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Victor caught Adam listening to a recording of Sabrina's voice on his computer. Adam sent Ashley a statue of a baby's head. Daniel and Jana were arrested for murder. Nina and Paul discovered that Phillip's casket was empty.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 15, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, June 15, 2009

At the Chancellor estate, Chloe engaged in a one-way conversation with Delia. Chloe revealed that she had snooped in Mac's room and learned that Mac had been as crazy about Billy as he had been about Mac when they were high-school sweethearts. Chloe assured her baby that Daddy belonged to them, so Mac couldn't have him. Chloe anxiously promised Delia that one particular phone call might make their problems go away.

At Jimmy's Bar and Grill, Billy and Mac kissed and groped each other. Mac tugged at Billy's shirt, which revealed his sinewy shoulders. Suddenly, a visitor pounded at the locked door, but Mac continued caressing and kissing Billy. The pounding at the door continued, and Raul called out to Mac. Mac composed herself, smoothed her clothing, and quickly combed her fingers through her hair before she unlocked the door. After Mac opened the door, Raul rushed in. Billy quickly excused himself and left.

Raul explained that he'd caught the first flight home after Chloe phoned and told him that Mac needed him. Mac soberly told Raul that they needed to talk. Mac bit her lip to stifle her emotions as Raul described that he'd grown to love her when they were in Darfur. Mac admitted that life made sense to her in Darfur. Raul promised to ease Mac's anxiety after she admitted that she loved him. Mac twisted and pulled at her engagement ring. As Raul approached, Mac embraced him and said, "Chloe was right. I do need you."

Chloe left Delia with Esther and waited for Billy at the Abbotts' pool house. Chloe rehearsed how she might console Billy after he returned downtrodden from his aborted rendezvous with Mac. When Billy went home, Chloe lied that she'd stopped by to get Delia's hat. Billy didn't buy Chloe's story, and he admitted that he left Mac when Raul returned expectedly. As Chloe stood in the doorway, Billy playfully kissed Chloe's neck, and she slapped his cheek. Billy continued kissing Chloe as he cooed, "You want me. You know you want me."

Billy escorted Chloe to their bed, and they began to make love. Billy suddenly flashed back to his tryst with Mac at Jimmy's Bar and Grill. After Billy pulled away from Chloe, she realized that thoughts of Mac had cooled Billy's desire. Chloe insisted that Billy had come on to her. Chloe angrily reminded Billy that she was his wife, not a one-night stand. Chloe removed her wedding band and bounced it off the floor. Billy stammered for words as Chloe picked up her purse. Chloe insisted she was done with Billy as she stormed out the door.

At the tack house, Jack dropped by and was surprised to find Mary Jane baby-sitting Summer. Summer proudly announced that she and Mary Jane were coloring. After Summer went to her room, Mary Jane asked Jack if Phyllis was the urgent business he had mentioned when he abruptly left Mary's Jane's bed. Before Jack could respond, Mary Jane insisted she was not at all jealous. Jack admitted he stopped by occasionally to check on Phyllis. Mary Jane insisted that she did not maintain relationships with her former lovers, as she secretly recalled watching Jack and Phyllis make love.

Summer returned and showed Jack a butterfly she'd made. Mary Jane strongly suggested that Jack leave, so she and Summer could make more butterflies. Jack seemed taken aback by Mary Jane's adamant request. Phyllis returned before Jack left. After Mary Jane left, she briefly watched Jack and Phyllis through the window. Phyllis told Jack that Mary Jane was worth keeping. Jack said simply that Mary Jane was interesting, but he insisted that neither of them wanted a passionate relationship. Jack admitted that Mary Jane lied to him about being married, and even pretended to receive a text message from her spouse.

Phyllis pressured Jack to pursue a romantic relationship with Mary Jane. Jack reminded Phyllis that his affections were committed elsewhere. Jack added that he and Mary Jane had already concluded that what they shared was a no-strings relationship. Jack told Phyllis that he had learned an important lesson long ago after one particular spurned lover shot three him three times. Jack recalled that he didn't press charges against the shooter because he had emotionally abused the woman. Jack added that he hoped he was a better man than he had been in the past.

After Mary Jane returned to her suite, she confided her feelings about Jack to her dead pet cat, preserved by taxidermy. As Mary Jane stroked her stiffened Kitty's whiskers, she said, "[Jack] couldn't get out of my bed fast enough to hold [Phyllis'] hand and dry her tears." Mary Jane theorized that Jack regretted making love to Phyllis after she seduced him. Mary Jane anxiously paced the floor in her suite. Sounding triumphant, Mary Jane told Kitty that the day hadn't been a total loss, because she and Jack had made love.

As Dr. Taylor entered the Genoa City Athletic Club, he received a text message from Adam threatening him to "play nice or kiss his career goodbye." Ashley proudly introduced Dr. Taylor to Victor. Victor introduced himself as the baby's father. Dr. Taylor joined Victor and Ashley for dinner. As the doctor chatted with Victor and Ashley, Olivia happened by and was surprised and excited to see Dr. Taylor. Olivia insisted that she was pleased that Dr. Taylor was taking over Ashley's care. After Victor and Dr. Taylor left, Olivia assured Ashley that she was fine with Ashley's decision to change doctors.

