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Adam let Mary Jane hide out at Victor's ranch. Summer woke up from her coma. Nikki saw Adam and Rafe kissing. Amber discovered that Deacon Sharpe had been responsible for Daniel's problems. Lily left Cane. Phillip revealed to Nina that he was gay.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 6, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, July 6, 2009

On the patio at the Chancellor mansion, Jill berated Cane for pretending to be her son. Katherine demanded that Cane explain how he could deceive the people who had showed him nothing but kindness. Before Cane could respond, Phillip Chancellor, III, approached the startled assemblage and announced, "He didn't do it. I did." Nina raised her hands to her opened mouth to stifle a gasp of astonishment. Cane addressed Phillip and asked, "What are you doing?"

Lily, stunned by Cane's revelation and Phillip's sudden appearance, asked no one in particular who the strange man was. Katherine collapsed. Neil immediately summoned an ambulance to 12 Foothill Road. Murphy knelt over Katherine's limp body as Esther and Chloe looked on helplessly. Cane hovered over Katherine and offered an apology. As ambulance sirens wailed in the distance, Jill approached Phillip and remarked that he looked like Phillip would have had he not died. Nina added, "It's him, Jill."

When the ambulance crew arrived, Phillip disappeared while Jill and Nina were distracted. Nina demanded that Cane contact Phillip and make him return. Jill and Murphy accompanied Katherine to the hospital. Chloe, Lily, and Neil listened as Cane explained that Phillip had given him vials of frozen blood to use in order to convince the family that he was a Chancellor.

At the hospital, Olivia feared that Katherine had suffered a stroke. Katherine insisted that she didn't feel extremely ill. Murphy mentioned the stress Cane had caused. Olivia's piqued curiosity begged for clarification, and Katherine explained that Cane was part of an ingenious ploy to ingratiate himself into their lives. Olivia left abruptly to contact Lily. Jill said that she was uncertain that the man they saw was Phillip.

Murphy noticed that Phillip was standing in the hallway, so he excused himself from the treatment room. Murphy angrily approached Phillip, who was concerned about Katherine. Phillip humbly insisted that he hadn't intended for his return to cause pain. Murphy quickly phoned Nina and summoned her to the hospital, so she could confront Phillip.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Billy and Mac romped in a bed and were all set to make love when each received a phone call. Billy continued kissing Mac and suggested that they ignore their ringing phones. Mac voiced concern that something bad might have happened. Mac and Billy were stunned to learn about Katherine's collapse and Cane's exposure as a fraud. The startling news interrupted Mac and Billy's plans for a passionate encounter.

After Nina left the estate, Esther and Chloe insisted that Cane leave the property. Lily requested that Cane not leave until she heard what he had to say. Cane explained that his real name was Ethan Ashby, and that he had endured a horrible childhood. Lily stood defiant as Cane added that he never knew his father. After his mother died, Cane claimed that he grew up in the streets, just as he had previously claimed. Billy arrived, but Chloe motioned for him to hear Cane out.

Cane attempted to clarify the confusion and told Lily that Phillip had called himself Langley for many years. Chloe quickly mentioned to Billy that Phillip had returned. Lily listened stiffly as Cane added that he had felt lost most of his life and had convinced himself that he would never be able to love or have someone love him. Lily wondered aloud if Cane had nixed their honeymoon plans because he feared exposure if they had visited Australia. Cane insisted that he had everything he had ever dreamed of and had feared that he would lose it.

Lily walked away and took a seat on a patio chair. Neil stood toe-to-toe with Cane and gave him an intensive stare, which translated as "I could punch out your lights forever." Cane approached Lily and took a seat next to her. Cane explained that he didn't expect Lily's forgiveness. Cane insisted to Lily that despite the money he was paid, he truly loved her. Lily sobbed and told Cane that he had passed up numerous opportunities to tell her the truth, especially on their wedding day. Lily added that Cane was truthful only after Nina forced him into a corner.

After Cane exposed his deception, Lily looked Cane in the eye and asked sarcastically, "You say that you love me?" Lily sought comfort from her father. Cane ran after Lily, but Neil forcibly pushed Cane away. Before Neil and Lily left, Neil told Cane to stay away from his daughter and warned him not to contact Lily. Billy approached Cane and punched him squarely in the face. Cane fell to the ground and rolled a couple of times from the force of the blow. As Cane wiped blood from his split lip, Billy said, "Since Neil didn't get the chance, that's for all of us, you son of a bitch!"

Cane dipped a patriotic-themed napkin into the pool and dabbed at the blood on his mouth. Billy blasted Cane for having challenged Billy and Chloe's moral character. Chloe asked Cane why he hadn't used some of Phillip's stored blood to prove that he wasn't Delia's father. Cane explained that he had done so when he bribed the lab technician. Cane recalled that he was stunned after he discovered that the baby's DNA matched someone related to Phillip, which indicated Billy as the baby's father.

Cane added that he couldn't risk having two genetic profiles on record, so he nixed an alternate plan to have the sample switched with his own DNA, which would have cleared him to resume his relationship with Lily. Cane insisted that he had grown to love Chloe's baby and being part of the family, so he couldn't just walk away. Billy and Chloe berated Cane for taking advantage of Jill. Cane told Billy that if he had been a supportive son, Jill wouldn't have had to fill the void with another son. Billy threw Cane off his family's property.

Katherine summoned Phillip into her treatment room after she realized that he was waiting outside. Nina and Jill accompanied Phillip while Murphy waited in the hallway with Mac. Mac realized that Billy had been wise not to trust Cane. Murphy said that Katherine's welfare was foremost in his mind, no matter how everything played out. Olivia returned and confirmed that Katherine had suffered a mild stroke. Murphy asked Olivia to delay telling Katherine.

Katherine told Phillip that he was not their Phillip. Nina insisted that the man was indeed Phillip. Jill recalled that she had watched Phillip die. Phillip explained that the man she knew as Phillip, III, died on the day Jill recalled, and that he had escaped to Australia, where he began a new life. Phillip said that he owned a bar in Australia, where he met Cane, who tended bar with him for five years. Phillip claimed that he and Cane shared common bonds because both had endured isolated, painful childhoods.

