The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 4, 2009 on Y&R

Ashley was unnerved to find Sabrina's personal belongings all over the ranch. Jill showed up drunk to Katherine and Murphy's wedding. Jill, Gloria, and Jeffrey formed an alliance to take down Victor. Jack offered to raise the baby with Sharon.
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Adam refused to believe he had killed A.J., Victor lashed out at Nikki, and Victoria was reinstated as CEO
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Monday, May 4, 2009

At the Chancellor estate, Paul arrived for Katherine and Murphy's wedding and ran into Mary Jane. Paul, struck by Mary Jane's strangely familiar appearance, introduced himself. Mary Jane introduced herself and insisted that she had never met Paul. Mary Jane explained that she worked with Jack, but she seemed discomforted by Paul's inquisition and rushed out to await the nuptial ceremony. Paul later mentioned his encounter with Mary Jane to Nikki, but Nikki insisted she didn't recognize Mary Jane.

When a visibly drunk and belligerent Jill arrived, Nina attempted to dissuade her from attending the ceremony. When Lauren arrived, she heard muffled vocalizations emanating from a coat closet. Lauren opened the closet door and found Jill tied to the hanger bar. Nina had bound Jill's mouth with pink ribbon, but Jill managed to mutter, "Let me out of here!"

On the festive lawn of the Chancellor estate, Katherine, wearing a white lacy suit, carried her bridal bouquet in one hand as she reached out to greet guests with the other. Ana sang, "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." Brock officiated. Brock mentioned that a previous gathering of the same guests had mourned Katherine at her funeral. Brock offered a brief remembrance of Marge Catrooke, whose affiliation with Katherine had led to Katherine and Patrick Murphy's introduction. Murphy smiled at his bride as Brock declared, "The Lord works in mysterious ways."

Just as Brock sought vocal objections to Katherine and Murphy's union, the guests heeded their collective attention to a disturbance Nina created when she arrived through a stuck patio door. Nina, embarrassed by her lateness, hastily took a seat. Brock continued with the ceremony, but Jill rudely interrupted. Lauren, mortified, held fast to the loose end of the ribbon still tied to Jill's left wrist. Jill loudly berated Nina for locking her in the closet. Jill demanded that the police be called and that Nina be arrested. Cane quieted his mother and quickly seated her among the guests.

Brock turned the ceremony over to the bride and groom, so they could recite their vows. Murphy recalled his empty life before Katherine and said, "I don't have the words to tell you what you've given me, but I thank the Lord every day for sending you to me." Katherine responded, "If two people are meant to be together, nothing can stop them." Murphy and Katherine beamed at each other as they pledged their love.

Katherine's words sparked Mac's memories of her wedding vows to Billy. Mac recalled professing, "You showed me what it means to love and be loved." Billy also recalled his vows to Mac. Billy had declared, "You changed me, and you bring out the best in me."

When Brock directed Katherine and Murphy to exchange rings, Nikki, the maid of honor, passed Murphy's ring to Katherine. Victor, the best man, gave Katherine's ring to Murphy. After Katherine and Murphy slipped on their rings, Brock pronounced the couple "man and wife." Brock laughed and asked what Murphy was waiting for. He told Murphy to kiss his bride. Murphy kissed Katherine. Guests applauded and cheered. Jill, lonely and bitter, seemed depressed.

As the wedding guests gathered for the reception, the photographer directed family members to gather for a group photo. Jill railed at Nina for locking her in the closet. Katherine snickered. Brock welcomed Murphy into their dysfunctional family. Mac did the same.

Victor proposed a toast to the bride and groom. Victor said he hadn't seen Katherine that happy in a very long time. His toast was, "For the two of you to have found true love during this time of your lives is a miracle."

Jack noticed that Mary Jane had spoken to Victor. When Jack asked Mary Jane about her conversation with Victor, she complained of a throbbing headache and left abruptly. Jack seemed bewildered by Mary Jane's odd behavior.

Victor wasn't thrilled when Neil announced that Katherine had hired him as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Victor was shocked, but he wished Neil the best of luck and said that Neil was a good man. Kevin thanked Michael for being a great brother and added that he wouldn't have made it without Michael. Michael promised to get Kevin out of his mess. Katherine embraced Kevin warmly. Katherine thanked Kevin and Amber for helping her prove who she was.

After Kevin, Amber, and Jana walked away, Katherine asked Michael about Kevin and Amber's criminal charges. She said that Kevin and Amber wouldn't be in the mess they were in if Kevin and Amber hadn't tried to prove who she was. Katherine offered to phone the governor and request a full pardon for Amber and Kevin.

Victor approached Billy and asked about Jabot. Billy suggested that Victor ask Ashley, and he hastily excused himself to check on Jill.

