The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 13, 2009 on Y&R

Summer incurred partial brain damage. Nick decided to stay with Phyllis. Victor and Ashley got married. Ashley fainted when she spotted Mary Jane wearing Sabrina's dress. Lily discovered that she might have a malignant mass on her ovaries. Chance returned from Iraq.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 13, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, July 13, 2009

At Jimmy's Bar, Cane blasted Phillip for inserting him into the middle of an irresolvable dilemma. Cane said, "Yeah, and it makes me sick to think I hurt these people by lying to them. And just now it's dawning on me the life you gave me, the life I had, never existed." Phillip observed, "You thought finding a family would solve all of your problems, and I thought leaving my family would solve all of my problems. And now everything's on its head."

Phillip listened as Cane bereaved the sudden loss of Katherine, Jill, and Lily. Mac arrived for her shift. Cane inquired about Katherine. Mac announced that Katherine would convalesce at home. After Mac stepped away, Phillip worried about telling his family that he was gay. Cane reminded Phillip that his family was sophisticated enough to accept the revelation. Phillip explained that he had told Nina and based on her reaction, his coming back from the dead would not be enough to soften the blow to his family. Phillip finished his water and left.

Mac bitterly carried out her duties, and Cane noticed that Mac seemed cold and remote. Mac admitted that she didn't enjoy working for Cane after learning that she didn't really know him. Cane offered to sell the bar to Mac. Mac scoffed that Chancellor family members had a habit of running away. Therefore, Mac asserted that Cane perfectly fit the family mold. Cane insisted that he was giving the people he loved the time and space they needed in order to heal.

After Mac questioned Cane's reasons for leaving, he admitted that he felt comfortable sharing his feelings with her. Cane added that the people he had hurt felt that he was scum. Cane told Mac that he had desperately wanted a family with all of the trappings, which was why he had come to Genoa City. Mac relented and agreed to buy the bar, but she begged Cane not to leave town. Mac hugged Cane just as Billy arrived.

Billy antagonistically approached Cane and angrily warned him to stay away from Mac. Mac informed Billy that he didn't need to protect her. Mac told Billy that she was buying the bar from Cane. Cane claimed that everyone would resume normal lives as if he had never existed. Billy responded that nothing could ever be the same after the misery Cane had created for Katherine and Jill. Cane handed the keys to the bar to Mac before the walked out the door.

At the hospital, Billy agreed that Katherine would recuperate more quickly at home. Jill apologized for not trusting Billy's instincts about Cane. Katherine snidely remarked that they could thank Jill for her elder son's fraud, which duped them all. Billy quickly defended Jill. Mac attempted to soften Katherine's stance and applauded Phillip's effort to own up to his misdeeds. Katherine suggested that Phillip would have remained in Australia if Cane hadn't come along. Jill said that Phillip had hated his life, and that Phillip's family had been partly responsible for his angst.

As Jill, Billy, and Nina waited for Katherine's release, Jill expressed hopes that the family could reconnect. Jill said that Phillip should be included. Billy quickly observed that Phillip had faked his own death, abandoned his kid, and convinced Cane to make Katherine believe that she was guilty of swapping babies. Nina jumped to Phillip's defense and mentioned that there might have been mitigating circumstances. Jill grilled Nina, but she refused to elaborate, adding that she had promised Phillip that she would not. Jill was miffed.

Nina arrived at the Chancellor mansion before Billy and Jill brought Katherine home from the hospital. Phillip was there waiting for his grandmother's return. Nina admitted to Phillip that his family knew that there was more to his story than he had been willing to share. Phillip worried about Katherine's health, but Nina insisted that not telling Katherine the truth would exasperate her trauma. Phillip reminded Nina that hearing the truth about his sexuality had not brought her peace.

As Jill nervously hovered over Katherine when they arrived, Katherine overheard Nina attempting to persuade Phillip to let his family decide. Jill asked Nina and Phillip what they were discussing. Nina encouraged Phillip to talk about the events that made his life spiral out of control years ago. Nina politely requested that Billy leave the room. Phillip said he doubted that his reason for leaving as he did would make sense to his family. Katherine concluded that they would if Phillip had been injured or confused.

Phillip abruptly admitted that he was gay. Jill seemed stunned. Katherine's gaze remained frozen on Phillip in disbelief. Phillip explained that times were different when he left, and that he pretended to be the person his family had expected him to be. Phillip added, "I would never make you happy. I wasn't going be the son or the heir that you wanted, because Phillip Chancellor, III couldn't possibly be gay."

Nina reminded Phillip that at one time he had been in love with Cricket. Phillip said that his heart ached from loneliness, and that Cricket had been his last attempt to deny his true feelings. Katherine and Jill blasted Phillip for punishing them by faking his death. Katherine cried that she had lost twenty years of Phillip's life. Tearfully, Nina suggested that the family resolve their feelings about Phillip as best they could. Phillip, frustrated, walked out.

In her hiding place inside an aging, unused potting shed on the Newman estate, Mary Jane carried on a one-way conversation with her late pet cat, Kitty, a stiffened vestige preserved by means of taxidermy. Mary Jane recalled Victor's plan to send her packing to Rio de Janeiro. Mary Jane assured Kitty that Adam would allow them to stay in the shed until she could figure things out. Angrily, Mary Jane complained that Victor had promised that she could have Jack. Mary Jane declared, "I am going make sure Victor keeps his promise."

