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Chance was framed for drug trafficking. Victoria helped a drunken Billy get home. Katherine wanted to have a DNA test to make sure Jo-Jo was truly her daughter. An unidentified person set fire to Sharon's home while Noah and Eden were inside.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 4, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, January 4, 2010

In her car on the way to meet J.T. and Reed at Crimson Lights, Victoria remembered that a drunken Billy had taken her scarf, which was a treasured Christmas gift from Katherine. Victoria phoned J.T. and told him that she'd misplaced her scarf, and she seemed distracted as she informed J.T. that she was on her way to the coffeehouse to meet him and Reed. Before Victoria hung up, she directed J.T. to promise Reed that she'd be there soon.

In his mobile home, Billy awoke with a hangover after having passed out in his boxers on the sofa. Billy was surprised to find a plaid scarf hanging around his neck. After yawning and stretching, Billy beheld the scarf, which sparked memories from the previous night. Billy vaguely recalled Victoria helping him up off a snowy curb, and then driving him home. Billy initially remembered pulling Victoria's scarf off her neck while she wrestled him for the keys to his front door.

After downing a couple of aspirin, Billy hazily recalled another snippet about his journey home with Victoria the previous night. Billy remembered asking Victoria, as she buckled him into her car, why she was helping him since they hated each other. Victoria quipped that her New Year's resolution was to be kind to animals. As Victoria and Billy headed toward his house, Billy, inebriated, insisted that he was truly a lovable guy. Victoria crossly reminded Billy that he'd trashed her in his rag publication and ruined her life.

Billy fell back asleep, but he was startled awake by a phone call from a reporter demanding details about Billy's online article claiming that Jack Abbott was engaged to marry Emily Peterson. Billy, confused, referred the caller to Restless Style's Web site. Billy used Victoria's scarf to shield his eyes from the harsh daylight as he remembered Victoria struggling the night before to ignite the furnace. Victoria had expressed concern for Billy's welfare and sought to heat the chilly trailer. An earsplitting knock on Billy's door thrust him from his daydream. Victoria had returned. Billy immediately knew she'd come to retrieve her scarf. Billy thanked Victoria for giving him a ride home. Billy seemed sincere and said he hoped he hadn't said anything to spark trouble.

Revisiting the previous night's events, Victoria recalled Billy telling her that he regretted writing about her involvement with Deacon Sharpe. Victoria had agreed when Billy claimed that he felt like the world's biggest jackass. After the recollection, Victoria realized that Billy, standing before her wearing a turtleneck, still sported her scarf. Billy told Victoria that he hoped he hadn't caused her too much trouble after she took him home. Victoria briefly flashed back to the night before and remembered helping Billy remove his damp clothing. Victoria had laughed hysterically when she saw Billy's novelty boxers, printed all-over with the word "naughty." Billy kindly returned Victoria's scarf, and as she headed out the door, she giggled and proclaimed, "Those boxer shorts were very festive!"

At Crimson Lights, J.T. served Reed a snack at a nearby table while J.T. sat with Mac. J.T. advised Mac to cut ties with Billy after J.T. noticed Mac struggling to decide whether she should phone Billy to check on him. Mac grimaced when J.T. suggested she cut Billy loose and let him become someone else's problem. J.T. offered Mac herbal tea and asked if she'd experienced odd cravings. Mac mentioned her first pregnancy and sadly noted that she regretted not telling J.T. that she was pregnant until after, and she left it at that.

J.T. acknowledged Mac's emotions about her past pregnancy and said he sometimes considered what might have been. J.T. changed the subject and wondered aloud what had delayed Victoria. By the time Victoria arrived, Mac was gone. Victoria apologized for being late. J.T. seemed distant as he claimed he needed to rush Reed home, so the boy could take a nap. J.T. gave Victoria a cursory kiss on the forehead before he said, "See you at home."

In Lily's room at the hospital, Cane, Neil, and Devon had munchies to snack on while they watched a bowl game with Lily. Ashley stopped by to check on Lily, who reported that she was feeling much better. Malcolm burst in the door and surprised Ashley, who greeted him with hug. When Ashley asked Malcolm how long it had been since they'd seen each other, he responded, "Too long." Devon and Lily made eye contact as they warily observed Malcolm reconnecting with his past while thrusting himself back into their lives. Devon greeted Malcolm just before a nurse showed up to check on Lily. Everyone but Cane and the nurse stepped out. Cane told Lily that she was in no condition to handle the stress resulting from Malcolm and Neil's strained relationship.

After Lily's family and Ashley returned to watch the game in Lily's room, Malcolm produced a hand-drawn greeting card Lily had made for him when she was five years old. Lily read aloud the note she had written. Lily said, "Dear Uncle Malcolm. I miss you. Paris is good. Maybe you could come here." Lily was surprised to learn that Malcolm had kept the note, onto which Lily had drawn a depiction of herself holding hands with Malcolm. Neil abruptly left, and Ashley followed him.

In the hallway outside Lily's room, Neil reminded Ashley that few people knew that Malcolm was Lily's biological father. Ashley assured Neil that he was and would always be Lily's dad. Neil questioned Malcolm's decision to return when he did and worried that his presence might add stress to Lily's already compromised physical condition. Ashley suggested that Neil mention his concerns to Malcolm.

Before Lily's family left the hospital, Cane spoke privately to Malcolm. Cane told Malcolm that the stress between him and Neil distressed Lily. Malcolm suggested that Cane instead address his concerns to Neil because he was the one who was being problematic. Cane asked Malcolm if he' was there to support Lily or ease his own guilt. Malcolm vehemently insisted that he'd returned because Lily needed him and wanted him there.

