The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 26, 2009 on Y&R

Billy published a damaging article on Victor. The SEC continued to investigate Victoria. J.T. punched Deacon. Billy published photos of the fight online. J.T. decided to take the job he had been offered in New York. Abby sneaked into a bar on Halloween.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 26, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, October 26, 2009

At Sharon's house, Adam confessed to Sharon that he was a liar and a manipulator. Sharon seemed taken aback by Adam's unsolicited confessions as he admitted leading Rafe on and having a fling with him. Adam claimed that he regretted hurting Heather and Rafe. Sharon recalled that Rafe mentioned that the assistant district attorney harbored bad feelings toward him, and the confession helped her understand why.

Sharon, in response to Adam, admitted that she had stolen things and had slept with men she shouldn't have. Sharon added that she hadn't even known who her baby's father was at one point. Adam insisted that Sharon's plight wasn't karmic payback. Sharon talked about the bond formed with children, and she urged Adam to think about his little sister. Touched, Adam asked Sharon why she was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sharon smiled and admitted that it wasn't the hardest thing she'd ever done. After sharing their darkest secrets, Adam and Sharon promised to phone each other if either needed emotional support.

From the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria phoned J.T. and left a message begging him to return her call. Victoria said that she regretted her remark about not staying married, and she professed her love to her husband. As Victoria joined Michael at a table, she browsed the Internet through her cell phone and read aloud several scathing headlines from blogs about her Securities and Exchange Commission investigation. Katherine stopped by briefly and encouraged Victoria not to lose sleep over the matter.

Victor ventured downstairs and joined Victoria and Michael. Victoria lied and claimed that she and Michael had been discussing routine business matters. Victor, however, didn't believe Victoria. Michael persuaded Victoria to tell her father about the investigation, and she did. Victoria insisted that she wouldn't let the press devour her, and she vowed to fight. Michael worried that Victoria's protests would look bad to the media. Victor insisted that he should take over, because he knew how to handle media hacks. Michael agreed that Victor should put the matter to rest with the media, but Victoria refused. Victoria claimed that she'd earned the right to defend the Newman name and empire.

Victor smiled when Victoria asked for her father's blessing to defend herself before the media. Michael excused himself and stepped away. Victor praised Victoria for demonstrating her father's best qualities, but he warned her not to continue her battle with the media, because she was above such nonsense. Victoria agreed to focus on the company, but made Victor promise that when identified, the lowlife coward who turned them in to the SEC would lose everything. After Victoria left, Michael returned to handle Victor's personal matters. Michael said that he didn't agree with Victor's decision to relinquish the ranch, but Victor insisted.

Michael seemed concerned when Victor recalled that his will would allow Adam, with limitations, to remain at Newman Enterprises along with Nick and Victoria. Victor added that he was about to make some very big changes in his life. Adam approached Victor and Michael's table and suggested that Victoria step aside to let someone else handle the media until the SEC matter was resolved. Victor left the table for a moment to take a call from his doctor.

Michael rose from his chair and warned Adam that he was there to prevent Adam from getting everything he wanted. Adam asked if Michael had issued a threat. Michael held up his broken arm, encased in a brace, and replied, "With one hand." After Victor returned, Michael claimed that he'd just told Adam that the matter was resolved. Without further elaboration, Victor said, "Glad you see it my way, Adam."

Inside a spacious suite at the club, Nikki stowed Victor's suits in an armoire and voiced her plan to let the manager know how to spot signs of organ rejection. Victor insisted that Nikki stop doting and tell him what was bothering her. Nikki asked Victor what he'd planned to say to her the night he went looking for her after she told him that she was leaving Genoa City. Nikki added that she and Paul had suffered emotional trauma, but that Paul still told her that Victor had tri ed to find her after earlier rejecting her profession of love. Victor accused Nikki of avoiding discussions about their future by busying herself with unpacking or arranging medical necessities. Before responding to Victor's statement, Nikki suddenly excused herself and left.

At the Chancellor estate, Nikki told Katherine that she had confronted Victor about why he'd gone looking for her the night she left town. Nikki explained that she had walked out before Victor responded. Nikki admitted that she found it easy to support Victor during his surgery, but she was worried about repeating past mistakes. Nikki admitted that she'd moved too quickly from Victor to David, and then to Paul. Katherine urged Nikki to make a decision and get on with her life. Katherine pressed Nikki to admit that her feelings for Victor would never change. Nikki worried that the cost of sharing a life with Victor was too high a price to pay.

Nikki stopped by Newman Enterprises to see Victoria. Victoria told her mother that J.T. had gone to New York for a job interview. Victoria claimed that J.T. was still reeling from Colleen's death, but that he had issued an ultimatum. In tears, Victoria explained that J.T. was forcing her to choose between their marriage and the company. Nikki embraced Victoria and said, "Either way, you lose." Nikki likened relationships to a dance, and said that two people could dance around each other until they were either exhilarated or exhausted, but at some point, the couple must decide to go home together.

At Crimson Lights, Paul told Dr. Emily Peterson that he wanted his sister, Patty, back the way she was before. Emily warned that Patty might never recover fully. Paul admitted that he'd let his sister down, and he begged Emily to stay and help with Patty's treatment. Emily explained that she was set to return to her teaching position after her sabbatical ended. Paul pleaded with Emily to stay and help Patty, because nobody else cared enough to help his sister. Emily agreed to stay a few more days. Emily warned Paul that a few days would not be sufficient to undo the damage that Jack and Victor had inflicted.

