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Colleen's boat capsized, and she hit her head. Jack pulled Colleen out of the water, but Mary Jane held Jack at gunpoint and would not let him call an ambulance. Victoria admitted to J.T. that she had cheated on him with Deacon. Amber accepted Daniel's proposal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 14, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, September 14, 2009

During Amber and Deacon's wedding at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Katherine and Murphy, along with Chloe, Kevin, Jana, and Victoria, were surprised when Daniel halted the ceremony. The wedding party fixed their eyes on Daniel, who displayed a small key. Daniel threatened Deacon and warned that he'd never see the key again if he didn't call off the ceremony. Deacon excused himself to speak privately with Daniel. Amber seemed stunned by the sudden turn of events. Jana prevented Kevin from following after Deacon and Daniel.

Jana took Kevin aside and explained that Deacon's interference was a grave threat to Daniel and Amber's relationship. Kevin worried about being able to secure Ryder's freedom. Kevin believed that the key Daniel displayed might open a safety deposit box that contained a valuable painting. Jana reminded Kevin that she'd given Ryder an opportunity to respond to the unanswered questions about his past. Kevin seemed steadfastly unmoved. Jana pointedly asked Kevin if he no longer cared about Daniel.

Adamantly defending Ryder, Kevin blamed Michael for Jana's unwillingness to accept Ryder. Jana reminded Kevin that Ryder worked for Deacon, who had convinced Ryder to confess to murder. Jana cried that Amber believed she owed Deacon because he cleared Daniel from murder charges. Jana asked Kevin why he would believe Ryder. Jana recalled that Ryder lied about knowing Kevin, confessed to a murder he did not commit, and just happened to know the whereabouts of a Terroni painting that Daniel was hired to forge. Jana pleaded with Kevin to support Amber and Daniel, but Kevin refused and left abruptly.

Steps away from the wedding party, Daniel held a small, silver key before Deacon and insisted that the person who had the key made the rules. Daniel added that he knew about the stowed-away Terroni painting and offered the key to Deacon in lieu of Amber. Deacon gave Daniel 72 hours to deliver the painting. If not, Deacon warned, he'd take Amber. Deacon threatened to destroy Daniel. Daniel pointed out that Deacon had Amber looking like she was on death row, therefore, he'd done all the damage he could do. Daniel, seemingly unaffected by Deacon's intimidation, threatened to destroy Deacon in return.

While Amber waited for the ceremony to recommence, she worried that Daniel's impromptu meeting with Deacon might spoil her plan to protect Daniel. Katherine, unsupportive of Amber's deal to wed Deacon, said, "Whatever Daniel's up to, I hope to God it works." Chance noticed that Deacon and Daniel had ended their discussion. Daniel marched over to Amber, scooped her up into his arms, and carried Amber out, glaring at Deacon as they passed by.

After Daniel and Amber arrived at Daniel's loft, Amber learned that Daniel had three days to deliver the Terroni painting to Deacon. Daniel admitted that he'd taken the key to the safety deposit box from Kevin. Daniel worried that Kevin would be livid knowing that he'd taken the key. Amber assured Daniel that Kevin would forgive him. Daniel began kissing Amber and said that he didn't want to think about anything but her. Amber took Daniel by the hand and led him to their bed. Daniel and Amber fell onto their bed and kissed each other hungrily and passionately.

Kevin showed up at the jail to visit Ryder. Ryder seemed surprised to see Kevin and asked if he stopped by on his way to Detroit to get the painting. Kevin didn't respond. Ryder declared, "I'll be out of here soon because of you." Kevin said, "Why don't we talk about some of the things we usually gloss over." Kevin asked Ryder how he'd found him. Ryder claimed that before he worked for Deacon, he had worked various odd jobs and had crashed on friends' couches, so there were no records of employment or previous address listings. Kevin said, "Jana was right. You've been playing me from the beginning."

Defiantly, Kevin asked Ryder if they truly were related, or if Deacon had faked the test results. Ryder readily insisted that he and Kevin were brothers. Kevin said that he had mistakenly believed that he had found a brother who had suffered the same fate. Kevin recalled Ryder's claims about Terrible Tom's abuse. Kevin added that he had believed he could embrace an opportunity to stand by Ryder, just as Michael had for him. Kevin added, "But that's all over. You and your buddy, Deacon, are done messing with me, and you are done messing with my family. You got that?"

After Kevin left, Deacon showed up and told Ryder that Daniel would deliver the Terroni painting, so Kevin was irrelevant. Ryder warned that Kevin and Daniel were smarter than Deacon believed they were. Ryder explained that Kevin had withdrawn his agreement to fund Ryder's defense. Ryder warned that Deacon's plan could blow up because they had lost control of the situation. Ryder claimed that his mother wasn't happy after learning that Deacon was wasting time awaiting delivery of the painting. Deacon seemed perplexed until Ryder added that his mom had stopped by for a visit the previous evening.

At Crimson Lights, Jana was surprised to see Kevin after he had earlier stormed out of the club. Kevin told Jana that she was right about Ryder, and that Ryder wasn't part of his family like Michael, Lauren, Daniel, and Amber were. Kevin adoringly insisted that Jana made him smarter than he was on his own. The couple embraced, and Jana led Kevin into to the back room. Jana disrobed Kevin as they reclined together onto a table. Kevin asked if he was receiving an award for walking on the righteous side. Breathily, Jana replied, "Anything you want."

