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Colleen found Mary Jane at the Abbott cabin. Billy barged into the Newman ranch and took Ashley with him. Ryder and Kevin learned that they were brothers. Daniel urged Amber to marry him instead of Deacon.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 31, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, August 31, 2009

At the Newman ranch, Victor comforted Ashley after she awoke crying. Ashley said that she had seen a vision of Sabrina, who tried to take Ashley's baby. As Ashley sobbed on Victor's shoulder, he remembered Jack's indignant appeals to have his sister committed to a psychiatric facility for treatment. Adam stepped in. Ashley complained that she repeatedly experienced nightmares about Sabrina. Ashley cried that Sabrina had threatened to take Victor and the baby away. Adam feigned concern for Ashley. Adam told Ashley that her mind had been working overtime expressing her pent-up fears and insecurities.

Adam offered to phone Dr. Taylor. After refusing Adam's offer to summon a doctor, Victor abruptly rose from his seat and ushered Adam out of the room. After Adam left, Ashley sipped water and asked Victor why Sabrina wouldn't leave her alone. Victor calmly insisted that Sabrina was dead. Victor suggested that perhaps Mary Jane and Estella had wished Ashley to believe that Sabrina was alive. Ashley became unhinged and yelled that Sabrina was indeed in her room-not Estella and not Mary Jane. Ashley cried that Sabrina hated her and her baby, and wouldn't let her go until Sabrina had Victor back.

In desperation, Victor took Ashley by the arm and escorted her downstairs. Adam sneaked in. Ashley asked Adam to escort her back to her room. Victor repeatedly ordered Adam to retreat to his room, and Adam relented and walked upstairs. Victor took a file folder from a drawer and gave it to Ashley. Victor said that he should have shown the articles about Sabrina's accident and death to Ashley long before. Ashley kept her arms folded rebelliously and refused to touch the clippings. Adam remained on the upper landing and listened. Ashley worried that Sabrina had faked her death. Victor explained that he had been with Sabrina in the hospital, had held her when she died, and had watched as Sabrina's casket was placed into the ground.

Adam turned and scurried away as Victor calmly explained to Ashley that Sabrina was no longer a threat. Ashley seemed calmed by Victor's overture and apologized because Victor had to revisit his painful past. Ashley embraced Victor and lucidly pronounced that Sabrina was dead. Ashley asked Victor to spend the night with her. Victor seemed encouraged by Ashley's improved demeanor. The phone rang, and Victor answered. Victor sent Ashley to her room, so he could handle a business matter. Ashley ascended the stairs. Victor turned on a television near the bar and viewed a news report about attempted murderer Mary Jane Benson, who had disappeared from St. Jude's Church.

Victor poured himself a drink and looked as if his world was about to fall apart at the seams. Victor glanced at his watch and wondered why he hadn't heard from Jeffrey. Victor overheard a reporter interview Jack. The reporter mentioned that Victor had offered one million dollars to anyone with information leading Mary Jane Benson's capture. Jack insisted that he had a personal stake in Ms. Benson's safe return, and offered two million dollars as a reward.

After Ashley returned to her room, Adam swooped in and claimed that he wanted to check on his friend. Ashley pointedly asked Adam why he wanted her to think that Sabrina was alive. Adam feigned ignorance. Adam stuttered for a response, but Ashley showed him the door. Adam stood in the doorway and tried to claim that everything was a mistake, but Ashley slammed the door shut in his face.

At the tack house, while Phyllis packed luggage for her and Summer's trip to Switzerland, Summer appeared. Phyllis phoned Nick to ask about Summer's passport. As Phyllis left a message for Nick, Summer exclaimed, "Love Daddy." Phyllis was thrilled by Summer's effort, and she hugged her usually mute daughter. While Phyllis attended to packing, Summer exclaimed, "Plane." Summer showed her mother a drawing she'd made with crayons. Phyllis glanced at the drawing of blue, red, and green scribbled lines. Without betraying her true reaction, Phyllis commended Summer's efforts before escorting her child to back to bed.

Jack stopped by to warn Phyllis about Mary Jane. Jack explained that Mary Jane mentioned that she had kept Sharon and Phyllis away from him, so that wa s why Mary Jane had kissed Summer. Phyllis recalled the day she confiscated a package of peanut-laced cookies from Summer. After remembering how Mary Jane had kissed Summer on the mouth, Phyllis became livid and accused Mary Jane of giving Summer the kiss of death.

Jack explained to Phyllis that Mary Jane's real name was Patty Williams, and that she was Paul's sister. Phyllis was thunderstruck and recalled that Patty had been Jack's wife, who shot and injured Jack long before . Phyllis berated Jack and blamed him for having twice mistreated Patty, who later took revenge by hurting Summer. Phyllis cried that because of Jack's past actions, Summer had to relearn how to speak and count. Phyllis held Summer's scribbled drawing up and explained that it was Summer's feeble attempt to draw an airplane.

Jack humbly apologized to Phyllis and agreed that his past callous behavior was to blame for Mary Jane's acts of revenge. Jack said that he and Paul believed that Victor had footed the bill for Patty's reconstructive surgery and had used his power and influence to create a new identity for Patty as Mary Jane Benson. Jack explained that Victor's sole motive was to get back at Jack. Phyllis's head was reeling as she tried to digest the concept that Jack's rivalry with Victor might have stolen away a vital part of Summer's life. Jack vowed to use every dime he had to find Patty. Phyllis demanded that Jack leave before Nick returned from a meeting with Sharon.

At the psychiatric facility, Nick startled Sharon when he stepped in just after Sharon's mother, Doris, left. Nick said that he'd just overheard Doris mention that he was the father of Sharon's baby. Nick asked, "Is it true? Is that baby mine? Am I the father?" Sharon flatly denied that he was. Nick recalled the day Sharon received the DNA test results, and how they had been planning their future together. Nick asked Sharon if she had lied to him because she truly wanted to be with Jack. Sharon confessed that she had lied to Jack, and that she was carrying Nick's baby. Sharon added that Jack knew the truth. Nick demanded to know why Sharon had not been truthful about the baby's paternity. Sharon insisted that she had done what she thought was best for everyone.