Olivia admitted that Dr. Taylor had successfully managed to make Ashley feel comfortable and secure. Ashley rejoiced that she and Olivia could resume their open friendship. Olivia promised not to pry into Ashley's relationship with Victor. Ashley lovingly cradled her abdomen in her hands and said that she was thrilled to be having a child with Victor. After Olivia left, Victor returned. Ashley suggested that they name the baby Hope. Victor embraced Ashley's suggestion, as he earnestly pledged his love to her.

After Dr. Taylor stepped away from his meeting with Ashley, Victor, and Olivia, he phoned Adam and cursed at him. Through gritted teeth, Dr. Taylor explained that he had said and done "all of the right things" to a deluded woman who believed that she was still pregnant. Dr. Taylor sarcastically asked if his detestable actions had made Adam happy. As Dr. Taylor ascended the stairs, Victor saw Mary Jane as she entered the club.

Victor visited Mary Jane in her suite. Mary Jane nervously admitted that she didn't leave town when Victor ordered her to because she had made headway with Jack after Sharon left Jack for Nick. Victor admonished Mary Jane and told her that his family was none of her business. Mary Jane claimed that she'd won Jack. Victor burst Mary Jane's bubble when he sternly announced that she had committed a number of missteps, and that she was bound to fail. Stunned, Mary Jane explained that she'd had Jack in her bed. Mary Jane claimed that she and Jack had grown close, which was what Victor had wanted.

Victor charged Mary Jane with instigating problems when she sought a restraining order against Paul Williams after claiming he had harassed her. Mary Jane defended her actions and explained that Paul investigated her after he learned about discrepancies with her documents of identification. Victor told Mary Jane that she should have gone to him for advice. Mary Jane reminded Victor that he had fired her. Victor responded, "Since I brought you to town, I feel a certain responsibility to help you."

Victor urged Mary Jane to ask the judge to drop the restraining order and to apologize to Paul. Mary Jane insisted that she couldn't face Paul. Victor promised to reinstate Mary Jane if she mended fences with Paul. Mary Jane seemed confused and reminded Victor that he had claimed he wanted nothing to do with her. Victor said, "If I wanted you gone, you'd be gone." Mary Jane asked about her relationship with Jack. Victor replied, "A happy ending for all of us." After Victor left, Mary Jane smiled proudly.

Mary Jane comforted herself with the certainty that Jack and Phyllis wouldn't make love again. "If they do get closer," Mary Jane told Kitty as she stroked her deceased cat's paw, "you know the path I am going to take." Grinning psychotically, Mary Jane mentioned that Summer was such a lovely little girl. Mary Jane gloated that that Victor was on her side because he had acknowledged that Mary Jane and Jack would have their "happy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paul met Nina at Crimson Lights. In the background, Mary Jane entered, but as soon as she saw Paul, she made a beeline for the exit. Paul told Nina that he had learned that Violet Montgomery was in a hospital in Phoenix, being treated for pneumonia, on the day that Cane was born. With this new information, Nina and Paul deduced that Violet could not have possibly been the mother of the baby who was allegedly switched with Cane at birth-the baby who was raised as Phillip Chancellor III.

At Jimmy's, Lily told Cane that she was hoping that she would soon be pregnant. Before leaving for a seminar, she mentioned that Nina had more questions about his background. After Lily left, Cane groaned and put his head down on the bar.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill eavesdropped while Neil suggested to Katherine that Jill would be a great choice to head the research and development department at Chancellor Industries. Jill walked in and said that she might consider it-if the price was right, and if she never had to cross paths with Katherine. Katherine and Jill began bickering. Jill was upset that Mitchell Sherman had told Katherine that Jill was trying to sell her half of the Chancellor mansion. Katherine told Jill that she had learned that Jill had taken a big financial hit when the Cayman Islands bank collapsed. Jill lied, and told Katherine that she was in great shape financially.

After Jill left, Katherine told Neil that, if Jill could get past her pride, she would make a great head for the research and development department. Katherine told Neil what a great job he was doing transitioning into the CEO position at Chancellor. Cane showed up, clearly upset about something. Cane assured Neil that it had nothing to do with Lily, and Neil left. After Neil was gone, Cane told Katherine that Nina was digging into his past, and that Nina wouldn't stop until she proved herself right-that Cane wasn't Jill's son. Katherine told Cane to let Nina dig, since Cane had nothing to hide.

Cane reminded Katherine that he was only one day old when he was allegedly stolen from Jill, and that he was only two weeks old when Violet died. He said that he had learned everything about his past from his Uncle Langley. Katherine said that she would ask Nina to stop questioning Cane about his past.

After Cane left, Katherine started thinking about her conversation with Neil, and she began considering asking Jill to take the job at Chancellor. Katherine's mood changed, and, to herself, she said, "No. I'll be damned if I let you spit in my face again."

Nina showed up at the Chancellor mansion and Katherine asked her not to ask Cane any more questions about his past. Nina told Katherine that she thought it was odd that Cane didn't want to talk about any part of his life prior to learning that he was a Chancellor heir. Nina claimed that Cane was a liar-that he had been playing Jill and Katherine, and that he probably wasn't the real Phillip.

Katherine told Nina that it was ridiculous that Cane was pretending to be someone else. Katherine sang Cane's praises, saying that he was too decent a person to do something like that. Nina told Katherine that the situation was no longer about Katherine, Jill, or Cane. Nina said that it was about her son-Phillip Chancellor IV-and that she wasn't going to stop investigating.

