The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 2, 2009 on Y&R

Chloe and Billy signed their divorce papers. Chance was stabbed during a robbery at Crimson Lights. Katherine secretly decided to take Chancellor Industries public. Jill hired Paul to find Katherine's biological daughter. Mac offered to be Lily's surrogate.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 2, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Outside Jimmy's Bar, Ryder watched a group of young trick-or-treaters parade down the street. Ryder paused under a tree and gazed at a ripped photo of himself as a young boy. Ryder recalled a memory about arguing with another young boy about costumes. As Ryder remembered the other boy taunting him and calling him a "chicken boy," he became distressed and wiped a tear from his eye. Ryder said remorsefully, "I didn't mean for it to happen."

Just as Kevin greeted Ryder, he quickly regained his composure. Kevin invited Ryder to the party, but Ryder first refused and said that Halloween wasn't his thing. Kevin promised they wouldn't stay long, and he encouraged Ryder to join him for a quick drink. Ryder relented.

At Crimson Lights, Ashley asked Jana if she'd seen Abby. Jana said she hadn't. Noah and Eden arrived and told Ashley that they hadn't heard from Abby all night. Ashley listed Abby's favorite places and said that she'd checked each one without locating Abby. Eden mentioned Jimmy's Bar and said that she and some friends had tried unsuccessfully to crash a Halloween party there the year before. Ashley realized it was Billy's party and headed to Jimmy's in search of Abby.

In a corner of Jimmy's Bar, Abby, dressed as Amy Winehouse, and Abby's friend, Daisy, dressed as Gwen Stefani, contemplated using their fake ID cards to purchase drinks. Abby seemed nervous, but Daisy advised Abby to act as if she owned the place. Amber and Chloe recognized Abby. As Amber and Chloe approached Abby and Daisy, they played along and jokingly requested autographs. Daisy brazenly asked for drinks, and Amber and Chloe agreed. Abby and Daisy downed one drink each and giggled when they began sipping the second. Abby introduced Daisy as a new senior student at Walnut Grove. Abby was excited to see Ryder, but Ryder was eager to meet Chloe.

As Daniel observed the teens at the party, he secretly questioned Amber about the drinks Abby and Daisy imbibed. Amber quipped, "It's all good. Don't worry." Just as the costumed revelers lifted their glasses and cheered jubilantly, Chance arrived and checked Abby and Daisy's IDs. Both teens insisted they had found the fake IDs. Chloe and Amber explained that the teens were served only virgin drinks. Chance warned Abby and Daisy not to enter another bar until each turned 21, and he insisted they head straight home. Later, Ashley walked in searching for Abby. Chance explained that he'd kicked a couple of teenagers out of the bar earlier, and he added that both girls should be home.

Back at Crimson Lights, Daisy flirted with Noah. Eden jokingly asked Daisy if she planned to teach barhopping at Walnut Grove. Ashley arrived and thanked Jana for letting her know that Abby had shown up. Abby was surprised to see her irate mom, who insisted that Abby avoid a scene in front of her friends and accompany her mother home. Abby meekly complied.

As Billy danced with Mac at the Halloween party at Jimmy's, Victoria walked in and punched Billy in the side of his face. Victoria exclaimed, "It's my way of saying, 'Thanks,' jerk." Kevin, Chloe, and Mac were flabbergasted. Amber and Daniel walked in just as Victoria stormed out. Kevin described what had just transpired.

After Amber and Daniel joined the others at the bar for a drink, Billy confessed to Mac that he had published an article about Victoria on Restless Style's Web site. Mac winced as Billy talked about how J.T. had punched Deacon Sharpe after a Newman shareholders' meeting. Billy explained that he also had photos of the melee and had quoted J.T. warning Deacon to stay away from his wife. Mac couldn't believe that Billy had accused Victoria of having an affair with Deacon. Mac was clearly miffed about Billy's sensational scoop.

Daniel, Amber, and Kevin defended Victoria and asked Billy if he had actually interviewed the parties involved. Kevin observed, "I don't think Willy would know a fact even if it bit him in the ass." Chloe defended Billy and asked Daniel if he had been in the hotel room with Deacon and Victoria. Daniel replied, "I know that Deacon is a piece of trash, and that Victoria wouldn't go anywhere near him."

Billy asked Mac to back him up, but Mac refused and said, "You're on your own." Later, Billy told Mac that he shouldn't have to seek her approval about every matter. Mac said that she must have been mistaken about their plan to build a life together. Mac expressed her disappointment and rebuffed Billy, so he left the bar alone.

Daniel and Amber retreated to the storeroom to make love, Chloe came on to Chance. Chance insisted that he would not share Chloe. Chloe, frustrated, walked away. As Mac ended the party, Chloe sadly noted that they both would go home alone. Mac turned off the lights and locked the door, while Amber and Daniel continued cavorting in the storeroom.

When Amber and Daniel returned to the bar, they found it deserted and dark. Daniel selected ballroom-dance music on the jukebox and took Amber into his arms. As they gracefully waltzed, Amber asked Daniel how they could get out without setting off the alarm. Daniel asked if Amber was in a hurry to leave. Amber rested her head on Daniel's shoulder and responded, "Not at all."

