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Katherine found Tucker and Jill in bed together. Victor and Jack joined forces in order to get revenge on Tucker. Billy and Heather slept together. Neil and Ashley kissed. Cane and Lily announced to their family that Mac was pregnant with twins.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 18, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, January 18, 2010

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Nick and Adam engaged in a slugfest. As Nick and Adam exchanged blows, potted plants overturned, furniture was shoved askew, and Victor's portrait, which had hung above the fireplace mantle, crashed to the floor. Victor walked in and calmly stated, "You two are in charge of a multibillion-dollar corporation, and this is how you behave?" Nick told his father that a lot was going on that Victor didn't know about. Adam cried that Nick was spreading lies about him to the press. Nick complained to his father about promoting Adam even though Adam had betrayed him. Victor explained that Jack had manipulated Adam.

Nick seethed with resentment. Adam smoothed the sleeves of his suit, tugged at his cuffs, and declared, "So Jack comes clean after everything's out in the open; that figures." Victor accused Nick of defying his orders, and he berated Adam and Nick for fighting over Sharon. Victor yelled that he would undo everything his sons did while he was away. After Nick insisted that he couldn't work alongside his antagonistic brother, Victor announced that he would regain control. After Adam left, Victor advised Nick to take the afternoon off. After Nick walked out, Victor lifted his portrait off the floor and set it atop the mantle.

Adam encountered Sharon in the office break room and told her that Victor had returned. Adam added that Victor had walked in while Adam and Nick were fighting. As Adam tended his swollen face with an ice pack, he told Sharon that Victor didn't approve of their marriage. Sharon announced that something about their marriage also bothered her. Sharon accused Adam of keeping secrets from her. Sharon asked Adam why he never told her about his association with Dr. Taylor and about being at the facility the night she and Ashley gave birth. Adam seemed taken aback by Sharon's queries.

Adam prompted Sharon to take a seat, and he seated himself across the table from her. Pretending he was puzzled by Sharon's interrogation, Adam admitted that he knew what had happened the night she'd given birth and wasn't hiding it. Sharon stood her ground and maintained that Adam hadn't been open. Adam reminded Sharon that she never mentioned the night she gave birth, therefore, he avoided broaching a subject that might spark emotional pain.

Adam seemed surprised when Sharon insisted that he was not telling her everything, especially why Dr. Taylor died. Sharon mentioned that Jack never told her that he was also at Fairview, so Adam added Jack's failure to discuss his presence as another excuse for Adam not doing so. Adam also maintained that he was not like Jack at all. Sharon doubted her instincts. Adam stoked Sharon's ego and quickly proclaimed his undying love and pleaded with Sharon to ignore his detractors.

Phyllis invited Billy to the tack house. Phyllis told Billy about Adam's apparent association with the late Dr. Taylor. Billy jotted notes in his reporter's notebook and thanked Phyllis for the scoop. Phyllis reminded Billy not to attribute the information to her. After Billy left, Nikki stopped by. Phyllis faked a smile when Nikki announced that Victor had returned from his convalescence in Belgium. Phyllis worried that Victor was still as controlling and vengeful as he had been in the past. Recalling that Victor was partly responsible for Summer's near-fatal allergic reaction, Phyllis felt that she must forgive Victor because Summer and Nick deserved a relationship with the patriarch of their family.

After Nick arrived at home, Phyllis noticed her husband's fat lip. Phyllis admitted that she'd told Billy about Adam's association with Dr. Taylor, and Nick agreed that it was time to release the hounds on Adam. Nick explained that Victor happened upon him and Adam "beating the crap" out of each other. Nick added that Victor had demoted him and Adam.

Nick understood when Phyllis said she doubted that she could handle face-to-face interactions with the man responsible for almost killing their daughter. Phyllis mentioned moving away from the ranch to avoid impromptu visits from Victor. Phyllis explained that she'd made allowances for Victor when she thought he was dying. Phyllis added that she felt differently because Victor had recovered, but Summer still had mountains to climb before regaining her health. Nick feared that Adam might take advantage of Victor. Phyllis reminded Nick that Victor no longer lived at the ranch, but she mentioned that Sharon did. Nick excused himself and left to change clothes without addressing Phyllis' concerns about Sharon.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley and Sharon talked about the night at Fairview Psychiatric Hospital when Faith was born. Ashley maintained that she hadn't known that Sharon gave birth at the facility, and Sharon explained that she hadn't known that Ashley had been there. Sharon seemed stunned when Ashley added that Adam remained by her side almost the entire time she was a patient and had arranged for Dr. Taylor's visit. Sharon recalled that Dr. Taylor had been with her when she was in labor. Ashley said she thought that Sharon knew that Adam had delivered Ashley's baby. Sharon maintained that Adam had never mentioned it. Ashley added that Jack had also known because he had accompanied her when she checked into Fairview and was certainly aware that Sharon was there.

Jack arrived just as Sharon tried to absorb what Ashley had just told her. Ashley and Sharon questioned Jack. Jack reminded Sharon that she had insisted he cut off all communication with her. After the baby was born, Jack recalled, he remained mum because he worried about stressing Ashley. After Billy arrived at the ranch, Sharon quickly excused herself and left. Neil phoned and told Ashley that he needed to speak to her, Jack, and Billy. Ashley invited Neil to the ranch.

After Neil arrived, he hastily announced that controlling interest in Chancellor Industries and Jabot had passed to Tucker McCall. Jack berated Neil and claimed that Tucker McCall acted as if he'd already crowned himself king when Jack last saw him with Jill at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jack added that a smiling Jill had either been in on Tucker's plan or clueless of it. Neil admitted that he should have researched the matter more than he had. Billy defended his mother, and Ashley defended Neil. Before Neil left, he apologized. Jack insisted that nobody would be able to find loopholes in Tucker's takeover. Billy again stood up for his mother when Jack wondered aloud who, on the inside, was working for Tucker.

Ashley, Jack, and Billy volunteered to alert Jabot's staff and assure them that everything would be okay. After Jack and Billy left, Neil returned. Neil explained that he felt compelled to return after he saw the look on Ashley's face earlier when he'd made his grave announcement about Tucker McCall. Neil stuttered a bit when he attempted to explain how he felt about Ashley. Ashley, sensing Neil's feelings, took the initiative and kissed Neil. As Ashley and Neil kissed, a framed photo of Victor seemed to watch the couple from its vantage point on a nearby side table.

Billy and Jack enjoyed drinks at the Genoa City Athletic Club after they left the ranch. Billy suggested putting the story about Adam on hold in order to pursue an exposé about Tucker McCall. Jack nixed the idea and recalled that Tucker hadn't revealed his agenda right away. Jack added that they might only get one shot at Tucker McCall, so they had better aim between his eyes.

In a conference room, Katherine, Neil, and J.T. were shocked to learn that Tucker McCall was Katherine's biological son and had managed to take the reins of Katherine's legacy. Tucker admitted that he'd known for years that Katherine was his mother. Katherine vowed to fight Tucker. Neil accused Tucker of committing fraud. Tucker claimed that he merely chose not to disclose his identity. Suddenly, Katherine realized that Tucker had unleashed Jo-Jo on them to cause chaos. Neil labeled Tucker's strategy as unbelievably cruel. Tucker quipped that Neil was acquainted with such tactics because he had cut his teeth working for Victor Newman. A pall fell on the room when Tucker announced that Chancellor Industries would operate as a division of Tucker McCall, Unlimited.

