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Dr. Taylor delivered Sharon's baby at the mental hospital. Adam sedated Ashley, and he later presented her with Sharon's baby as her own. Dr. Taylor told Sharon that her baby had died at birth. Traci struggled over whether or not she should donate Colleen's heart to Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 28, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, September 28, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Gloria argued with Kevin and Daniel about the recovered Terroni painting. Kevin and Jana planned to return the painting to the museum for a reward, which Kevin intended to use for Ryder's defense. Gloria insisted that Deacon had promised her $250,000 for the stolen painting. Amber chided Gloria for trusting Deacon. Amber added that Deacon planned to sell the painting, become extravagantly rich, and live a lavish lifestyle. Daniel insisted that he and Amber would give the painting to Deacon, so he would drop his scheme to implicate Daniel for murder and marry Amber.

Just as Daniel was about phone Deacon, Cane called and told Daniel about Colleen. Saddened, Daniel announced to Kevin, Amber, Jana, and Gloria that Colleen was brain dead. Gloria said that she always admired Colleen, because she stood up for Kevin when he was having problems. After Kevin, Jana, Amber, and Daniel, who hastily tucked the Terroni into his coat, rushed to the hospital, Gloria phoned Deacon.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Gloria hoisted a glass of champagne and declared to Deacon that she knew he was holding out on her. Gloria promised to disclose the whereabouts of the painting for 25 million dollars. Deacon countered with five million and reminded Gloria that he had to get the painting out of the country before the deal fell through. Gloria told Deacon that Daniel, Amber, Kevin, and Jana had the painting at the hospital. Before Deacon left, he told Gloria to add her champagne to his tab.

After Deacon was out of sight, Jeffrey appeared and asked Gloria what she was up to with another man. Gloria told Jeffrey that she was helping art dealer Deacon Sharpe with a project in order to make enough money to pay the rent. Gloria ordered two fancy lobster dinners and a bottle of fine champagne and giddily announced, "Deacon Sharpe said I could put it on his tab." After the couple feasted, Jeffrey asked Gloria if she was holding out on him with Deacon. Gloria cooed, "Lover man, you know me better than that." Jeffrey warned that he'd watch Gloria like a hawk.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Traci and Steve consulted with Dr. Snyder about disconnecting Colleen from life support, because Traci insisted that it wasn't fair to Colleen to keep her alive through artificial means. Dr. Snyder suggested that the family consult with clergy, call in family and friends, and utilize grief-counseling services. Billy stood with his hand resting on Lily's shoulders and consoled Colleen's best friend. Abby clutched a plush animal toy as Traci cried, "How can I say goodbye to my only child?"

Cane entered Colleen's room. Steve and Traci stepped out. Through her tears, Lily told Colleen that she wished her dear friend a peaceful journey. Lily insisted that she and Colleen would always maintain a connection as best friends. Lily promised to fight for her health and live enough for them both. Lily assured Colleen that she would take care of Colleen's mom, and that Lily's mom would take care of Colleen. Amber and Daniel entered Colleen's room to pay their respects. Daniel told Lily that he was sorry.

After Lily and Cane left, Daniel told Colleen that he always respected her close relationship with Lily. Daniel thanked Colleen for kicking his butt whenever he needed it. After Daniel left, Traci and Steve returned. Kevin and Jana stepped in. Kevin told Traci and Steve that Colleen changed his life. After Traci and Steve stepped out, Kevin sobbed and apologized to Colleen for the bad things he did to her. Kevin promised Colleen that she would never regret giving him a second chance.

Traci, Steve, Billy, and Abby hovered over Colleen and relished the numerous expressions of love and companionship Colleen's friends shared during their visits. Dr. Snyder stepped in and mentioned that Colleen had designated herself as an organ donor on her driver's license. Dr. Snyder soothingly explained that Colleen's organs were strong and healthy, but she added that Colleen's brain no longer controlled those organs. Traci cried that she had never considered the matter. Dr. Snyder requested that Colleen's family consider organ donation because the hospital could not carry out Colleen's wishes unless the family approved.

In the hospital's waiting area, Amber told Daniel that any one of them could end up in like Colleen. Amber said that no one ever awakened believing that he or she might die in a car wreck or drown in a lake. As Daniel comforted Amber, Deacon showed up. As Deacon approached Daniel, Kevin and Jana overheard Deacon say, "Daniel, I think you have something that belongs to me." Deacon's presence angered Kevin. Deacon announced that he wanted Daniel to know that the clock was ticking, and he threatened to have Ryder retract his confession. Kevin theorized that his mother had told Deacon where they were. Daniel shouted at Deacon for showing up while they paid their respects to a dying friend. Dr. Snyder overheard the fray and ordered Daniel to leave. Daniel and his friends complied.

Back at Crimson Lights, Amber somberly noted that Colleen was gone, but at the same time, she wasn't gone. Kevin added that Colleen's mind was gone. Amber and Kevin claimed that they would never want to be kept alive by artificial means. Deacon showed up and apologized for their loss. Amber suggested that Deacon crawl back under a rock, and she demanded that he leave them all alone. Deacon announced that he was giving Daniel more time to come up with the painting, provided that it was genuine.

