like a walnut if you don't obey me."

Kevin seemed shocked by the chipmunk's sudden aggression. The chipmunk told Kevin that he was a loser. The chipmunk claimed that he was in charge and that Kevin's father should have left Kevin locked in the closet. Kevin railed at the chipmunk and yelled, "Shut up!"

Kevin angered the chipmunk after Kevin called the chipmunk vermin that lived under the ground. Kevin insisted that people cared for him. The chipmunk told Kevin that nobody loved him. Kevin screamed that he was sick of people treating him like crap. The chipmunk laughed and told Kevin that the life Kevin knew was over because he could never go back.

Kevin's anger raged, and he attacked the chipmunk. The chipmunk fought back, and the two wrestled each other to the ground. Kevin picked up a thick stick and slammed it into the chipmunk's abdomen. The chipmunk fought back and punched Kevin in the stomach.

As Kevin and the chipmunk continued to exchange blows, Kevin heard a male voice cheering him on. Daniel's voice suddenly filled Kevin's head and chanted, "Come on, buddy, we need you back." Kevin punched the chipmunk repeatedly. "This is for Terrible Tom, this is for Clint, and this is for anybody who had ever abused me," Kevin asserted after the blows.

The last punch knocked the chipmunk's head off the body of Kevin's opponent. Kevin saw that he had been fighting with himself. The Kevin dressed in scrubs said, "It's time to come back, now, Kevin. It's time."

Daniel's voice continued to fill Kevin's head. "Are you with me, buddy? Can you hear me?" Kevin suddenly saw Daniel sitting before him in the padded cell. Daniel pleaded with Kevin to identify him.

Kevin focused his gaze on Daniel and uttered, "Daniel Romalotti." Daniel and Jana were joyously relieved. Michael and Gloria stood nearby. Kevin asked, "Why are you all here?" Michael declared, "Thank you, God!" Gloria heaved a sigh of relief.

Daniel explained to Kevin that he had been out of it for a while. Kevin couldn't remember what had happened. Michael explained that Kevin had yelled that he'd wanted to die just before he had collapsed into a catatonic state. Gloria told Kevin that it was as if a light inside of him had extinguished for a time. Kevin described his experience as a dream.

Kevin lovingly stroked Jana's face and apologized. Kevin requested Michael's help. Michael hugged his brother tightly and said, "We're so glad to have you back!" Daniel stepped out to tell Amber, Katherine, Jeffrey, and Murphy that Kevin had awakened and was "back." Everyone cheered with joy. Amber thanked Daniel for his determination to save Kevin.

Katherine stuns everyone by having a party at her own intervention (July 5, 2004)

Katherine stuns everyone by having a party at her own intervention (July 5, 2004)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gloria was so happy that Kevin had finally come around that she went out and purchased all of his favorite things. Jeffrey asked Gloria if she should be spending money when she would soon be facing the Abbotts in court. Gloria told Jeffrey not to worry; she had things up her sleeve.

Jill met with Billy for lunch. She was extremely pleased when she saw Cordelia. Billy said it was important to him to have Cordelia's family in her life. Jill wondered if he also meant Cane. Billy told Jill not to push it.

Jill had to leave because she was busy searching for jobs. She ran into Jeffrey and Gloria on her way out. Gloria asked Jill how it felt to live on welfare. Jill said that would never happen to her.

Jeffrey told Jill that he was heartbroken to hear that Jill wasn't Katherine's daughter. Jill said he was just disappointed he couldn't get any of her money. Jeffrey said that he and Jill had always had chemistry.

Phyllis told Lauren that Heather had said Phyllis had no case against Sharon. Lauren said she still wanted to press charges. She was upset that Sharon had let Eden take the blame for stealing books. Lauren said the only thing she was worried about was the effect it might have on Noah. Phyllis said that Noah had been dealing with Sharon's problems for a long time.

Sharon wrote a letter taking full responsibility for stealing. She wrote that she was prepared to face the consequences. Sharon folded up the letter on the table when she heard someone at the door. It was Nick. He asked Sharon if she was okay.

