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Cane spied on Tucker for Katherine. Tucker declined the Abbotts' offer to buy Jabot and decided to sell the company at an auction. Adam took a job with Tucker. Daisy planted evidence to make it look like Eden had been gaslighting Lauren.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 25, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, January 25, 2010

At the corporate offices of Newman Enterprises, Adam encountered Nick and Phyllis. Phyllis was packing up personal items because she no longer wished to work near Victor. Adam quipped, "Well, you know what they say, if you can't stand the heat." Phyllis responded, "You must be a cold-hearted snake?" Adam summoned Nick to their father's office for a meeting. After Adam walked away, Phyllis suggested that Nick also pack up and leave, but Nick explained that he couldn't leave Adam there alone.

In Victor's office, Jack and Adam gathered to hear Michael explain that Tucker McCall's company, Cell Tron was legitimate, and that all aspects of the company had checked out. Victor vowed to find McCall's Achilles heel. Cane and Nick arrived, and Cane announced that he could help Victor find McCall's weak spot. Cane explained that he could use his position at Chancellor to feed Victor information to help take down McCall. Michael asserted that Cane's access to sensitive documents would be limited. Jack directed Cane to ascertain Tucker's next move before he made it.

Victor listened as Nick theorized that McCall would break Chancellor Industries apart and sell it off piecemeal. Adam insisted that McCall would encumber the company with overwhelming debt, which would leave nothing for the bondholders, but would net almost a billion dollars for McCall. Victor warned Jack not to take advantage of an opportunity to regain control of Jabot. Jack swore his allegiance to Katherine and insisted that his goal was to beat McCall. Jack added that they all could benefit from the process.

After everyone but Nick and Adam left Victor's office, Victor asked his sons if they were ready to get to work. Adam and Nick each suggested diverse approaches to thwart McCall. Nick proposed taking advantage of McCall's impulsive mistakes. Adam, however, advised setting up dummy accounts in order to buy up pieces of the subsidiaries McCall offered for sale.

Victor endorsed Adam's plan and ordered his sons to submit offers whenever Tucker sold off a company. Nick worried that Newman Industries' capital would not support such a plan. Victor berated Nick for shorting the company's assets when he paid off investors after the Caribbean bank failed. Victor arrogantly added that he would make all financial decisions in the future.

Later, when Victor and Nick were alone, Victor commended Nick for remaining strong after he treated him harshly in front of Adam. Victor explained that he knew Adam was pushing Nick's buttons. Victor said he hoped he and his sons could sit down and figure things out together. Before Nick left, he simply responded, "Cool." After Nick walked out, Victor seemed uneasy about son's lack of concern.

Adam returned to his father's office and was spouting off about financial strategies he believed would thwart Tucker McCall. Victor told Adam that he'd dismissed Nick's idea in order to one-up his brother. Victor informed Adam that he valued his opinion, but Victor added that he didn't trust Adam, either. Victor warned Adam not to compete with his brother, and he encouraged Adam to put his own ambition aside for the interest of the company.

Later, Victor sat Adam and Nick down in his office. Victor ordered his sons to stop competing with each other. Adam railed that he'd done every pointless task Nick had ordered him to do, therefore, Adam added that he didn't appreciate being accused of not being a team player.

Victor charged Adam with marrying Sharon to gain an advantage over Nick. Victor warned Adam not to hurt Sharon. Vehemently, Adam said, "I would never hurt her; you got that?" Victor retorted, "Just wait until she finds out who you really are." Adam replied that Sharon already knew him well because she had asked him about growing up without a father, losing his mother, and about going blind.

Growing increasingly angry with his father, Adam asked Victor what he'd have to do in order to gain his father's trust. Victor leaned forward and replied, "Son, I will never trust you." Nick remained silent and restrained his emotions by biting his lip. Adam told Victor that it was clear that there was room for only one son in his heart and in his company.

Addressing Nick, Adam claimed that Nick wanted his and Adam's share of Victor. Adam informed Victor that he was quitting immediately, and he walked out. Adam saw Phyllis in the hallway, and he asked her to reserve a place for him in the unemployment line. After Adam stepped into a descending elevator, Phyllis quipped, "Going down?"

Michael and Jack saw Phyllis as she was leaving Newman headquarters. Jack invited Phyllis to return to Jabot. Phyllis laughed and declined Jack's offer by citing their volatile work environment at the magazine. As the trio boarded an elevator, Jack announced that he planned to honor his father's wish to regain control of Jabot.

At Crimson Lights, Michael and Phyllis enjoyed coffee. Phyllis told Michael that she couldn't forget about Adam being present when Dr. Taylor's accident occurred. Phyllis added that Adam and Victor didn't make it easy to remain a member of the Newman family. After Michael left, Nick joined Phyllis.

Nick explained that Adam did everything he could to make Nick look bad to Victor. Phyllis begged Nick to follow her lead and leave the company. Nick explained that almost losing Victor had made him realize how short life was. Nick vowed to beat Adam at his own game in order to make his father proud. Nick declared his intention to run Newman on his own.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Gloria ordered expensive seafood and wine while she waited for Jeffrey to join her. Jeffrey arrived breathless because he'd walked two blocks from the parking space he'd found for his new European sports car. Jeffrey perused the newspaper and read aloud an article about Tucker McCall taking over Chancellor Industries. Jeffrey laughed when Gloria bragged that Tucker was rich and smart. Gloria, scheming, stroked her throat and added that Tucker lacked friends.

Jack approached and overheard Jeffrey gloating about imbibing a thirty-five-hundred-dollar bottle of wine. Jack asked Gloria how much of his money she had spent. Gloria feigned ignorance and responded, "Your money?" Jack ordered Gloria to pay up, according to the legally binding Jabot settlement. Jeffrey winced, but Gloria glared brazenly at Jack. Gloria told Jack that he didn't scare her, and she told him that she couldn't give him money she didn't have. Jack warned Gloria not to mess with the law. Michael arrived, and Jack announced that Gloria should either give him the money she owed him or go to jail.

Jack saw a distressed Nikki sitting alone at a table in the club dining room, and he offered to join her. Nikki told Jack that three separate labs had confirmed that Tucker McCall was Katherine's biological son. Nikki also told Jack that Jill had gone to bed with Tucker. Jack said, "Of all the billionaires for Jill to pick, it must hurt that she chose Katherine's son." Nikki said that Jill would soon wish that she had never met Tucker, much less slept with him.

At Tucker McCall's loft, Jill dressed as she recalled Katherine walking in while Jill and Tucker were still lying in bed after making love. Katherine had dropped her envelope containing the DNA test results as she raced out the door. Jill opened the envelope and told Tucker that he truly was Katherine's son. Jill worried that Katherine might never forgive her. Jill rushed to finish dressing, so she could go check on Katherine.

Tucker claimed that he didn't care about Katherine's feelings. Tucker told Jill that he only cared about her. Jill, upset, left. Brock showed up and accused Tucker of hiding behind corporate identities in order to get to their mother. Tucker quipped that his mother was just another business conquest, but Brock insisted that it was time for Tucker to get to know their mother.