Neil approached and de fused what was quickly becoming a tense situation between Cane and Malcolm. Malcolm proclaimed that Cane had accused him of being detrimental to Lily's recovery. Neil confirmed Cane's concerns, and he urged Malcolm to leave. Cane added that Malcolm should put Lily's needs first. Malcolm walked away without addressing Neil and Cane's allegations.

Malcolm later returned to Lily's room and asked if his presence was distressing to her. Lily told Malcolm that she wanted him to stay. Lily added that she wished Neil didn't feel awkward and uncomfortable when Malcolm was around. Malcolm was relieved and insisted that he and Neil could help Lily beat the cancer. Malcolm expressed his hopes that he and Neil might heal old wounds while they set aside their differences in order to support Lily.

At the Abbott mansion, Emily surprised Jack when she told him she'd planned a Valentine's Day wedding. Emily and Jack intermittently minded the plays of a televised football game as they talked about their fast-approaching nuptials. Jack suggested they postpone the ceremony until June, but Emily said she couldn't wait. Jack offered to reserve the Colonnade Room. Emily hesitated at first, but Jack noted that their wedding would be her first and his last, therefore, Jack insisted that Emily enjoy the ceremony of her dreams.

Emily was delighted to remind Jack that she'd give him another opportunity to be a father. Jack sadly noted that Patty had also wanted children. Emily explained that the timing was never right when Jack was with Patty or with Sharon. An unexpected phone call from a reporter requesting a comment about their engagement angered Jack, who realized that Billy had betrayed him once again. Jack saw the scoop posted on Restless Style's Web site. Emily worried that Patty might find out about their engagement, but Jack assured her that Patty didn't have Internet access.

After Jack left, Paul arrived at Jack's and immediately surmised that the news flash about the engagement was true when Emily answered the door. Paul showed Emily a copy of the local newspaper, complete with photos of Jack and Emily, publicizing their forthcoming marriage. Paul berated Emily for being Patty's doctor while, at the same time, hiding the fact that she was involved with Jack. Emily agreed with Paul's suggestion to stop treating Patty. Emily agreed to visit Patty and tell her she couldn't be Patty's doctor any longer.

Jack burst into Billy's trailer and bashed him for stabbing Jack in the back after scooping Jack and Emily's engagement. Billy heartily apologized and explained that he'd had an epiphany the night before that had motivated him to become a better man. Jack noted that Billy seemed sincere. Billy pleaded with Jack to forgive him, so they could mend their relationship. Jack responded, "It isn't that simple after all the crap you pulled. You can't just get a fresh start."

In her padded cell at the psychiatric facility, Patty seemed lost in a trance as she sang, "Jack, Jack, it won't be long, and I'll have you back, back, back." Paul arrived and Patty hugged her brother tightly as she happily announced her plan to acknowledge her favorite doctor, Emily, by making her an early Valentine's Day card. After Paul left, Patty used her art supplies to cut a string of paper dolls. Patty admired her creation, and then she picked up the morning newspaper. When Patty's eyes locked onto the photos of Jack and Emily and the announcement of their engagement, she picked up her scissors, repeatedly stabbed Emily's photo, and shredded it to bits and pieces. Patty sobbed, moaned, and whimpered pitifully as she violently destroyed Emily's photo.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

At the coffeehouse, Chloe was so bored with her unemployment that she considered becoming a nurse...until Chance mentioned the unstylish smocks she'd have to wear. Sid greeted them, and Chance asked about the Riggs case. Sid claimed that it was slow going. Chance remarked that Sid hadn't taken Chance's statement yet. Sid said he'd get to it, and he rushed off.

Chloe and Chance exchanged quizzical glances. Chance wondered why Sid was slacking on the high-profile case. Chance spotted Brian, the EMT on duty the night of Riggs's escape, and Chance questioned him on the terrace. Brian didn't have much information, but before leaving, he hesitated as if he wanted to say something more.

Heather entered, and Chance asked to see any items that Riggs had left in his cell. Chance explained that he wasn't assigned to the case, but Sid hadn't made the case a priority. Heather reluctantly refused to put her office in the middle of Chance's issue with Sid's work ethic.

Inside, Jack sat with Chloe to ask for her help. When Chloe said that Billy had fired her, Jack decided that Billy's stupidity was Jack's gain. Jack hired Chloe to plan his wedding.

Later, Chance returned to see that his chips had been eaten. Chloe said she'd buy him all the chips he wanted, because Jack had just hired her as his wedding planner. Chance conveyed that Brian didn't know anything. Worried for Chance's safety, Chloe asked if criminals ever returned to their crime scenes. "Not unless they want to finish what they started," he replied.

As the couple prepared to leave, Sid stormed back to their table. Sid accused Chance of asking questions that made Sid look as if he weren't doing his job. Sid warned that Chance and he would have a real problem if it happened again. As Sid walked off, Chloe called him a jerk. Chance remarked that Sid didn't usually act like that. As the couple departed, Sid made a phone call.

At the mansion, Chance received a text-message from Riggs. Riggs claimed to be in trouble and asked Chance to meet him alone at the old Christmas tree lot. Chloe was upset that Chance seemed to be considering the meeting. "That man tried to kill you!" Chloe asserted.

When Adam dropped Sharon off at home, a relieved Noah barreled down the stairs and clung to her. Adam left, and Noah remarked that he was trying to be cool about Sharon and Adam's relationship. Sharon asked Noah to keep being cool, because she had some news for him.