Mary Jane was suddenly struck by paranoia when she realized that she didn't truly know Adam. Mary Jane spoke aloud and addressed herself by her real name, which was Patty. Mary Jane cried, "What if this is a trap? We've gotten this far and fooled Paul and everyone else." Mary Jane cried to Kitty that no one cared about them. Mary Jane breathed a slight sigh of relief and nervously assured Kitty that everything would be all right.

Adam arrived with food, and Mary Jane, feeling exceedingly desperate, greeted him with a firm hug. Mary Jane worried that Victor might find her, but Adam promised Mary Jane that no one ever entered the old shed. Adam noticed Kitty and asked Mary Jane if she had brought the cat with her. Mary Jane stroked Kitty's fur and said that she hoped her pet cat wouldn't be a problem. Without missing a beat, Adam quickly offered to bring chow for the cat. Mary Jane smiled oddly and told Adam that he was sweet.

In the sitting room at the Newman ranch, Ashley overheard Victor order an assistant to find Mary Jane at once. Ashley appeared anxious about Mary Jane's odd behavior and cried, "I can't believe that she could say something so damaging about Phyllis. She must be insane." Victor attempted to alleviate Ashley's growing frustration by reminding her that Summer had awakened and was fine, but Ashley reminded Victor that she wasn't a china doll and wouldn't break.

Adam phoned Dr. Taylor and ordered him to rig an ultrasound machine to show Ashley and Victor a convincing image of a fetus, which would be roughly the same gestational age of Ashley's had she not suffered a miscarriage. Dr. Taylor reminded Adam that he was to blame for Ashley's accident, which caused the miscarriage. Adam expressed concern that Ashley's lack of physical changes might cause her to suspect that something was amiss with her pregnancy. Dr. Taylor, frustrated, heatedly explained that women carry and show differently, and that a hysterical pregnancy would prompt Ashley's abdomen to swell.

Reacting to Dr. Taylor's sarcastic tone, Adam asked, "You really want to piss me off?" Dr. Taylor reminded Adam that he could blow him out of the water, too. Dr. Taylor added, "I'm getting to the point where I wouldn't really give a damn if I had to lose my license if it meant getting you off my back." Adam answered the door when Dr. Taylor arrived at the ranch. Victor excused Adam while Dr. Taylor performed Ashley's exam, but Adam listened from the nearby staircase.

When Dr. Taylor placed the sensor on Ashley's swollen belly, the ultrasound screen remained blank. Victor's brow furrowed. Ashley anxiously asked if something was wrong. Adam bit his lip and listened apprehensively. Victor asked Dr. Taylor why they weren't seeing images of the baby. Dr. Taylor tensely fidgeted with the machine and lied that he usually had a trained technician assisting him.

Finally, Dr. Taylor adjusted the machine and sounds of a baby's heartbeat filled the room. Ashley cried with joy when she saw a squirming fetus appear on screen. Dr. Taylor offered to print photos of the fetus, and Ashley eagerly accepted. Adam winced and seemed saddened by Ashley's plight. Ashley and Victor celebrated when Dr. Taylor announced that the baby was likely a girl. Victor proudly announced, "A little miracle we can share with the rest of the world."

After Dr. Taylor left, Ashley seemed moody and withdrawn. Victor remarked innocently that hormones might be affecting Ashley's mood. Ashley suddenly lashed out at Victor and accused him of believing that she had fabricated stories about Estella having repeatedly intimidated her. When Ashley and Victor prepared to go to bed, Ashley asked to sleep alone because she was drained and needed time alone. Victor seemed taken aback, but he conceded and retreated to the guest room.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Adam was careful to make sure no one followed him to the potting shed. He delivered food to Mary Jane and her kitty, but Mary Jane was not impressed. Mary Jane was irritated that Adam wasn't helping her get closer to Jack.

Adam asked Mary Jane if she had met Ashley. He said that Ashley had stopped working because she was so fragile. Adam said if Mary Jane followed his lead, Jack would be running to Ashley to hold her hand. Mary Jane could be there for Jack when he needed support.

Mary Jane ate the sandwich that Adam had taken to her. She was startled when she heard Ashley calling for Zapato. Ashley chased Zapato into the potting shed, but Ashley did not see Mary Jane.

Heather went to Adam's room and wondered where he was. She called the district attorney and apologized for her mistake trying to implicate Phyllis for harming Summer. Heather was surprised when Raphael walked in.

Heather told Raphael that Adam appreciated his friendship. Raphael said that Heather had been good to Adam, as well. Heather admitted she was worried about Adam. She said that his blindness was causing him to lose confidence in himself. Raphael said that Adam needed to make peace with himself.

When Adam returned, he was surprised to find both Heather and Raphael in his room. Heather said she had a bad day and wanted to see Adam. Adam asked Heather if he and Raphael could speak alone. When they were alone, Raphael told Adam that he didn't want to be in a relationship where he had to lie. Adam said that Heather had been there for him. He asked Raphael to give him a few more days.

Heather talked to Adam about her case against Phyllis. When she said that the accuser was Mary Jane, Adam smiled to himself. Heather said that Mary Jane had disappeared without a trace. When Heather got ready to leave, Adam started kissing her.

Ashley forced herself to leave her room. She told the baby in her belly that they had to emerge sooner or later.

Sharon showed Jack the picture of her sonogram. Jack said that it was a happy day for them. He said that it might not be a happy day for Phyllis and Nick. It was the day Summer was going to get an MRI to test if her brain had been affected by the coma. He asked if Sharon wanted to go to the hospital with him to check on Summer. Sharon agreed.

Nick told Phyllis that he would be there for her and Summer. Phyllis wasn't sure if she wanted that. She said that it might confuse Summer having him in and out of her life. Nick said that he was going to be there for Summer.