Nikki arrived at the Chancellor mansion. Brock let Nikki in and told her that Katherine wasn't home. Nikki told Brock that Tucker was Katherine's son. Katherine arrived fuming and cried that Jill was sleeping with the most despicable man, who also happened to be her son. Katherine said she wished she could wipe the image of Jill and Tucker out of her mind. Katherine cried that Tucker had taken everything she owned, even her family. Brock offered to talk to Tucker, and he left.

Katherine sobbed and told Nikki that Jill must have thrust Jo-Jo on her as punishment. Nikki agreed that Jill only cared about herself. Katherine grew livid and screamed that she would never be taken advantage of by the likes of Jill Abbott Foster ever again. Nikki wept to see her friend in agony. Jill arrived, but Nikki intercepted her and told Jill to leave. Jill and Nikki began arguing. Katherine arrived downstairs and agreed to speak with Jill. Before Nikki left, she told Katherine to call her if she needed anything. Jill muttered epithets about Nikki under her breath.

Jill insisted to Katherine that she had no idea who Tucker was when she met him in New York. Jill claimed that she didn't have time to warn Katherine before Tucker took control of Chancellor. Katherine accused Jill of being a white-trash manicurist who slept her way out of the gutter. Katherine added that Jill didn't care who she hurt in the process. Katherine reminded Jill that Katherine had given her money, security, and even love, but it hadn't been enough for someone as grasping and pathetic as Jill. Jill insisted that her attraction to Tucker had nothing to do with money.

Katherine claimed that Jill hadn't changed. Jill accused Katherine of holding a grudge for something that had happened thirty years before. Katherine told Jill that the day Jill chose Tucker McCall over Katherine was the day Jill no longer meant anything to her. Cane arrived and tried to calm Jill down. Katherine threw Jill out.

After Brock returned, he told Katherine that he'd arrived with someone who wanted to visit. Katherine was startled to see Tucker walk into the sitting room. Tucker broke the ice and said, "So, you're my mother." Katherine insisted that Tucker meant nothing to her. Tucker turned and left. Brock comforted Katherine as she sobbed pitifully.

Cane took Jill to his house to talk. Cane asked Jill if she had bedded Tucker McCall, but Jill avoided the question. Jill, instead, insisted that they focus on their family, and consider what might happen. Jill admitted that she planned to continue working with Tucker, but she insisted that she didn't plot with him to take over Chancellor. Cane berated Jill for siding with Tucker over Katherine.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chloe and Chance stopped by Crimson Lights to pick up Delia from Billy. When Chance went to get some coffee-to-go, Billy told Chloe that he wanted to speak with her alone. Chance returned to the table and took Delia home, which allowed Billy and Chloe their privacy. Billy told Chloe about his New Year's Eve dream, in which he wasn't present at Delia's wedding. He went on to say that the dream made him realize that he needed to reach out and make amends to the people in his life -- and particularly to Chloe.

Billy apologized to Chloe for the way he had treated her. He said that he had never treated Chloe like a person with real feelings -- that all she had ever done was love him, and he had made her pay for it. Billy told Chloe that the time surrounding Delia's birth, when he had been married to Chloe, had been the best time of his life. Chloe said that she, Jill, and Esther had noticed that Billy was straightening himself out, and that he didn't have to worry about ever being shut out of Delia's life.

A relieved Billy asked Chloe to return to work for Restless Style -- he said that the magazine's sales had been down since he had fired her. Adam walked over to their table and said that he had heard that Billy was planning an article about Adam. Adam told Billy, "That's an idea you'd be wise to scrap." Billy told Adam that he wasn't interesting enough to be written about. After Adam walked off, Chloe told Billy that she would return to Restless Style.

Chance returned to the coffeehouse to pick up Chloe. After Billy left, Chloe told Chance that she was returning to work at Restless Style. Chance was obviously upset, but tried hard not to show it. He reminded Chloe of how Billy had treated her after she revealed the identity of the grand juror who had revealed Victoria's testimony. Chloe told Chance that she could take care of herself. Chance mentioned Chloe's new career as a wedding planner, and wondered if working at the magazine would interfere with that. Chloe said that her wedding planning work was freelance, and therefore risky as a career. She guessed that Chance's attitude had less to do with her returning to work at Restless Style, than it had to do with her working with Billy again.

Chance denied that he was concerned about a possible reconciliation between Chloe and Billy. He said that the time commitment involved with working at Restless Style might mean that Chloe would have less time to spend with Delia. Chloe said that the frantic pace of working at the magazine was one of the things she liked best about the job, and that he shouldn't be concerned about that. Chance said if Chloe felt that way, then he was "one-thousand percent" behind her. Chloe thought that Chance's concern for her was adorable, and she asked him to never stop being concerned for her.

In the hallway at Newman Enterprises, Adam walked up to Victor and handed his father a letter of resignation. Victor told Adam that he was making a colossal mistake. Before getting on the elevator, Adam said that his only mistake had been thinking that he could get on Victor's good side, which Adam doubted that Victor even had.

Sharon, looking for Adam at Newman Enterprises to no avail, went to Victor's office. She was shocked to learn from Victor that Adam had quit. Victor said that he didn't want Adam using the office to compete with Nick, and that Adam didn't like that. Sharon said that she was sorry, but that perhaps it was for the best, because the animosity between Nick and Adam was hurting Noah. Victor told Sharon that Adam would probably return crawling to the company, and begging for his job back. Sharon asked Victor to try to find a way to have a personal relationship with Adam. Victor said that Adam was family, and, in the end, Victor would always forgive his son. Victor hoped that Adam wouldn't take advantage of that.

Adam went to Tucker's loft and introduced himself as Victor Newman's son. Tucker invited Adam in, and they discussed their both having found a parent late in life. Adam said that he had heard that Tucker was Katherine's son -- and that Tucker had a chip on his shoulder. Adam didn't blame Tucker -- he said that he understood, and that he, like Tucker, had grown up wondering why a parent didn't want him. Adam said that he was done with Victor -- he wanted to work for Tucker.

Tucker was very impressed with Adam's business pedigree, but he said that he was suspicious of Adam. When Adam asked why, Tucker said that he knew that Victor was unhappy with Tucker's acquisition of Chancellor Industries, and then suddenly Victor's son showed up looking for a job. Adam said that he realized that Tucker might feel that way, and handed Tucker a flash drive that he had pilfered, which contained a list of all the companies that Victor was contemplating acquiring for Newman Enterprises. Adam told Tucker that Castle Properties was at the top of the list. .

Tucker acted impressed with Adam's act of corporate espionage. He said that he and Adam had shared similar upbringings, and that Adam showed a lot of personal drive, which, in Tucker's book, made for loyal employees. With a handshake, Tucker welcomed Adam to McCall Unlimited.

Later, Tucker went to the Athletic Club for a drink, and ran into Victor. Tucker told Victor that he had heard that Newman Enterprises was interested in acquiring Castle Properties. Victor raised an eyebrow and asked Tucker where he had heard that. Tucker said that he had "heard if through the grapevine." As Victor walked out, Tucker thanked him for enabling Tucker to hire his new star -- Victor's son, Adam. Tucker said that he hoped that Adam was a chip off the old block. Victor didn't react. While sitting at the bar having a drink, Tucker played with the flash drive that Adam had given him. To himself, he said, "I don't trust you Newmans for a second, but I'm down for the ride no matter where it leads."

