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Daniel's forged painting was stolen. Nick left Phyllis for Sharon. Phyllis and Jack slept together. Mary Jane watched Jack and Phyllis kissing. Adam dressed up like Sabrina to try to scare Ashley, and Ashley fell down the stairs.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 1, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, June 1, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Adam secretly overheard Victor's discussion with Dr. Braun, a psychiatrist Olivia recommended to assess Ashley's mental health. Victor expressed his fear that Ashley's continued emotional distress might threaten her pregnancy. Victor admitted to Dr. Braun that he was reluctant to suggest that Ashley consult with her. Dr. Braun said, "You can't force her to seek treatment. That doesn't give me any way to evaluate her mental state." Victor responded, "I think you should probably come here to observe her, and then whatever your diagnosis is, we proceed from there. What do you think?"

Adam appeared at Ashley's bedroom door and welcomed her back from the hospital. Ashley assured Adam that she and the baby were fine. Adam feigned shock after Ashley recalled discovering the scrapbook, which bore her name on the cover, filled with photos and information about Sabrina. Adam insisted that a "serious freak" was responsible for planting the book in Ashley's purse.

Ashley blamed Estella for the scrapbook incident, though Ashley fretted that she had no proof. Adam claimed to be Ashley's friend and insisted that he believed Ashley was correct to blame Estella. Ashley admitted that even Olivia was so busy walking on eggshells that she didn't support Ashley's allegations about Estella. Ashley thanked Adam for his friendship and support.

Olivia picked up Jack, and they both drove to the ranch to check on Ashley. When Olivia and Jack arrived, they encountered Dr. Braun as she was leaving. Ashley came downstairs and greeted her brother. Jack explained that Olivia told him about the incident at the hospital involving the scrapbook. Ashley blamed Estella. Jack pressured Ashley to go home with him. Ashley declined Jack's offer.

After Olivia escorted Ashley back upstairs, Victor and Jack argued over whom could best provide a stress-free atmosphere for Ashley. As Adam listened via the microphone hidden under a table in the sitting room, Jack asked Victor how many times Ashley would continue to be terrorized if she stayed at the ranch. Adam was stunned when Jack blamed Victor for the unusual occurrences.

Jack seemed unfazed even though Victor insisted that he loved Ashley. Jack claimed that Victor mistook love for control. As the men's voices rose to shouting level, Olivia returned and warned Jack and Victor not to upset Ashley. Victor ordered Jack out of his house.

Upstairs, Olivia felt distanced from Ashley as the doctor tended to her patient. Olivia said, "I'm sorry you feel like you can't trust me. I want to believe that you had nothing to do with any of these strange occurrences." Ashley complained that she felt trapped inside the house. Olivia suggested that Ashley take Zapato for a walk to get some fresh air.

In the moonlight, Ashley led Zapato on an evening walk. Ashley stopped near the statue of Sabrina. Addressing the statue, Ashley begged Sabrina to let Victor go. Suddenly the wind blew. Ashley watched as the statue suddenly became alive. Sabrina stood up and walked toward Ashley. Sabrina cooed, "Don't be afraid. I am not going to hurt you."

Ashley feared she had lost her mind. Sabrina told Ashley that she was perfectly sane. Sabrina added that she and her baby were at peace knowing that Ashley loved Victor. Ashley awoke in her bed and smiled as she realized that her peaceful encounter with Sabrina was just a dream. Ashley went downstairs to see Victor.

In a jovial mood, Ashley told Victor that she felt good and realized that she had been overreacting to the strange occurrences. Ashley insisted that her place was with Victor. Victor warmly embraced Ashley. Inside his room, Adam became livid when he overheard Ashley's conversation with Victor. Adam beat his fist on his desk and shouted, "Damn it! I had you on the edge. What went wrong?"

In his studio, Daniel recalled the day Howard Aucker showed up and complimented Daniel's exact recreation of a famous painting. After Howard mentioned seeing Jana Fisher at the studio, he warned Daniel that Jana could jeopardize the investigation. Daniel recalled telling Howard that the "Feds" could not dictate whom Daniel befriended.

While Daniel perfected his painting, Howard Aucker phoned and demanded delivery of Daniel's version of the stolen Terroni painting. Howard reminded Daniel that he had paid a "boatload" of money for the fake. Daniel explained that he needed a bit more time to perfect his copied painting. Howard threatened trouble for Daniel's criminal friends if Daniel didn't deliver the painting by noon the next day. After Daniel hung up the phone, Amber asked if everything was okay. Daniel insisted it was, but he seemed troubled.

At Crimson Lights, Jana noticed that Kevin restlessly busied himself with mundane tasks. Jana mentioned the hateful emails and letters that Detective Wallace received from irate citizens. Jana told Kevin that he shouldn't have kept the emails and letters. Kevin said, "It's too late. I have already read them, and they are the truth, Jana. I did some terrible things, and now I have to live with that." Jana responded, "Kevin, you are a victim, okay? You're not responsible for those things that you did. You have to accept that before you can move past it."

