The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 11, 2010 on Y&R

Adam saved Noah and Eden from a fire in Sharon's home. Daisy admitted to Ryder that she had started the fire because Eden annoyed her. Dr. Taylor ran into the street and was fatally struck by a car. Billy decided to write a tell-all article on Adam. A DNA test proved that Jo-Jo and Kay were not related. Tucker secretly orchestrated a takeover of Chancellor Industries and announced that he was Kay's son. Cane and Lily were informed that they were having twins.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 11, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, January 11, 2010

At the tack house, Phyllis and Nick dined on chili dogs while Summer slept upstairs. The couple kissed and hinted about an anticipated night of lovemaking. A phone call from Lauren interrupted what Phyllis termed a quiet, romantic evening. While Phyllis attempted to back out of an impromptu visit with Lauren, Nick received a call about an urgent meeting with a European contact, which Adam was unable to attend. After gleaning the gist of Nick's conversation, Phyllis accepted Lauren's invitation and said she'd summon Abby to sit with Summer.

As Phyllis surveyed Lauren's new office, she complimented her friend's exquisite taste in furnishings and decor. Phyllis tried out Lauren's comfortable office chair, too. Lauren insisted on sharing the name of the chair's manufacturer, so Phyllis could get a discount on one for herself. After Phyllis inquired about recent incidents involving rats, Lauren explained that she'd been afraid to open a delivered gift, which she later learned was from a vendor. Lauren opened the box, which contained a designer purse. Phyllis was pleased when Lauren presented the handbag to her grateful friend. Phyllis wondered aloud if Ryder might be involved in the unsettling incidents.

Daniel phoned Phyllis and told her that Elkins' murderer had been a woman. Phyllis theorized that women were unlikely to be cold-blooded murderers. Lauren said that Sheila was an exception, but Phyllis responded, "Yeah, but we saw her die." Lauren recalled that Sheila had vowed that they would never get rid of her.

Phyllis seemed offended and said that if Lauren believed that Sheila was alive then it meant that Phyllis had been lying in wait for two years. Phyllis added that if she were Sheila then all of the ups, downs, and joys they'd all shared meant nothing. Phyllis goaded Lauren to admit aloud that Sheila was dead, and Lauren complied hesitantly as tears welled in her eyes. Hoisting her crutches to help herself rise from the sofa, Lauren also agreed to drop the subject of Sheila.

At the police station, Daniel and Amber learned from Michael that the third person in the alley the night of Elkins' murder had been a woman, according to DNA testing. Amber theorized that Daniel should be off the hook for murder, but Michael warned that the authorities were keeping their options open until they had time to pursue the new lead. Amber reminded Michael that other evidence, such as the map of the crime scene, the photo of the painting, and the cell phone, should clear Daniel. Michael suggested that they discuss the matter with Ryder.

At Crimson Lights, Jana told Kevin that she had missed seeing him because he had been so busy working at Chancellor Industries under Tucker McCall. Ryder warily approached Kevin and asked about Tucker McCall. Kevin gave Ryder the cold shoulder, and he walked away. Jana noted that their interactions with Ryder were awkward. Kevin reminded Jana that they couldn't invite Ryder to Michael and Lauren's due to the restraining order. Jana suggested that she and Kevin offer to help Ryder find a place to rent.

While Ryder cleaned tables in the unoccupied patio dining area, Daisy arrived and told Ryder that she hadn't responded to his calls because she'd been working with Lauren at the boutique. Ryder nervously announced that he'd received another text message from "Mom." Ryder expressed concern about what Mom might be planning next.

After Daniel, Amber, and Michael arrived at the coffeehouse, they told Jana and Kevin that police had confirmed that a woman had been the shooter in the alley. Jana mentioned that a woman had been photographed with Ryder when he ran a red light. Daniel dismissed Jana's suspicion because the photo, Ryder's alibi, had been taken during the time of the murder. Jana maintained that Ryder could be hiding something.

After the men went to the patio to question Ryder, Amber, insisting that she didn't want Daniel to overhear, whispered to Jana that she was considering searching for her son. Daniel later returned and overheard part of Amber's conversation with Jana. Deacon, Amber said, had told her that Little D still regarded her as his mother. Amber winced as she contemplated the thought of her mother raising the little boy.

Jana inquired about Amber's mother, and Amber responded, "Think of Gloria, only tackier." Amber added that her mother, shallow and unstable, only cared about money. Daniel reminded Amber that Deacon might not have been truthful with his claims about Little D. Amber said she would never forgive herself if she didn't at least attempt a reconciliation with the boy. Amber cried that she didn't even know where to look because her mother, who had resided at Furnace Creek, could be anywhere.

After Jana walked away, Daniel quizzed Amber about what she'd do if she located the boy, especially after Deacon had warned that there'd be trouble if she did. Amber insisted that she didn't plan to take the boy home and that she only wanted to ensure that Little D was oKatherine. Amber asked Daniel how he'd feel if he knew that Summer were separated from her loved ones and left wondering if they loved her. Daniel snapped at Amber for comparing Deacon's son to Summer.

Phyllis ventured nearby and overheard Amber begging Daniel to help her find Deacon's son. Phyllis blasted Amber and said, "That's the last thing he needs." Phyllis labeled Amber crazy for wanting to locate Deacon's son. Amber reminded Phyllis that she'd helped raise the boy. Amber added that she had a connection to the boy, who had never been far from her thoughts. Phyllis berated Amber for retaining a connection to Deacon. Amber explained that she was the only mother that Little D had ever known. Phyllis declared that Amber wasn't the boy's real mother, and she insisted that Amber nix the idea, which Phyllis feared might jeopardize them all.

Later, Amber told Jana that Daniel hadn't approved of her plan to find Little D. Jana asked Amber how she would feel if the situation were reversed. Amber insisted that she wouldn't go behind Daniel's back, but she hoped he'd soon change his mind and see it her way. Daniel later reminded Amber that they'd just gotten Deacon out of their lives. Softening his tone, Daniel added that he understood Amber's desire to find her mother and Deacon's son. Amber cried tears of joy after Daniel gave her his blessing initiate the search.

Daisy sipped coffee in a darkened corner of the coffeehouse patio and watched as Michael, Kevin, and Daniel approached Ryder and asked him about the mysterious person in the alley. Ryder acted surprised when Daniel announced that the suspect was a woman. Daisy looked stunned, and Ryder swallowed hard when Daniel asked if Ryder had ever seen Deacon with a particular woman. Exasperated, Kevin prompted Ryder to tell Michael what he knew. After Lauren and Phyllis arrived, Michael, Kevin, and Daniel greeted them and told them that Ryder hadn't given them any information about the female suspect.