Nick said that he and Sharon needed to make plans, because he could not walk away after learning that she was pregnant with the infant girl Cassie had promised would come. Nick claimed that he knew that Sharon's baby was his all along. Nick explained that his decisions, based on a lie, had affected everyone. Nick asked, "Do you know how hard it was for me to regain Phyllis' trust?" Nick insisted that he wouldn't lie to Phyllis, and would tell her the truth before she and Summer left for Switzerland. Sharon proclaimed that the baby's paternity was no longer a secret, so Nick could share the news with whomever he wished.

Just as Nick was about to leave Sharon's room, an alarm sounded. Nick learned that the facility would be locked down, and that no one would be allowed to leave. An orderly announced that a patient had attempted an escape, therefore all patients and guests would be confined until the escapee was caught. As the orderly locked Nick inside Sharon's room, the man added that the search might take all night.

After Nick was locked inside Sharon's room at the facility, he immediately phoned Phyllis, but cell phone reception was poor. Nick explained to Phyllis that he couldn't leave the facility, and that he wanted to tell her something important. Phyllis could no longer hear Nick, so she said, "I hope you can hear me. Summer and I will be at your dad's tomorrow. Meet us there or at the airport." After the call, dropped, Nick told Sharon that he wasn't sure if Phyllis heard what he'd said. The power failed, and the room became dark. Sharon seemed stunned by the sudden turn of events.

At the chapel, Paul was reeling after realizing that Patty had run away. Paul asked Jack why authorities had breached sanctuary. Jack said that Patty must have been delusional. Detectives Chance Chancellor and Owen arrived and reported that police had not located Patty anywhere near the church. Det. Owen glared accusingly at Paul, and claimed that Patty must have had assistance in order to elude the guarded barricades. Paul and Jack stood dumbfounded.

With a bandage tied around his injured hand, Paul pointed at the police detective and admonished the police for bursting into the church after cutting off the power. Chance explained that his men hadn't cut the power off, but that he had wondered if Paul or Jack had done so. Paul insisted that his sister was mentally unstable, so he wouldn't have done anything to aid her escape.

Chance explained that he couldn't risk having anyone injured, knowing that Patty had once shot Jack. A guard stepped in and announced that no one had left area except two nuns. Paul said that the small parish had only one priest, but no nuns. After theorizing that Patty and an accomplice had escaped dressed as nuns, Chance issued an APB for Patty Williams. Paul yelled that his sister was mentally ill. Chance claimed that he couldn't take a risk, and continued issuing the official search request for Patty. Paul rushed at Chance and wrestled the radio from Chance's hand. Two guards grabbed Paul and placed handcuffs around his wrists as Chance read Paul his rights.

Paul, handcuffed, sat forlornly in a pew and worried about his hapless sister, Patty. Jack worried about Phyllis' safety, knowing that Patty was obsessed with him, but Paul suggested that Victor might also be a target. Jack asked Paul to explain why Victor might be Patty's target. Paul recalled the note J.T. had found in his pocket that implicated Victor. Paul theorized that someone with a lot of money and connections had physically transformed Patty and created a new identity for her.

After Paul told Jack everything he'd learned about Patty, Jack seemed convinced that Victor had schemed to get back at him. Jack insisted that the collateral damage from Victor's revenge was too much to bear. Paul remained livid after his arrest, and worried that someone might harm Patty. Outside the church, Det. Owen chastised Chance for arresting Paul. Chance claimed that Paul wasn't allowed special privileges just because his daughter was the assistant district attorney. Det. Owen warned Chance that his worst offense was violating the sanctity of the church.

In a wooded area near the chapel, Gloria helped Patty climb into a white panel van. Both women wore a nun's traditional habit. Patty held fast to a lidded basket, which housed the mewing kitten she'd found in the church. After Gloria and Patty seated themselves, Jeffrey hit the gas, and the van sped away. Gloria removed her black-and-white regalia and demanded that Jeffrey turn up the air conditioner. Patty recognized Gloria and Jeffrey from having encountered them at Crimson Lights. Gloria claimed that she and Jeffrey were guardian angels.

Patty demanded to know why Gloria and Jeffrey had helped her. Gloria explained that she and Jeffrey had rescued Patty from an evil Victor, who controlled the police. Patty insisted that Jack would never betray her. Gloria quickly agreed. Gloria covertly communicated with Jeffrey as she placated Patty. Gloria cooed, "Jack would never betray you. I saw the way Jack looked at you when you wore the altar cloth as a veil. You made a beautiful bride." Jeffrey quickly caught on and agreed with Gloria. Patty clutched her kitten and rubbed its face against hers. Patty claimed that "Kitty Kitty" was a gift from God.

Jeffrey motioned for Gloria to lean forward. Jeffrey quietly asked Gloria why she called Mary Jane "Patty." Gloria whispered that the woman was Patty Williams, Paul Williams' sister. Gloria took a seat beside Jeffrey and left Patty in the back with her mewing kitten. As Gloria applied crimson lipstick to her lips, Patty requested that Jeffrey drive her to the nearest bus stop. Jeffrey warned that a manhunt was underway. Gloria quickly added that Jack would want them to keep her safe from Victor's grasp, so they would hide her from authorities.

Jeffrey was unsure where they were headed, so he asked Gloria for directions. Gloria suggested a left turn, but she and Jeffrey argued about which way to go. Patty panicked. Patty demanded that Jeffrey stop at the nearest store to get milk for her kitty. Jeffrey turned off the main road after he heard the wail of police sirens. Patty went ballistic and demanded that Jeffrey immediately get milk for her hungry kitten. Gloria and Jeffrey argued, and Patty attempted to wrest the steering wheel from Jeffrey. Gloria de fused the situation somewhat, and Patty took a seat in the back of the van.