Nick told Phyllis that Sharon understood him. He said that Sharon was trying to make it easier for him to go back to his family. Phyllis didn't believe that it would last. Nick said that whether Phyllis believed him or not, he would be there for her and Summer.

Sharon and Jack walked into Summer's room just as Nick told Phyllis he was going to be there for her. Sharon looked at Nick and there was an uncomfortable silence. Phyllis asked to speak to Jack outside.

Phyllis told Jack about her suspicions regarding Mary Jane. Jack said that the last time he had seen Mary Jane, she was acting strangely. Phyllis said that Mary Jane must have given Summer the peanut butter cookies on purpose. Phyllis wondered where Mary Jane was from and why she would want to hurt them.

Sharon asked Nick what they had walked in on. She apologized and said it was none of her business. Sharon told Nick that he didn't have to explain. She said that Nick couldn't abandon his family. Nick hugged her. Sharon told Nick that she would always love him.

Sharon sat down next to Phyllis and reassured her that everything would be okay. She took Phyllis' hand and said that their little girls needed them.

Jack asked Nick how he was holding up. Nick said he didn't know what to do. Nick told Jack that Jack would be a great father to Sharon's baby. Phyllis walked in and said that the doctor had Summer's test results.

The doctor said that the MRI revealed minimal brain damage. Phyllis wondered if there was any recovery for the damage. The doctor said that the problems should resolve themselves in time. They wheeled Summer in and Summer tried to talk to her parents. Phyllis said they would get her through it.

Gloria told Aidan, the bartender at the Athletic Club, that he made the best martinis. Jeffrey showed up and glared at Aidan. Gloria assured Jeffrey that she only had eyes for him. Jeffrey said that he was going to call Victor again. Gloria didn't believe that Mary Jane was Victor's call girl.

Colleen went to the hospital and took flowers to Summer. Victor said he would give Summer's parents the flowers. Colleen wanted to give Summer the flowers herself, but Victor wouldn't have it. He felt the only reason Colleen was there was to snoop around for her Uncle Jack.

Victor looked at the picture Jeffrey had sent with his arms around Mary Jane. He called Jeffrey and asked to meet him at Crimson Lights. When Victor arrived at Crimson Lights, he told Jeffrey and Gloria that he wanted to make a deal with them. He said they could stick it to Jack. Gloria was interested.

Victor told Jeffrey and Gloria that Colleen was becoming a nuisance. He wanted Gloria and Jeffrey to convince others that Colleen was too young to be on the Board of Directors. Gloria said that they had a deal. Victor told Gloria that he always knew she was the sensible one.

Victor called J.T. and asked if he had made any progress on finding his wallet. He also wanted to know why J.T. had dropped Colleen's investigation.

Raphael met with Colleen for some coffee. Colleen said that things were not going right for her. Raphael said things hadn't been going well for him lately, either. Colleen asked if Raphael had been having boy trouble. They decided to go to Jimmy's to get a drink.

Gloria went to Aidan and asked for a favor. Jeffrey said Aidan could have Gloria's ring if he helped them out.

Raphael told Colleen that the man he was interested in had not come out of the closet yet. Colleen asked who it was. Raphael said that he had to go. Colleen walked up to the bar and ordered another drink. Aidan said it was on him.

Jeffrey wondered if Aidan was Colleen's type. Gloria said Aidan was every woman's type.

Victor knocked on his bedroom door but Ashley wouldn't leave. Ashley decided to go downstairs and told Victor that she had been soaking in the bathtub. Victor said they had a lot to look forward to. He said that he had a way to make her feel more certain of the future. He asked her to marry him that night.

Ashley was in shock. Victor said he wanted his daughter and family to grow up happy and loved. Ashley smiled at Victor and said yes. Victor said their love was a miracle. He told her to look forward to a romantic wedding night. Adam overheard and ran upstairs.

Adam went to the potting shed with Sabrina's dress. He said that Victor and Ashley were getting married, and she was going, but not as Mary Jane.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the Athletic Club lobby, Lily told Devon that she needed to escape from Neil, as he was playing the part of the overprotective father. She told Devon that Neil was afraid of leaving her alone, so he had invited Lily along on his date with Tyra. Tyra and Neil were inside the club's dining room. Devon wondered if Lily was upset about Neil, or if Cane had done something to upset her. Lily said, "Not exactly," and told her brother that she would give him the details later. Lily dragged Devon into the dining room to join Tyra and Neil.

Mac was behind the bar at Jimmy's when Cane showed up. Noticing that Cane seemed down, Mac asked him if he regretted selling the bar to her. Cane said that he had a lot of regrets, but selling Jimmy's wasn't one of them. He told Mac that he was there to pick up his things. Mac asked him if he had spoken to Lily, but Cane said that he had pretty much given up on his wife.

A drunk Colleen interrupted Mac and Cane's conversation. Colleen asked Cane why Lily hadn't been returning her phone calls. Mac told Colleen that she had purchased Jimmy's from Cane. Not knowing about Cane and Lily's separation, Colleen thought that perhaps Cane had sold the bar so that he and Lily could spend more time "trying to make babies." Colleen ordered two Long Island iced teas. When Mac asked whom the second one was for, Colleen indicated Aidan, who was sitting at a table and talking to someone on his cell phone.

