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Tucker stopped the sale of Chancellor Industries. Phyllis found Skye's journal. Diane and Kyle returned to town. The Department of Homeland Security threatened to deport Cane. Jana was locked in an outdoor, makeshift prison.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 22, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, February 22, 2010

At the Abbott mansion, Patty squealed with delight as Jack carried who he thought was Emily over the threshold. Patty and Jack talked about how they'd cut their honeymoon short after Jack hatched a plan to get Jabot back from Victor. Patty said resolutely, "Victor can't toy with other people and their dreams. He needs to learn a lesson." Jack responded, "Don't worry, Mrs. Abbott, I'm all over it." Jack surprised his bride when he unveiled a life-sized portrait of Emily, which was taken as she modeled her wedding gown. Jack stood behind Patty as he admired the photograph. Patty looked stunned as Jack gushed about his lovely wife.

Jack gazed at the portrait and said, "That gorgeous woman, so wise and so lovely, said, 'I do.'" Patty silenced Jack and cried, "That's not true." Patty turned her back on the photograph, and Jack asked her why she didn't like it. Patty responded, "People will think I am vain when they walk in here and see her." Jack insisted that people would consider him lucky because Emily Peterson had agreed to marry him. Jack embraced a sobbing Patty, but she insisted she was okay. Jack announced that he had to leave because he couldn't let Victor take what was Jack's.

After Jack left, Patty addressed the portrait and declared, "Jack's taking back what's his just like I did. You have the picture, Emily, but I have the man! I am his beloved wife." Patty sat down with a cup of tea and added an entry to her diary. Patty wrote, "I am Mrs. Jack Abbott, for real and for keeps. There's nothing and no one to come between us." Patty paused from her writing and gazed up at the painting of Emily. Patty seemed unnerved by the life-like image of Emily looming over her head.

Patty, continuing her diary entry, wrote, "So you can't chase me away. This is my home, my life. It's me he kisses. You don't matter to him at all." Patty closed her diary and cradled it against her chest as if she were guarding its secrets from Emily. Patty phoned the hospital and inquired about Patty Williams' condition. Patty learned that Emily remained comatose and brain-damaged from lack of oxygen. After Patty hung up, she faced Emily's portrait and said gleefully, "What a shame. It looks like you're not going to make it!"

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Victor and Tucker shared a drink to toast Victor's purchase of Jabot. Tucker said that he was glad that Adam's decision to work for Tucker hadn't blown the deal. Victor insisted that he kept business and his personal life separate. Tucker hoisted his glass and quipped that love sometimes made people do things they might not otherwise. Before Victor proposed his toast, he said, "My son has disappointed me before, and I am sure he'll do it again." Jack suddenly barged in and announced that he knew how Victor had stolen Jabot and made a fool of Tucker in the process. Jack congratulated Victor for faking a fight with Adam and allowing the publication of a scathing interview denouncing his son. Jack added that all the pieces came together after Victor slithered in and outbid him for Jabot.

Continuing his rant, Jack dared Victor to admit that his son the snake was also a mole. Victor and Tucker reminded Jack that Adam was legally blind and hated his father, and they challenged Jack's claims that Adam revealed sealed bids to Victor. Jack expected Tucker's retribution after he proudly announced that Victor's malfeasance should bring the deal to a screeching halt. Victor alleged that Jack enjoyed spinning stories, and he reminded Jack that Jabot hadn't been his for years.

Tucker finished his drink and asked Jack if he would approach a judge with his theory. Jack insisted that his story could buy him some time, so he could prove that Victor and Adam tainted the bidding process. Jack added that he would have preferred to gain ownership of Jabot through his generous bid, but he proclaimed that suing would be fun, too.

After Jack walked out, Victor told Tucker he'd send the final contracts to his attorney. Tucker mentioned Jack's accusations and added that it was odd that Victor had simply managed to come up with the magic number. Tucker pulled on his coat and said he didn't truly care about the bidding as long as he got the money. Tucker warned Victor that if Adam did help his father, Victor had better hope that Adam never sold him out.

Jack encountered Adam at the bar at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Jack threatened to gut the Jabot deal because he believed that Adam had fed his father inside information. Jack vowed to take down Adam and the deal. Jack warned Adam not to trust Victor, and he strongly urged Adam to work with him to get Jabot back where it belonged. Jack explained that the deal would fall apart, and Victor would put Adam before the firing squad.

Adam reminded Jack that their prior association had landed him in jail. Jack insisted that what he did to Adam before wasn't personal because his aim was avenging Victor. Jack added that he and Adam shared a common bond, which was getting even with Victor. After Jack left, Adam seemed stunned by Jack's proposal.

At the Newman ranch, Ashley displayed a long, narrow strip of purple cloth near Adam's face and said that he'd insisted it didn't exist. Adam stuttered and tried to explain, but Ashley interrupted. Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon stood nearby as Ashley grilled Adam. Ashley cried, "You showed me this piece of purple cloth stained with blood and told me it was proof that I killed Sabrina." Adam calmly responded, "Didn't happen, Ashley. I've never seen that purple cloth in my life." Nick furrowed his brow, but Phyllis grinned cunningly, as Ashley angrily demanded an explanation from Adam. Nick goaded Adam and insisted that he answer Ashley's question.

As Phyllis, Nick, Sharon, and Ashley waited for a response, Adam claimed that life at the ranch was crazy the summer before the baby was born. Phyllis interjected that Adam was suggesting that Ashley was out of her mind and didn't know what was happening. Ashley berated Adam for telling her that the cloth never existed. Adam insisted that the strip of fabric was merely that and had no connection to him. Phyllis explained that Summer found the cloth at the ranch months earlier. After Ashley reproached Adam for taking Dr. Taylor into her home, Adam claimed he hadn't known about the doctor's penchant for preying on young women.

Phyllis, armed with evidence against Adam, demanded to know if he recalled a woman named Janelle Storrs. Before Adam could respond, Phyllis explained that she had spoken to Janelle, who claimed that Dr. Taylor had molested her and her late friend, Skye, who was Adam's girlfriend. Phyllis added that there was no way Adam couldn't have known about Dr. Taylor. Sharon turned, faced Adam and asked if he'd known about Dr. Taylor. Phyllis and Ashley insisted that Adam knew about Dr. Taylor's past. Before Adam responded, Sharon remarked that Dr. Taylor had seemed like a kind and gentle man.

Adam acted as if he'd suddenly remembered an instance when Skye had become distant and distressed, but he claimed that she hadn't opened up to him. Ashley yelled and told Adam that he couldn't refute the evidence. Adam demanded that Sharon leave with him. Nick warned Sharon not to go anywhere with the punk. After Nick, Phyllis, and Ashley pressured Sharon not to accompany Adam, Sharon yelled for them to give her a minute to think. Adam insisted that he was innocent of their charges and never would have hurt his friend, Ashley. Adam begged Sharon to leave with him because she was his only happiness. Sharon agreed, and the couple left.

Ashley became distressed and couldn't believe that Sharon had left with Adam. Phyllis and Nick explained that Sharon loved Adam and refused to see the truth. Nick admitted that there was some truth in Adam's statements. Taken aback, Phyllis responded, "Are you kidding?" Nick explained that Ashley maintained that Adam had never crossed the line, and that baby Faith was born healthy and perfect despite Dr. Taylor's intrusion.

Ashley suggested they have the strip of purple cloth tested for blood evidence in order to convince Sharon. Phyllis noted that she'd washed the cloth numerous times since Summer found it. Ashley insisted that the fabric was her proof, and she vowed to persevere until she found evidence of Adam's misdeeds. After everyone left, Ashley rocked Faith in her cradle. Ashley considered the dangerous situation Adam had created for her and the baby. As Ashley stroked her baby, she said, "Thank God Dr. Taylor didn't do anything to hurt you. I don't know what I'd do without my special girl."

Phyllis and Nick stopped at Crimson Lights after they left the ranch. Phyllis insisted they couldn't believe Adam's explanations because whatever he was hiding was associated with the purple cloth, Dr. Taylor, and Skye. Nick agreed. Phyllis added that even though Ashley and her baby were unharmed, Adam was hiding something, and whatever it was involved Dr. Taylor.