After Paul left, Emily approached Jack and ordered him to stop visiting Patty. Jack noted that Emily seemed unwilling to give him a break. Emily responded flatly, "I believe I won't." Angrily, Jack demanded that Emily ease up on her crusade to judge. Jack added that he was trying to own up to what he'd done to Patty. Paul later returned and spoke to Katherine. Paul said that it was good to have Nikki back, and that he hoped she'd end up happy and where she belonged.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Billy issued demands for unflattering headshots of Victor. Jack arrived in time to overhear Billy say, "I'm going to string you up by your toes." Jack, holding a bottle of champagne, asked Billy if he'd lost his mind. After Billy laid out his plan smear Victor, Jack said, "You're doing this all wrong." Jack dictated as Billy typed. Jack said, "The Caribbean Bank of Corazal went down after Victor removed all of his holdings." After Jack compared Victor's actions to insider trading, Billy asked how Jack knew about Victor's underhandedness. Jack insisted that he could not reveal his sources.

Billy asked Jack why he was willing to roast Victor after letting him have Colleen's heart. Jack claimed that the heart decision had been Traci's. Even though Jack claimed that Victor took the bullets Patty had meant for him, Billy cried that his war with Victor began the day Victor received Colleen's heart. Jack warned Billy to leave Patty out of the story. Jack claimed that any mention of Patty would lead readers to see Victor as a martyr who took bullets meant for his archenemy. Jack added that he'd stop the story in its tracks if Billy included Patty.

Billy was eager to divulge how Victor repeatedly preyed on young women, but Jack insisted that Billy only include Victor's questionable business practices. After Jack left, Billy edited the article. Billy wrote, "Patty Williams pointed her gun at her final target, Victor Newman. The same monster who'd dumped the last of Patty's marbles into the same lake his goddaughter lay drowning in. And with a pull of the trigger, she tried to do what many others had failed to do, ridding the world of its most hateful scourge." Billy seemed pleased with his rewrite and remarked aloud, "Sorry, Jack, I'm in charge now."

Later, Sharon stopped by Restless Style's headquarters. Billy offered Sharon some champagne as he untwisted the metal fastener around the cork. Sharon unexpectedly asked Billy if he was hiring. Billy's eyes widened as the cork suddenly burst, leading a gush of frothy bubbly. Sharon insisted that her past encounters with Billy remain in the past. As Billy and Sharon shared a toast, Billy welcomed Sharon to the magazine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Phyllis told Michael that she was having second thoughts about working for Victor. When she thought about how Victor was to blame for her daughter's brain damage, she wasn't sure she would be able to forgive and forget. Michael said that Victor had a lot of guilt for what he'd done. Phyllis said she wasn't sure that was enough.

Amber was excited to tell Lauren all her new ideas for her clothing line. Lauren said that she loved Amber's ideas, but that she needed to tell her something. Michael interrupted them to say he had to go to the courthouse. Lauren told Amber that Michael was helping Ryder in order to keep an eye on him. Lauren was certain her instincts about Ryder were right.

Phyllis and Amber argued about Amber's relationship with Deacon. Lauren stepped in and tried to break things up. Lauren asked Amber if Deacon had shared anything with her about Ryder. Amber said that all she knew was that he couldn't be trusted.

At Kevin and Jana's apartment, Jana asked to speak to Kevin alone. She said that Ryder's living arrangement wasn't working for her. Kevin begged her to give Ryder some time to get a job and get his life back together. Kevin noticed a picture on the floor and thought Jana had dropped it. Ryder returned and thought they were going through his things. Kevin explained that they had found the picture on the ground. Ryder said that he was having a hard time adjusting to living with people that didn't have an agenda.

Amber bought a new Ouija board for Jana. They decided to ask it some questions. Amber was disappointed when it told them that her career was dead. When she asked if Daniel would love her forever, the board once again told her the word "dead." Jana said it must have something to do with the photo of Ryder nearby. The Ouija board once again spelled the word "dead." They decided that the person in the picture might be Terrible Tom. Then they noticed that the pointer on the Ouija board had moved to the word "no. "

Kevin told Lauren that Ryder was really learning the ropes at Crimson Lights. Lauren was still skeptical.

Victoria told Nick that she had every right to be angry that the press was after her. Nick said that her attitude could make all the different. Adam said he would have a name for her soon. Victoria asked Adam to let her know as soon as he heard something. Adam thought back to when he called to report Victoria to the SEC and smiled to himself.

Adam went to Michael and asked for his help to find the person who ratted out Victoria. Michael refused to help Adam. Michael said that all Adam was trying to do was get back into his father's good graces. Adam said that was true. Michael said that concerned him. Nick walked in and asked Adam for the investigator's phone number. Michael told Nick that whoever made the phone call could also be the person who called the investigator. Nick said that the thought had crossed his mind, but he didn't want to go to his father with it.

Victoria and Nick held a stockholders meeting and Victoria stuck to her story about Victor's health. When their meeting was adjourned, Deacon walked in. He said that he was a partial stockholder. He wanted to say that Victoria was a straight shooter and he wanted to be a credible witness for her. Victoria went to Deacon after the meeting and asked why he would want to help her.

Deacon said he was trying to do the right thing. Victoria didn't believe him. When J.T. walked in, he wondered what Deacon was doing with his wife. Deacon said he did J.T. a favor. J.T. punched him in the face. The reporters started taking photos. Nick asked Victoria why J.T. would punch Deacon. Victoria said it had nothing to do with her job at Newman. Victoria was angry when Nick suggested that she leave town for a while.

J.T. apologized to Victoria for punching Deacon when reporters were around. Victoria said that their relationship issues were out in the open.

When Deacon went to the coffeehouse, Ryder and Kevin told him that he wasn't welcome there. Ryder thanked Kevin for backing him up. Lauren told Kevin that she might have been a little hard on Ryder. She said she would give Ryder a chance. Kevin asked if she and Michael would join them for dinner.