Phyllis summoned Ryder, and Michael allowed Ryder to override his restraining order and approach them. When asked, Ryder claimed that he knew nothing about the woman in the alley. Michael reminded Ryder that the authorities were thoroughly examining all the evidence, including the woman's DNA from the gym bag, so it was only a matter of time before the police identified the assailant. Daisy, lingering at a nearby corner table, listened intently. Ryder responded, "I can't help you."

Phyllis warned Ryder that he'd soon share a cell with Deacon unless he came clean. Ryder claimed that he was a victim, just as Daniel was. Daisy stared at Ryder intently after Michael asked him if it was worth the risk to protect whomever he refused to identify. Daniel, angered, walked away muttering that questioning Ryder was a waste of time.

Kevin blasted Ryder for having claimed that he had enlisted Kevin's help to change his life for the better. Stammering, Ryder mumbled that Deacon had once said something about a woman. Daisy loomed in the background as Michael quizzed Ryder about the mysterious woman. Michael asked if the woman worked under or presided over Deacon. Ryder insisted that he didn't know. Phyllis warned Ryder not to backtrack. Ryder confessed that Deacon had once mentioned a meeting with a lady, whose identity Deacon had ferociously guarded. Phyllis surmised that Deacon was the leader.

Kevin, frustrated, cried that Ryder had already missed a million chances to step up and had made Kevin look like a fool too many times. Kevin, exasperated, demanded that Ryder pack his things and leave. Jana overheard as Kevin added, "You may be blood, but you're not family." Daisy watched sadly as Ryder walked away. Jana consoled Kevin and said she knew that it hurt him to turn his back on Ryder.

Kevin thanked Michael for his support, and the brothers embraced. Ryder reappeared, toting his belongings in a backpack. Ryder approached Kevin and said that he didn't expect Kevin to give him another chance. Ryder added that, as a young boy, he'd often wished to be a member of a close-knit family who cared about him. Ryder explained that he didn't want to lose the relationship he'd built with Kevin, who'd treated him like family for the first time in his life. Kevin stood firm and said, "You already have [lost me], and it was your choice, not mine."

Michael glanced at Daisy as she rose from her seat and left after Ryder walked away. Daniel later comforted a grieving Kevin, who fretted as he picked at a sandwich. Daniel helped himself to a bite of Kevin's food as he explained that he considered Kevin to be a brother. Later, Jana assured Kevin that he'd done everything possible to help Ryder. Jana added that one could not help a person who refused to change and that Ryder didn't have the same strength of character Kevin had. Kevin kissed Jana and mentioned that he anticipated a crazy day at work the following day.

Phyllis, Lauren, and Michael sat at a table on the coffeehouse's patio. Phyllis wondered aloud about the person Ryder was protecting. Michael explained that someone had gone to great lengths to set up Daniel, and Michael wondered if it was Deacon or someone else who was in charge. Cell phones rang in unison as Sharon summoned Michael, and Nick summoned Phyllis to the hospital after members of their families were rescued from a fire.

As Ashley, Sharon, and Adam approached Sharon's house, they noticed smoke billowing beneath the front door. Sharon saw Noah's car in the driveway and panicked. Ashley quickly summoned emergency services to 1185 Cottage Grove Road. Adam rushed through the front door and shielded his face from the flames with his arms. As Adam ascended the smoky staircase, he yelled for Sharon to stay outside with Ashley. Ashley held Sharon back as flames and smoke enveloped the living room. Sharon called out to Noah and Adam repeatedly and cried that her son might be dead. Ashley assured a distraught Sharon that help was on the way.

Adam emerged from the hazy staircase, carrying a limp Eden. Noah clutched Adam's shoulders as the trio exited the blazing inferno. Adam placed Eden on a bed of snow that covered the ground. Sharon embraced Noah, who was coughing and gasping. Sharon yelled at Adam as he reentered the burning home. Flames nearly engulfed every inch of the room, and Sharon's anxiety escalated after Adam disappeared into the smoky haze. Ashley and Noah attended to Eden. Sharon stood in doorway and yelled for Adam.

Sirens wailed in the distance as Ashley performed CPR on Eden, who awoke coughing and gasping for air. Adam emerged from the inferno, carrying Fisher, Noah's golden retriever. Adam, his face smudged with soot, gallantly ensured that everyone, including the dog, was all right. Sharon embraced her husband and thanked him for saving Noah. Adam comforted Fisher, who'd been hiding in the kitchen. Sharon cried, "I can't believe you went back in there to get him." Medics arrived, and Adam directed them to treat the kids.

Ashley, kneeling beside Eden in the snow, shivered. Adam nobly wrapped a coat around Ashley's shoulders. Noah acknowledged Adam and praised him for saving his and Eden's lives. Adam deflected the accolades and insisted that everyone's safe escape was what mattered. In shock and awe, Sharon seemed enthralled by Adam's miraculous feats.

As EMTs aided a hoarse Eden to her feet, Ashley told Eden that she'd alert Michael and tell him to meet them at the hospital. Eden coughed and gasped that she didn't want to go to the hospital, but Ashley calmly persuaded Eden to seek treatment. Sharon accompanied the kids to the hospital, and the ambulance pulled away.

Ashley applauded Adam for his bravery. Adam quipped that he hoped Abby had adequate insurance, but he wondered where he, Sharon, and Noah would stay until their home was livable. Ashley insisted that they, along with Fisher, move back to the ranch. Ashley enticed Adam by promising him that he could interact with Faith every day.

At Newman Enterprises, after Adam dropped the ball, Nick was miffed when he couldn't locate the files Adam had on Dimitri's company. Nick, exasperated, claimed that Adam wanted all of the glory without any responsibility. Sharon phoned Nick and told him about the fire. Nick rushed to the hospital after Sharon explained that Noah and Eden would be evaluated for smoke inhalation.

At the hospital, Adam and Ashley arrived just before Nick, Phyllis, Michael, and Lauren rushed in. Sharon, Noah, and Ashley took turns animatedly explaining how Adam had handily saved Noah, Eden, and the dog from certain death. Adam reported that preliminary findings indicated that a candle had started the fire. Noah admitted that he and Eden had been burning candles, but Eden insisted that she'd blown them all out.

At the nearby bookstore, Daisy blasted Ryder for almost spilling the beans to everyone at the coffeehouse when Kevin and his had family questioned him. Ryder claimed that he hated lying to Kevin and his family because they were good people. Daisy scoffed that every one of them had a rap sheet. Ryder explained that Kevin had taken him in and given him a job. Daisy cried that she had been hurt when she heard Ryder insist that Kevin was the first person to teach him the true meaning of family. Ryder was saddened to realize how much he had disappointed Kevin. Daisy responded, "You were supposed to; that was the plan!"

