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Mary Jane took Colleen hostage. Billy and Traci made Ashley see a psychiatrist. Ryder revealed that he and Deacon were in Genoa City to find an expensive painting that Tom had stolen. Daniel interrupted Amber and Deacon's wedding ceremony.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 7, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Due to CBS Sport coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

This scheduling change will not result in any "lost" episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 8, and pick up where Friday, September 4's shows concluded.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jeffrey disguised his voice on the computer and called Jack. Jeffrey said he would turn over Mary Jane to Jack for the money. Gloria was happy to see that they had something over Jack. Victor was also waiting to pay Jeffrey and Gloria for Mary Jane's exchange. Gloria and Jeff watched from a hidden videotape.

Colleen found Mary Jane at the cabin and untied her. Mary Jane said that she had been drugged and held captive. When Colleen realized that the woman was Mary Jane, it was too late. Mary Jane tied Colleen's hands behind her back and grabbed a gun out of the drawer. Mary Jane led Colleen out to Colleen's car and started driving. Colleen begged that Mary Jane take her home. She said that she would help her if she could. When Mary Jane saw that Colleen was trying to call for help, she pointed the gun directly at her.

Gloria and Jeffrey told Victor to put the money into one of the nearby lockers. When they told Victor where to go, he said that was not part of the deal. Victor decided to keep the key and walked away.

Jeffrey and Gloria also sent Jack on a wild goose chase. They had Jack put the money in the locker next to Victor's. When Jack received the directions to his own cabin, he gave the video camera a deathly stare.

Jeffrey and Gloria toasted to their plan. Gloria wished they had put a video camera in the cabin so they could watch Victor and Jack's faces. Gloria and Jeffrey went to the lockers and happily opened two suitcases full of money. The second Gloria touched the money, the money exploded in their faces. They had been booby-trapped.

When Victor and Jack showed up at the cabin, they realized they had been had. Jack accused Victor of turning Patty Williams into Mary Jane. Jack said that every crime Mary Jane had committed was on Victor's head. Victor said he would find Mary Jane no matter who she was. Victor and Jack realized that if they wanted to find Mary Jane, they needed to work together.

Kevin was shocked that the test results proved that Ryder was his brother. Kevin said he would do everything in his power to get Ryder free. Jana was skeptical about the test results. Ryder told her he was happy he had a sister-in-law.

Jana told Michael and Lauren that she didn't believe Ryder's story. She asked Michael to find out the truth before Kevin got hurt. Michael and Lauren listened to Ryder's story. Kevin and Lauren seemed satisfied with the story, but Michael did not. Kevin was furious that Michael wouldn't help his brother. Michael said that he wanted to look into the story first.

Lauren secretly told Michael that she there was something off about Ryder. She said she wouldn't feel comfortable with Michael taking the case. Michael said the least he could do was look into the case for Kevin's sake.

When Ryder told Kevin about Tom's painting, Kevin was skeptical at first. But he then admitted that he still had some things that belonged to Tom. Kevin said that there was a key in a safety deposit box, and told Ryder about the bank location.

Amber asked Daniel if he was serious about marrying her. Deacon walked in the coffeehouse and told Daniel he was too late. Deacon said that he had a signed confession that Ryder was never in the alley. Deacon told Amber she should start getting ready for their wedding. Amber told Daniel that Deacon had won. She said that she would not risk Daniel's life for herself.

Daniel told Jana that Deacon and Ryder were working together. Daniel said he was tired of Amber trying to protect him; he was going to get himself out of the mess he was in. Daniel had a plan. He called 9-1-1 and told Jana that she needed to tell them there was a drunk person at the coffeehouse.

Deacon told Amber that all she had to do was show up and look gorgeous at their wedding.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

On the Crimson Lights patio, Jana had Daniel, who was pretending to be a disruptive drunk, arrested and taken away by the police -- part of Jana and Daniel's plan to place Daniel in close proximity to Ryder in the county jail.

After Daniel was gone, Michael showed up at the coffeehouse and told Jana that he needed to speak with Kevin. Michael said that he had proof that Ryder was lying about being Tom Fisher's son.

