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Someone sent Lauren a live rat. Phyllis realized that Patty had poisoned Summer. Phyllis admitted to Nick that she had slept with Jack during their separation. Jack went on a date with Emily. Phillip decided to go back to Australia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 16, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, November 16, 2009

At Jimmy's Bar, a distraught Billy forcefully jerked the jukebox's electrical plug to stifle the din. As Billy recalled past romantic encounters with Mac, he guzzled whiskey from a bottle. Billy remembered Mac's last words to him. Mac had said, "We've been holding onto this idea of what we could have been for six years. It didn't happen. We're not the same people we were when we got married." Rising from his seat to leave the bar, Billy tucked his wrinkled shirttail into his pants, grabbed his jacket and cried, "No, you're wrong, Mac."

At Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Cane and Lily were thrilled when Mac announced that she'd been medically qualified to carry the couple's baby. Lily was concerned when she learned that Mac and Billy had ended their relationship. Dr. Emily Peterson walked in, and her appearance shocked Mac. After Lily introduced her new therapist, Emily, to Mac, Mac agreed to undergo a mental evaluation as part of the surrogate program. Lily was thankful for Mac's determination. Lily told Cane that she hoped they could find some way to compensate Mac.

After Mac and Cane left Lily's room, Billy dropped by for a visit. Lily said that she regretted Mac's decision to end her relationship with Billy. Billy said he was worried that Mac hadn't thoroughly considered her decision to become a surrogate. Lily explained that there were safeguards and offered to stop the process if Billy demanded. Billy said that Mac always put others' needs first. Lily suggested that Billy and Mac work through their differences and reconcile.

In a waiting area of the hospital, Mac and Emily sipped coffee. Emily questioned Mac at length about her views on surrogacy. Mac said that she might feel guilty if the pregnancy failed, and added that she'd previously suffered a miscarriage. After Mac admitted that her ex-boyfriend didn't support her decision, Emily declared that Mac might not be a suitable candidate for surrogacy. Emily explained that Mac might bond too deeply with the baby in order to compensate for her failed relationship with Billy. Mac insisted that she wouldn't, but Emily asked Mac how she would feel if Lily didn't survive. Emily suggested that Mac think over the matter carefully before arranging official counseling sessions.

After Emily left, Cane stopped by and told Mac that he and Lily appreciated what she was doing for them. Mac seemed apprehensive. Across the hall, Billy stopped by to see Lily. Lily told Billy not to resent Mac for agreeing to carry Cane's baby, and she urged him to reunite with Mac and work out their differences. After Billy stepped out of Lily's room, he saw Mac and Cane talking nearby. Billy overheard Mac insist that she had no regrets. Billy turned and walked away. Cane returned to Lily's bedside. Lily was distressed about Billy and Mac. Lily also worried about surviving tough rounds of chemotherapy. Cane encouraged Lily to have faith in her dream.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club restaurant, Jack told Dr. Emily Peterson that he was attracted to her and wished they could enjoy time together without discussing Patty. Emily smiled and said coolly, "I'll consider it." After Emily left, Billy joined Jack and complained that his life was imploding. Jack rebuffed Billy and told him that if he needed help, he'd have to seek it elsewhere. Billy walked away after Jack insisted that he was through cleaning up his brother's messes. Jack seemed to reconsider his decision to dismiss Billy for a moment before Paul arrived.

Jack told Paul that Dr. Peterson had just left after Paul said he was looking for her. Paul told Jack that Patty had become lucid for a short time before slipping back into her fixation with him. Paul added that Patty had threatened Jack and claimed she'd hurt him if he became involved with another woman. Jack maintained that Patty couldn't act on her threats from inside the hospital.

Paul explained that his mother prayed daily for her daughter's sanity. Paul said he worried that Patty might never recover. Jack admitted that he had used and abused Patty in the past, and he promised to pay for Patty's treatment. Jack added that if he could be a part of making Patty whole again, perhaps he could also treat his own scars.

Emily and Paul met later at the coffeehouse. Emily said she believed that Patty could recover given that she temporarily recalled being with Paul at the church. Paul explained that Jack had offered to pay for Patty's care. Paul recalled how Jack had changed for the better since the incident at the lake. After Patty returned to the club restaurant, Jack was pleased when she invited him to join her for a drink.

Phyllis and Nick stopped by the club. Phyllis was livid when she noticed Jack schmoozing with Emily. Phyllis approached the couple and asked Jack why he was with the woman who sought to rehabilitate the freak that nearly killed Summer. Nick quickly escorted Phyllis away. Jack rejoined Emily and happily agreed that his offer of a date with her was still on. Phyllis, standing nearby, glared menacingly at the couple.

At Crimson Lights, Michael dropped Eden off to meet with her study partner, Daisy. After Daisy realized that Michael was Lauren's husband, Daisy announced that Lauren was busy helping Amber select bridal attire for her wedding to Daniel. Michael was confused, so Daisy explained that Amber and Daniel had decided to wed later in the evening on the roof of his building. Ryder rushed into the coffeehouse just as Michael was leaving. Ryder seemed surprised to see Michael and spoke to him, but Michael didn't reply.

Ryder approached Eden, who was busy working on an art project with Daisy. Eden snarled when Ryder asked what he could do to fit in with the Baldwin and Fisher clans. Before Eden could respond, Ryder left abruptly to clean up spilled beverages. Ryder later returned, but Eden claimed that he was untrustworthy, and she refused to discuss her family. Ryder pleaded with Eden to seek him out when she changed her mind.

