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Victor and Adam got into a public fistfight in a plan to outwit Tucker. Adam secretly looked at the bids for Jabot. Tucker dumped Jill. Ashley was certain that Adam wanted to make her go crazy. Patty had a mental breakdown.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 1, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, February 1, 2010

In the dining room at the Genoa City Athletic Club, a fuming Adam confronted Victor. Ashley, Sharon, and Nick observed the vicious war of words. Jack and Phyllis stood nearby while Adam and Victor's shouting match ensued. Adam asked Victor what kind of father he was to call his own son a sociopath. Victor responded, "You're worse than that. You are scum."

Adam retorted, "Scum-that's a nice one, Dad. Why did you go to the trouble of trying to smear me?" Tucker arrived and overheard Victor order Adam not to call him Dad. Noah, Abby, and Billy watched stone-faced as Victor and Adam's verbal battle transformed into a fistfight after Adam shoved Victor.

Adam lunged at Victor, and Victor punched Adam. The crowd gasped as Adam fell to the ground. Victor told Adam that he was not his son. Onlookers were startled. Billy snapped pictures. Adam, still on his back on the floor, winced in pain as he moved his bruised jaw. To add insult to injury, Victor said, "I disown you. I don't care if I never see your disloyal, abhorrent face again!"

Sharon quickly helped Adam to his feet. Nick stood between Adam and Victor and ordered Sharon to take Adam out of the club. Noah and Abby commented that the fiasco had made them feel ill. Jack mused that watching an old man with a stitched-in heart fight a blind man was entertainment. Victor charged at Jack, but Nick held his father back and escorted Victor away from the gawking crowd.

Victor and Adam had retreated, but Billy continued to take snapshots. Ashley knelt down and collected a piece of dusky pink paper off the floor. Ashley suddenly experienced a flashback of the night Adam showed her a swatch of torn fabric he claimed he'd recovered near the area Ashley said she'd wrecked her car. In a nearby corner, Sharon and Adam seated themselves at a table. After Sharon dabbed blood off Adam's lip, she rhetorically asked if Victor was out of his mind. Tucker approached and responded, "It was Victor being Victor, wasn't it?" Adam insisted that he was all right, and Tucker summoned him to work.

Sharon sat alone after Adam left with Tucker. Nick kept his dad at bay near the bar when Tucker and Adam walked by on their way out. Phyllis, carrying her meal in take-out boxes, ran into Malcolm. Phyllis embraced Malcolm and told him that he'd just missed the fireworks. Malcolm was confused, so Phyllis invited him to have coffee with her to learn more.

Chloe and Emily joined Jack at the club to taste food selections for their upcoming wedding reception. Chloe giddily read aloud a sappy text message she'd received from Chance. Billy overheard Chloe's remarks about Chance always indulging her as he approached to ask her a question. After Billy and Chloe stepped away, Emily told Jack that Chloe might soon be planning her own wedding. Jack, occupied with the future of Jabot, apologized for always talking business. Emily offered Jack a bite of grilled wasabi tenderloin, and he thanked his bride-to-be for always getting him back on the right track. Cane approached and summoned Emily's help for Lily. Emily readily agreed and left immediately.

Cane apologized to Jack for taking Emily away. Jack said that he understood after having watched Ashley endure similar circumstances. Cane also told Jack that he did not intend to make a play for Jabot. Cane added that Tucker's treatment of Katherine appalled him, and that he had turned down Jill's offer to help run the company. Jack responded that it must be difficult for Cane to take such a stand while working for Tucker and Jill. Cane explained that he had his reasons for doing what he was doing. Jack seemed awestruck by Cane's statement, but Jack didn't question him further.

Chloe and Billy situated themselves at the bar. Billy told Chloe about Victor and Adam's skirmish. Billy asked Chloe to look over some photo captions for him, but she seemed distracted by another text message from Chance. Billy mocked Chance, Chloe, Jack, and Emily and said that the two couples were old fogies no longer interested in partying. Chloe reminded Billy that he had wanted his freedom, so he should stop complaining. Billy read aloud a text message he'd received from Heather Stephens. Heather reported that she couldn't help Billy dig up dirt on Adam or Dr. Taylor because the doctor was squeaky clean.

Billy scrolled up Heather's message to see the rest of the text. Reading aloud, Billy said, "...working alone in my room, if you want more." Chloe taunted Billy and asked him if Heather referred to more "boo-tay." Billy claimed that he wasn't taking Heather up on her offer because he didn't need another notch in his belt. Billy ordered Chloe to cancel plans with her sitter because he wanted to spend the evening with Delia.

Nick joined Noah and Sharon at her table. Noah complained that Victor had spoken ardently of love and family just hours before beating up Adam. Noah said that his grandfather was the prime reason he wanted to escape to Paris. Sharon requested a private consultation with Nick, so Noah left. Sharon maintained that the school in Paris was highly recommended.

Nick, concerned that kids might ridicule Noah at Walnut Grove, agreed to let their son go to Paris. Sharon thanked Nick for being reasonable. Sharon demanded to know what had sparked Victor and Adam's fight. Nick insisted that he had nothing to do with it, so Sharon would have to ask Adam and Victor.

Victor showed up at the ranch. Ashley wasn't happy to see Victor, but he quickly informed her that what had happened was between him and Adam. Ashley berated Victor for repeatedly attacking Adam. Ashley said, "Is this what Colleen's heart has done for you?" Victor responded, "You stay out of this. I have my reasons."

Victor refused to discuss the matter further, but he told Ashley that he wouldn't uproot her from the ranch. Abby walked in carrying a package addressed to Ashley. Abby railed at Victor and said, "When are you going to realize that the things you do affect me? I hate both of you." Victor pointed his finger at Abby and scolded her. Abby abruptly left.

Sharon slipped in through the front door and overheard Ashley ask Victor when his and Adam's relationship had faltered and why Victor was willing to flaunt their differences in public. Sharon emerged from the entryway and said, "I'd like to know the same thing!" Sharon told Victor that he should print a retraction. Victor refused and said that he'd meant every word, and he left to visit Abby. Ashley told Sharon that Victor was letting her stay at the ranch, and she invited Sharon and Adam to stay, too. Sharon said that it would have to be Adam's decision.

After Victor left, Ashley opened the package, which contained a gift for Faith from Dina. Abby joined her mother on the sofa. Abby announced that she'd refused to talk to Victor, but he'd promised to wait for her in the den. Abby lifted the box's lid and revealed the gift, which was a dusky pink baby blanket. The color sparked Ashley's memory of her car wreck.

Ashley recalled how she'd panicked when Adam produced the bloodied piece of clothing that was the same color as the blanket. Ashley remembered Adam saying, "You said you saw Sabrina's face before you hit her." Abby was puzzled when Ashley suddenly demanded that Abby help her find the small piece of fabric the same color as the baby blanket.

Adam returned to the ranch, and Victor opened the front door as Adam headed inside. Adam asked angrily, "What are you doing here?" Victor stepped onto the portico and ensured that no one else was present. Victor told Adam that the charade was working. Victor added, "Everyone hates me for the way I treated you."

Adam suggested leaking a story about how he'd reeled Victor in before Hope's corpse was cold. Victor warned Adam that Tucker McCall was sharp. Victor explained that he wouldn't force Adam to infiltrate the company if it was too much to handle. Adam insisted that Tucker believed that their rift was real. Victor said that after Chancellor was back in Katherine's hands, Adam had some explaining to do. In the meantime, Victor added, he and Adam must continue hating each other.

At Tucker's office, Adam told Tucker that most of the parties offering bids for Jabot would know what the company was worth. Adam added that his goal was to entice bidders to overbid based on emotional attachment. Tucker, as he stepped into a dressing area and pulled a sweater on over his head, suggested that Adam must be referring to the Abbotts. Adam proposed a strategy aimed at determining a viable offer.

