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Adam slept with Rafe. Mary Jane's true identity was revealed as Patty Williams. Summer fell into a coma. Cane faked a DNA test with a sample of Phillip's blood. Phillip revealed himself to his family. Sharon told everyone that Jack was the father of her baby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 29, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, June 29, 2009

In the hospital's chapel, Sharon praised God for giving her and Nick a baby daughter. Sharon felt that the baby was a sign from Cassie that her parents should be together. Sharon couldn't wait to share the good news with Nick and wondered where he was. When Sharon checked her phone, she learned that Nick had left a message. Nick explained that a very ill Summer had been rushed to the hospital.

Summer remained in a coma after suffering an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts in cookies that Mary Jane purposely ate just before she kissed Summer on the lips. Nick arrived, and Phyllis insisted she had thrown out the cookies after she realized they could pose a threat to their daughter. Phyllis pleaded with Summer to open her eyes. Phyllis cried as she showed Nick the colorful bracelet Summer had made for her as a gift. Nick suddenly experienced a disturbing flashback and recalled a dying Cassie hooked to a ventilator.

Phyllis pleaded with Nick to talk to Summer. Nick hovered over his ill daughter and spoke gently to her. Nick stepped out to phone Victor about Summer's grave condition. Phyllis requested no visitors until Summer's crisis stabilized. Sharon approached Summer's exam room and peeked into the window. Phyllis sobbed pitifully, so Nick offered a comforting embrace. Sharon observed and quickly walked away. Summer's doctor worried that she might have suffered permanent brain damage from lack of oxygen and ordered tests on Summer's brain.

Phyllis calmly assured her unresponsive daughter that everything would be all right. Phyllis sobbed as Summer was wheeled away. Sharon returned to the chapel to reassess her alternatives. Sharon wondered if she had been wrong about the baby being a sign from Cassie. Sharon asked God if Summer was being punished because Sharon and Nick slept together while he was married to Phyllis. Sharon feared that forcing Nick to choose her over Summer and Phyllis would destroy him. Sharon asked God how she could help ease Nick's suffering.

Sharon promised to do whatever she could to ensure that God would save Summer. Sharon returned to Summer's room and peered into the window. As Summer underwent testing, Phyllis worried that Nick would blame her for what had happened to Summer. Nick warmly embraced Phyllis. Nick told Phyllis that his emotions were frozen when he first saw Summer in a coma. Nick recalled that he had been useless to his loved ones when Cassie died, and he insisted that he would be strong and support Phyllis through whatever happened.

Nick promised Phyllis that Summer would awaken. After Phyllis stepped away to freshen her face, Nick saw Sharon through the window. Nick stepped out and told Sharon that Summer might have suffered brain damage. Nick asked about the paternity results. Sharon lied and said that she hadn't read the report. Sharon insisted that Nick and Phyllis concentrate their energies on Summer's recovery. As Nick returned to Summer's bedside, Sharon blew him a kiss.

After Summer underwent further tests, the doctor reported that permanent brain damage couldn't be ruled out. The doctor promised to do all that he could to ensure Summer's full recovery. After the doctor was called away, Phyllis hovered over Summer's motionless body. Phyllis fervently prayed that God would allow Summer to run, play, and smile again. Nick prayed that God would not take their little girl.

At the Newman ranch, Rafe visited Adam in his room to discuss their burgeoning personal relationship. Rafe quickly responded to Adam's romantic overtures and tenderly stroked Adam's face. Victor almost made an impromptu visit, but Ashley unknowingly intervened and lured Victor to their bedroom. After Nick phoned, Victor told Ashley about Summer. Ashley was concerned, but Victor insisted that she concentrate on her well-being and that of the baby's.

After Adam seduced Rafe, Adam grew emotionally distant. Rafe acknowledged Adam's uneasiness. After Rafe left, Adam summoned Heather. Adam quickly kicked a box under his bed when Heather knocked on the door. Adam was drying himself with a towel after showering when Heather walked in. Heather tried to tell Adam that Victor and Ashley seemed upset, but Adam wouldn't listen. Adam hungrily scooped Heather into his arms and kissed her on the lips.

Heather seemed baffled by Adam's overwhelming desire and asked, "Where did that come from?" After Heather and Adam made love, Heather claimed that she had pressing business and had to leave. After Heather left, Adam sighed deeply. Rafe phoned. Adam answered, but he remained reserved and uncommunicative. Rafe explained that he was trying to give Adam some space. Rafe added that he felt the same way that Adam did.

Downstairs, Victor told Ashley that he was dealing with an employee who had acted without supervision. After Ashley stepped away, Victor phoned Mary Jane, who didn't answer. When Ashley returned, Victor abruptly left, explaining that he had to settle some business. Before Heather left, she spoke to Ashley. Ashley asked about Estella. Heather explained that Estella's nephew, Rafe, had unduly allowed his personal feelings for his aunt to influence his defense strategy. Heather assured Ashley that the law was quickly closing in on whoever was responsible for tormenting her.

