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Tucker made an offer to buy 25 percent of Chancellor's stock. Jill and Tucker started a secret affair. Mac became pregnant with Lily and Cane's baby. Daniel was injured in jail. Nick punched Adam. Someone placed a rat in Lauren's boutique.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 7, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, December 7, 2009

At the Genoa City Athletic Club restaurant, Jack told Ashley that Katherine had changed her mind and would allow him to invest in the Chancellor IPO. Jack suggested that he and Ashley could later pool their individual investments to regain control of Jabot. Noting that Jack already knew where she and Traci stood regarding business associations with him, Ashley entreated Jack to contact Billy. Jack refused and said he wouldn't allow Billy to stab in him the back again. When Jack noticed Katherine and Neil entering the restaurant, he raised his glass in tribute to the woman Jack claimed was about to change his life.

Katherine and Neil seated themselves at a nearby table. Katherine announced that businessman Tucker McCall wanted to invest in the IPO. Neil was impressed when Katherine mentioned the notable billionaire's name. Katherine seemed concerned when Neil suggested that McCall's association would bring international cachet, especially if he paid top dollar per share. Katherine worried that her friends, such as Jack and Nick, might be offended if they learned that the mogul had edged them out. Neil excused himself and left the table. Jack joined Katherine, and he told her that he was anxious and motivated about participating in the IPO. Katherine mentioned that Jack's celebratory mood might be premature. Jack, puzzled, asked if the situation had changed. Katherine didn't respond, and beckoned for Neil to return to their table.

After Neil stepped away to take a call, Ashley approached him. Neil told Ashley that Lily and Cane were attempting to have a baby via surrogacy. Ashley reminded Neil that she'd fought cancer. Ashley added that the hopes of a baby would inspire Lily to fight her cancer more aggressively. Ashley offered to talk with Neil whenever he needed to air his concerns.

Jack and Ashley returned to their table after Jack spoke to Katherine. Jack seemed concerned, and told Ashley that he feared that something he wouldn't like was going on with Katherine. Across the room at Neil and Katherine's table, Neil again pressed Katherine to consider Tucker McCall's participation in the IPO. Katherine insisted that Mr. McCall would have to meet her face-to-face before she could decide whether to include him. Katherine noted that her initial plan for the IPO was limited to her family and dear friends.

At Restless Style's headquarters, Billy ordered his staff to ditch the "Mary Sunshine do-gooder piece" and develop a different theme for the next magazine issue. Chloe was less than enthused by Billy's belligerent tirade. Billy, disheveled and hung-over, sarcastically suggested producing an issue featuring motherhood and surrogacy, which seemed to be hot topics.

Ignoring Billy, Chloe announced that cover model Rory Gleason would arrive shortly to pose for their feel-good issue that had already garnered generous ad revenue. Chloe called Billy's bluff and noted that he had hoped Mac would abandon her plan to become Lily and Cane's surrogate. Chloe halfheartedly comforted Billy over his breakup with Mac. After Rory showed up, Chloe quietly advised Billy to shower because he reeked of booze after a night of carousing. After the photo shoot, Chloe told philanthropist Rory to expect a flurry of donations after the magazine hit the newsstands.

After Rory left, Amber stopped by and tearfully told Chloe that Daniel was back in jail. Chloe hugged Amber, who insisted that she didn't know what to do without Daniel. Chloe commiserated with Amber. Chloe, however, noted that instead of Billy being a good guy wrongly accused, her former partner had been a jerk who left her for another woman. Amber noticed that Chloe seemed emotionally distanced from Billy.

After Chloe mentioned Chance, Amber claimed that Chloe's engaging facial expressions indicated that she'd fallen for the young man. Chloe agreed that she was smitten with Chance, but she asked rhetorically if anyone ever truly got over Billy. As if on cue, Billy returned. Chloe flashed a half-smile and waved feebly toward Billy's general direction. Later, an attractive woman stopped by and told Billy that she wanted to sell him some information about Victoria's testimony before the grand jury. Chloe, standing nearby, glanced repeatedly at Billy and the woman as they engaged in what seemed to be a cozy conversation.

At the Chancellor estate, Mac assured Katherine that the implantation of the embryos was a routine procedure. Katherine insisted that Mac's life might change markedly and worried that Billy wouldn't be with Mac to provide emotional support. Lily and Cane arrived to drive Mac to the clinic. In a treatment room, Mac donned a hospital gown and awaited the implantation. Lily and Cane waited with Mac, but after the doctor arrived, both women sent a nervous Cane to the coffee shop for pastries. Lily stepped out to phone Neil, who assured his daughter that he wanted the procedure to work. Cane returned and tightly embraced Lily. Later, after Cane and Lily drove Mac home, Cane announced that he was excited about having a baby.

Cane ran into Billy at Crimson Lights. Billy accused Cane of swaying Mac's decision to give him and Lily a baby just to prevent Lily from leaving him. Cane reminded Billy that not every situation was about him. Cane maintained that Mac still loved Billy, and he berated Billy for not having been by Mac's side to hold her hand.

Jack walked in just as Billy was about to manhandle Cane. Jack held Billy back by his shoulders, and Cane suggested that Billy regain control of himself. After Cane walked away, Billy told Jack that Mac had left him, so she could carry a baby for Cane and Lily. Billy thought Jack was there to lecture him, but Jack assured his brother that he should look forward to a brighter future. Jack promised to discuss specifics of his plan later.

Daniel, incarcerated at the Genoa City jail, was distressed to realize that he was powerless and could no longer protect Amber. Daniel sadly noted to his new bride that he'd even had to relinquish possession of his wedding band. Phyllis showed up, too, and insisted that she would get Daniel out of jail, with Michael's help. Phyllis added that Michael told her that both Deacon and Ryder had pleaded the Fifth before the grand jury. Phyllis maintained that Deacon and Ryder were of no concern.