Billy went to the Restless Style office, and began turning on the lights while talking with someone on his cell phone. He was stunned when Victor walked out of the elevator and into the office. Billy thought that Victor was there to fight with him. Victor assured Billy that he wasn't there to cause a problem, although Victor said that he would never forget the smear campaign that Billy had launched against the Newman family. Victor said that he had a story -- and Billy had a magazine. He wondered if Billy was interested. Billy said that if he said yes, he could be making a deal with the devil.

Victor offered Billy one interview, and he said that Billy could ask him anything that he wanted. The one condition was that the interview was to be about Victor's son, Adam, and what a disloyal, pathological excuse for a human being Adam had turned out to be. Billy said that he was interested -- but only if he could quote his source for the article. Victor said that he would go into great detail about Adam -- and that he would allow himself to be quoted verbatim. Billy was intrigued.

At the Newman ranch, Noah received an email from Eden. Eden wrote about what a great time she was having in Paris, and how much she was enjoying getting to know her mother's side of the family. She also wrote about how weird it was that her Aunt Juliet kept insisting that Eden had contacted her, when Eden didn't even know that she had an aunt until Eden had received a letter from Juliet. She asked Noah not to say anything to Michael and Lauren about the confusion about who contacted whom first, because she was afraid it might "weird" the Baldwins out. Eden wondered who would want her out of the country. Eden wrote that her school was awesome, but would be even better if Noah were there. After finishing reading, Noah looked concerned about who had initiated the contact between Eden and her aunt.

Sharon returned to the Newman ranch after her fruitless search for Adam. She looked at Noah's computer and saw that he was checking out the website for the American School of Paris. Noah asked Sharon if he could transfer there. Sharon said that she wouldn't allow Noah to transfer to a school in Europe because he missed his girlfriend. Noah said that he had other reasons -- he needed a break from all the drama in Genoa City. Sharon realized that Noah had been going through a difficult time, what with Brad's death, the death of Sharon's child, and Colleen's death. She acquiesced and said that, as long as it was okay with Nick, Noah could go to Paris and attend school with Eden.

As the elated Noah ran out of the house, he crossed paths with Adam, who was returning with a bag filled with takeout food and a bottle of champagne. Adam told Sharon that he had quit his job at Newman Enterprises. Sharon said that she had learned about that from Victor, but she wanted to hear Adam's side of the story. Adam said that Victor had accused him of an obsession to compete with Nick, which included marrying Sharon -- Nick's ex-wife. Adam said he couldn't "stomach it" any more, and resigned.

Sharon was shocked to learn that Adam was going to work for Tucker McCall, who she referred to as "the man who stole Chancellor Industries from Katherine." Adam said that Tucker probably would refer to his takeover as an acquisition. Sharon wondered if Adam had thought his decision through -- she reminded him that Katherine had a lot of friends in Genoa City. Adam said that he had made a strategic business decision, and the fact that Tucker was Katherine's son had nothing to do with it. When Adam said that his career move would drive Victor crazy, Sharon wondered if that was why Adam was so excited.

Adam said that he did enjoy "sticking it" to Victor, but reiterated that he had changed jobs because working for Tucker was a great opportunity. When Sharon said that his job move wouldn't endear Adam to the Newman clan, Adam said that he was never really a part of the Newman family anyway -- that Sharon was his only family.

Daisy was at the Baldwins' condo, where Lauren was still suffering with a headache. Daisy asked Lauren if she missed Eden. Lauren said that she missed having a teenager around. When Daisy said that she would prefer living in a place like the Baldwins' condo to living in a dormitory, Lauren said that she had a solution that might solve both of their problems -- Lauren invited Daisy to move in with the Baldwins. Daisy asked Lauren if Lauren needed to check with Michael first, but Lauren said that Michael would be fine if Daisy stayed in Eden's old room while Eden was in Paris. A thrilled Daisy accepted Lauren's offer, and left to get her belongings.

While Daisy was gone, an uptight Lauren became even more upset when she couldn't get in touch with Michael. She went to the bar and poured herself a drink. Daisy returned to the condo and told Lauren that she didn't think that Lauren drank. Lauren said that she didn't. When Daisy went to put her things away in Eden's old room, Lauren tossed the drink down the kitchen sink.

Daisy emerged from her new room and told Lauren that she had finished unpacking. Lauren suggested that she and Daisy have a "movie night." Daisy liked that idea, but Lauren remembered that there weren't any snacks in the refrigerator. Daisy volunteered to go out and buy some treats. Just before she left, Daisy mentioned that there was still some stuff in Eden's desk, and she wondered what she would do with it. Lauren said that while Daisy was out getting the snacks, Lauren would clear out Eden's desk to make room for Daisy's school supplies.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Noah was talking to Eden on his cell phone, and told her that, if Nick approved, he would soon be joining her in Paris. Noah and Eden discussed how weird it was that someone claiming to be Eden's Aunt Juliet would send Eden a letter, inviting Eden to Paris. Noah said that he was going to do some investigating. After Noah hung up, Daisy showed up and told Noah that she was moving in with the Baldwins.

At the Baldwins', Lauren lugged a box of Eden's belongings into the living room. While thumbing through one of Eden's notebooks, she ran across copies of some newspaper articles about Lauren's horrific experiences with Sheila Carter. The anxious Lauren continued going through the notebook, and was shocked when she found a receipt from the Furry Friends Pet Store. Lauren looked at the receipt and said, "The rat! Oh my God! Eden!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Katherine and Neil met at the Athletic Club -- they were about to meet with Jack, Victor, and Michael regarding Tucker's takeover of Chancellor Industries. Neil said that the news of Tucker's takeover made the front page of the morning paper, but he felt that Katherine still had more tricks up her sleeve. Neil walked off to take a phone call, and Cane entered. He told Katherine that he wouldn't be able to join her meeting, as he had to report for work at Chancellor Industries.

Katherine blamed herself for the takeover debacle -- she thought it was "divine retribution" for having abandoned Tucker as a baby. Cane thought that Katherine was being ridiculous. Neil returned and told Katherine and Cane that Tucker was setting up a meeting of all the Chancellor Industry department heads. Katherine hoped that Victor and Jack's strategy to get the company back would work -- but she was concerned that Tucker always seemed two steps ahead of everyone.

Cane received a call from Jill informing him that Tucker wanted Cane to sit in on the Chancellor meeting later that day. Katherine said that she was still furious that Jill had been plotting -- and sleeping -- with Tucker. Cane was shocked. He told Katherine that he had asked Jill if she was sleeping with Tucker, and she had denied it. When Katherine said that Jill's romantic involvement explained a lot, Cane agreed.

Tucker and Jill lounged in their bathrobes in Tucker's loft. Jill was upset that Katherine hadn't given her a chance to explain how she and Tucker had met -- Katherine had just automatically assumed that Jill had betrayed her. Tucker told Jill that she deserved better than Katherine, and, if it made Jill feel any better, Katherine was not a happy woman. Jill fished for information about the meeting that Tucker had called. Tucker said that there would be numerous "nervous Nellies" there, who would be concerned about keeping their jobs. Jill asked if there would be any more surprises. Tucker assured Jill that there was nothing for her to worry about.