Phillip explained that after years of soul-searching, his plan was to make amends to his family by arranging for their lost son's return. Phillip added that Cane loved portraying a Chancellor and had never been happier. Nina, Katherine, and Jill seemed traumatized when Phillip claimed that his plan had initially succeeded. Katherine claimed that Phillip had committed fraud by sending Cane to them as a savior. Jill asked Phillip how he expected her to believe that he truly was Phillip, III.

Katherine told Phillip that she couldn't believe he would fake his death. Phillip explained that the "accident he died in was not an accident." Phillip recalled that long ago, during an office party at Chancellor Industries, two men, Richard and Bert, had repeatedly coaxed Phillip to accept toasts offered in his honor. Phillip added that he was under extreme pressure at the time. Phillip recalled feeling overly stressed from marrying too young and being a father. Phillip claimed that he finally felt at peace after he drove his car off the road.

Katherine was saddened to hear Phillip recollect his heartbreaking dilemma. Nina was speechless and slumped into a chair. Jill clarified that Phillip had been suicidal. Phillip explained that a policeman and a doctor, both of whom needed financial help, had assisted him with his plan to free himself from his life in Genoa City. Katherine admitted that she knew that Phillip had turned to alcohol for solace. Jill cried and asked Phillip if he meant to spread his agony around by faking his death. Phillip reminded Jill that he was only a teenager at the time.

Katherine expressed sorrow and pity for the little boy who felt lost, but she added that Phillip could never excuse his choice to allow his family to suffer for over twenty years. Nina asked Phillip if he had cared at all about his own child. Nina recalled promising a young Phillip, IV, that his father was in heaven watching out for his son. Nina cried that Phillip had been selfish for leaving her alone to raise their son. Phillip explained that he had been depressed and was not prepared to be a father.

Nina, Jill, and Katherine visibly flinched when Phillip added that he resented his family at the time he left. After Nina calmed down, Phillip regretted having claimed that he resented his family. Before Phillip left, he promised not to disappear again. When Murphy returned, Nina observed that the same people full of pain, rage, and guilt were together at the hospital, just as they had been the night they lost Phillip. After Phillip stepped out into the hallway, Cane approached. After Cane inquired about Katherine, he asked Phillip, "What the hell are you doing here?"

After Cane left the Chancellor estate, he returned home and phoned the hospital to ask about Katherine. The hospital refused to release information to a non-relative. Cane seemed deflated when he admitted to the hospital employee that he wasn't related to Katherine. Cane's mood brightened when he thought Lily had returned home. It was Devon, who showed up to collect Lily's belongings. Devon blasted Cane for conning his sister and breaking her heart.

At Neil's condo, Devon arrived after Neil situated Lily comfortably on the sofa. Lily sobbed pitifully as Devon comforted his sister. After Devon left, Lily told Neil that he had been right not to fully trust Cane. Neil advised Lily not to beat herself up. Lily cried that her marriage was over and that everything was screwed up. Olivia phoned, and Neil explained that Lily seemed okay. Devon returned with Lily's beloved dog, Humphrey. Lily cuddled Humphrey, and Devon reported that Cane didn't cause a scene.

Chloe, Esther, and Billy returned to the main house to check on Delia. Chloe addressed Delia and praised Billy's acts to defend his family. Billy joked that he lost a half-brother but had another one lined up. Mac showed up and reported that Katherine had suffered a mini stroke but seemed fine. Mac's presence annoyed Chloe. Billy shared repartee with Chloe and lovingly cradled Delia when Mac, unseen, emerged from Katherine's room with a few of Katherine's belongings. Mac seemed despondent to see Billy cozily ensconced with his family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael, Phyllis, and Nick tried to gather evidence on Phyllis' case. Phyllis wanted to be at the hospital with Summer, but Nick insisted they keep trying.

Heather visited Phyllis. She asked if Phyllis knew about a condition where a parent made their child sick on purpose to seek attention. Heather said the condition was extremely rare, but even in those rare cases, the child sometimes died. They had to take the case seriously.

Phyllis was upset that Heather would even consider the notion that she would purposely try to hurt Summer. All she wanted to do was get back to the hospital to see her daughter. Heather asked if Phyllis was willing to answer some questions. Phyllis was reluctant, but Michael said that it would help her case.

Heather asked if Phyllis and Nick were having problems. Michael didn't see the relevance of the question. Phyllis demanded to know who had filed the report against her.

Michael asked what it was that Phyllis was being accused of. Heather said that Phyllis had known about Summer's severe allergy to peanuts. Phyllis said that when she found out the cookies had peanuts in them she had thrown them away but Summer must have taken them out of the trash. Phyllis had given Summer an epinephrine shot but that did not seem to work.

Heather asked where Nick had been when Summer was being rushed to the hospital. Nick said that he was already at the hospital with Sharon. When Heather learned that Sharon was getting a paternity test, she concluded that Phyllis must have been extremely upset knowing that her husband might have another child with Sharon.

Heather told Phyllis that she knew she didn't mean to hurt Summer, but it would help if Phyllis confessed. Phyllis was furious and slapped Heather across the face. Heather took Michael aside and said that wouldn't help Phyllis' case.

Heather told Michael that she was staying with the case. She said the one thing she knew for sure was that Phyllis was a woman who was used to using violence to get what she wanted.

Michael told Phyllis that it wasn't a good idea to slap the district attorney. Phyllis said that Heather had it coming. Michael said he would try to help Phyllis the best he could. When Michael left, Nick said that he should probably go too. Phyllis begged Nick not to go.

Phyllis wondered who would have accused her. Phyllis asked Nick if he ever doubted her. Nick said absolutely not. Nick said that all he wanted was for Summer to go home. Phyllis wondered if Nick would still be there when Summer returned home. Nick said that he hadn't thought that far ahead.

Phyllis looked at a picture of Summer and said that she couldn't take it that Summer wasn't there. Nick said that even though they couldn't go in Summer's hospital room, they could still go to the hospital. When Phyllis arrived at the hospital, she was upset that there were guards all around. Mary Jane called Phyllis and offered to be there if Phyllis needed anything.

