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Jack petitioned the court to have Ashley institutionalized. Victoria cheated on J.T. with Deacon. Deacon promised to get the charges against Daniel dropped if Amber married Deacon. Amber agreed, and Ryder confessed to the murder. Lily started chemotherapy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 17, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Amber arrived at Lauren and Michael's condo to use Michael's office as a design studio. Amber was shocked to learn that the DA had decided not to drop the charges against Daniel, after all. Amber cried and realized the irony of having slept with Deacon in exchange for Daniel's freedom. Michael promised to defend Daniel. Amber cried that Deacon would punish Daniel until Deacon got her back. Amber plotted to schmooze Deacon in order to collect evidence that would prove Daniel's innocence.

Lauren and Michael warned Amber that she was playing with fire if she attempted to turn the tables on Deacon. Amber agreed, but she decided to book a room at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Lauren invited Amber to stay with them. Michael turned and stared at Lauren as if she had lost her mind. Michael attempted to change Lauren's mind about housing Amber, but Lauren persisted. Amber excused herself, so Michael and Lauren could work out their differences on the matter.

Before Amber left, Lauren warned her to stay away from Deacon. After Amber walked out the door, Lauren told Michael that Amber would complicate Daniel's case if she was allowed free reign with Deacon. Michael knew that he couldn't disagree with Lauren, and agreed to house Amber. When Eden arrived and heard about her new roommate, she embraced the opportunity to share living quarters with Amber. Lauren breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that keeping Amber close would prevent trouble with Deacon.

At Jimmy's Bar, J.T. told Victoria that Mary Jane Benson had been hiding out in a back room. J.T. explained that Mac had believed Mary Jane to be homeless. Victoria whipped out her cell phone to alert Victor. J.T. requested that Victoria not phone her father. Victoria was angered when J.T. expressed his belief that Victor had arranged for Mary Jane's arrival in Genoa City. Victoria remained unconvinced, even after J.T. added that he had found Mary Jane's note alluding to Victor's involvement. Victoria repeatedly defended her father, but J.T.'s persistence raised Victoria's ire. Victoria left in a huff.

Colleen approached J.T. after his fray with Victoria and noted that J.T. seemed like he could use a friend. As J.T. and Colleen sipped beer, J.T. complained that Victoria maintained that he could do nothing right, and Victor could do nothing wrong. Colleen mentioned that she had returned to the bar after discovering that her car had a flat tire. J.T. offered Colleen a ride home, and they left Jimmy's together. A man seated in a booth under the stairs followed J.T. and Colleen.

When J.T. and Colleen arrived at her house, Colleen asked J.T. to step inside briefly, so she could turn on the lights. J. T. complied. After J.T. and Colleen stepped inside, the man who had followed them from Jimmy's emerged from the bushes holding a camera. Inside, Colleen thanked J.T. for his support after Brad's death. Colleen insisted that she had sought her father's board seat to honor her father's memory. Colleen regretted that Victor had waged a sick game of revenge.

J.T. listened as Colleen poured out her heart. Colleen said that if she could turn time backward, she would revert to the years that she and J.T. were together. Colleen maintained that her life made sense with J.T., and he insisted that they could remain friends. Colleen admitted that she felt more than casual friendship, and she began kissing J.T. Through a window, the man from the bar aimed his camera and snapped photos of J.T. and Colleen embracing and kissing.

Victoria sat at the Genoa City Athletic Club's bar. Deacon noticed Victoria's distress and took a seat next to her. Victoria admitted that she had weathered another crisis on the home front. Deacon offered to cheer up Victoria and announced that he'd struck a deal on the Koons painting. Victoria's mood abruptly changed for the better. Deacon claimed that the paperwork on the painting was in his room awaiting Victoria's signature. Before Victoria accompanied Deacon to his room, she ordered the bartender to send up a bottle of champagne.

In Deacon's room, Victoria signed the paperwork and thanked Deacon for acquiring her favorite art piece. Victoria movingly expounded on the painting and described its depiction of a haunted, oppressed woman striving to be free. Victoria admitted that life had gotten her down lately. Deacon proposed that Victoria free herself by trying something new as he moved his face closer to hers. Victoria succumbed to Deacon's allure and began kissing him.

Outside Deacon's room, Amber opened a bottle of artificial tears and filled her eyes until droplets trickled down her cheeks. Victoria and Deacon kissed and groped each other on the sofa. A knock at the door sent Victoria running to the suite's bathroom to hide. Deacon opened the door to find Amber, sobbing pitifully as she threw her arms around Deacon. Amber claimed that she had nowhere to go because Daniel had kicked her out. Deacon seemed bewildered as he tried to peer back over his shoulder to determine Victoria's whereabouts. Amber clung to Deacon as if she would never let him go.

In Deacon's room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, he plotted with Ryder to frame Kevin. Ryder assured Deacon that he had already planted the seed that would have Kevin eating out of his hand by nightfall. Daniel, wearing a black cap, hid in the hallway and overheard Deacon and Ryder as they stood in the doorway talking about Kevin. After Ryder left Deacon's suite, Daniel covertly followed him.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel told Kevin that he was focused on fighting the charges against him and didn't have time for Amber. Later, when Jana returned, she was overjoyed to find that Kevin had transformed the coffeehouse into the ashram, complete with funky fake plants and psychedelic-themed décor. Kevin noted that his efforts were a surprise gift for his and Jana's anniversary. Kevin gave Jana a black wig as a Goth-inspired gift. Kevin acknowledged the tumultuous difficulties the couple had endured during their first year of marriage. Kevin faithfully promised that their ensuing years of marriage would be blissful.

Jana seemed alarmed when she learned that Kevin had promised a generous donation to the ashram from money he hoped to earn on royalties from his chipmunk-philosophy endeavors. Jana reminded Kevin that speaking engagements and book deals would stand in the way of him actually helping people as he had pledged. Kevin insisted that he and Jana deserved more than running their coffee shop could offer. Ryder showed up, and Kevin let him in.

