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Daisy planted pictures of Lauren and Paul kissing in Michael's briefcase. Cane escaped as he was about to be deported. Sharon annulled her marriage to Adam. 'Emily' became Adam's psychiatrist. Ashley fled with Faith. Tucker convinced Ashley not to run.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 15, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, March 15, 2010

At the tack house, Phyllis told Nick that Summer was fast asleep and in Nikki's care at the ranch. Nick seemed preoccupied, but he thanked Phyllis for coming forward with the information about his and Sharon's baby. Phyllis mentioned that, if needed, Michael could help with the legalities of DNA testing. Shaking his head, Nick recalled that Phyllis surmised all along that something was amiss with Adam and Dr. Taylor. Phyllis noted that a part of her wanted to hide the truth, and she berated herself for even wishing that her husband's baby didn't exist. Nick understood Phyllis' concerns. Phyllis added that raising a baby would differ from co-parenting Noah because babies demanded constant care and reached milestones, such as first steps, quickly.

Nick promised to attend to Summer's needs and told Phyllis that she was jumping ahead to the worst possible scenario. Phyllis admitted that she was selfish and wasn't sure that their relationship could endure. Nick rebuked himself for so easily believing that his baby was dead and for not realizing that he'd actually held his own baby in his hands. Phyllis consoled Nick and reminded him that he was a generous and kind husband and father. Nick insisted that he couldn't face whatever loomed ahead without Phyllis, and they embraced. Phyllis cooed, "I'm with you."

Pensively, Nick recalled the events of the previous months, when he first met his baby sister, and then when he learned he had supposedly lost his own baby. Phyllis listened quietly as Nick added that he had attended his sister's christening just before scattering the ashes of his own baby. Nick looked despondent when he considered that the baby he'd held during the christening at the church might have been his. Phyllis said, "She has to be yours."

Nick mourned the part of Faith's life he had already missed because of Adam's lies. Nick worried about Ashley's state of mind, but he praised her for caring for Faith. Phyllis noted that Ashley was emotionally fragile, but Phyllis added that she was thankful that family and friends would support Ashley. Nick asked Phyllis to accompany him when he visited Faith. Phyllis first declined, but Nick reminded her that she was his wife. Phyllis responded, "Let's go see your baby."

At the Newman ranch, Sharon and Victoria sipped coffee. Sharon recalled feeding, rocking, and spending time with Faith without knowing that the baby might have been hers. Victoria was still reeling as she recalled Adam's insistence that Dr. Taylor had given Sharon's baby to Ashley, when all the while, Adam was the only reason Dr. Taylor had been involved. Sharon worried about Ashley because Faith was the emotionally fragile woman's whole world. Victoria phoned J.T. and learned that Reed was asking for his mother. Victor promised to be home soon. Sharon told Victoria that she didn't mind being alone, so she could think. Victoria went home.

After Victoria left, Sharon held Faith's engraved baby bracelet to her lips and sighed, "Faith, have I really held you all of those times?" Sharon gazed at a framed photo of Adam and asked, "How could you make me think that my baby was dead?" Sharon realized that Adam had used her grief to manipulate her and make her fall in love with him. Angered, Sharon repeatedly rapped the photo against the edge of the coffee table and smashed the glass into hundreds of pieces. Sharon collapsed on the sofa, held her head in her hands, and sobbed pitifully. As Sharon later swept up the broken glass from the frame of Adam's photo, she muttered, "I can't believe I allowed myself to fall in love with you."

Cassie's ghost suddenly appeared and rested her hand on Sharon's shoulder. Sharon exclaimed, "Cassie!" Sharon hugged her daughter, and Cassie said, "Your baby is alive, so nothing else matters." Cassie, visible only to Sharon, smiled when her mother said, "Cassie, it's so good to see you all grown up." Cassie assured her mother that Faith was alive and well. Sharon cried and worried that Dr. Taylor's message was a lie, and her baby was dead. Cassie encouraged her mother to visit Faith, so she could feel in her heart that the baby was hers. Sharon sobbed quietly as Cassie explained that Faith, along with Sharon, Nick, and Noah would make their family complete. Sharon hugged Cassie after she again urged her mother to hold the baby, so she could truly know that Faith was hers.

At home, Ashley played with Faith and defied Billy to disagree that Faith had her smile. Billy cautioned Ashley that Nick and Sharon deserved firm answers, and that Victor might support Nick and not fight on Ashley's side. Ashley casually dismissed Billy's warning and claimed that Victor would prove that she had been pregnant, and that any other scenario was the fabrication of Adam's sick mind. Billy admitted that Faith surely loved Ashley, but he reminded his sister that Sharon and Nick deserved to know the truth.

Ashley spurned Billy's assertion and reminded him that she'd had a baby bump, therefore she had carried her baby and given birth. Billy explained that Ashley could have suffered a miscarriage after she fell down the stairs. Ashley again insisted that Faith was her baby with Victor-not Nick and Sharon's. Ashley added that she hoped Nick and Sharon could find their baby, but even Adam had said he didn't know what Dr. Taylor did when he assisted Sharon giving birth.

