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Nick and Sharon scattered what they thought were their baby's ashes. Abby rented Brad's house to Sharon. Victor decided to give Adam a second chance. Adam secretly called the SEC to report Nick and Victoria on infractions. Daniel conned Deacon out of the Terroni painting.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 12, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, October 12, 2009

After Colleen's memorial service, Traci and Ashley tidied up after Mac escorted Billy home. From the hospital, Faith's pediatrician phoned Ashley to let her know that the newborn was ready to go home. Jack secured a car seat into Ashley's vehicle. Traci teasingly inquired if Ashley was ready to handle a newborn after so many years. Ashley thought about choosing a godmother and selected her sister. Traci, touched, readily agreed to become Faith's godmother.

After Traci went upstairs to sort through Colleen's things, Jack offered to accompany Ashley to the hospital, but she suggested he stay to support Traci. Jack mentioned the look on Ashley's face when Victoria had read Victor's letter at Colleen's memorial service. Jack admitted concern that Ashley had forgiven Victor, but Ashley explained, "The man that I have loved most of my adult life is not the man that I married." Ashley wasn't pleased with Jack's celebratory response to her pronouncement to end her marriage. Jack assumed that Ashley would take Faith to the Abbott mansion, but Ashley insisted that she'd base her decision on what was best for herself and the baby.

Just as Paul arrived to confer his condolences, Traci thanked Lauren over the phone for contributing to the scholarship fund Jack had set up in Colleen's name. Paul tearfully apologized for not stopping Patty when he'd had the chance to do so. Sobbing, Traci hugged Paul, accepted his apology, and added that she still considered him a dear friend. Paul attempted to explain that Patty hadn't meant to hurt anyone. Jack interrupted and said that he knew that Paul loved his sister, but Jack suggested that Paul leave it at that. Paul choked back tears as he described Patty's state after suffering severe psychosis. Jack had no sympathy for Paul or Patty and claimed that Patty was building an insanity defense.

Nick surprised Sharon by showing up at the Abbott cabin, where Sharon had planned to scatter the ashes she believed were the remains of her and Nick's baby, Faith. Nick seemed hurt that Sharon hadn't notified him about the impromptu memorial. Nick recalled how the couple had shared the dreams they'd envisioned for Faith's future. Sharon insisted she was sparing Nick, not pushing his feelings aside. Nick asked if a container he spied contained Faith's ashes.

Sharon peered out an open doorway at the crimson trees and mustered the strength to say, "Cassie loved this time of year." Addressing Cassie, Sharon added, "Look after your little sister for us." After Sharon and Nick scattered the ashes, they returned to the cabin. The couple seemed overwhelmed with memories of time spent at the cabin months before. Sharon recalled the peaceful spot Nick had chosen to disperse the ashes. "We did it right this time," Nick declared. Sharon agreed and insisted that she could move on.

At a nearby psychiatric facility, Paul visited Patty, who carried on as if she were newly married to Jack. After Paul mentioned Traci's daughter, Patty excitedly announced that she was an aunt and requested to see a photo of the child. Patty added that she and Jack hoped to have a grandchild for John Abbott soon. Paul excused himself and stepped out to consult with Dr. Keane. Paul asked Dr. Keane why Patty suddenly acted as if it were the 1980s. Dr. Keane responded, "Well, as I explained to you when you phoned, your sister's had a complete psychotic break." Paul received more bad news when Dr. Keane couldn't promise that Patty would recover. Paul, his eyes misted with tears, peered through a window at his sister, who seemed oblivious to reality.

Jack visited Patty, who was giddily overjoyed to see him. Jack, taken aback, asked Patty if she remembered him. Patty acted as if Jack was teasing her. Patty cooed, "How could you say such a ridiculous thing?" Jack prompted Patty to spill her guts about how everyone had wronged her. Jack seemed stunned after Patty insisted that she was ready to change into her new husband's favorite bikini, so she and Jack could embark on their honeymoon. Jack seemed dumbfounded by Patty's behavior.

After Jack left Patty, he headed to the Genoa City Athletic Club bar. After ordering a drink, Jack noticed Sharon enter. Jack lowered his head to avoid detection. Sharon saw Jack, but she quickly ascended the stairs to avoid him.

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Dr. Swift called Nikki back into Victor's room. Nikki approached Victor cautiously. Victor insisted he was fine. Dr. Swift explained, "The immunosuppressant that Victor is on can sometimes cause seizures. If he's careful with his medication, this should be a onetime incident." Nikki seemed relieved. Victor asked to see his baby.

Nikki held baby Faith near Victor. Victor cooed at the baby, who he deemed to be beautiful. Nikki agreed and added, "She reminds me so much of Nicholas when he was born." Ashley arrived and demanded to know what Victor and Nikki were doing. Nikki, taken aback, responded, "Hi, Ashley. Victor wanted to see the baby."

Ashley insisted that Nikki hand over the baby. Victor assured Ashley that the baby was fine and asked why Ashley was upset. Ashley took her baby from Nikki's arms. Hoping not to escalate Ashley's fury, Nikki announced that she would leave. Before stepping out, Nikki reminded Ashley that she was in a hospital with a man recovering from major heart surgery. "And by the way, that child is his daughter," Nikki added. Coldly, Ashley responded, "This is between Victor and me." Victor insisted that he hadn't meant to upset anyone. Ashley cried that she was very upset.

Victor reminded Ashley that he was good to his children. Ashley corrected Victor and claimed he was good to all of his children except Adam. Victor recalled that Adam had framed him for murder. Ashley mentioned Victor's letter about the second chance Colleen had given him. Ashley suggested that Victor give Adam a second chance. Ashley added that Abby, along with the rest of Colleen's family, remained devastated by their loss. Victor said that he wished he could do something to help.