Both dressed, Jill and Tucker continued their conversation. Jill wondered what was on the agenda for the meeting. Tucker didn't give Jill any specific information, but he promised her that she wouldn't get hurt. Cane showed up at the loft and asked Jill why she had lied about sleeping with Tucker. Tucker left to give Jill and Cane some privacy.

Jill was angry with Katherine for having told Cane about her relationship with Tucker. Cane said that Katherine had assumed that Jill would have told Cane about it. Jill explained that she had met Tucker in New York, thought that he was a bartender, and, at that time, thought she was just having a one-night stand. Jill swore to Cane that she didn't know about Tucker's takeover plans -- or that Tucker was Katherine's son.

Cane wondered why Jill was still with Tucker. Jill said that Tucker was one of the world's brilliant entrepreneurs, and he wanted to take Chancellor Industries, and Jill, to new heights in the business world. Jill told Cane that not even a fool would be able to walk away from that. Cane asked Jill if she was making a business decision, or if she was in love with Tucker.

Jill said that any decisions she made about business were based purely on business. She told Cane that, from the perspective of once having believed that she was Katherine's daughter, she was devastated, but as a businesswoman, she thought that it was a terrific opportunity for both her and Cane. Tucker returned to the room. Cane told Tucker that he didn't like the way that Tucker did business, but he trusted Jill's business sense. Tucker said that he didn't blame Cane for distrusting him, but that he would change Cane's mind. Jill and Tucker left for the meeting. Cane's phone rang and he told Jill and Tucker to go on without him -- he would catch up with them later. It was Katherine on the phone. Cane said, "It went exactly was you said it would. I'm in."

At Newman Enterprises, Victor told his secretary that he didn't want to be disturbed. Victor eyed Adam holding a gift-wrapped box in the hallway. Victor walked up to Adam and asked him what he was doing there. Adam said that he was delivering a thank you gift to his intern, Dana. Victor menacingly said, "I understand that Tucker McCall hired you. Watch your ass, son."

At the Newman ranch, Jack and Ashley discussed how freaked out the Jabot employees were about Tucker's takeover of Chancellor, and, therefore, Jabot. Faith began fussing, and Ashley was unable to quiet her down. Standing nearby, Sharon volunteered to take Faith out for a few hours. Ashley said that was okay, but she looked a bit nervous. Sharon wrapped Faith up and left the ranch.

Sharon took Faith to the Crimson Lights patio and gave the baby her pacifier, which quieted her down. Sharon told Faith that Noah had loved his pacifier too, and that Ashley was the "luckiest mommy" in the world to have Faith.

While Jack was leaving the ranch for his meeting with Victor, Michael, Neil, and Katherine, Ashley made Jack promise to try to get along with Victor, and wished him good luck. Jack literally bumped into Adam on his way out. Adam said that Jack seemed like a man on a mission. Ashley said that everyone was on edge because of Tucker McCall. Adam said that the takeover could be a good thing for Jabot.

Adam told Ashley that he had made a huge decision that day -- he had resigned from Newman. Ashley thought that was great, and, that once Victor calmed down, he would respect Adam's decision. Ashley was shocked when Adam told her that he was working for Tucker McCall. Sharon returned with Faith cradled in her arms -- a scene that seemed to make Adam very nervous. He asked Sharon what she was doing with Faith. Ashley said that Sharon had babysat so that Ashley and Jack could discuss business without being interrupted. Adam apologized to Sharon for being so abrupt -- he lied and said that he worried about Faith being outside and possibly being exposed to the flu.

Ashley asked Adam if he knew anything about what Tucker planned to do with Jabot. Adam explained that he and Tucker had just met the previous evening, and Tucker hadn't told him about any of his business plans. Ashley asked if Tucker knew that she and Adam were close. Adam told Ashley to trust him. When Ashley left to tend to Faith, Sharon said that Ashley would need time to adjust to Tucker's owning her family's business. Adam said that if the situation were uncomfortable, then he and Sharon could move away from the ranch.

Sharon said that she liked staying at the ranch -- that she felt at home there. She wondered why Adam, who seemed to have enjoyed living at the ranch before they were married, was trying to convince Sharon to move. Adam lied and said that he was just trying to be sensitive to Sharon's feelings. He added that Victor knew that Adam was working for Tucker, and that might make for an uncomfortable situation. Sharon, growing a bit suspicious of Adam, reminded him that Victor no longer lived at the ranch. Ashley returned to the room and overheard a bit of the conversation about the possibility of the Wilsons moving out. Ashley told Adam that they should stay -- as long as they were straight with one another, Ashley didn't have a problem with Adam working for Tucker.

Michael returned to the Baldwins' condo after having spent the night in his office, where he caught only a few hours of sleep. Lauren approached him with Eden's notebook. Michael began undressing and said that with a shower, a shave, and a cup of coffee, he would be a new man. Lauren told Michael that she had something important to discuss with him. Michael asked her if it could wait. Daisy walked into the living room, and caught Michael, in a state of near-nakedness, by surprise. Michael said, "What's she doing here? In her pajamas?"

While Daisy was dressing, Michael told Lauren that she shouldn't have given Eden's room to Daisy without discussing it with him first. The irritable Lauren said that he had given the room to Eden. Daisy overheard when Michael said that Eden was family, but Daisy was nothing. Daisy ran out of the condo, and Lauren chided Michael for hurting Daisy's feelings. Lauren explained that Daisy had been miserable in the dorm. When Michael said that Eden would be returning in a few months and would expect her room back, Lauren said that she didn't know whether or not she wanted Eden to move back in.

Lauren showed Michael Eden's notebook, which contained clippings about Sheila Carter, as well as a pet store receipt showing that Eden had purchased a rat the night of Daniel and Amber's wedding -- the same night that someone had sent Lauren a rat. Michael said that he had to get to a meeting and would call Eden in Paris when he returned. Lauren screamed that Michael's sister was trying to scare her. Before the argument escalated, Michael left the apartment. Daisy, hidden in the hallway, watched Michael get on the elevator. When the elevator doors closed, Daisy called Ryder at the boutique and told him that he needed to leave something behind before he vacated the storeroom.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin told Jana that he had to go to Tucker's meeting, since Kevin was the head of Chancellor's Information Technology department. Kevin was concerned that Tucker might fire him, but Jana assured Kevin that he was great at his job, and that Tucker would keep him on. Kevin said that he wasn't sure that he wanted to stay at Chancellor under Tucker's regime -- he felt that he might be betraying Katherine, the woman who had always believed in him, much as he had once believed in Ryder. Jana said that Kevin had given Ryder more chances than he deserved. Kevin wondered what Ryder was up to -- and if he would ever see Ryder again.

Jana told Kevin that Ryder could take care of himself. She reminded Kevin that his decision to remain at, or leave, Chancellor would affect the Fishers' financial future, and she didn't think it would be wrong if Kevin decided to stay at Chancellor. She sent Kevin off to the meeting, and told him to impress Tucker, focus on the job, and to forget about Ryder.

