The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 14, 2009 on Y&R

An unidentified woman stalked Michael and Lauren. Daniel's friends searched a landfill for evidence that would exonerate him, and he was released on bail. Katherine agreed to let Tucker buy 25 percent of Chancellor Industries.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 14, 2009 on Y&R
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Monday, December 14, 2009

On a dark night in a smelly county dump, Phyllis and Nick began searching for the shooter's discarded black gym bag emblazoned with three white star-shaped designs near the handles. Phyllis became emotionally overwhelmed when Lauren, Michael, Kevin, Katherine, and Murphy arrived to assist. Others joining the search party included Noah, Abby, Eden, and Jack. Each wore gloves and aimed flashlights to illuminate piles of discarded waste. Family and friends alike searched for evidence Phyllis hoped would clear Daniel. A rat scurried across Eden's feet, and Katherine asked Lauren if she'd figured out who'd sent the rat in a gift box the night Amber and Daniel held their wedding reception. Lauren responded that she didn't know.

Heather showed up at the landfill and stood outside the fence. Michael told Heather that he wanted her present in case they happened to locate the gym bag. Heather was not at all optimistic about the search, but Phyllis ordered Heather to shut up and help the group sift through the trash. Jack approached Katherine and thanked her for allowing him to participate in the Chancellor IPO. Katherine refused to discuss the matter, citing that it was neither the time nor the place to do so.

Daisy showed up without gloves, but offered to help. Abby and Noah were surprised to see Daisy. Eden abruptly decided to search an area in a remote section of the landfill to avoid Daisy. Lauren introduced Daisy to Phyllis. Michael described the object of their frantic search to Daisy, who seemed preoccupied. Suddenly, Eden yelled out excitedly that she'd found the gym bag. Daisy stood frozen and watched apprehensively as Heather inspected the bag.

Heather shined her flashlight into the gym bag, which contained a map of the alley behind Jimmy's bar, a photocopy of the painting, and a ski mask. Kevin interjected that Daniel had always maintained that the shooter had worn a ski mask. Phyllis asked if the bag held a cell phone. Heather said that it did not, but she agreed with Michael's observation that the bag's contents could indicate another suspect. Heather took the bag and its contents for testing and assured Michael that she'd soon be in touch. After Daniel's friends left the landfill, Phyllis stayed behind, but she didn't tell Nick about her plan to find the cell phone the shooter had in the alley.

Phyllis moved aside heaps of trash near the area where Eden had discovered the gym bag. Phyllis found the phone and turned it on. The phone displayed three saved messages. Phyllis later met with Deacon at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Phyllis played a message from the discarded cell phone she found at the landfill. As Deacon listened, he heard his voice, recorded the evening of June 10, 2009. Deacon had said, "It's all set. The alley behind Jimmy's in one hour. Be prepared to take care of business."

Deacon maintained that the message on the cell phone proved nothing and wouldn't put him in prison. Phyllis told Deacon that she wouldn't turn the phone over to FBI if Deacon left town with Amber. Phyllis added that she was confident that Daniel would be exonerated without the phone, but she maintained that Amber would always mean trouble for Daniel. Deacon said that he would be happy to accommodate Phyllis' demands. Nick arrived and noticed Phyllis and Deacon seated together. Phyllis left Deacon's table and greeted Nick. Nick questioned Phyllis, but she claimed she was only telling Deacon that he was an idiot.

At Crimson Lights, Daisy warned Ryder to be more careful in the future, because Lauren thought she'd sighted him leaving her store. Abby phoned Daisy to let her know she was busy searching for evidence at the landfill. After Daisy told Ryder about the search for the gym bag, he ordered her to go to the landfill immediately. The celebratory crowd stopped at the coffeehouse after Eden discovered the gym bag at the landfill. Michael told Ryder about finding the gym bag. Ryder claimed that the bag would prove that he had no connection to the shooter. Daisy stared nervously at the floor to avoid eye contact with Daniel's triumphant friends.

Eden later taunted Daisy about having an ulterior motive for showing up at the landfill. Abby defended her friend, and Noah reminded Eden that Daisy worked with Amber. Daisy claimed that she answered only to herself. Eden left her friends on the patio and stood sulking by the coffee bar. Lauren approached Eden, who begged Lauren not to trust Daisy. Eden declared that she had become increasingly suspicious of the newcomer. Lauren dismissed Eden's qualms. Angered, Eden walked away. Later, Daisy and Abby joined Eden and Noah for coffee. Daisy learned that Eden's mother was French. When Daisy inquired, Eden explained that her mother was dead.

