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The DNA test results stated that Nick and Sharon were Faith's parents. Adam realized that 'Emily' was really Patty. Chance proposed to Chloe. Michael discovered that there was a toxic chemical in the wallpaper in Lauren's office.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 22, 2010 on Y&R
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Monday, March 22, 2010

At Genoa City Memorial hospital, Adam underwent an evaluation from Patty, who he believed was Dr. Emily Peterson. As Patty stood near Adam's bed and perused his medical files, Adam protested that having Jack's wife as his doctor was a conflict of interest. Patty told Adam that he had tried to drive his stepmother insane and was allegedly responsible for her miscarriage. Adam retorted that Ashley hadn't had a miscarriage because he'd delivered her baby. Patty added that Adam gave his brother's baby to Ashley in order to cover his tracks. Adam insisted that all of the documented accusations were absurd. When Patty asked about Adam's attempts to drive Ashley crazy, he denied the claims.

As Adam vehemently defended himself, Patty experienced a flashback to the day he instructed her to dress as Sabrina and sob as she walked past the window at the ranch. At the time, Adam had glibly acknowledged that his ultimate aim was to hurt Victor. Patty took a seat near Adam, as he adamantly maintained his innocence. Patty leaned forward and inquired, "You sure about that?"

Adam told Patty that the Newman family had held him captive at the Abbott cabin when Phyllis produced a letter supposedly written by Dr. Taylor that implicated Adam in the baby switch. After Patty asked about what had happened to Ashley the previous summer, Adam told her to question "Patty" at Fairview. Adam added that he would have nothing to live for if sent to prison, and he pleaded with his doctor to help him. Patty responded, "My psychiatric expertise is exactly what you need. You put yourself in my hands, and I'll make sure that everything works out the way it should."

Paul ran into "Dr. Peterson" at the hospital and warned her not to attend to "Patty" because she was fixated on her doctor. "Emily" told Paul that she was the only doctor his sister trusted. Paul insisted that the doctor quit treating his sister, and he threatened to arrange an emergency court hearing to remove the doctor permanently. After Paul walked away, Patty panicked. Before Patty could collect herself, Sharon approached and mentioned that Jack, although unhurt, was in the emergency room. Patty raced away.

Adam overheard Sharon talking in the hallway and called out to her. Sharon stepped into Adam's room. When he learned of Phyllis' accident, Adam declared that Phyllis got what she deserved. Adam claimed that Phyllis and her family turned Sharon against him. Sharon countered, "You did that all by yourself."

Adam told Sharon that he would do anything for her because he loved her more than any man in the world loved her. Sharon wept and told Adam that he didn't know what love was. Adam reminded Sharon that he ran into a burning house to rescue her son. Adam claimed that Sharon had once forgiven him after he'd confessed every terrible act he'd committed. Sharon remained unmoved by Adam's ploys. Adam insisted that he'd almost died when he was previously imprisoned, so he'd never risk going there again.

Tears trickled down Sharon's cheeks as Adam once again blamed Dr. Taylor. Sharon said, "I know that a part of you understood what I was going through when I thought that Faith died, and you were kind to me. I am begging you to tell me about Faith. Where is she?" Adam again alleged that Ashley was lying if she claimed that he hadn't delivered her baby.

Adam swore on his mother's grave that he didn't know where Faith was. Sharon somberly responded, "If your mother knew what you had become." Adam entreated Sharon to look at him as he professed his love. Sharon replied, "The next time I see you, Adam, is going to be when the jury comes back with your conviction." Adam seemed shaken after Sharon walked out.

At Ashley's house, Sharon, Nick, Jack, and Victor looked on with concern as Ashley agreed that she didn't mind allowing Nick and Sharon to spend time with baby Faith. After Nick received a phone call about Phyllis' auto accident, he excused himself to check on his wife. Sharon left with Nick, and Jack left, too. Victor calmly encouraged Ashley to accompany him to the hospital to conduct the DNA tests to determine Faith's parentage. Ashley sobbed and told Victor that she wasn't prepared to part with the baby.

In the waiting area at Genoa City Memorial hospital, Victor told Sharon that a lab technician might possibly take samples for the DNA tests soon. Nick stepped out of his wife's room and showed Victor and Sharon the plaque Phyllis had retrieved. Nick added that Phyllis had journeyed to the Abbott cabin alone because he made her feel alienated. Daniel approached and crossly interjected, "Yeah, you did."

Daniel berated Nick, who was holding the rusted plaque, for reminiscing with Sharon instead of attending to Phyllis. Amber tried to explain why Phyllis had removed the plaque, but Daniel continued to blast Nick. Daniel walked away, and Amber and Nick followed. Nick explained why he was talking to Sharon and Ashley about DNA tests. Daniel was livid at Adam when he learned that Faith was still alive. Nick assured Daniel that he was committed to Phyllis.

Ashley, cradling Faith, paced anxiously in the waiting area. Victor and Sharon stood nearby. Ashley approached and agreed to carry out the DNA tests as soon as possible. Jack and Billy joined Ashley, who assured her brothers that she was fine. Victor told Ashley, Sharon, Jack, and Billy that a lab technician would swab the baby, Ashley, and Sharon. Victor explained that the baby would be a perfect match to her biological mother. Sharon thanked Ashley, who acted composed and valiant. Jack looked concerned about Ashley's demeanor.

Patty caught up with Jack and learned about Phyllis' accident. Patty told Jack and Billy that the court had appointed her to evaluate Adam. Jack asked if it was a conflict of interest. Patty didn't respond to Jack's query, but Billy rejoiced, believing that Adam's suicide act wouldn't fly after Emily's professional scrutiny. Patty explained, "The man is sick. It is possible he didn't know what he was doing." Jack charged, "You're not saying that he shouldn't stand trial?" Patty insisted that she was unbiased and wouldn't make a determination about Adam until she'd conducted a full evaluation. Patty left after Fairview Psychiatric Facility summoned her.

In the urgent care wing of the hospital, Phyllis weakly called out for Nick as paramedics wheeled in her into a treatment room. Phyllis screamed out in pain when her doctor examined her lower leg. Sharon, Nick, and Daniel waited nervously to speak to Phyllis' doctor, who later explained that Phyllis' had sustained a fractured shinbone and might have sustained internal injuries. Jack arrived to check on Phyllis and announced that her accident had occurred after she drove to the Abbott cabin.

When Daniel and Nick visited Phyllis in the exam room, Phyllis showed Nick the memorial plaque that she and Nick had fastened to a tree to honor Faith, whom they believed had been stillborn. After Daniel and Nick stepped out, Jack visited Phyllis. Jack's brow furrowed as Phyllis tearfully explained that she was certain that Faith was Nick and Sharon's baby. Phyllis added that Faith would become part of her life but wouldn't end her marriage. After Jack left, Amber visited Phyllis, who seemed surprised when Amber offered helpful assistance. Amber quipped that Phyllis could hate her again later. After Nick returned, Amber left.

Nick told Phyllis that he understood why she had removed the plaque. Nick promised that no matter what happened, they would stay together. The doctor returned with promising news. Phyllis didn't need surgery and could go home after the placement of a cast on her broken leg. Nick kissed Phyllis' hand. Still giddy from pain medication, Phyllis seemed excited about wearing a cast, as Amber and Daniel joined Nick to comfort Phyllis. Daniel received a phone call about taking portraits, and Phyllis ordered him to take the job. After Daniel and Amber left, Nick told Phyllis that he would be her personal slave because the doctor had ordered her off her feet.