At Crimson Lights, Lily met with Olivia to find out the results of her pregnancy test. Olivia told her disappointed niece that the test was negative, and that there was an irregularity in Lily's pap smear. Lily wondered if the irregularity could be the reason that she hadn't gotten pregnant. Olivia said that Lily needed more tests. Lily told her aunt that she had hoped to have good news for Cane-that since Cane had stepped out of Delia's life, it had been his mission to start a new family.

Cane returned to Jimmy's, and was happy to find Lily there. Lily admitted that she had lied about the seminar-that she had actually met with her Aunt Olivia to find out if she was pregnant. Cane said that Lily had plenty of time to get pregnant-and, in the meantime, they could have fun trying.

Tyra ran into Devon, who was playing basketball at the Athletic Club. Devon was cold towards Tyra, and she wondered why he was punishing her-if it was because she lied about them being related, or because she had come between Karen and Neil. Tyra invited Devon to join her and Neil for a family breakfast, but Devon rejected the invitation and snidely told Tyra that she could have Neil to herself.

Neil met Tyra inside the club. She told him that Devon was unhappy about Neil and Tyra's relationship. Neil said that Devon would come around. Tyra said that Devon had completely cut her off-and that perhaps it would be better if she and Neil stopped seeing each other. Neil told Tyra not to worry about Devon-that eventually they would all be close again.

Roxanne met Devon on the basketball court. Roxanne kissed Devon, but Devon fantasized that he was kissing Tyra. Roxanne asked Devon what was wrong. A confused Devon said that everything was fine.

Jill met with an executive headhunter at the Athletic Club. She was angry that he hadn't found her a high-level management position. The headhunter said that Jill was tainted with scandal, and companies were reluctant to hire her. Jill blamed Katherine for blackballing her, and told the headhunter that she would find a job on her own.

Jill walked into a beauty salon in a seedy part of town. The owner asked her if she wanted a manicure or a pedicure. Later, a customer walked into the salon and told the owner that she was there for a manicure. The owner told the customer that she had just hired a great new manicurist. Jill, wearing a uniform, walked out of the back room, and asked the customer what color she wanted for her nails.

In the upstairs hallway at the Athletic Club, Victor ran into Mary Jane. She told him that she hadn't had a chance to lift the restraining order against Paul. Victor ignored her, and went to Nick's suite. Victor said that he assumed that tests had proven that Nick was the father of Sharon's baby, since Nick had taken up residence with Sharon. Nick told his father that they wouldn't learn the baby's paternity for another week. Victor asked Nick if he had thought the situation through. He reminded Nick that he had been with Phyllis and Summer just 24 hours before.

Victor told Nick he was worried about the effect of Nick and Sharon's reconciliation on Noah and Summer. Nick said that he had tried to convince himself that he was over Sharon, to no avail. Nick asked Victor if he had anything against Sharon. Victor said that he had always liked Sharon, but that wasn't the point-he hoped that Nick wasn't moving back in with Sharon for nostalgia's sake. Nick said that he couldn't stay with Phyllis, and that he and Sharon were meant to be together.

At Crimson Lights, Heather told Paul that Mary Jane had dropped the restraining order against him. Paul asked Heather why Mary Jane had done that. Heather didn't know, but told her father to steer clear of Mary Jane.

In her suite, Mary Jane had two fantasies about Paul. In the first fantasy, Mary Jane imagined that she and Paul had a tearful reunion, with Mary Jane telling Paul that it had been so hard keeping secrets from someone she had once been so close to. In the second fantasy, Mary Jane had an angry reunion with Paul-Paul wanted to know how long she thought she could keep up her charade. In Mary Jane's second fantasy, Paul said that if Mary Jane didn't come clean about who she really was, Paul would reveal her identity. Mary Jane snapped back to reality and walked in the hallway, where she ran into Nick. She congratulated Nick on his reconciliation with Sharon.

At the Newman ranch, Adam listened in on the stairwell as Olivia and Ashley visited in the living room. When Ashley told Olivia that she and Victor had decided to name the baby Hope if it were a girl, Adam remembered Dr. Taylor telling him that Ashley had miscarried and was suffering from a hysterical pregnancy. After Olivia left, Ashley began heading upstairs and was shocked to hear Estella's voice in the living room. Ashley went downstairs, saw Estella holding a box of papers, and asked her what she was doing there.

Rafe entered the living room and told Ashley that he had taken Estella over, as Estella had to return a box of legal papers that belonged to Victor. Rafe said that the papers involved the baby, in case anything should happen to it. Ashley became hysterical and said that nothing was going to happen to her baby. Estella told Ashley that all she wanted was to do right by her and Victor. Estella was upset that Ashley thought she could be capable of cruelty, and Rafe asked Ashley to hear Estella out.

Ashley told Estella to say what she had to say, and then leave. As Estella began speaking, Ashley interrupted her and asked how the tape recorder with the sound of a crying baby had ended up in Estella's laundry. Rafe insisted that it had been planted. Adam began eavesdropping from the stairwell. Estella admitted that she and Ashley didn't have the same close relationship that Estella had with some of the previous Mrs. Newmans, but she insisted that she would never hurt Ashley. A defensive Ashley asked Estella if Estella was accusing her of making the incidents up. Rafe said that Estella wasn't a liar. He pulled an envelope out of his jacket, and said that the envelope contained the proof that Estella was telling the truth.