Tucker changed the subject and expressed concern for Adam. Tucker emerged from his dressing room carrying the issue of Restless Style featuring Victor on the cover. Tucker said, "Victor calls you a deceitful, congenital liar. Why would he say this about you, Adam?" Adam blamed Nick and Victoria. Adam pledged his loyalty to Tucker. Tucker responded that Adam had already done so by standing up to his old man.

Nick arrived at Tucker's office, and Adam opened the door. Nick sarcastically wished Tucker well with his hiring of Adam. After Adam left, Nick told Tucker that he wanted to buy Jabot and fold it in with Newman Cosmetics. Tucker said that he'd always wanted a cosmetics empire, but that he considered Jabot a bit too small. Tucker proposed hanging on to Jabot if Nick sold him Newman cosmetics. Tucker taunted Nick and suggested that he could just submit a sealed bid along with everyone else. Nick claimed that Tucker was encouraging a bidding war between him and the Abbotts.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Emily discussed wedding plans. Emily mentioned that Jack was upset after learning that Victor was on the cover of Restless Style, so Billy should expect a call from his angry brother. Chloe said that Jack was miffed because he and Billy were so much alike in that neither learned from their mistakes.

Chloe explained that, surprisingly, Billy had turned out to be a decent dad. Emily said she hoped Billy would remain a responsible father. Chloe excitedly reminded Emily about the wedding surprise she'd planned for Jack. Chloe added that the surprise plans might have Emily thinking about a family soon. Emily cautioned Chloe to keep the plans secretive as a surprise for Jack. Chloe pretended to zip her lips.

Malcolm and Phyllis caught up at the coffeehouse. Phyllis congratulated Malcolm on his engagement. Phyllis told Malcolm that Jack was getting married again. Phyllis asked Malcolm to shoot an engagement photo of Jack and Emily as a favor. Malcolm agreed.

Phyllis expressed relief that Malcolm didn't hold a grudge after what happened to Drucilla. Malcolm explained that he had messed up many times himself, and he told Phyllis not to punish herself. Malcolm regretted that he'd become disconnected from his family and explained that he'd returned for Lily's sake. Malcolm left abruptly after Neil phoned him about Lily.

Phyllis was leaving Crimson Lights when she ran into Sharon. Phyllis claimed that Victor must have had a reason to confront Adam. Sharon reminded Phyllis that she always defended Nick whenever Victor blindsided him. Phyllis insisted that something had happened to push Adam off the deep end, and she wanted to know what it was. Angry, Sharon said, "You can't keep your nose out of my life. You need to back off, bitch!"

Lily and Cane joined Neil and Devon at the coffee shop. Lily told Neil and Devon that her friend, Harry, had died. Lily explained that she'd met and bonded with Harry while both underwent chemotherapy treatments. Neil and Devon expressed sorrow for Lily's loss. Lily told her dad and brother that she'd actually summoned them for another reason, and she held up her cell phone.

Surprised, Neil and Devon heard a rhythmic, whooshing sound when Lily played an audio recording on her phone. Lily seemed down as she robotically announced that the whooshing sound was the recorded heartbeats of baby number one. Lily, distracted, didn't respond to Neil and Devon's expressions of joy and elation. Cane played the recording of baby number two's heartbeat. Lily grabbed her coat and said she had to leave because she wanted to stop at the church to say prayers for Harry and for her babies. Lily stepped outside and fought back tears.

After Lily left, Neil, Devon, and Cane worried that Harry's death had dealt a blow to Lily's psyche. Cane suggested that Lily needed someone she could talk to openly and honestly about her feelings. At the church, Lily knelt at the altar and prayed for God to watch over Harry. Lily told God that Harry had comforted and inspired her. Lily worried that she might die, leaving Cane and the babies alone.

Lily prayed for God not to take the mother of two innocent children. Sobbing, Lily asked God if He planned to take her, too. Emily overheard and gently told Lily that she shouldn't give up. Emily took a seat beside Lily and told her that she was sorry about Harry. Lily cried that she might die next.

Jack and Neil quietly entered the church. Emily counseled Lily and told Lily that she wasn't a woman ruled by fear, so she should enjoy life to its fullest. Lily embraced Emily and thanked her, and then Lily embraced Cane. Lily, Cane, and Neil went to the Ashbys' house, where Devon and Malcolm were waiting. Neil told Lily that he had invited Malcolm because Lily needed all of the support she could get. Cane discovered a letter in the morning mail for Lily. Lily opened the envelope and found a letter from Harry.

Lily, overcome with emotion, was unable to read the letter Harry had sent, so Cane read it aloud. Harry wrote that Lily was one of the people who had helped him get through his darkest days. Harry said that he had initially pitied Lily, but then he quickly realized that Lily was brave. Harry charged Lily to live life and not fear anything because she was his angel, and angels never died. Sobbing a bit, Lily proclaimed that Harry's letter made her realize that she must savor life no matter what. Lily added that if she didn't, Harry and Colleen might descend from heaven and kick her butt.

Emily and Jack tarried at the church after Lily and her family left. Jack told Emily that, after hearing her counsel Lily, he was reminded of the numerous times he'd held onto something that was beyond his control. Jack thanked Emily for freeing him. Jack placed his arm around Emily and insisted that she was the only thing worth holding on to because only she gave him a sense of peace.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the Baldwins' condo, Michael was looking through Eden's notebook that contained articles about Sheila Carter having kidnapped Lauren three years earlier. Daisy took Lauren home from the boutique because Lauren had another migraine headache. Daisy went to the kitchen to make Lauren some tea. Lauren wondered why Michael was looking through the notebook. Michael said that he had spoken to Eden in Paris, and Eden had sworn that she was innocent -- that Daisy was framing her.

Lauren reminded Michael of Eden's personality when Eden had first arrived in Genoa City -- sullen and resentful -- as opposed to Daisy, who was sweet and accommodating. Michael said that Daisy was merely an employee, and that Eden had eventually straightened out. Lauren's vision became blurry and she moaned in pain. Michael insisted on taking Lauren to see a doctor. As the Baldwins left, Michael told Daisy not to leave the condo, because he wanted to speak with her. Daisy said that she hoped that Lauren felt better, but, as soon as the Baldwins were gone, Daisy's sinister smile indicated otherwise.

In an examination room at Genoa City Memorial, Lauren told Michael that her head was feeling better, and chalked up her recent string of headaches to stress. Michael thought it was more than stress, and mentioned the incident when Sheila had tried to kill Lauren by poisoning Lauren's necklace. They both agreed that Sheila couldn't be involved in Lauren's newest illness, since Sheila was dead. Michael told Lauren that he would fly in specialists, if necessary, to find out what was causing Lauren's headaches. Lauren thought that was sweet.

From the examination room, Michael called the pet store that had allegedly sold the rat that had scared Lauren. Michael learned that the clerk who had sold the rat was on break, and he left a message for the clerk to call him. After he hung up, Michael wondered if Lauren was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome related to the three-year anniversary of Sheila's attempt on Lauren's life. Lauren doubted that was the case, and continued to insist that stress was causing her headaches. Michael said that Lauren needed to take it easy at work. The Baldwins agreed that they would get through this, as long as they were in it together.

The doctor arrived and told the Baldwins that Lauren's tests indicated that there wasn't anything physically wrong with her. The doctor said that perhaps stress was causing Lauren's headaches. She told Lauren that she was going to write a prescription for an analgesic and a mild sedative. Lauren told the doctor that she didn't want any sedatives.

When Lauren went to the restroom, the clerk from the pet store returned Michael's call. Michael learned from the clerk that the girl who had purchased the rat was 16 or 17 years old, had dark hair, and a little bit of an attitude. A disappointed Michael realized that sounded like Eden. After Michael hung up, Lauren emerged from the rest room and, seeing the somber look on Michael's face, asked him what was wrong.