Outside Victor's room, Nick learned from a distraught Victoria that Victor needed a heart transplant in order to survive. At Victor's bedside, Nikki pleaded with Victor not to give up. Dr. Swift assured Nick, Nikki, Victoria, and J.T. that he was doing everything possible to place Victor's name on the transplant list. Nikki promised a sleeping Victor that she would not let him down. After Victor awakened, Nick promised that they'd find a way to make the impossible happen just as Victor always had for them.

Outside Victor's room, J.T. reported that Reed was inconsolable. Victoria theorized that poor Reed hadn't seen either of his parents for days. J.T. agreed that their son loved Gabby but missed his parents. J.T. agreed to go home for a while. After J.T. stepped into Victor's room to get his keys, Deacon approached Victoria and said that he was sorry to hear about Victor. Victoria seemed unaffected by Deacon's efforts to console someone faced with the threat of losing a parent. Deacon saccharinely insisted, "Well there's a lot about me that you don't know." After J.T. retrieved his keys, he stepped into an elevator. Just before the elevator doors closed, J.T. caught a glimpse of Victoria talking to Deacon.

In the hospital chapel, Abby sobbed and asked why she kept losing people she loved after the deaths of her grandpa, her dad, and her sister. Abby added that she was also worried about her mother. Billy assured Abby that Jack was watching over Ashley. Billy comforted Abby, who proudly claimed that Colleen was the best sister ever. Billy proclaimed that Colleen was the best niece that anyone could've ever had.

Nikki and Nick prayed for Victor in the chapel. Nikki asked Nick if he was upset about not being able to get in touch with her. Nikki was sorry to learn that letters she had sent to the ranch seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Nick maintained that Nikki returned when they needed her the most. Nikki said that it was difficult to believe that Victor was responsible for Patty being in town. Nick lowered his head.

Nick empathized as Nikki added that acknowledging Victor's involvement, considering Patty's harmful actions, was agonizingly unsettling. Nikki said that many times she vacillated between wanting to kill Victor with her bare hands and wondering if she could live another day without him. Nikki said that it saddened her to know that another family would have to give up a loved one in order for Victor to receive a heart.

Back at Victor's bedside, Nick, Victoria, and Nikki joked that Victor wasn't complaining or ordering the nurses around as he would usually. Nick and Victoria wished for the day when their father would again feel good enough to issue orders. Dr. Swift returned and announced that Victor was on the national transplant list. The family seemed ecstatic until Dr. Swift added that there were 100,000 people on the list, so he couldn't offer a guarantee. After Dr. Swift left, Nikki, Victoria, and Nick seemed discouraged by Victor's grim prospects for a heart.

Back at Lily and Cane's, Lily cried that she never considered losing her dear friend Colleen. Cane promised to remain by Lily's side always. Lily told Cane about her dream. Lily recalled that a dripping-wet Colleen stopped by and said that Lily would beat the cancer. Colleen also insisted that Lily would someday hold her baby in her arms. Cane proclaimed that they would believe Colleen's promise. Cane urged Lily to complete Colleen's scrapbook, so that he and Lily could share photos and stories about the adventures of Aunt Colleen with their future children.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michael visited Victor in the hospital. Victor was tired but was still up for making jokes. Victoria told Michael that Victor needed a heart. Michael hoped they would find one quickly. He said that the odds were not good that he would find a heart in time. Nikki suggested that they fly Victor to a specialist. Victor said that he didn't think he would survive the trip. They realized their only hope was to find a designated donor.

Victoria and Nick went to the church to pray for Victor. They talked about Victor's faults and how he always blamed Jack for everything. Victoria said that Victor didn't seem to learn any lessons. She said that when Victor received a new heart, he would have a moment where he cherished life, and then he would forget all the lessons all over again. Nick said that they would just have to accept that was the way Victor would always be.

Steve told Tracy that Colleen had wanted to be an organ donor. Traci broke down in tears and said that wasn't what Colleen wanted. She said Colleen wanted to live and get married and have children. Tracy said that she understood that they couldn't leave Colleen on a machine. but it was hard to make the decision to give away her organs. Billy suggested that Traci take a sedative, but Traci was insistent that she stay sober for her last moments with her daughter.

Billy called to tell Jack that they were taking Colleen off the ventilator. Jack said that he would be at the hospital as soon as he could. When Jack arrived at the hospital, he comforted Billy. Jack said that they needed to be there for Traci. When Jack walked in to see Traci, Traci broke down in tears. Jack said he wished he could help her. He told her about when his own child that died, and how when he donated the organs to another child, he felt that his child somehow went on living. Jack said that ultimately, it was Traci's decision. Traci grabbed the paperwork and signed.

Nikki, Nick, and Victoria tried to figure out how they would find a designated donor. When Abby went to visit Victor, she told Nikki and Victoria that Traci had decided to donate Colleen's organs. Nikki looked at Victoria. Nikki decided to go to Colleen's hospital room, but when she saw the pain on everyone's faces, she walked away.