Later, while on the patio, Jana spotted someone who appeared to be a bum rifling through one of the trash cans outside the patio door. Jana stepped outside to ask the bum to leave, and was shocked to see that it was Ryder, stuffing his mouth full of food from the garbage. Ryder asked Jana not to tell Kevin that he was eating out of garbage cans. Jana told Ryder that he should call Kevin. Before he walked off, Ryder said that he had already caused enough problems for his half-brother.

Victor, Michael, and Jack showed up at the Athletic Club to meet with Katherine and Neil. Michael privately told Victor that there was nothing stopping Victor from moving back to the ranch, but that he couldn't force Ashley to leave. Jack received a phone call from Billy. Jack said, "Who told you that? It is interesting," and then hung up. Katherine told Jack that she was concerned about the toll that working with Victor on her behalf might take on Jack. Jack said that he would work with the devil himself if it helped Katherine. Katherine said that she could finally relate to how upset Jack felt when the Abbott family lost control of Jabot.

The group at the Athletic Club worked on ideas to help Katherine regain control of Chancellor Industries. Jack and Victor said they would buy some of Tucker's smaller holdings as a distraction. Katherine explained to the group that this hadn't just been a business takeover -- it was an act of revenge on Tucker's part. Victor said that Katherine was a fighter, and he hoped that her guilt wouldn't make her soft.

Michael told Katherine that she shouldn't feel guilty -- that at the time years earlier when she had given Tucker up, adoption was a good option. He told Katherine that a good family had adopted Tucker. Neil said that the fight to regain control of Chancellor could get "down 'n dirty." Victor and Jack said that it couldn't get too dirty for them -- that they would beat Tucker at his own game. Katherine said that she was grateful for their support, and, if Tucker wanted a fight, he would get one.

Later, in Victor's office, Michael said that he thought that the Athletic Club meeting had gone well. Victor told Michael that he didn't want to move back to the ranch against Ashley's wishes -- that it would be too uncomfortable for Nikki. He said that he would move back when the ranch was once again his. As Michael left, Jack entered Victor's office and asked Victor why he hadn't mentioned that Adam was working for Tucker.

Jack told Victor that Billy had called him earlier and told him that Adam had jumped ship and was working for Tucker. Victor said that it was true, but irrelevant. Jack disagreed, saying that the feud would pit Victor against Adam. Victor mentioned Jack's involvement in the diary scheme that had sent Adam to prison, and said that he would deal with Jack once the situation with Katherine had been resolved. Jack said, "There's the Victor Newman we all know and love."

The Chancellor Industries meeting was held in the Jabot boardroom. Katherine, Neil, and Cane showed up, followed shortly by Jill and Tucker. Kevin asked Jill what the meeting was about, and she said that she wouldn't tell him even if she knew. Katherine quipped that Jill wouldn't betray a man Jill had known for five minutes to protect family. Tucker called the meeting to order, and shocked the room by announcing that everyone was fired.

Staring at the group, Tucker again said that they were all fired. He then began laughing and told everyone to relax -- he had been joking, and their jobs were safe. He mentioned that there were some companies under the Chancellor umbrella that were underperforming, and those companies would be sold off -- starting with Jabot Cosmetics. Jill, Neil, Katherine, and Cane looked devastated.

At Fenmore's Boutique, Lauren, whose headache was getting worse, lugged a sleeping bag out of the back room and asked Daisy if she knew anything about it. Daisy lied and said that she had been sleeping at the boutique because the kids at school had been making fun of her for being poor, and that some of the guys had been bothering her. Lauren bought into Daisy's lie, and said that no matter how Michael felt, Daisy was going to stay with the Baldwins.

Back at the Baldwins' condo, Lauren gave Daisy a key. Michael returned and asked Lauren why Daisy was still there. Daisy ran out. Lauren snapped at Michael, and told him that Daisy was staying because the boys in the dorm were harassing Daisy. Michael and Lauren began bickering, with Lauren saying that Michael put his clients' needs before his wife's. She added that she was angry that Michael didn't believe that it had been Eden who had been terrorizing her with the rats. Lauren stormed out of the condo, and left Michael to wonder what was going on.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

After the Chancellor Industries employee meeting, Jill, Cane, and Katherine remained behind to speak with Tucker. Katherine begged Tucker not to sell Jabot. Jill agreed, saying that Jabot was the "crown jewel" of Chancellor Industries. Tucker said that a cosmetics company didn't really fit in with the overall image of Chancellor. Katherine asked to speak with Tucker alone. When Cane and Jill left the room, Tucker told Katherine that Jill had no prior knowledge of his desire to sell off Jabot.

Katherine asked Tucker what he planned to do with Chancellor Industries. Tucker said that he was going to sell it off, "bit by bit, piece by piece," dismantling what it had taken her a lifetime to build. He told Katherine that, as part owner, she stood to make a fortune. Katherine made it clear that she wasn't interested in the money, and said that Tucker must really despise her. When Tucker said that he didn't, Katherine said that was a bald-faced lie.

Katherine said that Tucker's takeover hadn't been about business -- rather he was trying to punish Katherine because she had given him away as an infant. She added that, over the years, she had punished herself more than Tucker could ever imagine. Katherine said that she had been a fraud, playing the part of a good wife to Gary Reynolds. She told Tucker that she understood his resentment, and talked to him about her drinking problem and her wallowing in bitterness.

Katherine gave Tucker a bit of motherly advice -- that vengeance was always wrong, and that forgiveness was always the route to take. Tucker said that he forgave Katherine, and that he was letting go of his bitterness, but not his business sense. He told Katherine that Chancellor Industries' parts were worth more than the company as a whole, and that was why he was going to sell it off. When Tucker said that was his standard business practice, a teary-eyed Katherine wondered why Tucker had chosen her company. She wondered if Tucker had the guts to tell her what his takeover was really about. After comparing Tucker's actions to a little boy's temper tantrum, she left.

Cane and Jill went to the Athletic Club, where Jill swore that she didn't know about Tucker's plan to sell Jabot. Cane assured her that he believed that. When Cane said that Jill was in a unique position to fight Tucker's takeover, Jill said that it was too late -- but that perhaps it wasn't too late to save Jabot.

As Jill and Cane left to go see Tucker, they ran into Jack. Cane left Jill and Jack to speak privately. Jack asked Jill what had occurred at the Chancellor Industries meeting, but Jill didn't reveal any information. Jack lit into Jill, and told her that she was a parasite who latched onto men -- like she had done with Jack's father and with Katherine's husband. Jack said that Tucker seemed bright, and he hoped that Tucker would see through Jill and get rid of her, so that he wouldn't have to deal with her at Jabot. Before she left, Jill said, "Be careful what you wish for, honey."

At Tucker's loft, Tucker asked Cane how Lily was and how Mac's pregnancy was going. Cane assumed that Jill had told Tucker about Cane's personal life, but Tucker said that Jill hadn't -- rather, Tucker made it a point to know about his employees' personal lives. When Tucker asked if that bothered Cane, Cane said that what bothered him were the games that Tucker was playing with Katherine. Tucker, referring to Cane's fraudulent claim that he was Jill's son, said that the irony in the room was thick. Cane defended himself, saying that he had pulled that scam in order to become part of a family. Cane told Tucker that Katherine was a wonderful mother. Tucker said that giving birth didn't make one a mother, and pointed out that, in business, there were no sons and mothers -- only players. Cane thought that Tucker's attitude was cynical.