Victor was obviously not happy that Neil was CEO at Chancellor Industries, and he asked Katherine about hiring Neil. Katherine laughed heartily when Victor suggested that she should have consulted him beforehand. Katherine claimed she hadn't stolen Neil from Victor, and she asked Victor when had he ever consulted her about any decision he was about to make.

Katherine asked Victor why he continued to punish Nikki for Sabrina's death. Victor said that Nikki's association with David Chow was to blame. Victor added that he and Nikki might still be together had she not become involved with David Chow. Katherine advised Victor to let go of the past. Victor told Katherine that Ashley was carrying his child, and he was very happy about it.

Ashley approached Nikki. Ashley apologized on Victor's behalf after he had accused Nikki of arranging for Ashley to wear Sabrina's dress. Ashley admitted that Victor was still struggling with Sabrina's death. Although Ashley claimed she knew who was behind the disturbing hoax, she remained mum about her suspicions.

After Ashley walked away, Nikki told Jack she was increasingly worried about Ashley after the distressing incident with Sabrina's dress. Nikki recalled that Victor had blamed her for setting up Ashley. Nikki worried that Ashley believed she had to compete with Sabrina's ghost for Victor's affection.

Cane told Mac that Jill was calming down upstairs. After Mac walked away, Billy accused Cane of hiring Mac at the bar as payback. Cane suggested that Billy quit complaining and just enjoy his wife and baby daughter.

As Jill staggered into the room and complained that the room was spinning, Katherine asked Jill why she had attended the wedding. Katherine accused Jill of arriving drunk and said she'd made a fool of herself. Jill asked what Katherine knew about Murphy. Katherine responded that she knew that Murphy loved her. Jill called Murphy "trailer trash." Katherine yelled at Jill to stop it. Jill asked Katherine what Katherine could possibly have in common with a man she'd bonded with while experiencing memory problems. Katherine answered, "More than you can imagine."

Esther ordered Jill to leave. Jill whined that Katherine had turned everyone against her. Katherine cried, "Jill, you turned your back on me." Jill called her mother a two-faced hypocrite. Katherine screamed, "Get her out of here!" Cane and Billy escorted a sobbing Jill out the door.

Cane and Billy whisked Jill away to the Genoa City Athletic Club, where they served her cups of strong coffee. Jill claimed she'd gone to the wedding to wish Katherine well and to work out her problems with Katherine, but Jill admitted she'd snapped after she'd seen how happy Katherine had seemed. Jill claimed she was insignificant to Katherine. Billy and Cane urged Jill to work out her problems with Katherine. Chloe phoned Billy and told him she wouldn't wait for him to return to the reception. Billy agreed that he and Chloe would see each other later at home.

On the lawn, Mac reminisced with Kevin and Daniel. Jana mentioned that Kevin had spoken fondly of his friendship with Mac. Daniel admitted that he had once had a crush on Mac, which sparked Amber's jealously. Amber urged Daniel, who was the wedding photographer, to snap more photos. Amber joined Chloe, and the pair commiserated over their shared angst as a result of Mac's flair for charming men. After Chloe stepped away, Amber congratulated Nina for locking Jill in the closet.

Jack checked on Ashley, who adamantly insisted she was fine. After Ashley stepped away, Jack told Victor that he was worried about Ashley because she'd been spotting. Victor said Ashley was pregnant, and some pregnant women spotted during pregnancy. Victor coolly assured Jack that Ashley was his top priority and that he would take care of her.

Neil asked Tyra to dance, but Ana and Lily interrupted. Ana insisted on showing Tyra a bathtub in the mansion that was large enough to accommodate ten people.

Victor interrupted Paul and Nikki's dance when he cut in. Victor told Nikki that he might have misconstrued the incident with Sabrina's dress. Victor added that he didn't want Nikki to think he had jumped to conclusions. Nikki rightly guessed that Ashley had encouraged Victor to offer his version of an apology. After the song ended, Victor thanked Nikki indifferently for the dance and abruptly walked away. Nikki seethed with bitterness.

While discussing Kevin's case with Michael, Katherine received a call from the governor, and he told her he would look into Kevin and Amber's criminal cases, but he warned that there were no guarantees. He added that he would take her feelings into consideration. Michael was overjoyed and announced the news to Kevin, who seemed a bit overwhelmed by the good fortune.

After Billy returned to the Chancellor estate from the club, he asked Mac to dance. Alone on the patio, Billy told Mac that Chloe had gone home. Billy told Mac that he remembered their wedding while his grandmother and Murphy had exchanged vows. Mac said she'd done the same. Billy recalled his and Mac's profound relationship. Mac quickly observed that they had both moved on.

Mac tried to walk away, but Billy placed his hands on Mac's face and kissed her on the lips. Chloe emerged from the bushes and watched. Mac pulled away and slapped Billy on the cheek before she rushed into the house. Chloe approached Billy. Chloe gently kissed Billy's reddened cheek, took his hand, and said, "Come home with me."