Frustrated with Victor's repeated attempts to rescue her, Ashley railed at Victor. Ashley flatly declared, "I realized that the man I spent most of my adult life loving isn't a hero after all. He never was. It was just a lie, an illusion." Victor proclaimed his love for Ashley. Ashley coldly suggested that Victor only loved himself, and she announced that she would file for divorce. Victor said that he had hoped they could work things out. Ashley stated that Victor's involvement with Patty was the last straw. Ashley promised to allow Victor time with his daughters. As Ashley left with Faith, Victor voiced a feeble goodbye.

After Nikki stepped out of Victor's room, she ran into Paul. Nikki told Paul that Victor's transplant was working. Paul escorted Nikki out of the hospital for a break. At Crimson Lights, Paul coaxed Nikki to eat and stressed the importance of taking care of herself. Paul chided Nikki for putting her life on hold for Victor. Nikki explained that Ashley, focused on her new baby, couldn't attend to Victor and that Nick and Victoria were involved with their families, as well.

Nikki thanked Paul for letting her know that her family needed her, and she mentioned the letters she'd sent that seemed to have disappeared mysteriously. After Nikki inquired about Paul, he described Patty's setback from the severe psychosis. Paul sadly recounted how badly he'd handled Patty before she'd escaped. Nikki comforted Paul and explained, "It is not your fault. Whatever Patty did, you're not responsible for it. It was horrific, but your sister has a mental illness. Nobody is to blame, including you."

After Paul escorted Nikki back to the hospital, he warned her not to allow Victor to break her heart again. Victor noticed Paul outside his room and beckoned Nikki's friend to step in. Victor thanked Paul for returning Nikki to her family. Paul simply stated, "I went to see my sister today. She's in a padded cell in a hospital for the criminally insane. I don't think they cater to the patients there like they do here."

Addressing Victor directly, Paul added that Patty was fortunate to have completely forgotten about him. After Paul left in a huff, Nikki told Victor that she hoped he hadn't been distressed by Paul's visit. Victor understood that Paul was worried about his sister. When Nikki asked about Ashley and the baby, Victor delivered startling news. Victor pitifully noted that his marriage to Ashley was over. Victor added that Ashley had promised to let him remain part of their daughters' lives.

At the Newman ranch, Victoria was horrified when she overheard Adam negotiating a contract for Newman cosmetic products with a representative of Mitsukoshi, a Japanese department store. Victoria demanded that Adam hang up the phone at once. Victoria summoned Michael, who arrived after she apprised him of the tenuous situation with Adam. Michael calmed the warring half-siblings and encouraged Adam to share his account. Adam began, "I had two choices. Let everything fall apart or try to save it." Victoria, stewing, asked whose authority Adam had to act on behalf of the company. Adam claimed that Mr. Kagawa had been calling Victor's private line for days without any responses to numerous messages.

As Michael and Victoria took note, Adam claimed that because Victor was incapacitated, no one was minding the store. Victoria countered that she and Nick had everything covered. Adam suggested that Mitsukoshi department stores would have pulled the plug had he not stepped in to save millions of dollars and the loss of goodwill for Newman Enterprises. Victoria set Adam straight and explained, "You do not represent the company." Victoria instructed Michael to investigate the matter and halt all of Adam's unauthorized transactions. Adam tersely responded, "Damn it, Victoria. I was not up to anything. I was helping you out this one time."

Adam claimed that Victoria's overt reaction proved that she was out of touch with the rumors and speculation about Victor's health that could alienate the Asian market. Michael produced a faxed copy of the contract with Adam's changes. Victoria looked it over and admitted that the deal seemed all right. Adam berated Victoria by reminding her that he had earned top honors at Harvard. Victoria seethed when Adam added that she had no college experience and that Nick had only an undergraduate degree from a local university. Victoria glared at Adam, as he solicited a thank-you for saving Newman's global business.

Michael reiterated Victoria's claim that Adam's contract negotiations were viable. As Victoria and Adam both remained defiant, Michael suggested that Victoria step in and restore the connections with her Asian contacts. Victoria warned Adam to butt out, and she advised him to leave the ranch before she found a way to throw him out. Michael noted that such a decision would be Victor's call. Adam reveled with delight and interjected, "Curses -- foiled again!" Victoria sneered at Adam and warned that he had tipped them off, so they'd be watching him.

Ashley arrived at the ranch with Faith and announced to Adam that she'd taken his little sister home. Ashley later told Adam that she would divorce his father. Ashley explained that she and the girls would stay for Abby's sake. Adam was speechless. Ashley announced that when Victor was feeling better, she would claim the ranch as their permanent home, and she encouraged Adam to stay. Ashley told Adam that he was a good friend and would be Faith's godfather. Adam claimed that he had already overstayed his welcome, so he might move elsewhere. Ashley said, "Well, you don't have to decide right now, but hang in there. I did put a good word in for you with Victor. Things might turn around."

At the tack house, Victoria caught up with Nick and inquired about his absence at Colleen's memorial service. Nick explained that he and Sharon had scattered the baby's ashes. Victoria mentioned her sad loss years before of a baby named Eve. Nick recalled having also lost a baby with Sharon eight years earlier. Nick cried, "You know, you're looking forward so much to meeting this new little life that's a big part of you. Then it's ripped away out of nowhere." Victoria comforted her brother before she mentioned Adam's fiasco involving his unauthorized business deal with Mr. Kagawa. Victoria warned that Adam was trying to weasel his way back into the family business.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jack called Sharon to see how she was doing. Sharon said that she was shaky but had finally made it out of her room. Jack asked if she would meet him later. When Sharon visited Jack, she apologized for not being there for Colleen's funeral. Jack said that he understood. He knew that Sharon had to say goodbye to the baby. Sharon thanked Jack for supporting her.

Jack went to the kitchen to get food for Sharon but broke the casserole dish. Sharon asked if there was any way she could help. Jack said that there was a favor she could do for him. He said that Brad's place was vacant, and he needed a renter. Sharon said that she thought Brad would get a kick out of her living there. She said yes.