Victor let himself into Mary Jane's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Victor quickly glanced around his wayward employee's quarters. Noticing a lump under a pillow on the sofa, Victor lifted the pillow and discovered Mary Jane's preserved pet cat, Kitty, sitting stiffly, with its glass eyes staring blankly into space. Victor waved his hand before the cat's frozen face and realized that the animal was a macabre substitution for a pet. Victor seemed taken aback.

In Billy's suite at the club, Chloe ran Mac off after she spilled the beans about Billy's affair with Sharon. Chloe added that Billy's indiscretion could have made him the father of Sharon's unborn child. After Mac stormed out, Billy fought the urge to run after her. Frustrated, Chloe taunted Billy and asked, "The issue is Sharon and the baby. Are you an uncle, a daddy, or an SOB, who just got off the hook?" Billy told Chloe that her aim was to trash his life. Chloe laughed off Billy's claim that she expected him to make passionate love to her after Mac departed.

Billy told Chloe that Mac had broken her engagement to Raul. Chloe convinced Billy that he should await the paternity results instead of chasing after Mac. After Billy left, Mac returned for her cell phone. Mac reminded Chloe that she hadn't chased Billy. Chloe insisted that she loved Billy, but that he wasn't comfortable with her because she saw him for what he truly was. What Billy needed, Chloe claimed, was a firm grip on reality. Chloe advised Mac that she couldn't change Billy simply by making him a better person, because Billy needed to accept and uphold his responsibilities.

In Mary Jane's suite at the club, Jack attempted to make love to Mary Jane. Mary Jane surmised that Jack's overtures were his mode of distraction as he awaited the results of paternity tests conducted on Sharon's baby. Mary Jane effectively cooled Jack's passion and entreated him to discuss his feelings. Mary Jane predicted that there would soon be one less person leaning on Jack. Mary Jane maintained that Nick and Phyllis needed only a nudge in order to reconnect. Jack insisted that he was concerned about Billy.

At Jimmy's Bar, Jack joined Billy as he chugged beer and chasers. Jack and Billy both awaited Sharon's decisive announcement. Jack told Billy that Sharon's child was a miracle, and that he desperately wanted to be the baby's father. Jack berated Billy for acting as if he needed to drown his sorrows with booze in order to handle Sharon's life-changing news. Billy speculated that Sharon certainly didn't wish for him to be her baby's father. After some time passed, Billy became aware that Sharon hadn't contacted him or Jack.

Billy was enthusiastically relieved to realize that he must not be the father of Sharon's baby. Jack seemed hopelessly discouraged because he, too, believed that he wasn't the father. Billy consoled Jack. Sharon walked in. Billy and Jack were stunned to see her. Sharon approached the men and told Jack that she knew he would be with Billy to lend moral support.

Sharon announced that she was pregnant with a baby girl. Billy became panic-stricken. Jack was on edge. Both men held their breath until Sharon named Jack as the father. At a nearby table, Mary Jane covertly overheard Sharon's announcement. Mary Jane looked crestfallen as she neurotically twirled her hair between her fingers.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cane received a call and told the caller that he needed to reach Langley urgently. Lily overheard and wondered what was so urgent. Cane made up an excuse and went back to work. Lily checked Cane's phone and noticed that all of his calls were made to Langley.

Jill tried to get her shift covered so that she could be there for the paternity test. Katherine told Jill not to take her aggressions on Nina. When Jill brought up past issues with Nina, Katherine wondered how long Jill was going to hold a grudge.

When Cane and Lily arrived at the Chancellor Estate, Lily quietly asked Jill if she'd heard anything about Cane's Uncle Langley. Lily said that she noticed Cane had called his uncle numerous times and that Cane was more stressed out about his uncle than he was the paternity test.

Jack opened up a birthday card from Jabot. Sharon apologized to Jack for forgetting his birthday. Jack told her after the gift she had given him, it didn't matter.

Jack wondered how Nick had reacted upon finding out that Jack was her baby's father. Sharon said that Nick didn't know yet. Jack wondered why Sharon hadn't told Nick. Sharon said that Nick had been at the hospital all night with Summer.

Phyllis told Nikki and Paul to get rid of all the flowers. She said the flowers looked like a funeral in the hospital room. Victor tried to comfort Phyllis, but excused himself when Mary Jane arrived. Victor received a call on his cell phone that had a picture of him with Mary Jane. The message requested that he meet them at the coffeehouse.

Victor arrived at the coffeehouse and asked Jeffrey if he sent the photo. Jeffrey said that he didn't think Ashley would appreciate the picture. Victor laughed. He told Jeffrey that their conversation was over. As he was leaving, he stopped by Gloria and told her that she had picked the wrong side. Gloria told Jeffrey that Victor was trouble. Jeffrey didn't believe her.

Mary Jane asked Phyllis what had happened to Summer. Phyllis said that she thought Summer had eaten the peanut butter cookies she had thrown away. Michael arrived and offered his support to Phyllis. Phyllis said that Nick was taking care of her. Phyllis said that she had felt like she had her husband back. She wondered what she would do if she lost Summer, too.

Paul wondered why Mary Jane was at the hospital. Nikki said that Mary Jane and Phyllis were friends. Nikki wondered where Victor had gone.

Nina told Neil about Phillip's empty grave. She said that she believed Cane was involved somehow. Nina said that she was worried that Lily was in trouble. Neil didn't believe that Cane was a con artist. Nina said for Lily's sake, she hoped she was wrong.