Mary Jane talked to her kitty and said she was glad Phyllis would be out of her hair, but she felt sorry for Summer. Mary Jane received a call and said she would be there.

Mary Jane and Heather met at the coffeehouse to discuss Phyllis' case. Heather reassured her that no one would know that Mary Jane was the informer in the case.

Neil gave Lily a sedative so she could sleep. Lily didn't want to take it, but Neil insisted. Neil said that he and Devon would get the rest of Lily's things. He told Lily that her family would help her get through her ordeal.

When Neil left, Lily grabbed her purse and snuck out the door. Lily went to Cane's and said she needed to ask him something. Lily wondered how Cane could have been so cruel to her. She had trust issues and Cane had destroyed everything again. Lily said that Cane had a chance once, but picked his secret over her.

Cane said that everything he had done was for Lily. He said that he knew if she had found out the truth, she wouldn't love him anymore.

Neil returned home and called for Lily. He tried her on her cell phone, but when she didn't answer, he went to Cane's.

Lily said that going to see Cane was a mistake. Cane said that all he ever wanted was to have a family. Neil arrived and pounded on the door for Cane to answer. Lily said she had to go. When Cane tried to stop her, Neil found the keys and let himself in. He grabbed Cane and told him to never touch Lily again.

Neil told Lily it was time to go. She stopped and took her ring off. She put it down on the table in disgust.

At the hospital, Katherine said that she was exhausted by the entire Phillip situation. Jill said that it was a miracle. Nina and Jill began to argue. Murphy asked them to take it outside.

Katherine told Murphy that her entire family's history was being rewritten. Murphy said that Katherine needed some rest. Katherine begged Nina and Jill to stop fighting.

Cane told Phillip that he had held up his part of the bargain. Phillip said that Cane wouldn't have to take the fall on his own. Cane said that Phillip had destroyed his life.

When Cane tried to see Katherine, Nina said there was no way she would let him do that. Nina tried to call security, but Katherine asked that Cane be let in. Cane told Jill and Katherine that he loved being a part of their family.

Katherine said that Cane had broken their hearts. She couldn't even think about what he'd done to Lily. The thought of it made Katherine sick. Murphy told Cane that it was time to go.

Jill told Katherine she felt like she had thrown Phillip away. Katherine said that they had both been desperate for a second chance. Katherine said that she didn't even know if she wanted to know Phillip.

Jill told Katherine that Phillip had been right; they needed Cane. Katherine said that it had felt like a death. Katherine said that she and Jill needed to stay strong. She couldn't believe that they were going to have to tell the young Phillip Chancellor that his father was still alive.

Phillip told Nina that he felt like he was trespassing in his own home. Nina said that Jill would want him to be there. Nina couldn't understand why Phillip had completely disappeared. Phillip explained that he wanted to die, and the doctor had helped him.

Phillip said that when he had heard about Katherine's death, he knew he had to face the truth. Nina wondered what Philip thought he had to face. Phillip told Nina that he had felt trapped in his own skin. He said that it wasn't about anyone else; it was about himself. He said he was gay.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In her suite at the Athletic Club, Mary Jane talked to her stuffed cat, lamenting the fact that her peanut-laced kiss had made Summer so ill. Mary Jane explained to the cat that it was necessary to make Summer ill in order to make Phyllis pay for trying to take Jack away from her. Mary Jane was truly sorry, however, that Summer's condition was life-threatening.

At Genoa City Memorial, Nick and Phyllis were thrilled when Daniel and Noah arrived with Summer's favorite stuffed animal, Mr. Ears. When Phyllis asked Daniel and Noah to take Mr. Ears in to Summer, the boys wondered why Phyllis couldn't take Mr. Ears in herself. Noah and Daniel were stunned to learn that someone had accused Phyllis of trying to hurt Summer. As Sharon approached the group in the hallway, Daniel wondered out loud who would accuse Phyllis of doing such a thing.

In Summer's room, Nikki looked through the window and reported to Victor that Daniel and Noah were there. Nikki said that she couldn't imagine what Nick and Phyllis were going through -- they were just a few feet away from Summer, but weren't being allowed to see her. Rafe showed up at the hospital room, having been summoned by Victor. Victor told Rafe that he wanted to discuss what had happened with Adam. At first, Rafe mistakenly thought that Victor was talking about his sexual encounter with Adam, but Victor wanted the names of the inmates who had allegedly stuck hypodermic needles in his son's eyes. Nikki listened skeptically as Victor said he was going to get those "bastards." Rafe said that he would talk with Adam and try to get more information on what had happened in the prison.

In the hallway, Phyllis and Daniel were not happy that Sharon had shown up at the hospital. Nick told Sharon that someone had accused Phyllis of intentionally making Summer ill. Sharon said that was ridiculous. Rafe exited Summer's room, and told Noah to stop by the office to finish up his emancipation paperwork. An uncomfortable Noah told Rafe that it wasn't a good time to talk about that. When Rafe left, Nick told Sharon that he was upset that Noah was going through with the emancipation. Nick said that he might lose a daughter -- and he already had probably lost his son.

Daniel and Noah visited Summer, giving Victor and Nikki a break. Victor and Nikki exited the room. Phyllis thanked Nikki for keeping vigil over Summer. Phyllis then walked over and looked in the window of Summer's room, said that she had to get out of there, and ran off. Sharon said that she was going to talk to Phyllis, but Nick didn't think Sharon was the appropriate person to do so. Sharon disagreed, saying that she might be the perfect person for Phyllis to talk to.

After ending a telephone call, Victor saw Mary Jane in the hallway and asked her what she was doing there. Mary Jane reminded Victor that she was a consultant for Restless Style, as well as Phyllis' friend. Victor told Mary Jane that he wanted her to stay away from his family. When he told Mary Jane to get out, she burst into tears and hugged an uncomfortable Victor, who told her to leave immediately.

Nick complained to Nikki about how horrible his life was going. He told his mother that he was upset that he didn't turn out to be the father of Sharon's child. A shocked Nikki told her son that she didn't even know that Nick was the possible father. Nick told his mother that, as it turned out, Jack was the baby's father. Nick said that he thought that Cassie's prophecy would come true, but nothing seemed to be working out for him. Nikki told Nick to have faith, and things would change for the better.