Nikki stood by the door and decided to return to Colleen's room. Nikki said she was there to ask them something. She said that Victor's heart was beyond repair and he needed a heart right away. She asked if they would consider designating Colleen's heart for Victor.

Victor asked Michael if he could take Abby to get an ice cream. Victor told Victoria and Nick that in the event that he couldn't get a heart, they should tell him everything they felt. He didn't want anything left unsaid.

At the mental hospital, a strange girl walked up to Adam and asked him to take her away. Adam was uncomfortable and said that he didn't have time to help her. Doctor Taylor showed up and told Adam he was tired of all the emergencies.

Jack told Ashley that the best thing she could do for her baby was to get well. The doctor checked her blood pressure and said she would check on the baby in a moment. Doctor Taylor walked in and told the nurse that he would take over. Ashley asked Jack if he would like to hear the baby's heartbeat, but a telephone call interrupted Jack.

Jack went back to Ashley and told her that Billy was checking up on her. Jack asked Ashley if she would mind if he went back to the hospital to see Colleen. Ashley told Jack that Traci needed him. Adam walked in to make sure that Doctor Taylor had gotten rid of the nurse. Doctor Taylor wondered how far Adam was going to go to hurt Ashley. Ashley walked in and Adam told her that he was going to stay at the hospital with her. Ashley said that she wanted to be alone.

Adam told Ashley that he only wanted to help her. When Ashley said that she blamed herself for what happened to Victor, Adam said that Ashley couldn't possibly have anything to do with Victor's attack. Ashley thanked Adam for being there for her. Suddenly, Ashley started having contractions. She told Adam that she was going to have her baby. Adam told Ashley that she wasn't going into labor. Ashley said that he should tell the baby that.

Sharon started having severe stomach pains. She was afraid she was going to have her baby. The nurse went to Ashley's room and asked if Doctor Taylor could help. Doctor Taylor went to see Sharon and asked how long she had been having contractions. At first he said that he could give her something to stop it, but when her water broke, he said it was too late. She was insistent that she not have her baby at the mental hospital. Doctor Taylor said he would get her to the hospital right away. Adam interrupted and told Doctor Taylor that he would not take Sharon to the hospital. Adam had a plan.

Adam told the strange girl that had asked for his help earlier to run out of the emergency exit. The alarm began to sound.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

At the psychiatric facility, Sharon was in labor and Ashley was in false labor. The lockdown alarm blared. Dr. Taylor, in Sharon's room, went into the hallway to find out what was going on. He ran into Adam, who said that he had set off the alarm in order to buy them some time.

Taylor returned to Sharon's room. He told Sharon, who was in severe pain, to use her Lamaze breathing techniques. When Sharon expressed her concern that she wasn't in a sterile hospital environment, the doctor told her that he was extremely experienced, and that he would be able to safely deliver her baby in the psychiatric facility.

Adam returned to Ashley's room, arriving just before an announcement was made that all doors would be locked in five seconds. Ashley told Adam that she needed to get to a hospital. Adam said that, because of the lockdown, that wouldn't be possible. Ashley told Adam that he would have to deliver her baby.

Ashley said that she was scared, and that her pain was getting worse. Adam got some tranquilizers from Dr. Taylor's bag, and assured Ashley that it was safe for her to take them. As Ashley took the pills, Adam told her that he would rather die than let something happen to Ashley or her baby. Ashley said that she was having another contraction, and then fell asleep. To himself, a relieved Adam said that "this whole mess" would be over soon.

In Sharon's room, Sharon called out for Nick. She then had a hallucination that Dr. Taylor was Nick. "Nick" told Sharon that Cassie's dream of Nick and Sharon having a baby girl was about to come true. Sharon smiled.

Dr. Taylor urged Sharon to push -- that the baby was almost there. Sharon again screamed that she wanted Nick. She then hallucinated that Nick was there to comfort her. Nick told Sharon that baby Faith would be there with one more push. When Sharon heard her baby crying, she was thrilled.

Ashley woke up and asked Adam where her baby was. Adam lied and said that a nurse had taken the baby away to examine her. Ashley insisted on seeing the child. Adam replied that Ashley could see the baby once the lockdown ended. Ashley said that she didn't remember delivering the baby, and that the room didn't look like a baby had been born there. Adam continued lying, and told Ashley that she had indeed delivered her baby, and that he had cleaned up the room. Ashley said that something didn't feel right -- and she demanded to see her child.

The hospital staff made an announcement that the lockdown was over. Ashley was about to leave the room to look for her baby, but Adam stopped her. Adam went into the hallway and ran into Dr. Taylor, who was holding Sharon's baby. Taylor told Adam that Sharon wasn't doing well -- that she was unconscious and had lost a lot of blood. Adam grabbed the baby from Taylor, who asked Adam what the hell he was doing. Adam said that he was taking the baby.

