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Phyllis discovered that Adam had known that Dr. Taylor had molested his patients. Jack unknowingly married Patty, who was posing as Emily. Jana discovered that Ryder and Daisy were twins then their mother kidnapped Jana.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 15, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, February 15, 2010

In their suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor presented Nikki with a gift-wrapped house key, and he explained that they would be moving back to the ranch. Nikki was surprised that Ashley had changed her mind about leaving the ranch. Victor browsed local news items on the Internet and learned that "Patty" was in the hospital after attempting suicide. Nikki explained that she had go to the hospital to comfort Paul. Victor furrowed his brow as he read another news item and said that he also had something to do.

At the church, strains of "Here Comes the Bride" filled the sanctuary as Patty, dressed in Emily's wedding gown, proceeded down the aisle. Patty stood frozen after she spotted Father Todd standing beside Jack near the altar. Patty seemed even more unnerved when she noticed Phyllis among the wedding guests. Chloe discreetly approached Patty and urged her to continue down the aisle. Jack joined his arm to Patty's as they stood before Father Todd, and the ceremony commenced.

Jack bowed reverently, but Patty trembled and nervously fingered her rosary during the prayer. Father Todd paused briefly and asked, "Emily, are you okay?" Patty fought back tears and nodded affirmatively. Patty seemed transfixed as she gazed hypnotically into Father Todd's eyes. Patty averted her gaze, but she seemed similarly spellbound by the crucifix suspended above the altar. Honor attendants Ashley and Billy glanced curiously at Patty, as Father Todd continued.

Father Todd prompted the betrothed couple to address each other with personal sentiments. Patty seethed in silence when Jack repeatedly addressed her as Emily. Jack concluded by professing his undying love for his bride. Patty told Jack that she'd been alone for a long time and had been hoping that he'd come back into her life. Patty stuttered and paused before dropping the word "back" as she regained her composure and repeated the last four words of her speech. After Father Todd guided the bride and groom through the recitation of their vows, Jack and Patty exchanged rings. Father Todd said, "Jack and Emily, I pronounce you husband and wife." Jack kissed his bride as guests warmly applauded the couple.

Jack, Patty, and their wedding guest celebrated together at the Abbott mansion. Traci proposed the first toast to "Emily" for making Jack happy again. Patty, holding a glass of champagne, told Jack that she preferred a glass of water, and she headed toward the kitchen. On the way, Patty encountered Phyllis and Nick. Jack joined Patty and listened as Phyllis congratulated the couple and updated Jack about Summer's progress. Phyllis invited Jack to stop by and visit with Summer. Patty recoiled tensely. Phyllis and Nick excused themselves and left.

Katherine and Murphy greeted the newlyweds. Patty excused herself and left to get the glass of water. Katherine asked Jack if his bride was all right. Jack claimed that Emily was exhausted because it had been a long day. In the kitchen, Patty downed a glass of water as Father Todd approached. Patty thanked the priest for performing the ceremony and added, "I am glad you were the one to do it." Baffled, Father Todd responded, "I hadn't even met you before." Patty claimed that Father Todd's words had reminded her of a previous wedding she had attended. Jack joined Patty, and Father Todd wished them well before he left.

Jack expressed concern about "Emily's" somber mood. Patty cried and explained that she missed her family. Jack embraced Patty and said, "I am your family." Chloe gathered the guests and told "Emily" that it was time to announce her secret surprise for Jack. Patty was confused, but she played along and announced that she and Jack planned to start a family right away. Guests seemed confused. Chloe whispered to Patty and asked if she planned to share her real secret later. Jack took over caring for his bride and excused Chloe for the remainder of the evening.

Billy, Ashley, and Jack each proposed toasts to their brother and his bride. Jack's siblings welcomed "Emily" to their family. A slamming door rudely disturbed the festivities. Guests turned and discovered Victor standing in the entryway. Patty averted her gaze as Victor, holding a wrapped gift, announced, "Seems I arrived at just the right time."

Jack told Victor that the reception was a private affair for invited guests. Neil echoed Jack's sentiments. Victor asked Neil if he spoke for Jack. Neil responded that he spoke for everyone at the party. Victor insisted that he'd come to deliver a gift and he told "Emily" that he hoped he hadn't caused her undue stress. Before Victor turned to leave, he addressed Jack and said, "I hope this marriage will bring you everything you deserve."

Traci intercepted Victor and asked to speak with him. Alone together, Traci told Victor that she had given him a part of her heart, through Colleen, because it was the best part of her. Traci told Victor that he was wasting the heart of a beautiful person by perpetuating a petty feud against Jack. Traci asked, "How many lives is this worth?" Katherine and Murphy interrupted and insisted that Victor leave with them. Victor kissed Traci on the cheek and told her that she was the heart of her family. Before Victor walked out, he lingered in the doorway and glared at Jack. Jack slammed the door in Victor's face.

With fanfare, Jack and Patty cut their wedding cake, which was topped with a pair of intertwined porcelain hearts. Jack placed a bite of cake into Patty's mouth, and then he ate a bite. The newlyweds kissed, and Jack looked like he was on top of the world. As the guests left, Traci told Jack that she wanted him to be happy. When Jack returned to the sitting room, Patty was slumped in a chair and appeared despondent and glassy-eyed. Jack told "Emily" she looked tired, and he reminded her that they had an early flight the following day. Jack suggested that they could delay their honeymoon night, but Patty perked up and insisted that she didn't want to wait.

Jack swooped up Patty in his arms and carried her upstairs. In bed, amid flickering candles, Patty kissed Jack hungrily and pawed at him aggressively. Jack, taken aback, said, "Hey, slow down. We have all the time in the world." Patty embraced Jack and sobbed softly. Jack comforted his new bride, and they made love.

Father Todd's prayer for Emily, backed by chanting vocalizations, provided the soundtrack as Jack consummated his marriage to Patty. Father Todd prayed, "Watch, Oh Lord, those who wake or weep tonight, and give your angels charge over those who sleep. Tend your sick, rest your weary, bless your dying, soothe your suffering, pity your afflicted, and shield your joyous, for all love's sake. Amen."

At the hospital, a vigilant Paul remained at the bedside of an unconscious Emily because he believed she was his beloved sister, Patty. Paul ran for help after Emily's heart stopped. Doctors and nurses rushed in and managed to shock Emily's heart back into a normal rhythm. A doctor told Paul to prepare for the worst because "Patty's" prognosis was poor.

Nikki arrived at the hospital to comfort her friend. Paul explained that Patty had hoarded her medication, and then she overdosed after learning about Jack and Emily's wedding. Paul said, "Isn't it ironic that Patty's lying here while they're getting married?" In her bed, Emily's eyelids fluttered softly, and she thought, "Where am I? I am supposed to be at my wedding." Emily's immobile hands clasped a string of rosary beads.

Seated together in Emily's room, Paul told Nikki that he had let Patty down. Paul explained that it seemed unfair that Jack was getting married. Emily overheard and thought, "They think I am Patty. Patty pushed me, and I hit my head. Patty forced me to drink that water. What was in it? Patty must be with Jack. She must be pretending to be me." Father Todd arrived, and Nikki left.

Paul fought back tears as he told Father Todd that doctors didn't believe that "Patty" would make it through the night. Emily overheard and thought, "Oh, God!" Father Todd urged Paul to share his feelings with their sister. Paul sat beside Emily's bed and held her hand as he called out, "Sweet Patty-cake." Emily overheard and thought, "Paul, can't you see that I am not your sister? Paul, I am not Patty; I am Emily-Emily!" Father Todd knelt by Emily's bedside and prayed.

At the tack house, Nick told Phyllis that he was concerned about Victoria's crumbling marriage. Phyllis agreed that once open communication between couples eroded, the relationship suffered. Nick insisted that couples should not take anything for granted. Nick said he'd been thinking about the promises they'd made to each other. Phyllis added that sometimes couples became distracted with other worries and didn't appreciate what they had. Nick and Phyllis agreed that they were lucky, and they vowed to appreciate the little things.

