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Lily learned that the doctor had been able to harvest two of her eggs. A distraught and confused Ashley began to hallucinate. J.T. quit working at Newman. Daniel was released on bail. Deacon informed Daniel of Amber's sordid past in Los Angeles.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 27, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, July 27, 2009

At Billy's secluded mobile home, Mac and Billy awakened after a long-awaited night of lovemaking. Billy kissed Mac on the lips. Billy mused, "It shouldn't have taken so long to get here because nothing in my life feels like this." Mac encouraged Billy to tell Chloe about him and Mac. Chloe interrupted the couple when she phoned Mac and invited her to the Chancellor estate. After Mac hung up, she told Billy that Chloe had invited her to a party.

In a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Deacon awoke and remembered that Amber was still asleep in his bed. Amber awoke with a start and began pulling on her pants. Deacon noticed that Amber had filled in what had been a tattoo of a half-heart near her hipbone. Deacon pointed to the half-heart tattoo on his own hip and commented about Amber's. Amber explained that she had changed her tattoo because she had moved on.

Amber asked about the DVD that Deacon claimed he had that would clear Daniel. Deacon promised to send the DVD to the district attorney. Amber noticed that Deacon had placed the room phone's receiver upright in a glass. Amber cried out in anger after she realized that Deacon had arranged for Daniel to overhear Amber and Deacon making love just as Deacon had done previously to Bridget. Amber recalled how Deacon made love to Bridget while Bridget's parents listened through an open phone line. Deacon grinned and admitted, "It is kind of a nasty habit." Amber threw a pillow at Deacon before she stormed out.

In his jail cell, Daniel recalled hearing Amber and Deacon gasping and moaning over the phone. Daniel also overheard Amber pleading with Deacon not to tell Daniel. When Amber arrived for a visit, Daniel called out to a guard and requested to leave the visitors' area. Amber begged Daniel to hear her side of the story. Amber insisted that Deacon had forced her to have sex with him. Daniel realized that Amber had known Deacon previously. Daniel was confused when Amber claimed that she hated Deacon. Amber added that she had only slept with Deacon in order to prevent him from destroying evidence that proved Daniel's innocence.

Amber cried until her running mascara darkened the area beneath her eyes. Amber explained that Deacon hid the painting in Daniel's apartment before alerting the police. Daniel stood firm in disbelief of Amber's story. Amber added that because she hadn't cooperated with Deacon and given him what he wanted, Deacon had targeted Daniel in order to get back at her. Daniel yelled that Amber had sold herself to Deacon. Daniel asked Amber if she had the so-called evidence. When Amber admitted that she didn't yet have it, she vowed to do whatever she had to in order to get it. Daniel snapped, "That much we all know!"

Daniel berated Amber for not being truthful with him and for charging off on her own again. Daniel yelled that he could never trust that Amber wouldn't pull a similar stunt in the future. Daniel returned to his cell and left Amber crying pitifully. Back at Deacon's suite, Deacon relived making love with Amber as he sealed the envelope addressed to the DA that contained the DVD. Deacon reflected about Amber and said, "She'll be back."

At Jimmy's Bar, Cane worried about Lily's surgery. Phillip encouraged Cane to visit the hospital. Cane reminded Phillip that Neil would kick him out. Cane said he'd stick around Genoa City for a while, so he could check on Lily. Phillip announced that he planned to return to Australia. Cane advised Phillip not to walk away from his family. Jill stopped by and asked Cane about Lily. Jill said that she knew that Cane's feeling for Lily were genuine. Jill guessed that Cane had convinced Lily to have the surgery. Cane thanked Jill for her support when she told him that she was certain that he loved his wife and his family.

At the hospital, Neil was at Lily's bedside when she awakened after surgery. Tears ran down Neil's face as he held Lily's hand. Dr. Berger approached and explained that the he had removed Lily's fallopian tubes and her uterus because her cancer had spread. Lily sobbed and told her crying father, "Tell me it's not true." Neil later told Lily that the surgeon had miraculously discovered and saved a few mature eggs. Lily sobbed and begged Neil to awaken her from her nightmare.

After Neil left Lily's room, Devon and Tyra approached. Trya hugged Neil, but he remained unresponsive and stoic. Neil left to speak to Lily's surgeon. Devon told Tyra that Neil feared he might lose Lily just as he lost Dru. Tyra encouraged Devon to have faith. Devon cried on Tyra's shoulder. Devon sat by Lily's side. Lily begged for Cane. When Neil returned from his conference with Dr. Berger, Tyra asked what Neil had learned. Neil brushed Tyra aside and explained that he had to check on Lily.

Devon stepped out of Lily's room and told Tyra that Lily was asking for Cane. Tyra immediately suggested that Devon call Cane because Lily needed him. As Lily slept, Neil sat by his daughter's side and talked in a prayerful manner to Dru. Neil cried as he told Dru that Lily seemed as if she were a little girl wanting a Band-Aid for a skinned knee. Tyra quietly stepped into the room and reached out to touch Neil just as he called out, "Oh, Dru, I can't do this without you." As Neil continued to beg Dru for help, Tyra quietly retreated and stepped out of the room.

At Crimson Lights, Nina had coffee with Phillip, who told Nina that he was returning to Australia. Phillip praised Nina for raising a wonderful son. Nina worried that Phillips's premature exit might forever ruin his opportunity to bond with Chance. Nina reminded Phillip that he was a good person and would be a good father. Phillip worried that Chance wouldn't accept that his father was gay. Nina suggested that Phillip needed Chance even more than their son needed to reconnect with his father.

At the Chancellor estate, Chance held Delia. Esther told Jill that Chloe was planning a celebration of her own birthday. Nina arrived and smiled when she saw Chance gently cradling Delia. Nina recalled Chance as an infant and remembered that she and Phillip doted on their only child. Katherine and Murphy looked on, and Katherine remarked that Chance would make a wonderful father. Esther asked Chloe if Billy had called. Chloe shrugged off her mother's question and insisted that she didn't want Billy to fuss over her.