Later, in Tucker's office, J.T. blasted Tucker for using him to hurt the people he cared about. Fixated on Victor, Tucker reminded J.T. that he never asked J.T. to carry out a task he'd later regret. Tucker asked J.T. if Victor Newman would have done the same. Tucker said that he regretted putting J.T. in a tight spot, but he added that the business deal had been in the works for a long time. J.T. turned to walk out, but Tucker suggested that J.T. not deny himself an opportunity to advance with the company. After J.T. left Tucker's office, he stopped at Jimmy's Bar for a beer. J.T. phoned Victoria and left a message for her. J.T. told Victoria that he screwed up and helped Tucker carry out a hidden agenda. Before J.T. left, he requested that the bartender tell Mac to call him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Murphy and Jill celebrated the news that Jo-Jo was not Katherine's biological daughter after all. Jill was disappointed that the fiasco would likely thwart Katherine's desire to continue searching for her biological child. After Katherine returned, Nikki arrived. Katherine embraced Nikki warmly. Katherine announced to her stunned family and friend that Tucker McCall had taken ownership of her company and claimed that he was her son. Jill suddenly flashed back to the day she and Tucker were lounging in bed after making love, when Tucker presented her with a pair of diamond earrings. Jill also recalled the day she jokingly asked Tucker if he was too good to be true, to which he had responded, "Most definitely."

Katherine regretted that she hadn't heeded Nikki's advice not to trust Tucker. Murphy filled Nikki in about Jo-Jo. Katherine recalled that Jill had warned that Tucker was dangerous. Jill donned her fur coat and was about leave when Nikki tried to stop her. Jill screeched, "She has you," when Nikki admonished Jill for leaving Katherine in distress. After Neil returned, he told Katherine that he should have seen what was approaching from a mile away. Neil promised Katherine that they would beat Tucker at his own game and take their company back.

Nikki ducked into the entryway and phoned Victor. Nikki told Victor that Tucker McCall had tricked Katherine into giving him controlling interest of Chancellor Industries and had claimed to be Katherine's son. Victor showed up, and Katherine tightly embraced her dear friend. After Murphy mentioned that Katherine's child was supposed to be female, Victor promised that they'd find her. Victor also assured Katherine that he would use his resources to fight Tucker McCall. Victor vowed that Tucker would be sorry that he was ever born. Katherine, overcome, sobbed as she thanked her beloved friend for his support.

Jill showed up at Tucker's loft. When Tucker opened his door, Jill greeted him with, "What the hell? Katherine's son? Were you just using me, you son of a bitch?" Tucker didn't immediately respond.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

At Jimmy's, an elated Cane and Mac discussed Mac's pregnancy -- they were thrilled that she was carrying twins. On his way out, Cane ran into J.T. Cane told J.T. to take good care of Mac, who was carrying "precious cargo." Mac could see that something was bothering J.T. and asked him what was wrong. He told her that Tucker McCall had "pulled a fast one" and taken controlling interest of Chancellor Industries. Mac snapped at J.T., asking him how he could have allowed that to happen.

Mac spoke to Murphy on the phone. After hanging up, she told J.T. that Katherine was angry, and that the "pro-Katherine" group, including the recently returned Victor and Nikki, were gathering at the Chancellor mansion. J.T. told Mac that he didn't know that Tucker was planning to take over Chancellor, and that he was going to resign. Mac urged J.T. not to act hastily, since Tucker obviously saw a lot of potential in J.T. She also told J.T. that Tucker wasn't all bad -- he was a philanthropist who had saved thousands of lives by donating money and medical supplies to third-world nations. Mac hoped that J.T. could bring out Tucker's good side, but she wondered why Tucker seemed to have a vendetta against Katherine. J.T. told the stunned Mac that Tucker claimed to be Katherine's son.

At the Athletic Club, Billy, on his cell phone, asked someone for information on a former employee -- Dr. Charles Taylor. At a nearby table, Paul joined Heather. Heather said that Paul was the only man who she was seeing those days. Paul didn't know whether that was a compliment or a shame.

Heather told her father that things were bad enough when Adam had cheated on her with Rafe. She learned to accept Adam's sexual orientation, but then Adam had married Sharon. Paul said that he knew all about falling in love with the wrong person. Nikki called Paul, told him that there was a crisis at Katherine's, and asked him if he could stop by the Chancellor mansion. Heather said that it was okay for Paul to go.

Billy approached Heather and told her that he wanted to speak with Paul when Paul returned to the table. Heather informed Billy that Paul wouldn't be returning, and Billy decided to join Heather to fish for some information. After flirting a bit with each other, Heather told Billy that she didn't know anything about Dr. Taylor and that Adam had never mentioned the doctor. She said that she had no interest in Billy's "tabloid crucifixion" of Adam, particularly since there was no story -- Taylor's death had been ruled an accident.

Billy reminded Heather that Adam and Taylor had been fighting just before Taylor died. Heather told Billy that he read "conspiracy" into everything pertaining to the Newmans. Billy said that Adam was hiding something, and said that he was sure that Heather wanted to help him dig up some dirt on Adam. Heather said that she would make some phone calls. When Billy joked that he was glad that Heather was "getting into bed" with him, Heather said that if they were getting into bed together, they needed to go somewhere more private. Billy smiled.

Upstairs in Heather's suite, Heather made some phone calls, trying to gather information about Taylor. After Billy thanked her, the couple began flirting, and ended up in bed. After they finished making love, Heather jumped out of the bed and told Billy that it had been a pleasure doing business with him.

At the Chancellor mansion, Michael, Katherine, Nikki, Victor, and Murphy were gathered, brainstorming ideas and trying to thwart Tucker's takeover of Chancellor Industries. Michael said that he was going to review the contract, and, if there was a loophole, he would find it. Victor told Michael that the resources of the Newman Enterprises' legal team were at Michael's disposal. Katherine told Victor that he should go to the ranch and visit Faith. Victor left, giving Nikki a peck on the cheek on his way out.

Michael told Katherine, Nikki, and Murphy that Tucker had been planning the takeover for years -- Tucker had buried Cell Tron's ownership so deeply that no one could have ever uncovered it. Katherine blamed herself for allowing Tucker to take advantage of her. Murphy asked if it was possible to show that Tucker had acted illegally. Michael said that a crime would be difficult to prove, but that Tucker had certainly acted immorally. Katherine said that "immoral" was Tucker McCall's middle name.

Katherine, still stunned that Tucker was proclaiming himself her son, insisted that she had given birth to a daughter so many years earlier. Paul showed up at the mansion and apologized to Katherine for reaching the incorrect conclusion that Jo-Jo was Katherine's child. Katherine said that it wasn't Paul's fault. Michael said that Tucker had orchestrated the entire Jo-Jo debacle. Cane showed up at the mansion, and was updated on Tucker's machinations. Cane said that he had just signed a contract to work at Chancellor. Katherine said, "You now work for Tucker McCall."