Before Murphy and Katherine retreated upstairs for their wedding night, Katherine threw her bouquet to a gathering of unmarried women. Nikki caught the bouquet. Paul, grinning from ear to ear, put his arms around Nikki. Victor stood nearby with his arm around Ashley. Friends cheered for an amazed Nikki.

Jack arrived at the Athletic Club and went to Mary Jane's room to check on her. Mary Jane slipped her sheer negligee off her bare shoulders and proved she was feeling better by planting a kiss on Jack's lips. Mary Jane unbuttoned Jack's coat and groped at his heaving chest.

Downstairs at the bar, Jill asked a handsome young bartender if he had a cure for a hangover. Overtly flirting, Jill suggested that the young man might offer a "cure" in her room, and she slid her key card across the bar and informed him she was in room 212. The bartender picked up the card and slid it into his pocket.

Upstairs at the Chancellor estate, Katherine and Murphy relaxed and unwound. Katherine said, "I can't believe I am a bride at 80." Murphy asked, "What will we do now, Mrs. Murphy?" Katherine responded, "I think we will cherish every moment of every day as if it were our last for the rest of our lives."

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sharon sat at the bar and thought about her pregnancy. She thought about the potential fathers: Nick, Billy, and Jack. As she was about to call Jack, she was shocked to see him heading downstairs from one of the rooms at the Athletic Club.

Sharon told her mother about her pregnancy. Sharon's mother was shocked to hear that Billy was among the three potential fathers. She told Sharon that she needed to find out. Sharon decided that she would tell Nick first. Sharon ran into Billy when she was leaving and felt extremely uncomfortable.

Jill told the gorgeous guy she had met at the bar that it was time for him to go. He said he couldn't because she had taken his mojo. Jill laughed and said it was a brand-new day and a brand-new her.

Michael told Katherine that her wedding had been beautiful. He thanked Katherine for offering help with Kevin.

Kevin told Jana that she shouldn't get her hopes up regarding his case. He said that they were not going to let a homicidal maniac free easily. Jana said that no one felt that way, especially not those who loved him.

When Kevin and Jana went to the coffeehouse, Kevin was greeted with open arms. Gloria and Jeffrey were delighted to see him. Amber ran up to Kevin and hugged him. Daniel welcomed Kevin home. Michael made a toast to Kevin's returning to them. Jeffrey made a rude comment, and Kevin asked him to leave.

Jill saw Katherine at the coffeehouse and wished her well. She told Katherine that she was ready for a fresh start. Jeffrey saw Jill and asked if she had considered his offer. Jill decided to meet with Gloria and Jeffrey to discuss how they could stick it to Victor.

Kevin told Jana he wanted to sell the coffeehouse. Michael told Kevin to wait on making any hasty decisions before they talked to the governor. Kevin asked everyone to stop hovering over him and to give him some time alone. Jana hoped he wasn't talking about her. Kevin said Jana could stay, but everyone else needed to move on with their lives.

Nick was surprised to hear that Neil had become CEO of Chancellor. Nick told Victor that with the economy, it wouldn't be hard to find a suitable replacement. Victor said he'd already found a replacement. Victor wanted Nick to be the new Chief Operations Officer of Newman. Nick realized that meant he would have to leave Restless Style. Nick said he would have to speak to Phyllis first.

Phyllis wasn't thrilled to hear that Victor wanted Nick to return to Newman and work as COO. She told Nick that it had been their idea to work at Restless Style to get away from Victor. Nick said that some things were worth the risk. Phyllis said that it was obvious that she cared more about the magazine than Nick did.

Nick told Phyllis maybe he could try to work both jobs. Phyllis said that Nick could not do both; he had to choose one.

Sharon went to Restless Style and asked to speak to Nick alone. Phyllis ignored Sharon's request and sat down with Sharon and apologized for trashing her room. Sharon said she did not believe anything Phyllis said. Sharon decided to leave. Nick asked if it was important. Sharon said that it could wait.

Nick told Phyllis that it had to have been hard for her to apologize to him. Phyllis mentioned that Sharon had not apologized back. Nick said that things would change when he went back to Newman.

Phyllis wasn't happy to hear that Nick had already made his decision. She said that Nick would live to regret it. Nick said that if that happened, he would return to Restless Style. Phyllis said that Nick might not have anything to return to.

Sharon went to Jabot to find Jack. Jack was happy to be back working at Jabot. Sharon interrupted his gloating with the news of her pregnancy.

Adam was listening to Nick and Victor's conversation when Victor said he wanted Nick to be COO. He shook his head when Victor said he wanted his family to play a major part in the company.

Billy told Ashley that he wasn't happy working with Jack. He didn't like the way Jack treated him. Billy imagined that he was talking to his father. Billy told John that all he wanted was a little respect. John asked if Billy felt that Chloe deserved the same thing.

