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Sharon and Adam eloped in Utah. As their plane crashed, Adam admitted that Sharon's baby was alive, but Sharon suffered a concussion and did not remember his confession. Emily accepted Jack's proposal. John appeared to Billy as 'Father Time' to show Billy his grim future.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 4, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, December 28, 2009

At the Baldwins' condo, Kevin and Jana harassed Michael while he connected the cables of Fen's new computer game to a television. Both Jana and Kevin tried to convince young Fen to challenge them first. Fen, however, chose his dad to be his initial competitor. Michael acted the part of a formidable opponent in a dancing-competition game, but ultimately Fen won. Eden and Noah arrived, and Lauren announced that Michael would receive more gifts. Daisy watched intently while Eden and Noah gave their gift to Michael.

Before Eden gave Michael her gift, she said, "Until you and Lauren took me in, I had no idea what it was like to have a normal life. Everything I owned fit into a backpack. You really taught me how to trust people." Noah added that Michael had also successfully convinced his parents to let him befriend Eden, who his parents had initially distrusted.

Eden and Noah gave Michael a book written by Jim Morrison. Michael seemed pleased. Kevin added that Morrison wrote about conquering his fears. Eden and Noah mentioned that Morrison's memory had greatly inspired them when they visited his gravesite in Paris, where Eden and Noah claimed they had forged a bond. Michael embraced Eden and thanked her for the gift. Eden, feeling tremendously grateful, said, "No. Thank you."

Jana gave Michael a silver paperweight shaped like a chipmunk. Kevin told Michael that he could chuck it at his brother's head if Michael ever needed to reprimand him. Daisy approached Noah and Eden and told them she thought it was cool that they'd been to Paris together. Daisy addressed Eden and claimed that they had a lot in common. Eden seemed annoyed, but Daisy added, "We both came here for a fresh start. We both know what it's like to be all alone because I lost my mom, too." Eden informed Daisy that she'd seen her hugging Ryder outside the boutique. Daisy claimed that she'd hugged Ryder to console him after he became upset when she confronted him and demanded that he leave Lauren alone.

Lauren noticed the heated exchange between the two young women and asked Eden and Daisy about their intense discussion. Eden announced that Daisy and Ryder were friends. Daisy claimed that she barely knew Ryder. After Eden called Daisy a liar, Daisy became distraught and left. Eden tried in vain to convince Lauren that Daisy was not her friend. Lauren insisted that Eden find Daisy and apologize because Daisy was Lauren's guest.

To continue honoring Michael, Lauren gave him a puppet that resembled a rat and thanked him for keeping her safe, no matter how many rats crossed her doorstep. When Eden returned after her fruitless search for Daisy, Eden saw Daisy sitting on the sofa with Lauren and Michael on either side of her. Daisy bore a heartrending expression as she claimed that it didn't seem right to take off without thanking Lauren and Michael. Eden stared in disbelief.

At Crimson Lights, Noah and Eden learned that Ryder was spending Christmas alone because he didn't have anywhere else to go. Traci and Ashley, waiting for a dessert order, overheard Ryder's comment and remarked about Ryder's sad predicament. Eden interjected, "Trust me; if anyone deserves to be alone, it's that guy." Traci and Ashley heard a commotion behind them and turned to see Chance attempting to corral a drunken Billy.

Ashley thanked Chance for looking after Billy and insisted that she and Traci would take over responsibility for their brother's welfare. Traci and Ashley told Billy that they were planning to visit Jack and invited Billy to accompany them. Billy woefully grumbled that his sisters hadn't phoned him earlier to issue an invitation. Ashley and Traci proved that they had after Billy checked the call log on his phone. Billy turned down his sisters' offer and insisted that he had to make a phone call. Traci and Ashley arranged for him to go home in a cab. Billy fumbled with his phone and tried to call Mac, but she refused to answer.

Billy showed up at Jimmy's Bar. Mac learned that Billy had managed to make it to the bar after Ashley and Traci put him into a taxi. Mac served Billy a cup of coffee, but he spiked it with booze after she turned away. Billy fished a charm bracelet from his pocket. One of the charms spelled out the phrase "A Smile Like This." Reminiscing about the past, Billy recalled the day he and Mac talked about the Karaoke CD they'd made while they were in high school. Billy remembered that the song was titled, "A Smile Like This." Mac had said at the time, she'd been afraid she might sing too loudly or off-key, but as an adult, she wanted nothing more than to sing loudly and obnoxiously. Billy attempted to sing the song, but he stopped suddenly and seemed overtaken by sadness.

