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Tucker offered to make Katherine his equal partner at Chancellor Industries. A judge ordered that Cane be deported. Daisy secretly spiked Lauren's water with liquid ecstasy, and Lauren kissed Paul. Chance received a death threat.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 1, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, March 1, 2010

In Emily's room at Genoa City Memorial Hospital, Patty closed the blinds along the hallway wall and approached Emily, who was restrained in her bed. Patty announced that Dr. Peterson would have to go as she thrust a pillow into Emily's face. Emily emitted a blood-curdling scream. Paul rushed in to find the woman he believed was his sister awake from a coma. Emily said, "She's trying to kill me." Paul, confused, glanced at Patty, the woman he believed was his sister's doctor. Patty sighed disgustedly. Emily whispered, "Jack, I need Jack."

After Emily attempted to indicate that Patty was pretending to be her, Patty tried to leave. Paul reminded "Patty" that she'd tried to kill herself. Emily strained to speak and gasped, "She tried to kill me." Patty responded, "Obviously the ravings of a complete lunatic." Paul rebuffed the woman he believed was Dr. Peterson, and pointed out that her comment was harsh.

After Patty hastily left, Emily repeatedly told Paul who she was and became disgusted when Paul ignored her. Confused, Emily surveyed her surroundings and asked, "Where am I?" Paul gently admonished "Patty" for taking an overdose. Emily sobbed and pleaded with Paul to bring Jack to her room. Paul refused and said that Jack would make things worse.

After the doctor arrived, Paul told him that Patty seemed disoriented. Emily told the doctor that she wasn't Patty. Paul stepped out to talk to the doctor. In the hallway, Paul told the doctor that he kept "Patty's" mind on the present, so she wouldn't worry about returning to the institution. The doctor assured Paul that "Patty" would remain restrained if necessary. Paul sadly noted that "Patty's" recovery would take longer after her devastating setback.

Emily, restrained, tossed and turned in her bed and muttered, "Please help me." Paul returned and informed Emily that she would make a full recovery. Emily gasped, "You're not hearing me. You gave me a sedative." As Emily succumbed to the medication, Paul soothingly instructed her to rest.

At a snow-covered playground, Jack reminisced about playing with Kyle when he was a youngster. Kyle sadly admitted that he couldn't remember being with Jack. Kyle suggested that he and his father build a snowman, and Jack excitedly dived into the snow. Jack apologized to Kyle for not spending time with him as they wrapped a scarf around the neck of their snowman. Kyle nodded and shrugged. Jack was caught off guard when Kyle initiated a snowball fight.

At the Abbott mansion, Diane and Phyllis verbally sparred after Phyllis stopped by to see Jack. Diane explained that Jack's bride had arranged for him to spend time with Kyle. Phyllis accused Diane of using Kyle to torpedo Jack's marriage. Diane scoffed and claimed that she wasn't interested in rekindling her romance with Jack. Phyllis jeered that Diane was playing the part of a home wrecker perfectly, and she recalled that Diane stole Jack's sperm. Diane countered that she'd at least given Jack a child.

When Patty returned, she overheard Phyllis and Diane arguing. Diane blasted Phyllis for using Summer to hold on to Nick Newman. Patty grew increasingly disoriented and remembered that Diane had previously attempted to take Jack away from her. As Phyllis and Diane argued, Patty imagined the two women morphed into one threatening rival for Jack's affection. Phyllis visited with Kyle briefly when Jack and the boy returned. Patty flinched when Diane remarked that her son was handsome like his father. Jack asked Phyllis about her visit. Phyllis pulled on her coat and explained that she'd had something important to discuss but would wait until another time.

Diane whisked Kyle away to change out of his wet clothes. When Phyllis walked by Patty on her way out, she whispered, "Are you nuts?" Patty was startled. Phyllis added, "You must be a lot nicer than I thought, or you're crazy for bringing that woman into your house." After Phyllis left, Patty told Jack that "Patty" had awakened but was still delusional. Patty said, "She still thinks she's lost the love of her life. Some people never recover from that."

Diane prepared hot chocolate and joined Kyle, Jack, and Patty in the sitting room. Patty frustratingly noticed that Diane sat cozily on the sofa with Jack and Kyle. Diane told Patty that they might have a chance to visit during her and Kyle's next visit. Patty seemed anxious and remained aloof.

Diane announced that it was time to leave, and Kyle proudly proclaimed that Jack would attend the next father-and-son function with him. Diane kissed Jack, and Kyle promised to let Jack know that they made it home safely. Mounting stress seemed to exhaust Patty. Jack praised Patty for not being jealous and allowing him to build a relationship with his son. Jack embraced Patty and said, "You know me better than anyone, Emily Peterson." Patty, with her fist tightened and her arms around Jack, glared at the photograph of Emily. Jack said, "I knew marrying you would change my life."

Patty kissed Jack, but flashing images of Diane kissing Jack, Phyllis and Jack making love on the sofa at the tack house, and the appalling discovery of Jack and Emily's engagement announcement haunted her. After Jack went upstairs to await making love to his wife, Patty addressed Emily's photo and snarled, "How much more of this do you think I can take? Fist Diane, then Phyllis, then you—you all want Jack, but you can't have him because he's mine." Patty nearly lost her composure, but she took a few deep breaths and remembered how Paul used to calm her when they were at the lake. Jack returned to see why his wife hadn't come upstairs. Patty wiped tears off her face, smoothed her hair with her fingers, and ran to Jack's open arms.

Daisy and Ryder approached Jana, still imprisoned in a barred cell. Daisy taunted Jana and claimed that no one would ever find her in such a remote location. Jana, angry, charged toward Daisy and cried, "Kevin will never stop looking for me." Daisy replayed Jana's comment after covertly recording it on her cell phone. Jana was horrified after Daisy announced her edited words would become a knife in Kevin's heart after she utilized Jana's own words to thwart Kevin's overt attempts to find his missing wife.

Daisy, wearing a long, dark wig and trench coat, walked into a Chicago hotel room carrying half a dozen shopping bags. She phoned Ryder and told him that she'd completed step one of their plan and would move on to phase two. Ryder snapped that they weren't in a spy movie. Daisy, annoyed, informed Ryder that she was saving their butts. Daisy claimed that if her plan worked, Ryder would never have to worry about Kevin again. After Daisy spoke to Ryder, she used the phone in her hotel room to call Kevin. Daisy replayed Jana's recorded statement, which was altered to deliver a disheartening message.

Jana correctly guessed that Ryder's caller was Daisy, and that he wasn't happy with his sister. Jana cradled her head in her hands and moaned pitifully. Regaining her composure, Jana insisted that Ryder wasn't like his sister. Jana added, "You know this is wrong, but you could do something about it." Ryder mumbled, "Nice speech," before callously walking away. Jana screamed, "Ryder, don't go, please."

After Ryder scurried away, Jana sat on the ground with her hand over her heart. Jana twisted her wedding band and implored Kevin to feel how much she missed him. Jana addressed Kevin from afar and urged him not to trust anything that Ryder and Daisy might try to make him believe. Jana cried, "Please know that I love you and miss you very much." Jana sat hunched against the bars of her cell when Ryder returned. Ryder gave Jana a bottle of pain reliever and a bottle of water. Jana took the pills and the water and thanked Ryder. Ryder remained emotionally distant and fled without conversing with Jana.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin worried about Jana and wasn't as positive as Gloria was about Michael's leads in Minneapolis panning out. Gloria shot a video of Kevin pleading for help to find Jana. Kevin planned to upload the video to View-Click. Unshaven and a bit bleary-eyed, Kevin displayed a poster about Jana's disappearance as he addressed the camera. Kevin told prospective viewers that perhaps Jana was hurt or in trouble after assisting someone in need. Kevin instructed viewers to phone the police to report information about Jana.

Despondent, Kevin wished that he could receive a sign assuring him that Jana was all right. Gloria comforted her son and implored him to send positive energy into the universe, just as Jana would do. Chance phoned to report that Jana's credit card had been used at stores in Chicago. Gloria was elated and said that they at least knew where Jana was. Kevin remained uncertain and said that even though Jana's credit card was in Chicago, it didn't mean that Jana was there.