Sharon explained that Adam had proposed, and Noah chuckled that it was a crazy thing for Adam to do. "You said 'no,' right?" Noah quickly asked. Sharon revealed that she and Adam had eloped. Stunned, Noah asked what had happened to her making it on her own. Sharon said Adam empowered her to be independent. She asked Noah to exercise patience and kindness once Adam moved in. Noah agreed to do so, but he didn't like that she'd gotten married.

Noah blamed himself for not being around enough, but Sharon said that her marriage was not his fault. She asked him to consider how she'd disliked Eden at first. Noah said that Eden hadn't framed anyone for murder. He was certain that Adam would soon show Sharon his vindictive side. As Sharon tried to reason with Noah, he told her not to worry that he'd do anything drastic. "You have plenty drastic in you for all of us," Noah quipped.

As Nick cooked breakfast for Phyllis, she recalled expressing to Nick her abhorrence of him, Sharon, and Adam. Phyllis told Nick that they couldn't solve their problems with sex and bacon. Phyllis said that while in bed, she'd gotten the message that Nick needed her; however, she wondered how she'd make him see how intolerable the Sharon situation was. Phyllis called Nick jealous; however, he said that he was pissed off, not jealous.

Nick ranted about how Sharon hadn't changed. With a tried expression, Phyllis agreed that Sharon followed the same patterns. He wondered how it would affect Noah, who'd probably feel that Sharon had picked "that loser" Adam over her son. Fed up, Phyllis wished they could talk about their own situation. She said that Nick had spent the previous year running to Sharon's rescue, and Phyllis asked when Nick would rescue his own wife.

Phyllis sobbed, guessing that she had to lay down on train tracks to get Nick's attention. He said that she didn't need to follow Sharon's example. Phyllis said she'd never do that, because she wasn't weak and needy. Though she was strong, she still needed her husband. "I'm tough, but I'm not superwoman, Nick," Phyllis said. She sobbed again, saying that in Nick's absence, Noah had stayed with her to make sure that she wasn't alone.

Nick said he didn't realize what she was going through. Phyllis quipped that he wouldn't, because he was too preoccupied. She recomposed herself and went upstairs to check on Summer.

Noah arrived to talk to Nick about Sharon's new marriage. Noah felt that it would end in disaster, and he wondered what they were supposed to do about it. Nick advised Noah to concentrate on his own life. Nick offered to let Noah live at the tack house if things got too crazy at home. Nick thanked Noah for being there for Phyllis, but Noah responded that it was Phyllis who'd kept him from falling apart. Phyllis returned downstairs in time to hear Noah say that he didn't know how she kept so cool under pressure.

Once Noah left, Nick told Phyllis that he took Phyllis's strength for granted. He said that the whole family depended on her, and it was time that she depended upon him. They kissed and said that they'd missed each other.

At Jack's house, Emily prepared to meet Paul at Patty's hospital. Emily told Jack that the engagement announcement in the newspaper had concerned Paul. She decided that she couldn't tell Patty about the engagement because it would undermine Patty's progress; however, she also couldn't continue as Patty's doctor under the circumstances. Emily additionally felt that her patient relationship with Patty had become too personal, and Patty might benefit from a doctor that Patty would view purely as a professional, and not a friend.

Emily said that the transition to a new doctor might take some time, and Jack and she might have to postpone the wedding. Jack assumed that Paul had laid a guilt trip on Emily. She admitted that she felt guilty, because she was living Patty's dream. Jack supported Emily's decision, but he was wary of postponing the wedding. Emily said that the quicker she began the transition, the quicker a new physician could begin.

At the mental hospital, Patty screamed, stabbing the newspaper with her scissors. Outside her door, an orderly expressed concern, but Patty yelled back that she'd shrieked because she'd thought she'd seen a spider. The orderly left her alone, and she hid the newspaper behind the bed. She told herself to get it together and make a plan, just as Dr. P had taught her.

In the corridor with Paul, Emily said she'd decided to step down as Patty's doctor. Paul waited in the hall as Emily entered Patty's room to give her the news. When Patty heard Emily's voice, she transformed from glowering to grinning. She giggled like a nymph and hugged Emily. Patty gave Emily a homemade card, which thanked Emily for being such a good friend. Patty said that Emily was a loyal friend, and Patty would never be where she was without Emily.

Emily became emotional as she suggested that other doctors could better help Patty. Patty said that she didn't want another doctor, and she clung to Emily. Emily explained that change was necessary for growth. Emily said that the new physician, Dr. Jasper, would gradually take over Patty's sessions, and Emily would relinquish Patty's case to him in mid-February.

Paul entered, and Patty ran into his arms. She sobbed that Dr. P. wouldn't be around anymore. As Paul hugged Patty again, her expression transformed from somber to resentful. After Paul and Emily left, an orderly gave Patty her medications. When he left, she spit them out.

At the ranch, Ashley welcomed Adam back, and he gave her the details of his impromptu nuptials. When he mentioned that he would move in with Sharon, Ashley remarked that the ranch was like a ghost town. She suggested that Sharon and he move to the ranch instead. Adam didn't know if Sharon would want to move again, but he said he'd ask her.

Just then, Jack arrived with news. Adam made a hasty exit, and Jack announced that he and Emily were engaged to be married on Valentine's Day. Ashley remarked that it was a long engagement in comparison to Sharon and Adam, who'd just eloped. Jack was frustrated that Sharon couldn't see that Adam was using her to get to Nick. Ignoring Ashley's protests, Jack stormed out of the house to do something about it.

