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Daniel was arrested for murder after he appeared before the grand jury. J.T.'s new boss, Tucker, wanted in on the Chancellor IPO. Nick walked in on Sharon and Adam in bed together. Phyllis put up a memorial plaque at the Abbott cabin for Nick's baby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 30, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, November 30, 2009

At the Abbott cabin, Ashley arrived and was surprised to find Nick, Phyllis, and Summer already there. When Summer saw Ashley cradling baby Faith, the older child said, "Look at the baby." Phyllis apologized for showing up unannounced and said that Jack had told her where to find the key. Ashley explained that Jack hadn't known she'd planned to go there .

Summer, enchanted with the baby, asked to hold Faith. Nick volunteered to help Summer, and he took the baby from Ashley's arms. Nick, cradling Faith, sat on the sofa next to Summer. As Summer gently stroked the baby's arm, Nick introduced the infant as his sister and as Summer's aunt. Phyllis bit her lip in sorrow as she watched her grieving husband embrace the precious newborn.

While Faith napped in another room, Summer remained near the baby's crib. Ashley told Nick that she would have found it difficult to be around a baby had she been in Nick's position. Nick explained that Faith was his baby sister, so he had no reason not to joyously embrace her. While Ashley babysat Summer, Phyllis led Nick to a tree on the property, where she and Summer had earlier affixed a marker honoring the infant Nick and Sharon lost. Phyllis illuminated a plaque that stated, "Always with us." Phyllis comforted Nick as he sobbed.

After Nick and Phyllis returned to the cabin, Ashley graciously approved the placing of the plaque as a fitting memorial for the baby Nick and Sharon had lost. After Phyllis, Nick, and Summer left, Ashley tried to soothe her fussy baby. Ashley cooed, "You're my little gift I thought I'd never have." Ashley carried Faith, wrapped in a warm blanket, as she approached the tree bearing the memorial plaque. Ashley illuminated the engraved plate with a flashlight and read the inscription. Ashley noted that Faith C. Newman was born September 30, 2009. Ashley cried softly and realized that Nick and Sharon's baby bore the same name and had the same birthday as her baby. Ashley kissed Faith, who remained fussy, and said, "Maybe her spirit will always live on in you, honey."

Back at the tack house, Nick thanked Phyllis for allowing him to grieve for his and Sharon's baby, Faith. Phyllis encouraged Nick not to stifle his grief because the baby was his and Sharon's. Nick claimed that seeing the plaque honoring Faith Cassidy had helped him grieve his loss, so he hoped that the worst might be behind him. Phyllis kissed Nick and assured him that the worst was behind him.

After Nick went upstairs to read a bedtime story to Summer, Jack stopped by and asked to speak to Nick. After Phyllis learned that Jack had news about Sharon and Adam, she refused to summon Nick. Phyllis explained that Nick was grieving and needed time to heal. Jack was standing in the doorway when Nick returned downstairs. Jack reluctantly agreed to speak to Nick another time. Phyllis seemed relieved.

Jack arrived on Sharon's doorstep with a Thanksgiving meal. Jack was stunned when he saw Adam and Sharon kissing just inside the doorway. Jack yelled, "Hey, what the hell are you doing?" Surprised, Sharon told Jack that her life was none of his business. Jack insisted that Adam's actions were always advantageous efforts that ended up damaging others. Adam accused Jack of being jealous. Jack reminded Sharon that she once considered Adam to be a sociopath.

Sharon seemed upset when Jack demanded to know what had happened to change her mind. Jack recalled that Adam had framed his own father for murder in order get Victor out of his way. Jack pleaded with Sharon not to trust Adam. Sharon fumed but didn't respond. Adam called Jack a liar and added that Jack's lies had ended his marriage to Sharon. Sharon averted Jack's gaze and stared at the floor. Jack asked, "What in God's name did you tell him?" Sharon admitted that she and Adam had no secrets between them, and she added that Adam had paid for his past mistakes.

Sharon's budding alliance with Adam stunned Jack, and he told her that she sounded as if she'd been brainwashed. Adam yelled that Sharon was free to make her own decisions. Sharon demanded that Jack leave. Before Jack left, he warned Adam not to hurt Sharon. Jack threatened physical harm and maintained that whatever hell Adam had suffered under Victor would feel like heaven in comparison.

After Jack left, Adam apologized to Sharon for the grief she'd endured for being with him. Adam told Sharon that he had hoped they could have enjoyed a real relationship, and he turned to leave. Sharon stopped Adam and explained that only she knew how she truly felt. Sharon insisted that she and Adam had a real relationship, and she took Adam's hand and led him upstairs to her bedroom. Sharon and Adam made love, but Sharon seemed taken aback when Adam said, "I love you."

At Michael and Lauren's condo, Ryder approached Daisy privately and asked why she was certain that authorities would be unable to identify her as the passenger in Ryder's car when it was photographed running a red light at a Chicago intersection. In hushed conversation, Daisy assured Ryder that her image in the photo was blurred. Daisy sternly warned Ryder that it couldn't happen again because he could have messed up everything. Ryder asked Daisy to phone him later to discuss the matter further, but Daisy warned him to keep his distance. Ryder was anxiously aware that Daniel was watching him closely.

On the other side of the Baldwins' living room, Michael consulted with Daniel about the subpoena commanding him to appear before a grand jury. Michael explained that Daniel would have to testify because the state was still investigating Ray Elkins' murder. Daniel worried that he'd be indicted because Ryder was off the hook. Kevin and Lauren advised Daniel to give the district attorney as little information as possible.