Jack talked to Sharon about Colleen and Victor. It hurt him that Colleen was dead but that Victor was still alive. Sharon said that Jack knew how she felt about Victor. She said that Jack should let things go. Jack told Sharon that she'd changed for the better when she'd gone to the mental hospital. Sharon said that without it, she wouldn't have made it through. Sharon called Noah and asked if he would live with her at Brad's house. Noah said he would if he could pick his own room.

Jack thought about what Sharon had said to him about letting things go. He looked at the newspaper and saw an article about Patty Williams locked in a facility for the criminally insane. Meanwhile, Patty was also looking at the article.

Phyllis told Nick that Summer was making progress with her activities. She could tell that Nick was far away. Phyllis asked him to try not to hide his feelings. Michael arrived to take them to a fair. Phyllis told Nick he didn't have to go if he didn't want to. Nick decided it would be better for him to get out of the house.

At the fair, Nick apologized to Phyllis for being a "buzz kill." Phyllis said that maybe it was too soon. Nick said that he had been to many fairs with Cassie. Nick said that he could suck it up and have a little barbecue with his girls. He said seeing Summer making so much progress made him realize how strong Phyllis was. Phyllis said that she had to be strong. Phyllis hugged Nick and told him that his smile made her happy. Nick said that he didn't want to shut her out. He told her how he felt about saying goodbye to Faith.

Katherine gave Pearl a ribbon for making the best pie. Joe Jr. was disappointed that his pie didn't win. Murphy told Katherine that it was nice to see her smile. Katherine said that with what had happened with Colleen, she hadn't thought she could smile again.

Lauren watched Nick and Phyllis to make sure they were okay. Lauren said that she was worried about Nick and Phyllis. Katherine saw Lauren and told her about the pie contest. When Nick and Phyllis walked by, Nick stepped in a pile of horse manure. Michael thought it was hilarious. Lauren told Phyllis that Nick seemed to be having a good time.

Mac asked Billy if it was too soon to be at the cabin. Billy said it gave him some comfort knowing it was the last place Colleen had been. They started kissing but were interrupted when Chance and Chloe walked in. Billy told Chloe she had to have a tracking device on his car. Billy and Chance started arguing. Chloe told Billy that they were still "technically" married. Chloe said that she hadn't signed the papers yet. Billy asked Chance if he could have a moment alone with Chloe. Mac told Chance that she had some potato salad if he wanted to eat some.

Chloe told Billy that she wasn't trying to mess with him. She said that she understood that he had been going through a lot and assured him that she was not trying to play games with him.

Mac told Chance that she was disappointed with Billy and Chloe's situation. They were both annoyed when Billy and Chloe continued to argue.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At the Abbott cabin, the tension between the two couples, Mac and Billy, and Chloe and Chance, continued. Mac asked Billy if they could leave, but Billy told her that it was his family cabin. Chloe reminded Billy that since she and Billy weren't divorced, it was her cabin, also. Chance wanted to leave, but Chloe arrived at a solution. The two couples would play Scrabble, with the winning couple staying at the cabin, and the losing couple leaving.

Chloe won the dice toss and went first. Her word was L-E-A-V-E. She told Billy and Mac that they should take that word to heart. She suggested that Billy and Mac leave the cabin and go to their "trailer love shack." It was Mac's turn, and her word was D-I-V-O-R-C-E.

The couples continued the game, and Billy played the word S-E-X. He told Chloe and Chance that it had to have been difficult for Chloe and Chance to have sex at the Chancellor mansion with Jill and Esther around all the time. Chance played the word V-I-R-G-I-N. When Billy began laughing, Chance asked his uncle if there was a problem with that word. Billy said that "virgin" wasn't a word -- at least not in the Abbott cabin. When Chance stared at Billy, a stunned Billy realized that Chance was a virgin.

Billy said that he felt bad, and wondered why Chloe and Chance hadn't said anything. He added that he and Mac could have left the cabin for 15 minutes so that Chance and Chloe could "knock it out." Chloe told Billy that he was sick. Mac told Billy to let it go.

Chloe decided that she and Chance should leave. Billy continued to taunt Chance about Chance's virginity. Billy said that everyone had a first time -- but usually before they reached middle age. Mac told Billy to stop. Chance told Billy off. He asked Billy how sleeping around in meaningless relationships had worked out for Billy. Chance said that he was going for something real in a relationship, and he wasn't afraid to admit it.

Chance told Billy that he liked Chloe for the kind of person she was -- how she treated Delia, and even for her weird acceptance of Billy as Delia's father. Chance said that Chloe deserved more respect than Billy could muster. Chance and Chloe left the cabin. After they were gone, Billy realized that Mac was disgusted with his behavior. Billy admitted that he might have gone a little too far with Chance, but at least Billy and Mac had won the Scrabble game.

Michael visited Victor in Victor's hospital room. Victor said that he felt much better, and that once the doctors settled on the proper dosage of his anti-rejection medications, he would be back in the office. Michael handed Victor the contract that Adam had negotiated. He told Victor that Victoria and Nick were angry that Adam had taken it upon himself to negotiate a Newman Enterprises contract.

At the Newman ranch, Adam called his driver to ready the car -- he wanted to go to the hospital to see Victor. Victoria and Nick entered. Nick told Adam that his ride on Victor's good graces was about to end. They both accused Adam of making a move to get involved in the family business. Adam said that he was insulted. He told Nick and Victoria that he had salvaged the deal -- and their butts.

Nick said that Adam was just trying to regain Victor's trust. Before Adam left, he said that he didn't want to work at Newman Enterprises and that he didn't have to be involved in Newman Enterprises in order to regain Victor's trust. After Adam was gone, Nick and Victoria decided that they needed to inform their father about what had happened. Victoria had an appointment, so Nick headed off to the hospital to speak with Victor.