Kevin nearly jumped out of his skin when his phone rang. Kevin answered and heard Jana's voice say, "Stop looking for me." Gloria raced to Kevin's side, and he explained that he'd heard Jana's voice telling him to stop looking for her. Gloria asked why Jana would say such a thing. Kevin insisted that Jana wouldn't have said it unless someone had forced her.

After Kevin discovered that the call had originated from the Chicago Grand Hotel, he raced out the door and headed to Chicago. Kevin arrived at the hotel and knocked repeatedly on the room door. He called out to Jana and begged her to open the door. In the hallway, Daisy peeked out from behind a drapery panel and watched, as Kevin grew frustrated when no one responded to his repeated knocks.

In Sharon's suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Sharon looked disheartened after Nick told her that he had Skye Lockhart's diary to prove that Adam was a liar. Nick explained that Phyllis had gained access to Dr. Taylor's personal papers and had made copies. Sharon refused to believe Nick and asked why Dr. Taylor had Skye's diary. Nick suggested that Dr. Taylor had stolen it or that Skye might have given it to him to prove she had evidence against him. Sharon mocked Nick and claimed that he made up the diary.

Sharon railed at Nick and insisted the she didn't need to be saved from Adam. Sharon tried to leave her room, but Nick stopped her at the door and read a few entries from Skye's diary. Nick read, "Today I told Adam that Dr. Taylor had molested me. Typical Adam suggested we could blackmail the creep." Sharon, misty-eyed, didn't respond after Nick explained that Adam allowed Dr. Taylor into Ashley's life even though he knew what kind of man the doctor was.

After Sharon read Skye's diary, she admitted that Nick was right about Adam. Sharon recalled one particular instance Adam had mentioned from the diary account. Sharon added that Adam concealed that he'd taken Skye to a bar to help her forget the horror she'd endured from Dr. Taylor. Nick exclaimed that he wanted to kill Adam for what he'd done. Sharon explained that after Nick, Ashley, and Phyllis confronted Adam at the ranch, she'd insisted that he come clean. Instead, Adam told her to move out of town with him or leave him altogether.

Nick offered to help Sharon find a place to stay. Shaking he head, Sharon said that she couldn't understand why Adam would allow an unstable person near Ashley. Nick theorized that Adam's aim might have been to get at Victor by hurting Ashley. Sharon and Nick couldn't identify how Adam might have hurt Ashley, and Sharon recalled that Dr. Taylor held her hand the night she lost her baby. Nick insisted that Adam was immoral to expose Sharon and Ashley to Dr. Taylor, with his record of deviant behavior.

Sharon cried that she could no longer stomach the sight of Adam, and she admitted that she didn't know where Adam was. Nick offered to whisk Sharon away to safety, but Sharon refused. She claimed that she was certain of Adam's love for her and insisted that she would handle the situation after Adam returned. After Nick left, Sharon phoned Adam and left a message imploring him to come home. Poring over stacks of Skye's diary, Sharon said, "After the way you lied to me, you better come home and face me."

Phyllis met Nick at the Genoa City Athletic Club and told him about her uncomfortable encounter with Diane and Jack that had prevented her from telling Jack about the diary. Nick explained that Sharon didn't want his help, so she likely wouldn't want Jack's, either. Nick expressed relief that Sharon was leaving Adam. Phyllis slipped her hand into Nick's and smiled stiffly when Nick insisted that it was a good thing that Sharon and Adam were breaking up.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From the Athletic Club, Jill called Billy, who was waiting to see Cane at the Department of Immigration. Jill wasn't certain that Billy should be the person questioning Cane about the information that Katherine had on Tucker, since Cane wasn't a fan of Billy's. Billy convinced Jill that she was too distraught about Cane's impending deportation to Australia to question Cane. Jill agreed, and they hung up. Cane was escorted into the holding area to see Billy. Billy smiled and said, "Hi bro -- how are things?"

Billy told Cane that he wanted to know what Katherine had on Tucker, but Cane refused to tell Billy anything. He suggested that Billy talk to Katherine. Billy said that he had already tried to question Katherine, but she had said that she didn't think the information that she had was enough to take Tucker down. Billy said that Katherine was too forgiving of those who "screwed her over."

Billy told Cane to "man up" and reveal the information that could destroy Tucker. Cane became upset with Billy. Billy said that all of Cane's talk about helping Katherine was "crap." Cane said that he had promised Katherine that he wouldn't say anything about Tucker -- and that he wasn't going to break that promise -- especially for someone like Billy.

Billy wondered if Cane cared about how Tucker had treated Jill. Cane said that Billy should stop using "guilt trip psychology" -- Cane knew that Billy didn't really care about Jill's honor -- that all Billy cared about was getting his cover story for Restless Style. Billy said that Cane was about to deported -- and wondered if he wanted to be remembered as someone who had a chance to help Jill out, but hadn't.

Cane, reacting to what Billy said, told Billy that he loved Jill, but that he still wouldn't divulge the information that Katherine had on Tucker. Cane did, however, offer to give Billy a clue -- he told Billy how Katherine had obtained the information. He said that Billy should look at photographs of Tucker that showed famous paintings in the background. Billy didn't know what Cane was talking about. As a guard entered to take Cane away, Cane said that was more information than Katherine had when she had started her research. As Cane was led away, he told Billy to "figure it out."

Tucker showed up at the Chancellor mansion and gave Katherine the newspaper clipping and the magazine containing the pictures that implicated him in the Yugoslavian payola scandal. He told Katherine that his future was in her hands. Katherine invited him in and, after warning him not to carry copies of the incriminating photographs around, took the clipping and the magazine and put them in a file box.

Katherine and Tucker began discussing business -- he reminded her that he had stopped selling off pieces of Chancellor Industries. He told her that he would eventually consult with her about the future of the company, but that he hadn't dropped by to discuss business -- he wanted to know about his father, Arthur Hendricks. Katherine said that Arthur was a good man, that he would be astonished to learn that Tucker was his son, and happy to learn that Jill wasn't his daughter. Katherine explained that she was no longer in touch with Arthur. Tucker said that he knew that Arthur had left Genoa City because Jill had been convinced that Arthur had murdered his wife.

Katherine told Tucker that she didn't think that Arthur had murdered his wife. Tucker wondered why Katherine had never tried to find Arthur when Arthur left Genoa City -- Tucker knew that Katherine and Arthur had been engaged to be married. Katherine said that she had realized that she and Arthur could never have been happy together. Jill returned to the mansion and eavesdropped on Katherine and Tucker's conversation from the foyer.

Katherine talked about the past and said that, if Arthur had known that Katherine was pregnant with Tucker all those years earlier, he would have done the "honorable" thing and married her. Katherine said that she, Arthur, and Tucker would have ended up miserable -- that Arthur was not a "daring" man. Tucker said that he and his father must have had very different personalities. Katherine took Tucker's hand and said that his rebelliousness, risk-taking, and vindictiveness were traits that he had inherited from her. Jill entered the living room and, with a sarcastic tone, said that their conversation kindled old memories.

Jill said that it hadn't been that long since she had been welcomed as the prodigal child. Tucker asked Jill if she knew where Arthur was, but she said that she didn't have a clue. She guessed that the reason that Tucker had stopped by to visit Katherine was because he wanted to call a ceasefire -- and that Katherine was blackmailing him. Katherine and Tucker realized that Jill was just fishing for information on what Katherine knew about Tucker's past. Katherine said that Jill was just chasing rumors -- with no more success than she had chasing men.

Jill wondered why Katherine was protecting Tucker. Katherine, changing the subject, invited Tucker to take a tour of the estate. After Tucker and Katherine left, Billy called Jill and told her that they needed to find photographs of Tucker with a famous painting. Jill grabbed the file box and told Billy to meet her at the club.

Katherine finished showing Tucker around the grounds. Tucker understood that Katherine wouldn't have been able to raise him there, as her husband, Gary Reynolds, would have thrown both Katherine and Tucker out. Katherine made it clear that she hadn't given Tucker up for adoption so that she could remain on the lavish estate.

Tucker said, once again, that Katherine wasn't what he expected. Katherine said that she was glad, as she liked defying people's expectations. Tucker said that was something else that they had in common. Sharing a tender moment, Katherine admitted that she had made many mistakes in her life. Tucker said that he had as well -- and implied that he might like to patch up their relationship. On his way out, Tucker thanked Katherine for an "enlightening" evening -- and predicted that they might find something that they liked about each other. Katherine said that she already had.