After Amber left, Daniel begged his mother to look after his wife because he feared he'd never be released. Daniel told Phyllis that it sickened him for his wife and mother to see him defeated. Phyllis tearfully promised to fix the situation. A guard stepped in, but Phyllis demanded more time with her son. Phyllis promised Daniel that she wouldn't stop until her son was a free man. After Phyllis left, Amber returned. Amber, visibly trembling, admitted to Daniel that she was scared. Daniel said that he was scared, too.

Nick ventured into Sharon's bedroom after he found her front door ajar and heard music playing. Nick startled Sharon and Adam, who were making love in Sharon's bed. Nick turned and walked away after Sharon saw him standing in the doorway. Adam urged Sharon to let Nick leave without an explanation, but she quickly put on her robe and ran after Nick. Sharon caught up with Nick as he approached the front door. Sharon demanded to know why Nick had entered her house unannounced. Nick reminded Sharon that she'd sent him an email asking him to stop by. Sharon was confused and claimed she'd typed the email but hadn't sent it.

Bewildered, Nick suggested that Sharon had lured him to her house, so he'd find her with Adam. Adam dressed and walked downstairs. Nick berated Sharon for becoming intimately involved with Adam. Sharon became enraged at Nick when he asked if she was insane. Sharon told Nick that he considered her actions insane whenever she made a decision he didn't support. Adam stepped up and defended Sharon. Nick accused Adam of using Sharon in order to get back at him. Adam reminded Nick that Sharon was no longer his wife.

Before Nick walked out of Sharon's house, he pointed at Adam and asked, "So this is what you want now?" Sharon, taken aback, didn't respond to Nick's query. After Nick left, Sharon told Adam that she regretted that Nick discovered her relationship with Adam the way he did. Adam suggested that he and Sharon should end their relationship because she no longer seemed happy. Sharon embraced Adam and declared that they should not make a decision right away.

Sharon worried about how Adam had perceived her reaction to Nick's admonition, which she believed had sent her reeling. Adam flattered Sharon and told her that she was a remarkable woman. Adam told Sharon that whatever happened with their relationship would be her call. Sharon thanked Adam for not treating her as if she needed rescuing. Sharon laughed when Adam recalled that she looked as if she could have trampled Nick after he uttered the offensive remark about the state of her sanity. Sharon's eyes flickered with delight, and she maintained that showing her strength had been her aim all along. Adam added, "If there's someone out there who can't see the real you, it's their loss." Sharon was adamant that she would be fine with Adam by her side.

Nick sipped coffee at Crimson Lights, but he couldn't get the image of Sharon and Adam in bed out of his mind. Noah showed up, and he and Nick discussed Sharon's relationship with Adam. Noah claimed that he was okay with Adam, but Nick invited Noah to move in with him. Noah asked his dad why he'd abruptly changed his mind after having earlier insisted that Noah watch over his mother. Noah declared that he had to stay with his mother because she counted on him.

Nick relented, but he told Noah to call him if he needed anything. After Noah left, Phyllis joined her husband for coffee. After Nick asked about Daniel, Phyllis said that she wouldn't be able to respond without crying. Nick avoided discussing his pressing problems, but Phyllis correctly guessed that he was not preoccupied with business matters. Nick agreed that he was concerned about someone, but he didn't elaborate.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nick sat down in his office chair and thought about his argument with Sharon and Adam. He was frustrated with the entire situation. Victoria walked in and asked how Phyllis was doing. Nick said that she was really scared.

Victoria realized that Daniel had been arrested. She had hoped her testimony would have helped Daniel. Nick said that his day had been awful, as well. Victoria said she had something that might cheer him up. She had decided to go in on the shares for Chancellor Industries. Victoria said it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

J.T. called Mr. McCall and told him that if he wanted in on the Chancellor deal, he would have to go to Genoa City to meet with Katherine. When he saw the news on his computer screen about Daniel, J.T. called Victoria and asked her to meet him at home.

When Victoria went home, she couldn't wait to tell J.T. she had decided to invest in Chancellor Industries. J.T. listened to her, and then showed her the new Restless Style article. Victoria was shocked to read about her affair with Deacon. She was furious that the news of her affair had been leaked. She said that it would be nearly impossible to return to Newman. J.T. asked if that was all she cared about. Victoria said that J.T. was wrong. She wondered why J.T. was being so cold about the situation. J.T. said that when he wanted to talk, Victoria couldn't be bothered.

Victoria told J.T. that he couldn't keep avoiding her forever. She said that they hadn't connected in a long time. J.T. said that Victoria blamed everything on him. He told her that she ignored everything he told her. He said that their marriage was not a partnership. It was Victoria's world and he merely existed in it. He told her he didn't have time to deal with it; he had more important things to do.

Sharon called Adam at work to thank him for how he handled things with Nick. Sharon told Adam that since Nick had found out about their relationship, they should also tell Noah. Sharon didn't want to admit it, but what Nick had said got to her.

When Noah stopped home to see Sharon, she told him she needed to talk to him about something. She said that she and Adam had been spending a lot of time together. Noah said that he knew they were friends. Sharon admitted there was more to it than friendship. Noah thought about when he told his father that Sharon needed him. Noah asked if Nick knew about the situation. Sharon said yes, and he was not happy about it.

Noah was happy that Sharon had told him about her relationship with Adam. He said he would be there for her whenever she needed him. As Noah was leaving, he called Abby and asked her to meet him at the coffeehouse. He said he had some really weird news.

Abby was shocked to hear the news about Sharon and Adam. She said that Adam gave her a creepy feeling. She wanted to know what Noah was going to do about it. Noah said that he was going to look out for his mother. Abby said it was pathetic that they were more stable than their parents.