Aidan was speaking to Gloria, who was at the Athletic Club bar with Jeffrey. After ending her conversation with Aidan, Gloria reported to Jeffrey that Colleen was on "round three." Jeffrey sarcastically lamented that Colleen was about to have her "good girl" image tarnished -- and that her antics would be posted on the Internet for everyone to see. Gloria said that the Internet video would give Victor the ammunition he needed to have Colleen thrown off the Newman Board of Directors. Gloria tried to call Victor to give him a progress report, but Abby answered the phone and told her that Victor was too busy to talk -- he was preparing for his wedding with Ashley. Seeing Jack across the room, Gloria rushed up to him and told him that Ashley and Victor were tying the knot that night. Jack was stunned.

J.T. showed up at Jimmy's for a meeting regarding the bar's security system. The drunk Colleen told J.T. that Mac was in the back room with Cane. Colleen introduced J.T. to Aidan, who invited J.T. to join them for a round. J.T. declined Aidan's offer. When Aidan went to the bar to get another round of drinks, J.T. asked Colleen if she was okay. Colleen said that she was fine -- she already had a cab on the way, and she wasn't going to do anything stupid.

Later, Colleen, who was completely soused, told Aidan that she was hot, and removed her sweater. She walked over to the jukebox to put on some music. Jeffrey snuck into the bar and Aidan nodded in Colleen's direction. At the counter, Jeffrey took out his camera phone and began recording as Colleen started to dance.

J.T. and Mac watched Colleen and realized that she didn't know about Lily and Cane's separation. When J.T. made a disparaging remark about Cane, Mac said that Cane wasn't the monster that people made him out to be. J.T. told Mac that he was there to discuss updating the security system, and was surprised to learn that Mac had purchased Jimmy's from Cane.

After Mac and J.T. walked to the back to inspect the system, Cane walked downstairs with a box of his possessions. He decided to call Devon, hoping that Devon would give Lily a message. Devon, who had stepped away from the table at the club for a moment, told Cane to stop calling him. Cane asked Devon to tell Lily that Cane loved her -- and to tell her goodbye. Devon said that if Cane loved Lily, he would leave her alone. Devon returned to the table, where Tyra was telling Neil and Lily how much Ana liked camp. Lily suddenly got up and told Neil and Tyra that she needed to speak with Devon. When Neil asked what was wrong, Lily said that she was going stir crazy and just needed to get out.

After Lily and Devon left, Tyra told Neil how happy she was to see Neil relaxing. She suggested a romantic massage at Neil's place, but she realized that Neil wasn't listening to a word that she said. Neil told Tyra that he suspected that Lily might have left to call Cane, and that Lily was only ignoring Cane's calls when Neil was around. Tyra told Neil that if Lily wanted to talk with Cane, she would answer the phone whether or not Neil was there. Neil suggested that they stop at Devon's to check on Lily, but Tyra told Neil to "give it a rest." She added that Lily was a grown woman who could take care of herself. Neil said that he would protect Lily for the rest of his life -- that his children were his top priority.

At Devon's, a nervous Lily told Devon that she couldn't even mention Cane's name around Neil. Devon told Lily to try to forget about Cane. She said that wouldn't be easy -- as she was pregnant with Cane's child. Devon told Lily that Cane had called him and asked him to tell Lily goodbye, and perhaps never seeing Cane again would be the best thing. Lily wondered how a child growing up without a father could be the best thing. Devon told Lily that it was up to her as to whether or not she called Cane.

At Jimmy's, Cane was surprised to learn that Mac and J.T. had once lived together. Cane told Mac that he envied her for being able to remain friends with her ex -- he didn't think that would happen with him and Lily. Mac said that Lily would come around in time. Cane said that time wouldn't heal what he had done. Cane's phone rang. It was Lily, calling to tell him that they needed to talk.

Colleen was acting completely out of control. She jumped on a table and then lifted her shirt up, exposing her bosom for everyone in the bar to see, and for Jeffrey's camera to record. J.T. pulled Colleen off the table and rushed her out of the bar. Jeffrey gave Aidan a thumbs-up sign, and then called Gloria to tell her that they "hit the mother lode."

At Crimson Lights, J.T. tried to sober Colleen up with coffee. Initially, Colleen thought that she had merely been dancing at Jimmy's, but she then remembered that she had exposed herself. She made J.T. promise that he wouldn't tell anyone. J.T. promised, and then told Colleen that she needed to be careful, as Victor was looking for any excuse to have her removed from the Newman board. J.T. said that Colleen shouldn't give Victor any ammunition to make that happen. Colleen asked him how he knew that Victor wanted her off the board, but he evaded the question. Colleen thanked J.T. for his advice.

At the Athletic Club, the Bardwells watched the video of Colleen's antics on a laptop computer. Jeffrey uploaded the video to the Internet, titling it "Genoa City Hottie Gone Wild." Gloria said that when Victor saw the video, the Bardwells would be set for life.

At the Newman ranch, Abby said that she would be happy to be Ashley's maid of honor. Victor asked Adam to be his best man. Adam suggested that Nick might be a better choice, but Victor said that he knew how protective Adam had been of Ashley, and that he wanted Adam to stand up for him. Victoria showed up with some business papers for Victor to sign, and was shocked to learn that her father and Ashley were getting married that night. She was hurt that neither she nor Nick had been told about the wedding. Ashley said that it was a last-minute idea. Victor said that he hadn't contacted her and Nick because of the situation with Summer. When Ashley and Abby walked away, Victor begged his daughter not to put any stress on Ashley.

Victoria called Ashley over and apologized for being horrible to Ashley the last time that she had married Victor. Victoria told Ashley that, if it was okay with her, she wanted to stay for the wedding. Ashley hugged Victoria and told her she would love it if Victoria stayed. Victoria called J.T. and asked him to join her at the ranch.

