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Patty escaped from the hospital by drugging and switching places with Emily, who slipped into a coma. Patty dressed up in Emily's wedding gown and prepared to marry Jack. Victoria and J.T. ended their marriage.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 8, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, February 8, 2010

In Jack's office at Jabot, he told Ashley that Tucker wanted to meet them for a discussion. Ashley asked Jack how much he'd bid for Jabot. Jack responded, "We bid far more than the company's worth, but I was willing to spend my last dime to get the company back in the family." Tucker arrived. Jack told Tucker to dispense with formalities and announce the good news, but Tucker said flatly, "You were outbid." Jack was shocked. Tucker insisted that Victor Newman won the company because his offer was the highest. Ashley was devastated.

After Tucker left, Jack, boiling with anger, said, "Victor told me he wasn't through with me. He said once we worked together to help Katherine, he was going to get his revenge on me. I should have known I was being played. I was so focused on getting Jabot back, I let my guard down. That will never happen again." Ashley listened sympathetically.

Victor showed up and told Jack that he had one week to pack his things and get out. Ashley remarked that Victor couldn't have been more callous. Jack insisted that Victor couldn't have known how much he had bid for Jabot unless Victor had inside information. Victor reminded Jack that the bid envelopes were sealed. Jack asked, "How did you do it?" Victor responded that he made certain that he was the highest bidder.

After Jack left, Ashley claimed that Victor was punishing her, in addition to Jack. Victor insisted that Ashley was taking things personally that had nothing to do with her. Before he left, Victor told Ashley to remind Jack that he had one week to get the hell out.

Jack later returned to his office alone. Jack addressed his late father solemnly and said, "Oh, Dad. I am sorry." Ashley returned and prompted Jack to pack his things. Jack said, "This isn't over yet, Ashley. There is no way Victor's bid just happened to be higher than mine." Ashley told Jack that they didn't have proof that Victor did anything illegal. Jack fumed and said, "If Victor cheated, I'm going to find out and nail him to the wall."

At Newman Enterprises, Victor told Nick that his idea of planting his brother Adam in Tucker McCall's company was a stroke of genius. Nick responded, "You know, Jack's not my favorite person these days, but I do get what Jabot means to him." Nick was surprised when Victor announced that he would not serve as Jabot's CEO. After Adam arrived, Victor told Adam that the plan for him to infiltrate Tucker McCall's company was Nick's brainchild. Adam, stunned, asked why he hadn't been told about Nick's involvement. Victor reminded Adam that he and Nick had quarreled about the company and Sharon, so he couldn't assume that his sons would work together. Nick added, "We couldn't risk you blowing the plan."

Adam clenched his jaw when Nick explained that he was involved in the plan to spy on Tucker because Newman Enterprises meant as much to him as it did to Victor. Adam gulped his champagne and insisted that he shouldn't be seen at Newman if he wished to continue the charade. Victor ordered Adam to wait for Victor to tell Adam what to do next. After Adam left, Nick worried that Adam resented being a pawn in Nick's plan.

Victor insisted that he was in control of the situation, not Adam. Nick reminded Victor that he hadn't announced who would run Jabot. Victor replied, "All in due time, son." Nick left, and Victor phoned someone and left a message. Victor said, "You call me back as soon as you can. I acquired a new company, one you would be very interested in."

At the Genoa City Athletic Club bar, Adam had a drink. Billy, sitting nearby, sarcastically thanked Adam for providing a cover story for Restless Style. Adam glared at Billy, who proclaimed, "When your daddy called you a sociopath, that was pure gold. It couldn't happen to a more deserving guy." Adam quipped that things weren't what they seemed. Billy responded, "I might know more than you think. One of these days, we're going to find out about the rest of your dirty little secrets, and then you'll lose your job, your friendship with my sister, and your pretty wife. I'll be right here, writing down every sordid little detail."

After Billy left, Adam received a phone call. It was an old friend from Harvard, Gavin Brown. Gavin told Adam that a hot chick had asked questions about Adam's involvement with Dr. Taylor. Adam quizzed his old friend about the woman. Gavin said that the woman was a pretty redhead. Adam, grimacing threateningly, muttered, "Phyllis."

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance argued over the phone with police investigators, who seemed unconcerned about the recent break-in at the mansion because they believed it was merely the theft of a watch. Chloe and Delia encountered a distracted Chance, who left to make other calls. Billy arrived and told Chloe that he had an appointment in New York to interview a writer. Billy asked Chloe to run the magazine while he was gone.

Chloe said that Billy's thoughtfulness to stop by and announce his plans instead of hopping on a plane without one word of explanation had impressed her. Billy took Delia in his arms and entertained the child by making silly faces and talking to her in amusing voices. Chloe said, "You know, if you could morph into this great ex-husband and father, I think that maybe you are ready for a commitment to make some girl really lucky." Billy explained that Delia was the only girl he needed in his life.

Neil and Katherine dined at the club while they discussed business. Katherine told Neil that she hadn't heard anything about the sale of Jabot. Jill approached. Katherine told Jill that she and Neil were discussing business. Katherine announced that her business was no longer a concern to Jill, and Katherine fired her. Jill was livid.

Jill reminded Katherine that she'd greatly improved Jabot after taking the reins of the troubled company. Dismissing Jill's statement, Katherine reminded Jill that Jill had stabbed her in the back too many times. Katherine berated Jill for remaining with Tucker after everyone learned about his lies and deceit. Jill claimed that Tucker admired her business acumen more that Katherine ever had. Katherine told Jill that she'd always love her, but that Jill would never work for her again.

Neil stunned Katherine after he received a call notifying him that Victor had bought Jabot. Later at home, Katherine told Neil that she'd know more about Tucker's aims after she spoke to her miserable excuse for a son. Chloe walked in and mentioned that Chance was obsessed about finding out who'd broken in the previous night. Neil wanted to know more. Chloe explained that Katherine and Jill had locked themselves inside a bedroom while the intruder jiggled the doorknob.

Chloe added that the intruder ran away when he heard sirens. Neil asked Katherine if she thought that Tucker was involved. Chloe responded, "This had nothing to do with corporate intrigue. Someone is messing with Chance, and he is ready to take on the entire Genoa City police department if he has to because they're not investigating the way that they should."

Neil looked worried and wondered aloud how an intruder managed to slip past security. Chloe complained that Chance was completely shutting her out. Kay offered to speak to Chance, and Neil went to Katherine's office to make phone calls. Katherine discovered Chance feverishly comparing objects in the sitting room to forensic photos taken just after the break-in. Chance complained that the incident had nothing to do with the theft of his watch because someone was trying to get to him through his family. Katherine advised Chance to let his loved ones support and comfort him.

Chance told Katherine that he feared his fellow officers were covering something up. Chance cited Riggs' escape and the uninvestigated break-in as the reasons for his suspicions. Katherine suggested that Chance report his concerns to his superiors or to internal affairs, but Chance claimed that he couldn't trust anyone. Katherine advised Chance to reach out for help if he was in over his head. Chloe returned, and Chance apologized for being distant and paranoid. Chance maintained that he trusted his family, and he promised to enlist fellow officer Sid Meeks's help with the matter. Chance and Chloe took Delia for a stroll.

Neil returned and told Katherine that a private investigator reported something intriguing about Tucker. Neil explained that Tucker once managed a rock band comprised of unknowns that went from total obscurity to superstardom virtually overnight. Neil added that Tucker parlayed his success and formed a record label. Neil said that new artists Tucker later signed on also shot to the top of the charts. Katherine seemed intrigued. Neil wondered aloud how Tucker accomplished these successes. Katherine responded, "Once we find out, we might be able to fight back."

