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Mac offered to help a homeless Mary Jane. Lily was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and Cane convinced her to have surgery. The surgeon had to remove Lily's ovaries. Amber reluctantly went to bed with Deacon to obtain evidence to clear Daniel.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 20, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, July 20, 2009

In Lily's room at the hospital, Colleen consoled Lily as she awaited test results from a biopsy performed on her ovarian mass. Lily compared her fear of losing everything to how Cane must have felt as he forged relationships with people he knew he might lose. Colleen urged Lily to phone Cane if she wanted him by her side. Lily admitted that she had pushed Cane away.

Lily worried about her family's hostile reaction to Cane's presence at the hospital. Lily reminded Colleen that Neil and Devon wouldn't welcome Cane's return. Lily explained that before Cane left, he had expressed relief that they had never borne children, so Lily could feel free to start a new life. Lily sobbed and said that she didn't want to be free. Colleen embraced Lily as she cried and admitted that she needed Cane.

In the hospital waiting room, Neil and Devon nervously waited for Olivia to disclose Lily's biopsy results. Olivia arrived with devastating news. Neil stepped into Lily's room and requested private time with his daughter. Colleen graciously stepped out, but she was knowingly saddened to observe Olivia comforting a softly sobbing Devon in a corner of the waiting area.

Neil told Lily that she had cancer. Lily cried when Neil added that Olivia had scheduled surgery for the following day. Lily sobbed, "This can't be happening. I came here thinking I was bringing life into the world, but now I might be losing mine." Neil promised Lily that she would beat the cancer. Olivia entered the room and sat by Lily's side. Colleen and Devon returned, as well. Olivia explained that Lily had epithelial ovarian cancer, which was the most common type.

Lily listened tearfully as Olivia caringly explained that the surgeon would remove as much of the tumor as possible. Lily panicked after Olivia added that the surgeon would also remove Lily's reproductive organs, along with any affected lymph nodes if the mass wasn't contained. Neil repeatedly attempted to shield Lily from bearing further devastating news, but Lily insisted that Olivia explain every detail. Lily sobbed when she learned that she would likely need chemotherapy, which could offer only a 45% survival rate.

Lily sadly observed, "I am more likely to die than to live." Olivia vowed to help Lily fight the cancer. Lily seemed emotionally drained. Colleen and Olivia left. Neil and Devon rallied Lily to think positively. Devon cheerfully announced that as soon as Lily was well, they'd all vacation in Hawaii. After Neil stepped out, Colleen returned and told Devon that Lily needed Cane. Devon flatly disapproved. Lily tried to phone Cane, but he ignored the call, and Lily declined to leave a message.

Back in the waiting area, Olivia comforted Neil, who admitted that he missed Dru. Neil added that Lily, who had a difficult battle before her, needed her mother. Neil recalled that he had survived Dru's loss because he had always been able to see part of Dru in their little girl. Neil cried despondently, and fervently prayed that God would not take his little girl.

At the Chancellor estate, Chloe, Delia, and Jill celebrated Billy's birthday. Chloe and Delia gave Billy a compact video camera with pre-recorded footage of Delia cooing and laughing. Mac walked in, but Chloe quickly ran her off. Phillip stopped by. Phillip expected flak from Billy, but Billy commiserated with his older brother and agreed that they both had run away because they feared being disappointments to their distinguished family legacies. Billy berated Phillip for sending Cane, and he threatened death if Phillip were to hurt Katherine or Jill.

As Nina and Phillip Chancellor IV, also known as Chance, walked into the Chancellor sitting room, Billy backed off his tirade and welcomed Phillip III, back. Phillip sincerely announced that he had not returned to hurt anyone. Phillip met Chloe. When Chance introduced himself to Chloe, she overtly declared that he was handsome. Before Billy left, Jill thanked him for being cordial to Phillip.

Nina invited Phillip and Chance to lunch. Chance, instead, chose to rest, but Phillip agreed to go with Nina. As Phillip and Nina prepared to leave, Phillip casually told Jill, "See you later, Mom." Jill left to meet with Michael. Chloe and Chance sipped lemonade while Chloe questioned Chance about his newly found father. Chance explained that he'd just met the guy, so he didn't yet have an opinion of Phillip. Billy returned to the estate and announced that he wanted to spend time with Delia. Chloe, smiling, gleefully led Billy upstairs to Delia's nursery.

At Crimson Lights, Nina and Phillip talked about Chance. Phillip worried that his son felt hopelessly indifferent about his father's return. Nina urged Phillip to give Chance time to come around. Phillip worried that Chance wouldn't accept his father's sexuality. Nina reminded Phillip that he had thoughtfully returned in order to give Chance peace of mind about his future health. Nina assured Phillip that everything would fall in line when the time was right.


At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Jill directed Michael to change her will. Michael was surprised when Jill asked him to draw up a will to divide her estate equally among her three sons, Phillip, Billy, and Cane. Michael balked at what could become a probate nightmare, but Jill passionately insisted that she would always love Cane as if her were her very own son.