Mac approached, so Billy quickly tucked the charm bracelet back into his pocket. Noting Billy's depressed expression, Mac asked him what was wrong, but Billy insisted that his life was just perfect. Mac suggested that Billy go home and get some sleep. Billy apologized for breaking the news about Mac's pregnancy. Mac forgave Billy, and he berated her for being too nice to him. Billy complained that Chance was acting as a father figure to Delia. Mac suggested that Billy spend time with Delia instead of drinking at the bar. Mac drove Billy to his mobile home, tucked him into bed, and rebuffed his romantic advances. After Billy passed out, Mac saw that Billy had her old charm bracelet. Mac lovingly covered a snoozing Billy with a blanket.

While Chance and Chloe enjoyed coffee at Crimson Lights, they also exchanged gifts. Chance gave Chloe a unique necklace, which she claimed she liked. Chance was at a loss for words when Chloe gave him tickets to a Backstreet Boys concert. Chance tried to act pleased, but he asked Chloe if she had actually chosen the gift for herself. When Ryder approached and offered a refill, Chance asked Ryder if he'd enjoy the Backstreet Boys. Ryder grimaced.

After Chloe and Chance left the coffeehouse, Daisy arrived. Ryder told Daisy that she shouldn't be seen with him. Daisy explained that Eden saw her and Ryder hugging. Daisy told Ryder that she'd concocted a story to cover their tracks and warned him to maintain the lie. Ryder said he didn't want to stick to their plan because he liked Kevin and having a brother. Daisy reminded Ryder that he had a sister, as well, and that they were family. Before she left, Daisy added, "You better do your part." Ryder sighed.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack played the role of Santa to a much-delighted Emily. Jack, sporting a snow-white beard and Santa suit, deepened his voice when he asked Emily if she'd been a good girl. Emily grabbed Jack and kissed him. Emily was overwhelmed with the number of gifts Jack gave her. Jack explained that he truly missed his family's traditional magical Christmas with everyone gathered together. Jack conceded that if he couldn't see his siblings on Christmas day, then so be it.

Moments later, Jack was pleasantly surprised when Traci and Ashley showed up unannounced. Jack learned that Billy hadn't accompanied his sisters and why. Traci met Emily. Traci showed Jack the scrapbook Lily had made to honor Colleen's life. Ashley mentioned that Abby and Billy were paying respects to Colleen's grave at the cemetery when they visited. Jack said that he wished he and Billy were on better terms. After Traci and Ashley left, Jack remarked to Emily that his sisters had never before approved of his love interest.

At the Chancellor estate, Nikki met Tucker McCall when he answered the door. Tucker claimed that he recognized Nikki from photos, which, he insisted, didn't do her justice. In the sitting room, Jill told Katherine that Paul had searched for weeks to find the name of the daughter Katherine had given up for adoption years before. Jill held the gift-wrapped box containing the name of Katherine's long-lost daughter. Nikki walked in and heartily wished everyone a Merry Christmas. Murphy and Katherine were overjoyed that Nikki had arrived unexpectedly. Katherine commented about Nikki's new brunette mane. Nikki quipped, "I am a lady of mystery now." Jill seemed disheartened when Nikki arrived and stole Jill's thunder.

Katherine redirected her attention to Jill's surprise gift. Jill added that she thought Katherine should have the option of knowing the identity of the woman, but explained that it would be Katherine's choice. Nina stood nearby and asked, "Are you going to open it?" Tucker quipped that the suspense was killing him. Katherine faced Jill as she announced, "You have no idea what it means that you would do this. I mean, it's a terribly generous and unselfish gift. I hope you won't be offended by my saying that I'm not going to pursue it." Jill looked devastated.

Nikki quietly asked Murphy if he had known that Jill had instigated the search for Katherine's daughter. Murphy said that he had always thought that Katherine would not be receptive to the plan. Jill overheard Nikki's disparaging remark about springing an unwanted surprise. Jill told Nikki not to worry and assured her that she was still Katherine's favorite. Tucker interjected, "I know I don't have a dog in this fight, but imagine what it's like to live your whole life knowing you have a mother out there somewhere and wondering about her."

Murphy and Nikki seemed uneasy when Katherine said she appreciated Tucker for having honestly expressed his thoughts about Jill's efforts. Jill later assured Katherine that she fully supported Katherine's efforts to reconnect with her long-lost daughter. While they were alone together, Nikki berated Tucker for getting chummy with Katherine. Tucker reminded Nikki that she had been an exotic dancer before she married Victor Newman.

Before Nikki left to attend to Victor, Katherine told Jill that if there was a daughter out there, she wanted to find her. In a dive bar, a mysterious woman with a red bandana tied across her forehead sat on a barstool downing shooters with chasers. The woman belched loudly. Addressing the bartender, the brusque woman said in a gruff voice, "Hit me again."