At Crimson Lights, Jana told Kevin that she had spotted Ryder eating thrown-out food from a trashcan outside the coffeehouse. Kevin freaked out, put on his coat, and headed out. He told Jana that he was going to look for Ryder. Jana grabbed her coat and followed Kevin out.

Kevin found Ryder begging for change outside Trumble's Bookstore. Kevin asked Ryder why he had lied about staying at a motel. Ryder said that he knew that if he told Kevin that, then Kevin would feel responsible. Kevin asked Ryder where he could get in touch with him. Ryder said that he would either be panhandling outside the bookstore or at the homeless shelter.

Kevin returned to Crimson Lights, where Jana, who had been looking for him everywhere, was waiting for him. Kevin told Jana that Ryder was on the street, begging for change, and Kevin blamed himself. Jana tried to tell Kevin that perhaps Ryder was playing him again. Kevin said that was impossible, since Ryder wouldn't have known that Kevin would be looking for him outside of the bookstore. Jana told Kevin that she was sorry that she hadn't told Kevin about Ryder's situation sooner. Kevin shouted, "So am I," and he stormed off.

Later, alone in the coffeehouse, Kevin stared at a web page containing listings of rooms for rent. He made a phone call, rented a room for Ryder, and told the landlord that he would pay three months' rent in advance.

Ryder called Michael and Lauren's condo. Daisy answered the phone, and chided Ryder for calling her there. He told her to meet him -- or he would show up at the Baldwins'. They met outside the bookstore, where Ryder complained that he was "freezing his ass off." Daisy insisted that she was the person doing all of the hard work, such as buying a rat while wearing a dark wig, and sending "annoying bitches" off to live with their European relatives.

Jana rounded the corner and overheard as Daisy said that Ryder should be glad that he wasn't her. Before he stomped off, the angry Ryder asked Daisy how she could do this to him after all they had been through together. Jana approached Daisy and asked her what Ryder had meant by "all they had been through together." Daisy was speechless.

At the tack house, Nick was on his way out to take Summer's stuffed rabbit, Mr. Ears, over to the Athletic Club, where Summer was spending the night with Nikki and Victor. Phyllis told Nick that she had heard from Summer's Swiss doctor, Dr. Gallatin. Gallatin was going to be flying to Boston and wanted to see how Summer was doing. Phyllis told Nick that she wanted to take Summer to Boston, and Nick said that perhaps he could take them to the airport when he took Noah, since Noah was going to France. Nick told Phyllis that Sharon had convinced him to allow Noah to spend the semester in Paris, at the same school as Eden, so that Noah could avoid all the family drama in Genoa City.

Phyllis told Nick that she had a fight with Sharon, after Phyllis had suggested that perhaps Adam deserved the beating he had taken from Victor. Phyllis said that, "Sharon didn't want to hear it." Nick suggested to Phyllis that she stop bothering Sharon about her marriage to Adam. Phyllis insisted to Nick that Adam had something to do with Dr. Taylor's death, and that there must be someone who knew what was actually going on between Adam and Taylor.

Abby went to the tack house and told the Newmans that Ashley was freaking out -- ripping the ranch apart to look for a piece of purple cloth. Abby talked about how odd Ashley had acted the previous summer when she was pregnant -- how her mother had locked herself in closets and in her bedroom, and that Adam seemed to be the only person who was able to "talk Ashley down." Phyllis sent Nick upstairs to get some tissues for the crying Abby as a ruse so that Phyllis could speak to Abby privately. Phyllis wondered if Adam was the reason that Ashley was so intent on finding the piece of cloth.

Phyllis and Abby discussed Patty Williams, and how it appeared that Patty was the person who had been gaslighting Ashley. Nick returned with the tissues and offered to take Abby to see Noah at the bookstore. Phyllis said that she was going to visit Ashley and find out what was going on.

At the ranch, Ashley was tearing apart the living room while trying to find the piece of purple cloth. She remembered Adam telling her that he had found the cloth, stained with blood, under the bumper of Victor's car. Adam had told her not to say anything about the cloth, or else Ashley might have been arrested for vehicular manslaughter. Sharon entered the room and asked the frenetic Ashley what was going on. Ashley said that she had everything under control, but Faith began crying, and Ashley asked Sharon to take Faith for a drive. Sharon agreed.

Noah and Adam ran into each other at the bookstore. Sharon showed up with Faith and told them Ashley was upset, and was tearing up the house looking for a piece of purple cloth. Adam nearly turned white. He said that he had to leave to help Ashley, because he knew how Ashley could get when he lost something. Waiting for his driver outside the bookstore, Adam said to himself, "My God, Ashley. What are you doing?"

When Adam arrived at the ranch, a frantic Ashley asked him where the piece of purple cloth was. Ashley reminded Adam that when she was being terrorized the previous summer, Adam had convinced Ashley that she had hit and possibly killed someone with Victor's car. Adam said that it hadn't happened that way at all.

Ashley said that she obviously hadn't killed Sabrina, who was already dead, and that she had spoken to Nikki, who had remembered Victor's car swerving to avoid her, but never hitting her. Phyllis entered the ranch through the open front door and listened in on Adam and Ashley's argument. Ashley wanted to know why Adam had shown her a piece of bloody cloth that had belonged to a woman that Ashley had obviously never hit. Adam lied and insisted that he had never shown Ashley anything. Ashley screamed, "You're a liar!" as Phyllis listened in.

Phyllis entered the living room and said that Abby had been worried about Ashley. Phyllis told Ashley that the place looked like a cyclone had hit, and wondered if Ashley needed any help. She added that Abby had said that Ashley was looking for a piece of purple cloth. The doorbell rang, and, when Ashley went to answer it, Adam told Phyllis that he didn't know that she and Ashley were friends. Phyllis smugly said that she and Ashley were nearly family. Neil entered the living room and asked what had been going on. Adam said that they had lost something, but that he and Ashley had it covered. Ashley told Adam that she wanted him to leave immediately.

Adam said that he would go look for Abby, but Ashley said that she didn't want him to. Before he left, he told Ashley that he was on her side, and that she shouldn't forget that. After Adam was gone, Phyllis told Neil how nice it was that Malcolm was back in town, then she left Ashley and Neil alone. Ashley called Sharon to make sure that Faith was okay. After she got off the phone, Neil hugged Ashley.

Ashley told Neil that Patty had terrorized her the previous summer while she was pregnant with Faith. Neil asked why Patty would do that, and Ashley said it had probably been revenge against Victor for having lured Patty to town. Ashley said that she had imagined seeing Sabrina everywhere, including the night that Ashley thought that she had hit Sabrina's ghost with her car.

Ashley continued that Nikki had visited the ranch that night, before Nikki disappeared from Genoa City. Ashley said that when Adam had shown her the piece of cloth, she thought that perhaps she had hit and killed Nikki -- but, since Nikki was alive and well, obviously she had been wrong about that. Ashley wondered aloud to Neil where Adam got the purple cloth, and why he insisted that his conversation with Ashley about the purple cloth hadn't taken place.

Ashley told Neil that Adam thought that Ashley had imagined the conversation. She asked Neil if he thought that she could have been hallucinating. Neil suggested that, since Ashley had recovered and was stable, perhaps she was starting to remember what had really happened the previous summer. Neil said that he believed that Adam's conversation with Ashley had taken place, and that he would help her figure out what was going on after they cleaned up the ranch.

At the bookstore, Sharon told Noah that Nick had okayed Noah's semester in Paris. Eden called and Noah told her the good news. Noah was shocked when he learned that Michael had accused Eden of terrorizing Lauren. Noah told Eden that he would figure everything out. He said that he knew where the spare key to the Baldwins' condo was, and he would go there and check things out. After hanging up, Noah told Sharon that someone was trying to make it look like Eden had done something that she hadn't done, and that he had to clear Eden's name. Sharon told Noah to be careful, but Noah said that he knew what he was doing.