Winking, Phyllis told Nick that she'd be wearing his Valentine's Day gift when he saw her upstairs in their bedroom. After Phyllis ascended the stairs, Nick retrieved a gift bag from a cabinet. Phyllis' cell phone rang, and Nick opened her purse and answered the call. Their sitter, Amy, had phoned, and Nick agreed to relay to Phyllis that Summer was fine. As Nick replaced Phyllis' phone in her purse, he discovered the visitor's nametag Phyllis wore at the Harvard Alumni Relations office when she went to ask questions about Dr. Taylor and his affiliation with Adam.

At Lauren and Michael's condo, the couple ate delicious appetizers, and then they danced in their candlelit living room. Lauren apologized to Michael and said she knew she hadn't been the easiest person to live with. While Michael toiled in the kitchen on his entrée, Lauren changed into a skimpy, black negligee. When Michael saw Lauren, he forgot about dinner and whisked his wife upstairs. After the couple returned to finish their meal, Michael discovered that his dinner had burned. Lauren ordered a pizza and insisted that she wasn't sorry that they were doing what they were doing while their food burned.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lauren returned to the Baldwins' apartment, where Michael was waiting for her. Michael commented that Lauren didn't seem well, and he wondered if she was having another one of her headaches. She said that she wasn't, but admitted to feeling fatigued. Daisy emerged from her room; Lauren snapped at her and asked why she hadn't been to work at the boutique. Daisy said that she had been working double shifts, but that Lauren probably hadn't noticed, since Lauren hadn't been at the boutique recently.

Lauren, using a very hostile tone, said that she had just been at the boutique, covering for Daisy. Daisy left the apartment, and said that she had to work on her school photography project. After Daisy was gone, Lauren told Michael that she was sick and tired of having houseguests. Michael reminded Lauren that he would be very happy to close down the "Baldwin Boarding School for Girls." Lauren said that Daisy felt unsafe living in the dorms, and Lauren decided to call the school's dean, to see if dorm security could be increased, allowing Daisy to move out of the Baldwins'.

At Crimson Lights, Jana was holding the photo of Daisy and Max that Eden had given her before Eden left for Paris. A grumpy Kevin walked by, complaining about having to pay the bills. Jana tried to talk to him about Daisy and Ryder's relationship. She said that she had learned that Daisy and Ryder had known each other for a long time. Kevin told Jana to let it go, since Ryder was no longer a part of their lives.

At the counter, Daisy held her camera and asked Kevin how Eden liked Paris. Kevin explained, although Daisy already knew and was feigning ignorance, that Eden wasn't his sister -- that she was Michael's sister. He told Daisy that Ryder was his half-brother. Daisy began aiming her camera across the room, where Jana was doing research on Daisy and Ryder on her laptop. When Jana realized that Daisy might be taking pictures of her, she quickly closed the laptop and moved to the patio. Kevin asked Daisy if she had any brothers or sisters. Daisy said that she didn't -- which was good, because she didn't "play well with others."

Michael and Lauren, arriving for their meeting with the dean, entered Crimson Lights through the patio. Michael went inside, but Jana called Lauren over to her table. She told Lauren that there was some sort of history between Ryder and Daisy, but she didn't have proof -- Jana was relying on her instinct. Jana asked if Lauren could convince Michael to use some of his legal contacts to research Daisy and Ryder.

Lauren said that, without evidence more concrete than Jana's gut feeling, she didn't want to involve or alarm Michael. She informed Jana that she and Michael were meeting with the dean to try to improve the situation in the school's dorm so that Daisy could move out of the Baldwins', thus eliminating the stress that Lauren was feeling at home.

After Lauren went inside to join Michael and the dean, Daisy looked at the photo of Max and Daisy and noticed a sign, "The Three Musketeers," in the background. Jana typed "The Three Musketeers, Max, Daisy, and Ryder," into an Internet search engine. The search engine returned a result that intrigued Jana -- a camp roster from several years earlier.

Inside the coffeehouse, the dean told the Baldwins that he would look into Daisy's situation. When Kevin stopped by their table to refill their coffee, he became angry when he overheard that Michael and Lauren were trying to get Daisy out of their apartment. When the dean left, Daisy listened in as Lauren told Michael that getting Daisy back into the dorms wasn't going to be difficult.

Kevin approached Michael and Lauren and chided them for throwing Daisy out. Daisy continued to eavesdrop on the conversation. Kevin wondered how the Baldwins would feel if they saw Daisy, begging for spare change on the street, like Ryder was doing.

Michael and Lauren assured Kevin that they weren't throwing Daisy out on the street -- they merely wanted her to live in the school dorms. Daisy purposely spilled a bit of coffee on the floor, then slipped on the spot and fell on her back. Lauren yelled at Daisy for being clumsy. Kevin told Jana that Daisy had slipped on a coffee spill, and Jana immediately suspected that Daisy had staged the accident. Lauren said that the whole situation was stressing her out. Kevin insisted that Daisy needed a doctor. Michael volunteered to drive Daisy to the hospital, and he helped her out of the coffeehouse.

Jana continued her online research. Kevin stopped by her table and told her that Michael had called and told him that Daisy was going to be fine. Jana again insinuated that Daisy had slipped on purpose, but Kevin didn't believe her. After Kevin left, Jana found an online photo of Max under the class roster link that she had discovered earlier. The photo was accompanied by an article titled, "Missing Boy Mystery Still Unsolved." Jana read the article, "Max Potter went missing on Halloween night. Two local children alleged that a stranger moved in and took him."

At Genoa City Memorial, Paul and Todd maintained their vigil at Emily's bedside. Still believing her to be their sister Patty, they agreed that God had decided that it wasn't yet Patty's time to die. Todd said that because Paul refused to take a break, Todd had recruited the "big guns." Nina entered the room and hugged Paul.

Paul said that he thought that Nina was still in Hollywood, meeting with movie producers. She told him that she had just returned to Genoa City, and that Todd had called her and explained the situation. Nina said that she was going to take Paul out for a few hours. Todd promised that he would remain at the hospital and would call if there were any change in "Patty's" condition. Paul agreed to go with Nina. He kissed the woman he thought was his sister on the forehead, and he and Nina left.

Nina took Paul to a recently renovated art house-type theater. Although they were the only people in the audience, Nina assured Paul that they were going to have a good time. Nina purchased a large box of popcorn, along with some chocolate-covered raisins. Paul took out his cell phone to call Todd, but Nina told him to put it away, and reminded him that Todd had promised to call if there were any problems. Nina opened the chocolate-covered raisins and poured the entire box into the popcorn. Paul began to laugh. Nina said the concoction would be the cure for what ailed Paul. The lights went down, and an old black-and-white Clark Gable comedy began.

As the movie played, Paul again tried to call Todd. Nina took his phone away, and promised to give it back to him if Todd called. Paul and Nina held hands as they enjoyed the movie and devoured the popcorn. Paul thanked Nina for getting him out of the hospital. He said he needed the break, although he was still worried about his sister. Nina said that she was happy to help.

When Paul and Nina returned to the hospital, Todd greeted them with some good news -- "Patty's" condition had been downgraded from critical to stable. Nina, Todd, and Paul stared through the window at the peacefully sleeping Emily.

Nearing the end of their honeymoon on St. Maarten, Adam and Sharon decided to take a walk on the beach before leaving for the airport. They opened the door to their hotel suite and were shocked to see Jack and Patty, who was still disguised as Emily, standing outside.

Each couple realized that the other was on their honeymoon. Sharon remembered her trip to St. Maarten with Jack -- a trip that had been a last-ditch effort to save their troubled marriage. By listening to Jack's conversation with Sharon, Adam and Patty realized that Jack and Sharon had been to the island together before. Sharon said that this time, she and Jack were there with the right people. Jack agreed, and kissed Patty on the forehead.

Jack and Sharon went into the Wilsons' suite so that Jack could make a phone call. Left outside, Patty and Adam began a conversation. Patty, of course, recognized Adam from the days when she had posed as Mary Jane Benson. Pretending to be Emily, Patty told Adam that her patient, Patty Williams, had sought refuge at the Newman ranch. Adam, not realizing that he was actually speaking to Patty, lied and said that he had never met Mary Jane. Patty sinisterly told Adam that he was not a good man.