In their suite at the club, Sharon snapped at Adam and demanded that he tell her the truth. Adam asked if Sharon planned to walk out, but Sharon responded that she would run. Sharon reminded Adam that Dr. Taylor had delivered her baby and was the only person who ever held her infant. Adam insisted that he would go back and fix everything if he could, but he claimed that Phyllis, Nick, and Ashley's accusations were preposterous.

Sharon, torn, said that she wanted to believe Adam. Adam claimed that he had confessed everything, and he pleaded with Sharon to leave what had become a toxic place in order to protect their marriage. Adam grabbed his coat and walked out. Sharon sat on the sofa in her suite and twirled her wedding band as she recalled happy memories of her brief relationship with Adam. Sharon bit her lip to keep from crying.

At Crimson Lights, a despondent Kevin told Amber and Daniel that the police refused to assist with Jana's sudden disappearance. Kevin added that Michael and Lauren were out searching. Daniel assured Kevin that they'd find Jana. Kevin explained that Jana had been investigating Ryder and Daisy, and trying to find a connection between them. Daniel seemed suspicious when Kevin reported that Daisy and Ryder had alibis.

Chloe stopped by the coffeehouse, and Kevin begged her to enlist Chance's assistance to locate Jana. Chloe phoned Chance, and he agreed to look into Jana's disappearance. Chloe also noted that witnesses had responded to Kevin's Web site, which Kevin had set up to collect information. Ryder appeared and offered to help Kevin look for Jana. Ryder explained that he wanted to help find Jana because she had treated him kindly in the past.

Chloe read aloud a tip that an eyewitness had submitted to the Web site. The witness reported seeing Jana at the Francis Theater. Ryder attempted to cast doubt on the witness' claim, but Kevin and Daniel headed to the theater to check it out. Ryder nervously followed them.

After Kevin, Daniel, and Ryder left, Chloe continued to monitor Kevin's Web site. Amber suggested they consult Jana's Ouija board. Chloe rolled her eyes and mocked Amber's plan, but Amber insisted. Amber asked the Ouija to spell out a clue to Jana's whereabouts. Repeated responses from the hand-guided planchette spelled the word "mama." Chloe dismissed the clue and said that Amber's thoughts tainted the response after she admitted being consumed with thoughts of a child. Chloe warned Amber that babies were a lot of work.

At the Francis Theater, Daniel, Kevin, and Ryder confronted an usher and asked about Jana. The usher glanced at a photo of Jana and insisted he'd seen her, but he added that he didn't know whether Jana had left the theater alone. Ryder asked Kevin if he trusted the usher, and Kevin responded that he did. Daniel glared at Ryder. Daniel and Kevin left the theater to search for clues to Jana's whereabouts.

After Kevin, Daniel, and Ryder returned to Crimson Lights, Kevin explained that the usher had seen Jana at the theater. Daniel, citing Jana's odd behavior, suggested that her tumor might have grown back. Chance phoned and told Chloe that he would file a report on Jana as a missing person and check her financial and phone records. Kevin took the phone and insisted that Jana hadn't left the theater alone. Kevin, hyperventilating and near tears, embraced Amber and insisted that something had happened to Jana. Ryder, transfixed, looked on as Kevin melted down. Ryder seemed troubled but remained mum.

In a wooded area atop a bed of leaves, Jana awoke. After Jana sat up, she was startled to discover that she was imprisoned behind an iron fence. Jana rattled the locked gate's bars and screamed, "Help! Someone help me!"

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Victor showed up at the Newman ranch. Ashley said that the movers had arrived and she expected to be gone momentarily. Victor mentioned Adam -- he said that Ashley suspected Adam of having tormented her the previous summer, and he wanted to know what she thought that Adam had done.

Ashley said that she had handled the situation with Adam -- that she had told him to stay out of her life. She told Victor that she believed that Adam had been the person who gaslighted her the previous summer. Ashley said that Adam had made Victor and Olivia believe that she was losing her mind. Ashley wondered why Adam had tormented her, but she told Victor that she didn't have any proof that he had. She told Victor that she was glad to be leaving the ranch.

At the Hellstroms', Victoria was surprised that J.T. had prepared a peanut butter and bacon sandwich for Reed. J.T. explained that, while Victoria was in Dubai, Reed had taken a liking to the combination. When Victoria said that she hadn't realized that, J.T. said that Victoria didn't have a reason to feel bad. Victoria said that she didn't feel bad -- and that it was nonsense that they were arguing about a sandwich.

J.T. said that Victoria put her work before her family. Victoria reminded him that he was the one who wanted to move to New York for business -- and that he was working for Tucker McCall. J.T. said that when he spoke about family, he was talking about Victoria and Reed, and not Victor. Victoria mentioned that she had turned down the CEO position at Jabot. J.T. wondered if she had done that in an effort to create time to work on their marriage. As Nikki knocked on the door, Victoria said, "What marriage?" J.T. replied, "Exactly." J.T. stormed out of the house, and brushed right past Nikki.

Victoria asked Nikki if she thought that Victoria was a bad mother. Nikki told Victoria that no one was accusing her of being a bad mother. Victoria said that J.T. just had. Nikki wondered if J.T and Victoria's living arrangement was working out -- she told Victoria that, if the tension in the Hellstrom household became unbearable, that Victoria could always move in with Victor and Nikki in the main house.

Victoria said that she would rather not be around Victor. Nikki said that Victoria shouldn't allow a minor business disagreement to ruin her relationship with her father. Victoria said that her disagreement with Victor was serious -- that Victor had jeopardized Victoria's professional reputation and had confided information in Adam, while leaving Victoria in the dark.

Nikki, Victoria, and Reed went to the main house at the Newman ranch. Nikki interrupted an arguing Victoria and Victor. Victoria said that Victor had called her an ungrateful spoiled brat, but Victor said that he had merely said that Victoria had overreacted to the Jabot situation. Victoria said that with Adam involved, she feared that the Jabot acquisition would cause a scandal. Nikki said that Victor had Adam under control, but Victoria said that it appeared that Victor trusted Adam more than he did her.

Victor defended not telling Victoria about Adam's role in the Jabot acquisition by saying that he wanted her to truthfully be able to say that she didn't know anything about the deal. Victoria said that the whole situation was a shame, because she had been looking forward to running Jabot. Victor told Victoria that he had another reason to keep Adam working for Tucker -- Victor wanted to keep Adam as far away from Newman Enterprises as possible.

Victoria admitted that her decision to turn down the CEO position was also influenced by J.T.'s accusation that she didn't spend enough time with Reed. Nikki said that she still hoped that the Hellstroms could work out their marital problems, but Victoria said that was impossible. Nikki said, in that case, Victoria needed to protect Reed from the bitterness that had developed between her and J.T., as it could have detrimental effects on the boy. Victoria wasn't sure what she should do -- if she should take Reed from the only home he had ever known and the father he adored. Nikki assured Victoria that, no matter what decision Victoria made, Nikki and Victor would support her.

Referring to Victoria, Victor said that he knew how it felt to see his child in pain. He said that he had only wanted to make her happy by offering her the position at Jabot. Victoria said that she knew that Victor meant well, and began waffling on her decision to turn down the CEO job. Victor said that he was proud of Victoria putting her family first. Victoria said that it was time to get Reed home, and Victor offered to give his grandson a piggyback ride back to the Hellstroms'.

Victor returned to the main house after seeing Reed and Victoria home. Nikki said that she was proud of Victor for reaching out to Victoria, and for refraining from lashing out at J.T. She told Victor that she hoped Victoria and J.T. would find their way back to each other -- the way that she and Victor had. A smiling Victor told Nikki that he would never let her slip away from him again.

At their suite at the Athletic Club, the Wilsons were packing to move back into the Carlton house. Jack, unaware that Ashley, Abby, and Faith were planning to reside at the house, showed up at the suite with the keys. Sharon thanked Jack for getting the repairs to the house finished so quickly. Sharon walked into another room to finish packing. Jack asked Adam if he had considered Jack's offer to work together against Victor. Adam wondered it that was the reason why Jack was acting so polite. Jack said that, if Adam didn't join forces with him, it was only a matter of time before Victor kicked Adam to the curb.