Ryder offered to leave when he discovered that Kevin and Jana were celebrating their anniversary, but Kevin insisted that he was available to help. Daniel covertly watched the goings-on inside the coffeehouse through a window. Kevin sat across from Ryder at a table and invited him to vent his problems. Ryder insinuated that he had committed a grave offense. Daniel walked in before Ryder could elaborate. Kevin introduced Ryder. Daniel asked Ryder about his last name, but Ryder was mum.

Kevin took Daniel aside and said he was busy with a kid in trouble. Daniel suggested that Kevin spend his anniversary night with his wife. Before Daniel left, he approached Jana at the coffee bar and instructed her to meet him later at Jimmy's, without letting Kevin know where she was going. Back at their table, Kevin counseled Ryder and instructed him to gather all the dark things in his life and channel those feelings into something else. Ryder claimed that he couldn't possibly accomplish such an undertaking.

At the bar, Jana used a magnifying glass to examine photos of two reproduction Terroni paintings on her laptop screen. Noticing something amiss, Jana suddenly exclaimed, "Oh, my God!" Jana quickly closed her laptop and placed it into a carrying case. Jana rose from her stool and causally announced to Kevin that she had to go out for a while. After Jana left, Kevin promised Ryder that he could trust him to keep confidences. Kevin attempted to gain the young man's trust and owned up to a string of wrongdoings before Ryder abruptly admitted that he had killed a man.

When Jana met with Daniel at Jimmy's Bar, she tried to tell him about her shocking discovery. Daniel interrupted Jana and told her that he had seen Ryder with Deacon Sharpe. Daniel advised Jana to keep Kevin away from Ryder until he could gather more information about Ryder's involvement with Deacon. Jana told Daniel that she had determined that one of the Terroni paintings she had studied through photographs stored on her laptop proved to be authentic. Jana pointed to a particular shaded area and explained that Terroni used torn brushes to achieve subtle shading. Daniel concurred that he had never used the method when he created his reproduction. Jana told Daniel that the Terroni painting was valued at 15 million dollars.

At Neil's condo, Cane waited for Lily to pack her belongings. Neil and Devon pressured Lily to reconsider plans to move back to her former home with Cane. Lily insisted that she had seen her future in that house, and it gave her hope. Neil reminded Lily that Cane had already broken her heart twice. Cane promised not to hurt Lily again. Lily explained that she wanted to live, laugh, and feel as good as she could while she endured chemotherapy. Neil seemed taken aback when Lily suggested that he based his reaction on fear that Lily would die. Lily insisted that she would beat the cancer, and pleaded for her family's support.

As Lily prepared to leave with Cane, she quietly instructed Devon to see after their father. Neil advised Cane to look after his little girl. Cane promised he would. Before Lily walked out the door, she hugged her father and thanked him for letting her go. After Lily left, Devon thanked his father for not telling Lily about his one-night stand with Tyra.

Tyra knocked on Neil's door. When Neil answered, Tyra read the stunned expression on Neil's face and knew at once that Devon had told Neil about the affair. Neil asked to speak to Tyra alone. Tyra profusely apologized. Neil blamed himself and said that he had lied to Karen and ended their marriage for Tyra. Neil worried that he could lose Lily and cried that he had no control over the situation.

Tyra insisted to Neil that making love to Devon was a mistake, and she attempted a reconciliation. Neil declined and explained that his priority was helping Lily through chemotherapy. Tyra suggested she leave town and move in with her Aunt Virginia. While Tyra gathered her belongings in the bedroom, Neil flipped through a photo album and gazed reflectively at a photo of himself with Lily and Devon. Before Tyra left, she promised to let Ana return for visits. Tyra assured Neil that he would rebuild his family. After Tyra left, Neil seemed lonely and disheartened.

At Cane and Lily's house, Cane situated Lily comfortably on the sofa. Lily asked what had happened with Phillip. Cane said that he enjoyed tending bar and interacting with patrons because he had grown up without a family. Cane explained that his camaraderie with Phillip grew as he listened to Phillip talk about his family in Genoa City. Cane said that the idea for him to take Phillip's place began as a joke before Phillip pressed the plan into action. Cane told Lily that his life changed forever after he found her. Cane proclaimed Lily to be the love of his life. Lily thanked Cane for allowing her to see the man she married.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Amber banged on Deacon's door with feigned tears. When Deacon answered, Amber said that Daniel had kicked her out and she had nowhere to go. Deacon didn't want Amber knowing that Victoria was in his hotel room. He asked Amber to meet up with him later.

Victoria emerged from the bathroom. Deacon could tell she was having second thoughts. Deacon said there was no need to apologize; he knew the moment had passed. Deacon promised that no one would know what had happened between them.

Jana was sure that Deacon had the original Terroni painting. Daniel couldn't understand why he was being framed if Deacon already had the painting. Jana figured that Deacon had other reasons to frame Daniel. Daniel wondered how Ryder was connected to Deacon. He said that every path led to Deacon. Daniel knew where he needed to go to get answers. Jana told Daniel that going to Deacon was not a wise decision. She thought that since Victoria was working with Deacon, she might have information on him.

Daniel called Victoria and asked if they could meet to talk about Deacon. When Daniel showed Victoria the picture, he was surprised to find out that Victoria had already seen it. Victoria told Daniel that her dealings with Deacon had been nothing but professional. Daniel tried to tell Victoria that Deacon was framing him, but Victoria didn't seem to believe him. Daniel was frustrated and told Victoria to stay away from Deacon. Daniel said that Deacon couldn't be trusted.

Ryder told Kevin that he had killed someone. Kevin wondered why Ryder would tell him. Ryder felt that Kevin would understand where he was coming from. Ryder said that he couldn't get his father's words out of his head. Kevin said that Ryder needed to take his father on. Ryder was worried that Kevin would call the cops. Kevin said that Ryder could trust him.

Deacon and Ryder argued about how to handle Kevin. Deacon said that Ryder was leaving and Kevin was their only chance to move forward with the plan.

Jana told Kevin that Daniel had seen Ryder with Deacon. Kevin said that Ryder had confessed committing a murder to him. They wondered if Ryder had murdered Balfour. Jana went to call the police, but Kevin hung up the phone. Jana and Kevin began to argue. Kevin said that he knew Ryder had been through some serious abuse, and Kevin couldn't turn his back on him. Kevin called Ryder and said they needed to talk.