At the Athletic Club, Jack was dining with Emily, and telling her that he was always going to put her first and business second. Chloe joined the couple and told them that the roof of the church they were to be married in, St. Charles, had collapsed, but that she had managed to book Sacred Heart Church for their wedding. Jack had a strange reaction when Chloe mentioned Sacred Heart. Emily said that it didn't matter what church she was married in -- as long as it was a Catholic wedding.

When Jack walked over to the bar to get a drink refill, Katherine intercepted him and told him that Tucker was planning to sell Jabot. She said that she regretted not having sold Jabot back to the Abbotts the previous year, but that perhaps it wasn't too late for the family to regain control of the company. Katherine urged Jack to make Tucker an offer for Jabot.

Victor stopped by the Newman ranch to visit Faith. He and Ashley were initially civil to each other, but when Victor mentioned buying an adjacent property where Ashley could move to, they began arguing. Ashley screamed, "I'm so happy I'm not married to you!" just as Abby entered the living room. Ashley calmed down and told Abby that her fight with Victor had nothing to do with Abby. Abby became upset and said that her family was falling apart. As Noah joined Abby, she told her parents that she wished that she could divorce both of them, then stormed out. Victor was going to call security to have them stop Abby from leaving, but Noah said that he would follow her and calm her down. After Noah left, Victor said to Ashley, "Happy now?"

Victor and Ashley agreed that they shouldn't add any unnecessary stress to Abby's life. Ashley said that she hadn't been there for Abby as much as she should have, and she wanted to give their daughter some stability. Victor said that he did as well. Ashley said that she didn't want Abby and Faith to feel like second-class citizens compared to Nick and Victoria. Victor said that he would never allow that to happen. Ashley said that there was a time when she would have believed him, but she wasn't sure if she did.

Ashley received a phone call from Jack. Jack told her that Tucker was planning on selling Jabot, and that Katherine wanted the company back in the Abbotts' hands. Ashley said that was "big," but Jack told his sister that getting the company back would be expensive -- and that he, she, Traci, and Billy would have to pool their financial resources. Ashley left the living room so that Victor wouldn't overhear the rest of the conversation. She didn't realize that Victor was able to listen in via Faith's baby monitor. Victor heard Ashley say, "I'm in. We have to get Dad's company back."

After Ashley hung up, she began changing Faith's diaper. Victor was still listening to the baby monitor, and, realizing that the coast was clear, he called Jill. He told Jill that he knew that Jabot was for sale -- he also knew that Jill was "close" with Tucker. He urged her to pressure Tucker not to sell Jabot to Jack. Jill, still angry with Victor for not hiring her when she had been down on her luck, said that she wouldn't do anything for Victor. Victor, referring to himself, said that friends in high places could be beneficial, and reminded Jill that Jack would probably fire her if Jack regained control of Jabot. Jill smugly said that friends didn't get any higher than Tucker McCall. She wished an irritated Victor a nice day before she hung up on him.

After running off from the Newman ranch, Abby went to Trimble's Bookstore. In a secluded aisle, she took a bottle of alcohol out of her purse and poured some into her coffee. She took a taste of the coffee and grimaced. Abby saw Ryder sitting at a table and filling out a job application. She joined Ryder at the table, and urged him to take a sip of her coffee. He did, and immediately realized that the coffee was spiked with booze. He asked Abby what she was doing.

Abby continued drinking. Ryder took the cup away from her, and reminded her that she was underage. Abby said that she had more alcohol, and pulled the bottle from her purse. Abby said that if Ryder didn't want to have a good time with her, she was sure that there were plenty of people in Genoa City who would. Abby left the bookstore, and Ryder followed her out. In the street, Abby pulled the bottle out of her purse. Ryder warned Abby that she would get arrested. He tried to take the bottle from her. The bottle fell to the sidewalk and broke.

Noah spotted Abby and Ryder, then saw the broken bottle of alcohol. He accused Ryder of trying to get Abby drunk, but Abby told him that the alcohol was hers, and that Ryder had been trying to take it away from her. Ryder said to Noah, "She's your headache now," and went back into the bookstore.

At Crimson Lights, Noah lectured Abby. He told her that stealing the bottle of booze from the ranch was stupid. Noah reminded her that alcohol had nearly killed him -- and that it had killed his sister. He warned her not to try another stunt like that. Abby agreed that Noah was right, and begged him not to tell Ashley and Victor that she had been drinking. Noah called Victor at the ranch, told him that he had found Abby at Crimson Lights, and that the two of them were headed back to the ranch. Ashley told Victor that she hoped that she and Victor wouldn't be arguing when Noah and Abby returned. Victor said that they could finish their discussion about the ranch at another time.

Noah and Abby returned to the ranch. Noah went upstairs, allowing Victor and Ashley to speak with Abby. Victor said that he knew that she was going through a difficult time, but that lashing out and running away wouldn't help. Ashley asked if there was anything that she could do to help. Victor told Abby that he realized that she missed Colleen, and added, "She's here -- beating in my chest." Abby began crying, and said that nothing was the same. When Abby went into the other room to get a tissue, Ashley told Victor that she didn't want any more upheaval in Abby's life. Victor told Ashley that Abby would always have a home at the ranch. As he walked out, Ashley eyed him suspiciously.

Jill joined Tucker and Cane in Tucker's loft. Jill once again urged Tucker not to sell Jabot. She pitched various tie-in schemes and promotions, but Tucker didn't bite. Jill told Tucker that she and Cane could run Jabot. Jill was surprised when Cane said that he wasn't interested in running Jabot, where he had already proven himself. Cane told Jill that he had an opportunity to work for Tucker, and he wanted to take advantage of that. Jill wondered how Cane could work for Tucker, when there were "personal issues" between the two men. Cane said that he could separate their personal issues from business. Tucker was impressed with Cane's attitude. Cane left. Jill tried to tell Tucker that she could run Jabot with Billy. Tucker reminded her that he was unimpressed when he had met Billy at Katherine's -- Billy had been wasted.

Tucker told Jill that there would be many opportunities for her at McCall Unlimited. He told her that he would even fund a start-up company if Jill wanted to begin her own legacy. Jill said that was generous, but that no company could ever mean more to her than Jabot. Tucker bent a little and said that he might hold on to Jabot -- depending on the bids he received. Jill said that whatever he did, he shouldn't sell Jabot to Jack. She told Tucker that Jack was nothing like John -- that Jack played "fast and loose" with the rules, and always had some personal drama going on in his life that prevented him from focusing on Jabot. Jill said, "He'd be the death of that company."

At the club, Jack finished a phone call to Traci and told Katherine that both of his sisters were on board. Katherine said that she couldn't influence Tucker's decision, but wondered if there was anything that she could do to help. Jack told her that, moving on, he and his family would take care of things.