Later, at the Carlton house, Jack and Ashley met and were happy with the quality of the contractor's repairs. Jack was surprised to learn that Ashley and her daughters planned to move into the house -- he told Ashley that he had already given the keys to the Wilsons and told them that they could move back. Jack offered to allow Ashley and the girls to move into the Abbott mansion, but Ashley said that she wanted to be on her own. Sharon and Adam showed up. Ashley said that there had been a change of plans -- that she, Faith, and Abby were moving into the house.

Ashley told Sharon that the decision had nothing to do with Sharon or Adam, and she hoped that Sharon understood that Abby felt closer to Colleen in the house. Sharon wondered if Ashley's decision to move into the Carlton home was a way to punish Adam. Jack had no idea what Sharon was talking about, and said, "Punish Adam for what?"

Ashley told Jack that she would tell him later. She then told Sharon that she didn't feel comfortable having Adam on her property. Sharon reminded Ashley that Adam had saved Noah's life in that house. Ashley admitted that Adam was capable of heroism, and apologized that Sharon had gotten caught in the crossfire.

Jack asked the Wilsons if they needed help finding a place to live. The angry Adam told Jack that he didn't need Jack's help, and that he wasn't going to partner with Jack in Jack's quest to reacquire Jabot. Before storming out with Sharon, Adam said that the way that Ashley was treating Sharon was inexcusable. After the Wilsons were gone, Ashley asked Jack about the potential partnership with Adam.

Jack told Ashley about his plan to work with Adam to get Jabot back. He admitted that Adam was far from his favorite person, but said that he would partner with the devil to regain control of their father's company. Jack wondered what was going on between Ashley and Adam -- he reminded Ashley that she used to be Adam's biggest supporter. Ashley told Jack that Adam had been responsible for driving Ashley insane the previous summer. Jack was stunned.

Back at their suite, Adam told Sharon that he was sorry that she was being dragged down with him. Sharon thought that the situation with Ashley would blow over, but Adam said that it would only get worse, as Ashley was sure to tell Victor her "paranoid theories." Adam once again raised the idea of the Wilsons leaving Genoa City. Sharon said that if they left town, it would only make Adam look guilty. Adam reminded his wife that everyone already thought that he was guilty. Later, after making love, Sharon agreed with Adam -- she felt that there wasn't anything in Genoa City worth staying for.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Malcolm and Devon prepared for a small celebration for Lily, who was having her final chemotherapy session that day. Neil called and said that he wouldn't be able to attend. Cane showed up and said that he would have to miss the celebration, as he had a meeting with Tucker, which was scheduled to take place at a nearby table in the club's dining room.

Lily, wearing a wig, and Mac showed up. Malcolm asked Lily if, due to Neil and Cane's absence, she wanted to reschedule the celebration, but Lily said no. She and Mac ordered orange juice.

Malcolm gave Mac a cup of ginger root tea -- he said that in his travels he had learned that it was a sure cure for morning sickness. Mac said that was good information for Malcolm to have in case he ever had children. Mac quickly realized her faux pas. Breaking the awkward silence, Lily asked Malcolm if he wanted to be a father again. Malcolm said that he did -- as he hadn't been a very good father to Lily. Lily told her uncle that he was making up for it.

Mac talked about how loyal Cane was to Katherine. When Malcolm said that Mac was a Chancellor, Mac corrected him, and told him that technically she was a Reynolds, and that she hadn't learned that she was part of Katherine's extended family until she was in high school. Devon talked about his father, and how his mother had lied to him and told him that his father had run off when Devon was a little boy, when, in fact, Devon's father didn't even know of Devon's existence.

Malcolm said that Devon shouldn't be concerned about his biological father -- that, in Neil, he had the very best father that anyone could ask for. When Devon said that Mac's babies were going to have two moms, Mac quickly corrected him and said that Lily was the twins' only mom -- although Mac felt protective towards the twins, she didn't feel maternal. Mac made it clear that the babies belonged to Cane and Lily.

Cane met with Tucker at a nearby table. When Cane mentioned that he had heard that Tucker was putting Biolink, a subsidiary of Chancellor Industries, up for sale, Tucker told him that he was selling all of Chancellor's subsidiary companies. Cane tried to talk Tucker into taking a slower, less drastic approach, but Tucker said that, after the "feeding frenzy" generated by the Jabot sale, he wanted to sell it all. Tucker told Cane that he fully expected Cane to immediately report the sell-off to Katherine -- and he said to remind Katherine of how much money she stood to make.

Potential buyers sat at a long table, and J.T. handed out prospectuses on the Chancellor subsidiaries, as Tucker explained that the people at the table had a great opportunity that day -- to buy "thoroughbred" companies that had been in the Chancellor stables for years. He said that if the potential buyers were hoping for bargains, then they were in the wrong place -- they needed to make their best offers or walk away empty-handed. He told the people that they had 55 more minutes to place their bids -- after that, the window to buy was closing.

At the Chancellor mansion, in the living room, Neil found Katherine, surrounded by file boxes containing all the information on Tucker and his business dealings that she had been able to gather -- starting with his entry into the music and recording industry in the 1980s. Katherine told Neil that she hadn't found anything shady thus far, but she had made a pile of "smoking guns" -- deals and information that she felt deserved further scrutiny. Katherine said that it would be a "cold day in hell" before she let her son get the better of her.

Neil wanted to involve the Chancellor Industries legal department, but Katherine reminded him that they worked for Tucker. Neil told Katherine that they might be Tucker's employees, but their loyalty was to Katherine. Katherine said that she was determined to find Tucker's weakness -- but that he had been thorough in covering his tracks. Cane stopped by with a box of files on Tucker that had been sent over by the university's business library. He told Katherine and Neil the bad news -- Tucker was in the process of selling off Chancellor Industries as they spoke.

Neil, Cane, and Katherine reviewed Tucker's history -- he would take unknown bands and turn them into overnight sensations. Neil thought that Tucker might have been paying off radio and television stations to push the fledgling groups -- but, if he had, he had covered his tracks. Neil picked up a picture of Tucker that was taken in the office of Alexander Thomas, the Yugoslavian Minister of Culture, at the 2009 Yugoslavian film festival. Katherine jumped up excitedly and said that she had Tucker just where she wanted him.

Katherine looked through a pile of magazines and found a picture of Tucker that had been taken in the 1980s. In the photograph, Tucker was standing in front of a painting done by renowned artist Simon Griffin -- a painting worth millions of dollars. Katherine pointed out to Neil and Cane that the same painting was on the wall of Alexander Thomas' office -- 20 years later.

Katherine theorized that Tucker gave the painting to Thomas in exchange for Tucker's bands getting preferential treatment on Yugoslavian radio and television. Neil said that if Tucker bribed the Yugoslavian official, he had probably bribed officials in other countries. Neil told Katherine that he would start working on obtaining records of who had bought and sold the painting.

Mac ran into J.T. at the Athletic Club's bar. Mac asked what was going on at Tucker's table, but J.T. said that he couldn't say anything. Mac asked J.T. how he was doing. He said that he was horrible -- he was trying to focus on protecting Reed from fallout from the Hellstroms' divorce. Mac told J.T. that he was a great dad.

When J.T. arrived home, he apologized to Victoria for having been rude to Nikki earlier. Victoria said that Nikki understood. J.T. became angry when Victoria suggested that it was time for J.T. to move out. He said that he wasn't leaving his son. Victoria said that neither of them wanted to leave Reed. J.T. countered that Victoria had no problem leaving the boy when she went to Dubai.

Mac returned to the table, and found that Cane had joined the group. Cane was in a very good mood -- he said that they might have found a way to help Katherine. A man approached the table and said to Cane, "David? David Belford?" Cane said that the man was mistaken. The man said, "Come on, it hasn't been that long." When Cane insisted that he didn't know the man, the man walked away.

After the man left, Lily wondered who he thought Cane was. Cane said that he didn't know. Malcolm quickly changed the subject and toasted Cane and Lily -- the father- and mother-to-be. As the group clinked glasses, Mac said that she could feel the babies move. Cane and Lily eagerly felt Mac's abdomen.

At a nearby table, the man who had called Cane "David Belford" was on his cell phone. He said, "Yeah, it's him. Cane Ashby. When do we move on him?"