At the tack house, Summer played with her new toys while Nick spoke on the phone with an official who told Nick that Sharon was aboard the corporate jet with Adam. Phyllis asked rhetorically where Adam would be flying to on Christmas Day. Summer begged her daddy to play a game with her. Nick, distracted, ignored Summer's request. Phyllis instructed Summer to set up her game, so her mom and dad could play a round with her later.

While Summer was occupied, Phyllis asked Nick what Adam was up to. Nick responded that Adam had taken Sharon to Lake Tahoe. Phyllis responded nonchalantly, "I think that's great. Sharon's a big girl, and she can make her own decisions." Nick said that he didn't like the thought of Noah's mother running off with Adam. Phyllis told Nick that what Sharon did shouldn't affect him. Phyllis facetiously suggested that Nick go immediately to rescue Sharon.

Nick cleared his throat and nervously announced that he needed to get away to think about some things. Phyllis, dismayed, said, "I am sure you do." Summer begged her daddy to play, but Nick told her that he had something he had to do. Nick was sitting at a table in a bar when he received a phone call informing him that the corporate jet was on its way back. Nick was upset to learn that the plane lost radio contact after encountering a severe storm.

Adam and Sharon arrived at their wedding site in a sleigh. Hundreds of hurricane candles and glistening lights strung in trees illuminated the outdoor setting in a snow-covered field. Reverend Kelly performed the ceremony, while his wife, Anne, acted as a witness and the only guest. Sharon placed a band onto Adam's finger, and Adam placed his late mother's ring onto Sharon's finger. After Reverend Kelly pronounced Adam and Sharon husband and wife, the couple kissed. Later, Sharon and Adam were back on the Newman jet headed home.

Distracted, Sharon refused champagne and said that she was overwhelmed because everything had happened so quickly. Adam said he understood. Sharon was about to say more when the plane's captain announced that they'd encountered unexpected adverse weather conditions. Adam urged Sharon to fasten her seatbelt just as the captain explained that he would have to land the plane before the weather worsened.

Sharon and Adam braced themselves in their seats as the jet shuddered, and the lights flickered. Sharon screamed. The oxygen masks deployed, and the couple placed the masks on their faces. Sharon's bouquet of red roses smashed to floor. The jet continued to pitch and roll. Sharon screamed and cried. Adam retrieved a pen and a piece of paper from his pocket. He scrawled a message and showed it to Sharon. The note read, "Your baby is alive."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

In her living room, Phyllis noted that Nick hadn't used the bedding that she'd set on the sofa for him the previous night. As she remembered slapping Nick, he called to say that he'd been at the airport all night awaiting information on the missing jet that Adam and Sharon had charted. Nick said he hadn't phoned sooner, because he hadn't wanted to awaken Phyllis.

At Crimson Lights, Noah told Eden that Sharon hadn't arrived home. As the teens discussed Sharon and Adam, Phyllis called Noah and asked him to meet her at Michael's house to discuss something. After the call, Noah told Eden that it didn't sound good.

At their apartment, Lauren thanked Michael for his thoughtful Christmas presents and the tickets to Paris. Just as they tried to take advantage of their alone time, Phyllis arrived with the ominous news that the Newman jet had disappeared from radar with Sharon and Adam aboard. Phyllis said that despite her and Nick's fight about Sharon the previous night, Nick had rushed off to see about Sharon. "Here he is again, running to her rescue, maybe for the last time," Phyllis quipped. Lauren grimaced, and Phyllis asked if Phyllis were a bad person for saying that.

Noah and Eden arrived, and Phyllis explained that Sharon and Adam's jet had stopped communicating with air control. Michael bluntly added that the plane could have gone down. An upset Noah asked if he could join Nick at the airport. Noah said that he had to find his mother, because she'd just started to be happy again. Phyllis hugged him.

At the fiery crash site, Adam cradled Sharon in the snow. Kenny, one of the jet's attendants, approached, and Adam said that Sharon had suffered a head injury. Kenny left with Pete to find help. To the ground floated the note that Adam had scrawled moments before the crash. The note crackled with fire and disintegrated. Adam told Sharon that he was sorry.

Sharon murmured that she was tired, and things looked blurry. She drifted off to sleep. Adam prodded her to open her eyes and give him "hell" for hurting her. Sharon squeezed his hand. When Adam heard choppers overhead, he said that help was on the way.

At the airport, rescuers dispatched a team to investigate a smoke plume that might have belonged to the jet. As Nick viewed aerial maps, Kenny staggered in. He said that Sharon needed immediate help, and the rescuers sprang into action. Nick asked if he could go with them, but the leader refused to take on the liability. Nick prayed that Sharon would be okay for Noah's sake.

