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Adam tried to convince Ashley that she had hit Sabrina with her car. As part of a plea bargain, Sharon committed herself to a mental hospital in order to avoid jail time. Devon and Tyra slept together.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 10, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Upstairs in her bedroom at the Newman ranch, Ashley summoned Adam inside for a private discussion. Groggily, Ashley told Adam that she had taken sedatives the night before and had experienced nightmares. Ashley asked Adam to help her distinguish which of her foggy memories were dreams, and which were real. Adam claimed that Ashley had voiced concern about Victor reuniting with Sabrina. Ashley refused to believe Adam's allegations. Adam encouraged Ashley to reveal everything she could remember. Ashley held her head in her hands as she recalled talking to Adam, and she sobbed that she could not remember what she had said.

Adam listened as Ashley recalled an encounter with Sabrina, who, Ashley added, had repeatedly insisted that Ashley's baby was gone. Adam was shocked when Ashley mentioned seeing Sabrina again while driving. Ashley stammered as she pieced together the events of the previous night. Ashley recalled seeing Sabrina while driving one of Victor's cars in the rain, which impeded visibility through the windshield. Ashley cupped her hand over her mouth when she remembered losing control of the car on the road and hitting Sabrina. Adam assured Ashley that her memory of the event was only a dream. Ashley panicked and made Adam promise not to tell anyone about what had happened. Adam went to investigate.

After Adam left, Billy knocked on Ashley's door. Still sobbing, Ashley grabbed Billy and held onto him for dear life. Ashley told Billy that Zapato had died. Ashley blamed herself for letting Victor's beloved dog off his leash. Ashley began apologizing for not pulling her weight at Jabot, and for Victor persecuting Colleen over the board seat. Ashley told Billy about her nightmares and cried that her life was falling apart. Billy insisted on taking Ashley home, so he could look after her. Ashley refused and said she wouldn't leave Abby.

Billy seemed concerned about his sister, but Ashley blamed her odd behavior on sedatives and hormones. Billy backed off and said that he wouldn't force Ashley to leave the ranch, but he pressed Ashley to tell him what was going on. Ashley tearfully admitted that she had been seeing Sabrina, who sometimes said terrible things. Ashley added that she dreamed that she had hit Sabrina while driving a car. Billy allayed Ashley's fears and reminded her that Sabrina was already dead. Billy's words seemed to soothe Ashley.

Adam ventured out to the parking area and examined the inside of Victor's car by feeling the surface areas around the dashboard and steering wheel. Adam thought aloud and said, "Where did you go last night, crazy girl? Are you nuts enough to drive this car?" Adam got out of the car and began feeling around the car's front bumper and fender, where he discovered a sizable dent. Adam remarked, "I'll be damned."

Downstairs, in the sitting room at the Newman ranch, Victor welcomed Victoria and Nick after he summoned them. Victor announced that Nikki had called off her wedding and had left town, but didn't say where she was going. Victor added that Nikki had stopped by the ranch the previous night. Victoria and Nick were miffed that their mother had not gone to them. Victor refused to elaborate about his conversation with their mother because the matter was private. Victoria was shocked when Victor stated that Nikki had not told Katherine that she was leaving after deciding not to marry Paul.

After Victor left the ranch, Victoria told Nick that their mother had told Victor that she loved him, but that their father had likely not been receptive. Nick reminded his sister that their dad had a wife and a baby on the way. Victoria responded that their parents were like star-crossed lovers. Nick said, "Well someone can be the love of your life, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you will spend the rest of your life with them." Victoria warned Nick not to let Ashley hear him say that.

In the empty chapel where he had intended to marry Nikki, Paul sat in a pew decorated with a floral swag and sobbed. Father Todd listened as Paul poured out his heart. Paul declared that he would get over losing Nikki. Paul worried that Victor had an unrelenting hold on Nikki. Father Todd said that perhaps Nikki loved Paul too much to let him settle for less than he deserved. Paul shook his head in disbelief after Father Todd suggested that letting Paul go was Nikki's kindest gesture considering the circumstances.

Father Todd suggested that Nikki's desire to be with Victor was her calling from God. Paul rejected Father Todd's assertion. Paul deemed Victor and Nikki's marriage a toxic mix. Father Todd explained that Paul and Nikki had based their renewed relationship on nostalgia, which in the end would never be healing or fulfilling. Victoria arrived and apologized to Paul. Victoria hugged Paul before she left, and told him that it would have been an honor to welcome him as a member of her family. After Victoria and Father Todd left, Paul plucked a white rose from the wedding bouquet and bid goodbye to Nikki as he placed the solitary flower on top of a closed Bible.

At the Chancellor estate, Billy stopped by. Chloe approached Billy and told him that Delia was asleep. Mac poured herself a cup of coffee. Billy mentioned that Mac looked beat. Mac admitted that she had not gotten much sleep. Katherine and Chance walked in, and Katherine announced that Chance was the newest member of the Genoa City Police Department. Katherine reminded Chance that she could have given him a safe job. Chloe mentioned that Mac had also turned down a cushy job at Chancellor Industries.

Chloe straightened Chance's tie and wished him well. After Chance left, Chloe announced to Mac that Chance was hot for her. Mac rolled her eyes. After Katherine and Chloe left the room, Mac scolded Billy for not telling Chloe about his and Mac's relationship. After Billy left, Chloe announced to Mac and Katherine that Restless Style planned an issue featuring people like Mac and Chance, who served humanity through volunteerism. Mac wasn't awed by Chloe's offer, and quickly left to take a walk.