Amber and Daniel stopped by the coffeehouse. While Kevin and Amber visited at a nearby table, Daniel talked to Jana at the counter. Jana questioned Daniel at length about the painting she saw in his studio. Jana demanded that Daniel explain why he was creating a forgery of a stolen masterpiece.

Daniel told Jana about his involvement with the Department of Justice and the agency's efforts to catch the thieves that stole a Terroni painting. Jana informed Daniel that it was "dangerous to play games with these people." Daniel said that he was concerned because the agent, Howard Aucker, had become quite aggressive. Jana supposed that the agent's superiors were pressuring him. Daniel pleaded with Jana not to tell anyone about his involvement with Howard, especially not Amber. Jana promised she would keep Daniel's project a secret.

When Daniel and Amber returned to their studio loft, they found it ransacked. Amber became hysterical and worried that one particular person who had left a threatening comment on one of the blogs she and Kevin found about them might have carried his threat too far. Daniel secretly recalled Howard's menacing threat.

While Daniel and Jana talked nearby at the coffeehouse, Amber and Kevin perused the Internet. Amber insisted that there were people who supported Kevin. Among numerous detractors and comments that contained personal threats, Kevin was relieved after Amber discovered a Web site that provided support for adults who suffered abuse and neglect as children.

Kevin listened as Amber read aloud one particular comment, which stated, "Thanks to the love and support of his family and friends and the fair-minded governor, Kevin has returned to his community whole and intact. I salute him for surviving this terrible ordeal, one that could have destroyed a weaker, less-principled man. Those who haven't descended into the dark abyss that is child abuse and risen from its horrors to become productive members of society have no right to judge Kevin or his actions while under the spell of his merciless kidnapper."

Joyfully, Kevin and Amber showed the supportive blog comments to Jana and Daniel. After Daniel and Amber left, Kevin noticed that all of the supportive comments originated from Amber's email address. Kevin was still touched that Amber had gone to so much trouble in order to comfort him.

At the Abbott mansion, Phyllis begged Jack to keep Sharon away from Nick. Jack insisted that he and Sharon would raise her baby together. Phyllis worried that Sharon would change her mind if she learned that Nick was the baby's father. Phyllis was even more concerned after Jack said that Sharon had gone to talk to Nick. Jack insisted that Sharon was no longer a threat to Nick and Phyllis' marriage. Phyllis maintained that Jack's claims weren't reassuring.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Nick greeted Sharon with a kiss and told Sharon that he wanted her back. Sharon said she couldn't allow Nick to leave Phyllis for her and added, "There is no more you and me." Nick insisted that he and Sharon "would be tied together always." Nick claimed that Sharon wasn't in love with Jack and didn't belong with him, and he strongly begged Sharon to reconsider.

Phyllis arrived and overheard Nick pleading with Sharon. Phyllis asked, "Reconsider what?" Nick responded that there were about to be "changes that would affect their lives." Before Nick could continue, Sharon quickly and breathlessly stated her case. Sharon declared, "I'm reconciling with Jack, and this time, permanently. So Nick and I have agreed to keep our distance, and if the baby I'm carrying turns out to be his, then we'll share custody, but Jack and I will raise the baby together. And, um, just so that's clear, um, there's nothing going on between Nick and me, nor will there be, and I really want what's best for you two and for Summer." Without further comment, Sharon left.

Phyllis fixed her gaze at Nick and asked, "Is that the whole story?" Phyllis asked Nick if he was ready to let Sharon go. Nick simply said, "I made a decision." Before Nick could continue, Summer's sitter, Leslie, phoned to say that she was ill and needed Phyllis to relieve her. Phyllis, in tears, told Nick that they could talk after he arrived at home. After Phyllis left, Nick seemed lost in thought.

When Jack returned to the mansion, he found Sharon waiting for him. Sharon, sobbing, embraced Jack. Sharon thanked Jack for supporting her through everything that had happened. Jack tightly hugged Sharon as she continued to cry. Sharon vowed that she loved Jack very much.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Detective Gill asked Amber why she hadn't reported the break-in until the next day. Amber ignored his question and said she was sure the people who had broken in were the same people who had been sending them hate mail. When Daniel walked in and saw the detective, he asked Amber what she had done.

Daniel took Amber aside and was angry that she had called the cops. The detective said that he would file a report on the break-in. Amber was upset that nothing else could be done. She was upset that Daniel didn't seem to care, either. She ran off to see Kevin.

When Amber left, Daniel tried to call Harold Aucker again. He became angry when he could still not reach him. Daniel threatened to blow the case wide open.

Jana thought about what Daniel had told her about forging the artwork. She sighed with worry. Gloria and Jeffrey interrupted and told Jana and Kevin that they had moved into Phyllis' old penthouse. Kevin wondered where they were getting the money. Gloria said not to worry; she had a plan. Kevin told Jana those were the scariest words he had ever heard.