Ryder emerged from the back room, and Lauren told him that she'd seen someone who looked just like him leaving her boutique moments before the lights went out and a rat scurried across the floor. Ryder hatefully noted that he didn't care enough about Lauren to terrorize her. Lauren retreated to a corner and phoned the pest control company that serviced her boutique. Lauren learned that the rat let loose in her store was the type sold in pet stores. Lauren closely observed as Ryder served coffee; she remarked to her caller that someone had put the rat in her store on purpose.

Phyllis arrived late at the coffeehouse to meet Nick. Phyllis claimed she was late because she went home to change clothes. When Nick stepped away briefly, Amber phoned Phyllis and cried that Daniel was about to return to jail. Amber pleaded with Phyllis to help Daniel because Deacon had phoned and threatened Daniel after admitting responsibility for the incident involving the weight-room equipment that sent Daniel to the hospital. When Nick returned, Phyllis claimed she had an urgent matter to attend to and agreed to meet Nick later at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

While Katherine waited for coffee, she told Nick and Jack that since she'd made her initial offering of stock, Tucker McCall had approached her. Jack said that he'd heard that Tucker had purchased a loft near the Chancellor building. Katherine explained that Tucker would participate only if allowed to purchase the entire 25-percent offering. Jack said that Katherine sounded as if she'd already made up her mind. Nick said that Katherine would be a fool to pass up such an opportunity.

Katherine noted that she found it difficult to disappoint dear friends she had invited to participate. Jack and Nick said they understood that Katherine should do what was best for Chancellor. Katherine wondered what had happened to Phyllis. Nick wondered, also, because Phyllis was supposed to have followed him back to town. After Katherine left, Jack asked Nick why he was gracious to Katherine after she delivered the harsh news about the IPO. Nick said he didn't blame Katherine for not turning down an exclusive offer from Tucker McCall.

In Daniel's room at Genoa City Memorial hospital, Deacon phoned Amber. Amber answered the call on her speakerphone. Deacon all but admitted responsibility for the incident at the county jail that injured Daniel. Daniel told Amber that he wasn't afraid of Deacon. Amber sobbed and worried that Deacon could arrange to have Daniel killed while he was in jail. Daniel promised Amber that they would have a future together. Daniel hummed a Christmas carol and pretended to give Amber a present. Amber pretended to open her gift. Daniel told Amber that her imaginary gift was a high-tech cell phone. Amber kissed Daniel after he praised himself for having the good sense to marry her.

Phyllis phoned and told Daniel that search party had discovered the gym bag, along with evidence and the ski mask. Amber was jubilant. Daniel and Amber were surprised when Michael and Heather, along with Kevin and Jana, stopped by. Michael announced that Heather had agreed to a bail hearing for Daniel. Heather sadly noted that a late-night hearing couldn't be arranged, but she agreed to give Amber and Daniel more time to visit.

Before Kevin left, he begged Daniel to watch out for himself. Daniel took a wrapped gift from Kevin and handed it to Amber. Daniel smiled when Amber opened the gift to find a brand-new cell phone that displayed one of their wedding photos as wallpaper. Amber's joy gave way to despair moments later when Heather and a police officer escorted Daniel back to jail. Michael wondered what had happened to Phyllis after she failed to visit before Daniel was taken into custody. Amber cried and worried about Daniel's safety, but Jana assured her friend that Daniel would be okay. When Daniel entered his jail cell, he unenthusiastically greeted his cellmate, Billy.

In the bedroom of his spacious loft, Tucker McCall served Jill a requested drink concoction in bed after the pair enjoyed an evening of lovemaking. Jill asked her new suitor why he was pampering her, and added that she was aware of his goal to obtain a stake in Chancellor Industries. Jill also wondered aloud why Tucker had slept with her the night before he was to meet with Katherine. Barraged with questions, Tucker responded that he knew all along who Jill was. Tucker insisted that he'd slept with Jill and enjoyed her company because he found her attractive. Tucker agreed that they would henceforth keep their business and personal lives separate.