At Fairview Psychiatric Facility, Paul visited with Emily, who he believed was Patty. Emily asked Paul if he'd received the results of the DNA tests performed on the tissue she'd bloodied after pricking her finger. Paul's measured response tipped Emily off, and she rightly realized that Paul hadn't followed through with the testing. Emily assured Paul that she was Dr. Emily Peterson, but Paul insisted that she stop her protracted charade. Paul stepped out to summon Dr. Jasper.

Patty later returned to Emily's cell and told Emily that her patients were rude, as one had accosted her at the coffeehouse and asked for advice. Patty wailed that she and Jack didn't agree about the course of action for Adam, either. Emily warned Patty that everything would soon come crashing down on her. Paul stepped in and summoned the "doctor" to step out with him. In the hallway, Paul told Patty that he'd scheduled a hearing for the following morning. Paul added that Dr. Jasper agreed that "Emily" should no longer treat his sister.

After Paul left, Patty seemed horror-stricken. Patty later returned with a syringe filled with a drug. Patty entered Emily's cell and jabbed the syringe into Emily's arm. Patty explained that the drug would make Emily act like a frenzied crazy person when she arrived for the hearing. Emily told Patty that the drug might speed her heart rate and kill her.

At the immigration office, an investigator questioned Lily's involvement after Cane assaulted a detention office and escaped. Malcolm and Neil listened as Lily and Devon told the officer that they did not aid Cane. Lily insisted that she had no knowledge of her husband's whereabouts. After Michael arrived, the investigator left. After Michael stepped out, Lily tearfully explained that Cane had bolted because she told him the truth about her scan. Neil, Malcolm, and Devon were shocked when Lily announced that her cancer had returned.

Billy, with his hands clumsily tucked into his pockets, entered uneasily into the interrogation room. Neil, Devon, and Malcolm were surprised to see Billy, who claimed he was writing a story about immigration laws. Neil told Billy about Cane's escape and asked Billy if he knew were Cane was. Billy, without reacting to the startling news, claimed he was the last guy Cane would call. Billy hugged Lily and whispered, "Parking lot-two minutes," into Lily's ear.

After Lily stepped out, Neil and Malcolm realized that Billy likely knew where Cane was, and they grew impatient when Lily didn't answer her phone. Michael returned. Neil explained that Cane had escaped because he knew that Lily's cancer had returned. After Neil told Michael that Billy and Lily had gone to see Cane, Michael explained that Cane and Lily needed to return to the immigration office right away. After Devon learned that Cane and Lily were at Billy's trailer, Michael advised Neil to get to Cane and keep him at the trailer before immigration officials arrived.

At Billy's trailer, Cane showed up, with his wrists still cuffed together. Billy held a baseball bat over his head to defend himself. Cane called out to Billy, indentified himself, and pleaded for help because Lily's cancer had returned. Later, Billy picked up Lily outside the immigration office and took her to his trailer. Lily was happy to see Cane, but she was angry with him for escaping. Lily explained that Cane's decision to flee could never lead to a favorable outcome.

Devon phoned Lily, and she told him that she and Cane were at Billy's trailer. Neil later arrived and told Cane and Lily that immigration officials were on their way. Cane attempted to leave. An armed immigration official and a uniformed guard arrived before Cane had time to run away and took him into custody. Neil comforted a sobbing Lily as the official held Cane at gunpoint and told him that it would a long time before he saw his wife again.

Back at the immigration office, Lily accused Devon of betraying her. Cane embraced Lily tightly. Michael returned to the holding area and announced that Cane could stay in the U.S. because Lily had cancer. Michael explained that he had to leave after he received a phone call about Phyllis. Malcolm accompanied Michael. Lily, disheartened, told Cane that if she beat cancer, she would lose him.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Michael and Paul prepared to take Emily, who they still thought was Patty, to a hearing to determine whether "Patty" should be allowed supervised outings, and if "Emily" should be allowed to continue treating "Patty." Michael told Paul that "Patty" might not be granted the outings, but Michael felt sure that he could have "Emily" removed from "Patty's" case.

The two men entered "Patty's" cell. A frantic Emily told them that Patty, disguised as Emily, had entered her cell and had injected her with a stimulant medication. Emily said that her heart was racing, and that she wasn't able to think. Michael said that if "Patty" acted manically in the courtroom, then they were "sunk." When Paul referred to Emily as "Patty," Emily insisted that she wasn't Patty, but was Emily. Paul started explaining to Emily what a manic episode was, but Emily stopped him. She told him that, as a psychiatrist, she was well aware of the definition. She screamed, "Stop calling me Patty. I'm Emily. I've been drugged."

Michael told Paul that "Patty" couldn't go into the courtroom claiming to be Emily. Emily said that she felt like she was in a house of mirrors, and that nothing seemed real. She claimed that Patty was trying to kill her. Emily said that when Jack saw her in the courtroom, he would recognize her and that everything would turn out okay. Paul told Emily that she needed to show the judge that she was focused, calm, and centered -- only then might the judge allow her to see Kitty Kitty. Emily said that she knew exactly what she had to do.

At the Abbott mansion, Patty, still disguised as Emily, began practicing the speech she was planning to give the judge about how "Patty" suffered from a delusional personality disorder. Jack entered the living room, unseen by Patty. Jack revealed himself and said that he was surprised that "Emily" felt the need to practice -- he was sure that she had testified in court many times previously.

Jack was concerned that "Emily" hadn't been sleeping well. He knew that she had been working late into the night. She said that she felt responsible for "Patty" and that Paul still blamed her for "Patty's" suicide attempt. Jack told "Emily" that it wasn't her fault that Patty had suffered from years of self-doubt and insecurity. Jack suggested that "Emily" had gotten too involved with "Patty." He said that he hated what the case was doing to "Emily." Jack said that he cared about Patty, but that he loved "Emily," and he wanted his wife back. Jack thought that perhaps it was time for "Emily" to let go and allow someone else to handle "Patty's" case. "Emily" said that she couldn't do that.

"Emily" told Jack that she probably was too involved in "Patty's" case, but only because she knew what "Patty" was capable of. She lied and said that she had nightmares about "Patty" hunting down Jack. "Emily" told Jack that Paul and Dr. Jasper didn't know what they were dealing with, and that it was imperative that she stay involved in "Patty's" treatment. As Jack went to answer the doorbell, Patty stared at Emily's portrait and said, "You will not win." Jack returned to the living room with a summons -- Michael had issued a subpoena compelling Jack to testify at the hearing. Patty looked concerned.

In the courtroom, "Emily" told the judge that Michael was planning on having Jack testify, but that it was imperative that "Patty" not have any contact with Jack, as it could undo everything that "Emily" had achieved. Outside the courtroom, Emily, accompanied by Jack, Michael, and an orderly from the psychiatric facility, said that Jack would straighten everything out when she finally saw him.