Billy and Jill met at the Athletic Club. They went through the box of files that Jill had taken from the mansion. Jill wondered if Billy thought that Cane was sending him on a wild goose chase. Billy thought that Cane was genuinely interested in helping Jill. Jill and Billy got down to the work of finding photographs of Tucker with famous works of art. Billy found the newspaper clipping of Tucker with Alexander Thomas, the Yugoslavian Cultural Minister -- the valuable Simon Griffin painting was hanging on the wall in the background. Jill found the magazine article from years earlier, which included a photograph of Tucker in Tucker's office -- the same painting in the background.

Billy wondered what kind of business Tucker would have had with Alexander Thomas. He and Jill wondered if the painting belonged to Tucker or to Thomas. Jill began to put two and two together and realized that Tucker might have exchanged the painting for international airplay of the band he managed. She guessed that they might be looking at a payola scandal on a grand scale. Billy wondered if he finally had the cover story for the next issue of Restless Style.

Still imprisoned in her cage, Jana thanked Ryder for giving her a bottle of water. She surmised that Daisy must not have been there -- otherwise, Ryder wouldn't be treating her so nicely. Ryder began walking away as Jana yelled out for a blanket -- she said that it was cold in her cage.

When Ryder walked back, Jana said that her upbringing was not unlike Ryder's. She said that she also had an abusive father who was a criminal -- a man who had made her do unforgiveable things. Jana told Ryder that Kevin's forgiveness had completely changed her life. She said that if Ryder returned her to Kevin, Kevin would forgive Ryder -- and Ryder could have the real family that he had always wanted. Ryder handed Jana a blanket through the bars.

Jana thanked Ryder for the blanket, but he told her not to make a big deal about it. She said that it was a big deal -- it showed that he didn't like what Daisy was doing. Jana said that Daisy thought that kindness was a sign of weakness. Ryder said that he agreed with Daisy. Jana began talking about the abuse that Kevin and Ryder's father, Tom, must have subjected them to. She said that Kevin still had nightmares about being trapped in small spaces, and she wondered if Ryder did too.

Ryder said that was all a load of bull. Jana wondered how Ryder could defend Tom after what Tom had done to him. Ryder said that Tom had never laid a hand on him -- because Ryder never did anything to deserve it. Ryder claimed that Kevin, that "weak, snot-nosed little brat" was abused, but that he deserved everything that he got. Ryder claimed to have had a great childhood -- because Kevin had made him look good. Jana began crying.

At the hotel in Chicago, Daisy, wearing a black wig, watched as Kevin banged on the door of the room that Jana had allegedly taken. Chance showed up with the key that a security officer had given him. Entering the room, the guys noticed that it was messy, and it looked like people had been partying there. Chance found a man's suit in an armoire. Kevin found an item that belonged to Jana, which confirmed that she had been in the room. Seeing an empty champagne bottle in a bucket, Kevin told Chance that some sort of conspiracy was going on -- that Jana wasn't a party animal.

Kevin suspected that the scene had been staged. Chance asked Kevin if he was sure that it was Jana who had called him. When Kevin said that it had been her, Chance said that at least they knew that Jana was still alive. Chance told Kevin that he was going to the stores where Jana's credit cards had been used, to get a description of the person who had used the cards and to review the stores' surveillance videos. Kevin begged Chance to hurry -- he said that he knew that Jana was in trouble.

When Chance returned, he told Kevin that he had confirmed that it was indeed Jana who had used the credit cards. Chance said that the stores' proprietors had told him that Jana had been alone, and seemed to have been in a good mood. He informed Kevin that, according to the front desk, Jana had checked out. Chance thought that Jana was probably long gone, but Kevin said that he was going to tear the room apart to find out who was responsible for his wife's disappearance.

Chance received a text message. Kevin asked if it was about Jana, but Chance said that it concerned another case that he was working on, and that he had to return to Genoa City. Kevin told Chance that he appreciated all the help that Chance had given him. Before he left the room, Chance told Kevin that he didn't think that Kevin would find Jana at the hotel.

After Chance was gone, Kevin called Jana's voicemail and left a message saying that he was trying to find her at a Chicago hotel -- which had been staged to make it seem as if she had been with another guy. In Genoa City, Daisy, who had joined Ryder outside Jana's cell, played the rest of the message for Jana. Kevin said that Jana might never even get the message, but that he wanted her to know that he was never going to give up looking for her. He finished the message by saying that he was scared to death, but that he was not going to stop searching until he knew that Jana was safe. Ryder turned to Daisy and asked what they were going to do.

Daisy said that she would have to devise another plan to stop Kevin from searching for Jana. Daisy wondered what Tom would do. Ryder said that he would probably find a small, dark place and lock Kevin in it. Daisy wondered if that was what Jana wanted her and Ryder to do to Kevin. Daisy threw a pen and paper through the bars of Jana's cell, and told her to write a letter to Kevin, explaining why she left him.

Later, with Daisy gone, Ryder handed Jana a paper bag containing some food. He told her to cheer up -- that by writing the letter, she had saved Kevin's life. Jana told Ryder that she hated him -- and she hoped that one day Ryder would love someone and that they would love him back. She said that was the only way that Ryder would ever understand what a horrible thing he had just made her do.

At Fenmore's Boutique, Chloe shopped for Delia -- Amber waited on her. Amber said that she was worried about Jana, and wondered if Chloe had heard from Chance. Before Chloe had a chance to answer, Lauren, looking terrible, emerged from the back room and asked Amber if she had taken care of an incoming delivery. Amber said that it was the next thing on her list of things to do. Lauren, clearly thoroughly irritated, told Amber not to bother -- that she would take care of it herself.

Chloe noticed that Lauren was in pain, and asked her if she was okay. Lauren said that she had a horrible headache, and that it would pass. Amber entered from the back room and told Lauren that the delivery had been delayed by a snowstorm and would be at the store the next day. Lauren became extremely agitated and told Amber to call and deal with the customer who had been waiting for a dress in the shipment. Seeing that Lauren was distressed, Amber began saying, "I'm telling you this as your friend..." Lauren snapped that Amber wasn't her friend -- that she was her employee. Lauren suddenly said that Amber wasn't her employee either -- she told Amber to get her things, and said, "You're fired."

Chloe offered to take Lauren to the doctor. Lauren, who was freaking out, said that she couldn't leave the store -- she had no one to cover the shift. Amber suggested that she call Daisy, but Lauren said that Daisy was working on a school project. On the verge of passing out, Lauren screamed, "I don't have anyone. Oh, my God! I don't know what's the matter with me." Chloe was going to call Michael, but Lauren said that she didn't want Michael to see her in the state that she was in.

Lauren finally agreed to allow Amber to call her doctor. Amber went to get the doctor's phone number from Lauren's address book. Chloe told Lauren that everything was going to be okay. Lauren apologized for her behavior and said that she didn't know what was wrong with her.

Chance called Chloe to tell her that it looked like Jana was okay -- but that she might have run off with another man. Chance said that Kevin wouldn't accept that theory. He asked Chloe if Amber was there -- Chance told her that Kevin was going to need all of his friends that night.

Lauren began to calm down. Chloe said that Lauren's pain would have sent anyone over the edge. Amber reported that Lauren's prescription was on the way. Lauren thanked Amber and told her it was okay to go. Amber and Chloe insisted that they would stay until Lauren's medication arrived. Lauren apologized to Amber and said, "You are so not fired. Go and support Kevin." Chloe told Amber that Chance had called to tell her that it looked like Jana had run off with another man.

After Amber and Chloe were gone, Daisy showed up at the boutique. Lauren told her that she hadn't been feeling well, but that the doctor had prescribed some medication for her headache. Lauren asked Daisy how her school project was going. Daisy said that it wasn't quite done -- that she had run into a little snag -- but she was back on track. Lauren asked Daisy for a glass of water so that she could take her pill. Daisy pulled out a vial and, using an eyedropper, added something to Lauren's water. Lauren downed the pill with the spiked water.