Nick prayed and held Summer's hand in the hospital room. Mary Jane walked in and smiled. Nick excused himself and Mary Jane went up to Phyllis. She said that Phyllis must be relieved that Nick was not the father of Sharon's baby.

Phyllis hugged Jack when he showed up at the hospital. She congratulated him on being the father of Sharon's baby. Nick emerged from the hospital room and asked where Sharon was.

Mary Jane told Summer that she had never intended for anything bad to happen to the girl. She said she needed to figure out another way to send her mother away.

After Cane took the blood test, Victor knocked on the door. Jill answered and Victor told her that he needed to speak to her. Jill said it wasn't a good time, but Victor was insistent.

Victor wanted to know if Jill was working with Jeffrey. She said that if she had a job at Newman, she might have some influence over Jeffrey. Victor said that Jill had a connection with Jeffrey and he did not trust her.

Victor went to Mary Jane and told her that they had been found out. Mary Jane said that she had everything together. Victor said that was good, things had better stay that way.

The doctor told Nina they would have the test results at the end of the week. Lily told Nina that the results were not going to change anything. Nina and Lily argued and Katherine began to feel lightheaded.

Cane jumped up to help Katherine and dropped the fake blood test on the ground. When he tried to retrieve it, Nina told him not to touch anything. Cane told Lily he wanted to stay and look after his grandmother. Cane told Nina that he understood that she was just trying to get some answers.

Neil started to ask Lily questions about trusting Cane. Lily was frustrated that her father mentioned it at all. She went up to Cane and asked him if he had anything to tell her. Cane said the blood tests would prove he was the real Phillip Chancellor.

Heather went to visit Phyllis at the hospital. Phyllis wondered if she had seen Nick. She was upset to hear that Nick was on the phone with Sharon. Phyllis was angry that Nick was thinking of Sharon when Summer was laying in the hospital bed.

Nick told Phyllis that he was worried that something might have happened to the baby. Phyllis said the baby wasn't even his; it was Jack's. Nick asked Jack where Sharon was. Jack said she was in the chapel. When Nick ran off, Jack hugged Phyllis. Mary Jane watched them.

When Mary Jane saw Heather, she mentioned that she was surprised a mother would do something to her daughter. Heather asked her if she thought Phyllis would do something to hurt Summer. Mary Jane said that Phyllis didn't think she would hurt Summer so bad. She just wanted to get Nick's attention.

Nick thought about his last moments with Cassie when she said they would have another girl. He went to the chapel and prayed. He asked God to give him a sign and Sharon walked in.

Sharon was upset to hear that Phyllis had told him that Jack was the father of her baby. Sharon said that Nick needed to be with his daughter at that moment or he would regret it later. Nick asked if the baby was a girl. Sharon said yes, but it wasn't his.

Jill told Katherine that once the DNA test was over, they wouldn't have to see Nina anymore. Katherine didn't want to hear it. She told Jill that she wasn't feeling well. Jill told Katherine she wasn't going to weasel her way out of the conversation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Daniel pleaded with Kevin to steal Balfour's cell phone so that Daniel could learn who was framing him for Balfour's murder. Daniel reminded Kevin that, because of a court hearing scheduled later that day, the phone would be at the courthouse and not at the Department of Justice. Daniel said that would make it easier for Kevin to steal the phone. Kevin refused, telling Daniel that he didn't want to cause any problems for Jana, who was going to have another bail hearing that night.

In the courthouse, a guard escorted Jana to a bench outside the courtroom. Amber told Jana that Michael had found a judge to review the case -- and that Jana might get out of jail that night. Michael showed up and told Jana that the evidence in the case against Daniel and Jana was flimsy, and he was going to ask the judge to throw the case out. Michael wasn't hopeful that the judge would do that, but he did think that the judge would grant Jana bail.

Heather and Aucker passed by Michael, Jana, and Amber on their way into the courtroom. Heather told Michael that the hearing was going to be a waste of time, and that she was going to ask the judge to fast-track the trial. After Jana was led into the courtroom, Amber told Michael that she believed that Daniel's being framed was somehow connected to Amber.

Amber told Michael about her past in Los Angeles -- how she had been addicted to drugs and had associated with many "bad people." She thought that perhaps they were trying to get back at her through Daniel. Michael wanted more specific information, but Amber didn't want Daniel to know about any of her sordid past. Michael said that he would have to tell Daniel, because Daniel was his client. Michael suggested that, for Daniel's sake, Amber tell him about her past. Michael went into the courtroom just as Kevin arrived. Amber told Kevin that she was afraid of Daniel finding out about her past. Kevin asked her what would be worse -- Daniel learning about her past, or Daniel spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Inside the courtroom, Michael and Heather argued quietly in front of the judge's desk. Jana sat at the defendant's table. Kevin entered just in time to hear the judge set bail for Jana in the amount of $100,000. The judge agreed with Michael that Jana's criminal past shouldn't have been introduced at the previous bail hearing. The judge wondered where Daniel was.