Billy learned that Abby was at a sleepover, and he volunteered to stay and explain what was going on after she returned. Ashley recalled the events preceding Faith's birth when Billy wanted to take her away from the ranch. Ashley remembered that Billy, Jack, and Traci had tried to convince her to see a different doctor, but Ashley had refused. Ashley cried that if she had, no one would even consider that Faith wasn't hers.

Ashley sobbed and confronted Billy about insinuating that she was crazy and assuming that Dr. Taylor's letter was true. Jack walked in and overheard the conversation. Ashley clutched a yellow blanket and earnestly insisted that Faith was her baby. Jack experienced a flashback and recalled Ashley sobbing into a yellow blanket while pleading for baby Robert not to go. Jack blurted, "Oh, no-not again." Exasperated, Ashley shook out the blanket and exclaimed, "I don't think this blanket is a baby!"

Ashley walked to the other side of the room to attend to Faith, and Jack asked Billy if Ashley was in denial. Billy affirmed Jack's suspicions. Jack entreated Billy to help him prod Ashley into recalling the chain of events that led to her miscarriage. Jack approached Ashley and asked her to describe her labor. Ashley recalled suffering intense labor pains before Adam retrieved a bottle of medicine from Dr. Taylor's bag. After taking the medicine, Ashley explained that she fell asleep and later awoke asking about her baby. Adam had told her that a nurse had taken the baby, but Ashley said that Adam later handed the baby to her.

Ashley heard a knock at her front door and found Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon standing on her porch. Sharon said insistently, "I need to see her." Ashley told her visitors that the baby was sleeping. Nick and Sharon promised not to wake the baby, as they hurried toward the Faith's bassinet. Phyllis hung back. Ashley stood between Jack and Billy, before Billy stepped out for air. Sharon and Nick gazed longingly at the cooing baby, and Sharon cried, "She's beautiful." Ashley warned Sharon and Nick not to get too ahead of themselves by assuming that the baby was theirs. Nick assured Ashley that Adam would be punished for what he'd done. Jack quickly excused himself and stepped out briefly.

Sharon and Nick marveled over Faith's tiny wrists and thickening hair, as the baby gurgled and cooed. Jack stepped back inside and stood alongside Phyllis, as both maintained a safe distance from the awkward scene near the baby. Ashley reached into the bassinet, picked up Faith, and suggested that her guests leave, so she could feed her hungry infant. Nick mentioned the DNA tests, but Ashley quickly dismissed Nick's query and suggested they discuss the matter the following day because she had to feed Faith. Jack offered to walk Sharon and Nick to the door. Ashley turned her back to everyone as she held Faith close to her chest. After everyone left the room, Ashley patted Faith's back and said, "Mommy has you. Mommy has you."

Jack stood in the open doorway as Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis exited. Before anyone could utter a word, Jack slammed the door. Out on the porch, Sharon remarked that she saw her own resemblance in Faith's eyes. Nick agreed and wondered why he had hadn't previously noticed it. Phyllis' eyes darted apprehensively from Nick to Sharon as they discussed the baby's likenesses to them. Sharon mentioned that Cassie had visited and insisted that Sharon would know that Faith was hers when she held the baby in her arms. Nick promised Sharon that she would soon be able to hold their daughter forever.

At the Abbott cabin, Victor and Jack jointly organized an all-out search for Adam, but they butted heads about using Adam for Victor's treacherous plans that backfired against Ashley. Victor vowed to punish Adam. Jack asked Victor who'd punish him for his involvement. Victor cried that he had lost a daughter. Jack reminded Victor that he had also gained a granddaughter, and Jack lamented that there'd be no silver lining for Ashley. Jack blasted Victor and challenged him to find his sociopath son.

After Jack left, a police officer arrived and announced that the chopper pilot had identified a body in a nearby ravine but couldn't land. Illuminating their way with flashlights, Victor and the police officer spotted Adam lying in the snow near an outcropping of jagged rocks. Victor knelt and discovered that Adam was ice cold. The police officer hiked back to his truck to summon paramedics with his radio. Victor rolled Adam over on his back and performed CPR. Adam was unresponsive and had sustained a gash to his forehead. Victor continued administering CPR and cried, "You've got to live. I want you to pay for all the damage you have done." Victor felt a pulse and yelled frantically for the paramedics.

Jack later phoned Victor and learned that Adam, suffering from hypothermia, had been treated and stabilized at the hospital. Jack responded, "Well, we can always hope for a setback." After phoning Jack, Victor stepped into Adam's room and sat on a stool near his son's bed. Adam, sullen, sat upright. Victor told Adam that he was saddened after Hope took him back to the farm, but Victor said he had truly believed that his son would benefit from having his mother raise him on her Kansas farm. Victor admonished Adam for the damage he had done to Ashley, Nick, Sharon, and even to his own father. Adam remained silent when Victor suggested that his son had been born evil.

Heather arrived and told Victor that she would take over. Before Victor left, he addressed Adam and cried, "I will never forgive you for this." Heather phoned the jail and instructed the jailer to arrange for Adam to be transferred and booked immediately after his release from the hospital. In a dull monotone, Adam told Heather to take him immediately to jail because his life didn't matter without Sharon. Heather, in a comforting tone, responded, "Don't talk like that." Heather walked close to Adam's bed, leaned inward, and harshly added, "You have to live, so they can nail your ass to the wall." As Heather turned to leave, Adam maintained a heartless expression.