Billy visited Colleen's gravesite. As Billy swigged beer, he poured out his heart to his deceased niece. Billy cried that Daniel and his friends hated him, and that Mac had walked out on him. Billy said that the only bright spot in his life was Delia. Billy even admitted that he could at least count on Chloe. Billy begged Colleen to talk to him, and he sobbed when he told Colleen that he missed her.

Later, Billy showed up at the Chancellor estate. Chloe answered the door. Billy walked in, took Chloe in his arms, and kissed her. Chance stood in the entry hall and watched for a moment before disappearing up the stairs. After Chance left, Chloe put the breaks on Billy's amorous advances. Chloe said, "I can't be your consolation prize." Chloe turned a dejected Billy away.

At Sharon's house, Phyllis and Nick stood on the doorstep with Summer, who was dressed as a princess for trick-or-treating. Nick was shocked when Adam answered the doorbell. After Sharon gave Summer a piece of chocolate, the youngster was eager to visit the next house. Phyllis followed Summer before pausing to ask Nick, who stood frozen in place, if he was going with them. Nick seemed uneasy about leaving Sharon alone with Adam.

Later, at the tack house, Phyllis sensed that Adam's presence at Sharon's terribly distressed Nick. Nick admitted that he was concerned, especially because Noah lived there. Phyllis encouraged Nick to visit Sharon and let her know how he felt about Adam.

Adam showed up on Phyllis' doorstep after Nick left. Adam told Phyllis that it would be in her best interest to keep Nick calm about Adam's friendship with Sharon. Phyllis refused to play Adam's game and told him that his suggestion that she convince Nick that Adam was harmless was a "stinky fish." Phyllis leaned into Adam's face and warned, "If you want to convince Nick of that, do it yourself." Before Phyllis slammed the door in Adam's face, she scolded him and said that his motives were transparent.

Back at Sharon's house, Nick asked Sharon why she'd want to hang out with Adam. Sharon begged Nick to give Adam a break. Sharon added that Adam was funny, surprisingly sweet, and very understanding. Nick, stunned, exclaimed, "You have a thing for this guy." Sharon denied Nick's claim.

Nick announced that Adam was gay, but Sharon explained that Adam had already told her about his complicated relationship with his lawyer. Nick warned Sharon that Adam would likely hurt her. Nick added that he'd been there for Sharon when she needed him. After Nick left, Sharon seemed bewildered.

At Victor's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Nikki set rules for Victor to follow at the transplant-rehabilitation clinic in Belgium. Nikki insisted that Victor avoid discussing Jack and anything related to business. Nikki assured Victor that Nick and Victoria would handle the family business. Victor agreed that he'd return well and strong, but he warned that Jack Abbott had better watch his step. Nikki shook her head in frustration.

Victoria stopped by to visit her parents and discussed resigning from Newman Enterprises in light of Billy's article. Victor insisted that Victoria and Nick were capable of running the business, but Nikki observed that Victoria's marriage and family needed full attention. Victor hugged his daughter and told her that family was the most important thing. Later, Adam and Nick met with Victor. Adam learned that Victoria was taking a leave of absence. Victor left Nick in charge of the company, and he advised Nick to give Adam more responsibilities. Victor admonished Adam not to disappoint him.

On the ranch grounds, Victor and Nikki strolled through the stable and took stock of their horses. Nikki promised Victor that they'd go riding again after they returned from Europe. Victor recalled that he'd missed many things. Victor lovingly embraced and kissed Nikki. Victor admitted that he and Nikki couldn't live without each other. Nikki added, "Isn't it lucky that we don't want to?"

Nikki reached into a basket and produced a gift for Victor. Victor was overwhelmed with joy to see a white Labrador puppy. Nikki explained that the dog had been rescued from a puppy mill, and that she had arranged for the dog for travel with them to Belgium. Victor considered a couple of names for the puppy, as he and Nikki nuzzled and cuddled their lovable pet. Nikki professed her love to Victor. Victor kissed Nikki and told her that he loved her with all his heart.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria's assistant gave her a letter from J.T. Victoria learned that J.T. was at the airport waiting for his flight to New York, where he intended to accept a new job. J.T. wrote that he'd hoped they could work out their problems. Having Victor's blessing to take a leave of absence, Victoria rushed, with baby Reed in tow, to the airport. J.T. was relieved to see his wife and child. Victoria apologized, and J.T. kissed her. J.T. cradled Reed in one arm and Victoria in the other, and said ecstatically, "We'll all be together in New York."

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lily told Cane that Halloween was one of her favorite holidays. Cane wondered if Lily was upset that they had missed Billy's Halloween party. Lily said she had enjoyed spending the evening with Cane handing out treats. Their eyes met and Cane looked down and apologized. Lily said she missed him looking at her that way. Cane told Lily that he thought it was too soon. Lily asked if she had to make the first move. They started to kiss.

Lily and Neil were interrupted by Roxy and Devon at the door. Roxy brought over some soup for Lily. Roxy and Devon said they were there to relieve Cane and hang out with Lily. Lily said she was tired and they escorted Devon and Roxy out the door. Cane picked up Lily and they went to the bedroom. Lily was self conscious at first, but Cane made her feel comfortable.