Chance and Chloe went out on their first date. Chloe said their relationship would be seen under a microscope. She knew they would be ridiculed by Chance's mother, her mother, even Billy and Mac. Chance said that none of those people were there with them.

Amber ran into Chloe and Chance having dinner at the Athletic Club. Chloe asked that Amber sit down with them. She told Chance that Amber's boyfriend was a talented artist. Amber shook her head. Chloe was shocked to hear that Amber and Daniel had broken up. Amber received a call and excused herself.

Chance told Chloe that he didn't see Amber with the artist type. He said that Amber seemed like the type of female who would go after the bad boy. Chloe said that everyone made mistakes. Chance excused himself when he saw two men acting mysteriously. He asked the men if there was a problem. The guard said that someone was disturbing the peace upstairs.

Amber went back to Deacon's hotel room. Deacon said that he had hidden the evidence he had so Amber couldn't find it. He said that he knew the real reason Amber was there was to be with him. Amber said if Deacon gave her the evidence he had, she could help him with what Deacon wanted. Amber and Deacon started kissing. Daniel started pounding on the door.

Deacon opened the door and Daniel saw Amber sitting in bed. Daniel said Deacon needed to turn over the Terroni painting. They began to argue, and Daniel punched Deacon. Chance walked in and put Daniel under arrest. When Chance took Daniel downstairs, he decided to let Daniel go.

Amber told Deacon that he needed to turn over all the evidence he had so Daniel could go free. Deacon said he would do it under one condition: Amber had to marry him.

Abby told Ashley that she still felt that someone was watching them. Victor said that J.T. had searched every nook and cranny of the ranch. Abby wondered if she should go to Colleen's for dinner like she'd planned. Victor said it would be nice if Abby had dinner with her parents. Ashley was angry with Victor, and said that she wanted Abby to spend time with her family. Ashley stormed off to bed.

Victor knocked on the door and begged for Ashley to talk to him. After constant knocking, he began to wonder why she wouldn't answer the door. He decided to kick the door down. Ashley was jilted out of bed. Victor said that he had thought she collapsed. He didn't understand why Ashley was pushing him away. Ashley apologized for the way she had been acting. She admitted to Victor that she was worried Victor would try to take her baby away from her. Victor said he would never do that to Ashley.

Things were hot and heavy between J.T. and Colleen. Suddenly J.T. pulled away and said that he had to stop. Colleen looked embarrassed. She told J.T. that it wasn't his fault. J.T. said that he didn't know who he would be if he wasn't Reed's father and Victoria's husband. Colleen said she would try to be more respectful.

Abby saw J.T. leave Colleen's house and wondered what he was doing there. Colleen told Abby that nothing had happened. Abby said she could see it in Colleen's eyes. Colleen told Abby to swear that she wouldn't say anything. She admitted that she and J.T. had kissed.

J.T. went to Jimmy's to talk to Victoria. He was glad she had called. Victoria said she hated arguing with J.T. She asked J.T. to go home with her. J.T. said they had not been in sync, but he wanted to work it out.

The man who took the picture of J.T. and Colleen kissing called Victor. Victor asked what the man had for him. The man said that Victor would not like it. Victor said he would see him the next day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In Deacon's suite at the club, Amber told Deacon that she wasn't going to marry him -- rather, she was going to the D.A.'s office to reveal that Deacon knew the identity of the third man in the alley -- the man who had killed Balfour. Deacon said that he would deny it, and that if Amber wanted to save Daniel's name, she would have to take Deacon's name. Amber said that she would find some other way to prove Daniel's innocence, and walked out of the room.

At the Baldwins', an irate Michael chewed out Daniel for having broken into Deacon's suite and stealing Deacon's flash drive. Daniel said that the flash drive contained an image of the real Terroni, thus proving that Deacon was behind the painting's theft. Michael told Daniel that it also might prove that Deacon was interested in finding the real Terroni. Michael ordered Daniel not to take matters into his own hands.

Daniel told Michael that he was concerned that every piece of evidence that surfaced seemed to implicate him further in Balfour's murder. He informed Michael that Kevin was becoming friendly with Ryder, who Daniel had seen leaving Deacon's suite. Lauren defended Michael, telling Daniel that her husband was up late every night working on Daniel's case.

Amber arrived at the Baldwins'. When Lauren asked her where her suitcase was, Daniel realized that Amber was going to be living there. Daniel was livid that "the girl who screwed my life up" was going to be staying with his lawyer. Lauren told Daniel that she had asked Amber to stay. Daniel informed Michael and Lauren that he had just seen Amber with Deacon. Michael, fit to be tied, wondered if it was too much for one of his clients to do as he asked. When Michael stormed out of the room, Lauren told Daniel and Amber that they were stressing Michael out so much that he was going to develop an ulcer.

Amber said that perhaps it wasn't a good idea for her to be staying with the Baldwins. Lauren insisted that Amber stay, although she felt that Amber should be going home with Daniel. Lauren told Daniel that everything Amber had done had been to help him. After Amber left to get her suitcase, Lauren told Daniel that he shouldn't let someone who loved him that much walk out of his life. Daniel said that it was always about Amber, and left the apartment. In the hallway, Daniel found a sobbing Amber. As she began running to the elevator, Daniel told her to stop.

Amber asked Daniel if he was okay. Daniel facetiously said that he was great -- he had been accused of forgery, murder, and had just broken up with the woman who he thought he was going to marry. A weepy Amber said that she had slept with Deacon for Daniel's sake. Daniel said that he didn't know who was telling the truth anymore. Amber told Daniel that she would never stop loving him. Without saying a word, Daniel got on the elevator.

Inside Michael and Lauren's apartment, Michael wondered whether it was a mistake to allow Amber to stay there. Lauren thought that it might be a mistake for Michael to represent Daniel. Michael said that he was doing it because Daniel was Phyllis' son. Lauren suggested that Michael learn how to say "No." Michael promised that it would be the last case he took that involved friends or family.