Adam walked into the living room, followed by Heather, who had been up in Adam's bedroom. Rafe said that Estella had taken a polygraph test-and had passed. The envelope contained the results of the test. Adam asked Rafe to give him the envelope. Heather volunteered to look at the results of the polygraph test, but Adam asked Estella and Rafe to leave. Before he left, Rafe told Adam that someone had set up Estella-and that he wouldn't rest until he found out who had done it. Rafe and Estella left.

Heather received a phone call and had to go, leaving Adam alone with Ashley. Ashley began to consider Estella's story. Ashley couldn't understand why Estella, after being loyal to Victor for so many years, would suddenly turn on him. Victor walked in, hugged Ashley, and stared at Adam.

Back in his bedroom, lying on his bed with his laptop on his chest, Adam remembered Ashley falling down the stairs. Adam jumped up, and the laptop fell to the floor. The laptop began to play the edited version of Sabrina's lecture over and over again, although Adam did everything he could to shut it off.

In the living room, Ashley told Victor that she almost believed Estella. They heard the recording of Sabrina playing over and over again. A shocked Ashley told Victor that was the voice she had heard during the incidents at the house. Victor ran upstairs, saw Adam on the floor fiddling with his laptop, and said, "What the hell are you doing?"

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Adam's laptop continued to play a recording of Sabrina's voice. Ashley and Victor ran into Adam's bedroom. Victor asked Adam if Adam was the person tormenting Ashley. To no avail, Adam tried to stop the recording from playing, and he began freaking out.

Adam, after finally getting the laptop to stop playing, denied knowing anything about the recording. He said that someone must have sent the recording as an attachment to an e-mail that he had opened. Victor took a look at the laptop and told Adam that there were no recently received e-mails. Adam said that he had deleted the e-mail, as he thought it might contain a virus. Victor accused Adam of all the strange goings-on at the ranch-the crying baby, the scrapbook, and the mysterious phone calls from Sabrina. Adam lied, and vehemently denied knowing anything about those incidents. Adam told Ashley that he would never do anything to hurt her. Ashley said that she didn't know what to believe. She left Adam's room, saying that she needed to take a nap.

After Ashley was gone, an irate Victor asked Adam if he was playing Victor for a fool. Victor grabbed Adam by the shirt. Adam urged Victor to calm down, and reminded Victor that he was blind and wearing a tracking ankle bracelet, making it virtually impossible for him to be the responsible party. Victor implied that Adam had an accomplice-perhaps Heather. Adam tried to throw suspicion back on Estella, who had stopped by earlier to drop off some paperwork that Victor needed. Victor still clearly suspected Adam. Victor said, "If you're the one behind this gaslighting the woman I love, then God help you." Victor stormed out of Adam's room, leaving his terrified-looking son behind.

Later, Ashley ran into Victor in the solarium. She told him that she had been too nervous to nap. Adam eavesdropped from the living room. Ashley asked Victor if he was going to send Adam back to prison. Victor asked Ashley if she wanted him to. Ashley wasn't sure that Adam was her tormenter-she felt that a blind man couldn't have set her up. Victor wasn't sure, either, but said that if he found out that Adam had been gaslighting her, he would definitely send Adam back to prison. In the living room, Adam looked at the box that Estella had dropped off earlier.

Back in his bedroom, wearing surgical gloves, Adam called the Postal Service and learned where the nearest overnight drop-off box was located. Adam placed a small box, taken from the box that Estella had dropped off, in a cloth bag. He then took the bag and climbed out the window.

Billy and Raul met at the Athletic Club. Billy was surprised to learn that Chloe was responsible for Raul's trip to Genoa City-Chloe had called Raul and told him that Mac needed him. Raul told Billy that he knew that Billy and Chloe had separated, and hoped that the Abbotts could work things out.

At Jimmy's, Lily and Cane discussed how large a family they wanted. Lily felt a bit overwhelmed when Cane said that he hoped for six children. Lily said that whether or not they had children, they still had their families. Cane suggested to Lily that they take Jill out to lunch-he felt bad that Jill's relationship with Katherine was on the rocks, and that Jill had lost her job. Lily told Cane how wonderful it was that Jill had a son like him.

Chloe and Mac ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Chloe learned that Mac had found out that Chloe had summoned Raul to Genoa City. Mac noticed that Chloe wasn't wearing her wedding ring, and Chloe saw that Mac was wearing her engagement ring. She told Mac not to be concerned about the way things stood between Chloe and Billy.

Chloe told Mac what a great catch Raul was. She said that she knew Mac wasn't completely over Billy, but she reminded Mac of how much trouble Billy was-he could be insensitive and infuriating. Mac quipped that perhaps Chloe wasn't the right girl to change Billy. Chloe said that Billy would never change-not even for Delia. Chloe warned Mac to hold onto Raul. After Chloe left, Mac called Raul, who was still at the club with Billy, and asked him to meet her at Jimmy's.

At Jimmy's, Mac reminisced about the passionate kiss that she had shared with Billy on the bar's counter. Raul arrived. Mac said that she hadn't been completely honest with him. She told Raul that she loved him, but that she was confused about what she wanted. Raul assured Mac that they didn't have to rush into marriage.

Mac started to remove her engagement ring, but Raul implored her not to. Raul told her to keep the ring until she figured things out. Mac said that she was sorry, but that she couldn't marry him. Raul insisted that eventually Mac would come around and marry him. Mac said that she couldn't promise anything. Raul was okay with that, as long as Mac continued to wear her engagement ring.