Michael wondered how he was going to get Victor out the mess her was in. Lauren said she wished she would have pulled her advertising the second Nick and Phyllis sold Restless Style. When Gloria called Michael, Lauren said she couldn't understand why Michael had agreed to help her get her money back.

Gloria told Jeffrey that Michael was avoiding her calls. Gloria said that even if Michael ignored her, Billy would be their ticket to getting their money back. Michael walked in the coffeehouse and Gloria stopped him. She said that Phyllis might give her a break. She asked Michael for justice. Michael wondered what she wanted him to do. Gloria asked Michael to get the SEC to care about the victims. Michael said he would help her if he could, but he wasn't going to hurt Victor in the process.

Michael went to Nick and told him that the SEC was interested in the Cayman Islands story. He said that it looked like Victor had insider information. He told Nick that it would cost them. Then Michael went to tell Gloria and Jeffrey that the SEC would be returning their money. Gloria and Jeffrey toasted to Billy.

Amber told Mac that although Mac saw the goodness in Billy, most people thought he was a bad person. When Amber left, Mac was angry with Billy for not acknowledging Amber. Billy said that Amber was upset with him. Mac said she was also upset with him. Sharon walked in and told Billy she was there to quit. She told Billy that she wasn't going to work for someone who would so purposely hurt someone and their family.

Lauren went to see Billy to tell him she was pulling her advertisements from Restless Style. Billy said that his magazine had made more money in a few days than Restless Style had made in the last few months. Lauren said she preferred to spend her money on publications that dealt with substance and not sensationalism.

Mac told Billy that she loved him. Billy was surprised to hear her words. Mac said that she knew Billy had thrown himself into something and tried really hard. She said that if Colleen were alive she would have said that the articles Billy wrote were not all he was made of.

Amber went to Fenmore's and looked at her outfit on display. She was sad that she hadn't sold any. Lauren told her it had to do with the economy. She wondered if Amber would be interested in working for her as a salesperson. Amber was thrilled.

Abby told Ashley that she didn't want to hear anymore about underage drinking. Ashley said she was worried about Abby. Abby told her that she was going to be late for class. Abby went to the coffeehouse and told Noah and Eden that she had gotten away with everything. When Abby's friend showed up and asked if Eden would help her get a job, Eden said that Kevin didn't need anyone.

Amber ran into Abby and her friend looking for a job. Amber said that there was a position available at Fenmore's that she would refer her to. Abby's friend asked Amber and Abby to wish her luck. Eden said she had no business working at Fenmore's. Abby said that Eden didn't even know her friend.

Lauren was pleased to meet Abby's friend and said that if Amber recommended her, she was hired. Abby's friend went to tell Abby she got the job. Ashley went to the coffeehouse and saw Abby there. She told Abby they were going home.

Noah told Sharon that he wasn't looking forward to his schoolmates making fun of Victor's story. Noah said he was getting used to it. He asked Sharon how her Halloween went. Sharon said she had some visitors over and had a really nice time.

Nick sat at Victor's desk and looked at a picture of him. Nick said that he was going to make his father proud. Adam walked in Nick's office and Nick told Adam to stay away from Sharon. Nick felt that Adam had ulterior motives with Sharon. Adam told Nick that he would never hurt Sharon. Nick said that Adam was leaving on a public relations trip so he wouldn't be there anyway. Adam wondered if Nick was appointing him on the trip so Adam would leave him alone. Nick told Adam where the door was. Adam told Nick to enjoy sitting in Victor's seat while it lasted.

Sharon told Adam she had decided to quit working for Billy. Adam was surprised since she had just started working there. Sharon said she couldn't take what he had done to Victor. Adam said he had done similar things to Victor. Sharon said that there was nothing Adam had done that was as terrible as Billy. Adam said she should quit being so nice to him. Adam told Sharon that Nick told him to stay away from her. He said that in order to make sure he stayed away from her he was being sent out of town. Adam said he was there to say goodbye.

Sharon was furious that Nick was trying to send Adam away. Adam said he understood how Nick felt. Sharon said that she would miss Adam. He hugged her and said that he better go. Sharon told him to have a safe trip.

Ashley went to Nick's office and said that she planned on continuing her work at Newman. Nick said that he was looking forward to seeing what Ashley could bring to the table.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Devon treated Roxanne to extra whipped cream on her drink. When she said that a band she liked was playing that evening, Devon offered to take her on a road trip to see them. First, he wanted to check on Lily, who he thought had been acting weird the previous evening. Roxanne explained that Lily and Cane had just renewed their vows. "You wouldn't want company on your honeymoon, would you?" Roxanne asked.

Neil entered, wondering if Devon had seen Lily. Neil said he didn't want to hover, and Devon joked that Neil was hovering vicariously. Devon said that Cane seemed to be taking care of Lily, and Neil wished he could believe that it would last. Neil asked what Devon's plans were after graduation. Devon announced that he wanted to pursue his music career. Neil offered to pay for the studio time, and Devon was astounded that Neil believed in him.

Later, Devon and Roxanne picked up books at the bookstore. Devon suddenly kissed her, and she asked why he'd done it. He said it was to prove that he knew how lucky he was.