Gloria assured Patty that they'd come up with a plan to get milk for the kitty, but Gloria gazed worriedly at Jeffrey. Gloria remembered that she had a pack of tuna in her purse, so Patty happily fed bits of tuna to her kitten. Gloria turned on the van's radio and heard Jack offer two million dollars in reward money for Mary Jane Benson's safe return. Mary Jane gloated that Jack truly loved her. Jeffrey was delighted and wondered if Jack and Victor would wage a bidding war over Mary Jane. After Jeffrey realized that they were lost, he decided to pull over and hide until dawn. Patty made Jeffrey promise that the police would not find them.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mac looked after Lily while Cane left for work. Mac could tell something was wrong. Lily said it was hard knowing that Cane had lied to her so many times. Mac said that she and Billy were also having hard times. Lily said the only reason Billy would not sign the papers was Delia. Mac said that if Billy was having second thoughts about anything, it changed everything.

Billy was happy to see that Jack was okay. He said that Mary Jane was all over the news. Billy couldn't believe that Mary Jane was actually Patty Williams. Jack and Billy knew that Victor was involved somehow. They wanted to find Patty before Victor did. Billy told Jack about his troubles with Mac.

Mac went to Billy and told him that he needed to be alone for a while. Billy was shocked that Mac broke up with him.

When Cane returned home, Lily asked that he help her get through the chemotherapy . He said he wasn't going anywhere. Cane touched Lily's hands and realized she was burning up.

Gloria was angry with Jeffrey for refusing to ask for directions. Mary Jane asked if they were going to meet with Jack so she could marry him. Jeffrey told Mary Jane to smile, and took a picture of her. He smiled at Gloria and said they would be getting their reward money very soon.

Gloria and Jeffrey broke into Jack's cabin and Mary Jane went inside to search for a veil. Jeffrey wanted to make a deal with Jack for Mary Jane but Gloria wanted him to call Victor. They began to argue. They decided to flip a coin, and Jack won. Jeffrey raced to the car to get phone reception, but his phone was dead due to an unpaid phone bill.

Mary Jane realized that there wasn't going to be a wedding. She said that Gloria shouldn't have tricked her.

Nick was unable to reach Phyllis on the phone. Sharon woke up and Nick apologized for waking her up. Nick asked if Sharon was okay with Noah going back to Walnut Grove. Sharon said it would be a great fresh start for Noah. Nick wondered when he was going to be able to leave. Sharon suggested that Nick wait to tell Phyllis. Nick was adamant that Phyllis would hear the news from him.

Nick and Sharon argued about why she didn't tell him that the baby was his. Nick realized that Sharon wanted him to be with Phyllis and Summer when Summer was in a coma. He understood that Sharon had wanted Nick to be able to concentrate all his time on Summer. Sharon said she was not that noble. Nick wanted to get Sharon out of there, but Sharon said that she wanted to be a strong mother. Nick told Sharon that it would all work out.

Jack went to visit Sharon to tell her that Mary Jane was on the loose. He told her about Mary Jane's identity. He said that nothing was going to stop him from being a father to the baby. Sharon had to tell Jack that Nick knew the baby was his.

Phyllis took Summer to Victor's to say goodbye. Victor said that Summer looked good, but Phyllis said she had a long way to go. Phyllis said if it weren't for Mary Jane, Summer would be fine. Phyllis suggested that Victor was the person who knew Mary Jane. She said that Victor didn't seem surprised when she mentioned that Mary was actually Paul's sister. Victor acted like he didn't know what Phyllis was talking about.

Noah overheard Phyllis and Victor talking and asked Summer if she wanted to go play. Victor asked Phyllis if J.T. told her the lie. Phyllis said it was Jack. Victor said that she knew Jack only wanted to harm him. Phyllis begged Victor to tell her it wasn't true. Victor said that if Mary Jane was not found, he would hunt her down himself.

Phyllis was reassured that Victor had nothing to do with Mary Jane and apologized. She told him that she hadn't been able to talk to Nick because he was trapped in the psychiatric ward with Sharon. Victor said he would try to help Nick. He promised Phyllis that the nightmare would end soon.

Nick just missed Phyllis at home. He raced to the airport to say goodbye. At the airport, Phyllis told Summer she didn't think Nick was going to make it.

Victor called Jeffrey and said that they needed to get rid of the package as soon as possible. Suddenly, Paul pounded on the door. He demanded to know what Victor had done to his sister.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summoned by Billy, Mac showed up at the trailer. Outside the trailer door, Mac yelled in that Billy needed to be single and alone for the time being. Mac entered the trailer and found that Billy had purposely overplayed the "single" thing and rearranged the trailer into his "man cave." She said that Billy wouldn't be able to charm her with his little charade. Billy said that it wasn't a charade -- that he was drinking beer, watching baseball, and eating TV dinners.

Mac told Billy that the problems in their relationship still existed. Billy wondered if Mac was referring to his slight delay in signing his divorce papers. He told Mac that everything in his life revolved around her. Mac said that Billy made their relationship sound like a Hollywood romance movie, then reminded him that life was basically day-to-day tedium. She wondered if what she and Billy had was really special. As Mac began to leave, Billy stopped her.

Billy told Mac that he understood that she was scared. He said that he was scared, too -- but that their relationship would work. Billy told her that he made her laugh -- and that she made him think. Billy tried to kiss Mac, but she pulled away. She told him that the kiss wasn't fair, because every time he kissed her, her heart did this "flip-flop thing." Billy kissed Mac again and told her that the magic between them would never change.