Drained, Ryder told Daisy that he was tired of the plan. Ryder asked Daisy if it bothered her to hurt Kevin so deeply because he was her brother, too. Daisy warned Ryder that he would lose her, too, if he didn't get his act together and play by the rules. Ryder grumbled about being homeless and out of a job. Insistently, he expressed hope that "Mom" would do something quickly because he didn't want to stay in a homeless shelter.

Daisy assertively claimed that she was in charge until Mom returned. "Focus on making me happy because you know how I get when I'm mad. Just ask that little witch, Eden," Daisy said, smiling cunningly. Ryder asked Daisy what she'd done to Eden. Daisy recalled her memory of lighting a candle and rolling it across a rug near a set of draperies. After setting the rug and curtains ablaze, Daisy, dressed in a black coat with a hood, had smiled as she'd watched the flames rise inside the house Sharon rented from Abby.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At the bookstore, Ryder read online about the fire, and he wondered if Daisy even cared that she could have killed Noah and Eden. Daisy quipped that Eden had pissed her off, and Ryder should know how Daisy was when that happened. Ryder stated that what she'd done to the kid in the picture had been wrong. Daisy claimed that the kid had bullied Ryder, but Ryder said she'd gone too far with that kid and too far with the fire.

Later, Ryder followed Daisy to Crimson Lights, and she accused him of stalking her. Ryder told Daisy that he had no job, nowhere to stay, and no Kevin. Ryder proposed that she let him stay with her, but she refused to get into trouble for having a boy in her dorm room. She ordered him to suck it up and sleep either in his car or on the street. Ryder persisted, and Daisy decided that she'd let him stay at the boutique for one night.

At the hospital, Sharon and Michael compared notes on where Eden and Noah had said they'd be that night. Adam remarked that he'd rescued them from Noah's bedroom. Michael's jaw dropped, but Sharon said they'd already known that the kids had been having sex. Nick chimed in that no one liked it, and Michael and Phyllis wondered what else the two kids had been careless about -- besides the candles. After the doctor released the kids, Michael offered to help Sharon pay for the fire damages, and Lauren offered Sharon free clothes from the boutique.

As Gloria raided Michael's wine cabinet and gabbed to Jeffrey on the phone, Lauren, Eden, and Michael stomped into the house. Lauren ranted at Eden for being irresponsible. Gloria took one look at a soot-covered Eden and wondered what had happened. "She burned down Sharon's house; that's what happened!" Lauren raged.

Eden swore that she'd blown out every single candle, and Michael reasoned that the flame could have revived. Eden remembered blowing out the candles, and she announced that the candles hadn't even been that close to the curtains. Lauren dismissively said that the dog could have knocked one over. Lauren was angry that Eden's hormones could have gotten her killed.

Lauren also worried that Noah and Eden weren't being sexually safe. Eden swore that they were, but Lauren said they could have forgotten, just as they'd forgotten the candles. Lauren wondered if Eden had any idea of what would happen if she got pregnant. Gloria urged Lauren and Michael to lighten up because they'd been teens once themselves.

Lauren insisted that Eden take responsibility for her actions. Lauren hammered Eden hard about what she'd cost Sharon. A broken Eden bid them to give all the money that she had, including her college fund, to Sharon; however, Eden couldn't stand hearing that she'd destroyed Sharon's life. Eden stormed out, and Lauren said that Eden's attitude was uncalled for. Gloria noted that Lauren had ridden Eden hard, and Michael remarked that Lauren was usually the one telling him to take it easy on Eden. Exhausted, Lauren decided to go to bed.

Back at the hospital, Nick said that he wouldn't forget that Adam had saved Noah. Nick offered Sharon and Adam help if they needed it. Nick and Phyllis left, and Ashley decided that Sharon and Adam should stay with her at the ranch. Sharon agreed, and Adam grimaced.

When Adam, Sharon, and Noah arrived at the ranch, Ashley retrieved Faith, and Sharon immediately wanted to hold Faith. Adam looked awkward as Ashley mentioned that Faith had stopped crying the last time that Sharon had held her. Sharon took the baby over to the window, and Sharon recalled when Nick and she had decided to name their baby Faith.

Aside with Noah, Abby couldn't believe that "the dark prince" Adam had done something good. Noah remarked that Adam had even gone back to save the dog. When Noah explained how the fire had occurred, Abby raged that Eden had burned down Abby's house.

Phyllis and Nick arrived, and Sharon explained that her family would be staying with Ashley due to the fire. Phyllis went to check on Summer, and Nick and Sharon cooed over Faith. Nick was glad that Noah would be back at the ranch under tighter supervision. Sharon thought that Nick was insinuating that she was a bad parent, but Nick said that he just worried about Noah growing up too fast. Sharon noted that when Faith cried, she sounded just like Noah had.

Adam returned and witnessed Nick and Sharon with the baby. Adam said he'd checked his voicemail, and Nick apologized for the messages he'd left on it. Nick took Noah aside to say that the incident should have been a real wakeup call, and they'd talk about it in depth later.

Nick, Summer, and Phyllis left, and Ashley informed Adam and Sharon that Jack had learned from the insurance adjuster that it would take months to assess the fire damage. Ashley insisted that Sharon, Noah, and Adam stay as long as they liked, and Sharon accepted the offer.

Later, Adam and Sharon cuddled on Ashley's sofa, and Sharon hailed him for saving her family. She didn't know what she would have done if Noah hadn't made it. Adam said that he couldn't change the past, but he'd ensure that she never suffered that kind of pain again. Sharon thought that Nick would soften toward Adam after Adam's gallantry.

Ashley returned to the living room. Adam and Sharon thanked her before going to bed. Ashley received a call from Dr. Taylor, and she wished that he could see Faith. Dr. Taylor said he'd returned to Genoa City for just that reason, and Ashley replied that she couldn't wait to see him.

At home, Nick lingered in Summer's room before joining Phyllis downstairs. He remembered how fearful he'd been when Noah had almost drowned in the frozen pond. Nick didn't know what he would have done had Noah perished in the fire, and Nick hated being grateful to Adam. Nick concluded that it never should have happened in the first place because Noah shouldn't have been alone in that house.

At the Club, Jill and Tucker flirted while talking about their newest deal. Neil sat down and said that Jill's proposal had gone over well, but Cell Tron was leery of a stock swap. Neil felt that a call from Tucker might cinch the deal. Tucker called Cell Tron's CEO and got the go-ahead. He said it was up to Neil and Jill to convince Katherine.

At the Chancellor estate, Murphy and Katherine basked in the peace and quiet of their living room. Esther quipped that it was because "Hurricane Jo-Jo" had blown out to sea. Katherine divulged her plan to have Joanne submit to a DNA test, and Esther thanked God, because Katherine and Joanne were nothing alike. Katherine noted that Esther and Chloe weren't either. "At least we both eat with a fork!" Esther retorted.