Victor went to the ranch and poured himself some brandy. As he lifted the snifter to his lips, he noticed Faith's toy on the rug. Victor picked up the toy and gently pressed it to his heart. Back at Ashley's, she held Faith while the baby drank from a bottle. Jack offered to get a cup of tea for Ashley and left the room. Ashley plucked the bottle from Faith's mouth and said, "You know what has to happen? Mommy and Faith have to leave Genoa City, as soon as we can."

After Victoria went home, she told J.T. that Ashley's baby likely belonged to Nick and Sharon. Victoria revealed that Victor had planned the kidnapping of Adam in an attempt to make him reveal the truth. Victoria explained that Adam had denied everything, even while Nick practically browbeat him. J.T., astounded, asked, "What was your family thinking?" Victoria reminded J.T. that Adam committed a vicious fraud, even though Victor bailed him out of jail. J.T. rebuffed Victoria and her whole family, and added, "I don't want any part of that." After J.T. stormed off, Victoria looked disheartened.

J.T. later immersed himself in work and told Victoria that he was busy. Victoria said, "I just love the way you call me a rotten human being and then hide behind you work." J.T. defended himself and claimed that he said only that Victoria's family believed they were above the law. Victor reproached J.T. for suggesting that Adam was a victim after what he'd done to Ashley, Nick, and Sharon.

J.T. facetiously asked if Victoria would have dragged Reed into Victor's kangaroo court, and J.T. blamed Victor for turning Adam into a sociopath. Victoria asked J.T. if he planned to keep Reed away from his own grandfather. J.T. claimed that although Victor was dangerous, his family believed whatever he did was okay. J.T. added, "That scares the hell out of me for my son." After Victoria left, J.T. told someone over the phone that he had to find a way to gain full custody of his son.

Billy found Victoria sweetening her coffee at Crimson Lights. Billy explained that Ashley was in denial about the facts Dr. Taylor revealed in his letter. Billy added that Nick, Sharon, and Phyllis had stopped by Ashley's house to see the baby. Victoria asked about what happened, but Billy said he left because he didn't want to watch his sister lose everything. Victoria admonished Billy when she thought he was about to trounce her family. However, Billy explained that he was about to mention that learning the truth about the baby was a miracle for Nick. Victoria apologized to Billy and added that she was sorry for Ashley, who might lose her child.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lauren and Michael had coffee on the Crimson Lights patio, which was decorated in a St. Patrick's Day motif. Lauren said that she couldn't believe how selfless Phyllis had been by giving Dr. Taylor's letter to Ashley. Michael said that Lauren would have done the same thing if she had been in Phyllis' shoes. Lauren said that she wanted to call Ashley, but Michael advised against that, saying that Ashley was having a hard time dealing with the possibility that Faith might be Nick and Sharon's baby.

A grouchy Kevin served refills to the Baldwins. When Michael commented about the green whipped cream, Kevin snapped, "Well, don't drink it then." Lauren thought that it might be a good idea for the Baldwins to have a family dinner, but Kevin nixed the idea, and said he didn't want to hear Gloria "bitching" about Jana's disappearance.

Kevin asked Michael if Cane was being deported. Michael said that, barring a miracle, Cane would be on a plane to Australia shortly. Kevin said that at least Lily was being supportive of her husband, behaving like a wife should -- unlike Jana, who Kevin thought had left him. Kevin asked Michael if he had finished working on a contract that Kevin needed to sign. Michael said that he had -- and that it was in a manila envelope in Michael's briefcase.

Kevin opened Michael's briefcase, which was on a nearby table, and pulled out the first manila envelope he saw. He opened the envelope and found the photographs that Daisy had taken of Lauren trying to seduce Paul. Kevin then saw that there was another manila envelope that contained the contract. He looked at the envelope that contained the photos of Lauren and Paul and saw that it was hand addressed to Michael. As Kevin perused the photos, he listened to Lauren telling Michael how she wanted to do something romantic that night, and that she wanted to plan a family vacation.

Michael received a phone call and went inside the coffeehouse. Kevin smugly walked up to Lauren and said that she seemed full of great ideas like romantic evenings and family vacations. Lauren was stunned when Kevin showed her one of the photos and said, "The way you're talking, Michael would never guess that you're cheating on him."

Michael had to leave the coffeehouse for an appointment. After he was gone, Lauren swore that she hadn't slept with Paul or cheated on Michael. Kevin told Lauren that it certainly looked like Lauren had cheated -- he said that, in the photos, she was all over Paul. Lauren said that she hadn't been herself recently, and that she didn't remember much about the night at Jimmy's when the pictures had been taken. She told Kevin that she thought that her behavior might have been a side effect of the medication she had been taking. Kevin thought that Lauren was just making excuses, and said that he was going to show the pictures to Michael.