Billy called Chloe and told her that he wanted to see her and Delia. She told him that she was busy with some Restless Style business and that Delia was at home with Esther, but they could meet later at the Athletic Club.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina told Katherine that Phillip I.V. deserved to know the truth about his father-and that everyone deserved to know the truth about Cane. When Katherine said that they already knew the truth about Cane, Nina reminded Katherine that Cane's DNA test had produced two different results-and that Katherine and Jill chose to believe the result showing that Cane was Jill's son. Nina told Katherine that if Jill and Katherine had fawned over Phillip III as much as they did over Cane, perhaps Phillip III might still be alive.

Home from her shift at the beauty salon, Jill overheard Katherine and Nina talking. Nina said that she needed to make amends to Phillip IV. Nina claimed to have been too nave to have recognized that Phillip III was an alcoholic, and that if she had realized it, she might have been able to save his life. When Nina said that Phillip I.V. would have been better off knowing his father, Katherine said that she understood why Nina had such a difficult time accepting Cane-Katherine felt that Nina saw Cane living Phillip III's life.

Nina said she wouldn't have any trouble accepting Cane-if he was who he said he was. Jill entered the living room and began fighting with Nina, asking her why she was tearing apart Jill's family. Nina told Jill that one could drive a truck through the holes in Cane's story, and she didn't understand why everyone didn't see that.

Nina thought it was pathetic that Jill was finally acting like a mother-to someone who wasn't even her son. Jill told Nina that if Nina tried to sell that "pack of lies," Jill would sue everyone involved with the movie production. Nina said that she was going to do whatever she had to for her son, Phillip IV. Cane walked in and overheard Nina telling Jill that she was going to have Phillip III's body exhumed.

An irate Cane told Nina that her obsession with Phillip III was destroying his family. Nina said that if Cane was who he said he was, he shouldn't have to worry about an exhumation. Cane and Nina began fighting, but Jill and Katherine broke it up. Katherine told Cane that it would be better if he left-that she and Jill could handle things. Cane left.

After Cane was gone, Jill told Nina that Phillip III's body had been exhumed for DNA testing, and the tests confirmed that Jill wasn't his mother. Jill didn't want his body disturbed again. Nina told Jill that there were things that Jill didn't know. Phillip I.V. had a physical before he went to Iraq. Nina had to have the body exhumed, as it could affect the rest of Phillip IV's life.

Nina explained to Katherine and Jill that during his Army physical, the doctors discovered that Phillip I.V. was exhibiting some of the symptoms of Huntington's disease-a fatal, degenerative nervous system disorder. Nina said that Huntington's was a hereditary disease, and could be detected via DNA testing. Nina had herself tested, and the results were negative-she didn't carry the gene for the disease. Nina wanted to have Phillip III's DNA tested, because if his DNA tested negative for the disease, then it was unlikely that Phillip I.V. had it.

Jill asked why Phillip I.V. didn't have himself tested. Nina said that her son was too scared. Jill suggested that they call the lab that had done the DNA testing on Phillip III, as she had asked the lab to save all of the results. The trio agreed that was a great idea, because it might save them from having to have the body exhumed.

As Katherine and Jill watched, Nina called the DNA lab. She told the lab that she was interested in the DNA testing done on Phillip Chancellor III about two-and-a-half years earlier. Nina was shocked when she was told that there was no record at all of testing having been done on a Phillip Chancellor III. Katherine and Jill asked how that could be. Nina said that she was "damned well going to find out."

Cane and Billy ran into each other on the Athletic Club's basketball court. They each realized that the other had a bad day, and played a friendly game of one-on-one. Lily showed up and was pleased to see the brothers getting along. Billy received a call from Chloe and told the Ashbys that he had to leave. After Billy was gone, Cane told Lily that Jill, Katherine, and Nina were fighting. Cane hoped that Jill could get Nina to stop her questioning.

Inside the Athletic Club, Billy, Chloe, and Delia sat at a table. Chloe said that she wanted to work out a visitation schedule for Billy and Delia-she didn't want Billy showing up whenever he felt like it. Billy was slightly offended, but told Delia what a great time father and daughter would have when they visited. Mac entered the club, and, seeing the Abbotts together, put her engagement ring back on. She walked over to the Abbotts' table and told them that Raul had returned to Washington, DC. Mac stared at Billy and told him how happy he looked when he was with Delia.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

At Daniel's apartment, Daniel told Amber, Jana, and Kevin that he needed to tell Phyllis about the art forgery incident. Jana and Daniel were going to meet Michael to discuss the incident. Amber tried to cheer up the nervous Daniel and Jana by telling them that they didn't commit a crime. After Daniel and Jana left, Amber told Kevin that she was concerned about Daniel's fingerprints being on the murder weapon. Agent Aucker, along with two other Department of Justice agents, showed up with a warrant to search the apartment. When Amber asked what they were hoping to find, Aucker said, "For starters, $100,000."

Aucker and the other agents searched the apartment. Amber and Kevin convinced each other that there was no way that either Daniel or Jana would have taken the briefcase full of cash. One of the agents started flipping through Amber's sketchpad. Amber yelled at the agent to be careful. Kevin told Amber to calm down. Amber said that Kevin probably wouldn't be calm when the agents went to search Crimson Lights. Kevin ran out of the apartment.

Daniel stopped by Restless Style to tell Phyllis about the art forgery incident. He said that a phony Department of Justice agent had talked him into forging a stolen work of art. The phony agent tried to sell the painting to Victoria Newman, which got a real Department of Justice agent involved. Daniel told Phyllis that he was going to talk with Michael, "just in case." Phyllis warned Daniel to be careful.