Jill went to Tucker's office and told him that Katherine had fired her. Jill tried to convince Tucker to keep Jabot, so she could run the company alongside Jack. Tucker announced that Victor owned Jabot. Jill suggested that Tucker find a place for her at Chancellor, but Tucker refused to entangle himself in Jill and Katherine's dispute. Jill insisted that Tucker consider a position for her. Jill poured glasses of wine and served one to Tucker, as she sipped from the other. Tucker set his glass on a table and coldly announced that he didn't intend to offer her a position. Jill reminded Tucker that she'd stood by him personally and professionally, and she recalled that he'd planned for them to take Jabot and Chancellor to new heights.

Tucker did not address Jill's statements. Jill seemed taken aback when Tucker handed her coat to her and said, "Goodnight Jill." Jill stood in the hallway with her back to Tucker as he told her that she was a strong woman who'd land on her feet. After Tucker slammed the door, a young woman dressed only in Tucker's shirt emerged from a bedroom. Tucker said, "That took longer that I expected." The woman embraced Tucker, and they kissed. After the woman dressed, she kissed Tucker goodbye. Tucker asked the woman to keep him company a while, but the woman responded, "You're a fun guy, but I don't do clingy." After the woman left, Tucker seemed lost in thought.

Billy joined Jill in a lounge area at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jill told Billy that Tucker jilted her. Jill cried, "I've ruined my relationship with Katherine. I've alienated all the people that I love, and all for a man who was using me from the moment he met me." Billy told Jill that he had to fly to New York, but he promised to have dinner with her after he returned. After Billy left, Jill sat dejected and seemed lost in thought.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon and Nick spent time with Noah before he left for Paris. Nick mentioned that he'd heard about Noah's attempt to clear Eden's name. Noah responded, "Eden didn't do anything wrong. Somebody is setting her up to make it look like she's trying to scare Lauren." Noah went upstairs to see Abby. Nick asked Sharon if her new husband was too busy to say goodbye to Noah. Nick claimed that Noah was leaving because Sharon married Adam.

Upstairs, Abby cried that Noah was leaving her alone in a nuthouse with sparring family members. Noah comforted Abby before they rejoined his parents downstairs. After Abby left, Noah told his parents that he'd miss them, and he told his mom that she seemed stronger than ever. After Noah left, Sharon sobbed. Nick apologized for what he'd said about Adam, but Sharon explained that she was thinking about her memories of them in Paris. Sharon and Nick recalled walking together and kissing in view of the Eiffel Tower. After Nick left, he stood near the window and watched Sharon, who seemed overwhelmed with sadness and despair.

When Adam arrived home, he urgently announced to Sharon that he'd planned for them to fly away to enjoy their honeymoon. Sharon cited many reasons not to go, but Adam said he needed to get away to forget how his dad had crucified him. Giving up, Sharon agreed to go. Adam said, "The sooner we get out of here, the better."

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mac went to the Hellstroms' to babysit for Reed, but was disappointed to learn from J.T. that the boy was already asleep. It was the Hellstroms' wedding anniversary, and Mac assumed that Victoria was getting ready to go out to celebrate with J.T. J.T. told Mac that Victoria, on her way back to Genoa City from Dubai, was stuck in a New York airport due to bad weather. While Mac ate pizza, J.T. said that he was going to wait -- he hoped that Victoria would still be able to make it back that evening.

Mac asked what J.T. had gotten Victoria. He said that he wasn't quite sure about the gift, then showed it to Mac. It was a silver locket with a picture of Reed inside. Mac was sure that Victoria would love it, but J.T. thought it was sad that the gift was more about Reed than about him and Victoria.

When J.T. said that Reed seemed to be the only thing holding his marriage together, Mac said that was okay -- that Reed was the best of Victoria and J.T., and it would be nice if the child caused the Hellstroms to become closer. J.T. said that he wanted to fight for his marriage, and he hoped that Victoria felt the same way.

Victoria called J.T. to let him know that, due to the bad weather in New York, she might not be able to make it back to Genoa City that night. He told Mac that there was no need for her to stay. Mac said that she would wait, in case Victoria managed to make it back. J.T. asked Mac if she was dating anyone. She said that she was still getting over Billy. J.T. asked her if she had any second thoughts about breaking up with Billy. Mac said that Billy wasn't an easy person to forget.

Mac and J.T. continued to while the evening away. They played a board game, and Mac was delighted when she won. J.T. said that he was hungry, and opened the pizza box. He was disappointed when he saw that Mac had consumed the entire pie. Mac apologized, and offered to make him a sandwich. As Mac headed for the kitchen, a joking J.T. ran after her and told her to stay away from his food.

Victoria called again and told J.T. that she definitely was going to have to spend the night in New York. As she prepared to leave, Mac said that she would be happy to babysit Reed any time that the Hellstroms needed her to. After Mac left, J.T. stared sadly at a photograph of the his family.

In the New York airport, Victoria went into an Irish pub that was already decorated in a St. Patrick's Day motif. She sat at the bar, ordered a beer, and commented to the bartender that the beer was green. Billy, carrying a giant stuffed dog, coincidentally entered the same bar. Billy phoned Chloe to tell her that his flight had been delayed. He sat down at the bar next to Victoria. Victoria saw him and said, "Hello, fancy pants." Billy said that their meeting was like a bad joke, "A Newman and an Abbott walk into a bar together..." Billy ordered a green beer. Semi-jokingly, Victoria told the bartender that Billy became annoying when he drank.

Victoria admired all the gifts that Billy had purchased for Delia's birthday. Billy commented that it looked like Reed had made out like a bandit also. Victoria told Billy that among her packages was an anniversary gift for J.T. -- that their anniversary was that day. Victoria joked that Billy's next Restless Style headline would probably read, "Newman Heiress Spends Anniversary Drinking Alone." She asked Billy if he had taken her New Year's Eve advice not to ruin anyone's life while she was away in Dubai. Billy pulled out a copy of the most recent issue of Restless Style, and when Victoria saw the cover photograph of Victor, she said, "What the hell did you do now?"

Victoria initially thought that the Restless Style article was another "tell-all" about Victor. Billy explained that Victor had posed for the photograph and had approached Billy for the interview. Victoria began reading the article out loud, and realized that Victor had given the interview in order to smear Adam. Acting mildly interested, Victoria asked Billy how he could live with himself, then left to sit at a table.

Billy joined Victoria at her table and the two joked around. Victoria couldn't believe that a waiter in the pub had pinched her because she wasn't wearing anything colored green. Victoria asked Billy if he was wearing "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" boxer shirts. Billy said that his boxers read, "All This, and Brains Too." Victoria began laughing.

Billy ordered a plate of corned beef and cabbage, while Victoria had a salad. He tried to get Victoria to take a bite of the fatty-looking meat, but she said that it looked and smelled disgusting. Billy took a small tiara that he had bought for Delia and put it on Victoria's head. He said that since Victoria thought herself a princess, she might as well have an accessory to accompany her royal title.

Victoria, using Billy's giant stuffed dog as a pillow, fell asleep in the pub. Billy adjusted the tiara on her head, and smiled at her.

Amber met up with Daniel at Trumble's Bookstore. She showed him a photo of Little D that her mother, Tawny, had e-mailed to her. Amber told Daniel that she had managed to track Tawny down, and that Little D was doing well. Evidently, Deacon had paid Tawny a large sum of money to care for the boy. Daniel was happy to hear that all was well with Little D, because he said that he wasn't ready to care for a child. Amber said that perhaps Daniel wasn't ready to raise kids, but she was.

Amber told Daniel that she had loved being a mother figure to Little D. She said that Daniel would love being a father. Daniel said that someday perhaps he would -- but that he wasn't quite yet ready for parenthood. Amber reminded Daniel that she had miscarried in the past, and she was afraid that they might miss their chance to have children if they didn't start trying. Daniel reiterated that he wasn't ready to become a father, and reminded Amber that he was unemployed and that they were virtually broke.