Amber, Chloe, Kevin, and Chance met at Crimson Lights. Chloe said that it seemed unlikely that Jana would leave her family and friends behind for someone she had never mentioned before. Chance asked Amber if Jana had confided anything to her about another man in her life. Amber said that Jana's life revolved around Kevin. Kevin said that he had played right into "their" hands by going to the Chicago hotel room -- but he didn't even know who "they" were.

Kevin stormed out to the patio, and Amber followed him. Chance told Chloe that he had gotten a message that the coroner had ruled Riggs's death a suicide. Chloe thought that was bizarre. Chance said that he didn't believe it -- and he thought it was possible that someone on the police force was behind Riggs's death.

Kevin was on the patio with Amber when the barista handed him a letter that had just been delivered by a courier. Kevin was excited when he saw that the letter was in Jana's handwriting. In the letter, Jana wrote that she knew what she had to say would hurt Kevin, but that it was time for her to move on -- she wrote that she had left Genoa City and didn't plan on returning. Kevin couldn't continue reading, so Amber took the letter and finished it. Jana continued that it would be best if she never saw Kevin again, because, if she did, it would make their separation more difficult. Jana wrote that she hoped that one day Kevin would understand. Amber told Kevin that she was sorry. Kevin crumpled up the letter and said, "Jana didn't write this. No way."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At the Carlton house, Ashley was preparing for bed. She called the forensics lab to see if they had the results of their analysis on the piece of purple cloth that had allegedly been found under the bumper of a car she had been driving. The lab informed her that the results, which might prove that Adam had been trying to drive her insane the previous summer, would be available the following morning. Ashley told Faith, who was in her bassinet, that she wasn't going to let anyone mess around with them anymore.

Ashley went to bed, and had a series of bad dreams.

Ashley's Nightmare

Ashley dreamed that she was asleep on the Newman ranch living room couch, and was awakened by a violent thunderstorm. She looked in Faith's bassinet and was horrified to see that the baby wasn't there. She screamed for Faith and tried to go up the stairs, but was unable to do so. Adam descended the stairs and asked Ashley why she was in such a rush. Ashley told Adam to stay away from her. Adam told Ashley that he was the only friend that she had.

Still standing at the foot of the stairs, Ashley screamed to Faith that she wouldn't allow anything to happen to the baby. Adam appeared in the living room, and was wiping sweat off of his neck with the piece of purple cloth. Ashley told Adam that he had accused her of killing Sabrina -- someone who was already dead. Adam said that Ashley had told him that she had "plowed" over Sabrina. He claimed that he had been the only one to support her -- that everyone else wanted her locked up in a psychiatric facility.

Ashley accused Adam of once again trying to drive her insane, and of inviting the predatory Dr. Taylor into her household. Adam's face and voice appeared distorted to Ashley as he told her that was news to him. Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis appeared. Nick said that he hated Adam, but that Adam hadn't done anything wrong to Ashley. Phyllis denied ever saying that Adam was playing mind games with Ashley. Adam put his arm around Ashley and told her that there wasn't any shame in needing help. As Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon continued to stare at her, Ashley screamed, "Don't look at me that way!"

Ashley's nightmare continued. She found herself at the Athletic Club with Victor. Ashley asked Victor where Faith was. Victor asked Ashley what she was talking about, since Faith was in Ashley's arms. Victor took Faith away from Ashley. Ashley asked Victor what he was doing. Victor talked to Faith, and said, "You're with me now. I'll never let you down, unlike your mother." Ashley said that she loved both Faith and Abby. Victor told her that she would have to love them from a distance.

Ashley argued with Victor, and told him that Abby and Faith depended on her. Victor wondered if Ashley would lose her mind without Abby and Faith. Ashley accused Victor of being cruel, and said that she wouldn't let him punish Abby and Faith the way that he had punished her. Ashley grabbed Faith from Victor, but realized that she was merely holding an empty blanket -- Faith was no longer there. Ashley said that Victor was trying to trick her. Ashley began crying hysterically as Victor told her that she wasn't fit to be a mother -- he said that Ashley was insane and needed to be institutionalized. He told her that he was going to take her to an asylum. Ashley began running and found herself running into Jack. She begged him not to let them lock her up again.

Ashley found herself back at the foot of the stairs at the Newman ranch, with Faith in her arms. She tried to walk upstairs, but wasn't able to. Jack appeared and she told him that Victor had said that she was losing her mind. She assured Jack that she was fine, but said that there was something wrong with the stairs -- she couldn't make it up the landing. Jack stared at Ashley, who was holding an empty blanket. He said that he knew how much Ashley had wanted a baby -- but there had been an accident, and the baby hadn't made it.

Ashley looked up the stairs and saw Adam standing there with the piece of purple cloth. She screamed for him to go away. Jack told Ashley that there wasn't anyone there but him and her. He pointed out that Ashley was holding an empty blanket. Ashley looked in the blanket and realized that Jack was right. When Ashley began screaming for Faith, Jack said that everyone wanted to help Ashley. He told his sister that her baby had died. Ashley screamed that wasn't true. Faith suddenly appeared in Ashley's arms. Jack looked at his sister and said, "Ashley, you know this isn't real."

Next, Ashley found herself sitting on a hospital bed and wearing a straitjacket. She told an unseen therapist how bad her pain had been when she had lost Robert. Ashley said that, as a coping mechanism, she had pretended that Robert was alive. She continued to talk to the therapist and talked about how much joy she had felt when she learned that she was pregnant with Faith.

Ashley said that, during her pregnancy with Faith, some people thought that she had been losing touch with reality again, but that Faith had turned out to be fine. She told the therapist that during her pregnancy with Faith, she had initially trusted Adam, but that he had manipulated her. Ashley wondered why Adam did that -- she said that she and Faith were fine, so she asked herself what Adam had accomplished. She wondered if the therapist had any insight into Adam's motives. Ashley was shocked when she looked at the therapist and realized that it was Adam, who told her to concentrate on getting well. Ashley began screaming and tried to get out of her straitjacket.

Ashley was back at the foot of the stairs at the Newman ranch. The violent thunderstorm continued, and Ashley heard a baby crying. She screamed out to Faith, and once again tried, unsuccessfully, to go up the stairs. She found herself blocked by a veiled figure -- wearing the same purple outfit that she had hallucinated that Sabrina had worn. Ashley fell down, and found herself outside, on the ground, in the snow.

Wearing only her nightgown, Ashley wandered around the woods and screamed out for Faith. Victor, Adam, and Jack all appeared, questioning Ashley's sanity. Jack said that they would get Ashley a good doctor. Ashley insisted that she was sane and healthy, and could prove it. She told the trio to get out of her way so that she could find her baby.

As a new day began in Genoa City, the sound of a phone ringing woke Ashley from her nightmare. It was the forensics lab -- with news that they had found traces of blood on the piece of purple cloth. After hanging up, Ashley said to herself and Faith, "I knew it. It's over. I've got proof. Adam can't hurt us anymore."

In her suite at the Athletic Club, Sharon tried calling the missing Adam but once again got his voicemail. She left a message insisting that he call her immediately. She poured herself a glass of wine and began reading the pages of Skye's journal that Nick had dropped off earlier, "Adam is a scammer... a con... we're so much alike. When I told him that Dr. Taylor had molested me, he said that we should blackmail Dr. Taylor."

Sharon looked at the framed wedding photograph of her and Adam, and told herself that she had already lost so much -- and she wasn't going to allow Adam to take any more from her. She turned the photo face down, and decided that she was going to get her rest -- and wait for Adam to return so that she could confront him. Like Ashley, she spent the night having a series of bad dreams.

Sharon's Nightmare

Sharon heard a baby crying and followed the sound until she ended up in an adjacent suite. She entered the suite and found Skye sitting in a chair and shuffling a deck of cards. Sharon asked Skye if it was Skye's baby who was crying, but Skye ignored the question. Sharon realized that she knew who Skye was. Skye said, "Of course you do. You're reading my innermost thoughts. Way to give the dead girl some privacy."

Skye asked if Sharon thought that Skye was crass. Sharon said that, no matter what she thought, that Skye didn't deserve to be molested by Dr. Taylor. Skye replied, "Thanks, sweetness." Skye told Sharon that she wanted to play poker. Sharon wondered what they were playing for. Skye said, "Big stakes -- the baby."