Daniel approached Ryder and asked him why he had confessed to Elkins' murder in the first place, knowing that he had an alibi. Ryder reminded Daniel that Deacon had promised him money from the sale of the Terroni painting in exchange for his confession. Lauren and Amber asked Ryder why he'd need money if he knew he'd be jailed for life on a murder charge. The constant grilling visibly perturbed Ryder, but Jana wondered aloud what the painting had to do with Ryder's murder confession. Obstinate, Kevin berated his family and friends for ganging up on Ryder.

Ryder became hostile and yelled, "I just want to put this all behind me." Daniel explained that he was in the hot seat, and he demanded to know who the third guy in the alley was. Ryder insisted that he didn't know, but, he added, perhaps Deacon might. Daniel explained that Ryder had too conveniently managed to be photographed, with a time and date stamp, in Chicago at the time of the murder. Daniel demanded to know the name of the girl, partially obscured from view, who was photographed in the car with Ryder when he ran the red light. Ryder screamed, "I know none of you trust me, but I am tired of being interrogated." Lauren responded calmly, "But you keep evading our questions."

Daniel's ire matched Ryder's, as Daniel again demanded to know the name of the girl in the photo. Daisy turned her head away and discreetly retreated to a darkened corner of the room. Amber and Daniel approached Ryder and demanded that he respond to their queries. Ryder said, "The judge released me; I am not guilty." Daniel and Amber began aggressively shoving Ryder, and Kevin intervened on Ryder's behalf. Michael separated the warring factions, and Lauren berated Kevin for not having his priorities in order.

While Lauren and Kevin argued, Daisy stood nearby, nervously fiddling with a lock of her hair. Kevin maintained that he shouldn't have to abandon his brother, Ryder, because the rest of the family distrusted him. Lauren explained that they didn't truly know Ryder because he continually refused to answer their questions. Lauren added that, conversely, Daniel's life was an open book. Jana challenged Kevin to compel Ryder to divulge key information that would clear Daniel. Amber and Daniel, however, demanded five minutes alone with Ryder, so they could beat the information out of him. Michael dissuaded Daniel and Amber from carrying out their brutal tactics, and Michael assured the couple that he would question Ryder on the stand at the grand jury and force him to respond.

Michael escorted Daniel and Amber into his home office and demanded that they behave and allow him to do his job. Daniel asked what his chances were if he and Amber stopped pressuring Ryder and Deacon. Michael responded succinctly, "Not good." Lauren and Daisy joined in and listened as Michael warned Amber and Daniel to proceed cautiously with Ryder and Deacon without inflicting more damage. Daniel worried about the evidence the district attorney's office had against him. Daisy eavesdropped intently as Daniel and Amber discussed the details of Daniel's legal entanglement. Michael ordered his clients to hush because he didn't want them to discuss personal matters before an audience.

Boldly, Michael assured Daniel that he'd be prepared to handle the grand jury's questions. Daisy asked Michael how he would know what questions the grand jury might ask. Michael responded that one had to learn to think like his opponent. Jana excitedly summoned Amber and Daniel to join Kevin, who was questioning Ryder in the living room. Kevin assured Ryder that he could lean on him, and he convinced Ryder to let his guard down. Kevin added that Daniel was his best friend, and he didn't want to see his friend hurt.

Michael pleaded with Ryder to trust them, so they could trust Ryder. Jana begged Ryder to divulge the name of the person who was with him in the car. Ryder seemed ready to respond just as Daisy screamed out in pain. Daisy interrupted Ryder when she burned her arm on the flame underneath a chafing dish. Everyone scrambled to help Daisy. Ryder remained seated and looked as if he'd been granted a temporary reprieve.

After Jana, Lauren, and Amber accompanied Daisy to the bathroom to rinse her wound in cool water, Daniel thanked Kevin for his bold attempt to coax Ryder to divulge information. When Michael turned to address Ryder, the chair Ryder had been sitting in was empty. Kevin seemed deflated to discover that his brother had vanished without a word. After Jana took Daisy to an urgent-care clinic, they stopped at Crimson Lights. Daisy sat at the counter and rebuked herself for being a klutz. Jana and Kevin insisted that it was just an accident.

Kevin spotted Ryder sulking at a nearby table. Kevin approached Ryder and insisted that Ryder was putting him in a difficult position with his family by not opening up. A man emerged from the patio and asked Ryder if he was Ryder Callahan. When Ryder responded affirmatively, the man handed him a summons and announced, "You've been served."

Daisy, looking like she was about to cry, positioned herself near the patio entrance, so she could hear Ryder's conversation with Jana and Kevin. Ryder insisted that he wasn't ready to bare his soul to Kevin's family. Daisy interjected, "It takes time, especially with people you hardly know." Ryder promised to help Daniel as much as he could during his testimony before the grand jury.

Daniel pulled on his coat and prepared to leave Michael and Lauren's condo. Daniel recalled an argument he and Amber had before Ryder's confession, later recanted, had cleared Daniel of Elkins' murder. Engaged at the time, Daniel had insisted he wouldn't wed Amber only to abandon her when he faced the possibility of spending his life in prison. Daniel realized the gravity of his situation when Amber approached and asked him to join her in thanking Lauren and Michael for making them feel like a part of their family. After Michael and Lauren's guests departed, Michael admitted that he was quite concerned about Daniel's case. In the hallway, Amber attempted to lighten Daniel's mood and insisted that she had vowed to stay with him through better or worse.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adam woke up with a sudden pain in his shoulder. He winced in discomfort, but then he smiled when he turned over in bed to see Sharon lying next to him. He started to apologize to Sharon for what he had said the night before. Sharon said that she didn't want to talk about anything serious. Noah knocked on the door and asked if Sharon was awake. Sharon said she would be right down.