Ashley was surprised when Victor showed up at the ranch. Victor said he was there to pick up his things. Ashley said they needed to make some ground rules. She said that if Victor was going to show up at her home, he needed to call her first and knock on the door. Victor did not want to hear that he wasn't allowed to visit his own home when he saw fit. He said that if Ashley didn't like that, she could leave.

Ashley asked if Victor was going to behave in a hostile manner every time he didn't like something she requested. Ashley said that she wanted Victor to be a part of their girls' lives, but he needed to give them some respect. Victor apologized. Ashley didn't want an apology, either, because she felt that Victor was treating her as if she was crazy again. She said that when she had the baby, things were better.

Ashley thanked Victor for giving her two beautiful daughters. She said that the best way he could help her was to leave her alone. Victor agreed. When Victor left, Ashley was happy when Phyllis visited her at the ranch. They talked about having children with the Newmans .

Victor went to Michael and said that he had decided to make some drastic decisions regarding his will. He said that he was mostly concerned with Ashley's well-being. Michael wondered if Victor was holding himself responsible. Victor said he just wanted to make sure that Ashley was all right. Victor had decided to leave Genoa City for a while. He said his return would depend just as much on Ashley's recovery as on his.

Michael asked Victor what would happen to Newman Enterprises. Victor said he was confident that Victoria and Nick would do a great job. He asked that Michael give Adam additional responsibilities. Michael warned Victor about the last time Adam had too many responsibilities at Newman. Victor said that things had changed.

Michael suggested that Victor wait until Adam could work under Victor. Victor could tell that Michael did not trust Adam. Adam knocked on the door and said that he had found out who had made the call to the SEC. When Victor read the report, he was disappointed to learn that one of his assistants had called the SEC.

Michael excused himself and called Phyllis. He said that Phyllis might want to rethink not working at Newman, since Victor was leaving. He advised her to wait until Nick filled her in on the details. Then Michael called Nick to tell him that Adam had a name of the person who had turned against Victoria. Nick told Michael he was on his way.

Nick told Victor and Michael what had happened at Newman. Victor said that he wanted all of his children to take on more responsibility. Nick wondered what would happen if Adam tried to stab the family in the back again. Victor said that would not be a good idea.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Nikki went to Victor's Athletic Club suite bearing personal items that she thought might make his room feel more like home. Victor informed Nikki that he wouldn't need any of the stuff, as he was soon leaving for a transplant rehabilitation clinic in Belgium. A stunned Nikki asked him if she had chased him away. Victor assured her that she hadn't -- as a matter of fact, he wanted Nikki to accompany him to Belgium.

Victor told Nikki that he would go stir crazy in Belgium unless he had her beautiful face to look at. Nikki said that she would have to consult with Victoria and Nick first, since their children had been upset when Nikki went to Colorado. She said that if it was okay with the kids, she would go with Victor -- but only to see him through his recovery. Victor said that Nikki was avoiding the subject of "us." He asked her if she was afraid of discussing their relationship.

Nikki said that when she went to Colorado, she thought that her relationship with Victor was over. She reminded him that just one year earlier, Victor couldn't stand the sight of her. Victor said that was because he had been angry with her. Victor reminded Nikki of what she had said the night that she had left for Colorado -- that Victor would never love any other woman but Nikki. Victor told Nikki that was true, and that was why Nikki and Victor always reconciled. The couple began kissing.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley left a voicemail for Victor asking him if the rumor that he was leaving town was true. Abby, Nick, and Noah entered the living room with some boxes. Noah told Ashley that he was going to move in with his mother at the Carltons' old house. Nick and Noah left, but Ashley asked Abby to stay.

When Abby told Ashley that Abby had asked the staff to prepare for a homecoming party for Victor, Ashley told her daughter that Victor wouldn't be returning to the ranch -- that he would be staying at the Athletic Club. Abby became upset and realized that Ashley and Victor were divorcing. Abby pressed Ashley for a reason for the divorce, but Ashley said that she and Victor had "grown apart."

Abby blamed Ashley for the divorce, and she told her mother that Victor had been awesome to both Abby and Ashley. Abby ran out to see Victor at the Athletic Club. Ashley followed her.

Abby walked into Victor's suite and caught her father kissing Nikki. Abby thought that Nikki was the cause of Ashley and Victor's marital problems. Ashley stood behind Abby in the doorway of the suite. Nikki quickly made an excuse and left, leaving Ashley, Victor, and Abby alone. Abby told Victor that it didn't make any sense that he was with Nikki. Victor explained that he had caused Ashley a lot of pain. Abby said that she heard the whispers at school -- how Victor had stolen a heart from someone he had killed, but that she knew that Colleen's death was Patty's fault.

Ashley told Abby that Ashley and Victor had decided to end the marriage for Abby and Faith's sake. Abby wondered how having only one parent would be beneficial for her and Faith. Ashley told Abby that Abby and Faith had two parents -- Ashley and Victor. Before she stormed out of the room, Abby said that she had lost everything she could count on -- Brad, Colleen, and her parents' marriage.

After Abby was gone, Ashley asked Victor if the rumor about him leaving town was true. Victor told Ashley that he was planning to go to a transplant rehab clinic in Belgium, but, after seeing Abby's reaction to their divorce, he was reconsidering the trip. Ashley told Victor that he should go to Belgium -- that his trip would give Abby time to adjust. As Ashley was about to leave, she asked Victor if his trip had anything to do with her. Victor said that he couldn't stand causing Ashley so much pain. He promised to play an active role in his children's lives when he returned. Ashley left without saying anything.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria and Jeffrey were preparing to go to the Fishers' dinner party being held to welcome Ryder into the family. Gloria put some Crimson Lights pastries in a box to take to the party. Jeffrey said that if it weren't for Victor Newman, they could afford to buy dessert.