In Victor's hospital room, Victor finished reading through the contract that Adam had negotiated. Victor asked Michael if Adam had written the contract without consulting anyone. Michael told Victor to instruct Adam to go through proper channels in the future. Michael and Adam passed each other as Michael left the room and Adam entered.

Victor told Adam that Victor knew about the business transaction that Adam had conducted. Victor said that Victoria had been right in questioning Adam's motives. Nick silently entered the room and listened as Adam spoke. Adam said that he had no hidden agenda -- he had just answered the phone when the Beauty of Nature Asian distributor had called. Nick said that he hoped that Victor wasn't buying anything that Adam said.

Nick informed Victor that Adam had never attempted to contact Nick and Victoria before negotiating the contract. When Victor asked if that was true, Adam said that there hadn't been time to get in touch with them -- he'd had to negotiate the contract immediately, or their deal with their Asian distributor would have fallen through. Adam said that he knew that Nick and Victoria were busy with personal matters -- Victor had been shot, and Nick's baby had died. When Nick asked Adam how he knew about the baby's death, Adam said that he was blind, but he wasn't deaf.

Adam said that he'd thought that he'd been doing the right thing, and he apologized for overstepping. He promised that it would never happen again. Nick was shocked when Victor decided to rehire Adam. Victor said that he had been given a second chance at life and that he wanted to give Adam a second chance to prove himself.

When Nick objected, Victor reassured his oldest son that he wasn't going to reinstate Adam without some serious stipulations. Victor said that Adam would be working at a "lower level" and would be reporting to Nick and Victoria. Victor told Adam that if Adam made one misstep, he would be out. Victor said that he was giving Adam a chance to redeem himself.

Adam said that if he decided to accept the offer, he would prove to Victor that Victor's faith wasn't misplaced -- that things would be different this time. Victor asked Adam to leave the room so that he could speak with Nick privately. Nick continued, to no avail, to try to convince Victor to keep Adam away from Newman Enterprises. Victoria entered the room and told Nick and Victor that she had heard from Adam that Adam was being reinstated at Newman, but she couldn't believe it. Victor told his daughter that it was true.

Victoria told Victor that her being upset wasn't just about the Asian deal -- it was about Adam being rewarded for having no family loyalty. Victor said that Victoria sounded as if Victor was giving Adam the keys to the kingdom. He reminded Nick and Victoria that Adam had been helpful during Ashley's pregnancy. Victoria didn't feel that warranted allowing Adam back into the company that he had tried to ruin.

Staring through the window into Victor's room, Adam fantasized that Victor went into cardiac arrest and died, while Nick and Victoria watched in horror. In Adam's fantasy, Nick approached Adam and told him that Victor was dead and that Adam was nothing to the family. Returning to reality, Adam watched as Nick and Victoria spoke with Victor. To himself, Adam said, "You'd better get used to me, Nick. I'm not going anywhere."

In Amber's suite at the Athletic Club, Amber heard a knock at the door. Looking through the peephole, she saw that it was Deacon, and she quickly donned the diamond necklace that he had given her. Amber let Deacon, who was pleased to see her wearing the necklace, into her suite. Deacon told Amber that he no longer needed Daniel in order to get the Terroni. Deacon said that he was going to sell the Terroni that night.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel told Kevin that he wasn't going to let Deacon get both Amber and the Terroni. After whining to Kevin about Amber playing him, Daniel said that all he wanted to do was to return the Terroni to the museum. Kevin said that he was glad that he and Daniel were in sync about that. Kevin decided to make sure that the Terroni was safe. He and Daniel went out to the patio. Kevin pulled down the painting behind which he had hidden the Terroni, and was shocked to find that it was gone.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Gloria held a cardboard tube. Jeffrey showed up and asked Gloria what the tube contained. Gloria lied and said that it was a gift for Fen. Jeffrey started fishing for information about Gloria's project with Deacon Sharpe. Gloria said that she was still working on the project. Gloria spotted Deacon and told Jeffrey to leave, but he said that he wasn't going anywhere until he found out what was going on.

Gloria told Jeffrey that he needed to trust her. She admitted that the tube contained a valuable piece of stolen art and, lying again, said that she planned to collect the 25 thousand dollar reward for the painting's return. Jeffrey was not impressed with the amount of the reward money. When Jeffrey finally left Gloria alone, Deacon approached her and asked her who Jeffrey was. Gloria said that he was an ex-husband who didn't know anything about their plan to sell the Terroni. Gloria handed the tube to Deacon.

Deacon removed the Terroni from the tube and said that he and Amber would live like kings. Gloria reminded Deacon that she and Deacon had a deal. Gloria took the painting back from Deacon and told him that if Deacon couldn't guarantee her percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the painting, then she would give the Terroni to the museum, and Amber would probably go back to Daniel.

From the lobby, Amber saw Deacon and Gloria together and rushed out of the Athletic Club.

Back at Crimson Lights, Kevin correctly guessed that Gloria had followed him and had taken the Terroni. Daniel and Kevin became suspicious of one another -- Daniel wondered why Kevin had moved the Terroni from its original hiding place. Amber showed up and told Kevin and Daniel that they needed to go to the club, because Gloria was about to give Deacon the painting.

Kevin ran off to try to stop Gloria. Daniel asked Amber why she would blow her chance at millions of dollars if she stayed with Deacon. Amber told Daniel that she hadn't betrayed Daniel -- rather, she was just trying to keep an eye on Deacon. She said that Deacon thought he was going to sell the painting and then run off with Amber. Amber assured Daniel that Daniel was the only person she wanted to be with -- and she wondered what she could do to prove that to him.

