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Nick planned to leave Phyllis. Phyllis inadvertently told Jack that Billy could be the father of Sharon's baby. Mac accepted Raul's proposal. Chloe left Billy. Lily surprised Cane with plane tickets to Australia, but he didn't want to go. Ashley refused to see a psychiatrist.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 25, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, May 25, 2009

At Neil's condo, Tyra and Neil packed up food for Katherine's Memorial Day party. Tyra was anxious about accompanying Neil to Katherine's house. After Devon arrived, Neil carried the food to his car, so Tyra could talk privately with Devon.

Devon immediately demanded to know why Trya hadn't told him that they weren't related. Tyra explained that Devon's grandmother had taken her in the same way the Winterses had taken him in. Devon raised his voice and explained that at least he had been honest about his parentage. Devon was still yelling at Tyra when Neil returned.

When Neil asked about Devon and Tyra about their heated discussion, Devon pointed to Tyra and told Neil to ask his girlfriend. Devon angrily stormed out. Tyra explained why Devon was angry. Tyra told Neil that she had grown up believing she was Yolanda's sister. Tyra added that she had never given a second thought to the legality of her situation. Tyra explained that Karen's battle for custody of Ana pressured Tyra to hide the truth. Neil tenderly kissed Tyra and said that he understood. Tyra worried that Devon might never speak to her again.

At Crimson Lights, Detective Wallace approached Kevin. Detective Wallace sarcastically told Kevin that Kevin and Amber were fortunate that Katherine had convinced the governor to pardon them. Before he left, Detective Wallace gave Kevin a stack of complaints sent to the police station. Kevin perused the correspondence, which expressed citizens' unease that Kevin and Amber wouldn't be prosecuted for their crimes.

After Kevin read the complaints, he hid them when Jana approached. Kevin later showed the hateful complaint letters to Amber. Amber cited Kevin's mental instability as the cause of his crime spree, and she dismissed the disgruntled citizens' grievances.

After Jana asked about Daniel's whereabouts, Kevin told Jana that it would be a tough day for Daniel, because it was the anniversary of Cassie's death. Jana later advised a despondent Daniel not to allow one horrible mistake to cloud his life forever.

On the patio at the Chancellor estate, Raul, Mac's boyfriend, arrived unexpectedly and kissed Mac on the lips. Billy watched nearby and commented, "So you must be the guy she was seeing." Before Billy could squeeze in another word, Mac whisked Raul off to talk to him privately. Billy sulked. Jack approached his saddened brother and reminded Billy that he was a dad. After Chloe saw Mac with Raul, Chloe seemed relieved that Billy might forget about Mac since her boyfriend was in town.

Mac told Raul that she that was glad to see him. Mac admitted she had not told Billy about her relationship with Raul, who had been Billy's best friend in high school. Raul took Mac in his arms and told her that he loved her. Raul and Mac reminisced about their work in Africa. Billy came downstairs and saw Mac kissing Raul. Mac explained that she and Raul had put their relationship on hold after Raul left Africa and went to Washington, D.C. As Mac and Raul stood with their hands clasped tightly, Billy inquired about his friends' present relationship.

After Mac stepped out, Raul told Billy that he wanted to marry Mac. Billy shook his friend's hand and extended his blessing. After Raul left, Sharon walked in. Sharon's presence added more stress to Billy's life. Billy thanked Sharon for not mentioning to Jack that Billy might be her baby's father. Sharon refused to discuss the matter, and left.

Chloe asked Jack about Raul. Jack explained that Raul and Mac had dated briefly in high school. Chloe later asked Billy about Raul and Mac. Billy gruffly told Chloe that she didn't know anything about his friends. Delia cried loudly, but Billy didn't respond to his baby or to Chloe. Chloe sensed Billy's emotional distance and fretted as she attended to Delia.

Jana escorted Daniel to Katherine's party. After Sharon arrived, she saw Daniel, but he avoided Sharon. Daniel told Amber that his presence might upset Sharon. Sharon later caught up with Daniel and asked him why he was avoiding her. Sharon calmly explained that everyone made mistakes, and she forgave Daniel.

Neil and Tyra arrived. Katherine warmly greeted them, which set Tyra at ease. Neil visited with Nina and told her he was glad she was staying in Genoa City for a while.

As Neil and Trya relaxed by the pool, Neil told Tyra that he didn't regret his relationship with her. Tyra worried about Devon. Back at the coffeehouse, Devon read the crumpled letter his mother had written but never delivered to Devon's father. Devon read, "Someday our son will wonder about you. If he ever looks for you, I wanted you to know that his name is Devon."

Jana asked Kevin about Detective Wallace's earlier visit at the coffeehouse. Kevin changed the subject. After Jana learned about the complaint letters, she told Kevin that he should address the people he had hurt.

Murphy gathered his guests together and acknowledged the real meaning of Memorial Day. Murphy said that the day commemorated all the brave men and women who protected our freedom. Katherine and Murphy bid farewell to their guests.

Alone together on the patio, Raul approached Mac. Raul asked Mac to marry him, and he presented her with an engagement ring.

Katherine learned from Nina that she wanted to include the story about Phillip and Cane being switched at birth in the screenplay about Katherine's life, but that Amber did not. Katherine told Nina that she trusted Nina's judgment.

At the cemetery, near Cassie's grave, Phyllis overheard Sharon tell Nick that she was pregnant, and that the baby might be his. Nick guessed that Sharon's pregnancy had forced her decision to move back in with Jack. Sharon explained that Jack quickly forgave her after she admitted the terrible things she had done. Nick insisted he would have done the same had Sharon given Nick the chance.

Sharon cited Phyllis' anger the day Summer fell out of the swing for Sharon's choice to back away from Nick. Nick quickly advised Sharon not to worry about Phyllis. Phyllis seemed stunned when she covertly overheard Nick dismiss her feelings.