Cane and Lily awakened, cuddled together in bed. Cane said that her wish was his command for the entire day. Lily grew pensive, and said she'd been "Lily the cancer patient" for so long that she'd forgotten what it was like to live. The past few days had helped her feel like herself again, and she wanted to hold onto that feeling for as long as she could.

Lily and Cane traveled to the bookstore. She said it was a great place to lose one's self and find romance. "Romance is wherever you are," she told him, and they kissed. Lily leafed through a cookbook, and handed Cane a car magazine, saying she knew what he liked.

When the couple returned home, Neil arrived for a visit. Cane said that Lily had been inspired to make a pot roast. Lily called the dish the key to a successful marriage. Lily and Cane kissed, and Neil wondered if their relationship was as it had been before. Lily said that their commitment had deepened, and they'd renewed their vows. Lily loved and relied heavily on Neil and Cane, and so she hoped that they could make peace with each other. Neil said that he was happy for her, and they hugged.

At Chancellor Industries, Katherine said that Jill's press release announcing her return to the company shouldn't have shunned Jack. Jill replied that she'd returned because Jack had failed at his job. Katherine insisted that Jill get along with Jack. Neil entered, and Katherine announced that she was making a company change that would affect Jill and him both.

Katherine stated that to raise capital, she was considering an IPO. Jill and Neil seemed intrigued at making the company public; however, Jill cautioned that there would be regulations and shareholders to deal with. Katherine said that she wanted Neil and Jill to benefit from the venture. Both seemed stunned, and Katherine insisted that they were family to her.

Neil left to work on the deal. Jill asked why Katherine had involved her, and Katherine replied that she wanted to earn Jill's forgiveness. Jill appeared humbled, as Katherine said that she wanted to set things straight while she still could. It had been too late to do so with others that Katherine had lost. Though Katherine had many people surrounding her, she'd become overly conscious of those who were not. "I have a daughter out there somewhere," Katherine said. Katherine felt that she could do many things for Jill, if Jill would let her.

Jill joked that no one had ever gifted her a multi-million dollar stock option just to get on her good side. They agreed that they'd take measures to prevent losing the company in a stock buy-out, like Jack had done. Jill insisted that Katherine would retain the major voting rights.

Just then, Jack entered to discuss shutting down one of Jill's "brain-child" projects. Jill challenged his decision, but then quickly decided they'd go with Jack's instincts. When Jill left, Jack asked, "Am I being fired? She's only that nice to me when she knows something I don't." Katherine said Jill just felt good about things, and it had nothing to do with Jabot or Jack.

Jack disbelieved that Jill, who'd hounded him since he'd started at the company, would suddenly leave anything to his judgment. He wondered what was big enough to distract Jill, but bad enough that Katherine wouldn't say. Katherine bid him to speculate without her, because she had things to do. Jack warned that he'd figure it out.

Jill met up with Paul at the Athletic Club's entrance. Paul said that Jill had asked him to meet her on urgent business. Jill said that she wanted him to locate Katherine's real daughter.

At the coffeehouse, Paul told Nina that Billy had exploited Patty in the Restless Styel article. Paul added that Patty still thought she was Jack's new wife. A shocked Nina wondered about the doctor that Patty had modeled herself after. Paul vaguely replied that Patty and Dr. Peterson had a strong bond. Nina changed the topic to Nikki, and Paul explained that Nikki had sent him an email, explaining that she'd left town with Victor.

Just as Phillip entered, Paul departed Nina's table, saying that they should catch a movie sometime. Phillip sat down, wondering if Paul and Nina were dating. Nina said that she and Paul were friends. She encouraged Phillip to tell her about his love life, if he ever wanted to. Phillip said he wasn't seeing anyone, and his priority was his son, whether Chance liked it or not.

Nina invited Phillip back to the house to see a childhood photo album of Chance, but Phillip said that he didn't want to push Chance by just showing up there. Nina insisted, saying that Chance probably wasn't home, because he worked all the time.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe told Chance that she was dying to tell him her news. She considered it old news, since she hadn't seen him in a while. Chance shrugged, saying he'd been working a lot. Chloe proudly revealed that she'd blown off Billy when he'd kissed her on Halloween. Chance said that was good, and left to get breakfast in the kitchen.

When Chance returned to the study, Chloe said she'd expected more of a reaction out of him. Chance replied that he was proud of her, and she asked him to hang out that evening. He overly explained how busy he was, and said he'd see her later.

When Chance returned from a jog later, Chloe said he'd probably hoped that she'd be gone. He said it wasn't true. She reminded him that he said he'd be there for her once she realized that Billy wasn't good enough for her. Chance acknowledged that she'd stood her ground with Billy more than once; however, Chance wanted her to get over Billy, even if Chance wasn't in the picture. Chloe stated that she didn't want Chance out of the picture. She grew embarrassed as she stammered to explain herself, and she left the room.

Later, Chloe went downstairs, and saw that Chance was still there. He said he didn't want to leave things on an awkward note. He felt that Chloe understood his position, but she claimed that he was sending her mixed signals. She felt that Chance should be more understanding because he'd already known her situation ahead of time. She said she'd falsely assumed that she could be herself around him. Their tempers flared just as Phillip and Nina entered the house.