Mac arrived at the mansion to comfort her grandmother. Katherine assured Mac that the fight wasn't over. Cane began phoning Tucker to tell him that he was going to quit, but Michael and Katherine talked him out of it, reminding him that Katherine still owned a substantial portion of Chancellor Industries, and that Cane could keep an eye on things for her. Cane agreed to remain at Chancellor for the time being. From the foyer, Mac called Brock to tell him that Katherine needed him. Nikki slipped out of the mansion.

At Tucker's loft, a livid Jill accused Tucker of using her. Tucker said that Jill was never part of his plan to take over Chancellor. He reminded her that, when they met in New York, she had seduced him. Tucker said that he would have wrested control of Chancellor from Katherine even if he had never met her.

Tucker told Jill that he hadn't done anything illegal, and that Chancellor Industries was an impressive addition to his holdings. He said that he had known for years that Katherine was his mother. He found it ironic that Jill had always wanted to be Katherine's daughter, while he had no desire to call Katherine, "mother."

Tucker said that he had been brought up in his adoptive parents' lower-middle-class household. He related the story of how he had discovered one of the world's most popular '70s bands. Jill said that, after that, it seemed that everything that Tucker had touched had turned to gold -- his record company, his airline, and all the media that he owned. Tucker told Jill that he always wondered why Katherine had given him up. At first he thought that his mother hadn't kept him because she couldn't afford to take care of him, but when he learned that she was rich, he came to the conclusion that she simply hadn't wanted him.

Jill surmised that Tucker took control of Chancellor as a means of getting revenge against Katherine. Jill beat herself up for being complicit in Tucker's plan, and for "sleeping with the enemy." There was a knock at the door -- it was Nikki. Nikki didn't see Jill and began saying to Tucker, "You lying, scheming, son of a ..." then became silent when she spotted Jill.

Tucker, not revealing the depth of his relationship with Jill, told Nikki that Jill was there to chew him out, and he assumed that Nikki was there for the same reason. An angry Jill left. Nikki told Tucker that she was looking for a "thread" of Katherine in him, but that she saw nothing that indicated that he was Katherine's son. She noted that Katherine was at home, surrounded by the people who loved her, while Tucker was all alone in his loft. Before she walked out, Nikki said that one day Tucker would regret what he had done.

J.T. stopped by Tucker's loft and asked if Tucker had hired J.T. because J.T. was close to the Chancellors. Tucker denied that, and told J.T. that he was hired to help Tucker "navigate" Genoa City. Tucker said that J.T. had a good head on his shoulders, and had been an invaluable member of Tucker's team. Tucker told J.T. that he was welcome to stay on and work with him, but that he would understand if J.T. wasn't interested.

J.T. wondered why Tucker hadn't trusted him with the truth. Tucker reminded J.T. that he was married to the daughter of Katherine's best friend. J.T. warned Tucker that Katherine wouldn't give up the company without a fight. Tucker said that he expected a fight -- and that he expected to win. J.T. wondered why Tucker trusted him, one of Katherine's friends. Tucker said that he was a good judge of character, and he knew that if J.T. stayed, he would be loyal to Tucker. J.T. decided to continue working with Tucker.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley and Neil concluded their kiss. Neil said that he thought that there was something developing between himself and Ashley that he wanted to explore, but that first he needed to deal with the Tucker McCall crisis. He and Ashley began kissing again.

Later, over a cup of tea, Faith began crying and Neil picked up the child. He said that children gave him faith that all was right with the world. Victor walked in, to Ashley and Neil's surprise. Victor held Faith for a moment and cooed over her. When Ashley took Faith upstairs to change her diaper, Victor asked Neil why he wasn't over at Katherine's, trying to fix the problem that Neil had created. Neil said that he had examined the Cell Tron deal carefully before recommending it. Victor said that obviously Neil hadn't examined it closely enough. Neil said that he was going to rectify the problem, but Victor didn't understand how Neil could do that while having tea with Ashley at the Newman ranch.

Neil left the Newman ranch and headed over to the Chancellor mansion, where both he and Michael spoke to lawyers and businessmen on the phone and tried to find a way to undo what Tucker had done. Jill, having returned from Tucker's, told Katherine that she felt horrible. Nikki returned and told Katherine that Tucker was still claiming to be Katherine's son. Katherine said that was ridiculous -- that her child was a daughter. Katherine then remembered that she hadn't seen the child before it was taken from her, and couldn't be sure whether it was a boy or a girl.

Paul went back to the Athletic Club and located Therese, the nurse who had led him and Nina to believe that Jo-Jo was Katherine's daughter. Paul noticed that Therese had a spa treatment, and looked like a different woman. He wondered if she had come into some money. Therese remained silent as Paul asked her if any of her story about Katherine's child was true. When Paul threatened to have Therese arrested for fraud, she told him that she did what she had to do in order to survive.

Paul returned to the Chancellor mansion and told the group that he had located Therese, the nurse who had helped him track down Jo-Jo, and that she had confessed that she had been paid to lie -- she had admitted to Paul that the baby Charlotte Ramsey took in to the hospital was a boy.

Paul said that Therese knew all along that the child was a boy. She told Paul that, years earlier, she had been contacted by a third party who said that the records had been changed to show that the child was a girl, and that, if anyone ever asked, she was to say that the baby was female. Therese had told Paul that she had only met the person who paid her to lie once -- and it had been dark at the meeting. The group realized that there wasn't any proof that it was Tucker who had paid Therese off, but hypothesized that, like Jo-Jo, Tucker could be a fake. Katherine said that she was no longer taking anyone's word for anything -- that she was back in control and Tucker was no longer going to call the shots.

In a Newman Enterprises break room, Sharon asked Adam if he could look her in the eye and promise that there would be no more secrets between them. Adam started blaming Nick, Phyllis, and Jack for their marital problems, but Sharon said that they had nothing to do with them. Adam swore to Sharon that he wasn't hiding anything more from her.

A messenger entered the break room and handed Adam an envelope. It contained gift cards to Fenmore's and a note from Lauren. Sharon said that she understood why Lauren might feel guilty -- Lauren's sister-in-law, Eden, should have been more careful when she blew out the candles at Sharon's house. Adam said that the items that had been burned in the fire had been "stuff" that could be replaced -- but that their love could never be replaced. He told Sharon that he would give up everything to be with her. Sharing a tender moment, Sharon assured Adam that she believed in him.

Sharon and Adam went on a shopping spree at Fenmore's. Adam, obviously bored with the shopping, got down on his knee and proclaimed his love for Sharon. After Adam stood up, Sharon kissed him and said that the day was special -- it marked their first newlywed spat -- and that they should go back to the ranch and make up. Sharon suggested that they hit the lingerie department before returning to the ranch.

Abby showed up at the ranch and was thrilled to see that Victor had returned from Belgium. Abby asked for Ashley's permission to attend a concert in Chicago, but Ashley said that she wasn't comfortable with her 15-year-old going to the event without adult supervision. Victor sided with Abby and told her that he was on his own when he was 15. Ashley was upset with Victor for "changing the rules." Abby went to check on Faith, who was crying.

Sharon and Adam returned from their shopping spree, and were embarrassed to run into Victor. Victor remarked that the last time that he had returned home, Adam was head of the house, and it appeared that Adam had once again assumed that role. Sharon explained that they were only staying at the Newman ranch because their house had burned down. Ashley told Victor that she had invited the Wilsons to stay at the ranch.