When Sharon went downstairs, she discovered that Noah had made her some coffee. He asked her if he was in trouble. He wondered why Sharon had gone to bed early. Sharon said everything was fine. Noah said okay and went off to school. Adam sneaked out of the room and asked if Noah had left.

Sharon asked Adam to stay. Adam wanted to talk to her again about his late-night confession, and Sharon excused herself again. Adam knew that Sharon was trying to avoid his conversation. Adam said that he didn't want to scare her when he said he loved her. He told her he had been caught up in the moment. Sharon seemed relieved.

Sharon admitted to Adam that she had been afraid that he was going to have a big emotional confession. She said that she wasn't ready for anything serious. She said it felt great that they could just take things easy and laugh. Adam agreed. They started kissing, and Noah interrupted them yet again. Adam said he had just stopped by.

When Adam left, Sharon heard a knock at the door. Nick said that he needed to talk to her. Nick told her about the plaque that they had put up for Faith. Sharon said that their loss was a private matter. She wasn't happy that they had put up a plaque for her baby without her. She said that it showed how far apart they had grown. Sharon told Nick to leave.

Nick told Phyllis that it was going to be a busy day. Phyllis wondered how Nick was doing. Nick said he was happy that Phyllis had put up a plaque for Faith. Phyllis said that Jack had offered to let her do it. Phyllis commented that Summer was taken by Faith. She said that Nick had a lot of courage to hold a baby when he had lost one so recently.

Victoria asked if J.T. would be around for Reed's birthday party. Victoria was disappointed when J.T. said he would have to work late. They were interrupted by a woman who asked if she was Victoria Newman. When Victoria said yes, the woman told her she had been served. The woman then went to Deacon and served him, as well.

Victoria told J.T. that she was planning to return to Newman. J.T. said that Reed would then have to spend more time with the nanny. They started arguing again, and J.T. said he had to leave.

Nick spoke to Victoria on the phone and then told Phyllis that Victoria was having a bad day. Phyllis suggested that Victoria work on a special project. When Nick met with Victoria, he asked her what was wrong. Victoria was upset that she was going to have to confess that she had an affair with Deacon. She told Nick that her life wasn't as it should be.

Nick told Victoria to get involved in something else that made her happy. Nick said she needed to let the SEC stuff settle down. Nick told Victoria that Katherine had a business proposition for them. He wanted Victor and Victoria in on it. Victoria said she needed to work through one thing at a time. She thanked Nick for listening to her.

Victoria went to the coffeehouse and asked Heather if it was necessary for her to be subpoenaed. Heather said she wouldn't be doing her job without making Victoria testify. She also said that on a personal note, she hoped to make Victoria squirm.

Michael and Daniel stopped by to see Phyllis. Phyllis said she always got nervous when they showed up unannounced. She wondered what was wrong. Michael said that, to get Daniel off the hook, they would need to find evidence that led to the real killer. Phyllis said she wanted to be there for Daniel. Michael said that he would take care of everything. Daniel told Phyllis that he wasn't there to ask her to save him; he just wanted to keep her informed. Phyllis asked Michael to be a superhuman for her son.

Amber found Deacon at Indigo and asked him for his help. She said that Daniel had been subpoenaed and that Deacon needed to fix it. Deacon said he had also been subpoenaed.

Phyllis visited Deacon to ask what he was going to say to the jury about Daniel. Phyllis told Deacon that he was up to his eyes in his own disgusting mess. She said she didn't know how Deacon did it, but he had convinced Ryder to commit murder. Deacon said he didn't know how he did it, either. When Phyllis left, Deacon made a phone call and said there was no way he was implicating himself in someone else's schemes.

Phyllis went to Amber and told her that she wanted to talk Daniel into leaving the country with her. Daniel saw them talking and told them to stop worrying.

Jack found Ashley at the cabin singing to Faith. Jack was disturbed that Ashley was hiding out at the cabin. Ashley said she wasn't hiding. Ashley said that she wanted to stay at the cabin. She hoped that Jack would respect her decision. Jack wouldn't let it go.

Ashley told Jack he needed to get his own life in order and back away from hers. Jack realized that Ashley was right. He told her that he had run in on Sharon kissing Adam. Ashley smiled when she heard the news. She told Jack that Adam had been there for her. She said that Adam deserved to have some happiness.

Jack and Ashley looked at the plaque that Phyllis had put up for Faith. Ashley was proud of Jack for putting aside his differences with Sharon and Nick.

Paul told Emily that he was concerned that Patty might lose control again if she found out that Emily and Jack were dating. Emily didn't want to discuss it with Paul. Paul said that Emily was crossing the line. Emily said that Patty would never be out in the world again. Paul said that he would not give up on his sister. He said that Emily and Jack were a bad idea.

Jack ran into Emily and wondered what was wrong. Emily said that Paul had seen them on their date. Jack asked if Paul had deterred her from wanting another date. Emily said she wouldn't be swayed by anyone.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Bardwells visited Michael to ask him if he knew what was going on at Chancellor Industries. Michael was disappointed that Gloria and Jeffrey weren't satisfied with the money they had received from the Cayman Islands bank collapse settlement. He showed Gloria and Jeffrey out. In the hallway, Gloria told Jeffrey that they would need to move on to "plan B."