Sharon showed Nick the letter and said she planned to turn herself in. She said that Noah had to see her take responsibility for her mistakes. Nick wanted Sharon to see her attorney first, but Sharon insisted.

Sharon signed her name on the letter and prepared herself for the worst. A security guard knocked on the door with a videotape for Sharon. He said she would want to see it. When Sharon watched the videotape of Phyllis breaking into her hotel room and ripping up her clothes, Sharon knew exactly what to do.

Abby was surprised to hear that Noah would pick Eden over his mother. Abby called her "Goth girl." Noah asked Abby to lay off -- Eden was his girlfriend. Eden went to the coffeehouse, and some guys were following her. They made fun of Eden going to jail. Noah became angry and told the guys to leave.

Lauren saw Eden and wondered where Noah was. She joked that Eden and Noah were "joined at the hip." Eden said that some guys were teasing Noah. Lauren said that it was hard being a teenager. Eden worried that Noah would blame her if his mother went to jail. Eden wanted Lauren to drop the lawsuit against Sharon. She begged Lauren to drop the charges.

Noah stopped by to see his mother. Noah said that everyone knew what she had done. He asked Sharon to swear to him that she wouldn't steal anymore.

Jack gave Colleen some useful information for her board meeting at Newman. Colleen noticed Jack getting friendly with Mary Jane but didn't say anything.

Mary Jane set up an interview for Jack's return to Jabot. During the interview, Mary Jane fixed Jack's tie. Billy walked in and apologized for interrupting. Billy said that the babysitter was sick, and he was juggling work and watching Cordelia. Mary Jane offered to watch Cordelia for Billy. Jack took Cordelia, and the reporters started taking photos.

Billy was a bit perturbed watching Jack hold Cordelia in front of the cameras. Mary Jane said that people liked seeing a strong man with a baby. When Billy tried to take Cordelia back, Jack said he'd take care of Cordelia.

Victor was impressed with Victoria's agenda on the Beauty of Nature line. Victoria asked Victor how Ashley was. Victor said Ashley had suffered an episode, but she was doing fine. He thanked Victoria for taking on additional responsibility at Jabot.

Ashley continued to look around the grounds, wondering if she would hear the baby again. She was shocked to find a sculpture of Sabrina holding a baby. When Ashley returned to the ranch, she told Victor she'd seen the sculpture. Victor said he had asked the groundskeeper to put it next to the barn. Ashley said she'd been surprised to see it. Victor told Ashley that if she needed anything, she could always call Stella.

Stella tried to stop Gloria from entering the ranch, but Gloria pushed her way inside. Ashley asked why Gloria was looking for Victor. Gloria thought about Victor's words that she would never receive any money if she uttered a word about their deal.

Gloria decided to tell Ashley she was there because she was not responsible for Emma Gibson's death. Ashley said that Gloria would pay for what she had done to Jabot.

Ashley went back to look at the statue of Sabrina and the baby. She jumped when she heard footsteps. Abby apologized for scaring Ashley. Abby said that the statue was kind of creepy.

J.T. sneaked up behind Victoria and started kissing her. "Not now, Carl," Victoria joked. J.T. said he was going to get her for that. Neil walked in on them kissing. J.T. said the room had been swept for bugs, and everything was secure for the meeting. Victoria told Neil she was sorry about Karen.

Victoria informed Neil that she was chairing the meeting. Neil was glad that Victor had delegated some of his work to Victoria. He felt that the board would approve. Nick walked in and wondered what Neil was talking about.

Nick apologized to Victoria for missing breakfast. He said that he'd gone to see Sharon. Victoria said that Nick could stay with them as long as he needed. Nick knew he needed to make a decision and stick to it.

Colleen ran into J.T. on her way to the board meeting. She asked if Victor had anything up his sleeve. J.T. said that Victor wasn't chairing the meeting; Victoria was.

At the board of directors' meeting, Victor announced that he and Ashley were having a baby. He said that Victoria would be chairing the meetings for him. The board congratulated Victor.