At the jail, Ryder told Kevin how happy he was that Kevin had the key to Tom's safe-deposit box. Kevin and Ryder felt that the Terroni painting that Tom had stolen would be in the box. Kevin said that with the reward money he would receive for recovering the painting, he could hire a great attorney for Ryder. Ryder said that he was lucky to have Kevin as a brother.

After Kevin left, Ryder called Deacon to tell him about Kevin and the safe-deposit box key. Ryder told Deacon that he didn't like using Kevin. Deacon said that Ryder's mother would be furious if she found out that Ryder was getting cold feet. He firmly told Ryder to get the painting from Kevin.

At the coffeehouse, Jana looked over the financial papers that Michael had with him. Kevin entered and asked Jana if she remembered where he had put Tom's safe-deposit box key. He told Michael and Jana that Ryder thought that Tom might have stashed the real Terroni in the safe-deposit box. Michael told Kevin that, according to the papers that Michael had, Tom had nothing to do with Ryder's upbringing.

After Kevin was done going through the papers, Michael said that the records proved that Tom had never been in the same town -- much less the same house -- that Ryder had been raised in. Kevin said that all the papers proved was that Tom didn't keep financial records on his second family -- the family that Ryder was part of. When Michael began to argue with Kevin, Kevin accused Michael of being jealous of Ryder, and told Michael that he was standing by Ryder.

At the jail, the drunk-acting Daniel was placed in the same area that Ryder was in. Daniel "sobered up" and pressed Ryder against the bars, demanding to know who had really killed Ray Elkins. Ryder began talking, and told Daniel all about Tom Fisher, the stolen Terroni -- and how Kevin had the key to the safe-deposit box where Tom might have stashed the painting. Daniel screamed at Ryder, "Who told you that Tom hid the painting?" Ryder yelled for help, and a guard pulled Daniel off of Ryder and took Daniel away.

Kevin went back to the jail with the paperwork that allegedly proved that Ryder hadn't been raised by Tom. Ryder insisted that Tom did live in the house -- but had often left Ryder alone for days at a time. Ryder insisted that he wasn't lying. A frustrated Ryder stood up and said, "I don't need anyone." As Ryder was about to walk off, Kevin said that he would get the key to the safe-deposit box, go to Detroit, and retrieve the painting. Ryder looked relieved.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Deacon and an extremely reluctant Amber were making plans for their wedding, which was to take place the next day. Sensing Amber's bad attitude, Deacon told her to "ditch it," or Daniel would be going to jail. After Deacon left, Katherine and Murphy walked over to Amber. Katherine showed Amber the invitation to Amber and Deacon's wedding that Katherine had received, and asked Amber what was going on.

Katherine told Amber that she should be marrying Daniel. She asked Amber to look Katherine in the eye and say that she was in love with Deacon Sharpe. Amber began crying and said that she had to go. After Amber left, Katherine told Murphy that she was going to find out what was going on -- before Amber made the biggest mistake of her life.

Amber returned to the club and found Murphy sitting alone at a table. He tried to convince Amber that she didn't have to marry Deacon, but Amber said that she had to. Murphy told Amber that if she was in trouble, he and Katherine would help. Amber was touched, but refused Murphy's offer. Amber asked where Katherine was, and was shocked when he told her that Katherine had gone upstairs to speak with Deacon. Amber ran from the table.

Katherine went to Deacon's suite and introduced herself. She told him that she knew that his marriage to Amber wasn't really about love, and wanted to know how much money it would take for Deacon to leave Amber alone and get out of town. Deacon said that he couldn't put a price on not spending the rest of his life with the woman he loved. As Katherine began telling Deacon that she had dealt with slime like him before, Amber arrived at the suite.

Katherine told Amber that she didn't have to go through with the wedding. A sobbing Amber told Katherine that she did. Katherine told the unhappy girl that she and Murphy were there for her. Before Katherine left, she hugged Amber. As Katherine walked out, she warned Deacon that she would be keeping an eye on him. When Katherine was gone, Amber received a phone call and told Deacon that she had to go.