Katherine entered the club and walked to the table where Tucker was conducting his sale of Chancellor subsidiaries. Katherine adjourned the meeting and sent the potential buyers away. Tucker asked her what she was doing, as the sale would net her a fortune. Katherine said that she didn't dream about fortunes -- she dreamed about putting Tucker in his place. She asked him how he had turned an unknown band into an overnight success, saying, "Quite a coup. How did you ever manage to pull that off?"

Tucker said that Katherine was talking about things that he didn't even remember. Katherine again asked him how he had made household names out of all those unknown musicians. She said, "Did you know what the public wants? Or did Alexander Thomas want that Griffin painting -- the one that was in your collection -- and is now in Thomas'" Katherine said that she was going to have the authorities investigate every deal he had ever made -- and that the authorities -- not Tucker's mother -- were going to shut him down.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Adam went to Trumble's Bookstore and purchased several books about relocating from the United States to Europe. Ryder, who rang up the sale, asked Adam if he was thinking about leaving the country. Adam said that he was thinking about starting his life over somewhere else, and wondered whether Ryder ever thought of doing that. Ryder replied, "Every day."

Nick and Phyllis visited Victor at the Newman ranch. Nick said how glad he was to see Victor living at the ranch again. Victor said that he was disturbed about what had happened at the ranch while he was gone. Nick told Victor that he was glad that Ashley had finally decided to distance herself from Adam. Phyllis agreed that it was a good move on Ashley's part -- especially after what they had learned about Adam.

Nick and Phyllis told Victor about their and Ashley's suspicions that Adam had been behind Ashley's breakdown the previous summer. Victor said that, if what Nick and Phyllis had told him were true, he wouldn't want to be in Adam's shoes. Nick lamented that both Skye and Dr. Taylor were dead, so it was basically Adam's word against Ashley's.

Victor said that, based on his suspicions about what had been going on, he had spoken to a therapist about Ashley's situation. He had learned from the therapist that it was possible that Ashley was suffering from "false memories." Phyllis countered by saying that Ashley's memories could be true. Victor called Adam, who was still at the bookstore, and demanded that Adam meet him immediately at the Newman ranch.

Adam showed up at the ranch, and asked Victor what the big emergency was. Adam said that it wasn't a good idea for the two of them to meet there -- he was concerned what would happen if Tucker found out. Victor said that he didn't give a damn about Tucker, and that he wanted to know what had happened in the house the previous summer, when Ashley had been pregnant.

Victor said that he was capable of forgiveness -- that he was keeping an open mind, and wanted to hear Adam's side of the story. Victor assured his son that if the accusations against him were true, there was room for forgiveness -- and that this was Adam's chance to be honest. Adam insisted that he had been honest with Ashley, Nick, and Phyllis -- and that they didn't have any proof that he was guilty of gaslighting Ashley.

Victor said that Adam was either telling the truth, or was very devious. Adam said that he didn't know anything about the piece of purple cloth or Dr. Taylor's "disgusting past," but he said that he did know how Victor had been able to offer the highest bid to buy Jabot. Adam told Victor that if Victor and Nick kept making accusations against him, then Adam might be forced to tell the authorities about the scheme that he, Victor, and Nick had been involved in to assure that Victor submitted the highest bid for Jabot. Victor stood up, got into Adam's face, and told him that if Adam exposed the Jabot scheme, then Adam would go down too. Victor warned Adam that if he were guilty of gaslighting Ashley, the fallout from the revelation of the Jabot scheme would be nothing compared to what Victor would put Adam through.

Phyllis and Nick dined at the Athletic Club. Phyllis said that she understood why Ashley had trusted Adam the previous summer -- he had acted like he was her only friend. Nick said that Ashley had been Adam's biggest champion, and he didn't understand the motive for Adam's vendetta against Ashley. Phyllis thought that Adam was sick enough to have tormented Ashley for sheer fun. Nick was concerned that Adam might threaten to expose the Jabot scheme. Phyllis said that once Victor had proof that Adam had gaslighted Ashley, Adam wouldn't survive to expose anything.

The Newmans finished dinner and discussed what they had been through recently -- they had each found out that the other had been keeping secrets, and they had gone through another "Sharon crisis," yet their marriage had survived stronger than ever. They thought that was reason to celebrate. Phyllis reminded Nick that Summer was at home with the babysitter. The couple ran to the front desk and got a room, where they made love.

Tucker told Katherine that she was grasping at straws with her theory that he had bribed the Cultural Minister of Yugoslavia with a painting worth millions, in exchange for the minister giving preferential radio and television time to a rock band that Tucker managed. He insisted that Alexander Thomas, the Cultural Minister, had admired the painting, and Tucker merely loaned it to him. Katherine didn't believe Tucker's story. She said that Thomas was extremely wealthy, and didn't need to borrow art.

Katherine asked Tucker why, after 25 years, he hadn't gotten the painting back from Thomas. Tucker said that he had forgotten about it. Katherine told Tucker that she had done some research and learned that the painting had been transferred from Tucker's insurance policy to Thomas' policy, so, despite there not being any record of sale, Thomas was considered the painting's owner.

Tucker, realizing he was cornered, said that perhaps he had presented the painting to Thomas as a gift. Katherine said that the Department of Justice had a name for gifts worth millions of dollars -- international corporate bribery, which was punishable under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Tucker said that was the way that business had been conducted back then. He insisted that he wasn't a criminal, but Katherine said that the Department of Justice might disagree. She said that if what she knew were made public, Tucker's investors would run for the hills, and that it could be the end of his empire. Katherine, referring to Tucker's recent machinations, said that she knew how it felt to see one's life's work go down the drain.

Tucker wondered when Katherine was going to take her information to the authorities. He told her that, if she went public, it would be an unexpected bump in the road for him -- that his war with Katherine wouldn't be over. Katherine said that it was only a war if both sides were willing to fight. She told Tucker that she wasn't in this to win, and that, unless Tucker decided to make their conversation public, she wasn't going to tell anyone about what Tucker had done. Katherine walked away, leaving Tucker speechless and confused.

Katherine went to visit Victor at the ranch. She told him that trying to find information to use against Tucker was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, but that she had finally found something that she could use. Victor said that they should go in for the kill and take Tucker down. Katherine said that she had approached Tucker with the chance to destroy the man who had nearly destroyed her -- but that she walked away from the opportunity.

Victor wondered why Katherine wasn't going to use her information against Tucker, particularly after Tucker had manipulated and deceived her. Katherine said that she had been determined to beat Tucker and that she wanted to "grind his face" into the information that she had uncovered. She told Victor that when she confronted Tucker, all of a sudden she felt like she wasn't looking at Tucker McCall -- she felt like she was looking at her son.

Victor said that Tucker's being Katherine's son didn't give him the right to destroy her company. Katherine thought that Victor would understand, and reminded him that Adam had forged evidence that sent Victor to prison on a fake murder rap, but that Victor had forgiven him. She wondered how different Adam's relationship with Victor would have been if Victor had been around while Adam was growing up -- she also wondered how differently Tucker might have turned out if she hadn't given him up for adoption as an infant. Katherine was certain that her abandoning Tucker was what made him the person he had become.

Adam found Tucker deep in thought at the Athletic Club's bar. Adam asked him if he was still looking to hire a Vice President of European Operations. When Tucker asked Adam if he had someone in mind for the position, Adam said that he wanted the job -- and was available to leave immediately. Tucker said that he appreciated Adam's enthusiasm -- but he had plans for Adam in Genoa City. Adam asked Tucker what he was planning. Tucker said, "For starters, put a hold on the sale of Chancellor Industries' companies."

At the Hellstroms', Victoria and J.T. continued to argue. Victoria insisted that she hadn't wanted to leave Reed behind in Genoa City when she went on her business trip to Dubai -- in fact, she had wanted to take the boy. She said that she had to stay in Dubai longer than she had originally intended because she had to close a deal for Newman Enterprises. J.T. said that showed that Victoria put her work before her son.