As Tucker repeatedly kissed Jill's neck, she announced that she intended to dissuade Katherine from accepting his offer to invest in Chancellor Industries. Tucker was taken aback, but Jill explained that she'd delved into his past and learned how he used to acquire corporations only to bleed them dry before moving on to his next conquest. Tucker insisted that he'd turned over a new leaf, and he entreated Jill not to worry. Tucker added, "If you can get Katherine to turn down this deal, I will give you a million bucks." Tucker helped Jill slip into her coat and insisted he would win the bet. Jill kissed Tucker goodbye and headed into a waiting elevator.

Katherine arrived on another elevator car to visit Tucker McCall moments after Jill departed. Tucker graciously welcomed Katherine into his loft. Katherine wasted no time announcing that she and Tucker had struck a deal. Katherine visually inspected Tucker's new headquarters and saw that his bedroom door was ajar. Noticing that the bed was unmade, Tucker quipped that he hadn't yet hired a maid and wasn't in the habit of making his own bed.

After a brief visit, Tucker escorted Katherine to the door, and she left. Jack arrived and extended a friendly handshake to welcome Tucker to Genoa City. Tucker flattered Jack and said he'd followed Jack and Ashley's illustrious careers. Tucker added that he had also admired John, and regretted never having had the opportunity to tell John that he admired the way he conducted business. Tucker agreed to share a drink with Jack another day. After Jack left, he stood outside Tucker's door, seemingly spellbound by the unsolicited compliments paid to him by the influential businessman.

After Jill left Tucker's loft, she returned to the Chancellor estate. Murphy told a stunned Jill that Katherine had gone to Tucker McCall's loft to complete their business deal. After Katherine returned and reported that she'd forged an oral agreement, Murphy declared that a handshake was as certain as a deal sealed with a signed contract. Jill emerged from another room and congratulated her mother. Jill remarked that Chancellor Industries was irresistible, even to Tucker McCall. Katherine invited Jill out to dinner the next evening to celebrate, but Jill turned down the offer, citing a conflicting engagement.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sharon enjoyed breakfast at the Athletic Club with Adam. She commented on the watch Adam was wearing. Adam said that it was a gift from his mother. Sharon said that Hope would be proud of Adam, especially since he was running Newman Enterprises alongside Nick. Adam said he had Nick to thank for his right hook. Sharon said that it had been Victor's idea, and that meant Victor had just as much faith in Adam as his mother.

Adam told Sharon that he still had a long way to go before people started to trust him again.

Jack hid behind a wall and eavesdropped on Sharon and Adam's conversation. Sharon took Adam's hand and said they didn't have to hide their relationship anymore. Adam asked if that meant they were in a relationship. Sharon said she thought so.

Jack asked Nick what they were going to do about Sharon and Adam. Jack said that they had to stop them before Sharon got hurt. Nick said that Jack had to do it on his own. He was done involving himself in Sharon's business. Jack said that Sharon didn't deserve to get hurt by Adam. Nick asked what they were supposed to do. When Nick mentioned the forged diary, Jack admitted that he had played a major part in it. Nick said that he wanted no part of it. Nick told Jack that he needed to walk away.

Jack went to Sharon to give her a job offer. Sharon didn't fall for Jack's schemes; she sent him out the door. When Adam returned to Sharon's, she told him that Jack and Phyllis had visited her. They talked about leave for a bit so they could get away from everyone. Sharon decided to call Nick to tell him that Phyllis had been there. When Phyllis asked who was on the phone, Nick said it was business.

Michael walked in and was surprised that Adam wasn't in his new office at Newman. Adam said he wasn't as eager as he was when Victor had hired him the first time. When Michael sat down with Lauren, she told him about the rat in her store. Michael was furious and took off to find Ryder.

Ryder tried to convince Kevin not to tell Deacon what they found at the garbage site. Ryder said that Jana would not approve. When Jana walked in, Ryder told her about Kevin's plan. Jana said absolutely not.

Daniel told Phyllis that Billy Abbott was his new cellmate. She told him not to say anything to Billy. Daniel looked at Amber and told her that he loved her. Daniel asked that Phyllis look after Amber. Phyllis thought about the deal she had made with Deacon. Phyllis told Daniel that she was a mom; she would do whatever it took.