At the jail, a guard told Daniel that someone had paid his bail. When Daniel asked who, Amber walked in and said that she had posted bond. She told Daniel that she still planned to marry Deacon, and that, for both her and Daniel's sake, Daniel needed to let her go.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. told Victoria that his contacts at the police department were trying to track down Nikki. J.T.'s cell phone beeped. Victoria looked at the phone and saw that Colleen had left J.T. a voicemail. Victoria said that Colleen had a lot of nerve calling J.T., but he insisted that they were just friends. Victoria stood up and told her husband that if he didn't have time to look for Nikki, she would hire someone who did have time . Victoria stormed out, passing Paul, who had arrived to meet with J.T.

Back at the Athletic Club, Katherine told Murphy that Deacon had claimed to be in love with Amber. Victoria joined them and told Katherine that J.T. was trying to track down Nikki. Victoria was shocked to learn that Amber was marrying Deacon the following day. Seeing Victoria's reaction to the news, Katherine asked her if she knew Deacon. Victoria said that she knew that he was an art dealer, and that she had bought some pieces for the Newman Art Foundation from him. Katherine warned Victoria that Deacon was "bad news."

Later, Deacon sat at the club's bar, talking on his phone. He was promising someone that he would get the painting. After he hung up, Victoria sat down next to him and snidely said that she had heard that congratulations were in order. When Deacon suggested that he and Victoria go to his suite and make love, Victoria became disgusted and reminded him that it was the night before his wedding.

At the Abbott cabin, Victor told Jack that he would find Patty and her captors. Jack said that if Jack found them first, he would find out what Victor's connection to Patty was and would see Victor behind bars. Jack wondered what Ashley would think when she learned that the woman who had been tormenting her was on Victor's payroll.

At Billy's trailer, Traci and Billy told Ashley that a doctor was on his way. Ashley was agitated, and told Traci and Billy that she was tired of their interference in her life. Traci said that she and Billy just wanted to make sure that the baby was okay, and begged Ashley to allow the doctor to examine her. Ashley acquiesced, and said that she would do it for the baby.

Dr. Simmons showed up at the trailer. Ashley told the doctor that she was under the care of Dr. Taylor from Harvard. Ashley said that several months earlier she had experienced some cramping and bleeding, but that Dr. Taylor had examined her and assured her that she and the baby were fine. As Simmons began asking Ashley questions about her nightmares, Ashley realized that the doctor wasn't an obstetrician -- rather, he was a psychiatrist. Ashley became hysterical, but Traci calmed her down and convinced her sister to allow the doctor to talk with her. Ashley said that after the examination, she wanted her siblings to leave her alone.

At the Newman ranch, Adam was on the phone with a hospital, trying to find out if Ashley had been admitted. Victor returned home, and Adam told his father that Billy had shown up at the ranch and taken Ashley away. A livid Victor left, intent on finding Ashley.

After Victor left, Adam called Dr. Taylor and left a message that Ashley was being examined by another doctor. He warned Taylor that if the other doctor discovered that Ashley was suffering from a hysterical pregnancy, both Adam and Taylor would " be dead." After hanging up, Adam answered a knock at the door. Standing there were his lawyer, Dean, and a police officer. Dean told Adam that he was being released from house arrest. He further informed Adam that the officer was going to remove Adam's ankle bracelet, and that Adam could go wherever he wanted, as long as he didn't leave the country. Adam was thrilled.

At the Athletic Club, Jack asked the manager if she had ever seen Victor Newman with Mary Jane Benson. The manager said that she hadn't, but that she would ask the staff. After the manager walked away, Victor approached Jack and demanded that he tell Victor where Ashley was. Jack had no idea what Victor was talking about. As the two men were about to scuffle, Katherine interrupted them. Traci called Jack and told him to go to Billy's trailer, because Ashley was there. When Jack started walking out, Victor asked him where he was going. Jack told him to mind his own business. Ignoring Katherine's attempt to stop him, Victor followed Jack out of the club.

Jack showed up at Billy's trailer, and assured Ashley that he hadn't known anything about her "abduction" until Traci called him. The hysterical Ashley accused Billy, Jack, and Traci of trying to control her. Ashley calmed down when Victor showed up to take her back to the ranch. After the Newmans were gone, Dr. Simmons told the Abbotts that they should be very concerned about Ashley. When the doctor left, Jack berated Billy for trying to be a hero by taking Ashley from the ranch. Jack said, "Because of you, we may have just lost our sister for good."