At the Ashbys', Cane was concerned that Lily's temperature was 100.5 degrees. Lily reminded Cane that, because of her chemotherapy, she wouldn't have the ability to fight off infections. He asked Lily if a temperature of 100.5 degrees was dangerous. Lily said that she wasn't sure. Cane called Lily's doctor.

After speaking to the doctor, Cane told Lily that the doctor said that it was unnecessary for Lily to go to the emergency room. The doctor was going to call in a prescription for Lily, and Cane had arranged for the medication to be delivered. Lily began feeling sorry for herself, and the fact that she had to be confined to the house in order to avoid possible infections. She told Cane that she had wanted to handle chemotherapy better than anyone ever had, but it was becoming obvious to her that she wasn't going to be able to. Lily suffered a hot flash. She said that it was a result of her chemo. Lily thought it was ridiculous that she was going through menopause before reaching her mid-twenties.

Lily's medication was delivered, and Cane gave her one of the pills. She said that Cane should go to Jimmy's and work his shift, but Cane said that he was going to stay at home with her.

At Genoa City International Airport, Phyllis and Summer waited for their flight to Switzerland to be called. Summer wondered where Nick was. Phyllis said that Nick probably wouldn't be able to see them off. Nick suddenly showed up with Summer's doll, Mr. Ears. Summer was thrilled. Nick said that he had used the Newman name to get past security and to the gate.

After Nick entertained Summer with an improvised puppet show, Phyllis asked him if he had rushed to the airport because of Phyllis' conversation with Victor. Nick didn't know what Phyllis was talking about. Phyllis told Nick that Mary Jane Benson was really Patty Williams, and that Patty had confessed to Jack that she was responsible for giving Summer enough crumbs from peanut butter cookies to send the little girl into anaphylactic shock.

Nick was stunned. Phyllis reminded Nick that Patty had been married to Jack years earlier, and that Patty had shot Jack. She said that, according to Jack, Victor had arranged for Patty to have plastic surgery and return to Genoa City in order to wreak havoc with Jack's life.

Nick didn't believe that Victor was behind Patty's return to Genoa City, as the damage that Patty had done had been to members of Victor's family, specifically Summer and Ashley. Phyllis said that she hoped that Summer's treatment in Zurich would cure the child, but added that she felt that it was Victor who had indirectly caused Summer's condition.

Nick wanted to know if Victor had admitted to being behind Patty's return to town. Phyllis said that Victor had, of course, denied it. Nick said that he would do everything in his power to make Patty pay for hurting Summer. He told Phyllis that Patty had escaped and was running loose, so he was glad that Phyllis and Summer were leaving the country. Nick said that before Phyllis and Summer left on their flight, there were some things that Phyllis needed to know -- that they needed to talk about the time he had spent with Sharon in the psychiatric facility. Nick was about to tell Phyllis that he was the father of Sharon's child when Summer called her parents over.

Nick told Phyllis and Summer how much he would miss them. Nick said that when Phyllis and Summer returned from Switzerland, they would be stronger than ever, and able to deal with anything. Phyllis, starting to cry, told Nick that she no longer felt alone. She told Nick that she knew he was going to protect their family, and that nothing would ever come between them again. She said that she would love Nick for the rest of her life.

Phyllis reminded Nick that he said he had something to tell her. As Phyllis asked what it was, the airline announced the boarding of the flight to Switzerland. Nick left Phyllis' question unanswered. He told Phyllis that he loved her. After kisses and hugs, Phyllis and Summer boarded the aircraft. Nick stood at the gate, alone, seemingly disappointed that he hadn't been able to tell Phyllis that he had fathered Sharon's child.

In Sharon's room at the psychiatric facility, Jack was still reeling from the news that Nick, and not Jack, was the father of Sharon's child. He told her that he had wanted to raise her little girl. Sharon explained that Nick had overheard her telling Doris about her child's true paternity. Sharon said that her baby would have been lucky to have Jack as a father, but she wondered if Jack could live with the lie that he wasn't. Jack said that he could live with that.

After an appointment with her obstetrician, Sharon returned to her room, surprised to see that Jack was still there. Jack held a sonogram of the baby that the obstetrician had taken. Teary-eyed, Jack gave the sonogram back to Sharon, telling her that Nick would want to have it.

Sharon and Jack said that it felt as if they were saying goodbye to each other -- that the lie about Sharon's baby's paternity was the last tie between them. With tears in her eyes, Sharon asked Jack if they were still friends. Without answering the question, Jack told Sharon to take care of herself, and left the room. Later, Sharon spoke to the sonogram, saying that her baby was already loved by two wonderful men, and that she was grateful for that.

At the Newman ranch, an irate Paul said that Victor had engineered Patty's return to Genoa City. Adam asked Paul if Paul had any proof to back up his accusation. Victor thanked Adam for his concern, and then asked his son to leave to allow Paul to speak to Victor privately. Adam left, but sat on the stairs, eavesdropping on Victor and Paul's conversation.

Paul accused Victor of paying for Patty's plastic surgery, as well as her trumped-up resume, so that Victor could get revenge on Jack. Paul brought up the note that J.T. had found in his pocket -- the note that said that Victor knew everything about Mary Jane Benson. He said that Victor knew that Patty would spin out of control, but that Victor didn't care -- the only thing that Victor cared about was getting back at Jack. Victor reminded Paul that Jack hadn't suffered as a result of Patty's presence -- rather, it had been the Newman family who had suffered. Victor said that Paul had better find his sister before Victor did.

At the Abbott cabin, Gloria assured Patty that Jack was probably on his way, and then Patty and Jack could be married. Patty said that Gloria was lying, and that the Bardwells were simply going to "sell" Patty to the highest bidder. Gloria denied it, and said that she and Jeffrey were securing Patty's future.