After a strained hello, Phillip said that Nina and he should leave. Chance concurred, and yelled that Phillip should just go, because he was good at it. Chance decided that Phillip was 20 years too late for fatherhood. Chance reasoned that he'd already had a father, Ryan, who'd died, not left. Phillip said that Chance's honesty was good for helping them forge their relationship. "Don't count on it," Chance retorted.

Jack spotted Emily at the Athletic Club with Billy's magazine in hand. Emily commented that Billy had a poisoned pen. Jack said he'd opposed Patty's inclusion in the article, but Emily replied that it seemed hard to tell by the outcome. Jack wondered how she could build a career on the premise that people could change, but not believe that he could. When Emily said she hadn't judged him, Jack asked to have a final say before she rendered her decision.

Emily sat at Jack's table, unsure of why her opinion of him mattered. He said he wanted to help Patty, and Emily advised him to stay away, because his visits fed Patty's delusions. Jack was surprised to hear that Emily planned to leave Patty in the care of other doctors, so that Emily could return to Minnesota. He wondered what it would take to get her to stay in town, working on Patty's case. Emily replied that alleviating his guilt wasn't her priority.

Paul arrived to meet Emily, and Jack excused himself from the table. Paul asked her to reconsider relocating to Genoa City, so that Patty wouldn't have to start over with new doctors. Emily said that her work was too important to her, and she doubted that she could form the same roots in that community as she had back at home. She promised not to let Patty fall through the cracks. Emily consoled Paul, saying that Patty still knew that he loved her.

After Paul left, Dr. Lambert, Dean of G.C.U.'s School of Psychiatry, called Emily to ask her for a meeting. Later, he joined her at the Athletic Club to offer her a career heading a new department. He said that the foundation endowing the chair had made a long-term commitment. Emily sighed when Dr. Lambert said it was the Abbott family's foundation.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

At the Athletic Club, Paul wondered why Jill was searching for Katherine's daughter instead of Jill's real mother. Jill said that she was still recovering from the whirlwind year that Katherine and she had been through. Jill believed that Katherine needed closure more than Jill did, and Jill joked that she couldn't handle another mother in her life at the moment.

Jill explained what had transpired when Katherine had given her baby to Charlotte Ramsey. Paul wondered if Charlotte and Katherine were still in contact, but Jill replied that she didn't want Katherine to know about the investigation, in case it didn't pan out. Katherine entered, and said she was on her way to meet Neil at the office. Jill decided to join her.

Before Neil left Lily and Cane's, Lily invited him to dinner that evening. Neil agreed to try her pot roast, if making it wouldn't wear her out. After Neil left, Cane jokingly wondered if the cookbook said that a romantic dinner included his father-in-law. Lily promised to give Cane a special dessert. He kissed her, saying that he liked his dessert before dinner.

Later, Cane cut his finger on a potato peeler. As Lily bandaged him, he noted that she looked flushed. Lily joked that being close to Cane heated her up.

Lily and Cane went to the hospital for her cancer treatment. They saw Harry, and he said he had a good chance of beating the cancer. Lily felt woozy, and the nurse noted that she was running a fever. Lily said she'd also been cramping. The nurse went to find Lily's doctor. Lily got scared, but Cane assured her that the doctor would know what to do.

When Katherine and Jill met Neil at the office, he said that he'd gotten a positive response to the idea of taking Chancellor public. He warned that Jack would be first in line to buy the shares. Katherine realized that they couldn't underestimate Jack Abbott.

Neil received a call from Cane, who said that Lily had been hospitalized with a fever and infection. Neil rushed to the hospital, where Dr. Kershaw told Cane and Neil that Lily had over-responded to her chemotherapy. Her white cell count was low, and her immune system had been compromised. Lily heard them, and wondered if she'd die if her temperature spiked. As Cane reassured her, Neil asked how serious it was. Dr. Kershaw said that they needed to lower the fever.

A delirious Lily said that the pot roast needed more onions. She asked Cane to turn down the crock-pot, and invite Neil to dinner. Lily apologized for not making the pot roast, but Cane assured her that they'd eat it the next day. She uttered that it'd be mush by then.

At the office, Jill worried about Cane and Lily. Katherine said that Jill was concerned, as any mother would be. "I do feel like his mother," Jill emotionally replied. Katherine said that people didn't have to be blood to be family. Katherine expressed that the best thing that had happened to her that year, besides Murphy, had been her renewed relationship with Jill.

Just then, Neil called Jill to say that things with Lily looked really bad. Neil said that Cane needed Jill. At the hospital elevator, Cane collapsed to the floor, sobbing hopelessly.

After Phillip left the mansion, Chance apologized to Chloe for losing control. She sensed that he kept a lot bottled up inside, which made him hard to read. Chance stated that he didn't want a relationship with his father, and Chloe said that made him one in billions who didn't. Nina entered, glad that Chance had spoken to Phillip. She, too, worried that Chance kept things bottled up. Chance resisted having a relationship with Phillip, who was 20 years too late.

Chance said he needed to go shopping. Chloe's ears perked up, and Chance added that he needed waders for his fishing trip with Murphy. Chance invited her shopping and fishing. Chloe said she didn't "do worms," and she took a rain check on shopping, because she had a meeting. They told each other that they'd look cute in waders, and Nina grimaced.