Adam took the baby into Ashley's room and handed her to Ashley. Ashley was overjoyed to be holding the little girl, who Ashley believed was her baby, in her arms.

At the Athletic Club, Jill, Phillip, Nina, and Chance were celebrating Jill's birthday. Chance told Jill that he had one more surprise for her, and he expressed his hope that Jill would like it. Chance waved Katherine over to the table. Katherine handed Jill a gift and wished her a happy birthday.

Katherine joined the group for dinner, and both Nina and Phillip commented on how nice it was for the family to be together without any bickering. Nina asked Jill to open her gift from Katherine. Jill obliged, and found a note inside the wrapped box. The note from Katherine read, "This is actually a gift you would be giving me and Chancellor Industries. The pleasure of your presence on a permanent basis." Jill was touched that Katherine wanted her back at Chancellor, and accepted the job offer.

Katherine received a call from Nikki. After hanging up, Katherine told the group that Nikki was holding vigil over Victor at the hospital, and that she needed to leave to be with Nikki. After Katherine rushed out, Jill said that Katherine had shown her true colors by rushing out to be by Nikki's side.

Jill told the group that Katherine treated Nikki like the daughter that Katherine had never had. Nina defended Katherine, and wondered why Jill felt that Katherine going to see a friend was a "dis" to Jill. Nina reminded Jill that Katherine went to the party, sang "Happy Birthday" to Jill, and had presented Jill with a gift. Nina said that Jill needed to realize that Katherine cared about Jill. Phillip told his mother that if she wanted to be like a daughter to Katherine, then Jill needed to start acting like a daughter.

In Colleen's hospital room, Traci was shocked that Nikki had asked her to donate Colleen's heart to Victor. Billy and Jack were adamantly opposed to giving the heart to "the Mustache."

Nikki said that she wasn't there for herself, or even for Victor. She asked the Abbotts to think of the Newman children -- particularly Abby and the baby that Ashley was about to have. Billy said that Abby and the baby would be better off if Victor were dead. A teary-eyed Traci looked at Nikki and said that she needed time to think about it. Jack and Billy were shocked that Traci was even considering donating the organ to Victor.

Nikki left the room, and Billy and Jack began yelling at Traci. Traci reminded her brothers that Victor had taken bullets that were meant for Jack. Traci felt that Colleen's heart might change Victor for the better. Jack suddenly looked pensive. Billy asked his brother to tell Traci that she shouldn't honor Nikki's request.

Mac showed up at Colleen's room, and Billy told her about Nikki's request. Jack then repeated Traci's reminder that Victor had taken three bullets meant for Jack. Billy said that the bullets were from a gun held by a woman who had been hired by Victor to hurt Jack. Jack was concerned about Ashley's reaction if she learned that her family had a chance to save Victor, but didn't. Steve reminded Jack and Billy that the decision was Traci's alone to make. Steve asked all of them to leave the room. In the hallway, Billy told Jack that he couldn't believe that Jack was even considering trying to persuade Traci to donate Colleen's heart to Victor. Billy stormed off, and Mac followed him.

In a hospital lounge, Mac told Billy that Victor wouldn't be the one who suffered if Victor died -- it would be Victor's family who felt the pain. Billy reiterated his feeling that Abby, as well as Ashley's child, would be better off without Victor. Billy told Mac that he was going to do anything he could to prevent Colleen's heart from going to Victor. He said that Victor was a murderer who "needs to rot in hell."

In Victor's hospital room, Victoria and Nick sat with their father. Victor weakly asked his children to tell him everything that they had always wanted to say to him, since he might not be alive much longer. Nick wondered if Victor had been devoted to Summer's recovery while Summer was in the hospital because Victor felt guilty about indirectly causing the child's illness. Victor said that he hated what had happened and that he prayed every day for Summer's full recovery.

Nikki joined her children and Victor, and the Newmans reminisced about the days when Victoria and Nick were still children. Nick told Nikki and Victor that they were going to be grandparents again -- that he, not Jack, had fathered Sharon's baby. Victor was thrilled at the prospect of another Newman.

Later, in the waiting area, Nikki spoke to Michael on the phone and told him that Traci hadn't made a decision about donating Colleen's heart to Victor. After the call ended, Katherine joined Nikki. After Katherine told Nikki how worried she had been after Nikki had disappeared, Nikki filled Katherine in on what was going on. She told Katherine that Colleen's heart appeared to be Victor's only hope. Katherine commented that Nikki seemed to be doing all the fighting on Victor's behalf. Katherine wondered why Ashley wasn't there, helping Victor fight for his life.

Nikki told Katherine that she assumed Victor's shooting and Colleen's death had been too much for Ashley to handle. Katherine wondered if the events might be too much for Nikki, since Nikki had left town to distance herself from stress. Nikki said that she had to return to Genoa City for Victoria and Nick. Katherine believed that Nikki had also returned because of Victor. Nikki admitted that Victor was the reason that she had called off her wedding to Paul.