Michael told "Patty" that she would have to remain outside the courtroom until she was called in to testify. Emily said that she had testified in dozens of cases, and she knew that wasn't the normal procedure. Emily correctly guessed that Patty had arranged Emily's sequestration so that she wouldn't have a chance to speak with Jack.

As the hearing began, Michael told the judge that there were two parts to the petition. The first part was to have "Emily" removed as a consulting psychiatrist on the case, because her marriage to Jack caused a conflict of interest that rendered it impossible for her to be objective. The second part of the petition dealt with trying to get the court to authorize supervised visits outside the hospital between "Patty" and Paul. Michael told the judge that Dr. Jasper, "Patty's" primary psychiatrist, had no objections to the supervised visits.

Michael called Jack to testify. He reminded Jack that Jack had rejected Patty twice -- years earlier when they had been married and more recently, when Patty had posed as Mary Jane Benson, and had threatened to harm Jack. Michael wondered how it could be possible for "Emily" not to have negative feelings towards "Patty." Jack said that "Emily" never discussed her diagnoses or patients with him -- and that "Emily" adhered to a professional code of conduct.

"Emily" spoke at the hearing and said that her judgment had only been clouded once while "Patty" was under her care -- when she had allowed Paul to talk her into transferring his sister's case to another doctor. "Emily" said that her mistake in agreeing to Paul's request had led to "Patty" attempting suicide. "Emily" insisted that she was unbiased and completely professional, no matter what Michael said. She added that "Patty" was nowhere near ready to leave the hospital.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Emily told the orderly that her head was spinning. The orderly told her to put her head between her knees. As the orderly stepped away to get Emily some water, Emily burst into the courtroom and called out for Jack. When Emily said, "It's me, it's Emily," "Emily" told the judge that this was an example of the delusional behavior that she had been speaking about. As the orderly led Emily out of the courtroom, she yelled to Jack, "We went ice skating together, remember?" Jack seemed puzzled when he heard that.

"Emily" once again told the judge that if "Patty" left the hospital, it could have devastating consequences. The judge said that, after what she had just witnessed, she agreed with "Emily." The judge banged her gavel and said that the plaintiff's motion was denied.

Later, Paul thanked Michael for doing his best for "Patty." Michael said that all was not lost -- that once Dr. Jasper was able to stabilize "Patty," Michael would again try to arrange for her to have supervised visits with Paul. Paul was touched that Michael was willing to continue with the case. Michael admitted that he hated to lose -- but, more importantly, he felt that Paul was right -- that "Emily" couldn't possibly be an objective consulting psychiatrist for "Patty." Michael said that he sensed that even Jack knew that.

Jack and Patty returned to the Abbott mansion. Jack said that he had been deeply affected by seeing "Patty." "Emily" said that Jack needed to keep his distance from "Patty." He said that he was confused by a remark that "Patty" had made -- he told "Emily" that he had never gone ice-skating with Patty. "Emily" said that perhaps he had, and that it had slipped his mind. Jack said that "Emily" was the only woman he had taken ice-skating. "Emily" tried to distract Jack by kissing him, and asking him to join her upstairs in the bedroom. Jack said that he couldn't -- he had a meeting. When Jack left, Patty shot daggers at the portrait of Emily.

Victoria visited Victor at the Newman ranch. They discussed how wonderfully Ashley had been acting, even after receiving the devastating news that Faith might not be her child. Victor said that Ashley had allowed Sharon and Nick to hold Faith the previous evening. He told Victoria that he didn't know how Ashley would ever recover -- that what Adam had done to her was "unimaginable."

Victor said that he was thankful that Adam hadn't done anything to seriously harm Victoria. Victoria told Victor not to be so sure of that. She said that she had done something stupid -- she had told J.T. about Adam's mock trial at the Abbott cabin -- information which made J.T. decide to sue for full physical custody of Reed. Victor was shocked.

Victor was surprised that J.T. considered him a bad influence on Reed. Victoria said that Victor had always treated his family incredibly, but that he had made mistakes over the years -- and that J.T. was having trouble forgiving and forgetting Victor's mistakes. Victor said that if J.T. fought Victoria for custody, he would regret it. Victoria asked her father to stay out of the situation. Victor said that J.T. had to learn that Reed needed both of his parents -- and he swore that he would never allow Victoria to lose her son. Father and daughter hugged.

At the Athletic Club, J.T. sat at a table in front of his laptop. He was on the phone with his lawyer, and was saying that he was very serious about getting full custody of Reed. After J.T. finished his phone call, Mac joined him. J.T. said that he and Victoria were barely speaking to each other. He explained that he was trying to fill out a questionnaire on the computer, which listed Victoria's shortcomings as a mother.

J.T. told Mac that he really didn't have anything bad to say about Victoria -- but that he felt the need to gain full custody of Reed in order to keep Victor away from the child. J.T. wished that he could fill out a questionnaire on Victor. Mac wondered if J.T. was prepared to take on the Newman family. She said that she hated the idea of Reed being separated from Victoria. J.T. said that he didn't like the idea, either, but it was the only way to prevent Victor from having an influence on Reed.

Chloe and Chance ran into each other at Genoa City Memorial Hospital. Chloe was there to visit Phyllis, and Chance was there to take a statement from Adam. Chloe wondered if Chance had put any more thought into the "special night" when she and Chance would make love for the first time. Chance said that it had "slipped his mind." Chloe laughed and said that she didn't believe Chance -- she suspected that he had something up his sleeve.

Chance entered Adam's room and said that he wanted to discuss the charges that were being pressed against Adam. An outraged Adam said that he was the victim, not the criminal. Adam claimed that he hadn't been running from the police when he was apprehended -- that he had been running from Jack and Victor. Adam told Chance that Jack and Victor had been trying to kill him. Adam said that Jack and Victor had gathered a room full of people to act as his "judge, jury, and executioner." When Chance said that it would be hard to prove that Jack or Victor had said that, Adam said that there were witnesses, including Heather Stevens, the assistant district attorney. Chance was surprised to hear that. Adam listed everyone who had been at the Abbott cabin, and told Chance that he wanted all of them arrested.

Billy went to the Restless Style office. He was surprised that the entire staff, except for Jill, was gone. Jill told Billy that she had sent everyone out to start investigating a huge story -- Adam Wilson had been arrested and charged with kidnapping, fraud, obstruction of justice, and an assortment of other crimes. Jill said that she had a call in to Nick -- she wanted to interview him. She assumed that Billy would want to interview Jack and Victor.

Billy told his mother that Jack and Victor wouldn't talk about the situation with Adam. An enthusiastic Jill said that didn't matter -- she and Billy could just dig up some dirt, like they had done with Tucker McCall. Jill was shocked when Billy told her the whole story of what Adam had allegedly done, and that Faith was probably Nick and Sharon's daughter -- not Victor and Ashley's.

Jill thought that what Ashley was going through would make a great story -- that every woman in America would be able to relate to Ashley's pain. Billy reminded Jill that Ashley was his sister, and that he wasn't going to exploit her for the sake of a story. Jill protested, saying that if they didn't run the story, the tabloids would sensationalize what Ashley was going through. Billy said that he didn't care -- that Restless Style was his magazine, and they weren't going to run a story about Ashley, nor the torture that Adam had put her through.