Billy lugged Restless Style boxes into Jimmy's, and Mac wondered if he could really run the magazine from there. Billy said his lawyers would soon overturn Nick's eviction, and then Billy could return to his office. After an advertiser called to pull ads from the magazine, Mac apologized for not being more supportive. Billy laughed it off, and they kissed.

Later, Billy conducted a meeting with his staff to assure them that they were continuing the magazine, even if it had to be from a bar. Chloe pitched an idea for a story about sexy models in waders, fishing for bare-chested hunks; however, Mac's idea to profile everyday heroes resonated with Billy. Chloe frowned as they kissed.

Chloe and Billy recalled the time they'd gone to a "dumpster pool party." When Chance entered to pick up sandwiches for his fishing trip, he saw them laughing together. Billy left, and to Chloe, Chance said, "I thought you had a meeting." Chloe explained that the whole staff had just left, but Chance stared at her in disbelief, saying that he knew what he'd just seen.

At Crimson lights, Jack called to reallocate his Restless Style advertising budget elsewhere. After the call, Emily approached to say that she'd received a job offer. Jack thought that was quick, because he'd only just called about it that morning. Emily sat down, thanked him for being upfront, and told him that she wasn't for sale. Jack considered Emily's closed-minded attitude, and decided that perhaps the job wasn't right for her, after all.

Emily warned him not to play mind games with her. Jack replied that he'd been sincere when he'd said he felt responsible for what had happened to Patty. He realized that his youthful, reckless actions had cut very deeply. Jack believed that Emily could really help Patty, and it was just too bad if Emily had a problem with him helping, too.

Jack said he hadn't had to twist arms to get Emily that job offer, because her reputation had proceeded her. Emily admitted that the job had intrigued her. Jack figured that Patty had modeled herself after Emily because Emily had made a serious impression on Patty. Jack challenged Emily not to refuse a great opportunity just because she loathed him.

Emily stepped away to take a call from Dean Lambert. Billy entered, and saw her on the terrace. He rushed inside to tell Jack to get the hell out of there, because Patty had escaped. Chance overhead Billy, and grabbed Emily. Jack yelled that Emily was not Patty Williams.

Chance called the mental hospital to verify that Patty was still in her cell. He apologized to Emily, and went to the bar. Billy assumed that Patty was Emily's evil twin. Emily said they weren't related, and Patty wasn't evil. Jack suggested that Billy go find more backs to stab.

Billy received a call about meeting advertisers. Chance overheard Billy say that he'd rather meet the clients at the Athletic Club than at Jimmy's. Once the call ended, Chance asked Billy if he were working out of the bar. Billy responded that they'd just had their first staff meeting there. Once Billy left, Chance left Chloe a message, saying that he owed her an apology.

Later, Jack said he was sorry that Emily had been mistaken for Patty. Emily replied that she'd have to get used to it, since she was staying in town. As Emily stood, a surprised Jack asked her if she'd accepted the job. Emily glanced at him, nodded, and wordlessly left.

At Jimmy's, Billy told Mac about how creepy it had been to meet Emily. He vowed that it would be the last time he'd try to protect Jack. Billy didn't fool Mac, who said she knew that Jack's approval meant something to Billy. He denied it, but Mac said that he didn't have to pretend for her, because she was on his side.

Nina met Paul at the Athletic Club to seek advice about Chance, who'd been taciturn around Phillip until the confrontation that day. She asked about Paul's relationship with Heather. Paul had thought he'd done the right thing by leaving Heather to be raised by her other father; however, Heather grappled with abandonment even to that day. He said that Nina should be patient, because Chance would open up in time. Nina feared that Phillip would walk out, and she couldn't stand to see Chance hurt again.

When Nina's agent called, she ignored the phone, because she feared he was looking for more manuscript pages for Katherine's book. She said she wanted to tread carefully with the book, so that she didn't present Katherine and the family in a bad light. Since Jill wasn't really Katherine's daughter, Nina had contemplated structuring the book around the premise that there was an unknown heir to the Chancellor fortune. "Interesting," Paul vaguely replied.

Chloe approached the table to say that Phillip and Chance's breakthrough had been great. "Do I look like I want to talk to you about it?" Nina quipped. Nina and Chloe exchanged barbs about being Chancellor gold diggers, and Chloe advised Nina to give Chance more credit.

When Chloe left, Paul grinned, saying that the conversation had sounded like the ones that Nina had once had with Jill. Nina replied that she wasn't Jill, and Chloe was in love with Billy. Paul figured that Chloe liked Chance, and Nina ordered him to bite his tongue.

Chloe met Chance at Crimson Lights, where he admitted that he'd been wrong about her meeting at Jimmy's. Chloe gloated about being right, but said she'd expected Chance to figure it out; he wouldn't be much of a detective if he hadn't.

Friday, November 6, 2009

At the hospital waiting room, Cane was kneeling on the floor. He was very worried about Lily. Neil offered Cane a hand and a comforting nod. Cane and Neil met with the doctor, and Cane asked if Lily could receive a stronger antibiotic. The doctor said that might hurt her more than help. The doctor said he would return when he had more news. Cane watched Lily sleeping in her hospital bed.