When Victoria started the meeting, Colleen said that she had a few questions about the figures. Colleen said that she had been looking through her father's old files and was not convinced that going forward with the beauty line was a good idea.

After the board meeting, Victoria said that she'd thought Colleen had been channeling Brad. When Victoria saw Colleen in the lunchroom, she said that Colleen had done well. Victoria said that Colleen had raised some valid points, but it had almost seemed that she had practiced her questions.

Victoria said that Brad would have been proud of whatever Colleen decided to do. She said that if Colleen was ever interested in pursuing her love for art, Victoria had connections. Colleen didn't trust Victoria's offer. She said that Victor and Victoria would not take her board seat away. She was there to stay.

Victor went up to J.T. and asked if he had found any additional information on Colleen. J.T. said he would do his best.

Neil went to Victor and thanked him for everything he had done for Neil. Neil said that things had changed for him a lot, and he felt that if he stayed at Newman, he would be settling. Victor asked if Neil was going to resign. Neil said that there was no offer on the table, but for the first time in many years, he had his life back. He felt that he needed to find something he was really passionate about.

Victor said he did not like what he was hearing. He refused to accept Neil's resignation. When Neil gave Victor his letter of resignation, Victor wasn't happy. He told Neil that he'd done a great job at Newman. Victor thanked Neil and wished him luck.

Phyllis went to see Nick after the board of directors' meeting. There was an awkward silence. Phyllis said she hoped they could go to coffee. Nick said he was glad Phyllis was there. He said that he had made a decision.

Nick said he wanted to thank Phyllis for not pressing charges against Sharon. Phyllis said that Noah needed his mother. Nick said that was one of the reasons he loved her. It was why he wanted to work things out with Phyllis. Nick said that Phyllis had never quit on him, and he wasn't going to quit on her. He said he wanted to go home.

Katherine's loved ones stage an intervention (July 6, 2004)

Katherine's loved ones stage an intervention (July 6, 2004)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Lauren and Katherine celebrated Kevin's breakthrough. Lauren said that Michael was working on Kevin's defense -- trying to prove that Kevin suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder and Stockholm syndrome. Katherine offered any help that she could give. Lauren told Katherine that she was going to the police station to press grand theft charges against Sharon, who had shoplifted more than $10,000 worth of merchandise from Fenmore's.

At the Athletic Club, Sharon was about to hand Heather her confession when Nick interrupted and pulled Sharon away. Nick told Sharon that it was bad enough that she wanted to confess but even worse that she wanted to confess without her attorney present. Sharon told Nick that it was none of his business. Nick said that it was his business -- particularly since Sharon had pressed charges against Phyllis.

Nick asked Sharon to drop those charges and to bury the hatchet with Phyllis. Sharon said that she wouldn't. Nick asked Sharon not to speak to Heather until he returned. Sharon agreed.

At the police station, Jack asked Phyllis where Nick was. Phyllis said that he was on the way and that she had called Jack because she wanted to see a friendly face. Jack said that he had always suspected that Phyllis had committed the vandalism in Sharon's hotel suite. Phyllis said she realized that what she'd done was wrong, but she'd been desperate to hold onto her marriage.

Jack told Phyllis that she was going to lose Nick if she kept harassing Sharon. Phyllis justified her crime by saying that Sharon had manipulated her husband. Jack told Phyllis to try to understand what Sharon had been through.

After Jack left, Lauren stopped by the police station to press charges against Sharon and was shocked to find Phyllis there. Phyllis admitted to Lauren that she had vandalized Sharon's hotel suite. Lauren surmised that Sharon's pressing charges against Phyllis was "payback." Phyllis said that she would love to see Sharon rot in jail but asked Lauren to drop the charges against Sharon. Lauren was shocked, but Phyllis said that Lauren should drop the charges for Noah and Eden's sakes.