Billy went to Katherine to ask about a potential position at Chancellor. He was disappointed to learn that Neil had already been hired as CEO. Billy went back to the Athletic Club and saw Jill. Billy told her that he had gone to Katherine to find out if he could get his old job back. Jill was shocked to hear that Katherine had hired Neil. Jill said that she was taking action.

Ashley confronted Estella and said she had receipts showing that Sabrina's dress had been purchased with her credit card on the night of her birthday. Ashley wanted to know if Estella had set her up. Estella said she'd had nothing to do with it. Ashley said once she had proof, Estella would be out of there.

When Ashley saw a book with Sabrina's article in it, she called out for Estella. She saw another book that was laid out on the table. Ashley realized it was also Sabrina's. When Ashley saw the red egg that Victor had purchased for Sabrina, she screamed for Estella.

Victor walked in the living room and found Ashley in tears. He was shocked to see her holding Sabrina's diary.

Katherine called Michael to let him know she had been able to schedule a meeting for him and the governor. Michael put Kevin on the phone to hear the news. Katherine told Kevin that she owed her life to him. When Katherine hung up the phone, she was shocked to see Jill in the doorway with her things. Jill said she was moving back in.

Billy went to the ranch to ask Victor about a job. Victor apologized and said that he had nothing to offer Billy at that moment. Billy was disappointed to hear it.

Adam talked to Raphael about his father. Raphael told Adam that he had a good deal. Adam didn't think so. He said that he felt like he didn't belong in the Newman family. Victor walked in and told Adam that he had found a specialist. Adam didn't seem very optimistic.

Adam left a message for Heather and begged her to help him find a way to leave the ranch. When he hung up, he had a sly smile.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Paul and Nikki were discussing the significance of Nikki's catching the bridal bouquet at Katherine's wedding. As they were about to kiss, Nikki received a call on her cell phone, and learned that there was a crisis at Restless Style. She told Paul that she had to get to the office as quickly as possible.

Later, Paul was admiring the engagement ring he planned to give to Nikki when Nick walked in. Nick told Paul that he was happy that Paul was going to propose to Nikki. Paul said that it had been a revelation falling in love with Nikki again after so many years -- perhaps it was true that first love was the deepest. Nick listened carefully to Paul's words.

At Restless Style, the staff was scrambling to make their deadline. Phyllis wondered how she was going to run the magazine without Nick. Nick said that Nikki would be around and that Phyllis could hire more staff, if necessary. Phyllis said that hiring strangers wouldn't fix the problem.

Phyllis accused Nick of not discussing his decision to return to Newman Enterprises full-time with her. Nick accused Phyllis of overreacting. Nikki showed up and told Nick and Phyllis that their photographer was in the hospital, suffering from dengue fever, and that they were going to have to find someone else for the shoot.

Nick, Phyllis, and Nikki learned that the prop house had sent over the wrong backdrop for the photo shoot. Nikki wondered what else could possibly go wrong. Phyllis prodded Nick to tell his mother that he had accepted the Chief Operating Officer position at Newman Enterprises. Nikki was shocked and reminded Nick of how many times Victor had disappointed him previously. Nick said that this time it would be different.

At the Newman ranch, Victor confirmed that the papers that Ashley was looking through were Sabrina's art catalogs and notes. Victoria stopped by, and Ashley told her that she had found Sabrina's items on the desk and had no idea where they had come from. Victoria glared at Ashley, and Ashley became upset. She wondered if Victoria thought that Ashley had something to do with the appearance of Sabrina's belongings.

Ashley told Victoria that she didn't think that Nikki had anything to do with the items' appearance. When Victoria walked out of the living room, Ashley asked Victor if he thought that Ashley was "losing it." Victor assured her that he didn't and that he would get to the bottom of the situation.

Victoria went upstairs to Adam's room. She knocked at the door, but no one answered. She went into the room, turned on the lights, and was surprised to see Adam sitting there. Adam asked Victoria what she wanted. He accused her of snooping around and told her to get out of his room.

Victoria told Adam that Victor and Ashley were upset about Sabrina's belongings turning up. Adam said that the pregnant Ashley couldn't afford to be upset. Victoria admitted that she thought that Adam might have been involved in planting the items. Adam said that she was giving him too much credit -- there was no way a blind man could pull off such an elaborate scheme.

Downstairs, Ashley told Victor that she thought Estella was behind the bizarre goings-on at the ranch. Victor found that hard to believe and said that Estella was a very loyal servant. Ashley said that Estella had loved Sabrina but that she saw Ashley as an interloper.

Ashley told Victor about the photograph and the credit card receipts that had been pinned to the garment bag that had contained Sabrina's dress. Ashley told Victor that the credit card belonged to her and that it was her signature on the receipts, but she insisted that she had not purchased the dress or the earrings. Victor asked Ashley to give him the receipts. He promised her that he would speak with Estella about the situation.