Later, Emily visited Ashley to discuss the wedding. Emily asked Ashley to be her matron of honor, and Ashley said it would give her a reason to look forward to Valentine's Day. Emily said that the wedding could be delayed, dependent upon Patty's response to her new doctor.

Adam went to the coffeehouse. He bumped into Heather, and her files spilled on the floor. When he handed them to her, she saw his wedding band. He announced that he'd married Sharon. Meanwhile, Sharon was gazing at her wedding ring when Jack arrived on her doorstep. "Please tell me it isn't true," Jack said. Sharon rolled her eyes.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

At the coffeehouse, Paul met Nina and Murphy to say that Katherine needed to hear what Paul had found out about Joanne before Katherine went South Dakota. Nina said that Katherine had already left, and Murphy wondered what the news was. Paul said that Joanne could be trouble.

Paul showed Joanne's extensive rap sheet to Nina and Murphy. It included assault, grand theft, and weapons charges. Joanne hadn't been adopted, and she'd been imprisoned for extortion and money laundering. Joanne had also been tangled up with a motorcycle gang that had been ensnared in a federal sting. Murphy called Katherine but got no answer. Paul said that Murphy had warned Jill not to spring the information on Katherine, and Paul wished that Jill had listened.

On the Chancellor jet, Jill was happy that Katherine had asked Jill on the trip. Katherine didn't know who else she'd rather have by her side. As Katherine and Jill imagined what Joanne would be like, Katherine hoped that Joanne had a good life with a husband and children.

After landing, Katherine and Jill ventured into a dank part of town. They found "Jo-Jo's," a jail-bonding company located at Joanne's address. Jill warily said that they didn't have to go through with the meeting. Katherine thought that was nonsense after they'd traveled so far.

Just then, a leather-clad, bandana-wearing Joanne wrangled a fugitive into her shop at gunpoint. When Joanne noticed Katherine and Jill, she directed them to a restaurant up the street, which had a "slamming early bird special." Joanne shut the door on the flabbergasted women.

Katherine wondered if that were the right Joanne, but Jill didn't want to stick around to find out. Katherine insisted that they give Joanne the benefit of the doubt. Jill asked Katherine not to reveal that she was Joanne's mother right away. "And hand me your jewelry," Jill added, holding out her hand. Katherine told Jill to stop it and led Jill back to the door.

When they entered, Joanne was ending a blackmail call to the mayor. Katherine asked if she were Joanne Glover, born on September 30th. Joanne wondered who Katherine thought she was to arrive there, spouting off facts about Joanne. "Your mother," Katherine replied. Jill huffed, and Joanne looked puzzled. "Do I look like I need a mommy?" Joanne rasped.

When Katherine said that her child had been raised by the Gray Nuns, Joanne stated that no one knew that about her. Joanne assumed that she was on Katherine's "Bucket List," and Joanne said that Katherine could put her conscience to rest. Katherine asked Joanne to visit Genoa City, but Joanne rasped that she had a business to run. Joanne saw Katherine's ring and assumed that it was fake. Katherine said that it was real, and Jill scoffed when Katherine let Joanne wear it. "It looks good on me. When do we leave?" Joanne asked.

On the jet later, Jill looked irritated as Joanne threw back drinks. Joanne remarked that she hadn't even had to check her gun at the airport. Joanne wiped her mouth with a "Chancellor Industries" napkin and asked if Katherine were "that Chancellor." Katherine said that Joanne was, too. "I'll be damned! Ma!" Joanne exclaimed, hugging Katherine. Jill looked on horrified.

On the coffeehouse terrace, Heather reeled at the news of Adam's marriage. She said that the 30 days in the psychiatric ward obviously hadn't helped Sharon. Adam said he was sorry that Heather hadn't gotten over their breakup. Heather claimed that she hadn't given it a second thought. She proclaimed the "klepto" and the liar as the perfect match and left in a huff.

On Sharon's doorstep, Jack asked Sharon to tell him that she hadn't married Adam. Sharon tried to slam the door in Jack's face; however, Jack said that he was her friend and he'd behave. Inside, Jack wanted to hear about the elopement, and Sharon gushed about the romantic winter land ceremony. Jack asked how Noah had taken the news. Sharon felt that, in time, Noah would love Adam.

Jack blurted out that he wished that Sharon had just talked to someone before heading to Tahoe. She reminded him that he'd promised to behave, and she added that she didn't feel that she needed anyone to bless her decisions. Jack reasoned that it made sense for Sharon to cling to a lifeline after the drama that she'd been through. Sharon took offense, and she said that she hadn't married Adam because her life was unstable. She felt that she'd never been more stable. Jack suggested that she'd eloped to stop people from talking her out of it.

Sharon grew upset, and Jack said that Adam was just a sick opportunist, who'd married Sharon to exact some bizarre revenge on Jack. Sharon scoffed at Jack's theory, and Jack called Adam a liar. "No, you're the one who lied our marriage to death!" Sharon retorted. She added, "You lied to me about being a sex addict, for God's sake!" Jack called Adam a nasty little kid, whose father didn't give a damn about him. Sharon smacked Jack, and he stared at her in shock.

Sharon yelled that she'd warned Jack not to speak ill of her husband. She said that Jack had claimed to be her friend. Jack roared that friends told the truth. Adam entered, and Sharon said that Jack was just leaving. Jack warned that as soon as Adam slipped up, Jack would be right there. Jack wished Sharon luck and cited that she'd need it.

