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A doctor discovered that Adam had puncture wounds in his eye and that Adam was truly going blind. Adam pretended he had romantic feelings for Rafe. Sharon learned that Nick was the father of her unborn baby. Mary Jane intentionally sent Summer into anaphylactic shock.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 22, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, June 22, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was aghast when Ashley opened a package from a sender identified as Jane Smith. Ashley shrieked when she saw a piece of stone carved into the likeness of an infant's head roll out of the box after Ashley dropped the box on the floor. Adam walked in and offered his sympathies to Ashley after Victor explained what had happened. Adam implicated Estella. Nikki defended Estella and suggested that Adam had sent the package.

Nikki approached Ashley after Victor and Adam went upstairs. Nikki told Ashley that she believed that Adam was behind Ashley's haunting episodes. Victor went to Adam's room and questioned him at length. Victor checked to ensure that Adam's ankle monitor was in place. Adam insisted that he hadn't been involved with Ashley's numerous disturbing encounters.

Rafe escorted Estella to the ranch, so she could defend herself. Estella was mortified when she learned about the package containing the stone baby's head that someone removed from the statue of Sabrina. Victor demanded that Rafe and Estella stay put until the authorities arrived. After Detective Wallace arrived, Adam listened via the hidden microphone as Victor described the latest incident involving the package containing the statue's head.

Det. Wallace explained that sending the package through the mail would garner serious charges against the offender. Det. Wallace reported that someone had fabricated the name and address listed as the package's sender, but that forensics was able to lift a fingerprint from the box. Victor immediately ordered Det. Wallace to compare the lifted print to those of Adam, Rafe, and Estella. Estella became distraught, and Rafe refused to allow police to take their fingerprints.

Nikki defended Rafe and Estella. Estella explained that she had gone there so that Victor could hear her side of the story. Estella reluctantly agreed to have her fingerprints taken. Victor returned to Adam's room and told him about the fingerprint on the box. Adam secretly recalled the day Estella delivered some of Victor's belongings to the ranch in the box. Adam also recalled using the box to send a package to Ashley. Adam sardonically agreed to allow police to compare his fingerprints to the one found on the box.

While everyone waited for the fingerprint results, Nikki assured Estella that tests would clear her of all accusations. When Det. Wallace announced that Estella's prints matched, Ashley berated her former maid. Estella complained that Ashley hated her from the beginning because Ashley knew that she could never replace Nikki or Sabrina. Victor ordered Estella to hush, and he ordered Nikki to leave. Estella sobbed pitifully as Det. Wallace arrested her.

Before Rafe left to assist his aunt after her unexpected arrest, he went upstairs to Adam's room. Rafe explained that he could no longer represent Adam as his attorney. Adam feigned shock that Victor had blamed Estella for taunting Ashley. Rafe warned that the person responsible for setting up his aunt would pay. Downstairs, Ashley told Victor that she thought her nightmare would end after Estella left the ranch. Victor stroked Ashley's arm and urged to think only about the baby.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki complained to Paul about Victor and his unreasonable determination to blame Estella for torturing Ashley. Nikki admitted that Victor feared losing Ashley and the baby. Paul reminded Nikki that she still cared for Victor and for Ashley. Paul told Nikki that he had been meeting with a client, but that he couldn't discuss details.

Cane gave Mac the evening off. Mac reminded Cane that Nina had arranged to exhume Phillip's body. After Mac left, Cane phoned someone and left a message. Cane said, "The exhumation's begun. Please call me before I lose everything." Cane studied his passport, opened the safe, and removed a thick stack of cash. Cane recalled reciting his vows to Lily. Cane remembered promising Lily that he would share every moment of his life with her.

Lily arrived at Jimmy's Bar and arranged to eat dinner with Cane. Jill arrived and told Cane that Phillip's corpse was missing. Jill warned that tests had not yet confirmed Cane's genetic relationship, so Nina demanded that Cane submit to another DNA test. As Jill criticized Nina's motives, Cane calmly agreed to submit to another test. After Jill left, Cane told Lily that he might not be a Chancellor. Lily assured Cane that she loved him no matter what his name was.

At the morgue, Paul consoled Nina, who was shocked to see that someone had filled Phillip's casket with sandbags instead of his remains. Nina demanded that the attendant find her dead husband's body. The startled attendant nervously phoned his supervisor. Nina also demanded to know the name of the person who had conducted the initial DNA tests on Phillip's body.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine comforted Jill, who expressed concern that Phillip's body would be disturbed from his grave. Paul phoned and reported that Phillip's body was missing, so DNA tests might never be completed. Nina and Paul arrived and explained that authorities had charged the examiner, who had supposedly conducted the initial DNA tests on Phillip's body, with falsifying results in another case. Jill fumed when Nina added that there was no proof that Cane was a Chancellor.

Paul took a call from the morgue. The morgue attendant reported that tests of the coffin's interior proved that it had never entombed a body. Katherine theorized that unscrupulous persons might have stolen or sold Phillip's body. After Paul left, Nina told Katherine that the missing corpse would prove Cane to be a fraud. Katherine warned Nina that she should be prepared to find out that her suspicions were wrong. Nina suggested that Katherine never switched the babies because Violet Montgomery wasn't in Genoa City at the time the switch reportedly occurred.