Victoria reminded J.T. that he used to respect and support her work. J.T. said that if he had to choose between Reed and working for Tucker McCall, he would choose Reed. Victoria said that she wanted J.T. to move off of the ranch. J.T. said that he wouldn't be pushed out of his son's life -- not by Victoria, by a judge, or by Victor. J.T.'s phone rang -- it was Kevin asking J.T. to go to Crimson Lights to help out with the search for Jana. After he hung up, J.T. explained to Victoria that Jana was missing and that he was going to help look for her. Although sympathetic to Jana's plight, Victoria was stunned that J.T. was walking out in the middle of a conversation about their marriage. J.T. said that the conversation was over. After J.T, left, a teary-eyed Victoria stared at a photograph of Reed.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and his family continued their search for Jana. A missing person poster of Jana hung prominently in the coffeehouse. Daisy sat at a table and listened in as Gloria told Kevin that Jeffrey was handing out flyers at the Twin Lakes Mall. Kevin said that he was going nuts -- but Gloria urged him to remain hopeful.

Michael showed up and told Kevin that Chance had gotten the police to file a missing person report, and Chance had also added her to a nationwide missing person database. Michael reported that the police had tried to locate Jana by triangulating her cell phone signal, but that Jana's phone was turned off. Michael told his brother that there hadn't been any activity on Jana's credit cards. Kevin said that he knew something was wrong, because Jana never turned her phone off.

Daisy approached Kevin, Gloria, and Michael and said that she wished she could be more helpful, but that she had been at work and then had gone to the coffeehouse the night that Jana went missing. Before she walked away, Daisy assured Kevin that they would find Jana. After Daisy was gone, Gloria said that there was something about Daisy that bothered her. Michael told Gloria to forget about Daisy, and Ryder as well, as they both had solid alibis for the time when Jana disappeared. Near the front door, Daisy smiled and picked up a pile of the missing person flyers.

Kevin told Michael and Gloria that J.T. was on his way over to help out. Gloria was happy to hear that -- she said that J.T. knew "a thing or two" about investigating. Michael and Gloria began asking Kevin about Jana's health, and whether or not she had visited her doctor recently. Kevin realized that his mother and brother were tiptoeing around the issue of whether Jana's tumor might have returned. Kevin said that Jana had been to the doctor recently, and a CT scan had shown no sign of brain tumor growth.

Michael received a text message from Chance -- Jana wasn't at any of the area hospitals or morgues. Kevin pessimistically said that perhaps Jana was lying in a ditch, and her body hadn't yet been found. Gloria told Kevin to stay positive, and reminded him that Jana had never given up hope when Kevin had gone missing.

J.T. arrived at the coffeehouse to help with the search, and asked Kevin to tell him what they had learned so far. Kevin said that he had heard that if a missing person wasn't found within 48 hours of their disappearance, then it was unlikely that they would ever be found. J.T. said that the longer that someone was missing, the colder the trail got, but he told Kevin that didn't mean that they wouldn't find Jana.

Gloria handed Kevin a cup of hot chocolate -- she said it used to comfort him when he was a little boy. Kevin told his mother that Jana had wanted to speak with him many times recently -- but he had told her that he didn't want to talk. Gloria insisted that Kevin would have a chance to make it up to Jana. Kevin nervously played with his wedding ring.

Victoria called Michael and told him that her divorce from J.T. was going to be messier than she had originally thought. She apologized for interrupting Michael's search for Jana. Michael said that there wasn't much going on, and that he could meet with her at her house right away.

Michael went to the Hellstroms', where Victoria told him that she was worried that J.T. might try to get custody of Reed. She said that she couldn't live with J.T. much longer. Michael reminded Victoria that Sharon owned the Hellstroms' house, and that Victoria didn't have the right to throw J.T. out. Michael said that if Victoria tried, it wouldn't look good for her in court. At Crimson Lights, J.T. called a divorce lawyer and made an appointment.

Daisy went to Trumble's to speak with Ryder. She showed him the missing person flyers. Ryder said that Kevin must be worried sick. Daisy said that Kevin had to be stopped -- that the police were getting involved. Ryder wondered why Daisy seemed angry with Kevin. She blamed Kevin for not stopping Jana's investigation of Ryder and Daisy's backgrounds. Daisy threw the missing person flyers into the trash, and told Ryder that they had to move on to Plan B. She said that Kevin would soon be able to stop wondering what had happened to Jana.

In her outdoor "prison cell," Jana screamed for help, "What do you want from me?" She then told herself to be strong and to save her strength. Ryder showed up, and stood on the other side of the bars. He had some bags containing food and clothes for Jana. Jana told Ryder that she had been right about him and Daisy. She said, "You're bloody twins." Jana also said that she knew who Daisy and Ryder's mother was.

Ryder asked Jana if she was scared. She said that she wasn't. Ryder said that Jana should be afraid. He blamed Jana's predicament on Jana, saying that she had kept digging for information -- so he and Daisy had given the information to her. He wondered if it had all been worth it.

Jana said that she knew that Ryder's "tough guy" routine was just an act. She told Ryder that she knew that he cared about Kevin -- and that Kevin cared about him, too. She urged Ryder to return her to Kevin, saying that Ryder would be hailed as a hero if he did. Jana swore that she wouldn't say anything about Ryder's role in her abduction. Ryder said, "You know who our mother is. Do you honestly think you'll ever get out of here?

Not far from Jana's cell, Ryder met up with Daisy. He told her that Jana was sick and had a terrible headache. Daisy said that Jana was probably faking -- or that perhaps her brain tumor was growing back. Daisy told Ryder that Jana had been convicted of murder -- but that she had been cleared when it was learned that she had a personality-changing brain tumor. Daisy took the bag containing Jana's clothes from Ryder. Ryder asked Daisy what she was going to do. Daisy said that she was going to make Jana disappear.

Later, Daisy donned a wig that resembled Jana's hair. She called a hotel, and, using a British accent, reserved a hotel room under the name "Jana Fisher." After Daisy hung up, Ryder said that he couldn't believe that Daisy was going through with the plan. Daisy said, "It's time Kevin faced the cold, hard truth. His loving wife wasn't abducted -- she left him."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

At Tucker's loft, Victor reviewed the sales agreement for his purchase of Jabot. Tucker wondered if there had been any word from Jack, who was trying to block the sale. Victor assured Tucker that Jack was just "blowing smoke." Tucker told Victor that he had a face-to-face meeting with Katherine, and she had said something that Tucker wasn't sure that he believed. Victor said that he had been friends with Katherine for a long time, and that she usually kept her word.

Victor signed the sales agreement and shook hands with Tucker. Michael called Victor to tell him that a judge was going to hold a hearing on the merit of Jack's argument that the sale of Jabot to Victor should be stopped. Tucker received a text message from his lawyer, which contained the same information. Tucker told Victor that he wouldn't be attending the hearing, as he was going to Washington, DC, but that Adam would be able to testify that nothing inappropriate had occurred with the sealed bids for Jabot. Victor said that Jack was incorrigible, and, since there was no proof of impropriety, Jack wouldn't be able to block the sale.

Victor told Tucker that Jack was a sore loser, who was always coming up with conspiracy theories to justify his own business failures. Tucker told Victor that the situation was simple -- Jabot had gone to the highest bidder. Victor said that as soon as Jack's arguments were proved moot, Victor was going to have the judge who agreed to hear the case thrown off the bench.

Tucker admired Victor's moxie -- he said that he and Victor, as successful billionaire businessmen, had to view themselves as invincible. Victor said that he had hurt quite a few people, including some he loved, while climbing to the top of the corporate ladder. Tucker said that they had that in common.

Victor wondered if Tucker had ever promised himself to live his life in a less ruthless fashion. Tucker told Victor that he had once been caught in an avalanche with five other people, and he had been the only survivor. Tucker said that he had re-examined his life and promised himself that he was no longer going to try to win at any cost -- but that had only lasted about six months. Victor chuckled and said that he and Tucker were "cut from the same wood." Victor told Tucker that it had been nice doing business with him, then left.

Victor went to Genoa City Memorial to see Patty. Of course, Victor didn't know that the comatose woman lying in the bed was actually Emily. Victor walked up to the bed and said, "Patty? It's Victor. The man you shot in the park instead of Jack. Do you believe in karma?"

Victor bared his soul to the unconscious "Patty." He told her that he had very few regrets in his life, but that he wished that he hadn't led her to Genoa City. Victor said that he never thought that Patty would harm his family -- particularly Summer. Victor admitted that Phyllis might be right -- that Victor was responsible for what had happened to his granddaughter. Victor told "Patty" that, when he had invited her to Genoa City, he had promised to protect her, but instead, her return had opened old wounds and caused her pain.