Jeffrey saw a copy of the latest issue of Restless Style on a table in the coffeehouse. On the cover was a caricature of Victor. The caricature was captioned, "He takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'. Who knew Victor Newman even had a heart?"

Jeffrey read the less-than-flattering article about Victor that Jack and Billy had written. After reading about the SEC investigating Newman Enterprises, Jeffrey had an idea -- to prove that Victor had insider information about the collapse of the Cayman Islands bank, and then suing Victor. The Bardwells decided to discuss the matter with Michael at the dinner party.

As the Fishers prepared for the dinner party, the Baldwins arrived with wine and cheese. Kevin was happy that everyone was welcoming Ryder into the family. While Kevin and Michael chatted, Jana told Lauren about the picture of a young Ryder that Jana had found. Jana said that there was someone standing next to Ryder in the picture, but that the piece of the picture showing the other person had been torn off.

Jana told a skeptical Lauren about Jana and Amber's Ouija board game during which they had asked the board questions about Ryder. Jana said that the pointer kept spelling out "D-E-A-D." Jana and Lauren decided to discuss dead people and watch Ryder's reaction. Seeing the two women conspiring, Michael walked over and told them that whatever it was that they were planning, they shouldn't do.

Michael told Jana and Lauren that he was having a difficult time accepting Ryder, but he asked them to put their suspicions on hold for the evening so the party didn't turn into the usual Baldwin-Fisher free-for-all. Ryder showed up and said that the dinner meant a lot to him, and that he knew that he had a lot to prove to everyone. Ryder said that he hoped that they would all realize that he wasn't a bad guy. Kevin said that everyone there wanted to believe that. Lauren, Jana, and Michael remained silent.

The tension at the dinner party was palpable. Michael suggested that they play "20 Questions." Ryder went first. Kevin asked Ryder if what he was thinking of was bigger than a laptop. Ryder said that it was. Jana then asked if it was dead. When Michael said that was a silly question, Lauren said that she thought it was a great question, since Ryder could be thinking about someone who was dead.

Lauren told Ryder that all they knew about his childhood was that he had been raised in Green Bay. Ryder said that there wasn't much else to tell, but Lauren began quizzing Ryder about some of the attractions in Green Bay, making sure that he really knew the city. Ryder answered all of Lauren's questions correctly. The Bardwells arrived with their copy of Restless Style , and pulled Michael into the hallway. An angry Kevin told Lauren that she had turned the game into an interrogation.

In the hallway, the Bardwells told Michael about their plan to sue Victor. Michael informed the Bardwells that since he was on retainer to Victor, taking the case would be a conflict of interest. Gloria tried to make Michael feel guilty, asking him if he would choose Victor over the woman who had given him life.

Inside the Fishers' apartment, Ryder told Lauren, Jana, and Kevin that he felt as if he was breaking up their family. He added that if they had any questions, they shouldn't hide behind a game. Lauren immediately asked Ryder to tell her about his mother.

Ryder said that he didn't know his mother -- that she had left him with Tom when Ryder had been very young. Jana wondered if Ryder's mother could be dead. Lauren asked Ryder to tell them his mother's name, so that they could try to locate her. Ryder said that he didn't want to find her.

The phone rang, interrupting the inquisition. Jana answered and was told that someone at Crimson Lights had called in sick. Ryder quickly volunteered to cover the shift, and left. When Ryder opened the door, the argument between Michael and the Bardwells could be clearly heard inside the apartment. Kevin scolded Lauren and Jana about how they had behaved toward Ryder, and said that they had probably alienated him.

Later, Jana and Lauren began cleaning up the apartment. They commented on how quickly Ryder had volunteered to cover the shift at the coffeehouse. The women were convinced that Ryder was hiding something.

The Bardwells and Michael entered the apartment, and Lauren asked Michael what all the yelling had been about. Michael said that Gloria had talked him into suing Victor. Lauren asked Michael if he could do that. Michael said that it was wrong both legally and ethically, and that he had no idea why he had agreed to the Bardwells' plan.

At Crimson Lights, Abby told Ryder that she had been a cover model on a past issue of Restless Style . An unimpressed Ryder asked Abby how old she was. Abby lied and said that she was 18. Noah overheard, walked over, and said it was funny that Abby said that she was 18, because just two weeks earlier she had been 14. Noah pulled Abby away from the counter and said that Ryder was probably in his twenties. Abby said that she didn't care -- that everyone else did whatever they wanted, no matter what the consequences were.

Ryder went into the Crimson Lights office and made a phone call. He said, "Yeah, it's me. It's all going as planned."

Nick showed up at Sharon's with some of Noah's boxes. He told Sharon that Noah had to stop for gas, and that their son would be there soon. Sharon said how happy she was that she was finally able to give Noah a real home. She told Nick that she was moving on from her grief about losing her baby, and that she even had some job prospects. Nick told Sharon that he was proud of her.

Noah showed up at the house with the latest issue of Restless Style . Nick scanned the scandalous article about Victor and became infuriated. Nick left to see Victor. Sharon told Noah that she had just been hired by Restless Style . Noah asked his mother what she was going to do. Sharon said that she would quit.

Nick went to Victor's suite and showed the article to his father. Nick said that if he knew that Billy was planning to trash Victor, he wouldn't have sold the magazine to Billy. Victor said that Jack was probably behind the article. Nikki arrived with a copy of the magazine, and wondered why Billy would attack Victor so viciously. Nick told Victor that Billy's check to purchase the magazine was from Ashley's bank account. Victor said that Ashley probably didn't know anything about the article -- and, besides, being attacked by the Abbotts wasn't anything new for the Newmans.