Phyllis met with Amber at the coffeehouse. Amber asked Phyllis if she wanted to help Amber plan a surprise party for when Daniel got out of jail. Phyllis said that she had to go to work. Amber thanked Phyllis for being nice to her in her time of need. When Amber left, Phyllis called Deacon. She said that the deal was still on.

Amber told Kevin and Jana about her idea for a surprise party. Kevin suggested they have it at the coffeehouse. Amber asked if Kevin could promise that Ryder wouldn't be there.

Michael arrived at the coffeehouse with a restraining order against Ryder. He said that if Ryder went near his family again, he would go to jail.

Billy asked his lawyer, Raphael, what he could do to get out of jail. Billy said that he would not reveal his source. When Raphael left, Daniel returned to the cell. Billy said that Daniel should be happy to have a friend in jail. Daniel said that Billy had ratted on Victoria when Victoria had been there to protect him. Billy said that they were going to be there for a while, they should make the best of it.

Daniel wondered where Billy's friends and family were. Billy said he wasn't there to socialize; he was there to make a statement. Billy said that Daniel was on the Newmans' good side, but that they would turn against him when the time was right. Daniel said that Billy was a jackass who was hurting everyone else to try to prove a point. When Billy went to make a phone call, another cellmate started to intimidate Daniel. Billy returned and got up in the guy's face. Daniel was grateful.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

At the Athletic Club, Lily and Cane discussed getting the best Christmas gift ever -- Mac's pregnancy. Lily and Cane unsuccessfully tried to hide the fact that they were going Christmas shopping for each other later. They decided that they needed to get Mac a special Christmas gift.

Mac went to the jail to visit Billy. She said that although she was upset with him, she didn't want him to go to jail. Mac told Billy that she was pregnant. She told Billy that the pregnancy really mattered to her. Billy said that he hoped that everything worked out for Lily, pointedly leaving out Cane and Mac. Mac left.

Mac ran into J.T. on the Crimson Lights patio. She told J.T. that Billy was in jail for contempt of court, and J.T. was happy about that. Mac told J.T. that she was pregnant. J.T. was thrilled, but reminded her that Mac had miscarried when she was pregnant with his child. He told Mac that this pregnancy would work out. Lily and Cane showed up bearing gifts, and wondered why Mac was in a bad mood. J.T. told the Ashbys that Mac had visited Billy in jail. J.T. said that Billy was a pompous ass who hurt anyone who got too close to him.

The Ashbys showed Mac and J.T. the Christmas presents that they had purchased for underprivileged children. Lily and Cane left the patio to drop the toys into a collection box inside the coffeehouse. They stared at a mother with a baby, and promised each other that by the following Christmas, they would have a baby.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chloe received a phone call from Michael, who wondered if someone at Restless Style might have information on who leaked Victoria's grand jury testimony to Billy. Chloe told Chance that she had overheard the conversation between Billy and the grand juror who had leaked the testimony. Chloe debated telling the judge the identity of the grand juror. Chance told Chloe that he couldn't make that decision for her. Chloe said that she shouldn't even be involved in the "mess," and that maybe she didn't have to be.

Chloe showed up at the prison to visit Billy. She tried to get him to tell the court who had leaked Victoria's grand jury testimony to him. She told Billy that he wasn't going to seem like a noble journalist protecting his First Amendment rights. Chloe told Billy that she wasn't going to take Delia to the jail to visit him. Chloe left.

After Chloe was gone, Billy was taken back to his cell, and was upset to learn that Daniel was no longer his cellmate. The guard told Billy that Daniel had been placed in protective custody. Billy stared at a photo of Delia and said that her father would be home soon. Billy's new cellmate was a burly man with a lot of tattoos. Billy said to himself that it was going to be a long night.

Chloe returned from her visit with Billy and told Chance that Billy was unwilling to name his source. Chance told Chloe to weigh the pros and cons of revealing the grand juror's identity to the judge. Chloe called the judge and told him that she had information on the grand juror who had leaked the testimony. Chance looked on and smiled.

Jack ran into Emily at the Athletic Club and invited her to spend Christmas with him. She accepted the invitation. Jack told Emily that his opportunity to buy Chancellor stock had fallen through. Emily told Jack to look to the future and not back at the past. Emily told Jack that Patty hadn't made any breakthroughs in her therapy, and that perhaps it was time that Patty began treatment with another doctor.