Victor arrived to see Katherine. Victor told Katherine that Nikki had left Genoa City. Katherine told Victor that Nikki still loved him. Victor remained mum, so Katherine mused about what Nikki's profession of love had meant to him. Victor explained that Nikki hadn't asked him to leave his family. Katherine suggested that Victor had denied his feelings for Nikki and was regretting it. Victor insisted that he only regretted that Nikki had left before he could tell her what he wanted her to know.

Chloe encountered Mac later at Crimson Lights. Chloe repeatedly mentioned Chance while she encouraged Mac to pose for the special magazine spread. Mac tried unsuccessfully to defuse the awkward situation. Fed up, Mac bluntly admitted that she wasn't interested in Chance because she and Billy were a couple in love and had been for quite some time. Chloe looked stunned.

At the Genoa City Police Station , Rafe pored over the evidence against his client as he questioned Sharon. Sharon insisted that she had accidentally walked out of the jewelry store with a diamond ring. Sharon added that she had phoned Jack, but she doubted that he would show up. Jack arrived and asked for private time with Sharon. Sharon immediately excused her predicament as a mistake. Jack stated flatly that he no longer had the desire to take Sharon into his arms and make the world go away. Jack insisted that Sharon needed professional help.

Rafe returned with Detective Wallace and Chance. Jack recognized Chance as Nina's son, and shook the young man's hand. Sharon seemed shocked when Rafe mentioned that she might have to spend the night in jail. Jack left and phoned Nick to tell him about Sharon. After Nick arrived, Jack explained that Sharon's behavior was an emotional reaction to Nick and Phyllis' recommitment. Jack added that Sharon needed professional help.

When Nick entered the booking area, Sharon was upset that Jack had summoned her ex-husband. Sharon insisted that she had made a mistake and didn't mean to steal the jewelry. Noticing that Sharon was becoming increasingly upset, Nick told Sharon that he believed her. After Rafe examined the ring Sharon took from the jewelry store, he slipped it into an evidence bag. Nick asked to see the ring. After Nick examined the ring, he told Sharon that the ring was identical to the one he'd given to Phyllis when they'd renewed their vows.

After Billy left Ashley at the ranch, he spoke to Jack at the Genoa City Athletic Club and warned that Ashley was losing it. Back at the ranch, after Adam examined Victor's damaged car, he visited with Ashley in her bedroom. Adam told Ashley about the dented car and told her that he remembered her leaving the house the previous evening. Ashley recoiled when Adam said accusingly, "Ashley, I think you killed Sabrina."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mary Jane saw Paul at Jimmy's but was too afraid to say anything to him. She overheard Paul saying that he could use a friend. Nina went to Jimmy's to comfort Paul.

Mary Jane went to the confessional and said that she had done some unforgivable things. She said that she hadn't been kind to animals and had slept with a married man. Mary Jane said that she had also cut herself off from her family. She said that she had seen her brother and he was hurting. She knew she should help him, but she didn't.

The priest told Mary Jane she should talk to someone who could help her. Mary Jane said that she didn't need a shrink. She said she wasn't a bad person, but life had thrown her unexpected curves. Mary Jane said that was behind her. She said that her mother said confessions would wash her sins away. She said that she had a brother who was a priest in Detroit. She had always wished she was more like him. The priest was her brother from Detroit. When he realized it was Patty, she had already disappeared.

Paul's brother told Paul that there was something he needed to know. He said that Patty was in Genoa City and she was in real trouble.

Billy told Jack that Ashley was in trouble. Billy said that he felt she needed to be committed. Jack thought Billy was jumping to conclusions. Billy said that Ashley had confided in him that she blamed herself for Zapato's death. She also had a dream that she had hit Sabrina with her car. Billy said they needed to help her.

Jack wondered if Billy was trying to stick it to Victor. Billy said that his worry about Ashley was sincere.

Adam tried to suggest to Ashley that Sabrina might not be dead, after all. Ashley wanted to tell Victor, but Adam tried to stall her. Ashley hugged Adam and thanked him for comforting her. Victor walked in and asked if everything was okay. Ashley said she had a bad dream.

Victor told Ashley that he wanted to fix things with her. He said he hadn't realized how bad things were until he had spoken to Nikki. Victor said that Nikki had called off the wedding. Victor said it had made him realize how lucky he was to have Ashley. He suggested that Ashley get away for awhile. Ashley said no.

Abby, Noah, and Eden stopped by the Newman ranch to pay their respects to Zappa to. Noah asked Victor if they could hold a memorial service for him. Victor agreed and they went outside where Zapato was buried. Noah said that Zapato had wagged his tail until the end. He said that he hoped Zapato was wagging his tail wherever he was. Ashley started crying and said she never meant to hurt Zapato. Victor said that Ashley was not at fault.

Victor said that Zapato had saved his life more than once, and he wished he could have saved the dog's . Just as Victor was walking away, he received a call from the vet. The vet told him that the poison Zapato had died from was not the same poison the gardeners had used to spray for ticks. Victor looked at Zapato's grave and said that the woman who had done that to Zapato would not go unpunished. He saw something shiny on the ground and realized that it was Nikki's necklace.

Victor returned to the ranch and told Ashley he had found Nikki's necklace. He said that he would hold onto it until she returned. Ashley apologized for being so angry with Victor. Victor asked what Ashley had been so upset about. The doorbell interrupted them. It was Jack and Billy.