Nina suggested that Katherine might have incorrectly recalled the memory of switching the babies after Cane arrived insisting that he was Jill's son. Katherine admitted that she was confused at the time. Nina said that Katherine and Jill's guilt over Phillip's death might also have clouded their memories of what actually occurred. Katherine asked Nina how Cane could have faked his DNA test. Nina said simply that Cane should undergo another DNA test. Jill returned and announced that Cane had readily agreed to be tested.

Jill assured Nina that Cane's test would prove that he was a Chancellor. Nina seemed unfazed. In a stark room, Cane reached into a freezer and retrieved a vial of blood. As a frosty mist rose from the freezer, Cane replaced the lid on the remaining frozen samples. After Cane pocketed the sample, he phoned someone and left another message. Cane said, "It's me again. By the time you get this, I will have done what I have to do. Maybe then, you'll quit running.

At Crimson Lights, Billy paid a waitress to have the patio closed, so he could spend private time with Mac. Billy told Mac that there was no reason they couldn't share a few laughs together. Billy reminisced about his and Mac's antics in high school during their prom. Billy enticed Mac to dance to jukebox music. When Billy tried to kiss Mac, she pulled away. After Billy left, Mac struggled to stifle her strong feelings for Billy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

J.T. was disappointed to see Victoria at the coffeehouse when she should have been home resting. Victoria said she felt she needed to help catch Tomas Balfour to honor Sabrina's memory. J.T. asked Victoria to take it easy.

J.T. tried to talk to Victoria, but she had a faraway look on her face. She had realized that it was Victor and Sabrina's anniversary. She said that she couldn't go to work; she needed to go see her father.

Dr. Taylor told Ashley that everything was fine with her and the baby. Ashley said that Victor would like hearing the great news. Dr. Taylor looked uncomfortable having to tell Victor.

Ashley looked at a photo of Sabrina on the wall. She told Sabrina that everything was fine, that she could finally rest in peace now.

Victor wondered why Adam was surprised that Dr. Donahue was coming when he had already said he was coming. Adam said that he had already given up hope. Dr. Taylor interrupted them to tell Victor that Ashley was doing fine. When Adam and Dr. Taylor were alone, Adam asked if he had brought what he needed.

Dr. Taylor said that it might be worth it to lose his job if Adam went down for what he was doing to Ashley. Adam said that Dr. Taylor had a "self preservation" instinct like he did.

Ashley told Victor that it was a relief to find out that Adam wasn't involved in Sabrina's haunting. Victor said it was hard to believe that Estella had anything to do with it. Ashley knew it was Victor and Sabrina's anniversary and offered him some time alone.

When Ashley left for a prenatal massage, Victor went to Sabrina's statue and wondered what their lives would have been like if she were still alive. Victor said that he would always love Sabrina, but it was time to let her go. He asked his gardener to take the statue away.

Victoria went to Victor to comfort him on the day of his anniversary. Victor said that he felt it was time to let go. He took Sabrina's picture off the wall and said she was no longer there. Victoria was upset that Victor was taking all of Sabrina's things away. She felt that people would love Victor and then he would forget about them entirely.

Victoria told J.T. that Victor was trying to erase all memories of Sabrina. J.T. wondered if there was something more to her feelings. Victoria felt that J.T. didn't understand.

Ashley was happy to see that Victor was moving on from Sabrina. He said that he was ready to start a new life with Ashley and their baby.

Sharon told Nick that she needed to get dressed so they could go house hunting. She asked if Nick would rather be at Daniel's hearing. Nick said that Michael would be there for Daniel, he was all hers.

Sharon and Nick jumped into bed again. Sharon was afraid to tell Nick how happy she was, she was afraid it would all disappear again. Nick said that she wasn't getting rid of him. Nick told her that they were making a new life for everyone. He was reminded of his father, always trying to create a new family. Nick said that someone was always left behind. Sharon said this time they would know what not to do.

Sharon said that she wanted to find a place where everyone felt warm and happy. They saw a room that they thought would be perfect for a nursery. Nick said that Faith would love it. He said that Faith was the name of the baby in their dream.

Jana wished Daniel luck when he walked into his trial. She told Kevin that she was extremely frightened. Kevin said that they would get to home soon. Jana felt that there were many things she should have done differently. Kevin told Jana to stop blaming herself. Kevin was angry with Daniel for not taking Jana's safety into consideration.

Heather asked the judge to deny bail for Daniel considering he was being tried for murder in the first degree. Michael said that Daniel had no reason to commit a crime and requested that bail be assessed accordingly.

The judge said that Daniel's bail would be set at one million dollars. The judge assumed since Daniel was the son of Danny Romalotti and the Newman family that he would have no problem getting bail. Phyllis told Daniel that she would take care of it. Daniel asked his mother not to bail him out.

When it was time for Jana's trial, Michael tried to convince the judge that Jana's bail be set at a reasonable level. Heather brought up that Jana was an admitted murderess. She tried to paint a picture that Jana was involved in the entire plan. The judge decided to deny Jana's bail.