Emily left for her session with Patty just as Ashley arrived. Ashley told Jack that losing out on the Chancellor IPO wasn't the end of the world. Jack worried that it could be the end of Jabot. He told Ashley that he had met Tucker, and that Jack didn't have a good feeling about Tucker.

Ashley told Jack that gaining more control of Jabot would have been nice, but that it wasn't going to happen. Ashley reminded Jack of how much tragedy had befallen her and the rest of the Abbott family during the year that was ending, and wondered why he was concentrating his mental energy on being excluded from the IPO.

Ashley said that she and Jack could honor John and Colleen by moving on with their lives. She told Jack that Faith was giving her a fresh start, and suggested that Emily might be Jack's fresh start.

In the psychiatric facility, Patty pulled out some newspaper clippings that she had stashed behind her cot. She looked at the headline, "Jilted Bride Returns With a Vengeance. Patty read the article and wondered what else she had done.

Emily visited Patty and told her that Patty could benefit from another therapist. Emily asked Patty if Patty knew why she was in the facility. Emily was floored when Patty said that it was because Patty had had taken "that girl." Patty said that she had been wrong, but wouldn't say anything further. As Emily left, Patty wondered where Jack was. Patty told Emily that she missed her husband. After Emily left, Patty looked at her reflection in the glass window in the door and said, "You're so pretty, Emily. I'm glad I chose to look like you."

Emily returned to the Athletic Club and told Jack that Patty had a major breakthrough by acknowledging that she had been wrong when she kidnapped Colleen. Emily said that because of the breakthrough, she would stay on as Patty's therapist.

At Tucker's loft, Tucker told J.T. that Katherine had accepted Tucker's proposal that he purchase the 25% of Chancellor stock that Katherine was taking public. Tucker noticed that J.T. seemed distracted. Tucker correctly guessed that J.T. was having marital problems. J.T. said that he had been trying to reach Victoria to tell her about Tucker's purchase of all the public Chancellor stock. Tucker was impressed that J.T. hadn't planned to tell Victoria about Tucker's purchase until it was a done deal. Tucker was sure that Victoria would understand.

Ashley met Adam at Crimson Lights and told him that the IPO had fallen through because of Tucker McCall. Adam told Ashley that Tucker was a legend in the business world. Ashley said that she was disappointed. Adam thanked Ashley for having kept him in mind for a piece of the deal, even though it had fallen through.

Ashley left and Victoria showed up. Adam mocked Victoria and wondered what she was going to do since the IPO had fallen through and she didn't have anything else going on. Adam told Victoria about Tucker having purchased the entire 25% of Chancellor stock. When Victoria acted surprised, Adam said that it seemed that J.T. was keeping secrets from his wife.

Responding to a phone call from Nick, Victoria went to his office, where Nick confirmed what Adam had told her. Nick was surprised that J.T. hadn't forewarned her, but Victoria said that she hadn't been checking her messages. Adam showed up to see Victoria's reaction when she confirmed what he had told her at Crimson Lights. Nick threw Adam out of the office.

Victoria was angry, and told Nick that J.T. should have told her about Tucker's purchase. Nick told Victoria that perhaps J.T. couldn't. Victoria said that because she was J.T.'s wife, J.T. should have told her. Victoria told Nick that she thought that her marriage was over. Nick told her to do what was best for herself and Reed.

Victoria tracked down J.T. at Crimson Lights and told him that she was going to Dubai with Reed. A stunned J.T. told Victoria that she couldn't take Reed. Tucker called J.T., which interrupted his conversation with Victoria. Victoria walked away as J.T. called after her.

Nick told Adam that he agreed with most of Adam's revisions of the National Air contract. Adam seemed surprised, and told Nick that he had expected Nick to hit him again. Nick said that he didn't like inflicting pain on people. Adam sarcastically said that he was heartbroken over the Hellstroms' marital problems. Nick asked Adam how many hours he spent trying to piss Nick off. Adam replied it was probably the same number of hours that Nick spent trying to get rid of him. Adam told Nick that was a colossal waste of Nick's time, pointing out that Adam was everywhere that Nick didn't want him to be -- at Newman Enterprises, living at the ranch, and in a relationship with Sharon. Adam said that it was only a matter of time before he was sitting in Nick's chair.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jack and Emily met at Crimson Lights. He told her how much he missed the Christmases he had as a child. Emily said she enjoyed Christmas as a child, but no longer did, as she had to deal with patients who were prone to suicide and depression during the holidays. Emily stepped away for a moment, and Jack called someone and told them that he needed them to do a few things for him .