Mac showed up at a shabby mobile home in a wooded area. Billy welcomed Mac into their private hideaway, and kissed her. Billy explained that he had purchased the home from Murphy. Billy showed Mac the skylight he'd installed. As Billy and Mac kissed under the stars blinking through the overhead window, Billy received a phone call from Colleen. Colleen broke down when she told Billy about Lily's cancer diagnosis. Colleen asked Billy if he knew where to find Cane. Billy blew off his niece's request.

After Colleen phoned, Billy told Mac about Lily's illness. Mac insisted that she had to find Cane and let him know about Lily. Billy disagreed and insisted that Cane was the last thing Lily needed. At the train station, Cane saw that Lily had tried to phone, but he didn't return the call. As Cane headed to his departing train, he heard Mac call out to him. Mac told Cane that he had to stay because Lily needed him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Kevin asked Michael to help him copyright his "chipmunk philosophy," which Kevin added was evolving into a growing phenomenon. Kevin explained that groups of young people congregated at Crimson Lights. Kevin proudly declared that his young admirers discussed how Kevin had successfully utilized overwhelming experiences in order to heal long-standing emotional wounds inflicted by his abusive father.

Michael slightly winced when Kevin displayed mock-ups of T-shirts emblazoned with uplifting messages scrawled beneath the likeness of a spunky chipmunk. Michael contained his bewilderment, but after he contemplated Kevin's musings, Michael agreed that Kevin's idea could be a successful venture. Kevin was overjoyed after Michael agreed to finance Kevin's grand plan.

When Kevin returned to the coffeehouse, he approached Jana and proudly announced his plan to market his "chipmunk philosophy." Jana seemed concerned and explained that Kevin would be cashing in on other people's misfortunee. Jana added that Kevin's admirers were fragile people who needed emotional support. Jana agreed to support Kevin's venture if he would donate a portion of his profits to charity. Kevin accepted Jana's conditional terms.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Billy went to the hospital to see how Lily was doing. Colleen said that Lily was hanging in there. Billy went to Lily's room and offered his support. He told Lily that if she needed someone, he would be there for her.

Lily asked Billy if she would feel it if her cancer had spread. Billy said that Ashley had wondered the same thing. He said that Ashley and Olivia had been through the same thing and were survivors. Lily said that she didn't have a husband by her side like Ashley had. Billy said she had Colleen and him, and they were not going anywhere.

Neil told Devon that he was going to take some time off work to be with Lily. Lily overheard and said that he didn't have to do that. Neil said that he wanted to be there for her. Lily told Neil and Devon that she was okay. She suggested that Devon and Neil take a break for a while. Devon hugged Lily tight; he didn't want to let her go.

Devon and Neil talked about how to help Lily. Neil said that he would do whatever it took to put a smile on his daughter's face, except for allowing Cane back into her life.

Mac insisted that Cane stay in Genoa City. Cane said that he couldn't stay any longer; all he did was hurt everyone. Mac said that Lily needed him; Lily had cancer. The words stopped Cane in his tracks.

Mac told Cane that Lily was having surgery the next day. She said that she wasn't trying to stick her nose in his business, but if she were Lily, she would want all the love and support she could get. Mac said that Lily needed her husband.

Cane said he couldn't be there for Lily. Mac said that Cane needed to stop trying to do the noble thing, and do the right thing. Cane said that he would stick around until Lily had the surgery. Mac suggested that Cane stay at Billy's trailer.

Cane told Mac that her heart was in the right place but having him stay there would only cause trouble. Mac insisted that she would deal with Billy. Cane said that he wanted to lift Lily's spirits, but they would have to make a stop before they went to the hospital.

Mac went to the hospital and brought Lily some DVDs to watch. Lily was shocked that Mac knew all of her favorite movies. Billy asked Mac if she wanted to go back to his trailer to spend some time alone together. Mac said she was worried about Lily and wanted to spend some time with her family.

Lily watched her favorite movies and thought of Cane. Tears welled up in her eyes. Meanwhile, Cane sat alone at the trailer and cried.

J.T. called Colleen to ask how she was feeling. Colleen said she felt awful, and thanked him for rescuing her at Jimmy's. Colleen said she would never drink again. She was thankful that no one else had seen her make a fool of herself.

Victoria visited J.T. at the office to go to lunch. J.T. told Victor he would need to speak to him later.

Gloria and Jeffrey told Victor that their plan had gone smoothly. They were so confident, they felt that Victor should give them a bonus. Victor said that he wouldn't give them a nickel until he had proof.

Gloria insisted that the board of directors would insist that Colleen be taken off the board. She went to Kevin and asked if he could put an anonymous video on the Internet. Kevin asked if he would want to know why. Gloria began to tell him, and Kevin said he didn't want to hear it. Kevin said he would help her.

When J.T. and Victoria returned from lunch, J.T. asked Victor if he still needed to continue investigating Colleen. Victor said it wouldn't be necessary. An office worker gasped and showed J.T. and Victoria the video of Colleen flashing at Jimmy's.

J.T. and Victoria argued about the video. J.T. didn't think it was a big deal, and stormed off. Victoria called Colleen and said she needed to go to the office right away. Victoria showed Victor the video and said they had a huge problem on their hands. Victor stood by and watched proudly.