Adam and Victoria joined Ashley and Victor in the living room. Ashley had given Victor the credit card receipts. Estella returned to the ranch, and Ashley grilled her about where she had been and whom she had been with. A confused Estella wondered what was going on. Ashley told Estella that someone had planted some of Sabrina's belongings on the desk and that she suspected that Estella had done it.

Adam defended Estella. When Estella said that she'd had nothing to do with the situation, Ashley said, "You can't deny you'd love to have me out of this house." Victor asked Estella to leave the living room then he once again assured Ashley that he wasn't going to "just let this go."

Ashley visited Adam in his bedroom. She told him that she didn't think he'd had anything to do with the mysterious appearance of Sabrina's things. Adam was grateful that Ashley didn't think that he was a "creep." Adam indirectly told Ashley that she should put Victoria on her suspect list. He reminded Ashley that Victoria and Sabrina had been best friends.

In the living room, Victoria told Victor that it appeared as if Ashley was "losing touch." Victor became angry with his daughter and told her it was clear that she resented Ashley -- and that she needed to get over it. The doorbell rang, and Victor was unpleasantly surprised to open the door to Nikki. Nikki said that she was there to discuss Nick's situation. Victor told Victoria to deal with her mother then he left the room.

Victoria told Nikki about the appearance of Sabrina's things. Nikki said that she was surprised that Victor hadn't accused Nikki of planting the items. Victoria told Nikki that she was better off with Paul than with Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Billy told Chloe that he had seen Victor and asked him for a job, but Victor didn't have any positions available. Chloe didn't understand why Billy couldn't be happy with what he had. Chloe remembered Billy and Mac kissing. Billy said that he didn't know how to "settle."

Billy went to Jimmy's Bar to see Mac. Mac told him that he should never kiss her again, as he had a wife and daughter. Billy said that he and Mac had a second chance -- he wanted to be with Mac and also be a father to Delia. Mac told Billy to stop daydreaming.

Chloe called Esther and learned that Mac was at work at Jimmy's. She decided to take Delia and go to the bar.

At Jimmy's, Chloe hid behind a magazine until Mac approached her to take her order. Chloe told Mac that she wanted ribs -- she said ribs reminded her of kissing a hot guy. Mac realized that Chloe had seen Billy kissing her. Mac reminded Chloe that she had slapped Billy after he had kissed her, but Chloe said that Mac should have stopped the kiss before it had occurred. Mac said that if Chloe felt threatened, it was due to Chloe's insecurities.

In Jack's office at Jabot, Jack told Sharon that he didn't care that Sharon's baby might be Nick's. Jack insisted that he wanted to reconcile with Sharon and raise the child with her. Sharon told Jack that she didn't know what to do -- but he needed to keep her pregnancy a secret for the time being. Jack continued to push Sharon, telling her that what would be best for the baby would be two parents who loved it. Sharon told Jack that he was getting ahead of himself -- there was more to her pregnancy than he knew.

Mary Jane stopped by Jack's office and told Sharon that she hadn't expected to see Sharon there. Mary Jane made some calls using Jack's phone while Jack told Sharon that she was his first priority. Billy showed up. Mary Jane told Jack that she had invited him to their meeting to discuss the court hearing regarding Jabot's civil suit against Gloria.

As Sharon prepared to leave the office, Jack asked her not to go. Sharon insisted on leaving, saying that she was tired. Mary Jane reminded Jack that they had a meeting at Restless Style scheduled later that day, but it was clear that Jack was distracted.

Mary Jane, making the assumption that Jabot would win the suit against Gloria, told Jack that he should keep that evening open for celebrating. Jack muttered, "We'll see," which annoyed Mary Jane. When Mary Jane left, Jack told Billy that he had something to tell him -- but Billy had to swear to keep it quiet. After Billy swore to stay mum, Jack told his brother that Sharon was pregnant. A terrified Billy looked as if he were going to pass out.

Later, Mary Jane and Jack met with Phyllis at the Restless Style office. Jack was still distracted, and stared at a photograph of Nick, Phyllis, and Summer.

In her hotel suite, Sharon called Noah and told him that she was too tired to go house hunting. After an irritated Noah hung up on her, Sharon took a nap. She dreamed that she was in a park and that Nick was pushing a little girl on a swing. In Sharon's dream, Cassie showed up and said to Sharon, "I told you there'd be a baby -- a baby girl." Sharon smiled.

In her dream, Sharon began rubbing her stomach and said, "A baby girl. I'm so happy." Cassie said, "No -- the baby girl's already here -- it's Summer." Nick continued to push Summer on the swing. Still dreaming, Sharon fainted and was caught by Jack.

Jack said to Sharon, "It's okay, sweetheart. You'll be safe in my arms." Sharon continued to dream -- Jack disappeared, and Billy appeared, yelling, "Sharon, open the door!"