Finally settled in their suite, Jack called Patty "Mrs. Jack Abbott." Patty said that she had always liked the way that sounded. When Jack gave her a quizzical look, Patty realized that she had slipped up, and covered by saying that she meant that she had said it to herself before she had married Jack.

Jack mentioned that the cable television in their room wasn't working. He said that was too bad, as he was going to miss watching some basketball games that he had planned on seeing. Patty seemed surprised to learn that Jack liked basketball. Patty said that she would miss watching her home improvement shows, but that she could catch up on them when they returned to Genoa City. Jack didn't know that "Emily" liked those do-it-yourself programs. Jack said that it was clear that there was still a lot that he and "Emily" didn't know about each other.

Jack told Patty that he wanted to discuss something with her. He said that Patty Williams had attempted suicide on their wedding day, and he wondered why "Emily" hadn't mentioned it to him. Patty said that she had heard about the suicide attempt from Paul, but, since she and Jack were about to be married, she didn't think it was appropriate to mention it. Jack said that she could tell him anything -- that they were partners. Jack hugged Patty.

At the St. Maarten airport, Sharon said that she felt that "Emily" knew their secrets -- she told Adam it was as if she could see right through them. Sharon apologized to Adam for not telling him that she had previously visited the island with Jack, in an effort to save their failing marriage. Sharon said that her marriage to Jack had turned sour when Jack began constantly lying to her. She told Adam that she would rather know the truth than be told a lie, no matter how bad the truth was.

At the tack house, Phyllis joined Nick in the living room. She thanked him for the wonderful Valentine's Day that they had celebrated in the bedroom. Phyllis noticed that Nick seemed distant, and she asked him if anything was bothering him. Nick said that he was thinking about J.T. and Victoria -- and how their marriage might have survived if they hadn't kept things from each other. Nick asked Phyllis if she had been hiding anything from him. Becoming nervous, Phyllis wondered what Nick was talking about. Nick showed her the nametag from the Harvard Alumni Association that he had found in her purse the previous evening.

Phyllis told Nick that, while she was in Boston, she had been gathering information on Adam and Dr. Taylor. Nick asked, "So what if Dr. Taylor was an old pervert who had a thing for coeds?" He insisted that it wasn't any of his or Phyllis' business. Phyllis didn't understand why Nick didn't want to uncover Adam's secrets -- after all, Adam and Victor were estranged, Victor had given a scathing interview about Adam to Restless Style, and Adam no longer worked at Newman Enterprises.

Nick confessed that he had been hiding information from Phyllis -- that the rift between Victor and Adam was a charade that had been set up so that Adam could infiltrate Tucker's company and help Victor gain control of Jabot. Phyllis was hurt that Nick felt that he couldn't tell her the truth. Nick claimed that he hadn't told Phyllis in an effort to protect her. She said that she didn't understand why she had to back off from her investigation of Adam, particularly since she had uncovered so many things about Adam. Referring to Dr. Taylor, she told Nick, "I saw a man die and I know that Adam had something to do with it."

At the Newman ranch, Neil returned Ashley's scarf to her -- she had forgotten it in his car the previous evening. Victor entered the living room without knocking, which clearly annoyed Ashley. Victor said that he had stopped by to reacquaint himself with the staff. Ashley told Victor that he could do that after she moved out. Victor wondered what Neil was doing at the ranch -- and if something was going on between Neil and Ashley.

Neil replied that he and Ashley were friends. Nick called Victor, and Victor said that he had to go -- that he would leave Neil and Ashley alone to "figure themselves out." After Victor left, Neil said that Victor had a point -- Neil wondered if he and Ashley were merely friends, or if there was more to their relationship. He said that he had feelings for Ashley, and he wondered if Ashley reciprocated those feelings. Ashley said that she did, adding that Neil was one of the few people that she could trust.

Ashley and Neil discussed Adam. Ashley said that she couldn't shake the feeling that Adam had been her tormentor the previous summer. When she said that she had no proof, Phyllis entered, and, having overheard Ashley's remark, said, "What if I did have proof?" Phyllis told Ashley and Neil that Dr. Taylor couldn't keep his hands off of his female students. Ashley wondered how Adam could have invited someone like that into her home. She also recalled Adam showing her the purple cloth and then implying that Ashley had killed Sabrina. The upset Ashley left.

Ashley went to the potting shed and took the cover off of the statue of Sabrina. She told herself that she was sure that it hadn't been Estella and Patty who had tormented her -- rather, it had been Adam. She remembered telling Victor about finding the picture of Sabrina at the gala, taken just before Sabrina had been killed, on Ashley's bed, alongside a garment bag containing the identical purple outfit that Sabrina had worn that fateful night. Ashley had blamed Estella for planting those items, but she told herself that Adam actually had more access to everything than Estella had. Ashley said that perhaps she -- and not Adam -- had been the blind one.

Ashley began crying and wondered what reason Adam could possibly have had for trying to hurt her. Neil found Ashley in the potting shed -- he said that he was worried when he couldn't find her in the main house. He wondered if he could help Ashley. She hugged Neil and thanked him for being there.

At the tack house, Nick told Victor that he had to tell Phyllis about the staged estrangement between Adam and Victor. He assured his father that Phyllis understood the importance of continuing the charade -- that Adam needed to continue to work for Tucker McCall as part of Victor's plan to return control of Chancellor Industries to Katherine. Nick and Victor agreed that Adam couldn't be anywhere near Newman Enterprises.

Nick said that Adam still couldn't be trusted. Victor agreed, and lamented that Adam couldn't take a place beside Nick as a trusted son. Victor said that he was dangling the possibility that Adam might be accepted in front of Adam, and hoping that eventually Adam would straighten himself out.

Sharon and Adam returned to the Newman ranch. After discussing the possibility of leaving immediately on another trip, they were shocked to find Phyllis sitting in the living room. Phyllis told the Wilsons that she had been talking to Ashley, and that Ashley had become upset by what Phyllis told her. Phyllis told Sharon that she would be upset, as well. To a nervous Adam, Phyllis said, "Tell your wife what's going on. It's time she heard what you and Dr. Taylor were really up to."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At the Athletic Club, Cane tried to persuade Jill that Katherine firing her was a symbolic gesture, since Katherine knew that Tucker would override Katherine's decision and rehire Jill. Jill told Cane that Tucker didn't want to become involved in the rift between Katherine and Jill. When Cane volunteered to intervene on Jill's behalf, she assured him that she could handle Tucker. Tucker walked over to Jill and Cane and asked them if he had just heard his name mentioned.

Tucker told Jill and Cane that he had learned that someone was investigating his past, and he wondered if either of them knew anything about that. Jill said that she didn't, but wondered why Tucker cared -- Jill assumed that, whatever shady business deals Tucker might have been involved in, he would have covered his tracks. Cane said that he would look into it, but Tucker, eyeing Cane suspiciously, rejected the offer.

Before he left, Tucker said that he was more curious than concerned about who was investigating him. Jill told Cane that Tucker was becoming an unpopular man in Genoa City. She said that Cane didn't need to worry about her finding a new job -- she had that taken care of.

At the Restless Style office, Malcolm signed a contract to do some photographic work for the magazine. Billy told Malcolm that he was a big fan of Malcolm's edgy style, and he wanted Malcolm to think of a photographic feature that would "announce" Malcolm's presence to the Restless Style readership. Lily stopped by the office to take her uncle to lunch. She suggested that they eat at Indigo or at the Athletic Club, but Malcolm said he preferred if they could get some takeout food and go to Lily's house, as he wanted to discuss something with her privately.

At the Ashbys', Malcolm told Lily that he wanted his first Restless Style photo feature to be about her -- a story in pictures about Lily's illness and her survival. Lily was concerned that she would become a poster child. Malcolm said that Lily, his "dainty little ballerina," had become a stronger woman because of her cancer, and that was the story he wanted to capture. Lily was reluctant, but Malcolm persuaded her to take a few test shots, and, if she didn't like them, they could scrap the entire idea.