Nick arrived at the police station. Lauren snidely told him that he was going to get what he wanted -- she was going to drop the charges against Sharon. Before she left, Lauren pointedly told Nick that she was dropping the charges because Phyllis had asked her to -- not because he had.

Nick told Phyllis that he had tried to talk Sharon into dropping the charges against her but that Sharon had refused. Nick said he was surprised that Phyllis had been able to talk Lauren into dropping the charges. Phyllis said that she'd done it for Noah. She added that she realized that her scheming inevitably made things worse. Phyllis asked Nick if they could reconcile and stop lying to each other. Nick said they could.

Nick returned to the Athletic Club, where Sharon was still clutching her confession letter. Sharon told Nick that Heather was about to head downstairs to get the letter. Nick told Sharon that Phyllis had persuaded Lauren to drop the charges against her. Nick implored Sharon not to give the confession letter to Heather. Heather interrupted their conversation.

As Heather walked up to Nick and Sharon, Nick grabbed the letter from Sharon and threw it into the fireplace. Heather asked Sharon if she was sure that was what she wanted. Sharon said that she was. After a disappointed Heather left, Nick asked Sharon to drop the charges against Phyllis. Sharon said that she would -- as long as Nick never bothered her again.

Nick returned to the police station and told Phyllis that Sharon was dropping all charges against her. He said that he hoped they could return to a normal life.

Lauren ran into Sharon at the Athletic Club and told her that the only reason she had dropped the charges was because Eden and Phyllis had asked her to. She said that if Sharon ever hurt Eden again, she would not hesitate to reinstate the charges.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria and Victor discussed Neil's resignation from Newman Enterprises. Victoria told her father that Phyllis had been arrested for vandalizing Sharon's hotel room. Victor wondered if Sharon and Phyllis would ever be able to get along. Victoria told Victor not to worry about any outside distractions, and instead to concentrate on the birthday dinner for Ashley that he had planned for that evening. Victor assured his daughter that he would.

Later, Nikki stopped by the ranch to see Victor, who had left. Nikki asked Estella if she was getting along better with Ashley, but Estella said that the situation had gotten even worse. Adam entered the living room to greet Nikki but walked into the coffee table and fell on the floor.

Nikki and Estella helped bandage Adam's minor wound. After Nikki left, Estella told Adam how bad she felt about his fall, but Adam said that he deserved it. He told Estella that every day got darker -- and that it was only going to get worse.

Later, at the ranch, Victor sent Ashley upstairs to prepare for the lovely birthday dinner that he had planned. After Ashley went upstairs, Estella told Victor that Adam had fallen. Adam said that he was all right. Victor reminded Adam that he still had ophthalmologists working to try to reverse Adam's progressive blindness.

Ashley finished showering and went into the bedroom, where, on the bed, she found an outfit that she assumed Victor had placed there for her -- a red dress and a pair of exquisite earrings. There was also a rose on her pillow. To herself, Ashley said, "Victor, you are so sweet."

A dressed Ashley descended the stairs, and found Victor at the bottom, his back turned, holding two champagne flutes. When Victor turned around and saw Ashley, he dropped the flutes to the floor and asked her what she was doing wearing that dress. Ashley stood there with a confused look on her face. Victor ordered her to go upstairs immediately and take the dress and the earrings off. Ashley said that she'd thought Victor had left the dress and the earrings out as a gift.

After Ashley ran upstairs, Victor asked Estella if she had put out the dress for Ashley. Victor reminded Estella that the dress was the one that Sabrina had worn to the gala. Estella said that dress had been placed in storage months earlier. As for the earrings, Victor said that the pair shouldn't even exist -- he reminded Estella that he had taken one of the pair to Mexico. Estella told Victor that Nikki had stopped by the house earlier. A furious Victor stormed out.

Ashley went downstairs in her bathrobe and asked Estella and Adam where Victor had gone. Adam told Ashley that the dress and the earrings had belonged to Sabrina. Estella said that Victor had given one of the earrings to a little girl in Mexico. Estella looked for a photo of Sabrina and Victor taken on the night of the gala to show Ashley, but the photo was missing.