Amber returned to the Baldwins' and told Lauren that she could get the charges against Daniel dropped -- but that she would have to do something repulsive. Lauren advised her not to do whatever it was -- that Amber would regret it for the rest of her life. Amber said that she wouldn't regret it if it saved Daniel.

Amber left the Baldwins' and returned to Deacon's suite. She told Deacon that if he swore to get the charges against Daniel dropped, and agreed never to mess with Daniel again, she would marry Deacon.

Daniel returned to the Baldwins' and told Lauren that he had thought about what Lauren had said -- and that he wanted Amber to move back in with him. Lauren hoped that it wasn't too late, as she suspected that Amber was about to do something stupid.

On the patio of the closed Crimson Lights, Ryder called Deacon and asked him if he was sure that he wanted Ryder to continue with their plan. Deacon said that Ryder should proceed, as Kevin Fisher was their ticket to "livin' large." After hanging up, Ryder went into the coffeehouse, where Kevin was waiting for him. Kevin said that he didn't know if he could trust Ryder, as his friend had seen Ryder leaving the room of Deacon Sharpe -- the man who was trying to "pull crap" on his wife and his best friend. Kevin warned Ryder to tell him the truth -- or prepare to make a murder confession to the police.

Ryder lied and told Kevin that he had just seen Deacon for a job interview. Ryder said that he didn't get the job because Deacon thought that he didn't have enough experience. Kevin suddenly asked Ryder if he had killed the guy behind the alley at Jimmy's. Ryder denied knowing anything about the murder, but as Kevin continued to press, Ryder finally admitted that he was the man in the ski mask who had killed Thomas Balfour. Ryder said that he hadn't meant to kill Balfour, but that he couldn't take it anymore, and that Kevin, of all people, would understand. Ryder said that Balfour had been abusing him.

Ryder told Kevin that Balfour's real name was Ray Elkins, and that Elkins was a former cellmate of Ryder's abusive father. Ryder said that after Elkins was released from prison, he had called Ryder and asked him for help in setting up a scam. Ryder told Kevin that his father used to lock him in the cellar with the rats, and had called Ryder a "cockroach." That hit a nerve with Kevin, whose father had also referred to him as a cockroach. Ryder went on to say that Elkins was as abusive as his father, and had locked Ryder in a toolshed and beaten him.

Ryder said that when Elkins forced him to wear a ski mask, he knew that Elkins was up to no good. Ryder told Kevin that when he and Elkins were in the alley, and Elkins was pointing a gun at Daniel, Ryder knew that he had to make the torture stop, and he had shot and killed Elkins. Ryder said that when he learned about the Chipmunk, he knew that he had found a kindred spirit, and that was why he had approached Kevin. Kevin asked Ryder where his father was. Ryder replied that his father, whose name was Tom, had died.

A stunned Kevin told Ryder that his father was also named Tom. Ryder told Kevin that his father's last name was Callahan, and that his family had grown up in Green Bay, Wisconsin -- but his mother had left when Ryder was a baby. Kevin advised Ryder to confess to the murder. He added that his brother, Michael, was a great lawyer, and that Kevin would get Michael to represent him. At first refusing Kevin's offer, Ryder said that being in prison would seem like being trapped in the cellar. Kevin asked Ryder to trust him. Kevin called Michael.

Ryder waited inside the coffeehouse while Kevin spoke to Michael from the patio. Kevin explained to Michael that Ryder had confessed to killing Thomas Balfour, whose real name was Ray Elkins. Michael asked why Ryder had confessed to a complete stranger. Kevin said that he wasn't a stranger -- he was the Chipmunk. When Michael reminded Kevin that Ryder was friends with Deacon, Kevin told Michael the bogus story about the job interview.

While Kevin was on the phone with Michael, Ryder called Deacon to alert him that Daniel had seen Ryder leaving Deacon's suite. Ryder wanted to make sure that their stories were in sync -- that Ryder had been there for a job interview.

Kevin, still on the phone with Michael, told his brother that Ray Elkins had been Ryder's father's cellmate. Kevin wondered if Michael could prove that, thus paving the way to exonerating Daniel. Michael said that it would be easy enough to prove that Ryder's father had been Elkins' cellmate. As Michael was about to make some phone calls to investigate, Kevin dropped a bomb -- he had promised Ryder that Michael would represent him, pro bono.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Michael was angry at Kevin for offering his legal services to Ryder free of charge. As Michael was about to leave, he said that he was tired of being taken for granted by his family. Kevin stopped Michael by telling him that he thought that Ryder might be Kevin's brother.

Mac and Billy arrived at the Athletic Club for dinner. They immediately saw Chloe and Chance, who were sitting at a table in the front. After Chloe and Billy traded barbs, the host informed Billy that there was going to be a 45-minute wait for a table. Mac and Billy were about to leave, but Chance invited them to join him and Chloe. Chloe and Billy were both reluctant, but Mac thought it was a good idea, and the host placed two more chairs at the table.

Billy asked Chloe who was watching Delia, and Chloe joked that she had checked the baby in the coatroom. Billy thought that it was irresponsible for Chloe to have left Delia with a sitter while Chloe went on a date. Chloe replied that it was no more irresponsible for her to be on a date than it was for Billy to be on a date. As the uncomfortable dinner ended, Chance insisted on picking up the tab, and said that next time Billy could pay. Billy thought that Chance was being overly optimistic in assuming that the foursome would ever go out again. After Mac and Billy left, Chloe wondered what she had ever seen in Billy.

Chloe said that Billy was a pompous ass, and that he would break up with Mac when he grew bored with her. Chance wondered why Chloe, who claimed to be over Billy, always talked about him. Chance said that Chloe needed to figure out what she wanted. She said that she wanted to have some fun -- which was what she was doing until by Billy and Mac joined them.

As Chloe and Chance walked out of the club, Chloe kissed Chance. Chance told Chloe that he liked her, but he knew that she still had feelings for Billy. He said that he wasn't going to be Chloe's rebound guy.