Daniel rushed down the hallway towards the courtroom. Amber asked where he had been. He told her that he had been hoping that Kevin would get his hands on a crucial piece of evidence, but that Kevin had refused to help. Amber was about to tell Daniel about her unsavory past when Kevin exited the courtroom and told Daniel that the judge was looking for him. Kevin asked Amber if she had told Daniel about her past -- she told Kevin that she hadn't had a chance.

Inside the courtroom, Heather showed the judge Balfour's cell phone, which contained a log of all the calls between Balfour and Daniel up until their meeting in the alley behind Jimmy's. Aucker claimed that Daniel had put himself in the middle of a government sting operation in order to "settle a score" with the deceased. The judge told all assembled that he wasn't dropping any charges, and that he would see them at trial.

With the proceeding finished, Jana expressed her joy that Michael was going to cover her $100,000 bail, and that she would be out of jail that evening. Amber once again approached Daniel to try to tell him about her past associates, but Daniel cut her off, telling her that he would find out who had it in for him. Amber told Kevin that she was going to do some digging and see if she could find out who was trying to get back at her. Later, at Crimson Lights, Daniel asked Amber what she wanted to talk to him about. Amber said that she was going to do everything in her power to find out who was framing him. Daniel wondered where Kevin was.

Back in the courtroom, as a clerk collected all the evidence and exhibits related to the hearing, the lights began to flicker, then went out. As the clerk ran into the hallway to find out what was going on, Kevin entered the darkened courtroom through another door, grabbed Balfour's cell phone, and ran out as quickly as he could.

Neil dropped Tyra off at Devon's campus house, where she and Ana were staying. He told Tyra that he had to visit with Katherine, and kissed Tyra before he left. With a smile on her face, Tyra turned around and was greeted by the sight of Devon and Roxanne, walking down the stairs half-clothed.

After Roxanne dressed and left, Tyra and Devon began bickering about what Tyra had walked in on. Devon pointedly told Tyra that it was his house, but Tyra reminded him that he had begged her and Ana to move in. Disgusted with Devon, Tyra said that she was going to ask Neil if she and Ana could move in with him. Devon opined that if Tyra was planning to "play house" with Neil, then she was in for a letdown.

Tyra insisted that Neil cared about her. Devon said that Neil did care about her, but that he would never care about her the way he cared about Drucilla. Tyra began crying hysterically and asked Devon how he could say that. Devon said he was only telling the truth. Devon stormed out as Tyra yelled, "Screw you!" She then called Neil and left him a voicemail telling him that she needed to see him. Later, Devon met Roxanne at Crimson Lights. Roxanne wondered why the thought of Neil and Tyra in a relationship bothered Devon so much.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine and Jill were in the middle of a screaming match. Jill screamed that Katherine had stolen her child, and then given him to strangers. She continued screaming that Katherine was accusing Cane of not begin Jill's son. Katherine began to grow weak, and her vision became blurry. When Katherine nearly passed out on the sofa, Jill accused her of faking. Neil rushed in and, seeing that Katherine was in distress, chided Jill for not taking action.

Mac was sitting by the Chancellor pool when Billy approached her. He told her that he was a jerk -- and that he would never bother her again. Mac agreed that it was for the best that she and Billy not see each other anymore. They were both startled when Murphy rushed out to the pool and told them that something was wrong with Katherine.

Inside the mansion, a stuttering Katherine told Mac that she was numb on her left side, and that her vision was blurry. Katherine was able to lift her right arm, but not her left. Mac took Katherine's blood pressure, and, finding it elevated, asked for someone to bring the car around so that they could take Katherine to the hospital.

At Genoa City Memorial, Murphy, Neil, Billy, and Mac sat with Katherine while Olivia examined her. Katherine asked Olivia if she had suffered a stroke. Olivia said that she had to run some more tests. Olivia left the room. Billy followed her out into the hallway and asked the doctor if Katherine was going to be okay. Olivia said that it was good that they had gotten Katherine to the hospital quickly. Mac found Billy in the hallway and asked him if he was okay. Billy said that he couldn't lose his grandmother again -- and then took off.

Neil returned to the Chancellor mansion and asked Jill why she wasn't with Katherine. Jill insisted that she was the last person who Katherine would want hovering around her bedside. Neil reminded Jill that life was short, and urged her to visit Katherine.

Neil returned to the campus house, where Tyra told him that she and Devon had a huge fight, and that they couldn't be housemates any longer. Neil offered to help Tyra find a new apartment, but she told Neil that she wanted to move in with him. A stunned Neil said that he wasn't ready to take things to that level. He told Tyra that he had treated Karen horribly when he was married to her, and that he didn't want to make the same mistake with Tyra -- he wanted to take things "slow and easy." A disappointed Tyra began crying and told Neil that she had gotten the message.

Back at the hospital, Olivia told Katherine and Murphy that Katherine had suffered a transient ischemic episode -- sort of a "mini-stroke." Olivia assured Katherine that there wouldn't be any permanent damage, but the doctor wanted Katherine to stay in the hospital overnight, as her blood pressure was still elevated. Katherine joked that someone should call Jill and give her the "bad news" that Katherine was still alive. Mac began crying and told Katherine that she couldn't bear the thought of anything bad happening to her grandmother. Katherine hugged Mac, and assured her that she wasn't going anywhere. Olivia told Katherine to get some sleep.