Daisy stopped by Trumble's and watched Daniel and Amber's disagreement. When Amber continued rambling about wanting a child, Daniel said, "How many different ways do I have to say this. I'm not ready."

Daniel asked Amber not to pressure him. She said that she wasn't trying to pressure him -- she was merely sharing her feelings. Daisy approached the Romalottis and returned Daniel's digital camera to him. She told Daniel that she had saved enough money to purchase her own camera. Thoroughly irritated by the interruption, Amber cancelled her dinner plans with Daniel and stormed out of the bookstore.

Daisy feigned concern about Amber, and then showed Daniel some of the pictures she had taken with his camera. Daniel said that some of Daisy's photographs were good, but that there were problems with others. Daisy wondered if Daniel could help her with her photography. Daniel agreed to tutor Daisy.

Seated at a table at Trumble's, Daniel and Daisy reviewed the photographs that Daisy had taken. Daisy took notes as Daniel critiqued the pictures. As Daniel spoke, Daisy pulled out her new camera and began taking some candid shots of him. They both began laughing.

Later, Daniel and Daisy returned to the bookstore after taking some outdoor pictures. Daniel said that he had better get going. Daisy commented that Amber had seemed pretty upset. Daniel said that making up was "half the fun." Daisy said that she wouldn't know -- that she had never had a boyfriend, and that she wasn't into high school boys. She told Daniel that she would rather be with someone more mature.

Daniel said that if Daisy were his kid sister, he would advise her that there was no reason to rush into a relationship. Daniel wished Daisy good luck with her camera, and then left. After Daniel was gone, Daisy smiled and looked through the pictures of Daniel that she had taken.

Amber called Katherine, and the ladies met at Crimson Lights. Amber told Katherine that she was afraid that her marriage to Daniel might not last, as she and Daniel had different goals in life. She said that her goal was to be a mother, but that Daniel wasn't interested in being a father. Katherine advised Amber to concentrate on her relationship with Daniel -- she said that perhaps he would change his mind in a few years. When Amber expressed concern about her biological clock ticking away, Katherine said that Amber still had plenty of time to bear children.

Daniel found Amber at Crimson Lights. She apologized for having pressured him earlier. Daniel said that he realized that Amber was passionate -- and that was one of the things that he loved about her. He explained that he wasn't permanently opposed to having children, but that he couldn't imagine himself in charge of a child's life when he wasn't even sure what he wanted to do with his own. Amber said that she could live with Daniel's decision. The Romalottis kissed, and Daniel said that they were going to make it.

At Jabot, Jack was on the phone with a lawyer. He told the lawyer that he didn't have proof that Victor had engaged in corporate espionage, and instructed him to find out how much Victor had paid for Jabot. Victor walked into Jack's office and told Jack that he was anxious to get started -- as was Jabot's new ambassadress. Jack's jaw dropped when Gloria entered the office and said, "Congratulate me, Jack." Gloria said that, at long last, she was returning to the hallowed halls of Jabot.

Gloria told Jack that she loved having the title of ambassadress. Victor said that Gloria was perfect for the job. She said that she had already set up meetings with department store heads all around the world. Jack said that Gloria had almost destroyed Jabot, and that her public image was one of lawsuits and poisoned face cream. Gloria said that women would identify with her -- that they would see her as a survivor. Victor agreed with Gloria.

Jack told Gloria that Victor was using her to get back at Jack. Jack also threatened to garnish any wages that Gloria was paid. Gloria said that being back at Jabot wasn't about the money -- which was why she had agreed to work there for next to nothing. Victor told Gloria to look over the executive suites and to pick out one that she liked. When Gloria was gone, Jack said that Victor was so eager to make Jack's life miserable that he would destroy his own investment. Victor reminded Jack that, before Victor had left for Belgium, he had promised to make Jack's life a living hell -- and that this was just the beginning.

Jack sarcastically suggested that Victor hire Gloria as Jabot's new CEO. Jack told Victor that he regretted having talked Traci into giving him Colleen's heart -- and that it was too bad that Victor didn't also get Colleen's conscience. Victor said that Jack was the person without a conscience -- he accused Jack of taking advantage of Katherine's "tragedy" to try to regain control of Jabot. Victor told Jack that he planned to give Jabot back to Katherine, although Victor refused to say when that would be. When Jack asked who Victor was planning to name as Jabot's CEO, Victor said that the company would be in capable hands.

Alone in a Jabot office, Victor made some business phone calls. Gloria joined him and started rambling about the plans she had for Jabot. Clearly disinterested, Victor wished Gloria a good night, then left. Later, Gloria sat behind a desk. She put her feet up and, to herself, said, "Today, ambassadress -- tomorrow is up for grabs."

Katherine went to see Tucker at his loft. Sensing that Katherine was upset, Tucker said that he thought that she would be celebrating the high price he had received for Jabot. Katherine wondered if Tucker felt triumphant and vindicated by selling off a piece of Chancellor Industries. When Tucker didn't reply, Katherine said that taking away what was important to her wouldn't make him feel any better. She told Tucker that she had given him to strangers on the day that he was born, and that nothing could ever change that.

Katherine said that she wanted to discuss her and Tucker's history. Tucker said that he and Katherine didn't have a history. Katherine thought it was time that Tucker got over whatever fantasies he had about how his life would have been if Katherine hadn't given him up for adoption. She said that she had never been defeated, nor would she ever be. She told Tucker to do his damnedest to dismantle Chancellor Industries, "Chop off my fingers one by one. Enjoy it while it lasts. Know this. Keep chopping away. There's one finger you forgot to chop off." As Katherine stormed out, Tucker began laughing hysterically.

Katherine met with Victor at Jabot and wondered how he had managed to top everyone else's bid for the company. Although Victor didn't answer, Katherine said that at least she knew that Jabot would be in good hands. Victor told Katherine that he planned to turn Jabot back over to her. Katherine said that would anger Tucker, as he hated her. When Victor said that Tucker didn't know Katherine, Katherine said that he didn't care to know her -- that there wasn't a sentimental bone in his body.

In his loft, Tucker was intently reading Katherine's autobiography. There were numerous Post-It notes marking many of the pages. He suddenly stopped reading and dropped the book onto his desk.

At Crimson Lights, Jack received a phone call from his lawyer, and was shocked to hear how much Victor had paid for Jabot. Jack said that the amount was significantly more than the Abbott family offer, which was "obscenely high." Jack wondered why Victor would have done that.

Katherine met with Jack at Crimson Lights. She told him that he must have been disappointed when he learned that the Abbotts weren't going to regain control of Jabot. Jack said that he wasn't convinced that was the last chance he would have of wresting control of the company from Victor. When Katherine told Jack that Victor was planning to return the company to her, Jack warned her not to trust Victor. Katherine doubted that her "dear friend" Victor would turn on her. Jack reminded her that Victor had turned on Ashley, and on the Abbott family, who had given Victor a second chance at life. Jack said that Victor was a "scorpion," -- he might not want to sting her, but he would.

Victor went to Tucker's loft. Tucker wondered if Victor was planning on returning Jabot to Katherine, or if he was going to merge the company with the Beauty of Nature line of Newman Cosmetics. Victor said that he wasn't sure what his plans were. Tucker remarked that Victor was powerful. Victor said that Katherine was powerful too -- and that she wasn't to be underestimated. Tucker said that Katherine was tougher than he had given her credit for. Victor said that one day Tucker would realize just how tough Katherine was.