At Chancellor Industries, Kay told Jill to leave for the hospital so she could be with Cane. Jill felt like Cane was her son even though they were not blood. Kay told Jill to inform Neil that she would discuss the IPO with Mitchell Sherman, since Neil was at the hospital with Lily. Jill embraced Kay with gratitude then left.

At Jimmy's Bar, Billy was doing magazine business on the phone. Mac waited for him to end the call, then told Billy that Jill had phoned to say that Lily had been hospitalized with an infection. Billy wanted to visit Lily, but he was swamped with business. Mac told Billy to continue working and said she would go to the hospital. Mac promised to call Billy if he was needed at the hospital. After Mac left, Billy expressed his frustration about working out of a bar instead of an office.

At the hospital, Neil urged Cane to take care of himself so he would be available for Lily. Dr. Emily Petersen approached Neil and Cane and introduced herself. Emily explained that she was a psychologist with the cancer center. Emily told them that counseling services were available to Lily and the family.

Emily confirmed that Lily had been unable to have chemotherapy because of the infection. Cane said that Lily had been doing very well with chemotherapy. Emily explained that chemotherapy could lull people into forgetting that cancer was a deadly disease.

Jill arrived at the hospital and told Cane that she was there to support him. Cane hugged Jill. Suddenly, a buzzer sounded in Lily's room and they all turned as nurses rushed into the hospital room.

A little while later, Lily called for Cane and he went to her side. Emily walked into the room and asked if she could visit with Lily. Lily was alarmed at first because Emily looked like Patty. Emily explained that Patty had been her patient. Neil and Cane walked out so Emily could speak with Lily. Lily told Emily that she felt as if her cancer had taken over her life. Lily said cancer had taken her womanhood from her because she had learned she was ill when she believed she was pregnant.

Lily told Emily that she was certain that someday she would have a child because her best friend, Colleen, had assured her that it would happen. Lily revealed her dream to Emily, the one in which Colleen had visited her. Lily believed in that dream and that she could beat cancer and become a mother someday.

Mac entered the hospital and greeted Cane. Cane told Mac about the new medication Lily was receiving. Mac was familiar with the drug and had seen it work on other people.

Jack arrived at Chancellor and told Kay that he knew what Kay and Jill were planning. Kay feigned ignorance. Jack said he knew that Neil had contacted bankers about raising cash. Kay was surprised when Jack assumed that she was interested in selling Jabot. Kay said that Jabot was not for sale.

Jack surmised that Kay was taking Chancellor Industries public. Kay told Jack to concentrate on running Jabot with Jill or else she would put Jill in charge of the whole company. Murphy interrupted to speak with Kay. Jack said he had to make some calls and he left.

Kay told Murphy that Lily had been hospitalized. Murphy offered to take Kay to see Lily. Kay reminded Murphy that he and Chance were going on a fishing trip. Murphy said he would cancel the trip to be with Kay. Kay kissed him with gratitude.

A short time later, Murphy and Katherine entered the hospital and met Neil and Jill. Neil thanked Kay for being there . Kay explained that they were family.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria and Jeffrey were bemoaning their eviction from the penthouse. Jeffrey reminded Gloria that Michael wasn't optimistic about the two of them receiving assets from the Cayman Island bank that went under. Jeffrey suggested they invest what little money they had in a scheme he had in mind. Gloria was not interested in taking a risk.

Phillip and Nina arrived at Crimson Lights. Phillip noticed that Chance was there. Nina said that she hadn't arranged for Phillip and Chance to run into each other. Phillip thought it was a good opportunity for him to make up with his son after the fight they'd had.

Chance and Chloe were having coffee. Chloe was impressed that Chance was an honest guy. Phillip interrupted and asked to speak with Chance. Nina joined them. Chloe urged Chance to speak with his father. Chance wanted to put off the conversation, but Chloe stood to leave. Chloe told Chance to stop by after he was done. Phillip thanked Chloe.

Nina offered to leave so Chance and Phillip could speak privately, but Chance asked her to stay. Chance said he had surprised himself by when he blew up at Phillip. Chance apologized to his father. The phone rang and Murphy told Chance he had to cancel the fishing trip because Lily was in the hospital.

A little while later, Nina and Phillip met Murphy and Kay at the hospital. Mac looked in on Lily with Emily and Cane, and then told Jill and Neil that Cane was scared for Lily. Jill understood why Neil found it difficult to trust Cane.

Emily excused herself from Lily's room. Lily noticed that Cane was exhausted. Lily assured Cane she would be alive for a long time. Lily wanted to make plans with Cane. She wanted to move forward with their plan to have a baby.

Lily understood that Cane was hesitant because of Lily's cancer. Lily was certain that she was meant to have a baby because of Colleen's visit in Lily's dream. Mac walked in and Lily told Mac that she was talking to Cane about having a baby. Lily was feeling much better. The doctor checked on Lily and confirmed that her fever was gone and the crisis had passed.

At Crimson Lights, Chance paid for some coffee. Gloria thanked him. The next customer pulled a knife on Gloria and demanded the money. Chance reached for the thief. When the robber turned around, Chance was stabbed in the stomach and fell to the ground.

Back at the hospital, Neil, Jill, Kay, and Murphy entered Lily's room. Lily told them all that she was doing better. They were relieved and Neil hugged Lily. Neil then embraced Cane. Jill asked Kay and Murphy to tell the others in the waiting room that Lily was better. Murphy offered to call Chance.