After Amber and Daniel left the club, Victoria and Katherine told Chance that Nikki was missing. Chance said that the police force couldn't become involved if Nikki had left on her own, but he promised to look into the matter. J.T. arrived and pulled Chance away to discuss a pressing concern. J.T. told Chance that Patty, armed, had abducted Colleen. After Chance and Chloe left, Victoria unleashed her frustration on J.T. Even after J.T. explained that Colleen was in danger, Victoria complained that her mother came first. Victoria yelled, "Obviously, for you, it's always about Colleen." Nearby, Deacon watched Victoria and J.T.'s fiery spat.

Victoria and J.T. continued their argument after seating themselves at a table. Victoria worried that someone else posed a threat to their marriage. J.T. insisted that Colleen wasn't a threat. J.T. professed his undying love to Victoria. J.T. told Victoria that he needed her. Victoria dissolved into tears when J.T. pleaded with her not to let his and Colleen's kiss ruin their marriage. Sobbing, Victoria admitted that the "someone else" she had referred to was Deacon Sharpe.

J.T. looked stunned, and Victoria profusely apologized. Victoria insisted that Deacon meant nothing to her. Victoria added that she became involved with Deacon because she believed that J.T. was with Colleen. J.T., bewildered, rose to leave, citing that Paul, the Abbotts, and Colleen needed his help. Victoria cried, "I love you." J.T. paused before he walked away and asked, "You love me?"

Murphy and Katherine cheered that Amber had her life back after Daniel saved her from Deacon's grasp. Katherine praised Murphy for saving her and for believing that she was who she said she was after he rescued her from the car wreck. After Murphy asked the pianist to play "Let Me Call You Sweetheart," Murphy and Katherine danced. Katherine lovingly stroked Murphy's face and said, "My own hero. That's my love"

At the Abbott estate, J.T. told Traci, Billy, and Mac that Patty Williams had gone to the cabin where Colleen was staying. Traci panicked, knowing the threat Patty posed. J.T. left to join Jack and Paul in their search for Patty and Colleen. Billy berated himself for sending Colleen to the Abbott cabin. Traci insisted that Colleen would be all right. After Chance and Chloe arrived , Chloe urged Billy to visit Lily and tell her about Colleen. Mac agreed to accompany Billy.

Chance assured a worried Traci that the law enforcement agencies were on high alert because the suspect had a gun. Traci, shocked, cried, "Patty has a gun?" Jack phoned. Chance told Jack to head back to the mansion, so they could regroup and plan their next move. Chance asked Traci for a recent photo of Colleen. Traci sobbed pitifully as she gave a photo of her daughter to Chance. Traci pleaded, "Please bring my baby back home to me."

At Camp Cheveyo, a remote recreation area, an exhausted Colleen asked Patty where she planned to take Colleen next after Patty informed Kitty Kitty that it was time for them to move on. When Colleen heard men's voices, she tried to scream, but Patty cupped her hand over Colleen's mouth and quickly stifled her cries for help. Two rangers stood atop a boardwalk after spotting broken branches nearby. Beneath the boardwalk, Patty kept a tight hold on Colleen's mouth. After the rangers ran to search another area, Patty, holding a gun to Colleen's head, said, "Lucky Colleen, I don't have to hurt you."

Colleen begged for food as Patty tied her hostage to a tree. Colleen cried out in pain each time Patty tightened the rope. Patty cradled Kitty Kitty in her arms as she opened a can of sardines and began feeding them to the hungry cat. Colleen begged for something to eat. Frustrated, Patty approached Colleen and placed a gag into Colleen's mouth. After Patty resumed hand-feeding her cat, Colleen picked up a sharp-edged shard of glass off the ground and hid it from view by cupping her palms around it.

At Lily and Cane's, Lily discovered that her eyebrows were falling out. Cane distracted Lily by unpacking a box of Lily's childhood belongings, including a videotape labeled, "Lily's Dance Moves." Lily watched a video of herself dancing with her mother. After Lily momentarily succumbed to an intense hot flash, she pronounced herself in peak condition for her next round of chemotherapy. Cane tried to hide his fear. Lily noticed Cane's reaction and told Cane that she was scared, too. Cane embraced Lily, and she said that they could be scared together.

Billy and Mac arrived at Lily and Cane's. Billy told Lily and Cane that Patty had abducted Colleen. Lily became frustrated because she couldn't help search for Colleen. Mac assured Lily that the police and Paul were handling the matter. Lily comforted Billy and said that she knew how much he loved Colleen. "Yeah, I do," responded Billy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amber was ecstatic to be with Daniel. She felt like she was in a dream. They didn't have much to eat, so Daniel took some peanut butter out of the cupboard. Daniel said he needed to catch a flight to Detroit to get the painting.

Amber worried what would happen if Daniel didn't find the painting. Daniel told her not to think about that. He asked her if she could do some things for him. She rolled her eyes but said she would do it. When Amber left, Daniel knew he had some time to do what he had to do.

When Amber returned, Daniel had painted five paintings, asking her to marry him. Amber started crying. Daniel said he wanted to grow old with her. He got down on his knees and asked. Amber said yes.

Gloria was furious that they were losing everything. Jeffrey said that things couldn't get any worse. Victor walked in and said they just did. He wanted to know where Mary Jane was. Gloria said that she was at the cabin, where they had left her. Victor said that Jack was the only one there. Victor was angry that Gloria and Jeffrey had double-crossed him.