Victor said that he had wanted to punish Jack for what Jack had done by using Adam to get to Victor, but, instead, Victor had ended up being punished. He told "Patty" that he wished he had looked past his loathing of Jack, and that he deeply regretted Colleen's death. Victor said that he should have realized how sick Patty was -- that he was sorry for everything that had happened, and that he wished that things had turned out differently.

As he prepared to leave, Victor told the still-unconscious Emily that he would arrange the best care that money could buy for her. His parting words were, "Jack Abbott is not worth it." After Victor left, Emily opened her eyes and said, "Jack."

At the Restless Style office, Cane, Lily, Billy, and Jill looked on as Malcolm showed them the photographs of Lily that he had taken. Jill said that the pictures were extraordinary -- Malcolm replied that the subject was extraordinary. Cane admitted that even though he had initially been against the photo shoot, Malcolm had done a nice job.

Malcolm said that he planned a follow-up piece on the bond that had developed between Mac and Lily as Mac carried Lily's twins. Lily told Malcolm to hold off -- she didn't want to make Mac's pregnancy public until Lily knew the results of the PET scan that she was scheduled for later that day. Lily said that the scan would show whether her cancer was in remission, or had spread. Billy took Jill aside and told her that the story about Lily was great, but that it wouldn't sell magazines. Jill said that they didn't have enough dirt on Tucker to put him on the cover. Billy said that they would have to dig deeper.

Billy told the group that they needed to leave for Delia's birthday party at the Chancellor mansion. He invited Malcolm to join them. Malcolm initially declined, but after Lily's urging, decided to go. The group left.

At the Abbott mansion, Patty, disguised as Emily, read from Emily's self-help book, "There are often unforeseen consequences for breaking someone's trust." To herself, Patty said that Emily should have thought about that before becoming involved with Jack. Jack walked through the living room, as he talked on his cell phone. He excitedly said, "The judge will hear us today?"

Ashley showed up at the mansion and said that it was the big day. Patty thought that Ashley was talking about Delia's birthday party, but Ashley reminded her that it was the day that Emily's surprise was arriving. Patty looked terrified, because she still had no idea what the surprise was.

Jack told Ashley and Patty his news -- that the judge was going to hear his motion to block the sale of Jabot to Victor later that day. Patty said that she was eager to stick it to Victor "where the sun didn't shine." Ashley said that she was seeing a new side of "Emily." Jack said that "Emily" had loosened up quite a bit since their wedding. Patty said that Victor had wronged her husband, and that Victor should pay. Jack went upstairs to grab Delia's birthday gift before the three of them left for the Chancellor mansion. When Jack was upstairs, Ashley again mentioned the surprise that Emily had arranged for Jack. She said that she couldn't wait to see Jack's face when he saw the surprise.

Neil went to see Katherine at the Chancellor mansion. He told her that he wished that she could have seen the expression on Tucker's face after she had told him that she knew that Tucker had bribed the Yugoslavian Cultural Minister. Katherine shocked Neil when she told him that she had decided not to use Tucker's violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act against Tucker. She said that she had fully intended to crush Tucker, but then changed her mind when she remembered that she had abandoned him as a baby.

Neil wondered if Tucker had played the "guilt card." Katherine said that he hadn't -- that he was as surprised as she was at her decision to keep their conversation quiet. Neil told Katherine that Tucker was planning on dismantling Chancellor Industries -- and that she had to use the information if she wanted to save her company.

At the Athletic Club, Chloe told Chance that she couldn't believe that it was Delia's first birthday. Chloe talked about how her life had changed during the previous year -- that she hadn't been expecting to meet a man like Chance -- and how she had ditched the bad boy, Billy, for the soldier, Chance. When Chloe said that Chance was like a father to Delia, Chance was quick to reply that he wasn't looking to take Billy's place. Chloe admitted that Billy had been doing a good job recently as Delia's dad.

Chloe and Chance arrived at the Chancellor mansion, which was decorated with pink balloons. Jack, "Emily," and Ashley soon followed. Ashley introduced "Emily" to Esther. Katherine announced that Murphy and Neil weren't going to be able to attend the party.

Patty joined Chloe in the dining room, where Chloe was putting Delia's cake on a plate. Chloe reminded Patty that Jack's surprise was arriving that day -- Chloe wondered if Jack suspected anything. Chloe said that not every woman would be as generous as Emily was being. Patty, desperate for information, tried to get Chloe to talk about the surprise, but she didn't reveal any useful information. Chloe said she was sure that Jack was going to be blown away.

In the living room, Jack told Katherine that the sale of Jabot to Victor wasn't yet official, and that Jack was trying to stop it. Katherine wished Jack and Ashley luck in their quest to regain control of the company. Jack said that it would take more than luck -- that it was going to take an army of lawyers. Katherine remained silent when Jack said that she could probably empathize with him losing the family company.

Lily, Cane, Billy, Jill, and Malcolm arrived. Esther offered Lily a drink, but Lily declined, since she needed to refrain from food and beverage before her PET scan. She decided to admire the cake in the dining room. Cane asked Katherine if she had met with Tucker and told him that she knew about Tucker's bribing the Yugoslavian official. Cane was surprised when Katherine told him that she wasn't going to reveal the information to the Department of Justice authorities. He told Katherine that she wasn't thinking clearly about the situation.

Billy helped Delia blow out her birthday candle, then showered his daughter with gifts. Jack thought that Billy had overdone it, and asked Patty if Genoa City Memorial's children's ward took donations. Patty said that she thought they did. Chance gave Delia a rag doll. Billy sarcastically said, "You went all out," but Ashley defused the situation by telling everyone that, as a little girl, her rag doll had been her favorite toy. Chance received a phone call. His tone became serious and he said that he had to leave for work immediately.

Jill wondered why Katherine wasn't her usual "crotchety self." She asked Katherine why she was at home, instead of trying to stop that "weasel," Tucker. Katherine walked away. Cane approached Jill and told her to leave Katherine alone. Jill correctly guessed that Katherine had dug up some information. She told Cane that it wasn't too late for Katherine to stop Tucker.

Jill approached Katherine and told her that she knew that Katherine had information that she could use against Tucker. Katherine lied and said that Jill had been misinformed. Jill said that Katherine had to stop Tucker, particularly in light of what Tucker had done to Katherine. Katherine said that Jill wanted to see Tucker punished because of the way Tucker had treated Jill. Jill wondered why Katherine was allowing Tucker to roll over her. Katherine sternly told Jill to let it go.

Katherine rejoined the rest of the guests at the party, but Jill continued to ask Katherine what information she had on Tucker. Katherine refused to answer Jill. Chloe took Delia up for a nap, and the guests began to trickle out. Lily and Cane were planning on going straight to the hospital for Lily's PET scan, but Lily realized that she had left an important form at home. Malcolm volunteered to drive Lily to the hospital, while Cane returned to the Ashbys' to pick up the form. Lily asked him to stop by Crimson Lights and pick up some éclairs before he joined Lily and Malcolm at Genoa City Memorial. After Cane, Lily, and Malcolm left, Katherine received a call from Tucker. He wanted to see her immediately.

After all the party guests were gone, Tucker showed up at the Chancellor mansion. Katherine assumed that he was there to make sure that she had kept her promise to keep the information about his bribe secret. She assured Tucker that the information was safe with her. Tucker said that Katherine wasn't who he expected her to be.

Tucker looked around at the party decorations, and Katherine explained that it was Jill and Esther's granddaughter's birthday. Tucker said that his mother used to bake pineapple upside-down cake for his birthday. When Katherine said that she had never baked a cake, Tucker countered that his mother had never run a multi-billion dollar corporation. Katherine asked Tucker why he was there. He said that he owed Katherine for not reporting his transgression to the authorities -- and that he was putting a hold on selling off any more of Chancellor Industries' assets. Katherine's eyes welled up with tears, and she thanked him.

Back at the Restless Style office, Jill and Billy continued to try to dig up negative information on Tucker, to no avail. Billy wondered if Katherine had told Jill why Katherine wasn't willing to reveal the information she had on Tucker. Jill said that Katherine was acting like a "crazy old fool." Billy said that he wasn't giving up pursuing the story.