Sharon woke up and realized that Billy was actually knocking on her door. Sharon opened the door. Billy walked into the suite and said, "What the hell? Are you pregnant?"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Michael, Jeffrey, and Gloria sat down for coffee at Crimson Lights. Michael said that Gloria seemed chipper considering she was about to be sued for millions. Gloria said she had a good lawyer, and it was only a civil trial. She told Jeffrey that if it were up to him, she would still be rotting in jail. Jeffrey laughed at her. Michael told Gloria not to get too comfortable.

Ashley told Jack that she was prepared to fight in court. She felt that Gloria deserved to pay for what she'd done.

Gloria and Michael arrived at the courthouse. Michael told Gloria to maintain her innocence at all costs.

Ashley took the stand and said her company had lost millions because of Gloria. She said the worst part of the face cream scandal had happened when her own daughter had tried on the face cream. Ashley said she would never forget the sound of Abby screaming.

The prosecutor said they had a tape of Gloria admitting she had tainted the face cream. Gloria didn't want anyone playing the tape. She said that Ashley and Jack had pushed her into it because they thought she was trash. Gloria begged the judge to believe that she had never meant to hurt anyone.

Michael was furious with Gloria for admitting that she had tainted the face cream. The judge ruled that the plaintiff would receive double what they had asked for. The judge said that Gloria was lucky she hadn't tried Gloria's original case, because she'd have put her away for a long time.

Jack told Ashley that the trial was worth every penny just to see the look on Gloria's face. When Gloria realized that she was going to lose all her money, she started wailing on Ashley. Gloria and Ashley exchanged accusations at each other until Ashley started having stomach pains. Jack called for an ambulance.

When Nick showed up at the ranch, Adam excused himself upstairs. Nick told Victor that he had decided to accept Victor's offer. Victor said that he knew Nick would make him proud. Nick said that he had received a tip about a bank that Victor had invested in, and he thought they should pull their money from it. Victor said that Nick should do whatever he saw fit.

Nick talked to Victor about Adam. He said that he had a lot of respect for what Victor had done to help Adam, but he warned Victor to watch his back. Victor said he would.

Phyllis told Mary Jane that she would need her to help with marketing at Restless Style. Mary Jane suggested they have a press party. Phyllis said Mary Jane was being too ambitious because the magazine was due to be released the following week. Mary Jane said that she had good contacts.

Mary Jane told Phyllis that she knew Phyllis and Jack were still close. She wondered if Phyllis had any information about Sharon. Mary Jane apologized for bringing it up. Phyllis said that it was no secret that Mary Jane was in a relationship with Jack. Phyllis said that Sharon was a master manipulator.

Heather stopped at the ranch to visit Adam. Adam filled Heather in on the details about Ashley. He told Heather that he felt like he was back in prison again. Adam asked Heather if she could get a medical discharge or an early release. He begged her to at least try.

Victor knocked on the door and asked if he could have a word with Adam. Heather hid in the closet. Victor told Adam that the specialist was coming to see if he could help. Adam didn't think the specialist would be able to help him.

Victor wondered why Adam was not hopeful about the specialist's visit. Adam said that he didn't want some doctor poking and prodding at him. Victor wouldn't listen. He said that a doctor would be there to examine him.

When Victor left, Heather told Adam she wanted him to see the specialist. Adam thanked Heather for being there. She said that she was there for him, and she wasn't going anywhere.

Billy was shocked to hear that Sharon was pregnant. Sharon told Billy that he wasn't necessarily the father. Billy said that it meant Jack would find out about them. Sharon said that Jack wouldn't know about them unless they told him. Billy knew that keeping it a secret would not last. Sharon asked Billy for some time alone.

Sharon decided to find Nick to tell him about her pregnancy. Nick's secretary told Sharon that Nick was at the playground with Summer. As Sharon was about to tell Nick, Summer fell off the swing and started screaming. Nick saw that Summer had hurt her arm and decided to take her to the hospital.

Phyllis was surprised to see Sharon at the hospital with Nick and Summer. Sharon said that she'd been there when Summer had fallen off the swing. When Sharon saw Phyllis and Nick together, she decided not to tell Nick about her pregnancy, after all.

When Nick and Phyllis walked out of the hospital room, Phyllis wondered why Sharon was still there. Sharon said that Ashley had arrived and was waiting for her. Nick asked what Sharon had wanted to talk to him about. Sharon said that it was no big deal; she would talk to him about it later.

At the hospital, Victor suggested that Ashley should take a leave of absence to take care of the baby. Ashley said she would, but that she was not looking forward to spending so much time at the ranch.

Jack told Phyllis and Nick that Ashley would be okay, no thanks to Gloria. Sharon asked Jack and Billy if they needed anything. Jack asked for a soda. Jack told Billy that he knew Victor would tell Ashley to stop working. Jack said he had something to tell Billy. He wanted Billy to be his full partner at Jabot. Billy said that Jack had pulled a 180. He was happy with Jack's decision.