Adam handed over his reviewed reports to Nick. He asked if there was anything else he could do for Nick. Nick told him to quit hiding behind Sharon. Nick said that if Adam had a beef with him, he shouldn't involve Sharon. Adam said he was in too deep. He said that Sharon had feelings for him. Nick gave Adam a cold stare and walked away.

Nick returned to tell Adam that he wasn't falling for his schemes. Nick believed that Adam had known about Sharon's e-mail and had purposely taken her to bed so that Nick would find them. Adam said that Sharon was capable of making her own decisions. Nick said that if Adam really cared about Sharon, he should back off.

Nick said that Sharon had recently lost her child and was fragile. Adam said that Sharon was fragile around Nick, but not with him. Adam said that he wasn't married so he could make Sharon happy as often as she wanted. Nick was angry he threw a punch at Adam. Adam got up and said he would not let Nick use him as a punching bag.

Michael told Daniel it was time to stop beating himself up. Phyllis said that she had a plan. She wanted to go to the district attorney's office and give Heather a piece of her mind. Michael wasn't happy about the situation. He asked Phyllis not to go off the deep end. Phyllis asked what she could do. Michael presented them with the evidence the jury had against Daniel. He said that unless they found the mystery person, they didn't have much of a chance. Phyllis said she knew someone who could help them.

Phyllis asked Paul to her house to talk about Daniel's case. Paul said that he could ask Heather to let them look at the case file, but Phyllis probably wouldn't like it. Phyllis said she was willing to do anything for her son. When Heather showed up, Phyllis told Heather that her son had been set up. Phyllis said she was desperate. She said that she was trying to protect her son. Paul asked Phyllis to give them a moment.

Heather asked Paul what he wanted from her. Paul asked to look at the case file. Paul begged Heather to not think about being an assistant district attorney. He asked her to think about helping someone. Heather finally decided to let Paul read the case file. Paul was grateful. Paul called Phyllis to tell her that he had read the report. He said that if there was a third man in the alley, he would have had to park nearby. Paul said it was a long shot, but he had some ideas. Phyllis's eyes welled up with tears of hope.

When Nick went home, Phyllis told Nick about the article in Restless Style. Nick wondered if the day could have been any worse. Phyllis asked Nick what had happened between him and Adam. Nick looked uncomfortable, and Phyllis said he didn't have to give her the details. She said she was sure whatever Adam did, he deserved it.

Michael received a call from Nick, and told Phyllis he had to leave. Michael said that something had happened between Nick and Adam. Phyllis thought about when Jack told her that Sharon and Adam were involved.

When Michael went to Nick's office, he found Adam taking photos. Michael hoped that Nick hadn't punched Adam. Nick said that he had. Nick wondered what Michael could do about the situation. Michael told Adam that Nick regretted what he had done. Adam told Michael to save his breath. Adam said he was going to sue Nick for assault.

Adam called Sharon and asked if he could go to her house. He said that something had happened. Sharon asked what had happened, but Adam had already hung up. The doorbell rang immediately and Sharon assumed it was Adam. When she opened the door, Nick was there.

Nick told her that he was there to apologize to her. He said that he wasn't jealous, but he was sure Adam was trying to get at him through Sharon. Nick said that he believed that Adam sent the email so he would find Adam and Sharon together. Nick admitted that he had punched Adam when Adam had bragged about the two of them. Nick begged Sharon to realize who Adam really was.

When Adam arrived at Sharon's home, Sharon asked why Adam was with her. She wondered if he was there because he wanted to get revenge on Nick.

When Kevin saw Ryder at the coffeehouse, he asked where Ryder had been hiding. Ryder said that he'd needed some time to himself. Kevin said that he'd missed all the fun. Kevin told Ryder that Daniel had been hauled off in handcuffs. Kevin was upset that Ryder had lied to him. He couldn't believe that he had fallen for Ryder's lies. Kevin asked Ryder if he had anything to say before Kevin kicked him out for good.

Ryder told Kevin that Deacon had told him not to say anything to the grand jury. Kevin wanted to know why Ryder hadn't gone to him for advice. Kevin realized that Ryder had never planned to tell him the truth. Ryder said that Daniel had gone to jail, but at least he was alive. Kevin was surprised to hear that Ryder thought Deacon was going to kill him.

Kevin visited Daniel in jail and told him that he had confronted Ryder. Kevin said that Ryder told him he was afraid Deacon would kill him. Kevin felt something was scaring Ryder. Daniel said he would rather not talk about Ryder.

Kevin told Michael that Daniel seemed defeated in jail. Michael told Ryder that he was calling Ryder and his buddy, Deacon, to the stand. Michael said Ryder had two options. Michael said Ryder needed to share everything he had, or Michel would find out anyway.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

At Sharon's, Adam was upset to learn that Sharon had doubts about his motive for cultivating their relationship. Sharon thought that perhaps Adam was involved with her in order to get revenge on Nick. Sharon told Adam that she knew that he had threatened to sue Nick. When Adam pointed out the black eye that Nick had given him, Sharon said that maybe Adam had angered Nick purposely in order to get Nick to hit him.

With tears in his eyes, Adam told Sharon that his feelings for her had nothing to do with Nick -- he said that Sharon was one of the few people who "got" him and that she didn't judge him for some of the horrific things that he had done. Crying, Adam said that Sharon had seen the good in him, and that she was the first person to see the good in him since his mother died. Adam stormed out of the house as Sharon tried to apologize to him.

Doris showed up at Sharon's with a batch of Noah's favorite cookies. Seeing a bouquet of flowers, Doris asked if Jack or Nick had sent them. Sharon said that the new person who she was seeing had sent the flowers. Doris said, "Already? Oh sweetheart -- when will you ever learn?"