Just then, Joanne entered with four leather-clad bikers. Katherine suggested that Joanne's new friends might be more comfortable at a bar, but Joanne opted for free booze at the mansion. As Joanne and her company headed for the dining room, Murphy asked how quickly Katherine could get a DNA test done. "Hurry," a frightened Esther added.

Joanne and her friends commandeered the living room, and Joanne instructed Esther to serve Joanne's guests. Katherine said that Joanne was taking advantage of Katherine's hospitality. Joanne retorted that she was Katherine's kid. Katherine stated that Joanne might not be, and Katherine wanted Joanne to take a DNA test. "No way," Joanne replied.

Katherine reminded Joanne that they'd been wrong about Jill, and a DNA test would answer any challenge to Joanne's birthright. Joanne raged that her mother was dumping her again, after dragging her to Genoa City with a sob story. Joanne refused to give up her bodily fluids to prove that she wasn't a Chancellor, and she said she wasn't leaving, either.

Jill, Neil, and Tucker interrupted, and Joanne's friends left. Neil took Katherine aside to say that it might not be the right the time for business. Katherine said that she could use the distraction.

In the foyer, Esther and Murphy took Jill aside to tell her about the DNA issue. Jill thought that it was outrageous that Joanne wouldn't submit to a DNA test, but Jill realized that they didn't need Joanne's permission. Jill put Esther up to sneaking into Joanne's room to find a DNA sample. "That woman packs a knife and a gun!" a whispering Esther exclaimed. Murphy promised to keep Joanne busy, and Esther agreed to do it for Mrs. C.

Later, a bored Joanne tossed back drinks as she lurked in the background of the business meeting. Katherine expressed pride in Jill's hard work and told the crew to go for it. Katherine said that it'd be an exciting year for the company.

A burping Joanne walked out, and Murphy stopped her on the stairs to ask her to have a beer with him. He claimed that he wanted to know more about bounty hunting. Joanne seemed suspicious until he compared her to the bounty hunter on television. She took Murphy's arm and decided to tell him all about true bounty hunting.

Murphy and Joanne had beers, and the conversation turned to Murphy's sex life. Joanne joked that Katherine and Murphy got it on whenever Katherine was in the mood, thanks to "that little blue pill." Murphy saw Esther creeping down the stairs, and he told Joanne that it was past his bedtime. When the two parted ways, Joanne left her beer in the foyer and strolled out.

Jill and Murphy met Esther on the stairs. Esther said that she hadn't been able to find a toothbrush or a hairbrush in Joanne's room, and that didn't surprise Esther. Murphy found the beer bottle on the table, and he said that they had everything they needed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

At the bookstore, Jack told Emily that he had spoken to the insurance adjuster about the fire at Sharon's house but that the damage was so severe that it would be a while until Sharon, Adam, and Noah could move back in. Jack gave Emily a key to the Abbott mansion, along with the alarm code. Emily was touched but was concerned that Jack was too involved in Sharon's life. Emily wondered why Jack had felt the need to confront Sharon about her marriage to Adam and if Jack would insinuate himself into Sharon's life any time Sharon made a decision that Jack disagreed with.

Jack said that Sharon was fragile, but Emily disagreed, telling Jack that Sharon seemed quite able to take care of herself. Emily advised Jack to be Sharon's friend, not her "knight in shining armor." Emily gave Jack a copy of her latest book, Help Yourself, Help Others, and suggested that he read chapter twelve.

At the tack house, Nick called Sharon and told her that they needed to talk. Sharon said that she would meet him at the tack house. Phyllis joined Nick and wondered why he hadn't been in bed much of the night. Nick said that he'd had trouble sleeping because of the fire. Phyllis suggested that Nick was still upset that Sharon had married Adam. Sharon showed up at the tack house.

Sharon told Nick that Noah was doing fine. Nick said that he wanted Noah to move in with him and Phyllis. Sensing the tension, Phyllis left. Nick told Sharon that Noah needed to be protected and that the fire had occurred on her "watch." Sharon reminded Nick that Noah was almost seventeen. Nick said that Noah still needed adult supervision and that her marriage to Adam interfered with that.

When Nick chided Sharon for allowing Noah and Eden to have sex in Sharon's house, Sharon reminded Nick that Noah and Eden had had their initial sexual encounter at the tack house. She said that it would be impossible to try to keep Noah and Eden apart -- just as the Newmans and Doris hadn't been able to keep Nick and Sharon apart. Nick told Sharon that she hadn't changed at all -- that she kept making the same mistakes. Sharon said that Nick had no idea who she was. Nick wondered how many of his and Sharon's kids had to die before Sharon got her act together. Aghast, Sharon slapped Nick across the face and marched out.

Sharon returned to the main house at the ranch, still livid after her conversation with Nick. Sharon told Ashley that she never wanted to see Nick again. Before she got the sentence out of her mouth, Nick showed up at the house.

When Ashley and Faith went upstairs, Nick tried to apologize to Sharon for the harsh words he had used earlier. He said that he wished he could take back what he had said. Sharon told Nick that he couldn't -- and then told him that he had caused her more pain than Adam ever could.

At Crimson Lights, Noah showed Eden the items that had survived the fire -- his laptop, his MP3 player, and Cassie's picture. Eden apologized for possibly having left a candle lit in the house, but all Noah cared about was that everyone was okay. Assuming it was Eden's, Noah handed her a Fenmore's business card with some phone numbers written on the back. He said that he had found the card at the front door of the house. Eden immediately became suspicious that a Fenmore's employee had deliberately set the fire and reminded Noah that Daisy hated her. Noah said that Eden was off-the-wall -- and that Daisy wasn't a psycho.

Eden approached Daisy, who was doing her homework at the coffeehouse, and handed her the business card. Daisy denied that the card was hers, although Eden pointed out the similarity in the writing on the card and in Daisy's homework assignment. Daisy feigned shock that Eden would suspect her of starting the fire. Daisy said that she didn't like pointing fingers, but she thought that "that Ryder guy" was suspicious. Eden asked Daisy why Ryder would want to hurt Eden. Daisy suggested that Ryder might be trying to hurt Eden in order to get revenge on Michael and Lauren.

Phyllis went to the Athletic Club, where she ran into Jack, who was at the bar, reading Emily's book. Phyllis said that she was surprised that Jack wasn't making hourly calls to check on Sharon. Jack said that, because of Emily's book, he was "new and improved" and wasn't going to act as Sharon's savior anymore. Phyllis told Jack that Nick and Sharon were having it out at the tack house.

Jack told Phyllis that Emily had really enlightened him about his relationship with Sharon. Jack said that he would leave Sharon in Adam's hands, although he felt that Sharon would be safer playing with sharp knives. Phyllis said that perhaps Sharon could change Adam -- after all, Adam had saved Noah, Eden, and Fisher. When Phyllis said that maybe Adam wasn't all bad, Jack disagreed, saying that Adam definitely was all bad.