Ashley accused Estella of staging the situation. Estella became defensive and said that Ashley had accused her of stealing the Koons egg but that she had been wrong. Before she went upstairs, Ashley said, "We'll see about that."

Nikki, Katherine, and Victoria met for dinner at the Athletic Club. They gossiped about the goings-on in Genoa City. Nikki told Katherine and Victoria about Adam's fall at the ranch and said that she wouldn't wish blindness on her worst enemy. Victoria said that despite Adam's progressing blindness, she still didn't trust him.

Neil met Olivia at Crimson Lights and told her that he had resigned from Newman Enterprises. Olivia was concerned that Neil didn't feel comfortable with his decision. Their conversation turned to Neil's failed marriage to Karen. Neil said that Karen was a wonderful woman, but he admitted that he had never loved her as he had loved Dru. They discussed Neil's relationship with Tyra. Olivia said that no matter who ended up with Neil, the person would be one lucky lady.

Later, Tyra showed up at Crimson Lights. Tyra wondered where her relationship with Neil was headed. Neil said that he would never forgive himself for having hurt Karen, although he admitted he had feelings for Tyra. He told Tyra that they should take things slowly, and Tyra said that she would be patient.

Neil found Katherine at the Athletic Club and pitched himself for the CEO position at Chancellor Industries. Katherine said she had always been impressed with Neil's work, and she offered him the job.

Jack and Mary Jane were having Champagne at the Athletic Club. Mary Jane suggested that they go to her hotel suite. Jack eagerly followed. After they made love, Jack told Mary Jane that she could count on his discretion -- he would never tell her husband that she had cheated on him. Mary Jane laughed and said that she wasn't married. She told Jack that she just said that to keep guys from hitting on her. Jack didn't look pleased with Mary Jane's deception.

Victor arrived at the Athletic Club and accused Nikki of maliciously arranging for Ashley to wear the dress that Sabrina had worn on the night of the gala. Nikki had no idea what Victor was talking about. Nikki accused Ashley of having picked out the dress. She reminded Victor that Ashley had suffered from mental problems in the past. Nikki suggested that perhaps Ashley had digressed -- and actually wanted to be Sabrina.

Back at the ranch, Ashley found the missing picture of Sabrina and Victor at the gala attached to a garment bag in her closet. She also saw a credit card receipt attached to the garment bag. Ashley said, "That's my credit card. I didn't buy this dress, did I?"

Katherine and Jill get into a food fight with a wedding cake (April 3, 2009)

Katherine and Jill get into a food fight with a wedding cake (April 3, 2009)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Katherine was excited to see the dress Amber had made for her wedding. Nikki gave Katherine something blue, and Esther had something borrowed for her. Katherine asked Nikki if the police had any new information about Roger and Annie. Nikki said they were still trying to find them.

Nikki realized that Katherine didn't have anything old, so she went upstairs and found an old necklace for Katherine to wear. When Katherine saw it, Nikki wondered what was wrong. Katherine said that Jill had bought the necklace for her. Katherine asked Nikki to find something else. Nikki suggested that Katherine wear her ring.

Mackenzie received a call from the minister, who was sick and unable to make it to Katherine's wedding. Mackenzie realized that she knew of a potential replacement.

As Billy was about to knock on Katherine's door, he thought about kissing Mac. Chloe called and asked Billy if he was at the pharmacy, getting medicine for her. She also asked if Billy was going to RSVP for Katherine's wedding. Billy said he would take care of it.

Mackenzie was surprised when she saw Billy. She asked him if he was attending the wedding. Billy said he was attending alone. He said that Chloe had a bug and wouldn't be able to make it.

When Amber walked downstairs, she wondered what Billy was doing there. She looked skeptically at Billy and Mac. Billy said that he was there to RSVP for Katherine's wedding. He said that Chloe would not be there because she was sick. Esther called to see if Chloe was okay. Chloe was upset to hear that Billy had gone to Katherine's again.