Kevin said that the thing that bothered him the most was that Michael was always "working his butt" off for the Baldwin family, yet Lauren was "palling around" with Paul. He told Lauren that the whole family was falling apart -- first Jana had run off, and it looked like Lauren was having an affair with Paul. Lauren insisted that she was telling Kevin the truth -- she wasn't having an affair with Paul. She told Kevin that, after all the years they had known each other, she couldn't believe that Kevin didn't trust her. Kevin reminded Lauren that he had trusted Jana, and she had betrayed him. Lauren said that she wasn't Jana -- and she wasn't keeping secrets. Lauren begged Kevin not to show the pictures to Michael.

Kevin finally said that he believed Lauren -- he felt that if she were having an affair with Paul, she wouldn't be stupid enough to be kissing Paul in a public place. Relieved, Lauren asked Kevin to destroy the pictures. Kevin told Lauren that he had found the pictures in a sealed envelope in Michael's briefcase -- and that whoever had put them there could do it again. They tried to figure out who had taken the pictures and planted them in the briefcase, but Lauren said that she barely remembered anything from the night that the pictures had been taken. She realized that someone was clearly trying to make trouble for her and Michael. Kevin wondered what would be worse for Lauren -- Michael finding the pictures, or her telling Michael about them. Lauren decided that she had to tell Michael about them.

Neil and Lily got together at the Athletic Club. Daniel stopped by to see how Lily was doing, and Lily told him the bad news -- that Cane was going to be put on a plane to Australia that day. Neil said that Michael was still trying to stop the deportation, but Lily said that Michael told her that there was almost no chance that his appeal would succeed. Neil said that miracles could happen, and cited Lily's beating cancer as an example.

When Neil walked away, Daniel scolded Lily for lying to Neil by telling him that her chemotherapy had worked, and that she was cancer-free. Lily said that Daniel was the only person who knew that her chemo hadn't worked. She told Daniel that she had to lie, because Cane had told Jill that if Lily's PET scan showed that her cancer was still active, Cane would try to escape. Lily said that if Cane left for Australia as ordered, there was a chance that he would be able to return to the United States eventually, but if he broke the law by trying to escape, he would never be allowed back in the country. Lily took off to visit Cane.

In the Department of Immigration holding area, Cane greeted Lily with a hug and told her how relieved he was that she had beaten the cancer. He said that Lily was the strongest, most amazing woman he had ever known. When Lily started to cry, Cane said his deportation was really just a minor matter -- the important thing was that Lily would be around to care for their twins until he could return to the United States. Lily said that she couldn't handle the idea that Cane would worry about her while he was gone. He said that if he couldn't return to the United States, then they could live together in Paris. Cane told Lily that the important thing was that they would end up together.

J.T. showed up at Jimmy's and found Mac experimenting with various shades of green beer -- she said that she needed to pick a shade before she went to say goodbye to Cane -- perhaps for the last time. J.T. and Mac decided on a color, and Mac asked J.T. if he was doing anything special for St. Patrick's Day. J.T. said that he wasn't -- that Reed was at a class party and that he was going to talk with Victoria. He told Mac that he and Victoria had a fight the previous evening.

J.T. told Mac about Victoria and the rest of the Newman family's interrogation of Adam the previous evening. He said that their behavior was reckless and against the law. J.T. told Mac that the Newmans thought that they could do whatever they wanted and not pay the consequences. He said that the Newmans were crazy if they thought there wouldn't be any fallout for what they had done to Adam.

J.T. told Mac that he didn't want Reed growing up feeling as if he was entitled simply because he was a Newman. Mac assured him that Reed wouldn't, because J.T. was his father. J.T. reminded Mac of just how manipulative Victor could be -- Victor had bought an expensive car for Noah and a million-dollar horse for Abby. Mac said that not everyone could be seduced by Victor's money. J.T. was concerned that he was going to have to fight to keep Victor away from Reed. Mac wished that there were another way to handle the situation.

Back at the Department of Immigration, Mac visited with Lily and Cane. She told the Ashbys that the pregnancy was going like clockwork. Lily saw Daniel watching through the window of the holding area, and she left to talk with him. Daniel continued to try to persuade Lily to tell Cane the truth about her PET scan results. Lily said that would be a mistake, and that she was doing what was best for her husband. Daniel said that the best thing for Cane would be for him to know the truth. Daniel reminded Lily that secrets had destroyed their marriage, and, if Cane and Lily's roles were reversed, Lily would feel betrayed and devastated if Cane didn't tell her the truth.

Inside the holding area, Mac told Cane that she and Lily would be fine, and that they would keep him abreast of Mac's pregnancy's progress. Cane told Mac what he believed to be the good news -- that Lily was cancer-free. Mac was thrilled. Cane asked Mac if he could speak to the twins. He hovered over her abdomen and "told" the twins that he had to leave for a while -- but promised that he would be back in time for their birth.

Daniel, Lily, and Michael joined Cane in the holding area. Michael told them that, as expected, Cane's appeal had been denied, and that he would likely be on a plane that night. Michael said that he wasn't giving up -- he was going to consult with a friend of his who was a specialist in immigration law. Daniel promised Cane that he would keep an eye on Lily while Cane was gone. As Daniel walked out, he whispered to Lily that there was still time to tell Cane the truth.