Kevin couldn't believe that Gloria trusted Jeffrey to help her out of a jam. When he talked to Jana about it, he realized she wasn't listening. He asked her what was going on. Jana said it was nothing. Kevin wondered if she was pregnant. Jana said she couldn't shake the feeling that something terrible was going to happen. Kevin said that everything would be fine.

When Jana went to Daniel and Amber's place, she was shocked to see their home in shambles. Daniel said that someone had stolen the forgery, and that he couldn't reach Harold Aucker. Jana said that Daniel had to tell Amber the truth. Daniel refused. Jana said that she just couldn't shake the feeling that it was going to end badly.

Daniel heard a knock on the door. He was shocked to find the real Harold Aucker standing there.

Amber found Kevin at the coffeehouse and asked if he still had the letters. Kevin said that he had destroyed most of them. Amber felt that was their ticket to finding the people that had broken into her place. She had an idea to show everyone that they deserved to be free. Amber decided to call Love Line.

Nikki ran into Mary Jane at the Athletic Club. Nikki asked Mary Jane if she would like to join her and Paul. Mary Jane said that she was too busy working for Jack. When Nikki found Paul, he told her that he was investigating Mary Jane.

Nikki wondered why Paul would want to investigate Mary Jane. Paul said he knew he'd met her before. Nikki said it was interesting that Nikki had invited her for dinner with them. Paul guessed that Mary Jane had declined. Paul told Nikki that he could use her help.

Nikki said she would help Paul with his investigation. When she thought about it, Mary Jane's personality didn't exactly fit that of a major PR executive. Nikki said that Mary Jane seemed rather introverted, like she was hiding something.

Jill told Victor that she wouldn't have lost her fortune if it weren't for him. Victor said he didn't "give a damn" about her money. He said that it was none of his business. Jill told Victor that, with his help, she could get her money back. In return she would do something he couldn't get enough of: payback.

Jill suggested that Katherine had stolen Neil from Newman, but Victor already knew better. Jill threatened to tell Ashley that Victor had kept Ashley from working at Jabot. Victor said that if Jill did that, she would regret it.

Gloria and Jeffrey showed up at the ranch to talk to Victor. Jill said she was there to talk business with Victor. Victor told Gloria and Jeffrey to take care of their problems on their own. He was furious with them for entering his home unannounced and told them to leave. Victor turned to Jill and told her to go, as well.

Gloria thought it was stupid to instigate a fight with Jill in front of Victor. Jeffrey said that way Victor would have no idea they were planning something together. Jeffrey knew that Victor had many skeletons in his closet, and he purposely had a friend tail him. When Jeffrey received a call, he hung up smiling. He said that they had found Victor's skeleton.

Mary Jane called Victor and said she needed to see him right away. She looked at her kitty and said that Victor would get rid of Sharon.

Victor ran into Nikki and Paul and congratulated them on their engagement. As he was walking up toward Mary Jane's room, the hotel manager interrupted him. The manager told Victor he had not received payment for the room yet. Victor said that he would give it to him, but he needed to be discrete.

Victor thanked Mary Jane for her efforts and gave her a paycheck. Mary Jane begged Victor to give her another month. She said that she would get that "blonde bitch" out of the picture. Victor said that was the mother of his grandchild and he didn't want her to get hurt. He told Mary Jane to leave town. Mary Jane said that she would not let Victor walk away like everyone else. Victor told her it was the end. He walked out the door, but Mary Jane ran after him. Jill saw them and took a picture with her cell phone.

Jill ran to tell Jeffrey and Gloria that she had seen Victor with Mary Jane Benson. They poured glasses of champagne and toasted to the downfall of Victor Newman.

Nikki and Paul were thrilled when Paul's brother arrived in town. Nikki showed Paul's brother her engagement ring. Mary Jane came downstairs and was shocked to see Paul's brother.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

At his apartment, Daniel was stunned when a man, claiming to be Howard Aucker from the Department of Justice, showed up. The man wondered why Daniel had left so many voicemails for him. Daniel examined the man's credentials and realized that the man was the real Howard Aucker. Daniel knew that the man he had known as Aucker had duped him. Daniel told the real Aucker the story of how the imposter Aucker had Daniel forge a valuable painting that had been stolen years earlier.

The real Aucker told Daniel to make a sketch of the imposter and fax the sketch to him at the Department of Justice. Before he left, Aucker asked Daniel to call him if the imposter Aucker showed up again. Jana, who was with Daniel in the apartment, was shocked hearing this news.

Daniel tried to call the imposter Aucker, but got a recording announcing that the number had been disconnected. Jana and Daniel began cleaning up the apartment. Daniel said that he was a chump, but Jana said that he had been exploited because he was a good artist. Daniel wanted to track down the imposter Aucker, but Jana vehemently disagreed. She said that Amber would be devastated if anything happened to Daniel. Daniel insisted that Jana not say anything to Kevin or Amber about the incident. Jana promised that she would keep mum as long as Daniel didn't attempt to track down the imposter Aucker.