Murphy placed the call and Gloria answered Chance's phone. Murphy was surprised to hear a woman on Chance's line. Gloria told Murphy that Chance had been stabbed.

In the waiting room, Jill broke the news to Nina and Phillip about Chance having been stabbed. They rushed to the emergency room. When they arrived, Chance was being wheeled in on a gurney.

In Lily's room, Mac agreed that Lily would make a great mother. Lily felt she was ready for motherhood. Lily wanted that experience. Cane said they would discuss it another time. Lily believed that her two eggs had survived for a reason.

Mac walked off to the side as Lily told Cane she understood they had to find a surrogate first. Mac offered to be Lily and Cane's surrogate. Cane and Lily assumed that Mac would want to think it over. Mac said she was certain.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Nick watched as Ashley signed documents ensuring a trust fund for Faith. Ashley was grateful that the divorce negotiations with Victor had been handled without lawyers.

Ashley asked about the SEC investigation and the insider trading allegations about the bank in the Caymans. Nick said that Billy's article had stirred up a lot of trouble, and Victor was being investigated. Ashley told Nick she didn't approve of Billy's article. Nick assured Ashley that Victor had not been given insider information. Nick explained that he had advised Victor to withdraw his funds from the bank.

Ashley recommended Nick convene a board meeting to discuss how Newman Enterprises should handle the situation. Nick was against that, and was certain that he would make the right decision for the company. Ashley was stunned that Nick didn't want input from the board of directors.

At the elevator, Ashley ran into Billy. Ashley was shocked that Billy had the nerve to be at Newman Enterprises after what he'd written about Victor in Restless Style. Ashley asked if Billy could back up his story. Billy believed that he had presented the facts and the readers had drawn their own conclusions. Ashley said she regretted lending Billy the money to buy Restless Style.

Billy burst into Nick's office without knocking. Billy wanted Nick to drop the lawsuit he had filed against Billy. Nick believed that Billy had not lived up to his word to uphold the good name of Restless Style. Billy asked if they could work out some arrangement so he could move back into the magazine offices.

Nick was surprised when Victoria walked into his office. Victoria said she was there to tie up some loose ends. Victoria told Billy that his actions had convinced her to move to New York to be with J.T. Victoria believed that Mac would dump Billy eventually.

Nick told Billy that he was pulling all Newman advertising from Restless Style. Billy wasn't surprised, and he warned that Nick would regret the move. Billy left. Nick asked Victoria if she would consider working out of the Newman offices in New York. Victoria said she could not work for Victor if she wanted her marriage to J.T. to survive.

Victoria still wanted to know Nick's plans for the business. Victoria thought Nick had acted in the best interest of Newman Enterprises. Nick said he had consulted with Michael and believed that the best way to handle the situation was to repay the investors in the bank. Victoria wasn't sure Victor would agree with that plan.

Nick said that the company needed Victoria. Victoria said that Victor had put Nick in charge, and Nick didn't need Victoria's help. Nick told Victoria that he would miss her.

At the coffeehouse, Jeffrey comforted Gloria after the stabbing incident. Gloria received a phone call from Michael and learned that Newman Enterprises had made an offer to reimburse the people who had lost their money in the Cayman Islands bank. Jeffrey and Gloria celebrated that they would be getting most of their money back.

Ashley and Jack met at the Athletic Club. Jack told Ashley that Katherine was taking Chancellor Industries public. Jack said he had the information confirmed. Jack asked Ashley to join him at Jabot so they could use the information to become a force with which to be reckoned.

Ashley reminded Jack that she had decided to stay home with Faith. She was not returning to work. Ashley had no interest in staging a takeover with Jack. Jack urged Ashley to buy as much Chancellor Industries stock as she could. Ashley said that her priorities had changed. Jack wanted Jill out of Jabot. Jack also felt that Victor had been responsible for the Abbotts losing control of Jabot.

Jack tried to convince Ashley to work with him again. Ashley disapproved of Jack's scheming ways. Ashley also felt that Jack had turned Billy into a miniature Jack. Ashley said she couldn't trust either Billy or Jack anymore. Jack believed that Ashley would eventually return to Jabot.

Jack noticed Emily at the bar. Jack excused himself from Ashley and approached Emily. Jack asked Emily about her new job. Emily felt very good about her day, and Jack assumed Emily was glad that Jack had recommended her for the position. Emily thanked Jack. He offered to buy Emily a drink. Jack saw that Ashley had left without saying goodbye.

Ashley was in a side room, on the phone, inquiring about the Chancellor IPO. Ashley told her broker to buy as many shares of Chancellor Industry's stock as possible.

After finishing their drinks, Emily thanked Jack and turned to walk away. As she was leaving, Emily tripped and Jack caught her in his arms. Jack surprised Emily with a kiss, then said goodnight.

Back at Jimmy's, Billy was doing magazine business when Chloe appeared. Chloe said she was there to make things right and handed Billy the divorce papers. Sitting at a table, Chloe signed the documents. Billy said it was probably for the best. Chloe appreciated that they had given marriage a try. Billy said that the right guy would turn up for Chloe.

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