Daniel was in shock to hear that the judge had denied Jana's bail. Kevin told Daniel that he had gotten Jana into trouble, and Daniel needed to fix things. Amber said that they would find out what really happened. Daniel wondered who would want to frame him for murder.

Phyllis went to see Nick to tell him about Daniel. Nick was shocked to hear why Daniel's bail was so high. Phyllis said it was because she was a Newman. She wondered if she could use their account to post bail.

Nick wanted to see Daniel because he was afraid that Daniel might leave town like he had done previously when he was on trial for Cassie's death. Phyllis was angry that Nick didn't trust her son. She said that couldn't believe he was going to lecture her son for running away when that was exactly what Nick was doing.

Adam opened up the syringe and got ready to fill it with the Botox bottle. When he accidentally knocked the bottle to the floor, and broke it, he cried out in frustration.

The man trying to frame Daniel was furious to find out that Daniel would be free on bail.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eden was working at Crimson Lights, filling in for the jailed Jana. Noah stopped by on the way to his Restless Style photo shoot. He told Eden that he wished she, rather than Abby, was doing the shoot with him. Eden laughed and said that there was no way that Abby would allow herself to be replaced by a "social misfit" like Eden. Noah gave Eden a quick kiss before he left. He asked her to stop by Restless Style after she was done with work. He promised to make Abby behave.

Ashley stopped by Restless Style to look at Abby's wardrobe for the photo shoot. Abby had been worried about the strange goings-on at the Newman ranch, but Ashley assured her that since Estella had been arrested, everything was going to be okay. Abby told her mother that she couldn't believe that Estella had done such terrible things. Abby still suspected that Adam was behind everything. Noah showed up for the shoot wearing a "dorky" outfit. Abby wanted to discuss her distrust of Adam, but Ashley cut her off. George, the photographer, hurried Abby and Noah into the photo studio, and Ashley left.

After the shoot, Abby told Noah that she could get used to stylists doing her hair and makeup every day. Noah teased Abby, saying that Victor probably had people doing that for her already. Abby countered by saying that Victor had given Noah a new car for his birthday. They agreed that Victor was great. He said that Victor was around a lot more than Nick. Noah asked Abby to keep a secret -- he told her that he was filing for emancipation from Nick and Sharon.

Abby said that she understood that Noah was sick and tired of being bounced back and forth between Nick and Sharon, but she couldn't understand Noah wanting to live in a one-bedroom apartment eating ramen noodles. Eden showed up and Abby accused her of planting the emancipation idea in Noah's head. Abby started yelling that Eden was ruining Noah's life. Noah shoved Abby into the elevator, pushed the down button, and invited Eden into the photo studio to look at his plaid boxer shorts.

Michael met with Jana at the jail. Kevin showed up a few minutes late. He explained that he had spoken at a high school assembly about his life as the Silver Chipmunk, and the kids loved hearing about it. Michael told the Fishers that it was unfair for Jana to be denied bail due to a past charge -- a charge that had been dropped. Kevin asked how they could get the judge to change her mind and set bail for Jana. Michael suggested, semi-jokingly, that Kevin get all the kids from the assembly to write to the judge. Kevin didn't think it was a good idea to bring attention to his criminal past. Michael left. A depressed Jana showed Kevin her empty wedding ring finger. Kevin promised Jana that she would be out of jail soon, and once again would be allowed to wear her wedding ring.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel and Amber wracked their brains, trying to think of who might hold enough of a grudge against Daniel to frame him for murder. They couldn't think of anyone. Amber thought that perhaps the real murderer was after her -- and that he or she was trying to get Daniel out of the way in order to have a clear shot at Amber. Daniel thought that Amber's theory was ridiculous. When Kevin arrived back from the jail, Daniel apologized for having gotten Jana involved in the art forgery incident. Kevin accepted Daniel's apology. Daniel suggested that perhaps their old thug buddy, Alex, was behind framing Daniel, but Kevin didn't think that Alex was smart enough.

A group of high school girls who had been at Kevin's Silver Chipmunk assembly gawked and giggled when they saw him. The girls told Kevin that they were starting a Silver Chipmunk Club. Eden had a message for Kevin that a peace and wellness retreat had called, and wanted Kevin to be a guest motivational speaker. Kevin said, "Who knew going off the deep end could be a good thing?" Amber told Kevin that she was proud of him -- that he had turned the Silver Chipmunk into an inspirational tool. Kevin's head swelled a bit more when he received word that the Elks Club wanted him to speak at their next leadership seminar.

On the patio, Daniel spoke with Michael, telling his lawyer that he wanted to get his hands on Balfour's cell phone. Michael said that they wouldn't get the cell phone until the discovery phase of the trial. He warned Daniel not to do anything illegal to get the phone, lest Daniel risk his bail. Michael left to meet with the judge.

After Michael left, Daniel tried to talk Kevin into breaking into the police department's evidence locker and taking Balfour's cell phone. Kevin thought the idea was crazy, and refused to consider it. Daniel reminded Kevin that Jana had stood by him during the Silver Chipmunk incident, and would have "walked over hot coals" for Kevin. Daniel said he hoped that Jana never found out that Kevin didn't do the same thing for her.