At Jabot, Katherine told Neil that before Chancellor Industries went public, she wanted a team of auditors to pore over the company's financial records. Katherine said that she had hired someone to be the liaison with the auditors. Neil was surprised when Katherine invited Kevin into the room. A less-than-happy Neil asked Katherine if he could speak with her privately. Katherine said that she didn't have time, and then proceeded to tell Kevin that Chancellor was going public. Neil stressed to Kevin that any information about Chancellor's initial public offering needed to be kept confidential.

Katherine told Kevin that he would be working with the auditing team, making sure that the numbers "sync up." Katherine said that Chancellor would be coming under the scrutiny of the media and the SEC, and that she wanted Kevin to make sure that the auditors had access to all of Chancellor's computer files. Kevin said that he knew he wouldn't be Neil's first choice for this position, but promised not to let Katherine or Neil down.

As Kevin left the boardroom, Gloria called him from the Athletic Club and invited him to have lunch with her and Jeffrey. Initially reluctant, Kevin agreed to meet the Bardwells. Gloria said that she couldn't wait to hear about Kevin's new job at Chancellor.

In the boardroom, Neil told Katherine that he was concerned about Kevin's involvement in the IPO. Neil said that Kevin was a loose cannon, with a brother who was connected to all the CEOs in town. Neil reminded Katherine that when it came to money, Kevin's mother Gloria was like a shark. Katherine assured Neil that the Bardwells didn't have the money needed to buy a significant amount of Chancellor stock. Neil said that was good, because they didn't want to have people like the Bardwells involved in the IPO.

At the Athletic Club, Kevin joined Gloria and Jeffrey for lunch. After congratulating Kevin on landing a job at Chancellor, Gloria asked Kevin about the "buzz" going on around the company. Kevin said that he didn't know what she was talking about. Kevin realized that Gloria hadn't invited him to the club to celebrate, but rather to interrogate him. Kevin said that he had "screwed over" Katherine once, and that he wouldn't do it again. As Kevin stormed out, Gloria told him that he might as well tell her what was going on, because she wasn't going to give up until she found out.

At the Baldwins', Kevin told Michael that Gloria was trying to pump him for information about a confidential business matter at Chancellor Industries. Kevin was concerned that Gloria would somehow find out and that Neil would think that Kevin had leaked the information. Michael said that he needed to "throw Gloria off the scent" -- and that he had an idea of how to do so.

Michael met with the Bardwells and made up a story. He told them that no one outside Chancellor Industries was supposed to know that the company was about to purchase a nanotech firm in Germany. Michael handed Jeffrey a piece of paper with the name of the company, and claimed that once the acquisition went through, the Germany company's stock would triple.

Michael insisted that the Bardwells keep the information under wraps in order to protect Kevin. After the Bardwells left, Kevin came out of hiding and asked Michael how long he thought it would take Gloria to call her broker to buy shares in the German company. Michael smiled and said that Gloria had her cell phone out when she exited the apartment. Kevin asked where Michael had heard about the Germany company. Michael said that he had read about it in an article, and that he didn't know if the stock was worth anything. Michael told Kevin that, since the Bardwells were no longer a problem, Kevin should make Katherine proud.

Katherine summoned Neil to the Jabot boardroom, and, wearing a poker face, told him that she had heard from the SEC. A concerned Neil sat down. Katherine suddenly jumped up and shouted that the IPO had been approved. Neil and Katherine were jubilant. Neil reminded Katherine that she was putting 25 percent of her company up for sale, and asked her if she had any second thoughts. Katherine shouted, "Full steam ahead."

At Crimson Lights. Victoria told a disinterested J.T. that Heather wasn't going to rescind the subpoena for Victoria to appear before the grand jury investigating the Elkins murder. J.T. took a call from his new boss, Tucker McCall. Tucker wanted a progress report on the Genoa City office.

After he hung up, J.T. apologized to Victoria, telling her that when the boss called, he had to take it. When Victoria suggested that things would slow down once the Genoa City office was up and running, J.T. told her not to count on that. Victoria told J.T. that Nick had spoken to her about investing in the Chancellor IPO. She said that it would cost a fortune, but that it was an opportunity that anyone would kill to be a part of.

J.T. wasn't convinced that Victoria investing in Chancellor was a good idea -- he reminded her that Nick had advised her to lay low until Newman Enterprises' incident with the SEC blew over. Victoria became upset and told J.T. that she knew a lot more about the business world than he did. J.T. asked her why she had asked his opinion in the first place, if she was going to do what she wanted anyway.

Victoria and J.T. apologized for snapping at each other. When J.T. went to get a coffee refill, Neil stopped by the Hellstroms' table, and was thrilled to learn that Victoria and J.T. were back in Genoa City permanently. Neil wondered if he could lure Victoria over to Chancellor Industries, but she said that she was laying low. Neil said that there was a lot going on at Chancellor. Victoria said that was what she had heard. Neil left. J.T. returned to the table. Victoria looked thoroughly irritated with her husband.

Later, Tucker called J.T. and said, "It's official. Chancellor Industries is in play."

At the Restless Style office, Chloe asked Billy about the cover for the holiday issue of the magazine. Billy told her that the cover would feature Rory Gleeson, a pharmaceuticals heiress who worked with disadvantaged children. Chloe said that Rory was beautiful and wealthy, but that it was a stupid idea for Billy to use the magazine's cover to try to win Mac back.