When Colleen arrived, she was shocked to learn about the video. J.T. tried to comfort her. Colleen apologized to Victoria and Victor. Victor said that Colleen had embarrassed his company. He said the video was grounds for firing. Victor said that Colleen no longer held a seat on the board.

Deacon and his partner talked about what they were going to do about Daniel. Deacon's partner said that Amber might get in the way. Deacon wasn't worried about Amber.

Amber told Jana that she had run into Deacon at the Athletic Club. She said that Deacon loved playing sick games. Jana said that Amber needed to sit down with Daniel and tell him everything.

Daniel overheard Jana and Amber and wondered what they were talking about. Amber realized that she needed to tell Daniel about her past. Amber sat down with Daniel and told him that he couldn't trust Deacon. Deacon interrupted Daniel and Amber. Amber was angry and told Daniel that they needed to talk. Deacon ignored Amber and said he was a nice guy. He pulled a picture of his son out of his pocket.

Amber looked longingly at the photo Deacon held in his hands. Deacon said he wasn't fishing for compliments; he just wanted them to know he would help them if he could. He told Daniel what room he was staying in. Daniel wondered why Amber had been so rude to Deacon. Amber said that she realized there was something she needed to do.

Amber went to Deacon's room and demanded to know what he was doing there. Deacon said that he might have some evidence incriminating Daniel. He said he would share it if Amber didn't give him what he wanted. Deacon said that he wanted Amber.

Amber didn't believe that Deacon was in love with her. She wondered what it would take to get him out of her life. Deacon said all he needed was one night with her. Amber was disgusted and ran out of the room. Deacon called the police and said he had some information about a crime.

Amber went to Daniel and cried on his shoulder. She thought about Cane telling her that she needed to tell Daniel everything. A knock at the door interrupted them. There was an investigating team with a search warrant. The team knocked down the wall with a hammer. Inside the wall was the stolen painting. They immediately placed Daniel under arrest.

Deacon sat down with a drink and smiled to himself.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kevin rushed into Crimson Lights to tell Jana that Daniel had been arrested. He told his wife that an anonymous tipster had called the police and informed them that the forged painting could be found hidden in a wall in Daniel's apartment, and that the police had found the forgery. Jana was concerned that she might be arrested, as the police considered her Daniel's accomplice.

In the jail's visiting room, Daniel told Amber that someone was going to a lot of trouble to frame him for Balfour's murder. Amber remembered Deacon telling her that he wanted to spend the night with her. Michael showed up and told Daniel that the district attorney wanted Daniel's bail revoked until his trial, which wouldn't be for several months. Amber promised Daniel that she would find a way to prove his innocence before the trial.

Michael thought that since Heather had mistakenly accused Phyllis of trying to harm Summer, Heather might be sympathetic towards Daniel. Daniel asked Michael how he could fight the charges. Amber once again promised to prove that Daniel didn't kill Balfour, but Daniel didn't understand how she could. Daniel didn't think that Amber had any more information about "who was pulling the strings" than he did.

Amber barged into Deacon's suite at the Athletic Club. She told him that he was an idiot for trying to put Daniel, an innocent man, in jail. Amber said that even if she had to reveal sordid details about her life in Los Angeles, she would call her "friend," Detective Wallace, and have Deacon thrown in jail. Deacon, unfazed by Amber's threat, told her not to let him keep her. Deacon turned around and saw that Amber hadn't left.

Deacon told Amber that the police would laugh at her if she tried to implicate him in Balfour's murder. He reminded her that he was a thousand miles away the night Balfour died. Amber said that Deacon had probably left an evidence trail. Deacon came on to Amber, telling her that she could strip search him if she wanted to find some evidence. Amber swore that she would bring Deacon down. Deacon said that he had another way that they might both get what they wanted -- he said that he had rock-solid evidence that would exonerate Daniel.

Deacon played Amber a recording of Balfour moments before Balfour's murder. In the recording, Balfour spoke about what an idiot Daniel had been for forging the painting, and how easy it had been to set Daniel up. Deacon started kissing Amber's neck, and he told her that she knew what she needed to do in order to get the recording. From the jail, Daniel called Amber to tell her the bad news that the judge had revoked his bail. In the background, Deacon made loud noises, which led Daniel to believe that Amber wasn't alone. Amber covered by saying that she was at Jimmy's, and that the noise was coming from the television set. Amber hung up the phone as Deacon continued to put his hands all over her. Deacon said that, unless Amber spent the night with him, he would be deleting the recording the following day.

Nick and Phyllis arrived home from the hospital, with Summer in tow. Summer was still having trouble with her language skills. Nick thanked Phyllis for allowing him to go home. Phyllis said that she wanted what was best for Summer. Nick said that they were a family, and that they would remain a family.

After Nick and Phyllis put Summer to bed, Nikki and Paul showed up. Nikki was upset when she learned about Summer's medical condition. An upbeat Phyllis told Nikki that Summer would recover. Paul said that he felt bad that he had backed off from his investigation of Mary Jane Benson.