Victor wondered why Jack and Billy were there. Ashley asked that Victor let them in. Billy said they were there to take Ashley. Victor said he was calling security. Jack said that Ashley was not safe at the ranch. Victor said that Ashley was leaving over his dead body. Jack said they were leaving, but one way or the other, Ashley was going with them.

Chloe was furious when she found out that Mac was seeing Billy. Chloe told Mac she was a home wrecker. Mac said that she had nothing to do with the crash of Chloe's marriage. Chloe said that if Billy and Mac's relationship went public, it would cost Billy his career. Mac said she knew it was bad that she was sleeping with Billy when he was still married, but she knew that Billy was miserable with Chloe . Mac said that she and Billy belonged together. Mac told Chloe to stop being such a control freak. Chloe said she hoped Mac and Billy would be miserable for the rest of their days.

Chance chased after Chloe to comfort her. Chloe cried in his arms and said that her hope was gone. Nina returned home and was disappointed to find Chloe in her son's embrace.

Mac was nervous to tell Billy that she spilled the beans to Chloe about their relationship. She was relieved to hear that Billy wasn't upset. Billy said that he was happy that he could kiss her in public.

Gloria and Jeffrey were upset that Victor had not paid them for making an incriminating video of Colleen. They talked about showing Ashley the picture of Victor with Mary Jane. Gloria told Jeffrey that he needed to think about a way for Victor to make good on his promise to them.

Jack tried to find out what his rights were regarding Ashley. Since Victor was Ashley's husband, there was not a lot they could do. Jack was also worried that Mary Jane would go after Ashley. Jack told Billy that it was Mary Jane who was responsible for killing Zapato. Jeffery overheard and was fascinated with the news.

Gloria saw someone stealing muffins at the coffeehouse and demanded to know what she was doing. When Gloria realized it was Mary Jane, she pretended to feel sorry for her.

Adam ripped up Sabrina's dress and placed a fake head in it. He said that Ashley was making things too easy for him. Adam cut himself and wiped his blood on Sabrina's dress. Adam took the piece of clothing downstairs and showed it to Ashley. He said they needed to keep things quiet, and he would protect her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Bardwells were working at Crimson Lights, giving the Fishers a much-needed day off. Gloria was making a sandwich behind the counter when Jeffrey approached her. Gloria told him that the sandwich was for Mary Jane Benson -- who was on the patio, looking terrible. Jeffrey said that he hadn't even seen Mary Jane, but that she probably looked like a million dollars -- of Victor's reward money.

On the patio, Gloria served Mary Jane the sandwich. Jeffrey followed Gloria with some coffee. Jeffrey, exhibiting his enormous lack of tact, asked Mary Jane how she had wound up "in these circumstances." Mary Jane began to grow suspicious and said that Jeffrey looked familiar. He said that he must have "one of those faces," and then quickly turned the topic back to Mary Jane. Mary Jane lied and said that she had run away from an abusive husband with her beloved kitty, which had been killed by a "horrible dog."

Jeffrey invited Mary Jane to stay with him and Gloria at Phyllis' penthouse. Jeffrey laid it on thick, saying that Mary Jane could go to their apartment, grab a shower, dry off using a big, fluffy towel, and then kick back and watch some television. Mary Jane asked why he would invite a stranger to stay with them. Gloria said that she and Jeffrey had once been down on their luck, and they had made a vow to help others who had fallen on hard times. She told Mary Jane to think about Jeffrey's offer, then the Bardwells went back into the coffeehouse. When Jeffrey returned to the patio, Mary Jane was gone.

Gloria, on the verge of hysteria, told Jeffrey that they needed to find Mary Jane. Jeffrey told all the coffeehouse patrons that Crimson Lights was closing, and that they all needed to leave.

Later, Gloria found Jeffrey having a beer at Jimmy's. She asked him why he was at a bar, when he should be looking for Mary Jane. Jeffrey said that it was hot outside, and that he thought that Mary Jane might stop into Jimmy's. Gloria said that Mary Jane obviously wasn't there, and, with a million dollars on the loose, Gloria wasn't going to spend her old age pilfering doughnuts from Kevin. She ordered Jeffrey out of the bar.

Back at Crimson Lights, Jeffrey reminded Gloria that Mary Jane was still out there -- and that most people were looking for the "sharp" Mary Jane. He said that only he and Gloria knew that she wasn't looking so "sharp" anymore. Jeffrey said that soon they would be back in the money, where they belonged. Looking around the coffeehouse, Gloria said that it couldn't be soon enough for her.

Billy showed up at the Chancellor mansion to talk with Chloe. Chloe told him that she already knew about his affair with Mac. Billy said that he still wanted to see Delia as often as possible. Chloe asked Billy if he meant after the divorce. Billy didn't respond, but Chloe said, "There. I said it. Aren't you proud?"

Billy reminded Chloe that they weren't really Romeo and Juliet, but that something beautiful, Delia, had come out of their relationship. He said that Delia was his priority, but Chloe thought that would change once Billy and Mac had kids of their own. Chloe said she didn't want Delia growing up as a "leftover."

Chloe said that once Billy and Mac had kids, Billy would look at Delia and be reminded of Chloe. Billy disagreed, saying that Delia would feel his love. Chloe wanted Delia to have a great family life, unlike the life that Chloe had while growing up, and told Billy that she wanted him to have full custody of Delia.

Billy didn't believe that Chloe really wanted that. She said that it would be best for Delia. Billy suggested that he and Chloe share custody of their daughter. When Billy brought up a divorce settlement, she said that she didn't want his money, and added that once Mac had returned to town, Chloe and Billy didn't stand a chance. Billy left the house without saying anything more.