Sharon explained that her first thought was to take off with Jack to Europe for a year and then return after the baby was born. Sharon said that people would naturally assume that Jack was her baby's father if she and Jack had carried out her plan. Nick embraced Sharon and promised her that they would deal with the pregnancy together.

Sharon listened as Nick recalled his dream about Cassie, when she told him that he and Sharon would have another baby girl. Nick insisted that Sharon's baby was his. Sharon physically distanced herself from Nick and said that she couldn't forgive herself if she broke up Nick's marriage. Phyllis, distraught, dropped a bouquet of flowers she held and quickly fled.

After Sharon left, Nick knelt at Cassie's grave and told her that she continued to give her parents hope. Noah arrived. Noah addressed Cassie's grave and apologized to Cassie for drinking the night Brad died. Noah said he understood why Cassie did what she did for a guy she liked because he had acted foolishly for Eden. Noah said that he was saddened because their family "was so messed up." Nick encouraged Noah to have faith, because there was still hope for their family.

Noah later found his mother at Crimson Lights. Noah apologized to Sharon, and she apologized to her son as they embraced. Noah was thrilled to hear that his mom was pregnant. Noah assumed that the baby was Jack's and offered to help prepare the nursery at the Abbott mansion.

After Phyllis left the cemetery, she phoned Jack and summoned him to meet her immediately at Restless Style's headquarters. When Jack arrived, Phyllis angrily greeted him with a slap in the face.

Phyllis told Jack that she overheard Sharon tell Nick that she might be carrying Nick's baby. Phyllis berated Jack for lying to her. Phyllis worried that her relationship with Nick, and Jack's relationship with Sharon, could be over. Without thinking, Phyllis added, "Unless Billy's the father."

Jack seemed deflated after he heard Phyllis' inadvertent comment. Jack asked, "Did you just say if my brother, Billy, was the father?" Phyllis realized she'd revealed too much information. Phyllis admitted she had seen Billy and Sharon together, and that Sharon had admitted her infidelity with Billy. Jack became livid and stormed out.

Later, Jack recalled encounters with Billy and with Sharon when each suffered hangovers after their all-night trysts. Jack realized that Billy and Sharon had been sleeping together. Jack's cell phone rang. Jack saw that Billy was calling, so he threw his phone against the wall and exclaimed, "Billy, you son of a bitch!"

After Nick returned to Phyllis, he didn't mention being with Sharon at the cemetery. Phyllis was edgy, but she didn't mention seeing Nick with Sharon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

At the ranch, Victor visited Adam in his bedroom. After inquiring about Adam's Braille studies, Victor confided in Adam that he was very concerned about Ashley. Victor recounted the Sabrina incidents to Adam and told him that Olivia wanted Ashley to see a psychiatrist, but Ashley had rejected the idea. Victor asked Adam if he would try to convince Ashley to speak with a therapist, and also to report back to him if Ashley had any further episodes. Adam agreed, but after Victor left the room, he made a comment that Victor had asked him to spy on Ashley for him. Adam pulled out his electronic spy devices from under the bed.

Victor found Ashley downstairs reading Jabot sales figures. He took the materials from her and insisted that she relax and not do anything stressful because of the baby. Ashley asked Victor to stop being so over-protective, especially since nothing had happened to her since Estella left the ranch. Upstairs, Adam was watching Victor and Ashley from his laptop. After a moment, he took a roll of duct tape from the closet, put it in a satchel and left his room.

A short time later, Adam was hiding something in Ashley's bedroom closet. Ashley approached the door to her bedroom just as Adam stumbled inside. Apprehensively, Ashley entered the room. Adam hid under the bed. Victor walked in with a cup of tea for Ashley, and asked if she was all right.

While they spoke, Adam was at their feet. Adam reached for the roll of duct tape that he'd dropped on the floor. Victor walked out while Ashley went into the bathroom. Adam got to his feet and tried to scurry from the room without being seen, but Ashley emerged from the bathroom just as he reached the doorway.

Ashley asked what he was doing and Adam lied and said he'd opened the door when she didn't answer his knock. She asked what was in his case. Adam said he had wanted her to quiz him on the Braille alphabet. Ashley agreed, but asked if they could do it later.

Before leaving, Adam told Ashley that Victor had asked him to spy on her and convince her to see a psychiatrist, as well as alert Victor in case Ashley had any more Sabrina incidents. Adam asked Ashley not to tell Victor that he'd revealed that to her because of how overbearing Victor could be. Ashley was upset, but she covered her feelings and told Adam she wouldn't say a word to Victor. He walked out and Ashley climbed into bed to rest.

Olivia arrived at the ranch to see Victor. Victor told Olivia that Ashley was struggling. Olivia wished that Ashley would consult with a therapist. Victor asked Olivia to refrain from pushing that idea on Ashley because he believed that if they continued pressing Ashley to seek professional help, she would pull away from them. Olivia didn't like doing nothing for Ashley, but Victor felt their love and support was all they could offer Ashley at that time.

Upstairs, Adam watched Olivia and Victor's meeting on his laptop. When he heard Ashley scream, Adam switched to the camera in Ashley's room and watched Olivia and Victor comfort Ashley. Ashley said she'd had a nightmare about Sabrina.

On their honeymoon, Cane arranged a champagne dinner for Lily. Lily entered the room and said she had a surprise for Cane. She showed him her new bikini and told him she had booked a scuba diving lesson for them. Cane wasn't interested in diving; he wanted to make love.

Later, after going scuba diving, Lily had another surprise for Cane. She had ordered lunch for the two of them. Cane asked if she had other surprises in store for him and Lily assured him there was a big one coming soon. Cane pestered Lily about the surprise until she finally handed him an envelope. Inside it were tickets for a trip to Australia.