Nick asked Nikki and Paul if they had learned anything about Mary Jane during their trip to Europe. Paul reported that Mary Jane's entire resume was phony -- she hadn't ever set foot in any of the companies listed on her resume. Paul said that he was going to speak with Victor about how to proceed. After Paul left, Amber called Phyllis to tell her that Daniel was back in jail. After telling Nikki and Nick about Daniel, Phyllis rushed out to see her son.

At the jail, Daniel told Phyllis that the authorities had found the forged painting in his apartment. Mother and son then had an awkward conversation about Summer's condition. Daniel insisted that Phyllis go home to be with Summer, but Phyllis reminded Daniel that he was her child, too. She said that Nick had moved back in, and that a team of medical specialists was working with Summer. Daniel said that he didn't have a clue who was trying to frame him, but when he found out, he was going to pay them back tenfold.

Michael showed up at Crimson Lights and told Jana that Daniel's arrest shouldn't have any bearing on her case. Heather arrived at the coffeehouse, and Kevin rushed over to her, trying to persuade her to get Daniel's bail reinstated. Michael joined the conversation. He reminded Heather that she had been wrong about Phyllis trying to hurt Summer, hoping that Heather might try to convince the district attorney to ask for Daniel's bail to be reinstated. Heather was uncharacteristically sympathetic, but said that no judge would let an accused murderer out on bail.

Later, Kevin found Special Agent Nolan Grimes questioning Jana about Balfour's murder. Kevin became irate and asked Grimes if he had a warrant. When Grimes admitted that he didn't, Kevin told him to get out of Crimson Lights and find the real killer.

Back at the tack house, Nick told Nikki how thankful he was that Summer was alive. Nikki said that she would be happy to stay with the Newmans and help look after Summer -- all that Nikki would need to do was to retrieve some of her clothes. Hearing the word "clothes" prompted Nick to remember Adam walking through the Newman living room, carrying what Adam had claimed to be Ashley's dry cleaning. Nikki asked Nick if he believed Adam's story, but Nick said that he didn't believe anything that Adam said. Nikki then told a stunned Nick that she had caught Adam in a compromising position with Rafe -- who was apparently Adam's boyfriend.

Nick asked his mother whether Victor knew that Adam was gay. Nikki said that she had thought about telling Victor -- but that she didn't know whether or not she should. Nick said that he didn't care about Adam's sex life, but that Victor should know that Adam was a liar. Nick said that having a boyfriend probably wasn't Adam's only secret.

In Adam's bedroom at the Newman ranch, Heather told Adam that perhaps going to the halfway house for the blind wouldn't be that bad. She said that she had researched the place and that it was really nice. Heather wondered why Adam wanted to stay at the ranch, since he claimed not to like it there. Adam remembered Ashley fainting into Victor's arms when she saw Mary Jane dressed as Sabrina. Adam asked Heather if she could pull any strings to prevent him from being sent to the halfway house. Heather said that, because of the false accusations she had made against Phyllis, she had little pull with her boss.

In the Newman living room, Ashley told Victor that seeing someone dressed as Sabrina on their wedding night had been like a nightmare that came to life. Ashley blamed the incident on Estella, and wondered how she had been able to get past security. Patronizing Ashley, Victor said that, as a former employee, Estella's presence on the property might not be questioned. Ashley was upset when Victor told her that he was sending Adam to a halfway house. She said that Adam had been wonderful to her, and begged Victor to reconsider.

Ashley went up to Adam's bedroom just as Heather was leaving. After Heather was gone, Ashley told Adam how wonderful he had been to her. She asked Adam to be her child's godfather. A touched Adam told Ashley how unexpectedly kind her request was. Ashley told Adam that she was convinced that Victor would change his mind about sending him to the halfway house.

Paul showed up at the ranch to speak with Victor. Paul explained that they were actually looking for two people -- Mary Jane, and the "well-connected" person who was helping her. Paul said that finding out who Mary Jane was would probably lead to where Mary Jane was. Victor said that he would get "his team" on it -- and told Paul to concentrate on his upcoming wedding to Nikki.

Paul, realizing that Victor was trying to blow him off, told Victor that he wanted to be involved in the search for Mary Jane, as she had harmed Nikki's granddaughter. Victor said that Paul should contact Victor's team. Victor decided to hold a press conference, and offer a reward for information leading to Mary Jane's whereabouts. Paul thought that getting Mary Jane's picture on television was a good idea.

Up in his room, Adam listened to Paul and Victor's conversation on his laptop. He was about to remove his ankle monitor and go out the window, but, to himself, he said, "On second thought..." and made a conscious decision to leave the ankle monitor on.

In the living room, the camera crews began setting up for Victor's press conference. Ashley told Paul that she had met Mary Jane, and hadn't noticed anything odd about her. Paul said that sociopaths could be very charming. Ashley went to straighten Victor's tie, and told him that she wanted to speak with him about Adam after the press conference. With the cameras rolling, Victor said that he was offering one million dollars to anyone who produced information leading to the capture of the woman who had harmed Summer.