Patty said that the Bardwells were disgusting, vicious people. Gloria feigned surprise at Patty's remark -- after all, Gloria had allowed Patty to take Kitty Kitty to the cabin. Gloria tried to calm the increasingly agitated Patty down. She suggested that she and Patty have some iced tea. As Gloria poured the tea, she palmed a tranquilizer from her purse. Patty saw the pill and thought that Gloria was going to murder her. Gloria lied and said that the pill was a mild sedative for Gloria. Jeffrey walked into the cabin. Patty threw a glass at him and made a run for it.

Jeffrey caught Patty and tied her to a chair. He told Gloria that he hadn't been able to reach Jack to claim Jack's two-million dollar reward, as the Bardwells' cell phone service had been disconnected. Gloria pulled out a disposable, non-traceable cell phone that she had purchased, and handed it to Jeffrey. She insisted that they try to claim Victor's one-million dollar reward, as Victor was in so deep that he wouldn't involve the police. She said that Jack, on the other hand, could "nail us to the wall." Using the cell phone, Jeffrey took a picture of the bound Patty and said, "The money rolls in -- the loony lady rolls out."

Gloria told Jeffrey that Patty was refusing to take a tranquilizer that Gloria was trying to give to their prisoner. Jeffrey told Patty that if she didn't take the pill, then he would release Kitty Kitty into the wild. Patty reluctantly took the pill. Gloria asked Jeffrey to leave and make the phone call to Victor, as she didn't have the stomach to take much more.

Back at the ranch, Adam continued listening in on Paul and Victor's conversation. Victor accused Paul of failing as an investigator and as a brother. Victor received a phone call from Jeffrey, who said that he had someone who Victor wanted. Victor told Jeffrey that he would call him back, and then quickly hung up. Paul continued to rant. He told Victor that Victor had made Patty a loaded weapon, and then had pointed her at Jack. Victor asked Paul to leave and find Patty.

Later, Victor entered the living room and found Adam with Adam's new attorney, Dean Hunt. Dean said that he was exploring options to have Adam released from house arrest -- but that the options involved Victor making an appeal on Adam's behalf. The crafty Adam said that it wasn't a good time to bother Victor. Victor told Dean to draw up the appeal, and Victor would sign it. Victor explained that Ashley cared about Adam, and that a free Adam might be able to help Ashley.

Jeffrey returned to the Abbott cabin and told Gloria that Victor had given him the brush-off. He said that he was going to call Jack, but had returned to the cabin to make sure that Patty wasn't "spitting pea soup." Resigned to Jeffrey's plan, Gloria told him to call Jack, but to block the caller ID on the phone and disguise his voice. From her chair, a soporific Patty told the Bardwells that they were mean people.

Jack and Paul met at Crimson Lights. Paul told Jack about his confrontation with Victor -- he said that he knew Victor was lying, and that Victor was behind Patty's return. Jack's cell phone rang -- it was a call from a blocked number. Jeffrey, disguising his voice, told Jack that he had something that Jack wanted. He asked Jack if the two-million dollar reward was still valid. When Jack said that he wanted proof that the man had Patty, Jeffrey told Jack to check his in-box. Jack showed Paul the picture of Patty, tied to the chair. They realized that Patty hadn't run from the church -- rather, she had been kidnapped.

Jack told the man, actually Jeffrey, that he was still offering the two-million dollar reward. When Jack asked where Patty was, Jeffrey received a call-waiting beep and switched over to the other call. Paul said that he would find the guy on the phone and tear him apart.

It was Victor who phoned Jeffrey. Jeffrey told Victor that he had Patty. Victor told him to take Patty to the ranch, and then the one million dollars would belong to the Bardwells. A smiling Jeffrey said, "Okay. Let's deal, my friend."

Jeffrey returned to the cabin. Gloria asked him if he had made the deal with Jack. Jeffrey replied, "I made all sorts of deals."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

J.T. ran into Colleen at the Athletic Club. Colleen had just received some good news -- Dean Whitman from Genoa City University had called her and offered her a job teaching art history. The offer was contingent on a check of Colleen's references. J.T. hugged Colleen. From behind a nearby pillar, Victoria observed the hug.

Colleen told J.T. that she was going to be happy to be working in a "Newman-free zone," and suggested that J.T. try it, too. An irritated Victoria, having overheard Colleen's remark, walked away before J.T. told Colleen how much he loved Victoria and Reed. Colleen told J.T. that she was leaving town for a few days, after she visited Lily. When J.T. walked off, Colleen turned around and found herself standing face-to-face with a livid Victoria.

Colleen explained to Victoria that J.T. was simply congratulating Colleen on her new job. She told Victoria that J.T. had said that he loved his family, and advised Victoria not to be stupid enough to lose J.T. -- as Colleen had done years earlier.

At the Ashbys', Lily snapped at Cane for his constant hovering and pestering. She then apologized for being cross with him, and complained about not being able to leave the house because of her fever. Lily said she was starting to think that she wouldn't be able to get through the chemotherapy. She stopped Cane as he was about to say that Lily was a fighter.

Lily said that Neil and Devon called her a "fighter," and that she was sick of the word. Cane promised not to use it again. Cane reminded Lily that some eggs had been harvested from her before her surgery. He said that Lily would be the strongest woman in the world for her potential sons and daughters. Lily said that whomever their father was would have to love her children as much as she would.

Colleen stopped by, and Cane left her and Lily alone for some "girl talk." Colleen presented Lily with a gift -- a scarf that she had purchased at Fenmore's. She excitedly told Lily about her new job at the university. Colleen gave Lily a ceramic angel that Brad had given her when she was a baby. Colleen said that the angel would watch over Lily. Initially, Lily was reluctant to accept the gift, but took it when Colleen said that Lily should consider it a loan, until Lily went into remission. Colleen added that she wasn't ready to lose someone else whom she loved.