Nick asked Victor what Victor planned to do. Victor calmly said that he wasn't going to do anything for the time being. Nick said that was fine, but there was "no way in hell" that Nick was going to let Billy get away with printing the article. Nick left Victor's suite.

After Nick left, Nikki told Victor that she couldn't believe that Billy would stoop so low. Victor wanted to change the subject and get back to the conversation about their relationship. Nikki told Victor that she needed to think. Victor surprised Nikki when he presented her with an expensive ring.

At Restless Style , Chloe and Billy admired the blow-up of the magazine's latest cover hanging on the wall. They thought that the issue would fly off the shelves. Mac entered the office and asked Billy what he had been thinking.

Mac yelled at Billy for printing the trashy article about Victor. Billy defended himself by saying that every word in the article was true. Mac said that Traci had effectively ended the Newman-Abbott feud by giving Colleen's heart to Victor -- but that the article would reignite the fighting between the families. Chloe looked pleased as Billy and Mac fought.

Billy told Mac that he didn't expect her to "dog" him about the article. He said that, in order to prove that he could run the magazine, he needed his first issue to sell a lot of copies. Mac said that what Billy had done was cruel. Chloe said that she thought the article was great, and that she was proud to be a part of it. Mac said that was good, because when the Newmans saw the article, Billy would need all the support he could get.

A disappointed Mac left the office. Billy told Chloe that Mac would eventually see things his way. Sharon showed up at the office, and Billy told Chloe that Sharon was his first "official" hire. Chloe was angry that Billy had hired Sharon. Next to show up was Ashley, who slammed the magazine into Billy's chest, and told him how angry she was that he had used her money to attack the father of her children.

Ashley told Billy that the article was beneath him -- and that it would hurt Abby. He told his sister that he had to make an impression with his first issue, and that his decision to go with Victor as the lead story had been primarily money driven. Ashley said that she hoped his profit from the magazine's sales was worth whatever Billy was going to lose.

Mac went to the Fishers' apartment to speak with Kevin about Billy. Kevin told Mac that he loved her, but unless she wanted to talk about what a screw-up Billy was, then he was the wrong person to speak with. Mac said that Kevin was definitely the right person for her to talk to.

Kevin told Mac that the article that Billy had published was just one disappointment in what would inevitably become a long line of disappointments. Kevin said that Billy would never change, and Kevin was sure that Billy would continue to hurt her.

At Restless Style , Sharon told Chloe that Sharon was there to quit. Chloe was pleased and walked away. An angry Nick showed up to confront Billy. Nick said that he had trusted Billy. Billy said that the sale of the magazine was a done deal, and Nick couldn't take it back. Nick reminded Billy that Nick owned the building that housed the Restless Style office. Nick said to Billy, "Mess with my father, you mess with me. You've got 15 minutes to get your stuff and get the hell out."

Thursday, October 29, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Jack told Ashley that he was unable to reach Billy. Jack wanted to scold Billy for publishing the tell-all article about Victor in Restless Style. Ashley reminded Jack that Jack had co-written the article with Billy. Jack said that he was upset that Billy had mentioned Patty Williams in the article. Katherine showed up, and dropped a copy of the magazine on Jack and Ashley's table. Katherine told them that when she saw Billy, she was going to give him a piece of her mind.

Jack said that everyone was upset about the article, but since the magazine was already on the newsstands, there wasn't anything that could be done about it. Jack opined that it was probably a good thing that Billy had resigned from Jabot. He assured Katherine that he and Ashley could manage Jabot just fine. Katherine thought that it might be too soon for Ashley, having recently given birth, to return to work. Ashley seemed uncomfortable with the conversation and rushed out of the coffeehouse.

At Restless Style, Billy spoke to Mac on the phone, and told her what he needed her to buy for his Halloween party. Mac, not wanting to speak with Billy about their disagreement regarding the article, quickly hung up. Nick showed up at the office and told Billy that he was supposed to have cleared out. Billy said that he had spoken to his lawyers, who told him that Nick didn't have the right to kick him out. Nick said that Billy was crazy if he thought that he would let his anger towards Billy go -- Nick told Billy to be out of the office by the end of the day.

After Nick left, a freelance photographer showed up at the Restless Style office and dropped a stack of photographs on Billy's desk. The photographs were of the aftermath of the SEC meeting held at Jabot. The photographer explained that "some dude" named Deacon Sharpe had shown up to defend Victoria Newman, but that after the meeting, Victoria's husband, J.T., had punched Deacon out.

The photographer offered to sell the photos to Billy. Billy whipped out his billfold and paid the photographer. Billy told the photographer that he would take anything that he could get on the Newmans. After the photographer left, Billy got on the Internet to do some research on Deacon Sharpe.

Billy met with Deacon at Jimmy's. Billy showed Deacon the photographs, and asked Deacon if he cared to explain what had happened. Deacon said that J.T. had been confused when he hit Deacon. Billy didn't buy that story. Deacon said that he had nothing more to say about the incident. Billy said that was okay -- he was pretty sure that the pictures spoke for themselves. Billy gathered up the photos and walked out of the bar.

Billy went to the Athletic Club and showed a picture of Victoria to one of the maids. He asked the maid if she had ever seen Victoria in Deacon's room. The maid said that she wasn't supposed to talk about the guests, but when Billy pulled out a wad of cash, the maid's lips loosened and she confirmed that she had seen Victoria in Deacon's room several times.