Everyone left the holding area except for Lily and Cane. Lily became teary-eyed and said that, for months, chemo had been her world, yet Cane had stood by her and helped her stay strong. Daniel stared in the window of the holding area as Lily nervously told Cane the truth. She said that she had been protecting him from what he might do if he knew the truth -- that her PET scan results weren't good. When Cane asked what she meant, Lily said, "The chemo didn't work. I didn't beat the cancer." Cane hugged his wife as a sad-looking Daniel walked away.

At home, Ashley cradled Faith as Jack looked on. Walking on eggshells, Jack asked Ashley if she had spoken to Sharon about running a DNA test on Faith. Ashley said that she knew what had to be done. Jack wanted to shower, but said that he was going to wait until Billy returned from Crimson Lights with breakfast. Ashley assured Jack that he could go upstairs and shower -- that she wouldn't self-destruct.

As soon as Ashley could hear the shower water running, she told Faith that it was time to go. She grabbed Faith's diaper bag and car seat and left the house. Jack returned to the living room after his shower and was concerned that Ashley and Faith were gone. He opened the front door and screamed out Ashley's name, but received no response.

Billy ran into Victoria at Crimson Lights. She was surprised that Billy wasn't wearing anything green, and was shocked when Billy revealed his "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" green boxer shorts. Billy joined Victoria, and told her that he was at the coffeehouse to pick up some green bagels for Jack and Ashley. Victoria asked how Ashley was doing. Billy said that his sister was hanging in there.

Billy and Victoria reminisced about Adam's mock trial, and agreed that it was nice to see the Newman and the Abbott families working together, instead of against each other. They shared their favorite moments from the interrogation. Victoria's had been when Rafe and Heather left the cabin, and Adam realized that the lawyers weren't going to help him. Billy's had been when Victor had slapped Adam across the face. Victoria said that the Newmans and the Abbotts might not agree on a lot, but they protected their own. Billy said, "Amen, sister."

Billy bragged that the latest issue of Restless Style was a sellout. Victoria wondered what the cover story was, and Billy told her the issue featured a story about how Tucker McCall had bribed a foreign official in order to promote a band that Tucker had managed. Victoria said that Tucker deserved it after what he had done to Katherine. She told Billy that she liked Restless Style when her family wasn't mentioned in the magazine.

Jack called Billy and told him that Ashley was missing. Michael walked up to Victoria and told her that he had just received word that J.T. was going to sue for full custody of Reed. Billy and Victoria quickly left Crimson Lights. Jack called Neil to see if he knew where Ashley was. Neil didn't, and wondered what had been going on.

Victoria rushed home and asked J.T. why he didn't have the guts to tell her that he was suing her for full custody of Reed. Irate, Victoria yelled, "You want full custody of Reed? Go to hell." She said that J.T. was a bastard for twisting what she had confided in him about Adam, Ashley, and the Newman family. J.T. said that the Newmans didn't know right from wrong, and that he didn't want Reed raised that way.

Victoria accused J.T. of being sanctimonious, and said that Victor wasn't an evil puppeteer who would try to poison Reed's mind. J.T. said that Victor had poisoned her mind, and he wondered what had happened to the woman who had fled to Italy to escape from her family. Victoria said that she still stood up to Victor, but that Adam had deserved what had happened the previous night. Victoria scolded J.T. for implying that he loved Reed more than she did. J.T. said that he knew that Victoria loved Reed, but that she couldn't see what was best for the child. Victoria told J.T. that she was leaving, and that he had better be packed up and gone by the time she returned.

At the Athletic Club, Michael told Victoria that she couldn't demand that J.T. leave the house. He also informed her that if she left, she couldn't take Reed with her. Michael said that if she wanted to fight J.T. for custody, she had to stay put. Victoria reluctantly agreed, but said that J.T. wasn't going to take her little boy.

Mac visited J.T. at the Hellstroms'. He told her that Victoria had tried to kick him out, but that his lawyer told him that he didn't have to leave.

Billy and Neil met up with Jack at Ashley's house. Jack told Neil about Adam's interrogation the previous evening, and Neil chided Jack for having involved Ashley -- Neil said that there had to have been a better way to get the truth from Adam. Billy tried to be the voice of reason by saying that perhaps Ashley had simply taken the baby out to get some air. Jack said that Ashley probably wasn't thinking rationally. Billy said that was understandable, after what she had been through the previous evening.

Still trying to remain calm, Billy said that Ashley might walk in at any moment. He thought that perhaps she had gone to see Sharon, but Neil wondered why she wouldn't have left a message. Jack said that he didn't want to cause a panic by calling the ranch and letting the Newmans know that Ashley might be missing. Neil worried that Ashley was on the verge of a mental collapse, and wondered how they could look for her without letting people know that she was missing.

Ashley and Faith were at Genoa City International Airport, and were waiting for a flight that had been delayed due to a minor mechanical problem. While they waited, Tucker showed up, returning from New York and a meeting with his legal staff. Tucker told Ashley that, thanks to the article that Billy had published, the feds were on him like "white on rice." Sensing that Ashley was upset, Tucker asked her if everything was okay. She said that everything was fine.