Later, the rescue team located Adam and Sharon. Nick called Phyllis and Noah to say that Sharon was headed to the hospital with a head injury. Noah worried that it could be serious. Nick promised to keep them updated, and he ended the call as paramedics wheeled Sharon in. Nick stared into her hospital room and scowled when Adam strode up beside him.

Nick grumbled that Adam ought to be somewhere getting examined for brain injuries. Adam said Nick was free to leave, because Adam had everything handled. Nick sarcastically said that Adam had handled things beautifully. "So the weather's my fault now?" Adam asked. The doctor approached to say that he expected Sharon to recover from her mild concussion.

Nick strode off to answer a call from Noah. Noah put Nick on speakerphone, and Nick apprised everyone at Lauren and Michael's house of Sharon's status. Nick said that wind shear had caused the crash. Since the emergency had passed, Phyllis assumed that Nick would return home. He said he was on his way.

Adam went in to see Sharon. He said she hadn't been unconscious long, but it had felt like an eternity. Ted, an investigator, entered to question Sharon about what had happened moments before the emergency landing. Sharon recalled terrifying sounds, but not the moment of impact. She remembered huddling with Adam in the snowy and smoky woods. Adam took Ted into the hallway to answer the rest of Ted's questions.

Sharon reached for the phone as Nick entered the room. He said he'd hurried there when he'd heard about the plane trouble. Annoyed, Sharon wished that he hadn't done that. She felt that she needed a sign saying that she wasn't Nick's wife anymore. Nick said that she'd always be his son's mother. Sharon remarked that she'd been about to call Noah, and Nick stated that he'd already informed Noah that she was okay.

Nick asked why Sharon and Adam had taken an abrupt trip. Adam entered, and Nick snapped that it was a private, family discussion. Adam replied that he was right where he needed to be, but Nick retorted that he didn't consider Adam to be a part of Nick's family. "He's part of mine, Nick. Adam and I got married. He's my husband," Sharon stated. Adam sat beside her and took her hand.

Back at Michael and Lauren's house, Phyllis told Lauren and Michael that they would have gotten the same great news about Sharon, whether or not Nick had been on the scene. Phyllis said Nick always had to rescue Sharon, even when he wasn't needed. Phyllis wondered how much of her life she'd spend waiting for her husband.

Later, Noah and Phyllis went to the tack house, and Noah offered to help Phyllis out, since he'd occupied her entire morning. Phyllis didn't think that was necessary. Noah noted that it couldn't be easy for Phyllis to watch Nick deal with Sharon. Phyllis smiled and pretended that it didn't bother her at all. She sent Noah to the kitchen to eat his favorite sandwich.

At the hospital, Dr. Kershaw told Lily, Cane, and Neil that an infected hangnail could have caused Lily's fever. Lily couldn't believe it, but the doctor said that it was very plausible for someone with a compromised immune system. Lily realized that she'd have to stay in the hospital through the holiday or risk "death by hangnail."

Alone with Cane, Lily pessimistically said that something bad always happened when she finally felt good about things. Cane cheered her up by giving her an optimistic forecast for the following year. He predicted that at the end of her chemotherapy, Lily would be a strong, healthy woman with very long hair. He imagined that their house would be a wreck with baby paraphernalia, and Lily would nestle a child in her arms.

Mac entered, and Lily stroked Mac's belly. Lily said the hospital was dismal, but miracles happened in the maternity ward. Lily stated that she and the baby would meet there for the first time. Cane left to get a snack. Lily said that Cane had a positive attitude, but she knew that he was scared. Mac remarked that they all were scared. Lily said her father would have a panic attack if she mentioned dying. Mac figured that it was natural to think the worst, but that didn't mean that the worst would happen.

Lily wondered if she'd live to see the baby. Mac reasoned that everyone took risks. Though Mac didn't know how long Lily would have with the baby, Mac was certain that Lily wasn't about to die. Mac encouraged Lily to believe that no matter what, the risk was worth it.

In the corridor, Devon and Neil discussed staying overnight at the hospital with Lily. Neil advised Devon to make the broken date up to Roxy. Devon said that he would. On his way home to pack, Devon said he'd do anything for Lily and Neil.

Later, Neil found a stressed Cane in the corridor. Neil and Cane discussed their worries and fears. Cane said he'd predicted a happy future for Lily, and he hoped it would become true. Neil assured Cane that it would, because every single one of them would survive the trying time.