Called back by Billy, the Restless Style staff returned to the office. He and Chloe discussed the possibility of doing a swimsuit issue. Chance showed up at the office. He told Chloe that he had just interviewed Adam. Overhearing, Jill begged Chance to tell her what Adam had said, but Chance said that he couldn't. Jill left the office. Chloe wondered if Chance had shown up at the office to discuss his plans for their "special night." Chance said that he had actually stopped by because he had found Delia's pacifier in his pocket. Billy overheard Chloe and Chance's conversation, and told Chloe to get back to work on the swimsuit issue. After Chloe walked away, Chance said, "Uncle Billy, do you want to talk about what happened at the Abbott cabin? Or should I just arrest you?"

Billy told Chance that Adam had gone to the Abbott cabin of his own volition, and explained that what had happened at the cabin as nothing more than an "intervention." When Chance said that Adam claimed that he had been kidnapped and held hostage, Billy said, "What do you expect from a guy who forged a murder confession to send his own father to prison?" Chance asked Billy if he believed the information that was contained in Dr. Taylor's deathbed confession. Billy said that he did.

Chloe rejoined Billy and Chance, and told Chance that she hoped he wasn't discussing his surprise plans for their "special night" with Billy. Billy told Chloe to go away. After Chloe left, Chance told Billy that he was planning to take Chloe to New York for one night. Billy needled Chance, and said that he had met Chloe in New York, and that Billy knew all the sleazy motels that Chloe liked. Chance told Billy that he had already picked out a hotel room -- with one bed -- for him and Chloe. Billy approved of the hotel that Chance had chosen -- he said that there were a lot of clubs near the hotel that Chloe liked. When Billy offered Chance a list of clubs, an irritated Chance said that he had his own list.

Mac and Chloe met up at Crimson Lights. Mac told Chloe that Cane's deportation had been postponed. When Chloe asked how long Cane was going to be allowed to stay in the United States, Mac said that she hoped it would be for a long time, because children needed both parents. The women looked on as J.T. stopped by Victoria's table to pick up Reed. The tension between J.T. and Victoria was palpable. Chloe and Mac agreed that the dissolution of the Hellstroms' marriage was sad.

After J.T. left, Billy joined Victoria. She told him that J.T. was suing for full custody of Reed. Billy was shocked to learn that Victoria had told J.T. what had happened at the Abbott cabin. She said that she hadn't given J.T. all the details -- just enough of the story so that J.T. could prove that the Newmans weren't fit to raise children. She said that J.T. wouldn't say anything. Billy said that he hoped not -- that the story of what had happened at the cabin couldn't get out.

Chance paid Victor a visit at the Newman ranch, and questioned him about the events that had occurred the night of Adam's mock trial. When Chance told Victor that Adam claimed that he had been afraid for his life, Victor admitted that things had gotten a bit intense when it was learned that Adam had killed Victor's unborn child and kidnapped Victor's grandchild. Chance reminded Victor that those were still merely allegations. Victor said that Chance would be wise not to believe Adam.

Chance told Victor that the district attorney hadn't forgotten that Adam had been beaten when he had been in prison. He promised Victor that if Adam had to return to prison, precautions would be taken to protect Adam. Victor told Chance that he didn't give a damn. Victor said that Adam belonged in a dark, remote cell -- and that he didn't care if his son ever saw the light of day again.

Jill went to see Adam in his hospital room. She said that she was running Restless Style with Billy. Adam told her to leave. Jill told Adam that she assumed he was upset about the interview that Billy had done with Victor. She reminded Adam that she wasn't working at the magazine when Billy had done the interview, and she felt that Billy should have gotten Adam's side of the story.

Jill told Adam that she was there to interview him about what had happened at the Abbott cabin. Adam wondered if Billy knew that Jill was there. Jill said that Billy was busy with his family, and worried about Ashley. She then bluntly asked Adam if he had kidnapped Sharon's baby and given her to Ashley. Adam claimed that he hadn't kidnapped anyone -- that he was the one who had been kidnapped. Jill asked Adam who had kidnapped him. She took out a tape recorder and said, "Tell me everything."

Adam insisted that he was innocent of everything that he had been accused of. He listed everyone who had been present at his mock trial -- with the exception of Billy -- who Adam pointedly omitted. Adam said that, although Sharon had been present, he still loved her, and that he didn't blame her. Jill promised Adam that she would get his story out. After Jill left, Adam asked a nurse to throw away the annulment papers that Victor had presented to him on Sharon's behalf.

Back at Restless Style, Jill began typing at a computer. To herself, she said, "Oh, Billy. This is so much bigger than Ashley. Wait until you hear what Victor did."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

At Crimson Lights, Kevin spoke to Lauren on the phone. He was pressuring her into telling Michael about the photographs that someone had taken of Lauren trying to seduce Paul. Lauren told Kevin that she would tell Michael about the photographs when Michael's workload abated. Kevin said that Michael's workload rarely lightened, but he promised that he wouldn't tell Michael about the pictures. Lauren said that she wanted to discuss the pictures with Paul before discussing them with Michael. Daisy eavesdropped on Kevin's conversation with Lauren.

After Kevin got off the phone, Gloria and Michael showed up at the coffeehouse. Gloria told Kevin that he looked awful, and that he needed to take a break. Kevin said that he looked bad because his wife had dumped him. Daisy continued eavesdropping on Kevin.

When Gloria said that Kevin was working too hard, he countered by saying that he really didn't have anything else to do -- he didn't want to spend his time sitting at home and looking at Jana's things. Gloria told Kevin that she had a new neighbor -- a lovely young girl named Alison. Gloria showed Kevin a picture of Alison that she had stored on her cell phone. She told Kevin that Alison was new in town, and needed someone to show her around. Kevin looked thoroughly irritated that Gloria was trying to set him up. Daisy rushed out of the coffeehouse.

Gloria said that she had made a reservation for a family dinner at the Athletic Club, and she wanted Kevin to invite Alison to join them. Michael received a call from Lauren. She told him that it was urgent that he see her at her office immediately. Michael said that he was already late for a meeting with Victor, and that he would call her as soon as the meeting ended. Michael left Crimson Lights. As he walked through the front door, Daisy lurked around the corner and spied on him.

Kevin told Gloria that he wasn't interested in meeting Alison. Gloria said that she knew that he still loved Jana, but that Jana was gone. Kevin said that Jana was still his wife, and that she would be back.

Kevin and Gloria moved to the patio, where Gloria served her depressed son a cup of coffee. She said that she didn't expect Kevin to forget Jana -- she also didn't expect him to fall in love with Alison. Gloria hoped that perhaps if Kevin spent some time with Alison, she might say something funny or clever, and make Kevin laugh. Gloria thought that a light moment for Kevin might ease his depression.

Kevin thought that was actually a nice idea. Gloria said that Kevin still had too much life to live, and she didn't want him to lose sight of that. She wondered if he could try to think about stepping back and living without Jana. Gloria asked Kevin not to hate her, and then handed him a piece of paper containing Alison's phone number. Kevin finally agreed to call Alison and invite her to the dinner, but obviously felt guilty about going out with a woman who wasn't his wife.