At the trailer, Mac said that the evening had been a disaster. She said she had wanted to join Chance and Chloe to create an opportunity for Delia's parents to get along, but she didn't realize just how far apart they were. Mac added that she knew that Billy loved her, but that he still had unresolved issues with Chloe. Billy said that he pitied Chloe -- then changed his mind and said that he pitied Chance -- who had no idea what he was getting himself into.

At the Ashbys', Lily was having trouble sleeping, as she was scheduled to undergo her first chemotherapy treatment the following day. She told Cane that she was terrified of the side effects. Cane kissed her and told her that it would be okay.

Cane told Lily that she would beat the odds and live a long, healthy life. Lily said that some of the side effects of the chemo could be nausea, dry mouth, and losing her fingernails. She added that the side effect that concerned her the most was losing her hair, and she wondered if Cane would still love her when her hair fell out. Cane assured her that he would.

Lily said that she couldn't imagine herself without hair. Cane said that Lily would always be beautiful to him. Lily decided that she didn't want the chemotherapy to take her hair -- that she would rather shave her head than see her hair fall out. Cane said that he would support whatever decision Lily made. Lily decided that they should shave her head.

Lily cut off her ponytail with a pair of scissors, and told Cane that she was going to donate it to charity. Cane, holding an electric razor, asked Lily if she was ready. Taking a deep breath, Lily said that she was. Cane began shaving Lily's head.

Later, Cane said that Lily was gorgeous, and then handed her a mirror. A stunned Lily stared at her bald reflection, but congratulated herself on losing her hair on her own terms.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the master bedroom at the Newman ranch, Victor was getting dressed as Ashley woke up. Ashley remembered driving the night of the violent rainstorm. Victor wished her a good morning, and told her how nice it had been to sleep together the previous evening. Ashley told Victor that she was feeling much better, but, as they hugged, Ashley remembered seeing Sabrina on the side of the road during the rainstorm.

At the Athletic Club, a sad Billy and Jack remembered that it was the third anniversary of John's death. They both hoped that Ashley would accompany them to the cemetery, thus giving them a chance to talk with their sister privately. Billy was worried about how out of it Ashley was. Jack said that they had to get through to Ashley by convincing her that they could help her in ways that Victor couldn't.

Billy and Jack went to the Newman ranch to see Ashley. They invited her to join them on their trip to the cemetery. Ashley suddenly became agitated and accused her brothers of using the occasion of the anniversary of their father's death to try to manipulate her.

Jack tried to convince Ashley that no one was trying to manipulate her. He reminded his sister that he had promised John that he would look after the Abbott family. Ashley said that John wouldn't be happy with the way things had been going in the family, and Jack agreed. Ashley saw "Sabrina" standing next to Jack. Ashley began shouting, "Leave me alone." Jack appeared to realize that Ashley was hallucinating. Ashley insisted that she was merely tired.

Billy again asked Ashley to accompany him and Jack to the cemetery. Ashley accused Jack of trying to have her locked up in a psychiatric hospital. She hysterically told her brothers to leave.

Jack calmed Ashley down and told her that he and Billy loved her very much. Before the Abbott brothers left, Ashley and Jack hugged. Outside the front door of the house, Jack told Billy that he was afraid that they might be pushing Ashley, who seemed to be getting worse, over the edge.

At Colleen's, Colleen asked Abby to go with her to the cemetery to put flowers on John's grave. Abby said that Victor's driver was waiting to take her back to the Newman ranch, because Abby wanted to go to the cemetery with Ashley. Before Abby left, Colleen asked her not to say anything about Colleen's tryst with J.T. the previous evening.

J.T. and Victoria breakfasted on the Crimson Lights patio. J.T. told Victoria that he was meeting Paul, as he and Paul were still trying to find Mary Jane Benson. J.T. said that he wasn't going to stop looking for Mary Jane just because Victor wanted him to, because Mary Jane needed to be caught before she harmed anyone else. Before she left, Victoria pleaded with J.T. to try to get along with Victor.

Paul showed up at the patio and told J.T. that it appeared that there was tension between the Hellstroms. J.T. said that he and Victoria hadn't been seeing eye-to-eye recently -- particularly where Victor was concerned. Paul said that he could relate, as he and Nikki had the same problem.

J.T. told Paul that Mac had allowed Mary Jane to stay in the back room at Jimmy's, because Mac thought that Mary Jane was a homeless person. He explained to Paul that he had gone to Jimmy's to install a new security system, and, when he left, J.T. found the note saying that Victor knew everything about Mary Jane in his pocket. J.T. told Paul that Victor denied knowing anything about Mary Jane. J.T. said that something was very "off" about the situation -- and told Paul he thought that Victor was probably involved.

Paul told J.T. that nothing was going Paul's way -- he hadn't heard from Nikki, and he couldn't find Mary Jane. J.T. asked Paul if there was any news on Paul's sister, Patty. Paul surmised that Patty had confessed something to Todd, and then got scared and left town. J.T. asked Paul if he thought that Mary Jane had left town. Paul said that he thought that there was something keeping Mary Jane in Genoa City. J.T. decided to check out the local hotels and motels to see if he could find her.

At the Athletic Club, Victor met with the man he had hired to tail J.T. The man showed Victor the pictures he had taken of J.T. and Colleen. Victor handed the man an envelope full of cash and told him to keep his mouth shut. After the man left, Victor called Victoria and told her to meet him at the club.

When Victoria showed up, she was upset that Victor had thought that J.T. was having an affair with Colleen and didn't say anything to her about it. Victor explained that he had no idea that anything was going on between J.T. and Colleen -- rather he had J.T. followed in an effort to gain information on Mary Jane's whereabouts. Victor said that he didn't think that J.T. and Colleen had slept together, because they knew that Abby was going to show up. Victor help up a photo of Abby, J.T., and Colleen at the front door of the Carlton house. Victoria took the pictures from Victor and said that she would handle the situation.

At Colleen's, Colleen thanked Billy for accompanying her to the cemetery. They talked about how thrilled John would have been that Billy had reconciled with Mac. Billy said that nothing compared to one's first love. Colleen, thinking about her kiss with J.T. the previous night, said that she understood.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Victoria stared at the photos that Victor had given to her and then made a phone call. She said, "I need to see you, urgently." Later, Victoria knocked at Colleen's door. Colleen wanted to know what was so urgent. Victoria showed her the picture of J.T. and Colleen kissing and asked Colleen if she wanted to explain.