The women begin playing cards. Sharon again asked about the crying baby. Skye said that if Sharon wanted the baby, she needed to focus on the card game and ignore the crying. Sharon became upset when Skye said that Sharon had "crap luck" with babies. Sharon looked at her cards, but all of them were blank. Skye said that Sharon was not at all Adam's type -- that Adam didn't "do" trust or love. Sharon said that Adam was a scammer and a con artist, and that he had wanted to blackmail Dr. Taylor. Skye admitted she was flattered that Sharon was quoting from Skye's journal. Sharon wondered why Adam would con her.

Skye "morphed" into Phyllis. Phyllis said that Adam was using Sharon to get to Nick -- and that Sharon had been anxious to marry another Newman. Phyllis showed her cards. Sharon protested that her cards were all blank, and she wondered who had won. Phyllis said that she did -- she had Nick. Sharon said that they weren't playing for Nick -- they were playing for the baby. Phyllis began taunting Sharon, and kept repeating, "No baby for you."

Next, Sharon found herself at Lake Tahoe, where she and Adam had married. She heard Phyllis' voice telling her that Adam was stringing Sharon along because Sharon was so needy. She also heard a crying baby. Nick suddenly showed up and told Sharon that she had married Adam because she wanted to get over Nick. Sharon insisted that she was over Nick. Nick said, "Face it. This is about me. It always has been." Phyllis appeared and asked Nick if Sharon was bothering him again with her "needy, clingy thing." Phyllis wondered if Sharon had mentioned Cassie. Sharon said that Phyllis had used Cassie's death to get close to Nick. Phyllis told Sharon that Nick was Phyllis', and that Sharon couldn't have him.

In Sharon's next dream, she was in a suite at the Athletic Club with Nick and Phyllis. Phyllis was wearing a maid's outfit, and, with lipstick, wrote "I Hate Myself" on a mirror. Sharon said that she didn't hate herself. Nick wondered why Sharon had married Adam. Phyllis handed the lipstick to Sharon and told her to write how she really felt. Sharon screamed that she wasn't weak anymore -- she was no longer a fragile doll in need of rescuing. Sharon said, "I do not hate myself," and began wiping Phyllis' writing off the mirror. With Phyllis suddenly gone, Nick told Sharon, who appeared to be pregnant, that Sharon would never be alone again. Sharon excitedly told Nick that the baby had kicked. Nick smiled and held Sharon.

Sharon then dreamed that she was at Fenmore's Boutique. She still heard a crying baby. Jack showed up, but when Sharon asked him if he heard the baby, he said that he didn't. Jack grabbed Sharon's purse and found a baby's outfit inside. Jack was concerned that Sharon had started shoplifting again. He told her that she didn't need baby clothes -- that there was no baby. Sharon said that there was -- that she had felt the baby kick.

Sharon grabbed her abdomen and realized that she was no longer pregnant. She wondered if the baby had ever been real. Jack said that he had wanted the baby, too, and that he had been willing to raise it as his own, even though Nick was the father. Jack suddenly began yelling at Sharon, "It's always for Nick. I don't hear a baby. There is no baby. We have both ended up with nothing. Accept it. You got what you deserve."

Sharon found herself back in Lake Tahoe with Nick. She appeared to be pregnant again. She said that she always wanted to have another child with Nick, but every time they got close, something happened. Nick said that it was fate that he and Sharon raise the baby together. He showed Sharon the family picture that Cassie had drawn -- it included a picture of a baby, labeled "Faith." Nick thanked Sharon for always believing in them, and said that, once the baby was born, they would have everything they wanted.

Adam showed up with food -- spaghetti, peeled grapes, and pasta primavera. Sharon screamed that Adam couldn't be there. Adam hoped that Sharon hadn't broken their wedding vows. Nick told Adam that Sharon was Nick's, and always had been. Adam wondered if Nick had told Sharon that her baby was dead. Adam said that he was going to leave the room, walk back in, and things would be different. Sharon insisted that they wouldn't be -- that she and Nick were "forever."

Sharon told Adam that she had given him a chance to be honest, but he hadn't been. Adam said that Sharon had never given him a chance to explain about Dr. Taylor. Sharon screamed that she was going into labor. Adam called a doctor and said that Sharon was about to have the Wilsons' baby. Sharon screamed that she wanted Nick. Adam took a suitcase out of the closet and said that he was going to put it in the car -- then return for Sharon.

Sharon was in labor in a hospital bed when Nick showed up wearing scrubs. He promised Sharon that they would go through it together -- that he would never leave Sharon again. Sharon said that she thought that her baby had died, but Nick told her that had just been a bad dream. Nick urged Sharon to push. Sharon pushed and assumed she gave birth, as she heard a baby crying. Sharon wondered if the baby was okay.

Nick was gone -- replaced by Adam. Adam said that their baby had died from birth defects. Sharon insisted that the baby was alive -- that she had heard the baby cry. Sharon demanded to hold her baby's body, but Adam said that it was too grotesque for Sharon to see. Sharon kept screaming for her baby.

Sharon continued to cry in her hospital bed. Nick entered in street clothes, and was cradling a baby in his arms. Sharon was thrilled when Nick told her that it was Faith. Nick handed the baby to Sharon. Sharon looked at the baby and promised her that she would never let her go. Nick told Sharon that he would never let Sharon go.

As the sun rose over Genoa City, Sharon's nightmares ended and she woke up. She realized that her dream wasn't real, and she began to cry. She heard the door to the suite open. Adam was standing there. He said, "I'm back."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adam, after having been missing for a few days, rejoined Sharon at their Athletic Club suite. He apologized for having worried Sharon, and said that he had to leave Genoa City to get away from all the stress -- he had gone to Kansas to visit Hope's grave. Sharon told him that he didn't look well. He said that he had been through a rough few days. Sharon said that she had as well -- and handed him the pages from Skye's journal.

Sharon, clearly disillusioned with Adam, said that she had believed him when he told her that he didn't know about Dr. Taylor's unsavory past. She said that she had defended Adam, and that she had been wrong -- that Adam had known about Dr. Taylor all along.

Adam said that the pages from Skye's journal were just copies. Sharon wondered if Adam was going to tell her that the pages were phony, and that it was just another conspiracy against Adam. Adam wanted to know who gave Sharon the pages, but she said that didn't matter. Sharon yelled that she couldn't believe that Adam had recruited a sick man like Taylor to be Ashley's doctor.

Adam defended Taylor, and said that the doctor had never harmed Ashley. Sharon said that didn't matter -- that Adam knew that Taylor was a "sick freak," and she wondered what that made Adam. Adam appealed to Sharon by saying that he was afraid that Sharon wouldn't love him anymore if she had learned the truth.

Adam claimed to be a changed man because of Sharon. She said that Adam's alleged "change" was all an act. He said that it was real -- and that he had returned to Genoa City from Kansas so that he could be with his wife. He said that he loved Sharon more than she could imagine, and wondered if Sharon still loved him. Sharon said that she loved the man she thought she had married -- but that man didn't exist. Adam told Sharon that they should leave Genoa City together. Before she stormed out of the suite, Sharon said, "We're done."

After Sharon left, "Skye" appeared to Adam. Adam told the apparition that she had ruined his life. He wondered why she had written the incriminating remarks about Adam in her journal. She said that Adam was stupid to have given her journal to Dr. Taylor. Adam told Skye that she had cost him the only woman he had ever loved. Skye acted hurt -- she said that she thought that Adam had loved her.

Adam said that Sharon was kind and decent, and that she believed in him when no one else had. Skye was surprised that Adam cared about someone more than he cared about himself, but she told Adam that it was time that he let Sharon go. Adam said that he wouldn't give up on his relationship with Sharon. Skye told him that he had no chance of winning Sharon back. She said that Adam should have "folded his hand" when he had a chance -- and that sooner or later everyone was going to find out what Adam had really done.

Victor went to the tack house to see if Nick or Phyllis had heard from Adam. They hadn't. Phyllis said that she didn't think that Adam would show his face in town again if he knew what they had on him. She told Nick to show Skye's diary, which proved that Adam knew that Dr. Taylor was a sexual pervert, to Victor.