Amber entered her own name into an Internet search engine and several entries appeared. She noticed that she had received a lot of on-line messages from an anonymous admirer. Amber texted her friend Ali, who had appeared with Amber on some Internet porn sites, to see if Ali had received messages from the same anonymous admirer.

At the courthouse, Michael ran into Heather. Heather smugly told Michael that she had spoken to the judge, and the judge was re-opening Jana's previous murder case. Michael was livid. Michael told Jana what Heather was doing. Jana actually defended Heather's actions, and said that Jana had gotten off too easy for having killed Carmen. Michael reminded Jana that her brain had been affected by a tumor when she committed that murder. Michael commended Jana for turning Kevin's life around, and told her that he was going to pull out every trick in the book to make sure that Heather didn't succeed in sending Jana to prison.

Heather showed up at the Newman ranch to visit Adam. Dr. Donahue, Adam's new ophthalmologist, arrived shortly afterwards, and Victor introduced Heather to the doctor. As Heather headed up to Adam's room, Victor told Dr. Donohue that, if he could help Adam regain his eyesight, then it would have been worth the price of buying Donahue's research company.

In his bedroom, a frantic Adam was on the telephone with Dr. Taylor, trying to get a vial of botulinum toxin to replace the one that Adam had broken. The doctor told Adam that he had a surgery to perform, but Adam said to drop his "stupid surgery" and get him another vial immediately. Adam hung up the phone and Heather entered, telling Adam that Dr. Donahue was downstairs, waiting to see him.

Adam was annoyed with the news, and told Heather that he was tired of being poked and examined. Heather tried to be upbeat, telling Adam that perhaps Dr. Donahue could help him. Adam said that he refused to go through another examination. He pointed to his ankle monitor and said that he was no better than a dog with a collar. Adam told Heather that if she loved him, she would remove the ankle bracelet so that they could be together.

Adam grabbed a knife and tried to cut the ankle monitor off. Heather took the knife away from him, and asked him why he would want to leave when there might finally be some hope. Adam said that he was on edge because Victor had suspected him of being Ashley's tormentor.

Heather left for the courthouse. She passed Victor as he entered Adam's bedroom. Victor told Adam that the doctor was waiting to examine him. Adam asked Victor why he hated him -- and why he was once again setting Adam up to fail. Victor said that he wanted to give Adam an opportunity to regain his sight -- an opportunity that Hope never had. He ordered Adam downstairs.

As Adam walked down the stairs, he overheard Victor asking Dr. Donahue if there was any way that Adam could have been faking his blindness. Donahue said that it was possible, but that his hi-tech, sophisticated equipment would be able to detect if Adam were faking.

Ashley arrived home, and, in the solarium, put Victor's hand on her stomach to see if he could feel the baby kicking. Victor said that he couldn't. In the living room, Dr. Donahue was concluding Adam's eye examination. When Ashley and Victor went into the living room, Dr. Donahue said that the examination had been a waste of time -- and that he had discovered something disturbing. The doctor informed them that Adam had puncture wounds in his cornea -- and it appeared that he had been injecting something into his eyes!

A shocked Victor grabbed Adam and said, "That's why you didn't want to see the doctor! You're a sick monster. You're going back to prison for torturing Ashley." Adam said that he would tell them the truth, and then proceeded to lie. He said that while he was in prison, a group of inmates had jumped him and injected something into his eyes. Dr. Donahue then told the group that Adam had, for some time, been suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, the same eye disease that Hope had. Adam, realizing that he was actually going blind, was stunned.

Adding insult to injury, the doctor told Adam that, because his eye muscles had been so badly injured by the injections, he wouldn't be able to participate in Donahue's study. Victor asked for a prognosis. The doctor said that Adam would eventually go permanently blind.

Later, after Adam had returned to his room, Victor told Ashley that he should have gotten Adam out of prison sooner. They agreed that the one silver lining was that it proved that Adam wasn't the person tormenting Ashley.

A depressed Adam sat alone in his bedroom. Ashley stopped by and told him that she and Victor would help him get through the situation, adding that Victor felt terrible about ever suspecting Adam of tormenting her. Ashley begged Adam to let her be there for him -- just as he had been there for her during the past few months. Adam hugged Ashley and began crying uncontrollably.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Noah asked Rafe for advice on how to have himself declared an emancipated minor. Rafe told Noah that he would have to show the court that he could support himself, and that he had a place to live. Noah asked Rafe if he would help him. Rafe said to stop by his office to discuss the situation.

At the Athletic Club, Nick called Noah and told him to meet him and Sharon there. Nick and Sharon thought that the house on Rampart Lane was perfect for them, Noah, and their new baby. Sharon reminded Nick that the results of the paternity test on her unborn child would be available soon. Nick was still convinced that Sharon was carrying his child, a girl, just as Cassie had predicted.

After Noah arrived, Nick and Sharon told him that they had reconciled for "the long haul," and that buying a new house would give them a fresh start. Noah said that he didn't want to move into the new house with them and act as if they were a big, happy family. Nick asked Noah if he was going to continue to "mooch" off of Victor. Noah informed his parents that he was filing for emancipation.

Nick told Noah that filing for emancipation was not an easy process. Sharon reminded her son that he hadn't been abused, and suggested that they participate in family therapy. Nick wondered if Noah wanted his own place so that he could spend more time with Eden. Noah became irate at Nick's suggestion, and told Nick and Sharon that they didn't have a clue.