Tucker told Ashley that Faith was a beautiful baby, and offered to sit with her and Faith until their flight was ready to board. Tucker asked where they were flying to, but Ashley told Tucker that wasn't any of his business. He wondered if they were going on vacation. Ashley asked why he would think that. He said that with the Abbotts having lost out on regaining control of Jabot, Ashley might have felt the need to get away. Tucker told her that distance was good for the soul -- that it helped with perspective. Ashley agreed that sometimes you just had to catch your breath -- although she doubted that her family would concur with her decision.

Tucker was surprised to hear that Ashley was disappointed with her family -- he thought that the Abbotts always stuck together. Ashley said, "Well, there's close, and there's claustrophobic." She told Tucker that Jack and Billy meant well, but she needed a little time to deal with some things that they didn't think she was capable of handling. Tucker wondered why her brothers would think that. Ashley admitted that she hadn't always managed well in the past.

Tucker hoped that Ashley's "escape" would help her. Ashley asked for his opinion on how she was handling things, but he said that he really couldn't comment unless he knew the circumstances behind her leaving. He wondered if she was looking for space, or if she was running away from something. Tucker said that she didn't look as if she was falling apart -- and that, after the piece of her mind that she had given him when they first met, she didn't seem like the type of woman to run away from anything.

Ashley, Faith, and Tucker returned to Ashley's house, where the worried Neil, Billy, and Jack waited. Jack and Billy were not thrilled to see Tucker with Ashley, but they were relieved to see their sister. Ashley thanked Tucker for his help, and he left. The men began to question Ashley, but she told them to stop acting like mother hens. She said, "Don't make a big deal out of it. Faith and I are back home."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At Genoa City Memorial, Victor entered Adam's room, and saw that his son was handcuffed to the bed rail. Adam said, "Go away and let me die." Victor said that he had a message from Sharon -- and dropped a folder containing some papers on Adam's chest. Victor told Adam that the papers were Sharon's request for an annulment of her marriage to Adam. Victor emphasized that, rather than asking for a divorce, Sharon preferred acting like Adam had never existed.

Adam said that he assumed that Victor felt the same way. Victor didn't buy into Adam's obvious plea for pity. He said that Adam wasn't going to escape the consequences of what he had done by claiming that he was mentally ill. Victor told Adam that he was going back to jail, where he belonged. Victor wondered what had happened to Adam to make him so evil. Victor said that he almost didn't care what happened to Adam in jail. As Victor walked out of the room, Adam screamed, "Just let me die!"

Heather was in the hallway outside Adam's room and heard him scream out. She entered the room, and Adam said that he needed her help. Heather made it clear that she wasn't going to assist Adam in any way. Adam said that he would be tortured in jail. Heather reminded Adam of the torture that he had put Ashley and Sharon through. Adam continued to appeal to Heather, and told her that deep down, she still had feelings for him, and that she knew him. Heather said that no one knew Adam -- that people saw only what he had chosen to show them -- and that he was just "smoke and mirrors."

Phyllis and Malcolm met for lunch at the Athletic Club. Phyllis updated him on Adam's mock trial and its aftermath. She said that Adam was the most contemptible excuse for a human being she had ever met. Malcolm told her that she was a "dragon slayer." Phyllis said that she felt like a chump, and reminded Malcolm that he had told her that the situation was going to blow up in her face. Malcolm said that if Phyllis hadn't conducted her vigorous investigation, Nick would still think that his little girl had died. Phyllis said that she wasn't unhappy that Nick's daughter was alive -- but she wasn't going to kid herself about what it might mean for her marriage.

Malcolm told Phyllis that she was worrying about things that hadn't even happened. Phyllis said that she had to face reality. Malcolm replied that Phyllis didn't have to face reality -- she had to shape it -- as she had done when she had Daniel cleared of the murder charges that had been leveled against her son. As Phyllis continued to wallow in self-pity, Malcolm teasingly mocked her, saying, "Poor, helpless Phyllis." Malcolm told Phyllis that Nick still loved her. Phyllis said that Nick was conflicted, and that he had two little girls, Summer and Faith, who needed him. Malcolm told Phyllis that Nick had one wife -- and that she needed to be at home with her husband instead of sharing French fries with an old friend.

Neil and Jack kept Ashley company at her house. Ashley apologized for having worried them the previous evening when she had taken off without leaving a message. Ashley said that she still didn't believe the "ridiculous story" about her having miscarried. She did admit to feeling bad for Sharon, and said that she would do everything possible to help Sharon find her baby. Neil and Jack looked concerned that Ashley wasn't accepting what Dr. Taylor had written in his deathbed confession.

Ashley said that she knew that she had to get in touch with Nick and Sharon soon. Neil said that he wanted to kill Adam -- Jack told him to get in line. Ashley said that it was weird and ironic that Adam was the one person who knew "the truth" -- that Faith was Ashley's child. Ashley told the guys that she knew that Adam was evil -- but that not even he would have been capable of stealing Sharon's baby, then passing the child off as Ashley's.

Neil discussed how difficult it had been for him to learn that he wasn't Lily's natural father. Ashley became weepy and said that at least Neil had raised Lily -- that Lily wasn't taken away from Neil when she was just a few months old. Jack wondered if Sharon had called Ashley. Ashley said that Sharon was giving her some space -- but Ashley knew that Sharon wanted a DNA test done as soon as possible. Jack thought that perhaps Ashley could go to court and delay the DNA test, but Ashley said that she didn't want things to get ugly.