At the Athletic Club, Jack spoke to Traci on the phone, and asked her to call Ashley. "John" visited Jack and told his son that he couldn't stay away -- especially with Ashley in such bad shape. Jack told John that he wasn't sure what to do -- but that he didn't want Ashley at the Newman ranch. John and Jack discussed how much they disliked Victor, but John warned Jack not to make any decisions about Ashley based on Jack's hatred of Victor. Jack told John that Ashley needed professional help, but that she wouldn't accept it. John advised Jack to make a choice about what was best for Ashley and let it play out. Jack asked John for help, but John told Jack to look in his heart, and that he would find the answer there.

At the ranch, Abby presented Ashley with a framed picture of Ashley with John, taken many years earlier. Victor said that it was a thoughtful gift. He understood that Ashley and Abby wanted to go the cemetery without him. Abby and Ashley left via the back door. The front doorbell rang, and Victor answered. It was Michael Baldwin -- who told a stunned Victor that Jack had filed a petition to have Ashley committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Paul ran into Jack at the Athletic Club, and asked if he had heard anything more from Mary Jane. Jack said that he hadn't. J.T. joined them, and said that he had hit another dead end in his search for Mary Jane. Jack, J.T., and Paul thought it possible that Mary Jane was in disguise.

Later, in the foyer at the Athletic Club, Paul and J.T. decided to see if any pictures of Mary Jane had been shot at Katherine's wedding. As they spoke, the blonde Mary Jane, wearing sunglasses, entered the club and quickly headed upstairs. Paul noticed the woman, but didn't realize that it was Mary Jane. He told J.T. that he thought the woman was his sister Patty.

At the Baldwins', Gloria told Michael that John had been the true love of her life, and that he had died in prison because of Tom Fisher -- a man who had tormented her for years. Michael told Gloria that the previous evening, he had helped a young man turn himself in to the police. Michael added that Kevin thought that the young man might also be Tom Fisher's son. In prison, a bewildered Ryder sat in the visiting area.

Michael asked Gloria if Tom had ever mentioned knowing a woman in Green Bay. Gloria said that Tom had affairs with women all over the Midwest, but that things had been peaceful at home when Tom was gone, so she never minded when he went on one of his trips. Gloria told Michael that Tom had never mentioned having any other children.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Daniel that Ryder wasn't Deacon's friend -- he repeated Ryder's lie that Ryder had been in Deacon's room for a job interview. Daniel was shocked to hear that Ryder had confessed to being the third man in the alley behind Jimmy's -- the man who had killed Thomas Balfour. Kevin told Daniel that Balfour's real name was Ray Elkins, and that Ryder had killed Elkins in order to save Daniel's life. When Kevin added that Ryder might be his half-brother, Daniel began to think that Kevin's whole story was ridiculous.

Kevin explained that Ryder had been an abuse victim, as had Kevin. He also told Daniel that Ryder's father's name was Tom Callahan, which was the alias Tom Fisher used when he had arrived in Genoa City. Daniel was still skeptical about the whole situation -- he said that all roads led to Deacon Sharpe.

Agent Grimes showed up to thank Kevin for getting Ryder to confess to Balfour's murder. Grimes said that it looked as if they had their shooter, since Ryder knew details about the shooting that no one else could know. Before he left, Grimes said that the charges against Daniel and Jana would probably be dropped. Daniel recounted the situation -- it began when Daniel had been framed for the murder of a man claiming to be an agent from the Department of Justice, and then a brother that Kevin never knew about showed up to get Daniel off the hook. Daniel said that the story got stranger by the day, and that he wasn't going to drop it until he found out what Deacon really wanted.

Later, the Fishers stopped by Michael and Lauren's. Kevin was upset when Michael said that he wasn't going to represent Ryder. Michael said that he doubted that Ryder was Kevin's brother -- that he was probably a fraud working for Deacon Sharpe. Michael said that the situation "stinked to high heaven," and warned Kevin to stay away from Ryder.

Amber showed up at Deacon's suite. She reminded Deacon that she would only marry him if he promised to get the charges against Daniel dropped. Deacon said that was in the works. Deacon warned Amber not to renege on her promise to marry him -- otherwise Deacon would plant evidence that would re-implicate Daniel in the murder.

Deacon began discussing romantic honeymoon destinations for him and Amber. Amber said that she would prefer a civil ceremony, with the reception at a drive-through. Deacon said that history proved that he and Amber had chemistry. He said that he knew and accepted the worst things about Amber, and he wondered if she could say the same thing about Daniel. Deacon felt that he should propose formally, so he presented Amber with a diamond ring and said, "Ambrosia Moore, will you marry me?"

Ryder called Deacon from prison to say that he had confessed and was in jail, as he and Deacon had planned. Deacon acted as if he was in a rush to get Ryder off the phone, telling him that he would call later. Daniel showed up and told Amber that the charges against him had been dropped, as Deacon's friend Ryder had confessed. Deacon lied and said that he had interviewed Ryder for a job, but that they were hardly friends. Daniel said that he knew there was more to the story, and he intended to find out what it was.

Daniel told Amber that she didn't need to be with Deacon anymore. Daniel said that if she wanted to be with Daniel, then she should walk out of Deacon's suite. Amber didn't move, and a perplexed Daniel left.

Kevin visited Ryder in prison. Ryder told Kevin that the police had questioned him all night. Kevin pulled out a picture of Tom Fisher and asked Ryder if he knew who the man in the picture was. Ryder asked Kevin what he was doing with a picture of Ryder's father. Kevin told Ryder that they might be brothers.

Friday, August 21, 2009

From her home, Lily spoke to Colleen on the phone, thanking Colleen for the offer to go with Lily to her first chemotherapy session. Lily explained that Devon, Neil, and Cane would be with her, and that was enough. Lily said Colleen could join her some time in the future, because Lily had quite a few sessions planned.