Nick and Sharon bickered with Noah about whether he was old enough to live on his own. Noah said that Nick and Sharon were hypocrites, since they had married when they were teenagers. Noah said that Nick and Sharon couldn't even run their own lives, let alone his.

Jack, having overheard much of the conversation, approached Nick, Sharon, and Noah's table, and told Noah that emancipation was "serious stuff." Jack asked if he could have a few minutes to speak with Noah alone. At the bar, Jack told Noah that most kids would do anything to have their parents reconcile. Noah said that he wanted to get as far away from Nick and Sharon as possible. Jack asked Noah to hold off on making a decision for a few weeks.

Noah promised to take Jack's advice under consideration, and then left. Jack walked back to Nick and Sharon's table and learned that the lab had just called-the results of the paternity test were in. Before leaving, Jack told Sharon that he hoped that her wish came true, and that Nick was the father of her child.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Nikki joined Victoria and J.T. for coffee. Nikki was on her way to the courtroom for Estella's arraignment. Nikki insisted that Adam had framed Estella, and Victoria said that she wouldn't put it past Adam. J.T. wasn't convinced that Adam was the culprit. He reminded Nikki and Victoria that even if Adam had perfect eyesight, he still wore an ankle bracelet so that the police could easily monitor his movements. When Nikki suggested that perhaps Adam had an accomplice who mutilated Sabrina's statue, Victoria became upset and said that she didn't want to discuss anything about Sabrina-she felt as if they were spitting on Sabrina's grave. When Victoria left to get a refill, J.T. told Nikki that Victoria had been touchy ever since Victor had Sabrina's statue and sketch removed from the ranch.

At the Newman ranch, Victor called Victoria and asked her to stop by. Ashley entered the living room and told Victor that she was going into town to join Jack for lunch. Victor warned Ashley against attending Estella's arraignment-he thought it might be too stressful for her. Victor seemed skeptical about the strength of the evidence against Estella, but Ashley thought that the case was airtight.

Adam entered through the front door and Victor asked him where he had been. Adam explained that he had taken a walk to get some fresh air. Victor told Adam that he was sorry that Adam couldn't participate in Dr. Donahue's stem cell research study. Adam acted stoic, saying that he had always known that he might go blind. Victor said that he would "leave no stone unturned" in an effort to cure Adam's blindness.

Adam called Heather and asked her to pay him a visit. When Heather arrived, she asked Adam what was wrong, as he had sounded upset on the phone. Adam told Heather that he was definitely blind-and that it was Victor's fault. He repeated his lie to Heather, telling her that inmates had jumped him in prison and had used hypodermic needles to inject his eyes with something. Adam said that if Victor had gotten him out of prison earlier, that attack would not have happened. Heather said that Victor probably wished that he had gotten Adam out of prison sooner. Adam said that it was too late for Victor to feel guilty.

Heather reminded Adam that no matter how much he hated Victor, he was still living in a comfortable home, with access to the best medical care available. When Adam complained that he felt like he was in prison, Heather told him that he would be paroled one day, and that she would be waiting for him. She said that Adam was a beautiful, talented, young man, and that she loved him. Heather and Adam made love.

The Hellstroms arrived at the Newman ranch. Victor apologized to Victoria for hurting her feelings by having Sabrina's sketch and portrait removed. Victor asked Victoria if she wanted to rebuild the Newman Art Foundation. He felt that the foundation would keep Sabrina's legacy alive. Obviously thrilled with the idea, Victoria hugged her father, and said that she would make Sabrina proud.

When Victoria left to take a phone call, Victor and J.T. discussed Estella's arrest. J.T. told Victor that Nikki was convinced that Estella had been framed. J.T. wondered whether Mary Jane Benson might be involved. J.T. had been suspicious of Mary Jane since he had found her unaccompanied, wandering around the ranch. J.T. said that he still didn't believe Mary Jane's story that she had been sightseeing. Victor asked J.T. to follow up on Mary Jane's story. J.T. called the guardhouse and learned that Mary Jane had been a regular visitor to the ranch. Victor said that he would handle the situation.

J.T. and Victoria returned to Crimson Lights. She told J.T. how excited she was to start rebuilding the Newman Art Foundation's collection. Victoria said she was going to try to buy back the pieces that Victor had given away, beginning with a Koons sculpture that Sabrina had loved. Victoria told J.T. that a private dealer was selling it. She made a phone call regarding the Koons piece. The assistant answered after he had told his mysterious, unseen boss the news that Daniel Romalotti had been granted bail-news that had upset the unseen boss. The assistant told his boss that Victoria Newman was on the line, and handed the phone to the mystery man.

In the hallway at the courthouse, Estella told Nikki that the ordeal was a nightmare for her, and added that Nikki and Sabrina had always been very kind to her. Estella wondered how Ashley could suspect her. Nikki told Estella that Ashley was frightened and misguided. Ashley showed up and said that she suspected Estella because Estella was trying to drive her insane. Estella proclaimed her innocence, but Ashley said that the evidence proved otherwise.