Adam rushed to the potting shed and told Mary Jane that Victor was holding a press conference, asking the public for help in locating her. He told Mary Jane that her picture was going to be all over television and in the newspapers. He urged her to leave Genoa City immediately. Mary Jane ran out of the potting shed, with nothing but the clothes on her back. After Mary Jane left, Adam heard sirens in the distance. He also heard his ankle monitor beeping. To himself, he said, "Perfect."

As the press conference ended, Detective Wallace showed up in the Newman living room. He asked Victor if Victor was aware that Adam had left the premises. At that very moment, Adam ran into the living room, panting heavily. Adam claimed to have left the house because he was chasing a woman with long, dark hair. Ashley said that she had also seen a trespasser -- a woman with long, dark hair -- on her wedding night. Adam said that the woman was heading toward the potting shed. Wallace got on the radio and told his officers that Adam had been located -- and then told them to look for a trespasser, a woman with long, dark hair, on the ranch. Victor watched as Adam and Ashley hugged each other. Paul and Wallace left to inspect the potting shed.

Wallace returned, held up Sabrina's wedding dress, and asked if anyone recognized it. The group concluded that Mary Jane was behind tormenting Ashley. Ashley wondered why Mary Jane would be torturing the Newman family, and then thanked Adam for following the woman. Victor told Wallace that he wanted to withdraw his request to have Adam transferred to the halfway house. Adam thanked Victor, and Victor reciprocated, thanking his son for protecting the family.

Mary Jane wandered around in a grungy alley. She began crying and said, "Where do I go? Where do I go? There's no one left. Kitty's gone." Mary Jane then convinced herself that Jack still loved her -- and that she didn't know what she would do without him.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Victor got off the phone with the authorities, who told him that, since he had offered his one million dollar reward, there had been Mary Jane Benson sightings all over the country. Heather said that there was nothing like a large reward to bring the crazies out of the woodwork. The doorbell rang, and when Victor walked away to answer it, Adam said he was thrilled that Victor was allowing him to stay at the ranch. Adam led Heather upstairs to celebrate.

Nikki was at the door, and she told Victor that she hoped the authorities found Mary Jane. Victor said that he thought that Mary Jane could have been part of the plan to gaslight Ashley. Nikki was happy that Victor no longer suspected Estella. Victor said that he felt that an insider was involved. He told Nikki that Adam had seen a woman with long, dark hair at the ranch, and that the woman might have been Mary Jane. Nikki was surprised that Adam saw anything, considering that he was nearly blind.

Nikki said that she was there to tell Victor something about Adam -- that Adam was gay, and that she had seen him and Rafe kissing. Victor asked Nikki if she could have misconstrued the situation, but Nikki said that she knew a kiss when she saw one. She told Victor that when she stopped by the ranch to get Victor a change of clothes, Adam's door had been partially open, and she saw Rafe and Adam kissing, although they didn't see her. Victor told Nikki that he appreciated her telling him about the situation, and that he would handle it.

In Adam's bedroom, Heather and Adam finished making love. When Heather said that Adam seemed particularly happy, Adam said that, although he was still trapped in Victor's "gilded cage," he felt that he and Heather were going to make it. Heather was pleased that Adam saw a future for them.

After getting dressed, Heather had to leave for the office. After a goodbye kiss, Heather exited Adam's room, and ran into Rafe in the hallway. Heather asked Rafe if Adam was expecting him. Rafe said that Adam wasn't, and that he had stopped by to get more information on Victor's press conference, since it appeared that Mary Jane's behavior might exonerate his Aunt Estella. After Heather left, Rafe entered Adam's room and told Adam that he had just seen Heather leaving. Adam said that they needed to talk about Heather.

When Adam said that he and Rafe were friends, Rafe said that they were more than friends. Adam said, "Not anymore." Rafe asked Adam if he was breaking up with him. Adam said that he had been confused, and apologized for leading Rafe on. Adam insisted that he was not gay, but Rafe told Adam that he was in denial. Adam said that he was attracted to women, and had mistaken gratitude for sexual attraction.

Rafe told Adam that he felt used. Adam told Rafe that he would always care about him, but not in "that way." Rafe became angry and told Adam that messing with people's lives was a dangerous game -- and that eventually it would blow up in Adam's face. Rafe angrily stormed out of the room, not noticing that Victor was in the hallway.

Nikki ran into Heather at Crimson Lights. She asked Heather to join her. Nikki asked Heather how well she knew Adam. Heather immediately became defensive and told Nikki to mind her own business. Nikki said that Adam was not the man that Heather thought he was. Heather said that she wanted to give Nikki the benefit of the doubt because of Nikki's relationship with Paul, but Heather wanted to know why Nikki disliked Adam so much. Before she left, Nikki said that she hoped that Heather didn't get her heart broken.

After Nikki was gone, Heather ran into Rafe at the coffeehouse. Heather told Rafe that Nikki was warning her about the "evil Adam." Rafe said that Adam might not be evil, but that Adam was "bad news." Heather told Rafe that he and Nikki could both "go to hell."