Sharon and Adam went upstairs. Victor told Ashley that he regretted giving her the ranch in their divorce settlement -- that the ranch meant more to him than it did to her. Ashley said that she thought that they had gotten past all that. Victor said that he had changed his mind, and that he was taking back his life -- beginning with taking the ranch away from Ashley.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outside Jimmy's, Daisy told Ryder that she wanted Eden gone, because Eden got on her nerves. Ryder chided Daisy for having set fire to Sharon's house, then making it look as if Eden had accidentally started it. Daisy laughed and said that it had been a great idea. Ryder told Daisy that he was worried about more important things -- like where he was going to sleep. Daisy said that Ryder could stay in the boutique's storeroom for a few more nights until their mother arrived and told them what to do next. Ryder saw Kevin approaching and told Daisy to leave.

Ryder lied and told Kevin that he had spent a few nights at a motel, and another few at a Crimson Lights' customer's place. A torn Kevin told Ryder that he was glad that Ryder wasn't sleeping on the streets. Ryder told Kevin that he had a few job interviews lined up. Kevin said that he hoped that it worked out. Sounding like he meant it, Ryder said that meant a lot to him. Kevin broke down, took some cash out of his pocket, handed it to Ryder, and ran inside Jimmy's.

Inside Jimmy's, Billy called Heather and told her that it had been fun going to bed with her. Mac showed up and asked Billy how he was. Billy said that it had been a weird day. Mac told Billy that not only had Tucker McCall taken over Katherine's company, but he also claimed to be Katherine's son.

Kevin entered Jimmy's and told Mac how hard it had been to see Ryder. Billy joined Mac and Kevin at the bar, and Billy and Kevin began their usual arguing. Mac received a call from Murphy letting her know that Katherine could use some moral support. Kevin and Billy decided to put aside their differences for the time being in order to help Katherine. Mac, Billy, and Kevin left for the Chancellor mansion.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe was on the phone with the florist, and was making some arrangements for Jack and Emily's wedding. Chance looked down in the dumps, and told her that he was jealous that she was working, while, during his suspension, he was in the process of becoming a couch potato. Lt. Watson, one of Chance's superiors, approached their table, handed Chance his badge and his gun, and told Chance that he was being reinstated to the police force -- with the stipulation that he stayed away from the Riggs case. Chloe hugged the elated Chance and said that they should celebrate.

Chance told Chloe that when he returned to the station, he wanted to take a look at Riggs's file. Chloe became upset and told Chance that a lot of people, including herself and Delia, were in his life, and that he should drop pursuing the case. Chance said that he wouldn't "go rogue," but that someone needed to look into the case so that no one else got hurt. Chloe was nervous that Chance might be the one who got hurt, and reminded him that he had become an important part of her and Delia's lives. Chance acquiesced and promised that he would let the Riggs case go. Chloe received a call from Murphy. She told Chance that something was going on with Katherine -- and that it didn't sound good. Chloe and Chance quickly left the coffeehouse.

A moping Amber walked around the Romalottis' apartment. She was concerned about Little D, and told Daniel that she was worried that her mother, Tawny, wasn't taking good care of the boy. Daniel asked what Amber would do if she found out that was true. Amber said that she would take the boy from Tawny and bring him to the Romalottis' apartment. Daniel slammed his computer shut and said, "Hell, no."

Daniel reminded Amber that they had agreed to check on Little D, but not to have him move in with them. Amber said that she couldn't turn her back on the boy who considered her his mother. Daniel said that it Little D wasn't safe, he would call child protective services. Daniel told Amber that he had no burning desire to become an instant parent. Daniel wondered if Amber was looking for Little D because she wanted to make sure he was safe -- or because her biological clock was ticking and she wanted to become a mother.

Amber became angry and readied herself to leave. She said that no matter what Daniel said about her biological clock ticking, she was concerned about Little D's safety. Amber told Daniel that she was interested in having children with Daniel. Daniel said that he wanted children eventually, but, as newlyweds, he and Amber needed to focus on each other, and not on Deacon's child. Amber reminded Daniel that they had pledged their love to each other at their wedding, but she wondered whether she and Daniel wanted different things from their marriage. She stormed out of the apartment.

Michael visited a grumpy Lauren at Fenmore's Boutique. Lauren told Michael that she had been fighting a headache for three days, and couldn't get rid of it. When Michael suggested that perhaps Lauren had been working too hard, Lauren said that Michael was one to talk. Michael told Lauren how busy he was trying to help Katherine with the Tucker McCall takeover of Chancellor Industries. Lauren was concerned that Katherine might never get her company back.

Eden showed up at the boutique with a letter that she had received from her mother's sister, who lived in Paris. Evidently, Eden's aunt wanted Eden to stay with her in Paris for a few months. Michael was clearly not pleased, but Lauren seemed thrilled. Eden said that she needed to discuss it with Noah. After she left, Michael said that he had gotten used to having a kid sister around, and that he didn't want Eden to leave.

Lauren thought that it might be a good idea for Eden to get to know her mother's side of the family, particularly after River had all but abandoned her with the Baldwins. She also thought that it might be a good idea for Noah and Eden to spend some time apart -- Lauren thought that the kids were getting too wrapped up in each other. Michael said that he didn't want Eden to feel uprooted again. Lauren began yelling at Michael, and telling him that he was letting his personal feelings get in the way of Eden's opportunity. Lauren screamed, "I want Eden to go!" Daisy entered the boutique and eavesdropped on the Baldwins' conversation.

Lauren told Michael that perhaps Eden's aunt could fill the hole in Eden's heart that River had created. Michael said that he wanted what was best for his sister, but that it was Eden's decision -- perhaps Eden didn't want to leave Genoa City. Daisy smiled, clearly thrilled with the prospect of Eden going out of town.

Daisy, making her presence known, said that Eden must be excited about going to Paris, then went off to make tea for the Baldwins. Daniel entered the boutique, as he was looking for Amber. The Baldwins asked Daniel if everything was okay. Daniel said that it was -- but that if Amber showed up, they should ask her to call him. Daisy returned with the tea, and Lauren said that it was okay for Daisy to leave for the evening. After Daisy left, Michael received a text message that upset him. Lauren asked him if it was bad news. Michael said, "Not if you're Tucker McCall -- everything checks out so far."

At Crimson Lights, Daniel left a message for Amber to call him. Daisy showed up with a camera and told Daniel that she had a photography project due the following day -- but she had no idea how to use the camera. Daniel said that he could help her, but because her camera used film, there was no way that she could possibly finish her project by the following day. Daniel suggested that Daisy use a digital camera. Daisy said that she couldn't afford one. Daniel offered to loan Daisy one of his digital cameras, and the pair left for the Romalottis' apartment.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Eden told Noah about her aunt's offer. Noah thought that Eden should go to Paris. Eden thought that Noah was trying to get rid of her. Noah asked Eden what the Baldwins thought about the trip. She told him that they thought it was a great opportunity. Noah said that it was, and reminded Eden about how much fun they had in Paris during their class trip.

Noah kept pushing Eden to go to Paris -- he told her that he would be busy with baseball practice anyway, and wouldn't have much time to spend with her. Eden, obviously hoping that Noah would say something indicating that he would miss her, flipped and told the clueless Noah that it was obvious that he wanted her gone. She stormed off the patio.