Daniel told Amber to return to the Athletic Club, pack her things, and then return to Crimson Lights. Daniel said that if she were at Crimson Lights when he returned, then he would believe her. Amber asked Daniel where he was going. He said he was going to the Athletic Club to retrieve the Terroni from Deacon. Amber swore that she would be at Crimson Lights when Daniel returned and told Daniel that she loved him. Daniel told Amber that he loved her, too.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria continued to hold the tube. Deacon told her that he would let her hold the painting until he arranged a meeting with the buyer. He said that he had an art expert in his suite, waiting to examine the painting to make sure it wasn't a forgery. Deacon invited Gloria to his suite. Gloria gave temporary custody of the tube to Deacon, who headed upstairs. Gloria stopped at the bar to have a few words with Jeffrey. Kevin showed up and demanded that Gloria hand over the painting immediately.

Gloria told Kevin that she didn't have the painting. Kevin asked her if she had taken it. She took Kevin aside and told him that he would get a portion of the millions that she stood to earn from the sale of the painting. Before she headed upstairs, Gloria told Kevin to let her handle it. After Gloria was gone, Jeffrey approached Kevin and asked if had just heard the word "millions." Kevin told Jeffrey to mind his own business.

Daniel entered the club and told Kevin that Daniel would take care of Deacon. Daniel told Kevin to call Michael and the police and ask them to meet Daniel at Crimson Lights. As Daniel headed upstairs, Kevin called Michael.

In Deacon's suite, Victoria assured Deacon and Gloria that Mr. Sullivan, the art expert Victoria had hired, was the best in the business. Sullivan told Deacon that the Terroni was authentic. When Sullivan left, Deacon rolled up the painting and handed the tube back to Gloria. Before Gloria left, she said that she would wait for Deacon's call regarding the meeting with the buyer.

After Gloria was gone, Victoria chided Deacon for selling the stolen painting -- she'd thought that Deacon was planning to return it to the museum. Deacon told Victoria that she could call the police, or they could wait a few hours so that the police could get both the painting and one of the biggest buyers of stolen art.

Daniel entered Deacon's suite, and learned that Deacon had let Gloria leave with the painting. When Daniel learned that Victoria had hired an expert to examine the painting, he insinuated that Victoria had slept with Deacon and was part of Deacon's plan to sell the painting. Victoria slapped Daniel across the face and left.

In her suite, Amber called Daniel and left a message that she was on her way to Crimson Lights to meet him. When she opened the door to leave, she found Deacon standing outside her room. Deacon accused Amber of feeding Daniel information about Deacon's plans. Deacon suspected that Amber was still in touch with Daniel.

Amber claimed that Daniel was through with her. Deacon claimed that Amber planned a reconciliation with Daniel. Deacon asked Amber where she had been earlier when he had stopped by her room. She said that she had been in the shower. Deacon suspected that she'd been with Daniel. Deacon told Amber that he wasn't going to let her out of his sight until they left town.

At Crimson Lights, Michael told Kevin that he was impressed that Daniel had finally realized how a responsible client behaved. Daniel showed up, immediately noticed that Amber wasn't there, and grew concerned that Amber was playing him.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria, still clutching the tube, enjoyed a glass of champagne. Jeffrey stopped by her table and asked her if she had gotten a cut of 25 thousand dollars or of several million dollars. He warned Gloria not to try to outsmart him. Jeffrey took the tube from Gloria and opened it. He unrolled the painting inside. It was a picture of a clown, with "You Lose" written across the clown's face.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

At the Ashbys', Lily was thrilled when her doctor called to tell her that she could end her quarantine. Lily asked Cane to take her to the cemetery so that she could visit Colleen.

After their visit to Colleen's gravesite, Lily and Cane stopped by the church that they had been married in. Lily lit a candle in Colleen's honor. She said that Colleen had always wanted Cane and Lily to be together. Cane reminded his wife that Colleen had told Lily that she would survive the cancer. Lily said that even if she survived the cancer, she couldn't guarantee that she was going to spend her future with Cane. Cane said that he didn't want any guarantees -- but he asked Lily to open her heart to him again.

Cane said that Lily had trusted him when they had gotten married in the church and that his biggest regret was that he had deceived her. Cane admitted that he should have never taken Phillip's identity. Lily said that she knew the only reason that Cane had remained in Genoa City was because she had cancer. She wondered whether Cane's staying in Genoa City was something good that had happened because of something awful -- her cancer.

Lily reminisced about her and Cane's wedding. She said that she'd particularly liked the poem that Katherine had read. Cane remembered the poem then began to recite his wedding vows. Lily followed suit. The couple began kissing.

Roxanne showed up at Indigo with a card for Lily. She was hoping that she would find Neil and have him deliver it, but she ran into Devon. Devon complained that Roxanne hadn't returned any of his phone calls, emails, or text messages. Roxanne reminded Devon that he had betrayed her by sleeping with Tyra and that she had no interest in anything that he had to say. Devon told Roxanne that he missed her, and he wondered whether she missed him.

Roxanne began crying and told Devon that her years of friendship with him had meant a lot to her. Devon gave Roxanne an update on Ana and Lily. Roxanne said that she would like to see Lily, but that she felt awkward visiting Lily by herself. Devon said that he could take Roxanne to the Ashbys' house. Devon asked Roxanne if they could at least be civil to one another. Roxanne said that she could do that.

Phyllis visited Victor in the hospital. She told him that she was surprised to learn that Victor had rehired Adam. Phyllis wasn't sure if the boys "would play nice in the sandbox." Victor said that remained to be seen, but he wanted to give Adam a second chance.

In the hallway outside Victor's room, Nick told Adam that Adam's title would be junior vice-president and that he would be reporting to Nick. In the background, Victoria finished a phone call and told Nick that there was a rumor circulating that Victor had died. Victoria said that she would issue a press release, as she didn't want the public to lose confidence in Savaneur, a cosmetics company that Newman Enterprises had just acquired. Victoria left for a meeting. Adam asked what a junior vice-president did. Nick said that a junior vice-president did exactly what Nick told him to do.

Adam said that his talents would be wasted if he were treated like an overpaid clerk. Nick said that Adam could quit, but Adam said that he wouldn't. Nick told Adam to take notes at a Savaneur stockholders' meeting that was being held later that day.