Tucker said that he was surprised that Victor had almost missed the deadline for bidding on Jabot. Tucker was also stunned by the size of Victor's bid. Victor said that buying Jabot was just an investment. Tucker remarked that Victor had overpaid for the company -- and wondered what Victor's goal really was. Victor said that he was sure that Jabot would turn out to be a "hell of a good purchase." Victor wished Tucker a good day, and left. Tucker stood alone in his loft, and looked a bit worried.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sharon and Adam honeymooned on the island of St. Maarten. They were leaving their hotel room for the beach, but decided to stay in and make love. Afterward, they discussed how wonderful it was to be in a tropical paradise, instead of in the cold Genoa City winter.

In bed, the Wilsons fantasized about what it would be like to spend the rest of their lives on the island. Adam suggested that they buy some real estate and open a beachside bar. He liked the idea of going to work every day in a bathing suit. Sharon realized that Adam was becoming serious about staying on the island. He said that if they relocated, they could dump all the baggage in their lives -- starting with Sharon's ex-husbands and Adam's checkered past. Sharon began to think that moving to the island permanently might be a good idea.

Adam spoke to the hotel's concierge and got the names of some local real estate agents. Sharon changed her mind -- she told Adam that they couldn't just ditch their lives and start anew, because of their obligations back in Genoa City. Adam said that he would quit his job. Sharon reminded him that he had recently told her how important his career was to him, and how happy he was to be working with Tucker McCall. Sharon thought that Adam would become bored running a beachside bar.

Adam said that their responsibilities and obligations in Genoa City were weighing their lives down. Sharon said that they would be okay as long as they were together. Adam told Sharon that he hoped that she was right, because he was afraid of losing her. Sharon assured Adam that he wouldn't lose her, then she kissed him. Adam looked concerned.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe, who was sitting at a table with Mac and Delia, finished up a phone call with Emily. After she hung up, she wondered aloud why she had agreed to plan a wedding that was taking place on the same day as Delia's first birthday. Billy showed up with the giant stuffed dog and other gifts for Delia in tow. He told Chloe that his meeting in New York with a writer had gone well. Billy looked for the toy tiara to put on Delia's head, then remembered that he had left it with Victoria at the New York airport.

Billy bounced Delia on his knee, and spoke some baby talk with her. Mac said that she was charmed by Billy's relationship with his daughter. She suggested that Billy use some of that charm to take Restless Style out of the gutter. Chloe noted that their "do-gooder" issue had terrible sales figures. Mac left the table to take a phone call. Chloe said that she had an idea for the next issue -- dysfunctional families. She told Billy that she had heard that he and Jack had fought, and that Billy was no longer going to serve as Jack's best man. Chloe wondered if Billy could reach out to Jack.

Victoria arrived home and realized that she still had the tiara that Billy had placed on her head. J.T greeted Victoria. She asked about Reed, and J.T. told her that their son was taking a nap. After he told her how much he had missed her, J.T. asked Victoria about the tiara. Victoria lied and said that another passenger's belongings had gotten mixed up with hers. She apologized for having missed their anniversary, and they decided that they would go out and celebrate on another night. Victoria said that she would check her schedule with the office and find out what night would work for her. J.T. looked annoyed.

After some small talk, J.T. told Victoria that he knew that they had both endured a difficult year, but that he wanted to look forward, not backward. Victoria agreed. He gave Victoria her anniversary gift -- a silver locket with a picture of Reed inside. Victoria thought that the gift was beautiful. She presented J.T. with his gift -- an extravagant watch that she had purchased in Dubai. J.T. said that he had always admired the watch -- it was the same type that Victor wore.

Victoria got upset when J.T. said that Tucker would approve of the watch. She wondered why J.T. was still working for "that guy." J.T. tried to nip a possible argument in the bud, to no avail. He told Victoria that he had been miserable working at Newman Enterprises, where Victor had treated him as nothing more than a glorified bodyguard. Victoria told J.T. that they had a great life when he had worked at Newman, but J.T. said that they had been living on Victoria's terms.

The bickering continued, with Victoria reminding J.T. that Tucker had stolen Katherine's company. J.T. wondered why Victoria was portraying him as the bad guy. He said that the problems in their relationship began before he had left Newman, when Victoria had cheated on him. An irate Victoria said that she thought that J.T. had forgiven her for that, but instead he kept rubbing it in her face. She stormed out of their house, and slammed the door as she left. Reed went downstairs and asked J.T. if his mommy was home.

Mac went to the Hellstroms' house to babysit Reed, because J.T. had an important meeting to attend. Mac thought that Victoria hadn't yet returned, but J.T. said that his wife was back, that he and Victoria had argued, and Victoria had left. Mac suggested that the Hellstroms attend therapy, but J.T. said that the Newmans didn't "do therapy." J.T. was upset that Victoria had walked out without even seeing Reed -- he said that he had never seen his wife that angry. Mac said that she wished that she could help. J.T. said that she was helping, and then left for his meeting.

Victoria went to Crimson Lights and waited for her order at the counter. Billy approached her and, referring to the tiara, said that he believed that Victoria had something that belonged to him. She returned the tiara, and began rambling that some of the glitter had fallen off. From her table, Chloe saw that Victoria and Billy were speaking.

Billy noticed that Victoria had been crying. Victoria attributed her tears to jet lag. When Billy began to probe further, Victoria told him to go away. Billy said, "We were friends in New York." Victoria said that she and Billy were never friends. Billy commented that in Genoa City, apparently the "old rules" applied.

Victoria returned home, looking for J.T. She was surprised to see Mac there with Reed, and asked her where J.T. was. Reed ran up to Victoria to greet her. Seeing that Victoria had tears in her eyes, the boy was concerned that Victoria was going to leave again. Victoria told her son that they were tears of joy -- that she was happy to see him.

Mac told Victoria that J.T. was at a meeting. Victoria pointedly asked Mac why Gabby or Abby weren't babysitting Reed. Mac explained that Gabby was ill, and that Abby was in school. Victoria apologized to Mac for appearing rude, and blamed it on jet lag. She asked Mac how her pregnancy was going. Mac told her that she was expecting twins. Victoria was glad to hear that Lily was doing well. Victoria said that, since she was home, Mac could take off. Victoria thanked her for looking after Reed.

J.T. returned home just as Mac was leaving. He saw that Victoria was home. Victoria told him that Reed was playing in his room. After Mac left, there was a long silence, broken when Victoria said, "It's over, isn't it." J.T. replied that he thought that it was.

Paul visited Patty at the psychiatric facility. Patty sat on her bed and rocked back and forth with her eyes closed. He kept saying her name, but she didn't respond. Paul tried calling her Emily. Patty responded, "Yes, I'm Dr. Peterson. How can I help you?"

At the Athletic Club, Emily was about to go up to her suite, where she was planning to spend the night before her wedding to Jack. Emily teased Jack, and warned him not to try to sneak into her suite during the night. Jack said that on the following day, Emily would be Mrs. John Abbott, Jr. Emily wondered why Jack thought that she was taking his name -- she said that she would still be Dr. Emily Peterson, but she would be his wife.

Paul called Emily. Emily reminded Paul that she was no longer Patty's primary doctor, and that he should be calling Dr. Jasper. Paul said that Jasper was out of town. Emily suggested that Paul get in touch with another doctor, but he insisted that Patty needed Emily, even after Emily reminded Paul that she was getting married the next day. Paul said that Patty had become completely delusional, and that Emily had to see it. Sighing, Emily agreed to go to the psychiatric facility, but firmly told Paul that it would be the last time she would see Patty.

Behind Paul, Patty, who was being escorted from the shower by an orderly, took a bottle off of a cart and hid it underneath her towel. At the club, Emily told Jack that she needed to see Patty. Emily and Jack hugged. Jack said that the next time he would see her, she would be walking down the aisle.