By the time Nick and Phyllis arrived at the rooftop ceremony, Daniel and Amber had already tied the knot. The newlyweds flashed their wedding bands at Phyllis, and Daniel embraced his mother, who glared crossly at Amber. Michael arrived even later and explained that Daisy had filled him in about the impromptu nuptials. Jana anticipated an ill-fated incident and briskly rubbed her bare arms to ease her goose bumps. Katherine and Murphy stood nearby. Kevin announced that it was time for the newly married couple's first dance. When square-dancing music blared from the stereo speakers, Daniel, taken aback, seemed displeased. Murphy proclaimed that he'd been a square-dance caller, so guests joined hands and followed Murphy's step-by-step commands.

Katherine danced vivaciously, and she stopped to rest briefly near the gift table. Katherine rested her hand on top of a large box wrapped in gold paper. A card affixed to a bow read, "To Lauren." Kevin silenced the revelry, so guests could offer toasts. Murphy began by reminding the couple that they'd be set for life if they laughed at the small things and clung together during the big things. Guests raised their glasses and toasted Murphy's sentiments. Nick offered a toast and told the couple to keep their hearts open to love always. After the toasts, couples danced and mingled. Amber and Daniel ventured near the table holding the gift box addressed to Lauren before rushing downstairs to fetch more champagne.

Kevin danced with Katherine and recalled how different everyone's lives were a year before . Katherine remembered that Kevin had once worked for Jabot, and she offered him a job at Chancellor. Kevin, thrilled at the prospect, hugged Katherine and promised not to let her down. Jana interrupted and asked Kevin to gather the gifts, so Amber and Daniel could open them when they returned. Kevin began shuffling wedding gifts to a central table. As Jana arranged the gift boxes, she discovered the one addressed to Lauren. Lauren was surprised that someone had left a gift for her. When Lauren lifted the box lid, she shrieked when a live rat leaped out. Nick dumped the rodent in the alley and announced that a neighbor had reported finding the box with instructions to send it up to the roof before the wedding.

Katherine asked everyone not to tell Amber and Daniel about the rat. Jana said she still felt a sense of foreboding, but she hadn't thought something awful would happen to Lauren . After Amber and Daniel returned with champagne, guests made excuses to leave, so the couple could begin their honeymoon. Amber tried to persuade her friends to stay, and she noted that nothing bad had occurred. As Jana departed, she seemed distressed. Amber noticed Jana's unease.

After all guests departed, Daniel announced that he was pleased to be alone with Amber, and they swigged champagne straight from the bottle. Amber and Daniel retreated to their loft. Amber donned an animal-print teddy and declared, "So much for Jana thinking that something bad would happen." Daniel pulled Amber onto their bed and said, "No more talking."

After leaving the wedding reception, Phyllis lamented being Amber's mother-in-law. Nick kissed his wife and suggested they have a nightcap and book a hotel room because he had arranged for the sitter to stay as long as needed. Phyllis kissed Nick and thanked him for averting her attention from her son's marriage to Amber.

Michael, Lauren, Jana, and Kevin stopped at the coffeehouse. Eden and Daisy asked about the wedding. Lauren reported that Amber loved her dress. Lauren added that someone had sent her a gift that scared the hell out of her. Michael wondered who'd known that the wedding would be held at the garret. Jana recalled that Ryder knew. Kevin, always defensive about Ryder, shook his head in exasperation.

Chloe secretly took Chance home to the Chancellor mansion after his release from the hospital. Chance said he didn't want anyone fussing over him. After Chance settled in his bedroom, Chloe suggested they play cards. Chance proposed that they play for information. Chloe won the first hand and challenged Chance to describe his most embarrassing moment. Chance claimed that losing the first round of Slap Jack was his most awkward experience. Chloe lost the second round, and Chance instructed her to describe her best date. Chloe insisted that she was having her best date at that moment, with Chance.

Chloe kissed Chance and said she knew that he was not accustomed to having a woman in his bed. Chloe snuggled close to Chance, and he put his arm around her. Chloe assured Chance that she was over Billy. Chloe was nearly atop Chance kissing him when Billy walked in looking for Delia. Billy joked that Chance was a superhero for getting Chloe into his bed so quickly after leaving the hospital. Chance kicked Billy out of his room. In the hallway, Billy turned to face a sobbing Mac just after she confided to Katherine that she and Billy had broken up. Billy tarried, but his presence distressed Mac, so Katherine asked him to leave.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lauren and Michael met with Nick and Phyllis at the coffeehouse. Nick had checks written out for Gloria and Jeffrey Bardwell. Michael and Lauren were pleased with the way Nick was handling things. Nick said it wasn't worth a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Gloria told Kevin she was finished working at the coffeehouse the second Nick wrote her a check. Kevin said she had better give him fair warning. Michael and Nick walked over to Gloria and Jeff and presented them with their checks. Gloria appeared grateful, but when Nick left, she told Michael that she had hoped for more. Jill arrived at the coffeehouse and appeared nonchalant about her check. Gloria and Jeffrey assumed she was up to something.

Michael was upset to hear that Gloria and Jeffrey were disappointed with their payoff. Kevin decided to rehire Ryder to replace Gloria.

Lauren and Phyllis talked about Ryder. When Ryder walked up to their table and asked if they wantedthem for coffee, Phyllis made a comment about not trusting people. Ryder said that it was a dangerous world. Then he asked about Amber's wedding. Lauren and Phyllis were suddenly suspicious about the connection.

Lauren went to Michael and Kevin and asked if Ryder knew something about the wedding. When they decided to confront Ryder, Michael started to get angry. He grabbed Ryder and told him to admit that he was the one who hurt Lauren. Kevin screamed at Michael, and Lauren was able to calm Michael down. Michael said that he was sure Ryder was a bad seed.