Nikki sent Estella into the courtroom to talk with Rafe. After Estella was gone, Nikki told Ashley that she was sure that Adam had set up Estella. She reminded Ashley that Adam, and not Estella, had reason to get revenge on Victor and those he loved. Ashley said that she wouldn't listen to another bad word about Adam-the man who had looked out for her and her unborn child.

Ashley added that all the evidence pointed to Estella, and wondered what more Nikki wanted. Rafe walked up behind Ashley and Nikki and said, "Justice for my aunt." Rafe said that the evidence was a joke, and warned Ashley that she and Victor would end up compensating Estella for emotional distress. Rafe, Ashley, and Nikki headed into the courtroom.

Before the judge, Rafe argued that Estella was a poor woman, and the evidence against her was circumstantial, at best. Heather said that the district attorney's office had no objection to minimal bail as long as Estella obeyed the restraining order to stay away from the Newmans. The judge set bail at five thousand dollars, and Rafe assured his aunt that she would be out within the hour. As Estella was led out of the courtroom, Ashley warned her not to try anything.

After the hearing, Nikki told Rafe her theory that it was Adam, and not Estella, who had been tormenting Ashley. At first, Rafe denied that Adam was involved, since he was blind. Nikki told Rafe that Adam had lied to her the night of the storm-Adam had told Nikki that Ashley was out with Jack, when Ashley was actually in the Newman house. Nikki then told Rafe about Sabrina's recorded voice playing on Adam's laptop. A surprised Rafe realized that was why Victor had requested Adam's prints, as well as Rafe and Estella's, to be compared to the prints on the box containing the severed statue head. Nikki said that Victor didn't trust Adam, especially since Adam had forged Victor's diary. Nikki reminded Rafe that he had defended Adam, and asked him if he thought that Adam would gaslight Ashley if it served Adam's own purposes.

In Mary Jane's hotel suite, she told her stuffed cat that she and Jack were soul mates. Jack knocked at the door, and Mary Jane hid the cat. Jack asked Mary Jane to tell him about the important Jabot business that she had called about. Mary Jane took off her dress, and stood there wearing nothing but her bra and panties. She asked Jack what could be more important than keeping the CEO of Jabot happy.

After Mary Jane and Jack made love, Mary Jane fantasized that Jack told her that he was falling in love with her. Back to reality, Mary Jane watched as Jack checked his phone messages. She asked if any of the messages had come from Phyllis. Jack wanted to know why she would think that. Not answering the question, Mary Jane began putting her hands all over Jack, but he stopped her and pushed her away.

After Jack dressed, Mary Jane suggested that they stay in her hotel suite and work there. Jack said that he would be too distracted. He also wanted to make sure that they were on the same page about their relationship-it was just "fun and games," nothing serious. After Jack left, Mary Jane retrieved her stuffed cat and told it that she could feel it-that Jack would soon realize that he couldn't live without her.

Victor called Mary Jane and told her to meet him at the ranch. He warned her not to come to the house-he said that guards would meet her at the gate and escort her to the garden. Adam listened to Victor's side of the conversation while standing on the staircase.

Mary Jane met Victor in the garden where Sabrina's statue had stood. He accused her of breaking boundaries, but she said that she didn't know what he was talking about. Victor said that she had been wandering around on his property and insinuating herself into his family. He asked Mary Jane if she thought she could get away with stabbing him in the back.

Victor asked Mary Jane if the garden looked familiar. Mary Jane denied having seen it before. Adam hid behind a tree and listened to Victor and Mary Jane's conversation. Victor told Mary Jane about the severed statue head that had been sent to Ashley. A confused Mary Jane wondered why Victor would suspect her of having sent it. As Adam continued to listen, Victor sinisterly reminded Mary Jane that her only job in Genoa City was to keep an eye on Jack.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Over lunch at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon complained to Nick that she was impatient about the paternity test results and wished her doctor had told her over the phone. Nick assured her they could wait a couple of hours until her appointment. Nick reiterated his commitment to Sharon and the baby, no matter who was the actual father. Nick said it was the perfect day to hear the news about the paternity, because it was the anniversary of the first time Nick proposed to Sharon.

Later on, Sharon mentioned that she was disappointed that Noah wasn't happy about their reconciling and buying a new home. Instead, Noah wanted to be emancipated from Nick and Sharon. Nick believed that Noah would come around in time. Sharon wished they could reconcile without hurting others. Nick admitted that Summer freaked out every time Nick left her, but that once the new baby was born, Summer would be glad. Nick apologized again for the mistakes he made in the past by not being there for Sharon. Sharon told Nick they needed to look to the future.

At Restless Style, Mary Jane noticed a photo of Phyllis and Nick, saying that Phyllis looked very happy with Nick. Phyllis said she had been happy with Nick, but she knew those days were behind her. Charlotte, the babysitter, took Summer to the office. Summer reached for a package of cookies on Phyllis' desk. Phyllis stopped her, checking to see if the cookies contained peanuts. They did, and because Summer was allergic to peanuts, Phyllis threw them in the garbage can.