Victor took Ashley back to the ranch. Adam, who was on his way out of the house with his luggage, was relieved to learn that Ashley hadn't been physically examined by Dr. Simmons. Victor noticed Adam's luggage and asked if his son was going somewhere. Adam told Victor and Ashley that he had been released from house arrest, and that he was returning to Kansas. Ashley begged Adam to stay in Genoa City. Victor agreed with Ashley, and told Adam that he could stay at the ranch for as long as he wished. Ashley said that it wouldn't feel right giving birth without Adam there.

Back at the trailer, the Abbotts tried to think of someone else to get through to Ashley. Traci suggested Abby, but Jack said that Abby had been through enough. Jack suggested Colleen, but Traci said that she hadn't been able to reach her daughter. Billy told Jack and Traci that Colleen was at the Abbott cabin. Jack said that he had been at the cabin just an hour earlier and that Colleen hadn't been there. Traci was concerned about Colleen's whereabouts.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. and Paul listened to the voicemail that Colleen had left. The message was a snippet of a terrified Colleen pleading with Patty not to hurt her, followed by Patty's voice. Paul and J.T. realized that Patty was holding Colleen hostage.

In a secluded area in the woods, Patty tied Colleen to a tree. Colleen begged Patty to untie her, but Patty said that Colleen would try to escape if she weren't tied up. Colleen promised that she wouldn't try to escape, but Patty didn't believe her. Patty said that she and Kitty Kitty would watch Colleen sleep. Patty pointed a gun at Colleen.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

At the Abbott cabin, Jack, Paul, and J.T. didn't find any clues as to Patty and Colleen's whereabouts, but they figured out that the kidnappers must have left Patty tied up. They assumed that Colleen had found and untied Patty, who then must have taken Colleen hostage. They wondered how Patty had been able to control Colleen. Jack opened a drawer and told J.T. and Paul that John's gun was missing -- and that Patty was probably using it to hold Colleen prisoner.

Jack called the police and told them that Patty was not far from the Abbott cabin, and that she was holding a captive. He added that she was armed and dangerous. Paul, reminding Jack and J.T. that Patty was Paul's sister, wasn't thrilled that Jack had used the term "dangerous." Jack and Paul began to argue about the state of Patty's mental health, but J.T. defused the fighting by telling them that Colleen was sharp, and had probably left them a clue as to her whereabouts. Paul said that Patty had no reason to hurt Colleen, but Jack said that Patty had no rational reason to hurt Summer or Ashley, either. J.T. reminded Paul that Patty had attacked Paul with a knife.

Out in the woods, Patty woke up Colleen, who was tied to a tree. She untied Colleen and told her that it was time for them to get moving. As they began to walk, Colleen surreptitiously ripped a piece of her scarf and dropped it on the ground.

Later, Patty was happy to hear the sound of a stream in the distance, because Kitty Kitty was thirsty. Colleen said that she knew the area, and would lead Patty to the stream. As they walked, Colleen dropped a trail of scarf pieces.

Back at the cabin, Jack received a phone call from Colleen's phone. He answered, assuming that it was Colleen, but it was actually Patty. Colleen was sitting near Patty, bound and gagged. Jack put Patty on speakerphone so that J.T. and Paul could hear the conversation. Jack told Patty that he was very concerned about her. Patty was happy to hear that, and assumed that Jack was eager to continue with their interrupted wedding. Jack asked Patty where she was, but Patty said that she would go to Jack.

Patty became upset when Jack asked where Colleen was, realizing that Jack was more concerned about Colleen than he was about her. Colleen was able to loosen her gag, and shouted, "Jack! Cow...!" before Patty dropped the phone on the ground and smashed it with her foot. Extremely angry, Patty pointed the gun at Colleen.

Patty and Colleen arrived at an abandoned campsite, "Camp Cheveyo! Cowabunga!" Patty realized why Colleen had yelled "cow" to Jack and had led Patty to the campsite. Colleen said that Jack would be showing up soon, as all of the Abbott children had gone to the camp. Patty said that Jack probably didn't hear Colleen yell, and that no one was going to show up. Colleen whined that she wanted to go home. Patty said that she wanted to go home, too -- but that Colleen had made that impossible. Patty pointed the gun at Colleen and said, "You blew it, little girl."