The imposter Aucker was in an unidentifiable room, admiring Daniel's forgery. To someone in the room with him, Aucker said, "Perfect... identical. That Romalotti kid's got no idea what he's gotten himself into." At Crimson Lights, Amber, who was with Kevin, tried to reach Dr. Drew, the host of the talk radio show, "Loveline." Amber planned to get on the show and explain to the world that she and Kevin were not criminals, but Dr. Drew refused to put her on the air. Amber was incensed, but Kevin was relieved. Amber called other talk radio hosts, but none of them wanted to put her on the air, either.

On the Internet, Amber found a talk radio show called "The King of the Blues," with a host named Tommy. From the title of the show, Amber thought it would be perfect for her and Kevin. Amber got through to Tommy -- but was shocked when she learned it was a sports show -- the host was Tommy Lasorda, and the "Blues" referred to in the show's title were the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Amber and Kevin told Tommy that they had called in to his show in error, and that they were sorry. Tommy asked them what they were sorry for. Amber asked Tommy if he had heard of the Silver Chipmunk and his accomplice. Tommy said that he had, and Amber admitted that she was the accomplice, and that Kevin was the Silver Chipmunk. Tommy said that he had read that the governor of Wisconsin had pardoned them for their robbery spree. Tommy said that he felt that they should have gone to prison.

Tommy's show continued, with people calling in agreeing with Tommy that Amber and Kevin didn't deserve a pardon. Tommy said that he had read that Kevin had an abusive father, but he didn't feel that was an adequate excuse for Kevin's crime spree. Kevin was about to hang up, but Tommy said that he wanted to help if he could -- and he invited Kevin to tell his side of the story.

Daniel received a call from a friend, telling him that Kevin and Amber were on Lasorda's show. Daniel and Jana turned on the radio just in time to hear Kevin bare his soul. Kevin said that he was sorry for what he had done. He explained that an abusive father had raised him, and had beaten him and locked him in a closet.

Kevin went on to say that when Clint locked him a closet, Kevin thought that his father had returned. He wanted to make his "father" happy, even if it meant doing bad things. Kevin said that he was a regular guy with a wife, a family, and good friends. Tommy said that it sounded like Kevin was ready to move on -- and that he didn't sound crazy to Tommy. Kevin said that if there was anything the Silver Chipmunk had taught him, it was that, "we're all a little bit nuts."

Back at Crimson Lights, Amber and Kevin listened as a sympathetic caller spoke on Tommy's show. The caller said that everyone should give Kevin a break. Tommy ended his show by saying that he thought that Kevin and Amber would be all right. After Kevin wished Tommy good luck with the Dodgers, they ended the call.

Jana and Daniel showed up. Jana told Kevin that she had heard most of the show at Daniel's, and that she was very proud of Kevin. Amber said that things were looking up for the Fishers, Amber, and Daniel. Daniel wore a worried expression on his face,

Inside Crimson Lights, the Ashbys were picking up a cheesecake for Lily's birthday party. Cane apologized to Lily for not wanting to continue their honeymoon in Australia, saying that there were some parts of his past that he wanted to leave in the past.

At Jimmy's, Billy showed up with a bouquet of flowers to present to Mac, congratulating her on her engagement to Raul. Mac urged Billy to go spend time with Chloe and Delia. As Billy left, he ran into the Ashbys, and he wished Lily a happy birthday.

Neil, Devon, and Roxanne arrived at Jimmy's to celebrate Lily's birthday with the Ashbys. Neil and Lily spent a moment alone. Lily reflected on how much had changed during the previous year -- that the previous year at the same time, Neil had disliked Cane. When Lily said that she was glad that Neil had changed his opinion, Neil said that Cane had proved that he was one of the "good ones." Lily said that she was looking forward to starting a family with Cane as quickly as possible. She told Neil that having a baby would be the ultimate expression of the love that she and Cane shared.

J.T. showed up at Jimmy's, and, covering Mac's eyes, said, "Guess who?" Mac, who was thrilled to see her old beau, asked him why it had taken so long for him to go and see her. Mac said that she was happy for him and Victoria -- even though J.T.'s romance with Victoria had started while he was still dating Mac. J.T. congratulated Mac on her engagement to Raul. J.T. admitted that he hadn't seen too much of Billy -- but that he heard that Billy was no longer the nice kid he used to be. Mac defended Billy, saying that Billy just needed to let himself be a good guy.

Nina stopped by Jimmy's and greeted Mac. She told Mac that she had gone there because she wanted to talk with Cane, but she hadn't realized that he would be in the middle of a birthday party. Mac assured Nina that it would be okay to go over to the table and talk with Cane.

Nina joined the party and told them that she and Amber were working on a screenplay of Katherine's memoirs. Nina told Cane that she wanted details of how he had reunited with Jill and Katherine, and that Amber was reluctant to discuss that situation. Nina fished for details, but Cane said that the movie should be about Katherine, and not about him. Nina said that the story of how Cane and Jill found one another would make for great drama, and she wanted to hear all about it. Cane, clearly not wanting to get into a conversation about that subject, told Nina that perhaps they could speak about it another time.