Lily suggested they visit the places where Cane had grown up. Cane wasn't excited about the trip. He brought up the responsibilities of running Jimmy's and Lily's modeling career, but Lily said it was just two weeks and everything back home would be fine while they were away.

Later, while cuddling in bed, Cane admitted to Lily that he didn't want to go to Australia. Lily didn't understand why Cane was so reluctant to visit his homeland. He said there was nobody and nothing there for him in Australia.

Nina and Kay remembered Phillip Chancellor II at his gravesite. Kay said how much she missed her grandson. Nina and Kay recalled getting the word from Cricket that Phillip had been in a fatal car accident. Nina read a letter from her son Phillip to his father. Nina speculated that the Phillip she had been married to would have been shocked to learn that he wasn't really Phillip Chancellor II. Kay urged Nina to say what she was feeling, so Nina explained that it was odd that Cane has turned out to be Phillip.

Just then, Jill appeared and suggested that Kay had gone to the grave to beat Jill there. Kay said that Phillip would be happy to know that the three of them were there together, because they had all played such a big part in his life.

Nina and Kay reminisced about Phillip. Jill tried to pick a fight with Kay by suggesting that Kay objected to the way Jill had raised Phillip. Kay demurred and said Jill had done what she thought was right at the time. Jill believed that Kay made Jill look bad to Phillip. In her mind, Jill recalled young Phillip complaining to her that she hadn't paid enough attention to him, but that Kay had.

Nina recalled how bad she had looked to Phillip when she told him she was pregnant. In a flashback, Phillip didn't believe that Nina had been telling him the truth. Nina thought that Phillip had been overwhelmed because he was battling his own demons. Jill blamed Katherine for keeping Phillip's alcoholism a secret. Jill said Kay had been responsible for his driving drunk and dying in that car crash. Kay admitted that they had all lost him and for that she was sorry.

A short time later, Jill stood alone at the grave. Nina appeared with flowers for Phillip's grave. Nina said she hadn't thought that Jill would still be there. Nina was glad that Jill still considered Phillip her son. Nina brought up how Cane had been found, reminding Jill that Kay had had a dream, followed by a meeting with a psychic, and then an Internet search.

Nina said that it had been odd that Cane was a member of the family based on such strange circumstances. Jill declared that she and Kay had had DNA tests done on Cane twice. Nina wondered why they hadn't done three tests, since DNA tests could be doctored. Jill said there had been other evidence that proved Cane was her child, but when Nina asked about it, Jill refused to defend his birthright.

In Australia, a man named Langley, who looked just like Phillip Chancellor II, was working at a bar.

At Kay's, Mac looked at the engagement ring from Raul and remembered his proposal. A little while later, Raul showed up and asked Mac for an answer to his proposal. Mac said yes, prompting Raul to kiss her passionately.

When Kay returned from Phillip's grave, Mac broke the news to Kay that Mac and Raul were getting married. Raul revealed that he had asked Brock's permission before proposing, so Brock knew about their good news. Raul then remembered he had to tell his own parents. While he placed the call, Kay asked Mac if it was as unexpected for Mac as it was for Kay. Kay reminded Mac that in the month that Mac had been home, she hadn't even mentioned Raul. Mac admitted that when she saw Billy again, old feelings had been stirred up. Mac declared that Billy was her past and Raul was her future.

At the pool house, Billy was down in the dumps thinking about Raul telling him that he was going to ask Mac to marry him. Chloe tried to get Billy to think about her and Delia, but even when she suggested that Billy was obsessed with Raul and Mac, Billy ignored her. He left quickly saying that he had somewhere to go.

Jack spoke with Sharon before she left the house, not letting on to her that he was upset about the news that Billy might be the father of her baby. She told him that she wanted to speak with him later and Jack said he would be home. After she left, Billy walked in and wondered why Jack hadn't returned any of his phone calls. Jack demanded to know if it was true that Billy had slept with Sharon. Billy admitted that he had.

Billy assured his brother that it didn't mean anything, because they had both been drunk and Sharon was separated from Jack at the time. Billy claimed that he hadn't thought of Sharon's feeling because he was self-absorbed in his own problems. Jack was furious and reminded Billy that he had stood up for him when nobody else had. Jack asked if Billy had done that to get back at Jack for telling him to marry Chloe and be a father to Delia. Jack blasted Billy for being selfish and inconsiderate by going after the one woman in the world that Jack loved.

Billy agreed with Jack that he was a bad guy, but Jack refused to let him cop out. He reminded Billy that he was a husband now and it was time to grow up. He said that Billy was not a kid anymore, that he in fact had a kid and might have another if Nick or Jack weren't the father of Sharon's child. Billy said he would do the right thing if he was the dad, but perhaps Jack would get his wish and the baby would be Jack's.

Jack was disgusted with Billy, but said he still loved him because he was his brother. But Jack was sure he would never forgive Billy. Chloe walked in and asked what was going on, followed by Sharon, who asked the same thing. Jack lied and said that Billy had screwed up a business deal. Billy and Chloe left, and Sharon noticed that Jack's anger at Billy was intense.

Jack reminded Sharon that she wanted to share something with him. Sharon said that while she was at Cassie's grave, she had seen Noah and told him about the baby. Sharon said that Noah had been completely supportive and happy for both her and Jack. Jack was surprised that the anniversary of Cassie's death had not been as agonizing for Sharon as she thought it would be. Sharon said the day had been tough, but Noah had reminded her how lucky she was to be having another child and having it with Jack.

Sharon poured Jack a drink and asked him why he was so uptight. She wondered if he had changed his mind about their reconciliation and raising the baby together. He assured her that nothing had changed. Jack said he loved Sharon and wanted to be a father to her child.

Back home, Chloe criticized Billy for drinking so early in the day. She asked him to tell her why Jack had been so angry at him. Billy dodged her questions and asked her to stop pressuring him. Chloe wondered if they could make a go of their marriage. Billy said he didn't want to talk. He walked out of the house, which left Chloe in tears.