Nick and Abby showed up at the bookstore, and Noah thanked him for okaying his semester in Paris. Noah and Abby left, and Sharon and Nick discussed Ashley's obsession with finding the piece of purple cloth. Nick said that Phyllis had told him about her fight with Sharon, and that he had told Phyllis to back off, because there had already been enough fighting.

Noah and Abby returned to the bookstore, and volunteered to take Mr. Ears to Victor and Nikki at the Athletic Club. After the kids left again, Nick and Sharon looked at Faith and discussed how much she reminded them of Noah. Nick said that it must be because of the Newman genes. He then asked Sharon if she was happy being married to Adam. Sharon told Nick that Adam was a wonderful man, who made her happy. Nick didn't believe it, but he said that he certainly understood Sharon being happy at the ranch with a sweet baby like Faith. Nick and Sharon then took turns reading a picture book to Faith, which reminded them of reading the same book to Noah when he was an infant.

Noah used a hidden key to enter the Baldwins' dark, empty condo. He called Eden and told her that the coast was clear -- and that he was going to look for whatever Daisy was hiding.

At the Athletic Club, Adam showed up and ran into Abby. He wanted to take her back to the ranch, but she said that since Victor wasn't in his suite at the club, she was going to work out. After Abby walked away, Phyllis entered the club and walked up behind Adam. She said, "What a coincidence. Buy you a drink?"

Adam told Phyllis that he didn't have time for a drink. Phyllis mentioned the previous summer, and how Adam and Dr. Taylor had Ashley to themselves. She told Adam that she couldn't stop wondering why a Harvard Business School graduate student was hanging out with an obstetrician twice Adam's age.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nick and Sharon continued to play with baby Faith at Trumble's Bookstore. Victor called Nick to find out how his meeting with Tucker had gone. Nick said that he would go to Victor's office to discuss the meeting. Nick said goodbye to Sharon and took off.

Sharon ran into Rafe and his date at the bookstore. Sharon was surprised when Rafe told his date that Sharon was an old friend -- she thought that Rafe might be angry with her for marrying Adam. Rafe said that everyone made mistakes. When Rafe's friend went to look for a book, Rafe warned Sharon about Adam. He said that when she least expected it, Adam would drive a knife through her heart. Sharon said that her experience with Adam was different than Rafe's had been. Rafe told Sharon that Adam would play a "lost boy" routine and then thank Sharon for her patience with him. Rafe hoped, for Sharon's sake, that Adam had changed.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis was still trying to wring details about Adam's friendship with Dr. Taylor from Adam. Adam quickly said that he had met Taylor through friends in the obstetrics program at Harvard. Trying to avoid Phyllis, Adam called Sharon to find out how Ashley was doing. He learned from Sharon that Ashley was fine, and that Sharon had been at the bookstore with Nick. Phyllis began asking Adam about the piece of purple cloth that Ashley was looking for. Trying to get a rise out of Phyllis, Adam told her that Nick was with Sharon, then he agreed to have a drink with Phyllis.

Over their drinks, Phyllis told Adam that it didn't bother her that Nick had been with Sharon. She told Adam that he should be bothered, because Phyllis couldn't wait to see Sharon's face when she found out about Adam's true nature. Phyllis said that it was strange that Adam had been fighting with all of his friends -- first with Dr. Taylor and then with Ashley. Adam said that Phyllis was being melodramatic. Phyllis said that she knew that Adam was keeping secrets that were tearing him up inside. Having heard enough of Phyllis, Adam left.

Adam went to the bookstore to meet up with Sharon. He said that he didn't know what he would do without her, and asked her what Nick had to say. Sharon wondered if Adam was bothered that she had seen Nick, but Adam said that he wasn't. The Wilsons hugged each other and agreed that it had been a rough day.

After Adam was gone, Phyllis called the Harvard Alumni Association and said that she was a reporter for the Genoa City Chronicle. She went on to say that the paper was planning a tribute to the recently deceased Dr. Taylor, and wondered if she could have access to their archives and speak to some of Taylor's colleagues. The representative of the alumni association told Phyllis to stop by their office. Phyllis said that she would be in Boston the following day.

Rafe, along with his boyfriend, met up with Phyllis at the Athletic Club. When Rafe's boyfriend went to order some takeout food, Phyllis questioned Rafe about Adam. She wanted to know if Adam and Dr. Taylor were sexually involved. Rafe told Phyllis that Dr. Taylor had been straight. He said that he wasn't even sure if Adam and Taylor liked each other -- that there was a "weird vibe" between the two, but it definitely wasn't sexual.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley told Neil that she had searched Adam's room, but she wasn't able to find the piece of purple cloth. Ashley asked Neil why Adam would lie to her. Neil said that Adam was smug, deceptive, and dishonest, and would do anything to get his way. Ashley said that she was seeing a side of Adam that she hadn't seen before, and wondered if Adam was a sociopath. Neil changed the subject and told Ashley that she looked beautiful. Neil said that he needed to leave, and Ashley assured him that she would be okay by herself. On his way out, Neil made a phone call out of Ashley's earshot and said, "I need to see you. It's about Adam."

Neil joined Phyllis at the Athletic Club and told her that Ashley was scared and didn't know why Adam was lying to her. He told Phyllis the story behind the purple cloth -- how Adam had shown it to Ashley and said that Ashley had hit and killed Sabrina with Victor's car. Neil said that Adam was denying that the conversation had ever taken place. Phyllis thought that Dr. Taylor knew what Adam was up to, but he had died before he could reveal Adam's secret. Neil was stunned when he realized that Phyllis thought that Adam killed Taylor. Phyllis thought that she and Neil could find out what was going on if they worked together. Neil thought that was a great idea.

Neil called Olivia to get some background information. After hanging up, he told Phyllis that Olivia and Ashley had a falling-out the previous summer, because Olivia wanted Ashley to seek psychiatric help during Ashley's pregnancy, but Ashley was against that idea. At that time, Adam had recommended the world-renowned obstetrician, Dr. Taylor, allegedly Adam's friend. Phyllis didn't think that the story added up. She didn't understand why Adam would have flown Dr. Taylor in from Boston, while at the same time juggling relationships with Heather and Rafe. Phyllis surmised that something must have happened between Adam and Ashley -- and that Dr. Taylor knew what it was.

Sharon and Adam returned to the Newman ranch with Faith. Ashley asked Adam if they should discuss their argument. Sharon was surprised to learn that Ashley and Adam had argued. Adam referred to his tiff with Ashley as a "misunderstanding." Ashley disagreed, saying that Adam had either lied to her about hitting someone the morning after she took Victor's car -- or he was lying about that conversation ever having taken place.

Adam insisted that he had never lied to Ashley -- then proceeded to lie to her and say that he had never shown her a piece of purple cloth. Ashley repeated that her recollection was that Adam had said that Ashley had hit Sabrina with Victor's car. Adam told Ashley that he would never have said that, since Sabrina was already dead. Adam thought that perhaps Ashley was confusing the morning after she took out the car with the day, weeks before that, when Sabrina's purple dress had been found in the potting shed. Adam insisted that Ashley, having endured a summer of being terrorized, was mixing up events in her head.

The doorbell rang, and Sharon let Neil in. Neil learned that Adam thought that Ashley was mixing up two different days. The skeptical Neil said that he just wanted to get to the bottom of the situation. Adam said that he didn't appreciate Ashley calling him a liar -- particularly since he had been one of Ashley's biggest supporters. Ashley agreed that the situation was upsetting, and suggested that it might be best if Adam moved out.