Lily donned a wig and Malcolm photographed her. She told Malcolm that wearing a wig made her feel like she was surrendering to her disease. Malcolm said that he understood. Lily replied that Colleen had understood as well. Malcolm realized how much Lily missed Colleen. He said that he had similar feelings about missing Drucilla, and that he had turned down a photo shoot in Paris because he was afraid that being there would revive strong memories of Dru. Lily asked Malcolm to turn his back while she began removing her wig -- she said it was time for him to photograph "the real me."

After Malcolm was done photographing her without her wig, Lily put the wig back on and looked at the pictures that Malcolm had taken. Malcolm agreed with Lily that bald was beautiful. Cane arrived home and became upset when he learned that Malcolm was taking pictures of Lily to use in a Restless Style feature. He accused Malcolm of using Lily's illness to further his career. Malcolm gathered up his gear and left, saying that he wanted to give the Ashbys time to talk. After Malcolm was gone, Lily chided Cane for berating Malcolm before Cane had a chance to learn what was really going on. Cane said that he didn't trust Malcolm.

Lily explained that Malcolm had helped her see herself through new eyes. She said that she couldn't wait until Cane saw the pictures. Cane wondered if Lily was ready to share her story with strangers. Lily assured Cane that Malcolm had just taken some test shots and that she hadn't yet agreed to the feature spread -- she had no intention of becoming a spokesperson for people suffering from cancer. Lily reminded Cane that she had a PET scan scheduled for the following week, and she hoped that the scan would show that her chemotherapy was working.

Lily told Cane that she saw her own strength and courage in the pictures that Malcolm had taken. She explained that Malcolm was able to recognize beauty. Lily said that, when she modeled, the hair stylists and the makeup artists made her beautiful. She told Cane that without hair or makeup, Malcolm had taken the most beautiful pictures of her that she had ever seen. Lily hoped that another woman with cancer might see the pictures and feel better about herself. Cane said that he was incredibly impressed by Lily's attitude. The couple began kissing. Cane lifted Lily up and began leading her to the bedroom.

Jill went to the Restless Style office to meet Billy for dinner. The overworked Billy told Jill that he would have to cancel, as he had too much work to do. Jill said that she had a solution to Billy's problem -- she suggested that he hire her to help out with his workload. Billy didn't look thrilled with his mother's idea.

Billy told Jill that Restless Style wasn't her type of environment -- he reminded her that she was used to working in the corporate world. Jill said that Restless Style was a "brash newcomer," and that she could, with her insider contacts, get some great stories for the magazine. Billy wondered if Jill was offering to be a spy. Jill, in essence, said yes -- although she didn't want to use "spy" as her official title.

Billy thought that Jill's idea had possibilities, but he reminded her that it was his magazine, and that she would be working for him -- not the other way around. Jill said that she could handle that. Billy shook Jill's hand and told her that she was hired.

Jill looked at the cover story for the next issue of Restless Style. She thought that it was a poor rehash of a story that had already made the rounds. Billy said that the Newmans hadn't done anything newsworthy, so he had to go with a weak cover story. Jill obviously had an idea for a different story, and Billy asked her to tell him what she was thinking.

Jill showed Billy a mock-up Restless Style cover featuring a picture of Tucker McCall. Jill admitted that she didn't actually have any dirt on Tucker, but there had to be dark secrets in his past, as Tucker had seemed nervous when he learned that someone was investigating him. Jill said that she was highly motivated to do the story, and that Billy knew what she was like when she became highly motivated. Billy said that he did -- and that he almost felt sorry for Tucker. Jill said that Billy should.

At the Athletic Club, Jana spoke to Noah on her cell phone. She told him that she had learned that Daisy and Ryder had a connection to the disappearance of a young boy, Max Potter. Jana said that she didn't yet have any proof. Ryder showed up at the club and Jana quickly hung up. He told Jana that someone at the boarding house where he was staying told him that Jana had been looking for him.

Jana, clearly with the intention of fishing for information, told Ryder that perhaps she had misjudged him. She wanted to buy him dinner, and hoped that perhaps their relationship could get off to a fresh start if they got to know each other a little bit better. Jana extended her hand and Ryder shook it. They went to get a table.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin was on the phone with the Athletic Club, and was reserving a private table for dinner with Jana. Daisy walked up to the counter to retrieve some books that she had left at the coffeehouse. She told Kevin that her back was feeling much better. Kevin told Daisy that he was taking Jana out for a romantic dinner. Daisy looked concerned and suspicious.

Jana returned to Crimson Lights, and Kevin told her that he was taking her out for dinner. Jana said that she had already eaten at the club with Ryder. Kevin asked Jana what that was all about, but, before Jana had a chance to reply, Tucker approached the Fishers and asked Jana if he could have a private word with Kevin.

Alone with Kevin, Tucker told him to check the email server at Chancellor Industries and flag any emails that had been sent during the preceding three weeks asking for information about Tucker or his business dealings. Kevin told Tucker that if anyone were trying to dig up dirt on him, they would most likely use a private email address, and not a Chancellor email account. Tucker said that Kevin would receive a nice bonus if he found anything.

While Tucker and Kevin spoke, Jana received a phone call from Noah. She told him that she hadn't learned much from Ryder, and that Ryder still claimed that he didn't know who was in the other half of the photo of Ryder as a child. After Jana hung up, Kevin returned to the counter. Jana asked what his meeting with Tucker was about. Kevin said that if she didn't ask about that, he wouldn't ask her about her meeting with Ryder. Jana said that there were things about Daisy and Ryder's past that Kevin needed to know. Kevin said that what he needed was a quiet evening with his wife -- and no mention of Daisy or Ryder.

Kevin reminded Jana that he had cut Ryder out of his life -- which was exactly what Jana had been urging Kevin to do. He said that he just wanted a nice night out with his wife -- like they used to have before Ryder entered the picture. Jana said that wasn't possible.

Jana told Kevin that she thought that Ryder and Daisy posed a threat. Kevin asked Jana to take a few hours off from worrying about Ryder and Daisy. With a smile, he promised that he would make the time alone with him worth Jana's while. Jana acquiesced, and the Fishers got ready to go out.

Daisy and Ryder rendezvoused in a dark movie theater. She told Ryder that her half of the photo, the portion with her and Max, was gone. She wondered who might have taken the picture. Ryder told Daisy that Jana had been asking him questions about the portion of the photo in which the young Ryder appeared. They arrived at the conclusion that Jana had Daisy's half of the photo.

In the potting shed at the Newman ranch, a teary-eyed Ashley told Neil that Adam must have known about Dr. Taylor's reputation for sexual harassment. Despite that, Adam had still invited Taylor into her home, where Ashley's teenaged daughter lived. Ashley looked at the statue of Sabrina holding a baby, and told Neil that, the previous summer, she had received a package containing the ceramic baby's head. She said that, at that time, she had suspected Estella or Patty of sending the package, and that Adam had reinforced her suspicions.

Ashley wondered if it could have been Adam who sent the package. Neil said that he thought that Adam was capable of doing something like that. Ashley said that many people had warned her that Adam was trouble, but she had refused to listen. She told Neil that, at the very least, Adam knew more than he had admitted to. Ashley said that Adam was returning to Genoa City from his honeymoon that day, and that she was going to confront him.

Neil wondered whether Ashley going head-to-head with Adam was a good idea. Ashley said that she wouldn't have been able to handle it the previous summer, but that she had since become strong enough to tell Adam her suspicions. Ashley wondered why Adam would have tried to hurt her, particularly since she was the only person who had been supportive of him at the time. Neil said that some people preyed on anyone who was vulnerable. Neil said that he wanted to be there when Ashley spoke to Adam. Ashley said that she would love that.