Billy returned to Restless Style and began writing an article about Deacon and the Hellstroms. He thought to himself that the SEC should know that Deacon was "holding a lot more than Savoneur stock."

Jack visited Ashley at the Newman ranch. He was upset by the way Ashley had rushed out of Crimson Lights earlier. He said that it was important that Katherine saw him and Ashley as a united front. Ashley dropped a bombshell on Jack -- she told him that she wasn't returning to Jabot, as she wanted to devote herself to Abby and Faith.

Jack suggested that Ashley work at Jabot part-time. Ashley didn't think that was a good idea. She told Jack that she hadn't been a good mother to Abby. Jack wasn't happy with Ashley's decision not to return to Jabot, but he was pleased that Ashley seemed to have regained her confidence. Ashley said that she and Victor had two beautiful children together, and that part of her would always care about Victor, but that she would never lose herself to someone again.

At Newman, Victoria was receiving annoying calls from the press about the SEC investigation. An eavesdropping Adam looked pleased. Adam entered Victoria's office and asked her if there was anything that he could do to lighten her load. Victoria asked him if he had finished his analysis of Newman Cosmetic sales in Indiana. Adam said that he had, but told Victoria that her secretary could have done the analysis. Adam let Victoria know that Victor wanted Adam to take on more responsibility at Newman. Victoria said, in that case, Adam should do a breakdown analysis of their sales in all 50 states. Adam was clearly unhappy with what he considered a menial task.

Nick visited Victoria and Adam in Victoria's office. Nick said that Billy was an example of another punk attacking Victor in print. When Adam said that he understood why Billy had lashed out at Victor, Nick quipped, "I bet you do." Adam said that Billy probably thought he was getting revenge, but that the bad feelings about the article would end up biting Billy in the backside.

Later, with Adam gone, Victoria received a phone call from one of the Newman lawyers. The lawyer had good news for her -- the SEC thought that its case was weak, and based entirely on hearsay. The lawyer said that with Victor out of the hospital, the SEC investigation had become pointless.

After getting off the phone, Victoria told Nick the news. She also said that she was right to stay at Newman and not leave the country, as Nick had suggested. Nick said that he had been worried about the fiasco after the SEC hearing, and that he still wondered why J.T. had punched out Deacon. Victoria said that was all a misunderstanding, and not worth getting into.

Having obviously slept together, Victor and Nikki woke up in Victor's suite at the Athletic Club. Nikki put her hand on his chest and said that she could feel his beating heart. Victor said that he was grateful for the gift of life, and happy that Nikki was accompanying him to Belgium. Nikki smiled and said that someone had to make sure that he checked himself in to the rehabilitation clinic. Victor looked at the ring that he had given Nikki the previous evening. He said that the ring was a promise to take one step at a time.

Nikki helped Victor change his bandage. She was happy that they had plenty of time before their flight to tell the children about their trip to Belgium. Nikki was concerned about Victoria and the SEC investigation, but Victor said that Victoria could handle that situation by herself. When Nikki said that they should go to Newman Enterprises and talk to the children, Victor told her to go by herself, and that he would meet her there later.

Nikki stopped by the Chancellor mansion to visit Katherine. Katherine admired Nikki's ring. Nikki said that it had been a gift from Victor -- but that it wasn't an engagement ring. When Katherine commented that the ring looked a lot like the ring that she had given Nikki, Nikki said that was why Victor had picked it out -- to honor Katherine and her role in reuniting Nikki and Victor. Katherine said that she knew that Victor and Nikki's relationship hadn't ended -- that there was too much love between them.

Katherine asked Nikki what was really going on between Nikki and Victor. Nikki said that she and Victor were going to make an announcement to the family, and she invited Katherine to be present. Katherine said that she couldn't wait to hear what Victor and Nikki had to say.

Nikki went to Newman Enterprises and learned from Nick and Victoria that the SEC was probably dropping its case. Nikki was relieved. When Nikki told her children that she was at Newman to meet Victor, Victoria and Nick assumed that Victor was returning to work. Nikki said that she and Victor had something to discuss with them.

Victor went to Colleen's gravesite and, with tears in his eyes, placed a single rose on it. He then knelt down and prayed.

Victor returned to his suite and set up a camcorder to record a message to Faith. He pushed the record button and began speaking to the camera. He told Faith that he was leaving town, but that he expected to return stronger than ever. He warned Faith that she might hear some ugly stories about him. Victor said that since Faith might not get the chance to know him like Nicholas, Victoria, and Adam had, he wanted to explain his version of the stories that she would hear.

Victor began relating his biography into the camera. He told Faith that his mother had to leave him at an orphanage, but, as a teenager, he had run away. He had changed his name to Victor -- for victorious -- and Newman -- because he was going to become a "new man." Victor told Faith that he had initially gone to Genoa City to run Chancellor Industries for Katherine. He said that, from there, he began to build his empire. Victor related his memories of being shot by a harpoon gun that had been fired by Rick Daros, and of the time when he kept his first wife, Julia's, lover, Michael, locked in a dungeon. Victor said that he had done some things that he wasn't proud of -- but that he had no regrets.

Victor then told Faith about the Newman-Abbott feud. He said that he had always respected John and Ashley, but that it was a different story with Jack. Victor told Faith various anecdotes about the fighting between him and Jack. Victor said that, as misguided as her Uncle Jack was, Victor and Jack had both tried to protect their families and the people who they loved.

Victor talked about friendship. He told Faith stories about his real friends -- Neil, Douglas Austin, and Katherine. He spoke of the importance of family, and he told her about the joy he felt when his children were born. He then related some stories about how his children had occasionally disappointed him when they grew up. He told Faith that the deepest hurts could be caused by family members -- but that family could also cause the greatest joys. He said, "Remember, my sweet Faith. Family above all."