Billy went to see Mac. Before he could get a word out, though, Kay and Raul walked in with the news that Mac and Raul were engaged. Billy was stunned, but he offered them congratulations. When Billy returned to the pool house, he discovered that Chloe had moved out and taken Delia with her.

Chloe arrived at Kay's just in time to see her toasting -- with club soda -- Mac and Raul's engagement. Chloe thought it was funny that Raul and Mac were getting together just as her marriage to Billy was breaking up. Chloe told Kay that she was moving in with Delia.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At the Abbott mansion, a depressed Jack stared at a photo of himself, Billy, and John. Jill showed up to thank Jack for paying her way back from the Cayman Islands. Jill lied and told Jack that her financial problems were not as bad as she had thought they were. Jill tried to turn Jack against Katherine, telling him that Katherine would never return Jabot to the Abbotts. Jill had a business proposition for Jack, but Jack refused to listen to it. He opened the door, clearly wanting Jill to leave. When she finally left, she told Jack that he was making a big mistake by not partnering with her.

"John" visited Jack. He told his son that Jack seemed to be consumed by revenge and pettiness, and that Jack would only be hurting himself if he continued down that path. Jack tried to justify his mood and told John about Billy's betrayal. John reminded Jack that Jack had betrayed John years earlier when Jack had slept with Jill, who, at the time, was married to John.

The Bardwells returned to Genoa City from the Cayman Islands. At Crimson Lights, they complained about the tortuous return trip that Jack had arranged for them. Gloria wanted to go to the Athletic Club to clean up, but Jeff told her that the club had evicted them, since they weren't able to pay their bill. Jeff suggested that Gloria sell her stashed-away diamonds, but she refused to sell the only asset that she had left. When Gloria said that there had to be another way for them to find a place to live, Jeff handed her the classified section of the newspaper.

While scanning the classifieds, Gloria ran across an ad for a posh penthouse apartment. She called the number in the ad to make an appointment with the landlord. When Jeff reminded her that that they couldn't afford the apartment, Gloria said that the trick was keeping the landlord from knowing that they couldn't afford it.

As the Bardwells were about to leave Crimson Lights, they ran into Jill. The Bardwells and Jill lied to each other -- telling each other that they had emerged from the Cayman Islands bank collapse unscathed. The three of them looked at each other, laughed, and admitted that they were destitute. They made a pact not to tell anyone that they were broke.

The Bardwells were surprised to learn that Phyllis owned the penthouse that they were interested in. At Restless Style, Phyllis told them that they could rent the apartment. The Bardwells remarked on how lucky they were that they knew Phyllis -- and could therefore bypass a credit check and a security deposit. Jeff wrote a check to Phyllis. When Phyllis walked away to deal with some magazine business, Jeff told Gloria that after the check that he had just written cleared, he would have about a hundred dollars left in his bank account.

Jack arrived at Restless Style and welcomed the Bardwells back from the Cayman Islands. He told them that if they had any hidden assets there, his lawyers would find them. Phyllis returned with the keys to the penthouse, and the Bardwells left. Jack told Phyllis that he wanted to talk to her about Sharon's baby.

From the pool house, Billy called Chloe and left a voicemail saying that it was time that she and Delia returned home. Chloe was poolside at the Chancellor estate with Mac and Raul. Raul wondered if Billy had been fooling around on Chloe, thus driving Chloe back to the estate. Raul told Chloe that he would "smack some sense" into Billy if she wanted him to. Both Mac and Raul told Chloe that they hoped things with Billy would work out. When Esther pulled Chloe away, Raul suggested to Mac that she leave Genoa City and join him back in Washington, DC.

Mac told Raul that she couldn't return to DC with him, due to her job at the bar and her commitment to the mission. Raul told Mac that he had been promoted to assistant director at the non-profit relief agency where he worked. Mac was thrilled, but told Raul that she still wouldn't be able to go to DC with him, as she wanted to spend more time with Katherine. Raul didn't like Mac's decision, but he said that he understood it. Raul left to get ready for his ride to the airport.

Chloe told Esther that Billy cared more about Mac than he did about Chloe. She told her mother that she had to leave the marriage while she still had some dignity left. After Esther left, Mac approached Chloe to tell her that she felt bad about Chloe's situation. Chloe blamed her problems with Billy on Mac. Raul returned to say goodbye and told Chloe that he would keep his fingers crossed for her and Billy. Raul kissed Mac goodbye, and left. After Raul was gone, Chloe commented to Mac that he seemed like a nice guy, but opined that he was obviously clueless about the connection between Mac and Billy.

Chloe and Mac discussed their childhoods. Chloe mistakenly thought that Mac had grown up in a privileged Chancellor atmosphere. Mac told Chloe that she didn't grow up in Genoa City, or even know who her father was, until she was a teenager. She added that Billy was being a great father to Delia. Chloe said that she walked out because she was sick of Billy looking at her as if she were invisible. Mac realized that Chloe really loved Billy, and assured Chloe that Mac was no longer in love with Billy. Chloe told Mac that obviously Billy didn't realize that.

Jill stopped by the pool house to visit Billy. She asked her son if he could talk to Jack on her behalf regarding her business proposal. Billy informed Jill that he and Jack weren't on great terms. Both Jill and Billy wished that John were still alive. Billy told his mother that Chloe and Delia had moved out -- and were probably at the Chancellor estate.

Jill wondered what Billy had done that had caused Chloe to leave. He told Jill that he had "a bad day," and came back to find Chloe and Delia gone. Jill said that Chloe loved him, and that they should be able to work out their problems -- but Jill wondered if Billy wanted to work them out. Billy said that he didn't want to hurt Chloe, or lose Delia. Jill said that she admired Billy for doing what was right and marrying Chloe, but that she couldn't blame Chloe for not wanting to stay with Billy if he wasn't fully committed to their marriage. Jill said, "Are you in? Or are you out?"