At Jimmy's, Daniel and Jana filled Michael in on what transpired on the night of the shooting. Daniel admitted that he had tossed the gun away from Balfour, the fake Department of Justice agent, after the mysterious masked assailant shot Balfour. Michael realized that was how Daniel's fingerprints ended up on the murder weapon. When questioned by Michael, Daniel and Jana said that they had no idea where the forgery or the briefcase with the $100,000 had ended up. Daniel said that the Department of Justice should be going after the masked assailant, and not him.

Chantal called Michael to advise him that the district attorney's office found a cell phone on Balfour's body, and that the phone's contact list contained Daniel's name and phone number. Daniel said that didn't prove anything, since Daniel had obviously been in contact with Balfour. Michael told Daniel and Jana that they were still suspects in the forgery scheme and in Balfour's murder, and that they should keep their mouths shut until the $100,000 turned up.

Kevin and Amber showed up at Crimson Lights. They discussed the number of times that Kevin had happened upon large sums of money-most recently, the bag of cash that Katherine had left in the coffeehouse. Kevin said that lucky streak was over. When Kevin and Amber went into the back room to get some sugar for her coffee, they found the briefcase, filled with $100,000, that, unbeknownst to all, the masked assailant had stashed there.

Amber said that someone other than Daniel or Jana must have stashed the money there, since Daniel and Jana were above suspicion. Amber and Kevin heard the Department of Justice agents enter the coffeehouse and announce that they had a search warrant. Kevin threw the briefcase in a barrel and covered it with boxes.

Kevin and Amber returned to the main part of the coffeehouse, and nervously watched the agents search the premises. Daniel, Jana, and Michael entered through the patio area. Jana announced that she and Kevin weren't going to be arrested, since there was no proof of their involvement. A horrified Kevin indicated the presence of the federal agents. Agent Aucker walked out of the back room, holding the briefcase. Aucker announced that a briefcase containing $100,000 had been hidden at Jana's workplace, and he ordered Jana and Daniel to be placed under arrest. As Jana and Daniel were cuffed, Michael told them not to say anything.

In their suite at the Athletic Club, Nick and Sharon began to get romantic, but Sharon reminded Nick that they had an appointment with a real estate agent to go house hunting. Before they met with the realtor, Nick had to go to the Restless Style office to pick up Summer, who was going to look at houses with them. Nick told Sharon that he hadn't yet told Phyllis that they were taking Summer house hunting.

Downstairs at the club, Jack and Mary Jane sat down for breakfast. Mary Jane told Jack that she thought they were incredibly compatible. Jack received a phone call from an upset Phyllis and had to leave the table for a moment. Mary Jane spotted Sharon at the bar. She apologized to Sharon for her behavior the other day, when the two women had gotten into an argument at the bar. Sharon accepted Mary Jane's apology. Mary Jane began asking Sharon if it was true that she had reconciled with Nick. When Sharon verified that she had, Mary Jane asked Sharon if Sharon and Jack were definitely a thing of the past.

Sharon wondered why Mary Jane was so interested in her personal life. Mary Jane told Sharon that she was seeing Jack, and was concerned because Phyllis had said that there was hope for Phyllis and Nick's marriage. Mary Jane feared that if the Newmans reconciled, then Sharon might reconcile with Jack. Sharon told Mary Jane that she and Jack were just friends, and warned Mary Jane not to take anything that Phyllis said seriously. Jack walked over to the ladies and asked Sharon if she wanted to join them for breakfast.

Sharon declined Jack's invitation, but asked Mary Jane if she could speak with Jack privately for a moment. Mary Jane said that she would make some calls, but she was actually hiding behind a plant, eavesdropping on Jack and Sharon's conversation. Sharon wanted to make sure that Jack wasn't angry with her. Jack said that he would always care about Sharon. Mary Jane watched as Jack and Sharon hugged. Sharon then warned Jack about Mary Jane, saying that she wanted Jack "free and clear." Mary Jane looked very unhappy when Jack told Sharon that he wasn't ready for a serious relationship with Mary Jane.

At Restless Style, Nick arrived to pick up Summer. Phyllis was upset when she learned that he and Sharon were taking Summer house hunting. Nick said that he didn't want to bring Summer to the Athletic Club for visits, and that he wanted Summer to help pick out a new house. He added that the sooner they were stable, the better. Phyllis said that Nick's leaving his family for his ex-wife was hardly a sign of stability.

Summer had been in the photo studio, getting a "kiddie makeover" from George, the photographer. She ran out into the main office wearing a cute summer outfit. George suggested that Summer be the cover model for the next issue of Restless Style. Initially, Phyllis was opposed, but George and Nick talked her into allowing George to take some test shots.

Mary Jane showed up at the magazine office. From Crimson Lights, Michael called Phyllis to tell her that Daniel had been arrested. An upset Phyllis told Nick about Daniel's arrest. Nick volunteered to drive Phyllis to the police station. Nick asked Mary Jane if she would watch Summer, and Mary Jane agreed. Nick called Sharon and told her to cancel their meeting with the real estate agent.

After Nick and Phyllis left, Summer asked Mary Jane if her mommy was okay. Mary Jane began speaking to Summer as if Summer were an adult-she said that Phyllis and Daddy were acting like husband and wife by supporting each other. She added that "Auntie" Mary Jane was going to take care of everything, and make sure that all the right people ended up together.