Abby joined Noah on the patio. He told her that he thought he was being supportive of Eden, but Eden had become angry with him. Abby said that, as a guy, he was supposed to beg Eden not to go. Realizing how badly he had played the part of the boyfriend, Noah told Abby that he hoped that it wasn't too late to try to change Eden's mind.

Eden returned to the boutique and told Lauren and Michael that she was going to Paris. Lauren hugged her, and Michael tried to muster up a smile.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine and Murphy reviewed the horrific events of the past day -- Katherine had lost controlling interest of Chancellor Industries, and Tucker McCall claimed to be her son. Murphy said not to take Tucker's word for anything. Katherine regained her resolve, and said that Tucker McCall was going to have to reckon with Katherine Chancellor and "the force that she is." She swore that she was going to take her life back.

Katherine got her coat and readied herself to confront Tucker. Murphy volunteered to join her, but Katherine said that she needed to deal with the situation alone. She promised to call Murphy if she needed him.

Arriving at Tucker's loft, Katherine told him that using Jo-Jo to distract her was despicable, deplorable, and cowardly. Tucker said that it was simply business. When Katherine said that she had an army of lawyers working on getting her control of the company back, Tucker told her to save her money -- that the only skeleton in his closet was Katherine -- the wealthy woman who had abandoned her infant son. Katherine said that she was going to disprove Tucker's claim that he was Katherine's child, and she demanded that Tucker take a DNA test.

Tucker said that he would be happy to take a DNA test. Katherine said that despite the coup that Tucker had pulled, she wasn't a fool. She said that Tucker was obviously out to hurt her, but that his plan was going to fail. Katherine said that the DNA test was going to be conducted at the Chancellor mansion that evening -- and that she expected him there shortly.

Mac, Billy, and Kevin showed up at the Chancellor mansion while Katherine was visiting Tucker. Murphy told Billy and Kevin how Tucker had stabbed Katherine in the back. Billy said that Tucker didn't deserve to breathe the same air that Katherine breathed, and Kevin said that Katherine was the greatest woman he had ever known -- that she had believed in him when no one else did. Mac was impressed that Billy and Kevin were getting along. Murphy said that Kevin and Billy might not be blood, but that they were family.

Chance and Chloe arrived at the mansion, followed by Amber, who was there to talk to Katherine about her fight with Daniel. Chloe was surprised when she saw Kevin and Billy playing on the floor with Delia. Murphy told Chance, Chloe, and Amber that Katherine needed her, and updated them on the Chancellor Industries takeover, as well as Tucker's claim that he was Katherine's son. Amber said that Katherine's long-lost child was a girl, but Murphy said that Tucker had manipulated things to make it appear that way.

Katherine returned from her visit with Tucker and was moved to tears when she saw all the love and support in her living room. Katherine said that she still couldn't believe that she no longer controlled Chancellor Industries. Kevin reminded her that she was still a stockholder. Katherine noticed that Amber was ignoring phone calls from Daniel. Amber told Katherine that she and Daniel had a fight, and Katherine insisted that Amber go home and work things out with her husband. Amber agreed, but only after Katherine promised to call if Amber could help.

At the Romalottis', Daisy, sitting very close to Daniel, promised to take good care of the camera that Daniel was loaning her. Amber arrived home. Tension filled the air as Daisy left to begin her project. Amber said that she had gone to Katherine's, but hadn't told her about the Romalottis' fight, since Katherine had other things on her mind. Amber said that her time at the Chancellor mansion taught her to "hold on to what you love." Daniel said that he had been thinking, and had come to the conclusion that their marriage was worth holding onto. He said that it was okay with him if they looked for Little D. Amber hugged Daniel and told him that she was glad that they had worked out their marital crisis. Sounding somewhat unconvinced, Daniel said, "Me, too."

Tucker showed up at the Chancellor mansion, walked into the living room, and was stared down by the group of Katherine supporters. A lab technician arrived to conduct the DNA test. While the technician was taking swabs from Katherine and Tucker, Chance's phone rang. He went into the foyer to take the call. Chance answered, and a computer-like voice repeated, "You're in danger. You're in danger," then hung up. Chance rejoined the group in the living room, and lied to Chloe and told her that it was Nina on the phone.

The lab technician told Murphy that the samples were being sent to three independent labs, and that they should have the results within a day. As he left, Tucker told Katherine that he hoped that the DNA test would give her some peace of mind. Billy quipped, "We all know how important that is to you, Tucker."

After Tucker was gone, Katherine began crying and wondered what to do if it turned out that Tucker was her son. Mac received a text message and told Katherine that she had something that would cheer Katherine up. Mac led Katherine to the front door and opened it, revealing Brock. Brock said, "Hello, mother." A weeping Katherine collapsed into Brock's loving arms.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nikki and Victor returned to their Athletic Club suite after a walk with their new puppy, Segundo. Nikki said that Segundo seemed tense. Victor told Nikki that dogs tended to pick up on the emotions of the people around them. Victor said that he couldn't believe that Tucker McCall had taken over Chancellor Industries. Nikki said that she hadn't trusted Tucker from the day she had met him during the Christmas holiday. Victor said that the situation with Tucker could be fixed.

Nikki wondered whether the problems between Nick and Adam could be repaired. Victor said that Nick and Adam were both his sons, and that they both wanted Victor's approval. Nikki said that Victor was like King Solomon -- and, referring to the Newman ranch, said that every king deserved his castle. Victor promised Nikki that he would get the ranch back from Ashley.

Nikki reminded Victor that Sharon and Adam were also living at the ranch. They discussed Sharon and Adam's marriage, which they both felt was fraught with unpleasant possibilities. Nikki said that she thought that Victor's illness would unite the family, but it seemed as though the family was further apart than ever. Victor decided to have an extended family dinner -- he called the Athletic Club dining room and reserved the largest table available.

At the tack house, Phyllis continued to try to talk Nick into moving away from the Newman ranch. Nick said that he needed to be at the ranch to keep an eye on Adam. Phyllis reminded Nick that Adam couldn't drive off with the ranch. Nick said that Phyllis and Summer would always be his priority, but that he was still bore a responsibility to the Newman family.

Phyllis answered a knock at the door -- it was Victor. Victor asked Phyllis and Nick if Segundo could stay with them until Victor and Nikki moved back to the ranch. Nick was surprised to learn that his parents were moving back. Phyllis did not look pleased. Victor said that he wanted to be close to his children and grandchildren.

Summer ran up to Victor and told him how much she had missed him. Phyllis looked uncomfortable with Victor holding Summer, but Nick just smiled. Victor gave Summer a present -- a doll that he had bought for her in Belgium. Victor invited Phyllis, Nick, and Summer to dinner at the Athletic Club that night. Phyllis initially declined the invitation, by saying that she had already fixed dinner. Victor said that he realized that there was still quite a rift in the Newman family, but that he wanted the family members to grow closer. When Summer said, "Please, Mommy," Phyllis reluctantly changed her mind. When Victor left, Nick thanked Phyllis.

Nikki met with J.T. at Crimson Lights. Initially, J.T. thought that Nikki wanted to talk with him about Tucker McCall. J.T. told Nikki that he hadn't known that Tucker was planning to take over Chancellor Industries. Nikki was pleased to learn that, but told J.T. that she was there to invite him and Reed to dinner at the Athletic Club. J.T. was reluctant to go. Nikki said that she knew that he and Victoria were going through a tough time in their marriage, but that J.T. was still family. She urged J.T. not to give up on his marriage. J.T. said that Victoria wanted Reed to remain close to the Newman family, and agreed to attend the dinner. A thrilled Nikki hugged him and left.