Victor read an incriminating passage from Skye's journal, in which Skye had written that Adam had suggested blackmailing Taylor after he had learned that Taylor had molested Skye. Nick and Phyllis told Victor that they had found Skye's journal among Taylor's personal papers. Victor wondered why the doctor had the journal, but Nick and Phyllis didn't know. They told Victor that Sharon knew about the pertinent journal entries.

Victor said that Adam had lied to him when he had told Victor that he didn't know about Taylor's shady past. Phyllis commented that Adam was incapable of telling the truth. Victor said that, while Adam was evidently tormenting Ashley, it had been Ashley who had begged Victor to give Adam another chance. He told Nick and Phyllis that he should have trusted his instincts.

Nick said that Adam had made a play for Victor's sympathy in order to get out of prison. Victor wondered what had caused Adam to want to inflict psychological pain on Ashley. Phyllis guessed that since Adam couldn't go after Victor, he went after Victor's wife. Nick said that all Adam had ever wanted was revenge. Victor said, "Poor Ashley. Well, a man reaps what he sows."

Sharon showed up at the tack house with Summer. She told Nick, Phyllis, and Victor that she had run into Summer with her babysitter, and decided to escort the little girl home. Phyllis took Summer out of the living room so that Sharon could speak freely. Sharon told Victor and Nick that Adam had returned. Nick told Sharon that Victor knew about Skye's journal. Sharon said that Adam hadn't denied what Skye had written.

Victor said that he was sorry about what Adam had put Sharon through. Sharon said that Adam was great at playing the victim, and that he had her fooled. She admitted that she was wrong by not listening to Nick and Phyllis' accusations against Adam. Sharon told Victor that Adam was in their suite at the Athletic Club, and Victor left.

After Victor was gone, Sharon wondered why she hadn't listened to Nick. She said that, once again, her life was upside down. Nick told Sharon that she would figure things out -- and that he would help her. Nick and Sharon hugged. Phyllis walked into the living room and looked none-too-pleased to see the embrace. Sharon decided that it would be a good time for her to leave. On her way out, Sharon told Phyllis that Adam had returned to Genoa City. She apologized to Phyllis for having doubted Phyllis' accusations about Adam.

Sharon told Phyllis that Phyllis had been right about Adam. Phyllis said that it wasn't about being right -- it was about taking care of herself and her family. She congratulated Sharon for walking out on Adam. Phyllis told Sharon to keep walking, and not to look back. After Sharon left, Nick decided to take the day off from work so that he, Phyllis, and Summer could have a family day and play outside in the snow. The happy Newman family began tickling each other on the sofa. Phyllis said that they finally had Adam out of their lives.

Victor went to see Adam at the Athletic Club. Adam opened the door and said, "Dad." Victor replied, "I heard you were back."

Neil visited Ashley in her new home at the Carltons' former residence. She told Neil that she wasn't crazy -- that the forensics lab had found blood on the piece of purple cloth, although the DNA on the cloth was too degraded to be analyzed. Neil and Ashley wondered what Adam's motive for trying to drive Ashley crazy had been. Ashley thought that more might have been going on the previous summer that she simply wasn't remembering.

Ashley wanted to confront Adam about the blood on the piece of cloth, but Neil talked her out of it -- he said that they needed to learn if there was more to the story. He said that perhaps they could work with Heather in the district attorney's office to find out the source of the blood on the cloth. Ashley wondered if Heather thought that Adam was dangerous. Neil said that they should find out -- before anyone else got hurt.

Heather went to Ashley's, but she didn't understand how she could possibly make a case out of unidentified blood on a piece of cloth and Dr. Taylor's "sketchiness." Heather also thought that Ashley's mental state the previous summer would make it difficult to put together any type of case. Heather said that she would never be able to convince her boss to expend the resources necessary to investigate her ex-boyfriend, who, as far as they knew, hadn't committed a crime. Neil said, "That we know of."

Heather told Neil and Ashley that if they found any concrete evidence, she would be willing to listen. Ashley was surprised at Heather's reaction. She thought that Heather would be more sympathetic, both as an assistant district attorney, and as someone who had been victimized by Adam.

Heather said that her relationship with Adam was none of Ashley's business. Before she left, Heather said that if Neil and Ashley could prove that a crime had occurred, she would be happy to prosecute Adam, but, until then, she couldn't help them. After Heather was gone, Ashley became upset and said that Adam was going to get away with what he had done. Neil assured Ashley that he wouldn't give up helping her find evidence against Adam. Ashley kissed Neil, and told him that he was terrific. Neil left for work.

After Neil was gone, there was a knock at Ashley's door. Ashley answered the door and found Sharon standing there. Sharon handed the envelope containing the copies of Skye's journal pages to Ashley, and said, "Something for you to read."

At Crimson Lights, Chloe asked Chance why he was so sure that Riggs hadn't committed suicide. Chance said that the whole situation with Riggs was fishy, and that he thought that someone on the police force was "dirty." Chloe wondered what Sid thought. Chance said that he had a meeting scheduled with Sid. He told Chloe that if Sid weren't interested in investigating Riggs' death, Chance would conduct his own investigation. Chloe was clearly not pleased to hear that, but left so that Chance could meet privately with Sid.

Sid showed up at the coffeehouse to discuss Riggs's death with Chance. Chance reviewed the facts -- that Riggs had called Chance to meet him at the jail, Riggs escaped from jail, then Riggs called Chance to meet him in an abandoned lot. When Chance had shown up at the lot, someone had knocked Chance unconscious and planted drugs on him. Not long after that, someone broke into the Chancellor mansion and didn't take anything except for Chance's watch. Chance told Sid that he wasn't buying Riggs's suicide.

Sid said that he was aware of all of the facts that Chance had just recited. Chance told Sid something that Sid hadn't known -- that Chance had received a phone call telling him that his life was in danger. Chance said that he suspected that someone on the police force had helped Riggs escape from jail. Sid said that he would look into it -- but warned Chance not to discuss his suspicions or the case with anyone.

At Restless Style, Jill and Billy reviewed the evidence they had acquired about Tucker's bribery of a foreign official. Billy wondered why Katherine hadn't used the information to take Tucker down and regain control of Chancellor Industries. Jill said that she didn't know, but that their cover story on Tucker would help Katherine get her company back. She told Billy to start writing the story -- adding that Tucker wouldn't know what had hit him.

Jill said that she was going to talk to Katherine and let her know about the Restless Style story so that she wouldn't be blindsided when she saw it. Billy wondered if Katherine was protecting Tucker because she wanted her son back in her life. Jill told Billy that Katherine was being overly sentimental -- that Tucker had tried to destroy Katherine, and Jill didn't want to see Katherine end up with nothing. Billy asked Jill how she was doing. Before she left, Jill unconvincingly told Billy that she was fine.

Billy sat at his computer and read what he had written about Tucker out loud. Chloe showed up at the office and told him that he would be making a mistake if he ran the story -- that Katherine didn't want to go after Tucker. Chloe told Billy that Katherine was trying to make amends for the past. Billy said that perhaps Katherine shouldn't be.

Chloe warned Billy that running the story about Tucker would ruin any chance of a reconciliation between Katherine and Tucker. Billy said that Katherine shouldn't reconcile with her son. Chloe received a phone call from Chance and told Billy that she had to leave, but again urged Billy not to run the story. Billy said that if he printed the story, the government would be all over Tucker, and that Katherine would probably regain control of Chancellor Industries. Chloe sarcastically said, "I get it. You win the Pulitzer Prize and Katherine will be grateful to you for getting rid of her diabolical son." Billy said that scenario worked for him.

Chance and Chloe met in a park, where he told her that Sid was going to be looking into Riggs's death. As the couple stepped into the street, they heard a car careening towards them. They fell to the ground. When they got up, Chance said that he remembered part of the license plate number, and he wrote it down. Chloe thought that it had been a drunk driver. Chance said that it wasn't an accident that the car nearly mowed them down -- he told Chloe that someone was trying to send him a message to back off.

Tucker went to the Chancellor estate to visit Katherine. He had an offer for her -- he wondered if she wanted to have a bigger say in the goings-on at Chancellor Industries. Tucker said that every time she looked at him, she probably saw the man who stole the company from her. Katherine said that she saw her son.