In the living room at the Newman ranch, a smiling Phyllis asked the Wilsons if they wanted to hear what she had learned about Dr. Taylor. Sharon began yelling at Phyllis, and said that Taylor's death had been a horrible accident, but that it wasn't scandalous. Sharon defended Adam by saying that he had done Ashley a favor by recommending a highly regarded doctor. Phyllis said that she wondered if Adam would feel the same way if he had known that the "highly regarded doctor" was sexually harassing his patients.

Sharon didn't believe Phyllis. Phyllis said that it was common knowledge at Harvard that Taylor was a pervert -- and that everyone who had attended the school while Adam had been there knew about Taylor's reputation. Phyllis said that no charges were ever filed against Taylor because the women were afraid to speak out against the doctor. Sharon, becoming hysterical, wondered if Phyllis thought that Adam wanted Taylor to attack Ashley. She accused Phyllis of being an obsessed woman -- flying thousands of miles to dig up dirt on someone Adam just happened to know. Sharon thought that Phyllis was jealous that Sharon and Adam were happy together. Sharon marched out of the living room. Adam and Phyllis shot daggers at each other.

Later, when Adam and Sharon were carrying in their luggage, Ashley and Neil arrived from the potting shed. Sharon said that she hoped that Phyllis wouldn't poison Ashley's mind against Adam. Ashley said that she had some questions for Adam. Adam assumed that the questions were about Taylor. Ashley asked Adam if he was the person who had tried to drive her insane the previous summer.

Sharon accused Phyllis of putting ideas in Ashley's head. Ashley said that her "sick feeling" had nothing to do with anything that Phyllis had said. Adam said that Phyllis was messing with Ashley's mental health and was making her paranoid. Phyllis was aghast that Adam was implying that Ashley was crazy. Neil warned Adam not to go there. Sharon told the group that Adam was practically blind, and had been under house arrest the previous summer, and had been unable to leave the ranch.

Sharon said that Ashley had been Adam's biggest supporter until Phyllis began making wild accusations about Adam. Ashley agreed that she had been a good friend to Adam. Sharon wondered why Ashley thought that Adam was lying. Ashley said that the tone in Adam's voice, as well as the expression on his face, were exactly the same as when Adam had lied to her before -- when Adam denied having a conversation with Ashley about the bloody piece of purple cloth.

Ashley said that Adam had been lying to her the entire time that they had been at the ranch together, and that she wanted Adam out of the house immediately. Ashley told Adam and Sharon that she and Neil were going to take Faith out for a bit, and, when they returned, she wanted Adam gone. Ashley went upstairs to get Faith. Sharon looked shocked.

With Ashley out of the room, Phyllis sarcastically told Sharon that she could add Ashley to the long list of people supposedly out to get Adam. Phyllis wondered if everyone on the list was wrong. Adam told Phyllis that she had made her point. After Phyllis left, Adam told Sharon that without her, he would be falling apart.

Phyllis ran into Malcolm at the Athletic Club bar. The two of them watched Neil, Ashley, and Faith at a table across the dining room. Malcolm asked Phyllis how long the relationship between Neil and Ashley had been going on. Phyllis said that she wasn't sure if there was a story there -- but, if there were, it would be a good thing. When Malcolm mentioned Victor and Ashley's divorce, Phyllis said that Ashley's divorce was the least of her problems -- that Ashley had been taken in by a liar. Malcolm warned Phyllis not to get too involved in the situation.

Tucker ran into Neil at the club and asked him how much he knew about the identity of a very curious person who was looking into Tucker's past. Neil said that he didn't know anything -- but that he would look into it the following day. After Neil walked away, Tucker left the club with a concerned look on his face.

Neil returned to his table, and found that Malcolm and Phyllis had joined Ashley and Faith. Ashley gave credit to Abby, and said that Abby had never trusted Adam and had seen through him from the moment she had met him. Ashley thanked God for Abby's good instincts, and said that she would have killed Adam if he had done anything to Abby. Phyllis calmed Ashley down by reminding her that Adam would be leaving the ranch, and that everyone was safe. Phyllis told Faith that her mother was tough.

Back at the ranch, Sharon and Adam were packed. Sharon booked a suite at the Athletic Club. Noticing that Sharon seemed distant, Adam asked Sharon to talk with him. He said that he knew that Sharon liked and respected Ashley, but that the previous summer, Ashley had been mentally ill and had been seeing ghosts. Adam wondered if the things that Sharon had heard changed how she felt about him. Sharon said that Phyllis' accusations against Dr. Taylor were preposterous. She told Adam that she still believed in him. Adam hugged his wife. The expression on Sharon's face indicated that she was very concerned about what was going on.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jack and Patty, who was still disguised as Emily, continued their honeymoon on St. Maarten. Jack was sitting in their suite, intently going through some papers, when Patty entered wearing a skimpy bikini. Patty made her desires clear -- she wanted to skip dinner and spend the evening in bed with Jack. Jack's smile indicated that he had no objections to Patty's plan. When Patty went to take a shower, Jack called Ashley and left her a message -- he said he had new information about Victor and Jabot.

After making love, Jack told the disguised Patty that he had seen a new side of her since their wedding. She asked Jack if he had a problem with that. Jack said that he didn't -- but he thought he knew what had caused the change in "Emily's" behavior. He believed that it was because of Patty.

"Emily" asked Jack why he was mentioning Patty. Jack said that he wanted to discuss Patty's suicide attempt, and how it had affected Emily. Jack thought that Emily was using sex as a distraction from thinking about Patty. Emily admitted that she did care about Patty, and that part of her felt like she had failed her patient. Jack said that Emily shouldn't allow misplaced guilt to run her life, and told her that if she was upset, he would always be there for her. Patty said that was nice. She began kissing Jack, and told him that talk wasn't what she was interested in.

Ashley returned Jack's phone call. Jack told his sister that he had received a fax from his lawyer about Victor's acquisition of Jabot. Ashley scolded Jack for calling her about business while on his honeymoon. She reminded Jack that the sale of Jabot wasn't yet final, and that they could discuss the matter further when Jack returned from his honeymoon.

Patty overheard part of Jack's conversation with Ashley, and she asked him what was going on with Jabot. Jack told her that "the black knight" had once again swooped in and trumped the Abbott family in their quest to regain control of the company. He said that, when they returned to Genoa City, he hoped that a judge or the SEC would put a halt to Victor's purchase of Jabot. Patty suddenly said, "We're ending the honeymoon and going home tonight."

Patty said that she was ready to return home and aid Jack one hundred percent in his effort to get Jabot back into the Abbott family's hands. She reminded Jack that Victor had hurt her by giving Patty her face, and that Victor had also hurt Jack and Ashley. Patty told Jack that she was part of his family, and that she was going to stand by his side as he fought for what he believed in. She said that if Victor wronged Jack, Jack shouldn't back down. Jack was pleasantly surprised by "Emily's" attitude. Patty said that their marriage was going to be full of surprises, and that Jack was going to see sides of her that he had never seen before.

Jack asked Patty if she was sure that she wanted to do this. Patty said that they had a whole lifetime to go on romantic trips -- but they needed to get back to Genoa City and "fix this." Jack said, "We're going home to take my father's business back."

Neil visited Ashley at the Newman ranch. She thanked Neil, and said that she couldn't have gotten through the past several days without his support. Victor entered unannounced, and Ashley snapped that it wasn't a good time for him to visit. Victor said that he was there to see Adam. Neil was surprised that Victor and Adam were on speaking terms. Victor told Neil and Ashley that it was the anniversary of Hope's death, so he was willing to call a temporary truce with Adam. Ashley told him that Adam wasn't there -- that he had taken a suite at the Athletic Club. Victor wondered who had made that decision.

Neil left so that Ashley and Victor could talk privately. On his way out, Neil passed Abby. Abby overheard as Victor questioned Ashley about Adam's leaving the ranch. He said that he thought that Ashley was Adam's defender. Ashley said that the Wilsons living at the ranch had been a temporary arrangement. Abby entered the living room, thrilled to hear that Adam was no longer staying there. She told Ashley that it was going to be nice to have the ranch to themselves.