Sharon told her mother that she had finally met someone who didn't treat her like a helpless mess. Doris reminded Sharon that Nick and Jack had treated Sharon very well. Sharon said that her new beau understood her on a level that Nick and Jack never had. Doris was concerned that Sharon was rushing into things. Sharon said that she was happy with Adam. Realizing that Sharon's new relationship was with Nick's brother, Doris said that Sharon was asking for trouble. Doris left.

Billy went to the Chancellor mansion after taking Delia out for a visit, and found Chloe and Chance kissing. Billy told Chance that he had read the article about Chance's heroics at Crimson Lights. At the jail, an inmate was reading the same article that Billy was referring to.

Billy and Chloe went upstairs to tuck Delia in. Chance received a phone call from Riggs -- the man who had stabbed Chance. Riggs told Chance that he was in trouble, and that he needed a "stand-up" guy like Chance to go to the jail and help him. An angry Chance asked how Riggs had gotten his phone number, but Riggs hung up. Chloe and Billy returned to the living room. Chance told them that he had received a weird phone call, and that he needed to go to the jail to check it out.

After Chance left, Billy said that he was finally convinced that Chloe wasn't using Chance to try to make Billy jealous. Chloe said that Chance was trustworthy and dependable. Billy quipped that Chance was "boring as hell." Chloe countered that Chance was a great guy, and that maybe Billy should act more like Chance. Billy warned Chloe to watch her back, as she had thought that Cane was a great guy -- until she learned that Cane was a fraud.

Chloe told Billy that he lacked a conscience, and she mentioned the online article revealing Victoria's grand jury testimony. Billy said that the article contained the truth, and, that before Chloe had met Chance, she would have been eager to cash in on Victoria's misery. He added that Mac and Chance were cut from the same "altruistic cloth," while Billy and Chloe were from the "dark side." Chloe told Billy that she had changed.

Chance went to the jail and asked Sid, a plainclothes officer, where all the inmates were. Sid said that they were under lockdown -- because Chance's "knife-wielding pal," Riggs, had escaped. Chance told Sid that Riggs had called Chance, saying that he needed help. Sid didn't know what the phone call was about, and explained that Riggs had complained of severe stomach pains, so the guards had called an ambulance. When the ambulance reached Genoa City Memorial, Riggs had run off. Saying that the situation made no sense, Chance asked Sid to keep him posted.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Billy told Chloe that he wanted her to slow things down with Chance. Chloe said that her life was no longer about what Billy wanted. Chance returned home, and Billy left. After Billy was gone, Chloe noticed that Chance seemed preoccupied. She wondered if it had something to do with Billy. Chance assured Chloe that what was bothering him had nothing to do with Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren told Michael that Daniel shouldn't be in jail. She then stared at Ryder, who was working behind the counter, and told Michael that they all knew who was responsible for Daniel's imprisonment. Michael received a call on his cell phone, and walked away to take the call.

Behind the counter, Ryder was on the phone with Daisy. He told her that he didn't know if he could meet with her -- he would have to see if he could get away. After Ryder hung up, Lauren approached the counter and told him that she and Ryder needed to have a serious talk.

Lauren asked Ryder why he had disappeared on Thanksgiving. He claimed to have been tired of being grilled by Daniel and Kevin. Lauren asked Ryder why he had pleaded the Fifth at his grand jury hearing, knowing that Daniel was counting on him. Ryder said that Lauren probably wouldn't believe what he said anyway.

Lauren warned Ryder that if he hurt anyone who she cared about, he would go to jail -- and that if she could ever prove that he had sent the rat to her at the Romalottis' wedding, he would wish that he was never released. Michael joined them on the patio, where he received a phone call from a lawyer named Bruce. Bruce told Michael that Adam Wilson had retained Bruce's services. Michael said, "So the weasel's going through with it."

Nick stopped by the Hellstroms' to visit Victoria. Victoria told her brother that she and J.T. had gotten into a fight. Nick said that he had heard about the article that Billy had posted on the Restless Style website. The article revealed Victoria's supposedly secret grand jury testimony, during which Victoria had discussed her sexual relationship with Deacon.

Victoria noticed that Nick was rubbing his knuckles, and she asked her brother if he had hit Billy. Nick said that he had hit Adam, who had it coming to him. Victoria said that she was surprised that Nick had punched their partially-blind brother, and told Nick not to get worked up about Adam -- that Adam couldn't take anything away from Nick. Nick told Victoria that she might be surprised.

Nick changed the subject to the problems in the Hellstroms' marriage. Victoria said that she had hoped that their moving to New York would get their marriage on track, but that J.T. had spent all his time in New York at work. She said that things had only gotten worse since she and J.T. returned to Genoa City. Nick suggested that Victoria, along with Reed, take a business trip to the Newman office in Dubai, where Newman Enterprises maintained an office. Nick felt that time apart might help the Hellstroms' marriage, just as his trip to China had helped his relationship with Phyllis.

Nick received a phone call from Michael informing him that Adam was planning to sue Nick for assault. As an irritated Nick left to meet Michael, he urged Victoria to think about going to Dubai. Victoria said that she wasn't sure if running away was the answer, especially if it meant taking Reed away from J.T. She urged Nick to meet with Michael to take care of the "Adam mess."

Victoria showed up at Restless Style to confront Billy about the online article. She told him that he was messing with the wrong Newman. Seemingly not concerned, Billy smiled and asked Victoria not to slap him again. Victoria told Billy that he obviously didn't care about ruining lives. She said that, because of the article, her marriage might be over, and that Reed might have to watch his parents get a divorce. Billy said that he hadn't forced Victoria into bed with Deacon. Victoria said that since Billy didn't care about anyone except for himself, she would have to find another way to make her point -- when Billy least expected it. Before she boarded the elevator, Victoria told Billy that he had no idea what trouble she could cause for him.