Chloe and Billy went to the Abbott mansion. Chloe mentioned that she had seen Billy flirting with Victoria at Crimson Lights, but Billy denied that he had been flirting. As Chloe barked orders to some of the people decorating the house for the wedding, Jack entered the living room. Billy said that he had heard that Victor had outbid the Abbotts for Jabot. Jack wondered if Billy was there to gloat, since Jack had excluded his little brother from the Jabot bid.

Jack told Billy that Victor had fired him and Ashley, and had appointed Gloria as Jabot's "ambassadress." Jack said that he was sure that Victor had inside information about the size of the Abbott family bid. Billy asked Jack to run Restless Style with him. Jack seemed intrigued.

After mulling it over, Jack rejected Billy's offer. He apologized to his little brother for not having included him in the Jabot offer. Chloe entered and told Jack and Billy about several logistical and delivery problems, but said that she had everything under control. Chloe said that Jack still didn't have a best man, and she asked Billy if he would do the honors. Jack said that he would like that.

Billy said that he would be thrilled to be Jack's best man. The brothers hugged. Chloe suggested that Billy write down a few remarks for his toast. When Billy said that he would wing it, Jack insisted that Billy write the toast down, as he didn't want anything to ruin his wedding day.

At the psychiatric facility, Paul and Emily stared through the little window into Patty's cell. Patty was putting the finishing touches on her papier-mâché house. Paul told Emily that Patty thought that she was Emily. Emily said that, just as with her Mary Jane Benson persona, Patty hated herself so much that she tried to become another person. Paul wondered why Patty was regressing. Emily thought that perhaps Patty needed a different combination of medications.

Paul told Emily that he was concerned that Patty might find out that Emily was marrying Jack. Emily again reassured Paul that was impossible -- that the staff kept newspapers and magazines away from the patients. Emily said that Patty's obsession with Emily was as unhealthy as her obsession with Jack, and that Patty would do much better with another doctor. Paul had to leave for work.

Heather ran into Paul at the Athletic Club. She sensed that something was bothering her father. Paul said that it was Patty. He told Heather that he wished that she could have known her Aunt Patty when Patty was sweet and innocent. Paul said that Mary had always been overprotective of Patty, and that Patty had never been prepared to live in the real world.

Paul told Heather that Patty had taken Emily's face, and was gradually taking Emily's personality. He said that Emily was with Patty, and was telling her that Emily was taking herself off the case. Heather said that was the right thing to do, since Emily was marrying Jack. Paul wished that he had looked for Patty when she had run away from Genoa City years earlier -- just to let her know that he loved her.

Inside her cell, Patty was talking to the engagement photo of Jack and Emily. She said that Jack had taken her breath away from the moment she had first seen him, and wondered how she could not have fallen in love with him. She then became hysterical and began shouting at the photograph, "You said you'd never hurt me. You lied to me over and over, and I forgave you every time you did. I'm your wife." Pointing to the picture of Emily, Patty said that she wasn't going to allow Emily to take Jack from her. Screaming, "You can't have him! He's mine," Patty tore up the newspaper photo and then smashed the papier-mâché house.

When Patty heard the key turning in her cell's lock, she quickly cleaned up the cell, and stashed the newspaper article and the remains of the house between her bed and the wall. When Emily entered the cell, Patty said, "Hi, I'm Dr. Emily Peterson. And you are?" Emily said that she was a new hospital consultant, and that she had just spoken to Paul Williams. Patty asked if Paul was a new patient. Emily said that he was the brother of a patient -- and that Patty knew him.

Emily said that Paul was Patty's brother, and that he was concerned about Patty. Emily asked Patty why she was claiming to be Emily. Patty reverted to her semi-normal self, said that she admired "Dr. P," and wanted to be just like her. Emily told Patty that it would be her last visit. When Patty asked why, Emily replied, "It's time." Patty said, "It's time? Isn't it because you're marrying my husband, Jack?"

Emily said that she wasn't going to discuss her personal life with Patty. Patty accused Emily of wanting Jack from the moment she saw him, and said that was the reason that Emily had Patty locked up. Emily reminded Patty that she had been locked up because of what she had done to Colleen and Summer. Patty said that Emily was lying.

Patty remembered that she had shown pictures of Jack to Emily when they were in Minneapolis, and said that Emily had followed her to Genoa City so that she could use Patty to get closer to Jack. Patty screamed, "You won't get away with it. He's mine." Patty shoved Emily against the doorframe. Emily hit her head, and fell to the floor, unconscious. Patty whispered that Jack was hers, and always would be.

Emily woke up and found that Patty was sitting on top of her. Patty had taken her stash of medication and was dissolving all of the pills and capsules into a water bottle. Emily asked Patty to call for an orderly. Patty insisted that Emily would be fine if she drank from the bottle of water. When Emily asked Patty to get a doctor, Patty said, "Drink this, damn it," and tried to force Emily to drink from the spiked water bottle.

Patty accused Emily of lying when Emily had said that she was Patty's friend. Patty said that Emily had stolen her life, and Patty was reclaiming it. Patty held Emily's nostrils closed and forced her to drink the medicated water.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Patty's cell at the psychiatric facility, Emily lay unconscious on the floor, her hair dyed blonde to look like Patty's, courtesy of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide that Patty had swiped from a nurse's cart. Patty said, "Well, Dr. Emily Peterson, now you look exactly like me."

Patty switched clothes with the unconscious Emily, and placed Emily on the bed. Patty put the finishing touches on a note, which she placed in Emily's hand. Patty tied a scarf around her head to disguise her blonde hair. Before she left the cell, Patty said to Emily, "I'd like to say I'm sorry, but I'm not. That's what you get for trying to steal Jack from me. Goodbye, Dr. Peterson, I hope you enjoy your stay."

Patty left the cell and ran into an orderly, who thought that she was Emily. Patty told the orderly that "Patty" had a rough evening, but was sleeping comfortably. The orderly peeked through the window, and it appeared as if Patty was facing the wall and napping.

Outside the Crimson Lights patio, Patty threw away the bottle of hydrogen peroxide in a garbage can. She entered the patio, sat at a table, and went through Emily's purse. She found the key to Emily's suite at the Athletic Club, as well as a note that Jack had written to Emily. In the note, Jack wrote that Emily would be on his mind every second that night, and that he couldn't wait until he could call Emily his wife. Patty put everything back into Emily's purse and left the patio through the side door.

Patty went to Emily's suite at the Athletic Club. She examined a box of brunette hair dye that she had purchased and removed her scarf. She looked at herself in the mirror and said, "Bye, bye, blondie," then headed towards the bathroom.

At the Athletic Club, Paul and J.T. had a beer. Paul told J.T. that Patty had become completely delusional -- that his sister thought that she was Emily. Paul blamed the situation on Victor's plan to get revenge on Jack by inviting Patty back to Genoa City. J.T. said that Victor never thought about the collateral damage created by his schemes.

Paul went to see Patty at the psychiatric facility. He sat next to the unconscious Emily, thinking that she was his sister. Paul tried to wake Emily up by shaking her, but she didn't stir. Paul began to realize that something was wrong. The note that Patty had written fell out of Emily's hand onto the floor. Paul looked at the piece of paper and quickly realized that it was a suicide note. Paul screamed for an orderly. When the orderly arrived, Paul told him that Patty had tried to kill herself. The orderly went for help. Paul held Emily in his arms and said, "Patty, don't leave me."