At Jimmy's, Mac gave Cane and Phillip free sodas -- she said that if it weren't for them showing up in Genoa City, she wouldn't own Jimmy's. She asked them if they were going back to Australia. Phillip said that his going back depended on Chance, and then pointedly added that Cane could never go back. Mac left to wait on a customer. Cane was angry with Phillip for telling Mac that Cane couldn't return to Australia. When Phillip asked Cane what his plans were, Cane said that he wanted to stay in Genoa City to support Lily during her struggle with cancer, but he wasn't sure if Neil would let him anywhere near Lily.

When Mac returned, she reiterated her question about why Cane wasn't returning to Australia. Cane tersely said that there were too many bad memories there -- and that he wanted to leave it at that. Mac saw Mary Jane enter and she walked away from the bar. Phillip told Cane that he knew that the situation with Lily was tough, but that Cane would do the right thing. Across the room, Mary Jane told Mac that someone was following her and that she needed help. Mac took Mary Jane back to her hiding place in the back of the bar.

At the Athletic Club, Nina was treating Chance to a celebration dinner for having landed his detective job. She jokingly gave him his "first case" -- a young man who wouldn't admit that he had a crush on a married woman. Realizing that Nina was referring to him, Chance said that there wasn't anything going on between him and Chloe, although he wished that there were.

Nina said that she understood why Chance might be attracted to Chloe, but warned him that he didn't know her full history. Nina told her son that Chloe had returned to Genoa City and hadn't even revealed her presence to her mother, Esther. Nina then related the story of how Chloe had tricked Cane into marrying her when she was pregnant, even though she knew that Billy Abbott was the father of her baby. Chance defended Chloe, saying that she was her own woman. Nina was taken aback when Chance said that Chloe reminded him of his mother.

Nina continued to warn Chance that Chloe was nothing but trouble. Chance told his mother to lighten up -- that he and Chloe were just friends. Nina said that Chloe might try to trap yet another Chancellor man. Phillip walked over to the table, overheard Nina, and remarked, "Laying a trap for a Chancellor man? Talk about a blast from the past."

Chance wondered if Nina had trapped Phillip into marrying her. Phillip said that, when he and Nina had just gotten married, people thought that Nina only loved him for his money, and for the Chancellor name. Phillip said that he hadn't realized until he "returned from the dead" that Nina had loved him for who he was. Phillip wanted to know why Nina wouldn't give Chloe the benefit of the doubt. Nina said that she was an excellent judge of character, but that she would give her blessing to a relationship between Chance and Chloe, if it lasted 20 years. Chance said that he would hold her to that.

When Chance left, Nina thanked Phillip for the kind things that he had said about her. Phillip said that he was thinking about leaving Genoa City, as he didn't feel as if he was making any progress with Chance. Nina told Phillip that he was wrong, and encouraged him to remain in town and work on his relationship with his son. Phillip said that he would stay.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Chance found Chloe crying on the sofa. She admitted that she was sobbing because Billy had asked her for a divorce. Chance said that he wanted to take Chloe out on a date -- but that he realized that it wasn't the perfect time to ask her out. Chloe said that, on the contrary, she would love to go on a date with him.

At Neil's, Neil was not happy to learn that Lily was hoping to see Cane that night. Neil feared that Lily and Cane were getting closer. Neil also reminded Lily that they had promised to join Devon and Roxanne over at Devon's to play board games. Lily said that she wanted to stay home and see if Cane showed up. Neil said that Cane would end up breaking Lily's heart again, and that he couldn't let Cane see her.

Lily reminded Neil that just three months before, she was on her honeymoon and had an amazing husband who had just purchased a business -- but all of that was gone. Lily said that as she faced her precarious future, she wanted Cane around, because he made her feel less vulnerable and less alone. She told Neil that she knew that her father was looking out for her, and she loved him for that, but that if she wanted to see Cane, she would.

While Lily was out of the living room, Cane knocked on the door and Neil let him in. Neil told Cane that it was a visit, and not his first step back into the family's good graces. Cane said that he wasn't there to take advantage of Lily. Lily listened in as Cane said that he would rather return to Australia than stress Lily out.

After Neil left, Lily apologized to Cane for her father being so hard on him. Cane said that he didn't fault Neil for being overprotective. Lily said that she overheard Cane say something about Australia, and she wondered if he was returning there. Cane told a relieved Lily that he was never returning to Australia. Lily told Cane that she needed him -- that she couldn't go through the chemotherapy without him. Cane said that he would be there any time that she called.

Billy showed up at Jimmy's, dying to tell Mac the news that he and Chloe were getting a divorce. Mac was too busy with customers to talk with Billy, and Billy jokingly suggested that she hire some extra help. Cane walked into the bar and Mac said to Billy, "Your wish is granted -- Cane is here for his shift." Infuriated that Mac had hired Cane to tend bar, Billy snidely wished Mac and Cane a pleasant evening just before he marched out.

At Devon's, Roxanne told Devon that she would supply some board games for their game night. Tyra arrived as Roxanne exited. Devon told Tyra that Lily and Neil were visiting that evening. An irritated Tyra told Devon that it was her apartment, too -- and that Devon should have asked her before inviting people over. Devon sarcastically said that he thought that Tyra would be happy that her "boyfriend" was coming over. When Tyra didn't respond, Devon asked her if her romance with Neil had hit a snag.