Chance fed Delia a bottle and reminded Chloe that birthdays were like victories and acts of defiance. After Delia soiled her diaper, Chance insisted on changing the baby as a favor to Chloe. Esther and Chloe agreed that Nina had done a great job raising Chance. Esther said that Mac was much like Chance, because they had both set out to save the world. Chloe brainstormed a plan set up a date between Mac and Chance in hopes of saving her marriage.

Katherine and Murphy were surprised to learn that Chloe had invited Mac. Knowing that Billy would also likely attend, Murphy, Katherine, and Esther left to set more places at the table. Chloe told Chance that he and Mac had much in common. When Katherine, Murphy, and Esther returned, Chance showed Katherine photos of happy children playing with the toys she had sent to Iraq. Mac arrived. Chloe quickly showed one of the photos of the Iraqi children to Mac and explained that Chance was serving in Iraq at the same time that Mac was helping people in Darfur.

Everyone exited the room and left Mac and Chance alone together. Mac instantly realized that she was on a blind date, and told Chance that she was seeing someone. Chance admitted that he was interested in someone else, as well. After Chance and Mac realized that they had a relief-worker friend in common, they began chatting away. Chloe overheard and cheered that her plan was working perfectly.

When everyone gathered in the sitting room for the party, Chance told a story about his and Mac's friend, Cletis, proposing to his girlfriend. Chance added that he would be best man at the wedding. Chloe nudged Chance and asked if he had a date for the wedding, while she covertly pointed at Mac as a not-so-subtle hint. Billy arrived late with a gift for Chloe. Billy told Chloe that he helped Lily find Cane before Lily agreed to undergo major surgery. Chloe noticed Billy and Mac exchanging glances.

Nina called Chance into another room to discuss Phillip. Nina suggested that Chance get to know his father and not judge him too harshly. Katherine and Esther served Chloe's birthday cake just as Jill arrived with Cane. Billy and Chloe weren't receptive to Cane's presence. Jill insisted that Cane would be part of her life, so everyone would just have to deal with it. Katherine emphatically announced that she'd handle the situation as she made her way across the room to Cane. Katherine stood face-to-face with Cane and said, "I'm so glad, so glad." Nina rolled her eyes and Billy winced when Katherine warmly embraced Cane.

Jill and Cane asked Katherine about Lily. Katherine agreed to contact Neil to find out about Lily. Murphy quietly advised Cane to avoid Billy. Mac approached Billy and softly warned him not to make a scene. Mac told Chance that she enjoyed meeting him, but after Mac walked away, Chance told Chloe that he wasn't interested in Mac. Chance stepped away and phoned Phillip. Phillip was thrilled when Chance arranged to meet with him at the coffeehouse the following day. Phillip phoned the airline and canceled his reservation.

Chance told Chloe that he had contacted his dad as a favor to his mom because he knew that Nina was still in love with Phillip. Cane respectfully wished Chloe a happy birthday. Chloe remained cool and distant, but Cane explained that he was concerned about Lily. Devon phoned and invited Cane to see Lily. Jill told Cane to give Lily their love. Katherine praised Jill for getting Cane to return. As Cane was heading to the hospital, Billy waylaid him. Billy warned Cane that he was no longer welcomed in Billy's family.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It had been a year since Sabrina's car accident. Victor looked at a picture of Sabrina and smiled. He thought about how happy he had been with her.

Paul comforted Nikki when she talked about Sabrina's tragedy. Nikki couldn't believe she had been so foolish regarding David Chow. Paul said he was glad that he had Nikki in his life. Nikki said she had many regrets.

Billy told Cane that he was not going to let him back into the family. Cane said that Jill and Katherine wanted him back. Billy argued that Cane was only trying to con them again and they would be disappointed. Cane said that he was a better son than Billy had ever been. Cane suggested that Jill might have had an alternate reason for promoting Billy as CEO. When Billy asked about it, Cane said Billy would have to ask Jill for himself.

Phyllis wasn't sure if she should run the photos of Summer in Restless Style. Nick said that it would show their support for their daughter. Summer held Nick and Phyllis' wedding video and repeated the words, "Mommy" over and over again. Nick told Summer he would play it for her. Phyllis ran into Nikki and Paul at the coffeehouse. Phyllis told Nikki that she had been going through a hard time with Summer.

Sharon saw Phyllis and asked how Summer was. Phyllis said she wouldn't know what to do if Nick were not around. Sharon said that it was good she had his support. Phyllis saw someone who looked just like Mary Jane and ran up and started screaming at her. The girl was shocked and Phyllis was embarrassed. Phyllis said she needed to go home. When Phyllis went home, she was happy that Summer had wanted to watch her parent's wedding video, over and over again.

Sharon received packages from Fenmore's at her hotel room. When she pulled out a bib that said, "Daddy's Girl," she knew that the gifts were from Jack. Sharon looked at a picture of Cassie and remembered her dream. She remembered Cassie telling her that the little girl they needed was Summer. She sat down and watched her wedding with Nick.

Jack told the concierge at the hotel that he didn't want anyone to know he was staying there. When he walked by Sharon's door, she told him that his gifts were too much. She asked for some time to herself.

A priest went to visit Lily in the hospital. He told her that God hadn't turned away from her. Lily said she had never felt so alone in her life. The priest told Lily she could rely on her friends, family, and husband. Lily said that her marriage with Cane was over. The priest was in shock. He said that when he had married them, he thought their love was one of the strongest he had ever seen.

Cane visited Lily in the hospital room. The priest told Cane that Lily really needed him. Lily told Cane that she was sorry, but she couldn't have children. Cane said that Lily was the only thing that mattered to him. Cane told Lily that he believed her saved eggs were a sign that she would one day be able to have a child. Lily said that she had thought it was all a dream. She smiled when she heard that she would still have a chance. Lily asked Cane if he wanted to watch movies with her. Cane said he wasn't going anywhere.