Victor stopped by Adam's room and told his son that it was over -- he knew that Adam had been hiding being gay. When Adam asked where Victor would get an idea like that, Victor informed him that Nikki had seen Adam and Rafe together. He told Adam that he could stop pretending, and added that Adam would always be his son, no matter what his sexual orientation was.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Sharon watched a news report about Mary Jane Benson and Victor's reward for information leading to her apprehension. Mary Jane, looking like a bag lady, stared at Jack and Sharon through the window. Jack told Sharon that Mary Jane was suspected of making Summer ill by giving the little girl peanut cookies. Sharon wondered what kind of woman Jack had been seeing. Jack said that he thought that Mary Jane was a bit off kilter, but didn't think that she was capable of harming a child. He told Sharon that he had seen Mary Jane the previous evening, but he assumed that she had left town, since the authorities were searching for her. Jack and Sharon hugged, and, outside the window, Mary Jane began crying.

In Sharon's suite at the Athletic Club, Jack rescheduled a business meeting so that he could accompany Sharon to her upcoming ultrasound exam. He said that their daughter would always take priority over business. Sharon suddenly had a craving for peach frozen yogurt, and Jack left to get her some. After Jack was gone, Sharon tried to convince herself that she had made the right decision by lying about her baby's paternity.

Mary Jane was in an alley, going through trash dumpsters. She found some uneaten food and ate some of it, stashing the rest in her pocket. While going through the dumpster, she found a discarded baby doll. She hugged the doll and began weeping.

Jack walked down the hallway of the Athletic Club, holding a bag containing the frozen yogurt. Outside Sharon's suite sat a small cardboard box with "Sharon Abbott" written on it. He rummaged through some newspaper in the box and found the doll that Mary Jane had retrieved from the dumpster. The doll's eyes were gouged out. To himself, Jack said, "What the hell?"

After Jack got rid of the doll and the box, he gave Sharon the frozen yogurt. Not wanting to alarm Sharon, he didn't tell her about the doll. He asked her if she wanted to move back to the Abbott mansion. Sharon said no, and told Jack that if she moved back to the mansion, it would give him false hope. When Jack told Sharon that he didn't want her to be alone and that he wanted to protect her, Sharon became angry and wondered what she needed protecting against.

Later, Sharon apologized for being so emotional, blaming her mood on her hormones. Before he left, Jack reminded her that he was a phone call away if she needed anything. In the hallway, Jack approached the Athletic Club's head of housekeeping and asked her to arrange for him to get a room near Sharon's. He also bribed her to keep quiet about his renting the room.

Mary Jane wandered around the alley, trying to find her cat. She ran behind a dumpster when two police officers walked by. She said that she needed her kitty to help her figure out what to do. In her hand, Mary Jane held the gouged-out eyes from the baby doll.

Billy called Mac from Jimmy's, and left a message reminding her that they hadn't properly celebrated his birthday. He added that he was on the way to the trailer to see her.

At the trailer, Mac told Cane that Lily's surgery was scheduled for that day. Cane wanted to know what kind of cancer Lily had, and Mac informed him that she had ovarian cancer -- and that if the cancer had spread, Lily might not be able to have children. He said that he wanted to see Lily, but that Lily probably didn't want to see him. Cane wondered why Mac was helping him, when everyone else thought that he was such a jerk. Before she left for work, Mac said that she couldn't condone what Cane had done, but she knew that he never meant to hurt anyone.

When Billy showed up at the trailer, he was upset to find that Cane was there. Cane told Billy that he was going to leave, and then lied and told Billy that Mac didn't know that he was at the trailer. Billy realized that Cane was lying -- that the reason that Mac didn't want to return to the trailer the previous evening was because she had stashed Cane there. Cane said that he would leave town when he learned that Lily was going to be okay. Billy said that no one, especially Lily, wanted Cane in Genoa City, and advised him to get out of town. Cane left the trailer.

At Jimmy's, an angry Billy asked Mac why she had let Cane stay at the trailer. He assured Mac that he hadn't hurt Cane, but that he had thrown him out. Billy was upset that Mac had lied to him by claiming to have not found Cane, and wondered why Mac had such a soft spot for stray dogs and stray people. Mac said that was who she was -- and that if Billy didn't like it, perhaps they shouldn't be together.

Mac explained that she thought that keeping Cane in Genoa City was the right thing to do. She said that Lily needed Cane, and that Cane had a right to know that Lily had cancer. Mac told Billy that Lily didn't know that Cane was in town. Billy grabbed Mac's arm and told her that Cane was conning her. Mac firmly told Billy to let go of her arm. She then left the bar.

Walking through an alley, Mac happened upon a cowering Mary Jane. Mac assured Mary Jane that she wasn't going to hurt her. Mary Jane began crying, and told Mac that she had lost her kitty. Mac tried to get Mary Jane to go to a homeless shelter, where Mary Jane could get something to eat. A crying Mary Jane agreed to accompany Mac. Mac handed Mary Jane some tissues and told her to dry her eyes, because Mac was going to help her.