Jack went back to his table, where Emily and Chloe were still chatting. The women had decided to do some wedding dress shopping at Fenmore's. Chloe left first so she could pick out some potential dresses for Emily. After she was gone, Jack told Emily that the Abbotts were putting together a bid to buy Jabot. Emily said that she knew how much the company meant to his family, and that she didn't mind if he let regaining control of Jabot take priority in his life. Jack said that he had been close to getting the company back before -- but this time he wasn't going to allow Jabot to slip through his fingers.

Cane met up with Katherine at the Athletic Club. He told her that Jill was trying to make the best of a bad situation, and that he didn't think that Jill was part of Tucker's takeover plan. When Katherine asked him where Jill was, he told her that she was at Tucker's, trying to convince him not to sell Jabot. Cane said that Jill had proposed that he and Jill run Jabot, but that he had to turn down the offer, since he needed to be Katherine's "eyes and ears" at Chancellor Industries. Cane said that he loved both Katherine and Jill, and he hoped that once they got rid of Tucker, that the two ladies could reconcile.

Emily met Chloe at Fenmore's. Chloe told Emily how much she liked Jack -- that he had been the best brother-in-law, and she knew that he would be a great husband. Chloe said that they were ready for Emily's fitting -- and said that Emily would be blown away by the dress that Chloe had chosen. Emily said that she knew something else that Jack would be blown away by, and, as the two women headed towards the dressing room, Emily whispered something into Chloe's ear.

Jack went to Tucker's loft, and, as Jill watched, he handed Tucker a piece of paper. Jack said that Tucker would probably receive other bids for Jabot, but none as lucrative as the bid on the piece of paper. When Jack asked Tucker to look at the bid, Tucker tore it up and stuffed it into Jack's pocket. Tucker said that he wasn't accepting bids for the company -- he was instead going to auction Jabot off "at a date to be determined." Tucker told Jack that bids would be sealed, and Jack could make his offer at that time. Jack asked Tucker if he wanted a bidding war. Tucker wondered if Jack had the "ammo" to win such a war. A seething Jack said, "You really don't know me, do you?" before he walked out of the loft.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Mac, J.T., and Reed met on the Crimson Lights patio. Mac was waiting for the Ashbys to pick her up, as she had an appointment for an ultrasound of the Ashbys' babies. J.T. complained that he didn't know when Victoria was going to be returning from Dubai. He told Mac that he wanted to spend the day with Reed, so he had asked Tucker for the day off, and Tucker had given it to him. Mac was surprised, since she thought that Tucker had little regard for family. Lily and Cane arrived in a happy mood -- Lily noticed that Mac was beginning to show. Mac, Lily, and Cane left for the ultrasound appointment.

J.T. remembered his conversation with Mac during which she had encouraged him to remain with McCall Unlimited, despite Tucker's betrayal of her grandmother. Nick showed up on the patio and was looking for Noah. J.T. asked Nick what was going on with Victoria -- he told Nick that he was having a difficult time getting a straight answer from her on when she planned to return to Genoa City, and that Reed was sometimes crying himself to sleep at night. Nick said that the business situation in Dubai had turned out to be more complicated than anticipated. J.T. replied, "A lot of things are."

At the hospital, Mac underwent the ultrasound examination while Lily and Cane watched. The technician showed the threesome both fetuses, and they were able to see and hear both heartbeats. An ecstatic Lily recorded the ultrasound on her cell phone and said that God had answered their prayers.

J.T. took Reed to the bookstore. Mac met up with the Hellstrom men. She remembered telling J.T. that she was pregnant with twins, and how J.T. had told her what an incredible sacrifice she was making by having another couple's children. Mac told J.T. that the ultrasound appointment had gone well, then played with, and read to, Reed. Reed ran off to play with some other children. J.T. told Mac how much Reed liked her, and how much the boy needed a "woman's touch."

Mac told J.T. that it was weird hearing the babies' heartbeats, and that Cane and Lily were in seventh heaven. J.T. said that one day Mac would be pregnant again with her own child -- that "some lucky guy is gonna hit the jackpot," and end up married to Mac. Reed and J.T. were leaving for the museum, and J.T. invited Mac to join them, but she had to go to work at Jimmy's. Mac told J.T. to call her if he needed anything. J.T. reminded Mac that she could always call him if she needed to talk.

At Crimson Lights, Lily showed Cane some baby outfits that she had bought. The Ashbys went back and forth on whether or not they should find out the sex of the twins before they were born. The couple began discussing baby names when Lily noticed that Anita, her chemotherapy nurse, was at the counter, getting some coffee. Anita was thrilled to hear that the Ashbys' surrogate was expecting. Lily said that she would see Anita at her chemo session scheduled for the following week, and that she was looking forward to hearing fellow chemo patient Harry's corny jokes. Anita's face grew somber when she told Lily that Harry had passed away.

After Anita left, Cane told Lily that she must be devastated about Harry's death. Lily said that she was sad, but would be okay. Changing the subject, Lily said that she thought it was important that they learn the sex of their twins. She also thought that she and Cane should start a video journal of their thoughts during the twins' gestation. She asked Cane to call Neil and Devon and ask them to go to the coffeehouse so they could hear the recording of the babies' heartbeats. Lily put on headphones and listened to the recording, which seemed to comfort her.

Jack stormed into the Restless Style office and threw a copy of the latest issue on Billy's desk. The cover featured a photograph of Victor. Jack said that he had helped Billy write the negative article about Victor that had appeared in the previous issue, and he wanted to know why Victor was once again on the cover, like the "second coming of Winston Churchill."

Billy said that he had planned to do an article about Adam, but, even though Billy had learned stuff about Adam that would make Jack's hair curl, there wasn't anyone who was willing to go on the record and speak about Adam. Billy told Jack that he had planned to scrap the article because he didn't want to publish a piece based on hearsay, but then Victor showed up offering to give an exclusive interview about Adam. Billy said that it was his business to sell magazines, and that the interview with Victor would.

Jack asked Billy if Victor had given him any hints about how Victor felt about Tucker selling Jabot. Billy said that Tucker's name had only arisen when he and Victor discussed how Victor felt about Adam going to work for Tucker. Billy remembered the first question that he had asked Victor -- how Victor felt about Adam quitting Newman to join McCall. Victor had said that he wasn't surprised -- that Adam was a pathological liar, disloyal, and had no ethics. Victor had said that Tucker was welcome to Adam.

Jack was still confused about why Victor would have gone to Billy to do a smear article on Adam, particularly since Victor didn't like Billy. Billy thought that perhaps Victor disliked Adam even more than he disliked Billy. Jack didn't buy that -- he said that Adam was still Victor's son, and that he was married to Sharon, who Victor adored. Jack said that even with a transplant, Victor was still heartless. Billy remembered more of his interview with Victor, when Victor had discussed what a saintly woman Adam's mother, Hope, had been.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley told Adam that she wanted to raise Abby and Faith at the ranch, and that she didn't want them to feel second best to Nick and Victoria. Adam was able to relate to feeling like a second-class Newman, and said that it drove him to do some things that he didn't want to do. Ashley said that he had paid for what he had done, and was a better man for it.

Sharon entered the room with a copy of Restless Style and asked Ashley and Adam if they had seen it. The headline under Victor's picture read, "Victor Newman: Exclusive Interview. My Son Is A Sociopath." Sharon began reading from the article, "Every heinous thing you've heard about my youngest son is true." Sharon continued to read the unflattering interview. A devastated-looking Adam sat on the couch, but said the article didn't bother him. He mentioned that he knew that Billy had been planning a piece on him, but Billy had decided that Adam was too boring to write about.