Victor then went on to tell Faith about the great loves of his life -- Ashley, Nikki, and Hope. The phone in Victor's suite rang. It was Nikki, calling to tell Victor that the family was assembled at Newman Enterprises, waiting for him. Victor said that he would be there shortly.

Victor concluded his message by telling Faith that she should always pursue her dreams and stand her ground. He said that he would always love her, no matter what. Victor blew a kiss at the camera, and then stopped the recording.

At Newman Enterprises, Nikki, Nicholas, Victoria, Adam, and Katherine were gathered around a conference table. Nicholas and Victoria tried to guess what the announcement was, but all Nikki would say was that it wasn't bad news. Victor showed up and thanked everyone for assembling. When Nick asked what was going on, Victor put his hand on Nikki's shoulder and began smiling.

Friday, October 30, 2009

On his phone at Jimmy's Bar, Billy was excited to hear about the strong sales for Restless Style. Mac wasn't impressed with what Billy had done with the cover story slamming Victor. Jack entered Jimmy's and told Billy he had pushed things too far with Jack.

Billy apologized for putting Patty in the article. Jack accused Billy of deceiving the family. Jack resented that he had bailed out Billy when he was in trouble and Billy had disrespected Jack. Jack expected Billy to be grateful to him.

Billy said he was out to avenge Colleen's death. Billy refused to apologize for what he had done. Jack warned Billy again not to push him. Billy believed that Jack was jealous of Billy's success with Restless Style.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was excited that Victor and Nikki would be traveling together to the clinic. Nikki admitted that she hoped she and Victor would reunite. Nikki said she was concerned about J.T. and Victoria's separation. Victoria confessed to her mother than she had cheated on J.T. Victoria explained that it had been a mistake and she was not in love with the man.

Nikki wondered whom Victoria had been with. Victoria said it was Deacon, and that was why J.T. slugged Deacon at the stockholders' meeting. Victoria was afraid that everyone would find out about her indiscretion.

Victoria told her mother how guilty she felt over the fling with Deacon. Nikki urged Victoria to work it out with J.T., to talk things over. Victoria knew that she had hurt J.T. very badly. Nikki told Victoria to face the crisis in her marriage head-on. Nikki pointed out to Victoria that she and Victor had made many mistakes, but were still able to forgive each other. Nikki advised Victoria to fight for her marriage.

J.T. appeared at the door and saw Victoria with Nikki. Nikki said goodbye to J.T. and Victoria. J.T. was very cold to Victoria, assuming that Victoria still wanted to avoid talking about Deacon. Victoria surprised J.T. by saying that she was ready to talk to him honestly about what had happened with Deacon.

J.T. believed that Deacon still wanted Victoria, and that that was why he had appeared at the stockholders' meeting to speak in Victoria's defense. J.T. asked Victoria why she had cheated on him with Deacon. Victoria had no explanation, but she wanted to work things out with J.T.

The door opened suddenly and Deacon walked in without warning. Deacon said he had something to show Victoria and it couldn't wait. Deacon reached for the PC and found the web site showing Deacon being punched by J.T. at the stockholders' meeting. The article implied that Deacon and Victoria were lovers. Deacon said that Billy Abbott was responsible for the site.

J.T. accused Deacon of pursuing Victoria. Deacon said he was there to warn Victoria about the web site. J.T. blamed Deacon for giving Billy the information about Victoria for the site. Deacon said Billy had put it together without Deacon's help. Victoria got upset and walked out of the office in tears. Deacon claimed that he was not after Victoria and didn't want the Newman family as his enemies. Deacon walked out.

J.T. wrote a letter to Victoria explaining that he had accepted the job in New York. J.T. explained that he would be flying out immediately. J.T. also wrote that he still loved Victoria, but he wasn't sure if she wanted to work things out or not. J.T. walked out of the office with the letter in his hands.

Victor went to the ranch for a last visit with Faith before leaving for Belgium. Victor spoke with Ashley and told her that he'd broken the news to Nick and Victoria that he was leaving Genoa City. Abby walked into the room and heard that her father was going away.

Abby said that it felt like Victor was abandoning her. Victor explained why he needed to go away and recuperate from the heart transplant. Victor promised to return in the very near future. Victor asked Abby to teach Faith about love and respect. Victor hugged Abby and promised to return home very soon. Abby told Ashley she was leaving the house to meet friends at Crimson Lights for a Halloween party.

Ashley thanked Victor for explaining things to Abby. Ashley admitted her relationship with Abby was strained because of Ashley divorcing Victor. Ashley apologized to Victor for Billy's cover story eviscerating Victor in Restless Style. Ashley took partial blame for everything that had gone wrong with her and Victor's marriage.

Victor and Ashley were both sorry that their marriage fell apart. Ashley said that she would always love Victor in a way, and that he would always have a part of the Abbotts because he had Colleen's heart. Victor told Ashley that he had put his affairs in order since the surgery, including letting Adam have another chance to prove himself. Ashley approved of Victor's decision.

Ashley thought that Victor had changed for the better since the surgery. Victor said he had changed in some ways, but he still despised Jack and Billy, and Victor believed they hated him, too.

Jack showed up at the ranch looking for Ashley. Jack was surprised to see that Victor was there. Jack asked why Victor was still at the ranch, especially since it was Ashley's home. Victor left the room to visit with Faith. Ashley asked Jack to stop baiting Victor. Jack resented Ashley treating Victor with kindness when he'd been so cruel to the Abbott family.