Devon and Tyra argued. Devon reminded Tyra that she had destroyed Neil's relationship with Karen. Tyra said that she wasn't a villain. Devon said that Neil had too much on his plate to deal with Tyra's garbage. He told Tyra that she should leave Genoa City.

Tyra said that there was no chance of her leaving town until Ana returned from music camp. Devon asked Tyra how many times she was planning to uproot Ana, and added that Karen would have made a better mother for Ana than Tyra had. Devon said that Karen always put Ana first, while Tyra was moaning about the sorry state of her relationship with Neil, who was trying to care for Lily. When Devon said that no man would want to be with someone as selfish and insecure as Tyra, she began to cry. Devon realized that he had gone too far, and apologized to Tyra. He put his arm around her. Tyra looked at him and they began kissing passionately.

Neil and Roxanne ran into each other on Devon's porch. Neil told Roxanne that Lily wasn't going to be able to make it over. Just as they were about to go in, Neil received an emergency call from the office, and told Roxanne that he had to leave. He asked her to give his apologies to Devon. After Neil walked off, Roxanne entered the apartment, and saw Tyra and Devon on the couch, half-naked and making out. Shocked, Roxanne left the apartment without Tyra or Devon seeing her.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

At the Athletic Club, Sharon, having been released on bail, breakfasted with Jack. Jack was surprised at how upbeat Sharon was after having spent the night in jail. Sharon said that she had to be strong for her baby, and she didn't care if people stared at her. She reminded Jack that he was the one who told her to always hold her head high. Jack remembered that he had given that advice to Sharon on their anniversary.

Sharon apologized to Jack for not being a good wife. Jack admitted to not being the world's greatest husband, but said that he wanted to make it up to her by supporting her. Sharon was convinced that the D.A.'s office would drop the grand larceny charges against her. Jack wasn't so sure.

Jack reminded Sharon that the only reason that Victor hadn't pressed charges against her was because she was family. Sharon said that when she stole previously, it was because she was having blackouts and was out of her mind. She said that wasn't the case when she left the jewelry shop wearing an expensive ring. Sharon asked Jack to speak to the jeweler on her behalf.

At Crimson Lights, Paul gave J.T. the most recent photo he had of his sister Patty. Paul explained that his brother Todd suspected that Patty was in Genoa City, and was in trouble. Paul went on to say that Patty was a sensitive soul and was always taken advantage of by "bad guys," who chewed her up and spit her out. Paul asked J.T. to try to locate Patty.

On the Crimson Lights patio, a hostile Heather told Sharon's attorney, Rafe, that Sharon was guilty as sin, and that she wasn't getting away with it this time. When Heather told Rafe that Sharon was a repeat offender, Rafe reminded Heather that any previous charges had been dropped. Rafe told Heather that he felt like she was taking the case personally, and asked her not to take out her anger at him on Sharon.

Heather told Rafe that he had acted immorally by sleeping with Adam. Rafe said that he didn't go after Adam, but Heather didn't want to hear Rafe's side of the story. Rafe told Heather that if she couldn't handle the case responsibly and professionally, then he would deal directly with the district attorney. Heather yelled at Rafe for having sexual relations with a client. Paul interrupted their argument, and Rafe left. Heather hugged Paul and told him how much she had loved Adam.

Rafe showed up at the Athletic Club to speak with Sharon and Jack. He told them that the D..A's office had made an offer. Sharon wouldn't have to stand trial or serve any jail time if she voluntarily committed herself to a psychiatric facility for 30 days. Jack and Sharon were dumbstruck. Jack thought the offer was absurd. Rafe suggested that Sharon take the offer, which would expire at 2:00 p.m. that day.

Sharon asked what would happen to her baby if she stood trial and was found guilty. Rafe said that her baby would need to be in its father's care. Sharon asked if it was possible that the psychiatric facility could hold her for more than 30 days. Rafe said it was possible, but that he doubted it would happen. Rafe again urged Sharon to take the offer, reminding her that she faced a possible ten years in prison if convicted of grand larceny. He produced an enlarged photo of the ring that Sharon was accused of stealing. When Jack saw the picture, he remembered that it was the same style of ring that Nick had given to Phyllis when the Newmans had renewed their wedding vows.

Before Rafe left, he implored Sharon to take the deal and avoid trial. He told her to call when she had made her decision, and reminded her to make that decision quickly. After Rafe was gone, Jack told Sharon that he agreed with the lawyer, and that Sharon shouldn't risk ten years in prison. Jack mentioned that the ring that Sharon was accused of stealing was identical to the ring that Nick had given to Phyllis, and he wondered if that was what had set Sharon off. Sharon denied that, and said it was just "the moment." Jack said that keeping her baby's paternity a secret was eating away at her, and perhaps 30 days in a psychiatric facility was a break that she could use.

Jack told Sharon that if she decided to go to trial, and it didn't go as she hoped, he would look after the baby until Sharon was released from prison. Jack reminded her that plan entailed Nick's baby being raised in Jack's home -- without Sharon. Before leaving, Jack said that he could live with that, but he wondered if Sharon could.

At the tack house, Phyllis looked through the new issue of Restless Style, which featured photos of Summer. She asked Nick about Sharon's situation. Nick said that he was certain that Sharon was out on bail, which Jack had posted. He added that Sharon was Jack's problem and not his, and that Phyllis and Summer were his number one priority. Nick said that Sharon always managed to land on her feet.