Victor was asleep in his room. Nick told Victoria that he didn't know which was worse -- the possibility of Victor's death, or Victor's role in Summer's illness. Victoria believed that, in his own way, Victor had said that he was sorry for what he had done, and that their father needed to feel at peace with the family. Victoria asked Nick how he felt about Sharon's baby. Nick said that he was committed to helping raise the child, but that he wasn't planning on leaving Phyllis and Summer.

Katherine stopped by Victor's room. Victoria and Nick left to allow Katherine to speak with Victor privately. Victor was extremely happy that Katherine was there. She told Victor that she wouldn't hear of him dying. He told Katherine that if he didn't make it, he wanted her to be his "eyes and ears." Holding Victor's hand, Katherine said that after what had happened to her, she learned to believe in miracles.

Later, Katherine sat alone in the waiting area. Jill joined her, and was shocked to learn that Victor needed a heart transplant. Jill said that she had cut her birthday celebration short to be with Katherine, and that she could stay with Katherine. Katherine said that she would like it very much if Jill stayed . Jill sat down next to Katherine, who gently touched Jill's face.

In the hospital chapel, Jack spoke with "John." When Jack said that donating Colleen's heart was Traci's decision, John said that Traci had always listened to her big brother. Jack began to list all of Victor's misdeeds. John said that he knew that Victor had committed serious crimes against the Abbott family, but reminded Jack that Victor was Abby's father and Ashley's husband -- and had taken bullets meant for Jack.

Jack begged his father for the right answer. John said that he didn't have the right answer. John disappeared, and, to himself, Jack wished that he had an answer to give to his sister.

Nikki joined Jack in the chapel, and appealed to him to convince Traci to donate Colleen's heart to Victor. Nikki reminded Jack of the baby that she and Jack had lost -- and the moment when Jack realized that their child's heart would live on in another child's body. Jack reminded Nikki that Victor was the reason their child died. Nikki asked Jack to think past his feud with Victor, and to think about Victor's family. Jack said that it was impossible for him to take Victor out of the equation.

Nikki returned to Victor's room. Victor told her that his hands kept falling asleep. Nikki held Victor's hands as Victor told her how much he had wanted to say to her on the night that she left town. Nikki optimistically told Victor that there would be plenty of time for them to talk when he felt better.

In Colleen's room, Traci told Steve that she didn't know the right thing to do. Jack, standing in the doorway, said that he knew. He advised Traci to give Colleen's heart to Victor.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

At the psychiatric facility, Adam looked in on Ashley, who was holding "her" baby, unaware that the baby was actually Sharon's. In the hallway, Adam told Dr. Taylor that they had dodged a bullet. Taylor said that Adam was sick for stealing Sharon's baby. Adam threw Taylor against the wall and said that the baby was Ashley's, and not Sharon's. Taylor wondered what he was going to say to Sharon. Adam told the doctor to tell Sharon that her baby had died. When Taylor objected, Adam reminded him that sex offenders weren't too popular in prison.

Adam went to see Ashley, and told her that since the lockdown was over, she was going to be transferred to Genoa City Memorial. Ashley told the baby that her "big brother" was going to take care of them.

At St. Mary's Children's Hospital, Sharon woke up from a dream. In the dream, she remembered giving birth and hearing her baby crying. Looking around the room, the confused Sharon called for a nurse. When the nurse arrived, Sharon demanded to see her child. The nurse put on a sympathetic face and told Sharon that the doctor would be in shortly.

Dr. Taylor showed up at Sharon's room. Sharon was devastated when the doctor lied and told her that her baby had been severely malformed and didn't survive. Sharon insisted that her baby had been healthy. Taylor said that some things couldn't be foreseen, and that Sharon probably went into early labor because her body sensed that the fetus wasn't viable. Sharon begged Taylor to let her hold the baby, but Taylor said that it would be too upsetting for Sharon to see it.

Sharon insisted that her baby was alive -- that she remembered the delivery and the sound of the baby crying. Taylor said that Sharon was delirious during her "miscarriage," and only imagined the delivery and the crying. He told Sharon that her baby never took a breath. Sharon became hysterical and begged the doctor to tell her that her baby wasn't dead.

At Memorial, Dr. Snyder found Jack, and told him that Ashley and her infant daughter had been admitted during the night. Jack smiled when he learned that he had a new niece.

Adam visited Ashley in her room at Memorial. A nurse told Ashley that the on-call obstetrician would be in shortly to examine her. Ashley said that she felt amazingly well, considering that she had just delivered a baby. Adam appeared worried when he heard that an obstetrician was going to examine Ashley.

Adam told Ashley that he was going to get an update on Victor's condition. After Adam left, a grinning Jack entered, looked at the baby, and congratulated Ashley. Jack told his sister that Victor needed a heart transplant in order to survive, and Colleen might be the donor. Dr. Mangino, the on-call obstetrician, showed up to examine Ashley. Ashley said that she didn't have time for an examination -- she needed to go and see Victor.