At the Newman ranch, Adam and Sharon were sharing a kiss when Abby and Noah rushed into the house. Sharon showed Noah all of the "neat stuff" she had gotten, courtesy of Lauren's gift certificates, to replace their burned-up possessions. Noah became angry and told Sharon that he was tired of everyone blaming Eden for the fire.

Abby told Adam and Sharon that Noah was upset because Eden was going to Paris to stay with her aunt. Noah said that he had told Eden to go, but that had made Eden angry with him. Abby said that Eden was a loser. Noah told Adam and Sharon that he couldn't figure girls out. Adam said that perhaps he could help.

Adam told Noah about a girlfriend, Lisa, who Adam had in the ninth grade. Adam said that he and Lisa were prepared to spend the rest of their lives together, but then Lisa and her family moved away. Noah asked Adam what had happened to that relationship. Adam said that he and Lisa both moved on. Noah swore that wasn't going to happen to him and Eden -- that Eden was the girl he loved, and that he and Eden were going to be together forever.

Adam said that if Noah and Eden were meant to be together, then a few months' separation wouldn't ruin the relationship. Before he went upstairs to do homework, Noah thanked Adam for the advice. After Noah was gone, Sharon, who had been watching the conversation, told Adam how thrilled she was that he was developing a fatherly-type relationship with Noah.

Victor called Adam and abruptly told him that the Wilsons were to join him for dinner at the Athletic Club. He told Adam that Abby and Noah were to join him as well. After Victor hung up, Adam told Sharon that they had been summoned. He suspected that something was up, but Sharon said that it was merely a dinner invitation. Adam said that with Victor, everything seemed suspicious.

In Patty's padded cell, Patty was acting like a drug addict undergoing withdrawal. To herself, she said, "You can do this. You don't need those pills." She lifted a ripped mattress seam to reveal where she had been stashing her medication. About to take a pill, she began screaming, "No! No!" She placed the pill back into the mattress just as Paul showed up for a visit.

As they played the card game "War," Paul asked Patty how things were going with Dr. Jasper, who was taking over Patty's therapy from Emily. Patty said that Dr. Jasper was okay, but wondered why Emily wasn't seeing her anymore. Paul laid down a card and, before realizing the possible implications, blurted out, "Jack! You lose!" Patty began freaking out and said that she always lost with Jack, who had slept with that "slut" Diane Jenkins the night before Patty and Jack's wedding.

Patty began living in the past and told Paul that Jack was still sleeping with Diane. Obviously believing that she was pregnant, Patty screamed that Jack didn't want the baby, and said that the only reason that Jack had married her was so that John would promote Jack to the Jabot presidency. She began chanting, "Jack! Jack!" and ripped up the playing cards. Paul grabbed her and asked her if she was okay. Returning to near-normalcy, Patty hugged Paul and told him that she was fine.

At Crimson Lights, Jack and Emily were going over designs for their wedding cake. Emily received a text message from Dr. Jasper and left the table to call him back. When Emily returned to the table, Jack seemed down and told Emily that he had left ten voicemails for Katherine, but that she hadn't called him back. Realizing that Jack was worried about Jabot's future, Emily suggested that they scale back or postpone their wedding. Jack said that he wasn't going to let Tucker ruin their "fairy tale" event. He said that he had always put business first, but he was going to make Emily his first priority. Emily and Jack kissed.

Paul called Emily from the psychiatric facility and told her that Patty seemed to be regressing. Emily said that she would be right over. Jack said that he would talk to Chloe about the wedding cake, and hoped that everything was okay with Patty.

Emily found Patty sitting on her bed, and drawing a picture of some flowers. Emily and Paul grew concerned when Patty said that they were pictures of the flowers from the Abbott mansion, where she lived with Jack. Emily asked Patty to draw a picture while Emily and Paul slipped outside the cell. Paul asked Emily what had happened to his sister. Emily wasn't sure -- she thought that perhaps Patty needed a medication adjustment. When Paul asked if Patty was regressing, Emily said that she hoped not. Paul looked through the cell's window and saw a seemingly peaceful Patty drawing a picture. As soon as Paul stopped looking, Patty made a move toward the stash of pills that she had hidden inside her mattress.

The Newman clan began gathering for dinner at the Athletic Club. Sharon, Adam, Abby, and Noah showed up first, followed by Phyllis, Nick, and Summer. J.T. and Reed were not too far behind. Phyllis asked Nick if he wanted to leave -- Sharon posed the same question to Adam. Victor and Nikki walked up arm in arm. Victor said that no one was leaving -- that it had been too long since they had all been together as a family.

Victor approached J.T. and told him that he was glad that J.T. was resigning from Tucker McCall's employ. J.T. said that Victor's information was incorrect -- that J.T. was staying with Tucker. Nikki walked up, and, weakly attempting to defend J.T., commented that she knew how upset J.T. was that Tucker had taken over Chancellor Industries. Victor, referring to Katherine, said that Tucker had hurt a dear friend. J.T. said that it was business -- and reminded Victor that Victor had hurt Colleen in the name of business.

Victor suggested that J.T. "forget this Tucker nonsense" and return to work at Newman Enterprises. J.T. declined Victor's offer. Victor asked J.T. if he thought that working for "that low-life McCall" made J.T. his own man. J.T. said that working for Tucker might not make J.T. his own man, but that not working for Victor did. The irritated J.T. grabbed Reed and left, while the rest of the family, who had been watching the exchange, stood there speechless. Unfazed, Victor sat down at the dinner table and raised a glass to toast to his family.

Later, at Crimson Lights, J.T. called Victoria and told her that Tucker had taken majority control of Chancellor Industries from Katherine. Victoria was obviously upset that J.T. was still working for Tucker. The Hellstroms began bickering on the phone. J.T. said that they could discuss the matter further when Victoria returned home. Victoria hung up on J.T. To himself, J.T. said, "Whenever that is."

At the Athletic Club, Victor approached Sharon and questioned her about her marriage to Adam. Sharon said that she had always seen Adam through the eyes of others, but once she got to know Adam, she fell in love with him. She told Victor that Adam made her happy. Victor said that, if ever a time came when Adam made her unhappy, he wanted to know about it. Sharon said that she planned to be Victor's daughter-in-law forever. Sharon and Victor hugged. Adam was surprised when Sharon told him that she and Victor had a civil conversation about the Wilsons' marriage.

Phyllis spoke with a waiter to make sure that there weren't any peanuts in the food being served. Nikki approached Phyllis and said that Victor had already called the kitchen to check on that. Nikki said that she knew it hadn't been easy for Phyllis to go to the family dinner. She added that Victor adored Summer. Phyllis said that, ironically, Summer adored Victor.

Noah was upset that Eden wasn't answering his text messages. Abby told Noah to forget about Eden, and added that Abby's friend, Josie, was interested in him. Noah said that he didn't care about Josie or anyone else except for Eden. Nick noticed that Noah seemed upset. Sharon told him that Eden was leaving for Paris, and that Noah was beating himself up for having encouraged the trip. Nick said that he was going to talk to Noah, but Sharon stopped Nick, and told him that Adam had already given their son a pep talk. Nick was obviously upset as, from across the room, he watched Adam try to comfort the distraught Noah.