Up in his bedroom, Adam mocked Victor and Victoria. To himself, he said that the only reason Victor had asked him to be his best man was because Nick, his "real son," was busy. Adam removed his ankle bracelet, and said that the night wouldn't be a total wash -- he had one "helluva wedding present" for Victor. Adam then left his room via the window.

In the potting shed, Mary Jane held up Sabrina's purple wedding dress and asked the stuffed cat what it thought of the outfit. She wondered why Adam wanted her to wear it to the wedding. Adam went to the potting shed and asked Mary Jane if her cat ever moved. He then noticed that the cat was stuffed, and Mary Jane told him that kitty had met an untimely death. Adam thought that keeping a stuffed cat was bizarre, but Mary Jane said that it was no more bizarre than Adam keeping her in the potting shed.

Adam told Mary Jane that there would be more people attending the wedding than he had originally anticipated, so it was important that she remained out of sight. Mary Jane was confused, as she thought she would be attending the wedding. Adam said that Mary Jane wouldn't really be attending the wedding -- rather, she would be making an appearance. Adam instructed her to put on Sabrina's dress and, when he texted her, to stand outside the living room window. He said that would send Ashley over the edge -- and Victor into the hell he deserved. Mary Jane asked about Jack. Adam said that Jack hadn't been invited, but if Mary Jane did her job, he would definitely show up.

Jack showed up at the Newman ranch and yelled at Victor for trying to marry Ashley without letting anyone know. Victor demanded that Jack leave. Ashley defused the situation, and told Jack that she would let him in if he promised to behave himself. Jack told Ashley that she shouldn't go through with the wedding. She told her brother that Victor and her baby were her family, and that Victor had been wonderful to her. Jack's mood completely changed when Ashley told him that her baby was a girl. Jack told her that Sharon's baby was a girl, too. Ashley said that it would be wonderful if their girls grew up as friends. Jack said that he would be there for Ashley -- and, since John had passed, he would give Ashley away. Brother and sister hugged.

Adam returned to his room and put his ankle bracelet back on. Victoria stopped by Adam's room to tell him that the judge was on his way. She asked Adam where Heather was -- she wondered if Adam and Heather had broken up. Adam said that the only reason Heather wasn't there was because it would upset Victor. Adam snidely asked Victoria where J.T. was -- he wondered if J.T. was at home, playing Mr. Mom again. Victoria said that J.T. would be there any minute.

Down in the living room, last-minute wedding preparations were underway. The judge arrived, and Victor thanked him for presiding over the nuptials on such short notice. Ashley entered the room in her wedding dress, which Victoria and Abby thought was beautiful. Adam asked Jack what he was doing there. Jack said he was there to support his sister. When Adam told Jack that he was standing up for Victor, Jack replied, "With knife poised, I'm sure."

The doorbell rang and Jack answered. It was a flower deliveryman, and Jack tried to accept the flowers. The deliveryman informed Jack that the credit card used to pay for the flowers had been declined, so the delivery was C.O.D. Jack read the card, and, when he saw that the flowers were from Gloria, he told the deliveryman to take them back. Mary Jane was lurking outside the door wearing Sabrina's dress, and was thrilled to see that Jack was there.

The judge began the wedding ceremony. J.T. snuck in and stood beside Victoria. The judge pronounced the Newmans husband and wife, and told Victor that he could kiss the bride. Everyone applauded and congratulated Victor and Ashley. Ashley turned toward the living room window, and saw Mary Jane standing there in Sabrina's wedding dress. She screamed, "Sabrina," and then fainted into Victor's arms.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nick showed up at the Newman ranch to discuss a Newman Enterprises acquisition with Victor. He congratulated his father on his marriage to Ashley. Nick was hurt that he hadn't been invited, but Victor said that he didn't want Nick to have to choose between being with Summer and being at the wedding. Nick wanted to congratulate Ashley, but Victor told him that she was upstairs with the doctor. Nick said that Victoria had told him about Ashley allegedly seeing Sabrina, and he wondered if Estella or Adam could have been behind the appearance. Victor doubted that, and told Nick that he was concerned about Ashley's psychological state.

Dr. Taylor finished examining Ashley, and told Victor that she was fine physically, but the doctor recommended that she seek psychiatric help. Victor said that he had tried to talk Ashley into seeing a professional, but she had refused. When Victor asked if there was anything at all that could be done for his wife, Dr. Taylor recommended rest and stress avoidance. When the doctor went to his car to get a sedative for Ashley, Victor told Nick how stubborn she had been about seeking psychiatric help. Nick said that he understood Ashley's reluctance -- since she had a history of breakdowns, she might be afraid of a psychiatrist's diagnosis.

Detective Wallace called Victor to tell him that Victor's wallet had been found in Sharon's suite at the Athletic Club. When Victor told Nick, Nick said that he thought that Sharon had gotten over her kleptomania. Victor was going to see Sharon at the club, and Nick wanted to join him. Victor insisted on seeing Sharon alone.

In the Newman potting shed, Adam woke up Mary Jane, who was asleep and still wearing Sabrina's purple dress. He was angry that Mary Jane had appeared in the window before she received Adam's text message. Mary Jane said that she had shown up early because she saw that Jack had attended the wedding, and that Jack seemed sad and lonely. Adam told her that her obsession with Jack nearly screwed everything up. She said that she wasn't obsessed with Jack -- she was in love with him. She threatened to reveal Adam's scheming to Jack.

Mary Jane said that she didn't want to stay in the potting shed anymore -- she wanted to go and find Jack. Adam, nervous that his machinations might be revealed if Mary Jane left, told her that he could help her find Jack. Mary Jane noticed that there was a bloodstain on her dress and she told Adam that she needed new clothes. He said that he would get her some. After Adam left, Mary Jane said to her stuffed cat, "Adam isn't our friend anymore, is he?"