Jack took Emily to a skating rink. Jack told her to turn off her phone and put herself in his hands. Jack told Emily he was going to revive her Christmas spirit. Jack and Emily discussed their first childhood kisses. Emily said that she was feeling the Christmas spirit, and Jack said that he had more surprises for her.

Victoria visited Billy in jail, to taunt him. She told Billy that he was getting what he deserved. Billy said that thanks to Victoria, he was a martyr, and would sell more issues of Restless Style than ever. Victoria said that Billy was a jerk. Victoria said that the Newmans were off-limits to Billy. Billy said that they weren't. Victoria threatened to punch Billy in the face if he printed anything else about the Newmans. Billy said that things could get messy.

Victoria left. A guard went into the room where Billy was and told Billy that he was being released. After going to the Restless Style office, Billy called Chloe and told her to go to the office. She found him there and was surprised that he was out of jail. Victoria showed up, upset that Billy had been released. She told Billy that she was going to wipe the smirk off Billy's face, permanently, if he ever printed anything about her again. After Victoria left, Billy said that not revealing the grand juror who had given him the testimony was the best thing he ever did.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis, Amber, Jana, and Kevin prepared for Daniel's welcome home party. Phyllis told Amber to stay at Crimson Lights and not go with Phyllis to pick Daniel up. Phyllis saw Deacon in front of the coffeehouse. She remembered the deal that she made with him. She went outside and told Deacon that he would get the cell phone when he confirmed that Amber was out of town.

At the jail, Daniel and Billy hung out. Daniel told Billy that he was getting out on bail. Billy said that he would rather stay in jail than give in to an unethical judge. Phyllis showed up and picked Daniel up. Daniel thanked Billy, and Phyllis wondered what that was about. Daniel said it was just guy stuff.

Kevin said that Daniel would be there any minute. Jana told Daisy that Daniel was being released on bail. Chance and Chloe showed up. Chloe whined about Billy being in jail. Chance told her not to talk about it. Chloe said that Billy could never know that she told the judge about the grand jury leak.

Daniel showed up with Phyllis. Phyllis thanked everyone who had supported Daniel, particularly Amber, the love of his life. Jack congratulated Daniel on getting out of jail, and introduced him to Emily. Jack took Phyllis aside and said that he didn't believe that Phyllis liked Amber. Kevin served Daniel some coffee, a new concoction that Kevin named the "Romalotti Special."

Phyllis paced nervously at the party. Chance told Phyllis what a wonderful mother she was. Amber hugged Phyllis. Phyllis said that Amber was the best daughter-in-law that anyone could ever have. She led a toast to Amber.

Michael and Lauren celebrated their anniversary at the Athletic Club. A woman watched them from another table. Lauren went over a list of bad things that had happened in her life, and brought up Sheila. Michael said that Sheila was dead.

At the Athletic Club, Deacon made a phone call and told someone that he was checking out of the club and was on his way. Ryder overheard and asked Deacon where he was going. Deacon said that he was going to California. Ryder said that his mother wouldn't like it. Deacon said that he didn't answer to Ryder's mother anymore. Deacon told Ryder to stand up to his mother. Deacon left.

Michael approached Ryder and told him that he had to leave, because he was violating the restraining order. Ryder told Michael to chill. Lauren asked Ryder what his conversation with Deacon had been about. Ryder told them to mind their business. Chance showed up and told Ryder that he had to leave or Chance would arrest him. As Ryder left the club, he received a text message that read, "You're playing it perfectly, baby. XO Mama Bear."

At Daniel's party, all were stunned when Ryder showed up. Phyllis warned Ryder to stay away from Daniel. Ryder said that he still couldn't give them his side of the story because Deacon had threatened him. Ryder went to the patio as Kevin apologized to everyone. On the patio, Kevin lectured Ryder about showing up when he wasn't wanted. Ryder went inside the coffeehouse and told Daisy that he was sick of being the bad guy, and that, for Daisy's information, "she" was in Genoa City.