Sharon told Adam that she didn't care if anyone saw them together. She asked him if he wanted to get together after her workout. When Adam asked if he should go to her house, Sharon suggested that they meet at the Athletic Club. Ashley saw Sharon and Adam and said hello. Sharon asked Ashley where the baby was. Ashley said that her baby was doing fine. Sharon apologized for not calling Ashley's baby by name. Ashley invited Sharon to stop by to see the baby. Adam told Sharon that she shouldn't miss her workout. Sharon decided to make plans to see the baby another time.

Sharon ran into Jack on her way to work out. Jack said that he had a potential job opportunity for her. Sharon wondered if he wanted to meet later, but Jack already had plans.

Adam went to work and asked Nick what he needed Adam to do. Adam was upset that Nick continued to give him busy work. Nick said it would take Adam a long time to gain Nick's trust again.

Paul caught up with Heather over coffee. Paul asked Heather about her love life and she said that she didn't have much luck with love. Paul apologized for having to tell her about Adam. When Paul hinted that he was dating someone, Heather was excited. She said she was living vicariously through him. Heather guessed that Paul's date was Nina, but Paul remained mum.

Heather ran into Adam at the Athletic Club. When she saw his broken arm, she asked what had happened. She told him that he had others fooled, but she knew who he was. She didn't trust anything about him. Sharon saw Adam and waved at him. Adam was uncomfortable about Heather seeing Sharon and him together. Adam joked that he wasn't himself; he was "James Bond." Sharon laughed.

Katherine thought about Jill's confession that she was seeing Paul. When Jill went downstairs, Katherine asked her if anyone else was in their home. Jill said that Paul had not spent the night. Jill tried to change the subject and asked about Billy and Mac, but Katherine didn't want to hear it. Katherine said she had issues with Paul and Jill dating.

Jill arrived at Paul's house, and Paul said that Heather was there. Paul told Heather that he and Jill were meeting on business. When Heather left, Paul wondered why Jill had told Katherine that they were dating. Jill said she didn't want Katherine to suspect anything. Jill said that if Katherine believed they were together, he would have access to Katherine's home. Paul said that he felt Katherine would be suspicious. Jill was upset that Paul wouldn't have any interest in her. Paul didn't say anything, but agreed to go with the plan.

When Jill and Paul showed up at the Athletic Club, Heather was shocked to see them holding hands.

Jack told Neil that he wanted in on the ground floor of any stock deals. Neil asked that they discuss their business in private. Neil told Jack that Katherine didn't want Jack involved in the company. Jack begged Neil, but Neil said Jack would have to live with it. Jack said that wasn't going to happen.

Neil met with Katherine to tell her that Jack was desperately trying to get an in on the company. Neil said that he had everything taken care of. Katherine asked if Neil had heard from Jill. Jill was supposed to meet them, but wasn't there.

Ashley went to see Katherine and Neil about working for them. They were skeptical because of her connection to Jack. Ashley said that she wanted nothing to do with Jack. Ashley said that if Katherine let her invest in Chancellor Industries, she would do it all by herself. Katherine said she respected a woman wanting to do things on her own. Katherine said she would be in touch.

Neil and Katherine met and were excited that they were the talk of town. Katherine said that the only thing that was worse than being talked about was not being talked about.

Jack went to Nick and offered to give him money to get stock at Chancellor Industries. Nick said that given their history, he would need to ask a lot of questions. Jack admitted that he'd hoped to get his family back. Nick decided to consider Jack's offer.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

At Crimson Lights, Billy spoke to a journalist about the "feel good" piece that he wanted her to write for Restless Style. Billy spotted Mac on the patio and rushed over to speak with her. He tried to impress Mac by telling her that the next issue's cover story would be titled Top Ten Philanthropists Under 30 Who Rocked Our World. Mac told Billy that he didn't have to impress her, because they had broken up. She told Billy not to hope for a reconciliation -- adding that she was at the coffeehouse for her final interview with Emily, who would decide whether or not Mac would serve as a surrogate mother for the Ashbys' child. Mac told Billy that she was hoping to begin hormone therapy that day, and that she would give Cane and Lily the baby they deserved.

Billy told Mac that he just wanted to have a rational conversation. Mac said that Billy had tried to control her, and that was unacceptable. Billy whined that not only was he losing his girlfriend, but that Mac was his best friend, also. He said that it was possible that Mac might not be a good candidate for surrogacy, in which case they would have broken up for nothing. Billy begged Mac for a chance to change. Mac considered it for a brief moment, but when Emily showed up, she said goodbye to Billy.

Emily told Mac that, as a psychiatrist, she had strong reservations about Mac going ahead with the surrogacy. Mac said that she would have broken up with Billy even if her desire to be a surrogate hadn't been an issue. Emily questioned Mac about whether she had thought about carrying a baby for nine months and then turning it over to the Ashbys. Mac said that she understood that the baby wouldn't be hers. Mac asked Emily if Emily was going to recommend that Mac be a surrogate. Not answering the question, Emily said that she was going to put her notes in order and e-mail the hospital with her decision.

At the Ashbys', Lily was getting ready for her next session of chemotherapy. When Lily showered Humphrey with kisses, Cane joked that he was jealous of all the attention that Humphrey was getting. Lily smiled and said that Humphrey might not be an only child for long.

Lily told Cane that Mac's psych evaluation was winding up that day, and that Mac could be pregnant in two weeks -- and then deliver the Ashbys' baby nine months from then. Cane seemed concerned that Lily was putting the cart before the horse. When Lily asked Cane if he would rather have a boy or a girl, he said that he just wanted both her and their child to be healthy.