When the doorbell rang, Ashley told Jack that she didn't want to see anyone. Jack answered the door to Victor. Jack tried to send Victor away, but Ashley invited him in. She asked Neil and Jack to leave so that she could speak with Victor privately. After Jack and Neil left, Ashley told Victor that Nick and Sharon wanted a DNA test. She asked Victor if he had heard anything from Adam about the alleged baby substitution. Victor's silence gave Ashley her answer.

Victor reminisced about how happy he had been the night when Ashley told him that she was going to have a baby. Ashley began rambling about how she saw a lot of both herself and Victor in Faith. She began insisting that she hadn't miscarried -- that she knew that Faith was the baby that she had carried for nine months. She said that from the moment that Adam had put Faith in her arms, she knew that Faith was hers. Victor reminded Ashley that she had nightmares during her pregnancy, and that one night she had dreamed that Sabrina had appeared and told her that her baby was gone. Ashley said that, at that time, Victor had said that it had only been a bad dream. Ashley began crying and said that she couldn't lose Faith. Victor hugged his ex-wife in an effort to comfort her.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Patty, still disguised as Emily, was concerned that she hadn't heard from Jack. She called and left him a message, saying that she was worried about Ashley, and that she wanted to help out. Suddenly, a new patient of Emily's, Lynn Jacobs, approached Patty. Lynn wanted to know why Emily hadn't been returning her phone calls, as Lynn was in crisis. Patty said that they could deal with Lynn's crisis at her next session.

Lynn didn't accept Patty's rebuff, and joined her. Thinking that Patty was Emily, Lynn began telling Patty about her the problems in her life. Lynn thought that "Emily" should increase her medication dosage. Patty began speaking psychobabble, and again insisted that she and Lynn could talk about it at their next session. Patty said that, in the meantime, Lynn should go to her "happy place." Lynn accused Patty of patronizing her. Patty began to become angry and told Lynn to shut up.

Lynn told Patty that she was being unprofessional. Patty said that it was unprofessional for Lynn to accost her in a public place on her day off, and suggested that Lynn call and make an appointment. Lynn said that she had been calling, but that "Emily" hadn't been returning her calls. Patty snapped and told Lynn to get another psychiatrist. Patty stormed into the coffeehouse and ran into Jack.

Patty asked Jack how Ashley was doing. Jack said that he was happy that he was married to a psychiatrist, because he could use her professional advice. Patty said that she would do whatever she could to help. Patty's cell phone rang -- it was her boss calling. Jack knew that her boss only called when there was an emergency, so he told Patty that he was going to return to Ashley's. Patty answered the phone, "Yes. This is Dr. Emily Peterson."

Back at Genoa City Memorial, Heather returned to Adam's room. She told Adam not to get excited -- she wasn't there to help him. Rather, she introduced Adam to his court-appointed psychiatrist -- "Dr. Emily Peterson."

At the tack house, Sharon showed Nick a wooden stable that Victor had given Cassie years earlier. She thought that it would make a nice gift from "Cassie" to her little sister, Faith. Sharon claimed not to be getting carried away with the idea that Faith was her and Nick's baby, but she couldn't stop herself from picturing what it would be like to know for sure that Faith was their child. Sharon wondered how Phyllis was coping with the situation. Nick said that he wasn't sure -- that Phyllis had been gone for most of the day.

Nick and Sharon discussed their concerns about Ashley. Sharon couldn't believe that Ashley would have still believed that she was pregnant after suffering a miscarriage. Nick said that he wouldn't believe anything until a DNA test was performed. He reminded Sharon that both Adam and Dr. Taylor were liars. Sharon told Nick that Cassie's ghost had said that Sharon would know that Faith was her child as soon as Sharon held Faith in her arms. Sharon said that she hadn't slept well the previous night. Nick said that he hadn't either -- he had spent most of the night thinking of different ways to kill Adam.

Sharon told Nick that she realized why Adam had always seemed so tense whenever she was around Faith. Phyllis returned home, and, seeing Sharon, said that she would leave and give Nick and Sharon a chance to talk. Nick asked Phyllis not to leave. Sharon thanked Phyllis profusely and said that she wouldn't have found Faith without Phyllis' investigation. Sharon apologized for having doubted Phyllis' accusations against Adam. Sharon said that she owed Phyllis everything. Phyllis nonchalantly said that the truth was out and she was glad.

Sharon left. Phyllis said that she had to leave again to run an errand. Nick wondered if Phyllis had been avoiding him. She admitted that she had been earlier, but she promised to stop. Nick said that he knew that Phyllis needed to get used to the situation, and told her to take all the time that she needed. He told Phyllis that she had been amazing since he thought his baby had died -- that she had let him grieve, and had put up the memorial plaque near the Abbott cabin.

Nick reminded Phyllis that Faith might not be his daughter. Phyllis said, "She's your daughter. You know she's your daughter." Sharon walked back into the tack house. She had been on her way to her car when her cell phone began ringing. It was Ashley calling, and Sharon wanted to take the call inside. Sharon answered the phone. Ashley apologized for taking so long to call, and asked Sharon and Nick to go to her house. After Sharon hung up the phone and related the conversation to Nick, Nick asked Phyllis to accompany him and Sharon to Ashley's. Phyllis said that she couldn't -- she had an errand to run.