Sharon found Phyllis in the hospital chapel. Sharon said that she knew that she was the last person that Phyllis wanted to see, but Sharon reminded Phyllis that she could empathize with what Phyllis was going through. Phyllis asked Sharon to stay, and asked her how she was able to cope while watching Cassie on her deathbed. Sharon said that she ran on "auto-pilot" and tried not to think of the worst-case scenario. Sharon told Phyllis not to give up hope. Phyllis remembered the first time that she held Summer, and how warm and alive Summer had felt. Sharon told her to hold onto that feeling. Sharon sat next to Phyllis, and gave her a reassuring pat on the hand.

Sharon told Phyllis she was glad that Phyllis and Nick had each other for emotional support during Summer's illness. Mary Jane cracked open the chapel door and eavesdropped on the rest of Phyllis and Sharon's conversation. Sharon told Phyllis that Jack had been there for Sharon, no matter what. She added that Phyllis should forget about the child abuse charges, which everyone knew were bogus. Mary Jane smiled.

Back in Summer's room, Nikki told Victor how sorry she felt for Nick. Victor said that the person who had made the accusation against Phyllis was going to be sorry, too, as he wasn't going to tolerate any further lies against the Newman family. Changing the subject, Nikki said that it was strange that Adam had never mentioned being stabbed in the eyes with hypodermic needles. Victor told her not to be concerned with that situation, but Nikki said that since Estella was a dear friend of hers, she was concerned. Victor said that they needed to concentrate on Summer's recovery, and not on Estella.

Nikki left Summer's room and told Nick that she was going to the ranch to get Victor a change of clothing. Nick thanked his mother for putting aside her issues with his father so that Victor and Nikki could be there for Summer. Sharon and Phyllis returned from the chapel. Sharon was about to leave, but Phyllis told her that there was something that she wanted Sharon to do.

A few moments later, Sharon went into Summer's room and told the little girl how much her parents loved her. She said that Nick and Phyllis were never going to give up on her. Sharon then sang "Beautiful Dreamer" to Summer, while a tearful Phyllis peered in through the window and mouthed the words along with Sharon.

In the hallway at the Athletic Club, Mary Jane took a room key from the janitor's cart and let herself into Nick and Sharon's suite. She looked at Victor's wallet, which she had swiped when she had hugged him earlier. Mary Jane placed Victor's wallet under the mattress and said, "So sorry, Sharon, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I've lost Jack to sluts like you before, but I'm not gonna let that happen again."

Mary Jane went back to her suite and started telling her stuffed cat what "mama" had done, but, before she was able to continue, she saw that Victor was in her suite, looking at her scrapbook filled with pictures of her "enemies." Victor demanded to know what the meaning of the scrapbook was.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel and Noah met up with Amber. Noah told them that Rafe was helping him file for emancipation. Noah complained that Sharon and Nick were trying to break up him and Eden, and that, because of the drama in his parents' relationship, he was changing residences on a near-daily basis. Daniel told Noah that he thought it was a stupid idea, but the look on Amber's face indicated that she sympathized with Noah.

Daniel asked Noah how he was going to pay the bills if Nick and Sharon were no longer responsible for him. Noah replied that he just wanted to see Eden without it being a hassle. Daniel said that he understood that, as he didn't know what he would do without Amber. When Daniel said that he could always count on Amber, Amber looked as if she was keeping a secret. Noah said that he hoped that he and Eden would one day share the same kind of trust that Amber and Daniel shared.

Before Noah left, Daniel told him to call the next time he felt like he was going "nuts." Daniel also advised Noah to skip seeing the lawyer. Noah thanked Daniel for the pep talk, and left. Daniel asked Amber why she was being so quiet. Amber said that she was remembering the mistakes that she had made when she was Noah's age. Daniel joked about how ironic it was that Amber was on the straight and narrow, while Daniel was on the wrong side of the law. He reiterated how nice it was that he could always count on Amber.

In his bedroom at the Newman ranch, Adam was rehearsing a "break-up" speech to use on Rafe. Adam planned to tell Rafe that he had misrepresented himself by being physically intimate with him, and that the bottom line was that they weren't going to be physically intimate again. Adam smiled and said, "That should do the trick."

Following up on Victor's request, Rafe stopped by to speak with Adam. Adam began to recite his rehearsed speech, but Rafe cut him off and told him that Victor wanted Rafe to look into Adam's being stabbed in the eyes with hypodermic needles. Rafe made it clear that Victor wanted to bring the attackers to justice. Rafe continued that he had made a few phone calls, and that none of the harassment charges that Adam had filed contained any reference to being stuck in the eyes with needles. Rafe wondered why Adam would leave something like that out, and intimated that Adam was hiding something.

Rafe continued to press Adam about the alleged eye stabbings. Adam's mood suddenly changed, and he told Rafe how excited he was that Rafe was there. Adam made a romantic overture towards Rafe, but Rafe pulled away, saying, "How stupid do you think I am?" Rafe was upset that Adam thought he could "sweet talk" his way out of answering Rafe's questions.

Adam acted as if his feelings were hurt, and said that he thought that, in Rafe, he had found someone with whom he could be himself. Adam said that he didn't report the eyeball stabbings because he was afraid that the attackers might kill him, which, according to Adam, was nothing compared to what Rafe just did. Adam ordered Rafe out of his room. Rafe started to leave, but seeing how distressed Adam looked, he tenderly said, "Adam," and walked back into the room.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

In her hotel suite, Sharon stared at a picture of herself, Nick, and Cassie, and wondered whether it had been a mistake to lie to Nick and tell him that Jack was the father of her child. Sharon remembered watching Phyllis and Nick hovering over the comatose Summer, and decided that she had done the right thing by not telling Nick that he was really her baby's father.