Jeffrey threatened to tell Ashley about Victor's connection to Mary Jane. Victor told Gloria that things would get ugly very quickly if either of them went to Ashley. Jeffrey told Gloria that Victor was just trying to scare them. Gloria said it was working. She told Victor that they would not go to Ashley.

Jill arrived at Gloria and Jeffrey's and asked for her $100,000. Jeffrey said that they didn't have it yet. Jill was shocked to hear that Mary Jane was actually Patty Williams. She couldn't believe Gloria and Jeffrey had double-crossed her again. Jill said that she was through dealing with Gloria and Jeffrey.

Gloria followed Jill to the nail salon and begged for a job. Jill said that, without a cosmetology license, Gloria couldn't work there. Gloria said she would do anything. Jill handed her a broom.

Ashley told Adam that she was going for a walk; she couldn't shake the feeling that she had hit Nikki with her car. Adam offered to go with Ashley, but she insisted that she go alone. When Ashley returned home, she had found a cell phone. She went upstairs to charge it.

After Ashley charged the cell phone, she listened to Nikki's calls. She told Adam that she knew she had hit Nikki. She said that she was going to tell Victor everything. Adam asked her not to, but she would not listen. Adam had an envelope from Nikki in his hands.

Nick went to visit Sharon in the psychiatric ward. He had some gifts for her. Nick asked if Sharon had heard about Patty Williams. He told her that Colleen was kidnapped. Sharon was shocked that Mary Jane had been able to manipulate everyone. Nick said that Phyllis had a theory. Phyllis thought that Victor was involved somehow. Nick said the more he thought about it, the more he wondered if it were true.

Colleen tried break free of her ropes, but continued to struggle with them. She told Mary Jane once again that she was hungry. Mary Jane seemed consumed with her kitty and ignored Colleen. Colleen asked Mary Jane why she had changed her face. Mary Jane said she did it for Jack, she did everything for Jack. Colleen said that she could go back to her life as Mary Jane.

Colleen told Mary Jane that she herself had done some horrible things. Mary Jane asked Colleen how to stop the voices in her head. Colleen said that she told herself that J.T. would want nothing to do with her if she continued. Mary Jane asked Colleen to try to explain to Jack that she was the same way. Colleen begged Mary Jane again to untie her. Mary Jane was angry that Colleen was trying to trick her again. She told Colleen that she wouldn't get away with it.

Mary Jane got bitten by a spider and started to feel sick. Colleen said they needed to get to a hospital. Mary Jane started getting very delusional, and Colleen was able to break free. When Colleen grabbed the gun, Mary Jane begged her not to abandon her.

J.T., Paul, and Chance continued in their search for Colleen and Mary Jane. When Victoria walked in and asked if everything was okay, J.T. remembered her confession to him about her affair. She asked Paul what she could do. She said she was willing to help any way she could.

Victoria asked J.T. why he hadn't been home. J.T. said that he hadn't slept. He told Victoria that if she wanted to help, she should ask Victor where Mary Jane was.

Paul was heartbroken about what happened to Patty. He told Victoria that Patty was always too trusting. He felt that he had let his sister down. He said that he believed that he could still reach her; he just hoped he had the chance. Victoria asked Paul if he thought Victor was responsible. Paul said that Patty was an unstable woman. He said that he was certain Victor was involved. Victoria went to her father to find out.

Abby went to Jack's and wondered why the cops were there. She said that she had heard what Billy and Traci had tried to do to Ashley. J.T. told Abby that Colleen had been kidnapped. Abby was in shock. She screamed at Jack. Abby told Jack that if something happened to Colleen, she would never speak to Jack again.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

At the Abbott mansion, Traci spoke to her husband, Steve, on the phone and learned that he would be flying to Genoa City from New York. Traci expressed her hope that by the time that Steve arrived, Colleen would be home. After Traci hung up, Chloe showed up with Delia, claiming that the baby was teething, and asked Traci for tips on how to make Delia feel better. Traci smiled as she took the baby in her arms. Jack realized that Chloe had stopped by to take Traci's mind off of Colleen's situation, and he hugged Chloe. Chloe told Jack that families needed to band together in times of crisis.

Jack received a phone call from Paul, informing him that Colleen's car had been located. Jack told Traci, Chloe, and Billy the news. Traci told Jack, Chloe, and Billy that they thought of Colleen as an adult, while Traci still thought Colleen as her baby girl. Traci started to cry and excused herself. Chloe asked why Mary Jane Benson would kidnap Colleen. Billy told Chloe that Mary Jane was really Patty Williams -- Jack's ex-wife. Jack and Billy were shocked that Chloe knew that Patty had shot Jack 20 years earlier, but Chloe said that she had read about it in the tabloids.

Chloe asked Jack why he didn't have Patty locked up when she had shot him. Jack explained that he had felt too guilty to press charges -- he said that he went on with his life, and that he assumed that Patty had done the same. Jack added that if he had known that the "sweet woman" he had married years earlier would become psychotic, he would have had her put away. Traci returned to the room and said that when Patty left Genoa City, she might have been hurt and jealous, but she wasn't psychotic. Traci wondered what had happened to Patty.

At the Ashbys', Cane slept on the couch while Lily tried to sneak out for a walk. She was too weak to make it to the front door. Cane woke up and realized that Lily was having a hot flash. Lily told her husband that she wanted to go out and find Colleen. Lily couldn't believe that just a few days earlier, Colleen had been ready to take on Victor Newman, but Colleen had ended up being taken hostage by Patty.