After Lily hung up the phone, Cane arrived with a gift of organic fruit from Daniel for Lily. Cane surprised Lily by having packed things for her to take to chemo, including six DVDs, two books, and a stack of magazines. Lily appreciated his thoughtfulness. Devon and Neil knocked on the door, and Cane let them in. Neil and Devon were stunned at the sight of a bald Lily.

Neil handed Lily another package that had been delivered, a gift from Roxy. It was a DVD of a movie they had seen together on a double date that Devon and Cane recalled Lily enjoyed tremendously. Cane pointed out that it was time to leave for the appointment. Lily took Humphrey into the other room to put the dog in his crate. Neil asked Cane why Lily had shaved her head, and Cane explained that she had wanted to shave it before her hair fell out.

When Lily returned, Neil asked if she wanted him to take Humphrey for the night. Lily said Mac was already doing that and Billy had given the dog a teddy bear to match the one he gave Lily. Devon said that Humphrey was spoiled, but Lily felt he might be the only baby she ever had. Cane reminded her that she could still have a child in the future, because she had frozen eggs. Neil, Devon, and Cane gathered the bags and left for the hospital with Lily.

At the hospital, Anita, a nurse whom Olivia had asked to take special care of Lily, greeted her. Anita handed Lily a gift from Olivia. It was the family Bible that she and Dru had read when they were children.

The nurse told Lily that her drugs were being prepared. Lily was reluctant to sit down. Across the room, another patient said hello to Lily, noting that he hadn't seen her there before. His name was Harry Gold and he was on his second round of chemo. He said the drugs would either cure him or kill him, but he was going to go down fighting. Anita interrupted with the drugs for Lily to get started.

Lily was hooked up to an IV. Lily wondered if Nurse Anita found it difficult to work there, but Anita said she had seen a lot of bravery on her job. Anita's pager beeped and she informed Harry that his cab was waiting downstairs. Harry said goodbye to Lily and told her he would see her next time. After he walked away, Anita told Lily that Harry's wife and friends were gone, and his children lived out of state. Anita began the drip for the drugs to begin entering Lily's body.

At the jail, Kevin confronted Ryder about the possibility that they were brothers, because Ryder identified Tom Fisher as his father. Ryder knew him as Tom Callahan, but Kevin said that was an alias Tom had used. Ryder thought it was a bizarre coincidence if it were true. Kevin said he knew how to spot a liar. Kevin accused Ryder of being full of it.

Kevin pointed out to Ryder that there were too many coincidences in his story, including Ryder's connection to Deacon Sharpe and Deacon setting up Daniel for murder. Ryder said that after the Chipmunk robberies, Kevin's story was in the papers and that was why Ryder went to see Kevin. Ryder said that after hearing Kevin's speech, he had related to him. Ryder said he took a big risk by seeking out Kevin and telling him the truth about the murder. Ryder suggested that fate had drawn them together, but Kevin refused to believe that. Kevin walked out.

At the club, Deacon was blissful as he looked at Amber. Deacon said he wanted to marry Amber for more than sex. Amber wished Deacon would leave her alone. Amber couldn't imagine why Deacon wanted to marry someone who didn't want to marry him. Deacon remembered the good times when he and Amber had lived together in Los Angeles.

Amber didn't want to reminisce about those days. When Deacon made another reference to having sex with Amber, she told him that she wanted to wait until after the wedding to have sex again. Deacon was surprised, but agreed to wait, because he intended to marry Amber within a few days.

Amber reminded him that if he wanted a real marriage, that meant a real wedding, and Amber didn't have a dress. Deacon reached into his pocket and showed her a wad of cash to shop for one. Amber balked, saying she was a designer and wouldn't wear an off-the-rack wedding gown. Deacon proffered the money and told her to hurry up and get a dress or make one, he didn't care. Amber took the dough and left.

Deacon answered his phone and spoke to Ryder. Ryder told Deacon that Kevin had visited him and didn't believe their story. Deacon assured Ryder that Kevin would return. Deacon warned Ryder to keep it together for the sake of their plan.

Paul joined J.T. at the bar with news that nobody was registered in the hotel under his sister's name. Paul wasn't sure if he had correctly identified the woman he saw from behind. J.T. offered to follow up on the lead, but Paul asked him to stay on the Mary Jane trail instead. J.T. left, then Paul also left to go look for the blonde woman.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. asked Jana if she would show the picture of Mary Jane to her customers. Jana agreed, and volunteered to have Kevin put the photo in an email to their Crimson Light customer database.

Mary Jane reached her hotel room and quickly closed the door after evading Paul. She hoped he hadn't recognized her. A short time later, Mary Jane placed a letter to Sharon in an envelope. She took out a pocketknife and revealed the blade, saying that she was going to use it to point out some things about Jack to Sharon. There was a knock on the door.

Mary Jane hid the knife under a pillow and went to answer the door. The maid asked to service the mini-bar. Mary Jane asked the maid to deliver the letter to Sharon Abbott's room, but the maid said Sharon had checked out. In the hallway, Paul spied Mary Jane and the maid. Mary Jane thanked the maid and closed the door. Paul approached Mary Jane's room.

Paul called J.T. and left a message informing him that the woman Paul had followed at the club wasn't Patty. She was Mary Jane with dyed blonde hair, and she was in Room 855. The door opened and when Mary Jane started to leave, Paul stopped her and pushed her back into the room.

Mary Jane asked him to let her go, but Paul told her to sit down. Paul said she had hurt too many people to simply leave town. Paul demanded that she answer some questions. Mary Jane tried to force her way out of the room, but Paul held her back, then forced her to sit on the couch.

Colleen was stunned by the photographs Victoria handed her showing Colleen and J.T. kissing. She demanded to know who took the pictures, but Victoria said it didn't matter. Victoria accused Colleen of having a grudge against her, bringing up Colleen's work on the Newman board. Colleen said that her opposition to Victoria's acquisition had not been personal. Victoria asked Colleen if she wanted J.T., and Colleen responded that she did.

Victoria said that Colleen had some nerve, but Colleen refused to lie. She told Victoria that she offered herself to J.T. and he turned her down. J.T. had told Colleen that he loved Victoria and wanted his marriage to work. Victoria asked why Colleen had told her that, and Colleen responded that she wanted J.T. to be happy.