As the dinner began to wind down, Victor thanked the family for attending. He told them that being with all of them was what was important -- that family meant everything to him. When he said, "We're Newmans -- we stick together," Jack walked by the table and said, "Here, here! Welcome home, old boy." Victor was not pleased to see Jack.

Paul entered the Athletic Club, went to the bar, and ordered a Scotch. Nikki approached him and asked how he was. Paul said that he was worried about Patty, but that he didn't want to talk about it. The tension between Nikki and Paul was palpable. Nikki excused herself as a despondent Paul finished his drink, threw down some cash, and left.

Phyllis told Adam that, while doing some online research, she had run across an article about Dr. Taylor. A nervous Adam feigned interest and told Phyllis to forward the article to him. Phyllis needled Adam about the article by telling him how renowned Taylor had been, and how wonderful it was that Taylor had paid a house call on Ashley. Phyllis then went on to discuss the argument between Taylor and Adam, which ended in Taylor's grisly death. Sharon told Adam not to let Phyllis bother him, and the Wilsons walked off. As the guests trickled out, Victor and Nikki wished them all a good night.

Victor and Nikki saw Emily enter the club. Victor said that Patty's doctor had obviously not left town. They were shocked when they saw Jack greeting Emily with a passionate kiss. Victor told Nikki that they should talk to Jack and Emily. Victor and Nikki approached them, and Victor asked Jack what was going on.

Jack told Victor and Nikki that he and Emily were getting married. Victor thought that was disgusting. Jack thought that Victor should be grateful to him for convincing Traci to give Colleen's heart to Victor, but Victor said that one moment of compassion didn't wipe out a lifetime of Jack's depravity. Victor told Jack that he would always be grateful to Colleen and Traci, but that he didn't owe Jack anything.

Victor wondered how Patty would feel when she learned that Jack was marrying Emily -- the woman whom Patty had been trying to become. Jack reminded Victor that Patty's breakdown was Victor's fault. Victor said that if Patty "went off the deep end," there was no one to blame but Jack. After calling Jack and Emily deplorable, Jack said, "So we're back to where we started. Game on." Victor replied, "The game will soon be over."

Back at the Newman ranch, Adam told Sharon how happy he was that Victor hadn't berated him at the family dinner. He added that, since arriving in Genoa City, he had always felt second-rate, but that night, he had felt like an equal. Sharon said that since Victor accepted Adam as part of the family, everyone else would follow suit.

At the tack house, Phyllis and Nick reviewed the evening's drama, and said that they wouldn't have missed it for the world. Phyllis again said that she wanted to move away from the ranch. Nick said that he was giving a move some thought -- but first he wanted to make sure that Victor saw that Adam was pulling the Newman family apart.

Friday, January 22, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Noah thanked Nikki for taking him shopping. Seeing that Noah looked sad, Nikki asked him if he was still thinking about his fight with Eden. Noah said that Eden was leaving for Paris later that day. Nikki said that didn't give Noah much time to fix things.

At Michael and Lauren's, Eden stared at her phone and wondered why she hadn't received any more texts from Noah. Lauren said that she didn't blame Noah -- after all, he had been texting Eden for two days, and she hadn't replied. Michael entered and told Eden that her car to the airport was on its way. Michael said that he would miss Eden, and Eden said that Michael had been more of a father to her than River ever had been.

Daisy showed up at the apartment to give Lauren an envelope that she had forgotten at the boutique. Eden wasn't happy to see Daisy, who said that it was awesome that Eden was going to Paris. Noah arrived, and the group retired to another room to allow Noah and Eden some time alone.

Noah apologized to Eden for acting as if he was happy that she was leaving the country, and he told her that he didn't know how he was going to get through Eden's absence. Eden reminded Noah that she would only be gone for a while, and that he could visit her in Paris. Eden gave Noah her mother's necklace to hold onto, as a reminder of her. Eden's airport ride arrived. The kids became teary-eyed and said how much they loved each other. They kissed.

After Eden was gone, Lauren and Michael tried to cheer Noah up by telling him that time would pass quickly. Daisy semi-seductively told Noah that she would try to take his mind off Eden, but Noah refused her offer and left. Daisy wondered if she had said anything wrong, but Lauren assured her that she hadn't.

Eden arrived at the airport in Paris, and was greeted by her Aunt Juliet. Eden thanked her aunt for getting in contact with her. Juliet was puzzled, and told Eden that Eden had contacted her. Eden said that was weird -- as she didn't even know that she had an aunt until she had received the letter, allegedly from Juliet. Eden said, "If you didn't write to me, who did?"

Lauren and Michael, with Daisy still at their condo, discussed Eden's arrival in Genoa City, and how Eden had a giant chip on her shoulder at that time. Daisy said that she knew that it would be hard for them to get used to Eden being away. Daisy told the Baldwins that she knew she was no substitute, but that she would help the Baldwins out in any way possible. Lauren smiled and told Daisy that she was sweet.

At Jabot, Ashley stopped by Jack's office to help with the Tucker McCall "crisis." Since Jabot was primarily owned by Chancellor Industries, the Abbotts wanted to make sure that their employees weren't demoralized by Tucker's takeover of Chancellor. The Abbotts called a meeting of key staff members and asked them to contact Jabot's business partners in order to reassure them that Jabot was still "solid."

After the staff left, Jack showed Ashley a fax that Tucker had sent to all Chancellor Industries employees, which stated that the takeover meant "changes and hard decisions." Jack thought that meant that Tucker was going to undo Jack and Ashley's work at Jabot, but Ashley disagreed. She told Jack that Jabot had been performing solidly, and that Tucker wouldn't interfere with their family business. Sighing, Ashley told Jack that he was lucky that he had Emily in his life. She jokingly added that she might need a psychiatrist in her life -- then told Jack that Victor wanted the Newman ranch back.

Ashley explained that although she had signed the papers giving her ownership of the ranch, Victor had never signed them. Ashley said that Faith and Abby had a right to grow up at the ranch. Jack told Ashley to hold her ground, and that he would do everything in his power to make sure that she didn't lose the ranch.

At Tucker's loft, J.T. told Tucker that he had to leave early because he couldn't find a babysitter for Reed. Tucker said that wasn't a problem -- he understood that J.T. was a family man. On his way out of the office, J.T. passed Victor, who was there to see Tucker.

After some awkward pleasantries, Victor and Tucker exchanged jabs regarding corporate scandals that they had been involved in. Victor then cut to the chase -- he told Tucker that Katherine was a close friend of his, and that he didn't want Tucker to mess around with her.

Tucker told Victor that he had wanted to buy Chancellor Industries for a long while, and reminded Victor that Victor was going to buy in to the Chancellor IPO. Victor said that he would have owned just a small portion of Chancellor stock, but that Tucker had gained control of Chancellor under false pretenses. Victor questioned whether Tucker was really Katherine's son -- he said that Tucker didn't seem anything like Katherine. Tucker said, "We'll see, won't we?"