Back at the main house, Nick saw Adam trying to sneak out with some clothing. He asked Adam what he was doing. Adam said that it was some dry cleaning that Ashley had forgotten to leave out. A suspicious Nick told Adam that the staff could take care of that, and besides, the clothes looked clean. Nick also wondered how Adam could leave the house wearing his ankle monitor. Adam said he was just going to leave the clothes at the front door. Sensing Nick's suspicions, Adam asked Nick if he wanted to be his jailer, like Victor. Nick said that he didn't care what Adam did. Adam snidely replied, "The feeling's oh so mutual."

In the potting shed, Adam presented Mary Jane with her new wardrobe. He told her that he had been considering ways to reunite her with Jack. Mary Jane said that she didn't need his ideas. He said that he could lure Jack to the ranch by telling him that Ashley needed him. Mary Jane said that she didn't want to meet with Jack in a potting shed. Adam said that if Jack loved her, it shouldn't matter where they met. Mary Jane suggested that Adam go back to the main house and call Jack. After Adam left, Mary Jane laughed and said to the cat, "He must think I have 'sucker' stamped on my forehead. Get ready, kitty. We're going out."

Breakfasting with Jack at the Athletic Club, Sharon was shocked to hear about Ashley and Victor's quickie wedding. Jack told Sharon that Ashley thought she had seen Sabrina through the living room window, causing Ashley to faint. He said that security had combed the grounds and hadn't been able to find anyone. Jack thought that his sister should never have married Victor, and he worried about her fragile psychological state. Detective Wallace walked up to Jack and Sharon, threw Victor's wallet on the table, and asked Sharon if she had any idea how it had ended up in her suite.

Sharon said that she had no idea. Wallace informed her that housekeeping had found the wallet in her room, and reminded Sharon that she had stolen things from Victor in the past. Jack told Wallace that Sharon had gotten help for her blackouts and kleptomania, and that he was sure that Sharon hadn't picked Victor's pocket.

Victor showed up at the club and said that neither he nor Sharon had any idea of how his wallet ended up in her suite. Wallace wanted Victor to file a police report, but Victor said that he wasn't going to press charges, and that he considered the matter closed. An angry Wallace told Sharon that he hoped her stealing didn't happen again.

Sharon thanked Victor and Jack for believing that she was innocent. Jack and Victor both told Sharon that she should seek help if she was "missing time" again. Sharon said that she was sure that she didn't steal Victor's wallet. She said that when she had blacked out and stolen in the past, she had always sensed that something was wrong -- but, in the case of Victor's wallet, she didn't sense that anything was wrong at all. Victor left after Sharon congratulated him on his wedding.

Nick showed up at the club to see how Sharon was doing. When Jack left the table to make a business call, Nick asked her how Victor's wallet ended up in her room. She said that she didn't know, but that Victor was okay with the situation. When Nick said that he hated seeing Sharon regressing, she realized that Nick thought that she was guilty of the theft. Sharon firmly told Nick that he had to stop being her "knight in shining armor," and that, unless a situation arose that involved Noah, she and Nick shouldn't spend time together. Sharon said that Nick should go to the hospital to be with Phyllis and Summer.

Mary Jane showed up on the Crimson Lights patio, where she promised her cat a bowl of milk. She welcomed herself back to the "land of the living." She then called Jack to tell him that she was back, and that she wanted to see him. Jack said that the feeling was mutual. She said that she would wait for him at Crimson Lights.

Dr. Taylor stopped by Adam's bedroom and told him that he couldn't be part of Adam's unconscionable plan any longer. The doctor said that he wanted to tell Ashley that she had miscarried, before she lost her mind. Adam reminded the doctor of his sordid past preying on female students at Harvard. He told Taylor to do his job, or the world would learn of the doctor's "dirty little secret."

Victor returned to the ranch. Adam told him that Dr. Taylor said that Ashley was doing much better. Victor said that he wouldn't forget what a good friend Adam had been to Ashley. Adam went to the potting shed and found that Mary Jane had left. Nothing was in the shed other than Sabrina's purple dress.

At the main house, Dr. Taylor told Victor that Ashley was resting. The doctor told Victor that he wanted to talk to him about Adam. Taylor said that Ashley had been relying on Adam, when she should have been relying on Victor. Taylor said that the situation was causing Ashley unnecessary stress.

Victor felt that Adam had been good for Ashley. Taylor countered that Ashley needed to concentrate on her health, and not worry about any of Adam's problems, particularly his blindness. Victor told Taylor that keeping Adam away from Ashley would necessitate sending Adam back to prison. Taylor recommended that Victor get a court order to have Adam placed in a facility for the blind. Victor mulled the idea over. Dr. Taylor asked Victor not to mention that Taylor had come up with the idea.

At Devon's, Devon tried to persuade Lily not to tell Cane that she was pregnant. Lily insisted that she had to tell him. Cane showed up, and Devon left to give the Ashbys some privacy. Cane and Lily talked about the hopes and dreams they once had.

Lily asked Cane if he had been honest when he said that he wanted to start a family with her. Cane said that he had been, but, because of his deception, he was glad that Lily hadn't become pregnant. Cane said that what he had done was inexcusable. He told Lily that he was selling his house and leaving Genoa City, as there was nothing left for him there. After Cane apologized for not being the man that Lily deserved, he left.