Adam said that Victor's approaching Billy obviously changed that, and guessed that Adam quitting Newman was the impetus for Victor giving Billy the interview. Sharon said that she was shocked, particularly since Victor always talked about the importance of family. She thought that the article would also hurt others in the family. Ashley said that she had to go into town to pick up Abby. She didn't know how she would be able to explain the article to her children.

After Ashley left, Adam read more of the article aloud to Sharon. In the article, Victor described Hope as a generous and kind soul, who loved her family, her country, and the Lord. Victor said that the only thing that Adam loved was money, power, and satisfying his carnal desires -- and that perhaps Adam had faked his grief over Hope's death with the hope of reeling his rich father, Victor, in, before Hope's corpse was cold. Adam screamed, "Bastard!" and threw the magazine across the room. Sharon said that the article was shameful and vile, and that she was disgusted with Victor.

Sharon told Adam that he wasn't a sociopath. Adam thought that Victor might be right about one thing -- that Hope would be disappointed in him. Sharon said that she didn't care what Victor said in the article -- the Adam she knew was a loyal and caring man. Adam told Sharon that he loved her, although he didn't deserve her.

Adam said that if he were a social pariah before, the article would turn him into a "one-man leper colony." Sharon said that Victor, not Adam, would end up looking bad. She told Adam that Victor should be ashamed of himself, and that Adam should hold his head up high. She promised to stand by his side. The Wilsons decided to go to lunch at the Athletic Club.

At the Athletic Club, Nick and Phyllis were enjoying breakfast, and poring over the Restless Style article. Victor was quoted as saying that if Hope were alive she'd be sick at heart over the way Adam's greedy eyes fell on material things. After they read more unflattering comments that Victor had made, Phyllis said that the article was harsh. Nick agreed, but said that everything in it was true. Victor joined them. Phyllis wondered whether Victor had been quoted accurately in the article, or if Billy had exaggerated. Victor said that he had given the interview, and meant everything that he said.

Nick continued to read. Victor was quoted as saying that Adam had no conscience, which was the mark of a true sociopath. Nick told Victor that he didn't realize the interview would be such a character assassination -- though neither he nor Phyllis disagreed with anything that Victor said. Nick and Phyllis told Victor that they were surprised that Victor had picked Restless Style as the venue for the interview. Victor said that he thought that the article would have the desired effect. Nick and Phyllis looked confused by Victor's remark.

At Crimson Lights, Noah was reading the Restless Style article to Abby. Noah read, "There's nothing Adam won't do to get what he wants. I'm ashamed he bears the Newman name." Abby was upset about the article -- although she didn't particularly care for Adam, he was still her half-brother. Noah said that Adam wasn't his favorite person, either, but he was concerned about Sharon's reaction. Abby said that Colleen's heart hadn't changed Victor, and told Noah about Victor's fight with Ashley the previous evening. Noah said that this was the kind of thing that made him want to go to France. Abby said that she wished she could go with him.

Noah went to see Nick at Newman Enterprises. He asked Nick if he could transfer to the school in Paris for the semester. Noah told his father that Sharon had already agreed, as long as Nick was okay with the plan. Victor eavesdropped on the conversation from outside the door. Noah said that Eden was part of the reason that he wanted to go to Paris -- but that he wanted to leave Genoa City because, after the Restless Style article, all the kids would be laughing at him behind his back. Noah mentioned that Abby wanted to go to Paris, also, because Victor and Ashley were fighting, and, if it were up to him, he would let her.

Victor entered the office and told Noah that he was sorry that his fight with Ashley had upset Abby, who he loved very much. Noah said, "Like you do all your kids -- even Adam?" Victor said that Noah was too young to understand some things, and that things weren't always what they seemed to be. Victor told Noah that he loved his family. Nick told Noah that they would discuss Paris later. After Noah left, Victor and Nick decided to go to the Athletic Club for lunch.

Abby and Ashley were shopping at Fenmore's. Phyllis entered and surreptitiously listened as mother and daughter spoke. Abby asked Ashley if Adam had done all of the things that Victor had accused him of in the Restless Style article. Ashley said that Adam had -- but that he had learned from his mistakes. Abby said that she didn't care for Adam, but that Victor had been very mean. Abby wondered if Victor would ever do an article like that about her. Ashley assured her that Victor loved her too much to ever do anything like that. An unconvinced Abby went to look at a blouse.

Phyllis approached Ashley, and they discussed the article. They wondered how they could explain Victor -- that the man was a mystery. Jack entered and said that he could think of a much more colorful word to describe Victor. Jack told the ladies that he was at the boutique to buy something for Emily's trousseau. Phyllis gave Jack a hard time for marrying someone who looked like Patty. Ashley said that she didn't blame Phyllis for being freaked out by the marriage, in light of what Patty had done to Summer. Phyllis reminded Ashley that Victor had indirectly caused Summer great harm.

Phyllis told Ashley that she was trying to convince Nick to move away from the ranch. Phyllis grew upset when Ashley told her that Victor was trying to renege on his promise to give Ashley the ranch as part of their divorce settlement. Phyllis joined forces with Ashley, and said that if Ashley stayed at the ranch, then Phyllis would also. Abby returned, and Jack invited the three ladies to lunch at the Athletic Club. Ashley and Phyllis accepted, but Abby said that she was going to see Noah.

Nick and Victor arrived at the Athletic Club for lunch. Nick had just finished speaking to Victoria on the phone. He told Victor that he had seen J.T. earlier that day, and that Reed really missed Victoria. Nick said that he felt so bad that he wanted to take Victoria's place in Dubai. Victor said that Nick should stay in Genoa City, since Victoria would be back soon. When Nick said that J.T. wasn't happy, Victor said that he didn't care about how J.T. felt, since J.T. didn't care about how Victor or Victoria felt about J.T.'s working for Tucker.

Jack, Ashley, and Phyllis sat at a table at the club. Billy stopped by their table and wondered if any of them were still on speaking terms with him. Billy placed an order and joined the trio. Ashley and Phyllis were still talking about the article. Phyllis opined that Adam was a sociopath, and what they had seen of him was just the tip of the iceberg. Jack said that, as far as he was concerned, both Victor and Adam could rot in hell. Ashley wondered how Billy had convinced Victor to do the interview, and was surprised to learn that Victor had approached Billy.

Ashley spotted Victor and went to confront him. Noah and Abby walked into the club as Ashley began berating Victor. Ashley asked Victor how he could humiliate Adam that way, and wondered if he realized what type of message the article would send to Abby. At her table, Phyllis said, "You go, Ashley." Billy watched and remembered asking Victor how he thought Adam would respond to the article. Victor had said that he didn't give a damn. Billy pulled out a camera and began taking pictures of what was quickly becoming a scene at the club's front door.

As they continued their bickering, Victor told Ashley that he had decided that he wasn't going to fight her for the ranch. Sharon and Adam entered the club. Adam got into Victor's face and said, "You son of a bitch. You had to take things too far, didn't you?"

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