Jana was still in the cage at the abandoned zoo where Daisy and Ryder were keeping her prisoner. Ryder handed Jana a paper bag through the bars and asked her if she was okay. Jana commented that it was always Ryder, and never Daisy, who took her food and supplies. Jana asked Ryder how Kevin was. Ryder said that he hadn't seen his brother. Jana begged Ryder not to take Kevin to the cage in order to put him in a small wooden crate. Ryder said that was no longer part of the plan. He told Jana that Kevin believed that she had left him, and that he had stopped looking for her. Jana didn't believe Ryder.

Daisy showed up and taunted Jana with the news that Kevin was going on a date with a new "hottie" who had moved into Gloria's building. Daisy said that Kevin was moving on, and that Jana's marriage to Kevin was over. Daisy said that her next move was to destroy Michael and Lauren's marriage, and then, "Kapow!" Daisy smacked the cage's bars. Jana stood up and demanded to know what Daisy had done.

Jana told Daisy and Ryder that they were vile, disgusting animals, and that they were the ones who belonged in a cage. Starting to sob, Jana said that Daisy and Ryder didn't care about the people they were hurting -- the people who Jana loved. Jana said, "I'm never getting out of here, am I? Kevin's heartbroken -- and now Michael and Lauren." Jana was frustrated that she couldn't do anything to help her family.

Daisy, amused by Jana's breakdown, said that they should have held a pool to bet on a time when Jana would finally crack. Daisy laughed and said that she would have won. Ryder told Daisy to stop being a bitch. Daisy told Ryder to stop being such a wimp. Ryder told Daisy that he wanted to leave -- that the abandoned zoo creeped him out. As Daisy and Ryder walked off, Daisy told her brother that she was in the mood for Thai food. To herself, Jana said, "I hope you choke on it."

Jana noticed that there was a metal door, secured by a padlock, in the back of the cage. She picked up a rock and managed to break the lock. She tried to open the door, but soon realized that it was jammed. She picked up a large tree branch and managed to pry the door open. She walked through the door.

Daisy and Ryder returned to the abandoned zoo -- Ryder had convinced Daisy that Jana needed some aspirin. They were shocked to see that Jana was no longer inside the cage. Daisy screamed, "She's gone! Find her now!"

On the other side of the metal door, Jana found herself in a maze-like structure with bars and doors all over the place. She managed to crawl down a wall, only to find another locked gate. She saw a flashlight on the ground on the other side of the gate, and was able to retrieve it.

Jana heard Ryder's voice in the distance. He kept yelling that Jana wouldn't be able to get out. Still trying to negotiate the maze, Jana found a screwdriver on the ground and hid it in her sock. Ryder continued to yell that Jana would never be able to escape. She finally saw an opening to freedom at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Elated, she ran down the stairs and found herself out in the open. Her moment of triumph was destroyed when she realized that she was standing face-to-face with Ryder.

Katherine, Neil, and Jack visited Victor at the Newman ranch. Jack reminded Katherine that he and Victor were working together to try to help Katherine in her battle to regain control of Chancellor Industries -- including settling the situation with Jabot. Victor said that he was ready to return Jabot to Katherine. Katherine appreciated Victor's gesture, but said that if he gave her Jabot back, it would "add fuel to Tucker's fire."

Katherine told Jack and Victor that she and Tucker had been reconnecting in not just their business relationship, but in their personal relationship as well. She informed the gentlemen that Tucker had sold her enough shares to give her back controlling interest in Chancellor -- but that Tucker had been angered when the exposť about his questionable business dealings had been published in Restless Style. Katherine said that Tucker believed that she had a hand in having the article published, even though she hadn't.

Neil reminded the group that Tucker's stock sale to Katherine didn't go into effect for 30 days. Katherine said that if Victor gave her back Jabot, that Tucker might destroy the company. Jack and Victor said that Victor could give Jabot to Katherine as a gift. The company could then be placed in a short-term trust, and out of Tucker's reach until Katherine regained majority control of Chancellor Industries. Katherine thanked Jack and Victor, but said that she couldn't accept their charity and then stick him with a huge tax bill.

Michael showed up at the ranch and said that he had a possible solution to the Jabot problem -- Victor, Jack, and Katherine could establish a limited partnership, and Jabot could remain in escrow until Katherine regained control of Chancellor. Katherine said that she was impressed by how much Victor and Jack could accomplish by working together. Victor assured her that his working with Jack was just a temporary situation.

Michael handed envelopes containing information on the limited partnership to the group. They were all shocked when they found that the envelopes contained pictures of Lauren trying to seduce Paul at Jimmy's. Michael was stunned. He told the group that he needed to leave. Victor told Michael that he was among friends, and that they would all remain discreet about the pictures. Jack said that it was clearly not an accident that the pictures were planted with the business papers. Michael said that he would get to the bottom of the situation. As Neil showed Michael to the door, Katherine, Victor, and Jack began reviewing the limited partnership prospectus that Michael had drawn up.

Summoned by Lauren, Paul went to her office. He told Lauren that he was upset because of Patty's hearing, and wondered what was so urgent. Lauren said that somebody wanted Michael to learn about what had happened between her and Paul at Jimmy's. She handed Paul the envelope containing the pictures.

Paul looked at the photos. Lauren said that they had made a mistake, and she was glad that they hadn't allowed their tryst to go any further than it had. Paul said that he didn't think that Michael would be appeased when he learned that Paul and Lauren hadn't had sex. Lauren said that what had happened was her fault. Paul said that he was a grown man, and shared the blame. Lauren said that she had betrayed Michael twice -- first, by allowing the incident with Paul to occur, and second, by hiding the incident from her husband.

Lauren paced the floor and Paul told her to try to relax. She wondered how she could have allowed the situation with Paul to have happened. Paul mentioned that Lauren had been having mood swings, and he wondered if they could have been caused by the medication that Lauren was taking for her severe headaches. Lauren said that euphoria was not one of the side effects of the medication, and Paul wondered if Lauren could have been dispensed the incorrect medication -- either in error or intentionally.

When Lauren wondered if someone could be drugging her, Paul said that the whole situation seemed like a setup. He told Lauren that it seemed beyond the realm of coincidence that someone with a camera would have been at Jimmy's to take the pictures of Lauren with Paul. He also mentioned that the person who took the pictures obviously wanted Michael to see them. Paul advised Lauren to stop taking the pills. He said that he would have them analyzed, and then they could decide upon the next step.

Michael walked into Lauren's office, and Lauren said that they needed to talk. Michael dropped the copies of the photographs on Lauren's desk and said, "Yes, we do." Lauren and Paul were shocked. Michael told Lauren and Paul that the photos had been enclosed with some business paperwork that he had given to Victor, Jack, Neil, and Katherine.

Paul said that someone had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure that Michael saw the pictures. Paul began apologizing, but Michael said that he wasn't interested in anything that Paul had to say. He told Paul that he would listen to Lauren, as he was married to her, and they had a son. Michael told Paul to leave, and informed him that he would need to find another attorney to handle Patty's case. When Paul hesitated to leave, Michael laughed and snidely said, "Mr. Williams is concerned about leaving Lauren alone with me. How kind." Lauren told Paul that it was okay for him to go. On his way out, Paul told Michael to listen to what Lauren had to say.