At Jimmy's Bar, Cane called Australia and left a message for Langley, saying that Nina was still hunting for answers. Cane asked Langley to call him back as soon as possible. Lily entered from the kitchen and noticed that Cane seemed sullen. She asked Cane if he was still worried that Nina was going to have Phillip III's body exhumed. Cane said that Jill was going to take care of that. Lily insisted on knowing what was wrong.

Cane told Lily about Freddy-a childhood friend of his from Australia. He said that Freddy's mother and father were very much in love, and that he had always wanted to be in a relationship like theirs. Cane told Lily that his relationship with her was very much like Freddy's parents' relationship, although a little voice inside of him had been telling him that he couldn't be loved. Lily assured Cane that she loved him very much, and that she wasn't planning on disappearing-and neither would his family. She reminded Cane that he was a Chancellor-and that would never change.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina and Katherine wondered why the DNA lab didn't have any record of Phillip III's 2007 exhumation. Nina wondered if Jill had "pulled a fast one," and had the records destroyed. Katherine told Nina that Jill had a right to know that Violet Montgomery wasn't in Genoa City on the day that she allegedly gave birth to the child who Jill raised as Phillip Chancellor III.

On the telephone with the DNA lab, Nina was shocked to learn that the doctor who had performed the testing on Phillip's body had been charged with falsifying forensic information in another case. Jill walked into the living room just in time to hear that, and asked where the doctor was. Nina learned from the DNA lab that the doctor had disappeared. Nina got off the phone, and asked Jill if she still thought that there wasn't something strange going on.

Jill was highly insulted by Nina's insinuation, and insisted that Cane was a Chancellor. Nina and Jill began bickering, but Katherine reminded them that the only question that needed to be answered was whether or not the person buried in Phillip III's grave carried the gene for Huntington's disease. Nina said that they had no choice but to exhume the body. Jill said that she didn't want the body of the person she had raised as her son disturbed.

Nina told Jill that, as Phillip III's wife, she had the right to have the body exhumed. Jill vowed to take Nina to court to stop her. Nina reminded Jill that Jill obviously had no objections to the exhumation in 2007, when Cane showed up in Genoa City. Jill said that she was sure that Phillip III didn't have Huntington's disease. Nina said that perhaps Phillip III did have the disease, but was asymptomatic before he died. Nina felt that she owed it to her son to get the body tested even if there was a small chance that Phillip III carried the gene for Huntington's.

Jill agreed, but with one condition. The lab was to test for the genetic marker for Huntington's disease, but was not to test the body's DNA against Jill's. Nina said they should compare the body's DNA to Jill's, to prove who Cane was. Katherine agreed with Jill-they should get the answers that pertained to Phillip IV's health, and anything beyond that was unnecessary.

Nina called the lab to set up the exhumation for the following day. Jill called Cane and explained the situation about Phillip I.V. and the small possibility that he might have Huntington's disease. She told Cane that the only DNA test being performed was to see if the genetic marker for Huntington's disease was present. As soon as they were off the phone, Cane called Langley and left another message for him.

Alone in the living room, Nina called the lab back and said, "This is Nina Webster. Regarding the exhumation-I'd like to order another DNA test."

Friday, June 19, 2009

At Gina's restaurant, Paul and Nikki finished eating dinner. Paul and Nikki discussed Mary Jane had dropping the restraining order against Paul. Paul wondered why Mary Jane had rescinded the restraining order so quickly after having it issued. Just then, Mary Jane walked into the place and asked to speak with Paul. She wanted to explain why she had taken out the restraining order. Paul listened as Mary Jane explained having been harassed by a stalker three years before while in Europe. Mary Jane said that when Paul had asked her about her past, he brought up memories of the stalker that had traumatized her.

Paul apologized to Mary Jane for dredging up bad memories. Mary Jane said that because of the stalker, she had erased all traces of her real identity. That was why Paul found inconsistencies when he investigated Mary Jane Benson. Paul wondered why Mary Jane had a sudden change of heart and was telling him what she wouldn't tell him weeks before. Mary Jane's temper flared and she told him to back off.

While Paul spoke with Mary Jane, Rafe walked over to Nikki. Rafe explained to Nikki that his Aunt Estella was extremely distraught over the Sabrina incidents, as well as Victor firing her. Nikki was sympathetic. Rafe asked Nikki to help Estella by speaking to Victor in Estella's defense.

Nikki tapped on Paul's shoulder to get his attention, then explained to Paul that she was going to the ranch to speak with Victor on Estella's behalf. Paul offered to accompany her, but Nikki said she would see him at home later. When Paul turned back to resume talking with Mary Jane, she had already left the restaurant.

At the Newman ranch, Adam assured Ashley that he had not been responsible for any of the Sabrina incidents. Adam stated that Estella had set him up. Ashley didn't want talk about it, remaining skeptical of Adam. After reminding Ashley how supportive he had been of her, Ashley told Adam to leave her alone.

Upstairs, Victor unlocked the door and looked around Adam's room. Victor examined the data on Adam's laptop computer. Adam walked in and was surprised to see Victor using his computer. Adam asked Victor to stop going through his PC. Victor reminded Adam that Victor was responsible for Adam being freed and Victor would do whatever he wanted to in his house. Victor asked why Adam locked his door. Adam blamed the servants for moving the furniture. Victor scoffed at that notion, not believing Adam for a minute.