Back at Crimson Lights, Lauren told Michael that she had talked with Ryder and warned him not to cause trouble for her family. Ryder sneaked out of the coffeehouse. Lauren said that she had to go back to the boutique to close up, and she left. Adam showed up at Crimson Lights and Michael told him that he had just gotten off the phone with Adam's lawyer, Bruce. Michael said that he and Adam should talk.

Michael told Adam that Nick regretted his mistake. Michael made no excuses for Nick, but Michael hoped that cooler heads would prevail, and that the assault matter could be settled outside the courtroom. Adam said that he wasn't going to let it go -- that he was tired of being Nick's lackey, both personally and professionally, which was why he was suing Nick and Newman Enterprises. Michael told Adam to call Victor, since by suing the company, Adam was, in effect, suing his father. Adam took out his cell phone and called Victor.

Back at Sharon's, Sharon wondered to herself why Doris couldn't be happy for her. Adam showed up at the door and Sharon let him in. Without saying a word, Adam and Sharon began making love. Adam then told Sharon to make sure that she locked the door.

Michael and Nick met in Nick's office. Michael told Nick that Adam wasn't receptive to settling the assault incident out of court. Michael said that he'd told Adam to call Victor, who had talked Adam out of suing. When Nick acted relieved, Michael told him not to get too excited -- Adam wanted a promotion. Adam wanted to be a full partner with Nick in running Newman Enterprises, and, if Nick didn't agree, Nick would risk losing his position at the company.

Nick was shocked by Adam's demand. Michael reminded Nick that Victor had wanted Nick to assimilate Adam into the company respectfully, but that Nick had treated his brother like a peon. Nick said that he had treated Adam badly, but that it was "obscene" for Adam to be working at Newman at all. Nick told Michael that he was going to ignore Adam's demand for full partnership, saying that not even Victor would sign off on it. Nick was stunned when Michael told him that the partnership was Victor's idea.

Lauren was getting off the elevator at Jabot when she saw Ryder running by. She called Ryder's name out, but got no response. Lauren entered the boutique, where Daisy was working. Daisy told Lauren how much she had enjoyed Thanksgiving at the Baldwins', and said that Lauren had become like a surrogate mother to her. Lauren hugged Daisy and told her that she was a hard worker and a great girl.

Lauren sent Daisy home and began closing up the boutique. As she put the day's receipts into the safe, the power in the boutique went out, leaving her in the dark. Lauren grabbed a flashlight and pointed it at the safe. She shrieked when a rat ran out from under the counter.

Daisy returned to the boutique to retrieve her forgotten scarf, and she asked Lauren why the lights were out. Lauren told Daisy that there was a rat in the store. The electrical power returned. Daisy wondered if the same person who had sent the rat to Lauren at the Romalottis' wedding was responsible for the rat in the boutique. Lauren said that when she had arrived at the boutique, she had seen Ryder running out of the building. Daisy told Lauren that she hadn't seen Ryder -- but that Ryder "totally creeps me out."

At Crimson Lights, Ryder slithered back in through the patio entrance, grabbed a towel, and headed back to work.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Katherine and Murphy played gin at the Chancellor mansion, but Katherine's mind wasn't on the card game -- she was concerned about the ramifications of the Chancellor Industries IPO. Katherine reminded Murphy that she was meeting with Tucker McCall, the billionaire businessman who wanted in on the IPO, the following day. Katherine said that all Tucker needed to do was "sneeze in the direction of a company," and that company's stock would go up. Murphy thought that would be good for the company, but, with an eye toward eventually turning the reigns of the company over to Jill, Katherine was concerned that Tucker might pose a problem for Jill if he owned a significant part of Chancellor Industries.

Jill, in New York on business, stopped by a posh bar for a drink. Tucker McCall stood behind the counter, and Jill, not recognizing him, thought that he was the bartender. Tucker made his specialty, Spanish coffee, for Jill, and promised her that it would "curl her toes." Tucker sat at a table with Jill, who was surprised that a bartender was allowed to mingle with the customers. When Jill asked Tucker what his name was, he said, "Call me Mick." Jill introduced herself and asked Tucker if he flirted shamelessly with all of the customers. He said he only flirted with the beautiful ones.

Tucker said that he was good at reading people, and correctly guessed that Jill was a successful, wealthy businesswoman, but that she knew about struggle and had to work hard to get where she was. Impressed with Tucker's insight, Jill tried to guess about "Mick's" background. Jill thought that Mick hadn't always been a bartender, that New York wasn't his home, and that he was an adventurous traveler. She said that she detected a sadness in Mick -- as if he had suffered a loss that he had never completely gotten over. Mick nodded his head, indicating that Jill was right.

Katherine called Jill, who was sitting alone, and Jill told her that the meeting with the New York lawyers had gone well. Katherine confessed that she was becoming nervous about taking part of Chancellor Industries public, and that she wasn't convinced that Tucker McCall would be a good fit for the company. Katherine told Jill that she was interested in getting Jill's take on Tucker when they met in Genoa City the following day. Katherine wished Jill a safe trip back to Genoa City, and hung up.

Tucker returned to Jill's table with another drink, and asked her if the phone call had been about business. Jill said that the call was about the biggest business deal of her career, and she began explaining to Tucker what an IPO was. Jill thought that she was boring Mick, but he said that he was fascinated.

Tucker saw how excited Jill was when discussing the IPO, and he asked for more information about her work. Jill received a phone call from Paul, which interrupted her conversation with Tucker. Paul told Jill that he had learned from some old microfilm in the Genoa City Hall of Records that Katherine's daughter had been placed somewhere in Ohio. Paul warned Jill that it might be a solid lead -- or a dead end. An excited Jill reminded Paul that she needed him to be discreet -- she didn't want Katherine to learn that Jill and Paul were trying to locate Katherine's daughter. Paul told Jill that he would call her when he arrived in Ohio.