Mac visited Mary Jane in the alley. She gave her some blankets and food. Mary Jane wondered why Mac was helping her. Mac said that Mary Jane could trust her. Mary Jane said that she couldn't trust anybody. Billy called for Mac, and Mary Jane hid behind the garbage cans. Billy told Mac that he had gotten into it with Cane. Mac and Billy decided to meet at the trailer to discuss it. Mary Jane remembered Billy when she saw him. When Billy was gone, Mac said that Mary Jane could stop hiding.

Mary Jane asked Mac if she really wanted to help her. Mac said she'd been in Mary Jane's situation before and understood. Mary Jane said she needed a place where she could stay for a while. Mac took her to the bar and said she could stay there.

Jack brought the mutilated baby doll to Victor's office. Jack said that someone had left the doll in front of Sharon's hotel room. He said the he and Victor both knew that Mary Jane had something to do with it. Jack said that he had taken a suite next to Sharon's room. Victor realized that he and Jack would need to work together.

Victor thought about when he'd worked with Mary Jane. He wondered how things could have gone so terribly wrong. Nikki walked in Victor's office and asked if she could stay. She tried to apologize for what had happened with Sabrina. Victor said that it was behind them. Jack approached Paul to ask about Paul's investigation of Mary Jane. He told Paul about the mutilated baby doll that Mary Jane had left at Sharon's door.

Paul told Jack that someone had taken elaborate links to make sure Mary Jane was a phantom. Paul said that for some reason, he felt he knew Mary Jane from the past. He asked if Jack felt something familiar about her. Jack said he had never seen her face before.

Paul and Jack decided to ask Billy how he had been introduced to Mary Jane. Billy said that Jabot was looking for a PR person. Jack thought that someone had delivered Mary Jane to them. When Paul said that Victor had originally told him not to push Mary Jane's investigation further, Jack grew curious.

Jack told Billy that he suspected that Victor had something to do with Mary Jane.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kevin and Jana visited Daniel in jail. When Jana mentioned that she had been trying to get in touch with Amber, Daniel said that he never wanted to see Amber's face again. Daniel told the Fishers that Amber had cheated on him, but Jana insisted that there must have been a mistake. Daniel said that his only mistake was trusting Amber. He told Jana that, on the phone, he had heard Amber and a man making love. Jana correctly guessed that the man had been Deacon Sharpe.

Daniel said that Amber had told him that Deacon possessed evidence that exonerated Daniel, and that Amber said she had to sleep with Deacon to get the evidence. Kevin told Daniel that Amber had been struggling with some sort of decision, and that she had really been torn up about it. Daniel became angry when Jana expressed sympathy for Amber. As for the evidence that Deacon allegedly had, Daniel reminded the Fishers that he was still in jail. Jana told Daniel that Amber had good intentions when she slept with Deacon, but Daniel said that he would rather rot in jail than be with someone who had betrayed him.

In Deacon's suite at the Athletic Club, Amber insisted that Deacon turn over the DVD that exonerated Daniel. After Amber told Deacon what a creep he was, Deacon said that Amber always liked the "bad boys," and that Daniel was too tame for her. Deacon insisted that he and Amber belonged together. Deacon told Amber that he turned over the DVD to the district attorney's office, and that he deserved a thank you. Amber slapped Deacon.

At Crimson Lights, Heather and Michael watched the DVD of Balfour saying what an idiot Daniel had been, and how easy it had been to set up Daniel. Michael said that the DVD should be enough to get Daniel out on bail, but Heather said that the DVD didn't prove anything, and that, since Balfour was dead, there was no proof of the recording's legitimacy. Michael begged Heather to try to be sympathetic to Daniel, and to prove that she had a heart.

Heather said that the DVD might show that Daniel was hoodwinked into painting the forgery, but added that Balfour tricking Daniel only gave Daniel more motive to murder Balfour. Amber called Michael and told him that she was with the man who had sent the DVD to the district attorney's office. Michael told Amber to stay put -- that he and Heather were going to pay a visit to her and Deacon. After she hung up, Amber told Deacon that Daniel's lawyer and the assistant district attorney were on their way over -- and that Deacon was going to end up in jail. Deacon didn't seem concerned.

When Michael and Heather arrived at Deacon's suite, Amber asked them to have Deacon arrested for Balfour's murder. Deacon said that he wasn't even in Genoa City when Balfour was killed. Deacon claimed to have found the DVD in a parking lot. He explained that he had met Daniel while he was conducting some art business with Victoria Newman. Deacon claimed that he was trying to be a Good Samaritan, and that he had sent the DVD anonymously because he didn't know how long he was going to be in town. Amber told Michael and Heather that Deacon had blackmailed her into sleeping with him. Deacon said that he did sleep with Amber, but he lied and made it sound like Amber was obsessed with him. Heather thought that Amber might be making up convoluted accusations because she had been caught cheating on Daniel.

Amber said that Deacon was a sociopath. Heather replied that the only thing that Amber had proved was that Amber and Deacon "had issues." Heather apologized for wasting Deacon's time, and walked out of the suite. Michael followed her into the hallway. Heather told Michael that she still felt the information on the DVD gave Daniel motive to murder Balfour. Michael told Heather that he wanted Daniel's bail reinstated and reduced. He warned Heather that she was going to lose another case in what was turning out to be a long string of losses for her.

In Deacon's suite, Deacon commented that although Amber claimed to hate him, she was still there. She began to cry and said that everything that she had loved was gone. She asked Deacon to leave her and Daniel alone. Deacon said that he had freed Amber from her relationship with the "weak" Daniel, and that she should be thanking him. Before leaving the suite, Amber told Deacon to "go to hell."