Later, after Phyllis was gone, Emily joined Jack at the Athletic Club. Emily was pleased that Jack had read chapter twelve of her book. They decided to go to the Abbott mansion, make sure that Emily's keys worked, and slow dance to some of Jack's romantic CDs.

At the Athletic Club, Jill and Tucker, while drinking to Chancellor Industries' latest acquisition, began discussing a vacant senior vice president position at Chancellor. Tucker told Jill that he had seen the list of possible replacements, but they were all "Harvard MBA" types. Tucker felt that Chancellor needed a maverick to fill the position. Jill said that she knew just the person -- Cane.

At Jimmy's, Cane and Lily met up with Malcolm. Lily told Malcolm that she and Cane were going to have a baby -- and Mac Browning was acting as their surrogate mother. Malcolm was thrilled and said that he was going to be a granddad. Neil entered, overheard Malcolm's remark, and said, "Hard to be a grandfather when you ain't never been a dad."

Later, Lily, Cane, Neil, and Malcolm sat around a table at Jimmy's while Lily told the group that Mac's pregnancy was going well. Neil snidely remarked that the Winters family members were poster children for unconventional ways to start a family. Jill called Cane and told him that he should meet her at the Athletic Club. Neil said that he had to leave. Alone with Lily, Malcolm complained to her about Neil's negativity. Malcolm wondered how Lily felt.

Lily said that Malcolm could never interfere in her relationship with her father. She said that she loved Neil, as well as her Uncle Malcolm. Malcolm seemed hurt that Lily regarded him as an uncle, rather than as her father. Lily reminded Malcolm that, while she was growing up, he was her fun, cool uncle who allowed her to drink beer when she was seventeen. Lily said that she wanted to get to know Malcolm better, but she was concerned that Neil was scared that Malcolm would take her away. She wanted Malcolm to assure Neil that would never happen.

Neil visited Ashley. He stared at Faith sleeping in her cradle and spoke about Lily as a baby. Ashley told Neil that Lily was his child and that Malcolm's return wouldn't change that. Neil said that his brother's return complicated things. Ashley told Neil that Brad had felt similar feelings when he had learned that Abby was Victor's biological daughter. Malcolm called Neil and asked his brother to meet him at the Athletic Club -- Malcolm wanted to talk.

Malcolm and Neil met at the Athletic Club. They discussed how wonderful Lily was. Malcolm told Neil that Neil should be proud for having raised such a wonderful kid. Malcolm promised to be more sensitive about Neil's feelings in the future. The brothers looked into each other's eyes and shook on it.

At the Athletic Club, Jill introduced Cane and Tucker. After speaking with Cane, Tucker felt that the young man was a perfect candidate for the vice president position at Chancellor. Cane was surprised that he had just unwittingly undergone a job interview.

Cane was reluctant to return to the corporate world. Jill reminded him that he wouldn't have to deal with Billy, and that Neil, Chancellor's CEO, was an honest and fair man. Tucker said that he wanted Cane to be part of the management team during an exciting time at Chancellor. Cane turned down Tucker and Jill's offer, saying that he didn't want to be a pawn in someone else's game. That remark impressed Tucker, who said that he was looking for leaders, not followers. Tucker asked Cane to think about the offer for another day, but Cane said that his mind was made up.

Cane joined Lily at Jimmy's and told her about Tucker and Jill's job offer. He said that he had turned down the job, as Lily was his first priority. Lily told Cane that he should take the job. Cane said that taking care of Lily made him happy. Lily urged Cane not to stop living because she had cancer. Convinced, Cane called Tucker and said that he would accept the job.

Tucker told a thrilled Jill that Cane had changed his mind. Tucker and Jill reminisced about their first meeting in New York, when Jill hadn't recognized Tucker. Jill said that she had known that Tucker would go to her room, but they agreed that they could never have imagined themselves sitting in Genoa City, discussing the future of Chancellor Industries.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley was about to tell Adam that Dr. Taylor was going to be paying a visit when the doorbell rang, and the doctor arrived. Adam was stunned at Taylor's arrival. When Ashley took Faith upstairs, Adam asked Taylor what he was doing in Genoa City. Taylor said that he was going to blow Adam's "sick plan" out of the water. Adam threatened to "crush" Taylor. The doctor could not believe that Adam had had the nerve to marry the woman whose baby he had stolen. Taylor said that he was going to tell Sharon and Ashley everything about the baby switch.

Adam said that he cared deeply for both Sharon and Ashley. Taylor found that hard to believe, considering that Adam had killed Ashley's baby and had stolen Sharon's. Adam urged Taylor to meet him at Jimmy's bar in one hour so that Adam could explain. Ashley went downstairs and told the doctor that she had reverted to her old self after Faith was born. The doctor said that he would talk with Ashley later, but, alluding to his meeting with Adam, said that he had an appointment in one hour.

Dr. Taylor and Adam met at Jimmy's. Taylor wanted one good reason why he shouldn't tell Ashley that she was raising Sharon's baby. Adam said that Ashley was happy, and that Sharon was turning her life around. Taylor suggested that Adam prove that he really loved Sharon by telling her the truth. Adam said that he couldn't, because he would lose everything. Taylor said that Adam only cared about Adam. The doctor rose from the table, began walking out of the bar, and said that Adam's days of using and manipulating people were over. Adam followed Taylor out of the bar.

On the sidewalk outside Jimmy's, Adam confronted the doctor and reminded him that if Adam went down, so would the doctor. Adam threatened Taylor with the wrath of Victor Newman, but the doctor said that it was Adam who should worry about Victor's reaction, if Victor learned the truth. Adam grabbed Taylor by his jacket lapels. The doctor said that he wouldn't be intimidated -- he told Adam that Adam was finished. Adam said, "It's over all right, but you're the one finished." Unseen by Adam and the doctor, Phyllis overheard Adam's remark to Taylor.

As Taylor and Adam struggled, Taylor ended up in the path of an oncoming car. A shocked Phyllis covered her mouth. The driver who hit Taylor ran up and said that Taylor had appeared out of nowhere. Adam yelled for someone to call 9-1-1. Phyllis asked Adam why he and Dr. Taylor had been fighting. Adam denied that they had been fighting. Phyllis said, "I saw you. You said, 'You're finished.' What does that mean?"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine invited Jo-Jo to join her at the Athletic Club for dinner. Jo-Jo said that she had other plans. When Katherine asked Jo-Jo to reconsider, Jo-Jo misunderstood and thought that Katherine was referring to Jo-Jo's taking a DNA test. Jo-Jo said that she wouldn't take the test. When Katherine walked out of the room to take a phone call, Esther asked Jo-Jo what her "other plans" were. Jo-Jo told Esther not to worry -- she told the maid to stay in her room.