Jill ran into Olivia in the hallway. Olivia told Jill that Katherine was being kept overnight for observation, but that Jill would have to get any further information about Katherine's condition from Katherine herself.

Unseen, Jill stood outside Katherine's hospital room while Katherine asked Murphy to tell Jill that Jill was directly responsible for Katherine's attack. Katherine said that she was thrilled that she and that "witch" weren't biologically related. That remark sent Jill running off to the elevator. After Jill was out of earshot, Murphy told Katherine that if she could have Jill back as her daughter, Katherine would take her back in a heartbeat. Katherine chuckled and said that, as much as she hated to admit it, Murphy was right.

In the hospital chapel, Billy prayed for Katherine. Mac entered the chapel, out of Billy's view. Billy confessed to God that he didn't care about anyone except for himself -- and that his life had changed radically since his aborted marriage to Mac. Billy said that since he had lost Mac six years earlier, he had never allowed anyone to love him. Still speaking to God, Billy said that, earlier that evening, he had walked away from Mac for the second time -- not because he wanted to, but because it was the right thing to do. Billy's eyes began tearing up as he prayed that Mac would be blessed with a happy life. Still standing behind Billy, Mac began sobbing.

Revealing her presence, Mac told Billy that Katherine was going to be okay and that she had heard him praying. She said that she was glad that the man she loved was still there. They both admitted to having made some big mistakes in the past. Mac said there was no way that she could fault Billy for his behavior during the six years that they weren't together. Billy asked Mac what she was trying to say. Mac said that she loved Billy, and always had. Billy said that he had always loved Mac. The two of them began kissing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jack escorted an uncharacteristically silent Mary Jane to her room at the Athletic Club. Jack asked her if she was distant because of Summer's illness. Mary Jane said that had been on her mind -- along with other things. Mary Jane said that she could really use a friend to talk to, but Jack told her that he had to meet Sharon.

In her suite, Mary Jane remembered some of the events that had occurred since her arrival in Genoa City. She remembered meeting Victor when her face was still wrapped in bandages. She remembered Paul's constant questioning, and Jack's suspicions being aroused when she knew the location of John's portrait in the Abbott mansion. Mary Jane opened her Bible and took out a yellowing envelope. She opened the envelope and pulled out an invitation. The invitation was to the wedding of Jack Abbott and Patty Williams, which had occurred 20 years earlier. To herself, Mary Jane said, "Happy anniversary, Jack."

Mary Jane/Patty began talking to her stuffed cat, asking it where her pills were. She started opening and closing drawers until she found the bottle of medication. She took several of the pills and washed them down with a small bottle of liquor. Hugging her stuffed cat, Mary Jane cried, "Make it stop."

Mary Jane had a surrealistic dream. At first, her stuffed cat came to life. Wearing a wedding dress and a veil, she chased the cat, but stopped when she saw Jack kissing Diane Jenkins. In her dream, Mary Jane was living out the day she married Jack. On the morning of her wedding day, Patty Williams had witnessed her groom, Jack, making love to Diane in his office. Mary Jane continued dreaming. She said, "How could you? I was pregnant with your baby." In the dream, Mary Jane tripped and fell, and then screamed that she was going to lose her baby.

As her dream continued, Mary Jane related the ill-fated romance of Jack and Patty Williams. After having lost their baby, Patty learned that Jack had married her only because John had promised Jack the presidency of Jabot if Jack and Patty wed. Patty had purchased a gun and pointed it at her head. Jack had told Patty not to shoot herself -- but to shoot him. Patty did shoot Jack three times, wounding him severely, but obviously not fatally.

In the dream, Mary Jane began crying out for her big brother, Paul. Victor appeared in the dream and told Mary Jane that he could make her into a sophisticated woman -- the kind of woman Jack would fall in love with. Sharon appeared in the dream, looking as if she were nine months pregnant. She told Mary Jane that Jack would never be hers -- that Jack wanted Sharon. Mary Jane woke up from her dream and said that this time Jack was going to love her, and there wouldn't be another woman.

A despondent Noah visited Sharon in her hotel suite. He told his mother that he couldn't go through losing another sister. Sharon told Noah not to lose hope. When Noah asked her about Nick and the house they were going to move into, Sharon lied and told Noah that Jack was the father of her child. Noah wanted to know what that meant for the future of Nick and Sharon's relationship, but Sharon told Noah that, for the time being, he should pray for Summer's recovery.

In Summer's room at Genoa City Memorial, Phyllis and Nick tried talking to Summer, hoping to rouse her from her coma. Phyllis blamed herself for Summer's condition and said that God was punishing her. Nick assured Phyllis that what had happened was an accident, and told her that she was an amazing mother.

Nick went to the hospital chapel to pray. Victor found him there and told him that Phyllis was looking for him. Nick told his father that he found it difficult to sit in Summer's room, because it reminded him of Cassie's death. Nick told Victor that Jack was the father of Sharon's baby. Victor said that he was sorry to hear that.