Chloe met up with Chance at Crimson Lights. He told her that Riggs, the escaped inmate who had stabbed Chance, was dead -- his body had been found in the river. Chance was upset that he was never going to find out what Riggs had been trying to tell him. Chloe, although not happy that a man had turned up dead, said that she was glad that Chance wouldn't be lured into anything dangerous. Looking defeated, Chance suggested that they go home.

At Genoa City Memorial, Lily handed her jewelry to Malcolm in preparation for her PET scan. Lily was nervous about what the scan might show, but Malcolm assured Lily that everything would be fine. Lily wondered where Cane was.

At Crimson Lights, Cane was about to leave with a box of éclairs when a group of immigration officers, including the man who had called him "David Belford" at the Athletic Club the previous day, approached him. The man said, "Ethan Ashby, we're from the Department of Detention and Deportation. You're in the country illegally." Cane tried to explain that his wife had cancer and was about to undergo an important procedure, but the officers weren't interested. After Cane was handcuffed, he asked if he could call Lily.

Jack headed inside the Abbott mansion to get his papers for court. Outside the front door, Ashley told Patty that she had just received a text that everything was on schedule with her surprise for Jack. Patty nervously asked if Ashley thought that Jack would like the surprise. Ashley told Patty to see for herself, and the women entered the mansion.

Inside the mansion, a little boy called out, "Daddy!" to Jack. Jack was stunned to see Kyle, his son with Diane Richards. Jack and Kyle hugged. Ashley smiled, while Patty had no idea what was going on. Kyle said that he remembered his Aunt Ashley, and gave her a hug. Jack wondered if Ashley had set this surprise visit up, but Ashley said that Jack's wife had. Patty said, "Surprise!"

Jack said that he couldn't ask for a better gift. Ashley received a message from the babysitter that Faith had a fever, and Ashley left. Kyle told Jack that he had spoken to "Emily" on the phone, and that she was nice. Jack said that she was more than nice -- that she was a very special lady.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Lily rushed from the hospital to see Cane, who was being detained at the Department of Homeland Security. Cane told his wife that the department wanted to deport him. Lily wanted to know why. Cane said that he had arrived in the United States under false pretenses. Lily thought that, since Cane had married an American citizen, he would be immune from deportation.

Cane explained that he had used Phillip's social security number and was masquerading as an American citizen when he had married Lily, which was a deportable offense. Cane was upset that Lily had postponed her PET scan in order to be by his side. He was sure that Neil and Malcolm would be furious -- and he said that he wouldn't blame Lily if she was angry. Lily said that she wasn't upset -- and she wasn't going to let "them" take Cane away from her.

Lily left the holding room to try to get some information on Cane's situation, but returned to the room and reported to Cane that she had just been shuffled from one bureaucrat to another. Cane was afraid that Lily was getting too stressed out. The frustrated Lily said that he had a sick wife and twins on the way, and that they had to fight the ridiculous attempt to deport him. Cane said that he was touched by how fired up Lily was -- but he insisted that she return to the hospital for her scan. Lily said that she wasn't going to do anything unless Cane was by her side.

Lily spoke with a lawyer on the phone, and told Cane the lawyer was going to fight to have Cane released. Cane blamed himself for the situation. Lily reminded Cane of their New Year's Eve promise to each other -- that they weren't going to look back at the past -- only towards the future. A guard showed up, letting Lily and Cane know that it was time for Lily to leave. Lily assured Cane that they would beat this, and promised that she would see him first thing the next morning.

Victor went to the Wilsons' Athletic Club suite to find Adam and make sure that his son was going to be at the hearing regarding the legality of Newman Enterprises' purchase of Jabot. Sharon initially acted as if she didn't know that the estrangement between Adam and Victor was merely a charade, but then told Victor that Adam had told her what had been going on. Victor sternly warned Sharon that Adam had better be at the courthouse at 2:00 p.m. Sharon assured Victor that Adam would be there, as he would do anything to get back into Victor's good graces.

In the Athletic Club's dining room, Phyllis, using a southern accent, called Dr. Taylor's lawyers and pretended to be an obstetrician at Duke University who wanted access to Taylor's papers for possible inclusion in Duke's medical library. Nick joined Phyllis while she was on the phone, and got a chuckle hearing Phyllis' accent. After Phyllis hung up, Nick said that he doubted that Taylor's lawyers would give Phyllis access to his personal papers, which were stored in Genoa City. Phyllis told Nick that, by looking through Taylor's papers, she was sure that she could dig up some dirt on Adam.

Victor approached the table and picked up Nick for their courtroom appearance. When Victor and Nick were gone, Phyllis called Sharon and asked her to meet Phyllis in the dining room. Sharon initially refused, but changed her mind when Phyllis said that, if Sharon didn't want to meet with her, then Phyllis would continue with her plan on her own.

Sharon joined Phyllis in the dining room. Phyllis said that she had a solid lead that would show Sharon just the kind of man that Adam was. Sharon told Phyllis to get a job or a hobby, as she was tired of Phyllis' harassment. Sharon was about to leave, but Phyllis said that she was expecting a phone call that would lead to proof that Adam and Taylor had a very "twisted" relationship.

Sharon wanted to know what made Phyllis think that Sharon would sneak behind Adam's back. Phyllis said that it was one thing for Sharon to defend Adam -- but it was another thing for Sharon to be living in a state of denial. Sharon asked why Phyllis was doing so much snooping. Phyllis said that it was because she cared, and that Adam was a freak -- a sick man who got off on other people's suffering. She warned Sharon that the longer she stayed with Adam, the worse it would be for Sharon. Phyllis wondered if anything that she was saying was getting through to Sharon.

Phyllis said that she wanted Sharon in on her investigation of Adam. Phyllis promised that, if she turned out to be wrong, she would drop it. However, if she were right, Sharon would finally realize that she needed to get away from Adam as quickly as possible -- or she might end up back at the psychiatric hospital.

Phyllis' cell phone rang, and, answering the call with her southern accent, Phyllis said that she would be right over to get the key. She asked Sharon if Sharon was ready to see which one of them was right about Adam. Sharon said that she was ready to get away from Phyllis and wait for Adam to return from court. Phyllis wondered why Sharon couldn't see what everyone else could -- that Adam was depraved. As Sharon began walking away, Phyllis said that she had given Sharon a chance. Phyllis called Nick and told him that, after his appearance in court, he should meet her at a local storage facility.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Jack continued with their happy reunion, as Patty, still disguised as Emily, watched in confusion. When Jack asked his son how he had gotten to Genoa City, Diane Jenkins entered the living room and said that Jack's wife could be very persuasive. Diane introduced herself to "Emily." Patty stared at Diane, her nemesis from so many years earlier. Diane said that she had been touched by Emily's emails about how much Jack missed his son. "Emily" said that she would do anything to try to make her husband happy.

"Emily" went to get some drinks for the group. Diane told Jack that "Emily" was a big improvement over that "red-headed witch," Phyllis. Jack told Diane to be nice. He informed Diane and Kyle that he had to leave for an important court appearance, but that he would only be gone for a short while. He took Kyle to the media room so that the boy could watch television while Jack was gone.

"Emily" returned with the drinks, Diane, of course unaware that she was speaking with Patty and not Emily, mentioned that she had learned that Emily was Patty's psychiatrist. Diane went on to bash the Patty she remembered, referring to her as a complete airhead. "Emily," her anger beginning to show, nearly spilled a drink on Diane. Diane said that she hadn't intended to disrespect Emily's skills as a psychiatrist, but that Patty was clearly beyond any help.

"Emily" asked Diane if Jack had loved Patty. Diane said that Jack had loved Jack -- that he had pretended to love Patty, and had married her only to prove to John that he was capable of leading a stable life, and thus worthy of Jabot's presidency. Diane told "Emily" that Patty was a child who never had a firm grip on reality. Referring to Diane, "Emily" said that Patty's issues might have arisen because another woman had stolen Jack from Patty. Feeling the tension, Diane left to go check on Kyle. Patty stared at the portrait of Emily and said, "This is all your fault. You had to bring that bitch Diane into my home."