Katherine's phone call was from Neil, suggesting that they meet before the Cell Tron stockholders' meeting, which was scheduled for the following day. Katherine thought that was a good idea and told Neil to call Tucker and ask him to join them, while she would call Jill. Tucker and Jill were still together at the Athletic Club when they received nearly simultaneous calls from Neil and Katherine. While Neil was on the phone with Tucker, he overheard Jill on the phone with Katherine. Tucker and Jill covered and said that they had bumped into each other at the club. Jill agreed to meet with Katherine and Neil, but Tucker said that he had other plans and wouldn't be able to join the threesome.

Tucker told Jill that he was really enjoying the time that they spent together and that he regretted not being able to join her, Neil, and Katherine that evening. Jill told Tucker that she would stop by his loft later on. Tucker agreed just as Katherine and Neil entered the club. Tucker said that Katherine wouldn't like it if she knew that he and Jill were romantically involved. Jill said that Katherine would be fine with their romance, as long as it had no effect on Chancellor Industries. Jill wondered if Tucker was nervous that Katherine might change her opinion of Tucker, since Katherine was like a mother to Jill.

At a table on the other side of the club, Neil told Katherine that Margaret Hodges, Cell Tron's CEO, was a very reasonable woman. Katherine was impressed when Neil showed her the Cell Tron financials. When Neil said that he was amazed by how quickly the Cell Tron deal had fallen into place, Katherine said that it was because of her new, amazing management team at Chancellor. Jill and Tucker stopped by Katherine and Neil's table. Tucker apologized for not being able to meet with them that evening. Jill joined Katherine and Neil and told Tucker that she would see him at the Cell Tron stockholders' meeting. Tucker smiled.

After Tucker left, Neil ordered some sparkling cider to celebrate the closing of the Cell Tron deal. Jill said that she liked the way 2010 was starting -- with the exception of Jo-Jo's presence. Katherine said that if Jo-Jo turned out to be her daughter, they would find a way to deal with it. Neil said that family wasn't about "blood" -- and that no one should know that better than Katherine and Jill. When the cider arrived, the group toasted Tucker in absentia.

At the Chancellor mansion, Jo-Jo was holding a garage sale in the living room. The house was crowded with people looking over Katherine's objets d'art. Jo-Jo was selling valuable pieces for a small fraction of their value. Esther entered the living room and shouted, "What the hell is going on here?"

Esther threw the bargain seekers out of the house. When the last of them was gone, Esther accused Jo-Jo of taking advantage of Katherine's kindness. Esther said that she didn't need a DNA test to know that Jo-Jo wasn't Katherine's daughter. Jo-Jo said that there wasn't going to be a DNA test. Esther spilled the beans and told Jo-Jo that a DNA test was being conducted, using saliva that Murphy had collected from Jo-Jo's beer bottle. Jo-Jo said that she was leaving to get a beer. On her way out, Jo-Jo told Esther to tell "Ma" not to wait up for Jo-Jo.

Jo-Jo showed up at Jimmy's, and Mac was not particularly happy to see her. Mac noticed that Jo-Jo was clutching a music box. Jo-Jo said that she had taken the music box from the house -- that it played nice music that reminded her of a man who she had once known. Mac told Jo-Jo that the music box belonged to Mac, and Mac wanted it back. Jo-Jo said that she would leave the music box at the bar when she left. Mac walked away, and Jo-Jo opened the music box to listen to the song it played. Suddenly, Tucker appeared next to Jo-Jo, smiled, and said, "I know that tune."

Tucker told Jo-Jo that he remembered dancing with her to the song. As Jo-Jo closed the lid, she said that had been a long time before. Tucker told Jo-Jo that he had heard about the havoc she was wreaking at Katherine's. When Jo-Jo said that she excelled at wreaking havoc, Tucker said that was why he had sent her to Katherine's.

Jo-Jo said that the fun was nearly over and told Tucker that Esther had let it slip that a DNA test was being conducted. Jo-Jo apologized for the "gig" being up, but Tucker told her not to worry. He said that he was ready for the next phase of his plan. Mac walked over to Jo-Jo and Tucker and said that she hadn't known they knew each other well. Both Jo-Jo and Tucker said, "We don't."

On the sidewalk outside Jimmy's, Phyllis told Adam that she had told the police that she had seen him and Taylor arguing before Taylor ran into the street. Phyllis wondered why Adam and Taylor had been fighting and how Adam knew Ashley's obstetrician. Avoiding her questions, Adam said that he was shaky and went to sit down. Phyllis called Nick, who was still at the ranch, and told him what had happened. Both Nick and Phyllis wondered what Adam and the doctor could possibly have been arguing about. Nick asked Phyllis to meet him at the office so that she could tell him more. Nick told Ashley and Sharon about Taylor's accident.

Ashley and Sharon were both upset to hear about the accident. Nick said that it sounded as if Taylor had been seriously injured. Ashley and Sharon were surprised to learn that Adam and Phyllis had both been present at the accident scene. Nick left to meet Phyllis at Newman Enterprises. Ashley told Sharon that she felt guilty, since Taylor had been in Genoa City to see Ashley and Faith; she added that Adam was the person who had recommended Dr. Taylor to her. Ashley was surprised to learn that Sharon knew Dr. Taylor. Sharon began to cry and told Ashley that Taylor had delivered her stillborn child. Sharon ran out of the house.

At the accident scene, Phyllis continued to question Adam. She asked him what Taylor had meant when he said that Adam was finished. Adam claimed that Taylor had been drunk and that was Adam had been trying to calm the doctor down. Phyllis smiled and made it clear to Adam that she didn't believe him. Phyllis was still wondering why Adam had been meeting with Ashley's obstetrician, but Adam lied and said that they hadn't been meeting -- that he had just coincidentally run into Taylor outside the bar.

Phyllis met up with Nick in his office at Newman Enterprises. The Newmans wondered what Adam was hiding. Nick said that he hoped it would be something big and bad, since Victor had said that if Adam screwed up again, Adam would be out at Newman Enterprises. Adam entered the office, and Phyllis and Nick hit him with questions. Adam admitted that he had recommended Dr. Taylor to Ashley. Nick wondered why Adam would recommend a doctor with a drinking problem.

Phyllis said that she found it odd that Ashley's obstetrician would fly out from Cambridge to visit Ashley. When Adam said that Phyllis would have to ask Ashley, Phyllis assured him that she would. Adam reminded Phyllis and Nick that Newman had been under the microscope because of several recent scandals and that the company didn't need another one. He assured Nick and Phyllis that nothing sinister had occurred.