Colleen felt that Victoria treated J.T. like an employee that failed a performance review. Victoria thought that Colleen had been trying to trash her marriage, but Colleen blamed Victoria for the damage that had been done. Colleen told Victoria to leave, because she had to make dinner for Lily, someone whose problems where not all in her head.

After Victoria left, Colleen called J.T. to tell him that Victoria had pictures of them kissing. Colleen explained that she told Victoria what really happened, but she doubted Victoria believed her.

J.T. went to see Victoria at her office. Victoria put down the photos of Colleen and J.T. She said she didn't want to discuss them with J.T. J.T. told Victoria that the kiss had been nothing. Victoria said that Colleen wanted J.T., but J.T. said it didn't matter what Colleen wanted. J.T. figured that Victor had had J.T. followed, but Victoria said her father had wanted J.T. to lead him to Mary Jane.

J.T. took the blame for the kiss, but said it was merely a symptom of the problem he and Victoria were having. J.T. said they had not been connecting and that Victoria wasn't the same person. J.T. told Victoria that he had told Colleen that he loved Victoria and never forgot when she had been lying in the hospital bed and how frightened he had been to lose her. J.T. thought that he had lost Victoria because she had not been the same since then. Victoria took the blame for the problems between them. She charged out of the office in anger.

Kevin told Jana about his visit with Ryder. Jana was glad that Kevin hadn't fallen for Ryder's story. Kevin was confused about why Ryder confessed to murder, especially when he hadn't been a suspect. Kevin told Jana that Ryder credited Kevin with convincing him to confess. Kevin wondered if Ryder was a pawn in someone else's game, but Jana felt it wasn't Kevin's problem. Kevin thought it might be if Ryder turned out to be his brother.

Deacon went to the jail to see Ryder. Deacon reminded Ryder that they were "in this thing together." Ryder objected to being in jail and facing 25 to life for murder. Deacon said that was the only way to gain Kevin's trust. Ryder doubted that Kevin would return, but Deacon said Ryder had played Kevin perfectly.

Deacon urged Ryder to keep pushing Kevin for information about Tom Fisher's last days in Genoa City. Ryder wished that Tom had told him where he'd hidden the stolen Terroni before he died. Deacon was certain that Kevin or Gloria knew where the Terroni was.

Ryder worried that the buyers for the Terroni wouldn't want to wait until they found the painting, but Deacon knew better. Deacon pointed out that if Tom had known what he was doing, he would never have stolen a painting he couldn't sell. Deacon told Ryder that he shouldn't make the same mistake Tom had, thinking he could sell the painting without major contacts. That was Deacon's specialty. Ryder doubted Deacon's loyalty, but Deacon explained that they both needed each other to pull of the scam.

Jana told Kevin not to involve himself with Ryder, but Kevin wanted to get a DNA test to find out if they were brothers. Jana feared that even if Ryder were locked up in jail, Deacon could hurt them. Amber arrived, and Kevin excused himself. Jana told Amber that the charges against her and Daniel had been dropped, but Amber already knew that. Amber said Daniel had told her, and she had told him that she was marrying Deacon.

Jana was shocked and said Amber didn't have to go through with the marriage. Jana said that Deacon was bluffing and couldn't hurt Daniel anymore, because Ryder had confessed to the murder. Amber revealed that Deacon had gotten Ryder to do that.

Jana urged Amber to stall the marriage to Deacon, but Amber revealed that Deacon wanted a quickie wedding. Amber didn't want Daniel to know, because she feared that Daniel would try to stop the wedding and wind up in trouble again. Amber was willing to sacrifice her future for Daniel's. An upset Amber left in a hurry. Jana called Daniel to say she needed to speak to him immediately; it was an emergency.

J.T. went to see Colleen to tell her that Victor had been responsible for the pictures of their kiss. Colleen apologized for her actions, but J.T. didn't care what Victor thought of him. J.T. was more concerned that he and Victoria were no longer on solid ground. J.T. said that Victoria's anger might stem from what Brad had done to her when they were married, but Colleen told him not to make excuses for Victoria.

J.T. said that Victoria had stopped trusting him, and that was before the photographs. Colleen couldn't believe that Victoria was so ungrateful for what she had with J.T., especially since Colleen wished she could be in Victoria's place. Colleen thought that Victoria didn't deserve someone like J.T.

Touching his wedding ring, J.T. told Colleen that it meant something to him. J.T. understood why Victoria had reacted the way she did to the photos. Colleen offered to be there if J.T. needed a friend to talk to, but J.T. thought they had better stay apart for a while. Colleen was upset, but J.T. explained that Victoria and Reed had to come first. Colleen admired J.T. for being such a great guy. J.T. said goodbye, and left.

Victoria knocked on Deacon's door. When he opened the door, she threw herself in his arms and kissed him passionately. Victoria and Deacon fell onto the bed and began to make love.

Kevin returned to the jail and met with Ryder. Ryder asked if the man with Kevin was a cop. Kevin introduced Pete. Pete worked at a lab and he had gone with Kevin to get DNA samples from Ryder. Kevin asked Ryder if he would comply. Ryder was anxious to find out if they were brothers, and agreed to the test.

Paul tried to call the authorities, but Mary Jane stopped him by saying that she was his sister. She knocked the phone out of his hand and reached for her knife. Paul accused Mary Jane of lying, but Mary Jane explained she'd had plastic surgery. Mary Jane said she was Patty and she had wanted a new start, but she hadn't fooled Paul.

Paul had a flash of memory of Mary Jane when she reminded him of Patty. Paul declared that his sister could never hurt a child. Patty explained that she never meant to hurt Summer. She only wanted to cause a small allergic reaction.

Paul refused to listen to Mary Jane, insisting that she couldn't be his sister Patty. Mary Jane said she had been very scared and had nobody to help her. She begged Paul to listen to her. Patty recalled a song that Paul sang to her when she was a little girl. Patty sang the song about the ferry ship, and Paul realized that Mary Jane Benson was his sister Patty. Paul was horrified and collapsed in tears.

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