Tucker went to Ashley's to see if she was okay. Ashley realized that Tucker knew that there was more going on in her life than she had admitted to at the airport, and invited him in. Faith was in her cradle, and Ashley told Tucker that she might lose her "little miracle" the following day. Initially, Tucker thought that Victor might be fighting with Ashley for custody of Faith, but Ashley explained that it was uglier and more complicated than that. She said that there was a chance that she wasn't Faith's biological mother, and that the results of the DNA test that she and Faith had taken would be available the next day.

Tucker seemed genuinely sympathetic to Ashley's plight. Ashley said that she had taken many pictures of Faith, but that she wanted to record some videotape so that, in the event that she had to give Faith up, she would have a record of Faith's infancy. Ashley was fiddling with a video camera, and told Tucker that she didn't know how to work the "stupid thing." Tucker said that, as luck would have it, he owned the company that made the "stupid thing." Tucker offered to play cameraman. Ashley handed the camera over to him.

Tucker began recording Ashley and Faith. Ashley talked about Faith's pretty smile. Tucker seemed touched when Ashley started talking about the special time that she shared with Faith at night. Ashley began sobbing and started to sing a lullaby to the little girl. With the camera mounted on a tripod and still recording, Tucker moved to the couch where Ashley was sitting with Faith. He put his arm around Ashley.

Ashley told Tucker that she needed to take Faith upstairs for a nap. While Ashley was out of the room, the doorbell rang. Tucker opened the door to Neil. The men were surprised to see each other. Tucker told Neil that Ashley was upstairs, putting Faith down for a nap. Tucker explained that he had stopped by to give Ashley technical advice on how to use her video camera.

Neil, clearly not happy to see Tucker, sarcastically said that Tucker was quite the jack of all trades. Tucker changed the subject and said that he thought that Neil was supposed to be at a Jabot strategy-planning meeting. Tucker said that word had gotten out that there was some serious "bean-counting" going on at the Newman ranch. Neil said, "People will talk about damned near everything." Neil would neither confirm nor deny that such a meeting was taking place.

Tucker said that, since Neil was there, Tucker would leave. He told Neil that it was good that he was there, as Ashley shouldn't be alone. Before he left, Tucker asked Neil to wish Ashley a good night. After Tucker was gone, Neil partially rewound the video that Tucker had recorded, and was clearly not pleased to see that Tucker had put his arm around Ashley.

Ashley descended the stairs, and Neil asked how she was doing. Ashley said that she wasn't quite sure. He told her that Tucker had left. Neil said that he had stopped by to check on Ashley and help her pass the time. Ashley said that was nice of Neil, but that she wanted to spend every single minute alone with Faith until the DNA test results arrived.

She told Neil that she needed to write down some information for Sharon about Faith's schedule and the baby's likes and dislikes. Neil said that he understood, and told her to call if she needed anything. Ashley hugged Neil and thanked him. Hearing Faith cry over the baby monitor, Ashley went back upstairs. Neil was left alone in the living room, looking dejected and confused.

Tucker showed up at the Newman ranch. Katherine wondered what he was doing there. He said that he had gotten wind of a "hush-hush" meeting. Victor said that they had a plan to return Jabot to Katherine. Katherine wondered why Tucker was so intent on keeping her from getting Jabot back. She wondered if there was another company for him to focus his attention on. Tucker said that he was just like his mother -- when he found something that he wanted, he didn't give up. Victor told Tucker that he should get used to disappointment. Tucker said goodbye to the group and left.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Upon receiving a manila envelope, Adam opened it and found Jill's Restless Style article. Claiming a medical emergency, Adam requested and received a cell phone from the nurse. He called Victor and declared that Victor check out the Restless Style article to learn the truth. Victor called Jill and asked what Adam meant by finding the truth in Restless Style and yelled, "If you print that boy's lie, you will regret it. I promise you."

At Restless Style, Billy received a phone call requesting an endorsement for the article. After slamming down the phone, Billy vocalized part of the article claiming the unjust accusation of Adam in the kidnapping of one child and the possible murder of another. After he was unable to delete the article from the computer, Billy called Jill and demanded to see her. Jack entered the room and confronted Billy about the article and said that he never should have trusted Billy. Billy insisted that Jill created the article. Jack questioned why Billy's name was not mentioned in the article even though Billy was at the cabin.

The phone rang before Billy could answer. When he picked up the phone, Billy barked out, "Restless Style -- no, we do not condone Adam Wilson's side of things," and slammed the phone down again. Jack sarcastically stated that Billy's outrage almost sounded real, but Billy countered that he did not have time for that and started to leave to check on Ashley. However, Victor blocked his exit and demanded to know about the article. Billy stated that the article belonged to Jill, not him, and told both Jack and Victor to believe what they wanted.

As Billy turned to leave again, Jill arrived and demanded, "You leave him alone. If you want to pick on somebody, pick on me." Jill insisted to both Jack and Victor that Billy had wanted to let the story go but that she believed it was too big a story. Jill wondered how those two hypocrites could judge her when both Jack and Victor had done the very same thing. However, Victor blamed Billy because Billy owned RestlessStyle and the article "should never have seen the light of day." Victor also blamed Jack, who never should have involved his brother in the first place.

After Victor left, Jack informed Billy that Adam had used Jill and Restless Style to get Sharon back, and by not including Billy's name, Jill had indicated that Billy took part in the article. Jill insisted that she knew nothing of Billy's involvement at the cabin and that Adam had never disclosed that to her. Jack expressed that Billy could still salvage the situation by firing Jill. However, Billy informed Jack that he would take his chances and not fire Jill. Jack stressed to Billy, "If you don't take a stand now, she will walk all over you." Once Jack left, Billy emphasized to Jill, "If you ever, ever pull a stunt like that again, you are out of here, okay?" Billy finally left to check on Ashley.

After escaping her cage, Jana ran into Ryder, and Daisy walked up behind her. Daisy reminded Jana that Kevin would be on his date. Ryder grabbed Jana to pull her back towards the cage while Jana screamed and cried. Daisy demanded that Ryder put Jana into a crate located in the area of the cage. Jana promised to never disclose anything about Ryder and Daisy's plans, and said she would even fake a head injury if they would just let her go. Ryder insisted to Daisy that they find another barred cell for Jana but Daisy told him to stick Jana in the crate. When Daisy left, Ryder informed Jana that he would not put her in the crate -- "not now, anyway."

Kevin met his blind date, Alison, at the Athletic Club. He commented on the awkwardness of a blind date that had been set up by his mother. When asked, Alison stated that she played a tuba in the philharmonic. Kevin laughed but reflected that he should not laugh since he was an Internet geek at Chancellor Industries and also owned the coffeehouse. Alison was familiar with Crimson Lights and revealed that she loved the place.

Kevin responded, "Thanks. My wife would love to hear you say that." Confused, Alison asked about Kevin's wife, and Kevin realized that Gloria had not told Alison everything. To change the subject, Alison asked, "What's your sign?" Kevin explained to Alison that his wife left him and that he had no idea why. Alison was sympathetic and Kevin revealed that he suspected that something else was going on.

Spying on Kevin's blind date, Gloria dragged Jeffrey to the club and Jeffrey inquired, "Who are we hiding from now?" When Jeffrey spotted Kevin on a date, he realized that Gloria had set Kevin and Alison up. Although Gloria claimed she was there just to give Kevin her support, Jeffrey exclaimed, "If my mother set me up on a date and watched from the sidelines, I don't think I would ever go out again." Jeffrey insisted that he knew the girl. Gloria revealed to Jeffrey her intention of spending more time with "moneybags McCall." When Jeffrey pointed out that Tucker no longer was head of Jabot, Gloria maintained that "it never hurts to play out your options."