Billy went to visit Ashley to see if she was okay. Ashley said that she was fine but that she wasn't comfortable staying at the ranch all the time. Billy said that he would have to visit her every chance he got.

Victor emerged from the hospital room and told Jack that Ashley would be taking a leave of absence from Jabot. Jack said that Victor had finally figured out a way to get Ashley out of there. Victor said he was doing what was best for the baby.

When Sharon returned with Jack's soda, she asked him if he still wanted to be a father to her baby. Jack said he did. Sharon said that was what she wanted, too. Just as Sharon was hugging Jack, Mary Jane walked in and saw them.

When Gloria and Jeffrey sat mourning their loss, Jeffrey received a call. He said they needed to go to the Cayman Islands right away. His bank was about to go under.

Friday, May 1, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Amber and Kevin asked Katherine what she was going to say to the governor. Katherine said that she would tell the governor that Amber and Kevin had risked their lives in order to save Katherine's. Kevin felt that the governor would not be sympathetic to Katherine's plea for amnesty. Katherine told Kevin and Amber to dress nicely and to show up at the Chancellor mansion about a half-hour after the governor's scheduled arrival, so that she could speak to the governor privately.

Daniel was taking a last-minute look at the paintings and sketches in his art show, scheduled for that evening. Jana told Daniel that he appeared to lack confidence in his work, but Daniel denied that. Daniel admitted that he wasn't as prepared for the show as he had been for his New York show, but he attributed that to his worrying about Amber and Kevin. Daniel also admitted that he was somewhat jealous of the success that Amber was having with her jacket design. Several guests arrived, and Daniel greeted them.

Amber and Kevin, dressed to the nines, showed up at the art show. Kevin told Jana about the dinner with the governor. Daniel was sure that Amber would win the governor over. Amber apologized for not being able to attend the show, but she told Daniel she was sure that he would sell out.

Jana told Kevin to remind the governor that Katherine and Esther wouldn't be alive if it hadn't been for Kevin. Kevin told Jana that he wanted to put everything behind him, return home, and take care of Jana. Kevin and Amber left for Katherine's.

As the art show wound down, Daniel complained to Jana that he hadn't sold a single work. Jana told Daniel not to worry -- the lack of sales had everything to do with the bad economy and nothing to do with Daniel's talent as an artist. She told Daniel that she believed in his talent. In a corridor in the art gallery, a man made a call on his cell phone and said, "I found him. Romalotti. What do you want me to do?"

As Jana and Daniel had some wine after the show, the man who had made the phone call approached Daniel. He informed a shocked Daniel that he wanted to buy every piece that Daniel had on display.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther was shocked to see Jill. Esther tried to get Jill out of the house for the evening and picked up the telephone to arrange for Jill to spend the evening with Billy and Delia. Jill hung up the phone and told Esther that she knew that Katherine was throwing a dinner party and hadn't invited Jill. Jill told Esther to cancel the dinner party, but Esther said that it couldn't be canceled, as the governor would be attending. Murphy showed up and sided with Esther, telling her not to listen to Jill. Murphy reminded Jill that he owned part of the mansion.

Later, Katherine helped Murphy straighten his tie. She tried to allay Murphy's nervousness by telling him that the governor was just a regular guy. Jill entered the living room, in her bathrobe, and announced that she would be spending the evening in the living room, reading a novel. Katherine apologized to Jill for not inviting her to the dinner party. Jill snidely said, "Such civility," and accepted Katherine's apology. Jill went upstairs just before the governor arrived.

Katherine and Murphy told the governor how Amber and Kevin had saved Katherine and Esther's lives. The governor said that wasn't how the media had portrayed it, but Katherine reminded him that the media often distorted facts. Suddenly, Jill walked down the stairs in an evening gown, and said, "Forgive me for being late."

After introductions were made, Jill spent several moments flattering the governor. She told him that he was probably a man who made his own decisions and followed his instincts. The governor said that he would be able to help those "poor kids" out. Jill asked him if he was sure that he wanted to. She said, "You've built your reputation as a law-and-order man, and I believe that this is an election year." Katherine and Murphy began seething, just as Kevin and Amber arrived.

Jill told the governor that he would be jeopardizing his career if he granted Amber and Kevin amnesty. She said, "Even the most noble gesture can be turned into something ugly and corrupt." The governor said that Jill had a valid point. As Kevin and Amber entered the room, Jill said, "I'm sure you recognize Genoa City's Bonnie and Clyde from their mug shots." Katherine blew up and screamed at Jill to keep her mouth shut.

At Restless Style, Chloe said that the next issue, featuring brides, could turn out to be boring. She suggested that they show the collision between fairy tale weddings and "harsh reality." Phyllis and Nikki agreed that it would be a good counterbalance to the "glory of love" theme featured in the rest of the issue.