Summer went downstairs and recognized Abby on the cover of Restless Style. Nick and Phyllis were thrilled. When Summer saw a picture of herself in the magazine, she said, "Baby." Nick and Phyllis unsuccessfully tried to get their little girl to recognize that it was a picture of her. Phyllis hugged Summer, and wondered how Sharon could possibly risk giving birth in prison.

With Summer upstairs undergoing therapy, Phyllis told Nick that she hoped that Sharon's baby was helping Sharon get through her ordeal. Nick said that Jack was helping Sharon, and that maybe Sharon and Jack would end up reconciling. Nick then told Phyllis that the ring that Sharon was accused of stealing was identical to the ring that Nick had given to Phyllis. Phyllis then remembered that she had shown Sharon the ring, and told her the name of the jewelry store where Nick had purchased it. Phyllis said that it was obvious that Sharon's feelings for Nick hadn't abated, and she wondered if they were ever going to.

Nick reminded Phyllis that her ring was a symbol of his and Phyllis' love, and that she had no reason to be anxious or jealous of Sharon. He said that Sharon would get help and that Jack would be there for her, since Jack was the father of Sharon's child. Nick's cell phone rang. It was Sharon, calling from the Athletic Club. She told Nick that she needed to see him immediately -- there was something that she needed to tell him.

At the Newman ranch, Abby was admiring her picture on the cover of Restless Style. Victor said that it was a good picture, but Ashley was clearly skittish and distracted. Adam entered the room, and Abby said that she wished that he could see the picture. Victor's cell phone rang. It was Mary Jane, who said, "Don't you recognize my voice? It's your partner in crime."

Mary Jane was in the deserted Jimmy's, and Victor went to the porch so that he could take the call in private. Victor asked Mary Jane where she was, and she said that she was someplace safe. Victor said that he was sorry about the way things had gone for her in Genoa City. He said that she was his responsibility, and he asked how he could make it up to her.

Mary Jane said that she was in financial trouble. Victor said that he wanted to meet with her. She said that she wanted one million dollars. Victor chuckled, and asked Mary Jane if she was blackmailing him. Mary Jane reminded Victor that one million dollars was the reward he had offered for her capture. Victor, no longer playing the nice guy, told Mary Jane that she was going to pay for every mistake that she had made since she arrived in Genoa City.

Mary Jane told Victor that his threats were meaningless, since she could "rat him out." Victor warned her to run like hell and not to look back. She told Victor that she had a contact in his house -- that was how close she had gotten to him, and, if necessary, could get to him again. J.T. entered the empty Jimmy's to begin installation of the security system. Mary Jane hung up the phone, remembered her unpleasant encounter with J.T. at the Newman ranch, and hid behind the bar.

In his bedroom, Adam, disappointed that he wasn't able to overhear Victor's phone call, settled for spying on Abby and Ashley in the living room. Ashley asked Abby to straighten a wall hanging. Abby discovered a spy camera taped to the wall hanging. Adam looked terrified. Victor entered the living room. Abby and Ashley told him about the hidden camera. Ashley said that someone had been watching their every move. Victor thought that it might be a case of corporate espionage, and promised to find out who was behind it. Adam showed up in the living room and asked what was going on.

Adam feigned surprise when they told him that a spy camera had been found. Ashley immediately blamed Estella, but Victor reminded her that Estella hadn't been in the house for weeks. Victor suggested that they move to the Athletic Club while he had the house swept for bugs. Ashley didn't want to leave Adam at the ranch by himself. Neither did she want the police called. She feared that Rafe, Estella's nephew, might have friends on the police force. Ashley said that the only person she trusted in the house was J.T. Victor agreed that the presence of the cameras should remain in the family.

Ashley called J.T., who was still at Jimmy's. He said that he would go to the ranch as soon as possible. When J.T. left the bar's main room to replace a ladder, Mary Jane, still crouched behind the counter, quickly scribbled a note and put it in J.T.'s jacket pocket. She then left the bar. Back at the ranch, Adam was concerned when Victor told Ashley that if there were any more cameras, J.T. would find them.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Heather apologized to Paul for crying about Adam. Paul said that she was merely having a human response to an ugly situation. Heather wondered how she could be so good at her career, yet so bad at choosing a boyfriend. Paul said it was because she had loved Adam, and that it hurt like hell to lose someone who you loved.

Heather said that, in the best situation, Adam was using her to deny his sexual orientation, and in the worst, he was using her for her position in the district attorney's office. Heather told Paul that she had "looked the other way" several times when Adam had committed illegal acts. She was also upset that she had to deal with Rafe -- the man who slept with her boyfriend.

Heather wanted to change the subject, and asked Paul if he had heard from Nikki. In the background, Mary Jane entered the coffeehouse and was able to overhear Paul and Heather speaking. Paul said that he was staying busy trying to locate Mary Jane Benson. He told Heather that Todd suspected that his sister, Patty, was back in Genoa City. Heather was excited, and said that she couldn't wait to get to know her Aunt Patty. Inside, Mary Jane began crying as Paul said that he would do everything he could to make that happen.

Back at the Newman ranch, J.T. discovered another hidden camera in Victor and Ashley's bedroom. Ashley asked J.T. if he could trace the signal, but J.T. said that anyone with Internet access would have been able to look at the cameras' transmissions. Ashley ran out of the room, followed by Abby. J.T. told Victor that he didn't think it was a case of corporate espionage, and asked him if he knew who was spying on the Newman family.