Colleen received a call from Dean Whitman, who rescinded the job offer. The dean said that he had seen the video of Colleen flashing the patrons at Jimmy's, and that type of behavior was unacceptable for a university faculty member. A devastated Colleen, referring to Victor, told Lily that thanks to her godfather, she wasn't getting the teaching position. Lily tried to cheer Colleen up by telling her that it was just a setback. Colleen said that she needed to go to the Newman ranch to see her mother, who was in town, but she was also going to have a word with that "S.O.B." Victor.

After Colleen left, Cane held Lily, whose fever had broken. She showed Cane the angel that Colleen had given to her. Lily kissed Cane, and the couple cuddled on the couch.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Chloe was on the phone, speaking to Esther. She told Esther that she wasn't going to hurt Chance -- that once Billy realized how much he loved Chloe, Chloe would find another woman for Chance. After Chloe hung up, Phillip showed up on the patio. Phillip told Chloe that he was there to meet Nina. When Chloe said that she was there to meet Chance, Phillip suggested that perhaps he and Nina should meet elsewhere. Chloe told Phillip to stay, and asked Phillip if he had seen Chance on television during the church standoff. Phillip said that he had, and that he was proud of his son. Chloe told Phillip that he should let Chance know that.

Nina arrived at the patio, but didn't looked thrilled when she saw Chloe chatting with Phillip. The threesome overheard a scene inside the coffeehouse, where Owen, the senior assistant district attorney, was chewing Chance out for having allowed Patty Williams to escape from the church. Chance promised that it would never happen again. Before Owen left, he told Chance that it had better not.

Chance joined Chloe, Nina, and Phillip on the patio. He was surprised that his parents were there. Nina and Phillip both told Chance how proud they were of how he had handled himself at the church standoff. Chance and Chloe excused themselves and went inside Crimson Lights. Phillip told Nina that he didn't understand why she didn't seem to like Chloe. Nina said that Chloe was obsessed with Phillip's brother, Billy, and was using Chance to make Billy jealous. When Nina said that Chloe would break Chance's heart, Phillip responded, "Like I did yours?"

Nina told Phillip that she had always felt guilty for coming between him and Cricket. Phillip told Nina that, while in Australia, he had followed her screenwriting career, and had thought about their son every day. Phillip then got down on his knee and proposed to Nina -- not that they would get married, but that they would remain best friends. Nina was touched.

Inside the coffeehouse, Chloe told Chance how impressed she was with him. Chance asked Chloe if she had signed the divorce papers. Chloe admitted that she hadn't. As Chloe tried to explain, Chance eased the tension by telling her a story about his third birthday party.

From the patio, Nina watched Chloe and Chance talk. Nina went inside, and interrupted their conversation. Nina asked Chance to give her and Chloe time to speak privately about Nina's screenplay. When Chance walked away, Chloe said that she and Nina didn't have any business to discuss. Nina said that they did, so long as Chloe continued to try to seduce Chance.

Chloe denied trying to seduce Chance -- she said they were just having coffee and a croissant. Nina accused Chloe of trying to make Billy jealous by using Chance. When Chloe said that Nina didn't know anything about her, Nina replied, "Wrong. I was you. And you've met your match."

Chloe told Nina that Nina wasn't the first "mother from hell" that she had dealt with. Nina said that compared to her, Jill was a lightweight. She told Chloe to get her hooks out of Chance, or Chloe would be asking for trouble.

Across the coffeehouse, Phillip joined Chance and apologized for sounding like an idiot -- Phillip said that he had no right to play the proud father. Phillip then told Chance that he was impressed with how Chance had handled himself when Owen was reaming him out. Phillip said that while Chance faced his life, Phillip had run away from his. As Phillip began to walk away, Chance told his father to wait.

Chance told Phillip that when he was young, he had asked Nina to make him a cream cheese, tomato, and olive sandwich. Phillip said that was his favorite sandwich. Chance said that he knew that -- because Nina had started to cry when Chance had asked for the sandwich. Chance said that perhaps he did inherit a few genes from Phillip.

Phillip and Chance rejoined Nina and Chloe on the patio. Both Nina and Chloe put on fake smiles, and Chloe said that they were just getting to know each other. Chloe said that she needed to go, and Chance escorted her out. Alone with Phillip, Nina's smile quickly faded. Phillip realized that there was trouble between Chloe and Nina.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley was napping on the living room sofa when she suddenly woke up from a nightmare. She reminded herself that she had nothing to fear from Sabrina, but wondered who the woman in her nightmare had been. Victor joined Ashley and tried to comfort her. Ashley told Victor that she was still half-asleep, and she went up to the bedroom. After Ashley was gone, Victor made a phone call and left a message, "Bardwell, where the hell's my package."

The doorbell rang. It was Katherine, who had arrived to speak with Victor. They talked quietly by the front door, so as not to disturb Ashley. Katherine asked Victor if he had seen or heard from Nikki. Victor said that he hadn't. Katherine was concerned that Nikki hadn't contacted her or the Newman children, and she thought that something was very wrong.

Katherine told Victor that she knew that Nikki had visited him the night that Nikki disappeared, and she wondered if anything had happened between Victor and Nikki that night. Victor lied and said that Nikki had merely told him that she didn't want to marry Paul.

Victor remembered Nikki's visit that night -- how Nikki had said that Victor was the only man she had ever truly loved, and had expressed her belief that she was the only woman who Victor had ever loved. Ashley overheard as Victor told Katherine that Nikki had admitted that she still loved Victor. Ashley went back upstairs and told herself that Nikki hadn't been there that stormy night -- rather, it had been Sabrina. Ashley then remembered that Victor had convinced her that Sabrina was dead. Ashley wondered who she had hit with her car that night.

Katherine was angry with Victor for having turned Nikki away after Nikki declared her love for him. Victor said that he had no other choice, since he was married with a baby on the way. Katherine was concerned that Nikki might have started drinking again. She scolded Victor for not being concerned enough about Nikki, and reminded him that it was his and Nikki's wedding anniversary. After the disgusted Katherine left, Victor looked at a calendar, and remembered the wedding vows that Nikki had recited at their wedding.