When Billy returned home, Chloe told him that she had gotten a babysitter for Cordelia so she could attend the wedding. Chloe knew that Billy didn't want her to go because of Mackenzie. Billy reluctantly called Mac to say that Chloe would be attending, after all.

When Lily arrived at the bar, Cane pulled her close and kissed her. They were excited to talk about their plans for the future. Jill walked in and said that she wasn't going to Katherine's wedding. Jill admitted that the fear of rejection was stopping her.

Mac went to Cane's bar to see if there was still a job opening. Lily gave her an application. Cane told Mac that he needed a straight shooter. Mac said she could do that. Cane said she was hired.

Nikki told Paul that Jill hadn't responded to Katherine's wedding invitation. Nikki was thinking of trying to change Jill's mind. Paul said that Jill had too much pride to go to Katherine's wedding, knowing that Katherine was not her mother. Nikki still wanted to try.

Nikki went to try to convince Jill to go to Katherine's wedding. Jill said that if Katherine wanted her there, she would invite her personally. Nikki said that Jill couldn't accept that Katherine still loved her. Jill said she'd lost Katherine all over again the moment she'd found out she wasn't Katherine's daughter. Nikki said it was breaking Katherine's heart to see Jill walk away.

Nikki told Jill that a part of her had hoped Jill would be there for Katherine, despite not being her daughter. She said that obviously, she was wrong. Jill looked at the invitation, and her eyes welled up with tears.

Amber could tell that Katherine was upset that Jill wasn't going to her wedding. Murphy started to enter, and Amber ran to the door to stop him. Amber said that it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Murphy said he would stay in his trailer.

Paul found Roger and Annie and hoped they could help Kevin's case. Michael wanted to speak to them alone. Annie was surprised to hear that Michael was Kevin's brother. Michael said if they told him everything they knew, they would get the lightest sentence possible.

Roger admitted that they had seen reports that Kevin was afraid of being locked in small spaces. Michael asked if he could share that information. Roger and Annie agreed. Michael told Heather that Clint had used what he'd known about Kevin to manipulate him. Heather said that Roger and Annie would say anything to get a lighter sentence.

Annie and Roger told Michael how sorry they were that they hadn't helped Kevin. They admitted that they were afraid of Clint. Roger said that he had swapped the real bullets in Clint's gun for blanks. Michael was pleased to hear that the gun in Kevin's possession had not been loaded.

Michael called Amber and thanked her for the tip that Roger and Annie might be in Canada. He told Amber they had been found and asked if she could go to the police station. Amber was thrilled to tell Katherine the news and ran off to the police station.

It was hard for Esther to hear that Roger had been found. Katherine said it was all behind her. Esther wanted Roger to pay for what he had done to her.

When Esther arrived at the police station, Roger was happy to see her. Esther was furious with Roger for using her. She said that she hoped he and Annie would rot in hell.

Mac answered the door and happily said that she'd known they wouldn't let her down.

Katherine looked around the grounds and said that the wedding would be perfect. Brock walked up behind her and said that it would be. Katherine was thrilled that Brock could be there for her. Murphy sneaked up and said he couldn't stay away from Katherine any longer. Katherine said that it was going to be the best day of her life.

Katherine and Murphy get married (May 4, 2009)

Katherine and Murphy get married (May 4, 2009)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jack stopped by Restless Style to review some Jabot advertising with Phyllis. Phyllis and Jack remembered that one year earlier, the two of them, along with Sharon and Nick, had founded Restless Style magazine. Phyllis told Jack that Nick had returned home but that he was sleeping in Noah's room. She also said that she had convinced Lauren to drop the charges against Sharon.

When Phyllis told Jack that Nick would probably forget that it was Nick and Phyllis' wedding anniversary, Jack gave Phyllis a friendly hug. Mary Jane arrived, having been summoned by Jack to look over the Jabot ads. When Phyllis walked away for a moment, Mary Jane snidely asked Jack if he had intimate relationships with all of his ex-wives.