Phyllis said that she was going to the hospital to get Taylor's version of what had happened. After Phyllis left, Adam appealed to Nick and reminded him that less than 24 hours before, Adam had saved Nick's son, yet Nick's opinion of Adam hadn't changed at all. Nick said that he was grateful that Adam had saved Noah and added that the tragedy of Adam's life was that Adam was capable of heroism yet chose to live his life in such a slimy way. Nick said that he was sure that the real story about what had transpired between Adam and Taylor would be revealed soon enough.

Sharon called Adam from the hospital and was surprised that he was at the office. Adam was surprised that Sharon knew about the accident but was horrified to learn that she was at the hospital and was waiting to see Dr. Taylor. Sharon told Adam that she knew Taylor -- that he had delivered her stillborn baby. While they were on the phone, Sharon asked a doctor how Taylor was doing. The doctor told a shocked Sharon that Dr. Taylor had died. Sharon told Adam about Taylor's death. Adam relayed the news to Nick. Nick said that they would probably never learn the truth about Adam and Taylor's argument.

Adam returned to the ranch and told a devastated Ashley that Dr. Taylor was dead. Ashley said that if it hadn't been for Dr. Taylor, she wouldn't have Faith. Ashley blamed herself for Taylor's death and said that things would have been different if Taylor hadn't visited Genoa City to see her.

Phyllis arrived at Memorial, and Sharon told her that Dr. Taylor was dead. Phyllis told Sharon that she had seen Taylor and Adam arguing outside Jimmy's before the car had struck Taylor. Phyllis said that Adam and Taylor had been threatening each other, and that Adam and Taylor had both said, "You're finished," to the other. Phyllis asked Sharon what that meant. Sharon said that Phyllis would have to ask Adam. Phyllis said that she had and that Adam had claimed that Taylor had been drunk.

Taylor's doctor walked by, and Phyllis asked him if they had found alcohol in Taylor's system. The doctor said that Taylor's blood alcohol level had been extremely low. Phyllis said to Sharon, "Hmmm. Adam lied. Isn't that a shock? I guess you're learning some things about your new husband." Sharon was speechless.

At Jimmy's, Billy read the newspaper and spotted the article about Adam and Sharon's marriage. Mac asked Billy if he knew Adam, and Billy said that he knew him enough not to like him. Billy read Nick's congratulatory remark on Adam and Sharon's wedding but didn't believe that Nick was being sincere. Mac wondered why Billy was so interested in Adam and Sharon then realized that Billy was probably considering doing a story on their marriage for Restless Style.

Billy called Rafe and had the lawyer meet him at Jimmy's. Billy told Rafe that he wanted the "behind-the-scenes" information on Adam. Rafe said that he couldn't violate attorney-client confidentiality, but Billy said that he wasn't interested in "that stuff" -- he wanted personal information about Adam, since Billy knew that Adam and Rafe were friends. From Rafe's reaction, it was clear that he incorrectly assumed that Billy knew about Adam and Rafe's sexual relationship.

Billy continued to try to get information about Adam from Rafe. Billy promised that if he published a story about Adam, he would keep Rafe's name out of it. Rafe opened up and said that, during his career as a lawyer, he had represented lowlifes and sociopaths -- but that he had never met anyone as devious as Adam. Rafe said that he wasn't sure if anyone could take Adam down -- but that he would like to see Billy try.

Rafe told Billy that he didn't know the whole story about what Adam had done but that he had gotten close. As Rafe continued drinking, he told Billy that he had gotten "involved" with Adam. A shocked Billy realized that Rafe meant that he and Adam had been sexually involved.

Billy asked Rafe if Adam was gay or bisexual. Rafe said that it had all been an act and explained that he had been investigating the "crazy stuff" that had been going on at the ranch -- stuff that Rafe's Aunt Estella had been accused of. Rafe said that Adam's "feelings" for him had disappeared just as quickly as the cloud of suspicion over Adam had. Rafe still believed that Adam had been involved in tormenting Ashley, while his aunt had taken the blame. Rafe wondered whether telling Billy the story was a good thing. Billy again promised that nothing that Rafe had said would be traced back to Rafe. As Rafe left, he warned Billy to be careful of Adam.

Billy went to Nick's office. Nick, not happy to see Billy, wondered what Billy wanted. Billy said that he had read Nick's comment on Adam and Sharon's marriage, but he wondered how Nick really felt.

Nick said that he didn't want to comment for Billy's story, because he was afraid that Billy would somehow humiliate Sharon and Noah. Billy said that decisions that Adam had made in the past wouldn't reflect on Sharon. Billy shocked Nick when he said that he knew that Adam had been dating Heather when Adam had become sexually involved with Rafe. Nick's reaction indicated to Billy that Nick knew that Adam and Rafe had been lovers. Nick still refused to comment.

Billy said that Adam was obviously keeping dark secrets. As Billy left the office, he said, "Don't say that I didn't give you the opportunity to comment." Nick told Billy, "We're not done with this."

Friday, January 15, 2010

At Jimmy's, the police told Mac that her bar wouldn't be liable for Dr. Taylor's death. Billy entered, and Mac expressed her excitement about having her first ultrasound that day. J.T. arrived to check on Mac. He said that his son missed Victoria, and it was too bad that "someone" had made it impossible for Victoria to work at Newman Headquarters.

Billy innocently responded that Victoria had dug her own grave. Mac stopped the men from arguing, and Billy said he had to leave for a meeting about his new story. He remarked that after all Adam had done to J.T.'s family, J.T. should enjoy the upcoming article about Adam.

Heather met Billy at the coffeehouse to get information on a case, but she grew upset when Billy said he really wanted information on Adam for an exposť. Billy said that he knew how Adam had used Rafe and her, and Billy assumed that Heather had something to say about it. Heather decided to stick to "no comment," but Billy asked her to call if she changed her mind.

At Crimson Lights, Lily and Cane burst with excitement about the ultrasound. Lily stated that she wanted to wait until birth to learn the sex of the baby. The couple went to Jimmy's to pick up Mac, and the three headed to the hospital.

In the exam room, Lily seemed apprehensive, and Cane promised her that it wouldn't be like the last time. Lily explained to Mac that when Lily had gotten pregnant before, her ultrasound had revealed that she'd lost the baby. Lily sadly smiled and said that they'd make a new, happy memory to replace that one.

The ultrasound began, and the doctor said that he saw something strange. He discovered two beating hearts inside Mac's belly. Cane stammered that they were having twins. "We're having twins!" Lily shrieked, and Cane and she hugged.

At the ranch, Sharon still stewed about Phyllis' accusations from the previous night. Sharon couldn't help wondering what Dr. Taylor had meant by saying that Adam was finished. In addition, she was confused about why the hospital had reported that Dr. Taylor's blood alcohol content had been low, but Adam claimed that Dr. Taylor had been drunk.