Jack walked into the magazine's office to visit Phyllis, but was surprised to see Mary Jane. Jack said hello to Mary Jane, but then asked to speak with Phyllis privately. Jack told Phyllis that Sharon would be learning the results of the paternity test later in the day. Phyllis was reminded of the time when she and Jack awaited the results of Summer's paternity test. Phyllis told Jack that karma was a bitch. Jack was hopeful that the results of Sharon's test would prove that Jack was the father. Phyllis apologized for being insensitive to Jack's feelings.

While Summer drew a picture, Mary Jane said that Nick needed to return to Phyllis so that Phyllis would stop crying on Jack's shoulder. Mary Jane plotted for a way to make that happen.

As Jack listened intently, Phyllis reflected on how Nick and Sharon had been drawn together for months, but Phyllis had been in denial about their attraction. Phyllis told Jack how awkward it had been for her to ask Nick for the money for Daniel's bail. Jack asked Phyllis why she hadn't turned to him. Mary Jane overheard Jack telling Phyllis to go to him in the future if Phyllis needed anything. Mary Jane blanched as she heard Jack telling Phyllis that she could always count on him, and Mary Jane had a flash of memory, recalling Jack making love to Phyllis. Mary Jane then retrieved the peanut cookies from the garbage can and put them in her purse.

While Phyllis looked at Summer's drawing, Mary Jane told Jack she wished there was something they could do to cheer up Phyllis. Mary Jane invited Jack to dinner so they could discuss the matter. Jack agreed, but when Jack turned to Phyllis and again reiterated his support for her any time she needed him, Mary Jane was upset. Mary Jane took a bite from one of the peanut cookies, then asked Summer to give her a big kiss goodbye. Summer responded by kissing Mary Jane on the lips.

At the ranch, Adam called the the Athletic Club in hopes of finding out Mary Jane's last name. When Victor walked into the room, Adam hung up. Adam asked what happened at the arraignment. Victor explained that Estella was out of bail, but the restraining order was still in effect. Victor also told Adam that Ashley was in town having dinner with Abby and Noah.

After Victor left, Adam took some things from under his bed. Adam spoke to a photo of his mother, Hope, asking her how she had coped with being blind. Adam admitted that he wasn't as strong as Hope had been. Adam also said he had never meant to hurt Ashley's baby. Adam only wanted to mess with Ashley's mind. Adam complained that Hope should have never put him in touch with Victor, because Victor was not a good man.

Adam said Victor was a liar because Adam had heard Victor speaking with a woman outside his window, plotting against Jack. Adam didn't care about Jack, but Jack was Ashley's brother and Victor claimed to love Ashley. Adam believed the sick, twisted part of his soul was his inheritance from Victor. Adam looked at Sabrina's dress and the black wig, the props he had used to gaslight Ashley. Adam realized that without a lock on his door, Adam had to hide the evidence somewhere else.

There was a knock on Adam's door and Rafe asked Adam to let him in. Adam hid the evidence just before Rafe walked in. Rafe said he was there to talk to Adam about Estella. Rafe believed that anyone could have placed the tape recorder in Estella's blazer and that she had delivered a box to Victor's that could have been re-used to ship the statue head. Adam wondered who could do that to Estella, prompting Rafe to ask Adam who he thought would do such a thing.

Adam told Rafe he couldn't be guilty because Adam was nearly blind. Adam also explained that all the Newmans hated him and believed the worst of Adam. Adam told Rafe that Victor's new doctor had diagnosed Adam's condition as much worse than before. Adam asked Rafe how he could believe that Adam would do anything to hurt Ashley. Rafe declared that Estella was innocent.

Adam questioned Rafe, asking him how Adam could have accomplished those things with an ankle monitor and not being able to drive a car. Rafe suggested that Adam hired someone, perhaps someone he met in prison. Adam declared he was completely broke, that Victor had returned all the money from the book deal to the publisher. Adam vehemently denied any part in the Sabrina incidents. Rafe said that if Adam were telling the truth, he wouldn't mind Rafe searching the room.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe called Billy, but got his voicemail. A short time later, Esther called and Chloe arranged for her mother to pick up Delia so Chloe could go to the gym.

Billy was in a suite at the Athletic Club. Mac knocked on the door and Billy showed Mac that he had arranged a romantic dinner for two. Mac was reluctant to stay, but Billy pointed out that he had ordered all her favorite dishes. Billy promised that they would just talk, there were no hidden agendas. Mac wondered about hidden agendas when she saw the bed in the middle of the room, but Billy laughed it off.

Mac asked Billy what he had been doing while he was living in Miami. Billy said that he'd been a bartender. Mac thought that bartending was a waste of Billy's talents. Billy and Mac related to each other about working at stress-free jobs like bartending after doing relief work, Billy after Hurricane Katrina, and Mac in Darfur. Billy admitted missing Mac in his life, prompting Mac to confess that she had broken her engagement to Raul. Billy asked why Mac was still wearing his ring. Mac said she was scared of what Billy would do if he knew she was free, and Mac was scared of what she might do, as well. Mac took off the ring and placed it on the table.

Billy wasn't sorry that Mac and Raul were not getting married. Mac said ever since she gone home and found out that Billy had married Chloe, she couldn't stop thinking of Billy. Billy said he hadn't stopped thinking of Mac in the six years they'd been apart. Mac reminded Billy that he was married and had a child with Chloe. Billy said he and Chloe were separated and Chloe had thrown her wedding ring in his face. Billy forced Mac to come clean with him and admit her true feelings for him. Mac said that she loved Billy. Billy kissed Mac passionately.