Devon returned to the hospital and gave Cane some overnight things that Devon had packed for Cane and Lily. Devon stated that Roxy was dog-sitting. Cane, who wasn't used to having a support system, thanked Devon for helping. Devon said he'd grown up alone, as well. Cane wondered what it would have been like to grow up with a support system, and Devon assured Cane that their children would know.

Back in Lily's room, Neil and Lily joked with Mac about Mac's pregnancy cravings. Devon and Cane entered, and Lily insisted that Devon had better things to do than spend the night in the hospital. With some persistence, Lily talked Devon out of staying. Devon left with Mac, and Neil exited briefly. Lily became dizzy, but she assured Cane that she was just tired.

Neil returned, and Cane decided to pick up some food from Jimmy's. Cane thanked Neil for staying with Lily, and Lily responded that no one chased monsters from beneath her bed better than her father did. As Neil and Lily hugged, Malcolm entered the room. Lily gasped.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In Lily's hospital room at Genoa City Memorial, Lily and Neil were still stunned by Malcolm's sudden appearance. Malcolm explained that he had run into Olivia at London's Heathrow Airport, Olivia had filled him in on Lily's medical condition, and he immediately flew to Genoa City.

Lily told Malcolm that Neil, Cane, and Devon had been supporting her through her medical ordeal. When Malcolm referred to Cane as "Lily's rock," Lily realized that Malcolm had received the letter that she had sent to him. Malcolm said that he was unable to respond because he was on a photo shoot in a remote area of India. Malcolm congratulated Cane on his marriage to Lily, and welcomed Cane into the family.

Malcolm offered to have additional medical help flown in to Genoa City, but Neil assured his brother that Lily was receiving top-of-the-line care. Lily told Malcolm that she knew that the odds weren't in her favor, but that she was fighting the cancer with everything she had. Malcolm said that Lily was feisty -- just like her mother. Neil and Cane said that Lily had experience d enough conversation for one evening, and that she needed to rest. Malcolm and Neil left the room.

In the hallway outside Lily's room, Neil chided Malcolm for having been out of touch for five years. Malcolm said that he didn't think that Neil wanted him around -- especially since Lily and Neil had learned that Malcolm was Lily's biological father. Neil asked his brother why he hadn't gone to Genoa City when Drucilla died. Malcolm reminded him that Neil had said that he hoped to find Drucilla alive, and that Neil had told Malcolm not to go to Genoa City. Malcolm said that perhaps disappearing hadn't been the right thing to do, but it was a moot point, since he had shown up when he learned of Lily's illness.

Later, Neil and Malcolm returned to Lily's room, where they learned that Lily's infection was subsiding. Lily told Cane that he should go to work, but Cane insisted on staying at Lily's bedside. Neil shot daggers at Malcolm when Malcolm said that they weren't going anywhere.

At Crimson Lights, Nina asked Paul if he wanted to go to a movie before they went out for their New Year's Eve dinner. Paul said that he couldn't because he wanted to visit Patty. Paul was surprised when Nina said that she wanted to accompany him when he visited his sister. Nina said that Patty was a big part of Paul's life, and he shouldn't feel as if he needed to keep her hidden. Nina told Paul that he was always there for everyone else, but this time she wanted to be there for him.

Nina and Paul visited Patty in her padded cell. Patty told Paul that the psychiatric hospital wasn't a great place for Paul to take a New Year's Eve date. Nina said that it was her idea to visit Patty. Patty told Nina that they were welcome to stay and visit.

Patty asked Nina about Nina's family. Nina said that she was an only child. Patty said that she had three wonderful brothers, and that her hope for the new year was to keep getting better, take care of Kitty Kitty, and to show everyone that she wasn't what they thought she was. As Nina and Paul prepared to leave, Patty hugged Nina. After Paul and Nina left, Patty said that perhaps in the next year she would have someone to love.

At the tack house, Victoria told Phyllis that both Reed and Summer had fallen asleep. J.T. called Victoria from Crimson Lights and the Hellstroms decided to spend New Year's Eve together. Victoria told J.T. that she would meet him at the coffeehouse. After J.T. hung up, Mac approached him and said that she was happy that he and Victoria would be spending New Year's Eve together.

Victoria asked Phyllis if Nick was off planning a romantic evening. Phyllis, gritting her teeth, told Victoria that Nick was with Sharon. She told Victoria about the plane crash, and Victoria said she understood why Nick had gone to see Sharon. Phyllis sarcastically said that she also completely understood why Nick went to visit Sharon. Victoria assured Phyllis that Nick would be home as soon as he could.

Mac, J.T., and Victoria had coffee on the Crimson Lights patio. Victoria told Mac how much she admired what Mac was doing for Lily. Mac said that Cane and Lily were determined to have a future with their child -- and that family meant everything to the Ashbys.