Phillip showed up at the Ashbys', and Lily left the living room to pack for her chemo session. Phillip told Cane that there were some problems in Australia -- Phillip's pub had been vandalized by a band of cattle rustlers, in retribution for Cane having caught some of the rustlers. Phillip said that if the rustlers found out where Phillip was, they might correctly assume that Cane was in the same place.

Phillip told Cane that Phillip was returning to Australia to defuse the situation. Cane insisted that they return together, but Phillip reminded Cane that Lily needed him. Phillip asked Cane not to tell anyone about the situation in Australia, because it might ruin the progress that Cane had made in regaining Jill and Katherine's trust if the women knew that Phillip was returning to Australia to protect Cane. Phillip left. Lily returned, and told Cane that she was going to research car seats on the Internet. Cane sighed with concern as Lily walked away.

In Chance's bedroom in the Chancellor mansion, Chance and Chloe were cuddling. Chance asked Chloe to scratch an itch that he couldn't reach. As Chloe began scratching Chance's leg under the sheets, Nina entered with a tray of food. Nina was less than pleased when she saw what was going on.

As Nina set the tray in front of Chance, Chloe hoped that sh e and Chance hadn't made Nina feel uncomfortable. She assured Nina that Chloe and Chance weren't doing anything "untoward." Nina chided Chloe, telling her that Chance needed his rest. Chloe said that she was there to help, and then joked that she would be giving Chance a sponge bath later. Nina was not amused, and left the room. After Nina was gone, Chloe admitted that perhaps the sponge bath remark was a bit over the top.

Later, Chloe packed a bag for Chance. Chance reminded Chloe that he was just going downstairs to the living room. Chloe said that she just wanted to make sure that he had everything that he and Delia might need. When Chance asked her where she was going, Chloe replied that she was headed to Crimson Lights to buy some fruit tarts for him. Chloe quickly remembered that Chance had been stabbed at Crimson Lights, and she apologized for mentioning the coffeehouse. Chance said that he'd hate for anything to happen to Chloe, but she assured him that she would return in one piece.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe ran into Billy. She accused Billy of stalking her. Billy said that he wasn't stalking her -- he was trying to find Mac. Chloe wondered why Billy had freaked out when he walked into Chance's bedroom and found Chloe in bed with Chance. She said that Billy's jealousy was not attractive. Billy told Chloe that he didn't need or want her. Chloe said that she knew that, but it was time that Billy knew it, too.

Chloe told Billy that he didn't think with his head or his heart -- he thought with his large ego. She said that if she thought that Billy really cared about her, she wouldn't have signed the divorce papers. Chloe informed Billy that she had finally grasped the concept of being with someone who wanted to be with her. Before she left, Chloe said that with her moving on, and Mac dumping him, Billy must be freaking out.

At the Athletic Club, Katherine was impressed with the work that Jack had done on a Jabot project. Jack said that he was happy that Katherine still had faith in him. Before she left, Katherine laughed and said that she still wasn't going to offer him the chance to buy stock in Chancellor Industries. Jack seemed nonchalant, but, after Katherine left, he broke out in a huge smile.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine spoke with Neil on the phone, telling him that the more subdued Jack acted, the more she didn't trust him. Before she hung up, she warned Neil to stay alert. Nina complained to Katherine about Chloe, the "she-wolf." When Nina said that Chloe enjoyed torturing Nina, Katherine reminded Nina that Nina had treated Jill the same way many years earlier. Nina said that she tired of the comparison between her and Jill. Nina reminded Katherine that Jill had sent Phillip off to boarding school, while Nina had actually raised Chance. Katherine told Nina that Chance was a grown man, and that he had to make his own choices. Katherine said, "Stop fretting -- start enjoying."

Billy stopped by the Chancellor mansion to speak with Katherine. Katherine was shocked to learn that Mac planned to be the surrogate mother for Lily and Cane's baby. Katherine told Billy that Mac was capable of great sacrifice. Billy opined that it would be a mistake for Mac to be a surrogate. Katherine disagreed, and felt that it was an altruistic gesture on Mac's part. Disappointed that Katherine didn't agree with him, Billy left.

Phillip visited the Chancellor mansion to tell Nina that he had to leave for Australia -- that night. Nina became upset and asked Phillip how he could leave Chance once again. Nina reminded Phillip that he had promised to stick around, but Phillip said that there was important business that he needed to take care of in Australia. Nina said that she had learned a long time before to live without Phillip, but said, "Damn you for coming back so Chance could lose his father again."

Later, Katherine spotted Nina angrily fluffing Chance's pillows. Nina told Katherine that Phillip was running out on Chance again. In the living room, Chance was reading Huckleberry Finn to Delia. Phillip watched from the doorway. When Chance spotted his father, he thanked him for buying the book, and joked that Delia couldn't wait to hear how it ended.

Mac returned to the Chancellor mansion, and Katherine sat her down for a talk, while Nina eavesdropping. Katherine said that she had learned about Mac's plan to carry Lily and Cane's baby, and said that it was a true act of kindness. Katherine told Mac that Katherine, long before Brock had been born, had carried a child that she had given up for adoption, but that hadn't stopped Katherine from falling in love with the child. Katherine said that she still felt a sense of loss. Mac reminded Katherine that Mac's situation was different from Katherine's, as the baby that Mac would be carrying wouldn't be Mac's.

Mac wondered if Katherine was trying to talk her out of being a surrogate. Katherine warned Mac to consider the impact of her decision, if she decided to go through with it. Mac received a text message that her psych evaluation was finished, and she left.