Adam said that he was okay with moving out, but that he didn't want the incident to drive a wedge into his friendship with Ashley. Sharon tried to prevail with a cool head by telling everyone that it had been a rough day, and suggesting that they talk about the situation the following day. She said that she and Adam would go out and give Ashley some space. When Adam and Sharon left the room, Neil asked Ashley it was possible that she was imagining or mixing up events. Ashley said that she was sure that she wasn't -- and that Adam was lying. Neil said that they should let Adam think that he had "dodged a bullet," because Neil was working on a plan to prove that Ashley was right. Neil led Ashley to the solarium to tell her about his idea.

As Adam and Sharon prepared to go out, Adam thanked Sharon for her patience. Sharon remembered Rafe having told her that Adam would play the "lost boy" routine and then ask for her patience. Noticing that Sharon was deep in thought, Adam asked her what the problem was. Sharon said that she was chilly -- and that they should go out and see a movie.

Outside Trumble's, Jana continued to question Daisy about Daisy's relationship with Ryder. She wondered why Ryder had said that Daisy had abandoned him, and what Daisy and Ryder had gone through together. Daisy lied and said that Ryder had helped her hide Abby's drinking from Ashley, and that he expected Daisy to help him find a place to live in return.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin let it slip to Gloria that Tucker was planning on selling Jabot, via sealed bids. This piqued Gloria's interest, and she thought it would be wonderful if she could outbid Jack for the company. Kevin reminded Gloria that if she tried to use any of her money, which was tucked away in offshore accounts, to try to buy Jabot, Jack would swoop down and claim the money as part of his settlement for Gloria's involvement in the Jabot face cream incident.

Jack walked into the coffeehouse and Gloria decided to approach him and see if he was interested in pooling their money to try to regain control of Jabot. As Kevin predicted, Jack reminded Gloria that if her money found its way into the United States, it belonged to the Abbott family. Gloria swore that Jack would never get any of her money -- unless they partnered to buy Jabot. Jack thought it was ironic that Gloria was going to use what was, in essence, Jack's money, to try to buy Jack's company back.

Jana went to Crimson Lights and told Kevin that Ryder and Daisy seemed to have known each other much longer than they thought. Kevin wasn't overly surprised -- he reminded Jana that Daisy hung out at the coffeehouse, and that Ryder had worked there. Jana thought that there was more to their relationship.

Jana was surprised to see Gloria and Jack sitting together. Kevin explained that Tucker was selling Jabot, and that "the vultures are circling." Gloria went to the counter to get coffee for herself and Jack, and told Kevin that, if she and Jack regained control of Jabot, she would create an important position at the company for him. When Gloria walked away, Jana urged Kevin not to get involved in another of his mother's schemes.

Gloria returned to the table, and, after some bickering, entered an alliance to try to get Jabot back. Jack said that he would be in touch, and left. Gloria went to the counter and told Kevin, with Jana overhearing, about her partnership with Jack. Kevin was convinced that he was going to become a high-level executive at Jabot.

After Gloria walked away, Jana reminded Kevin that he was already making something of himself at McCall Unlimited. Kevin said that he could do better at Jabot, and that he looked forward to the day when he and Jana could start a family, then added that he also wanted to help Ryder. Jana said that Ryder didn't need Kevin's help, as it appeared that Ryder had some sort of plan with Daisy. Jana decided that she was going to find Ryder and learn what was going on, and started to leave the coffeehouse.

When Jana was out of earshot, Kevin told Gloria that he wished that Jana was more supportive of his desire to work with Gloria at Jabot, but that he was on-board with Gloria's plan.

Noah was at the Baldwins' condo, searching through Daisy's backpack. He was still on the phone with Eden. Initially, he didn't find anything in the backpack, but, upon checking a pocket, found a photo of Daisy standing next to a little boy. It appeared that a part of the photo had been torn off. The back of the photo was labeled "Daisy and Max."

Noah rushed over to Crimson Lights to talk with Jana, and he found her just as she was on her way out. He told her that he suspected that Daisy was trying to frame Eden, and that Eden had told him that Jana had once overheard Jana saying that she had found a torn picture of a young Ryder among Ryder's belongings. Jana said that there had been at least one another person in the picture, but, because it was torn, she wasn't able to identify anyone but Ryder. Noah showed the picture that he had found to Jana, and she realized that it was the same picture of a young Ryder, standing next to Daisy. Noah showed her the "Daisy and Max" label on the back. Jana said that it was the proof that she had been looking for -- that Daisy and Ryder had known each other for a long time.

In a Genoa City Memorial examination room, Michael told Lauren that he had received a return call from the clerk at the pet store, who had described the girl who had purchased the rat that was used to scare Lauren. Michael said that the girl was about sixteen or seventeen years old, of average height, with long dark hair, and had an attitude problem. Lauren was convinced that was it Eden who had purchased the rat.

The Baldwins returned to their condo, and Lauren seemed to be in a much better mood. Michael said that he thought that Eden was being framed for the rat incident -- that everything seemed too "neat and tidy," and that usually indicated a set-up. Lauren decided that Michael had been right about not letting Daisy stay at their condo. Michael was thrilled to hear that Lauren was closing the "Baldwin Boardinghouse."

Outside the Baldwins' condo, Daisy was on the phone with someone, and was saying that Jana was getting suspicious, adding, "We need to keep an eye on her. I'll tell him." Daisy entered the condo and asked how Lauren was feeling. Lauren said that the tests indicated that her headaches were due to stress. Daisy said that she had a big test to study for, and went to her room. Lauren told Michael that she would "evict" Daisy the following day.

Nick met with Victor at Victor's office. Nick wondered if Victor had been too harsh on Adam, but Victor said that Tucker was sharp, and that his scene with Adam at the Athletic Club had to be convincing. Nick reported that when he had offered to buy Jabot from Tucker, Tucker had proposed that Nick sell him Newman Cosmetics, and that Nick had refused the offer. Victor asked if Jabot was still in play. Nick said that Tucker was going to be taking sealed bids. Victor suggested that they make Tucker an offer that he couldn't refuse.

Victor said that he was proud of Nick for coming up with the idea of the feud between Adam and Victor so that Adam could infiltrate McCall Unlimited. Nick said that they might as well put Adam's talent for deceit to good use. Nick wanted to know if Victor had told Adam that the "fake feud" had been Nick's idea. Victor said that, as far as Adam knew, it had been Victor's idea. Victor asked Nick if he had any regrets about the plan. Nick said that he hated not being able to tell Phyllis the truth, but that things would be easier when Phyllis took Summer to Boston. Victor said that he and Nick were going to do great things together -- starting with Jabot.

Later, at the tack house, Phyllis told Nick what a weird day it had been, and she wondered why Victor had attacked Adam. Nick lied and said that with Victor, it was difficult to know why he did anything. Nick asked Phyllis how Ashley was doing. Phyllis lied and said that she wasn't going to get involved with that situation.

When Phyllis was alone, she called Dr. Gallatin, Summer's Swiss doctor with whom she was meeting in Boston, and asked him if they could move their appointment to an earlier time in the morning, because she needed to look up an old Harvard friend in the afternoon.

At the Athletic Club, both Jack and Victor were on their cell phones, having separate conversations about their plans to buy Jabot. When they were done with their conversations, Jack walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. Jack told Victor that it had been a good day -- that it wasn't every day that he got to see Victor beating up Adam in public. Victor smiled. Jack said that the next day would be even better. Victor agreed, saying, "It will be an interesting day, indeed."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Gloria told Jeffrey that Jabot was for sale, and that Jack wanted to pool the Abbotts' money with the Bardwells' to try to raise the highest bid. Jeffrey reminded Gloria that she couldn't use her money because of the Jabot face cream settlement, and correctly assumed that Gloria wanted to use his money. He guessed that Gloria had already made a deal with Jack behind his back, and he told Gloria that he didn't appreciate being left out of the loop and being taken for granted.