Olivia showed up in Lily's hospital room with some good news -- one of the country's most prominent gynecological oncologists was flying in to perform Lily's surgery. When Olivia gave Lily the consent forms to sign, Neil, Devon, and Olivia were stunned when Lily refused to sign them. Lily said that she had done some research on the Internet and learned that she might not be able to have children after the surgery, so she wanted to harvest and freeze her eggs before the surgery.

Olivia explained that was a bad idea, as the hormones given to stimulate ovulation could make her tumor grow more aggressively. Neil said that surgery was the only thing that made sense. Devon told Lily that she was playing Russian roulette. Lily remained unconvinced, and insisted on harvesting her eggs.

Neil, Devon, and Olivia told Lily that she didn't have to give birth to be a mother. Devon reminded Lily about his relationship with Dru, and about Ana's relationship with Tyra. Olivia told her niece that the surgeon was only going to be in town for one day. Lily said that she felt like her family was ganging up on her. Neil said that he lost Drucilla, and that he couldn't bear losing Lily, too. Lily said that she needed time alone to think. As soon as her family left the room, Lily grabbed her clothes and her purse and took off.

Tyra stopped by the hospital to visit Lily. Neil told Tyra that Lily wanted to postpone her surgery so that she could harvest her eggs. Tyra said that she would talk with Lily, and entered Lily's room. She quickly exited, quite frantic with the news that Lily wasn't there. Devon, Neil, Tyra, and Olivia searched the hospital, but there was no sign of Lily. Olivia said that they needed to find her -- that it was a matter of life and death.

Lily walked into Jimmy's and surprised Billy, who thought that she was supposed to be on an operating table. Lily explained to Billy that she might not be able to have children if she went through with the surgery. She asked Billy to help her find Cane, as she needed her husband. A reluctant Billy promised that he would find Cane. At that moment, Cane walked into Jimmy's. Lily began crying, rushed over to Cane, and hugged him tightly.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Chance arrived at Crimson Lights with Chloe and Kay. Kevin reintroduced himself to Chance and welcomed him back to Genoa City. Kevin asked Chance if he would be returning to Iraq. Chance explained that he wasn't cut out for Army life, and he had been honorably discharged. Chance mentioned that he could still be called back to service, but Chance was anxious to start a new life. Chloe wondered why he hadn't moved back to Los Angeles where he grew up. Chance said that he felt more at home in Genoa City.

Phillip showed up unexpectedly and Chloe invited Phillip to sit with them. Phillip asked to speak with Chance alone. Chance declined Phillip's request. Kay pulled Phillip aside for a private chat. Kay told Phillip that Chance needed some space. Kay advised Phillip to think about Chance's feelings and leave his son alone.

Kay returned to Chloe and Chance to say goodbye and then left the café. Phillip walked over to Chance and Chloe's table. Phillip told Chance they could talk about what happened whenever Chance was ready. Chance told Phillip that he had no place in Chance's life because he had never been around. Phillip offered to give Chance a wide berth.

Chloe asked Chance what he wanted to know about Genoa City. Chance wanted to know about Chloe. Chloe told Chance about her relationship with Billy, their brief marriage, and their separation. Chloe said the best thing she got out of her relationship with Billy was Delia. Chloe said she left Billy because of Billy's infatuation with Mac. Chloe said she was hopeful that Billy would get over Mac and return to her. Chance wondered why Chloe was holding out for Billy. Chance admitted that he had never had a girlfriend, so he couldn't relate to Chloe's love for Billy.

Chloe was curious about why Chance had never had a girlfriend. Chance confessed that he had never been lucky enough to be in a serious relationship. Chance also didn't like the idea of one-night stands or paying for sex. Chance confessed that he was still a virgin. Chloe was stunned and asked if Chance was gay. Chance said he was not gay. Chance was simply waiting for the right woman to come along and so far she hadn't.

Chance asked about Delia, but Chloe was more interested in asking Chance about his virginity. Chloe wondered if Chance had ever been kissed. Chance said he had been kissed passionately in the past, but nothing ever led to sex. Chloe took the initiative and kissed Chance deeply. Chance was left speechless and covered in lipstick.

Jana visited Daniel in jail. Daniel told Jana that he would not be able to get through his ordeal without Amber's support. Daniel recalled how he had disappointed Amber in the past by not being ready for marriage. Daniel told Jana that when he was out of jail and cleared of the charges against him, Daniel was going to propose to Amber.

Deacon called Amber and told her that she was running out of time. Deacon wanted her answer, or else Daniel would suffer. If Amber didn't hurry up and agree to have sex with Deacon, he would make sure that Daniel never gets out of jail.

A short time later, Kevin noticed that Amber was pensive. Amber asked Kevin if he would do anything for Jana. Kevin suspected that Amber was about to do something radical to save Daniel. Kevin advised Amber not to do anything rash. Kevin told Amber to be cautious, because she might do something that Daniel would not be able to forgive.

Amber met with Daniel at the jail. Daniel told Amber that he had been missing her like crazy. Amber was counting on Michael's legal magic to get Daniel out of this jam. Amber worried that they might need to do something drastic to save Daniel. Daniel urged Amber not to do anything that would get her into trouble. Daniel told Amber that when he got out of jail, he wanted to be with Amber for the rest of their lives. Daniel envisioned them in an old age home together. Amber said she would do anything for Daniel.