Cane tried to take Lily's mind off of Colleen. He suggested that she surf the Internet -- he thought that would help Lily fall asleep. With the computer on her lap, Lily said that normally she would be instant messaging Colleen, and that she and Colleen would chat for hours on the computer. Lily began crying and said that everything was out of control -- that cancer was invading her body, and that her best friend had been kidnapped by a psychopath.

Still trying to cheer Lily up, Cane handed Lily the box of memorabilia that Neil had dropped by. Lily went through the box, which contained several pictures of Colleen. Lily found a picture of Colleen next to the "Camp Cheveyo -- Cowabunga" sign. Lily explained that Colleen had gone to the camp as a child, and, as a teenager, had been a counselor there. Lily read a letter that had accompanied the picture. Colleen had signed the letter "Cowabunga, Colleen." Lily received a text message from Billy, asking if he could stop by. Lily was nervous that Cane wouldn't want Billy at the house, but Cane reminded Lily that it was her house, too, and that it was fine if Billy visited. Lily thanked Cane.

At the Abbott mansion, Chloe reminded Billy how psyched he had been when he had hired Patty. Billy was upset that Chloe was reminding him of another one of his "screw-ups." Chloe explained that she meant that even the cynical Billy hadn't seen how deranged Patty was. Billy received a text message, and said that he was going to take a walk. Chloe assumed that the text was from Mac, but Billy told her that it was from Lily. As Billy left to go to the Ashbys', Jack and Traci returned to the living room. Chloe told them that Billy was going to visit Lily. Traci said that Lily had been through a lot, and that Lily and Colleen were like sisters. Traci talked herself into being hopeful about Colleen's situation, but then began crying and hugged Jack.

Billy arrived at the Ashbys', and apprised Lily about the search for Colleen. He said that he was trying to remain positive -- but that he was expecting the worst. Lily said that she felt the same way about her cancer. Realizing how gloomy they were being, Lily and Billy decided to go through the box of Lily's memorabilia. The pair began smiling as they looked at the pictures in the box.

Billy returned to the Abbott mansion, with some of the pictures of Colleen that had been in Lily's memorabilia box. He went to the pool house, where Chloe was feeding Delia. After Billy was gone, Traci again asked Jack why Patty would target Colleen. Jack told Traci that Victor had arranged for Patty's return to Genoa City, hoping that Patty would make Jack's life miserable. Traci was stunned, and told Jack that he and Victor were so blinded by their mutual hatred that they didn't care who got hurt. Crying, Traci said that her baby was paying the price. Jack said that if anyone paid a price, it would be Victor. Jack stormed out of the house.

In the woods, Patty was suffering ill effects from a spider bite, and was growing weaker and weaker. Colleen still had the gun, which she had taken from Patty. Patty wondered why Colleen didn't shoot her and leave. Colleen said that if she left, it would be to get help. Colleen looked at the bite on Patty's leg and began wrapping it in a cloth. Patty grabbed the gun from Colleen and told Colleen that she should have escaped when she had the chance.

Colleen said that she wouldn't have left Patty to die. She slowly moved towards Patty to check Patty's temperature. When Colleen put the back of her hand on Patty's forehead, Patty smiled and said that her mother did that when Patty was a little girl.

Colleen said that Patty had a high fever, and needed medical attention. Colleen said that she knew the woods like the back of her hand, and that, if Patty allowed her to leave, she would return with help. Colleen pointed out the lake and told Patty that her father Brad had died there saving someone from drowning. She said that she owed it to Brad's memory to get Patty out of there alive. Patty finally agreed to allow Colleen to get help. Colleen ran off.

Colleen found the "Camp Cheveyo" sign, which was next to a dock. Finding a canoe, Colleen lowered it into the water, got aboard, and began rowing.

In the master bedroom at the Newman ranch, Adam told Ashley that she shouldn't inform Victor about her suspicions that she had hit Nikki with her car. Ashley said that she had to tell Victor -- after all, Nikki might be dead. Adam remembered the letter from Nikki, with a Colorado return address, that he had hidden. As Adam and Ashley began to argue about whether or not Ashley should tell Victor, Victor walked in and wondered why the two of them were speaking in raised voices. Ashley asked Adam to leave the room. When Adam was gone, Ashley told Victor that something horrible had happened -- that Nikki hadn't just left town.

Ashley told Victor about the stormy night when she had taken the car to escape from "Sabrina." Ashley continued that, while driving, she saw a figure, and, thinking it was Sabrina, drove the car head-on into the figure. Ashley said that she had convinced herself that it was a bad dream, but that the events of that night were coming back to her in bits and pieces. She told Victor that the figure had actually been Nikki -- and that Nikki might be dead.

Ashley said that she wouldn't blame Victor if he hated her. Victor said that he didn't, and that he would protect her. Ashley wanted to go to the police station and tell the officials about that night, but Victor said that he wouldn't let Ashley go anywhere. Victor insisted that if Ashley had hit Nikki, Nikki's body would have been found. He hugged Ashley and told her that he would get her the help that she needed. Ashley realized that Victor didn't believe her. She said, "You think I'm insane, don't you?"