Ashley told Abby that she had decided not to keep the ranch. Abby became upset and reminded Ashley about the tough year that Abby had been through. She told her mother that, on top of everything else, she would be homeless. Victor assured Abby that would never happen. Abby complained that no one ever asked her opinion. Ashley said that she valued Abby's opinion, but Abby reminded her mother that she hadn't been consulted when they moved to Los Angeles, then to London, and then back to Genoa City.

Victor told Abby that, if she liked, she could stay with him at the ranch. The irate Abby said that she wasn't a baby, yet she was expected to go along with every decision that Ashley and Victor made, whether or not she liked it. She stormed out of the house. Victor asked Ashley if he should go after their daughter. Ashley said, "Why? So you can convince her to live here with you and Nikki?" Victor, not understanding why Ashley was so upset, said that he was just suggesting an option to Abby.

Tired of fighting with Victor, Ashley said that Adam was at the club, and that Victor should leave. She told Victor that she would do "damage control" with Abby that evening. Before he left, Victor told Ashley that she should calm down.

Neil and Abby ran into each other at Crimson Lights. She complained to Neil that she had to move again, joking that packing was her superpower. Neil told Abby that Lily had experienced the same emotions when she had lived in Europe with Drucilla -- Lily and Dru had moved from Milan to Athens to Paris. Abby wondered how Lily had dealt with it. Neil said that Lily realized that home wasn't about a place -- it was about living with people who loved you, and that Lily knew that home was wherever her family was.

Abby and Neil returned to the ranch. Ashley apologized to Abby for having told her the news about the move so abruptly. Abby said that she was sorry for having overreacted, and told her mother that Neil had given her something to think about -- that home was where your family was.

Abby reminded Ashley that Colleen and Brad had been her family -- and that Abby was the legal owner of Brad's house. She asked Ashley if they could move to Brad's once the fire damage repairs were completed. Abby realized that Adam and Sharon lived there, but she said that they would have to find someplace else to live. Ashley thought that it was a great idea, and said that she would call the contractor the following day to find out how long the repairs were going to take.

Abby thanked Neil for talking with her, then went up to bed. After Abby was gone, Ashley wondered what Neil had said to her daughter -- Ashley said that was the nicest conversation that she'd had with Abby in a long while. Neil reminded Ashley that he had experience with teenaged girls. Ashley hugged Neil and told him how grateful she felt.

Adam and Sharon unpacked in their Athletic Club suite. The irritated Sharon said that she couldn't believe she was back living at the club -- just as she had when her life was in shambles. Adam said that he would call the contractor the following day to find out how long it would be before the Wilsons could move back into Brad's house.

Sharon attributed her bad mood to what she had heard earlier from Phyllis and Ashley. Adam wondered if Sharon no longer believed him. Sharon wondered how Adam could not have known that his friend, Dr. Taylor, had been accused of sexual harassment. Adam said that even Olivia, Ashley's best friend, had only glowing things to say about the doctor. Sharon said that Adam had an answer for everything. She wondered if it was because he was telling the truth, or if, like Ashley had said, he was starting to believe his own lies. Adam didn't know if there was anything that he could say to Sharon to convince her that he was telling the truth.

Sharon said that Dr. Taylor had been professional with her on the night that he had delivered her baby at the Fairview psychiatric facility. She told Adam that she wasn't all that concerned about Taylor -- but she wanted to know what had gone on at the Newman ranch the previous summer. She asked Adam if he had caused Ashley's breakdown. Adam said that he was sorry about Ashley's nervous collapse -- but he lied and told Sharon that he had nothing to do with it. Sharon believed Adam.

Sharon suggested that they go see a movie. She picked up the newspaper to see what was playing, and remarked that it was already February 18th. Adam said that February 18th was the anniversary of his mother's death. Adam told Sharon that he should have stayed in Kansas rather than going to Genoa City.

Sharon mentioned that Adam rarely discussed his childhood in Kansas. Adam said that life in Kansas had been simple and carefree. He told Sharon that Hope had encouraged him to name the baby animals, and that she had taught him to love life. Sharon said that she would do anything that might help Adam feel better. There was a knock at the door. It was Victor -- there to see Adam.

Victor entered the suite and said that he knew that Adam had probably been thinking about Hope. Sharon wondered what Hope would have said about the way Victor had alienated Adam. Adam told Sharon that he wanted to speak privately with his father. Sharon left. Victor was happy that Adam hadn't told Sharon about the charade that there was a rift between him and Adam. Adam said that he was just going along with the plan.

Victor asked Adam why he and Sharon had left the ranch. Adam basically avoided the question, answering, "It was time to get out of there." Adam said that he had one regret -- lying to Sharon about their plan to wrest control of Chancellor Industries from Tucker. He wondered what Hope would have thought about their plan. Victor said that Hope would have been proud of Adam.

Adam wasn't sure that Hope would be proud of him after all the mistakes he had made. Victor reminded Adam that he had paid his debt to society and had inherited Hope's blindness. Victor said that, despite great adversity, what Adam had accomplished was extraordinary -- he had graduated from Harvard and had gotten married to a wonderful woman. Adam told Victor to stop -- that he didn't want to hear any more. Victor said that he wanted Adam to remember Hope's legacy. He told Adam that Hope saw only the good in people, and that Adam should just look at the good things in his life. As he left, Victor patted Adam on the back.

Alone in the suite, Adam spoke to a picture of Hope. He wondered what she would say about all the horrible things he had done. He said that, if he could do it all over again, he would. He talked to the picture about Sharon and how he wanted to take away Sharon's pain and suffering. He said that if he told Sharon the truth -- that Faith was Sharon's daughter -- he would lose Sharon forever. Adam wondered if there was any way that he could make things right. Sharon returned to the suite, and, seeing that Adam had been crying, gave him a hug.

Sharon told Adam that Victor had a lot of nerve upsetting him, the son who Victor had disowned, on the anniversary of Adam's mother's death. When Sharon mentioned Victor's Restless Style interview, Adam admitted that the interview was a hoax. He told her that he was surreptitiously working with Victor and Nick in an effort to get Katherine her company back, and that was why he had quit Newman Enterprises and joined Tucker's organization.

Adam said that he had hated lying to Sharon, but that Victor had sworn him to secrecy. Sharon understood, saying that she knew that Adam wanted to get back into Victor's good graces. Adam said that Sharon was understanding, just like Hope had been. He told Sharon that he didn't know what to do, and that he was afraid of losing her. She said that she wasn't going anywhere -- that she was going to stand by his side and they were going to build a life together. Adam told Sharon that he didn't deserve her.

At the Athletic Club bar, Victor raised a glass and toasted, "To Hope. I miss you."

In the dark movie theater, Daisy rejoined Ryder. He asked her if she had spoken to "Mama Bear" about Jana digging into Ryder's past. Daisy said that their mother had a plan that changed everything -- and that the Fishers were about to learn what happened when "Mama Bear" got backed into a corner.

The Fishers arrived at the Athletic Club for dinner. Jana said that if she had known about Kevin's plan to take her out, she wouldn't have eaten with Ryder. Kevin shot her a look, and she realized that she had broken the evening's rule -- no talk about Ryder or Daisy. Kevin said that he and Jana were going to splurge and live it up -- like it was their last night on earth together.

As Kevin perused the menu, Jana asked him what Tucker had spoken about with him earlier. Kevin explained that Tucker wanted him to review the company's emails and see if anyone had been making inquiries about Tucker's background. Jana was upset that Kevin was investigating the people he worked with. Kevin reminded Jana that she was investigating Ryder. Jana said that was completely different. The couple realized that they had once again violated the rule about speaking of Ryder. They apologized to each other and decided to order.

Jana still seemed upset -- she said that, considering the way she felt, she couldn't help but be a downer. Kevin told Jana that if champagne and caviar didn't cheer her up, he had another surprise -- he had booked the honeymoon suite, with all the extra "bells and whistles." Jana said that the evening wasn't working -- that she and Kevin were pretending to be people they weren't. She told Kevin that the night couldn't be salvaged.