Jack told Mary Jane that he was going to be attending Katherine's wedding and invited her to join him. After wishing Phyllis a happy anniversary, Jack walked off. Phyllis lied to Mary Jane, telling her that she and Nick had big plans for their anniversary. Mary Jane said that Phyllis was lucky that she had a husband like Nick, as many women eventually discovered that "their prince is actually a toad."

At the Athletic Club, Nick and Sharon discussed Sharon's upcoming meeting with Noah's guidance counselor. Nick told an unpleasantly surprised Sharon that he had moved back in with Phyllis.

Sharon tried to blame herself for Noah's slipping grades, but Nick said the situation wasn't her fault -- he blamed Eden for distracting Noah. As they were about to eat, Sharon said that she was feeling queasy. Nick and Sharon agreed that Noah needed to be in a stable home environment. Nick said that Noah should move back in with him and Phyllis, but Sharon didn't think the Newmans' household was stable. Nick said that he and Phyllis did have some issues, but they were trying to work them out.

After her meeting with the guidance counselor, Sharon went to see Noah at the Newman ranch. Sharon said that neither she nor Nick blamed him for his falling grades. Sharon told her son that she was starting therapy and was searching for a place for them to live. She informed Noah that, in the meantime, he would be moving back in with Nick and Phyllis. Sharon had a dizzy spell and told a concerned Noah that she was a bit weak because she hadn't eaten. Noah ran off to the kitchen to get his mother some food.

Later, in her hotel suite, Sharon said to herself, "This can't be happening. Not now. Not after everything else." A timer sounded. Sharon looked at a home pregnancy kit and read the results. She was shocked when she saw a big blue plus sign displayed.

Nick showed up at Restless Style with flowers for Phyllis. He told her that he hadn't forgotten their anniversary and that he had made dinner reservations. Phyllis presented Nick with his anniversary gift -- luxurious 1,500-thread count Italian sheets. Phyllis was pleased when Nick implied that she would be sharing the sheets with him. They began kissing passionately, and Nick suggested that they go home.

At the Athletic Club, Heather asked Michael and Paul how they had found the gun that Kevin had used. Michael refused to answer, but Heather correctly surmised that Amber had helped them locate the gun. Paul received a text message from the crime lab -- the bullets that Kevin had fired didn't have any striations, thus, they were blanks. Heather said that didn't mean anything, as Kevin hadn't known that he'd been firing blanks. Michael said that he was going to take the transcripts from his interview with Roger and Annie, as well as the new information about the bullets, and try to get bail set for Kevin. Heather said that she would oppose any action to free Kevin.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley checked the dress she was planning to wear to the Chancellor wedding with Victor. Victor told her that she looked beautiful, and apologized for having upset her the other night when she had donned Sabrina's dress. Victor assured Ashley that he loved her -- and that she wasn't competing with his memories of his dead wife.

At the Athletic Club, Jill, Jeffrey, and Gloria drowned their sorrows in liquor. Jill told the Bardwells that Victor was "a bastard." Jill told them that she had obtained her five percent share of Jabot stock from Victor. Gloria told Jill that she had sold the five percent share of stock to Victor. Jill and Gloria began arguing, but Jeffrey broke it up. The threesome agreed on one thing -- that Victor "is Satan." They discussed teaming up to teach Victor a lesson.

As Jill, Gloria, and Jeffrey continued to drink, Jill told the Bardwells that she no longer wanted to have anything to do with Katherine. Gloria said that she would do anything to be Katherine's friend. When Gloria left to powder her nose, Jill picked up her invitation to Katherine's wedding and began sobbing. Jeffrey suggested that she go to the wedding, and he called her a cab.

At the Chancellor mansion, preparations for Katherine and Murphy's wedding were underway. Murphy chatted with Mac and Brock. Billy and Chloe showed up, followed shortly by Cane and Lily.

Upstairs, Nikki was helping Katherine prepare for the wedding ceremony. Katherine confessed to Nikki that she was very nervous, even though she had been married many times before. She asked Nikki if Victor's presence at the wedding would be a problem. Nikki said that he wouldn't bother her. She told Katherine about the incident with Ashley in Sabrina's dress and how Victor had blamed it on Nikki. Nikki said that something was wrong with Ashley.