Billy insisted that he was just trying to sell magazines. Chloe said that Billy's behavior towards Mac bordered on "stalkerish." Billy admitted that he was interested in reconciling with Mac, and that until and unless Mac got pregnant, a reconciliation was still possible.

Chance stopped by Restless Style to surprise Chloe. Chance said that Chloe had to go with him for the surprise, and Billy said that it was okay for Chloe to take the rest of the day off. Chloe announced to the staff that Chance was what a gentleman looked like. After giving Billy the phone number of Rory Gleeson's publicist, Chloe said that she was behind Billy's holiday cover idea 100 percent. Chloe doubted, however, that Billy would win Mac back, and that the cover would come back to "bite" him. After Chloe and Chance left, Billy called Mac and left her a voicemail asking her to stop by the office.

Chance and Chloe went to the Chancellor mansion, where Chance revealed the first part of the surprise -- he was receiving a commendation from the police department for going above and beyond the call of duty by stopping the robbery at Crimson Lights. Esther said that she was thrilled that they had a real-life hero in their midst. Chloe was thrilled when Chance asked her to accompany him to the commendation ceremony.

Chance told Chloe that he didn't know anything about fashion, so, as the second part of the surprise, he had asked Lauren to send over some dress choices for Chloe to wear to the ceremony. Chloe was overwhelmed. Esther helped Chloe try on several outfits until they decided on a blue designer dress. Esther asked Chloe if her feelings for Chance were the "real deal." Chloe said that they were.

Later, Chance donned his full dress uniform, and stood next to Chloe, who was wearing her designer dress. Chance asked Chloe if she would pose with him for a photo that was going to be printed in the Genoa City Chronicle. Chloe said that she had never before been the girl that the guy wanted in a picture.

Mac went to the Ashbys' to tell them that the embryo transplant was scheduled to take place the following day. Mac told Cane and Lily that they needed to take care of all the paperwork that day. Michael joined Mac, Cane, and Lily and went through all the legal and financial mumbo-jumbo with the threesome. Michael reminded Mac that, at the moment the baby was born, it would legally be Cane and Lily's child.

Cane and Lily told Mac that they wanted her to be their baby's godmother. Lily said that if she didn't survive the cancer, she wanted Mac to play a big part in the baby's life. Michael reminded them that if Lily died, Cane would decide what role, if any, Mac would have in the child's life. Cane said that after what Mac was doing for them, there was no way he would ever cut Mac out of the baby's life. Michael asked Mac if she wanted some time to think it over, but Mac said that she was ready. Mac, Cane, and Lily signed the paperwork, then hugged each other.

After Michael and Mac left, Cane said that signing all the paperwork was exhausting. Lily was impressed that Mac was willing to give up nine months of her life with nothing to show for it. Cane reminded Lily that the transfer might not take, but Lily said that as long as it was a possibility, she was going to pretend that everything was going to work out. Lily mentioned her dream, when Colleen had appeared and told Lily that one day Lily would hold her baby. Lily said that, despite everything, her and Cane's dream of a child would come true. The Ashbys hugged.

Mac showed up at the Restless Style office. Billy told her that he was putting Rory Gleeson on the cover of the magazine's holiday issue. Mac was impressed -- she said that it would be good for the magazine and for Billy. Mac told Billy that the embryo transfer was scheduled for the following day. Billy asked her how she felt. Mac said that she was psyched -- but scared that she would let Lily and Cane down.

An uncharacteristically sympathetic Billy told Mac that she wouldn't let the Ashbys down. He said that no matter what happened, Cane and Lily would always be grateful to Mac. Mac thanked Billy, and then kissed him.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

At the tack house, Daniel and Amber joined Phyllis for dinner. Daniel noticed that Phyllis and Amber were staring at each other, and he wondered what was going on. Although Phyllis tried to stop her, Amber told Daniel that, if things didn't work out, Phyllis was willing to finance the Romalottis' escape from the country. Phyllis tried to downplay the idea, and said that she would do that if it became Daniel's only option. Daniel was upset that his mother and his wife thought that he was going to jail, and he left.

After Daniel was gone, Phyllis chided Amber for blurting out the escape plan to Daniel. Phyllis said that Amber was impulsive, lacked judgment, and rushed things. Phyllis added that Amber looked at Daniel the same way that Phyllis looked at Nick -- like he was the only man in the room.

In a courtroom, Michael won a case, unrelated to Daniel's, that Heather had been prosecuting. When Michael walked out of the room, Heather received a call from someone named Nancy. Heather told Nancy that she was pleased to get Nancy's good news, which Heather said would wipe the smug look off of Michael's face. Michael walked back into the courtroom and overheard the end of the conversation. Michael correctly guessed that Heather had obtained an arrest warrant for Daniel.

Heather said that Daniel would almost certainly be going back to jail after his grand jury testimony, since there was no new evidence exonerating him. Michael was shocked that Heather had arranged for a warrant before Daniel had even testified before the grand jury. Michael reminded Heather that since Daniel's release from jail, Daniel had arranged for the Terroni to be returned to its rightful place, and that Ryder had confessed to the Elkins murder, although Ryder later recanted his testimony.

Michael asked Heather if Owen Pomerantz, the new district attorney, knew that Heather had obtained the arrest warrant. Heather said that Owen would be supportive, but Michael knew that Owen was not a big fan of Heather's, and that Owen would be furious if he learned of Heather's prosecutorial misconduct. Michael reminded Heather that Daniel was the stepson of Nick Newman, and that Heather had a beef with the Newmans. Michael threatened to tell Billy about Heather's misconduct -- and Billy would surely publish the story in Restless Style.