When Cane left the table to make a phone call, Lily told Nina that Cane didn't really like discussing his past with anyone. Still fishing, Nina asked Lily if there was anything in particular that she should avoid bringing up. Lily, avoiding the question, said that Cane would probably help, but that it would be difficult for him. Across the room, Cane was on the phone with Langley, his alleged uncle who looked exactly like Phillip Chancellor III, and said, "We have a problem."

Chloe showed up at the Abbott mansion looking for Billy. He showed up just after her arrival. When Billy asked Chloe if she and Delia were returning home, Chloe said that the Chancellor estate was her home. Billy reminded Chloe that he had begged her not to leave with Delia, and he said he was a self-indulgent screw-up who didn't deserve Chloe, Delia, or Mac.

Billy told Chloe that Mac was engaged, and it was Chloe, and not him, who was obsessing about Mac. Chloe said that she didn't want to be treated as if she were Billy's consolation prize -- she wanted to make their marriage real. Chloe said that she and Billy had a lot of things in common, and that he should focus on what they had, instead of chasing after Mac. Chloe said that Billy should try to improve his lot in life, as his brother Cane had. Billy became irate that Chloe was comparing him to Cane.

Chloe wondered why Billy would be jealous of someone who ran a bar. Billy said that Jimmy's had been Billy's place to hang out, and that Cane had taken that away from him, just as he had taken Jill's attention away from him. He said that he would be happy if he received just ten percent of the attention that Jill paid to Cane. Chloe told Billy that in order to get attention from Jill, he needed to pay attention to her, just as Cane did. Chloe said that Jill had always been there for her and Delia -- unlike Billy, who hadn't.

Billy said that he would move out of the pool house so that Chloe and Delia could move back in. Chloe proclaimed her love for Billy. She told him that if he just let Mac go, they could make their marriage work. Billy just needed to be willing to make the effort, and be honest with her. Billy said that he missed Chloe and Delia, but that things weren't as easy as Chloe suggested. He told a shocked Chloe that Sharon was pregnant -- and that he could be the father.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

At the club over dinner, Sharon told Jack that she appreciated the way he'd been spoiling her, but it wasn't necessary. Jack assured Sharon that she and the baby were his top priorities. Mary Jane peered into the restaurant and saw Jack kiss Sharon. Mary Jane angrily charged out of the club.

After dinner, Sharon apologized for hurting Jack. Jack was grateful to Sharon for giving their love a second chance. Jack was certain that they would be a happy family-Jack, Sharon, and the baby. Jack took an engagement ring from his pocket and asked Sharon to marry him again.

Sharon sat back and reminded Jack that they had agreed to reconcile with no strings attached. Sharon wasn't prepared to take such a big step-remarrying Jack-when there were still so many problems for Sharon to deal with, including Chloe and Billy, and Nick and Phyllis. Jack understood Sharon's concerns. Sharon was grateful that Jack understood. Jack put the ring away for the future. Jack then received a phone call to meet a client. Jack gave Sharon the keys to the car and Sharon agreed to drive home alone.

At the pool house, Billy told Chloe that Sharon was pregnant and Billy might be the father. At first, Chloe didn't believe him, but then she realized that was the reason Jack had been so angry with Billy. Chloe was stunned by Billy's thoughtless actions. Chloe asked why Billy was trying to destroy every relationship in his life. Billy said that he and Sharon had only been together a few times, but that was no excuse for Billy's bad behavior. Chloe believed Billy's actions were Billy's way to punish Chloe for forcing him to marry her.

Billy promised Chloe that he would step up and be a good husband and father. Chloe wasn't impressed and asked what was going to happen if Sharon's baby was Billy's. Billy explained that Jack and Sharon were staying together and Billy would be a part of the child's life. Chloe hated the idea of all of them living together like hippies in a commune. Chloe hit Billy in the chest. Billy held Chloe close and apologized. Chloe said if Billy wanted his family back, Chloe had a condition.

Chloe said she and Delia would stay at Mrs. Chancellor's until Billy got them a home of their own. That was the condition. Later, at the club, Billy saw Jack and tried to apologize to his brother. Billy revealed that Chloe knew the truth about Sharon and the baby, and Chloe had asked Billy to find them their own home.

Jack told Billy that to earn the respect of Jack, Chloe, and the baby, Billy had to prove himself. Jack said Billy had to go home at night to his wife and daughter and that started with Billy getting a place for Chloe and Delia. Jack told Billy that they were brothers and Jack would always love Billy, but Billy had to earn his respect through his actions. Jack's cell phone rang. It was Olivia calling about Ashley.

Phyllis was ready to have an honest talk with Nick about the state of their marriage when she got home, but Nick wasn't there. Phyllis found a note say from Nick saying that he had to meet with his father about business. Upset that Nick wasn't there, Phyllis said that eventually Nick would have to talk with Phyllis about their marriage.