Jill told Tucker that she needed to leave, and tried to pay him for her drinks. Tucker told her that the drinks were on the house. Jill left Tucker a tip -- a 20-dollar bill on which she had written, "Fascinate me. Room 1622." Jill left the bar, followed by Tucker.

Amber went to the jail to visit Daniel. She found Deacon in the visiting room, having a serious conversation with a vicious-looking inmate. Deacon whispered, "Just so we're clear" to the inmate before the inmate left. Deacon taunted Amber about Daniel's imprisonment, and he invited Amber to call Deacon if she ever became lonely. Deacon walked out of the visiting room just as Daniel was escorted in. Amber pointed out the vicious-looking inmate to Daniel, and told him that Deacon had been speaking to the man. Daniel told Amber to forget about Deacon, saying that since Daniel and Amber had gotten married, there wasn't anything that Deacon could do to her.

Phyllis met Paul at the Athletic Club. Paul had some good news -- he had located a time-stamped surveillance tape from a gas station's service station. Paul had a collection of still frame images from the tape, recorded on the night of Ray Elkins' murder. They showed a man wearing a ski mask speaking on a cell phone while driving a car. The man pulled up to a dumpster behind the gas station, got out of the car, placed his mask and his cell phone into a gym bag, and threw the bag into the dumpster before driving off. Unfortunately, the video was too grainy to identify the man's face. An excited Phyllis said that the man on the tape must be Elkins' real murderer.

Phyllis asked Paul if the police had that evidence. Paul said that they didn't, but that they certainly should. Phyllis wholeheartedly agreed, saying that people didn't normally drive around wearing ski masks in June. Paul agreed, but warned Phyllis that there was another explanation -- that there had been another robbery in Genoa City the same night that Elkins was killed. Phyllis thanked Paul for his hard work, took the set of photos, and told him that she would show them to the authorities.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Phyllis showed the photos to an excited Amber. Amber decided to return to the jail and tell Daniel of the possible exonerating evidence. After Amber left, Deacon showed up. Phyllis chided Deacon for having pleaded the Fifth at Daniel's grand jury hearing, and she showed him the photos of the masked man. When Deacon said that the photos didn't have anything to do with him, Phyllis said that they had everything to do with him. After warning Deacon that he was going to be sorry, Phyllis marched inside the coffeehouse to show the photos to Heather. Heather told a shocked Phyllis that the photos were useless.

Deacon eavesdropped from the patio while Phyllis argued with Heather that the photos showed the real murderer. Heather told Phyllis that there was no evidence that tied the man in the picture to the Elkins' murder, and that whatever had been tossed in the dumpster was probably buried in a landfill. Heather said that all the physical evidence pointed to Daniel as Elkins' murderer, and that she believed that Daniel had killed Elkins. Phyllis said that she hoped that no one in Heather's family was ever accused of a crime that they hadn't committed. Heather said that she wasn't trying to be a bitch, but that the district attorney's office would laugh at her if she asked them to investigate the man in the photographs. Phyllis promised to prove Heather wrong. Still on the patio, Deacon made a phone call and said, "Remember that little message we discussed? It's time to deliver it."

Amber returned to the jail to tell Daniel about the surveillance tape. She thought that with Phyllis taking the photos from the tape to the authorities, Daniel might be granted bail. Daniel was excited, and said that it was just like Phyllis to make things happen. After Amber left, Daniel noticed the vicious-looking inmate staring at him. As Daniel walked by, the inmate started to follow him.

Amber went to Crimson Lights, where Phyllis informed her that the "incompetent" assistant district attorney said that the photos were useless, as there was no direct connection between the photos and the murder. Phyllis told Amber that it was up to the two of them to find the connection. Phyllis wondered why the masked man would take the time to toss a gym bag in a dumpster. Phyllis and Amber vowed to tear the whole landfill apart, if necessary, to find the gym bag.

Paul met with Heather, and she scolded him for not warning her about the photos that he had given to Phyllis. Paul told Heather to check her cell phone, because he had called her and left a message letting her know about the photos. Heather told Paul that there was no connection between the crime scene and the "random stranger" in the photographs.

Heather went to the Restless Style office to visit Billy. She told Billy that he had posted confidential grand jury testimony on the Restless Style website, and that both he and whoever had leaked the testimony had broken the law. Heather said that if Billy revealed his source, he wouldn't be charged with a crime. Billy said that his posting the testimony was protected by the First Amendment.

At the Hellstroms', J.T. was busy working on his laptop computer, while Victoria urged him to take a break and talk with her. J.T. said that their previous talks had been pointless. He told his wife that he couldn't deal with her affair with Deacon, or her resentment of his new career, because he was too busy, and that Victoria's drama would have to wait until after the weekend.

Victoria asked J.T. how he would feel if she went to Dubai for a few weeks. J.T. said that time apart wasn't the answer. Billy showed up with flowers for Victoria, saying, "I come in peace." J.T. told Billy to get out. Billy apologized to Victoria for printing the article about her and Deacon, and admitted that he had made a rookie error by not asking Victoria for her side of the story. Before she marched out, Victoria told Billy that he had a lot of nerve. Billy looked at J.T. and said, "I tried."

J.T. warned Billy to leave Victoria alone. Billy said that his publishing the article wasn't personal -- he just wanted to show his readers that the "high and mighty" Newmans had flaws. J.T. accused Billy of not caring who he hurt. Billy claimed to be a journalist. J.T. said that Billy wasn't a journalist -- rather, he was an opportunist. Billy said that J.T. was really the pretender -- he said that J.T.'s expensive suit might look good, but, at the end of the day, J.T. was just a glorified security guard. J.T. called security to have Billy tossed off the Newman ranch.