Gloria asked Jeffrey if he wanted in on the deal. He replied that if he did, he didn't need Gloria. After arguing with Gloria, Jeffrey said that he would go in on the plan, but only if Jack put the terms of their agreement in writing. Gloria said that she was sure that Jack would do that, since Jack was desperate to get Jabot back.

Jack went to the Abbott mansion and was surprised to see that Emily, Malcolm, and Chloe were there, preparing to take Jack and Emily's engagement portrait. Chloe posed the happy couple as Malcolm began taking photos. After finishing taking all the shots for the portrait, Chloe suggested that Emily have her bridal portrait taken. Emily said that she assumed that she would be having that picture taken at the wedding, but Chloe said that weddings had a tendency to get crazy, and that it would be best if the portrait were done in advance. Since the hairdresser and make-up artist were still at the house, Emily agreed. Chloe had to leave for a date with Chance.

The Bardwells showed up at the Abbott mansion, and Jack introduced them to Emily. They were shocked by Emily's resemblance to "that woman who shot Victor." Jack asked what they had decided about the Jabot bid. Jeffrey said that he wasn't in -- unless Jack told him what he wanted to hear.

Gloria said that she didn't want John's legacy in the hands of strangers, and, if the Bardwells and the Abbotts pooled their resources, that wouldn't happen. Gloria told Jack that, if they regained control of Jabot, the Bardwells wanted positions of significance in the company. Jack initially agreed, but when Jeffrey asked him to put it in writing, Jack backed off, reminding the Bardwells that Ashley and Traci would also have to agree. Gloria whined that Ashley hated her. Jack said that it would be easier to convince Ashley to give Gloria an important position at Jabot once they regained control. Jack promised the Bardwells that they would get the positions they deserved. Before the Bardwells left, Jeffrey said that they might, or might not, get back to Jack.

Emily wondered what Jack was getting himself into, and whether he really wanted to partner with the Bardwells. Jack said that he didn't, but that they were a necessary evil if he wanted to regain control of Jabot. He told Emily that the amount of money that he and his sisters were able to raise was significant, but not insurmountable. He said that with the Bardwells' money, their bid should win. Jack realized that Ashley wouldn't want the Bardwells involved, but he told Emily that Ashley had given him carte blanche to get the company back. Emily warned Jack to prepare for Ashley's bad reaction, since Ashley already thought that Jack had a tendency to try to take over and blow Ashley off.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria tried to talk Jeffrey into going in on the Jabot bid. Jeffrey was reluctant, but Gloria said that it would be her last chance to get her foot in the door at Jabot. She reminded Jeffrey about how much Jabot meant to her. Convinced, Jeffrey called Jack and told him that the money would be wired to Jack's account within the hour. Jack promised Jeffrey that he wouldn't regret it.

Jack called Tucker and told him to get started on the paperwork turning Jabot back over to the Abbotts -- that no one was going to be able to top the Abbotts' bid -- not even Victor. Tucker said that he hadn't heard anything from Victor yet. Jack said that he was looking forward to hearing from Tucker the following day, when the bids were going to be opened. After Jack hung up, a stunning Emily, wearing her beautiful wedding gown, started down the stairs. Malcolm began taking pictures.

In her padded cell at the psychiatric hospital, Patty shoved a handful of pills into the hole in her mattress. To herself, she said, "Thought you had it all figured out, Emily? Keep Patty drugged and in a daze. Seducing and marrying Jack." She snapped back to semi-sanity when Paul paid her a visit.

Paul asked Patty how her new doctor, Dr. Jasper, was working out. Patty said that it was taking a little while for her to adjust, but that Dr. Jasper seemed nice. As Patty spoke to Paul, voices echoed in her head, "Smile, Patty. No one knows you better than Paul. If you can pull this off with him, then you can pull it off with everyone."

Patty showed Paul a papier-mâché house that she had been working on. Patty suddenly became upset and said that the house wasn't turning out as she had planned. She said that it was already supposed to have happened. Paul asked her what she was talking about. Patty said she was supposed to have her "happily ever after" house with a baby and a husband -- and that was ruined. Patty became more agitated and said that she was running out of time. Paul hugged his sister and told her that everything would be fine.

Still holding Patty, Paul reminded her about a Popsicle house that she had built when she was a child, and how upset Patty had been when a classmate accidentally broke it. Paul remembered that he had quickly rebuilt the house and bought Patty an ice cream cone. Patty reminisced about how much she had enjoyed being at the lake with Paul. Inside her head, she heard the sound of children playing in water. Patty said that she felt better, but wished that Paul could take her to the lake. Paul, with tears in his eyes, told his sister that he would visit as often as possible.

After Paul left, Patty, again alone in her cell, began acting extremely unstable. She stared out the little window and hissed, "You took everything, Emily. I hate you! I hate you!"

At the Chancellor mansion, Jill was on the phone with Tucker, and was turning down his invitation for dinner at the Athletic Club. She suggested that they order dinner at his loft and spend some time together. When Katherine entered the living room, Jill immediately changed her mind and told Tucker that she would love to have dinner with him at the club. While Katherine talked about how nice it would be to have the house to herself, Jill taunted her about spending the evening alone. Katherine made a remark about Jill "sleeping with the enemy," and Jill asked if it had ever occurred to Katherine that Jill was trying to use her influence with Tucker to try to save Jabot. Katherine said that Jill was trying to take over, and insisted that Tucker was using Jill. Katherine told Jill that Tucker would never hand Jabot over to Jill. Jill grabbed her coat and began walking out, getting in the final barb when she said, "I don't want to keep your son waiting."

Chance overheard part of the argument between Katherine and Jill. After Jill left, he asked Katherine if she was okay. Katherine said that it would take a lot more than a run-in with Jill to take her down. Chance told Katherine that he didn't understand why Jill was doing what she was doing. He said that Tucker couldn't be trusted. Katherine agreed that Jill was making a mistake -- and would have to live with the consequences.

Jill and Tucker met at the Athletic Club. Jill continued to try to convince Tucker not to sell Jabot. Tucker said that, unlike Jill, he had no emotional attachment to the company, and that he was just looking to make a quick profit. He promised Jill that if the bids he received weren't high enough, he would hold onto the company and Jill would be involved in running it. Jill continued to talk about Jabot, but Tucker cut her off, telling her, "No more shop talk." He said that he enjoyed being with Jill -- when she wasn't trying to leverage their relationship to her advantage.

Chloe and Chance arrived at the club for their date. When Chloe saw Jill and Tucker, she suggested that they leave. Chance told Chloe to get a table, and then walked over to Jill and Tucker's table. Chance bluntly told Jill to reconsider her involvement with Tucker. Tucker invited Chance and Chloe to join him and Jill so that he could get to know the couple better. Chance declined, saying that he didn't want to get to know anyone who could treat Katherine the way that Tucker had. To Jill, Chance said, "If he could smile and lie to Katherine, he could do the same thing to you."

Chloe and Chance found their table at their club, but Chloe was getting irritated that Chance was staring at Jill and Tucker. She wanted to leave, and they decided to go back to the Chancellor mansion and watch a movie. At Tucker and Jill's table, Tucker told Jill that he admired Chance's ability to speak his mind -- that Chance was worried about "Grandma keeping company with the big, bad wolf." Jill admitted that she hadn't spent much time at home recently, and that she was going home. She gave Tucker a quick kiss and said that she would talk with him the following day.

Outside the club, Chance and Chloe were laughing, and decided that they would get a pizza before returning home. Suddenly, a sound like a gun being fired rang out, and Chance threw Chloe to the ground. He pulled out his gun as Chloe said, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God." It turned out that the sound was merely a car backfiring, but Chance had thought that it was a gunshot.

As they stood up, Chloe wondered if Chance was suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder. Chance assured Chloe that he wasn't -- and then told her about the call he had received warning him that he was in danger. Chloe asked if it had been Riggs on the phone, but Chance said that he couldn't be sure. Chloe told Chance that he needed to report the call to someone on the police force, but he wasn't sure that there was anyone he could trust.