At the ranch, Nick ran into Adam. Adam explained that Victor had gone into town for an appointment. Adam then joked about going blind, and Nick warned him that Victor would not fall for Adam's self-pity ploy. Adam said that Victor might be more forgiving than Nick, but Nick was adamant that Victor wouldn't forget that Adam tried to frame Victor for murder. Adam thought Victor had given Adam a second chance because of Ashley and the new baby. Nick was sure that Victor would never trust Adam because of the forged diary. Nick believed the only thing that had changed about Adam was his eyesight.

In Ashley's room, Olivia gave Ashley a checkup and told Ashley that she seemed very healthy. Olivia mentioned the idea of Ashley visiting a psychiatrist, but Ashley was vehemently against seeing a therapist. Ashley added that Victor supported her decision, and if Olivia wanted to be a true friend, she would do the same.

In Adam's room, Adam watched Olivia and Ashley's meeting on his laptop. Olivia demanded to know why Ashley suddenly felt so well. Ashley reluctantly told Olivia that Sabrina had visited Ashley in a dream and Sabrina was at peace because Victor was happy with Ashley. The memory of the dream comforted Ashley. When Olivia questioned Ashley putting so much faith in a dream, Ashley flared. She brought up being committed and then asked Olivia to leave. Olivia said she would be checking in later, but Ashley told Olivia not to bother. Ashley closed the door on Olivia and went to the bed to rest.

A short time later, Adam heard Ashley outside the door of his room. Ashley said she'd been unable to rest and was going for a walk on the grounds. Adam asked Ashley about Olivia's visit, getting Ashley to admit that Ashley and Olivia had quarreled.

At the club, Nikki saw Victor at the bar. They talked about their past together and Victor said he regretted some of the things he'd said to Nikki in his grief over Sabrina's death. Nikki appreciated Victor's candor. Since Victor had been so honest about his feelings, Nikki felt compelled to tell Victor that she had been responsible for getting Ashley to go from London to Paris to find Victor. Victor was surprised, considering the animosity that Nikki always felt for Ashley. Nikki felt that only Ashley had the power to get through to Victor at that point in time.

Nikki said that after Sabrina died so tragically, Nikki and the kids were all afraid that they had lost Victor forever. Victor admitted that he had almost lost the will to live. Nikki said that Ashley and the baby had given Victor something that they could look forward to. Tearfully, Nikki confessed that if Ashley had not gotten through to Victor and brought him back to Genoa City, it would have killed Nikki. Nikki kissed him on the cheek, then left the bar.

Phyllis had two surprise visitors at home. First, Nikki appeared with a gift for Summer, and then Mary Jane showed up to do some Restless Style business. Nikki offered to sit in on the meeting. Mary Jane asked Nikki about her engagement to Paul, prompting talk about the wedding issue.

Nikki asked Mary Jane about what brought Mary Jane to Genoa City and Mary Jane's past in general. Mary Jane dodged all the questions, but after Nikki left to go to Victoria's, Mary Jane complained to Phyllis about Nikki. Phyllis defended Nikki, so Mary Jane shifted the conversation to men. Mary Jane said all men were jerks. Mary Jane was disappointed that Jack had reunited with Sharon.

Phyllis advised Mary Jane to give up on Jack because Sharon was pregnant and Jack might be the father. Mary Jane imagined that Phyllis hated Sharon as much as Mary Jane did. Mary Jane joked that they hated Sharon enough to kill her. Phyllis laughed off Mary Jane's comment, but Phyllis urged Mary Jane to find a new man and forget about Jack and Sharon. Phyllis declared that as soon as Nick got home, Phyllis planned to make Nick talk and they would make their marriage work. Mary Jane was supportive and said it was time for her to leave.

Nikki was walking back from Victoria's house, when she stumbled upon Ashley sitting on a bench near Sabrina's statue. Nikki listened as Ashley thanked Sabrina for coming to Ashley in the dream with a message of peace.

At the ranch, Nick and Victor completed Newman business and Victor was thankful to have Nick working full-time for the company again. Victor asked Nick to go to New York immediately to complete an urgent deal. Nick confessed that his marriage was in trouble. Victor realized that Sharon was the cause, but Nick said it was more than Sharon. When Victor guessed that Sharon was pregnant, Nick said it was true.

Adam heard the news about Sharon's pregnancy while listening to the laptop surveillance system. Adam said that Nick was a "self-righteous son of a bitch." Nick told his father that he loved Phyllis, but couldn't let Sharon go because of their history together. Nick believed that if Cassie hadn't died, they would still be together. Victor advised Nick to think carefully before making any major decisions.

Later on, at Sabrina's statue, Victor found Ashley. Ashley was feeling very peaceful and Victor was relieved. However, when Ashley suggested they watch a comedy and relax for the rest of the evening, Victor said he had to go out of town on business. Victor offered to delay the trip, but Ashley understood and said he should go.

In the house, Nikki came upon Nick. Nikki said she was concerned because she had seen Ashley talking to Sabrina's statue. Upstairs, Adam watched Nikki and Nick and realized that Ashley was not as well as she claimed she was. Nikki was hesitant to spoil the good will she and Victor had shared earlier, but she was worried about Ashley's odd behavior. Nick offered to keep an eye on Ashley. Adam said that he would also keep close eye on Ashley.