After Jill left, "John" visited Billy, and told his son that he had a lot of growing up to do. Billy complained that life was hard, and that Chloe was the problem. There was a knock at the door, and John disappeared. Mac was at the door, and wanted to know why Billy wasn't at the Chancellor estate begging Chloe to return home. Mac told Billy that she understood Chloe, who, like Mac, had grown up away from her family and without a father. Mac warned Billy that Delia could end up with an abusive stepfather, like Mac did. When Billy vowed to do right by Delia, Mac once again told him to go to the Chancellor estate.

Billy told Mac that his relationship with Chloe was none of her business. He questioned her love for Raul, and asked her if she would be marrying Raul if Billy were still available. Mac said that she would still marry Raul, as she loved him.

Back at the Chancellor estate, Chloe listened to Billy's voicemail. She told Esther that, although Billy asked Chloe and Delia to return, he hadn't apologized. Jill arrived, and Chloe asked if Jill was celebrating the demise of Billy's marriage. Jill said that she would never celebrate the end of a marriage. Jill warned Chloe not to give Billy ultimatums, unless she was willing to live with the consequences. Jill added that Billy was very confused and said, "This could go either way."

In Ashley's bedroom at the Newman ranch, Victor and Olivia attempted to get Ashley to talk about her nightmare involving Sabrina. Adam, in his room, watched on his computer screen via a hidden camera, and was disappointed when Ashley said that she couldn't remember the nightmare.

After Victor and Olivia went downstairs to allow Ashley to get some rest, "John" visited Ashley. Ashley told John that she was scared. Adam was stunned to see Ashley speaking into thin air. Ashley told John that she was worried about losing her baby, and what that would do to Victor. John assured Ashley that God had a plan for her and her baby.

As Adam continued to listen, Ashley told John that she had lied to Victor and Olivia -- she did remember her nightmare. She told John that, in the nightmare, a black-veiled Sabrina had smothered Ashley with a pillow. Ashley said that she couldn't breathe, and she thought that she was dying. In his bedroom, Adam smiled.

Downstairs, Olivia told Victor that there wasn't anything physically wrong with Ashley, but she couldn't rule out possible psychological problems. Victor said that he didn't want to push Ashley into seeing a psychiatrist, fearing that might trigger a breakdown. Olivia wondered if Ashley could have possibly caused the strange goings-on at the Newman ranch.

Adam joined Olivia and Victor. Victor asked his son if he had heard Ashley screaming, but Adam lied and said that he had been taking a nap. Adam said, "Poor Ashley -- I wish there was something I could do." They heard a scream and Ashley descended the stairs. She said that she was bleeding, and she thought that she was losing the baby. Victor tried to calm Ashley down as Olivia called for an ambulance.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

At the ranch, Ashley had been spotting and feared that she was losing the baby. Victor lifted Ashley in his arms and carried her to the door. Adam watched and asked if he could help. Victor asked him to open the door. Olivia followed behind, rushing to get Ashley to the hospital. After Ashley, Victor, and Olivia were gone, Adam raced upstairs.

At the hospital, Olivia explained to Ashley and Victor that her medical privileges had been reinstated, so Olivia could treat Ashley. Ashley couldn't understand why her pregnancy was in peril when Ashley had been doing everything to safeguard the baby. Ashley blamed the stress she'd been feeling on Estella. Olivia checked the fetal heartbeat, which was strong, then ordered an ultrasound. Victor and Ashley celebrated the good news about the baby with a kiss.

Victoria and J.T. were having coffee at Crimson Lights. J.T. listened as Victoria conducted business on the phone. J.T. suggested Victoria join J.T. at home in bed for an afternoon "meeting" and Victoria liked his idea. Just then, the cell phone rang. Victoria learned from Victor that Ashley had been hospitalized. Victor asked Victoria and J.T. to go to the ranch so they could tell Abby personally about Ashley. Victor also wanted Victoria to check up on Adam, because the staff had the night off.

In his bedroom, Adam called Frank, a friend with a car who had driven Adam in the past. Adam said he needed a ride, as well as some more disposable phones, because he was planning on giving someone a gift. In his hands, Adam looked at a scrapbook of Victor and Sabrina's life together. Adam arranged to meet Frank at a predetermined location. Adam placed the scrapbook in a satchel.

A short time later, Adam struggled to remove the monitor bracelet from his ankle. Once Adam had freed himself, he put the monitor in a briefcase and left it on the bed. He turned off the lights, and then snuck out the window.

In the living room, Victoria and J.T. let themselves into Victor's house. Victoria called out in vain to Adam. After looking around, Victoria informed J.T. that Adam was probably upstairs in his bedroom. Just as Victoria was about to go see Adam, Abby came home and greeted J.T. and Victoria. Victoria explained why Ashley was in the hospital. Abby insisted on calling Victor.

While conducting the ultrasound, Olivia chatted with Ashley about the weather. Ashley recognized that Olivia had been trying to distract Ashley. Victor asked Olivia to tell them what she saw on the ultrasound screen. Olivia told Victor and Ashley that the baby was fine. For precautionary reasons, Olivia ordered Ashley to spend the night at the hospital.

Victor answered Abby's phone call and assured Abby that Ashley had been given a clean bill of health. Victor asked to speak to Victoria, telling his daughter that Ashley would be spending the night in the hospital. Victoria offered to have J.T. remain at the ranch with Abby while Victoria went home to be with Reed. Before hanging up, Ashley asked to speak with Abby. When Ashley asked Abby about her homework, Abby realized her mother was doing well. As Abby and Ashley finished their goodbyes on the phone, Adam appeared outside the hospital room. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers and looked like a deliveryman with a cap on his head.