At Genoa City Memorial, Paul sat next to the comatose Emily, who he believed to be Patty. He talked to her about how much fun he had ice-skating with Nina. "Patty" squeezed Paul's hand. Paul told "Patty" to squeeze his hand again if she could hear him. When she complied, Paul rushed into the hall and asked that Dr. Stanley be summoned -- Paul said that his sister was coming out of her coma.

Dr. Stanley arrived and told Paul that his sister's brain activity had increased, but that it was too soon to tell if "Patty" was waking up, or if she was just responding to the sound of Paul's voice. The doctor said that he was going to consult with a colleague about her condition, and told Paul to continue talking to his sister. After Dr. Stanley left, Paul said, "You're getting better. Don't give up on me. I'm right here." Paul then called "Emily" at the Abbott mansion and told her that there had been a chance in his sister's condition. He asked "Emily" to meet him at the hospital.

"Emily" arrived at the hospital and stared at "Patty" through the window in the door. Paul approached "Emily" and apologized for being so harsh on her the last time they had seen each other, when Paul had blamed "Emily" for his sister's suicide attempt. Paul said that "Patty" had squeezed his hand, and he thought that she was trying to say, "Emily." "Emily" said that she had been keeping her distance for everyone's sake, but that she was touched by the love that Paul had for his sister. She promised to take good care of "Patty."

"Emily" and Paul entered "Patty's" room. Paul told "Patty" that she had a surprise visitor -- Dr. Peterson. Paul said that Patty had missed Emily so much before her suicide attempt that she had tried to convince herself that she was Emily. "Emily" suggested that Paul leave -- she feared that "Patty" would be confused if she woke up and saw both her and Paul there. Paul said that Dr. Stanley had told him to stay there and keep talking to "Patty" to try to stimulate her mind.

Paul continued to talk to "Patty" about their childhood as "Emily" listened. "Emily" told Paul that he was exhausted and needed to take a break. Paul said that he was going to call his family and update them about "Patty's" condition. "Emily" agreed to stay in the room. When Paul left the room, "Emily" said to "Patty," "You're ruining everything. I put you in a coma, married Jack, and I still can't win. If anyone is going to have a baby with Jack, it's me. But now I have to be nice to that little bitch Diane and her runt son." "Emily" began crying and said, "I can't even talk to Paul, my best friend." "Patty" started to move her lips. "Emily" said, "What are you mumbling? It had better be your prayers, because I'm going to finish what I started." "Emily" was shocked when "Patty" suddenly opened her eyes.

"Patty" tried to speak, but wasn't able to. "Emily" closed the window blinds and said, "You're in the way, Dr. Peterson. One of us has to go -- guess what, it's you." "Emily" grabbed a pillow and began putting it over "Patty's" face.

Billy arrived at the courthouse for the hearing about the validity of the Jabot sale, and found that Victoria was already there. He said that he was ready for an old-fashioned Newman vs. Abbott brawl. Victoria said that, after the year she had been through, the last thing that she needed was more conflict. Billy felt that his previous year had been rougher than Victoria's, and the two began comparing notes. Victoria said that she had to go into exile because of Billy's Restless Style article about her relationship with Deacon. Billy said that half of Genoa City hated him, and that his daughter was on the verge of calling Chance, "Daddy."

The pair continued to try to top each other in the misery department -- Billy said that Mac, the love of his life, was having another man's twins. Victoria countered that Mac couldn't stay away from J.T. Out of the blue, Billy grabbed Victoria and kissed her. Victoria broke away, slapped Billy, and said, "What the hell is wrong with you?" Michael showed up in the courtroom, and asked if everyone was ready to "rock and roll."

Billy tried to talk to Victoria just as Nick and Victor arrived. Billy walked away. Victor asked his daughter if Billy had been bothering her. Victoria responded that Billy was simply acting like his usual adolescent self. Victor said that he couldn't stand Billy, and that if Billy was bothering her, Victor wanted to know about it.

Victoria asked Nick if Michael knew that Adam was Victor's spy at Chancellor Industries. Nick said that Michael was in the dark. Victoria was concerned that Michael might end up being blindsided during the hearing. Michael joined the conversation and told the Newmans that Jack was probably going to make a lot of noise during the hearing. Michael was also concerned about Adam -- since Michael believed that Adam and Victor were feuding.

Victoria agreed that Adam might cause trouble. Victor said that he hadn't done anything wrong, and that, if Adam stated otherwise, Adam would find himself in the biggest trouble he had ever been in. Nick wondered where Adam was. Michael said that, as a witness, Adam couldn't enter the courtroom until he was called to testify.

The judge entered the courtroom and the hearing began. The judge asked Jack if he thought that all ten sealed bids had been compromised, or if it had just been the Abbott family's bid. Jack responded that he suspected that Victor had secretly gained access to all of the bids, which allowed Victor to submit the winning bid just moments before the deadline. The judge asked where Tucker McCall was. Michael responded that Tucker was out of town, but that he had submitted an affidavit swearing that the bids had been sealed and locked in his desk.

The judge asked Jack how he thought Victor had gained access to the bids. Jack said that Victor's son, Adam Wilson, was working undercover for Victor and fed his father the information about the bids. Victor said that he didn't have any spies at McCall Unlimited or Chancellor Industries -- and that he and Adam were estranged. When Jack said, "Or so he would have the world believe," the judge ordered Jack to be quiet. Victor said that he knew that the Abbott family's bid to buy Jabot would be extremely high, so he had submitted a bid that he suspected would be higher.

Jack asked that Adam be called into the courtroom to testify. Victor concurred -- he said that he didn't want to waste any more of the court's time. As the bailiff went to get Adam, Billy whispered to Jack that Adam would probably perjure himself. The bailiff returned and announced that Adam had not shown up. Everyone in the courtroom was stunned.

Later, in the hallway outside the courtroom, Michael told Victor that a delayed ruling was better than a ruling against them. Michael received a message about a lead on Jana's whereabouts, and he left. Nick and Victoria started to complain about Adam. Victor said that he was going to look for Adam. After Victor walked away, Jack exited the courtroom and asked Nick if Victor had gone off to "lick his wounds." Nick said that there weren't any winners or losers that day. Jack said that he did win something -- 30 days to find proof that Victor had inside knowledge of the bids.

Victoria returned to the courtroom for her eyeglasses, which she had left behind. She remembered Billy kissing her. Billy returned to the courtroom to retrieve his forgotten scarf. Billy asked Victoria if she wanted to talk about it. Victoria said, "Nothing happened." She stared at Billy and walked out of the courtroom.

In the Wilsons' suite, Sharon left a voicemail for Adam and told him that she hadn't heard from him, and that she was worried. Victor showed up demanding to know where Adam was. Sharon was shocked to learn that Victor hadn't heard from Adam. She told Victor that Adam had told her that he was going to the courthouse. Sharon worried that something might have happened to her husband. Victor wondered if Adam had skipped town. Sharon said that he hadn't -- that his clothes were still in the closet. Victor told Sharon that he hoped that she was right.

Victor met up with Michael at the Athletic Club. Michael said that he had to leave town for a few days to follow up on a lead about Jana's whereabouts. Victor said that he understood -- that family should be Michael's first priority. Michael told Victor that he had every investigator on the Newman Enterprises' payroll looking for Adam, but wondered why Victor was so anxious to find him.

Nick and Phyllis met at the storage facility, where Nick filled Phyllis on what had happened in court. The Newmans began rummaging through boxes, and Phyllis said that she had found something -- Skye Lockhart's journal. Phyllis looked through the journal and told Nick that Adam knew that Dr. Taylor had been molesting Skye. Nick wondered how Adam could have recommended a man like that to Ashley. He was concerned that, if Ashley learned about what Adam had done, that she might suffer another breakdown. Phyllis said that she would ask Jack for advice on how to broach the subject with Ashley.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack took Kyle for an outing, and left Diane alone in the living room, where she stared at the portrait of Emily. The doorbell rang. Diane went to answer it. Phyllis was at the door. Diane said, "Phyllis, we meet again."

Nick went to the Wilson's Athletic Club suite and was carrying a large envelope. Sharon told Nick that Adam wasn't there, and that she was worried about him. Nick said that he wasn't looking for Adam -- he was looking for her. He told her that there was something terrible about Adam that she needed to know.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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