Tucker said that Chancellor Industries was just another acquisition to him -- much the same way that Jabot had been an acquisition for Victor. Victor offered to buy Tucker's shares of Chancellor, and would pay a high price, but Tucker refused his offer by saying that he was still basking in the glow of victory. Before Victor left, he told Tucker to never say that Victor hadn't tried to solve "this problem" in a civil manner. Victor walked out of the office.

Victor went to see Jack. Jack said that he had heard that Victor had lied when he told Ashley that she could have the Newman ranch, and added that Victor's Abbott heart wasn't working as well as Jack had hoped it would. Victor said that he was there to speak with Jack about Tucker. Victor suggested that, for Katherine's sake, he and Jack put their differences aside so they could put "that fool" in his place. Jack said that he would work with Victor. Jack extended his hand to Victor, but Victor wouldn't take it. Victor left the seething Jack's office.

At the Ashbys', Neil, Malcolm, Devon, Cane, Lily, Katherine, Brock, and Jill waited for Mac to arrive with an announcement. Jill told Katherine that she needed to discuss something important with Katherine, but Mac arrived before they had a chance to chat. Mac, Cane, and Lily stood together as Lily announced that Mac was expecting twins.

The entire group was excited, and congratulated Lily, Cane, and Mac. Cane asked Jill if she would consider herself the twins' grandmother, and a thrilled Jill said that she would. Jill tried to talk with Katherine again, but Katherine said that it was the time for family, not for business. She added that it was ironic that not only were the Ashbys gaining a child, but she might be as well.

As the group rejoiced in the good news, Malcolm said that he had returned to Genoa City to reconnect with his family. He had some news of his own -- he was engaged, and his fiancée would soon be joining him. Neil asked Malcolm what his plans were once his fiancée arrived. Malcolm said that they would get a house near the Ashbys and help babysit the twins. Neil became upset and said that Malcolm kept playing the "family card" as if he were entitled to be a member of the family. Before Neil stormed out, he told Malcolm that Malcolm couldn't just rejoin the clan.

After Neil was gone, Malcolm said that he didn't think that the news of his engagement would be that upsetting to Neil. Lily said that it wasn't Malcolm's engagement that had upset Neil, Lily explained that she considered Neil her father, and that Neil thought of Lily as his daughter, and that Malcolm setting up house nearby and offering to babysit the twins was too much, too soon. Devon agreed with Lily.

Neil went to Jabot to talk with Ashley. He wondered why he couldn't be happy for Malcolm. Ashley said kiddingly that she often felt like killing Jack, and told Neil that he should try to work things out with his brother. Neil appreciated Ashley's advice, and was about to reward her with a kiss when Jack walked in. Suspicious of what had been going on between his sister and Neil, Jack asked if there was anything that he could do for Neil. Neil said that Ashley had given him exactly what he needed.

Neil returned to the Ashbys' and apologized for having stormed out earlier. He admitted to having put up walls between himself and Malcolm, and not giving Malcolm a fair chance. Neil wondered if he and Malcolm could start over. Malcolm said that Neil was the rock of the family, and he apologized if he had been disrespectful. He added that he would keep his mouth shut and earn his way back into the family. Lily beamed as Malcolm and Neil, agreeing to try to work out their issues, hugged.

Mac met up with J.T. and Reed at Crimson Lights. J.T. wondered how single parents managed to do it. Mac told him that she was pregnant with twins. J.T. said that Mac was "something else" -- to go through a pregnancy with another couple's twins. Brock joined the threesome. When J.T. stepped away to make a phone call, Brock told Mac that her act was selfless, but he wondered if she was prepared to give birth to children who she was going to hand over to another couple.

Mac told her father that she was 100 percent sure she could handle it. A beaming Brock said that he just had to ask. He left to check on Katherine. When J.T. returned to the table, he told Mac that he might take her up on her offer to babysit Reed while Victoria was out of the country.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine told Nikki that the results of Tucker's DNA test were on their way. Katherine said that she had hired the three best genetics labs in the country, but she still had trouble believing that Tucker was her son. Nikki asked what kind of son would so something as malicious as stealing a company from his mother. Katherine replied that a son who had been abandoned by his mother at birth might do something like that.

Nikki tried to defend Katherine's action by saying that there wasn't any way that Katherine could have gone to Gary Reynolds, Brock's father, and told him about an illegitimate child. Katherine agreed, but reminded Nikki that Gary had died many years earlier, giving Katherine had ample opportunity to search for Tucker. Nikki said that whatever Katherine had done, it didn't excuse Tucker's behavior, and that she and Victor were supporting Katherine. She told Katherine that a lot of people were going to fight for her, and that, no matter what the tests said, Tucker wouldn't win.

As Nikki and Katherine continued their conversation, Jill slipped in the front door and eavesdropped. Jill looked devastated when Katherine said that she wished, by some quirk of fate, that Nikki had turned out to be her child. Nikki hugged Katherine and said that she didn't need a DNA test to stand by her friend. Jill left the house quietly.

A messenger arrived with the results from the genetics labs. Katherine opened the envelope and told Nikki that she was going to go and tell Tucker the results in person. Nikki assured Katherine that she would handle Tucker the way that he deserved.

Jill went to Tucker's and begged him not to take over Chancellor Industries. She told him that the company was Katherine's life. Tucker reminded Jill that Katherine still owned a large share of the company, and had a loving family and a lot of money. Jill asked Tucker if he was really Katherine's son, and, if he was, how he could steal the company from his own mother.

Tucker assured Jill that he was Katherine's son, and told her that he didn't "steal" the company -- he bought it, and he would make it thrive like it never had before. He wondered why Jill was unwaveringly devoted to Katherine. Jill remembered Katherine telling Nikki that she wished that Nikki was her child. Jill began kissing Tucker.

Later, naked in Tucker's bed, Jill asked Tucker to be honest with her in the future. Tucker agreed that he would. Katherine entered the front room looking for Tucker. She heard laughter coming from the bedroom and walked in, aghast to find Jill and Tucker in bed together. Jill told Katherine that it wasn't what it looked like. Katherine told Jill to shut up. She said that Tucker would never be her son, and that Jill was never her daughter.

Ashley returned to the Newman ranch and was surprised to find Nikki in the living room. Nikki explained that she had taken Noah shopping and that he had given her permission to put his new things away. Nikki wondered if Ashley had a problem with that. Ashley said that she didn't -- but that she would prefer it if, in the future, Nikki would call before going to the house. Nikki said that Ashley was being "prickly," and told her that she had rung the doorbell, and when no one answered, Nikki had used her key. Ashley told Nikki that she wanted the key to the house back immediately. Nikki snottily replied that would be Victor's decision.

Ashley and Nikki began bickering. Ashley insisted that it was her house, and she wanted the key. Nikki disagreed. Ashley said that Nikki and Victor were both obnoxious, arrogant, and underhanded. Ashley made fun of Nikki begging Ashley to go to Paris to find Victor. Nikki said that Ashley had dumped Victor when his heart "was in ribbons," and then, when Victor was barely on his feet, had asked him for the ranch. Ashley said that Nikki had gotten the Newman ranch when Nikki and Victor had divorced, and wondered why Nikki didn't think that Faith and Abby deserved the same upbringing that Nick and Victoria had. Nikki began walking out, saying that Victor would handle everything. Ashley shouted that Nikki could have Victor, but that she couldn't have Ashley's daughters' home.

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