Phyllis asked Amber to get something from Phyllis' car. When Amber left, Daniel told Phyllis how cool it was that she was getting along with Amber. In the alley outside the coffeehouse, Deacon grabbed a screaming Amber and threw her in a car.

Friday, December 18, 2009

At Jack's house, Jack surprised Emily with a huge, freshly cut holiday tree. She wondered when his staff would decorate it, but Jack said that Emily and he would do it themselves. The pair strung the lights and regaled each other with their holiday memories. Emily pulled out an ornament, and Jack said that John had given it to Traci after Colleen's birth. Jack grew tearful, saying that the memories attached to the decorations made each of them special.

As they decorated, Jack wanted to hear more about Emily's family. She said her parents had died. She had a younger brother, but they weren't close. She'd always thought that she'd have her own family with traditions by then, but it hadn't worked out. Jack grinned, saying that it was never too late. Later, Jack steadied Emily, so that she could crown the tree. When she slipped and fell back into his arms, he kissed her.

At Restless Style, Chloe recalled her and Billy's prison conversation. Billy blogged about his prison stint, but Chole said to delete the entry, because the judge wouldn't like it. Billy was stoked about standing up for his convictions and actually winning. As he joked around with Chloe, his jury informant entered, enraged that he'd ratted her out to the judge.

Billy swore that he hadn't told the judge a thing, but the juror insisted that Billy had been the only one who'd known about her. She announced that she'd tell the world that Billy Abbott's word meant nothing. The juror stormed out, and Billy called Rafe, determined to find out who'd identified the juror.

On the phone, Rafe confirmed that someone had indeed described the juror to the judge. Upon ending the call with Rafe, Billy racked his brain to figure out who had done it. He suddenly recalled that Chloe had been present when the juror had arrived with the information. "It was you, wasn't it? Hey, look at me! Did you really do this to me?" Billy asked.

A nervous Chloe admitted going to the judge, and Billy barked that she'd ruined his credibility. He insisted that he wouldn't have been jailed for long, because justice would have prevailed under the First Amendment. Chloe thought that he ought to be thanking her for getting him out of jail in time to experience his daughter's first Christmas. A sardonic Billy said he'd thank her. "Are you ready for it? Go get your crap and get out of my office, because you are fired!" he snarled, inches from her face.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria fumed to Nick about Billy's release. Nick didn't think that she really wanted Billy in jail for his daughter's first Christmas, but Victoria said that Billy had hurt her family by blasting her affair to the world. Victoria missed how her marriage used to be. She felt that she needed to work, but J.T. refused to address the Dubai opportunity. She decided to see how J.T. would respond to the idea of going with her to Dubai.

J.T. entered with Reed, and Nick grimaced to see Sharon and Adam arrive, too. J.T. and Victoria agreed that the couple was revolting. At the door, Sharon warned Adam that their fan club was in the room. Adam said that being blind was sometimes a blessing.

J.T., Reed, and Victoria waited in line to see Santa. Victoria became excited when J.T. suggested that they get a babysitter so that he and his wife could have dinner together. During their meal later, a messenger dropped off travel documents for her trip to Dubai. Victoria invited J.T. to travel with her, but he snapped that she always conveniently forgot about his job.

Victoria asserted that their marriage should be just as important as whatever J.T. did for Tucker McCall. J.T. defended his work, saying that Victoria never took him seriously. As they argued about J.T.'s view of his marginalized role in the family, Victoria decided that she and Reed would just go to Dubai without J.T. J.T. refused to let her take their son out of the country without his permission. Victoria raged that she was Reed's mother. J.T. countered that he was Reed's father. J.T. put his foot down, saying he'd fight her if necessary.

Sharon sat at a table reading menu items to Adam. Nick approached, and Sharon and Adam said they were glad that Daniel had been freed. Adam stated that he wouldn't wish prison on anyone. When Nick quipped that Adam had actually been guilty of his crimes, Sharon asked Nick not to start anything. Adam offered to give Nick some notes about the Dubai deal, but Nick dismissively said that deal had been completed. Nick asked for Sharon's opinion about getting Noah a snowmobile for Christmas. Adam commented that he'd had a snowmobile growing up. "No one asked you," Nick retorted, and he stated that Noah was off-limits to Adam.