After wishing Victoria and J.T. a happy New Year, Mac left for Jimmy's. The Hellstroms discussed what a difficult time it was for Cane and Lily. J.T. said that the Ashbys' situation reminded him of the time when Victoria had been in a coma and Reed had been in the neonatal intensive care unit. Victoria told J.T. that one year earlier they had been happy, but that she was worried about what the future held for their marriage.

Victoria told J.T. that they needed a break from one another, so she had decided to go to Dubai for weeks, perhaps months, on Newman business. J.T. thanked Victoria when she said that she was going to leave Reed in Genoa City. J.T.'s phone rang -- it was Tucker, who had an errand for J.T. to do. J.T. told Victoria that he had an emergency to deal with, and he left. Victoria sat by herself, looking quite sad.

At the Abbott mansion, an elegantly dressed Jack and Emily enjoyed a romantic dinner, and were serenaded by a string quartet. Emily said that she felt spoiled, and that she didn't know how she was going to return to her normal routine after the holidays. Jack said that he had given up hope for anything good happening in 2009, and then, when he least expected it, Emily had entered his life.

Emily was stunned to find a diamond ring in her champagne glass. Jack proposed to her. A touched Emily told Jack that she had never really done anything impulsive, although she had always urged her patients to live outside the box. She said that she was going to take her own advice, and told Jack that she loved him and would marry him. After Jack slipped the ring on Emily's finger, the couple kissed passionately.

After arranging for a babysitter for Reed and Summer, Phyllis went to the Abbott mansion to talk with Jack. She began rambling on about her situation with Nick until she realized that Emily was there. Phyllis was unpleasantly surprised when she learned that Jack and Emily were engaged. She said, "Congratulations... I guess." Phyllis quickly left, telling Jack and Emily to "knock themselves out."

In Sharon's hospital room, Nick was still reacting to the news that Adam and Sharon had gotten married. After a brief physical altercation with Adam, Nick told Sharon that if she really knew Adam, she wouldn't have married him. Sharon told Nick that he had a lot of nerve insulting Adam. Adam made it very clear that he was Sharon's husband, and there wasn't anything that Nick could do about it. Nick said that Adam was using Sharon to get revenge on Nick. Sharon said that was ridiculous, since her marriage to Nick was over anyway.

Adam said that he knew that Sharon would always have feelings for Nick, because they shared a past and a son, but that Adam was Sharon's new life. Adam swore on Hope's soul that his marriage to Sharon wasn't a sham. Nick said that guys like Adam didn't change, and he urged Sharon to have the marriage annulled. Sharon told Nick to go home to his wife.

After Nick left, Adam poured some sparkling apple cider into paper cups. Sharon wore a Happy New Year hat and held a noisemaker. Adam told Sharon that it wasn't the evening that he had planned -- but that it was the best New Year's Eve of his life. Adam said that he wasn't threatened by Sharon's lingering love for Nick. The Wilsons kissed.

Nick returned to the tack house and stared at a picture of himself and Phyllis. Phyllis returned and Nick informed her that Summer and Reed were asleep, and he had sent the babysitter home. Nick told Phyllis that Adam and Sharon had gotten married. Phyllis wondered why Nick couldn't let his feelings for Sharon go. Nick said that he was trying. A frustrated Phyllis said that she didn't know whether to break something or to strangle Nick.

Phyllis told Nick that she wanted her life and her marriage back, but all she was hearing was that Nick was trying not to be in love with Sharon. Phyllis said that she hated Adam and Sharon -- and added that she hated Nick too. Nick said that he hated the situation, but that it was New Year's Eve, and he was home. He asked Phyllis what they should do. Phyllis grabbed Nick and began to kiss him passionately.

Billy showed up at the Chancellor mansion and apologized to Katherine, Chloe, Chance, and Murphy for his earlier drunken behavior. He promised to behave himself if he could go inside.

In the Chancellor living room, Billy held Delia. Chloe gave Billy a belated Christmas gift that Delia had "picked out" -- a Genoa City snow globe. Billy became upset when he learned that Chance had been there when Delia picked the gift out. Delia began crying, and Chance told Billy that Delia liked to be rocked. Chance took Delia from Billy and calmed the child down. Obviously feeling like an outsider, Billy watched forlornly as Chloe fed Chance some chips and dip. Billy's friend Josh called and invited Billy to a New Year's Eve party. Billy said that he was leaving for the party and rushed out. Outside the front door, Billy told Josh that he wasn't going to the party -- Billy said that he wasn't in the mood.