Michael asked Heather to give him copies of Deacon and Ryder's grand jury testimony in exchange for Michael's silence. Phyllis stuck her head in the courtroom and saw Michael and Heather arguing. Without getting an answer from Heather, Michael went into the hallway to speak with Phyllis and Amber. As Heather exited the courthouse, Phyllis scolded Michael for arguing with the woman who held Daniel's future in her hands.

Michael told Phyllis and Amber that he had fully prepared Daniel for Daniel's appearance before the grand jury. Phyllis and Amber asked Michael if he thought that Daniel was going to be arrested. Michael said that he wasn't sure, but that if Daniel were to be arrested, it would probably happen quickly. Amber asked how long it would take to get Daniel out on bail. Michael said that Daniel might not be granted bail, since he had a history as a flight risk. Amber began fishing for information about countries that didn't have extradition treaties with the United States.

Michael realized that Amber and Phyllis were thinking of sending Daniel out of the country, and he warned them that would be the worst thing that they could do for Daniel. Phyllis said that the worst thing would be Daniel serving 25 years to life in prison -- that Daniel would be better off sitting under a palm tree in some exotic locale. Michael said that Daniel would probably end up in a country like Somalia, Rwanda, or Iran -- if he didn't end up getting caught at the airport. Phyllis asked Michael to tell her what to do. She said that she didn't want to watch Heather railroad her son.

Michael told Phyllis that he was going to do everything he could do help Daniel. Amber hoped that Deacon or Ryder might slip up in their grand jury testimony and exonerate Daniel. When Amber suggested that Kevin could hack into a computer to get voice recordings of Deacon and Ryder's testimony, Michael told her that he didn't want Kevin doing anything illegal. Michael saw Heather return to the courthouse and told Phyllis and Amber to go home.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin encouraged Ryder to spill his guts during Ryder's grand jury testimony. Kevin said that Ryder needed to create "reasonable doubt" for Daniel. After finishing their conversation, Ryder told Jana that he couldn't tell Kevin what Kevin wanted to hear. Jana said that Ryder was usually "so good at doing that."

Ryder insisted that he wasn't playing Daniel for a fool. Jana said that Ryder was a fool for blowing off a brother who was offering him real friendship and real loyalty. Jana pressured Ryder to tell her who the woman in the red-light photo was, but Ryder said that it didn't matter. Jana wondered if the woman in the car protected and defended Ryder the same way that Kevin did.

Daniel showed up at the coffeehouse to talk to Ryder. Kevin told Daniel that Ryder didn't know anything about the Elkins murder. Daniel stared at Ryder and said, "We'll see about that." Kevin asked Daniel not to argue with Ryder, and assured Daniel that Ryder was going to protect Daniel at the grand jury hearing. Kevin reminded Daniel that Daniel and Ryder had something in common -- they had both been used by Deacon. Kevin said that if Ryder didn't come through for Daniel, then Ryder was going to lose Kevin as a brother. Daniel was touched that Kevin still had Daniel's back.

Kevin, Jana, and Daniel questioned Ryder about the Elkins murder. They asked him if Elkins had been afraid of Deacon. Ryder said that he didn't know anything about Deacon's relationship with Elkins, but that he knew that Deacon hadn't been the masked man who appeared in the alley and shot Elkins. Ryder claimed not to have spent any more time with Deacon than he had to. Overhearing the grilling, Daisy walked over to the table and told the Fishers and Daniel that Ryder was delivering them a pack of lies.

Daniel asked Daisy if she knew something that they didn't. Daisy said that Ryder had sent a live rat to Lauren on the Romalottis' wedding night. Ryder denied having sent the rat, but Daisy said that she believed the Baldwins over Ryder. Daniel wanted to know why that was the first time he was hearing about the rat. Kevin explained that they hadn't wanted to freak him and Amber out at the wedding. As Daisy went to the counter to order coffee, she surreptitiously smiled and winked at Ryder.

Jana suggested to Kevin that Ryder might perjure himself before the grand jury, and since the testimony was secret, Kevin would never know. Kevin predicted that Ryder was going to finger Deacon. From a booth in the coffeehouse, Daisy used her cell phone to call Ryder, who was working at the counter. Daisy told Ryder that they needed to go over what he was going to say at the hearing. Ryder became irritated with Daisy and hung up on her.

Back at the tack house, Phyllis apologized to Daniel for suggesting that he flee the country, and for having put Amber in the middle of the situation. Amber and Phyllis told Daniel that they were on the same page. Phyllis asked Daniel where he had gone. Daniel admitted that he went to Crimson Lights to try to get information from Ryder. Phyllis gently scolded Daniel for disobeying Michael's order to stay away from Ryder. Phyllis said that she thought that Michael had something up his sleeve.

At the courthouse, Michael asked Heather if they had an understanding. Heather said that Michael could go ahead and tell Owen about the premature arrest warrant, adding that she would rather risk Owen's anger than being disbarred for leaking grand jury testimony. When Michael asked if those were her final words, Heather replied, "No. My final words are 'Go to H-E-L-L'"

At the Athletic Club, the ceremony to award Chance a medal for thwarting the robbery at Crimson Lights was about to begin. Chance, Chloe, Jill, Katherine, Murphy, and Nina were all assembled. Owen, the district attorney, pulled Chance away to introduce him to some Genoa City dignitaries. When Chance returned to the group, he told Chloe that he wanted her to be involved in the ceremony, and took her around the room to introduce her to other members of the police force. Jill and Nina looked disgusted.