Victor insisted that Ashley lie down. Ashley did, and then told Victor to leave her alone. Victor left the room and ran into Adam in the hallway. Victor said that he realized what Adam and Ashley had been arguing about -- that Adam didn't want Ashley to tell Victor about her feeling that she had hit Nikki with her car. Victor assumed that Adam didn't want Victor to know just how sick Ashley was. Adam told Victor how sorry he was. Victor said that he appreciated everything that Adam had done for Ashley -- but that Ashley needed professional help. Victor asked his son to call Dr. Taylor.

Adam went into the bedroom, and asked Ashley if she was okay. Ashley said that he had been right -- she shouldn't have told Victor. Ashley feared that Victor was arranging to have her committed. She said that she believed that Victor had loved her enough to believe her story about hitting Nikki with the car. Sounding almost sincere, Adam said that Ashley didn't deserve any of what was happening to her.

While Victor was upstairs with Ashley, Nick and Victoria simultaneously arrived at the ranch to confront Victor about his possible involvement in arranging for Patty Williams to return to Genoa City. Victoria brought Nick up-to-date, and told him that Patty had kidnapped Colleen. Nick told Victoria that Patty had shot Jack many years earlier, and Nick wondered if Victor had set up Patty's return to town so that she could finish Jack off. Victoria felt that their father wouldn't go that far.

Victor entered the living room and told Victoria and Nick that he didn't have the time to speak with them. Nick said that what they had to discuss with him was important. Victor asked if there was something wrong with Summer. Nick said that Summer was doing fine, but that he and Victoria were there to discuss Patty Williams -- the woman who had put Summer in a coma. Nick accused Victor of arranging for Patty return to Genoa City so that Victor could get revenge on Jack -- revenge for Jack's role in forging Victor's Mexican diary. Victor said that he didn't give a damn about Jack, and that Victoria and Nick's accusations were upsetting him.

Victor said that he was going through a difficult time. Nick said that a lot of people were going through a difficult time, and reminded Victor that Phyllis was halfway around the world, trying to get Summer well. Nick told Victor that Patty had kidnapped Colleen. Victor replied that he would never do anything to cause pain to his family. Nick told his father to stop dancing around the question of whether or not Victor had anything to do with Patty's reappearance in town. Victor remained silent.

Nick again accused Victor of engineering the situation so that Patty would hurt Jack, but, instead, Victor had unleashed a monster who had affected the lives of Summer, Ashley, and Colleen. Victor told his children that he needed to go see Ashley, and said that he was not a murderer -- directly or indirectly. Before he went upstairs, Victor said that he had made mistakes that he wished that he could undo.

While Adam eavesdropped, Victoria and Nick decided that Victor had been behind everything that Patty had done. Nick and Victoria left. Answering a knock at the door, Victor found an angry-looking Jack.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The canoe that Colleen had taken to get help for Patty had capsized in the lake. Underwater, Colleen began to swim to the surface, but she hit her head on the canoe, knocked herself unconscious, and sank to the bottom of the lake.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci greeted her husband, Steve. Billy told Steve that there wasn't any news about Colleen, but Steve was optimistic that they would hear some good news soon. Traci found an old book that contained some of Colleen's favorite fairy tales and began reading one. As Traci read, Colleen remained unconscious on the bottom of the lake.

Steve talked to Billy privately, and told his brother-in-law how much easier it was to deal with the situation in Genoa City. Billy said that it was good that the family was together.

Kevin and Jana prepared to open Crimson Lights. Kevin turned on the radio and was shocked to hear the news about Colleen's kidnapping. Kevin and Jana discussed the horrible things they had both done to Colleen -- both of them had tried to murder her years earlier. Kevin reminded Jana that Colleen had forgiven them, after surviving the murder attempts. He assured Jana that Colleen would survive the kidnapping. Jana wondered if Colleen would be able to forgive Patty.

Kevin thought that he and Jana should go to the lake to join the search for Colleen, but Jana reminded him that Patty was armed, and that the police probably wouldn't want civilians around. The Fishers decided that they would find a way to help Colleen, even if it was from Crimson Lights. The Fishers lit some candles, held hands, and asked God to protect Colleen.

The unconscious Colleen hallucinated that Kevin was visiting her in the water. Kevin thanked Colleen for having forgiven him and for treating him like a human being. Kevin said that Colleen had turned him from a monster into a friend. He told her that there wasn't anything that Colleen couldn't make happen.

At the Ashbys', Cane tried to get Lily to go to sleep, but she said that she was too restless. Lily told Cane that she and Colleen had met in high school, where both of the girls were having disciplinary problems. Lily said that she regretted having been so harsh with Colleen when Colleen replaced Lily as the Fresh Face of Jabot model. Cane reminded Lily that she and Colleen made up "about two seconds later." When Lily said that she wished she had more pictures of herself with Colleen, Cane said that she and Colleen would have many more opportunities to be photographed together.

Colleen, still unconscious, had a vision of a visit from Lily. Lily told Colleen about her fight against cancer -- and how Lily wasn't ready to die. She urged Colleen to keep fighting and not to give up.

Lily told Cane that she was making a scrapbook for Colleen's birthday. When she came across a picture of Colleen with J.T., she told Cane that J.T. was Colleen's first love, and that J.T. had been crazy about Colleen.

Underwater, Colleen hallucinated that J.T. was speaking to her. J.T. told Colleen about how he had fallen in love with her, even though she had been willful and stubborn. J.T. said that Colleen always made him smile -- and that he wanted her to make him smile again. He begged Colleen to return with him.