As Adam gave Sharon a backrub later, the couple discussed the harrowing reactions to their marriage. Sharon said it had felt terrible to hear the things that Jack had said. She wondered why Jack and Nick just couldn't move on. Adam didn't think he could move on from a one-of-a-kind Sharon, either, and he admitted that he'd made grave mistakes when he'd first arrived in town. He hoped that people would eventually forgive him the way that Victor had. Adam wanted to try to mend fences with Jack and Nick, but Sharon didn't think it was possible. She said that those men were welcome to hang onto the past.

Jack went to the coffeehouse, where he encountered Paul. Paul said that if Jack had really cared about Patty's recovery, he wouldn't have dated her therapist. Paul worried about what would happen if Patty learned about the engagement, but Jack said he'd make sure that she never did. Paul asked if Jack found it strange that Jack had fallen for a woman with Patty's face. "Keep in mind; it's Patty who has Emily's face," Jack clarified and walked away.

At the mansion, Chance stared at the text message from Riggs. Chloe said Chance should call for backup, if he insisted upon meeting Riggs. Chance stated that there was no one that he could trust. After Chance left, Chloe asked Mac to babysit Delia, and Chloe exited the house.

Chance arrived at the Christmas tree lot to find Riggs cowering behind some trees. Chance flashed a light on Riggs and saw that his face was badly bruised. Riggs said he was freezing, and Chance gave his coat to Riggs. Riggs insisted that they had to get out of there. Chance attempted to radio for backup, but someone hit him over the head.

Later, Chloe found Chance knocked out in the snow at the tree lot. After Chance radioed for assistance, he stated that Chloe shouldn't have followed him. She replied that she'd been worried. Chance said it was his job to take risks. "Well, not foolish ones," Chloe quipped.

Heather and Sid arrived, and paramedics checked Chance out. Sid berated Chance for not calling, but Chance said that Sid hadn't been making much headway on the case. Sid asserted that Riggs would be in custody if Chance had called for backup.

Later, Chance asked if anyone had located his coat. Heather retrieved a bag of evidence that contained a coat. She asked Chance if it were his. He nodded. Heather warned there were enough drugs in the coat to warrant a federal offense, and then she asked Chance once again if it were his coat. Chance said the coat belonged to him, but the drugs did not.

Heather and Sid conveyed that the scene looked like a drug deal gone bad. Sid said there would have been no doubt about the situation had Chance called Sid for backup. Sid decided that Chance had to go with him, and Chloe incredulously asked if Chance were under arrest.

Billy arrived at the mansion to see Mac babysitting Delia. He assumed that Chloe had forgotten that it was his night with the baby. Mac noted that Delia seemed fussy, and Billy said that he'd done some research, and it was normal for babies Delia's age.

Billy remarked that he'd been soul-searching. Mac wondered if he remembered the other night when he'd been so drunk that she didn't think he'd make it home. She felt that she couldn't stop him from drinking himself to death. Billy said that was what he wanted to talk to her about.

Just then, Delia got fussy again. Mac took Delia's temperature and discovered that she had a slight fever. As Mac administered some medicine, Billy thanked her for being there. Mac watched Billy walk the living room with Delia. He promised that he'd be around more. Mac noted that Delia's temperature had dropped, but Billy didn't think he should take Delia out in the weather. Mac and Billy sat down to read Delia a story.

After Delia fell asleep, Billy said he'd had a revelation and he wanted to be a better dad. He said that he admired what Mac was doing for Lily, and he was sorry for giving her a hard time about it. He knew that he was a little late in giving it, but she had his support. Billy said that he'd tried to change for Mac and Delia, but he'd realized that he needed to do it for himself.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cane and Jill ran into each other at Crimson Lights. Cane sensed that something was bothering Jill. Jill told him that she and Katherine had flown to South Dakota to find Katherine's long-lost daughter. Jill said that she wished that she had never tried to find Katherine's daughter, JoJo.

Jill told Cane that JoJo was a bit rough around the edges. Cane suspected that Jill was jealous of what JoJo represented -- Katherine's true, biological daughter, but he reminded Jill that she would always be a part of Katherine's family. Jill got down on herself for putting the plan to find JoJo into motion. Cane said that seeking out Katherine's daughter was a kind and thoughtful act on Jill's part.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker, J.T., and Neil met to discuss some Chancellor Industries business. Neil was surprised that J.T. was so involved in Tucker's executive business. J.T. said that he had always wanted to be more involved in business, but that he never was given that opportunity at Newman Enterprises. Tucker said that Newman's loss was Chancellor's gain.

Tucker was eager to see Chancellor begin expansion activities, but Neil seemed put off by Tucker's pushiness. Neil told Tucker that he and Katherine appreciated Tucker's expertise, but that they would have to further consider any expansion proposals. He reminded Tucker that Katherine was reluctant to make any major changes so soon after the IPO. Tucker said that he would discuss the expansion plans with Katherine and Jill, but Neil told him that the women were busy with a personal matter, and shouldn't be disturbed.

Billy visited Lily at the Ashby residence. Billy told her that he had come to terms with the knowledge that Mac was carrying the Ashbys' baby. Malcolm showed up, and he and Billy were happy to see each other. Billy told Malcolm that he was impressed with some of the photo spreads that Malcolm had shot. Lily told Malcolm that Billy owned Restless Style. Billy said that he could use a talented photographer like Malcolm at Restless Style, and offered Malcolm a job, which Malcolm accepted.