Tucker said that he was going to give Katherine enough shares of Chancellor stock so that they could be equal partners in running the company. Katherine wondered why he would do that. Tucker said that he had selfish reasons -- he felt that he and Katherine could accomplish a lot together, and that perhaps Katherine could teach him a thing or town.

A touched Katherine accepted the offer with one proviso -- that she buy the shares from him. Tucker agreed, and began to walk towards the study to make some phone calls to get things rolling. Before he left the living room, he told Katherine that he was actually starting to think that he could like Katherine. Katherine said that she was beginning to think the same thing.

While Tucker was in the study, Jill showed up. She told Katherine that she knew about Tucker's payola scheme and that she had seen the photographs of the Simon Griffin painting that Tucker had used to bribe the Yugoslavian Cultural Minister. Katherine noticed that her box of files on Tucker was missing. Jill told her that Billy had the files -- and that he was writing a cover story for Restless Style about Tucker's machinations. Katherine said that Billy couldn't run the story. Jill said that they were printing it for Katherine's own good.

Katherine said that if the story ran, Tucker would lose everything. Jill said that he deserved to lose everything. Katherine said that her relationship with Tucker was improving -- that she and Tucker had a good talk the previous day. Jill wondered why Tucker hadn't approached Katherine until Katherine had something on him. Katherine insisted that Jill was wrong about Tucker. Jill said, "Why do you care more about Tucker than..." Katherine finished Jill's sentence, saying, "Than you?" A teary-eyed Jill told Katherine that she had finally gotten to the point where she realized that blood didn't matter, that she felt like Katherine's daughter, and that she loved Katherine. Katherine said that if Jill meant that, then she shouldn't take away Katherine's son.

Jill said that she would kill the story about Tucker on one condition -- that Tucker reinstated Katherine at Chancellor Industries as his equal. Katherine said that Tucker was willing to do that. Jill called Billy and told him to kill the article about Tucker. Billy wondered if Jill was out of her mind. Jill said that she wanted the story stopped for Katherine's sake, and that she would explain it to him later. After Jill hung up, Katherine told her how much what Jill had just done meant to her. Jill said that she hoped that they were doing the right thing. At the Restless Style office, Billy's finger was about to strike the "Delete" button on his computer.

Katherine and Jill walked to the front door of the mansion. Katherine told her that she would always consider Jill her daughter. Jill left. Tucker emerged from the study, and he admitted to Katherine that he had heard much of the conversation between her and Jill. Katherine said that she and Jill had worked things out. Katherine asked Tucker to hug her -- she wanted to see if they could tolerate it.

They tentatively began to embrace. Jill looked through the window and saw Katherine and Tucker hugging. Obviously upset, Jill called Billy and asked him if he had deleted the story about Tucker. Billy said that he hadn't, as he was hoping that Jill would change her mind. Jill said, "Run the damned story."

Friday, March 5, 2010

At Fenmore's Boutique, Daisy called someone to order more of the illegal hallucinogenic liquid ecstasy. As she was about to leave the store to meet her drug dealer, Michael showed up and told her that he hadn't been able to locate Jana in Minneapolis. He told Daisy that he stopped by the boutique for some moral support from Lauren before he told Kevin the bad news. Daisy told Michael that Lauren had continued to suffer from headaches, but that her doctor had prescribed a medication that seemed to help.

Lauren, clearly under the influence of a drug, entered the store from the back room, ran up to Michael, and told him how much she had missed him the previous night. She began engaging in foreplay with Michael, kissing him and rubbing her body against his, in full view of the customers, who were stunned, and Daisy, who was amused. Daisy left the store.

Michael, looking uncomfortable, reminded Lauren that they were in public. Obviously unaware that Daisy had spiked Lauren's water with liquid ecstasy, Michael asked Lauren about the medication that the doctor had prescribed. Lauren said that the pills were, "Pink, beautiful, and great." She showed Michael the pill bottle. Lauren said that she had been acting like a "bitch on wheels," but the pills had cured both her bad headache and her bad mood.

Lauren tried to lure Michael into the back room to have sex. When he reminded her that she had customers to take care of, she said that she would rather take care of Michael. Lauren walked off to wait on a customer, and Michael called the doctor to find out exactly what he had prescribed for Lauren. After speaking to the doctor, Michael told his wife that the pills weren't mood-altering. Lauren said that was fine, because she didn't want her mood to be altered. Daisy returned to the boutique. Michael received a call about Cane -- he had to leave for a hearing regarding Cane's possible deportation. Michael was concerned about leaving Lauren, but Daisy assured him that she would take care of his wife.

After Michael left, Lauren complained to Daisy that she was no longer in a good mood, and that her headache was returning. Daisy suggested that Lauren take one of her pills, and handed her a glass of ecstasy-spiked water. Lauren downed the pills and the water. Lauren called Michael and apologized for her earlier behavior.

Lauren quickly became high on the ecstasy. She began dancing around the store with a sweater, then continued the dance with Daisy. Lauren called Michael and got his voicemail -- she left a message that she was ready to party. After hanging up the phone, Lauren said that she was going to have to find someone else to have fun with. Daisy said that she could stay at the store if Lauren wanted to leave. Lauren took Daisy up on her offer and left.

In the Department of Immigration visiting area, Lily assured Cane that she had rescheduled her PET scan. Cane told Lily that Michael had taken over his case, because the Chancellor attorneys weren't well-versed in criminal law. Lily said that Cane wasn't a criminal -- he had simply made a mistake by stealing Phillip's identity, and that they would have to make the authorities see that. Cane told Lily that he loved how supportive she was being. Lily reminded Cane that she was his wife -- and she was planning on following Cane to Australia if he was deported.

Cane told Lily that she couldn't leave Genoa City, since her friends and her doctors were there. He reminded her that she needed to be there when Mac gave birth to their twins. Lily realized that Cane was right. Cane said that if were thrown out of the country, he didn't know how Lily would be able to see him.

Michael showed up and told Cane that the deportation hearing was scheduled for later that day. Lily was upset when Michael said that she wouldn't be allowed to attend. Cane assured Lily that he was going to fight to stay in the United States -- and, if he couldn't, he would fight to get back to her. A guard showed up to escort Cane to the hearing. Michael left, and Lily stood there -- alone and worried.

Later, when Cane was escorted back into the holding area, he told Lily the bad news -- he was to be deported back to Australia as soon as possible. Lily was stunned.

At the Abbott mansion, Patty, disguised as Emily and surrounded by textbooks, was giving herself a crash course in psychiatry. She had trouble pronouncing the names of various psychiatric medications. Becoming upset, she wondered why Emily couldn't have been a clerk.

Jack showed up and presented her with a bouquet of roses and a garnet necklace. He told her that garnet was Kyle's birthstone, and that he wanted to thank her for reuniting him with his child, as well as for reaching out to Diane. Patty cringed when she heard Diane's name, but she told Jack that she would do anything for him. After Jack left, Patty continued to study the textbooks. She became frustrated and, to herself, said, "My head's going to explode. Stop it -- take a deep breath. You can do this -- you have to."

At Genoa City Memorial, Paul told Emily, who he still thought was Patty, that she was well enough to be transferred back to the hospital for the mentally insane. Emily denied that she was Patty, but Paul obviously didn't believe her. He said that he was going to try to have her released into his custody. Emily told Paul that Patty had overpowered her, drugged her, and switched places with her. The patronizing Paul said that his focus was on getting her released from the hospital -- they could figure out the rest later. Emily said that there wasn't anything to figure out -- she wasn't Paul's sister and she could prove it.

Emily told Paul that she had spent four years in medical school, followed by five years doing a residency in psychiatry. She said that Patty wouldn't be able to fake that level of education -- Patty was merely a high school graduate. Paul asked Emily what she wanted him to do. She said, "You're an investigator -- investigate." She told Paul to ask the woman he thought was Emily what her grade point average was in medical school -- Emily's had been 3.9. She said that he should ask "Emily" who her medical professor was. "Patty" insisted that "Emily" wouldn't know those things.