Adam ran into Taylor at the nurses' station, and chided the doctor for taking too much time telling Sharon that her baby was dead. A disgusted Taylor told Adam that Sharon bought his lie. Adam told Taylor that he needed to stop the on-call obstetrician from examining Ashley, otherwise Adam would send the letter that Skye had written, accusing Taylor of sexual misbehavior, to the police.

Dr. Mangino told Ashley that he couldn't allow her to wander around the hospital without an examination. Ashley insisted that she was fine, and that she needed to see Victor. Dr. Taylor arrived and told Dr. Mangino that Ashley was Taylor's patient. Dr. Mangino deferred to Dr. Taylor, and left. Ashley asked Taylor if the examination could wait. Taylor said that it couldn't, but that he would be quick. Jack left the room so that Taylor could examine Ashley. Ashley told the doctor that he looked stressed out. He covered by saying that the previous night had been quite hectic. Taylor had a look of disgust on his face when Ashley told him that Adam had been amazing during the delivery.

After examining Ashley, Dr. Taylor met up with Adam in a hospital corridor. Adam gave the doctor a one-way airline ticket to Boston, and told Taylor that he could pick up Skye's letter at the Newman ranch on his way to the airport. Taylor wondered what the catch was. Adam said there wasn't any catch -- that Taylor's role in the "charade" was over. The doctor said that Adam was "the most cold-hearted snake I've ever met." Taylor wondered what was going to happen to Sharon, who thought that her baby was dead. Adam said that he would take care of Sharon.

In Colleen's hospital room, Dr. Snyder talked to Jack, Steve, and Traci about the tests that would need to be done in order to establish whether Colleen's heart was compatible with Victor's body. Billy and Mac stopped by. Billy was livid that Jack and Traci had decided to donate Colleen's heart to Victor. Billy said that Victor didn't deserve to wake up the next morning. Traci began to cry and told her brothers that she didn't want to talk about the possible transplant until the tests were done. Billy marched out of the room.

In Victor's hospital room, Nikki, Victoria, Nick, and J.T. gathered around Victor's bed. Abby showed up, and Victor asked her where Adam was. Abby said that she had no idea. Nick told Victor that Adam hadn't been seen since the previous evening. Nick pulled Nikki aside and asked her if Traci had made a decision about donating Colleen's heart to Victor. Nikki said that she hadn't heard anything, and that she didn't want to push Traci.

Jack entered Victor's room and informed the obviously grateful Newman family that tests were being done to see if Colleen's heart could be transplanted into Victor. J.T. left the room, followed by the teary-eyed Victoria and Abby. Victor told Jack that he was sorry that the Abbott family had to make that decision, but that he was glad that they made it. Jack told Victor not to thank them yet, as the heart might turn out to be incompatible. Jack left to find Abby.

Victor told Nikki and Nick that he couldn't believe that the Abbotts even considered donating Colleen's heart to Victor. Nikki told Victor that the Abbotts' gesture said a lot about forgiveness. Victor told Nick that he wished Phyllis and Summer were there, so that Victor could tell them how much he loved them. Nick assured his father that Phyllis and Summer would be back from Europe soon.

Victoria found J.T. in the hospital chapel. He told his wife that the whole situation was beyond his comprehension. When Victoria asked J.T. if he would hate her if she prayed that Victor and Colleen were a match, J.T. said that he didn't know he felt.

Billy entered the chapel, looking for Mac. Victoria tried to express her condolences to Billy, but he cut her off. Billy said that Colleen was just someone who Victoria had to tolerate when Victoria had been married to Brad. Billy told Victoria not to pretend that she was upset. Victoria left the chapel. J.T. began to follow his wife out, but Billy stopped him. Billy said that together, he and J.T. could prevent the transplant from happening.

J.T. said that he wasn't Victor's biggest fan, but that Victor was his son's grandfather. Billy said that Reed would be better off without Victor in his life. J.T. said that Billy wasn't concerned with what Colleen would want to happen-- that Billy was only concerned with what Billy wanted to happen. Mac entered the chapel as J.T. left. Billy told Mac that he was going to stop the transplant.

Billy made a phone call to his banker and asked for a large amount of cash. Mac said that Billy was being ridiculous, but Billy disagreed, saying that cash could stop anything. Mac took the phone from Billy and told the banker that Mr. Abbott wouldn't be needing the money.

A livid Mac told Billy to stop trying to sabotage the transplant. Billy said that he couldn't imagine living every day knowing that Colleen's heart was beating in Victor's chest. Billy blamed himself for Colleen's death. He said that if he had listened to Jack and not kidnapped Ashley, he would have been at the Abbott cabin with Colleen. Mac said they would never know whether or not Billy would have gotten to the cabin in time to save Colleen from Patty. Billy said that if he could stop the transplant, he would listen to Jack for the rest of Billy's life. Mac said, "Then start listening to him now."

J.T. went to Colleen's room, where Traci was gently stroking her daughter's hair. J.T. said that he didn't want to argue -- that he just wanted to sit with Colleen. Traci said that she and Colleen would love that.