In the Chancellor living room, Chloe sat with Chance and Delia and said that she didn't mind staying at home for New Year's Eve and reflecting on the many blessings in her life -- Delia, Katherine, Esther, Murphy, and, of course, Chance.

Later, Katherine stared at the pictures of her family and told Murphy, Chance, and Chloe that she was thinking about the events of the past year. She mentioned that she soon might meet the daughter she had given away. Katherine said that she was ready for whatever life handed her.

Billy called Jack to wish him a happy new year, and was shocked to hear that Jack and Emily had gotten engaged. Jack and Billy hoped that 2010 would be a better year for both of them.

Billy went to Jimmy's and began drinking. He looked at the Restless Style website on his phone -- he had already posted the story about Jack and Emily's engagement. Mac showed up and wasn't pleased to see the drunken Billy ordering drinks for everyone in the bar.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The residents of Genoa City prepared to ring in the new year. At the Chancellor mansion, Esther, Murphy, Katherine, Chloe, Chance, and Jill gathered. At the Abbott mansion, Jack spoke to Traci on the phone and told her that 2010 was going to be a great year. At Crimson Lights, Kevin gave a lonely-looking Victoria a noisemaker. Kevin asked Victoria where J.T. was, and was surprised to learn that J.T. was working on New Year's Eve.

At Jimmy's, Billy was extremely intoxicated and made a nuisance out of himself. Mac and Cane refused to serve him any more liquor. Mac told Billy that he was drunk -- half on Scotch, and half on himself. Cane offered to call Billy a cab, but Billy declined the offer and walked outside the bar.

On the snowy street, Billy pulled out the Genoa City snow globe that Delia had given him for Christmas. He began throwing it in the air and catching it. Eventually he missed, and the globe broke on the ground. Billy became upset and promised, to himself, that he would fix it. The remains of the globe began to glow. Billy looked up as "John" approached him. John told Billy not to bother trying to fix the globe, as Billy wouldn't be able to undo a disaster. John said that he was "Father Time," and was going to give Billy a glimpse into the future.

John transported Billy to the Restless Style office in the future. Billy, no longer drunk, looked around and decided that Restless Style was doing well -- there were awards all around the office. John told his son that the awards weren't for excellence in journalism -- rather they were for ad sales. On the wall was the latest Restless Style cover -- a caricature of Billy with a beautiful woman on each arm. Billy laughed and told John that he was so fair that he even made fun of himself. John said that Billy had no journalistic integrity, and that he wouldn't be laughing when he saw all of what John had to show him.

John magically whisked Billy to the Ashbys' -- seven years in the future. Lily, Cane, Mac, and several children were having a birthday party. John told Billy that Lily had been cancer-free for over six years. Billy noticed a wedding ring on Mac's finger and assumed that he and Mac were married. John told Billy that he wasn't Mac's husband. Billy tried to speak to Mac, but John said that no one could hear him. In the kitchen, Lily and Cane discussed the selfless gift that Mac had given them -- a child. Mac entered and told the Ashbys that it was time for birthday cake. John asked Billy if he was feeling left out. Billy saw a little boy sitting on Mac's lap, and he realized that the child wasn't his.

The next stop on Billy's journey was the Chancellor mansion, about ten years in the future. Chance, Chloe, Katherine, Murphy, Esther, and Delia had just returned from Delia's dance recital. Chance congratulated Delia on how wonderfully she had performed. Billy wondered why he wasn't with the group. John explained that Billy had ravaged his own family in Restless Style, and they had "excommunicated" him. Billy told John that he was sure that, in the future, he would spend time with Delia. Chance played with Delia, and John said that Chance was very good with the girl. Billy told John that he wasn't the "selfish bastard" that John and Jack thought he was -- he just had a demanding career. Acting as if the scene wasn't bothering him, Billy asked John to take him to the next stop on the trip into the future.

John took Billy to the Abbott mansion -- 13 years in the future. It was New Year's Eve, and Ashley, Traci, and Jack were celebrating. Ashley mentioned that Faith was about to begin high school. Traci said that Colleen would be proud of Abby, who had become a successful businesswoman. Jack said that he still hoped that Abby would one day work at Jabot -- the family business. Billy realized that, in the future, the Abbotts once again controlled Jabot.

Jack mentioned that perhaps Delia might be interested in working at Jabot. Traci said that Billy would have loved that. Billy realized that Jack had never asked Billy to return to Jabot, and wondered why Jack had held his grudge for so long. Jack reminded Traci that Billy had left Jabot of his own accord, in order to buy Restless Style, adding that Billy had died the day that he bought the magazine. Traci said that she wished Billy was with them -- instead of where he was. Jack said that wherever their brother was, he was sure that Billy was up to his eye in vices. Billy and John found themselves standing outside the front door of the Abbott mansion. Billy had an issue of Restless Style in his hands. When he saw that Kevin was on the cover, he ripped the magazine in half.