Devon returned and found Lily in tears. She told her brother that she didn't have the courage to tell Cane that she was pregnant, since he had made a point of saying that he was glad that she wasn't pregnant. Lily suddenly experienced agonizing abdominal pain, and Devon called 9-1-1.

At Genoa City Memorial, Lily told the doctor that she had taken a home pregnancy test, which indicated that she was pregnant. She also told the doctor about her embryonic pregnancy that had ended in miscarriage. When the doctor left to check on Lily's test results, Lily told Devon that she couldn't bear to lose another child. She said that she had lost Cane, but that she didn't want to lose his baby. The doctor returned and told Lily that she wasn't pregnant -- the home test had generated a false positive. Lily wondered why she was having such painful cramps. The doctor said that Lily's Aunt Olivia was coming by to explain everything to Lily. Lily became very worried about what was going on.

At the Chancellor estate, Katherine, Nina, and Jill hadn't heard from Phillip since the previous evening. Katherine and Jill bickered about Phillip. Jill said that it was a miracle that they had a second chance to "do it right." Katherine said that they hadn't done anything wrong the first time, and that Phillip should have told them that he was gay 20 years earlier, rather than staging his death. Phillip showed up and told them that he had taken the test to see if he was a carrier of Huntington's disease, and that the results would be available that afternoon. Katherine told Phillip that she was glad that he had stepped up for his son -- but she wondered about the rest of the family.

Like Katherine, Nina said that she couldn't pretend that the 20-year deception hadn't happened. Jill complained that Nina was on Katherine's side. Nina said that it wasn't about taking sides, and talked about how devastated she had been when she thought that Phillip had died. Phillip said that, at the time, he didn't see any other way out.

The women were shocked when Phillip said that, if he had to do it over again, he would do the same thing and fake his death. Nina was unhappy that Phillip would abandon his son again. Katherine said, "Who in the hell are you?" Phillip replied that they didn't know who he was. Katherine countered that he had never given them the chance to know him.

Phillip explained that he never felt safe enough to confide to his family that he was gay, thinking that the family might judge him harshly. Jill empathized with Phillip, saying that she knew the high expectations that came along with the Chancellor name. The doorbell rang, and Jill was shocked to see Cane standing there. He told Jill that he had stopped by to say goodbye -- he was leaving Genoa City.

Cane entered the house and apologized to Jill, Katherine, and Nina for all that he had put them through. He said that all he had ever wanted was to be a part of a family, and that he appreciated them opening their hearts to him. He urged them to forget their differences with Phillip, and to love Phillip as much as they hated Cane. As Cane said goodbye and began walking out, Phillip said that he didn't understand how Katherine and Jill could let Cane leave town.

Phillip reminded Katherine and Jill that they had loved Cane. Katherine accused Cane of preying on their feelings. Phillip told Katherine and Jill to blame the situation on him, and not on Cane. Phillip reminded Katherine that she had always opened her home to outcasts, and wondered if she could do the same for Cane. Cane told Phillip that he had a wonderful family, and that he should appreciate them. Phillip begged Katherine and Jill not to let Cane leave.

As Cane started to leave, Jill called out his name. Suddenly, the door opened and Nina and Phillip's son, Phillip Chancellor IV, entered. He was still wearing his military outfit, having just returned from a tour in Iraq. Nina, Jill, and Katherine, overjoyed to see him, rushed over and hugged him. As the reunion continued, Cane walked out the front door, and Phillip III stood across the room, staring at his son.

Friday, July 17, 2009

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill, Kay, and Nina were thrilled by the surprise visit from Phillip IV, Nina's grown son. Phillip I.V. explained that he was there on leave from the Army. Phillip I.V. recognized his father, Phillip III, even though he had never met him before.

Jill criticized Nina for not having prepared Phillip I.V. to meet his father. Kay defended Nina's position, agreeing with Nina that Phillip I.V. had enough to think about while on duty in Iraq without learning the truth about his father's deception. Phillip IV, who explained that he went by the nickname Chance now, agreed to speak with his father later so Phillip could tell him why he had faked his death. Chance left the family to go to his room and change his clothes. Phillip commented that Chance seemed to be a great guy.

After changing out of his uniform, Chance returned to the living room. Chance asked Phillip questions about where he had been all of Chance's life. Chance also wanted to know who Cane Ashby really was and why Phillip had sent him to Genoa City. Phillip received a phone call from his doctor, informing him that he did not have the gene for Huntington's disease. Phillip told Chance and the family the good news. Chance was relieved.

Chance said he was hungry, but when he headed to the kitchen for a bite to eat, Nina wanted to stay by his side. Chance assured his mother that he'd be right back. Kay, Jill, Nina, and Phillip all talked about Chance. Jill was impressed by his confidence and calm. Kay believed that Chance had matured in the Army. Phillip thought the women should back off and leave Chance alone. Phillip warned Nina, Jill, and Kay that if they pestered Chance, they would drive Chance away like they had done to Phillip.

Cane met with Amber at the bar. Cane told Amber he wanted to say goodbye. Amber wasn't sorry that Cane was leaving town considering their stormy past. Cane apologized for lying to Amber. Cane said he cared about Amber and wanted Amber to learn from the mistakes he had made. Cane said he missed Lily every day, and regretted not confiding in Lily about his true past.

Cane told Amber that Amber might lose Daniel if she refused to be completely honest with Daniel. Cane told Amber that he knew Amber had lies in her past that could blow up in her face the way Cane's lies blew up in his. Cane said that if he had told Kay and Jill the truth from the start, they might have been able to forgive him for pretending to be Phillip III. Cane said he had felt like scum when Jill and Kay learned the truth. Cane urged Amber to be completely honest with Daniel. Since Cane was leaving town, Amber wondered where Cane was going. Cane said that he had no idea. Amber wished him well and said goodbye.