To stop Gloria from going to Kevin's table, Jeffrey went to the table, where he introduced and invited himself. When Jeffrey began flirting with Alison, Gloria grabbed Jeffrey and dragged him away. After Alison asked if Jeffrey was his mother's husband, Kevin explained, "No, he's's a long story." Alison observed, "It sounds like you have a lot of those in your family." Kevin replied, "Yeah, you have no idea."

Gloria informed Jeffrey that he looked ridiculous flirting with Alison. Gloria also reminded Jeffrey of the Policemen's Masquerade Ball that Katherine was chairing and, since it was the event of the season, remarked, "Tucker's bound to be there." Jeffrey decided that Gloria could take Tucker as her date and Gloria enlightened Jeffrey that she would not leave him at home alone to pant after Alison.

Alison asked to hear Kevin's story, and Kevin expressed that he and Jana were soul mates. Kevin revealed that when he was all alone, Jana changed all that, and Kevin stated, "She made me feel like I belonged -- you know, like I was part of something special." After Alison exclaimed that was wonderful, Kevin stressed that he did not believe that the connection between him and Jana was gone and that he still felt the connection stronger than ever. Due to Kevin's story, Alison hoped that one day she could find the special connection that Kevin and Jana had. Once Alison left, Gloria told Kevin that she hated to see Kevin hurt over what Jana had done. However, Kevin promised that he would never give up on Jana.

Jana stressed to Ryder that she knew that the connection between her and Kevin was still there and that she would know if Kevin had moved on. Jana again claimed that she would carry Ryder's secret to the grave and begged him to let her go. Ryder told Jana that Daisy was stronger than he was, but Jana promised that nothing would happen to Ryder if he let her go. As Ryder considered that, a mysterious lady demanded that Ryder put Jana in the crate immediately. As Jana begged him not to, Ryder threw Jana in the crate. Jana took out the screwdriver that was hidden in her sock and tried to pry open the crate.

In Lauren's office, Lauren insisted to Michael that she was not herself when the pictures of her and Paul kissing were taken. Lauren speculated that she must have been drugged. Michael admitted that he could not believe what was in the pictures and agreed that Lauren must have been drugged. Lauren inquired, "Who would want to make trouble for us?" Michael answered, "You know, that's what we've got to find out."

Michael took Lauren in his arms and kissed and held her. They both speculated on who had close enough access to be able to slip Lauren drugs without her knowing it. Paul called and revealed that there was nothing else in Lauren's medication. Disappointed by this information, Lauren admitted that she would have been worried if Michael had not been upset after seeing her in the pictures with her ex. Michael announced that he had a bad headache and, after reviewing the symptoms, Lauren realized that his headache was similar to all of her headaches.

Lauren realized that she normally had been in her office when her headaches would start and stated, "Work or this office -- whenever I've been here, something is just not right." Lauren admitted to Michael that she was so edgy when she had a headache that she even fired Amber. Michael speculated on whether the construction contained something toxic and Lauren questioned whether her headaches were even an accident. Michael said, "There's only one way to find out." Michael had Lauren follow him out.

At Crimson Lights, Michael made a call to have a hazmat team sent to Lauren's office. Michael also observed that his headache was gone, and Lauren realized that hers was also. Michael still did not understand Lauren's behavior at Jimmy's Bar, but Lauren continued to insist that she had been drugged. Lauren mentioned the gift-wrapped rat, and Michael reminded her that Sheila was dead. Lauren noted that Katherine had returned from the dead but Michael stressed that Lauren had shot Sheila and that Lauren saw Sheila's dead body lying at her feet. Lauren responded, "I know what I saw. But if anybody can come back from hell to torment me, it would be Sheila."

Michael answered his phone to get the lab results and announced, "Dangerously high levels of toxic fumes in the office. And get this -- it's coming from your wallpaper glue." Michael insisted that it was not a contractor's error, and Lauren declared that someone was trying to poison her. Michael and Lauren speculated again on who had access to her office and, after rejecting the idea that it could be Eden, Jana, Kevin, Amber, and Gloria, they realized that it could be Ryder or Daisy.

Lauren exclaimed that Daisy lived with them and worked for her, and Lauren could recall when Daisy insisted on staying late during the construction and sleeping on a mattress in the back room of the office. Daisy had also been there the night that Lauren saw the rat. Michael recalled that Jana was investigating Ryder and Daisy before Jana disappeared. Lauren also remembered that Daisy always gave Lauren tea whenever she had a headache. Lauren wanted to meet with Daisy, but Michael insisted that she be careful when dealing with Daisy.

"Sweet, innocent Daisy has been living with us and has been around our child," exclaimed Lauren. Michael learned from a phone conversation that Mac had seen Daisy at the bar the night that the pictures were taken and that Daisy was taking pictures of the patrons without their consent.

When Lauren called Daisy and invited her to join Lauren at Crimson Lights, Michael stressed that Daisy needed to believe that her plot to break them up was working so that they could find out what she was up to. Once Daisy arrived at Crimson Lights, Michael would pretend to leave, but he would not go far. When Daisy entered the coffeeshop, Michael and Lauren staged a fight. Michael left but remained within hearing distance. Daisy asked about them, and Lauren showed her the pictures. Daisy admitted to taking the pictures but insisted that her camera had been stolen. Daisy claimed that Ryder might have sent them to the clients in the envelopes. Daisy claimed that she would never do anything to hurt Michael or Lauren. Daisy cried that she was so sorry that she took the pictures and could only hope that Lauren would not fire her.

After Daisy left, Michael returned to Lauren's table. Michael was concerned about Lauren confronting Ryder and observed that Daisy was either innocent or a great actress. Michael told Lauren that he had known that Lauren was telling the truth earlier by looking in her eyes. He then asked Lauren if she could tell by looking in Daisy's eyes if Daisy was telling the truth.

Victor arrived at the hospital to visit Adam and announced that the article was being removed from the website. Victor pointed out that the very people that Adam was referring to as his vigilante mob were actually his victims. Adam claimed that Victor always found a way to hurt him and had never wanted a relationship with him. Victor informed Adam that the cabin was Adam's chance to come clean. Victor expressed that Adam's mother had kept Adam "shuttered from him."

Victor was proud of Adam graduating from Harvard, and Victor had tried to give Adam every opportunity to flourish. Victor exclaimed that more advantages were given to Adam than to his other children, but Victor had "encountered nothing but resistance and a ruthless ambition and a sense and a desire for vengeance." At the cabin, Victor gave Adam every chance to redeem himself, but Adam had continued to lie. "And because of those lies, son, you are digging yourself an ever deeper grave." The nurse peeked in as Victor stated, "It's not a threat. It's a sad realization. Now, I cannot help you. Only God can help you now." Victor then walked out.