J.T. and Victoria met at the Athletic Club. Victoria wanted to know if he was still working on the Patty Williams case. J.T. told Victoria that he didn't want to argue, and asked her to wait for him there. After J.T. left, Katherine joined Victoria and told her that she had just spoken to Victor. Katherine said that Nikki was in serious trouble.

Katherine told Victoria that Nikki had told Victor how much she loved him, and that Nikki not been heard from since. J.T. joined them, and asked Victoria if she was okay. Victoria said that she wasn't okay. She told J.T. to drop the search for Patty Williams, and to search for Nikki. Victoria said that she had a feeling that something bad had happened to her mother.

Traci showed up at the Newman ranch. Victor wondered if she had been in on her brothers' "plot" to have Ashley institutionalized. Traci admitted that she thought that Ashley should be evaluated. When Victor tried to turn Traci away by telling her that Ashley was sleeping, Traci said that she wouldn't take no for an answer. Victor told Traci that because she was such a nice person, he would let her in to see her sister.

In the master bedroom, Traci asked Victor to give her and Ashley some privacy. After Victor left, Ashley accused Traci of wanting her institutionalized, just as Billy and Jack did. Ashley told Traci that a psychiatrist had said that she was perfectly sane. Traci wondered why, if Ashley was perfectly sane, she was shaking like a leaf.

Ashley told Traci that she felt that her family was against her, when she needed their support. Traci said that she was feeling shut out of Ashley's life, and that was why she had returned to Genoa City. She said that living at the Newman ranch was breaking Ashley. Ashley insisted that Victor and Adam were helping her. Traci countered by saying that Ashley wasn't getting any better.

Ashley began crying and insisted that she wasn't losing her mind. She told Traci that she needed a sister who believed in her. Traci assured Ashley that she did, and the sisters hugged and cried.

Downstairs, Victor remembered being in the church after Nikki left town, telling God that he still loved Nikki. Answering a knock at the door, he found Colleen. When Victor coldly told Colleen that Traci was upstairs, Colleen said that her mother could wait -- that she had business to discuss with Victor.

In the bedroom, Traci promised Ashley that she would speak to Jack and Billy. The sisters said goodbye and Traci left the room. As Ashley poured herself a glass of water, she remembered the stormy night when she had taken the car out. Ashley remembered seeing Sabrina in the road, but then she remembered it being Nikki. She dropped the glass of water. Traci ran back into the room. Ashley said, "Oh, no. What have I done?"

Friday, September 4, 2009

At the ranch, Ashley confessed to Traci that she had a memory of hitting a woman with a car. Ashley was certain that it had not been a dream. Traci asked Ashley to explain the details of the night and what had happened. Ashley said she had been driving in a storm and she hit a woman. Ashley admitted that her nightmares had become confused with her reality.

Suddenly, Adam interrupted Ashley and Traci. Traci introduced herself to Adam. Ashley asked Adam to leave her alone with Traci. Before leaving, Adam made snide comment about Billy and Jack, implying that the Abbott family hadn't had Ashley's best interests at heart. Adam said goodbye and walked out.

Traci tried to get Ashley to return to the story about the night of the storm, but Ashley had a change of heart. Ashley said that she had been telling Traci about a dream, nothing more. Traci asked Ashley to see a doctor for a complete checkup, but Ashley refused. Traci suggested that Ashley at least consult with Olivia, but Ashley wouldn't consider it. Ashley said she needed to rest. Outside the room, Adam listened at the door and smiled because Ashley was no longer confiding in Traci.

In the living room at the ranch, Victor tried to dismiss Colleen, but Colleen would not go away. Colleen was furious that Victor had blackballed her so that nobody would hire her. Colleen accused Victor of putting the incriminating video of Colleen at Jimmy's Bar on the Internet. Victor told Colleen that Jack was to blame for Colleen's problems.

The man from the bank knocked on Victor's front door. Victor stepped outside to speak with the man, asking him to withdraw one million dollars in cash.

When Victor stepped back inside the house, he dismissed Colleen when she defended herself and Jack. Victor pointed out that the video had been Colleen's fault. Victor claimed that Colleen had been blowing off steam at Jimmy's because of the pressure she had been under trying to hold onto her seat on the Newman Board of D irectors. Traci walked into the room and heard Victor and Colleen arguing. Traci asked Colleen to wait outside for her.

Victor told Traci that Colleen had the facts wrong. Traci reminded Victor that he had once vowed to protect Colleen when she was a child. Traci said that Victor had also promised to take care of Ashley, but he wasn't doing that. Traci believed that Ashley was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Victor said the he trusted Ashley to know her condition better than the doctors.

Traci begged Victor to do what was best for Ashley. Victor declared that he lived with Ashley and knew her better than Traci or anyone else in the Abbott family did. Victor said that he was Ashley's family. Traci pleaded with Victor to put aside his feud with Jack and think of Ashley. Victor dismissed Traci and her brothers from Ashley's life. Victor told Traci to leave.

At the Abbott cabin, Patty was tied up and sleeping in a chair. Jeffrey returned and told Gloria that he had made all the arrangements for the money drops. Jeffrey was confident that he could get both Victor and Jack to pay the ransoms for Patty, and Jeff would not have to face either man. Jeffrey declared that timing was everything.

Patty woke up and said that she would tell Jack the truth about Gloria and Jeffrey's actions, promising to take them both down. Jeffrey ignored Patty. Jeffrey was determined to collect both ransoms, even though Gloria feared Victor's wrath. Jeffrey laughed and told Gloria it was time to go. Before leaving, Patty asked Gloria to leave Kitty Kitty behind. After a moment's hesitation, Gloria gave Patty the basket with the kitten inside.