Michael showed up at the jail and told Daniel that he had good news -- Daniel's bail had been reinstated. Before the Fishers left, Jana told Daniel that Amber had come through for him -- and that Amber obviously loved Daniel. Michael told Daniel that the DA's office had received a DVD that proved that Daniel had been framed. When Daniel thanked Michael, Michael said that he should be thanking Amber, as she was responsible for getting the evidence to Heather.

Outside Deacon's suite, Amber was still weeping, and remembered an angry Daniel telling her that he didn't want anything to do with her -- and her telling Daniel that she would rather lose him forever than see him in jail for the rest of his life. Amber's phone rang. It was Daniel. He told Amber that he was getting out of jail the following day, and that he wanted to see her.

At the Newman ranch, Victor led Ashley into the living room and showed her a new office chair -- a symbol of her seat on the Newman Board of Directors. Ashley asked if someone was resigning from the board. Victor left the question unanswered, but Ashley guessed that it was Colleen. Victor lied to Ashley and told her that Colleen had tendered her resignation for "personal reasons."

Ashley initially didn't believe Victor, as she knew that Colleen had taken the seat as a way of paying tribute to Brad. Victor said that Colleen was the face of Jabot Cosmetics, and was a bad fit for the Newman board. He said that he wanted Ashley to resume her rightful place on the Newman board.

Victor told Ashley that she was his partner in life and in business. He said that the board seat was the least he could do to show Ashley how much he loved and appreciated her. Ashley, near tears, told Victor that she was touched by his offer, and she apologized for having pushed him away. She told Victor that she had been worried about carrying their baby to term, but since she knew that Victor believed in her, she felt much stronger. He told Ashley he didn't know what would have happened to him if she hadn't found him in Paris. When Ashley said that the baby kicked, Victor said that the baby would be a new start for them. Before leaving for the office, Victor told Ashley how much he loved her.

At Crimson Lights, Billy called Jill and left a message telling her that they needed to talk. Colleen showed up and told Billy that Victoria had summoned her to Newman Enterprises. Colleen said that she was sure that she was going to be officially kicked off of the Newman board. Billy wondered how that was possible.

Colleen told Billy about the bartender who had gotten her drunk and then dared her to do something wild. Billy was surprised when Colleen told him that she had exposed herself. Colleen and Billy both thought that Victor was scheming to get Colleen off of the Newman board. Billy told Colleen he was going to join her at the meeting at Newman. When Colleen said that Billy was a great uncle, Billy said that he wasn't just doing it for her -- he said that he was sick and tired of the Newmans thinking that they owned the world.

In Victor's office, J.T. and Victoria argued about kicking Colleen off of the Newman board. Victoria reminded J.T. that everyone had seen Colleen flashing her breasts on the Internet. J.T. told Victoria that she was becoming her father. He said that it definitely wasn't Colleen's finest moment, but he begged Victoria to stand up to Victor. Victoria accused J.T. of trying to protect someone who he used to love. She told her husband that there was no point debating the issue -- Colleen would be kicked off the board. Victoria said that it was Victor's company -- and that Victor called the shots.

Billy and Colleen showed up at Victor's office. Victoria asked Colleen to sign a letter of resignation from the Newman board -- otherwise Victor would be forced to dismiss Colleen. Colleen said that it was all about Victor wanting Ashley on the board. Colleen, like J.T., accused Victoria of becoming her father. Billy wondered why Victoria was agreeing with Victor, and suggested another option -- Colleen could issue an official apology. Victoria told Billy that the decision wasn't personal -- it was business.

When Billy said that he thought that Victor had engineered the scenario leading to Colleen's flashing the camera, Victoria said that Victor wasn't to blame -- after all, he didn't force Colleen to drink or to act like a "little slut." Billy asked on what grounds Colleen was being fired. When Victoria said moral turpitude, Billy said that there wouldn't be a single Newman on the board if that were grounds for dismissal.

Billy reminded Victoria that Nikki was a former stripper, that Victor had been "married more times than Elizabeth Taylor" and was a convicted felon, and that Victoria had posed nude for a magazine centerfold years earlier. Victoria defended herself, saying that she hadn't been a board member at the time. Billy warned Victoria that it would cost her if Colleen were thrown off the board. J.T. told Billy that was enough. As Colleen and Billy left the office, Colleen told J.T. that she didn't understand why he had rescued her at Jimmy's. After Colleen and Billy were gone, Victoria thanked J.T. for standing up to Billy.

J.T. told Victoria that several months earlier, Victor had asked him to find some dirt on Colleen, so that Victor would have a reason to kick her off the Newman board. J.T. said that he had pretty much ignored Victor's request, since he knew that there weren't any skeletons in Colleen's closet. J.T. went on to say that several days earlier, Victor had asked him to forget about investigating Colleen. J.T. said that he thought it was more than coincidental that suddenly Colleen was being forced off the Newman board. Victoria asked her husband if he thought that Victor was responsible. J.T. said that he did.

Victoria was angry at J.T. for not telling her that Victor had him investigating Colleen. J.T. said that he and Victoria never used to argue -- that the arguments had begun after Victoria was hit on the head in the alley behind Jimmy's. J.T. said that there was a time when Victoria would have been sympathetic to Colleen's plight. Victoria responded that Colleen had put Newman Enterprises in jeopardy, and that J.T. was going to have to answer to Victor for "rescuing" Colleen from the situation at Jimmy's. J.T. said that he didn't have a problem with that.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen told Billy that her attempting to remain on the Newman board was a lost cause. Billy said that he would stand by Colleen -- and that the fight was far from over.