Cane returned home with flowers and muffins for Lily, but was none-too-pleased to see Malcolm and Billy at the house. Billy was about to leave, but Cane asked him to stay. Lily and Malcolm went off to the kitchen so that Cane and Billy could speak privately. Cane told Billy that he was concerned about Jill, and related the story about Katherine's biological daughter. Billy, uncharacteristically civil to Cane, promised that he would check up on Jill.

At Sharon's, Sharon and Adam, wearing bathrobes, began kissing on the couch, but Sharon stopped, concerned that Noah might walk in on them. Adam told her that Noah had already left. Adam said that he had to go to work. Sharon was concerned that Adam and Nick might butt heads at the office. Adam assured his wife that he could handle Nick.

Running into each other at Crimson Lights, Neil and Sharon wished each other a happy new year. After thanking Sharon for the Christmas gifts that she had sent Lily, Neil told her that Malcolm had returned to Genoa City, and that his reappearance was causing problems. Sharon told Neil that she knew that Malcolm was Lily's real father. Neil said that he was Lily's true father, and that Malcolm needed to leave town.

Neil noticed Sharon's wedding ring, and was shocked to learn that she had married Adam over the holidays. Neil tactfully did not express his obvious disapproval of the marriage. Sharon said that most of Genoa City seemed to disapprove of the match, but her only concern was Noah's reaction -- she said that she didn't care what anyone else thought, and she wasn't going to apologize for marrying someone who made her happy.

Neil went to the Ashbys', where Cane was questioning Malcolm about Malcolm's next assignment, and obviously hoping that it was far from Genoa City. Malcolm told Neil and Cane that he knew they weren't happy about him being in town, but, after talking to Lily, he had decided to stay. He told Cane and Neil that Billy had offered him a job at Restless Style. Lily thought that Billy's job offer was great, but Neil and Cane clearly disagreed.

Lily told Cane, Neil, and Malcolm that they needed to move past the tension that Malcolm's return was causing. Neil asked Lily and Cane to leave the room so that he could speak with Malcolm. Neil chided Malcolm for suddenly wanting to be a part of Lily's life. Malcolm said that Lily wasn't the only reason he had decided to remain in town -- he said that he was also staying for Neil's sake. Neil looked confused.

At Newman Enterprises, Nick and Victoria went over some last-minute notes concerning Victoria's trip to Dubai. Nick told his sister that Adam and Sharon had married. Victoria wondered if Nick wanted to kill Adam. Nick said that he initially had wanted to strangle their brother, but that he knew a better way of handling Adam.

Victoria told Nick that she was hoping that her trip to Dubai would help end her marital problems -- she said that she wanted her and J.T. to be excited about seeing each other again. Adam walked in and sarcastically asked Victoria if she was talking about him. Adam said that he was glad that he had arrived at the office in time to wish Victoria a bon voyage.

J.T. called Victoria, and they arranged to meet at Crimson Lights with Reed so that they could share one more cup of hot chocolate with their son before she left for Dubai. Victoria hugged Nick, but ignored Adam as she walked out of the office. Adam snidely wondered why Victoria wasn't congratulating him on his marriage. Victoria pasted on a false smile and told Adam to enjoy the marriage while it lasted.

After Victoria was gone, Connie entered Nick's office with some files. She told Nick that the Genoa City Chronicle had called, and wanted a quote from Nick regarding Adam's marriage to Sharon. Adam was shocked at how quickly news about the Newman family spread. Sharon showed up at the office to give Adam his cell phone, which he had forgotten at her house. Sharon also wondered what Nick was going to say to the newspaper. Adam and Sharon were stunned when Nick told Connie to call the paper and tell them that, although Nick initially had some issues with Adam, he was happy about the marriage, and offered his heartfelt congratulations to the Wilsons.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria ran into Billy. He thanked her for helping him to get home on New Year's Eve. She told him that she was leaving for Dubai on business, and semi-jokingly told him not to ruin any lives while she was gone.

Victoria sat down with J.T. and Reed. She was glad to hear that J.T. had taken the rest of the day off to spend time with her and their son. Victoria promised Reed that when she returned from Dubai, she would spend a lot of time with him. J.T. told a happy Victoria that Reed was going to use his webcam to blow Victoria a good night kiss every evening. Victoria's airport cab arrived. She told J.T. and Reed how much she was going to miss them, then left the coffeehouse.

At the Chancellor mansion, Murphy told Katherine that she seemed quiet since returning from South Dakota the previous night. Katherine said that JoJo was more than she had bargained for. A frazzled Esther entered and told Katherine that she had found a knife and a gun in JoJo's laundry. JoJo walked into the living room and told Esther that one never knew when one might have to take a man down. JoJo demanded some "grub" from Esther, and Esther and JoJo went off to the kitchen. Katherine wondered where everyone was, because she wanted to prepare them for the presence of "that thing."

JoJo asked Katherine to give her a tour of the estate. Katherine said that, before she showed JoJo around, she wanted to know a bit more about her daughter. JoJo said that there wasn't much to tell -- that she had grown up in an orphanage. Esther handed JoJo a mug of coffee, to which JoJo added some liquor from a flask she was carrying. Katherine, Murphy, and Esther wore looks of dismay. JoJo asked them if they had ever heard of Irish coffee. Katherine said that she had several Irish coffees in her day, but that she no longer drank alcohol. JoJo claimed that her own drinking was under control. Katherine left to prepare to give JoJo a tour of the Chancellor estate. With Katherine gone, Murphy told JoJo that he was going to keep a close eye on JoJo.