Victor was in Mary Jane's suite, holding her "enemies scrapbook," and demanded that Mary Jane tell him what the scrapbook was all about. Mary Jane protested that Victor had no right to break into her room, but Victor reminded her that he paid for the room. Lying, Mary Jane said that the scrapbook was just "positive reinforcement" to help keep her focused on Jack. Victor didn't believe Mary Jane, and tore up the scrapbook. Mary Jane became hysterical. Victor then ordered Mary Jane to leave Genoa City.

Victor called Newman security and arranged for a guard to help Mary Jane pack, and to take her to the airport. Mary Jane begged for another chance, but Victor refused -- he said that he was tired of her games. He reminded her that he had her face reconstructed for one reason, to bring down Jack, and she had failed to do that. She said that she had Jack just where she wanted him.

Victor, again rejecting her pleas to stay, told her that he was going to keep his financial end of the bargain, and that he had wired a significant sum of money to her bank account. Victor decided that Mary Jane would start a new life in Brazil. Mary Jane asked him what would happen if she refused to go. Victor warned her not even to contemplate that.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jack was conducting a business meeting when the hysterical Mary Jane interrupted, telling him that she needed to speak with him right away. She told Jack that she was resigning from Jabot immediately, and was leaving Genoa City. A few yards away, the Newman security guard was keeping an eye on her. Mary Jane told Jack that she couldn't leave town without telling him that, from the moment that she had met him, she knew that she was in love with him.

Jack said that he was flattered, but Mary Jane was underwhelmed by that response. Jack told her that she was a beautiful, intelligent woman. Mary Jane took that to mean that Jack was just using her for sex. Jack reminded her that their relationship was casual, with no expectations. Mary Jane thought that there was something "real" between them.

Jack told Mary Jane that he was hoping for a reconciliation with Sharon, since Sharon was carrying his child. Mary Jane replied that Sharon would always love Nick. Jack apologized to Mary Jane, and told her that he never meant to lead her on. Mary Jane began crying again, told Jack that he did lead her on, and then ran out of the club. Sharon walked down the club's stairway just in time to see Mary Jane leave.

Sharon approached Jack and told him that she had just seen Mary Jane running from the club. Jack said that Sharon had been right -- Mary Jane was more attached to him than he had thought. Jack told Sharon that he was in love with the woman who was carrying his child. He admitted to having been a horrible husband, but told Sharon that he was a better man because of her. Sharon said that Jack was going to make a wonderful husband for someone, but the timing wasn't right for her and Jack. Jack said that he was patient, and willing to wait for Sharon. In Sharon and Nick's suite, a cleaning woman found Victor's wallet, which had been planted by Mary Jane, under the mattress.

With her stuffed cat safely in a cat carrier, Mary Jane wandered near the Newman ranch's stables. Talking to herself, Mary Jane said that she didn't understand why Jack was willing to step up and take care of Sharon's baby, when he had been unwilling to take care of Mary Jane/Patty when she was pregnant with Jack's child. Mary Jane told the cat that Victor would never be able to get rid of her.

Jack visited Ashley at the Newman ranch. Ashley was excited that Jack was going to be a father. On his computer, Adam watched brother and sister chatting. Jack admitted that he had been an absentee father to Kyle and Keemo, but that he planned to do it right this time. To himself, Adam commented that the last thing the world needed was the "spawn of Jack Abbott." When Jack asked Ashley how the baby was doing, she admitted that it had been quiet lately. Adam remembered Ashley falling down the stairs. Ashley was thrilled that her baby and Sharon's baby had approximately the same due date.

Ashley told Jack that, since Estella was arrested, she had been much less stressed out. Jack made a snide remark about Adam, but Ashley defended Adam. Adam entered the living room. Ashley left to take a nap. Jack told Adam that he wasn't buying Adam's "nice guy" act, and that Adam probably still hated Jack because Jack wasn't implicated in the forgery of Victor's diary, while Adam served time in prison for forgery. Jack assumed that Adam was formulating a revenge plan against him, but he warned Adam not to involve any of the Abbott family -- particularly Ashley.

Later, after Jack was gone, Ashley joined Adam in the living room. She told Adam that she and Victor had decided to name their baby "Hope." Adam said that he was "blown away" that they were going to name the baby after his mother. She then told Adam that she hadn't felt the baby kick in quite a while. Adam said that it was probably just nerves. Ashley said that she needed an ultrasound exam to make sure that the baby was okay. Adam said that he would call Dr. Taylor and arrange the exam. When Ashley left to make tea, Adam called Dr. Taylor and told him that they had a huge problem -- and Adam needed Taylor's help.

Victoria met Nikki in the hallway outside Summer's hospital room. Nikki told her daughter that she had just seen the oddest thing -- when she had stopped by the ranch to pick up a change of clothes for Victor, she happened to see Rafe and Adam kissing. Victoria was shocked, and said that she had never thought that Adam was gay. Nikki said that she wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her own eyes.

Almost snickering, Victoria wondered what would happen if Victor found out. Nikki said that Victor was all for diversity, but not within his own family. Nikki thought that Adam's being gay explained why he kept distant from the family. Sounding almost sympathetic to Adam, Nikki said that she couldn't even imagine the pressure that he faced.

Victoria wondered if Heather knew that Adam was gay. Nikki said that she didn't give a damn about Heather, considering what Heather was putting Nick and Phyllis through. Nikki was concerned that Rafe, who was Estella's lawyer, was sexually involved with a possible suspect in the case of who was harassing Ashley. Nikki wondered if Rafe was betraying his aunt, or if Adam was using Rafe. Victoria suspected the latter. Nikki told Victoria that, for Estella's sake, she was going to tell Victor what she had seen at the ranch.

Nikki saw Heather and told her that she needed some legal advice for a Restless Style article. She asked Heather what Heather would do if she knew that a defendant's lawyer was romantically involved with another suspect in a case. Heather said that, as an officer of the court, she would be obligated to reveal any impropriety. Nikki wanted to know if any harm would be caused if someone who wasn't an officer of the court revealed that type of relationship. Heather said that if it did cause harm, then the lawyer would be getting what he or she deserved. Heather said that she needed more details in order to give Nikki more advice, but that, in general, being open with information was the best policy.