When Sharon arrived home, Chloe entered from the pool house. Chloe was carrying suitcases. Chloe said that she and Delia were moving out because Chloe knew the truth about Billy and Sharon. Sharon apologized and admitted that on Chloe's wedding day, Sharon had walked out because of her guilt over sleeping with Billy that morning. Chloe was stunned and wouldn't accept Sharon's apology. Chloe warned Sharon to get her head on straight-or else.

Nick finally got home. Phyllis met him in the living room and said that Nick couldn't avoid her anymore. Nick explained that he had work to finish before calling it a day. Phyllis asked if Nick had figured out what to do about their marriage and whether Nick was staying with her or not.

Friday, June 5, 2009

A violent thunderstorm raged in Genoa City. At the tack house, Nick told Phyllis that he thought that their relationship wasn't working anymore, and that there was no sense pretending that it was. Phyllis had somewhat of a subdued reaction, but Nick encouraged her to express her emotions. Phyllis said that she didn't have any tears left -- and, if she did, she wouldn't waste them on Nick.

Nick tried to talk to Phyllis about living arrangements and money, but Phyllis said that her attorney would handle that. When Nick said that he didn't want things to get ugly, Phyllis replied that he should have thought of that before he threw their marriage away. Nick denied throwing their marriage away. Phyllis countered by saying that he was exchanging their marriage for the one he had before, with Sharon. Nick said that he wasn't leaving her to be with Sharon.

Phyllis didn't believe Nick. Nick said that Sharon didn't even want to be with him -- she wanted to be with Jack. Phyllis surmised that Nick was leaving so that he would be available for Sharon, and Sharon wouldn't have to feel guilty about breaking up the Newmans' marriage.

Nick finally admitted that he was leaving Phyllis because of his feelings for Sharon. He told Phyllis how grateful he was for what he and Phyllis had shared, and how Phyllis had made him feel alive again after Cassie's death. Nick said that he and Phyllis had shared a "crazy adventure," but that he and Sharon shared too much history. Phyllis became hysterical and wondered why Nick found his history with Sharon more compelling than his history with Phyllis. Phyllis calmed down and wondered what she was going to tell Summer. Nick said that they could tell Summer together, but Phyllis told Nick to leave immediately and run to his "lovely, sweet Sharon."

As the storm continued to rage and the lights began to flicker, Nick descended the stairs with his bags packed. He told Phyllis that he was going to stay at the Athletic Club. When Nick wondered about Summer, Phyllis assured him that he would see his daughter. She told Nick that she didn't want his sympathy, his pity, or his money. Nick said that he understood. As Nick walked out into the rain, Phyllis yelled, "You think you understand, but you have no idea."

Jack showed up at the Newman ranch to visit Ashley. He found Adam watching a weather bulletin on television. Adam said that Ashley was sleeping, and that Jack probably shouldn't disturb her. Up in her room, Ashley was having a nightmare. In her dream, she heard Sabrina calling "Ashley." Ashley continued dreaming that she walked into the hallway, where she saw a figure wearing a veil. When Ashley pulled the veil away, Sabrina, with a demonic expression on her face, said, "Victor's mine -- stay away."

In the living room, Jack and Adam heard Ashley, who, having awakened from her nightmare, begin to scream. Jack ran upstairs, while Adam remained in the living room, smiling. Jack entered Ashley's room, and tried to calm his hysterical sister down. She told Jack about the nightmare. In his bedroom, Adam watched the conversation between Ashley and Jack on his laptop computer.

Jack told Ashley that he wanted her to stay at the Abbott mansion while Victor was out of town. Ashley reminded Jack that she wasn't alone -- Adam, as well as a maid, were in the house. Adam stood outside Ashley's bedroom door, eavesdropping. Ashley told Jack that she wasn't crazy. Jack said that he didn't think she was crazy, but he continued to insist that Ashley accompany him to the Abbott mansion. Adam entered the bedroom and asked if everything was okay. Jack said that he was taking Ashley back to the Abbott mansion until Victor returned.

As the lights began to flicker, Adam said he didn't think it was a good idea for a pregnant woman to be riding around in the violent storm. Ashley agreed. Jack received a call on his cell phone. He told Ashley that an emergency had arisen, and he had to leave. Jack left. Adam told Ashley to get some sleep, and that he would be in his room if she needed anything.

Adam returned to his bedroom, and found an irate Jack waiting for him. Jack grabbed Adam by the shirt, and told him that he should have minded his own business. Before he left, Jack told Adam that if anything happened to Ashley, he would hold Adam responsible. After Jack was gone, Adam spoke to the maid, telling her that, because of the storm, she should go home. The maid protested, telling Adam that Victor had insisted that she stay with Ashley. Adam said he would take responsibility for her leaving. After the maid left, Adam went back into his bedroom. The lights flickered and then went out. Adam said to himself that he couldn't have asked for a better night.