Jack tried to convince Ashley to return to work at Jabot. Ashley wasn't interested. Ashley told Jack that her priority was spending time with Abby and Faith. Ashley noticed that Abby had left her cell phone at home, so she left the house to find Abby and return it to her. Jack remained behind and said he would be able to handle Victor without starting a fight.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley looked around for Abby but she was nowhere to be seen. Nikki saw Ashley and said hello. Ashley was snippy with Nikki about her decision to go to Belgium with Victor. Nikki said that she would always be grateful to Ashley for leading Victor back to Genoa City after Sabrina's death. Ashley believed that Nikki had always wanted Victor to return to Nikki.

Ashley told Nikki that it didn't matter anymore what Nikki's motives were in sending her to London, because it was in the past. Ashley was grateful for the short time of happiness she' d had with Victor, and Ashley was especially happy that the marriage brought her Faith. Ashley was glad to be over Victor. Ashley couldn't understand why Nikki would want Victor back after all the bad things he had done.

Back at the ranch, Jack wondered if Victor was going to say goodbye to him. Jack approved of Victor checking into a cardiac clinic because Jack wanted to be sure that Victor took care of Colleen's heart.

When the subject of Billy's Restless Style issue attacking Victor came up, Jack said that Billy's article was not defamation because it was true. Victor claimed that Billy and Jack were cowards. Jack said he was never afraid of Victor. Jack declared that when he wrote the fake diary, he had Victor set up perfectly.

Nikki walked in on Jack and Victor in the middle of their arguing. Nikki heard Jack confessing that he enjoyed setting up Victor with the fake diary. Nikki urged Victor to leave with her, but Victor said he wasn't done with Jack yet.

Jack recalled writing the diary with Adam and how thrilled he had been revealing all of Victor's nasty secrets. Jack wondered why Nikki was leaving Genoa City with Victor. Jack said that he wished he had done a better job framing Victor with the fake diary because Victor would have stayed in jail. If Victor had remained behind bars, Patty would have never arrived in town and Colleen would still be alive.

Victor promised Jack that he would be back and Victor would get his revenge on Jack. Nikki tried in vain to get Jack and Victor to stop fighting. Jack said Victor had to pay for what he did to Patty and Colleen. Victor said when he returned to town, he'd get back at Jack.

At the bar, Billy had changed into his Halloween costume. He hugged and kissed Mac. Billy was joyful about his success. Chloe showed up at the bar with Delia. Chloe helped Billy put Delia into a football costume. Chloe told Billy that Restless Style had sold out at her local newsstand. Billy was thrilled. As Chloe and Billy held Delia, Mac took a photo of their family.

Chloe told Billy that the cover story on Victor was genius. Billy realized that most people were angry with him about the issue. Billy asked Chloe if she went to the party because Chance was busy.

Kevin went to the party at Jimmy's, but only to see Mac. Kevin said that none of the gang would attend the party because they were upset with Billy. Kevin invited Mac to go to their party. Mac said that she would stick by Billy. Mac also believed Billy when he said that in the next issue, he would write something positive.

Kevin told Billy that the party was a flop because nobody wanted to be near Billy. Kevin said Billy had turned Restless Style into tabloid trash. Mac and Chloe had to separate Kevin and Billy to keep them from getting physical.

Outside Crimson Lights, Ashley still couldn't find Abby. Ashley placed a call, but was unable to find where Abby had gone. Outside Jimmy's, Abby and a girlfriend discussed using fake IDs to sneak into the party at the bar. Pretending to be college girls, Abby and her friend made it through the front door into the bar.

Once inside, Abby was worried that Uncle Billy would spot her because there weren't many people at the party. Across the room, Billy was showing Mac his dance moves. He didn't see Victoria burst into the bar until she smacked him in the face.

At Nick and Phyllis' , Phyllis was on her PC when she saw the story about the Newman Enterprises' stockholders' meeting. Phyllis read all the information about Victoria and Deacon's affair. Nick walked downstairs and Phyllis showed him the online story about Victoria. Nick cursed Billy for revealing all that information about Victoria.

Phyllis said that sales of Restless Style would rise because of the online story. Nick was hoping that Billy would have to fold the magazine, especially since Nick evicted Restless Style from the office building. Nick said that Billy was like a Junior Jack, only more evil.

Phyllis wanted to hurt Billy. Adam showed up at the door with papers for Nick to sign regarding Newman Enterprises. Nick told Adam to follow orders and not initiate business or negotiate contracts. Nick told Adam that he would never have what wa s Nick's.

At her house, Sharon greeted some kids at the door for Halloween. In her mind, she flashed back to a past Halloween when Cassie was still alive. The doorbell rang a while later and Sharon discovered Adam at the door. Inside the house, Sharon told Adam how much she loved Halloween. Sharon gave Adam a glass of wine and he reminisced about his childhood on the farm and how his mother had made Halloween fun for him.

Sharon and Adam played "zombie brains" and laughed about Halloween. Sharon asked about Adam's sight. Adam said that he was resigned to losing his vision. Adam appreciated that his mother had done very well in her life despite being blind.

Phyllis called a reporter and gave him her opinion of Restless Style since Billy Abbott was in charge. She was not complimentary. After she hung up, Nick entered the room and said that he hadn't been able to reach Victoria. Nick was sure the story would hurt Newman Enterprises.

Nick suspected that Adam would use the story to hurt Victoria and improve his position at Newman. Phyllis said Adam couldn't hurt Nick that night. Phyllis asked Nick to concentrate on the family and Halloween. It was time for Summer to go trick or treating.

Nick took photos of Summer in her costume. The phone rang and the reporter wanted to know about Nick's comment about Victoria. Nick held his temper and hung up the phone.

A short time later at Sharon's, the doorbell rang. Adam answered the door for trick or treaters and saw Phyllis, Summer, and Nick.

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