Paul said that Patty could have learned the answers to those questions during the years that she spent with Emily. He told "Patty" that she should focus on recovering. "Patty" told Paul to ask "Emily" an obscure medical question -- she was sure that "Emily" wouldn't be able to answer it. Paul said that he would. Emily grabbed a pen from Paul and pricked her finger. She dabbed a drop of her blood onto a tissue. A frightened Paul ran out to the hallway and called for help. When Paul returned with an orderly, Emily handed Paul the tissue and told him to have the DNA tested against his -- it would prove that she wasn't his sister. Paul left the room looking confused. In the hallway, he threw the bloody tissue into the trash.

In her room with the orderly, Emily asked for a telephone so that she could call Jack. The orderly said that Emily wasn't allowed to make phone calls. Emily insisted that she was a doctor. The orderly told her that she needed to calm down, or he would have to restrain her.

Paul stopped by the Abbott mansion to speak with "Emily." "Emily," sounding very much like she was reciting from a textbook, said that "Patty's" coping mechanism was kicking in and she was pretending to be Emily -- that it was an extreme case of transference. "Emily" said that "Patty" probably learned about Emily's educational history by looking through Emily's files.

Paul told "Emily" about "Patty's" attempt to give him a sample of her DNA. He told the relieved Patty that he had thrown out the tissue. Paul said he was thinking about petitioning the court to release "Patty" into his custody. "Emily" said that the court would never agree to that -- that "Patty" was a danger to herself and to others, and needed to be locked away for a long time. Becoming teary-eyed, Paul said that he had let his sister down, and he just wanted to make it up to her.

Patty went to see Emily at the hospital. She warned Emily to stay calm -- she said that the orderly told her that he almost had to restrain her. Emily said that Patty wouldn't get away with what she was doing. Patty said, "Yeah? Watch me." Patty ripped her own blouse, began screaming, and made it seem as if Emily was attacking her.

After medicating and restraining Emily, the orderly told Patty that Emily should be calmer. Patty smiled and asked the obviously sedated Emily if she was enjoying the medication. She told Emily that she had taken over the case from Dr. Jasper -- and that she had ordered heavy medication to keep "Patty" calm. She informed Emily that she was severely restricting the number of visitors that Emily could have. Smiling, Patty said, "Happy trails," before she left the nearly unconscious Emily's room.

Paul went to Jimmy's Bar to drown his sorrows. He called Todd and told his brother that it would have broken his heart if Todd had seen Patty. Paul wondered if being in a coma had pushed Patty over the edge. In any case, he told Todd that Patty was far from the girl they used to know.

Michael returned to Fenmore's, and Daisy told him that Lauren had left. He tried to call her. She was at Jimmy's with Paul, and was ignoring her ringing cell phone. Still under the influence of the ecstasy, Lauren told Paul how wonderful it was that Patty was no longer in a coma. Paul said that Patty was delusional. Lauren began to rub Paul's shoulder and asked him how he was doing.

Paul said that he was having trouble "holding it together," and that was why he was drinking in the middle of the day. Lauren said that she hated seeing Paul so sad. She said that she knew how to make him feel better. Lauren laughed, leaned over, and began kissing a shocked Paul.

Victor showed up to see Adam at the Wilsons' Athletic Club suite. Adam assumed that Victor was upset because Adam had missed the hearing concerning Newman Enterprises' purchase of Jabot, and that Jack's lawsuit hadn't been thrown out. Adam explained that he missed the hearing because it would have been a no-win situation for him -- either he would have had to perjure himself, or he would have had to reveal his subterfuge in obtaining the Jabot bids for Victor.

Adam said that he had gone to visit Hope's grave in Kansas. Victor wondered when Adam had ever worried about perjuring himself -- he said that he had hired Adam because of Adam's talent for deceit. Victor wondered what Hope would have thought about everything that Adam had done. Adam said that Hope would have been disappointed in both Adam and Victor. Adam reminded Victor that Victor had encouraged Adam to break the law -- he was just following Victor's orders so that Victor could outbid Jack. Adam sinisterly added, "It sure would be a shame if that got out."

Victor said that was the second time that Adam had threatened to reveal the scheme to outbid Jack for Jabot. Adam said that he was just stating fact. He told Victor that a lot of people hated him and didn't have proof -- but he had proof of what Victor had put him up to. Victor warned Adam that he was walking on dangerous ground. Adam said that he had been in danger ever since he had put himself on the line for Victor. He said that Victor needed to protect him. Victor told Adam not to threaten him -- he reminded his son that he had been raised in an orphanage, and that he wasn't scared of Adam. He asked Adam if he knew why they called Victor, "Ruthless."

At Ashley's, Ashley sat with Sharon and read aloud from Skye's journal. Ashley said that the journal proved that Adam had lied -- that he had known that Dr. Taylor was a degenerate. Ashley and Sharon realized that Adam had food them both. Ashley hoped, with the journal as evidence, that Heather might look into possible criminal activity on Adam's part. Sharon suggested that they go through every page of Skye's journal to try to find out what Adam was doing -- and why.

Jack joined Sharon and Ashley. They continued to read aloud from the journal. Skye had written that she couldn't report Taylor to the authorities, because she was sure that they wouldn't believe her. Skye continued that when she had told Adam that Taylor had groped her during a pelvic examination, Adam told her to "get over it." An angry Jack said that if he learned that Adam had hurt either Ashley or Sharon, he would kill Adam.

Jack, Sharon, and Ashley wondered what Adam's motive had been -- why he had tried to drive Ashley insane and why he had invited Dr. Taylor into Ashley's life. The three of them thought that perhaps Adam was trying to get revenge on Victor and/or Jack. Jack still wasn't one hundred percent convinced. He didn't understand why Adam would have set that particular scam in motion -- or why he would have involved Taylor. Sharon wondered if it could have had something to do with Ashley's baby. A frustrated Jack said that there was a piece missing to the puzzle.

Ashley and Sharon recounted the events that occurred on the night of Faith's birth. Ashley said that she was in her room at the Fairview psychiatric facility with Adam and Taylor, but Taylor left when he learned that there was another woman -- Sharon -- in distress down the hall. Sharon said that she knew that she had heard her baby crying, but that when she awoke at St. Mary's Hospital, Dr. Taylor had told her that her baby had been stillborn. She surmised that she must have heard Ashley's baby crying from down the hall.

Jack warned Sharon to stay away from Adam. Ashley invited Sharon to stay with her, Abby, and Faith -- an idea that Jack seconded. Sharon accepted Ashley's invitation. Sharon needed to go to the Athletic Club to get her belongings. Afraid that Sharon would run into Adam, Jack offered to drive Sharon to the club, but she said that she needed some time alone. Jack acquiesced, but he made a pact with the two women that no one should confront Adam until they had more proof or knew what he was up to.

After Sharon left, Jack wondered if Adam was trying to steal Ashley's baby, and had blackmailed Taylor into going along with the scheme. Jack said that many couples would pay top dollar for a healthy baby. Ashley said if that was the plan, she didn't know why Adam and Taylor didn't follow through on it. Jack said that he didn't know, and pressed Ashley for more details about the night that Faith had been born.

Ashley said that the night had been utterly chaotic, particularly since Ashley had gone into labor early. She told Jack that neither Adam nor Taylor was prepared for Ashley's premature labor. A light bulb went on over Ashley's head. She wondered if Adam and Taylor had decided to take Sharon's baby instead, and perhaps Sharon had heard her baby cry, as she had always insisted. Ashley and Jack remembered that Sharon had never seen her baby's body -- only Dr. Taylor had claimed to. Ashley said, "Oh, God. What if Sharon's baby didn't die?"

Back at the Wilsons' suite, Adam again warned Victor that he might expose the Jabot scheme and take everyone down with him. Sharon entered the suite, and Adam said, "Dad was just leaving." Victor asked Sharon if she would be all right. Adam said, "Of course she will be. She's my wife." Before Victor left, he stared at Adam and warned him not to do anything rash. Adam said that was good advice for both of them.

In the hallway outside the Wilsons' suite, Victor made a phone call and left someone a message, "Call me. There's been a change of plans regarding Jabot."

After Victor was gone, Adam wondered if Sharon had thought about his suggestion that they leave Genoa City together. Sharon said, "Excuse me. I have to pack." Adam begged Sharon not to throw their marriage away. Sharon said that Adam was not the man she thought he was. She told Adam that she was leaving him.

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