Phyllis opened the door to Victor's room and told Nick that Victor was out of bed. Nick and Adam entered Victor's room and saw Nikki helping Victor walk around the room. Phyllis had to leave after receiving an urgent phone call concerning Daniel. Nick and Adam told Victor that he was doing great.

When Victor returned to his bed, several alarms went off. A doctor and two nurses rushed into the room and asked Nikki, Adam, and Nick to leave. The doctor shouted that Victor was losing consciousness. Nikki, Adam, and Nick peered in through the window as the medical team worked to revive Victor.

Later, a recovered Victor woke up and found Nikki by his bedside. She told Victor that he had given everyone quite a scare. Victoria stopped by and learned that Victor's kidneys were having trouble handling the anti-rejection medications, so the doctors were adjusting the dosages. Nikki said that renal failure was possible, which would mean that Victor would have to undergo dialysis. Before a concerned Victoria left to go to a meeting, Victor took her hand and told his daughter that he still had a lot of life left in him.

After Victoria left, Nikki told Victor that she didn't like him conducting business from his hospital bed. She said that Nick and Victoria were consulting him on everything, and if they didn't stop, she was going to ban the children from visiting Victor. Victor smiled and told Nikki that he had something to say. When Nikki asked him what it was, he said that he would tell her later because he wasn't going anywhere.

In Deacon's suite at the Athletic Club, a livid Gloria and Jeffrey tore the room apart, looking for the Terroni. Jeffrey laughed and said that he admired the way Deacon had switched the Terroni for a clown painting. The maid admitted some police officers. Jeffrey said, "We can explain."

At Indigo, Amber told Deacon that she didn't want to be with him -- she wanted to be with Daniel. Deacon told Amber that she was his lucky charm and that she couldn't leave. He said that Amber was too much of a woman for Daniel and that she deserved to be given pretty things and taken to exotic places. Deacon also reminded her that he could have Daniel thrown back into jail. The potential buyer of the painting, along with an assistant, approached Deacon and asked who Amber was. Deacon said that Amber was with him -- and that was all that they needed to know.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel whined that Amber had probably run off with Deacon. A detective entered and asked to speak to Daniel Romalotti. Michael said that Daniel was his client. Michael was stunned to learn that Daniel had asked Kevin to call the police.

Victoria and a man entered Crimson Lights. Victoria pointed Daniel out to the man and said that Daniel was the person who had the Terroni. Victoria introduced herself and the man she was with -- Mr. Hoffmeyer from the Sheffer Museum -- to the detective. Michael, Jana, and Kevin said that Victoria was mistaken -- they said that Deacon had the Terroni. Daniel and Victoria began smiling. Michael and the Fishers were thoroughly confused. Daniel walked over to the jukebox and pulled out a cardboard tube that was hidden under it. He announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, the real Terroni."

In a car, the potential buyer told Deacon and Amber that the painting Deacon had was a phony. A shocked Deacon said that he'd had the Terroni authenticated. The buyer wondered what Deacon was trying to pull.

At Crimson Lights, Mr. Hoffmeyer examined Daniel's Terroni and announced that it was authentic. Daniel said that the Terroni that Deacon had was another copy that Daniel had painted. Daniel explained that he and Victoria had been working together for several weeks.

Daniel said that after Amber, Kevin, Jana, and he had retrieved the real Terroni from Tom's safe-deposit box, Daniel had substituted his copy. Victoria said that she had asked one of her art expert friends, Mr. Sullivan, to authenticate the fake painting for Deacon. Sullivan was interested in seeing the Terroni returned to the Sheffer museum, so he'd agreed to help. Daniel said that he and Victoria had even staged an argument in front of Deacon, and Victoria had slapped Daniel during the fight. Daniel lamented the only flaw in the plan -- not being able to see the expression on Deacon's face when Deacon realized that the painting he had was a fake.

The potential buyer told Deacon that the canvas weave on Deacon's Terroni had only been in use for the past 50 years, but Terroni had died in 1918. Amber declared that she hadn't been involved in the forgery, and Deacon backed her up. The potential buyer left. Deacon wondered how Daniel had managed to switch the paintings. Amber was thrilled that Daniel had outsmarted Deacon. Deacon told Amber to go back to Daniel -- that the game was over. Amber looked confused.

Amber followed Deacon into Indigo and asked him what the catch was. Deacon said that there was much more going on than the painting or Amber. Deacon explained that someone he was working for was holding the Sword of Damocles over his head. Becoming frantic, Deacon said that he would have to pay a heavy price for his failure. He told Amber to go be with Daniel before she got caught in the fallout. Amber left. After she was gone, Deacon pulled out a picture of a young boy. To himself, he said, "Things will always bind us, Amber. This isn't over."

The police escorted the handcuffed Bardwells into Crimson Lights. Gloria begged Michael to tell the police that the Bardwells had nothing to do with the stolen painting, but Michael said that he was through bailing out his family. Phyllis showed up as Mr. Hoffmeyer presented Daniel the reward money for recovering the Terroni -- a check for 25 thousand dollars. Saying that it might be the dumbest thing he had ever done, Daniel gave the check to Kevin so that Kevin could bail Ryder out of prison.

Daniel and Jana lied and told the police that the Bardwells had been in on the plan to recover the Terroni. The police released Gloria and Jeffrey from their handcuffs. Phyllis had no idea what was going on. Michael escorted her to the patio so that he could explain what had happened. Victoria spoke to Daniel for a few minutes then left. Phyllis returned from the patio and told Daniel how proud of him she was. Phyllis wondered why Daniel didn't look happy then realized it was because Daniel thought he had lost Amber to Deacon.

Michael said that he was pleased that Daniel and Victoria's plan had worked, and no one in his family had gone to jail. Kevin mentioned that Ryder was in jail. Michael said that Ryder was trouble. Kevin said that Ryder didn't have anybody, and Kevin was going to help him.