Nick asked his father to tell Phyllis that he would be back in Summer's room shortly. As Victor left the chapel, Jack entered. Jack reminded Nick that he felt a special bond with Summer, as Jack had delivered her in an elevator during an ice storm. Nick yelled at the altar, telling God that He had already taken one daughter from him, and that He wasn't going to take another.

Nick was on his way back to Summer's room when he ran into Noah, who was stopping by the hospital to see his sister. Noah told Nick that he was sorry that Nick wasn't the father of Sharon's baby. Nick told his son that he wasn't worried about that, and that Noah and Summer were the most important things in his life. Noah and Nick entered Summer's room, where Nikki and Phyllis were keeping vigil over the comatose little girl.

Outside the door of the room, Heather told Paul that she had learned from an anonymous source that Summer's condition might not be the result of an accident -- that Phyllis might have purposely given her daughter the cookie. Paul didn't believe that Phyllis would do anything so sinister. Nikki asked Paul why Heather was hanging around the hospital. Paul told Nikki about Heather's suspicions. Nikki thought it was insane for Heather to think that Phyllis might harm Summer.

Later, while Nick, Phyllis, Victor, and Nikki were watching over Summer, Heather and Detective Wallace entered the room. Wallace asked Phyllis to step away from the bed, as the police had learned that Phyllis posed a threat to Summer. Heather said that Phyllis had purposely fed Summer peanuts in order to get Nick's attention. Heather had a court document ordering Phyllis to stay away from Summer.

Phyllis flipped out and told Wallace and Heather, "That's beyond insane." She refused to leave Summer's bedside. When Wallace tried to pull Phyllis away, she began fighting with him. Wallace said that if she continued to fight, he would arrest her for obstruction of justice. Phyllis became hysterical when Wallace and Heather escorted her outside Summer's room. Victor was furious with Heather.

In the hallway, Phyllis saw that the authorities had posted a guard by Summer's room. Nick told Phyllis not to worry -- that they would figure things out. Victor called Michael. Phyllis screamed and denied that she purposely gave Summer the peanuts. Heather and Wallace told Phyllis that she had to leave the hospital. As she left, Phyllis begged Victor, Nikki, and Nick to stay with Summer, so that the little girl would see her family when she came out of her coma.

Sharon showed up at the Abbott mansion, where an enthusiastic Jack told her about his plans to build a nursery. Sharon said that she wasn't ready for "this togetherness." Jack asked her to cut him some slack, as he hadn't been there for his other children. Jack thought that he could be a good father to Sharon's little girl. Sharon asked for some time to figure things out. Jack hugged Sharon, and said that Sharon could take all the time she needed.

At Crimson Lights, Jill complained to Cane about all the misery that Katherine had caused her and her family. Cane reminded Jill that he had more of a reason to be angry with Katherine than Jill did, yet he had forgiven Katherine. Cane stated that Katherine and Jill loved each other, and that they needed to repair their relationship. He wondered how Jill would treat him if the DNA test showed that he wasn't Jill's son. Jill said that she was absolutely sure that Cane was her son.

Nina was sitting poolside at the Chancellor mansion when Lily stopped by. The two women apologized to each other for the things they said during their quarrel the previous day. Nina's cell phone rang. It was the lab, calling to tell her that the DNA results were ready. Lily accompanied Nina to the lab to pick up the results.

Cane and Jill continued chatting at Crimson Lights. Cane told Jill that, even with all the fighting in the extended Chancellor/Abbott family, he still enjoyed being a part of it. Lily stopped by with a copy of the lab results. Lily and Jill waited tensely as Cane opened the envelope. The results showed that Cane was indeed Jill's son. The three of them were jubilant, and Jill suggested that Cane take the Chancellor name. Cane said that he would wait awhile, as he didn't want to offend Nina. Jill said that she couldn't wait to rub Nina's nose in the lab results, but added that she would be nice to Katherine.

Jill left, and Lily went inside the coffeehouse to pick up some dessert for the Chancellor Independence Day barbecue. Cane called Langley's cell phone and left a voicemail telling Langley that everything had been taken care of. Lily returned to the patio with the dessert. Lily said no one could ever again accuse Cane of being a fraud.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nina was horrified when she opened the envelope and learned that Cane was really Phillip Chancellor III. She told Katherine that Cane must have tampered with the blood sample. Katherine said that Cane would never do anything like that. Both Katherine and Nina wondered who the young man Nina had married was. Murphy said that they would probably never know. Nina told Katherine and Murphy about the one lead she had -- the police officer who had ridden with the moribund Phillip in the ambulance had left town, and Paul hadn't been able to locate and question him.

Jill returned to the mansion, and asked Katherine how Nina took the news that Cane was truly Jill's son. Katherine said that Nina was sick with the thought that she didn't know who the father of her child was. When Jill asked Katherine how she felt about the news, Katherine said that she was just glad the whole thing was over. Jill said that in a "warped way," she felt that she and Katherine were family. Katherine said, "After you left me for dead yesterday? Who in the hell needs a family like that?"

A depressed Nina sat at Phillip's gravesite. To herself, she said that she was back to square one, and that she couldn't even help Phillip I.V. find out whether he had the gene for Huntington's disease. Nina continued, saying that she had loved Phillip very much, and she might never know who he was, or where he was from. Nina then questioned why she had such a hard time accepting Cane as Phillip Chancellor III. Paul overheard Nina and told Nina that Cane might not be a Chancellor -- Paul had just talked to a lab tech, and there was something amiss with Cane's blood test.