Mac went to the chemo room at the hospital to find Cane and Lily. Harry asked the Ashbys who "this pretty lady" was. Mac said that she was there to help with a special project. Mac showed Lily and Cane paperwork -- Mac had been approved to be a surrogate. Lily, Mac, and Cane exchanged hugs and congratulated each other.

Jack visited Nick at Newman Enterprises. He showed Nick some financial information about Chancellor Industries. Jack reminded Nick that even if the Chancellor stock tanked, Newman wouldn't be out a dime, since it was Jack's money at stake -- Newman would just be purchasing Chancellor stock as a front for Jack. Nick wondered what the catch was. Jack said there wasn't a catch -- he just wanted the Abbott family to have a stronger influence at Jabot.

Nick asked if Jack thought that buying Chancellor stock would reunite the Abbott family. He reminded Jack of how much money Jack would have to put up. Nick wondered if, with the losses that Jack had just suffered, Jack was ready to possibly take a huge financial hit. Jack didn't answer the question, but he said it wasn't just his estrangement from Billy and Ashley that bothered him -- Jack felt estranged from Nick and Phyllis, whom Jack had regarded as family. Jack hoped to rebuild his friendship with Nick and Phyllis. Jack again asked Nick to seriously consider buying Chancellor stock, which Jack would actually control. Jack said that he knew that Nick would make a decision with integrity.

Later, Phyllis answered Nick's office phone. It was Patty's nurse calling. The nurse told Phyllis that Patty wanted to see Nick. Phyllis said that would never happen, and then hung up the phone. When Nick entered his office, he asked Phyllis what the call was about. Phyllis said that she would handle it.

Phyllis went to see Patty at the psychiatric hospital. She asked Patty why Patty had called Nick. Patty said that she had the nurse call Diane's husband. Phyllis accused Patty of putting on an act, as Patty wouldn't even know Nick if Patty was living in the past. Patty became upset and told Phyllis that she saw Phyllis and Jack having sex.

Phyllis told Patty that the time travel games weren't working -- she said that Patty knew that Phyllis wasn't Diane. Phyllis announced that her name was Phyllis. Patty said that she didn't know anyone named Phyllis, adding that Diane had tried to take Jack, and Diane had to be punished -- and that was why Patty had no choice about the baby.

Phyllis said that Patty didn't even know Kyle, Diane and Jack's son, as Diane had left Genoa City before Patty had returned. Patty became agitated and said that she was sick of being told what she knew and what she didn't know. Patty said that she was there when Diane seduced Jack, and, that for Phyllis' information, the child was a girl, not a boy.

Patty said that the girl had gotten very sick when Patty had kissed the child. Phyllis remembered having sex with Jack, as well as Jack telling her that Patty, using her Mary Jane alter ego, had told Jack that she had to kiss Summer.

Phyllis screamed, "You did this because you saw me with Jack?" Patty said that she didn't have a choice, as Phyllis had taken Jack away from Patty. Phyllis slammed Patty against the wall, and, when Patty screamed for help, Phyllis left the room. Phyllis stood outside the room whispering to herself, "Because of me... because of me."

At Crimson Lights, Emily hung up her phone, saying, "I don't need this." Nick approached the doctor, who told Nick that Phyllis had gone to visit Patty again. Nick told Emily that he had learned that Patty had called his office, and he asked Emily to warn Patty to stay away from the Newmans. Emily said that she understood -- but she wondered how the agitation from Phyllis' visit would affect Patty.

Jack joined Emily at the Athletic Club for their date. Emily told Jack that Phyllis had visited Patty. Jack blamed himself for Patty's condition, saying that Patty had been young and innocent, but he had betrayed her.

In Nick's office, Summer sat on her father's lap. Phyllis watched surreptitiously as Nick helped Summer write, "We Love You Mommy." Phyllis, seemingly blaming herself for Summer's condition, looked despondent. Nick turned and saw his upset wife.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

At Daniel and Amber's apartment, the newlyweds were thrilled that Katherine had given them certificates for airline flights, hotels, and food as a wedding gift. Their luggage packed, the Romalottis decided to go to the airport and then pick a romantic destination. As they opened the door to leave, Michael was standing outside the apartment and told Daniel that the honeymoon would have to wait -- Daniel was again a prime suspect in the Ray Elkins murder investigation.

Amber became angry when she learned that Ryder's alibi had been corroborated by a photograph. She wondered about all the evidence that indicated Daniel had been set up. Michael explained that he could prove that Daniel was set up to take the fall in the Terroni scheme, but that wouldn't be enough to clear Daniel of the murder charge. Michael told the couple that he would be in touch, then he left. A despondent Daniel followed Michael out, telling Amber that he needed some air.

When Daniel returned, he found that Amber had decorated three areas of the apartment in different vacation destination themes -- a tropical beach theme, a mountain cabin theme, and a Parisian theme. Daniel told Amber that she was nuts, but quickly added that was why he had married her. He apologized for having left the apartment earlier, and told Amber that he wouldn't be able to get through the situation without her.

Amber told Daniel that she was worried that he was going to be indicted for Elkins' murder. Daniel said that he didn't want to worry about that -- he wanted to get the honeymoon started. The couple went to the Parisian-themed area of the apartment, poured some wine, and kissed.

Later, in the mountain cabin-themed area of the apartment, Daniel and Amber made love. The couple decided that they had to make every second count, since Daniel might end up in prison. Daniel suggested that they drive off to someplace fun -- in-state -- for a few days. Amber loved the idea and told Daniel that she would race him to the car.