In his room, Adam hurriedly planted a camera behind his bookcase in order to divert suspicion from himself. Victor and J.T. entered and told Adam that they had found cameras and microphones all over the place, and that they needed to search his room. Adam asked why anyone would want to spy on him -- after all, he didn't know any corporate secrets. Adam wondered if Victor and J.T. thought that Adam had anything to do with the spy equipment. J.T. found the camera that Adam had hidden behind his bookcase. Adam acted surprised that his room was bugged. He wondered if Estella had a friend on staff.

After Victor and J.T. left his room, Adam congratulated himself on how clever he was. Rafe entered, and told Adam that he had been summoned by Victor, who had interrogated him about his Aunt Estella. Adam told Rafe that it wasn't a good time to talk, as things were crazy around the house. Rafe insisted on speaking. He told Adam that he knew that Heather had been apprised about Adam and Rafe's relationship. Assuming that Adam had told Heather, Rafe said that Adam had taken a good first step towards coming out of the closet, and that he knew how hard it probably had been. Rafe offered Adam his help.

In the living room, J.T. showed Ashley and Victor a box filled with the surveillance equipment that he had found hidden in the house. J.T. suggested that a crew do a more expansive sweep of the house. Ashley was still sure that Estella was behind the spying. As Victor walked J.T. out, he asked J.T. to look for a possible connection between Estella and Mary Jane Benson. J.T. didn't understand why Victor thought that Mary Jane would target the Newman family.

Victor urged J.T. to find Mary Jane, then walked away to calm Ashley down. At the front door, J.T. found the note that Mary Jane had left in his pocket, "You want to know about Mary Jane? Ask Victor Newman. He knows everything." J.T. stared suspiciously at Victor, as Victor tried to assure Ashley that everything was going to be okay.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Phyllis welcomed Sharon into her home. Sharon said hello to Summer before Phyllis took Summer upstairs so Nick and Sharon could speak privately. Nick asked Sharon why she wanted to see him. Sharon told Nick she had made a decision and she hoped he would support her. Sharon explained that she was going to be checking into a psychiatric facility for 30 days of treatment. It was a deal that Sharon had accepted from the D.A. to avoid a trial.

Nick wasn't sure he wanted Sharon to accept the deal, and he offered to get Sharon another lawyer. Sharon declined his offer, because she was determined to follow through with her decision.

A short time later, there was a knock on the door and Sharon said it was Noah. Sharon had asked Noah to go to Nick's so that Nick could help Sharon explain her decision to Noah. Nick let Noah in and Sharon proceeded to tell Noah about the deal with the D.A. Noah asked if she was attending a "klepto-anonymous" group.

When Noah heard Sharon would be in a 30-day inpatient treatment facility, Noah wasn't thrilled. Noah said that it sounded like Sharon would be going to the nut house. Sharon assured him that it was not a nut house and that Noah could go visit her there. Noah disliked the way his parents were painting the new development as a nice solution to Sharon's problems.

Noah asked Nick and Sharon to be straight with him. Noah said he wanted to help Sharon. Sharon didn't want him to bear the burdens of her problems. Noah hugged Sharon and said he wanted to be a normal kid who loved his mother.

After Noah left, Nick asked Sharon to call him if she had any problems at the facility. Sharon assured him she would be all right. Sharon told Nick to concentrate on Phyllis and Summer. Sharon walked out and Nick closed the door behind her.

Nick explained to Phyllis that Sharon was going to be in a 30-day, inpatient facility to deal with her problems. Phyllis thought that Sharon had made a brave choice. Phyllis believed that Sharon was thinking of her baby, and said that was a good thing.

In his room at the ranch, Adam assured Rafe that he was straight and didn't need Rafe's help to come out of the closet. Adam blamed Nikki for telling Heather about his "experimenting" with Rafe and for misunderstanding their relationship. Rafe said that Nikki wasn't wrong in telling Heather. Adam declared that he was not gay. Rafe believed that Adam was playing games with him.

Adam told Rafe his actions had nothing to do with Rafe. Rafe wondered why Adam had used him. Before Adam could answer, Victor knocked on the door. Victor wanted to see Rafe. Victor told Rafe that he would drop the charges against Estella if she agreed to reveal that she had been working with another woman on the ranch, one who had been revealed to be involved. Rafe defended his aunt's innocence. Victor told Rafe they had found hidden spy cameras around the ranch and somebody on the inside had to have been involved, someone like Estella. Victor screamed at Rafe that he had better get Estella to cooperate with Victor, or else Victor would make Estella suffer.

Later on, Rafe met with Estella at Crimson Lights. Estella couldn't believe that there had been cameras planted around the house. Estella knew nothing about them and had no idea who might have installed them. Rafe thought about Adam's strange behavior over the previous few months, then he asked Estella if Adam had ever acted strangely in front of her. Estella was certain that Adam was completely innocent, because he was Victor's son. Estella also believed that Adam was virtually blind and would not be able to do such things. Rafe wasn't as certain as his aunt in believing Adam was not guilty.

Adam joined Victor in the living room and said that Rafe would not be returning. Adam said he had broken up with Rafe and Heather. Victor was sorry that Adam had lost both of his friends. Adam said he was used to being lonely. Adam thought it was a good thing that Ashley had agreed to leave the ranch for a while. Adam wished he could do something to help Victor find Mary Jane. Adam believed that Mary Jane must have had some reasons to justify her actions. Speaking of his own sins, Adam apologized for forging the diary that got Victor arrested for murder. Adam said he regretted what he had done to Victor. Victor had no response.