Adam said that if Victor continued to treat him like a prisoner, he was prepared to call Heather and return to prison. Victor didn't believe Adam. Victor said he would go to any lengths to protect Ashley and the baby. Victor picked up the phone and dared Adam to call Heather right then and there to return to jail. Adam didn't take the phone.

Victor told Adam that another doctor would examine Adam's eyes. Adam said he wouldn't allow it because his disease was incurable. Victor revealed that he had purchased a company specializing in stem cell research. There was a chance that stem cells could restore Adam's vision. Adam refused Victor's help. Victor asked Adam what kind of game was he playing. Without waiting for a response, Victor announced that Dr. Donahue was going to examine Adam, whether Adam liked it or not.

Downstairs, Ashley welcomed Nikki into the house. Nikki was relieved to hear how well Ashley was doing with her pregnancy. When Nikki told Ashley how ill Estella was over the Sabrina incidents, Ashley didn't believe it. Ashley was certain that Estella was responsible, but Nikki asked Ashley to consider the possibility that Estella was innocent. Ashley revealed that the day before, she and Victor caught Adam playing a recording of Sabrina's voice on his computer. Nikki was sure that Adam was the true culprit. Nikki told Ashley that Adam was a liar and a weasel.

Victor returned to the living room and questioned why Nikki was there. Nikki defended Estella to Victor. Nikki believed that Adam had been gaslighting Ashley, not Estella. Nikki asked Victor to consider the possibility that Adam was guilty and might have been doing these things with an accomplice.

Working on his computer, Adam searched for a way to fool Victor's new doctor into thinking that Adam was going blind. Adam called Dr. Taylor to get him more supplies to inject his eyes with botox. Adam then placed another call to check on a package he had ordered. Adam looked out the window and was relieved that the delivery truck was there.

At the door, Victor took the package from the courier. Victor told Nikki and Ashley that the package was addressed to Ashley Abbott from someone named Jane Smith. He opened the box and handed it to Ashley. When Ashley saw the stone head of the baby from Sabrina's statue, Ashley dropped the box on the floor. Nikki gasped at the sight.

At Jimmy's, Lily saw Cane closing the safe and wondered what he was doing. Cane evaded her question. Lily believed that Cane was probably thinking about Phillip because it was nearly Father's Day. Lily kissed him goodbye to go shopping. Cane called Jill to ask about the status of the exhumation to determine if Phillip had carried the Huntington's disease gene. Jill explained that it was going forward.

Later in the day, Cane placed a call Langley in Australia. When Lily returned suddenly, Cane to hung up before reaching Langley. Lily noticed that Cane was preoccupied. Cane said he wasn't happy about Phillip's exhumation. Lily asked Cane to tell her why the exhumation upset him. Cane said he was afraid he couldn't live up to the memory of Phillip. Lily tried to convince Cane not to be afraid of his past. Lily presented Cane with a Father's Day gift. It was a pair of baseball gloves for their future child, even though she had yet to become pregnant.

At the Chancellor mansion, Kay informed Jill that the workmen were nearly finished with the exhumation of Phillip's coffin. Nina walked in and agreed with Kay and Jill that they all shared the same kind of concerns mothers had for their children. Jill lashed out at Nina for not being upset about the exhumation. Nina defended her love for Phillip before leaving the room.

Kay asked Jill to be kinder to Nina, because they were all emotional about exhuming Phillip's body. Jill blasted Kay for being the cause of all the problems, starting with the baby switch years before. Kay told Jill that Cane's story about Violet being the woman who gave birth to him wasn't true. Paul had investigated and it turned out that Cane's story was wrong. Jill was defensive about Cane. Kay told Jill that Nina had been asking the questions about Cane that they should have asked when Cane first showed up in Genoa City.

Later, Jill was looking at photos of Phillip II and Phillip III. Jill accused Kay of having taken both men from Jill. Kay asked Jill why she could sincerely love Phillip even after learning about the baby switch, but Jill chose not to believe that Kay truly loved Jill like a daughter.

Cane received a call from Jill. Jill explained that Paul had discovered that Violet Montgomery had not been in Genoa City when she claimed to have given birth to Cane. Jill suggested that Cane phone his uncle in Australia to check on Violet's story.

Mary Jane overheard Cane's phone call. Mary Jane gave Cane some unsolicited advice - don't give up. Cane wished he could go back in time a few years. Later, Lily kissed Cane goodbye before going home. Cane responded with a passionate embrace, promising Lily that he would always love her, no matter what happened.

Nina met with Paul at Crimson Lights. Nina asked if Paul could arrange for her to be present at the exhumation. Nina wanted to see Phillip's remains with her own eyes. Nina also declared that Cane Ashby was a fraud. Paul wasn't convinced that Cane was a fake. Paul asked Nina why, if Cane were a con man, he hadn't taken any of Kay's money. Paul made a call for a cop friend and told Nina that she would be allowed to be present when the coffin was opened. Nina was grateful. Nina was determined to compare the DNA on Jill's toothbrush and the DNA from Phillip's body to determine if Cane was their child. Paul said he would help her.

A short time later, Paul and Nina were in the morgue. Paul stood with Nina beside Phillip's coffin. Nina recalled how distraught she had been on the day when Phillip was buried. The morgue technician appeared. Nina said she was ready to see Phillip's remains. When the lid was raised, Nina screamed. The casket was filled with sandbags. Phillip's body was not in the coffin.

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