Jack, J.T., and Paul wondered what Colleen was trying to tell Jack when she yelled, "cow." J.T. did an Internet search on nearby establishments that had "cow" in their name, or featured statues of cows. J.T. wondered if Colleen could have been referring to a dairy farm. Jack remembered that there was an abandoned dairy farm about an hour from the cabin. Paul and Jack rushed out, leaving J.T. to update the highway patrol.

Victoria and Nick met at Crimson Lights to discuss some business problems at Newman Enterprises. Their conversation turned to Nikki's whereabouts. Victoria told Nick that J.T. was too preoccupied to do a proper search for Nikki. Nick told Victoria that Summer was doing well in Switzerland, and that he hoped that Patty Williams was apprehended before she had the chance to hurt someone else.

In her room at the psychiatric hospital, Sharon spoke to her unborn child. She mentioned that she hadn't heard from Nick, and wondered if Phyllis had dragged him off to Switzerland. Sharon "told" her baby that Sharon had been growing calmer, and that by the time the baby was born, Sharon might have her act together.

Nick visited Sharon. She asked him how Phyllis had reacted to the news that Nick was the father of Sharon's child. Nick admitted that he hadn't told Phyllis. He said that he had arrived at the airport, where Summer and Phyllis had been waiting to board their flight to Switzerland, but he looked at Phyllis and decided that he didn't want to burden her with the news of Sharon's child's paternity.

Sharon agreed that it would have been cruel for Nick to tell Phyllis the news just before she took Summer for therapy in Switzerland. Sharon said that if Phyllis knew, Phyllis would have spent her time in Switzerland worrying that Nick and Sharon were bonding over the unborn child. Sharon and Nick agreed that, for the time being, they wouldn't tell anyone else that Nick was the baby's father.

Sharon thought that perhaps Nick should never tell Phyllis that he was the father. Nick said that he was not going to keep any secrets from his wife. Sharon reminded Nick that they had previously made bad decisions about revealing secrets -- decisions that had led to heartache for others, particularly Jack and Noah. Sharon said that she was willing to raise the child on her own. Nick rejected that idea -- he wanted the baby to know that he was her father. Nick admitted that people would be hurt when the truth was revealed, but he felt that he, Sharon, and Phyllis would find a way to work things out.

Nick told Sharon that he didn't want her to handle everything on her own -- that her child had a father and that he would be there for Sharon and her child every step of the way. Nick spoke to the unborn child, "You hear that, Faith Cassidy Newman? I'm your father." Sharon looked thrilled.

In her suite at the Athletic Club, Amber dreamt that she was in bed with Daniel. She woke up when the phone rang. It was Deacon calling, reminding Amber that they were going to be married later that day. He warned Amber not to be late to the wedding.

Chloe, Amber's matron of honor, stopped by Amber's suite. She looked at Amber's wedding dress, and was shocked to see that it was black. As Amber tried to hold back tears, Chloe said that Amber looked miserable. Jana showed up and told Amber that she wouldn't be attending the wedding, as she couldn't condone Amber marrying someone who Amber hated. Amber told Chloe and Jana that they didn't know Deacon like Amber did -- and that Deacon was capable of anything. She told Chloe and Jana that if they didn't want to help her get ready for the wedding, then they should leave.

Deacon, dressed to the nines, visited Ryder in prison, and reminded Ryder that Deacon was getting married later that day. A less-than-thrilled Ryder told Deacon that he thought that he would already be out of prison. Deacon told Ryder to relax -- that their plan was working. Deacon said that they would soon be getting the painting, and then Ryder would be getting out of jail. Ryder told Deacon that Daniel had pretended to be drunk in order to get arrested and question Ryder. He assured Deacon that he didn't tell Daniel anything that would screw the plan up.

Ryder told Deacon that Daniel and Michael were trying to turn Kevin against him. Deacon told Ryder to "stick to the act," and, after Kevin delivered the painting, Ryder would get everything that he ever dreamed of.