Victoria explained to Abby why Ashley had to spend the night in the hospital. Victoria and Abby agreed that it would be great if the rest of Ashley's pregnancy was uneventful. When Abby went upstairs, Victoria confided to J.T. that Ashley was in a fragile state and if anything happened to Ashley's baby, Ashley would be devastated. J.T. added that Victor would also be destroyed, especially because of Sabrina's tragic death and the loss of that baby, as well.

Victoria told J.T. that before leaving, she wanted to tell Adam the news about Ashley. Victoria went upstairs to Adam's room. She knocked and knocked on Adam's door and called out Adam's name. The room was empty and Victoria's calls went unanswered.

Victor kissed a sleeping Ashley on the head, and then walked out of her hospital room. Victor spoke with Olivia in the hallway, thanking Olivia for taking such good care of Ashley. Olivia told Victor that Ashley meant the world to Olivia. Olivia told Victor that a night in the hospital would be good for Ashley after the nightmare Ashley had experienced at the ranch.

In Ashley's hospital room, Adam snuck in quietly, not wanting to awaken Ashley. Adam wore white gloves and placed the Sabrina scrapbook in Ashley's purse. Adam then walked out, apparently unseen by anyone. Hearing the door close, Ashley woke up, turned on a light and looked around. Ashley spotted the brown leather scrapbook and reached for it.

As Ashley looked at the pages, with notations all around the photos of Sabrina and Victor, Ashley became upset. Victor came into the room with a cup of coffee, noticed Ashley with the book and asked Ashley what it was. Taking it from Ashley's hands, Victor was stunned by what he saw. Victor asked Ashley where the book came from. Ashley shook her head, completely bewildered.

Just home from their honeymoon, Lily and Cane were at Indigo with Tyra and Neil. Cane told Neil how he convinced Lily to go fishing. Tyra looked at the photos from the trip to Hawaii. Devon entered the club and Lily greeted him with a hug, but Devon was preoccupied. Neil was glad that Lily was enjoying married life. Lily was glad that Neil was enjoying his relationship with Tyra. Neil looked at a sullen Devon and told Lily that not everyone was happy about Neil and Tyra dating.

Cane and Lily sat with Devon and talked a bit about Humphrey, Cane and Lily's dog. Devon admitted that he was down on Neil's relationship with Tyra because it had cost Neil his marriage to Karen. Devon believed Neil's actions were setting a bad example for Ana. Later, Lily and Cane learned from Devon about Tyra not being a Hamilton by birth. Devon showed Lily the letter he received about his real father.

Devon told Lily he had been trying to track down Yolanda to get more information about his father, but so far he hadn't had any luck. Lily said that if Yolanda was still on drugs, Devon might not be able to find her. Devon said that Yolanda had never talked about his father. Lily understood why Devon was curious about his biological father, but Lily reminded Devon that before Neil and Dru had taken Devon in, he'd been shuffled from foster home to foster home and had been a troubled kid. Lily pointed out to Devon that Neil had been a real dad to Devon. Cane advised Devon not to dig up the past.

Tyra told Neil that she was concerned about Ana getting the wrong idea about Neil and Tyra's romance. Tyra assured Neil that Ana approved of their relationship, but Tyra wanted Ana to have realistic expectations. Tyra couldn't tell Ana where Tyra and Neil were headed because Tyra wasn't sure herself. Neil wanted to tell Ana that Tyra and Neil were just dating, but no matter how the romance ended, Tyra and Neil would always love Ana unconditionally. Tyra agreed, but in her eyes, she seemed disappointed that Neil had been so wishy-washy about their future together.

After Cane and Lily said goodbye to Devon, Tyra, and Neil, Devon asked to speak with Neil. Tyra excused herself. Devon apologized for being disrespectful to Neil. Neil apologized for not being as honest with Devon about his choices of late. Neil explained that Devon had put Neil on a pedestal and Neil was wrong to allow that. Neil said he was as flawed as any other man, but Devon believed Neil was the best man Devon knew.

At Restless Style, Phyllis told Jack how angry she was about Sharon's pregnancy. Jack cautioned Phyllis that there was too much at stake for both of them to act foolishly. Phyllis asked if Jack had confronted Billy about the possibility that Billy was the father of Sharon's child. Jack said that Billy had confirmed the fact. Phyllis was stunned to learn that Jack had not blasted Sharon for sleeping with Billy. Phyllis wondered why Sharon was never taken to task for her misdeeds. Phyllis believed that if it had been Phyllis who'd slept with three men and lied to all of them about her actions, Phyllis would be stoned to death in the town square.

Jack asked Phyllis not to do anything crazy that would upset Sharon, especially because of the innocent child involved. Phyllis asked Jack who would protect Phyllis and her innocent child, Summer. Jack assured Phyllis that they were both strong enough to get through it without blurting out what they knew to Nick and Sharon. Jack believed that nothing had changed because Jack would still be the father to Sharon's child, no matter what. Phyllis knew better.

Phyllis said that Nick would insist on being there for Sharon if the baby was Nick's. Phyllis feared that her marriage to Nick would not survive. Phyllis confessed that Nick hadn't even told her about the baby yet. Jack wondered if Nick was just waiting for the right time. Phyllis discovered from Jack that Sharon still had not told Jack about Nick possibly being the baby's father. Phyllis declared that Sharon and Nick were keeping secrets and that was not a good sign.

Jack asked Phyllis why she hadn't gone to Nick with the truth. Phyllis worried that Nick would think she had been spying on him. Phyllis was frustrated that Jack expected her to be understanding of Nick, when Nick had been unfaithful to Phyllis and had engaged in unprotected sex with Sharon. Jack said the answer was simple; Phyllis loved Nick.

Phyllis confessed that her love for Nick was greater than her love for any other man, including Jack. Phyllis declared that she had been a good wife to Nick, but Phyllis believed that Nick and Sharon had some kind of magnetic pull that drew them together. Phyllis had to find a way to stop Nick and Sharon from reconciling. Phyllis wanted to hold onto Nick. Jack comforted Phyllis with a hug.