John and Billy were transported to the future Restless Style office. Kevin was having his picture taken with Victoria and Nick. Nick and Victoria discussed what a great job Kevin had done turning the magazine from tabloid trash into a cutting-edge magazine. Victoria said that she derived particular satisfaction from Kevin's accomplishment after Billy had raked the Newmans over the coals in the magazine; she added that she hoped that Billy knew how successful Restless Style was without him.

Billy told John that he hoped that he was going to make a lot of money selling Restless Style to the "suckers." Mac showed up at the office, and Billy mistakenly assumed that she was working there. Billy was shocked when he saw that Mac was married to Kevin. Kevin referred to Mac as his "sexy and beautiful muse." Billy flung himself against a window and began screaming.

Billy and John magically went to the future Crimson Lights. Katherine and Jill were waiting for Jill's son. Billy said that he was there, but John reminded Billy that he couldn't be heard. Billy was upset when he realized that Katherine and Jill were referring to Cane. Cane showed up, and Katherine and Jill told him that he was being promoted -- Cane was going to run Chancellor Industries. When a thrilled Cane reminded Katherine and Jill that he wasn't a Chancellor, Jill said that, blood or no blood, Cane was her son. Billy screamed that he was Jill's son. Katherine mentioned that Delia was getting married. Billy insisted that John take him to the wedding.

The next stop was the Chancellor mansion -- on the day of Delia's wedding. Delia walked downstairs in her wedding gown. Katherine gave Delia something old -- a pair of antique earrings. Esther gave her granddaughter something borrowed -- a locket. Lily presented Delia with something new -- a handkerchief. Cane and Lily reminded Delia that they were present when Delia was born. Delia said that her father had been present for her birth -- but wasn't there for her wedding. Billy told John that he would have crashed the wedding if he had to.

As Chloe looked at a folded baby picture of Delia, Delia said that Billy had a choice -- and had chosen not to be involved in her life. A confused Billy told John that he would never have abandoned Delia. John reminded Billy of what Jack had said -- that Billy had once been a lovable screwup, but had changed into just a plain old screwup. Jill told Delia that even though Billy wasn't present, they were all there for her. Chance added that they always would be. Billy watched in tears as Delia told Chance that she had picked a waltz for the father and the bride dance. Delia and Chance practiced waltzing.

Chloe sat alone in the Chancellor dining room. She unfolded the baby picture of Delia to reveal the other half -- a picture of Billy. Chloe began talking to the picture, and said that Billy was a jerk. She added that, for a while, Billy had actually loved Delia, but that Delia was aching because he wasn't at her wedding. Billy tried to tell Chloe to get Delia. Chloe, continuing to speak to the photo, said that Billy had broken Delia's heart, and that Chloe could never forgive him for that. Chloe left the dining room. John told Billy that he was just a memory to Chloe -- a bad memory.

Back outside Jimmy's, Billy told John that he didn't want to make the mistakes that he was evidently going to make. Billy tried to rationalize his obsession with Restless Style. He said that he wanted to start an empire, just as John had done. John said that Billy was missing the point -- that Jabot wasn't about money -- it was about family. Billy started whimpering and said that he wanted his family. John said, "You have me." Billy said that John was dead. John replied, "And so are you." Across the street, Billy saw his lifeless body behind the wheel of a car that had crashed into a pole. The headline on a nearby newspaper read, "Print Mogul Billy Abbott Dead in DUI."

Billy began regretting everything that he had done. John lectured Billy, and told his son that he had chosen to party, and then wrapped his car around a pole. Billy wondered if he was destined to die that night. John said that it didn't matter, because Billy thought that he had all the time in the world. He reminded Billy of the people that he had alienated -- Mac, Chloe, and Jack -- and said that it wouldn't be long before he alienated everyone else. Billy wondered what to do. John said that Billy had to change. Billy asked John how to change. John disappeared.

Billy's journey ended, and he was once again drunk, sitting on the curb by the broken snow globe. Around Genoa City, the residents counted down to 2010. Billy, very much in despair, was blinded by the headlights of a car pulling up to the curb. A woman got out of the car and walked up to him. It was Victoria. She helped him stand up and told him that she was taking him home. As Victoria led Billy to her car, he stared back at the broken snow globe on the ground.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode of The Young and the Restless was pre-empted. This scheduling change was planned for in advance and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Regular programming will resume on Monday, January 4 and pick up where Thursday, December 31's show concluded.

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