Friday, July 3, 2009

At the hospital, Nikki spoke to Nick on the cell phone and urged her son to do what he could to get Phyllis released from jail. Nikki promised that she and Victor would stay at the hospital for Summer and be there when she woke up. Michael went to see Nikki and Victor to report on Phyllis' case. Nikki and Victor were shocked to learn that Heather's case against Phyllis would likely be upheld by the court because of the state of child abuse laws. Nikki and Victor asked who had accused Phyllis of harming Summer. When Michael informed them that Phyllis's accuser was allowed to remain anonymous, Victor and Nikki were incensed. Victor fumed to hear that Summer might wind up in foster care if Phyllis was not cleared of the charges. Victor demanded that Michael get Phyllis cleared because there was no way she had done anything to Summer.

Nikki and Victor were frustrated that they were barred from Summer's room. Victor and Nikki begged Michael to do something legally to allow them to visit their grandchild. Michael said that the law looked very unkindly on family in such matters because it wanted to protect the child more than the parents or grandparents. Victor asked Michael to speak directly to a judge for the family. Nikki cried in Victor's arms over Summer's plight.

Victor spoke to Ashley on the phone, asking her not to go to the hospital because of Ashley's condition. Nikki pleaded with the guard outside of Summer's room to let her visit her grandchild. After a moment, the officer let her in. Nikki asked the doctor about Summer's status and learned there had been no change.

Back in the waiting room, Michael returned with good news. He told Victor and Nikki they had been granted temporary custody of Summer. They were allowed to visit her. Victor suggested that once Summer was well, he would take her to the ranch and buy her a pony. Nikki disagreed and suggested that Summer go home with her when she was better. Nikki and Victor discussed the living arrangements. Victor felt his ranch was familiar to Summer. Nikki objected, because Adam was living at the ranch under house arrest. Nikki said that if Phyllis was incarcerated, Summer would need a mother's love and Nikki could provide that.

Michael reappeared to inform Nikki and Victor that they had to face the judge in the morning, but they could visit Summer right away. In Summer's room, Michael spoke to the child and urged her to wake up soon. Michael left after promising to return. Victor moved closer to Nikki at Summer's bedside. Victor told Nikki she had been right about taking Summer home with her after the child recovered. Victor recognized that Summer needed a mother's love, and Nikki would be the best fill-in for Phyllis.

Kevin and Jana were at Crimson Lights when Daniel entered. Kevin asked Daniel about Summer's condition and Kevin and Jana said they were concerned about her. Department of Justice agent Aucker appeared and served Kevin with search warrants for the restaurant, his home, and car. Aucker was looking for the stolen cell phone from evidence. Amber charged in past the guard at the door and asked Aucker why her apartment was trashed by the DOJ. Aucker explained that Balfour's cell phone had been stolen from the evidence box in the courthouse, which prompted the search warrants.

Jana and Kevin told Aucker they hadn't stolen the phone. Amber and Daniel said they had left the courthouse right after the hearing. Aucker didn't think much of their alibis. Aucker challenged Daniel to prove his innocence about stealing the cell phone by taking a polygraph test. Kevin warned Daniel not to believe Aucker, because Aucker would twist his words and make Daniel incriminate himself. Daniel accepted the challenge, saying he would take the polygraph test because had nothing to hide. Aucker made the arrangements and he and Daniel left.

Aucker returned with Daniel. Daniel said he had passed the test with flying colors. Daniel was depressed because there was still no lead on who shot the fake DOJ guy or where the cell phone was. Kevin offered everyone a slice of cake. Inside the chocolate cake was the stolen cell phone. Kevin explained that he had swiped it on the way to post bail for Jana. Daniel was thrilled that Kevin had stuck out his neck for him. Daniel immediately began to check out the phone, hoping to find the evidence that would clear him.

At Katherine's, Mac told Billy she was glad to see the real Billy she fell in love with emerging again, like he had the night before. Mac and Billy agreed to keep their reconciliation a secret so they could savor the good feelings they shared. Chloe entered and when Mac noticed, Mac pretended to be miffed at Billy. Chloe assumed that Mac was still angry that Billy had slept with Sharon. Chloe said she had heard that Sharon's baby turned out to be Jack's instead of Billy's.

Out back at the pool, Kay, Murphy, and Jill were greeting guests for a July Fourth barbeque. When Lily and Cane appeared, Jill welcomed her son happily. Cane hugged Kay and she asked him to forgive her for doubting he was Jill's child. Jill said she was only sticking around to celebrate the holiday with Cane. Cane asked Jill and Kay to not fight anymore. Cane embraced Kay and Jill and said how grateful he was to be in their family.

At Philip's graveside, Paul explained to Nina that Cane's DNA test was not a true reading because the blood had been frozen.

Esther volunteered to watch Delia so that Chloe could enjoy the barbeque. Murphy told Kay that he hoped Jill was on her best behavior for the party. Pearl entered the back yard from the house, and Murphy and Kay were glad to see her. Kay said she missed seeing Pearl at the diner.