Phyllis apologized for getting so emotional. Jack told Sharon he was there for her if she needed to vent. Phyllis couldn't fathom why Jack loved Sharon so much when Sharon had hurt Jack so badly. Jack reminded Phyllis that Jack and Phyllis had hurt many, many people in their time. Jack and Phyllis weren't perfect.

Phyllis realized that Jack truly wanted Sharon's baby to be Jack's. Phyllis remembered how Jack had been disappointed when Summer turned out to be Nick's child, not Jack's. Jack urged Phyllis to fight for Nick the way he planned to fight for Sharon. Jack told Phyllis to never give up.

Sharon could hide her surprise when Nick appeared at the Abbott house and wanted to speak with Sharon about the baby. Nick explained to Sharon that he had to tell Phyllis about the baby and the fact that Nick might be the father. Sharon asked him not to say anything until they knew for certain. Nick disagreed, because he had promised not to keep secrets from Phyllis ever again. Nick was determined to tell his wife. Sharon revealed that when the situation was reversed and Sharon had heard from Nick that Phyllis was carrying Nick's child, Sharon had been devastated. Nick apologized for having hurt Sharon back then, but he did not regret having had Summer.

Nick brought up Cassie's prophecy about Nick and Sharon being destined to have another daughter. Sharon was upset and asked him to stop talking. Sharon explained that Cassie's words were not prophetic; she had just been trying to make her parents feel better. Nick urged Sharon to tell Jack that Nick might be her unborn child's father, because Nick intended to raise the child if that was the case.

Sharon promised Nick that she would never deny him access to the child if he were the father, but Sharon was wary about taking Nick's help. Sharon reminded Nick that when Nick came to the cabin to comfort Sharon, they wound up making love. Sharon wanted Nick to do right by Phyllis, Noah, and Summer. Sharon asked Nick to forget about Sharon and leave. Before walking out of the house, Nick told Sharon how much he cared for her. Nick asked Sharon not to shut him out, even if the baby was not Nick's.

When Jack got home, Sharon told Jack about Nick's visit. Sharon admitted that she informed Nick about the pregnancy. Sharon apologized for not keeping it a secret like Jack had suggested. Jack forgave Sharon, telling her that he had already known that Sharon had told Nick. Sharon wondered how Jack knew, but Jack didn't reveal that Phyllis had been Jack's source. Instead, Jack claimed to have figured it out.

Sharon warned Jack that if the baby was Nick's, Nick said he would want to raise the child with Sharon. Jack was not surprised, because Nick had always been a stand-up guy. Sharon told Jack another man might be the baby's father. Jack knew that the other man was Billy. Sharon was shocked and asked how Jack had found out.

Wiping tears from his eyes, Jack said it didn't matter how he learned the truth. Sharon guessed that Jack's fight with Billy had been about the baby, not Jabot business. Sharon asked Jack why he hadn't just confronted Sharon. Jack said he wanted Sharon to tell him on her own. Sharon supposed that Jack had good reason to hate her, but Jack said that would be hypocritical, since Jack had hurt so many people in the past. Jack confessed that he loved Sharon and believed they could have a wonderful life together. All Sharon had to do was say yes and it would happen.

Nick returned to Restless Style to speak with Phyllis, but Phyllis didn't want to talk. Nick reminded Phyllis of their promise to be totally honest with each other. Nick confessed that Sharon was pregnant and Nick could be the father. Nick apologized for hurting Phyllis. Fighting back tears, Phyllis asked what Nick intended to do about Sharon's pregnancy.

Friday, May 29, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Victoria was still knocking at Adam's door, but received no response. She yelled out to J.T. for help. When J.T. didn't respond, Victoria went downstairs to the living room and learned that he had been helping Abby with her homework. Victoria told him that she was suspicious that Adam's door was locked and that he wasn't responding to her knocking.

The Hellstroms used a spare key to enter Adam's room. They saw that Adam wasn't in the room, and that the window was wide open. When Victoria wondered if Adam could have left the room through the window, J.T. responded that a blind man couldn't have managed that. He also reminded Victoria that Adam wore a police-issued ankle bracelet and would have been arrested if he left the grounds.

As Victoria started to look through Adam's backpack, Adam returned to the room with a bottle of wine and a glass. Adam was upset that Victor had asked the Hellstroms to keep an eye on him, and told Victoria and J.T. that he had been in the wine cellar. As soon as the Hellstroms left, Adam got his ankle bracelet out of his backpack and put it back on.

In Ashley's hospital room, Ashley and Victor wondered how a scrapbook filled with pictures of Sabrina and Victor ended up in Ashley's purse. Ashley wondered if Estella had been back at the Newman ranch, but Victor assured her that Estella hadn't. Ashley was terrified that there was no place that she was safe. Ashley's heart monitor began to beep. Olivia ran into the room and told Ashley and Victor that Ashley's heart rate had increased. Olivia asked Ashley if she had another nightmare. Ashley insisted that she return to the ranch that night, rather than spending the night in the hospital. Initially reluctant, Olivia and Victor acquiesced.

Olivia, Victor, and Ashley returned to the ranch. When Ashley went to check on Abby, Victor told the Hellstroms that both Ashley and the baby were all right. Victoria told Victor about their "run-in" with Adam. Before they left, Victor thanked the Hellstroms for watching the house.

Olivia asked Victor what had upset Ashley at the hospital. Victor showed Olivia the scrapbook. He told her that he didn't think that Ashley had placed the book in her own purse, and added that, for the time being, he didn't have any definitive answers as to what was going on. Victor said that he had something to do, and walked away.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria and J.T. wondered why Adam had locked his door when he was the only person in the house. Victoria wished that they had the chance to do a little more snooping around Adam's room. She suspected that Adam might be writing a "tell-all" book about Victor.