Adam played dumb, figuring that Dr. Taylor had just had a low tolerance for alcohol. Adam recounted that the inebriated doctor had insisted upon seeing Ashley, but Adam had refused to let him do so in his drunken state. Adam said that he'd grabbed Dr. Taylor's jacket while trying to reason with him. Dr. Taylor had yanked himself away and had said that Adam was finished. According to Adam, Dr. Taylor had then run into the street, and a car had hit him. Sharon figured that Phyllis was just reading way too much into what she'd witnessed.

Ashley had breakfast with Neil and agreed to meet him later to celebrate his Cell Tron deal. When she arrived home, Adam reiterated to her his version of the events involving Dr. Taylor. Ashley found it odd that Dr. Taylor would drink in the middle of the day. Adam told Ashley not to blame herself for Dr. Taylor's death, because Dr. Taylor had been headed for a world of trouble all on his own.

Ashley was appalled that Nick and Phyllis wouldn't give Adam a break after he'd saved Noah. Adam felt that it was payback for the bad things that he'd done. Ashley reasoned that very few things were completely unforgivable. Adam wished that were true, but he was grateful for Ashley, Sharon, and possibly Victor, who were the only people on earth who trusted him.

At the tack house, Phyllis doubted that Adam had just happened to bump into Dr. Taylor on the street, where an argument had ensued that had been so intense that Dr. Taylor had needed to run out into the street. She figured that there was a story yet to be uncovered. Nick chuckled that Billy Abbott's newest cover story would be about Adam. Nick had refused to partake in Billy's story, and Nick was sure that Billy wouldn't be satisfied until he alienated everyone that he knew.

Nick went to the office, and Sharon arrived to admonish him for his treatment of Adam. She claimed that Nick had promised to be better, but Nick and Phyllis were always looking for a fight. Nick hated the fighting, too, but he insisted that something just wasn't right about what had happened with Dr. Taylor.

As Nick and Sharon argued, Phyllis walked in and joined the debate on Nick's side. Sharon left wondering why she'd wasted her time. Nick said he'd love for Adam to be exposed as a fraud, and Phyllis wondered if Billy would get some juicy quotes from Nick after all. Nick loved the thought of it, but that wasn't how Nick wanted to play it out.

Phyllis went home and called Billy to the tack house to tell him that she'd seen Adam arguing with Ashley's doctor right before the accident. Phyllis felt that Adam was lying about something. Billy wondered why Phyllis had given him the information, and Phyllis said that if Adam had done anything wrong, it would get him out of her husband's hair. Phyllis stated that Billy hadn't heard the information from her. "I sure as hell didn't," Billy said.

Later, Adam entered Nick's office to discuss business, and Nick said that Adam couldn't outrun his lies forever. Adam kept trying to talk about business until Nick mentioned Billy's exposť on Adam's lies. Adam guessed that Nick had jumped at the chance to comment, but Nick said that he'd declined thus far. Nick was sure that Billy would verify all the facts regarding Rafe and Dr. Taylor, and Nick warned that Adam couldn't stop the relentless Billy.

Nick threatened to give Billy an interview, but Adam doubted that Nick would hurt Sharon that way. Adam said that it killed Nick that he couldn't have Sharon back. Nick picked up the phone to call Billy, and Adam punched Nick. As the brothers brawled, they knocked down Victor's portrait. Just then, Victor entered the room, asking, "What the hell's going on here?"

Sharon arrived home, upset about Phyllis and Nick. Ashley didn't think that Adam had meant his friend, Dr. Taylor, any harm. Ashley recalled that Dr. Taylor had delivered Sharon's baby. Though Sharon didn't like to talk about it, she divulged what had happened the night that she'd miscarried the baby. She thanked God that Dr. Taylor had been at Fairview, visiting another patient, the night that the place had gone on lockdown. Ashley realized that she'd been that other patient. Ashley explained that Jack had convinced her to admit herself to Fairview that night, and it had been the night that Faith had been born.

At the mansion, Katherine prepared to leave for the Cell Tron meeting. She asked Jill to stay at home to await the DNA results. Joanne entered and revealed that Esther had told her about the test. Joanne prodded Esther into the kitchen, and Katherine said that they'd get rid of Joanne quickly if she and Katherine weren't related. Katherine stated that if they were, she intended to forge a relationship with Joanne, which surely would make some psychiatrist very rich.

After Katherine left, Jill forbade Joanne from taking the Rolls Royce for a spin. Tucker entered, and a burping Joanne said she'd find something else to amuse herself with. Murphy followed Joanne out, and Tucker said that he had a surprise that Jill wouldn't soon forget.

Tucker presented Jill with a glittering diamond bracelet to match the earrings he'd given her on Christmas. Jill gasped and said it was way too much. Tucker replied that it was his way of showing her what she meant to him. Jill kissed him, and he left for the meeting.

Esther and Murphy entered to report more problems with Joanne, who'd attempted to take one of the horses, since she hadn't been allowed to have a car. The lab called Jill to say the DNA results were on their way. A short time later, a messenger arrived with a letter. Jill readily ripped into it.

When Joanne entered the house, Jill announced that Joanne wasn't Katherine's daughter. Joanne chuckled that she knew that already. She figured that, since her job was done, she'd be on her way. Murphy wondered what that meant, and Joanne replied, "You'll find out."

On the coffeehouse terrace, J.T. and Tucker planned for the shareholders' meeting that day. Tucker asked if J.T. would join the meeting, and J.T. said he wouldn't miss it, because it would be a big day for Chancellor Industries. "You can say that again," Tucker quipped.

At the Athletic Club, Neil had the attendants set up rows of seats for the shareholders' meeting. Katherine arrived, and they reviewed the purpose of the meeting. Katherine would tell the shareholders that to acquire Cell Tron, she'd swapped Chancellor stock for Cell Tron's, but she intended to buy her stock back at two dollars over premium per share. Neil said that doing so would consolidate the Chancellor stock and provide a handsome return to the Cell Tron investors. Katherine hoped that the Cell Tron shareholders would agree to sell the Chancellor stock back.

J.T. arrived, and Katherine congratulated him on his part in the deal. J.T. chuckled that he hadn't served an important role, but Katherine wished Victoria could share in J.T.'s success.

Tucker entered to start the meeting, but Katherine noted that no one else had arrived. Tucker announced that he was the sole Cell Tron shareholder. "I own 100% of the stock, and since I'm not selling any of my Chancellor shares, meeting adjourned," Tucker said.

Neil and J.T. looked shocked, and Katherine realized that Tucker had just gained control of her company. Katherine didn't understand why Tucker would rip her legacy from her; she'd thought he was her friend and ally, but he wasn't either. "No, I'm your son," Tucker replied.

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