After Lily's chemotherapy session, the Ashbys and Mac returned to the Ashbys' house, where they found Jill, who was there with some healthy take-out food. When Lily and Mac went to the bedroom, Cane told a thrilled Jill that he and Lily were trying to have a baby using a surrogate mother. Jill said that it would be wonderful to have another baby in the family. Cane reminded Jill that technically, he wasn't part of her family. Jill told Cane that he was as much her son as if she had given birth to him. When Cane told Jill that Phillip was returning to Australia that night, Jill quickly left.

After Cane, Lily, and Mac finished their dinner, Mac phoned Jimmy's to make sure that everything was okay there. While Mac was on the phone, Cane told Lily that he had informed Jill that Phillip was returning to Australia. Lily told Cane to go and check on Jill, since Lily wanted to speak with Mac privately.

After Cane left and Mac finished her phone call, Lily told Mac that she didn't know how to thank Mac for agreeing to be a surrogate. Mac told Lily that Mac was having Michael draw up all the standard contracts. Lily said that she didn't want to discuss the legal aspects of the surrogacy -- Lily wanted to discuss what would happen to her baby if Lily didn't survive the cancer.

Lily said that she needed to know that if she died, her baby would be okay. Mac reminded Lily that Cane was great with Delia, but Lily said that a baby needed a woman's touch. Lily rejected Mac's suggestions of Olivia, Jill, or Katherine as the female figure in the baby's life. When Lily suggested that Mac help raise the child, Mac became extremely uncomfortable. She said that she had signed up for nine months -- not for a lifetime commitment.

Clearly wanting to end the conversation, Mac asked Lily if they could discuss the situation later. Lily wondered whether Mac was having second thoughts about the surrogacy. Without addressing Lily's concerns, Mac said that it had been a long day and that she would talk to Lily the following day. Mac quickly left the house, leaving a worried Lily behind.

At Crimson Lights, Michael and Lauren discussed who might have sent the rat to Lauren. Lauren told Michael that when she thought that Ryder had been hitting on Abby, Lauren called Ryder a "rat." Lauren thought there was no way that was a coincidence.

Kevin approached the Fenmores and said that Michael had probably scared Ryder half to death. Kevin admitted that Ryder had screwed up in the past, but that Ryder wasn't responsible for sending Lauren the rat. When Lauren said that Kevin was in denial, Kevin replied that he wasn't in denial -- he was just giving Ryder the benefit of the doubt, because that was what family did.

Michael said that he was at Crimson Lights to cut Ryder loose. Since Michael was representing Daniel, he could no longer represent Ryder. When Kevin asked Michael who was going to defend Ryder against the charge of making a false confession, Michael suggested that Kevin look for a lawyer in the phonebook. Kevin accused Michael of deserting Ryder, and said that Ryder wasn't the one causing problems -- it was Michael and Lauren who were.

Lauren approached Ryder and asked him what his problem with her was. Ryder said that he couldn't have sent Lauren the rat, as he hated rats -- their beady little eyes freaked him out. Lauren didn't find Ryder's remark amusing. Ryder began to tell Lauren that he liked the Baldwins when Michael rushed over and asked Lauren if Ryder was bothering her. Lauren said that she could handle Ryder -- that she had gone up against adversaries that made Ryder look like a kitten. Michael told Ryder that he had no idea who Ryder was up against. Kevin rushed over to defend Ryder, and to throw the Baldwins out of Crimson Lights.

Lauren was upset that Kevin was turning his back on her and Michael for "some guy" who was responsible for "shady things." Kevin said that someone had to cut Ryder a break, and again demanded that Michael and Lauren leave the coffeehouse. Michael escorted Lauren out. When Ryder saw that the Baldwins were gone, he called someone and said, "Yeah, Lauren got your present. They think I was the one who sent it. You really jumped the gun."

Billy and Chloe were still bickering at Crimson Lights when Chloe received a text message from Phillip asking her to go to the Chancellor mansion, where something big was happening. Chloe rushed out, followed by Billy.

In Chance's bedroom at the Chancellor mansion, Nina told Katherine that Phillip was leaving for Australia that night. Nina said that Phillip would wish he were dead when she was through with him. Nina told Katherine that Phillip was with Chance in the living room -- unless Phillip had "wimped out" and left through the back door.

Downstairs in the living room, Chance noticed that Phillip seemed out of it. Phillip said that he had to return to Australia. When Chance asked his father how long he would be gone, Phillip said that he would be in Australia indefinitely. Phillip said that the situation was too complicated to explain -- and that after the pain that he had caused Chance, no explanation would ever be adequate. Katherine, along with Nina, entered the living room and said, "Then why do it?"

Chloe and Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion. When Phillip told Katherine that he had unfinished business in Australia, Katherine told Phillip that his family was his unfinished business. Phillip asked the group to trust him. Nina reminded Phillip that he had trusted her enough to tell them that he was gay, so she wondered why he couldn't tell them the reason that he was returning to Australia.

Jill arrived at the mansion and was shocked to see that what Cane had told her earlier was true -- Phillip was leaving. Jill wondered why Phillip was leaving, and asked him if she had done something to drive him away. Phillip assured his mother that she hadn't. Jill accused Phillip of acting selfishly by leaving.

Cane showed up and told the group that Phillip wasn't selfish -- and that Phillip was returning to Australia to save Cane's life. Cane told everyone that Cane had busted a band of Australian cattle rustlers, and that one of the rustlers had been stabbed in prison. The rest of the rustlers blamed Cane for the stabbing, and they were out for revenge. Cane said that Phillip was returning to Australia to try to defuse the situation and protect Cane.