Victor joined Sharon and Nick at the Athletic Club bar, commenting on how Sharon was glowing, just like Ashley. Nick told his father he was ready for their business meeting. Sharon thanked Victor for not judging her based on her erratic actions of the previous few months. Victor told Sharon she was family and that was the most important thing. Nick told Victor they would be getting the paternity results soon. Victor offered to go to the meeting alone, but Sharon assured Victor that Nick had time before their appointment. Sharon arranged to meet Nick at the hospital where her doctor had his office.

Later on, after the business meeting, Nick told Victor about his dream, the one in which Cassie told Nick that he and Sharon would have a daughter together. Nick said that even though Cassie was not his biological child, she couldn't have been more Nick's child. Nick said no matter what the test results, that was how Nick felt about Sharon's unborn baby. Victor said he had faith in Nick.

A while later, Mary Jane and Jack walked into the Athletic Club and saw Victor at the bar. Jack took a crack at Victor for shutting down the Cayman Islands bank. Jack re-introduced Mary Jane to Victor. Mary Jane coyly reminded Victor of a meeting they'd had when they talked about a whistle-blower who exposed a corrupt CEO. Victor knew that Mary Jane was subtly threatening to expose Victor's activities to Jack. Victor warned Mary Jane that people should never risk more than they could afford. Jack watched Victor walk out, completely puzzled by his response to Mary Jane.

In the car, Nick received a call from Sharon to meet him at the hospital chapel. Sharon told him the doctor had been called into an emergency, but the nurse had given her the genetic test results and the baby was fine. Sharon had the paternity test results in an envelope and would wait to open it when Nick arrived.

Back at Restless Style, Phyllis reentered the main room and called out to Summer, saying that it was time to leave. When Summer didn't answer, Phyllis discovered Summer passed out on the floor. Phyllis screamed for help.

While Jack and Mary Jane contemplated what to order for dinner, Chloe approached their table to say hello. Jack asked how Delia was doing and promised to visit his niece. Jack asked Chloe if she knew where Billy was, because Jack had not been able to reach him all day. Chloe had no idea where Billy was. Jack explained that if Chloe did reach him, the paternity test was due that day, and Billy might want to know the results. Mary Jane listened intently.

Chloe went to the bar and ordered a glass of water. Chloe overheard a room service waiter bragging that Mr. Abbott in Room 437 had given him a $100 tip. Chloe realized that the Mr. Abbott in 437 was Billy.

Upstairs in room 437, Mac stopped kissing Billy and told him they couldn't continue because Billy had to try to make his marriage work for Delia's sake. Billy said that annulling his marriage from Mac had been a mistake. Billy believed that all the obstacles in their way were gone. Mac confessed that she was too scared to hope they could ever be together again. Billy was scared, too, but he was more afraid to pass up this chance at a do-over. Mac was convinced and kissed Billy urgently. They fell onto the bed just as there was a knock on the door.

Billy opened the door and Chloe entered, asking Billy why he hadn't answered his phone. Chloe saw Mac buttoning her blouse and jumping off the bed. Chloe turned to Billy to tell him that the paternity results were due later that day. Mac asked if Chloe was pregnant. Chloe said no, then asked if Billy had told Mac that he might be the father of Sharon's baby. Mac looked shocked and Billy glared at Chloe.

At the hospital chapel, Sharon couldn't wait any longer. She opened the envelope, read the results of the test, and thanked God. Sharon said that Cassie's dream had come true, because Sharon was having a little girl with Nick. Sharon looked up and told Cassie that she hoped it meant that wherever Cassie was, she was at peace. Sharon said she felt blessed and couldn't wait to see the look on Nick's face when she told him that they were having a daughter.

Still driving to the hospital, Nick answered his phone when Phyllis called. Phyllis told him that Summer was in shock after eating a peanut cookie. Phyllis said she had thrown them out, but Summer must have eaten one. In the office, the paramedics were working on Summer while Phyllis told Nick that their daughter had stopped breathing. Phyllis cried that Summer was not breathing and they were taking Summer to the hospital. Nick said he would meet Phyllis there.

In Mary Jane's hotel room, Jack admitted it had been a long, stressful day. Mary Jane said she knew how to relieve his stress and began undressing Jack. Mary Jane asked Jack to get some ice so they could have a drink. When Jack left the room, Mary Jane phoned Victor to say she had Jack just where she wanted him. Victor told Mary Jane her attempt at a power play at the bar had been a ridiculous move. Victor moved Mary Jane to town to get Jack where Victor wanted him, and Mary Jane had better remember that.

Upstairs in Adam's room, Rafe was looking in the closet while Adam shoved the box under the bed. Adam couldn't believe that Rafe, of all people, didn't trust him. Adam grabbed Rafe to stop him from looking around the other side of the room. Adam then began stroking Rafe's clothes and saying that Adam believed there was more to their relationship than just a lawyer and a client. Adam touched Rafe's lips and said that he had feelings for Rafe. Adam put his hands on Rafe's face and asked Rafe if he had feelings for him, too.

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