Esther took tea to Katherine to calm her nerves. Katherine comforted Esther, who was upset that her marriage to Roger had been declared invalid. Nikki said that she was grateful that Paul had tracked Annie and Roger down. Katherine said that the only thing that was keeping her wedding day from being absolutely perfect was Kevin's absence.

Mac and Brock visited Katherine. Nikki and Mac left to get Katherine's dress. Brock told Katherine that he was concerned about Billy and Mac. He felt that Katherine's wedding might remind Billy and Mac about their doomed romance. Katherine said that Mac would be fine.

Downstairs, Amber and Daniel told Murphy that Kevin had been making progress and was out of the padded cell. Murphy was upset that Kevin wouldn't be able to attend the wedding, as he wanted Kevin to be his best man.

Neil showed up for the wedding and chatted with Lily and Cane. Victor and Ashley arrived shortly after. Neil told Lily that he had resigned from Newman Enterprises. Lily was shocked, but Neil told her that he already had something else lined up. Neil went upstairs to congratulate Katherine. Nikki congratulated Neil on being hired as the new CEO of Chancellor Industries.

Murphy nervously approached Victor and asked Victor to be his best man. Victor said that he would be honored to stand up for Murphy.

A few moments later, Jack arrived with Mary Jane. Jack, not knowing that Mary Jane and Victor knew each other and were plotting against Jack, introduced Mary Jane and Victor. Ashley pulled Jack aside and admonished him for dating Mary Jane so soon after his divorce from Sharon. Jack insisted that he and Mary Jane were just friends.

Later, Ashley spoke privately with Mary Jane and told her that Jack had just been through a divorce. Mary Jane quipped that Jack was handling his divorce well, having even stopped wearing his wedding ring. Ashley expressed her concern that Mary Jane and Jack were getting too close. Mary Jane politely told Ashley that the situation was none of her business then walked away.

Ashley told Victor that Jack was sleeping with Mary Jane. A few moments later, Victor approached Mary Jane and told her to be careful, lest Jack become suspicious. Unbeknownst to them, Jack was watching them talk from across the room.

Paul showed up for the wedding and ran into Mary Jane. He introduced himself then asked her if they knew each other. Mary Jane remained silent. Paul went upstairs and told Nikki and Katherine that Michael was trying to get bail set for Kevin.

Daniel took pictures of Tyra and Ana. Ana was going to sing at the ceremony. Neil and Tyra nervously greeted each other.

Mac and Billy began chatting as Amber and Chloe looked on. Mac told Billy that she was working for Cane. Billy told Mac that he'd thought that she was unemployed. Overhearing, Amber told Chloe that she should interrupt Billy and Mac's conversation. Chloe said that she was fine with Billy and Mac chatting -- as long as Billy always went home to Chloe at night. When Mac walked away, Cane told a seething Billy that he had purchased Jimmy's Bar.

As the ceremony was about to begin, Amber told everyone to take their seats. She was shocked to see Michael, Jana, and Kevin show up. Murphy, Amber, and Daniel happily greeted Kevin. Michael said that, thanks to the information from Amber, Kevin had been granted bail. An excited Amber ran off to tell Katherine the good news. Murphy asked Kevin to be his best man. Kevin told Murphy that he hoped that Murphy would understand that he didn't feel quite up to it. Murphy understood completely.

The ceremony began. Amber walked down the aisle, followed by Mac. After Nikki walked down the aisle, a beautiful Katherine stood at the head of the aisle, staring at Murphy, who was standing at the altar with Victor.

Outside the front door, a drunken Jill struggled to get her key in the door. Suddenly, Nina appeared. Seeing that Jill was drunk, Nina said, "This isn't good. You shouldn't be here. Can't you come back another time?" Jill responded, "And miss having my say at Katherine's wedding? I don't think so."

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