A shocked Nina asked Phillip if he wanted to be a hero. Chance and Chloe took Delia up to bed. Billy began an angry tirade about what a jerk Cane was. Billy wondered how many more lives Cane was going to ruin. Billy suggested that Cane return to Australia and take care of his own "dirty work." Katherine told Billy to stop haranguing Cane. Cane walked away, and Jill told Billy to go somewhere and cool off.

After Billy and Cane left the living room, Phillip said that he owed it to Cane to take care of the problem in Australia. Nina was upset that Phillip thought that Cane was more important than being a father to Chance. Katherine said that she understood what Phillip was doing -- he was trying to protect his loved ones. Jill hugged Phillip and said how proud she was of him. Phillip said that he was sorry that he didn't tell Jill, Katherine, and Nina how miserable he had been 20 years earlier.

In Chance's bedroom, Chloe wondered whether he was furious that his father was leaving. She also opined that Cane used people, and that she hated seeing Phillip risk his life for Cane. Chance said that what Phillip was doing was noble. Chance told Chloe that he liked having Phillip around, and that he wasn't sure if Phillip would ever return.

Downstairs, Phillip told Katherine, Jill, and Nina that if he had been honest years earlier, then he wouldn't have lost all those years with Chance. Unbeknownst to the group, Chance overheard his father's remark.

In the garden, Cane and Billy ran into each other. Billy said that Cane would have left Genoa City if Mac hadn't convinced Cane to stay. Cane insisted that he stayed because of Lily. Billy said that Cane had convinced Mac that she was the only way that Cane and Lily could have a baby. Billy also mentioned that Billy's real brother, Phillip, was returning to Australia to clean up Cane's mess. Billy dared Cane to hit him.

Cane warned Billy not to portray Cane as a "Machiavellian madman." Cane reminded Billy that Cane hadn't asked Phillip to take his place, nor had Cane asked Mac to be a surrogate. Cane said that Billy was all alone not because of Cane -- but because of Billy. As Cane stormed off, Chloe silently joined the despondent Billy.

Cane went inside and told the group that he had to get back to Lily. Cane asked Phillip if Phillip was sure that he wanted to return to Australia. Phillip said that he was sure, and urged Cane to tend to Lily. Before Cane left, he gave Phillip a bear hug. After Cane was gone, Phillip told Jill, Katherine, and Nina that Cane was like a brother to him.

Cane returned home and sensed that something was bothering Lily. Cane wondered where Mac was. Lily said that Mac had to go. When Cane asked Lily why she looked so sad, Lily lied and said that she was just tired.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Phillip tried to reassure Jill, Katherine, and Nina that he would be back. Chance entered and told Phillip that he had thought the worst of his father when Chance had returned from Iraq. Chance said that after hearing Cane's story, he felt that Phillip was doing the right thing by returning to Australia. For the first time, Chance referred to Phillip as "Dad." Phillip hugged Chance and told his son that he loved him.

As Phillip said his goodbyes, Jill made him promise to call frequently. Katherine told Phillip what a good man he was. At the front door, Phillip told Nina how much he loved her. Before she went inside, Nina said that she had waited 25 years to hear those words from Phillip. Phillip took a picture of himself and Chance together, and told Chance that he would hang it in the Australian pub.

Outside, Chloe told Billy that she had seen his fight with Cane. Chloe said that she agreed with Billy -- she thought it was Cane's fault that Phillip was leaving and making everyone upset. Chloe asked Billy if he wanted to go inside to check on Delia. Billy said that he would be in shortly. After Chloe was gone, Billy reminisced about himself and Mac during better times. He stood up to go inside, then realized that Mac had been watching him. Billy and Mac stared at each other.

Friday, November 20, 2009

At the Chancellor Estate, Chance told Chloe that fussing over him was his mother's job. Chloe asked what her own role was, and Chance replied that they were still negotiating it. He said he'd return to work soon, but Chloe wished he'd take the much safer job that Katherine had offered him. Chance said his job was a part of him, and Chloe wouldn't change that. "I love-like you just the way you are," she said. He stated that he "l-l-l-liked" her, too.

On the terrace, Billy stammered to Mac that he'd followed Chloe home because he'd thought that something had happened to Delia; however, it had turned out that Phillip had called his family together to announce his departure for Australia. Mac broached her visit with Lily and Cane, but Billy didn't want to hear about the baby-making process.

Chloe and Chance appeared, surprised that Mac and Billy were having a baby. Billy explained that Mac would be Cane and Lily's surrogate. Figuring that the decision had caused dissension between the couple, Chloe assured Mac that in a few months, Billy would return to worshiping the ground that she waddled on. Chance took Chloe back into the house. Billy wanted to talk more to Mac inside, but she declined. He bid her a good night, and left.

Mac entered the house just as Chance and Chloe sat down for hot chocolate. Chloe said that Mac was doing the right thing, and Cane would be a good father. Chance stated that he understood Billy's viewpoint. Chloe offered to "hook Mac up" with the best maternity clothes. Mac rolled her eyes, and went upstairs.

Chance said that Chloe had been over the top. He wondered how she felt about Billy being single again. Chloe claimed she didn't care, but Chance said that, from where he sat, it looked like she cared an awful lot.

At Crimson Lights, Jack asked Emily to call when she was ready for their surprise date. After she left, Jack called Nick, who said the IPO deal looked good. Nick still had to review the particulars, but he thought they might have a deal.

Jack went to the ranch to give Ashley the good news. After Jack and Adam exchanged barbs, Jack told Ashley that he'd found a way to buy Chancellor stock without Katherine's knowledge. Ashley replied that she'd invest separately from Jack, because he tended to dominate everything. Jack tried to guilt her with their father's dreams for their family, but Ashley said that their father's true legacy had been his children. Jack figured that Ashley would side with him when it mattered. Ashley warned him not to count on it. She said that she'd accepted him for who he was, and it was time that he did the same for her. Jack left.