Returning to the Chancellor mansion, Jill ran into Katherine's bedroom and shook her until she was awake. The frightened Jill told Katherine that there was an intruder downstairs. Katherine got out of bed and the two women stood outside Katherine's bedroom door. They heard banging, and ran into Katherine's bedroom and locked the door. Katherine tried to call security, but the phone lines were dead. Using Katherine's cell phone, Jill called 9-1-1 to report that there was a prowler in her home.

Together in Katherine's bed, the two women noticed that the banging had stopped. Katherine got out of bed to grab a weapon. Jill blurted out, "Mother... don't..." Katherine was stunned that Jill referred to her as "Mother." Jill apologized. They saw someone's shadow through the crack at the bottom of the door. The doorknob began rattling. Katherine screamed that the police were on their way. As the sound of approaching sirens cut through the air, the doorknob stopped rattling and the shadow disappeared.

Chloe and Chance returned to the Chancellor mansion and found Katherine and Jill talking to a police officer in the living room. Katherine and Jill told Chloe and Chance what had happened. The police officer assured Chance that the grounds were being searched. Chance went upstairs to check things out. After Chance was gone, Jill and Katherine began bickering. Katherine said that if Jill had decided to spend the night with Tucker, Katherine could have been murdered in her sleep. Jill felt like she took the blame for everything. When Jill called Katherine a "batty old woman," Katherine said that at least she could remember whether or not they were mother and daughter. Both exasperated, the two women left the living room.

Chance returned to the living room and told Chloe that the intruder had been in his room, and had stolen his watch. A frightened Chloe wondered what would have happened to Delia if the baby hadn't been with Billy. She told Chance that he had to talk to someone about what was going on.

Neil was at the Newman ranch with Ashley. Ashley was still wondering why Adam had convinced her that she had hit someone with Victor's car, but was lying about it. Neil suggested that they go out for dinner and forget about Adam. Since Abby was willing to babysit Faith, Ashley agreed. Ashley reminded Neil that Jabot was going to be sold to the highest bidder the following day. Neil said that he was sure that the Abbotts would regain control of the company. Ashley wasn't completely convinced.

Before Neil and Ashley left the ranch, Ashley spoke to Traci on the phone. Ashley told her sister that she would call as soon as she heard anything about Jabot's fate. After hanging up, Ashley told Neil that the Abbotts always trusted Katherine with Jabot, but she was afraid of what might happen if Jabot fell into the hands of new owners. She asked Neil what Tucker was like. Neil said that Tucker appeared to relish telling Katherine that Tucker was the new majority stockholder of Chancellor Industries. Ashley couldn't imagine what it was like for Tucker having carried around all that resentment for so many years. She said that Tucker sounded like a cold person.

At the Athletic Club, Neil introduced Ashley to Tucker. Tucker extended his hand, but Ashley refused to shake. She said that she just wanted to look into the eyes of the man who had betrayed her friend Katherine -- and was throwing her family's company to the wolves. Tucker said that he was just "going with his gut" by selling Jabot. Ashley said that she had read articles about Tucker, and knew how he did business.

Tucker was flattered that Ashley had read about him, but Ashley told him not to be -- she wasn't that impressed with him. Tucker said that he was impressed with Ashley, and hoped that the Abbott family would regain control of Jabot. He said that perhaps the next time they met it would be to give Jabot back to her. Ashley curtly said that hopefully the next time they met would be the last time.

At a table with Neil, Ashley told him how great it felt to tell Tucker off, but she worried that he might sell Jabot to someone other than the Abbotts. Ashley said that she really wanted the Abbotts to regain control of the company, and run it as John had envisioned that his children would.

Friday, February 5, 2010

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Emily were having brunch. Jack ordered a bottle of champagne. When Emily said that perhaps it was a little early in the day to be drinking, Jack said that they had a lot to celebrate -- the Abbott family might be regaining control of Jabot by noon, his and Emily's engagement photo and announcement were published in the morning paper, and, in one week, he was going to be marrying Emily, "the most wonderful woman."

Paul stopped by the happy couple's table and expressed his concern that Patty might see Jack and Emily's engagement announcement in the newspaper. Emily assured Paul that, since Patty was in a secure facility, she didn't have access to newspapers, magazines, or other media, and that she would never see the announcement.

After Paul walked off, Jack presented Emily with a gift that he wanted her to wear on their honeymoon -- a bikini that left little to the imagination. Emily fished for information on their honeymoon destination, but Jack would only tell her that they were going someplace warm -- and joked that all she needed to take was the bikini and her toothbrush. Emily told Jack that she was going to stay in a room at the club the night before their wedding -- although they were living together, she liked the tradition of the groom not seeing his bride on the wedding day until the ceremony.

At the psychiatric facility, Patty continued to work on her papier-mâché house. She asked Mark, one of the attendants, to get her some more paper. Mark had some bad news -- there was no more paper in the art supply closet, but he took a newspaper out of the recycling bin, and hoped that would work. Patty said that the newspaper would be just fine. After Mark left, Patty opened the paper and saw Jack and Emily's engagement photo and announcement. Reading aloud, she noted that Jack and Emily were getting married at Sacred Heart Church -- the same church where she had married Jack many years earlier.

Patty became hysterical and started throwing things around her cell. She screamed, "He's mine! You can't have him." Mark heard the commotion and peered through the little window into the cell. He saw the extremely agitated Patty pounding her fists on the cell's walls. Mark called Paul and told him that Patty was having a "complete meltdown" and might have to be restrained. Paul replied that he was on his way.

Paul arrived at the facility and was let in to Patty's cell. He asked his sister what was wrong. She hugged Paul tightly and told him that it wasn't supposed to be this way, and that she couldn't go on. Paul told Patty that everything would be all right.

Patty calmed down a bit, and, in the hallway, Paul spoke with Mark. Mark said that he had paged Dr. Jasper, but that the doctor was out of town at a conference. Paul told Mark that Patty seemed to be feeling better. Paul returned to Patty's cell and was stunned when she held out her hand and said, "It's lovely to see you again, Paul. I'm Dr. Emily Peterson."

At Crimson Lights, Chloe and Billy met to discuss Delia's upcoming first birthday, but first Chloe told Billy about the break-in at the Chancellor mansion the previous evening. She said that nothing had been taken, but that it had "scared the crap" out of Katherine and Jill. Chloe said that she was glad that Delia had been with Billy when the break-in occurred.

Back at the club, Chloe joined Emily and Jack to go over some last-minute wedding details. Jack admitted that he hadn't yet picked a best man. Jack, Emily, and Chloe noticed that Billy had just entered the club. Jack said, "What the hell. I only have one brother, right?"

Jack called Billy over and asked him to be Jack's best man. Billy seemed genuinely touched. He and Jack shook hands, then hugged. Jack said that it was time for him and Billy to bury the hatchet. Chloe and Emily left for a meeting with the florist. Billy sat down with Jack, and the brothers had a glass of champagne. Billy toasted to "new beginnings."

At the Abbott mansion, Chloe and Emily discussed how proud they were of Jack and Billy for reconciling before the wedding. Chloe asked how Emily's surprise for Jack was coming along. Emily said that everything was all set -- and that only Chloe and Ashley knew about it. Chloe was sure that Jack would love the surprise.

After making some changes with the florist, Chloe told Emily that her list was complete -- everything was set for the wedding. Emily said that she couldn't believe that she was marrying a man she initially couldn't stand. Chloe and Emily shared a laugh when Emily showed her the bikini that Jack had purchased for the honeymoon.