Later, Traci and Steve sat by Colleen's bed. Billy and Mac showed up. After Mac left to call Katherine, Jack arrived and told Billy, Traci, and Steve that he had some good news. As he tried to tell them about Ashley's baby, Dr. Snyder entered the room, interrupted Jack, and told the group that Colleen's heart was a near-perfect match for Victor. Jack left without telling the group about Ashley's baby.

Jack returned to Ashley's room. Ashley blamed herself for Victor's condition. Jack told her that Victor's heart failure was most definitely not her fault. Ashley then grew concerned about Nikki. Jack assured Ashley that Nikki was fine. He told his sister that Nikki had gone to a resort in Colorado, and had just returned to Genoa City. Ashley believed Jack, and hugged him.

Abby entered Ashley's room, and Jack introduced Abby to her baby sister. After Jack left, Abby told Ashley that the baby was incredible, and that she was glad something good had happened amid all the tragedy. Ashley told Abby that she knew that she hadn't always been a good mother to Abby, but that was going to change. When Abby asked about Victor, Ashley assured Abby that, with their prayers, Victor would survive.

Nikki sat with Victor in his hospital room. She reminded him of the time, many years earlier, when she had been admitted to the hospital with gunshot wounds, and how much she had appreciated Victor's support. Victor said that Nikki was the heart and soul of the Newman family, and that he was grateful that he knew her and loved her. As Ashley opened the door to visit with Victor, she overheard Victor telling Nikki that he had never felt a love greater than the love he felt for Nikki. A devastated Ashley quietly tiptoed out of the room, unseen by Victor or Nikki.

Victoria ran into Adam outside Victor's hospital room and asked her half-brother where he had been. Nick joined them and chided Adam for not being there while Victor was fighting for his life. When he asked Adam what had been more important than being with Victor, Adam said that it was none of Nick's business. Nick and Adam began fist-fighting. J.T. walked by and broke the fight up. Victoria and Nick told Adam to leave the hospital. As Adam began walking out, he tripped over an I.V. pole and fell. A sympathic Victoria ran to Adam and offered him assistance. Adam rejected her help. As Adam left, he warned Nick, "This is far from over, brother. As a matter of fact, it's only beginning."

Sitting with Nikki in the waiting area, Nick learned via a phone call from the psychiatric facility that Sharon had been moved to St. Mary's Children's Hospital. Nick ran out, asking Nikki not to tell Victor that Sharon was in the hospital.

Nick arrived at Sharon's room and asked her if anything had happened to the baby. The nearly-catatonic Sharon looked at Nick and said, "Faith -- our little girl didn't make it." Nick was stunned.

Friday, October 2, 2009

At the hospital, Sharon broke the news to Nick that their baby had died. Nick asked Sharon to tell him what had happened, and Sharon tried to explain, but she didn't remember much. Sharon believed she had heard the baby cry, but admitted that she must have been wrong because the doctor told Sharon the baby hadn't survived. Nick apologized for not being there for Sharon. Sharon said the baby wasn't meant to be.

Sharon explained to Nick that there had been a lockdown and that' wa s why Sharon had gone through an emergency delivery. Sharon had very few memories of the experience. Nick was devastated to hear that the baby had been born with birth defects. Nick thought that Sharon and the baby had been healthy throughout the pregnancy. Sharon agreed it had been a perfect pregnancy. Nick asked if Sharon had seen the baby, but Sharon said the doctor had kept the infant from her and she had not seen the baby.

Sharon was grateful that she had never seen the baby, because the doctor said the infant had been deformed. Nick wanted to see the baby anyway. Sharon explained that the baby had been cremated. Sharon apologized to Nick for ordering the cremation and not waiting until Nick had seen the infant. Nick was overcome with grief. Nick said that in anticipation of the birth of the baby, he had hoped the newborn would looked like Sharon.

Sharon asked Nick to go with her to the woods when they received the baby's ashes so they could scatter them together. Nick agreed. Sharon asked Nick about how Victor was doing. Nick explained Victor's dire condition, that his father needed a heart transplant. Nick told Sharon that Colleen might be a match. Sharon told Nick that he should return to the hospital to be with his father. Sharon told Nick that he shouldn't worry about her.

Nick said he wanted to do something to help Sharon. Sharon said that she wasn't Nick's responsibility any longer. Sharon told Nick they had to break up permanently. Sharon encouraged Nick to devote his attention to Phyllis and Summer. Nick believed that Sharon needed him, but Sharon said once they scattered the baby's ashes, they would split forever.

Later, after Nick was gone, Sharon opened the door and saw other people with their newborn babies. One couple was happily leaving with their newborn child. Seeing them, Sharon began to cry. She closed the door and bawled in her hospital room.

At the hospital, Abby and Ashley arrived in Colleen's room. Jack and Billy were there, as well as Traci and Steve. Ashley told them all that she had delivered her baby and she and the newborn were fine. Ashley admitted that since having the baby, she was feeling more like herself, so she would not be returning to the psychiatric hospital. Jack approved of Ashley's decision.