Victor showed up at his office and learned from Victoria that Colleen had been told that she was being removed from the board. Victor asked J.T. why he had been so protective of Colleen at Jimmy's -- Victor wondered if J.T. had forgotten whom he worked for. J.T. said that he enjoyed his job -- unless it came to ruining the reputation of an innocent girl. He added that if Victor didn't like the way he did his job, J.T. could resign. Victor said, "You do that." Victoria told J.T. not to resign. J.T. told Victor that he would turn in his badge and his keys. Victoria followed her husband out of Victor's office. Victor called his secretary and asked her to get in touch with all of the board members, except for Colleen, and tell them that the board meeting would take place the following day.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

At Nick and Phyllis', Phyllis donned a crown, crafted of aluminum foil, that she had made with Summer. Nick entered and asked when he was going to get his crown. Phyllis teasingly said that Nick would have to prove his devotion first. Summer held up the DVD of the Newmans' wedding, indicating that she wanted to watch it again. When Phyllis mentioned that Summer had watched the video six times the previous day, Nick said that their little girl must like happy endings.

While the wedding video played, a frustrated Phyllis unsuccessfully tried to get Summer to say the names of various guests. Nick said that he was glad to see the video again, as it reminded him of one of the best days of his life. When Phyllis asked him if he would do it again, Nick said that he would.

Nick made a phone call to bow out of the Newman board meeting being held that day. Phyllis tried to talk herself into believing that Summer was improving. Nick admired Phyllis, telling her that she always gave everything she had to the people she loved. He said that as long as he and Phyllis were together, there wasn't anything they couldn't survive. When the Newmans kissed, Summer shouted, "Again!"

Nick told Phyllis that he had missed her. He began to kiss her, but Phyllis pulled away. Nick didn't blame Phyllis for being scared of him, as he had put her through hell. Nick said that it wasn't about him, or Phyllis, or Summer. It was about the synergy of the three of them. Nick got down on his knee, made a ring from aluminum foil, and told Phyllis that he didn't want to live without her. Nick then proposed to his giggling wife.

Jack called Sharon from the hallway of the Athletic Club. Sharon, who was putting her dry cleaning into a bag, told Jack that she had a doctor's appointment, and asked him if he wanted to accompany her. Jack said that he would be thrilled to. He then lied and told Sharon that he was at the Abbott mansion and would pick her up at the club shortly. As Sharon placed the bag of dry cleaning outside her suite's door, she saw Jack right across the hall, opening the door to the room that he had secretly rented. Sharon wanted to know what was going on.

Jack entered Sharon's suite and explained that he was worried about Sharon, and wanted to be close to her. Initially, Sharon thought that Jack was concerned that she might be stealing again, but Jack explained that he was worried that Mary Jane Benson might go after Sharon, because of Mary Jane's obsession with Jack.

Jack told Sharon that Mary Jane, in an effort to reconcile Nick and Phyllis, had given Summer the peanut butter cookie that nearly killed the little girl. Jack revealed that Mary Jane had left a dirty, defaced doll outside of Sharon's room. He told Sharon that she was a threat to Mary Jane's imaginary relationship with him. Sharon said that it seemed to her that she was in greater danger from Mary Jane with Jack staying across the hall. She told Jack to move back to the Abbott mansion immediately.

Jack said that he wanted to protect Sharon and his unborn child from "this nut case." Sharon said that she wanted to stand on her own two feet, and insisted that she could take care of herself. Jack said that it wasn't just about Sharon, as Sharon was carrying his child. Sharon told Jack that the baby wasn't his. When Jack asked if Sharon was joking, she told him that she was telling the truth. Sharon said that she just couldn't lie about the baby's paternity anymore. She told a stunned Jack that Nick was the father of her child.

Billy showed up at the Chancellor estate, angry at Jill for not having returned his phone calls. Billy asked his mother if she had given him the CEO position at Jabot while under duress. Jill evaded his question, but when Billy continued pushing, Jill admitted that if it had been up to her, she wouldn't have appointed Billy to the CEO position. Billy, hurt by Jill's remark, demanded to know who had forced Jill to appoint him CEO. He was shocked to learn that Victor, who at the time possessed a large portion of Jabot stock, had forced Jill to promote Billy.

Billy realized that the reason that Victor had Ashley fired from the CEO position was just to "screw Jack over." Jill told Billy that he had been living irresponsibly at the time, and that he shouldn't be surprised that Jill wouldn't have appointed him CEO. Billy revealed that he had learned about Jill's hand being forced from Cane, but that Billy had hoped it wasn't true. When Jill asked what Billy wanted from her, he said, "Nothing. I don't want a damned thing from you, Mom." He then walked out of the house.

At Crimson Lights, a nervous Phillip thanked Chance for agreeing to see him. Chance said that he was seeing his father in order to placate Nina. He asked Phillip why he had faked his death and left Genoa City. Phillip said that he had to make a choice -- to leave Genoa City or remain there and live a lie. Chance said that he was all for living the truth, but wondered why his father couldn't live the truth in Genoa City. Phillip told Chance that he was gay.

Chance took Phillip's revelation relatively nonchalantly, and wondered why being gay would have forced Phillip to go as far as faking his own death. Phillip explained that 20 years earlier, there was less acceptance of homosexuality. Phillip said that, as a Chancellor heir, he was under a lot of pressure, found himself playing a role, and began drinking heavily. Phillip wondered if Chance understood. Chance said that no matter how much suffering Phillip had to endure, it didn't excuse him from leaving his wife and son. Chance said that he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he did something like that, and wondered how Phillip could.

Phillip told Chance that he hoped that his son never had to face an impossible choice. Chance still didn't understand why Phillip didn't tell his family that he was gay 20 years earlier. Phillip admitted that it was possible that his family might have accepted him, but that he wouldn't have been a very good husband or father. Phillip apologized for leaving Chance and Nina.

Chance said that Nina had turned out to be a great mother. He also thanked Phillip for returning to Genoa City in order to be tested for the gene for Huntington's disease -- Chance said that took guts. Phillip told Chance that he was just trying to do the right thing. Phillip added that he didn't have to return to Australia, and could stay in Genoa City indefinitely, if that was what Chance wanted. Leaving Phillip's question unanswered, Chance shook his father's hand, and then watched as Phillip walked out of the coffeehouse.