As Phyllis walked away, Sharon told Nick that Ashley had sounded tense on the phone. Sharon worried that Ashley might fight their request for a DNA test. Nick said that they shouldn't anticipate the worst, and put his hand on Sharon's shoulder. In the background, Phyllis watched -- and looked worried.

Phyllis drove to the Abbott cabin and unsuccessfully tried to pull Faith's memorial plaque off of the tree to which it was bolted. Phyllis remembered Sharon expressing her gratitude for Phyllis' role in locating Faith. She also remembered when Sharon was pregnant, and Nick had told Phyllis that he and Sharon shared a long history. Phyllis had thrown Nick out and told him to go to Sharon -- where he would end up anyway. Becoming angry, Phyllis grabbed a pair of pliers and managed to pull Faith's memorial plaque off of the tree.

Phyllis began driving back to Genoa City. She stared at the memorial plaque, which was sitting on the passenger seat of her car. She swerved to avoid a car. An obviously distraught Phyllis looked at the plaque again -- but this time didn't see a car that was heading straight at her. Phyllis' car and the oncoming car collided.

Sharon and Nick went to Ashley's, where Victor greeted them. He told them that Ashley was upstairs with Faith. Nick asked about Adam. Victor said that Adam would no longer pose a threat to anyone. Nick wasn't so sure, and reminded Victor that not even prison had been enough to "neutralize" Adam previously.

Jack returned to Ashley's, and Ashley announced that she had arrived at a decision. Jack wondered if it was a good time for her to do that, since emotions were running so high. Ashley said that she felt that Faith was her daughter, but that her feelings were beside the point. She continued and said that Faith belonged with her mother, whether it was her or Sharon. Ashley agreed to take the DNA test. She said that she would respect the outcome, no matter what it was. Ashley began crying, and Sharon hugged her.

In the holding cell at the Department of Immigration, Cane was devastated when Lily told him that her chemotherapy had been unsuccessful. Cane said that he wouldn't be able to get on the plane to Australia. Lily said that he had to get on the plane, and the sooner he left, the sooner he would be able to return. She begged Cane not to try to escape, and regretting having told Cane that her chemo hadn't worked.

At the Athletic Club, Jill said goodbye to a man. The man walked away. Katherine ran into Jill and wondered who the man was. Jill said that he was an immigration lawyer, but he had said that he wouldn't be able to stop Cane's deportation. Katherine told Jill that perhaps she should have tried to stop Cane's deportation sooner, instead of concentrating her energies on destroying Tucker. Jill begged Katherine for a truce -- she said that she was losing another son. Katherine hugged Jill.

Katherine and Jill went to the Department of Immigration to say their goodbyes to Cane. Cane hugged Jill and told her that he loved her. He swore that he wouldn't be gone long. Katherine promised that they would take good care of Lily. A guard handcuffed Cane and told him that it was time to go to the airport. As he was led out, Cane told Katherine and Jill that he loved them.

Katherine and Jill returned to the Athletic Club, where Jill tried in vain to find an immigration lawyer who might be able to help Cane. Katherine reassured Jill that Phillip would look after Cane in Australia. Jill whined that soon she would be alone. She told Katherine that, when talking to the lawyers, she referred to Cane as her son. Katherine said that she could relate. Jill became upset, thinking that Katherine was talking about Tucker. Katherine calmed her down and told her that she was speaking about Jill -- that even though Katherine and Jill weren't related by blood, Katherine still considered Jill her daughter. Jill seemed genuinely moved.

At the airport, Cane was handcuffed to a seat while an immigration officer went to check on the flight. Lily, Neil, and Malcolm accompanied Cane. Lily hugged Cane. Cane said that he hated to see Lily upset, and asked Neil to take her away. Lily said that she wasn't going anywhere. Neil said that he wasn't going to argue with a woman who had just beaten cancer. Malcolm was thrilled to hear that news -- not knowing that it wasn't true. The immigration officer returned and told Cane to say his goodbyes. Cane and Lily hugged. Cane told Neil to take care of Lily. Neil assured Cane that he had it covered. Neil and Malcolm left.

Alone, Cane and Lily said their final goodbyes. Cane said that if he hadn't agreed to help Phillip, none of this would be happening. Lily reminded Cane that if he hadn't gone to the United States, she and Cane would never have met. Cane promised that he would be back before the babies were born -- and that he and Lily would be together. He promised Lily that he would never let her down, and asked her if she believed him. Lily said that she did. The couple kissed.

As the immigration officer led Cane to the boarding gate, the officer asked Lily to step back. Cane told Lily that he loved her. She began crying and quickly walked away. Cane and the immigration officer walked towards the plane. Cane said that his wedding ring had fallen off inside the airport, and insisted that the officer take him back inside so that he could retrieve the ring. Inside, as the officer bent over to look for the ring, Cane raised his cuffed arms above his head, lowered them down hard, and knocked the officer unconscious. Cane ran off into the night.

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