After Deacon left, the despondent-looking Ryder was surprised when the guard told him that he had a visitor. Ryder was shocked to see his mother, who walked over to Ryder and touched him on the cheek.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin was on the phone with an airline, booking a one-way ticket to Detroit. He had the key to Tom's safe-deposit box in his hand. After Kevin hung up, Daniel walked up to him. Kevin said that he was going to use the reward money from the recovered Terroni to hire a legal team to get Ryder out of jail. Daniel said that Ryder was using Kevin to get the Terroni, and that Ryder had been playing Kevin.

Daniel and Kevin began to argue. Daniel told Kevin that Ryder wasn't even in the alley the night that Ray Elkins had been murdered, and that Ryder would recant his confession if Deacon told him to. Kevin became upset when he learned that Daniel had gone to the jail and roughed up Ryder. Kevin said that he wasn't surprised that Ryder, having been abused as a child, told Daniel whatever Daniel wanted to hear. Kevin felt that if Ryder was mixed up with Deacon, that was all the more reason for Kevin to help Ryder.

Daniel was shocked that Kevin was going to help Ryder, the guy who had framed Daniel for murder. Kevin told Daniel that it had been Deacon, and not Ryder, who had framed Daniel. Daniel accused Kevin of turning his back on Amber. Kevin countered that Daniel had thrown Amber out of Daniel's apartment. Daniel and Kevin continued bickering, and ended up having a fistfight, rolling around on the floor.

Jana broke up the fight and Daniel stormed out of Crimson Lights. While placing some ice on Kevin's injured hand, Jana yelled at Kevin, telling him that Ryder was turning all of Kevin's friends against Kevin. Kevin said that he didn't have time to worry about that, as he had to catch his flight to Detroit. Searching his pockets, Kevin realized that he had lost the key to Tom's safe-deposit box.

Katherine and Murphy arrived at the Athletic Club for Deacon and Amber's wedding. They ran into Chance, who informed them that Chloe, Amber's matron of honor, had invited him to attend. Chance told Katherine that Chloe was confused about Amber's choice for a husband, because Chloe thought that Amber loved Daniel. Victoria entered the club and Katherine walked over to her to see if she had any news about Nikki. Victoria said that she didn't. Katherine said that she planned to get Chance involved in tracking Nikki down.

Chloe and Chance were chatting with Katherine and Murphy when Deacon showed up. Chloe thought that Deacon was good-looking. Deacon walked over to the group and Murphy introduced him . Deacon spotted Victoria and asked her to stay for the ceremony. When Deacon walked away to talk with the justice of the peace, the group expressed their hope that Amber had changed her mind about marrying Deacon. Amber walked in, wearing her black dress and a despondent expression on her face.

Chloe told Katherine and Murphy that Amber was marrying Deacon because Deacon was holding some information about Daniel over Amber's head. Katherine asked Chance if there was anything that he could do as a law enforcement officer, since it appeared that Deacon was blackmailing Amber. Chance said that he might be able to do something -- but Amber would first have to file a complaint against Deacon. Katherine felt that it was worth a try, and sent Chance over to speak with Deacon and Amber.

Chance told Amber and Deacon that some people had raised concerns about Amber's willingness to go through with the wedding. Deacon said that Daniel Romalotti, Amber's ex, had started those nasty rumors. Chance told Amber that she didn't have to go through with the marriage, and asked her if she would like him to stop the wedding. Amber said that she wanted to marry Deacon. Deacon announced that the wedding was about to begin.

Chloe marched down the aisle and stood next to the justice of the peace and Deacon. Both Chloe and Katherine stared at Amber, their eyes almost begging her to call the wedding off. The pianist began playing "Here Comes the Bride," and Amber began her walk down the aisle.

Just as Amber was about to say, "I do," Daniel rushed into the club and stopped her from completing her vows. Deacon urged Amber to finish, but Daniel told Amber that she didn't have to marry Deacon. Deacon asked a waiter to summon security. Kevin and Jana rushed into the club. Daniel told Amber that there was something that Deacon wanted even more than her. When Deacon denied it, Daniel held up the key to Tom's safe-deposit box, and told Deacon to call off the wedding, or Deacon would never see the key again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Due to CBS Sport coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light -- was preempted.

This scheduling change will not result in any "lost" episodes. Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 14, and pick up where Thursday, September 10's shows concluded.

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