Cane thanked Mac for taking care of Kay when she had the mini-stroke. Chloe commented that Mac probably had Girl Scout badges pinned to her diapers. Cane and Billy talked about a rematch, which made Jill burst with pride that her two sons were bonding. Billy took note when Mac excused herself to run an errand to the homeless shelter.

Neil greeted Murphy and Kay. Neil learned about Kay's mini-stroke and was glad that she was doing better. Lily saw Neil and asked if he had heard the good news about Cane being Jill's son. Lily hoped that Nina would back off with her suspicions. Jill hoped Nina would be going back to Los Angeles very soon. Ever the peacemaker, Cane suggested that everyone speak positively. Cane then proposed a toast to Jill and Kay, saying wonderful things about them both and thanking them for giving him a home.

Meanwhile, at Philip's grave, Paul explained to Nina that the authorities were trying to figure out where the blood was from. Paul urged Nina to remain quiet for the moment, but she was determined to expose Cane as a fraud.

Kay was on the phone with Nikki, encouraging Nikki not to lose hope that Summer would emerge from the coma. Pearl overhead Kay's words of hope and was impressed. Pearl told Jill how great Kay had been to her when they worked together at the diner. Jill responded that Pearl didn't know the real Kay. Jill said that Kay hated Jill. Jill called Kay a vindictive, cruel witch. When Jill walked away, Pearl said goodbye to Kay and warned her to steer clear of Jill, because Jill was a piece of work.

Murphy was working the grill when Billy approached to talk about how great it had been that Mac saved Katherine. Murphy said he wouldn't know what to do if anything happened to Kay. Murphy thought it was ironic that he was a guy living in a trailer until he married Kay and moved into a mansion. Billy asked Murphy what he was doing with his trailer. Murphy didn't know. Billy offered to buy it and Murphy agreed to sell it to him.

Kay complimented Neil on what a good job he was doing running Chancellor Industries. Kay said putting Neil in charge had given her a chance to enjoy her marriage to Murphy. Neil noticed that Lily seemed happily married, as well. Neil said he had been in doubt about Cane based on Nina's suspicions. Kay was glad the DNA test removed all the doubt.

Cane and Lily admired Delia asleep in her stroller. Cane asked Chloe if he could take the baby for a swim later, while Billy announced that he was going to visit Ashley, because Victor was at the hospital with Summer. Chloe asked if Billy would return to the party. Billy said maybe. Billy walked away and Chloe was irked. Lily and Cane kissed romantically and Lily said by next year, Delia might have a little cousin. Lily worried that she and Cane were too happy. Cane hoped that it would be smooth sailing for the rest of their lives.

Billy unlocked the door to a room at the Athletic Club, then stepped aside and let Mac walk in ahead of him. Billy and Mac got romantic and relished in their secret tryst. Billy and Mac realized that once everyone knew that they were together again, many would be shocked, especially Chloe. Mac thought that Kay would be happy for Mac and Billy.

Billy was anxious to make love to Mac for the first time. Billy recalled his mother knocking on the door of the honeymoon suite after their wedding six years before. Billy regretted that they believed for six years that they were cousins. Mac said the six years gave them time to grow up. Billy assured Mac that nobody would be knocking on the hotel room door this time.

Nina charged into the party and confronted Cane, asking him where the blood was from. Cane was baffled by her question. Jill and Lily defended Cane and told Nina to back off. Kay intervened and told everyone to let Nina speak. Nina said the blood had been frozen. Paul backed up what Nina said.

Nina realized Cane had switched the samples during a time when they were distracted. Nina demanded the Cane tell them where the real Philip was. Paul insisted that the blood results were science, not conjecture. Nina told Paul to leave because it was not his battle.

Jill accused Nina of hating her, but Nina said it was not that at all. Nina said that Jill was a victim, just like Nina and Lily. Lily believed totally in Cane's innocence. Lily said her husband would not do what Nina was accusing him of.

Murphy asked everyone to calm down for Kay's sake. Kay agreed that yelling at each other wasn't resolving the situation. Kay turned to Cane and asked him if he could explain what was going on. Cane looked guilt-ridden. Cane looked at Lily and apologized for lying, then turned to Jill. Jill shook her head and refused to believe that Cane was not her son.

Cane said Nina was telling the truth. Cane apologized again and again. Cane admitted that he was not Jill's son. Cane said he was not Philip Chancellor, III. Nina called Cane a lying bastard.

Cane begged everyone to let him explain. Cane said he had never meant to hurt anyone. Nina accused Cane of being a con artist. Cane wasn't interested in the Chancellor fortune. Cane insisted that he loved Jill and loved Kay and only wanted to be part of their family.

Jill was in tears listening to Cane's words. Lily was overcome with grief that Cane had lied to her. Lily said she had no idea who Cane really was. Neil warned Cane that he would pay for his actions. Lily asked how Cane could have done that to them. Kay asked Cane how he could do that to all the people who had shown him nothing but kindness.

Philip Chancellor suddenly appeared on the scene to say that Cane had not done a thing. Philip took the blame for the charade. Nina gasped at the sight of her husband, alive and well and standing amid the group.

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