In Emily's suite, Patty had finished dying her hair -- she looked just like Emily. There was a knock at the door -- it was a messenger delivering the proofs of the photos that Malcolm had taken of Emily in her wedding dress. Patty looked at the pictures and smiled, since the photos would serve as her guide to Emily's planned hairstyle and makeup. Emily's cell phone rang, and Patty mustered up the courage to answer it, saying, "This is Dr. Emily Peterson." Paul was on the phone, and he told her that Patty had tried to hurt herself. Thinking that the woman he was speaking to was Emily, he ordered her to go to Genoa City Memorial.

At Genoa City Memorial, Patty took a deep breath and entered a room where Paul was waiting to hear about his sister's condition. Paul told the disguised Patty that Patty had tried to kill herself by overdosing on medications that she had been stashing away. Patty asked Paul if he knew what "Patty's" chances were. Paul said that he didn't know. Paul, obviously angry with Emily, asked the disguised Patty if she had told his sister that she wouldn't be treating her anymore. The disguised Patty said that she had, and that after her initial upset, Patty seemed fine with the news.

Paul said that Patty obviously wasn't fine when he left her -- or when "Emily" had left her. Paul read from the suicide note, "I couldn't go on anymore. My doctor, who I trusted more than anyone in the world, is going to marry my husband. She betrayed me." Paul showed the disguised Patty the newspaper clipping about Jack and Emily's engagement -- he said that he had found it in Patty's papier-mâché house.

Paul wondered how Patty had obtained a copy of the article, and told the disguised Patty that it was her responsibility. Patty said that she felt terrible, and hoped that the new doctor would do a better job than she had. Paul told the disguised Patty to leave him and his sister alone. At the door, Patty turned and told Paul that, no matter what happened, he should realize that his sister loved him -- and knew that he loved her. Outside the room, Patty began crying hysterically.

At the unconscious Emily's bedside, Paul told the doctor that Patty had a bump on her head, and he wondered if that could be the cause of her coma. The doctor told Paul that the coma was the result of the drug overdose. Paul asked the doctor if she was going to make it. The doctor said that if "Patty" did make it, she might never be herself again.

At Jabot, Victoria met with Victor and Nikki, who were happy to see that she had returned safely from Dubai. Victoria said that she couldn't believe that Victor had bought Jabot, and was stunned when Victor said that he wanted her to be Jabot's CEO.

Victor explained that he planned to return Jabot to Katherine, but, in the meantime, he wanted Victoria to run the company. Victoria said that it sounded like a great opportunity, as she wanted to reestablish herself as a top executive. Victor sensed that something was wrong, and Victoria said that she and J.T. had been fighting. She admitted that she thought that her marriage was over, but she didn't want to talk any more about it. Before Victor left for a meeting, he told Victoria that he adored her and that he was happy that she was back. Outside the office door, Victor called J.T. and told his son-in-law that he wanted to meet with him immediately.

Inside the office, Victoria opened up to Nikki about the problems in her marriage. She said that she had missed Reed while she was away, but that she hadn't really missed the fighting and tension between her and J.T. Nikki empathized with Victoria's feelings about J.T. working for Tucker -- the man who had stolen their dear friend Katherine's company. Victoria blamed the problems in her marriage primarily on herself. She told Nikki that, not trusting J.T., she had cheated on him, and that she had resented J.T.'s new career.

Nikki said that Victoria was just human. Victoria said that she was her father's daughter, and that she needed to be in control. Victoria thought that was fine in business, but not in a romantic relationship. Nikki said that it was obvious that Victoria had done some soul-searching, which would give her a better chance to work out her problems with J.T. Victoria began crying and said that she and J.T. no longer loved each other, and that it would be terrible for them and for Reed if they stayed together.

Victor met with J.T. at the Athletic Club. He told J.T. that he had heard that it had been a difficult day. J.T. said that he should have known that Victoria would say something to Victor about the problems in the Hellstroms' marriage. Victor said that, from his personal experience, ending a marriage could be difficult. J.T. said that Reed was his biggest concern -- that a divorce would be hard on the child. Victor said he hoped that there wouldn't be a long, drawn-out battle for custody of Reed, as that, too, would be hard on the boy.

J.T. said that it almost sounded like Victor was giving him orders. Victor said that J.T. was wrong -- that Victor only wanted the divorce to be as amicable as possible, particularly when it pertained to custody of Reed. J.T. grew angry and told Victor that Reed wasn't a business subsidiary. J.T. said that he was glad that he wouldn't have to put up with Victor's power plays for much longer. Victor warned J.T. that if he caused any problems for Victoria or Reed, he would have to answer to Victor.

Ashley and Billy got together at Crimson Lights. Ashley told him how happy she was that Billy was going to be Jack's best man. Billy thought that he should throw a bachelor party for Jack, but Ashley convinced him that was unnecessary. She said that the surprise they had planned for Jack would be enough excitement for their brother.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack was thrilled to open the door to Traci. Jack thought that Traci wasn't scheduled to arrive until the wedding day, but she said that she, Ashley, and Billy wanted to surprise him with a family dinner the night before his wedding. Jack thought that sounded great.

After Traci got settled, she told Jack how excited she was to see him so happy -- especially since the Abbotts hadn't been able to regain control of Jabot. Jack wondered how Traci, who had been through so many dark days, could muster up the sympathy to console him about a business deal gone awry. Traci said that there had been many dark days recently, which was why they needed to celebrate when something happy, like a wedding, occurred. Brother and sister hugged.

Ashley showed up at the Abbott mansion. Ashley teased Jack and said that she hoped that he had learned from his many, many, many romantic disasters. Jack received a phone call, and, after he hung up, he seemed upset. He explained to his sisters that Father McMillan, who was to officiate at the wedding, was called out of town because of a family emergency. Jack told Ashley and Traci that Father Todd Williams, Patty's brother, was replacing Father McMillan. Ashley said that one thing going wrong at a wedding was a sign of good luck. Jack said that if the change in priests was the only thing to go wrong, then he would be a happy groom.

Billy went to Crimson Lights to pick up some pastries for the Abbott family dinner. He ran into Victoria, and told her that he was going to be Jack's best man at Jack's wedding the next day. Victoria joked that she couldn't believe that anyone had asked Billy to be their best man. Billy wondered if Victoria had expected to get an invitation to the wedding. Victoria said that she didn't expect to be invited to any Abbott family gatherings -- because Victor had just appointed her to the CEO position at Jabot. Billy was shocked.

Victoria returned home and told J.T. that Victor had offered her the CEO job at Jabot, and she had accepted. J.T. said that was big news -- and he was surprised that Victor hadn't mentioned it when he had met with him earlier. Victoria was surprised to learn that J.T. and Victor had talked. Victoria asked J.T. what Victor had said. J.T. said that Victor couldn't have made it any clearer that he was happy about the Hellstroms divorcing.

Victoria asked J.T. if they were ending their marriage. J.T. said that he guessed so. Victoria said that it didn't seem that long ago that J.T. was hovering over her bed, where she was in a coma and fighting for her life. She wondered if she and J.T. only knew how to deal with each other when there was a crisis, and really didn't know much about each other in day-to-day life. J.T. said that he had many happy memories of their marriage. Victoria said that she did as well -- and she hoped that in honor of those memories, and of Reed, they could end the marriage as friends.

J.T. said that he didn't want their divorce to get ugly. Victoria said that she would call Michael the next day to get the divorce started. J.T. thought it would be unsettling for Reed if one of them moved out, so they agreed that, for the time being, J.T. would stay in the guest bedroom.

Billy returned to the Abbott mansion and told his siblings that Victoria was the new CEO of Jabot. Ashley groaned. Jack referred to it as the "Newmanization" of Jabot, and said that they had to prove that Victor had insider information about the sealed bids for Jabot. Billy sarcastically asked Traci if she was glad that she had donated Colleen's heart to Victor.