Victor told Victoria that he was concerned about her -- he said she seemed very emotional. Victoria said that, on the contrary, she had a lot to be happy about. She had a great job and a great family. She was also working with Sabrina's charity, and had managed to locate some of the Newman Art Foundation's pieces that Victor had sold. As a matter of fact, she had a meeting that evening with an art dealer from Los Angeles.

Later, Nikki found Victor reading to Summer. Nikki told Victor that Victoria had seemed moody lately, but Victor said that he wasn't concerned about it. She was about to tell Victor about seeing Rafe and Adam kissing, but she was interrupted when the Newman security guard called Victor to tell him that Mary Jane was missing. A livid Victor told the guard to find Mary Jane and get her on the flight to Brazil.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin, Amber, Jana, and Daniel listened to an excerpt of the "Silver Chipmunk" speech that Kevin had given at Genoa City High School. Jana told Kevin that Eden had said that the Crazy Chipmunk Club was the hottest thing at the high school. Daniel had Thomas Balfour's cell phone, and was trying to access the call log, hoping to find out who was framing him for Balfour's murder. Daniel was unsuccessful, as Balfour's service had been disconnected. Kevin called the phone company, claimed to be Balfour, and had the service reconnected.

A bunch of high school girls entered Crimson Lights and began laughing nervously when they saw Kevin. One of the girls said that she was the president of the Crazy Chipmunk Club. She told Kevin that they had taken up a collection so that Kevin could keep the mission -- to stand up to your "inner chipmunk" -- going. The girl presented Kevin with an envelope, then all the girls left. Kevin saw that there was over two hundred dollars in the envelope. He thought that he could start a line of chipmunk souvenirs with the cash, but Jana grabbed the envelope and told Kevin that he should help people, not take advantage of them.

In an unidentified office, Daniel's forgery hung on the wall. An unidentified man's assistant, staring at the forgery, told the unidentified man that Daniel had done a great job. The unidentified man reminded his assistant that the original painting had hung on the assistant's father's wall. The assistant said that his father had been a great art thief. The unidentified man disagreed. The assistant asked what the plan for the day was. The unidentified man said the plan was to get rid of Daniel Romalotti.

At Crimson Lights, Balfour's cell phone rang. Amber told Daniel not to answer it, but Daniel ignored her and answered. Daniel asked who it was. The unidentified man asked who Daniel was. Daniel said, "You called me. Tell me who you are." The unidentified man hung up, and admonished his assistant for accidentally dialing Balfour's phone number.

The unidentified man and his assistant realized that they needed to leave their office, in case someone had traced the call. The man grabbed Daniel's forgery from the wall, and told his assistant to take anything that might be identifiable from the office. As the two men left the office, a photo fell from the assistant's file onto the floor.

Kevin had been able to find the address where the phone call to Balfour's phone had originated. Daniel went to the address wearing gloves, and snuck into the dark office. Unbeknownst to Daniel, Amber had followed him. When Daniel heard Amber enter the office, he hid. Amber turned on the lights, and they were surprised to see each other. Daniel chided Amber for having followed him. She said she did so because she thought Daniel might be in danger. She showed Daniel a drink with a fresh ice cube in it, indicating that whoever had made the phone call had just left.

Amber and Daniel began looking around the office. Daniel found a computer flash drive marked "Photos" and put it in his pocket. He told Amber that he would download it to his computer later. Amber found the photo that the assistant had dropped on the floor. The photo was of the painting -- but they couldn't tell whether it was the original or Daniel's forgery. Amber said that whoever was using the office was trying to frame Daniel for murder. Amber found a book of matches imprinted with the logo, "The Lair -- On the Sunset Strip." Looking terrified, she shoved the matchbook into her pocket.

The unidentified man's assistant met Victoria in the Athletic Club dining room, and told her that his employer was anxious to meet her. Victoria approached the unidentified man and said, "Mr. Sharpe?" The unidentified man was Deacon Sharpe -- Amber's nemesis from Los Angeles.

Friday, July 10, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Amber confided in Jana that when Daniel searched the office at the address from the cell phone, Amber and Daniel found a photo of the Terroni painting, a flash drive, and a book of matches. Amber feared that the flash drive contained photos of Amber from her past, because the matchbook was from the club owned by Amber's ex-boyfriend Deacon Sharpe. Amber told Jana that Daniel hadn't seen the matchbook and he knew nothing about Amber's sordid past. Jana wondered why Amber thought Deacon was involved in the scheme, and Amber explained that Deacon had been obsessed with her and might have plotted the fake Terroni scam to get back at Amber by hurting Daniel. In a flashback, Amber remembered how Deacon had urged Amber to let her wild side out.

Daniel worked on the computer to unlock the images on the flash drive. Jana was amazed to learn that Amber had a child, a boy that Deacon and Amber had fought over. Amber explained that she had lied about being the baby's mother and that Deacon had used the situation to his advantage. Amber said that Deacon was not a good man, but was very difficult to resist. Amber revealed that Daniel knew nothing about Amber's relationship with Deacon-and Amber wanted to keep it that way because Amber had not been blameless. Amber claimed that she hadn't thought of Deacon in years, nor heard from him. Jana suggested that perhaps it was just a coincidence. Amber wasn't sure what to think.

Jana asked Amber if Deacon was capable of killing someone. Amber wasn't sure. Daniel entered and showed Amber and Jana the image from the flash drive. It was the Terroni painting. Daniel asked Jana if it was the original or the fake. Jana said she would have to study it, but suggested that Victoria take a look, because Victoria might have a sixth sense about the painting.

Later, Jana urged Amber to tell Daniel the truth about Deacon. Jana reminded Amber that Jana was an example of someone with a terrible past, and yet Kevin still loved and forgave her. Amber didn't think Daniel would ever look at her the same way if Daniel knew the truth about Amber's past. Jana thought that Amber owed it to Daniel to warn him about Deacon, but Amber was determined to keep Daniel from ever knowing about Deacon.

Victoria was at lunch at the Athletic Club with Deacon Sharpe. Deacon was very familiar with Victoria's name in the art world, but admitted that he was new to the field. Victoria thanked him for flying to Genoa City to meet with her about purchasing a Koons piece from a private dealer. Deacon was glad to deal with Victoria because he felt they had something in common, namely the forged Terroni painting.