Kevin pretended that he received a phone call and went into the club's foyer. From there, he called Matthew, the club's concierge, and asked him to tone down the honeymoon suite -- to remove the scented candles and the rose petals. He said that he was going to try a simple approach, and that he would meet a member of the club's staff in the honeymoon suite.

Jana returned from the restroom and assumed that Kevin hadn't yet finished his phone call. A card, with her name written on the front, sat on her plate. Jana opened the card and read, "Meet me at the Francis Theater on Elm. Fourth row. First seat on the aisle. Love always, Kevin." Jana smiled and left the club.

Kevin was riding the club's elevator back down to the main floor. He spoke to Matthew, and asked him to thank the staff for quickly redecorating the honeymoon suite. In the middle of his conversation, the call cut off, and the elevator screeched to a halt. The lights in the elevator began to flicker and Kevin started panicking. He screamed for help, and began banging on all of the buttons and the elevator door.

After being rescued, Kevin called Crimson Lights and told the barista about being trapped in the elevator. Kevin saw that Jana was no longer at their table, and he asked the barista if she was at the coffeehouse. When the barista said that Jana wasn't at Crimson Lights, Kevin wondered where his wife was.

Jana went to the Francis Theater. There were no other patrons there as a murder mystery played on the screen. Jana smiled and, to herself, said, "I love a good mystery." She called out for Kevin, but didn't receive a response. She walked to the seat that was specified in the note -- fourth row, first seat on the aisle. Jana found a gift-wrapped box on the seat. She sat down and opened the box.

Inside the box, Jana found a photo album titled, "Our Family." She opened the album, and on the first page discovered a photograph of two babies. The picture was labeled, "Ryder and Daisy." Jana started to become nervous. She wondered if Daisy and Ryder were twins. Behind Jana, a shadowy figure approached. Out loud, Jana wondered who Daisy and Ryder's mother was. She turned the page, looked at the picture, and, sounding terrified, said, "Oh, God, no! It can't be." Jana dropped the album to the floor. She turned around, saw the person who was sneaking up behind her, and screamed.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Billy visited Ashley at the Newman ranch, where she was packing -- the contractor had told her that the repairs on the Carlton house were complete. She told Billy that she, Abby, and Faith were going to be moving into the Carlton house. Ashley said that she hadn't yet told Adam and Sharon that they couldn't move back into the Carlton house, but that Abby owned the house, and she had the right to live there if she wanted to.

Billy asked Ashley how much she knew about Tucker McCall. He told her that he was planning on doing an exposé on Tucker in Restless Style, but that he really didn't have much information on the man. Ashley said that she had met Tucker a few times, but that she didn't have any dirt on him. Ashley wondered if Billy had spoken to everyone who might have information on Tucker. Billy said that he had one last person to speak with.

In the Wilsons' suite at the Athletic Club, Sharon prepared to pick up the rest of their belongings from the Newman ranch. She told Adam that she was nervous about his involvement in Victor's plan -- she suspected that if it was learned that Adam, as part of the plan, had broken into Tucker's office and photographed the sealed Jabot bids, that Adam would be made the scapegoat. Adam told Sharon not to worry -- if he went down, Victor would go down also. Adam was pleased that Sharon cared about him, despite Ashley and Phyllis' accusations against him. Sharon said that she loved Adam, and hugged him.

Toting cardboard boxes, Sharon went to the Newman ranch to pick up the rest of the Wilsons' belongings. Sharon asked Ashley to reconsider her feelings about Adam. She reminded Ashley that, the previous summer, Adam had been under house arrest, and that he was practically blind, making it virtually impossible for Adam to have been the person gaslighting Ashley.

Ashley told Sharon that Adam was an unlovable, unlikable liar. Ashley said that she could relate to Sharon defending Adam -- that she had defended Victor for years, even though, in the back of her mind, she suspected that Victor was up to no good. She told Sharon that Sharon was probably having some doubts about Adam, and she hoped that Sharon wouldn't follow in Ashley's footsteps by blindly believing him. Ashley thanked Sharon for being so kind to her and to Faith. Sharon told Ashley that she would miss being around Faith.

As Sharon descended the stairs with the last of the Wilsons' belongings, Ashley told her that she hoped that they could remain friends. She said that Sharon was always welcome to visit Faith -- as long as she wasn't accompanied by Adam. Abby called Ashley and told her mother that her class was going on a field trip in 20 minutes, and that Ashley needed to rush to the school to sign a permission slip. Ashley told Sharon that Faith was asleep upstairs, and wondered if Sharon would watch the baby. Sharon said that she would, and assured Ashley that Adam wouldn't be around.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis found Nick in the break room. Phyllis wondered if Nick knew where Summer's doll was. Nick said that Summer had left it in the main house at the ranch, and that he was planning to pick it up on his way home. Nick tried to kiss Phyllis, but she stopped him. She said that she knew that Nick wanted her to stop her investigation of Adam, but, in light of her learning about Nick, Victor, and Adam's business alliance, she had to warn Nick that Adam was a lot more dangerous than they had thought.

Phyllis told Nick that she had gone to Ashley and told her that Dr. Taylor had been accused of molesting his patients. Phyllis said that Ashley believed that Adam, and not Patty, had been "messing with Ashley's head" the previous summer. Nick asked if Adam knew about Ashley's suspicions. Phyllis said that Adam did, and, of course, had denied any involvement in the situation. Phyllis said that, at best, Nick and Victor were working with someone who was untrustworthy -- and, at worst, someone who was diabolical. Nick said that he needed to tell Victor about what Phyllis had learned.

Victoria visited Victor in his Athletic Club suite. She wondered why Victor hadn't told her about his Restless Style interview. Victor said that Adam deserved to be exposed. Victoria wondered why Victor had gone so public -- and why he had given the interview to Billy, who Victor didn't like. Victor told Victoria that he had his reasons.

From the Athletic Club bar, Billy called Victoria to invite her for a drink at the club, but she hung up on him. Victor then told Victoria that his rift with Adam was a ruse that Nick had planned so that Tucker McCall would trust, then hire, Adam. Victoria became angry that she hadn't been told that before she had accepted the CEO position at Jabot. She reminded Victor that she had been under SEC scrutiny, and, that if Victor had engaged in subterfuge to purchase Jabot, he was putting Victoria in jeopardy.

Victor tried to reassure Victoria by telling her that only five people -- Victor, Nick, Phyllis, Victoria, and Adam -- knew about the plan. Victoria said that Adam was a loose cannon who couldn't be trusted. Nick showed up and told Victor and Victoria the reason why Ashley had thrown Adam out of the Newman ranch -- Ashley had learned that Adam's friend, Dr. Taylor, had been suspected of sexual harassment and molestation, and that Adam had known about it. Victoria said that if Adam could recommend someone like that to take care of Ashley, then she could only imagine what Adam was capable of doing to the entire Newman family.

Victor, without being specific, said that there were things that didn't "add up" about Adam's inviting Taylor to the Newman ranch, although he had never heard anything bad about the doctor. Victoria said that Victor, Nick, and Adam's plot could blow up in their faces. She told Victor that she was resigning from Jabot. Victor asked her to hold off on her decision, but Victoria said that her mind was made up -- Victor would have her formal resignation by the end of that day.

Victoria left the suite. Victor predicted that Victoria would change her mind when she cooled off, but Nick wasn't as sure. Victor said that he hoped that Adam didn't have any plans to hurt the Newmans. He told Nick, "Once the contracts are signed, that boy won't know what hit him." There was a knock at the door. It was Adam, who wanted to talk with Victor and Nick.

Nick said that they had just been talking about how instrumental Adam's role had been in landing the Jabot deal. Victor said they needed Adam to continue his great work. Adam wondered what he was going to get out of the deal. Victor said that they would all get something out of it, as long as they stuck together and kept their mouths shut. Nick said that Adam should leave, so that he wouldn't be seen with Victor. Adam said, "Not so fast. You haven't even heard the reason why I came here."