Phillip went to the Chancellor estate to see Jill, and told his mother that he couldn't tell if Chance wanted to see him again or not. Glaring at Jill, Phillip wondered where he learned to put his needs above the needs of his child. Realizing that Phillip was referring to her, an annoyed Jill said that she might have sent Phillip to boarding school for a few years, but she didn't disappear from his life or fake her death.

Phillip apologized for insulting Jill. He said that he wanted to change the dysfunctional pattern that seemed to plague their family. Jill said that, according to Phillip and Billy, she had screwed up both of her sons' lives. Phillip said that Jill had done her best, and that she loved her sons in her own way. Touched, Jill caressed Phillip's cheek and told him how much she had missed him. Phillip took Jill's hand in his.

J.T. showed up at Jimmy's to help Mac with her plans to install a security system. He explained that he had a lot of free time, since he had resigned from Newman. He told Mac that Victor had kicked Colleen off of the Newman board for flashing her breasts at Jimmy's. Mac asked if Victoria could change Victor's mind. J.T. said that she couldn't, and that was part of the reason that J.T. had quit -- he didn't like seeing his wife give in to Victor.

When J.T. went upstairs to inspect the bar, Nina showed up and told Mac that the producers of her movie about Katherine's life had heard about the "Chance/Phillip" angle, and that they wanted Nina to focus on that. Nina said that she didn't know if she wanted to write "pretty personal stuff" about her son and her ex-husband. Mac suggested that Nina do the rewrite, but then delay giving it to the producers, so that Phillip and Chance would have the opportunity to get to know one another better.

Later, Nina met Chance at Crimson Lights. He asked his mother why she hadn't told him that Phillip was gay. Nina said that she had just learned about it herself. Chance said that Phillip's homosexuality made no difference to him, and added that the only reason that he had met with his father was because he thought that Nina was still in love with Phillip. Chance assumed that was no longer the case. Nina said that Phillip had been the love of her life -- and that he probably still was.

Back at Jimmy's, Billy showed up and accused J.T. of being part of the reason that Colleen had been kicked off of the Newman board. Billy was surprised to learn that J.T. had resigned from Newman. After J.T. left, Mac asked Billy why he was so upset. Billy told Mac that Cane had been telling the truth about Jill not wanting Billy to be the CEO at Jabot. Billy revealed that "master manipulator" Victor Newman had forced Jill to appoint Billy.

Billy said that he was tempted to tell Ashley what a snake she had married, but Mac said that he shouldn't add to the stress of Ashley's pregnancy. Mac also reminded Billy that Victor might take revenge on Jill. Billy said that Jill should have thought of that before she became Victor's patsy. J.T. returned to discuss his plans for the security system with Mac. Mac made Billy promise not to go anywhere. After Mac and J.T. went upstairs, Billy said to himself that he wouldn't let Victor hurt his sister anymore, and left Jimmy's.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria told Ashley how happy she was that Ashley was joining the Newman board. Ashley thanked Victoria, then left to get dressed for the board meeting. Victoria told Victor that Colleen might try to retain her board seat, but Victor assured his daughter that Colleen was through at Newman Enterprises. Victoria mentioned that J.T. was, also. Victor said that he was sorry, but that J.T. had made his own decision when he resigned. Victoria asked her father if he would consider reinstating J.T.

Victor told Victoria that if J.T. wanted his job back, he needed to approach Victor and discuss it in person. Victoria said that J.T. wouldn't do that, as he was upset that Victor had ousted Colleen from the board when the clip of Colleen's exposing herself at Jimmy's had surfaced on the Internet. Ashley entered the room and heard Victoria's remark about Colleen flashing at Jimmy's. She told Victor that she thought that Colleen had resigned for personal reasons. Victoria received a phone call and stepped away. Victor said that they would discuss Colleen later, but Ashley said that she wasn't going anywhere until she knew what was going on, and why Victor didn't mention anything about the incident with Colleen.

Victor lied and told Ashley that the board had demanded Colleen's resignation. Ashley said that she was upset to see Colleen lose her seat on the board -- Colleen's tribute to Brad -- over a silly incident. She added that she certainly didn't feel right taking Colleen's seat. Victor assured Ashley that Colleen would want Ashley to fill her seat.

At Newman, Victor continued to prod the reluctant Ashley into taking Colleen's board seat. He and Ashley entered Victor's office, where the board members and the press were waiting. Victor spoke to the crowd, telling them that Colleen Carlton had resigned her seat on the Newman board, and that he was proposing that his wife and the mother of his child, Ashley Abbott Newman, fill the vacancy on the board.

Victor was about to put Ashley's appointment to a vote when Billy showed up, saying, "You might wanna rethink this, Sis." Victor said that it was a private meeting, and asked that security be called. Billy said that J.T. had quit Newman when he found out about Victor's machinations, and that Billy was about to share that information with everyone in the room. Victor told Billy to quit while he was ahead -- or he was going to regret it.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Kevin and Jana paid a visit to Daniel in jail, where they discovered he was very upset about Amber.

At the Athletic Club, Jack was furious as Sharon told him why she lied about Jack being the father of her unborn child. Sharon was in tears and apologized profusely, saying that she learned about the paternity the same night Summer went into the hospital, and Sharon couldn't take Nick away from his daughter. Sharon claimed that she wasn't thinking clearly when she told Jack he was the baby's father. Jack told Sharon she had no right to do what she did. Sharon apologized again, but Jack didn't want another "I'm sorry" from her.

Sharon tried to make excuses for her lies, but Jack wasn't buying them anymore. Jack told her that it had been tough for him because Sharon had given him so little. But Jack got through it because Sharon always assured him that he'd be a great father. Sharon said she was too messed up for him and too weak. Jack didn't want to hear her self-pity.