Ashley wanted to say goodbye to Colleen. Ashley asked Traci if she knew what she was going to do about Colleen's heart. Traci told her sister that hadn't decided if she would authorize giving the heart to Victor for his transplant. Traci wasn't sure if she could do that for Victor. Traci sincerely wanted to do what Colleen would have wanted.

In Victor's hospital room, Nikki and Victoria were at Victor's side when Abby arrived to see her father. Adam and J.T. were there, too, and listened as Abby explained to Victor that Colleen's heart was a match for Victor. Abby added that Traci had not decided whether to approve the transplant. Victor called Abby to his side and said that whatever Traci decided to do, Victor understood.

Nikki was amazed that Colleen's heart was compatible match for Victor. Victoria empathized with Traci. Victor was happy to see Adam was there to see him. Adam asked if there were any other options besides Colleen's heart. There was no other option. Victor told them all to leave the Abbotts alone to decide.

Billy told Traci that he was vehemently against allowing C.C.'s heart to go to Victor, and he challenged Traci to explain how she could even consider helping Victor. Traci was very upset and decided to walk out of the room to think over her decision. Traci wasn't able to see things as clearly as Billy did. Ashley trusted Traci to do the right thing. Traci was determined that Colleen's heart would live again in someone else's body.

A while later, Billy and Jack discussed Traci's decision, and Billy wished he had the final say. Jack said he was happy not to have the burden of making the choice .

Outside Victor's room, Abby asked Nikki and Victoria if she could see Victor alone so she could tell him about Ashley having had the baby. Victoria thought it was terrible timing for Victor to become a father again when his life was hanging in the balance. Abby walked away, and Nikki admitted to Victoria that Victor had confessed that he still loved Nikki.

Phyllis walked into the hospital and, outside Victor's room, she saw Nikki and Victoria. Phyllis said she had been concerned that Nick had been keeping the truth from her, so she flew home from Switzerland without telling him. Phyllis asked where Nick was, because she was anxious to see him.

Nikki and Victoria dodged Phyllis' question. They explained to Phyllis that Colleen's might provide the donor heart for Victor. Phyllis was stunned, and could understand why Traci might not want to give Victor the heart. Victoria didn't appreciate Phyllis' honesty and suggested that Phyllis go somewhere else. Phyllis said she was staying for Nick's sake. Phyllis reminded Victoria that Summer nearly died because of Victor's connection to Patty. Phyllis agreed not to fight with Victoria, because it wasn't the right time to get into it.

Nikki finally told Phyllis that Nick had left the hospital to visit Sharon. Phyllis was ticked that Nick left Victor's bedside to attend to Sharon. Later on, Nick found Phyllis waiting in the chapel. Phyllis went to greet him. Nick started to cry, and Phyllis embraced him.

Alone with Victor, Adam told his father that Ashley had delivere d the baby. Victor was concerned about Ashley's welfare. Adam told Victor that Jack had taken Ashley to a psychiatric hospital and Adam had not been able to stop him. Victor was confused and upset. Adam said that he had remained by Ashley's side and he had been there when she had the baby. Victor was curious about the baby. Adam showed Victor a picture of the baby on his cell phone.

Adam admitted that he couldn't lose Victor the way he had lost his mother. Victor told Adam that he had been a good son and he was glad Adam was his child. Adam walked out and Victoria entered. Victoria took Victor's hand and congratulated him on becoming a father again. Victor said that whatever Traci decided, he was prepared to accept his fate.

In a waiting room, Abby thanked J.T. for being honest with her about her father. Victoria overheard J.T. telling Abby about how he had known Colleen for years and how important she had been to him. Abby was happy about the new baby, but she wished she could have Colleen back. J.T. told Abby to be prepared in case Traci decided against the transplant. Abby believed that Victor never meant to hurt Colleen. Abby didn't want to lose her father.

In the hospital room, Ashley showed Traci her new baby. Traci thought the baby represented hope and possibility. Traci was grateful to have a new child in their family, but she confessed to Ashley that she didn't know how she could go on without Colleen. Traci wasn't ready to say goodbye to Colleen forever.

When she was alone, Ashley spoke to her newborn about Victor's condition. Adam walked in and Ashley said that instead of naming the baby Hope, she had decided to call her daughter Faith.

In the chapel, Traci tried to figure out how she could forgive Victor and give him Colleen's heart. Traci asked God to explain what He wanted her to do. Traci felt that Colleen was better at forgiveness than Traci was. Traci asked Colleen to guide her. Traci cried and wondered what to do.

A while later, Traci returned to Colleen's room. Traci said she had made up her mind, but she asked Jack to tell Victor her decision, because she was not up to facing Victor. Traci then told Colleen that she hoped she made the decision that she Colleen would have wanted.

In the hallway, Billy was telling J.T., Victoria, Nikki, and Abby that Traci hadn't made up her mind, but if it were up to him, Victor wouldn't get the heart because he didn't deserve to live. Abby asked her uncle not to say that. Jack walked past them hurriedly and went directly into Victor's room. Jack told Victor that Traci had struggled with her decision. Jack was there to deliver a message from Traci.

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