Adam said that he had "put his ass on the line" and taken all the risk, and that if Victor double-crossed him, he wouldn't go quietly. Victor wondered if Adam was threatening him. Adam said that he was just reminding Victor that he needed Adam, and that Adam should be treated with respect. Adam said that he had the evidence to cause legal problems with the Jabot deal if Victor and Nick didn't treat him as an equal. Nick told Adam that he had nothing to worry about. Victor said that Adam would get everything that he deserved.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis received a call from Janelle Storrs, a woman who had been molested by Dr. Taylor. Phyllis apologized for raising a "not-so-pleasant" subject, then asked Janelle if, while at Harvard, she knew Adam Wilson. Phyllis' face turned white when she heard Janelle's reply. Phyllis said, "I'm sorry. He what?!"

Ashley met up with Phyllis at Crimson Lights. Phyllis told Ashley that she had just spoken to Janelle Storrs, a victim of Dr. Taylor's. Phyllis said that Janelle didn't have any evidence to press charges against Dr. Taylor. She told Ashley that the doctor had also molested Janelle's best friend, Skye Lockhart. Ashley recalled that Skye had been Adam's girlfriend, who had been murdered. Phyllis and Ashley realized that this proved that Adam had known that Taylor was a molEsther when he invited the doctor into Ashley's home.

Nick showed up at the Newman ranch to get Summer's doll. Sharon told Nick that she was babysitting Faith, since Ashley had to leave for a while. Nick and Sharon remembered that day would have been their wedding anniversary. Nick told Sharon that he wanted to discuss Adam, as he was concerned about Sharon's safety. Nick said that there was something "off" about the way that Dr. Taylor had met his demise. Sharon said that there wasn't anything strange about two old friends meeting for a drink.

Nick told Sharon that Adam had told Phyllis that he and Taylor hadn't met for a drink -- that they had merely run into each other on the street outside the bar. Nick said that Adam couldn't even keep his lies straight. Nick asked Sharon why she couldn't see that Adam was a liar.

Sharon complained to Nick that everyone was out to get Adam. Adam showed up at the ranch and accused Nick of stalking Sharon. Ashley and Phyllis arrived, and Ashley became angry -- she didn't want Adam anywhere near Faith. She told Adam to get out. Nick told Phyllis that he was at the house to pick up Summer's doll. Ashley picked up the doll and was shocked to find the blood-stained piece of purple cloth tied around the doll as if it were a scarf. Ashley untied the cloth and once again said that Adam had shown her that cloth and said it was proof that Ashley had killed Sabrina. Everyone in the room became silent, waiting for Adam to respond.

Victoria went to the Athletic Club bar and ordered a drink. Billy walked over, and jokingly said that he assumed that Victoria had changed her mind -- taking him up on his earlier offer. Victoria said that she wanted to be left alone. Billy suggested that she move to an empty bar stool a few seats away.

After a few drinks, Billy and Victoria loosened up a bit. They traded cute baby stories about Delia and Reed. Billy began fishing for information about Tucker -- he told Victoria that Tucker seemed more hype than substance. Victoria smiled and asked Billy if he was trying to pump her for information. Billy explained that he was wanted to do an exposé on Tucker for Restless Style.

Victoria said that she didn't want anything to do with Billy's article, or with Billy. Billy wasn't deterred -- he asked Victoria what her opinion of Tucker was. When Victoria didn't respond, Billy said that he would ask J.T. Billy asked Victoria where J.T. was. Victoria blurted out that she and J.T. were getting a divorce -- but that if she read about it online the next day, she would "knock Billy's head off."

Victoria regretted telling Billy about her divorce, but Billy assured her that he wouldn't go public with the news. He told Victoria that she was smart, creative, and beautiful -- and that J.T. was an idiot for leaving her. Billy then said that Victoria definitely wasn't his type, and they joked that they were still sworn enemies. Billy held up his glass and said, "Divorce sucks." Clearly agreeing, Victoria clinked glasses with him.

Continuing drinking, Billy told Victoria about a violent episode of Divorce Court that he had seen when he was a child. As Billy and Victoria continued joking around with each other, Victor entered the club, and was clearly not pleased to see his daughter drinking with Billy. Victoria saw her father and said that she had to leave. On her way out, Victor confirmed that she hadn't said anything to Billy about her quitting Jabot. Victoria told Victor that she wanted to continue working at Newman Enterprises -- but she didn't want anything to do with the Jabot scheme. Victoria left.

Victor walked up to the bar, where Billy told him a lame joke, "How many Newmans does it take to change a light bulb? None. They always get someone else to do their dirty work." Not amused, Victor said that he would be keeping an eye on Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin learned that Jana hadn't shown up for her yoga class that morning. The Baldwins showed up and tried to calm the frantic Kevin down -- he said that it wasn't like Jana to disappear. Kevin said that he had called the police, but not enough time had elapsed to consider Jana a missing person. Kevin told Michael and Lauren that he had a feeling that something bad had happened to Jana.

Kevin told the Baldwins what had happened the previous evening -- that he had planned a romantic dinner with Jana at the Athletic Club, and that he had gotten stuck in the club's elevator. Kevin said that when he returned to their table, Jana was gone. Kevin told Michael that he and Jana had been discussing Ryder and Daisy. Michael wondered if those two could have been involved in Jana's disappearance. Lauren claimed that Daisy was a good kid. Kevin reminded her that he had once thought the same about Ryder. Michael thought that perhaps Eden was right about Daisy.

Kevin said that he was going to put Jana's picture on a missing persons' website. Michael said that he was going to question the staff at the Athletic Club, and contact some of his friends on the police force. After Kevin walked away, Michael asked Lauren where Daisy was -- he said that he hadn't heard her enter the apartment the previous night. Lauren said that she didn't know, but that she would find out.

Later, Michael and Kevin met at the Athletic Club. Michael said that he had learned that Jana had left the club alone, and seemed to have been in a good mood. Michael said that a waiter claimed to have heard Jana say that the Fishers' marriage wasn't salvageable, but Kevin corrected Michael -- Jana had actually merely said that the night wasn't salvageable. Kevin said that the club had reported mechanical failure as the cause of the elevator he was trapped in being stuck -- but Kevin wondered if the elevator could have been sabotaged.

At Crimson Lights, Daisy showed up and met with Lauren. Lauren asked Daisy where she had been the previous evening. Daisy said that she had worked at the boutique, met some friends from school, and then gone to the coffeehouse. Lauren told Daisy that Jana was missing -- and that Kevin thought that Daisy had something to do with her disappearance. Daisy acted shocked when Lauren told her that Jana had discovered that Daisy and Ryder had known each other a lot longer than Daisy had let on.

Lauren wondered why Daisy hadn't told her about knowing Ryder, particularly after all the trouble that Ryder had caused. Daisy lied and said that she and Ryder hardly knew each other, and that he was like a stranger to her. Lauren said that she was having a hard time trusting Daisy. Daisy said that she would never hurt Lauren or Lauren's family. Lauren said that, for Daisy's sake, Daisy had better be telling the truth.

Kevin tracked down Ryder at Trumble's Bookstore, where Ryder was working as a clerk. He asked Ryder where he had been the previous evening. Ryder said that he had been working at Trumble's, and offered his timecard as proof. Kevin told Ryder that Jana was missing. Ryder said that he had nothing to do with Jana's disappearance -- he said that he liked Jana and would never do anything to hurt her. Ryder asked if he could help Kevin look for Jana. Kevin barked, "Stay away from me," to Ryder, and left the store.

Back at Crimson Lights, Michael told Kevin that the police were looking into Jana's disappearance. Kevin and Lauren told Michael that Daisy and Ryder both had alibis. Michael received a phone call from his contact at the police department. After the phone call, Michael told Kevin that the police had interviewed the waiter at the Athletic Club, and it appeared that Jana had left of her own free will. Kevin said that he knew that Jana was in serious trouble.

Kevin slammed his computer shut after learning that there weren't any leads on Jana. Michael and Lauren said that they would search every inch of Genoa City in an effort to find her. Kevin said, "Oh, Jana. Where are you?"

An unconscious Jana lay on the ground, surrounded by leaves. Daisy and Ryder stared at her motionless body through a wrought-iron fence.

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