Traci became upset and said that she had visited Genoa City to celebrate Jack's marriage -- not to celebrate a vendetta that had taken Colleen's life. Traci told her siblings that she didn't regret her decision to give Colleen's heart to Victor, because that was what Colleen would have wanted Traci to do. Traci said that she didn't want her life to be consumed with rage -- that she had chosen to move forward, and she wished that Jack, Ashley, and Billy would do the same thing.

The Abbotts decided not to discuss Victor. Traci said that Jack should use his energy towards planning his future with Emily. Jack said that Victor had ruined many important moments in Jack's life -- and that he wasn't going to let Victor ruin his wedding.

Patty returned to Emily's suite at the Athletic Club, and told herself that she hated to see Paul so upset. Ashley showed up at the suite, and, believing Patty to be Emily, told her that she had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. The disguised Patty was touched, and decided to open the "something old" box. It contained a rosary -- Ashley had remembered that Emily wanted a Catholic wedding. Patty began crying and said that Ashley had always been so nice to her. Ashley thanked "Emily" for making her brother so happy.

After leaving Emily's suite, Ashley ran into Victor in the hallway. Ashley told Victor that she had decided that she didn't want the ranch after all. Victor was surprised, because Ashley had fought so hard to keep the ranch. Ashley said that her sister Traci was in town, and that Traci had said something that had made Ashley change her mind. Ashley told Victor that she had been clinging to the ranch because she thought it would be the best place to raise Faith and Abby, but that, because of what Traci had said, she felt the need to let go. She told Victor that he could have his beloved ranch.

In Emily's suite, Patty answered a phone call from Jack. In the background, Traci shouted that Jack couldn't live without Emily. Jack told Patty that he hated being apart. Patty said that she knew that she was the one person in the world who could make Jack happy. Jack said that she was -- which was the reason why he couldn't wait until the next day. Patty said, "Neither can I."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Adam and Sharon continued their honeymoon in St. Maarten. In the early morning, Adam tossed fitfully in bed while Sharon slept peacefully beside him. Adam remembered the phone call he had received from his friend, Gavin, in Boston, who alerted Adam that Phyllis was at Harvard, and was asking him questions about Dr. Taylor and Adam. Adam suddenly woke up and wondered to himself who else Phyllis might have spoken to.

Adam got out of bed, went to his computer, and typed an email to Gavin, "Gavin. I need you to find out who else Phyllis talked to in Boston." Sharon woke up and saw Adam at his laptop. She wished him a happy Valentine's Day and asked him what he was doing at the computer. He lied and said he was checking his work email. Sharon gently chided him and reminded him that he had promised not to worry about work while they were on their honeymoon.

After making love, Sharon told Adam that she adored the way he looked at her. He said that he had always thought that Valentine's Day had been a way for greeting card companies to make money, and he had never celebrated it until he met Sharon. The Wilsons exchanged Valentine's Day gifts. Adam gave Sharon a card on which he had written a message expressing his love for her, as well as a pair of tickets to a Broadway show. Sharon was touched by Adam's gift.

Sharon gave Adam a wallet. When she saw that Adam was underwhelmed by the gift, Sharon pointed out that the wallet was special -- she had filled out the information card and listed herself as his emergency contact. She reminded him that they had already been in a plane crash and that their house had caught fire. Sharon said that she hoped that nothing else would happen to them, but, in case it did, she wanted him to know that she would always be there for him. The couple kissed.

Later, Adam left a voicemail for Gavin, and asked him to return the call -- Adam urgently needed to know whom else Phyllis had contacted in Boston. Sharon walked into the room and Adam quickly hung up the phone. Sharon wondered what Adam was up to. He lied and said that he had just arranged a spa treatment for her. When Sharon left for the treatment, Adam called Chuck at the Newman ranch and said that he wanted to know if his sister-in-law, Phyllis, had returned from Boston. Adam lied and said that he was going to send Phyllis a Valentine's Day basket.

At the tack house, Nick spoke to Victoria on the phone. He assured her that she would do a great job at Jabot, and that the meeting she was having with Jabot executives would go well. Nick told his sister that he had to leave to pick up Phyllis and Summer at the airport. After he hung up, he was surprised when Phyllis and Summer showed up -- they had managed to catch an earlier flight. Nick said that he had heard from Dr. Gallatin, Summer's therapist, and had learned that Summer had made a lot of progress. Phyllis said that the trip had been very successful.

Summer presented Nick with a Valentine's Day card and he gave her a gift -- a stuffed pink pig. Summer went upstairs to play with her new toy. Phyllis gave Nick a card, promising him anything he wanted for Valentine's Day. Nick began kissing Phyllis and said that he wanted to "get started" immediately. Phyllis reminded Nick that they needed to get ready to go to Jack and Emily's wedding. Phyllis said that she wanted to tell Nick everything that had happened in Boston.

Billy ran into Victoria at the Athletic Club, and said, "Well, if it isn't the new CEO of my family's company." Victoria asked Billy if they could refrain from annoying each other. Billy wondered why the Hellstroms weren't having a romantic brunch. Victoria said that they had made other plans. She quickly changed the subject to Delia's birthday, and wondered how Delia had liked the giant stuffed dog that Billy had bought. Billy, who had named the dog Harvey, said that Delia was scared of the toy. Victoria said that Harvey was a big, hairy thing -- and that perhaps Delia would learn to like the stuffed dog when she got older.

Victoria joked with Billy about his having ordered a drink for Harvey on their flight from New York to Genoa City. Billy said that since the airline had forced him to buy a first-class seat for Harvey, he only thought it fair that Harvey get a free drink. Victoria told Billy that she had to go to the Founder's Room, as she was having her first meeting with Jabot employees. She said that she had always respected how Billy's family had run Jabot. Billy said that Jack was going to fight like hell to get the company back. Before she left, Victoria said, "Good luck with that."

After her meeting, Victoria went to the tack house to see Nick. She told him that the meeting had gone well, but, as was usual when a new owner purchased a company, the employees were all nervous about losing their jobs. Nick wondered about the Hellstroms' Valentine's Day plans. Victoria started crying and said that she and J.T. were getting a divorce.

Nick hugged Victoria and told her how sorry he was. Victoria said that she thought that time away from J.T. would fix things, but it hadn't. She told Nick that she couldn't change who she was -- or who her father was. Nick said that he understood -- that Sharon and Phyllis had struggled with what it meant to be married to a Newman. Phyllis joined them and welcomed Victoria back. Victoria told Phyllis that she had just held a meeting of Jabot employees. Phyllis sarcastically said that she couldn't wait to hear how Victor had managed to buy Jabot.

Lily and Cane ran into Katherine and Murphy in the Athletic Club dining room. Cane carried all sorts of Valentine's Day gift bags. Lily said that Cane had taken her to Fenmore's, the chocolatier, and the jewelry store, and, at each stop, there was a gift waiting for her. Cane was making Lily wait before she opened her gifts.

Lily told a chuckling Cane, Katherine, and Murphy about how, as a little girl, she had cut up Drucilla's favorite red dress to make a Valentine's Day card. Lily said that she couldn't wait until her own babies were born. Lily became impatient and told Cane that she wanted to open her gifts. The Ashbys left.

Katherine and Murphy exchanged gifts. Murphy gave Katherine an MP3 player that was programmed with all of their favorite music. Katherine gave Murphy a key to a suite at the club. Murphy said that he suddenly wasn't hungry. Katherine suggested that they go up to their suite and work up an appetite.

In Emily's Athletic Club suite, Patty looked in the mirror and practiced speaking like Emily. She had one of Emily's bridal portraits taped to the mirror. Patty began worrying about getting her hair done to look like Emily's. She grabbed her rosary and kneeled before the fireplace. She told God that He wouldn't have taken her this far if He hadn't meant for her to be with Jack. She asked God to give her a sign, and said that she couldn't do it alone.