Sharon called Adam to say that they'd go to Indigo. Adam quibbled about it, but Sharon said it was time Adam left hiding. She stated she'd pick him up soon. Adam asked for Ashley's opinion about his wardrobe for "dinner with a friend," and she teased him about his date.

Ashley said she was still working on her project, but she couldn't give him the details yet. Adam asked why she was being secretive, and Ashley noted that she wasn't the only one. She wondered who Adam's date was, and he blushed, saying he didn't want to jinx it. Ashley replied that he deserved someone special.

Later, Ashley met Billy at Crimson Lights to talk about his breakup with Mac. Ashley felt that Billy should regard the baby as Cane and Lily's, not Cane and Mac's; however, she also thought that incompatibility was a big problem. Billy cited that he'd loved Mac for years, but Ashley said that love hadn't been enough for Victor and her. Ashley suggested that Billy open himself up to the possibilities of a life without Mac. Billy replied that he'd already lived without her, and he didn't want to lose her again.

Back at the ranch, Ashley's nanny left in a panic, saying that her father had just suffered a heart attack. Adam clinched the baby monitor, worrying about Sharon and Faith. When Sharon arrived, Adam explained that he had to watch Faith. Adam thought that Sharon had looked forward to a night out. Sharon replied that she'd looked forward to spending time with him.

Sharon decided that they could stay in, and offered to check on the baby. Adam said that Faith was down for the night. Adam went to the kitchen, and Sharon heard the baby crying on the monitor. Adam returned, and through his narrow vision, he saw Sharon holding Faith.

Nick entered his house to find Phyllis distraught about their sofa. She demanded they get a new one. Nick saw a tarp shrouding their couch, and asked why. Phyllis blamed herself for what Patty had done to Summer, saying that Patty had spied on Jack and Phyllis through the window. Nick thought Patty had seen them talking, but Phyllis admitted that they'd had sex.

Phyllis told a devastated Nick that it had happened after Nick and Sharon had already left Phyllis and Jack to be together. Nick assumed that Phyllis had been afraid to tell him about it, but she said that it had been none of his business, because he'd left her. Phyllis sobbed, wondering how she'd live with the fact that she had caused that to happen to her child.

Nick reasoned that Phyllis wouldn't have turned to Jack if Nick had been there. Nick said that he was really the one to blame, because he'd abandoned his family. "Yeah, kind of," Phyllis acquiesced, mirthlessly smiling. Nick reasoned that it could have been worse if a raving Patty had broken into the house on the night in question. Phyllis agreed that it could have been.

Phyllis started blaming Emily for not healing Patty, but Nick noted that Phyllis was misdirecting her rage. Phyllis wondered what she'd do with it, because she couldn't let Summer see it. Phyllis sobbed, saying that Summer had proudly presented her with incomprehensible scribbling, and Phyllis couldn't let Summer know what she was thinking.

Nick said that everyone was partly to blame, but no one had done more than Phyllis to make it right. Nick considered Phyllis to be the best mother for Summer. He asked her to focus on the fact that they were together and safe. The couple hugged, and went upstairs to make love.

As Phyllis slept, Nick went downstairs to call Jack. Nick left a message saying that the deal wasn't going to happen. He grabbed a beer, and stared out the window.

At the mental facility, Paul and Patty shared memories from Patty's high school yearbook. Emily arrived, and Patty showed them paper doll cutouts she'd made of Paul and Kitty. Patty waved her safety scissors around, citing that the facility had to use those, because there were many dangerous people living there. Emily wondered if Patty considered herself dangerous. Patty said that she'd never hurt anyone. "Not Jack, either?" Emily questioned. Patty chuckled, saying especially not Jack.

Paul and Emily met in the corridor, and Emily said it was good that Patty could recognize that hurting someone was unacceptable. Paul stated that Patty hadn't mentioned Jack in a while, and she hadn't made any threats. Emily thought they were making progress in helping Patty build a life that didn't center around Jack. The pair said goodbye to Patty, and left.

Patty pulled out a hidden drawing of Jack and her. She told Jack not to worry, because she wouldn't let them take him away from her. Patty glanced at the picture, and decided that she needed to add a bouquet to it. Later, Patty held up Jack's cutout, and said that he hadn't been a good boy the last time they'd been married. With her safety scissors, she gouged the eyes out of the paper doll, and said she would make it so that he couldn't hurt anyone again.

Later, Jack met Emily in the foyer at the Athletic club, and presented her with a bouquet of flowers. Emily said that she needed a vase for water, and Jack assured her that their destination had what she needed. Jack took her to the Abbott home, where he introduced himself as the waiter, chef, dishwasher, and more. He showed her to the best table in the house, and she thanked him for taking her somewhere that people wouldn't gawk at her, thinking that she was Patty. Jack said he'd be the only person staring at her that night.

After dinner, Emily felt embarrassed for giving him a hard time when they'd met. Jack considered it refreshing that Emily knew about his baggage beforehand. She was impressed that he'd changed his life while living in his old home, because it was hard to break patterns while residing in the same environment. Jack confided his disappointment that his siblings hadn't returned to the family fold. He felt that his father's dreams for the family had gone up in smoke. Emily said that letting go of old dreams would make room for new ones.

After their date, Jack dropped Emily off in the lobby at the Athletic Club. An unseen Paul was shocked to see the couple kiss. Emily touched her lips, and strode upstairs. Jack heard his cell phone beep, and smiled, saying, "Nick."

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