At Daniel's apartment, Phyllis told her son that she was sorry that Amber had chosen to be with Deacon. Daniel said that the primary reason that he'd wanted to recover the real Terroni was so that Amber wouldn't have to be with Deacon. Phyllis tried to cheer Daniel up by telling him that he was a hero. In the middle of her talk, Amber walked in.

Phyllis left to give Daniel and Amber some privacy. Amber told Daniel about the look on Deacon's face when Deacon had learned that the painting he'd had was a forgery. Amber said that she had never loved Deacon and that everything she had done had been for Daniel.

Daniel suspected that Amber had returned to him because Deacon's "big score" had fallen through. Amber pleaded with Daniel. She said that Deacon was gone -- and that she was never going to leave Daniel's side. Daniel told Amber that he had never stopped loving her. The couple kissed passionately and headed off to the bed.

Phyllis went to Indigo to order some food to go. Deacon noticed her and began hitting on her. When he introduced himself as Deacon Sharpe, Phyllis slapped him across the face and told him that she was Daniel's mother. She warned him to keep away from Daniel, or he would have to deal with her. Phyllis quickly left. At a nearby table, Jeffrey had been watching the scene with interest.

Deacon made a phone call and told someone that they needed to move his son to another place -- a place that was safe. He said, "Whatever it takes, protect my son." He then took out the picture of the young boy and stared at it.

The Savaneur shareholders' meeting at Newman Enterprises was winding down. Adam was recording the meeting. One of the shareholders asked about Victor's health. Victoria replied that, contrary to any rumors, Victor was not dying and that he remained the chairman of Newman Enterprises and Savaneur. She assured the group that Victor was getting stronger every day and that there was nothing for them to worry about. After the shareholders left, Victoria and Nick decided to stop by the hospital to brief Victor on the meeting. Adam said that he would stay at Newman and type up the notes.

At the hospital, Nick and Victoria told Victor that the meeting had gone well, and they had handled questions about his health. Nikki told her children to leave so that Victor could get some rest. After Nick and Victoria were gone, Victor drifted off to sleep. Staring at Victor, Nikki told him that he had to recover -- that she didn't know what she would do if she lost him.

In the Newman conference room, Adam found a briefcase that one of the shareholders had left behind. He opened the briefcase, searched the contents, and found a cell phone. Using the shareholder's phone, he called the enforcement division of the Securities and Exchange Commission. When someone answered, Adam said, "I'd like to report an infraction. The chief executives of Savaneur today lied to the shareholders about the health of the CEO."

Friday, October 16, 2009

At Brad's house, Sharon was unpacking a box and getting settled in her new home. She was happy, dancing to the music on the radio. Jack appeared at the door and said he was checking up on her. Sharon was happy to see him. Jack was thrilled that Sharon was in such good spirits.

Jack admired the way she was rebuilding her life. Sharon admitted that she occasionally wondered if she should be happy in the face of losing the baby. Jack told Sharon that she was allowed to have fun again. Sharon said she had promised the baby that she would fix her life, and she'd meant it.

A while later, Jack was helping Sharon unpack some boxes before he was going to visit Ashley at the ranch. Jack told Sharon he still had the urge to protect Sharon. Sharon didn't know what he meant until Jack showed her Cassie's drawing. Sharon appreciated Jack's help in moving on, but Sharon wasn't sad about the picture.

Jack felt that Sharon understood grief better than most people and hoped Traci could learn to accept Colleen's death. Sharon encouraged Jack to leave so he could visit Ashley and see Faith. Sharon took Cassie's drawing and placed it in a prominent place.

Dr. Swift, Victor's doctor, was pleased with Victor's progress and told Nikki and Victor that Victor could be released soon. Nikki was happy and offered to tell the kids. Victor asked her to stay. Victor said the idea of going home sounded nice. Nikki said that Victor could not return to work even after he was released. Nikki wanted Victor to take care of himself. Victor appreciated how Nikki watched over him.

When Victor said he still had pains from the surgery, Nikki was concerned, but Victor smiled and asked how Nikki had ended up in Colorado after she had left Genoa City. Nikki explained how she'd taken the first plane out of town and had wound up in Denver. Nikki admitted that she had missed the children while she'd been gone, but she had enjoyed being away from all the troubles at home. Victor wondered if she had found peace, and Nikki said she had. Victor asked if Nikki was going back to Denver. Nikki told Victor that she was staying in Genoa City.

Adam was working at Newman Enterprises, dictating instructions on a tape recorder for an intern to follow. Nick listened in as Adam went on an on. Nick then interrupted and asked Adam what he was doing. Adam explained that he was doing his job. Nick criticized Adam for revealing too much information in his dictation. Adam was furious at Nick. In his mind, Adam recalled how much he despised Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria hurried in to meet J.T. Just as J.T. began to tell Victoria about a job offer he'd received; Victoria's cell phone rang. Victoria turned away from J.T. to take the business call. J.T. was frustrated. Victoria ended the call and said she had to get back to the office. J.T. watched Victoria leave. J.T. made a call and told his friend that he would have an answer soon, once he spoke with his wife.

At Newman, Victoria was reading the report that Adam had prepared. Adam impressed Victoria with his business prowess. Victoria appreciated how quickly he had completed the assignment she had given him. Victoria said that she was trying to find Nick because the school had delivered some homework for Noah. Adam didn't know where Nick was but volunteered to take the homework to the ranch, since Adam's driver was picking him up to return home. Victoria was grateful for Adam's help.

Nick walked into Victoria's office. Nick spoke to his sister about how they should handle Victor's heart transplant with the press. Nick was concerned that a good reporter might dig around and find out how close Victor was to dying. Victoria thought they had done the right thing by downplaying Victor's condition to the stockholders.