Deacon told Victoria that he knew about her attempt to buy the forged Terroni. Victoria urged Deacon not to repeat the story when he didn't know all the facts about her working with the Feds to retrieve the original. Victoria said she was dedicated to rebuilding the contemporary art collection in memory of her friend. Victoria was surprised that Deacon knew she was referring to Sabrina. Deacon said he had met Sabrina once. Deacon also knew that Sabrina had been married to Victor.

Deacon was glad that Victoria had not been hurt in the alley. Deacon thought that Victoria had been brave to do what she did. Deacon assured Victoria that he was a discreet person. Deacon then asked Victoria to be discreet with the fact that Deacon had been burned on the same forged Terroni scam to the tune of $250,000.

Deacon explained how he had been contacted by a dealer and thought he was buying the real Terroni. Victoria asked if Deacon knew that the original had been stolen. Deacon was aware. Deacon told Victoria that he not only lost his money, but the fake Terroni, as well. Victoria wondered why Deacon wanted to buy the stolen original and Deacon said he wanted it returned to the museum.

Playing on Victoria's sentimental side, Deacon talked about how he fell in love with art as a young man. Deacon said how crazy it made him to think of how the painting was stolen and all the people who were deprived of seeing the original Terroni. Deacon assured Victoria that the Koons was authentic. Victoria said she wanted to check it out and would need a few days before making Deacon an offer.

Daniel entered the Athletic Club and saw Victoria at a table with Deacon. Daniel asked Victoria if he could speak with her. Victoria introduced Daniel to Deacon. Daniel explained that he needed to talk to Victoria about the Terroni. When Victoria said that Deacon knew a lot about the subject, Deacon invited Daniel to join them.

Amber went to the Athletic Club looking for Daniel. Amber spotted Daniel with Victoria and Deacon. Deacon made eye contact with Amber and winked at her. Amber started to back away, but Daniel saw Amber and called her over. Daniel said she was white as ghost and Deacon suggested that she had seen a ghost. Deacon shook Amber's hand and Daniel introduced Deacon as an art expert. Daniel told Amber that Deacon had been scammed over the forged Terroni, too. Deacon excused himself and said goodbye.

At Phyllis' home, Nikki, Paul, and Nick met with Phyllis. Phyllis gave Nikki a doll to take to Summer in the hospital. Phyllis told Nick that she was doing all right, but she complained about not being able to visit Summer herself because of the court order. Nikki assured Phyllis that between Nikki, Paul, and Victor, there was always someone by Summer's side to remind her that Nick and Phyllis loved her. Nick took a call from Victor and reported that there was no change in Summer's condition. Phyllis thanked Nikki and Paul, acknowledging how the family has stepped up for Phyllis and Nick, but Phyllis wanted to be by Summer's side. Phyllis called the situation a nightmare and said she would gladly die for Summer.

Paul told Phyllis that she was an amazing mother, which made Phyllis ask why someone would accuse her of hurting Summer. Nikki assured Phyllis that none of her friends and family believed that charge. Nick didn't think Phyllis had an enemy that would go after Summer. When Nikki pointed out that Phyllis' friends, including Jack, Michael, and Mary Jane, had been at the hospital regularly, Paul was curious about Mary Jane. Nick said he wondered about Mary Jane's devotion, too.

Phyllis thought that Mary Jane was simply an intense person, but Nikki explained that Mary Jane had an intense reaction to Paul when Mary Jane had arranged for a restraining order against him. Paul said Mary Jane had a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Nikki asked if anybody really knew very much about Mary Jane. Phyllis suggested that it was time they all found out more about Mary Jane.

Victor was at Summer's bedside in the hospital, telling the child that with the weather getting warmer, Victor was looking forward to Summer going to the ranch to go swimming and enjoy a barbeque. Victor wanted to show Summer a photo from last year's barbeque, but discovered that his wallet was missing. Victor urged Summer to get well soon and reminded her that she was a Newman and strong enough to survive anything.

In the hallway outside of Summer's room, Victor talked on the phone with his security guard about Mary Jane's disappearance. Victor ordered the guard to find Mary Jane and get her on a plane to Brazil.

At the ranch, Heather visited Adam. Heather thought Adam looked pale and suggested that he go for a swim. Adam thought Heather should take a dip, even though she explained she hadn't brought a suit. Adam liked the idea of Heather skinny-dipping in the pool, but Heather said she had already been caught naked once by Victor and that was enough.

Adam's phone rang and Heather saw that the caller was Rafe Torres. Adam told her to ignore the call. Heather asked why Rafe was calling, since he wasn't Adam's lawyer anymore. Adam said they were just friends, then he resumed undressing Heather. From outside in the garden, Mary Jane peered through the window as Adam and Heather fell back on the couch in a romantic clinch.

Heather stopped Adam before they got carried away. Heather said she had to get to court, kissing Adam goodbye and leaving. Heather walked past Mary Jane, not noticing Mary Jane crouching in the garden. After Heather passed, Mary Jane stood up and Adam saw Mary Jane through the window. Adam recognized her. Mary Jane turned to rush away while Adam quickly removed the monitor from his ankle so he could follow her.

Out by the stables, Adam found Mary Jane. Mary Jane asked who Adam was and he said that he was Adam Wilson. Mary Jane wanted to speak with Victor and was surprised to learn that Adam was his son. Adam explained that he and Victor did not see eye to eye. Adam called Victor a bully. Mary Jane said that Victor had promised to help her win Jack's heart and Victor hadn't kept his promise. Adam told Mary Jane that Victor wasn't very nice to Adam, either. Adam suggested that they could help each other.

From the hospital corridor, Victor called to report his wallet missing. Paul approached Victor and learned that Summer's condition was unchanged. Paul offered to sit with Summer in Victor's place. Victor was grateful because he wanted to visit Katherine, who was also in the hospital. Paul said that there might be a lead on who accused Phyllis of hurting Summer, Mary Jane Benson. Victor acted surprised and asked why Mary Jane was a suspect.