Victoria went to Crimson Lights, where she ran into Heather and Owen Pomerantz, the district attorney. Victoria asked them what they planned to do about Billy's posting of the grand jury testimony. Heather said that Billy had refused to name his source, and that he was protected by the First Amendment. Owen interrupted and said that the D.A.'s office needed to make a "swift example" of anyone who leaked grand jury testimony. Victoria thanked Owen, shot a smug look at Heather, and left.

Murphy went to the Athletic Club to pick up dinner for himself and Katherine. He ran into Paul, who said that he wanted to speak with Murphy. Paul told Murphy that Jill had hired him to look for Katherine's daughter. Paul asked Murphy, a relative newcomer to Katherine's life, to ask her some questions and try to jog Katherine's memory about giving up the baby. Murphy was reluctant -- afraid that Katherine might find out that her daughter had led a tragic life that could have been prevented if Katherine hadn't given her up. Paul asked Murphy to think about it, and Murphy said that he would see what he could do.

J.T., dressed to the nines in his suit, entered the Athletic Club just as Murphy was leaving. Paul warmly greeted his former employee and told him that he never thought that he would see J.T. in a suit. Billy entered the club and was about to go after J.T., but Murphy stopped him and escorted him over to the bar.

Paul said that he was proud of J.T., who replied that he wished that Victoria felt that way, as his career move seemed to be ruining his marriage. At the bar, Billy asked Murphy if he was disappointed that Billy had posted the grand jury testimony. Murphy said that the point wasn't whether or not Murphy was disappointed -- rather, the point was if Billy was proud of himself. Murphy said that he had been raised with old-fashioned values -- and that Billy should have never hurt a lady. Murphy walked out, leaving Billy to think about his words.

Victoria went to see Katherine, telling her that she had been unsuccessfully trying to reach Nikki for some advice. Katherine said that Victoria could cry on her shoulder. Victoria said that since J.T. had started his new job, his priorities had changed, and that the Hellstroms' relationship was spiraling downward. Katherine told Victoria that J.T. needed time to find his own way.

Katherine offered Victoria a position at Chancellor Industries, but Victoria said that where she worked wouldn't change her relationship with J.T. Victoria told Katherine that she didn't know if J.T. would ever trust Victoria again.

At the Athletic Club, J.T. told Paul that he and Victoria had been discussing spending some time apart. Adding that Victoria was thinking of going to Dubai for a few months, J.T. said that he didn't like the idea of being away from Reed for that long. J.T. claimed to be over the hurt of Victoria's affair with Deacon, but Paul said that it wasn't easy to recover from a spouse's betrayal. J.T. admitted that he might never be able to trust Victoria again.

Back at the Chancellor mansion, Murphy and Katherine played another game of gin. Murphy told Katherine that he had run into Billy at the club, and had given him a good kick in the pants. Katherine said that all she could do was to be there if Billy needed her, just as Murphy was there for Katherine on the day he found her unconscious on the riverbank.

Victoria found J.T. at the Athletic Club. When J.T. asked how she knew that he was there, she said that she had a homing device implanted in his brain when he got his flu shot. The joke broke the tension between the Hellstroms. J.T. admitted that perhaps he had thrown himself into his work to the exclusion of everything else. Victoria said that they could deal with it.

J.T. noticed that Billy was sitting alone at the bar. J.T. wanted to hit Billy, saying that he should have earlier. Victoria told J.T. that she had already taken care of Billy. At the end of the bar, a process server handed Billy a piece of paper and told Billy that he had been served. Before he left, the process server said that the paper concerned Billy's posting of the leaked grand jury testimony. Billy turned around and saw the Hellstroms smiling at him.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Lily and Cane met Mac at Crimson Lights, where they discussed getting the pregnancy test results later that day. Lily beamed that her blood count had gone up. Mac worried about disappointing Lily, but Lily promised to deal with it if the pregnancy didn't take.

Lily and Cane went to the car, and Billy entered to see Mac sitting alone. Mac couldn't understand how Billy could humiliate Victoria for things he'd done himself. Billy responded that the Newmans hadn't had a problem humiliating Colleen. Billy asked how things were with Mac, and she announced that she'd find out if she were pregnant later that day.

Mac, Cane, and Lily went to the Chancellor house to play cards while they awaited the pregnancy test results. As they played, Mac received a call from the doctor, announcing that she was pregnant. Lily burst with excitement, and they all hugged each other.

Rafe met Billy on the coffeehouse patio to say that if Billy's source had been a juror, then that juror had committed a crime. Rafe said he'd invoke the First Amendment at the hearing; however, Billy could be held in contempt for refusing to reveal his source. Billy sarcastically said that day shouldn't be different from any other.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria approached Heather to ask about Billy's impending hearing. Heather felt that nothing would result from it, since Billy would no doubt invoke the First Amendment. Victoria responded that it had been a personal grudge, not freedom of the press. Victoria guessed that Heather thought Billy's informant was a juror from Daniel's Grand Jury hearing, and quipped that Billy must pay more than jury duty.

When Billy arrived in court, Victoria already had a good seat. She said she wished they sold popcorn, but Billy retorted that she was only making a bigger story that would sell him twice as many magazines. Victoria retorted that the damage had been done, and she'd make him pay.

The hearing began, and the judge asked the bailiff to show Billy photos of jurors present during Victoria's Grand Jury testimony. Bill said that the pictures wouldn't help, because it had been a "deep throat" kind of thing. The judge asked if Billy were mocking the court. Billy replied that he was simply alluding to freedom of the press. The judge said that Restless Style had practiced pornography, not freedom of the press.

Rafe objected, calling Billy a journalist. A snarky Heather asked if the judge wanted to hear Billy's journalistic credentials, citing that he'd only owned the magazine for a few weeks. The judge ordered Billy to reveal his source or be held in contempt.