At the Bardwells' penthouse, Gloria told Jeff that she was concerned with blackmailing Victor about his alleged relationship with Mary Jane Benson. Jeff tried to calm Gloria down. He told her that he had an investigator tailing Mary Jane. Jeff felt that there was more to Mary Jane than met the eye -- even more than her sleeping with Victor. Jeff's investigator called and reported that Victor had left town on a business trip. Jeff and Gloria decided to go to the Athletic Club to do some spying on Mary Jane.

At the club, Sharon and Mary Jane ran into each other at the bar. When Mary Jane glared at Sharon, Sharon asked her if there was a problem. Mary Jane said that there wouldn't be if Sharon backed off and left Jack alone. Mary Jane accused Sharon of making a mess of Jack's life.

Sharon, not wishing to continue the conversation, began to walk away, but Mary Jane grabbed her arm. Sharon told Mary Jane to let her go, or she would have security throw her out. Nikki and Paul entered and broke up the fight. Mary Jane said that Sharon was causing Jack to throw away his future -- over a baby that probably wasn't even his. Nikki was shocked to hear that Sharon was pregnant.

Nikki spoke to Sharon privately, concerned about who the father of Sharon's child might be. Sharon said that she appreciated Nikki's concern, but she didn't want to discuss it. Sharon walked off. Gloria joined Nikki and began asking her questions about Victor and Ashley's relationship. Nikki was suspicious of Gloria's motive for asking about Ashley -- Nikki thought that perhaps Gloria was planning on getting revenge against Ashley for filing the civil suit that had bankrupted Gloria and Jeff. Gloria said that life was too short to hold onto resentments -- then once again asked how Ashley and Victor were doing.

Jeff sat at the club's bar and began hitting on Mary Jane. Mary Jane told him that he wasn't her type, and, when Jeff turned his head, she walked away. Noticing Jeff and Mary Jane talking from across the room, Nikki asked Gloria why Jeff was "schmoozing" Mary Jane. Nikki still felt that the Bardwells were seeking revenge on Ashley for putting them in the poor house. Gloria swore that she had no interest in getting back at Ashley.

Back in her suite, Mary Jane tried to get in touch with Phyllis, but reached her voicemail. Paul stopped by, saying that he wanted to check on her after the scene downstairs at the bar. Mary Jane said that she was sick of women like Sharon stringing men along, without a thought of who they might be hurting. Paul said it sounded as if Mary Jane had been "burned" before. Mary Jane asked Paul to leave, saying that she was tired. As Paul exited, he told Mary Jane that he cared about what happened to her, but he didn't know why. Out in the hallway, Jeff, who was spying on Mary Jane's room, saw Paul leave. Jeff cackled and said, "Mary Jane and Paul Williams? This just gets better and better."

Back at their apartment, Gloria told Jeff that she wasn't able to get any information out of Nikki. Jeff told Gloria that he got some very useful information -- that Nikki's fiancÚ was having an affair with Victor's mistress!

Sharon was walking down the hallway at the club when she saw Nick in a suite, unpacking. Nick told Sharon that his marriage was over -- he had left Phyllis. Mary Jane watched surreptitiously as Sharon entered Nick's room. Nick told his ex-wife that he was still in love with her, and that he would rather be alone than stuck in a marriage that he couldn't fully commit to. Sharon tried to leave, but Nick talked her into staying, telling Sharon that he was devoted to her, and that she was the true love of his life. Sharon was on cloud nine -- she said that she couldn't believe that her dream of reconciling with Nick had finally come true. Nick and Sharon began kissing, then made love.

Jack went to the tack house to see Phyllis, who had made the emergency phone call to him while he was at the Newman ranch. Phyllis told Jack that Nick had left her for good -- and that Nick was planning to reconcile with Sharon. Jack said that the reconciliation wasn't going to happen, as Sharon was committed to raising her baby with him. Phyllis said that wasn't going to happen. She convinced Jack that as soon as Sharon heard that Nick had left Phyllis, Sharon would run to Nick's doorstep.

Jack looked sadly at the engagement ring that he had planned to someday place on Sharon's finger. Phyllis told Jack that she never had a man in her life who had believed in her. They began drinking wine. As they both went for the bottle, their hands touched. Jack stared at Phyllis and began kissing her passionately. They continued to kiss as the storm outside intensified. Mary Jane stared at Jack and Phyllis through the window of the tack house.

Nikki called Victoria, and learned that there was no power at the Newman ranch. Worried about Ashley, Nikki decided to go over to the ranch and check up on her.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley was awakened when she heard a high-pitched voice calling her name. She went into the hallway, where she saw a veiled figure, wearing Sabrina's dress, that looked remarkably like the figure she had seen in her nightmare. She heard the recording of Sabrina's voice that Adam had edited, "Death is coming. There is no escape."

Ashley reached out to grab the veil off of the figure. Adam was wearing the veil. Ashley began to fall down the stairs. Nikki knocked at the front door, and called for Ashley. Inside, at the bottom of the stairs, Adam, still wearing Sabrina's dress, stood over Ashley's body.

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