Paul explained that he didn't trust her because of her wild mood swings, and he was going to do more digging. Paul also said that Phyllis, Nick, and Nikki were trying to find Mary Jane to question her. Victor asked Paul to let Victor take over the investigation into Mary Jane. Victor asked Paul to support Nikki in her time of need over Summer.

At the Athletic Club, Nick, Phyllis, and Nikki entered Mary Jane's hotel room, where the maid was finishing up. Nick questioned the maid and learned that Mary Jane had checked out. The maid revealed that Mary Jane had been very secretive and the maid had been ordered not to open drawers or go into the closet. The maid also said Mary Jane had never given her a tip. Nick handed the maid a hundred dollar bill.

When Nikki asked if they could look around, the maid told them to go right ahead. Nick searched the closet, while Nikki searched the bed. Neither found anything. Phyllis, however, looked under the couch and found a photo of Summer. Phyllis was mystified about why Summer's picture would be in Mary Jane's room. Nick said they had to get this information to Heather Stevens.

Adam led Mary Jane into the house, but she was frightened to stay there even though Adam explained he was alone. When Adam asked Mary Jane to let him help her, she got upset. Mary Jane said that Victor had offered to help her in the same way. Victor had swooped into her life and offered to help her win Jack back. But when Victor was through with Mary Jane, he tossed her aside like an old shoe. Adam urged Mary Jane to sit down and tell him the whole story.

Adam told Mary Jane she could trust him, but Mary Jane had heard those same words from Victor. When there was a knock on the door, Mary Jane got scared. Adam told her to hide while he got rid of whoever was there. A guard told Adam that there had been a security breach on the ranch. Adam wondered if Heather could have set off the alarm when she left, but the guard said it wasn't Heather. The guard told Adam to keep the doors locked and call if anyone suspicious appeared. Adam locked the door and called for Mary Jane to come out. Adam told Mary Jane that he had just proved to her that she could trust him.

Mary Jane was still afraid. Adam offered to find her a place on the ranch to hide. Adam told Mary Jane about the old potting shed where nobody went anymore. Adam said Mary Jane would be safe there and Adam would deliver whatever Mary Jane needed. Adam said they would have time to talk and Adam could figure out a way to help Mary Jane.

Adam told Mary Jane how to find the potting shed and gave her the keys. Mary Jane was grateful. Adam believed that he and Mary Jane would have a beautiful friendship. Mary Jane said she really needed a friend. While Mary Jane left through the back entrance, Adam smiled.

Nikki arrived at Summer's room with the doll for Summer. Victor called Nikki over and asked about Mary Jane. Nikki said that Mary Jane had checked out of the hotel very quickly, that the doorman had said Mary Jane seemed upset, and Nick, Phyllis, and Nikki had found a photo of Summer in Mary Jane's room.

Heather arrived at the hospital in response to a message from Paul. Paul called over Nick and Phyllis, and asked Heather what she knew of Mary Jane Benson. Heather was hesitant to respond, but Nick declared that Mary Jane must have been the one to accuse Phyllis of hurting Summer. Paul pointed out to Heather that Mary Jane was unstable. Phyllis showed Heather the photo of Summer found in Mary Jane's hotel room, and Nick added that Mary Jane had checked out in haste.

A short time later, Heather finished a phone call, then told Paul, Nick, Phyllis, Victor, and Nikki that Mary Jane's cell phone was disconnected and she had not used her credit cards. Victor asked if the court order against Phyllis and Nick would be lifted. Heather wouldn't confirm that Mary Jane had been the accuser. Victor thought Mary Jane skipping town was proof positive. Nick suggested that Mary Jane accused Phyllis to cause her pain. Phyllis wondered if Mary Jane accused Phyllis to throw suspicion off Mary Jane. Phyllis realized that Mary Jane had to be the one who gave Summer the peanut cookie.

Phyllis recalled that Mary Jane had been at Restless Style right before Summer went into shock. Phyllis said that Mary Jane had seen Phyllis put the cookies in the trash. Heather wondered why Phyllis wouldn't have noticed if Mary Jane fed a cookie to Summer. Phyllis revealed that she and Jack were having an intense conversation about Sharon and Nick, so Phyllis had her back turned and wasn't paying attention to Summer at that moment. Phyllis had no idea that Mary Jane might hurt Summer.

Phyllis blamed herself for trusting Mary Jane. Victor interjected that Phyllis was not to blame. Summer's voice cried out from the hospital room. Summer called for "Mama." Phyllis rushed to the door but a cop was standing in her way. Phyllis asked to be let through and Heather told the cop to step aside.

Phyllis rushed to Summer's bedside, with Nick, Nikki, and Victor close behind. Summer smiled at the sight of her family. Paul thanked Heather, and then went to find the doctor.

Phyllis told Summer she had been asleep for a while but she was better because she was a super girl. The doctor examined Summer. Victor asked the doctor about Summer's prognosis. Nick, Victor, and Nikki listened as the doctor explained that Summer would be disoriented for a while and the doctor had ordered tests to determine if she had suffered any brain damage. Nikki went to Summer and hugged her close. Nick sat beside the bed and welcomed "Sweet Pea" back.

Nikki went to Paul and said that her prayer for a miracle had been answered. Paul told Nikki that Heather sent the cop away and she had suspended the investigation. Phyllis was in the clear. Nikki asked if Mary Jane could have really done it. Paul said that the restraining order showed that Mary Jane had a tendency to overreact.

Nick stepped out of the hospital room just as Paul told Nikki that his gut feeling was that Mary Jane was capable of anything. Nick was determined to find out if Mary Jane was responsible for hurting his daughter. Paul said that he had done more investigating into Mary Jane's contacts in Europe and nobody said they knew her. Paul said he wanted to fly to Europe and walk in Mary Jane's footsteps, but he was holding back because Victor had asked him to let Victor lead the investigation. Nikki wasn't surprised that Victor wanted to be in control.

Paul was ready to book a flight and Nikki said she would go with Paul, but she wanted to stay in Genoa City in case Summer needed her. Nick urged Nikki to go with Paul. Nick added that Victor didn't need to know what Paul and Nikki were doing.

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