While she at at a table waiting for the ceremony to begin, Katherine, looking across the room, commented on how good Chloe was for Chance. Jill, begging to differ, said that Chloe was like a chameleon, changing to fit whatever situation she was in. Nina said that it was obvious that Chloe cared for Chance, but that Chloe wasn't the right woman for her son.

Chloe joined the group as Owen began his speech praising Chance's heroism. At the end of the speech, Owen hung a medal around Chance's neck. A photographer was about to take a picture of Chance, but Chance stopped him, got Chloe, and insisted that the photographer take a picture of Chance and Chloe together. Heather stopped by to congratulate Chance, and apologized for missing the ceremony. When Heather left, Chance teased Chloe about being jealous of Heather. Chloe smiled and said that she was just staking her claim. Chloe and Chance kissed.

The celebration continued at the Chancellor mansion, where Chance thanked Nina, Jill, Katherine, and Murphy for their love and support. Jill told Chance how proud she was of him. Jill and Nina looked skeptical as Chance spoke about how much Chloe meant to him.

Later, when Chance was out of the room having a video conference with Phillip, Chloe said that she had left her purse, which contained her omnipresent cell phone, at Restless Style. Chloe told Katherine that she needed to go to the office and get her purse. Katherine was nervous that Billy might be at the office alone, since it was late in the evening. Chloe said that Billy was no longer a problem for her.

After Chloe left, Katherine told Jill, Nina, and Murphy that Chloe had gone to the Restless Style office to get her purse. Murphy, Jill, and Nina felt that Chloe was really going to the office to see Billy. Katherine said that Chloe would prove all of them wrong. Chance returned from the video conference with his father. Nina asked Chance how he liked visiting with his father via webcam. Chance said that it was cool, and then asked where Chloe was. When told that she had gone to the Restless Style office, Chance asked for another glass of champagne. Jill said that she wished there was a webcam at Restless Style.

At the Restless Style office, Billy and Mac finished their kiss. Mac said that she was sorry for having kissed Billy, and that they needed to face reality. She then told a disappointed Billy that she had an appointment at the fertility clinic the following day. Billy surprised Mac by saying that he was okay with her carrying the Ashbys' child, as long as he didn't have to go stroller shopping with Cane. Mac said that she needed Billy to be her friend, not Cane's friend. She wondered if Billy could look her in the eye and promise that he would support her.

Billy insisted that he was telling Mac the truth. He said he wasn't overjoyed that Mac would be carrying Cane's child, but he asked her to cut him some slack. Billy reminded Mac that they had been through trials and tribulations previously, and had emerged unscathed.

Mac received a phone call that she had to take. While Mac was on the phone, Kelly, the woman who had sex with Billy on Indigo's loading dock, showed up at the office. She told Billy that she was returning to New York, but wanted to know if he would consider getting together at Christmas. Billy did everything he could to hustle Kelly out of the office before Mac noticed her. Kelly gave Billy a card with her phone number on it, then left. Mac, having overheard much of Billy and Kelly's conversation, said, "You slept with her."

Mac told Billy that he would never change, and that he wouldn't be there for her when she needed him. Billy protested, telling Mac that Kelly didn't mean anything to him. Mac said that Kelly was a blessing in disguise, because Mac could finally let Billy go. Mac added that she felt sad for Billy, because he knew how to make himself feel better, but not how to be happy.

As Mac left, Chloe showed up at the office to get her purse. She asked the despondent Billy if he was okay. Billy said that he wasn't, and that Chloe could gloat if she wanted to. Chloe said that she wasn't in the mood to gloat. As she got her purse and prepared to leave, she told Billy to hang in there. Billy was upset that Chloe was going to leave him alone to wallow in self-pity. He told Chloe to buy him a drink. Chloe said that she couldn't. When Billy asked if she had plans, she said that she didn't -- but that she just didn't love him anymore.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Adam carried flowers into the coffeehouse, and encountered Heather, who seemed surprised when he said they were for a woman. She wondered if the woman knew about Rafe, and Adam replied that his new love interest understood that he'd reached a low point at a difficult time in his life. He asked Heather not to perpetuate lies about his sexuality.

At home, Sharon composed an email to Nick, saying that she'd overacted about the plaque. She said that they could talk about it, if he wanted to stop by. Before she sent the email, Adam called, asking to see her. Sharon agreed to have him over for a quick visit.

When Adam arrived with the flowers, Sharon said that their relationship was moving too fast. She gently suggested that they see less of each other. Adam seemed to understand, and Sharon went to put the flowers in some water. Adam saw the email on her computer screen.

At the tack house, Phyllis left for Daniel's court appearance, and Noah entered, hoping to get money from Nick to buy Sharon a good Christmas gift. Noah relayed that Sharon had been acting weird, as if she were hiding something. Nick explained that Sharon had been upset about the plaque, probably because she'd felt left out. Nick figured that he owed Sharon an apology.

Noah took some cash from Nick, and left. Nick received an email from Sharon, asking him to meet at her house to talk. He replied that he was on his way.

Back at Sharon's house, Sharon showed Adam to the door, and he feverously kissed her. He apologized, and leaned in for a quick kiss, which ignited into passion. The pair went upstairs to Sharon's bedroom to make love.

When Nick arrived at Sharon's house, he let himself in. He wandered around, and wound up outside her bedroom door. Nick pushed it open, and saw Sharon and Adam in bed together.