Patty continued to try to get her hair to look like Emily's. She was startled when she heard Chloe knock at the door. At first, Patty didn't remember who Chloe was, but then remembered that she was Billy's ex-wife. She let Chloe into the suite. The disguised Patty told Chloe that she was having trouble with her hair. Patty was relieved when Chloe said that a stylist was on her way to take care of Emily's hair and makeup. Chloe told Patty that she was going to have some chamomile tea sent up to calm Emily's nerves -- after all, it was the biggest day in Emily's life. Patty said, "Yes, it is."

The stylist arrived and did Patty's hair. As the stylist was leaving, the Ashbys walked by the door and congratulated Patty, who they thought was Emily, on her wedding. Lily thanked Patty for having given her a pep talk in the hospital chapel. Chloe said that, speaking of chapels, it was time for her and Patty to get to the church.

Patty put on Emily's wedding gown, and Chloe told her that the dress fit perfectly. Chloe said that she was going to "knock Jack's socks off." Patty didn't look quite as sure as Chloe, but she continued to stare at herself in the mirror and began to admire herself in the wedding gown. Chloe told Patty that she had gotten her a wedding gift, but that she didn't want Patty to open it until later.

Cane escorted Lily to the suite that he had booked. He had it decorated with a Parisian motif -- the same way that Lily had it decorated when Lily and Cane first made love. Lily said that it was even better than going to Paris. Cane reminded Lily that they had fallen in love in that room. Cane said that he wanted to grow old and gray with Lily. Lily said she hoped that she had hair to turn gray -- but if she didn't, they would always have Paris.

Cane presented Lily with her gift from the jewelry store -- a locket with two hearts on it. Cane said that it symbolized their hearts, and their twins. The Ashbys made love on a rose petal-covered bed.

Father Todd Williams joined his brother Paul and Emily, who they thought was Patty, in Emily's room at Genoa City Memorial. Todd said that he had heard that Patty was improving. Paul said that she was, until she had gotten hold of Jack and Emily's wedding announcement. Todd understood that Patty must have felt betrayed, but he thought that Patty was a woman of strong faith who never would have tried to take her own life.

Paul asked Todd why he had agreed to marry Jack and Emily. Todd said that he didn't know who he would be marrying when Father McMillan had asked him to fill in, but that perhaps God had a greater purpose by having Todd conduct the wedding. Paul showed Todd the newspaper engagement photo of Jack and Emily and said that it was their fault that their sister was in a coma. Todd was stunned by how much Emily and Patty resembled each other. Paul said that, except for their hair color, they were identical.

Paul explained to Todd that the doctors had pumped the disguised Emily's stomach when she arrived at the hospital, but that most of the medication had already been absorbed. He told Todd that Patty might not recover. Paul began crying and blamed himself for Patty's plight. Todd assured Paul that it wasn't his fault, and urged his brother to go home and get some rest. Todd said that he had some time before the wedding, and he could stay with Patty until Paul returned. Paul left, and Todd placed a rosary in Emily's hand.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack went downstairs and was greeted by Traci, who had a surprise -- she had baked a batch of Mamie's famous blueberry muffins. Jack said that the smell of the muffins revived memories of better days. He wished that John and Colleen were alive to meet Emily, and was sure that they would have both loved her. Jack stared at a photograph of John and said, "This time, Dad, I'm going to get it right."

Ashley and Neil showed up at the mansion. Ashley explained that Neil was her date. Traci joked that it was odd that she was the only one without a date on Valentine's Day. Neil asked Traci how her husband, Steve, was doing. Traci said that he was in London, "babysitting" an upset writer. At that moment, Steve phoned Traci, and she left the room to take the call. Neil asked Ashley what she thought of Jack getting married. Jack said that Emily was the only woman in the world for him -- that she was one in a million.

Billy arrived at the mansion with a Valentine's Day rose for Traci, and one for Ashley. Billy told Jack and Ashley that he had run into Victoria at the Athletic Club, and that she had been on her way to a meeting of Jabot employees. Jack began talking about how Victor had pulled a fast one -- and wondered if Tucker had showed Victor the sealed bids before Victor had submitted his.

Traci chided Billy and Jack for engaging in "shop talk" -- she reminded her brothers that the family hadn't been together for a happy occasion in a long while. Jack agreed, saying that he wasn't going to allow Victor to ruin his wedding day.

Traci straightened Jack's tie as the group prepared to leave for the church. Ashley poured some champagne for all, and toasted to Jack and Emily and the life the couple was about to embark on. Jack, Ashley, Traci, Billy, and Neil touched glasses.

The Abbott siblings and Neil arrived at the Church of the Sacred Heart. Traci pulled Ashley aside and asked her if it was the same church where Jack had married Patty many years earlier. Ashley confirmed that it was. Paul showed up, shocked that Jack was still going through with the wedding. Jack didn't know what Paul was talking about. Paul told Jack that Patty had tried to kill herself, and was surprised that Emily hadn't told Jack about it. When Jack said that perhaps Emily didn't know about Patty's suicide attempt, Paul said that she did, and that she had been with him at the hospital the previous evening.

Paul wondered why Emily wouldn't have told Jack about Patty's suicide attempt. Jack said that perhaps Emily didn't want to mention it to him on the night before their wedding. Paul said that Patty had learned about Jack and Emily's wedding, and then read part of Patty's suicide note, which had actually been written by Emily, to Jack. Paul said that Emily had betrayed Patty, and that her suicide attempt was Emily and Jack's fault.

Patty, disguised as Emily, entered the church with Chloe. She heard Jack and Paul arguing. Jack told Paul that he felt sorry for Patty, but that he couldn't put his life on hold because of Patty's obsession with him. Chloe tried to rush the disguised Patty away from the argument, but Paul saw the women and approached them. He screamed at the disguised Patty for not telling Jack about the suicide attempt. Paul ordered her to stay away from his sister. She apologized as Paul left.

Chloe told the rattled, disguised Patty that drama happened at every wedding. Chloe then took her to the bride's room. Jack rejoined his family and expressed his sympathy about Patty's suicide attempt -- he theorized that perhaps Patty was trying to get attention before the wedding.

The guests began arriving for the ceremony. When Phyllis arrived, she asked Ashley about Adam's relationship with the late Dr. Taylor. Ashley asked Phyllis why she wanted the information. Phyllis said that she still couldn't get the image of Adam and Taylor arguing, followed by Taylor running into the street in front of a moving car, out of her head. Ashley didn't have a chance to answer -- Chloe called her to the bride's room. After Ashley was gone, Phyllis told Neil that "the good doctor's reputation was more than tarnished." Nick joined Phyllis and Neil, and Phyllis quickly changed the subject.

Everyone took their places in preparation for the ceremony. Phyllis was surprised that Sharon wasn't at the wedding. Nick informed her that Sharon was honeymooning with Adam. Phyllis wondered how long Sharon and Adam's marriage would last.

Father Todd talked with Billy and Jack. Jack said how sorry he was to hear about Patty's suicide attempt. Todd said that the demons had gotten the better of her. In the bride's room, Ashley and Chloe told the disguised Patty how beautiful she looked.

The music began. Jack and Billy stood at the altar as Ashley walked down the aisle. As "Here Comes The Bride" began to play, the guests stood up to admire the disguised Patty, who was standing at the end of aisle. Her look of apprehension turned to one of total terror when she saw that her brother Todd would be performing the marriage ceremony.

At the hospital, Emily was motionless in her hospital bed. Paul sat in a chair next to her. Suddenly, alarms on some of Emily's monitors began going off. Paul pressed an intercom button and screamed for help. To Emily, he begged, "Don't leave me! Stay with me!"

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