Nikki was about to call Nick to tell him about the changes to the issue, but Phyllis told her not to bother, since Nick was returning to Newman Enterprises. Phyllis begged Nikki to talk Nick out of going back to Newman, as Victor had fired Nick several times previously. Nikki sensed that Phyllis was concerned about her marriage to Nick. When Phyllis admitted that Nikki was right, Nikki assured her that everything between Nick and Phyllis would turn out fine.

Lily and Cane, the featured couple in the next issue, arrived at Restless Style. Lily was less than thrilled when Phyllis told them about the "unhappy couple" concept. Lily accused Chloe of coming up with the idea to make fun of Lily and Cane, and she was reluctant to participate in the shoot. Nikki said the shoot would do great things for Lily's career. Nikki invited Lily and Cane to ride to the shoot location in Nikki's car and that, during the drive, Nikki would explain the concept in more detail.

The first location for the photo shoot was Cane's house. Chloe explained the setup for the first shot to Cane and Lily -- Cane would carry Lily over the threshold, their dog Humphrey would have "an accident," Cane would step in the mess then slip and drop Lily to the floor. Lily thought that Chloe was kidding.

Lily and Cane thought that the "unhappy couple" concept made a mockery of marriage and that not every married couple ended up disillusioned. Nikki said that most couples did. Lily told them to take the picture before she changed her mind. As Cane carried Lily into the house and stepped in the puddle, he actually lost his footing, and he and Lily went tumbling to the floor.

Heather and Adam cuddled in Adam's bedroom at the Newman ranch. Heather thought that it was "kinda hot" that they had to sneak around like teenagers. Heather, against Adam's objections, decided to sneak down and raid Victor's liquor cabinet. In the living room, a hysterical Estella told Ashley and Victor that she heard strange noises coming from the kitchen. Heather entered the room and announced, "That would be me." Victor asked Heather what she was doing there.

Adam arrived downstairs and told Victor that Heather was the only one who would give him the time of day. Victor quipped, "It looks like she's giving you a lot more than that." Adam and Victor argued, with Adam saying that Victor was treating him like a prisoner. Victor said that he wished that he had left Adam in prison, and he told Heather that she had to leave the house. As Heather and Adam went upstairs, Ashley told Victor to go easier on Adam, as he might begin to resent Victor. Victor told Ashley that Adam already resented him.

In Adam's room, Heather told Adam that she was going to try to get him a medical discharge. They expressed their love for each other.

Victor got off the phone and told Ashley that the eye doctor was on his way over to examine Adam. Heather marched through the living room on her way out of the house. She told Victor that she and Adam loved one another -- and Victor couldn't control their feelings. She added, "You're losing your son. He'll soon be gone for good." Victor told Heather that if she didn't leave, he would throw her out.

After Heather was gone, Adam returned downstairs. Victor told Adam that Ashley needed rest and relaxation -- and that he would not tolerate any nonsense from Adam that might upset the normally tranquil household.

Later, Victor visited Adam in his bedroom, warned him about antagonizing Ashley, and told him that the eye doctor was on his way. When Adam made a snide comment about the eye doctor, Victor asked him why he was opposed to the eye exam. Adam said that the only reason that Victor wanted him cured was so that he could send Adam back to prison. Victor said that wasn't true, as Ashley would be upset if he sent Adam back to prison. Adam asked Victor if he suspected Adam of all the "weird" things going on around the house. Adam said there was no way he could be involved -- after all, he couldn't even see his hand in front of his face. Before Victor left, he told Adam to give the eye doctor his complete cooperation.

In the living room, Estella tried to make peace with Ashley. She wondered what she had done to make Ashley so suspicious. Ashley told Estella that she didn't want to discuss it. After Estella left, Ashley thought about all of the strange goings-on that had occurred recently.

The doorbell rang, and when Estella didn't get it, Ashley went to answer. She found that an envelope addressed to "Ashley Abbott" had been slipped under the door. When Ashley opened the envelope, she found a sonogram of Sabrina's unborn child. Victor joined Ashley, and she showed him the sonogram. Victor began calling for Estella.

In his bedroom, Adam stared out of an open window then closed the window and began rubbing his arms as if he were cold.

Victor searched for Estella but couldn't find her. Ashley insisted that the sonogram incident proved that Estella was behind what was happening at the ranch. Victor said that he would handle things. The doorbell rang, and Estella opened the door to the eye doctor. Victor told the eye doctor where Adam's bedroom was then asked Estella where she had been.

Estella said that she had been listening to music with headphones on. After Victor told her about the sonogram, Estella reacted in shock and said, "You don't really think I'd do that?" Victor told Estella that it would be best if she worked at Newman Enterprises and someone else took care of the house.

The eye doctor knocked on Adam's door. Adam pulled out a box from under his bed. Inside the box were a hypodermic needle and a bottle of injectable medication. Adam filled the hypodermic with the medication then injected it into his eye.

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