In the Newman living room, Olivia suggested to Ashley that Ashley see a psychiatrist who specialized in relaxation techniques. Ashley accused Olivia of not trusting her. As Adam watched on his computer monitor in his room, Ashley said, "I feel like people are watching me every second!" Victor knocked at Adam's door, and Adam quickly closed his laptop's monitor.

Victor entered the room with a piece of paper in his hand. Victor asked Adam if he remembered seeing Estella in the master bedroom using Victor's computer. Adam said that he hadn't. When Adam inquired why Victor was asking, Victor looked at the piece of paper and told his son that he had found some disturbing information on the computer. Victor looked at the bottle of wine that Adam had retrieved from the cellar, saw that it was a Castle Hill 2002, and told Adam what a good vintage that was. Adam asked Victor to join him for a glass, but a suspicious-looking Victor declined, and went downstairs to see Ashley.

Adam drank to "one hell of a productive evening," and resumed spying on the goings-on in the living room. He saw Olivia telling Victor that Ashley was upset with her for having suggested that Ashley see a psychiatrist. Victor handed the piece of paper he had been carrying to Olivia -- he told her that it was a receipt for the scrapbook, which had been charged to Ashley's credit card. Victor said that the receipt had been sent to Ashley's e-mail account. Victor told Olivia that he wanted to speak to the psychiatrist that night. After Olivia left, Victor joined a napping Ashley on the couch.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon said she didn't understand how Jack could possibly forgive her for sleeping with Billy. Jack said that it "hurt like hell," but that he could get past it. He told Sharon that his love for her and the baby was still there. Sharon reminded Jack that the baby could be his, Billy's, or Nick's.

Jack continued to insist that he loved Sharon, but Sharon said that, if he loved her, then there must be something seriously wrong with him. She then apologized for that remark. Jack said that, in the past, he had "thrown people away" because they had hurt him -- but he had always ended up regretting it. He said that his and Sharon's relationship would grow stronger if they raised Sharon's child. Sharon said that if it turned out that Billy or Nick was the father, neither of them would walk away from their paternal responsibilities. Jack said that he wouldn't want them to -- that a baby couldn't ever get too much love.

Sharon told Jack that she was concerned that Nick was telling Phyllis that Nick could be the father of Sharon's child, although Sharon suspected that Phyllis already knew that. Jack said that some people might argue that Phyllis was getting what she deserved. Sharon said that she didn't derive any joy from upsetting Phyllis.

Sharon told Jack that she would be having blood drawn for a paternity test, but that she had to wait a few weeks until the baby was more fully developed. She wasn't sure how the lab would be able to differentiate between brothers Jack and Billy's DNA. Sharon thought that she should move back to the club so that she wouldn't run into Billy on the Abbott estate. Jack told her not to worry about Billy, and insisted that she stay at the Abbott mansion.

Jack wondered if Sharon was hoping that the baby was Nick's, and that Nick would leave Phyllis and return to Sharon. Sharon said that wasn't the case -- her feelings for Nick were in the past. Jack reiterated that he would love the baby, no matter who the father was. He added that nothing would fulfill him more than having a baby's head on his shoulder, and that the baby would never doubt that it was wanted.

Sharon began crying, and told Jack that he had been an awful husband, but that he was the best friend she ever had. She agreed to stay at the Abbott mansion and raise the baby there, even if Jack turned out not to be the father. Jack was thrilled. Sharon said that she needed to see Nick and tell him about her decision.

At Restless Style, Nick told Phyllis that Sharon was pregnant, and that the baby could be his. Phyllis asked Nick what he was going to do, but he said that he had been too focused on how the news would affect Phyllis to think about that. Phyllis sarcastically replied, "It's a little too late for that." Nick said that if the baby were his, he would be a father to the child.

Phyllis thought that Sharon's pregnancy was poetic justice -- punishing Phyllis for when Phyllis became pregnant with Summer. Phyllis said that she was sure that the baby wasn't Jack's, as Cassie hadn't prophesized Sharon having Jack's child. Nick wondered how Phyllis had learned about Cassie's prophecy, and Phyllis admitted that she had overheard him and Sharon talking at Cassie's gravesite. As she began sobbing, Phyllis said that the worst thing she heard was the tone in Nick's voice when he said how much he wanted Cassie's prophecy to come true.

Phyllis wondered if Nick had slept with Sharon without a condom as part of a grander plan for Sharon to become pregnant, leading to a reconciliation between Nick and Sharon. Nick said that idea was crazy. Nick said that he was happy with Phyllis and Summer. Phyllis brought up the power that Sharon seemed to hold over Nick. Nick said it wasn't like that -- he said that Sharon was a big part of his life, but that she didn't determine his future.

Phyllis said that she could accept Sharon having Nick's baby, but that she could no longer accept Sharon being a third party in their marriage. She warned Nick that if Sharon continued playing a large part in his life, their marriage wouldn't survive. Phyllis said that she, Nick, and Summer needed counseling and time together -- they needed time to be a family. Phyllis asked Nick to let Sharon come last -- for once. Phyllis ended their conversation by telling Nick not to make a decision at that time -- that he should think about the situation before he made any decisions. Phyllis said that she needed to take a walk, and she left the office.

Nick, alone at the office, reminisced about all of the good times that he had spent with Phyllis. He then remembered all the wonderful times that he had spent with Sharon.

Phyllis went to the Abbott mansion and told Jack that Nick had told her about Sharon's pregnancy. Phyllis said that she had given Nick an ultimatum -- either her or Sharon. Jack told Phyllis that Nick wasn't going to leave her, as Sharon was staying with him -- and he and Sharon were going to raise the baby together, no matter who the father turned out to be.

Sharon found Nick at the Restless Style office. Nick walked up to her and kissed her passionately. He then said, "I'm leaving Phyllis. I want to be with you."

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