Abby stopped by Ashley's room at the Newman ranch. Ashley was still in bed. Ashley sensed that her daughter was agitated about something. Initially not wanting to upset Ashley, Abby denied being upset, but finally admitted that something had happened to Colleen.

Colleen had a vision of her sister, Abby. Abby told Colleen that they couldn't stay underwater -- that they had to go home. Abby urged Colleen to go with her, because no one missed their father, Brad, like they did.

After Abby told Ashley that Colleen had been kidnapped, Ashley called Billy and chided him for not telling her about what had happened. Billy told Ashley that he would keep her in the loop in the future. Ashley said that Colleen would be okay.

Abby told Ashley that Patty must be full of hate after what Patty had done to Ashley, Summer, Zapato, and Colleen. Ashley said that the Patty she remembered was a gentle and kind person, and that she hoped that Colleen could reach that part of Patty.

At a police station near the lake, J.T. was discouraged about not finding Colleen, but Paul reminded him that they had at least found her car. J.T. said that Colleen was smart, and that if anyone could get through to Patty, it was Colleen. Paul thanked God for that, saying that the rest of them hadn't done very well in reaching his sister.

Paul divided a map into search quadrants, and assigned J.T. the north quadrant. J.T. reminisced about the last time that he had seen Colleen. He told Paul that Colleen had received a job offer and was looking forward to spending some quiet time at the Abbott cabin, not knowing that she was on a collision course with Patty. J.T. said that Colleen could have called the police, but that she had called him. J.T. insisted that he would hear from Colleen again.

Billy called Paul and J.T. for an update on the search. Billy thanked the detectives for their diligence, but then told Paul that it was Paul's fault that Patty had escaped from the church. He told Paul that things never should have escalated to that point. After Billy hung up, Paul told J.T. that he understood Billy's anger.

The unconscious Colleen received a visit from a hallucination of her Uncle Billy. He told Colleen that they were a team, and asked her to go back with him. He said that he wanted to see her sassy smile again.

Jack went to the Newman ranch to confront Victor about Patty. Victor invited Jack in and told him that he had added Newman resources to the search for Colleen. Jack told Victor that Colleen's car had been found, and that Patty was armed. When Victor said that didn't sound good, Jack accused him of being responsible for the situation. Victor said that he supported the Abbott family in their search for Colleen, but that he wouldn't tolerate any of Jack's accusations. Jack replied that the "gutless" Victor had arranged for Patty to return to Genoa City in order to kill Jack.

Victor said that if he had wanted Jack gone, Jack would have been gone. Jack proclaimed himself the guy that Victor couldn't beat, and said that Victor arranged for someone who Jack never would have suspected to do Victor's dirty work. Jack added that it was probably part of Victor's plan for Patty to have a breakdown -- but that Victor couldn't have known that Patty would take out her wrath on Victor's wife, granddaughter, and goddaughter. Jack smiled and said, "And I'm still standing."

Victor said that Jack wasn't the "big man" who Victor couldn't beat. He accused Jack of being the bastard who had stolen Newman Enterprises from Victor, had left Victor for dead on the office floor, and had forged a diary that framed Victor for murder. Victor scolded Jack for involving Adam in the diary scheme. Jack said that Adam had been delighted to throw Victor under the bus. Victor suggested that he and Jack compare their sins, and see who was left standing.

Jack said that Victor was the master of sin. He accused Victor of allowing Ashley to deteriorate while Victor stood around watching her fall apart. Victor reminded Jack that Ashley had chosen to be with Victor after Jack's "useless brother," Billy, had dragged her out. Jack wondered who Victor screwed over more -- the people he hated or the people he claimed to love.

Victor replied by telling Jack that Jack didn't love the Abbott family -- rather, he used the Abbott family. He reminded Jack that Jack had manipulated Colleen into taking the board seat at Newman Enterprises, and then simply watched her fail as it became clear that Colleen was underqualified. As far as Ashley was concerned, Victor said that Jack never did anything to show his sister any love or support, adding that Jack had cornered and pestered Ashley. Victor became angry and told Jack that if Ashley and Abby weren't upstairs, he would throw Jack through a wall.

Underwater, Colleen "heard" her Uncle Jack and her godfather Victor arguing. Ashley appeared in Colleen's vision and shouted for Jack and Victor to stop. Ashley said that people forgive and, in turn, were forgiven and moved on. John appeared and thanked Ashley. John said that he would take it from there -- that it was time for Colleen to move on. John told Ashley that Colleen knew what Colleen needed to do.

Jack and Victor continued arguing. Jack said that he wanted his niece back. He pulled out a picture of Colleen to show Victor. It was the picture of Colleen standing next to the "Camp Cheveyo -- Cowabunga" sign. Jack suddenly said that he knew where Colleen was, and rushed out.

A weakening Patty looked at her watch and fell next to a tree. She told Kitty Kitty that Colleen was going to get help -- that Colleen wouldn't let Patty die.

Later, clutching rosary beads, Patty began to believe that Colleen had abandoned her and gone to the police. She told Kitty Kitty that they had to get out of the woods themselves. As she tried to pick up Kitty Kitty's basket, she collapsed.

The semi-conscious Patty heard footsteps in the woods. She aimed her gun and asked who was there.

In Ashley's room, the sleeping Abby suddenly wakened and shouted Colleen's name. Abby told Ashley that she had begged Colleen to return home, but that Colleen wouldn't.

At the Ashbys', Lily began to cry and told Cane that she had just gotten an awful feeling.