Friday, March 26, 2010

At the hospital, Nick visited with Phyllis who was stuck there with her broken leg. Phyllis reminded Nick to visit Summer after leaving her, even though she realized that Nick would be going to Ashley's to hear the results of the DNA test. Phyllis was confident that the test would show that Faith was Nick and Sharon's baby. Nick appreciated Phyllis' part in uncovering the truth about Faith. Nick told Phyllis that he loved her very much and was planning to let her know how much when she got home from the hospital.

Victor and Nikki were together at the ranch. Talking about the evening ahead, Nikki offered her support to Victor if the results showed that Faith was not his child. Sharon knocked on the door and entered. Sharon told Victor that she sympathized with him. Victor appreciated her concern. Victoria burst in holding the newspaper. She told them that the mainstream media had picked up the story about Adam that had been in Restless Style.

Victor held Billy responsible for the article. Victoria noted that it was convenient that Billy hadn't been named in it. Sharon called Nick to tell him about the story in the Evening Chronicle in case he hadn't read it yet. Nick was surprised, and like Victor, he blamed Billy for the story being publicized.

Billy arrived at Ashley's to help her deal with the evening ahead, but she was furious with him about the Restless Style story. Ashley didn't buy Billy's explanation that Jill had been the culprit. The more Billy tried to explain, the less Ashley wanted to hear. She told Billy to drop the subject because she was more concerned about possibly losing Faith.

Ashley was in tears as she tried to make the situation bearable. Ashley held Faith close and hoped that she would turn out to be the baby's mother. Billy tried to pack a suitcase of Faith's belongings in case Faith had to leave with Nick and Sharon.

At Jack's, Patty was frustrated that Jack had been so preoccupied with Ashley and her problems. She spoke to the portrait of Emily and said that she was cranky without her Jack time. Jack arrived home and Patty wanted him all to herself. When Jack said he was going to Ashley's to be supportive when the DNA results were delivered, Patty complained that he was ignoring her. Jack blasted Patty for her attitude. Patty quickly reversed her opinion and said that Jack was right about going to be with his sister.

Jack pointed out that Patty was acting very selfishly. He left the room before leaving, and Patty blamed Emily's portrait for Jack's attitude. Patty then reasoned that Adam had caused all the trouble in her marriage by taking Ashley's baby. Patty realized that she was in a position to do something about it because she was Adam's court-appointed psychiatrist.

After leaving the house, Jack arrived at Phyllis' hospital room. Nick left Jack to visit with Phyllis. Jack was concerned about how Phyllis was handling the situation. Phyllis claimed that she was confident that she had made the right decision in uncovering the truth about Dr. Taylor. Jack was worried about how Ashley would handle things if Faith turned out to be Nick and Sharon's child. Phyllis suggested that Emily could help Ashley, since she was a mental health professional.

Patty had followed Jack to the hospital and watched him talking with Phyllis through the window in the door. Patty listened in and resented Jack complaining to Phyllis about how Emily had changed in the weeks since they'd been married. Phyllis reminded Jack that he had rushed into getting married. Patty grew angry. When a doctor said hello to Patty in the hallway, she snapped and told him to call her Dr. Abbott.

In Adam's hospital room, the nurse tried to get him to eat. Adam remained still, so the nurse threatened to hook him up to a feeding tube. Adam was unresponsive. When the nurse walked out of the room, Adam reached under the blanket and fed himself from a secret stash of food.

A short time later, Patty walked into Adam's room. Patty listened as the nurse complained about his hunger strike. The nurse exited. Adam said that everyone was out to get him. Adam said that he heard voices and if he had his way, he would be allowed to die because he didn't want to live without Sharon. Patty said she recognized his symptoms.

Patty then pinched Adam who flinched and called her crazy. Patty accused Adam of faking his psychotic break. Adam was shocked by Patty's actions. Patty said she was going to recommend immediate psychiatric incarceration pending trial in Adam's case. Adam accused Patty of being prejudiced against him. Patty dared Adam to challenge her authority in the case.

Phyllis was alone again in her room when Nikki showed up. Nikki knew that Phyllis had to be worried about the results of the DNA test that were being revealed at Ashley's. Nikki said that two people who belonged together would be together. Phyllis said she was a fighter, and she believed that Nick loved her. Phyllis said she would fight for her marriage to Nick.

At Ashley's, there was a knock on the door. Billy and Ashley opened the door to see Victor, Victoria, Sharon, and Nick all there for the results of the maternity test. While they waited for the results, Ashley gave Nick and Sharon a list of instructions for caring for Faith just in case she turned out to be their daughter. Sharon said that she had consulted a specialist who recommended a clean break would be best for the baby.

Victor held Faith in his arms. Victor remembered when Ashley had been pregnant and they felt the baby kick.

Jack walked into Ashley's with the DNA results in an envelope. Ashley took Faith from Victor, and Jack gave Victor the results to read. Victor announced that Faith was Nick and Sharon's child. Ashley was very upset and said she couldn't give up Faith that night; it was too traumatic for Faith. Ashley wanted one more night with the baby.

Victor kissed Ashley and sympathized with her about what had happened. Victor said they had been victims of a cruel hoax. Ashley was afraid that Faith would think that Ashley had abandoned her. Nick and Sharon promised to keep Ashley involved in Faith's life.

Victor asked Ashley to think of what was best for Faith. Ashley finally relented and handed Faith to Sharon. Ashley told Sharon some things about Faith's likes and dislikes, and then she ran from the room in tears. Jack followed Ashley, while Sharon, Nick, and Victoria started to leave with Faith. Billy asked Victoria to stay.

Billy asked Victoria to believe that he had not been behind the story in Restless Style. Victoria was unforgiving. Billy said he would never do anything to hurt Victoria in print. Billy wondered why people hesitated instead of acting. Billy then kissed Victoria.

After Faith had been taken away, Ashley noticed a favorite toy had been left behind. Ashley wanted to go after Nick and Sharon, but Jack stopped her.

Back at the ranch, Victor and Nikki watched Sharon and Nick with Faith. Nikki and Victor went upstairs, and left Nick and Sharon alone with their daughter.

In the hospital, Adam recalled his encounter with Patty. Adam realized that Patty's words to him sounded familiar. Adam realized that Dr. Peterson's words were the same as Patty's when she was on the run and hiding at the ranch. Adam realized that Emily was really Patty.

Phyllis was asleep in her hospital room when Patty walked in. Patty softly told Phyllis that Adam had interfered in her marriage and he was paying for it. Patty said that Phyllis was going to pay, too.

In a New York City cab, Chloe and Chance were on their way to a hotel in Soho. Chloe was thrilled with Chance's choice of where to stay in New York. Chance assured Chloe he had other surprises in store for her. Chance told Chloe that he had gotten theater tickets and reservations at the hottest club in the city. Chloe wondered when they were going to make love for the first time. The cab driver smiled and noted that they were in love.

Because of the city traffic, the cab wasn't going anywhere. Chloe told Chance they were probably going to miss the show. The cab driver apologized for the traffic. Chloe said their night was ruined, but Chance said they could start their romantic night in the cab. Chloe wondered if he wanted his first time to be in a smelly taxi. Chance said that making love was the icing on the cake and he had the cake right there. He showed Chloe an engagement ring and said that it was the cake.

Chance told Chloe how much he loved her and why he wanted to marry her. Chance appreciated that they were very different people. Chance asked if Chloe -- and Delia --would marry him.

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