At Crimson Lights, Amber worried about Daniel's Grand Jury testimony, and Jana urged her to think good thoughts. Deacon entered, chasing Amber out of the restuarant with taunts about Daniel. Jana refused to serve Deacon.

On the terrace, Victoria worried to J.T. that Heather might rehash the affair with Deacon during Victoria's testimony. A put-off J.T. said they should go. When J.T. and Victoria arrived at the courthouse, Tucker called J.T. with instructions to "do it now." J.T. abruptly left, telling Victoria that she'd be just fine on the stand.

Nearby, Phyllis comforted Daniel, as Kevin and Michael arrived. Michael decided to change strategy for Daniel's testimony, advising Daniel to plead the Fifth. Amber arrived, and Daniel said that he wanted to tell the court about the third man in the alley. Daniel didn't understand the reason for the sudden change in strategy, and Michael explained that the D.A. was so certain of Daniel's guilt that he'd already obtained Daniel's arrest warrant.

Ryder arrived, wished Daniel luck, and followed Heather into the courtroom. As Daniel and his family discussed his strategy, Deacon slinked up to say that Amber would need comforting once Daniel was locked up. Amber and Michael held Daniel back from striking Deacon; however, Phyllis strode after him, and splashed her drink on him.

Heather released Ryder, who couldn't get out of the building fast enough. Kevin tailed Ryder to the coffeehouse, where Jana asked how the testimony went. Ryder said that his stomach hurt, and he wanted to go home. Jana hoped Ryder had done what he said he'd do.

Heather called Deacon into the courtroom. Deacon wanted to change clothes, but Heather warned that he'd be in contempt if he didn't testify at that moment. Deacon followed her into the courtroom. Daniel's anxiety grew, and he told Michael that he wouldn't make it in jail that time.

After Victoria testified, she told Daniel and Michael that Heather had been intense, but Victoria had tried to paint Daniel as a good guy. Victoria said she'd fill Michael in later, because she was exhausted from her testimony. At the elevator, Deacon asked if Victoria had mentioned their affair, since she'd been under oath. Victoria shoved past him, and boarded the elevator.

When Daniel took the stand, he pleaded the Fifth Amendment to Heather's first three questions. Frustrated, she wondered if he planned to plead the Fifth to all her questions. Daniel replied that he'd have to hear them first. As Heather pressured him about his prints on the murder weapon, a rattled Daniel cracked, saying that a third man had been in the alley, wearing gloves. Heather pounced on Daniel's statements, and he stammered to explain that he hadn't gotten a good look at the man. Daniel said that he'd picked up the gun after the killer had dropped it.

Daniel exited the courtroom, telling Michael that he'd cracked on the stand after Heather had grilled him. Michael advised Daniel to go home. Amber and Daniel went to Crimson Lights, where they couldn't believe that Ryder was napping instead of discussing his testimony. Two police officers entered, and Deacon looked on as they arrested Daniel for murder.

Back at the courthouse, Phyllis begged Michael to save her son. Michael said that they'd both handle it from there. Phyllis left, and Heather exited the courtroom. Michael apologized for his behavior when they'd last spoken. Heather assumed that meant that he wouldn't go to her boss with his baseless accusations. Michael said that he intended to ruin her career. Heather called it blackmail, and said she'd take her chances. She strode off, and Michael speed-dialed her boss. Heather ordered him to hang up the phone, because she'd tell him what he wanted to know.

Jack and Katherine sat in the Athletic Club, and she assumed that he'd invited her there to give her a pitch about the stock option. Jack replied that he'd let someone else speak for him. He handed her a letter that she'd written to John, congratulating him for breaking ground on the Jabot building. Jack said John had treasured the letter and Katherine's support. Jack wished that John were there in his place, asking Katherine to trust the Abbotts with more control of his legacy.

An emotional Katherine said that Jack didn't play fairly. She cautioned him that if she considered him, he'd only get a piece of the pie, not the whole thing. Jack commented that John had loved her pies, and Katherine said she'd had enough of the "John card." She announced that Jack was in, and an astonished Jack promised that she'd just made the right decision.

Jack discussed with Katherine the grave mistake he'd egotistically made in taking Jabot public, despite the threat that Victor Newman could seize it. Katherine said that John's family had been his heart, not Jabot. She was glad that owning a piece of Chancellor would give Jack peace. Jack said it would, and wished her a good day. She looked at the letter as he left.

Katherine arrived home, and received a visit from J.T. on behalf of Tucker McCall. Katherine commented that J.T. had entered "high-powered territory." J.T. said that Tucker was interested in Chancellor going public, and Tucker wanted to be included in a significant way. "Keep talking," an intrigued Katherine replied.

Jack went to the tack house to gloat about getting in on the Chancellor stock without Nick's help. Phyllis snapped at Jack, but then let him in, saying that Nick wasn't home. She thanked Jack for sparing Nick from the Sharon crisis the other night. Jack said that Nick probably wouldn't ever want to know the newest on Sharon, and announced that she was involved with Adam. "Wow, Sharon has hit an all-time low," a shocked Phyllis replied.

Jack said he'd been sickened to see Sharon and Adam together. Phyllis guessed that Jack had arrived to get Nick involved, after all, and stated that Nick was no longer Sharon's knight in shining armor.

Just then, Michael rushed in, announcing that Ryder and Deacon had both pleaded the Fifth. Phyllis wondered what that meant, and Michael replied, "It ain't good."

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