At the Abbott mansion, Traci gasped for air. Steve asked her if she was okay. Traci said that something was terribly wrong. Traci and Steve stared at the grandfather clock, which had stopped.

In Colleen's dying, hallucination-filled moments, John took her hand and walked with her onto land. Colleen then ran into Traci's arms. Traci told Colleen that they all loved her. Colleen looked around and saw her smiling family, Lily, and Kevin. As the life slowly left her body, Colleen was joined by Brad, who held his daughter's hand.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lily woke up in Cane's arms on the couch. Lily urged Cane to get some sleep in the bedroom. Lily asked Cane to give her some time alone because she was so concerned about Colleen. Cane walked out of the room. Lily said a prayer, asking God to watch over Colleen and her family.

A while later, Lily was asleep. There was a knock on the door. Lily answered it and found a soaking wet Colleen standing there. Lily hugged Colleen happily. Colleen explained that she had fallen in the lake. Colleen didn't remember how it had happened, but she had found her way back by leaving a trail of scarf pieces. Lily wrapped Colleen in a blanket and said that everyone believed Colleen had been in trouble. Lily wanted to call Colleen's family with the good news, but Colleen stopped Lily. Colleen said she had to tell Lily that she loved her and Lily was not going to die.

Lily wondered how Colleen knew that Lily was going to survive the cancer. Colleen asked Lily if she believed she was going to live. Lily admitted that she tried to keep a positive attitude even when the chemotherapy had her feeling down. Colleen told Lily that the secret of life was to live in the present and believe in the future.

Lily appreciated that Colleen had always been on her side, like when so many others wanted Lily to give up on Cane; it was Colleen who told Lily to follow her heart. Lily was grateful that Colleen had faith in Lily and Cane's love. Colleen told Lily that she had seen a vision of Lily's future, and it showed Lily holding her own baby.

Lily said that she had very little chance of having her own child, but Colleen insisted that the vision was real. Colleen said she was there to make sure Lily knew of her vision. Lily hoped to never lose Colleen's friendship. Colleen said she had to leave, but Lily asked her to stay, have some tea with her, and then watch Lily sleep. Colleen said yes and kissed Lily on the cheek.

Lily returned from the kitchen with a pot of tea to find Colleen had disappeared. The door was open. Lily called for Colleen. Lily then woke with a start on the couch. Lily realized that Colleen had not been there, that it had been a dream. Lily raced to the door, opened it and saw a puddle of water from a garden hose. Lily went back to the couch and cried. Cane returned to Lily and comforted her.

Cane thought that Lily had had a bad dream, but Lily told Cane it had felt real. Lily pointed to the blanket she had put around Colleen. Lily then saw the purple threads from the scarf on the floor. Lily couldn't shake the feeling that something awful had happened to Colleen.

At the ranch, Abby was sitting in the living room when Ashley appeared and asked if she had gotten any sleep. Abby told her mother that her mind was on Colleen. Abby believed that Colleen blamed Victor for what happened with the Newman board. Ashley defended Victor to Abby, explaining that Victor thought Colleen had been too young to be a board member.

Abby couldn't understand why Victor had a problem with Colleen, especially because he was her godfather as well as Abby's sister. Ashley blamed Victor's feelings on the rivalry between Victor and Jack. Abby believed that Colleen would have never gone to the cabin if she had not been kicked off the board, and therefore Patty would never have kidnapped Colleen. Ashley and Abby agreed to go to the Abbott house to be there for Traci. Abby mentioned that Victor was not in the house and Ashley wondered where Victor could be.

Billy was nervously waiting for word from Jack at the Abbott house. Traci received a call from Ashley. Steve told Billy that Traci was very emotional about Colleen's abduction. Billy told Steve that Victor was responsible for Colleen's kidnapping. Billy said that if anything happened to Colleen, it would be on Victor's head. Traci said that the information about Victor's connection to Patty was not to be mentioned to Ashley and Abby.

Jack searched the area by the camp near the lake, calling for Colleen. Jack found threads from a scarf and followed them. Jack phoned Paul to explain that he was looking for Colleen based on the clue she had sent them about the camp, "cowabunga." That was the camp slogan and all the Abbott kids had spent summers there. Jack told Paul about the threads from the scarf. Paul offered to go to the camp, but Jack urged him to wait until he had more information. J.T. and Paul agreed to stand by.

Jack spotted an overturned rowboat and ran to investigate. Jack took another boat and paddled to the overturned craft. Meanwhile, in the woods, Patty was asleep. The spider bite on her ankle was bloodied. When she heard Jack calling for Colleen, Patty woke up. Patty watched Jack row across the lake after Colleen.

A while later, Abby and Ashley were with Traci, Billy, and Steve. Traci told Ashley that they believed Jack was searching for Colleen. The phone rang and Billy answered. Paul told them that Jack had called to say he was following a hunch at Camp Cheveyo. Paul hung up before Ashley could ask if Victor had contacted him. Ashley explained to the family that Victor might be searching for Colleen, too. Billy bit his lip to keep from telling Ashley about Victor's connection to Patty.

Steve advised Billy to calm down. Billy told Steve to stop being the voice of reason. Steve explained that he loved Colleen as if she were his own daughter. The phone rang and it was Paul calling to say that he and J.T. were heading to the camp. Paul told Ashley that they had found Victor's car, but no sign of Victor. Billy cut off the call abruptly. Ashley believed Victor was looking for Colleen. Billy blew up and told Ashley that if Victor was searching, it was only to find Patty and make sure she finished her job for Victor.