Neil arrived at home to find Lily looking through the family photo album. Lily asked Neil if he would have done things differently with Dru if he had known she would die so young. Neil assured Lily that she was not going to die. Lily said she wanted to cherish the time she had left, and that meant forgiving Cane. Neil said that Lily could not trust Cane. Neil wanted Lily to use all her energy to concentrate on healing. Lily said she didn't want to wait for some time in the future to forgive Cane.

Tyra went downstairs and was surprised to see Devon. Tyra had hoped he'd gone out, but Devon wanted to talk about their encounter. Tyra suggested they should act like it had never happened. Without warning, Roxy showed up and told Tyra and Devon that she had used her key and let herself in the night before. Roxy had seen Tyra and Devon making love. Tyra apologized to Roxy. Devon told Roxy he and Tyra had only been together once. Roxy refused to accept Devon's apology.

Devon told Roxy that his encounter with Tyra was simply sex. Roxy was disgusted with his explanation and said she didn't want to have anything to do with him again. Roxy wondered if his having sex with Tyra was a way for Devon to lash out at Neil. Roxy walked out, leaving Devon alone with Tyra.

Tyra told Devon she was moving out, even though she had no idea where she would go. Tyra hoped that Roxy would forgive her. Tyra also worried that Neil would never forgive her if he knew Devon and Tyra had had sex. Devon said that Neil had to know the truth. Tyra disagreed. Tyra reminded Devon that the family had to band together for Lily, and it would be the wrong time for Devon to tell Neil about their indiscretion. Devon agreed to remain silent.

Neil arrived at Devon's a short time later. Neil asked why Devon wanted to see him. Devon apologized to Neil for being so judgmental of Neil's relationship with Tyra. Neil said they had already settled the issue. Neil believed that Devon was a man of integrity. When Devon couldn't look Neil in the eye, Neil asked if Devon had done something wrong. Neil then realized that Devon had been unfaithful to Roxy. Devon said it was true. Devon confessed to Neil that he had cheated on Roxy with Tyra.

Devon apologized to Neil. Neil asked when it had happened, and when Devon explained the circumstances, Neil realized that Roxy probably had seen them making love. Devon told Neil that Roxy had broken up with him. Lily called Neil on the cell phone and asked Neil to return home and bring Devon. Neil said he and Devon would be there in a bit. Neil warned Devon not to tell Lily about Tyra.

At Jimmy's, Cane told Mac he would quit if his working there was a problem for Billy. Mac refused the offer and told Cane there was a woman staying in the back room who Mac wanted Cane to meet.

Mary Jane found Mac's purse and took her wallet. Mac walked into the room with shopping bags filled with stuff to help Mary Jane clean up and change her clothes. Mary Jane asked whom Mac had been speaking to, and Mac told Mary Jane about Cane. Mac offered to introduce Cane to Mary Jane. Mary Jane asked to clean up first. When Mac walked out, Mary Jane retrieved a package from under her pillow and said it was time.

At the ranch, Victor thanked J.T. for helping with the security sweep. J.T. showed Victor the note he had found in his pocket suggesting that Victor knew more about Mary Jane Benson than he was letting on. Victor had no idea what the note meant. Victor believed Mary Jane had somehow put the note in J.T.'s pocket. J.T. guessed that Mary Jane had to have a motive to hurt the people she hurt. J.T. thought Mary Jane's motive was to get back at Victor because all her victims had been connected to Victor in some way.

Victor blasted J.T. for wasting time on motives. Victor wanted J.T. to get out of the house and find Mary Jane. Victor was determined to put Mary Jane behind bars. After J.T. left the ranch, Victor called a security guard to follow J.T. and report back to Victor.

J.T. went to Jimmy's. J.T. said hello to Cane, and then sat at a table with Colleen. J.T. told Colleen that he was certain that Victor was hiding something. From another table, a man watched J.T. and listened in on his conversation with Colleen. J.T. showed Colleen the photo of Mary Jane and asked if she had seen her. Colleen said no.

In the back room, Mac was happy to see that the clothes fit Mary Jane. Mac was surprised to see Mary Jane's hair up in a towel. Mac asked Mary Jane to go out and meet Cane. Mary Jane said she would be out in just a few minutes.

Lily called Cane and asked him to visit her. Before leaving Jimmy's, Cane listened as J.T. told Mac and Colleen that nobody in the place had seen Mary Jane. Mac looked at the photo and realized that Mary Jane was the homeless woman in the back room.

Mac led J.T. to the back room, but Mary Jane was gone. J.T. found a purse. It was Mac's, but all her money and IDs were gone. J.T. said that Mac was fortunate that Mary Jane had not hurt her. Mac said that she had believed Mary Jane was a woman in need. Mac had no idea Mary Jane was a wanted woman.

Across town, Mary Jane sat at the counter in Crimson Lights, sipping a coffee. She was all cleaned up and looked completely different with her hair dyed blonde.

In the hallway to Neil's apartment, Neil and Devon saw Cane outside the door. Neil told Cane to leave, but Cane explained that Lily had asked him to visit. Neil warned Cane to keep their differences quiet so that Lily would not become upset. Cane agreed.

Neil opened the door and was surprised to see Lily dressed. Her suitcase was packed and she was holding Humphrey in her arms. Neil asked what she was doing, and Lily announced to Neil and Devon that she was moving back to her home with Cane. Cane smiled happily.

Sharon arrived at the psychiatric hospital, accompanied by Rafe. Sharon removed her jewelry before a nurse showed her to her room . Sharon looked around at what would be her home for the next 30 days.

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