"This judge is awesome," an amused J.T. said during court recess. He told Victoria that she'd done the right thing by taking Billy on. Victoria regretted putting J.T. in a bad position, but he said he supported her all the way. Further down the hall, Rafe implored Billy to hand over his source. Billy reasoned that he'd never get another one if he did that.

Court reconvened and the impatient judge asked if Billy would reveal his source. Billy said he couldn't look at himself in the mirror if he did. "Then you, sir, are going to jail," the judge decided. The bailiff handcuffed Billy.

At the Chancellor mansion, Neil seemed excited to work with Tucker McCall, whom Neil dubbed the "Evel Knievel" of the business world. Katherine appreciated McCall's talents, but she still had her reservations. Jill breezed in, announcing that she'd just returned from New York. Neil took off, and Katherine wished Jill wouldn't have cut things so close.

In her mind, Jill fondly recalled giving a New York bartender a twenty-dollar bill with the words "fascinate me" scrawled on it. "I took a later flight," Jill said with an amused grin. Jill wanted to freshen up, but Katherine balked that there wasn't time. Jill said Tucker wanted to meet Katherine, not Jill. Jill promised not to miss much of the meeting, because she was sure it would be fascinating.

J.T. showed Tucker McCall around his new apartment, saying that McCall never had to leave, since the place had everything. Tucker stared out his window at the view of the Chancellor building. "Perfect. I've been waiting for this for a long time," he remarked.

McCall asked how Neil stood on the deal. J.T. felt that Neil was intrigued by the proposal. When Tucker asked about Jill, J.T. replied that she'd been hard to read. A contemplative Tucker replied that Jill was a wild-card indeed.

Later, Neil and Katherine met Tucker in the Jabot conference room. Katherine inquired about Tucker's intentions, and Katherine and Tucker exchanged witty banter. Jill waltzed in late, and almost choked when she recognized Tucker as the man she'd been with in New York.

Tucker and Jill pretended not to know each other, and Tucker asked that they get down to business. Tucker said that he'd only participate in the stock offering if he could purchase the entire 25% block. Katherine was astounded that Tucker expected her to shut out investors that she'd already offered options to. Tucker assured Katherine that it would be beneficial to Chancellor Industries, but Katherine retorted that she'd be the one to decide that. Tucker left, stating that his offer stood until midnight.

Jill urged Katherine to decline the disingenuous Tucker McCall. Katherine said she would have turned him down flat if she'd known what he'd really wanted. Neil felt that it was their chance to work with the greatest minds of all time. Jill reminded Katherine of the promises she'd already made, but Katherine decided to at least consider Tucker's offer. After Jill left, Neil sensed that Katherine was leaning her decision in a certain direction. Katherine noted that partnering with Tucker could be worthwhile.

Later, Tucker admired his new view until Jill arrived, asking what kind of game he was playing. She wondered why he'd masquerade as a bartender, but he countered that he'd been pouring himself a drink at his own bar in his own hotel when she'd mistaken him for an employee. Jill said she'd never have slept with him had she known his identity, because she had to be objective as one of Katherine's top advisors.

Tucker seductively said that he couldn't think of anything but hearing her call his real name. "Oh, hell..." Jill gasped as he seduced her into a kiss. After Jill and Tucker had sex, he returned to his window. Jill noted that the view was spectacular.

Michael met Phyllis at the hospital to say that the warden had labeled Daniel's injuries accidental. The warden had said that the weight had just fallen on Daniel, but Michael suspected that someone had pulled the pin out of the machine. Phyllis wanted Michael to get Daniel released, but Michael said it wouldn't happen, since Daniel was a flight risk. Phyllis blamed everything on that "twit Heather," and went in to see Daniel.

Amber tended to Daniel, who suffered from cracked ribs. Daniel joked that the internal bleeding in his liver meant that he could spend more time in the hospital with Amber instead of in jail. Amber worried that they'd lock him back up when the doctor released him. "Not if I have anything to do with it," Phyllis said, entering the room.

Heather arrived at the hospital after receiving Michael's urgent call. Michael requested protective custody for Daniel, since someone had sabotaged the weight machine. Heather said she couldn't act without proof.

When Heather and Michael entered Daniel's room, Phyllis bombarded Heather with questions about how they'd keep Daniel safe. Heather said that so far, it appeared to be an accident. Phyllis threatened to sue Heather, the state, and the warden. Amber suggested that Phyllis and she leave Daniel and Michael to talk to Heather. "This is on your head," Phyllis said, heading out with Amber.

Daniel revealed that ever since Deacon had visited an unknown inmate, that inmate had been stalking Daniel. Daniel couldn't prove that the inmate had done anything, and Heather couldn't believe that Michael had wasted her time. The doctor entered, saying that she might release Daniel that evening. Heather said she'd tell the warden to expect Daniel, and she left.

Phyllis and Amber returned to Daniel's room, and Phyllis suggested that Daniel suddenly develop severe abdominal pain. Michael canned the idea, and Phyllis vowed to find some exonerating information to shove down Heather's throat. Phyllis stormed out, and Daniel asked Michael to get Phyllis a tranquilizer dart.

In the hallway, Michael caught Phyllis arranging to search the county landfill for the discarded gym bag. An outraged Michael exclaimed that she'd never find the bag under months of garbage, bacteria, and stench. Phyllis reasoned that the truck always dumped in the same quadrant. Michael seemed sickened at the idea, and Phyllis desperately asked if he had another idea. "You can't expose yourself to garbage!" he replied to a sobbing Phyllis.

Later, Michael told Daniel that Phyllis had gone home. Daniel asked Michael to go home to Lauren and their anniversary celebration. Michael left, and Amber asked if Daniel and she would celebrate anniversaries. He asked her not to lose hope, because the truth would surface. Meanwhile, with a flashlight and a map, Phyllis maneuvered through the landfill.

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