Jack said that Sharon being scared wasn't a good enough excuse for telling the lies she told. Jack told her she was a grown woman who was too smart and strong to not be able to handle the situation they were in. Jack felt he deserved better treatment from Sharon. Sharon asked if she could somehow make it up to Jack. Jack wondered if Sharon planned to run back to Nick again, ruining his relationship with Phyllis and Summer. Sharon had no idea what she was going to do. Jack said he didn't care anymore, because he wanted nothing more to do with Sharon.

At their home, Nick got down on one knee and proposed to Phyllis, asking her to marry him again. Nick was thrilled that Phyllis said yes to his marriage proposal. Nick wanted to get married immediately, and convinced Phyllis to agree to renew their vows after Summer woke up from her nap. Daniel called to say he was out of jail and at Crimson Lights. Phyllis was excited that he'd been set free. Daniel asked how Summer was doing and after catching him up, Phyllis told Daniel that she and Nick were going to be renewing their vows. Daniel was glad that things were good between the two of them. Phyllis invited him to the renewal ceremony and Daniel said he would be there.

Nick told Phyllis the justice of the peace was on his way, and Noah had called to say he was heading over. Phyllis showed Nick a couple of dresses and asked him to choose one for her to wear at the renewal. They agreed to only invite the family.

When Noah arrived, Phyllis told him how Nick had proposed. Noah questioned why Nick and Phyllis were reuniting so soon after Nick and Sharon were shopping for a new house. Noah wondered if Jack being the father of Sharon's baby altered Nick's feelings. Nick admitted that Jack being the father of Sharon's child had something to do with it, but Nick was committed to Summer and Phyllis. Noah agreed to attend the ceremony.

In the garden, Nikki appeared just as the renewal ceremony began. Nick asked his mother to stay. Daniel received a big hug from Phyllis, who was thrilled that he was out of jail. Noah teased Daniel about being a jailbird. Summer was overjoyed and called Phyllis a princess. Nick started the music on a boom box and the justice of the peace began the ceremony. From down the path, Sharon approached, unaware that Nick and Phyllis were about to say their marital vows again.

Nick and Phyllis wrote and recited their own vows. Nick recalled the first time he fell for Phyllis and how he admired her because she was such a fighter. He called Phyllis a warrior princess. Nick said he felt closer to Phyllis than ever. Sharon listened from nearby. Phyllis was moved by Nick's words. Phyllis's spoke and recalled the time at Michael's bachelor party when she first saw the real Nick Newman. Phyllis called Nick a thoughtful and great man. Phyllis loved that Nick accepted her as just as she was and she promised to love and inspire Nick no matter what happened in the future. They exchanged rings. Nick surprised Phyllis with a stunning new ring. The justice of the peace declared them officially Nicholas and Phyllis Newman ... again. Sharon listened to the finality of those words and held back her tears.

Over coffee at Crimson Lights, Amber told Daniel that she would have picked him up from jail. Daniel wanted to talk about how Deacon was able to lure Amber into bed. Amber said she only did it because Deacon promised to send the DVD that would exonerate Daniel to the D.A. Amber hoped that Daniel was completely in the clear, but Daniel explained the D.A. could still go after him for the shooting in the alley. Amber cried that it had to be over because she wouldn't have slept with Deacon otherwise. Amber asked for Daniel's forgiveness, but Daniel said he wanted to forgive her, but he wasn't sure he could. Daniel told Amber to tell him everything about her and Deacon and get it all out into the open.

Amber admitted that she and Deacon went way back. Amber said she had a sordid past in L.A., and when she saw Deacon again at the club, she freaked out. Amber said she had hoped Deacon would go away. Without warning, Deacon showed up unexpectedly and taunted Daniel about how hot Amber was in the old days-and said still was. Daniel responded by punching Deacon in the face.

Deacon was there for a reason. Deacon gave Daniel a file he'd collected of clippings about Amber's activities in L.A. with the Forresters. Amber asked Daniel not to open it, but Daniel did and read all about Amber taking her cousin's baby and passing it off as her own. Deacon elaborated on the details. Daniel was shocked by Amber's arrests and antics. Daniel asked if all the stories were true. Amber tried to explain that she was not the same person anymore. Daniel walked away angrily, throwing the file on the table. Amber slapped Deacon with the file and said she hated him more than ever. Deacon insisted he was doing it for Amber's sake, so she could have an honest relationship with Daniel.

Deacon comforted Amber by saying things weren't so bad. He gave her a jewelry box and told Amber that diamonds were a girl's best friend. Amber wanted Deacon to back off like he promised he would. Amber was embarrassed by the contents of the file Deacon gave to Daniel. Deacon said that he could accept Amber as she was, which was something Daniel couldn't do.

Amber resented Deacon and wanted nothing to do with him. Deacon offered to back up the DVD evidence with his testimony to the authorities that would exonerate Daniel completely. Amber asked what he wanted in exchange. Deacon said he wanted Amber. Daniel returned and saw Deacon walking away from the table. Amber called to Deacon and threw the gift at him as he left.

Daniel sat at the table and Amber asked about Summer. Daniel accused her of changing the topic, but said that Summer was better. Daniel told Amber that he watched Nick and Phyllis renew their wedding vows. Daniel said that listening to their vows gave Daniel some clarity about him and Amber. Daniel told Amber he was not ready for that kind of commitment with her. Daniel wasn't sure who Amber really was anymore. Daniel asked Amber to move out of the apartment.

Adam answered the door at the ranch. Nikki identified herself and said she was there to see Victor. Adam tried to close the door on Nikki after saying that Victor was at the office. Nikki barged in and asked if Ashley was home. Adam said that Ashley was with Victor. Nikki explained to Adam that Victor would be having a difficult day because it was the anniversary of Sabrina's death. Adam resented Nikki lecturing him and said he cared about Sabrina, too.