Jack spoke on the phone with Paul to find out the latest about Patty. When Jack ended the call, Billy reminded Jack that they had to finish the Kellerman deal. Jack had no interest in business. Billy told Jack that they needed to confront Victor and get Ashley away from the ranch. Billy asked Jack to help him rescue Ashley.

Jack told Billy that they couldn't get Ashley away from Victor by storming the ranch. Jack believed that the way to take Victor down was to get Patty to incriminate Victor. Jack was confident that once Patty was found, she would point the finger at Victor. Billy had no confidence in Patty, and Billy feared for Ashley's sanity. Billy felt that they could not wait to save Ashley.

Colleen arrived at Jack's after her encounter with Victor. Colleen blasted Jack for using Colleen to fight his battle with Victor. Jack assured her that he hadn't done that, but Colleen was furious. Colleen said she had needed a father figure after Brad died, but Jack had failed her. Jack apologized, but Colleen was in tears. Billy sided with Colleen.

Billy said that Jack had been too cautious about going after Victor. Billy offered to take Colleen out for coffee. Traci walked into the house as Billy and Colleen were leaving, and said she would join them later.

Alone with Jack, Traci blamed Jack for hurting Colleen. Traci said that Jack didn't want to acknowledge all the damage his feud with Victor had done. Traci feared that Victor and Jack's war had seriously harmed Ashley.

Ashley was alone in her room and recalled instances when Adam undermined her sanity. When Adam knocked on the door and let himself in, Ashley turned on him. Adam mentioned the hit-and-run accident and said he had done everything to support her. Ashley said she was confused and didn't know what to believe anymore.

Adam pleaded with Ashley to trust him. Adam assured Ashley that he was her friend. Ashley said that she was remembering more about the night of the hit and run. Ashley told Adam that she thought she had hit Nikki with the car.

Ashley told Adam that she was concerned about Nikki, because nobody had heard from her since that night. Ashley wanted to tell Victor that she had had hit Nikki, but Adam convinced Ashley not to say a word. Adam was certain that everyone, including Victor, would believe that Ashley was crazy if she revealed her suspicions.

A short time later, Victor walked into Ashley's room to tell her that he had to go out for a while. Ashley seemed upset, and Victor asked her if she was all right. Ashley admitted that she realized that she couldn't trust her sister because Traci would tell Jack whatever Ashley told Traci. Adam listened from outside the door. Victor said that he would have a long talk with Ashley when he returned, then he said goodbye.

Outside the bedroom, Victor called the banker and learned that the money had been withdrawn. Victor arranged to pick up the one million dollars.

At the jail, Kevin gave Ryder advice about how to convince Michael to represent him. Ryder wondered if he and Kevin were really brothers. Kevin said if Ryder had been lying to him, Kevin would kick his ass. Ryder reminded Kevin that he had been abused as a child by Tom Fisher, just like Kevin had been. Kevin said he would believe he and Ryder were brothers if the DNA results proved it.

Ryder tried to bond with Kevin about the abuse they both suffered at Tom's hand. Ryder thanked Kevin for giving him the chance at a real life. Kevin assured Ryder that he could have a good life. Kevin offered to help Ryder start over.

At Crimson Lights, Jana urged Amber not to marry Deacon. Daniel appeared and realized that Jana had set him up to meet with Amber. Jana tried to get Daniel to talk with Amber. Jana explained that everything that Amber had done had been to help Daniel. Daniel was disgusted by Amber's involvement with Deacon. Jana pestered Daniel until he agreed to give Amber five minutes of his time.

Daniel sat at the table with Amber. Amber told him that she was marrying Deacon in the next few days. Amber explained that Deacon was forcing her to marry him. Daniel said he didn't believe in Amber anymore.

Amber reminded Daniel that he had lied to her about forging the Terroni. Amber assured Daniel that she didn't want to marry Deacon. Daniel wanted Amber to tell him the real reason she was giving in to Deacon's demands. Daniel threatened to get the truth from Deacon if Amber wouldn't tell him.

Amber begged Daniel to keep away from Deacon. Amber was frightened by what Deacon might do to Daniel. When she touched Daniel's hands, they both became emotional. Daniel told Amber that she wouldn't have to marry Deacon if Amber married Daniel instead.

Over coffee, Colleen told Billy she had been thinking about going away for a while. Billy suggested that Colleen use the Abbott cabin. Colleen liked the idea, so Billy gave her the key. Traci joined Billy and Colleen at the table. Traci approved of Colleen going to the cabin. Traci also told Colleen how proud she had been of Colleen for the way she had confronted Victor and Jack.

Colleen said goodbye and left Crimson Lights. Billy asked Traci about Ashley's condition. Traci admitted that she was very concerned about Ashley. Billy told Traci that they should team up for Ashley's sake and get Ashley away from Victor.

A messenger arrived at the coffee house looking for Kevin. Jana showed the man her authorization to sign for Kevin, since he was not there. Jana saw that it was the DNA results.

At the jail, Jana gave the envelope with the DNA results to Kevin. Kevin opened it up and told Ryder that they were brothers. Ryder hugged Kevin.

In the van, Jeff called Jack with the instructions about where to leave the money. Gloria and Jeff laughed excitedly about collecting three million dollars.

Victor collected the money from his banker. The banker asked if Victor had a bodyguard, but Victor assured the man that he was able to handle the drop by himself.

At the ranch, Billy entered Ashley's room and found her crying on the bed. Billy picked his sister up and headed out of the room. Adam asked Billy where he was going. Billy told Adam to let Victor know that Billy Abbott said Victor could go to hell. Billy walked past him with Ashley in his arms.

Before leaving for the ransom drop, Jack recalled his encounters with Patty. Jack was determined to get Patty back. Jack picked up the attaché case with the ransom money and headed out.

At the Abbott cabin, Colleen unlocked the door, walked in, and saw Patty tied to a chair. Patty had her head down and Colleen didn't recognize her.

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