Victoria told Nick she was impressed with Adam's work. Nick was skeptical because he didn't trust Adam. Victoria had praise for the work Adam had done and seemed willing to give him a second chance.

Later on, Nick was at the hospital. Nick went to Victor's room and opened the door to greet his parents. Nick said he was there to visit with Victor. Nikki left the room to give them a chance to talk. Nick told Victor he was concerned about Adam being back at Newman Enterprises. Nick suspected that Adam was still overly ambitious and untrustworthy. Victor assured Nick that Adam would not be a threat.

Suddenly, Victor stood up out of bed and promised Nick that what had happened before with Adam would not happen again because Victor would not allow it. Adam would have to deal with Victor.

At the ranch, Ashley was settling in with baby Faith, moving Faith's baby things into the living room. Ashley hung a photo of herself and Faith in the place where Sabrina's portrait had hung. While holding the baby, Ashley ended one phone call with a minister about Faith's christening then took another call from a lawyer she wanted to hire to handle her divorce from Victor.

Adam arrived at the ranch with the homework for Noah. Ashley told Adam that Noah was staying at Brad's house with Sharon. Adam said he would take the box there later. When Ashley walked out of the room, Adam picked up the baby and spoke to her. Adam apologized to Faith for making her first days so crazy. Adam admitted that he could never fix what he had done to Sharon, but Adam hoped Faith would be happy with Ashley. Adam promised Faith she would always be able to count on him.

Without warning, Jack walked into the living room and told Adam to get away from Faith. Jack told Adam that Faith didn't need Adam. Ashley walked in and told Jack to stop picking a fight with Adam. Adam left with the box of homework.

Alone with Ashley, Jack warned his sister to watch out for Adam. Ashley told Jack that she was in control of her life and didn't fear Adam. Ashley told Jack that she had asked Victor for a divorce. Jack was happy for his sister and tried not to gloat. Ashley turned down Jack's offer to move back to the Abbott house. Ashley believed that she and her girls deserved to live at the ranch, just like Nikki had done when Victoria and Nick had been children. Jack was impressed with Ashley's gumption.

Ashley said that Adam could to stay at the ranch, too, because Ashley believed in Adam. Jack was very wary about Adam. Jack told Ashley that Adam was out for revenge against Victor. Jack believed that Victor would object to Ashley's plan to keep the ranch and let Adam live there while Victor was being sent away. Ashley had no intention of giving in to Victor if he objected to her plans.

Jack looked at the baby and said how beautiful she was. Jack was glad that Ashley had figured out that Victor was no good but wondered why she didn't see that Adam was evil.

The phone rang, and Ashley answered. Nikki told Ashley that Victor had had a difficult day. Nikki asked Ashley to take Faith for a visit with Victor. Ashley agreed. Jack warned Ashley not to be intimidated by Victor. Ashley told Jack that she was not interested in fighting anymore. Ashley declared that the war was over.

J.T. arrived at Newman Enterprises to see Victoria. J.T. explained to Victoria that he had a job offer in New York City. Victoria was stunned and asked if J.T. was leaving her. J.T. told Victoria that he wanted her to go to New York with him. J.T. was optimistic about their having a new start in New York. Victoria was worried about leaving Newman Enterprises, especially in light of her father's health troubles. Victoria felt her family needed her. J.T. said he and Reed needed her, too.

J.T. wanted the two of them to work on their marriage. J.T. wanted them to get away from Genoa City and the distractions her family caused. Victoria was not prepared to leave.

Suddenly, a man arrived and said he represented the SEC. He asked to speak with Victoria. Victoria asked the man to wait in the other room. Victoria dismissed J.T. and left the room. J.T. called his friend in New York and said he would be there soon for the job interview.

Outside of Brad's house, Adam started to leave the box of homework for Noah on the doorstep. Sharon opened the door and greeted him. Adam explained what he was doing. Sharon invited Adam into the house. Adam confided in Sharon that he was back at work at Newman Enterprises but admitted that it was difficult because nobody trusted him. Sharon related to Adam's feelings. Sharon shared her own experiences of people looking at her oddly after she'd been arrested.

Sharon told Adam that it was wonderful that he had been given a second chance. Sharon let on to Adam that it was because of what Adam and Jack had done by faking Victor's journal that Sharon's marriage had to Jack had ended.

Sharon believed that Adam had paid for his crimes by going to prison. Adam thought he was still paying for the things he'd done because he was so estranged from Victor. Adam said that he had wanted Victor dead at one point but that Adam didn't want to lose his father.

Adam was sorry that he had been so wrapped up in revenge. Sharon admitted she had also done things she wasn't proud of in her time. Sharon said she had felt responsible for Brad's death. Sharon advised Adam to make peace with his father. Adam thought about her words as he recalled calling the SEC on Victoria and Nick.

Sharon told Adam that she had been married to Nick, so she knew how difficult it was for him as Victor's son. Adam assured Sharon he was not out to get Nick. Sharon was very sympathetic. Sharon and Adam shared memories of their misdeeds, and then Sharon let Adam know that Nick had once turned Victor in to the Feds for commercial fraud. Adam was stunned to hear that Nick had done that.

Back at the ranch, Ashley prepared Faith to go out. Ashley told Jack that she was able to face Victor because she was in control and could handle anything. Jack and Ashley left the ranch with the baby to go visit Victor at the hospital.

Nick was outside Victor's hospital room. Nikki walked over, and Nick told her that Victor was doing well. Nikki went into the hospital room and was surprised to see Victor had gotten out of the bed. Victor told Nikki that he appreciated her being on his side. Victor asked Nikki if she would be willing to stay with him, to stay at home.

In the corridor outside Victor's hospital room, Ashley saw Nick. Ashley was holding the baby in her arms as she spoke to Nick. Ashley told Nick she was sorry to hear about Sharon losing her baby. Ashley reminded Nick that Faith was his little sister. Ashley asked Nick if he wanted to hold Faith.

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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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