Later on, Adam was on his computer searching for stories of Sabrina's death. On the Internet, he watched scenes from the gala and reports of David Chow and Sabrina's accident. Adam saved a news clip on a flash drive. Adam called Dr. Taylor to say that he should go to the ranch because Ashley would be having a bad day.

At the Newman board meeting, Billy interrupted just as Victor was about to appoint Ashley to a seat on the board of directors. Billy explained that it was Colleen's seat. Victor called for security, but Ashley stopped him. Billy told Ashley that Victor had bought Gloria's five percent of Jabot stock and used it to manipulate Jill into firing Jack and Ashley, and install Billy as the CEO. Ashley and Victoria refused to believe Billy, and Victor asked Billy who told him that story. Billy asserted that Victor would do anything to hurt Jack. Billy explained that Victor would do anything to isolate Ashley from the Abbott family and control her. Ashley asked Victor if Billy was telling the truth. Victoria cleared the room of reporters and board members.

Ashley demanded that Victor tell her the truth. Victor told Ashley he did what he did to protect Ashley. Victor claimed that he had always looked after Ashley's best interests. Billy asked Ashley to leave with him, but Ashley was too upset to go with Billy or stay with Victor. Ashley was furious that Victor had done the Jabot deal behind her back. Ashley walked out angrily.

Victor warned Billy that he would regret what he did. Billy confronted Victor about the way he manipulated people. Victor called Billy and Jack losers. Billy refused to back down despite Victor's imperious threats. When Victor started to get physical with Billy, they were about to get into a fistfight, but J.T. rushed in and pulled Billy and Victor apart. J.T. pushed Billy out of the conference room.

Victoria was grateful that J.T. intervened. Victor thanked J.T., too. Nikki appeared just as Victoria mentioned that it was a difficult day for her father because it was the anniversary of Sabrina's death. Nikki was there to check on Victor. Nikki offered her support. Nikki believed that Victor wouldn't feel comfortable talking to Ashley about Sabrina because of Ashley's delicate condition. Nikki was concerned about Victor. Victor recalled that he nearly hadn't made it through losing Sabrina, but he had put her things aside and finally gotten over the pain.

In the limousine, Ashley was sitting in the back seat, angry about Victor's manipulative actions and his lying to her. Ashley doubted that Victor loved her. Ashley worried that Victor would someday take her baby from her. Suddenly, the image of Sabrina appeared in the car and warned Ashley that her life was in danger, hers and the baby's. Ashley screamed in terror as Sabrina said, "Here he comes." Victor climbed into the backseat and asked Ashley why she was screaming. Victor told her that the driver heard her screaming that someone was trying to drive them off the road. Ashley asked Victor not to hurt her. Victor was stunned. Ashley said that Sabrina told her that he was going to hurt her.

Dr. Taylor was at the ranch a short time later and Adam revealed his plan to leave the contents of the flash drive on Ashley's computer so Victor would think she was going crazy. Adam warned Taylor not to try to tip off Victor about Adam's actions anymore. Adam realized that Taylor had tried that before and Adam was onto him. If Taylor tried to cross Adam again, Adam would destroy the doctor's career. Victor called Taylor on his cell phone. Taylor told Adam that Victor wanted the doctor to check on Ashley and he was on his way home with her.

When Victor and Ashley returned to the ranch, Ashley was too agitated to talk. Ashley rushed to her room. Dr. Taylor hurried after her. Victor told Adam that Ashley had a hallucination in the car and the driver had seen her agitated state. Victor said that according to Ashley, she had seen Sabrina. Adam was sorry to hear that Ashley was so ill.

Mac wasn't surprised when Billy returned to Jimmy's. Mac guessed that he had confronted Victor at the Newman board meeting. Billy was hot under the collar about how Victor had lied to Ashley. Jack showed up and asked Billy why he had called him. Billy told Jack about the latest action with Victor. Jack scolded Billy for confronting Victor. Jack said he would have thought of Ashley first. Billy had hurt Ashley by doing it the way he did. Jack reminded Billy that Ashley's pregnancy was high-risk and a public scene wasn't good for her or her child.

After Jack left, Billy asked Mac why she was so quiet. Mac confessed that Billy's impulsiveness drove her crazy at times. Despite his impulsiveness, Mac admitted that she loved Billy. Billy smiled and kissed her passionately.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. told Victoria that Billy had always gotten in over his head when they were kids. Victoria asked if he went to Billy's aid for Mac's sake. J.T. said he intervened because it was the right thing to do. Victoria asked J.T. about returning to Newman, but J.T. said he had no interest in working for her father again. J.T. believed that Billy told the truth about what Victor had done to the Abbotts. J.T. felt that Victor condemned Colleen for her lack of morality, but asked when Victor had ever answered for his wrongdoings.

Victoria was surprised that J.T. hated her father. J.T. said he didn't hate Victor. Victoria and J.T. were at an impasse. J.T. left saying that he would see Victoria at home. After he was gone, Deacon entered from the patio and greeted Victoria. Deacon saw that she was upset. Deacon offered to buy her a cup of coffee and talk things over.

At the Athletic Club, Jack was moving out of his room and ran into Sharon as she was returning. Sharon told Jack that she had decided not to tell Nick about the baby. Sharon was going to stand on her own two feet. Sharon said she was on her own and that's what she deserved. Jack told her she wasn't alone. Sharon hugged Jack. Jack said things between them could never be the same again, then he walked away.

Nick carried Phyllis over the threshold. Phyllis was thrilled that Nikki agreed to take Summer for the night so Phyllis and Nick could have the night alone. Phyllis told Nick she loved the new ring and wondered how he managed to get it for her. Nick confessed that he had it messengered over when she was dressing for the ceremony. Nick said it was a new ring for a new start. They both said, "I love you" and kissed.

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