While Katherine and JoJo were on their tour of the estate, Jill returned home, and told Murphy that she hoped that JoJo had left. JoJo and Katherine wandered in after the tour. JoJo was extremely impressed with the grounds. She sat down, removed her shoes, and, in front of the repulsed Jill, Katherine, and Murphy, began massaging her feet. JoJo wanted to know more about Katherine and Jill's relationship. When Jill said that she owned half of the estate, JoJo implied that Katherine and Jill were sexually involved. Katherine and Jill quickly dispelled that notion, and told JoJo that they were lifelong friends. Katherine said that there was a time when they thought that Jill was Katherine's daughter. JoJo pointed to herself and said, "I'm proof positive -- you ain't."

Tucker showed up at the mansion and JoJo recognized him as "that guy from TV." As JoJo gushed over Tucker, Tucker tried to discuss his acquisition proposal with Katherine. Katherine said that she had made some notes on the proposal. While Katherine searched for the notepad, JoJo reached into a garbage can, pulled out the pad containing the smudged, unreadable notes, and told the group that she had spilled a drink on the notes.

Since Katherine was unable to decipher the notes, Tucker suggested that he and Jill discuss the business deal. While trying to take a picture of Tucker with her cell phone, JoJo knocked over some expensive glassware, much to Esther's horror. Jill said that she would be happy to discuss the possible acquisition with Tucker.

Billy arrived at the Chancellor mansion just as Tucker was finishing reviewing the acquisition proposal with Jill. After Tucker left, Billy stared at JoJo and said, "Holy crap." Katherine was appalled when JoJo began juggling some expensive objets d'art while trying to prove to Murphy that she had once been a circus performer. JoJo spotted Billy and wondered who the "cutie patootie" was. Jill introduced Billy as her son. JoJo seemed disappointed that Billy didn't live at the mansion, but she said that she planned to get to know everyone attached to "Mama Kay." Murphy asked JoJo how long she planned to stay in town. To everyone's dismay, JoJo said that they should all start planning a "welcome back to the family" party. Katherine turned to Murphy and said that she didn't care what the documents said -- she wanted to take a DNA test to prove whether or not JoJo was her daughter.

At the police station, Nina and Chloe asked Chance why he couldn't just leave. Chance said that, although he was set up, circumstantially things looked bad for him -- he had met with an escaped drug dealer without backup, and drugs had been found in Chance's coat. Sid told Chance that Internal Affairs was ready to interview him.

Nina, obviously irritated that Chloe was staying at the police station, told her that she could leave. Chloe said that she wasn't going to leave the station until Chance did. The women stared through a window into the interrogation room, where Chance was undergoing heavy questioning.

With the questioning concluded, Chance rejoined Nina and Chloe. Sid joined them and told Chance that, for the record, he didn't think that Chance was guilty. Sid said that Chance was being suspended with pay, and that criminal charges might still be filed. Sid added that if Chance were reinstated, he would be off the Riggs case. Sid asked Chance for his gun and his badge, which Chance reluctantly turned over.

Chance, Nina, and Chloe went to Crimson Lights. The women tried to cheer Chance up by telling him that he would soon be back on the force. Chance said that he still had many questions about why Riggs had contacted him. Nina told Chance to try to let it go. Chance said that he couldn't -- he told his mother that someone was targeting him, and he wanted to know why.

Friday, January 8, 2010

At the Athletic Club, Michael and Lauren discussed how she needed to eat more after she'd injured her ankle when she'd gotten lightheaded from low blood sugar. Michael remarked that the crime lab was behind schedule, but he hoped to hear something about the gym bag contents in the morning. Lauren suggested that they visit her new office.

Later, Michael admired the remodeled interior of Lauren's office. He sat in Lauren chair but said it would feel better if she joined him in it. She sat in his lap, and Daisy entered with the new sales figures. Daisy noted that the couple seemed "into the chair."

Michael received a call from Heather, who said that she'd expedited the lab's analysis of the gym bag contents, and a report awaited him at the precinct. Daisy took off from work, and Michael left. As Lauren worked alone, she discovered that a large gold box had appeared outside her office door. She terrifyingly recalled opening a similar box to find a live rate inside. She carefully flipped off the top to see that it merely contained samples from a potential vendor.

At the police station, Sid gave Amber and Daniel four minutes to talk to Deacon before his transfer. Amber asked Deacon where Little D was. Deacon told her to forget about the child and move on with her life. She figured that he'd told her about Little D on purpose, because he knew that she would care. Amber stated that she could care for the boy while Deacon was in prison. Deacon claimed that he'd beat his charges and take care of the child himself.

Daniel accused Deacon of using the child as a pawn, but Deacon rasped that he didn't mess around regarding his son. Deacon worried that divulging the boy's whereabouts would put the boy in danger. Amber asked who'd want to hurt a little boy. Sid interrupted to say that Deacon's "limousine" had arrived.

Amber pleaded with Deacon to reveal Little D's location. She promised to visit Deacon with updates about his son. As the cops led Deacon out, he said that the child was with her mother. Amber attempted to call Tawny in Furnace Creek, but the number was disconnected.

Michael entered with great news for Daniel. Michael said that Daniel wouldn't be indicted. It seemed that the prosecution was following a DNA lead off the ski mask in the gym bag. Michael stated that the "third man in the alley" that night had actually been a woman.

At the coffeehouse, Eden scowled at Daisy, who said that Christmas hadn't sucked for the first time since her parents had died. Noah stepped away to get some drinks. Eden seethed that she didn't buy Daisy's poor orphan act, and Daisy said it hurt that Eden didn't want to be friends. "I'm sure you'll get over it," Eden retorted and strode off.