Jana returned to Crimson Lights and Kevin told her that Amber had been acting twitchy. Jana wanted to call Amber, but Kevin thought it best to leave Amber alone. Jana hoped that Amber wouldn't do anything that might blow up in her face.

Deacon prepared for Amber's visit with a special setup at the Athletic Club. A short time later, Amber knocked on Deacon's door. Amber wanted to get the night over with as quickly as possible, but Deacon had other plans. Deacon gave Amber a sexy negligee to wear. Amber resisted, but Deacon warned her that if she didn't comply with his demands, Daniel would never get out of jail.

While Amber put on the lingerie in the bathroom, Deacon called the jail and claimed to be Michael Baldwin. As Michael, he asked to speak with Daniel Romalotti. Deacon them put the receiver in a glass of water and when Daniel picked up the phone on the other end, he could hear Deacon and Amber talking. Amber said that she never wanted Daniel to know about their encounter. Deacon said he would never tell Daniel, but Deacon expected Amber to make love to him. Daniel listened, recognizing Amber's voice and hearing her say Deacon's name.

At the hospital, Neil was upset about Lily walking out on the day of her surgery, and was desperate to get her back. Olivia understood why Lily had bolted the way she did. Liv recalled how she felt when she was pregnant with Nate and learned that she had cancer. Liv empathized with Lily.

At Jimmy's, Lily hugged Cane and told him she didn't want to let him go. Cane said he knew about the surgery. Lily didn't want the operation, because she wanted to have her eggs harvested so she could have a child in the future. Cane urged Lily to have the surgery as soon as possible. Lily confessed to Cane how important it was to her to have her own child. It was Lily's dream to carry on her mother's legacy. If Lily didn't have a child, that would be the end of Dru.

Cane told Lily she couldn't put her life at risk by delaying the surgery. Lily was disappointed that Cane did not support her. Cane said that Dru would never have approved of Lily putting her life at risk. Cane reminded Lily that she had loved Delia and would have gladly raised her as her own child if Cane had won custody of the baby. Lily said that what made it so hard for her was that when Lily originally went to the doctor, it was to find out if she was having Cane's child. Lily explained that the test was a false positive and she had never been pregnant.

Cane apologized for saying that he was glad that she had never gotten pregnant when they were married. Cane explained that he had only said that to make it easier on Lily because they were no longer together. Cane hadn't meant it. Lily begged Cane to go with her to Chicago to find another doctor who would harvest her eggs. Cane told Lily not to ask him to do that. Cane wanted to take Lily back to the hospital for the surgery. Cane told Lily to do it for Neil and Devon because they loved her.

Liv returned to Neil after meeting with some other doctors. Liv told Neil that Lily could not wait for her eggs to be harvested because the procedure was too risky for the specific kind of cancer Lily had. Kay arrived and asked Neil and Liv about Lily's condition. Neil told Katherine that Lily had left the hospital without permission. Neil explained that Lily needed to come back soon for an operation.

Cane took Lily back to the hospital. Neil embraced Lily and said he'd been scared to death for her. Lily said she had needed some time to reach the decision for the surgery on her own. Lily was ready to have the surgery. Glaring at Cane, Neil hugged Lily close.

While Lily met with the surgeon, Neil spoke with Cane. Cane refused to take credit for convincing Lily to have the procedure. Liv reported to Neil that Lily approved of the surgeon and signed the consent forms. To make it easier on Neil, Cane left the hospital. When Lily was wheeled out on the way to the operating room, Lily asked for Cane. Neil said Cane had left, but Devon and Tyra were on their way and would be there when Lily came out of the surgery.

At the trailer, Mac arrived to see Billy. Billy admitted that after seeing Cane and Lily at the bar, Billy realized that life was too short. Billy didn't want to waste time arguing with Mac about things that were unimportant. Mac agreed that they shouldn't fight. Billy showed Mac a surprise. Billy had the box of Mac's souvenirs from high school, including her scrapbook. Recalling their dance at the prom, Billy pulled Mac off the couch and into a dance right there.

Later, Billy read notes from Mac's scrapbook, learning all about Mac's crush on Billy in high school. Billy admitted that he'd had a crush on Mac, as well. Mac recalled how the girls swooned when J.T. sang, and wondered why he had given up his music career. Mac and Billy kissed, and then Billy turned off his phone and asked Mac to do the same. Billy locked the door and said they would have no interruptions. Billy and Mac began to make love.

At Jimmy's, Phillip was surprised to see Cane. Cane said he was leaving town but didn't know where he was going to go. Kay showed up and thanked Cane for convincing Lily to have the operation. Kay apologized for treating him badly and said that Cane was a good man. Cane apologized to Kay for lying about being Phillip. Kay asked Cane not to leave town.

Back at the hospital, Olivia walked out of the operating room. There were tears in Olivia's eyes. Neil asked Olivia what had happened. Liv told Neil that when they opened Lily up, the doctors saw that the cancer had spread. The doctors had to remove all of Lily's reproductive organs.

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