After Nick left, Adam said that he hadn't been trying to cause trouble with Nick. Sharon was impressed that the men had conversed without hitting each other. Adam said that Sharon made him want to be a better man. Later, the two kissed under the mistletoe.

At Daniel's party at Crimson Lights, Daniel thanked Michael, Lauren, Kevin, and Jana for their help, patience, and friendship. Daniel thanked Phyllis for digging through mounds of garbage for him. "If that's not love, I don't know what is," he said, hugging her. Daniel thanked Daisy, too, and then he wondered where Amber was.

Later, Nick wandered into the coffeehouse, and he noted that the party had ended. Jana explained that after Amber had disappeared, Daniel and Phyllis had mysteriously taken off. Phyllis had left her phone behind, and Kevin handed it to Nick. It rang, and Nick answered it. Paul was on the line, wondering why Phyllis hadn't shown up at the barn. Nick seemed confused, but Paul hung up, because Phyllis had just arrived. Nick wondered what was going on.

In Deacon's car, Amber screamed at Deacon to let her go. He panicked, unable to start his brand new car. Amber wrenched herself away and dashed out of the car. Deacon chased her into a barn, and Amber warned that her family would be looking for her. Deacon said that she'd never see them again, because she'd start a new life with him and Little D.

An emotional Amber said a little piece of her heart had been taken away from her forever when Deacon left Los Angeles with Little Deacon. Deacon replied that the child had her picture and still thought of her as his mother. Just then, Daniel entered, ordering Deacon to get away from Amber.

Daniel conveyed that the penalty for kidnapping was up to twenty years in prison. Deacon said that he'd never hurt Amber, and he claimed that Phyllis had set the whole thing up. Deacon explained that Phyllis had blackmailed him into skipping town with Amber. Daniel scoffed, wondering what Phyllis could possibly have on Deacon.

Upon noting that Daniel had found them too conveniently, Deacon realized that he'd been set up. "Sucks to be on the receiving end of it," Daniel responded. Deacon bolted from the barn, but Paul and the police seized him outside. Phyllis handed over the cell phone for the prosecution to use as evidence against Deacon. Nick arrived on the scene as the police handcuffed Deacon. Deacon said that Amber knew exactly whom his arrest would hurt.

After the police took Deacon away, Paul, Phyllis, Daniel, and Amber congratulated each other. Amber gave Paul back the necklace with the tracking device inside. Nick took Phyllis aside for a talk, and Daniel burst with excitement that everything had finally worked out. Amber hugged him, but she seemed troubled.

In the barn, Nick asked how many times Phyllis and he had sworn not to keep secrets from each other. He resented that she hadn't let him in on the plan to save Daniel. "Nick, you're such a hypocrite," Phyllis said. She continued, "How many secrets do you have from me right now? Like the one about Adam and Sharon sleeping together, and how it drives you crazy?"

Phyllis stated that the Deacon plan had ended, but the Sharon thing went on forever. Phyllis said that Nick hadn't approached her about his inability to control himself regarding Sharon. Nick reasoned that he hadn't wanted to burden Phyllis with it in light of Daniel's problems. "Who cares who Sharon's sleeping with?" Nick quipped. Phyllis said that Nick apparently did, because he'd hit Adam in the face. Nick's inability to talk about it scared her.

Back at the coffeehouse, Eden questioned how Daisy had known that the rat had been from a pet store before everyone else had known, and she insinuated to Noah and Lauren that Daisy might have been involved in the prank. Lauren said that Daisy hadn't had an opportunity to slip the rodent into the store. Eden still sensed that Daisy couldn't be trusted.

At home later, Michael and Lauren kissed on the sofa. Eden banged on the door, saying that she'd forgotten her key. Michael let Eden and Noah in, and Eden said she'd be out of there once she got something from her room. Michael said that because Eden had expressed concerns about Daisy, he'd done a quick background check on her. He showed everyone the paperwork, and he stated that Daisy was a good student, who had no criminal record. Michael reasoned that it was time to consider that they might have been off base about Daisy.

Eden and Noah left Lauren and Michael to their "snogging." Michael held Lauren, saying that he'd used to call it "pitching woo." They kissed and headed to the bedroom. Daisy sneaked in through a back door and retrieved the background from the coffee table.

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