At Sharon's house, Sharon and Adam deemed Nick's newspaper blessing of their union a good, but anti-climatic, effort. Ashley arrived with a wedding gift. Adam joked that it'd be the only one they'd get. Sharon opened it to discover a wedding photo inside. Ashley excitedly explained that she'd gotten the digital copies from the justice of the peace who'd married them. Sharon thought that they'd lost their photos in the crash, and she cooed that it was the best present ever. Ashley offered to throw them a party, but Sharon and Adam assured Ashley that no one would show up. Ashley figured that she could at least take them to dinner to celebrate.

As they left, Noah and Eden arrived to get money from his room for the movies. With the adults gone, the teens realized that they had the place to themselves. Michael called to remind Eden of her curfew. He told her to have fun, but not too much fun.

Noah and Eden made out on the sofa, and Noah suggested that they take it upstairs. He went up, and she carefully blew out all the candles. As the teens played music and made out upstairs, a woman dressed similar to Daisy slipped into the house. She knocked over a candle and used an electric lighter to set fire to the drapes. The terrace door burst into flames.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis and Nick reviewed Nick's congratulatory statement to Sharon and Adam. Phyllis questioned whether Nick could really change his attitude about Sharon. Nick proposed that they have an evening for themselves, starting with dinner at the Club.

At Jack's house, Emily preferred kissing to filling out Chloe's wedding questionnaire. Jack prodded Emily to focus. He read one of the questions, which asked whom they'd want to spend their last day on earth with. Emily joked that she'd choose George Clooney, but then she said that as long as she was with Jack, the day would be perfect. They resumed kissing.

As they prepared to meet Chloe for dinner, Emily saw that Jack had saved the press announcement of their engagement. She stated that she'd instructed the hospital to cut off Patty's media access, and Jack said that it had been a good idea.

At the Athletic Club, Chloe asked Chance to help her organize before her meeting with Jack and Emily, but Chance couldn't focus on anything besides who'd set him up. She offered to reschedule her meeting, but Chance decided that he'd just go to the gym while she worked.

When Emily and Jack arrived, Chloe stated that a wedding dress was the most important thing. She planned to set Emily up with Lauren right away. Emily noticed Ashley entering the Club. Jack scowled to see Adam and Sharon with Ashley. Jack beckoned Ashley to his table and invited her to join them. Ashley pointedly said that Jack had seen her arrive with Adam and Sharon. "Yeah, that could spoil anyone's appetite," Jack quipped.

Sharon and Adam watched Ashley at Jack's table, and they assumed that Jack was trying to save Ashley from "Mr. and Mrs. Town Pariah." Adam stated that Ashley supported them and had invited them to live at the ranch. Sharon thought it was a generous offer, but as newlyweds, they needed their own place. Just then, Sharon grimaced to see Nick and Phyllis enter.

Nick saw Sharon and Adam, and he asked if Phyllis wanted to leave. Phyllis felt that she could handle it, if he could. "We're here. Let's eat," Nick said. They took a table and sent champagne to Sharon's table. Phyllis said she loved that Nick was making an effort. He promised not to take her for granted again and to support her, as she supported him.

Ashley joined Adam and Sharon, and a waiter dropped off the champagne bottle from Nick and Phyllis. Ashley said they should send one to Jack and Emily. "Why? What are they celebrating?" Sharon asked. Ashley replied that they were engaged. Sharon grew livid, and Ashley stated that she'd thought that Sharon had known. Sharon marched to Jack's table with the champagne bottle. She planted it on the table, and quipped, "I hear congratulations are in order."

Sharon sarcastically wished that Jack had consulted her before getting engaged so impulsively. Sharon hoped that Jack enjoyed all the bubbly, because he'd need it to wash down all the words that he was about to eat. Jack claimed that he'd never said that Sharon was unstable for marrying Adam, and Sharon scoffed that Jack's selective memory must have been the reason he hadn't told her about his engagement to a woman that he'd known for all of ten minutes.

Adam approached the table to defend Sharon, and Chance arrived to take Chloe away. Emily respectfully said that what went on between Jack and her was none of Sharon's business. Sharon advised Emily to explain that principle to Jack "nice and slow."

Nick and Phyllis observed the scene from their table, and Nick wondered if that was the champagne bottle that they'd sent to Adam and Sharon. Phyllis smirked, saying that Sharon might hit Jack over the head with it. Nick decided that he'd seen enough, and the couple left.

Sharon returned to her table, and Ashley regretted that the evening had gone badly. Sharon said it would have been fine had "his hypocritical highness" not been holding court. Emily approached to apologize for upsetting Sharon after the year that she'd had. "Don't patronize me, lady," Sharon snapped. She continued, "I don't know what Jack told you, but you don't know anything about me. I don't need or want your five-cent therapy."

Jack encountered Adam at the door and noted that Adam had silently allowed Sharon to wear the pants that evening. Adam claimed that he could be just as formidable an opponent as Victor. Jack figured that it was true then; Adam had indeed married Sharon to rattle Jack. Adam retorted that he'd married Sharon for love, but Jack would know when Adam sought to rattle him. Jack coaxed Adam to "bring it on."

At the bar, Chloe complained that Chance had pulled her away when things had just gotten good. Chance still didn't feel like socializing, so Chloe suggested that they go home and concoct their own little feast.

Nick and Phyllis went home for chili dogs, and Phyllis noticed that Nick had broken out the expensive wine that he'd been saving for a special occasion. Nick said that they had their favorite takeout and each other. If that wasn't special, then he didn't know what was.

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