Ashley demanded to know what Billy had been talking about. Traci walked in from the other room and warned Billy to pipe down. Ashley became agitated, so Billy asked her to sit with him. Traci and Steve intervened to tell Billy to keep quiet. Ashley wanted the truth, so Billy told Ashley that Victor had taken Patty to Genoa City. Billy went into the details of how Patty had been homeless and Victor had paid for her plastic surgery to change her identity so she could worm her way back into Jack's life.

Ashley laughed at Billy's suggestion that Victor would do such a thing, reminding him that Victor had put up one million dollars to capture Patty. Ashley wanted to know what Victor's motive would have been to get Patty back in town. Billy answered that Victor wanted Patty to kill Jack. Ashley was glad that Abby was out of the room so she didn't hear what Billy had said about her father. Ashley refused to believe Billy. Traci hugged Ashley to calm her down.

Ashley grabbed Traci and asked her if she believed Victor was responsible. Traci said they didn't know why Victor had brought Patty back because they didn't know the whole truth. Ashley said she needed time alone and screamed at her family in anger. Ashley left the house alone. Steve told Traci he would follow Ashley. Traci turned to Billy and asked if he was glad that he had caused so much turmoil.

Billy wondered why Paul hadn't called back. When Traci didn't answer Billy, he asked if she had stopped talking to him. Traci was angry that Billy hadn't kept his mouth shut. Billy believed that Ashley needed to hear the truth so she would leave Victor.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley entered the house and looked at a framed photo of Ashley and Victor. Ashley recalled Victor rushing her into a quickie marriage. Ashley threw the picture on the floor, shattering the glass, and she began to cry.

Back at the lake, Jack carried Colleen from the water. Jack tried to give Colleen mouth to mouth and CPR. Jack took out his phone to call for help, but Patty appeared and held a gun on him, warning him to stop. Jack told Patty that Colleen was barely breathing, but could be saved if they called for help. Patty said she would be blamed. The phone in Jack's hand rang, but Patty warned him not to answer. Jack said that it was probably Paul on the phone. When the phone stopped ringing, Patty was relieved. Jack begged Patty to let Colleen live.

Paul and J.T. were frustrated because Jack hadn't answered his cell phone. Paul regretted not turning Patty in when he had the chance. J.T. blamed Victor for bringing Patty back to town. J.T. confessed that he felt a strong connection to Colleen, especially during the rough times like when he rescued her from the fire at Gina's and when Brad went missing in the snow. Paul suggested that J.T. was Colleen's guardian angel. J.T. was determined to bring Colleen home safe.

At the lakeside, Jack told Patty he was going to call Paul. Patty didn't believe that Paul was on her side. Jack saw Patty's ankle and guessed the Colleen had been going across the lake to get a doctor for Patty. Jack said that Colleen was a good girl. Jack asked Patty to let him call for help, but Patty was adamant about not letting Jack use the phone. Defying Patty, Jack opened the phone and began dialing. Jack told Patty he wouldn't let Colleen die, daring Patty to shoot him.

Paul answered Jack's call. Patty warned Jack to drop the phone. With the line opened, Jack explained that Colleen had to get to a hospital. Patty threatened to shoot, so Jack hung up the phone. Jack tossed the phone to Patty, telling her to push re-dial and speak to Paul.

Instead of calling, Patty threw the phone into the lake. Patty said she hadn't asked for any of this to happen. Jack said that Colleen hadn't, either, and that Colleen deserved to live. Jack offered to take Colleen to the hospital and never tell anyone know that he had seen Patty. Patty was insulted that Jack hadn't remembered his wedding vows to her. Jack begged Patty to let him help Colleen.

J.T. returned and Paul told him that Jack had called. Paul said he had heard Patty threaten Jack with a gun. J.T. and Paul hurried out to find Jack.

Patty continued holding the gun on Jack. Patty recognized the desperate look in Jack's eyes for Colleen, because she had seen how he cared about Sharon and Phyllis, too. Patty resented that Jack never loved her in that way. Jack admitted he had treated Patty badly. Patty said that she still loved Jack, but there were times when she wanted to shoot him in the heart. Patty said her aim had improved.

Suddenly, from out of the woods, Victor appeared. Victor told Patty to put down the gun. Victor told Patty it was all over. Jack urged Victor to walk away, but Victor refused to leave. Victor offered to help Patty with food, medicine, and money.

Victor reminded Patty that they had created Mary Jane together. Victor suggested creating a new persona for Patty. Patty said she was not a problem that Victor could fix with money. Jack said that Colleen was dying. Patty lashed out at Jack for not recognizing her when he made love to Mary Jane. Patty blamed Victor for not seeing her as a real person.

Victor asked Patty to give him the gun. Patty said she could complete her mission for Victor by shooting Jack. Patty then turned the gun on Victor. Patty pointed the gun from Jack to Victor and said, "Eeeny, meeny, miny, moe, who will be the one to go?"

In the woods, Paul and J.T. were looking for Jack. Paul found a piece of Colleen's scarf, covered in dried blood. The phone rang. It was Steve. He asked Paul what was going on. Paul said they were near the lake, following a lead. On the speakerphone, Traci and Billy asked Paul to call as soon as they found Colleen.

Suddenly, three shots rang out, heard by Paul and J.T., as well as Traci, Billy, and Steve on the phone.

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