Lily was in her room in the hospital. Lily asked why Aunt Olivia had to be consulted on her case. Liv told Lily that the false-positive result in Lily's pregnancy test revealed something else. Liv said that there was a mass on Lily's ovaries. Neil entered the room as Olivia went into more detail. Lily realized something was very wrong with her, because the entire family was there. Neil claimed that they were there to support Lily. Liv said the doctors wanted to do a biopsy of the mass to determine whether it was malignant or not. Lily said she felt fine. Liv said there was a possibility that the mass wasn't cancer, but the doctors had to do the procedure to be certain.

Lily asked Neil to tell her if he believed that she had cancer like her mother had. Neil tried to remain positive, but Liv admitted that cancer did run in their family. Lily began to cry as she heard Liv talk about fighting cancer with chemotherapy and radiation.

Liv arranged for the biopsy to be done immediately. Devon felt that the sooner Lily had it done, the better. Neil walked out of the room. Lily told Devon that she believed that Neil didn't think Lily could handle the truth. When Devon offered to go home and get Lily her favorite DVDs, books, and magazines. Lily confessed that the only thing she really wanted was Cane.

In the hallway outside Lily's room, Neil asked Liv what the worst-case scenario was for Lily. Liv said that the tumor was already dangerously large and Lily was in serious condition. Neil was devastated to think that Lily might have cancer. Liv said that Lily needed them all to be supportive and was hopeful that Lily being so young would work in Lily's favor. Liv suggested that Neil call Cane, because Lily might need her husband. Neil refused to let Cane anywhere near Lily again.

Neil put on a positive air when he returned to Lily's hospital room. Neil offered to retrieve some of Lily's favorite things from home. Neil dissuaded Lily from calling Cane, but she reminded her father that Cane was her husband.

Neil and Devon met in the hallway. Devon told Neil that he understood how frightened Lily was. Neil assured Devon that no matter what the prognosis, the family would fight together for Lily's recovery. Devon told Neil that if Lily wanted to see Cane, Neil should respect Lily's wishes. Neil was certain that Cane would upset Lily more than help her. Neil would not allow Devon to call Cane.

In her bed, Lily looked at her cell phone and contemplated calling Cane. A short time later, Liv administered a drug that knocked out Lily for surgery. Across town, Cane was thinking about Lily, missing her.

At the ranch, Victor recalled Dr. Taylor's advice that Victor should keep Adam away from Ashley for Ashley's sake.

Adam went the potting shed expecting to see Mary Jane. Adam was stunned to find that she wasn't there. Adam feared Mary Jane would reveal to Victor that Adam was helping Mary Jane.

Back at the ranch, Victor told Adam that they needed to talk. Victor confided that Dr. Taylor was concerned about Ashley's condition. Adam volunteered to do whatever he could to help Ashley. Victor said that Adam's presence at the ranch wasn't beneficial to Ashley. Adam was offended by Victor's suggestion that Adam had contributed to Ashley's stress. Adam told Victor that Ashley confided in Adam when Victor wasn't around. Adam said that Victor resented Adam because, unlike Victor's other children, Adam wasn't perfect.

Victor reminded Adam that he had treated Adam very well. Victor said that he had gotten Adam out of prison and called in eye specialists to treat Adam's ailment. Victor wanted Adam to go to a facility that would be better suited to care for him. Adam insisted that Victor's actions were a way for Victor to reject Adam. Adam declared that he would rather go back to prison than to a halfway house for blind people. Victor told Adam to stop protesting, because it was Victor's decision and Adam was going.

At Crimson Lights, Jack pretended to be happy to see Mary Jane. Mary Jane said that she was back in town and ready to resume their relationship. Jack thought that Mary Jane wanted to know about Phyllis and Summer, so Jack told Mary Jane all about what had happened at the hospital. Jack told Mary Jane that the D.A. had cleared Phyllis. Jack wondered what kind of person would have harmed a child like Summer. Jack said that same person had lied about Phyllis, making the authorities believe that Phyllis had been responsible for Summer's coma. Mary Jane feigned innocence, but after a moment, Mary Jane asked Jack if he was accusing her.

Mary Jane insisted that Jack answer the question. Jack wondered if Mary Jane had something she wanted to tell him. Jack promised that he would understand. Mary Jane said there was nothing to tell, because she had not done anything to Summer. Mary Jane changed the subject and explained how strong her feelings were for Jack. Jack was confused and unable to get Mary Jane to take responsibility for harming Summer.

To placate Mary Jane, Jack reminisced with Mary Jane about their romantic encounters. When Jack mentioned Phyllis again, Mary Jane grew angry. Mary Jane said she wanted Jack's undivided attention. Jack realized how skittish Mary Jane was, so he apologized. Jack offered to get Mary Jane another iced tea. When Jack turned back to the table, Mary Jane had disappeared.

On the phone, Jack informed Heather that Mary Jane was back in town. Jack wanted a warrant issued for Mary Jane's arrest. Heather explained that the evidence against Mary Jane was circumstantial. Jack told Heather that he would investigate Mary Jane on his own.

At the potting shed, Mary Jane spoke to her stuffed cat, Kitty, about her meeting with Jack. Adam arrived and was glad to see Mary Jane was back. Adam wanted to know why Mary Jane had risked everything to go see Jack. Adam offered to serve Jack to Mary Jane on a silver platter.

Victor called the halfway house to make arrangements for Adam.

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