At the Chancellor mansion, Katherine told Cane about the break-in, and informed him that the security team and Chance was investigating. Referring to Tucker, Katherine said that "intruders who walk by daylight" were more worrisome than the intruder who had broken into the mansion. Katherine was concerned that Tucker was going to be auctioning off her life's work -- piece by piece. She told Cane that she hated going to the office, and thanked him for being her "eyes and ears" at Chancellor Industries. Cane told Katherine that she wasn't alone -- and that he would help her "get" Tucker.

Jill stopped by Tucker's loft. Tucker said that it wasn't a good time to visit, as the mayor was going to be stopping by to officially welcome McCall Unlimited to Genoa City. Jill told Tucker about the break-in. She said that she had been terrified, and, since her whole family seemed to be against her, she was turning to Tucker for support. Tucker calmly said, "I'm glad you're all right."

Jill was underwhelmed by Tucker's response, and told him that she or Katherine could have been killed. Tucker, still seemingly unsympathetic, again told Jill that it wasn't a good time for them to talk. He said that she hadn't seemed happy at dinner the previous evening. Jill was floored when Tucker said that things weren't working out -- and that he thought it would be best if they went their separate ways.

Jill said, "You're dumping me?" Tucker said that he wasn't big on drama -- Jill countered by saying that Tucker had caused the drama. She added that she had alienated her family and damaged her relationship with Katherine, perhaps irreparably, because of him. Tucker said that Jill had used their relationship to try to regain control of Jabot, even after he had warned her that he didn't mix business with pleasure. He told her that, in the future, they should keep their relationship strictly professional. Jill looked devastated.

Jill returned to the Chancellor mansion, and Katherine wondered why she was there. Jill said that she had been thinking about the argument they had the previous evening. Katherine asked if Jill was trying to make a feeble apology, but Jill insisted that her apology was sincere. Jill said that she wished that she had never gotten involved with Tucker -- that he had no sense of loyalty or fair play. Katherine immediately guessed that Tucker had broken up with Jill. Katherine said, "You made your own bed -- and now you've been kicked out of it." Jill said that she had hoped for Katherine's forgiveness, and that she was in pain. Katherine said that no one deserved pain more than Jill did.

At Trumble's, Victor hid in an aisle of bookshelves. Using his cell phone, Victor called Adam, who was hiding a few aisles over, and asked him if he was ready for action. He told Adam that he had keys to Tucker's office made from the imprints that Adam had taken, and that they were in an envelope, along with two disposable cell phones, on a shelf in front of Adam. Adam grabbed the envelope. Adam said that the tricky part would be getting Tucker out of his office. Victor said that wouldn't be a problem. After Victor hung up, Nick joined him and asked his father if he thought that Adam could pull it off. Victor said that Adam wanted to please his father.

Cane and Adam went to Tucker's office, where Tucker told them that he had whittled down the large number of bids for Jabot to a few companies that he felt that he could do business with. He said that he was surprised that Victor hadn't submitted a bid. Adam said that perhaps Victor didn't want to expand Newman Cosmetics -- or that his father was acting out of a sense of loyalty to Katherine.

Tucker was informed that the mayor wanted to meet with him at the Athletic Club, rather than at Tucker's office. He told Cane and Adam that he had to leave, handed them prospectuses of all the Chancellor Industries holdings, and asked them for their input on what to sell off next. Tucker angrily questioned Cane's loyalty when Cane suggested that perhaps they shouldn't sell off any of the holdings. Tucker wondered whether or not Cane was on his team, and insisted that he would be selling off pieces of the company. Tucker locked the sealed envelopes containing the Jabot bids in his desk. Cane and Adam left the office and, in the hallway, agreed to touch base later. Tucker left the office, locked up, and got into the elevator.

Cane went back to the Chancellor mansion and informed Katherine that Tucker was following through on his promise to sell off Chancellor Industries' holdings. He said that Tucker had nearly fired him when he suggested that they delay selling. Katherine declared Tucker a megalomaniac. From the foyer, Jill overheard Katherine and Cane speaking. Cane said that it looked like Chancellor Industries might end up as a big pile of cash -- and an even bigger pile of ashes.

Cane and Katherine went over the list of Chancellor holdings, and Katherine made some suggestions as to which underperforming subsidiaries to sell off first. She thought that perhaps they could slow Tucker down until Victor was able to devise a plan to get the company back into Katherine's hands. Jill entered the living room and told Cane and Katherine that she wanted to help them. Katherine said, "I think you've helped quite enough." She then told Cane that Tucker had dumped Jill. Jill begged them to let her sit down with them and protect what was left of Chancellor. Cane thought it best that he work alone with Katherine, and that Jill stay out of it. Jill looked devastated as Katherine and Cane left to continue their meeting in the study.

In Victor's office, Nick looked at his watch and said that it was time for him to go. Victor said that he was enjoying himself -- that there was nothing more satisfying than helping a friend while taking down a bitter enemy.

Nick went to the Athletic Club and, when he saw Tucker arrive for his meeting with the mayor, texted Victor. Victor called Adam, who was still in the building where Tucker's loft was located, and told him that the coast was clear. Wearing gloves, Adam used the key that Victor had made and let himself in to Tucker's loft. He unlocked Tucker's desk and removed the sealed envelopes containing the bids for Jabot. Adam carefully unsealed the envelopes. Using one of the disposable cell phone's camera, he unfolded the bids and started taking photographs of them.

At the Athletic Club, Tucker walked over to Billy and Jack's table and showed them the "Welcome to Genoa City" certificate that the mayor had just presented to him in the Founders' Room. Tucker said that he would like to see Jabot back in the Abbott family's hands -- but he couldn't make any guarantees. Billy looked stunned, as this was the first he had heard about Jabot being put up for sale. Before he walked away, Tucker wished Jack good luck, and said that he had always been a sucker for a happy ending.

Billy was furious that Jack had not told Billy that Jabot was up for sale, and that Billy wasn't included in the plan to reacquire the company, even though Ashley and Traci were. Jack tried to calm him down, and told him that, by the end of the day, Jabot might be back in the Abbott family's hands. Not placated, Billy reminded Jack that John was Billy's father too. Billy said that he was tired of being treated like a bastard stepchild.

Jack and Billy argued. Jack reminded Billy that Billy's money was locked up in a trust. Billy quipped that was only because Jack wouldn't release it. Jack said that he would have been irresponsible to allow Billy to go any further into debt. He told Billy that it had nothing to do with trusting him -- that Billy was his brother and he loved him. Billy, growing angrier, said that he should have been told what was going on, and that he was sick and tired of being treated like a "snot-nosed little brat." Before Billy stormed out, he told Jack to find himself another best man.

From the Athletic Club bar, Nick watched as Tucker left the Abbotts' table, then the club. Nick sent another text message to Victor, who was on the phone with Adam. Adam was still at Tucker's office, taking photos of the Jabot bids and e-mailing them to Victor, who was looking at them on his computer. Adam e-mailed the final bid -- Jack's -- which was twice as large as the next highest bid. Victor smiled and said, "Perfect," as he looked at the photo of the Abbott bid on his laptop.

Nick met Victor back at Newman Enterprises. He told Nick that he had copies of all of the sealed bids for Jabot, and that the Abbotts had offered twice as much as the next highest bidder. Victor handed Nick a piece of paper containing Newman Enterprise's bid for Jabot. Nick thought that Victor was paying too much. Victor agreed that it was more than Jabot was worth, but that, in the long run, it would be a bargain. He told Nick to have the bid messengered to Tucker's loft immediately.

At Tucker's loft, Adam arrived a few minutes before noon for the unveiling of the bids. Tucker unlocked his desk drawer and pulled out the envelopes. Victor called Tucker and told him that he was putting in a bid for Jabot, and that it was being sent over as they spoke. Tucker smiled at Adam and whispered, "Got your daddy on the line." The messenger arrived at the loft. Adam took Victor's bid from him and handed it to Tucker. Tucker smiled and said that he never doubted that Victor would throw his hat in the ring.

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